1. 21 Best Road Trip Books of All-Time: Fuel Your Wanderlust & Hit the Road

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  2. Great American Road Trips

    best road trip books reddit

  3. 15 Best Road Trip Books To Inspire An Adventure

    best road trip books reddit

  4. The Road Trip Book: 1001 Drives of a Lifetime by Darryl Sleath

    best road trip books reddit

  5. 21 Best Road Trip Books of All-Time: Fuel Your Wanderlust & Hit the Road

    best road trip books reddit

  6. The road trip book : 1001 drives of a lifetime: 9780789334251

    best road trip books reddit


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  1. What are some good books about road trips? : r/roadtrip

    Makes graveyards fun again! Of course you can always read the ultimate bizarre road trip book, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter S. Thompson. A tamer, more wholesome road trip would be Bill Bryson's "The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America". Malaria Dreams by Stuart Stevens.

  2. What's your preferred accomodation for road trips? : r/roadtrip

    Car camping has become my sweet spot for road trips and traveling most of the time. Usually I will book an electric site, and I run an extension cord into my outback for charging my phone and other devices. I have a Napier sportz cove suv tent that slips over my open hatch and turns the entire back of my vehicle into a tent.

  3. 22 Best Road Trip Books To Spark Adventure

    On the Road by Jack Kerouac. What has since become an American classic and pillar of beatnik culture, On the Road was one of the first adventure books about road trips and searching for meaning on the open road. In fact, it's one of the most iconic books to come from the 1950s.. Inspired by Kerouac's own cross-country road trips with Neal Cassidy, this classic chronicles the adventures of ...

  4. Best Road Trip Books? : r/suggestmeabook

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  5. What are some good audiobooks for a road trip? : r/audiobooks

    The Graveyard Book read by Neil Gaiman is still the best audiobook I have ever listened to. I second Ready Player One, and also put forth The Name of the Wind. It's a bit lengthy, but from your description, it would appeal to both of you. I listened to American Gods on a road trip, it was fantastic.

  6. Drive My Car: 20 Must-Read Road Trip Books

    In the Face of the Sun by Denny S. Bryce. A dual timeline is one of my favorite formats for a novel, so one with a road trip woven in is sure to catch my attention. This novel alternates between 1968 and 1928. In the latter timeline, audacious Aunt Daisy is rescuing her pregnant niece, Frankie, from her abusive marriage by escaping along Route ...

  7. 15 Best Road Trip Books To Inspire An Adventure

    1. On the Road by Jack Kerouac. No best road trip book list would be complete without On the Road. A defining counterculture novel written in the 1950s, Kerouac bases his story on the adventures he had while traveling across the USA. With plenty of jazz, drugs, and personal revolution it's a must-read. Sale.

  8. 45+ BEST Audiobooks for Road Trips in 2024

    On the Road by Jack Kerouac, narrated by Will Patton. A classic take on a classic tale. Jack Kerouac's On the Road, which centers around Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty's manic travels through the United States, may be the quintessential book of the wild Beat generation of the 1960s.

  9. The 7 Best Travel Books for Summer Road Trips

    The 7 Best Travel Books for Summer Road Trips Copy Link Facebook Twitter Reddit Flipboard Pocket. Thousands of mobile bookstores, such as this cart in Budapest, Hungary, make it easier than ever ...

  10. 20 Best Road Trip Books of All Time

    20 Best Road Trip Books of All Time - BookAuthority. The 20 best road trip books recommended by Emma Watson, Richard Branson, BookPage, Booklist, Robert Irvine, Kirkus Reviews and others.

  11. 21 Best Road Trip Books of All-Time: Fuel Your Wanderlust & Hit the Road

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson. (1971) A wild and drug-fueled road trip to Las Vegas by the one and only Hunter S. Thompson. The book, beyond the manic drug-addled scenery, paints a different picture of Las Vegas, one that had not yet been taken over by the larger than life hotels and commercialization of the Strip.

  12. Road Trip Books

    Best Road Trip Gay Romance. 167 books — 156 voters. 52 Book Club 2023: Summer Road Trip Challenge - A Book with Famous Artwork on The Cover. 116 books — 18 voters. Road Trip Books. More road trip books... Road Trip genre: new releases and popular books, including A Short Walk Through a Wide World by Douglas Westerbeke, Here We Go Again by ...

  13. 10 of the best road-trip novels

    10. On the Road,by Jack Kerouac. Okay, let's get the most obvious one out of the way. On theRoadmore or less invented (or at least reimagined) the notion of "the great American road trip.". This novel, based on true events, reads like jazz and gives an earnest look at the beat generation of the fifties. 9.

  14. On the Road Again: 26 of the Best Audiobooks for Road Trips

    The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, Read by Carrie Mulligan. In this 2021 Audie finalist for fiction, protagonist Nora Seed takes us on a journey through her many possible lives. She is able to access these lives through books in a mysterious library that serves as the way station between life and death.

  15. Best Books for a Roadtrip (102 books)

    Vote for one of these or add your own. I can't wait to get some good books for my road trip this summer! 102 books based on 41 votes: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares, Complicated Moonlight by Lyn...

  16. 10 of the best books about road trips

    The Road to Little Dribbling. by Bill Bryson. Another acutely observant road-trip celebrant is Bill Bryson, whose The Road to Little Dribbling (2015) is a follow-up to his Notes From a Small Island. Bryson was born in Iowa, noting, "America… has become spectacularly accommodating to stupidity.".

  17. 36 Best Audiobooks For Road Trips

    Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. Narrated by Emily Klein. One of the best road trip audiobooks for mature tweens and teens, Sepetys's Between Shades Of Gray is a hard but essential listen. Fifteen-year-old Lithuanian, Lina, is thrown into a crowded train headed for a Siberian work camp.

  18. 15 best road trips of Europe for 2022

    The Costa Brava, Spain. Start: Girona. End: Girona. Distance: 118 miles (190km) Mixing Greek and Roman ruins with medieval towns, the eccentricities of Salvador Dalí and a wild and rugged coast, Spain's Costa Brava makes a fascinating, eclectic destination for a road trip. Begin by exploring Girona's hilly medieval core with its web of ...

  19. 50 Best Books to Read While Traveling (for Your Next Trip in 2024)

    Jack Kerouac's seminal novel should be compulsory reading for all nomads, backpackers and folks who want to live off the grid. In 'On The Road' discover 1950s underground America as Kerouac hitches backwards and forwards across the states in search of Jazz, drugs, sex and the meaning of life. Definitely, one of my favourite books to read ...