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Italy Guide: Planning Your Trip

best tour guide companies in italy

Italy is one of the most fabulous destinations in the world and ranks high on most travelers' must-see lists. As the seat of the once-mighty Roman Empire, home of the Catholic Church, and the birthplace of the Renaissance, its historical, artistic, and cultural treasures are almost too numerous to count (in fact, it boasts 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites  ). Italy is also a spectacularly beautiful country, with dazzling monument-filled cities, charming small towns, plus gorgeous beaches and mountain ranges. And the food? Don't even get us started. Let's just say there's a reason Italian cuisine is celebrated the world over.

This Italy trip-planning guide is a starting point for organizing your trip of a lifetime, deciding where to go and what to see, how long to stay and most importantly—what to eat!

Planning Your Trip

  • Best Time to Visit : The best months to visit Italy depend on your preferences as a traveler. Springtime and early summer—April, May, and June—sees gorgeous weather, mostly mild temperatures and crowds that range from moderate to dense. Summer is the most crowded season, and it can be stiflingly hot in most parts of the country. September and October are still packed, but the weather is more pleasant. Except for December, wintertime is less crowded. If you can put up with cold, rainy weather—maybe with a few sunny days thrown in—January, February, and March are the least crowded months to visit.
  • Language: Italian is the first language in Italy  , and in major cities, shop owners, hotel and restaurant workers generally speak at least a little bit of English, and often French and German as well. In more rural areas, away from tourist centers, you may find that very few people speak English—an Italian-English pocket dictionary or a translation app on your smartphone will come in handy. It's always helpful—and polite—to be able to say a few words and phrases in Italian .
  • Currency: All of Italy uses the euro  , and other currencies are not accepted. Credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are accepted everywhere, except for most street food stalls and smaller, independent merchants. It's always a good idea to have cash on hand, especially when stopping off for a caffe (coffee), buying bus, tram or Metro tickets, and at smaller stores or market stands. Note that American Express and Diners Club are less widely accepted in Italy. Be sure to confirm in advance with your hotel or restaurant if you intend to pay with these cards.
  • Getting Around: Italy's cities and towns are connected by a comprehensive rail network of high-speed trains servicing major cities and slower, regional trains serving smaller destinations. Trenitalia is the national carrier and covers the entire country, while private rail company Italo serves major cities. If your trip to Italy involves mostly cities and towns on rail lines, you can quickly get around without a rental car. If you wish to spend a lot of time in the countryside, say, visiting wineries in Tuscany or hiking through the Dolomites, then a car will likely be necessary. In nearly all of Italy's major cities, tourist attractions are clustered in the centro storico , or historic center, and are within walking distance of one another. Otherwise, cities have a system of buses, subways, and often trams, all of which are inexpensive and relatively easy ways to navigate. Most smaller towns are entirely walkable.
  • Travel Tip: Buy or reserve tickets in advance for those hotspot attractions you want to see. The Colosseum, the Uffizi Gallery, and Leonardo's "The Last Supper" are just a few of the sights in Italy where reservations are either required or strongly recommended. And, don't over schedule. While it's tempting to try to pack in every museum and attraction, remember that a big part of the appeal of Italy is its more relaxed, dolce vita lifestyle. Don't be so rushed that you miss out.

Patience is a virtue, especially in Italy. You may find slower restaurant service, trains that run late, and a general lack of urgency when it comes to customer service. Take a deep breath and adjust to life, Italian-style.

Things to Do in Italy

What you see and do in Italy depends mostly on how much time you have and what your interests are. When planning a trip to Italy, looking at a map of Italy's best attractions and cities is a great way to gain perspective on your travel itinerary. That way, you can make informed decisions about where you want to visit, how long you will need to explore each location, what time of year you want to travel, how you can get around from place to place most effectively, and most importantly, what you want out of your trip.

Everyone knows the three most significant destinations in Italy—Rome, Venice, and Florence—but one of the biggest mistakes travelers make is to try to see this triumvirate in 10 days. While you can certainly travel to each of them within 10 days, you won't get to experience any of the depth of these diverse and interesting places. If you have just a short time in each city, a half-day walking tour is a great way to cover a lot of ground.

To help you start forming your itinerary, here's a brief list of some of the top destinations and activities in Italy:

  • Rome : The capital of Italy is the home of the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, including St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums, and so, so much more.
  • Florence : Michelangelo's David, the treasures of the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio bridge, shopping for leather goods at San Lorenzo Market.
  • Venice : A gondola ride on the Grand Canal, the glory of St. Mark's Square and Basilica, getting lost, and seeing the smaller Venetian islands.
  • Naples : Art, archaeology, history, and Baroque churches, plus fantastic street food and proximity to Pompeii, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast.
  • Tuscany : Italy's most famous region, known for red wine, rolling hills, and picturesque cities and towns; home to Siena, Lucca, Pisa, and Florence.
  • Umbria : The hill towns of Orvieto, Perugia, and Spoleto, plus regional wines and hand-painted ceramics.
  • The Lakes Region : Italy's northern playground, with lakes Garda, Maggiore, Como and more.
  • Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast : The ruins of a city buried by Mt. Vesuvius, plus the incredible scenery and ambiance of the Amalfi Coast towns.
  • Milan and Torino : Italy's fashion capital is also packed with important museums and is home to "The Last Supper," while busy Torino is an underrated European city, with museums, performing arts, and cafe culture.
  • Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera: Hiking from one lovely seaside town to the next, discovering Genoa, enjoying the beaches near San Remo, Savona, and those south of Genoa.
  • Puglia : Curious Trulli dwellings, 1,000-year-old olive trees, beautiful beaches, and the "heel" of Italy.
  • Emilia-Romagna : Come for the cuisine, then enjoy the great art and culture cities of Bologna, Ravenna, Modena, and Parma.
  • Sicily : For Europe's most active volcano, magnificent Greek ruins and regional cuisines like caponata and cannoli .

What to Eat and Drink

Italy is, of course, famous for pasta and pizza, both of which can be found in virtually every corner of the country. These dishes, especially the kinds of pasta, will vary widely depending on the region, with each dish utilizing readily available local products. In Milan and other northern cities, you may find more polenta and risotto on the menu than pasta. At seaside areas and on Italy's islands, fresh seafood will dominate. Desserts are also regional, but tiramisu and panna cotta, a dish similar to flan, are found just about everywhere. Be sure to try some of the local cuisines wherever you are, rather than limiting yourself to familiar dishes.

Outside of your hotel's buffet, breakfast in Italy is light, consisting of an espresso ( caffe ) or cappuccino with a cornetto (breakfast pastry like a croissant), usually eaten standing up at the bar . Lunch is often the biggest meal of the day and is eaten from 1 p.m. to about 2:30 p.m. Restaurants probably won't open before 12:30 p.m. Similarly, dinner is eaten late by U.S. standards. If you show up at a restaurant at 7:30 p.m., you'll likely be the only customers, but by 8:30 or 9 p.m., the place will have filled up.

Wine in Italy is also regional, with every part of the country producing its own. House wines are usually from the region, very cheap and perfectly drinkable. In all but the priciest restaurants, you can find bottles on the wine list priced from around 15 euros. Craft beer is increasingly popular in Italy, and pairs well with pizza. Aperitivo , the before-dinner drink, is an institution in Italy, and usually consists of a glass of sparkling prosecco or an Aperol Spritz, plus light snacks. Bottled water is served in restaurants, either as normale (still), frizzante (with gas), or leggermente frizzante (lightly gassed).

For a more thorough look at the art of eating in Italy, check our guide to dining out in Italy .

Where to Stay

Accommodations in Italy run the gamut from simple to luxury city hotels, rustic farm stays at agriturismi , cozy B&Bs, and private homes and apartments available through sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. If you're visiting a city like Rome, Florence or Orvieto, especially for the first time, we recommend a hotel or lodging as close to the city center as possible. Even if it costs a little more, the convenience is worth it. Renting a private apartment can be a cost-saving measure, especially for families, but you miss out on the services of a hotel. In most hotels large and small, breakfast is usually included in the price and is quite often an extensive buffet.

Agriturismo are country houses set a few miles away from major towns. They offer a bucolic countryside atmosphere and locally sourced food, often grown on-site, and many have outdoor pools. They are ideal for large groups of family and friends, though many rent individual apartments or rooms.

Getting There

Most U.S. travelers to Italy arrive at Rome's Fiumicino airport on the outskirts of the city. International flights also arrive at Milan Malpensa airport , Naples, and Venice , though with far less frequency than Rome. All airports have rental car centers, as well as train stations for connecting into their nearest city. For example in Rome, trains depart every 30 minutes for Termini Station, one of the country's major transport hubs. From there, travelers can take taxis, trams, buses or Metro to their Rome hotel, or catch one of the hundreds of daily trains connecting to all parts of Italy.

Culture and Customs

Generally speaking, travelers from the U.S. won't find Italians too different from themselves. But there is a friendliness mixed with formality here, which visitors should try to adapt to:

  • Greet people with a cheerful " Buongiorno !" during the day and " Buona sera " from late afternoon onwards. Say " arrivederci " when leaving a store or restaurant.
  • When dining out, remember that sharing plates is frowned upon, but you can ask for a half-portion of pasta.
  • In all but the most touristy restaurants, you'll have to ask for your check, il conto —it's considered rude for the waitstaff to present the check before you ask.
  • Be respectful when visiting churches, by speaking in hushed tones and observing posted dress codes.
  • While shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops, and baseball caps are standard attire for visiting Americans, Italians tend to dress a bit more elegantly. Especially for evening meals, wear something a little less casual.
  • Italy is a safe country with a low crime rate. But in busy areas like train stations and public squares, and even in crowded museums, keep a firm grip on your valuables.
  • Don't buy contraband purses or souvenirs from unlicensed street vendors, who are selling illegally.
  • Uber is illegal in most of Italy or is allowed only in a limited capacity. Taxis are inexpensive when compared to most U.S. cities.

Money Saving Tips

  • Save on evening meals by heading to a pizzeria . Even in most cities, diners can enjoy a pizza and house wine or soft drinks for 15 euros per person or less.
  • During the day, look for a tavola calda , a cafeteria-type eatery where you can choose from a range of already prepared items.
  • If you have an apartment or at least a mini-fridge in your hotel, you can buy lunch supplies at a local grocery store.
  • In most cities, museums are free on the first Sunday of the month.
  • Instead of buying costly and wasteful bottled water, refill a reusable bottle at any city water fountain, where water is always safe to drink and often, refreshingly cold.
  • Look for city passes, like the Roma Pass, which offers savings on museum and attraction admission, as well as transportation passes.

Want more tips? Check out our guide on how to save money on your Italian vacation .

Italian National Tourist Board . "UNESCO World Heritage Sites."

Italian National Tourist Board . "More Information."

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best tour guide companies in italy

10 Best Italy Tour Operators 2023 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 best italy tour operators 2023.

Are you planning to visit Italy, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

Are you looking to traveling to Italy for a memorable vacation? Do you want to find the best, safest, and most affordable tour providers in Italy ? Do you wonder which are the best tours in Italy?

Beautiful and spectacular Italy needs no introduction as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and the world. Italy’s beauty is world-famous, from the ruins to the castles and middle-aged roman palaces and ruins. With many vibrant cities and stunning landscapes, Italy has the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. In Italy, you can discover Rome, Capri, Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, and so much more. In addition to touring the beaches and mountains, you can enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine, cheeses, and wine for a memorable tour of your life.

While visiting Italy is a wonderful experience, you need to select a great tour company, and this can take a left turn really quickly, leaving you frustrated and miserable. As you begin looking, hundreds of companies with pop up on the Google search. Naturally, some of the companies are not what they claim to be. The question is, how do you actually know that they are the best? Spending your hard-earned money with the wrong tour company can lead to a lackluster tour of Italy.

Good news is we are here to help! To save you from wasting your time and money on measly tour companies in Italy, we invested thousands of hours researching for reputable, safe, and affordable providers that will offer you value for your money. With the honest and unbiased information, we found we have created this guide of the best 10 Italy tours companies.

Click here to get FREE affordable quotes and keep reading to learn the best tour packages in Italy with the highly rated tour companies.

Here is an unbiased list of the Top 10 most reputable Italy tour operators.

Table update Sept 29, 2021

Rome Guides

Company’s location and type : Rome, Local Tour Operator Awards, Certification : #1 Trip Advisor Reviews : 1,520 reviews on Trip advisor 99% rated very good and excellent

About Company

Rome Guides is a reputable tour company in Italy composed of professional guides, drivers, and interpreters with expertise in the Italian tourism industry.  The association was formed to help travelers have immersive experiences of Italy and provide a new generation vacationing experience. During the guided Italy trips, they will help you discover the most amazing sights and spots for a dream life-changing Italian experience. Besides, the tours can be conducted in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and French.

Since Rome Guides has a knack for Italy tours, you can expect their packages to be very educational and specialized .

The Caravaggio Tour will allow you to learn and discover the life and pictorial work of Michelangelo Merisi. On this Italy tour package, you will visit the Santa Maria del Popolo Church and see all the famous paintings, then proceed to Basilica of Sant Agostino and end with the San Luigi dei Francesi with drawings dating back to 1599. When you join the Borghese Gallery Tour, you will discover museums and galleries in Rome learn about the 17 th -century Roman lifestyles and culture. A tour of Italy is not complete if you miss out on the San Pietro and Vatican Museum Tours representing the Catholic Church. The expedition includes a trip to the St. Peters Basilica.

Rome Guides is one of the top tour companies in Italy with an exceptional track record of providing affordable and highly rated Italian tours. They have a five-star rating on Trip Advisor with nearly 1,600 reviews and ranked #1 out of 1,665. You can read a positive review below.

“Wonderful night tour! I’m from Rome, but this guide let me see my own city with a new pair of eyes. Martina could easily keep us engaged and interested in the whole tour, turning this experience into something beautiful and fun.” – Francesca: July 2021

Eyes of Rome

Company’s location and type : Rome, Local Tour Operator Awards, Certification : #3 Trip Advisor Reviews : 3,257 reviews on Trip advisor

Eyes of Rome is one of the best tour companies in Italy specializing in Art, History, Archeology, and Food & Wine. The company is committed to offering tourists a home away from home experience while ensuring that they are safe, happy, and always feel involved during the trip. In addition, they have a team of professional and knowledgeable local tour guides who use their expertise and passion to create memorable moments. They will help you explore the natural beauty, galleries, and unique Italian food and culture. With them, you will indeed have a fun and life-changing vacation in Italy.

With a team of highly trained guides, Eyes of Rome will guarantee you a great experience if you take any of their many Italian tour packages.

The company offers a reputable Florence and Tuscany Tour that allows you to experience the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. You will visit magnificent cities, vineyards, olives and sunflowers fields, and medieval villages that make Tuscany one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. If you are looking to see modern Italy, then the Milan Tour will take you through the modern city with the best designer shopping experience in the world. Milan is also home to the Iconic Duomo and Leonardo’s Last Supper. In Sicily, you will taste Italian’s world-class culinary. With influence from different cultures, the Sicily Tour will open an opportunity to experience cultures, natural wonders, architectural treasures, and the Mediterranean sandy beaches.

Eyes of Rome has garnered thousands of raving positive reviews from international and local tourists for their authentic guided tours of Italy. Customer satisfaction is over 98% from over 3,000 reviews on Trip Advisor .  Read this positive review from a past tourist:

“What an amazing tour! Elisa Taddei is a wonderful guide full of knowledge and will keep you entertained! I strongly recommend her! We also had her for the colosseum and Roman forum tour. 100/100 experience.” – Ebertele: May 2021

Livitaly Tours

Company’s location and type : Florence, Local Tour Operator Year of establishment: 2009 Awards, Certification : Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019 Reviews : 4,577 reviews on Trip advisor

Livitaly is a small, reputable, and award-winning tour company in Italy. Founded in 2009, the company is family-owned and is passionate about Italy’s beauty, food, and culture. They offer more than 200 tour packages in Italy in 25 cities.  In addition, the company has many knowledgeable and accredited tour guides with insider information to ensure your trip will be fun-filled and memorable.

Livitaly offers over 200 amazing Italy tour vacation packages in 25 cities across Italy to choose from for a fantastic vacation in Italy.

St Peter’s Basilica is the largest church in the world, with underground tombs of 91 popes, and it is also home to stunning Michelangelo’s Dome. The company’s popular Rome Private Day Tour is designed for people who have the time to visit all the magnificent attractions of Rome. On this guided tour, you will see the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Pantheon, and visit ancient Roman neighborhoods in Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. Livitaly also offers Florence Walking Italy Tours around the charming city to see Michelangelo’s Sculpture of the David, the historical streets, and vibrant architecture.

As one of the leading tour companies in Italy, Livitaly has many glowing positive reviews on Trip Advisor . With about 4,577 reviews, the company boasts a 96% client satisfaction rate and is ranked at #2 out of 493 companies in Rome.  See below one of the positive reviews.

“This tour was fantastic. Davide was extremely knowledgeable and also hilarious. He made the four-hour tour feel like it went by in a flash, in a good way. The group size was small and perfect. Would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to explore the Vatican and St. Peter’s.” – Kyung Sun: July 2021

City Walkers Tours

italy tours

Company’s location and type : Florence, Local Tour Operator Awards, Certification : # 7 Trip Advisor Reviews : 918 reviews on Trip advisor

City Walkers Tours is a reputable, locally operated tour company founded by professional tourism experts in Rome. As one of the highly-rated tour companies, the company specializes in private walking tours in Rome. City Walkers Tours company’s goal is to help you discover Rome’s layers of incredible history while enjoying a safe and happy walking trip through the streets of the most attractive cities in the world. Furthermore, the company’s guides are passionate, authentic, and knowledgeable, with years of experience touring Italy.

While in Italy, City Walkers Tours will allow you to join one of the popular trip packages in Italy around different cities.

They offer a unique Castel Sant’Angelo Small Group Tour to an exclusive monument with a deep and complex history of painting, sculptures, and literature built for Emperor Hadrian’s tomb. You can also join a Combo Tour of this tour company in Italy that includes a day trip to the Vatican and Colosseum and listen to the tales and history of the greatest Amphitheater in the world. The streets of Rome are famously known as the “open-air museum”, you can take a relaxed Walking Rome Tour for a chance to explore the city visiting the most iconic landmarks.

As one of the best in Rome, City Walkers Tours has earned almost 1000 reviews on Trip Advisor . They also have an excellent rating of five stars, with 96% of reviews rating for best tour packages in Italy, excellent tour guides, and affordable. See a positive review below:

“Our tour guide Augustino whose grandparents built the Roman Forum was very competent and interesting to listen to. Lots of fascinating facts, lots of fun, and lots of good photo opportunities. Highly recommended.” – Elizabeth P

Rolling Rome Tours & Rents

italy guided tours

Company’s location and type : Rome, Local Tour Operator Awards, Certification : # 2 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2015/2016 Reviews : 1,313 reviews on Trip advisor

Rolling Rome Tours and Rents is an Italian tour operator that offers high-quality, affordable, and exclusive bike tours and rentals around Rome and other cities in Italy. The company prides itself on using professional and knowledgeable tour guides to guarantee your Italy tours are filled with learning and fun opportunities while staying safe and secure. In addition, as one of the most popular tour companies in Italy, they are dedicated to offering an authentic tour that is fulfilling and extremely fun.

You can be assured of great and exciting tour options when traveling with Rolling Rome Tours and Rents in Italy.

We cannot think of a better way around Rome than in a fancy and safe golf cart. Hills of Ancient Rome Golf Cart Tour is a customized private Italy tour package through the Hills of Rome, sightseeing all the ancient monuments, including the colosseum. On Sundays, when it’s a Car-Free day, you can join the Appian Way Ebike Tour down the famous road leading to Rome via Appia Antica in a small group of eight people.  Besides, the company also offers a 2-hour Colosseum Glide by Segway through the Vittoriano, Capitol Hill, to the Arch of Constantine. It is a perfect experience that will leave you with a Segway smile!

Rolling Rome Tours and Rents offers professionally guided travel services in many different parts of Italy, and for this, they have been highly rated by past clients. On Trip Advisor , this Italian tours operator is ranked #2 out of 362 with 1,313 reviews. Read this a lovely review left by a customer:

“Great way of seeing Rome, because you’re outside rather than inside a vehicle, you can hear and smell everything as well as see it. You can also get closer to things than you would be able to in a car … it was great – and our host/driver Greg really knew his stuff.”  – Dave Cooper: Oct 2020

Free Bike Tour Rome

italy tour companies

Company’s location and type : Rome, Local Tour Operator Awards, Certification : # 3 Trip Advisor Reviews : 1,210 reviews on Trip advisor

Free Bike Tours Rome is a highly rated, professional, and reputable bike tours Italy provider. This local tour operator company was started by a group of knowledgeable local guides after learning biking tours were more efficient to explore Rome and other cities. The company is professionally licensed and registered with the Italian Tourism Commission and has been recognized as one of the best tour companies in Italy. With its quality service and over 1,000 positive reviews from past tourists, Free Bike Tours Rome offers more than 15 bikes tours that can be customized and personalized to meet your interests and budget.

When you choose Free Bike Tours Rome, be ready for over 15 authentic travel tour packages to choose from.

You can set out on a unique Sunset Private Bike Tour Italy with a professional tour guide and ride through Rome’s alleys while the sun is setting, and the monuments are all lit up. Join on a great unique Group Bike Tour experience and discover hidden gems and the city highlights with a personalized itinerary and lead by a local tour guide. If you do not like riding, then do not worry, Walking Private Tours are also available throughout the city and include street food and wine tasting.

Free Bike Tours Rome has grown significantly in the last few years, which shows that tourists appreciate the Italian tour packages they offer. Of the total of 1,210 reviews on Trip Advisor , 98% of past customers have rated the company to have great bike tours that are safe and fun. See one great review below:

“Thank you (again) for the wonderful experience with Simone!! We booked the tour already the second time – it was great, and we learned a lot again. Very knowledgeable guide and great experience.” – Marija S: Oct 2020

Turtle Tour Rome

best tour companies italy

Company’s location and type : Rome, Local Tour Operator Awards, Certification : # 4 Trip Advisor Reviews : 1,017 reviews on Trip advisor

Turtle Tour Rome is a leading, award-winning, and trusted tour company in Italy that offers small group, private, and custom Segway tour experiences to individuals, families, and friends. The company has over a decade of experience in Italian tour programs, including E-bikes, and golf cart excursions. Turtle Tour Rome has remained in business for so long because the company is dedicated to designing educational and fun trips leaving their customers fulfilled with lifetime memories.

Turtle Tour Rome offers extensive customized and personalized Italy bike tours packages that fit your interest and budget.

On this one-hour guided Heart of Rome Segway Tour , you will glide past the Colosseum, Forum, and Capitoline Hill. In the heart of the “Eternal City,” you can enjoy delicious specialties as you discover the history of each cuisine during the Rome, Italy Food Tour . The gastronomic trip starts within a cheese-tasting boutique, then different pizzerias learning the difference between a trattoria and a ristorante while sipping fine Italian wine. More so, the Panoramic Segway Tour will allow you to see more sites and discover amazing views of Rome from different locations.

With a five-star rating on Trip Advisor , Turtle Tour Rome has more than 1,000 raving excellent reviews. This best tour operator in Italy provides amazing and high-quality services. In addition, the company is ranked #4 out of 362 outdoor tour companies in Rome. Below you can read a review of a recent tourist:

“We had booked the tour and made the pre-payment, but sadly Turtle Tours had to cancel the tour due to new regulations from the police. We were immediately informed and offered three alternatives including a full refund. Good and honest service.” – Kim J

Eco Art Travel

Company’s location and type : Rome, Local Tour Operator Awards, Certification : # 7 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 2019 Reviews : 3,993 reviews on Trip advisor

Eco Art Travel is an award-winning tour company in Italy that believes traveling is a form of art and should be crafted to map each experience accordingly.  They organize one-of-a-kind and authentic tours that are careful and environmentally friendly. Founded by an Italian licensed tour guide, the company designs Italy tour packages deemed to leave a lasting and positive impression on tourists. With dedicated, fun, and warm English-speaking guides, be ready to have your dream vacation in Italy.

Enjoy your holiday in style and luxury with Eco-Art Travel exclusive eco-friendly tour packages in Rome, Italy.

If you are looking for a simple and classic tour covering Rome, then this Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s Basilica Tour is the one for you. With a local, knowledgeable guide and a group of 20 people, you will enjoy a skip-the-line passage through all the museums in Rome. Enjoy a Small Group Afternoon Stories Tour by discovering the history of the Roman empire, the Catholic Church, and Michelangelo’s incredible artwork. You can also optimize your day with this highly-rated tour company in Italy by checking out their ancient and modern Roman history from the Gay perspective through the Rainbow Tour in Rome.

Eco Art Travel earned raving praises from thousands of past customers. Out of 3,993 reviews on Trip Advisor , over 98% are reliable, great guides, or excellent. This company received the Certificate of Excellence in 2019. Read what a recent customer had to say about them.

“ I signed up for Rainbow tour of Rome and I had a great time. My guide Gian Marco was very knowledgeable and passionate about the history of Rome.” – Agata Morawska: 2020

Fat Tire Tours-Rome

Company’s location and type : Rome, Local Tour Operator Awards, Certification : # 5 Trip Advisor Reviews : 4,739 reviews on Trip advisor

For over two decades, Fat Tire Tours has been providing safe, fun, and unforgettable experiences by offering excellent customer service that creates memories to last for a lifetime. As one of the tour companies in Italy, Fat Tire Tours has a team of experienced guides always keen to share their love for Italy with tourists and give tips on how to have the best trip. Founded by David Mebane in 1999, the company’s goal is to bridge the gap between English-speaking visitors and Italy with fun bike tours.  

Fat Tire Tours offers various tour options to cater to all your vacation goals, budget, and interest in Italy.

In Italy, you can take the Rome Bike Tour and discover the historic center of Rome on a unique 3-hour exploration bike ride filled with fun moments, including pizza stops and photography. There is a great reason Italy is known as the cuisine melting pot of the world. You can take the Roman Food Tour and learn the Roman cuisine and wine culture, traditions, and history. You will discover the Roman Catacombs and Crypts by exploring the underground cemeteries and temples. An English-speaking professional local tour guide conducts all excursions.

Fat Tire Tours is an excellent Italian tour operator with many raving positive reviews. The reviews show that the travelers’ satisfaction rate is extremely high. Of the total of 4,739 reviews made on Trip Advisor , 98%, of the customers say it’s either excellent or reliable. See the positive review down below.

“It was an amazing time Bruno spread passion when he’s talking about the outstanding Streets, Monuments, and Museums in Rome.” – Gustavo Leo: March 2020

My Best Tour

Company’s location and type : Rome, Local Tour Operator Awards, Certification : # 9 Trip Advisor Reviews : 1, 040 reviews on Trip advisor

Founded in 2012, My Best Tour is a fully registered Italian tour company run by Paolo Apolloni and Roberto Contursi. With years of professional experience, they provide assured quality tours, making them one of the top tour companies in Italy. The company’s tour guides are knowledgeable and design world-class, safe, and affordable packages that ensure you get a fulfilled vacation experience in Italy. Besides, they offer walking tours and golf cart tours that can accommodate seniors and children.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in Italy with the best-rated tour operator in Italy, try, My Best Tour, you will not regret it.

You can join their Vatican Private Tour , which includes Vatican Museum Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. This tour is conducted by highly specialized, knowledgeable, and friendly tour guides. You can also join the Italy Food and Wine Tour that combines two excursions in one. A private guide will take you to see the art and history of Rome, then take you to visit popular Roman food tasting restaurants in the heart of Rome downtown. Remember the Roman Holiday movie? With this company, you can whizz around Rome in a Vintage Piaggio Vespa like a typical Italian. You can ride your own Vespa around the city and combine this tour with food and wine tasting.

This tour operator in Italy has an exemplary rating for excellent service and friendly guides. They have received nearly 1,020 reviews on Trip Advisor and ranked at #3 out of 363 companies reflects a 96% satisfaction rate. The reviews suggest that the company offers the top tour package in Italy. Read a review left by a happy client below:

‘Amazing way to view all of Rome’s beauty at night! Recommend bringing a camera and hood company. Lovely!’ – 696Corinned: 2021

This top 10 Italy tour operators list has been compiled to educate, support, and assist you during your search for the best tour company in Italy. If you would like to vacation in Italy and immerse yourself in the culture through a unique trip experience, please use this list to guide you in your search.

If you travel to Italy, we would like to hear about your experience with any of these tour companies in Italy. If you have taken a trip with one of these companies in the past, please send us a message and let us know your experience.

Honorable mention

  • City Wonders , Trip Advisor  – 27,228 reviews
  • Walkabout Florence Tours , Trip Advisor – 19,977 reviews
  • My Tour in Italy , Trip Advisor – 5,532 reviews
  • See Amalfi Coast , Trip Advisor – 2,336 reviews
  • Artviva: The Original & Best Tours Italy , Trip Advisor -2,722 reviews
  • Segway Roma , Trip Advisor  -415 reviews
  • The Roman Guy , Trip Advisor  – 4,477 reviews
  • Miles & Miles Tour Company – Tours , Trip Advisor – 1,678 reviews
  • Tours of the Vatican with Francesco & his Team , Trip Advisor – 1,160 reviews
  • Rudy’s Touring Service – Driving & Walking Tours , Trip Advisor – 981 reviews
  • Slow Tour Tuscany , Trip Advisor -269 reviews
  • I Bike Tuscany , Trip Advisor – 533 reviews
  • Best Tour Of Italy , Trip Advisor – 365 reviews
  • Ciao Italy Tours , Trip Advisor – 96 reviews

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The Best Tour Companies in Italy

The historic architecture of Italy at sunset

Italy is home to incredible food (give me all the gnocchi and wine), rolling green hills, cultivated vineyards, stunning lakes and mountains, a long rich history dating back thousands of years, and a welcoming culture.

It is one of the most dynamic countries in the world and will live up to all the hype you’ve heard. It’s composed of 20 different regions, each with its own unique culture, cuisine, wine, and landscape. Italy is basically a confederation of different regional “countries and cultures.”

Because there’s so much to see and do in Italy (and not everyone has a lot of time), many travelers decide to take tours when they visit Italy.

I’ve visited Italy on my own and with tour companies.

And there are A LOT of tour companies in Italy. (Like way, way, way too many.)

It can be very overwhelming deciding which Italy tour company to pick. I know — I’ve spent hours upon hours researching them all!

To help you plan your trip and really get beneath the surface of this amazing destination, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tour companies in Italy.

Whether you’re looking for a basic walking tour or a multi-week excursion, these companies are the ones I think offer travelers the best experience at the right price.

Here are the best tour companies in Italy:

1. Walks of Italy

If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth than a free tour, my favorite walking tour company in Italy is Walks. They are one of the largest day tour companies in Italy and offer tours in eight cities across the country.

What makes them so special is that they get access to places other companies don’t, including before- or after-hours visits to some of the most popular sites in Italy (such as an early-access tour of the Sistine Chapel before it opens or a Colosseum at Night Tour , where you’ll see where get to experience the arena after it closes).

They are true experts and I love their tours. They are my favorite tour company in Italy. Most tours last around four hours and start at around 40 EUR per person.

2. Free Tours by Foot

For free walking tours in cities around Italy, check out Free Tours by Foot. They organize tours (or collaborate with companies that run tours) in Rome, Florence, Milan, Sorrento, Naples, and Venice. You’ll be able to get a solid overview of each iconic city thanks to knowledgeable local guides. These free tours are 2-3 hours long, making them a great introduction to each destination. Just be sure to tip your guide at the end!

If you prefer to go at your own pace, they also highlight companies that offer self-guided audio tours and guides.

Devour is one of the most highly rated food tour companies in Italy. They’ve been featured in The Guardian, CNN Travel, Forbes, and many other popular publications. In short, they’re a perfect choice for anyone looking to really dig in and learn about Italy’s world-famous food cuisine.

I’ve been on their tours in both Italy and abroad and am never disappointed. The food tours, drink tours, and pasta-making classes are guaranteed to give you an authentic local experience guided by experts who truly know their topics.

They offer tours in Rome, Florence, Bologna, Naples, and Venice, with each tour generally lasting 3-4 hours. If you’re a foodie like me, their tours are a must!

Tickets start at 49 EUR per person and sell out fast, so be sure to book in advance.

4. Divina Cucina Culinary Experiences

Judy is an American expat who has been eating and drinking her way around Italy since the 1980s, and she has crafted some unique experiences for anyone looking to get under Italy’s culinary skin. Her private “Morning at the Market” tours in Florence will give you a nuanced look at Italy’s food culture and history, during which she shares her cooking tips and expertise. Judy also offers weeklong cooking intensives if you’re looking to really step up your Italian cuisine.

5. Travel Italian Style

My friend Cassandra runs this incredible bespoke travel company that creates customized trips to Italy. She’s been working in the tourism industry for well over a decade and has been to every single region of Italy. In short, she knows her stuff and can plan the perfect getaway for you. Vineyard tours, cooking classes, boutique accommodations — you’re guaranteed to experience life as a local with Cassandra’s tours.

If you’re looking for an immaculately curated upscale vacation to Italia, this is the tour company for you. She really knows her stuff!

6. Intrepid Travel

This is my go-to travel company when I’m looking for multi-day or multi-week trips. They employ local guides with incredible insight and appreciation for the communities they take you to, and the groups are never too big. Plus, they only run ethical tours with a small environmental footprint. I’ve gone on some amazing tours with Intrepid over the years, including to Jordan, Morocco, and Madagascar, and have never been disappointed.

They offer a variety of tour options in Italy, from a Best of Italy tour to a Hiking the Dolomites adventure. Tours last 8-15 days, with prices starting around $1,600 EUR per person.

Get Your In-Depth Budget Guide to Europe!

Get Your In-Depth Budget Guide to Europe!

My detailed 200+ page guidebook is made for budget travelers like you! It cuts out the fluff found in other guides and gets straight to the practical information you need to travel while in Europe. It has suggested itineraries, budgets, ways to save money, on and off the beaten path things to see and do, non-touristy restaurants, markets, bars, safety tips, and much more! Click here to learn more and get your copy today.

Book Your Trip to Italy: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight Use Skyscanner to find a cheap flight. They are my favorite search engine because they search websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld as they have the biggest inventory and best deals. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use as they consistently return the cheapest rates for guesthouses and cheap hotels. Some of my favorite places to stay are:

  • The Yellow (Rome)
  • Ostello Bello (Milan)
  • Archi Rossi Hostel (Florence)

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • Safety Wing (for everyone below 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for those over 70)
  • Medjet (for additional repatriation coverage)

Looking for the Best Companies to Save Money With? Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel. I list all the ones I use to save money when I’m on the road. They will save you money when you travel too.

Want More Information on Italy? Be sure to visit our robust destination guide on Italy for even more planning tips!

Got a comment on this article? Join the conversation on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free.

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The town of Manarola in Italy's Cinque Terre

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Italy tours & trips 2023/2024.

Glide on a gondola in Venice, explore the colourful towns of the Amalfi Coast , visit vast volcanoes in Sicily , or be surprised by delights around every corner in Rome . It's no surprise that adventures through Italy have made their way into every traveller's hearts. Whether you want to bask on the blue Mediterranean shores of Sardinia , embark on hikes with unbeatable views in the Dolomites , sample the finest wines in Tuscany, or experience la dolce vita sailing across the Gulf of Naples, these Italian vacation packages and 7 day Italy itineraries offer experiences with the perfect blend of culture, arts and adventure.

250+ Italy tour packages with 5,326 reviews

Amalfi Coast Walking - Agriturismo Tour

  • Hiking & Trekking
  • Coastal Walks
  • Fully Guided

Amalfi Coast Walking - Agriturismo

"This trip is excellent value for money and offers a beautiful and magical insight..."
  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

The Italian Dream Tour

  • Christmas & New Year

The Italian Dream

"My Italian tour was an absolute dream come true. Italy's beauty, culture, and cuisine..."

Italian Discovery Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Italian Discovery

"My wife and I had an excellent experience on the Italian Discovery tour that we took...."

Small Group Tour of Sicily: Highlights Tour

  • Food & Culinary
  • Personalized

Small Group Tour of Sicily: Highlights

"Our guides were WONDERFUL, very knowledgeable and SO enjoyable! Our drivers were..."

Classical Italy Tour

Classical Italy

"OK so I'm in love with Italy after this tour we did the classical Italy one (Rome,..."
  • €100 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Italian Expresso - 5 days Tour

  • Coach / Bus

Italian Expresso - 5 days

"Wow, we saw all the highlights, group was so much fun and the included meals were..."

Italy from North to South Tour

Italy from North to South

"I really enjoyed the tour - my fellow travellers were a great bunch from a number..."

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Italy City Break - 5 Days Tour

Italy City Break - 5 Days

"This trip is a great way to see lots of Italy. We got to see all the main sights..."

Walking the Amalfi Coast Tour

Walking the Amalfi Coast

"Great trip walking the Amalfi coat! Our guide was Severio who was great fun and told..."

Italian Holiday (7 Days) Tour

Italian Holiday (7 Days)

"Trip was as planned and the accommodations sew good and close to the places of visit."

Italy By High-Speed Train Tour

  • Self-Guided
  • Train & Rail

Italy By High-Speed Train

"We had Jan as our guide for the Colosseum tour. He was amazing and by far the best..."
  • €50 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Best of Italy (Summer, 13 Days) Tour

Best of Italy (Summer, 13 Days)

"First of all Trafalgar should have known that on Wednesdays the Pope is in audience..."

Small Group Sicily Food & Wine Tour Tour

Small Group Sicily Food & Wine Tour

"We enjoyed this tour from A to Z. Highly recommended for slow travellers visiting..."

Discover Italy end Milan Tour

Discover Italy end Milan

UNESCO Jewels: Best of Italy - Rome, Florence, Venice in 8 days Tour

UNESCO Jewels: Best of Italy - Rome, Florence, Venice in 8 days

"Excellent tour of the most famous places in Northern Italy. Patricia our guide and..."

Frequently Asked Questions About Italy Tours

How do i plan a tour around italy.

Italy isn't a particularly big country, but there is a huge amount to see and do, from cities to beautiful coastlines. Decide what your must-visit places are, determine how much time you have to spend in the country, then browse the tours on TourRadar and choose the one that suits you best!

How many days in Italy is enough?

If you want to truly immerse yourself in Italian culture, and see all of the country including Venice, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast, then you should spend at least 14 days in Italy. If you have less time, then 7 days in northern Italy will give you a real flavour of the country, its food, and its culture.

What is the best month to visit Italy?

Italy is a beautiful year-round destination, with good weather and lots to see and do in every month. Summer can be very hot, and it gets extremely busy with tourists on the Amalfi Coast and in cities like Rome. We think that spring and autumn are better choices for visiting Italy, as the weather is still warm, but there are fewer crowds, making your experience more enjoyable.

What is the average cost of a trip to Italy?

The cost of your trip to Italy will depend on numerous different factors, including where you choose to visit, as some areas are more expensive than others. Your choice of accommodation, itinerary of activities and the length of your trip will also affect the cost. On average, a 10-day trip to Italy costs around $150-$200 per day.
  • Venice : Cruise the canals of the impressive Venice on gondola or a ride a vaporetto with the locals.
  • Package tour : Explore Italy with like-minded people and without the burden of organizing the trip.
  • Tuscany : Experience the hidden, lesser-known sites of Florence and visit Castiglione di Garfagnana, a charming medieval market town.
  • Amalfi : Wander through the Augustus Gardens and explore the romantic town of Sorrento.
  • Spain : While in Italy, take the chance to visit also Spain and its stunning cities.
  • Vacation : Fill up on arancini, gelato, and other Italian treats, visit Capri and opt to see the famous Blue Grotto.
  • Travel : Explore the history and architecture of ancient Rome and of the other amazing Italian cities.
  • Europe : Italy is one of the most famous European destinations, and while there you can visit also France and Greece.
  • Beach : Discover some of the most charming Italian beaches in Sicily or on the Adriatic coast.
  • Italian people : Get in touch with the locals and enjoy the amazing Italian cuisine.
  • Europe : Since you are already in Italy, take the chance for visiting other European countries like France and Switzerland.
  • Italian language : Learn some basics word thanks to your local guide and get in touch with the Italians.
  • Rome : Visit the Vatican Museums and view Michelangelo's masterpiece with a Renaissance art expert.
  • Family : Spend an unforgettable holiday with your family, relaxing on the Tuscany hills with your kids.
  • Switzerland : Step into a world of snow-capped mountains, traditional alpine villages and warm hospitality.
  • Croatia : While in Italy, find the time to visit also Croatia and the stunning Dubrovnik.

Italy Trip Reviews

"I had an eye opener and an amazing experience during my in trip in Italy. We had a knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guide. Kent a true Mr Gadget, extremely patient with our constant stream of silly questions and trivial needs. Because he is originally from the UK he has a good understand of both our Western culture and the culture of Italy, and can explain why things are how they are in a context that Australians, Americans etc can understand. The tour took us to family owned, authentic Italian restaurants and hotels, and uses public transport where possible we were not isolated from the true Italy."
"Our 5 day self guided bike tour in Italy was amazing. As expected, the accommodations were good. We stayed at the Trulli house in Alberobello. Ate a lot because the food and wine were perfect. We had a spectaculer ride through the back roads with grapes on one side and olive trees on the other. I had a pleasure working with two fantastic women in the States and in Italy (Ryan and Ali). I also had a 5 star customer service experience with Ryan since she booked the trip for us. I would do another self guided bike ride with Pure Adventures in a heartbeat!"
"My tour in Italy was great, I wished to stay abit longer in some places like sorrento - Positano, venice. I also have some suggestions to either cut out some destinations or extend the trip and pick a central location for the accommodation. Adding more night life would be good, the karaoke needs to be scrapped from the activity list. I don't do a tour to be taken to a karaoke bar to mix with other tour groups etc. I want to mix with local people. It was a shame that there was not much choice on the dinner and it was average. I would like to eat a variety of food aside from pasta. However, I would still recommend this tour as it showcased many places in Italy. I would like to go back to and explore many places."

Italy Destinations

  • South Italy (561)
  • Northern Italy (284)
  • Central Italy (242)
  • Amalfi Coast (164)
  • Campania (164)
  • Tuscany (140)
  • Puglia (107)
  • Apulia (96)
  • Trentino Alto-Adige (69)
  • Veneto (63)
  • South Tyrol (49)
  • Lombardy (45)
  • Lazio, Marche & Abruzzo (37)
  • Cinque Terre (23)
  • Piedmont (22)
  • Emilia Romagna (22)

Travel Styles

  • Small Group (382)
  • Budget (116)
  • Luxury (118)
  • Singles and Solo (906)
  • For Couples (392)
  • Young Adults (39)
  • Seniors (533)
  • Group (990)
  • Explorer (825)
  • Family (772)
  • Fully Guided (752)
  • Personalized (609)
  • In-depth Cultural (562)
  • Private (382)
  • Partially Guided (348)
  • Self-Guided (289)
  • Bicycle (224)
  • Coach / Bus (175)
  • Hiking & Trekking (138)
  • Food & Culinary (119)
  • Active Adventure (64)
  • Train & Rail (42)
  • Intl. Flights Included (38)
  • 3 Day Tours (16)
  • 7 Day Tours (329)
  • 10 Day Tours (487)
  • 2 Week Tours (126)
  • 3 Week Tours (28)
  • Fall / Autumn 2023 (132)
  • Winter 2023 / 2024 (259)
  • Spring 2024 (841)
  • Summer 2024 (810)
  • Spring 2025 (168)
  • Summer 2025 (117)
  • November 2023 (148)
  • December 2023 (218)
  • January 2024 (174)
  • February 2024 (186)
  • March 2024 (428)
  • April 2024 (694)
  • May 2024 (789)
  • June 2024 (775)
  • July 2024 (694)
  • August 2024 (717)
  • September 2024 (793)
  • October 2024 (731)
  • November 2024 (257)
  • December 2024 (147)
  • January 2025 (60)
  • February 2025 (58)
  • March 2025 (95)
  • April 2025 (121)
  • May 2025 (124)
  • June 2025 (106)
  • July 2025 (100)
  • August 2025 (98)

Italy Tours starting in

  • Starting in Rome (272)
  • Starting in Venice (76)
  • Starting in Catania (66)
  • Starting in Milan (63)
  • Starting in Naples (54)
  • Starting in Palermo (52)
  • Starting in Florence (45)
  • Starting in Bari (31)
  • Starting in Bolzano (13)
  • Starting in Pisa (13)
  • Italy Travel Guide | All You Need...
  • Itinerary Ideas for 10 Days in It...
  • Best 7 Day Italy Itineraries 2023...
  • Discover the Best Italy Vacation ...

International Versions

  • Deutsch: Italien Rundreisen
  • Nederlands: Italië Rondreizen

Sunset over the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Italy Tours

  • Featured Tours
  • Travel Agents

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Italy is the world’s top travel destination, and our Italy tours showcase the best of the history, art, architecture, and more. From Rome to Tuscany, Sicily to the Amalfi Coast, find an Italy tour to your favorite places. Whether wine-tasting with your partner or touring Vatican museums with your family, our tours of Italy offer options for all travelers. Explore our featured tours, and design your dream Italy trip with our travel specialists.

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Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy

10  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $3,595

From intriguing history to incredible food and wine, this 10-day classic Italy trip immerses you in three iconic cities. Walk through ancient ruins in the footsteps of Julius Caesar. Get so close to Michelangelo’s masterpieces that the marble comes to life. Discover a secret world as you glide through dreamy canals. The eternal beauty of Rome, the Renaissance splendor of Florence, and the mystical ambiance of Venice will captivate you.

Val d'Orcia in Tuscany, Italy

12  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $9,355

Your 12-day luxury Italy highlights tour immerses you in elegant art, pristine nature, and the legendary dolce vita. You will celebrate history and heritage with exclusive tours that take you away from crowds from the Vatican Museum to Tuscany’s hilltop towns. From islands in the Venetian Lagoon to the Amalfi Coast’s panoramas, you will find flavor, glamour, and a zest for life during your Italy tour specifically designed for you.

Young girl wearing carnival mask in Venice, Italy

Dynamic pricing from  $3,575

Effortless charm, captivating cuisine, and immersive artistry exemplify your 10-day family Italy vacation. Travel from Rome to Venice on this 10-day family vacation to discover the fun of ancient life, Renaissance beauty, traditional pasta, hand-crafted masks, and the techniques of gladiators. Whether wandering through the Vatican Museum's empty galleries or witnessing the Uffizi Gallery's embracing beauty, Italy’s boundless splendor will exceed your family’s greatest expectations.

Gondolas on the canal in Venice, Italy

Dynamic pricing from  $3,615

From prestigious architecture to breathtaking art, natural beauty to captivating history, your 10-day classic Italy tour celebrates the layers of wonder from north to south. Wander the elegant lanes of winding through Capri, glide through the Venetian Lagoon to visit famous islands, and embrace the ancient life of Rome. From Renaissance Florence to seaside Sorrento, you will indulge in the simple pleasures of Italy’s classic belief in la dolce vita.

Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy

Experience the true splendor of ancient life, cultural cuisine, and inspiring scenery during your 12-day luxury Italy vacation. From Rome to the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, witness glistening mosaics, walk with master Renaissance artists and discover the dishes that have shaped tradition. Enjoy exclusive tours and remarkable insights as you explore it all.

Ravello Gardens on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

Dynamic pricing from  $4,415

This 10-day Italy tour will leave you well acquainted with a region known for delicious wines, panoramic views, and some of the most rugged coastlines. The Campania coastline includes some of the best beaches in Italy, and the area around Sorrento and Amalfi are no different. Experience active exploration and passive relaxation to ensure a comfortable experience during this Italian adventure.

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Church of San Biagio in Montepulciano surrounded by Tuscan countryside

9  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $3,271

Along with the rich culture and abundant historical sites, this 9-day tour of central Italy is designed to showcase the gastronomic greatness of the places you visit. From Umbria to Tuscany, the beating heart of Italian olive oil and wine production will be yours to enjoy along with the many other culinary delights. By the time you depart, you will have a better understanding of Italy's love affair with food.

Vineyards in Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy

Dynamic pricing from  $7,015

Embrace the marvels of Italian flavor and the splendor of Italy's scenery during this 9-day luxury Italy wine tour. You will have an immersive experience of the wine culture and Italy's fabulous history of wine consumption, which will reveal sumptuous vines, elegant tastings, and exclusive excursions. From regal estates to stately panoramas, you will wander through antique cellars, stroll through medieval towns, and sample the spirit of Italy through its illustrious wines.

Piazza Venezia in Rome, Italy

Dynamic pricing from  $3,217

Bring your family to remarkable cities and explore rich history that prevails from the shimmering canals of Venice to the rolling hills of Tuscany and the ancient districts of Rome on this 9-day family Italy trip. Led by guides with insider knowledge of significant stories, enlightening culture, and sumptuous cuisine, this customizable family vacation captures the best of Venice, Chianti, and Rome, while introducing you to each destination’s hidden secrets.

Gondola ride on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

17  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $5,979

From gliding through Venetian canals to exploring the northern jewels of Lake Como and Milan, venturing along the coast of Cinque Terre to discovering the charms of Tuscany, this 17-day highlights tour of Italy showcases beauty and wonder. Uncover the true splendors of Italy when embarking on this trip as you discover the Lakes District and immerse yourself in the world of Ancient Rome.

View of Capri Island from Mount Solaro in Italy

14  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $4,937

Discover Italy's diverse history, pristine nature, and contemporary culture on this 14-day journey. From hiking Mount Etna to zooming around Rome on a Segway, witness this magnificent country from many different vantage points. Be immersed in Italy's renowned cuisine, discover the wines of Chianti and Sicily, and attend a cooking class in Florence.

Rolling hills in the Tuscan countryside

7  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $2,501

Italy’s countryside is teeming with hilltop towns that are speckled across the breathtaking region of Tuscany, which you will explore on this handcrafted 7-day tour. Under the Tuscan Sun, you will appreciate the endless beauty of the emerald hills that roll from Montepulciano in addition to admiring the ancient architecture of the cultural heritage sites in San Gimignano. From town to town, you can find beauty in every charming destination against the beautiful countryside backdrop.

Dynamic pricing from  $4,291

Little is left to the imagination on this 12-day tour of Italy that is handcrafted to bring you as close to the country as possible. As you make your way through Rome, Florence, Venice, as well as the regions of Lazio, Tuscany, and Veneto, you will enjoy a unique balance of rural leisure and urban thrills. This tour is designed to maximize your enjoyment of this colorful corner of the Mediterranean world.

  Read More

Dynamic pricing from  $7,665

From the bustling historic neighborhoods of Bologna to the illustrious Piedmont farmlands surrounding La Morra, explore and adore boundless beauty as you breeze through the countryside on your 10-day Italy tour. Farm-to-table lunches paired with award-winning Italian wines, Ferrari test drives through ancient streets, and evenings exploring the local culture of medieval communes all feature on this luxurious honeymoon vacation to Bologna, Florence, and La Morra in Italy.

8  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $3,011

Trace the deep roots of culture on this 8-day Jewish heritage Italy tour. The histories of the Jewish community and Italy have intertwined for over 2,000 years, showcasing the ways the cultures have merged to create a unique blend of distinctive cultural practices, artistic aesthetics, and delicious cuisine. Your Italy trip to Rome, Venice, and Florence will uncover where Jewish traditions converged and conflicted through time.

Dynamic pricing from  $7,795

Like jewels on a mountainous crown, the alpine lakes of Northern Italy offer a welcoming playground on this 10-day tour of Lake Como, Maggiore, and Iseo. Far from the crowds of Italy's major cities, you can walk in the footsteps of royalty as you explore this idyllic setting. From wineries to walking tours, this region will come alive and leave you astounded at the concentration of beauty that is to be found here.

Dynamic pricing from  $10,551

Lights, music, mouth-watering aromas, and immersive tradition create an unforgettable holiday season during your 14-day Christmas in Italy trip. Travel to the heart of the Christian world with Mass at the Vatican. Wander the customary canals of Venice on a gondola. Embrace Tuscany’s culinary traditions and sample Prosecco’s bubbly texture. From vibrant holiday markets to charismatic medieval towns, you can embrace winter’s beauty and the Christmas spirit in Italy.

Dynamic pricing from  $6,391

Travel to Italy for the love of food and nature on this tailored 12-day tour from Bologna to Florence. Embrace the culinary delicacies made famous worldwide as you taste Italy's finest dishes and produce, from sensational cheeses to delightful truffle-infused creations. Along the way, encounter the majesty of the Tuscan countryside and admire the Renaissance influence that remains so prevalent across Italy’s quiet, medieval towns.

11  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $8,575

With layers of wine and preserved tradition to guide you, your 11-day Tuscany luxury tour revels in art from the museums to the kitchens, the piazzas to the markets. Witness architectural grandeur, sample the delicacies of restraint, and embrace the essential tastes of the grapevine. The Uffizi to Montepulciano’s terraced vineyards, the Accademia to San Gimignano’s towers, when discovering Tuscany, even the simple can feel opulent.

The cultural richness, natural beauty, and historic legacy of Northern Italy are yours to enjoy on this 12-day tour of Piedmont, Liguria, and Lombardy. From Milan to Cinque Terre and back again, you will be able to focus your attention on the rural treasures and panoramic perspectives of each region through a blend of guided excursions and leisure. Handcrafted for your enjoyment, this tour allows you to experience much of the best that Northern Italy has to offer.

Northwest Italy is yours to explore on this tailored tour that leads from the rich city of Turin to the spectacular coastline of the Cinque Terre and the magic metropolis of Milan. Every step of the way, you will treat yourself to the tantalizing flavors of Italian cuisine and witness the breathtaking unspoiled backdrops of Italy’s countryside while learning more about the local culture and heritage.

Dynamic pricing from  $6,435

The Mediterranean gems of Corsica and Sardinia are yours to explore on this 10-day island-hopping tour of all that is best of this region. A world apart, the islands of Corsica and Sardinia enjoy a secluded status when compared to the hustle and bustle of mainland Italy or France. From the port of Pula to Ile de Cavallo, visitors cannot help but fall in love with this stunning setting.

Dynamic pricing from  $6,081

Unbridled beauty veils Italy and its awe-inspiring countryside and spectacular coastline, scenes that will backdrop your educational exploration during this extensive 17-day tour from Venice to Rome. Whether it's the sprawling glimmering waters of Lake Como or the romantic skyline of Verona, Italy will dazzle and seduce you as you delve into its spirited culture and honored history along the journey.

21  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $16,375

The perfect balance of leisure and adventure is available on this 21-day tour of Italy. With destinations, such as Venice and Bologna, you will get a sound introduction to Italy's urban charm that can then be compared to the rustic countryside of Tuscany and the Costa Smeralda. No matter your preference, by the tour's end, you will be well acquainted with the culture and history of this unique Mediterranean world.

Show More • ( 12 itineraries)

Tours of Italy by Travel Style

Portofino, Italy

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Landscape of Tuscany at sunset, Italy

See All Italy Tours

See more Italy trips

The best of Italy unlocked for you

Experience Italy differently. Enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences and uncover local secrets when our friends across the country open their doors to you. Here’s just a sample of the rich experiences you can expect.

5 million happy guests and counting

Rome, St Peter Basilica

Capital City

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“Uffizi Gallery in Florence is a world class museum with an incredible renaissance art collection. Enjoy a guided tour with a Local Specialist to make the experience more memorable, especially when in front of Botticelli’s stunning ‘Birth of Venus’ painting”

Pino, Travel Director

See Michelangelo's frescoed ceiling in the Sistine Chapel

One of the most important structures of the Catholic faith, the Vatican City’s Sistine Chapel is a must-see on a tour of Italy. Though the chapel walls have witnessed centuries of worship, it’s the renaissance ceiling paintings of Michelangelo that will leave you in awe.

Visit the glamorous Isle of Capri

Enjoy the classic Italian summer in Italy’s picture-perfect Gulf of Naples. Famed for its crystal grottos, dramatic coastlines and endless glamour, our trips to Italy are complete with a day of freedom spent under a striped umbrella, watching sailboats pass by.

Cruise your way through Venice

The charm found in the canals of Venice is nothing short of irresistible. Admire gothic palaces and postcard bridges whilst adrift in a gondola, gaining an understanding of life in a city that floats. Exploring a city by foot will never be the same after a trip to Venice.

Journey to the well-preserved ruins of Pompeii

An unfathomable history lesson is found in the archaeological ruins of Pompeii. Buried and preserved by the ash of a volcano eruption in the year 79, in this Italian town you will discover the progressive life of early Roman times as you walk within the parameters of an open-air time capsule of life on Earth.

Go shopping in Italy's fashion capital Milan

Armani, Gucci, Prada and Versace. These are some of the prestigious fashion brands that call the Italian city of Milan home. In between yearning through boutiques and department stores, stop to sample the city’s delicacies like breaded veal cutlet and ossobuco.

Our top 5 things to do in Italy

It's the moments of quiet stillness that take your breath away on a Trafalgar tour through Italy. Sitting in the calm halls of the Vatican. Floating on the canals of Venice. Standing beside the ruins of Pompeii.

Uffizi Gallery

The Tuscan capital is home to Uffizi Gallery, where the brushworks of art’s true masters are found. Names like Raffaello, Leonardo, and Michelangelo dress Uffizi’s grand pink walls, whilst internal courtyards leading to the Arno River will show you the building’s architectural brilliance.

Vatican Museums

A collection of Christian artwork that spans centuries and stirs the soul is found in Rome’s Vatican Museums. From the intricate ceiling by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel to the detailed Pope portraits from the 16th century to today, you will be lost for words once inside this blessed museum complex.

Doge's Palace

Home to the leader of Venice from its opening in 1340, Doge’s Palace summarizes the sparkle of this city. An opulent example of Venetian Gothic architecture and home to numerous historical works, this museum is a must when you visit Venice.

Best museums in Italy

The epicenter of the Catholic faith and the birthplace of art’s most renowned masters. Our guided tours of Italy will take you to the many museums found here, whether in the Sistine Chapel, by the canals of Venice or in the grand galleries of Tuscany.

The authentic carbonara experience will take place in Rome, covered in salty Pecorino Romano cheese. A simple dish inspiring heart-warming meal times, this pasta will connect you with Italy’s rich culinary customs - an impressive evolution from its supposed heritage as a coal-miner’s meal.

Pollo alla Cacciatora

Literally translating to ‘hunter’ in Italian, cacciatore offers an appreciation for Italy’s meals of days gone by. Typically a preparation of rabbit or chicken, it’s the simmering tomato stew that makes this dish so mouthwatering. Satisfy a genuine hunger and consume with hand-ripped bread.

Italy tours are best served with an oversized slice of tiramisu. Cementing this country's obsession with espresso, this cake of layered biscuits soaked in coffee is the perfect after hours pick-me-up before an evening stroll through the charming streets.

Best food in Italy

A date with Italian food will likely start and end with a slice of pizza. But it’s the menu items that we share with you in between that will take your appreciation to new heights; think cacciatore and Carbonara with a slice of tiramisu in between.

What to pack for Italy

People packing for a tour

A classic linen outfit

The Italians are famous for their equal parts glamorous and effortless dress sense. Look the part with a few ensembles featuring classic linens in navy and white.

A blank journal

With the wealth of inspiration tucked into every corner of Italy, you might find yourself compelled to write down notes or memories. At the very least to remember the traditional Italian recipes you learn.

With such a large expanse of space to explore, on some days, long journeys are unavoidable. The scenery will provide plenty of visual entertainment, while headphones can be used to listen to some local music or enjoy podcasts about Italian history, culture and politics when you're not enjoying the storytelling from your Travel Director.

A small blanket

When exploring the soul-stirring setting of Tuscany, a picnic may call. Come prepared with a small blanket to cover in wine and cheese.

Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes

A classic memoir that brought the romance of Tuscany to the world, there’s no better time to read this book than when venturing through the country yourself.

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Best Italy tours with departures in 2023 and beyond

This article may contain compensated links. See our full disclosure here

Looking for the best Italy tours scheduled for 2023 and beyond? There is a vast array of options on offer. But, how do you choose the right trip?

The best tours of Italy will show you highlights as well as hidden treasures. And balance sightseeing with free time to explore. They will meet your timing and budget but have extras included to ensure your trip is special. Whether you choose a large operator or boutique tour company, you want to make sure your trip exceeds your expectations.

Here at Untold Italy, we’ve just launched our very own small group tours of hidden regions of Italy full of all the magical experiences we cherish and talk about on our podcast. If you love food, wine, getting off the beaten path and experiencing true Italian hospitality then we’d love to have you join us on tour.

Summary: Best Italy tours: highlights packages

We reviewed the market and major operators to bring you this breakdown of the best tours of Italy available in the coming months and years. This article includes highlights journeys, itineraries by region and interest, and those suitable for families.

If you want to compare tour prices and itineraries yourself, have a browse of Tourradar and Stride Travel . These sites are where tour operators list their upcoming trips until 2024. You can read reviews by people who have experienced the tour and they often have great deals on early bookings and late departures.

Our pick and reviews of the tours we think offer the best value in terms of inclusions, accommodation, and itineraries are below.

Article contents

Best Highlights of Italy Tours

Most first time visitors to Italy want to see the tried and true highlights – Rome, Venice, and Florence, so you’ll find many tours catering to that wish. Here are some of the top tours on the market and what to expect

Trafalgar’s Best of Italy

Best for: first time visitors to Italy on a moderate budget

This classic and very popular tour of Italy covers all the highlights and contrasts of the country over 13 days. From the historic grandeur of Rome to coastal Sorrento, the lakes, Venice and Florence, this is a great introduction to Italy for first time visitors.

The tour price includes all breakfasts, some evening meals, including a regional dinner and 1 Be My Guest, and complimentary airport transfers. Accommodation is mostly 4* hotels, plus the unique experience of sleeping in a converted Franciscan monastery.  Expect VIP entry to some of the major attractions and detailed briefings of the history and significance of the major sights.

Most passengers who choose Trafalgar are in the 50+ age group and who enjoy cultural activities over fast-paced adventure. Solo travelers are welcome however a supplement may apply.

With plenty of free time built in and the opportunity to choose optional extras, this trip is one that will give you a perfect taste of Italy and have you planning your next visit as soon as you arrive home.

At a glance:

  • Major stops: Rome – Sorrento – Venice – Lake Maggiore – Florence – Assisi
  • Tour length: 13 days
  • Departs: All year
  • Group Size: 40 – 45
  • Average age: 50+
  • Accommodation: 3-4 star hotels
  • Travel method: Coach

If you like the look of this itinerary but absolutely must see the Cinque Terre as well, check out Globus tours Italian Treasures with Sorrento

G Adventure’s Ultimate Italy

Best for: Solo female travelers with wanting a small group experience

Join G Adventures on their Ultimate Italy highlights trip for adventure across several regions, taking in some of the most celebrated places in the country. Over 14 days you’ll explore the best of the center and north of Italy from Rome to Venice with stops in Florence, the Cinque Terre, the northern lakes and Venice.

This small group tour will have a maximum of 16 participants so you are guaranteed a more personal experience. Included in the tour price are all transportation, smaller tourist level (2-3 star) hotels, and breakfasts. As with all G Adventures tours, there is plenty of free time to explore and they make it easy to add your interests into the itinerary – some of these come at an additional cost, however.

G Adventures s itineraries attract travelers aged over 30 who are interested in traveling as part of a group but appreciate free time to explore on your own. The company is dedicated to responsible travel and hires local tour leaders with in-depth personal knowledge of each destination. Solo travelers are warmly welcomed however supplements may apply.

  • Major stops: Rome – Florence – Lucca – Cinque Terre – Lake Como – Venice
  • Tour length: 14 days
  • Departs: April to October
  • Group Size: 12 – 16
  • Average age: 30+
  • Accommodation: 2-3 star hotels
  • Travel method: Train plus private transportation

Contiki’s Simply Italy  

Best for: Younger travelers (18 – 30) wanting an action packed itinerary

Contiki’s Simply Italy tour takes you on a whistle-stop tour of all the highlights from Rome to Capri, Pompeii and the Cinque Terre. This 15 day itinerary will give you the perfect taste of Bella Italia and have you planning more adventures in pasta and gelato before you can say That’s Amore!

This large group tour of up to 50 people is bound to be social. Hotels are around 2 star, breakfasts and some meals are included plus 20 activities making the trip a great value option for younger travelers on a budget. Optional activities such as the Burano island cruise with dinner in Venice are reasonably priced and fun.

Contiki is the tour company of choice for younger travelers, so expect a fast-paced itinerary stopping at all the best Instagram-friendly spots, wifi on board your coach, late nights and early starts.

  • Major stops: Rome – Florence – Cinque Terre – Milan – Venice – Rome – Amalfi
  • Tour length: 15 days
  • Departs: Year round
  • Group Size: around 50
  • Average age: 18 – 30
  • Accommodation: 1-2 star hotels

Best Small Group Tours of Italy

Exploring Italy beyond the major cities, towns and tourist routes is one of our favorite things to do. Here you discover a slower pace of life, beautiful landscapes and fascinating stories of people who have lived there for generations. Not to mention amazing regional food and wine.

Untold Italy’s small group tours take you to some of our favorite hidden regions of Italy including Sicily, Umbria, Piedmont and Puglia. With only 14 people in each group we’re able to take you on a journey of discovery to the family-run vineyards, olive groves and hilltop towns that you’ve been dreaming of.

These places can be difficult to reach without a car so a group tour means you can relax while we handle the logistics and plan out your days with incredible experiences that it’s difficult to organize on your own. Of course, we all love to explore, so there’s plenty of free time to wander on your own or relax as you prefer.

We think the perfect way to enjoy your time in Italy is to combine a small group experience in a hidden region of Italy with time in the major cities like Rome or Florence where it is easier to explore on your own.

Italy Tours on a Budget

Looking for value on a small budget? These Italy tour packages offer some of the best value trips on the market. With great value inclusions and action packed itineraries, your dream of visiting Italy is possible on a modest budget.

Costsaver’s Italian Scene

Best for: Value conscious travellers wanting a full highlights of Italy package

Offering a north to south overview of the best Italy has to offer at a wallet friendly price, Costsaver’s Italian Scene tour is a great choice for those looking for a tour packed with value. Stopping in the iconic cities plus smaller towns like Verona and Pisa, this tour will give you a true taste of the country without breaking the bank.

With a full itinerary covering many of the highlights of Italy, generous inclusions such as full buffet breakfasts and several 3-course dinners, the Italian Scene tour offers lots of value. You can add optional activities or choose to spend your free time at leisure. Popular with travelers aged 40 – 60, you’ll find the tour group social and interested in culture and history.

Costsaver is owned by Trafalgar so you get all the benefits of their itinerary planning and infrastructure at a price well below the tours offered by their parent company. The main point of difference is the location and standard of hotels. Costsaver accommodation is usually a little out of town and will not have the same level of amenities.

  • Major stops: Rome – Sorrento – Assisi – Venice – Florence
  • Tour length: 10 days
  • Average age: 40 – 60
  • Accommodation: 2-3 star hotels outside the city center

Intrepid’s Highlights of Italy  

Best for: The best budget small group tour of Italy

If you want the small group experience with lots of free time built into your itinerary, Intrepid’s Highlights of Italy tour will suit you perfectly. This itinerary is part of Intrepid’s Basix range which delivers great value budget tours without sacrificing experience. You’ll see Venice, Rome, Florence and the stunning villages of the Cinque Terre on this journey with a group of no more than 16 other travelers.

Your tour leader will ensure you are familiar with the places you visit and conduct orientation walking tours. You can then explore on your own or take advantage of the well priced optional activities offered. Some breakfasts are included and you can expect basic accommodation at 1-2 star hotels or hostels.

Intrepid’s itineraries attract mainly female travelers aged over 30 who are interested in traveling as part of a group but appreciate free time to explore on your own. The company is dedicated to responsible travel and hires local tour leaders with in-depth personal knowledge of each destination. Solo travelers are warmly welcomed however to keep costs down, you will share a room with a person of the same gender.

  • Major stops: Venice – Cinque Terre – Florence – Rome
  • Tour length: 8 days
  • Group Size: No more than 16
  • Accommodation: Budget hotels / hostels
  • Travel method: Train plus some private transportation

Best Southern Italy tours

If you’re dreaming of a summer vacation and la dolce vita on the Italian coast , head to Southern Italy and explore the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Sicily and the legendary isle of Capri.

Trafalgar’s Southern Italy and Sicily

Best for: exploring the magical Sorrento, Capri and Sicily

Southern Italy will capture your heart on this 10 day tour stopping at Pompeii, Sorrento, and towns in Sicily. The heady combination of incredible scenery, hundreds of years of history and of course delicious food and wine is irresistible. Trafalgar’s Southern Italy and Sicily itinerary covers all the highlights of this beautiful part of the world and includes local experiences that you’ll cherish forever.

Your tour price includes all breakfasts, some dinners including 1 Be My Guest experience, and complimentary airport transfers at set departure times. You’ll stay in mostly 4* hotels and enjoy VIP entry and to major attractions. Your tour director will provide detailed briefings of the history and significance of the major sights. Optional excursions include visits to some of the quaint fishing villages of Sicily and a boat cruise around Capri.

Most passengers who choose Trafalgar are in the 50+ age group who enjoy cultural activities over fast paced adventure. Solo travelers are welcome however a supplement may apply.

This trip covers all the highlights of Southern Italy and uncovers hidden gems you’ll be talking about for years to come.

  • Major stops: Rome – Sorrento – Taormina – Palermo
  • Accommodation: 4 star hotels

Highly recommended

Interested in visiting the up-and-coming Puglia region? Insight’s Country roads of Southern Italy & Sicily trip includes visits to all the highlights of Southern Italy including Alberobello, Matera, Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, and the famed isle of Capri!

Best Family Tours of Italy

Want to take your children to Italy but want the convenience of a tour with assistance on hand when you need it? These tours are specifically designed with families in mind. You can expect fun activities aimed at engaging your kids in the culture and beauty of the Italian cities and countryside. Relax and enjoy your travels as the logistics and bookings are taken care of.

Trafalgar’s Gladiators, Gondolas and Gold family tour of Italy

Best for: Families wanting a first fun taste of Italy

Make history and culture come alive for your family on this fun tour of Italy’s major cities with Trafalgar. This well thought out itinerary has inclusions to keep the whole family entertained. From pizza making in Rome to taking photos with the famous leaning tower in Pisa, this will be a trip to remember.

Your tour price includes hot breakfasts, several dinners including 1 Be My Guest, and complimentary airport transfers. Accommodation is mostly 4 star hotels. This itinerary includes plenty of fun experiences however it is designed so you can set your own pace too. Perhaps some members of your group would like to explore the fountains of Rome while others take a nap. It’s up to you.

Trafalgar have designed an itinerary that works for the whole family with plenty of free time built in. The only question is, will your kid’s favorite moment be their ride on a gondola down Venice’s Grand Canal or the gladiator school in Rome?

  • Major stops: Rome – Florence – Venice
  • Departs: May to September

Intrepid’s Northern Italy Family Holiday  

Best for: Exploring Venice to Rome as a family with like minded travelers

Intrepid’s family tour of Northern Italy is full of adventure and fun experiences for the whole family. Starting in Venice and visiting the Cinque Terre and Pisa before finishing in Rome, this tour gives the perfect taste of Italy. You’ll wonder at the beauty of the Venetian canals, make pesto in Liguria, and go on an art safari in Rome!

Your group of no more than 16 other travelers is led by an expert guide who knows how to keep the kids entertained. Intrepid have also included lots of exciting activities along the way such as mask making in Venice and gladiator school in Rome. Of course, there will be plenty of time for gelato stops at each destination.

Breakfasts are included on most days as well as some dinners. You can take advantage of well-priced optional extras such as a Cinque Terre cruise. Expect 3 – 4 star hotels and train transportation.

Intrepid’s itineraries are well thought out and are ideal for those wanting a guided experience but appreciate free time to explore on your own. Responsible travel is an important value held by Intrepid. They hire local tour leaders with in-depth personal knowledge of each destination, use mainly public transportation, and support local businesses.

  • Major stops: Venice – Cinque Terre – Pisa – Rome
  • Departs: June to September
  • Average age: kids from 5 – 18 years of age plus accompanying adults
  • Accommodation: 3 – 4 star hotels

Last Minute Trips to Italy

Did the stars align and you suddenly find yourself with time to spare for a trip to Italy? If you’re thinking of joining a tour we recommend browsing Tourradar and Stride Travel . These sites are marketplaces for multi-day tours where you can find great last minute bargains as the tour companies strive to fill their last remaining seats.

They are authorized tour resellers with direct relationships with the tour companies and strive to assist clients to make the best choice of tour for their travel style.

Tourradar has great deals on tours by Trafalgar, Globus, Intrepid, and many other smaller tour companies. You can access their online travel experts dedicated to finding a tour that suits your timing, budget and interests, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week – click here to browse tours of Italy on Tourradar

Stride Travel has the best deals for Perillo tours as well as some of the most popular luxury tours of Italy including Abercrombie and Kent and Tauck Tours. You can compare the inclusions, prices and itineraries of different tour companies and enlist the services of their travel experts to find the right tour for you – click here to browse Italy tours on Stride

5 Reasons to Choose a Guided Tour of Italy

  • Get your bearings and build confidence for traveling on your own – this is a great approach for first time visitors to Italy who can use their tour as a launchpad for further adventures
  • See many sights within a short timeframe without worrying about logistics or finding and booking your hotels – guided tours of Italy have this all planned out so you can relax and enjoy your vacation
  • Access in-depth knowledge and local experiences – your tour guides are there to make sure you enjoy the best Italy has to offer. Many companies now add special local elements such as farm dinners and special stays to ensure your tour is packed with special memories
  • Meet like-minded travelers and form lasting friendships – tours are a great way to expand your social circle and meet people from all over the world
  • Manage your costs – often if you tried to do all the things included in the tour on your own, you would find the costs are much higher

How to Choose your Italy Tour

Firstly, decide when you want to go and how long to stay in Italy. Deciding when to go to Italy is often a challenge so read our guide to the best time to visit Italy to help you make your plans. It includes the best months for sightseeing and visiting the beaches and popular cities. Spoiler alert – we like late May and early October!

The length of your trip is also a consideration. Most tours run for between 7 and 10 days. Don’t forget to factor in transit time to and from your home country into your plans. You might also like to add a few days on your own to explore a little at your leisure.

Next, determine your budget. Most tours include land transportation only (not flights). So you’ll need to add the cost of your flights to Italy into your budget.

Tip: click to search flight deals on skyscanner

As a general rule, large tour groups generally involving travel by bus are the most cost-effective. Smaller groups will attract higher prices but you will get more personalized service. Private and customized tours attract the highest rates.

Most importantly, know your travel style and how much assistance you want from a tour guide. There are fully guided tours and independent package tours for Italy to suit your preferences.

Things to look for

  • early morning starts and packed agendas – are you happy to be starting your days at 07:30 am or do you prefer a more relaxed pace with lots of time to explore on your own
  • hotel standard – are you prepared to save some money on hotels or do you like some luxuries
  • hotel location – if you’re hoping to explore, a hotel out of town may not be a great option
  • group meals or free time to organize your own dinners
  • inclusions vs optional extras – would you like to choose additional activities or be led the entire way – there are advantages to both approaches

Best sites to look for deals

Keep an eye on the tour company sites and sign up for their news. Offers are released regularly throughout the year. If you are trying to decide between a few tour companies and itineraries you can compare tour prices and trips on Tourradar  and Stride Travel . These sites have trip listings for departures up to 2024. You can read reviews by people who have experienced the tour and they often have great deals on early bookings and late departures.

Best Italy Tour Companies Reviewed

When you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, make sure you choose a reputable company for your tour of Italy. Here are some of the best and trusted tour operators

Trafalgar – with over 70 years of experience worldwide, Trafalgar is a popular choice for good reason. The company is expert at designing itineraries that visit the highlights of Italy in the most efficient way in terms of cost and covering a lot of ground. The company makes sure that you can enjoy local experiences as well as sightseeing.  For example, you can take advantage of their Be My Guest program, and dine with local families in their homes. Expect group sizes of around 40-45 and travel by coach.

Insight Vacations   – with a more leisurely pace and clientele in the 60-70 age bracket, Insight Vacations are more upmarket than Trafalgar. Hotels are 4.5* and their buses have been designed to allow much more legroom than on standard coaches.

Intrepid – the world’s largest small group tour company, Intrepid are one of our favorite providers. With group sizes averaging only 10 people, you can expect more personalized service and the ability to get off the beaten path. Intrepid have been recognized for their commitment to responsible travel and offer inclusive tours for all ages. They have over 50 itineraries for Italy with three different tour styles – Basic, Standard and Comfort.

Monograms – if you want to travel independently and plan your own spare time but want a set basic itinerary then Monograms is for you. They provide ground transportation, hotels and a brief tour at each place you visit. This unique service also includes a brief city tour and destination concierge who can help with dinner suggestions and other on-the-ground questions. With a variety of packages throughout Italy, this is a great solution if you’re finding researching your own trip overwhelming.

Contiki – aimed at the youth market aged between 18-35, Contiki tours generally attract under 30s making their first trip abroad without their parents. Fast paced and intense with early starts and late nights, these trips are definitely made with a young party crowd in mind. Contiki offers a great budget alternative to DIY travel but if partying is not part of your travel style then think twice about joining a Contiki tour.

Rick Steves – if you’re a fan of America’s favorite Europhile, his company also offers group tours of Italy. With mid-sized tour groups of fewer than 30 travelers, they are a more intimate experience than the larger group tours. The price range reflects this midpoint. People traveling on these tours are usually American, aged 50+ and are interested in history and culture.

Onwards Through Italy

We hope you have found a tour of Italy to suit your travel style, timing, and budget. If you can spare a few extra days, why not add some additional time to the end of your trip to explore at your leisure? Your tour will give you the confidence to discover treasures of your own. If you’re looking for something more bespoke, there are many reasons to consider a private tour of Italy . Whatever you decide, Italy is waiting.

Buon viaggio!

To check the latest information on travel to Italy click here

Planning a trip to Italy?

We love travel in Italy and sharing our knowledge. Read our Italy trip planning guide or join our FREE Italy travel planning community . Our 115,000+ members are happy to answer questions about your itinerary, how to get from place to place, the best places to stay and fun things to do.

Sign up for our news and podcast updates where we share mini guides, tips, exclusive deals and more and we'll send you our Italy Trip Planning Checklist to say grazie ! >> click here to subscribe

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19 Best Tours in Rome

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19 Best Tours in Rome

Vacation tours can be a divisive topic, particularly for people who feel passionately about exploring a city independently. But the truth of the matter is that exploring it with a local by your side will bring you to parts of it you might never find on your own. And no locals have as many stories to tell their city as the Romans. You'll find the most intellectual and personable tour guides to take you around vineyards, through olive groves, on vespa rides, through film studios, food markets, cemeteries, medieval churches, and the most iconic ancient sites. Without further delay, these are our picks for the very best Rome tours.

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Rome Tour Ostia Antica ruins

City Wonders: Ostia Antica Half-Day Tour from Rome Arrow

Ostia Antica is a historic seaside village an hour from Rome and these half-day tours of the coastal archaeological site are well-planned. Groups visit Ostia’s amphitheater, temples, historic baths, and ancient market. Guides seem to have real passion for the subject, talking visitors through the entire tour, peppering their commentary with anecdotes and fun facts. This is a slam-dunk for true history buffs who want to get deeper into the greater Rome area.

Elizabeth Lev Rome Tour Santa Cecilia church

Elizabeth Lev: Rome's Historical Center, An All-You-Can-See Smorgasbord of Art Arrow

Elizabeth Lev is something else. Rome is her city, and this tour is her work of art. She has an incredible way of engaging with the history, the art, the monuments, and the stories. You'll find yourself wanting to spend all your time with her. The tour explores the ancient, medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art periods; and it visits sites like 13th century frescos above the church of Santa Cecilia and art collections behind the facades of the Spada palace. You'll be wowed by all of the layers of the city and how it feels like Rome has been hitting a string of never-ending home runs since antiquity.


Elizabeth Lev: Borrowed but Never Baroque, Bernini & 17th Century Rome Arrow

This tour of Elizabeth Lev's meets up outside the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica . Our group was tiny, but Liz will accommodate larger private groups. She is both an incredible academic brain and a witty storyteller. And her tour shows of the dramatic  range of Baroque art and architecture within Rome. This tour is great for anyone who wants a deep dive into the city's Baroque history, and anyone who wants to appreciate Rome in an experience that's not quite in the guide books.

LivItaly Tours: Vespa Sidecar Tour Arrow

The Vespa Sidecar tour is entirely private and can be customized for return visitors who may have already seen the highlights. It is not, though, a show-up-when-you-want activity. It can be organized for up to six participants, but you'll only be in a group if you choose to be. My tour was perfect because it was just me and the driver/guide Luca.  As a licensed guide, he knows his history, is easy to understand, and is very friendly. He always has a plan, but is quick to change it at the first request. We talked Rome and food and went to all the right places, from big names to more under the radar finds. 

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Rome 500 Experience: The 7 Hidden Gems of Rome Tour in an Antique FIAT 500 Arrow

There's a lot of reasons to sign up for this tour through greater Rome, not least is that you get to drive yourself with the top down in a vintage Fiat 500. Another nice perk: Rome's traffic is seriously easier to deal with when traveling in convoy (the group can have up to 50 cars in it). And, as you will get your own car to drive, it can feel like a private tour, although groups are also organized by language, so communication shouldn't be a problem for anyone.  But most importantly, you just look so much better behind the wheel of a classic Italian car.

Appian Way bicycle tour  Top Bikes Rome

Top Bike Rental & Tours: Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs, and Aqueducts Park Tour Arrow

This tour will take the better part of your day (it's six hours start to finish). But going by bike to these outer city sites —the old Appian Way via the ancient aqueduct—is the easiest and most entertaining way to see them. Plus you won't want to cut out early: it ends with wine and some nibbles in Caffarella Park, which is so expansive it feels like you're in the countryside even though it's smack in the middle of the greater city. Bikes feel brand new and the confidence of the tour guides will put any nervous riders at ease.

Tram Tour Rome

Rome Tram Tracks Tour Arrow

This tour is a rocking dance  party on a vintage tram that rumbles through Rome. It lasts two hours, during which you'll cut up the dance floor, drink, and cheer as you roll past some of Rome's most iconic sites . This is really an evening activity for those who don't just want to go get dinner somewhere in town. The greatest part, however, may have been how the senior citizens on our ride managed to upstage all the thirty- and forty-year olds on the dance floor.

Casa Mia Tours: Rome Cinema & Food Arrow

Rome has a rich history of cinema, and while you could take any tour with any guide, there is nothing quite like seeing its cinematic history with Eleonora Baldwin, Cinecittà Studios veteran and granddaughter of famed director Vittorio de Sica, four-time Academy Award winner and father of Italian cinema. This tour is both Rome's history and Eleonora's story, and she is so passionate that it will make you want to spend all day with her, and all night watching films. There are only three requirements—a pair of comfy shoes, an empty stomach, and a reservation.

Rome Tour NonCatholic Cemetery tour

Non-Catholic Cemetery Tour Arrow

You should always visit the truly Roman neighborhood of Testaccio when in Rome, but this tour of its historic non-Catholic Cemetery gives you reason to stay in the area after you've hit its prime trattorias. It's a beautiful, unusually tranquil space, filled with bougainvillea and museum-worthy sculptures in the middle of the city. The informative guides will school you on the cemetery's 400-year history as you amble past the tombstones of Keats, Percy Shelly, and other famous expats.

Fall and Rise of Rome Tour Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo

Context Travel: Fall and Rise of Rome Arrow

This historical tour starts at a medieval church in San Clemente and ends at the church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo. Its chronology spans from the Roman Empire's fall to the Renaissance's beginnings. The guide Philip was total pro. He's an archaeologist with a great sense of humor and passion for every site. He knew exactly what to show me and could even point out where to stand so I had the best understanding of the sights. People who enjoy Roman, religious, and art histories will  love this tour. It's also a great opportunity for people who have already seen the main tourist attractions to see some gems off the beaten path.

Rome Tour Cocktail Bars in Rome evening walking tour  The Roman Guy

The Roman Guy: Cocktail Bars in Rome, Evening Walking Tour Arrow

This English-speaking tour will take you to some of Rome's most popular bars, including Trastevere's Freni e Frizioni , with stop offs to major attractions along the way. Plus, company founders Sean and Brandon are always quick to offer tips on the best spots for gelato or pizza in the city as you pass by for that next negroni. It’s actually a fantastic way to experience life in Rome with locals—far more relaxing that spending time trying to avoid tourist traps. 

Cantina Ribela Rome Tours

Katie Parla: Vineyard Visit to Cantina Ribelà Arrow

Sommelier Maurizio di Franco meets you at your hotel and accompanies you via hired car to Cantina Ribelà while enchanting you with a bit of Lazio history and winemaking background on Ribelà. Maurizio is a certificated sommelier, and it doesn't hurt that he's also super charming. His love of wine is contagious, he tells great stories, and his patience is wonderful. At the winery you'll be struck be the natural beauty of the landscape, close as it is to a city as big as Rome. 

Rome Tour Virtual Reality tour of Emperor Nero's Palace and Colosseum  Livitaly Tours

LivItaly Tours: Virtual Reality Tour of the Colosseum and Domus Aurea Arrow

Imagine if you could physically see the sites, monuments, and reference points that tour guides bring up when ushering you around a city as ancient as Rome. This virtual reality tour lets you, by creating enhanced versions of the way the Eternal City appeared during the days of the empire, all visible through the glasses you'll wear as you make your way through the Roman Forum and Colosseum .

Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel Rome Tours

Vatican Museums: “Out of Hours” Guided Tour, Good Morning Vatican Museums Arrow

There is nothing like opening the doors to an empty Sistine Chapel . The exclusive private Out of Hours Good Morning Vatican tour must be booked months in advance and is subject to permission of the Vatican. You will be greeted by Vatican personnel and escorted through the complex by the Clavigero, holder of the 300 keys of the Vatican Museums. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it does begin quite early in the morning. At 6 a.m. you and no more than 19 others will accompany the Clavigero to open the doors of the Vatican Museums.  

Johnny Madge: Olive Oil Tours Arrow

You'll have to trek well outside the city (close to an hour) to reach the olive groves in the Sabina country, but it's well worth the trip. Johnny Madge is an olive oil authority , judging competitions all over the world and this is his backyard. He clearly loves it, and that love is contagious. Tourees will learn to distinguish extra virgin olive oil from everything else and importantly that you do not drizzle oil on your food. You pour it. This  is best for foodies who want to get out of the city and deep dive in Roman food. 

Trajan's Column at Piazza Venezia Domus Romane Rome Tour

Le Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini: Multimedia Tour Arrow

The Domus Romane are ancient Roman villas and other structures, abandoned in antiquity, filled in with debris, and inadvertently used as foundations for Palazzo Valentini, a Renaissance palace turned government office building. They are now underground, obscured by buildings and pavement just beside Piazza Venezia. On this tour, in situ multimedia renderings recreate an Imperial Rome domus, as well as some aspects of Roman life. The guides are actual archaeologists, and the fact-checked audio is delivered cleanly. These language-specific multimedia tours are popular though, and must be booked in advance.

The Rome Food Walking Tour

Tavole Romane Food Tours: The Rome Food Walking Tour Arrow

Think of Tavole Romane, the food-and-wine-focused walking tour of Rome, as getting access to the little black book of those who know the city's food scene best. Owners Gabriele and Silvia customize the tours based on the interests of each intimate group, which could mean wine bars in Trastevere or an aperitivo-heavy hop through the centro storico, led by somms, chefs, or another tapped in member of Rome's food scene.

Latteria Studio: Market to Table Arrow

This market tour and cooking class began with a wonderful walk through the market to Latteria Studios, a functional cooking studio and photo set. Alice, Rachel, and Carla, who head up the activities, are real professionals. They know everyone at the market, and they know all about food. Sitting at the table at the end of day fosters a real sense of community with what may have been a group of strangers from different countries and continents. You'll immerse yourself in Rome and make new friends at the same time. 

Cinecittà Studios Rome Tours

Cinecittà Studios: VIP Tour Arrow

This is your chance to see the studio that was once home to Fellini and Leone. It's still a working studio though, so you'll need to follow the guide's itinerary to the letter. She will know about Cinecittà though: its history, and its film productions, and its famous alumni. Also, Cinecittà owns every set that was built on the lot. Master artisans created them all—ancient Rome, a 1940s submarine, and fantastical, imagined worlds. They perfectly accurate to their settings, as well as pristinely preserved.


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The 15 best florence tours: wine, museums & more.

Enjoy delicious pasta, historic landmarks and the Tuscan countryside on these immersive experiences.

The Best Florence Tours

Mother and daughter on tour in Florence, Italy.

Experience Florence, Italy, like a local with the help of a guided tour. (Getty Images)

Beloved for its food, wine, art, rich history and alluring landscape, Florence, Italy , consistently draws travelers throughout the year. Seeing all its attractions by yourself can be daunting, so having a knowledgeable local guide show you around will help you make the most of your trip. U.S. News identified the following tours as the best available by analyzing both expert and traveler opinion. Whether you want a broad overview of Firenze  or a deep dive into a particular facet of the city (like its food), these tours have you covered.

Artviva – The Original Florence Walk

Price: Adults from 70 euros (about $79); kids from 50 euros (about $56) Duration: 3 hours

The historic center of Florence – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – boasts remarkable churches, palaces, marketplaces, plazas and statues. The best way to explore this bustling area and understand its rich history is on foot with a semiprivate experience. Artviva's three-hour walking tour includes stops at top attractions like the Duomo (the city's massive cathedral), the exterior of the Baptistry and more. Reviewers describe guides as very passionate and knowledgeable about Florentine art, architecture and history.

The three-hour tours, which are seasonal, begin at 9:30 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tickets cost approximately 70 euros (about $79) for adults and 50 euros (about $56) for youths ages 6 to 17; children ages 2 to 5 can tag along for free. Artviva also offers this tour as a private experience as well as several art-oriented walks, among other options.

View & Book Tickets: GetYourGuide

Caf Tour & Travel – Chianti Authentic Experience

Price: Adults from 55 euros (about $61); kids from 27.50 euros (about $30) Duration: 6 hours

This daylong bus tour takes you to two Chianti wineries with views of the world-famous Tuscan countryside, where vineyards, olive groves, churches and castles pepper the landscape. If you opt for the afternoon tour, you'll also have free time to roam around Greve, a small village. Patrons laud the guides and drivers for their professionalism and insights. However, others note that the trip seems a bit rushed at times.

Tours depart the Piazzale Montelungo daily at 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. and last five or six hours. (It runs on an abbreviated schedule in the winter.) Tickets cost approximately 55 euros (about $61) for adults and 27.50 euros (around $30) for children 4 to 12; the fee covers wine and snacks. If you want more privacy, you can also book semiprivate and private tours of the region with Caf Tour.

View & Book Tickets: Option 1 | Option 2

CityWonders – Uffizi Gallery Semi-Private Renaissance Art Tour

Price: Adults from $60; kids from $55 Duration: 1.5 hours

No visit to Florence would be complete without a trip to the Uffizi Gallery to see works by masters like Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci. Taking CityWonders' guided tour of the museum allows you to bypass the entrance line and gain insights from experts as they lead you through the collection. Another bonus? You're welcome to stay in the gallery until closing after the tour concludes. Audio headsets are provided so you don't miss a word of the commentary. Tour-takers consistently praise the English-speaking guides for their passion and knowledge.

Tours last about 90 minutes and depart at 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday. Ticket prices vary depending on the season and start at about $60 per adult and around $55 per child; they include admission to the Uffizi Gallery. Groups are limited to nine participants. CityWonders runs other tours in Florence, including a skip-the-line tour of the Duomo.

View & Book Tickets: Viator | GetYourGuide

Fat Tire Tours – E-Scooter: Florence Highlights Two-Hour Tour

Price: From 59 euros (about $65) Duration: 2 hours

Highlights of this two-hour electric scooter tour include Piazza del Duomo, Piazza della Signoria , Palazzo Strozzi, Mercato Porcellino and Via Tornabuoni. Tour-takers describe this as a fun way to see the sights and say the guides are friendly and informative. What's more, reviewers appreciate that groups are capped at eight participants.

Fees start at 59 euros (about $65); the price includes use of an e-scooter and a helmet, as well as instruction for using the vehicle. Participants must be at least 14 years old. Tours depart at 9:30 a.m. Friday to Monday as well as Wednesday. Fat Tire also offers biking and walking tours.

Best Florence Tours

Sample Florence's delicacies during a trip through the city's markets and shops on a tour with Taste Florence. (Courtesy of Taste Florence Food Tour)

Taste Florence Food Tour

Price: From $115 Duration: 4 hours

These food-focused walks take participants around the city to sample local specialties like wine, cheese, bread and olive oil. Over the course of four hours, you'll stop at six or more locales, including the Mercato Centrale , for delectable bites. Food connoisseurs tend to appreciate both the quality of the fare provided and the knowledge and humor of the guides.

Tours depart at 9:45 a.m. nearly every day (except Sundays) during peak months. The company offers a limited schedule in the offseason. Tickets cost around $115 for adults and the price includes food and beverage samples. If you're an oenophile, check out the sommelier-led wine tasting offered by Taste Florence.

View & Book Tickets: Taste Florence

Tuscany Bike Tours – One Day Bike Tour through the Hills of Chianti

Price: From $118 Duration: 6 hours

Before climbing on a bike for a guided tour of Chianti, you'll depart Florence via van and view enchanting scenery. Then, you'll get a safety orientation followed by a two-hour bike ride. You'll also enjoy an olive oil tasting and a glass of wine, plus a light lunch (which takes place in a villa). Cyclists enthuse about both the glorious views as well as the helpful, personable guides.

Tours, which last about six hours, occur almost every day at 9 a.m. from March through November. The cost per person is about $118 and includes lunch and a glass of wine, as well as use of a bicycle and helmet. Electronic bikes are available for an additional fee. Vespa and bike tours of the Tuscany region are also available, as are private bike tours of Florence.

View & Book Tickets: Viator

Walks of Italy – Florence in a Day with David, Duomo, Uffizi & Walking Tour

Price: From $145 Duration: 5 hours

If you only have a day to see Florence's top sights, consider this five-hour walking tour, which combines visits to Florence's must-see artistic and religious landmarks all in one outing. In between stops at the tour's main highlights, you'll see other top spots in the city like the Ponte Vecchio . You'll also get a break for lunch (at your own expense). Along the way, guides offer insights regarding the art and architecture on view. According to reviewers, the tour leaders are informative and personable.

Tours typically take place Tuesday to Saturday during peak season and begin at 10 a.m. Tickets cost can vary by the day. They start at approximately $145 for adults with discounts available for children. Fees include skip-the-line access to the Galleria dell'Accademia (home of Michelangelo's David) and the Uffizi; lunch is not included. Walks of Italy also offers food tours and a tour to Pisa, among others.

Florencetown/Towns of Italy – Wanna Be Italiano – Florence Cooking Class & Market Tour

Price: Adults from 99 euros (about $109); kids from 84 euros (around $93) Duration: 5 hours

Travelers rave about this class, saying the recipes are spectacular and the teachers are capable and attentive. The approximately five-hour experience starts with a trip to the Mercato Centrale, Florence's principal food market, to gather provisions for your meal. Once you've bought food, you'll make your way to the kitchen where a chef teaches you to make traditional Italian fare. Menus vary, but you'll likely prepare bruschetta, fresh pasta, sauces and a dessert during the class.

Experiences are offered daily, starting at 9 a.m. (Note: Mercato Centrale is closed Sundays and bank holidays, so classes on those days include additional instruction and food tasting instead.) The cost of classes starts at 99 euros (about $109) for adults and 84 euros (about $93) for kids 4 to 12, which covers the food that will be your lunch as well as two glasses of wine per person. Keep in mind that fees are slightly higher during peak season. Still hungry? Florencetown offers a wine tour of Tuscany, as well as other cooking classes.

Best Florence Tours

Ponte Vecchio has been filled with vendors for hundreds of years. Getty Images

La Bussola Free Tours – The Medici Free Tour

Price: Free Duration: 2.5 hours

While La Bussola's morning walking tour does feature some of Florence's major landmarks, like Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Santo Spirito and Palazzo Pitti , it mainly focuses on the Medici family's influence and rise to power (it was the Medici family, after all, who owned, financed or commissioned many of Florence's landmarks). Over the course of the 1 1/2-mile outing, guides share details of local history and tips for making the most of your Florence visit. Guides are regarded as informative, friendly and helpful.

Tours depart daily at 10:30 a.m. and last 2 1/2 hours. Tours are free, though tips for your guide are appreciated. La Bussola also conducts a slightly shorter evening tour, focusing on artistic greats like Brunelleschi, Donatello and Da Vinci.

View & Book Tickets: La Bussola Free Tours

Intrepid Urban Adventures – Florence Foodies Walk

Price: From $88 Duration: 2.5 hours

Urban Adventures' Foodies Walk aims to expose visitors to authentic regional cuisine and includes stops at local, family-run eateries. Bites include traditional fare, such as truffles, chocolate, prosciutto, olive oil, gelato, Chianti wine and pecorino cheese. Tour guides regularly win praise for their insights and friendliness.

The 2 1/2-hour walking tour starts at the Piazza della Repubblica at 3 p.m. every day except Sunday. It starts at $88 per person, which includes the wine and food tastings. Children younger than 6 can tag along for free. Urban Adventures runs private tours of Florence markets and Tuscany.

Grape Tours – Wine Time

Price: From 150 euros (about $166) Duration: 5 hours

Grape Tours' Wine Time excursion departs at 10:15 a.m. from Florence and proceeds to Chianti for visits to two family-owned wineries. You'll learn about the history of the region and the process of making Tuscan wine. At each stop, you'll taste three or four different wines; at the second winery you'll also enjoy lunch. Tour-takers report learning a great deal about the wine-making process from entertaining guides. They also say lunch is delicious.

Tickets start at 150 euros (about $166), which includes lunch as well as wine and olive oil samples. Participants must be at least 16 years old to join. Tours take place year-round daily. If you like to pair cheese with your wine, try Grape Tours' Chianti and Cheese tour.

View & Book Tickets: Grape Tours

Tuscany Cycle – Tuscany Vespa Tour

Price: From 169 euros (about $187) Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Explore the Tuscan countryside in quintessentially Italian fashion with this Vespa tour, which earns enthusiastic reviews from travelers. Tuscany Cycle's tour departs Florence (via van) at 10 a.m. daily for a five- to six-hour excursion through the Chianti region. After reaching Chianti, you'll be taught how to ride a Vespa and follow your guide through the region before stopping at a winery for lunch and wine. You'll also have plenty of photo opportunities along the way, according to reviewers.

Taking this ride starts at 169 euros (or approximately $187) for drivers and 99 euros (about $110) for passengers; the fee includes lunch, wine, use of a Vespa and round-trip transportation from Florence. You must have a valid driver's license, but no prior experience operating a Vespa is necessary. Tourgoers applaud the driving lessons from the guides and the overall safety of the experience. Tuscany Cycle offers a variety of Vespa tours in Tuscany, as well as bicycle tours.

Best Florence Tours

Siena is a medieval Tuscan city and is a great daytrip from Florence. Getty Images

Walkabout – The Best of Tuscany Tour

Price: Adults from 85 euros (around $94); kids from 70 euros (about $77) Duration: 12 hours

After getting your fill of Florence attractions, take some time to explore the surrounding region of Tuscany. This full-day tour combines a bus trip with walks through places like the medieval city of Siena and its art-filled Duomo, the hilltop town of San Gimignano and the Leaning Tower of Pisa . Guides, generally considered equally insightful and entertaining, provide information regarding the architectural, artistic and historical points of interest seen along the way.

Tickets for adults start at around 115 euros (around $99) per person, which includes lunch and wine at a Chianti vineyard; if you'd like the tour without lunch and wine, fees start at 85 euros (approximately $94). Children receive discounted fees. The 12-hour tours depart Florence at 8 a.m. Walkabout offers a variety of other tours in and around Tuscany as well as day trips to Cinque Terre .

Italy on a Budget Tours – Pisa & Cinque Terre Day Trip

Price: From 110 euros (about $122) Duration: 13 hours

Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa and three of the five villages comprising Cinque Terre on this daylong tour. After a 90-minute stop in Pisa, the tour proceeds to Riomaggiore (where travelers may opt to buy lunch). The next stops are the seaside villages of Manarola and Vernazza, where, weather permitting, participants can swim or lounge on the beach. Tour-takers find this guided experience a great way to pack a lot of sightseeing in to a single day.

Travel between the destinations is by train. Tours depart Florence at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (and on Sunday from June through September) and return around 8:30 p.m. Tickets for adults start at around 110 euros (around $122); there are discounts for students 18 to 21. Know that Italy on a Budget gears its tours to participants ages 18 to 39, and is therefore not suitable for children. The company also runs various tours in Florence.

Curious Appetite – Progressive Tuscan Dining Crawl of Florence

Price: From $149.50 Duration: 4 hours

Handmade pasta, Tuscan wines, gelato and the city's take on porterhouse steak, bistecca alla Fiorentina , are the focus of this leisurely culinary walk, which visits four eateries. Throughout the evening, experts offer commentary on regional cuisine, which participants describe as insightful and helpful. Some past patrons acknowledge that they wouldn't have found the visited restaurants on their own.

Tours depart Thursday and Sunday at 5:30 p.m. and last around four hours. Tickets start at $149.50 on Thursday and $159.50 on Sunday. Group size is limited to eight diners. In addition to its dinner crawl, Curious Appetite operates several other wine- and food-related tours in Florence.

View & Book Tickets: Curious Appetite

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Italy’s Eternal City, Rome was once the center of an empire that stretched over three continents and shaped much of the civilization we live in today. Founded by Romulus in 753 BC, parts of the old city remain remarkably intact, from the impressive Pantheon to the Roman Forum—the heart of ancient Rome. Within Rome is the world’s smallest country and a symbol of Christianity’s role in the city’s history. The Vatican City is home to the Pope and the center of the Catholic Church, where mammoth St. Peter’s Basilica stands alongside the most famous Renaissance-era artwork in the world, including Michelangelo’s incredible Sistine Chapel. As one of Rome’s top-rated tour companies, we make planning your city break a breeze. Explore eerie underground catacombs, make authentic Roman pasta, walk in the footsteps of gladiators on the Colosseum floor, or save time by seeing all the iconic sites of Rome in a day. Just find your perfect Rome tour or day trip to Pompeii, and let our world-class local guides do the rest!

Looking for the best tours and local guides in Rome? You’ve found them! We’ve spent years exploring Rome and making friends in all the right places, meaning we can offer skip-the-line entry, special access experiences, and only the most charismatic, knowledgeable, and passionate guides in the city. Head underground in the mighty Colosseum, explore the magical Vatican at night, or taste authentic Roman cuisine in the trendy Trastevere neighborhood. Rome is yours for the taking! Italy’s Eternal City, Rome was once the center of an empire that stretched over three continents and shaped much of the civilization we live in today. Founded by Romulus in 753 BC, parts of the old city remain remarkably intact, from the impressive Pantheon to the Roman Forum—the heart of ancient Rome. Within Rome is the world’s smallest country and a symbol of Christianity’s role in the city’s history. The Vatican City is home to the Pope and the center of the Catholic Church, where mammoth St. Peter’s Basilica stands alongside the most famous Renaissance-era artwork in the world, including Michelangelo’s incredible Sistine Chapel. As one of Rome’s top-rated tour companies, we make planning your city break a breeze. Explore eerie underground catacombs, make authentic Roman pasta, walk in the footsteps of gladiators on the Colosseum floor, or save time by seeing all the iconic sites of Rome in a day. Just find your perfect Rome tour or day trip to Pompeii, and let our world-class local guides do the rest!

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Skip the Line

Skip the Line

Rome in a Day Tour with Colosseum and Vatican Museums

Explore the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and more!

( 1219 ) as low as $164.03

Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access

Special Access Colosseum Arena Floor Tour through the Gladiator's Gate

Walk in the footsteps of gladiators on the Colosseum floor and see the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

( 1458 ) as low as $73.54

Skip the Line

Privileged Entrance Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel

Enjoy early access to see the Raphael Rooms, Creation of Man, St. Peter's Basilica, and more

( 1023 ) as low as $94.42

Exclusive Access

Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Get special access to the Underground dungeons and Arena Floor on this guided small group tour

( 799 ) as low as $124.25

Skip the Line

Skip the Line Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel

See the bucket-list Vatican attractions and St. Peter's Basilica with start times throughout the day

( 1075 ) as low as $71.55

Skip the Line

Rome Catacombs Tour and Capuchin Crypts with Transportation

Skip the line and explore a creepy underground world of Roman tombs and crypts with an expert guide

( 281 ) as low as $69.56

Skip the Line

St. Peter's Dome Climb and Sistine Chapel Combo Tour

Save money while seeing Rome from above, the Papal Crypts below, and the Vatican museums nearby

( 380 ) as low as $102.37

Day Trip

Unforgettable Rome Day Trip to Pompeii and Sorrento

The easiest way to dive deep into the famous ancient ruins and soak up the sunny coast of Sorrento

( 178 ) From: $192.05

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Best Rome Tour Companies

Search 115 Rome tour operators and travel companies, with 1,714 reviews.

Top Travel Italy

Top Travel Italy

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Exodus Travels

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Viandando Luxury Travel

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best tour guide companies in italy

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Italy - All the Highlights!

I had been on a couple Intrepid trips and I had been to Italy a couple of times... however this was the best time that I've had on either. Really a great group with...

The trip was very well planned and

The trip was very well planned and organized. I could not have seen or done as nearly as much on my own. Our leader Kent Benson was excellent. He kept us on trac...

This Highlights of Italy trip was our

This Highlights of Italy trip was our third trip with Intrepid. Our Italy trip did not disappoint. The combination of locations, tour guide and experiences were fant...

Our guide, Kent Benson, was wonderful.

Our guide, Kent Benson, was wonderful. He was a wealth of information about...

the group was too big. in

the group was too big. in busy rail stations it was easy to get left behind

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    best tour guide companies in italy

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    best tour guide companies in italy

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  1. 10 Best Italy Tour Companies & Reviews

    Reviews. 5 Avg. Rating for Italy Trips|9 Reviews for Italy Trips. All The Relaxed Explorer company reviews. Why we love them. They go the extra mile to cater to travelers of all abilities by limiting hotel transfers, choosing accessible tour routes and more. Featured Italy Trips. # 19.

  2. The 20 Best Italy Tours (Plus Small Group Trips)

    May 26, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. The 20 Best Italy Tours. Visitors can discover charming neighborhoods, enjoy delicious food and see top sights on Italy's best tours. (Getty Images) There's so much to ...

  3. 10 Best Fully Guided Tours in Italy 2023/2024

    Fully Guided Tours & Trips in Italy. Find the right fully guided tour for you in Italy. There are 753 trips to choose from, that range from one day in length, up to 26 days. The month with the most departures is May, making it the most popular time to visit Italy.

  4. The 6 Best Italy Tours of 2023

    Best Comprehensive Tour: 10-Night Italy Tour. Best Northern Italy Tour: 4-Day Italian Lakes Tour From Milan. Best Short Getaway: 2-Night Cinque Terre Tour From Florence. Best One-Day Tour: Small-Group Tour - Tuscany Wine Tour Siena and San Gimignano. Best Bike Tour: 2-Day Small-Group Tuscany Bike Tour Through Chianti.

  5. Italy Tours & Vacations 2023 & 2024

    Italy Tours. Rick Steves Italy tours provide the best value for your trip to Europe. Our stress-free Italy vacations package together small groups, great guides, central hotels, all sightseeing — and memories to last a lifetime. Browse Rick's best Italy tours and vacation packages: Best of Rome in 7 Days Tour. 2023

  6. The Best Italy Tour Companies

    The diversity of Italy's 20 regions, each rich in its own character, lends itself to deeper discovery with the benefit of an expert guide. Tour Roman ruins, Tuscan hills, Venetian canals and ...

  7. The Best of Italy Tour

    Best of Italy in 17 Days Tour. from $5,495 per person + air. Single Supplement $725. See Dates & Prices. The Rick Steves Best of Italy tour is exactly that — the very best. Starting on beautiful Lake Como, this tour treats you to Italy's must-see destinations: timeless Venice, Renaissance Florence, St. Francis' Assisi, and eternal Rome.

  8. 10 Best Tour Companies In Italy 2023 [Unbiased & With Reviews

    Company's location and type: Rome, Local Tour Operator Awards, Certification: #1 Trip Advisor Reviews: 1,520 reviews on Trip advisor 99% rated very good and excellent. About Company. Rome Guides is a reputable tour company in Italy composed of professional guides, drivers, and interpreters with expertise in the Italian tourism industry. The association was formed to help travelers have ...

  9. The Best Tour Companies in Italy

    6. Intrepid Travel. This is my go-to travel company when I'm looking for multi-day or multi-week trips. They employ local guides with incredible insight and appreciation for the communities they take you to, and the groups are never too big. Plus, they only run ethical tours with a small environmental footprint.

  10. 10 Best Italy Tours & Trips 2023/2024

    Tuscany: Experience the hidden, lesser-known sites of Florence and visit Castiglione di Garfagnana, a charming medieval market town. Amalfi: Wander through the Augustus Gardens and explore the romantic town of Sorrento. Spain: While in Italy, take the chance to visit also Spain and its stunning cities. Vacation: Fill up on arancini, gelato, and ...

  11. Top Italy Tours & Vacations 2022-2023 [reviews & photos]

    1. Florence, the Art Capital of Italy. Florence, perhaps the greatest art city of them all, straddles the Arno River in the province of Tuscany northwest of Rome. At the heart of the Italian Renaissance in the 14th to 16th centuries, Florence nurtured geniuses such as Dante, Giotto, Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Raphael.

  12. Italy Tours & Trip Packages 2023-2024

    Best of Italy Vacation in 12 Days. 12 Day Custom Tour. Dynamic pricing from $9,355. Wonders of Italy Family-Friendly Tour: Rome, Florence, Venice and More. 10 Day Custom Tour. Dynamic pricing from $3,575. Italy from North to South: 10-Day Classic Tour. 10 Day Custom Tour. Dynamic pricing from $3,615.

  13. 10 Best Italy Luxury Tour Companies & Reviews

    10 Best Italy Luxury Tour Companies & Reviews | 2023/2024. 1. Local Expert. Alma Italia. 14 reviews. 21 trips to Italy. Type : Local Specialist. Service level : luxury. Trip Style: Group Tours, Private Guided Trips, Custom Itineraries, Independent / Self-Guided Packages.

  14. Italy Tour Packages & Italy Destination Guide

    See All Italy Tours. As the world leader in travel experiences since 1947, we connect you to the real Italy in a way like no other. From the canals of Venice to the hills of Tuscany, we explore the pockets of Italy that make this country a classic. Though they may have been etched into travel brochures many times, with Trafalgar, you will peel ...

  15. THE 10 BEST Italy Tours & Excursions for 2023 (with Prices)

    Tours Photos. 689,931. Top Italy Tours: See reviews and photos of tours in Italy on Tripadvisor.

  16. Best Italy tours for 2023 and beyond

    Contiki is the tour company of choice for younger travelers, so expect a fast-paced itinerary stopping at all the best Instagram-friendly spots, wifi on board your coach, late nights and early starts. At a glance: Major stops: Rome - Florence - Cinque Terre - Milan - Venice - Rome - Amalfi. Tour length: 15 days.

  17. 19 Best Rome Tours: Food, The Vatican & More

    Fat Tire Tours Rome - Rome Day Segway Tour. Price: From 75 euros (around $82) Duration: 3 hours. Hop on a Segway to see the Eternal City's many sights. After receiving your helmet and tuning in ...

  18. 19 Best Tours in Rome

    City Wonders: Ostia Antica Half-Day Tour from Rome. $$. Ostia Antica is a historic seaside village an hour from Rome and these half-day tours of the coastal archaeological site are well-planned ...

  19. The 15 Best Florence Tours: Wine, Museums & More

    Grape Tours - Wine Time. Price: From 150 euros (about $166) Duration: 5 hours. Grape Tours' Wine Time excursion departs at 10:15 a.m. from Florence and proceeds to Chianti for visits to two ...

  20. Book the BEST Rome Tours

    From: $192.05. Free cancellation and 1000s of 5-star reviews make our Rome Tours an easy choice! Tours SELL OUT FAST!

  21. 11 Best Travel Companies for Guided Tours (2023)

    No travel company brand has been doing group trips longer than Collette, which has been in business since 1918. The group touring agency goes to all seven continents and has 179 different tour options. Its top tour destinations are Ireland, Italy, and Iceland. TRIPS OF A LIFETIME: 11 Best Amtrak Vacations and Scenic Train Rides in North America

  22. 10 Best Rome Tour Companies & Reviews

    Their flexible and customizable approach, along with their expert local guides, sets them apart from other tour operators and travel agencies in Italy. Featured Rome Trips. # 2. premier. Exodus Travels. 4.7. 17,726 reviews. 4 trips to Rome. Type : Global Operator.