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Helpful Tips for Chaperoning School Field Trips

Learn how to be an informed chaperone on your child's class trip, while also doing your part to keep the kids safe, engaged, and under control..

Being a parent chaperone on your child's school field trip can be a wonderful experience for both of you. Here are some practical tips for being a responsible and effective volunteer for the class.

Know the Plan Before you leave, discuss the itinerary, logistics, and any chaperone guidelines with the teacher in charge. If you can, get this information ahead of time and familiarize yourself with it before the trip. Ask how many kids you will be responsible for (usually 5-10, depending on their ages and your destination) and learn their names as soon as you can. Make sure you're clear on meeting and meal times — especially for going home — and if you're responsible for your own admission charges. You should also find out if any of the children have a medical or behavioral problem you should be aware of and what the ramifications might be. Be clear on the school's disciplinary policy and what to do in case a child gets lost. Ask the teacher if there are certain exhibits, shows, or displays that should not be missed.

Come Prepared Bring enough cash for food, extras, or admission fees. Though you're not responsible for paying for your charges, you never know who might forget her money or lunch. Throw a few band-aids and some bottled water in your bag, too. Dress appropriately for the destination and wear comfortable shoes. A cell phone can be an excellent helper if you have one, but keep it turned off.

Show Up Believe it or not, one of the biggest problems teachers face is parents who cancel the morning of the trip or simply don't show up. If you have to cancel, try to give the teacher as much notice as possible and help her find a replacement. Many teachers will book more chaperones than needed for this very reason.

Be Focused Remember your primary concern is to make sure kids are safe and help them enjoy themselves. Model good behavior and professionalism — after all, your group is an ambassador for your school. Avoid discussing your child's progress or other irrelevant topics with the teacher during the trip. By riding the bus, following the tour, and eating with your charges, you not only help maintain their safety but keep them involved in the trip. If you have other children, leave them at home. Avoid smoking in front of the students. Pay attention, be on time, and follow directions. Keep your voice at a moderate level and be courteous.

Establish a Rapport While you need to keep your group under control, remember this is not a military exercise. Be firm about important issues — running off from the group, horseplay, behavior that bothers others — but let minor infractions slide. After all, learning is supposed to be fun! When a child breaks a rule, try to pull him aside rather than reprimand him publicly, but don't be afraid to discipline when necessary. While it's important for you to be respected, you don't have to be liked.

Staying Safe If you stick with the group and keep kids away from potential hazards, you should be in good shape. Take frequent head counts, particularly when moving to a new location. Learn the names and faces of each child in your care, and be sure they know you too. When your group travels, space adults out so that there's always a grownup in front, behind, and in the middle of the group. When you reach your destination, find out where you can go for first aid and the location of the bathrooms, but be sure to let the teacher know before you take any child away from the group. Be clear on what to do in the event of an emergency.

Help Teach Engage your charges in the trip by asking thought-provoking questions that help them discuss what they see, rather than test what they know. If you can, involve all the students in your group — the shyer ones may take a bit longer to participate in discussions. Be careful not to interrupt the guide or teacher and try not to contradict any information they convey.

Stay Positive Your enthusiasm and interest may be infectious. Keep the kids as engaged as you can, participate in the activities, and support the teacher and/or guides' decisions. If you do disagree with something they say, speak to them about it privately. Compliment kids on good behavior and thank guides for their help.

Keep in Good Communication If there's a serious problem, let the teacher know as soon as you can. While you should discipline where you can, let the teacher be the ultimate boss.

She Buys Travel

10 Survival Tips for Chaperoning School Field Trips

Hannah Rinaldi Avatar

Hannah Rinaldi

Want to volunteer at school? Help with school band trips and traveling sports teams. It's easy to do if you follow our ten tips for chaperoning field trips!

Chaperoning field trips is a fun way to see your kids as the rest of the world sees them versus the way they behave at home. But it’s also a huge responsibility. From managing cell phones to managing other chaperones, these 10 tips from a former teacher and youth group leader will help make your field trip go more smoothly.

Want to volunteer at school? Help with school band trips and traveling sports teams. It's easy to do if you follow our ten tips for chaperoning field trips!

As a former teacher and a youth group leader, I’ve led my fair share of field trips. Some have been short school field trips and others have been longer overnight trips. No matter how long the trip is, lots of work goes into planning and keeping kids safe. After planning and chaperoning lots of field trips, I’ve come up with a few survival tips for your next trip whether it be for a school band trip, a traveling sports team, or traveling with school group. Check out my favorite tips to make your school field trip enjoyable even for the chaperones.

10 Survival Tips for Chaperoning Field Trips

1. have all paperwork signed and on hand.

Most school districts, sports teams, and organizations have a standard waiver/ liability form that parents need to sign. If your organization doesn’t have one, make sure to ask your program director to get in touch with an attorney who can make sure you have a proper liability form that will hold up in your state.

Once you have waivers signed, make a copy of them. Keep one copy at home and take one copy with you. You might need this information in case of an emergency. It’s always best to be prepared for the worst.

2. Get contact info for parents

Get phone numbers for all of the parents. Make sure to get parent names and match them to the correct kid, since many kids have different last names than their guardians.

Create a document with all the parent contact information. Google spreadsheets works really well for this because you can easily share it with your other chaperones.

Want to volunteer at school? Help with school band trips and traveling sports teams. It's easy to do if you follow our ten tips for chaperoning field trips!

3. Be smart about transportation

Strongly consider taking a charter bus  rather than a school bus or having individual chaperones drive kids in their own cars. There are several reasons for this. First, it takes liability off of you for driving. Second, it ends up being surprisingly affordable when you take into consideration most schools have to pay for school bus transportation. Depending on how far you go, it’s less than paying for gas for carpooling.

Lastly, a private bus rental is much more comfortable for everyone. Chaperones can spend time monitoring kids instead of focusing on the road. And tour buses have bathrooms! No stopping every single time a kid has to go to the bathroom!

If driving by bus, make sure to disperse chaperones throughout the bus. Don’t have them all up front. This doesn’t mean that chaperones have to sit next to kids. It’s OK to have two chaperones sit together so they can have adult talk. Bottom line is that there should be no kids at the “back of the bus” getting into trouble!

If you are carpooling, make sure all drivers are aware of the liability that comes with transporting kids. You may need a separate waiver or permission slip to drive kids. You should also have drivers contact their insurance company to make sure they are covered to drive other people’s kids.

4. Manage chaperones well

Keep your chaperones informed during all aspects of the trip. I’ve found that group text works really well because you can discuss an issue that a kid might be having without having to talk about it out loud in front of the other kids.

It’s OK to divide responsibilities with other chaperones. Part of being a leader is to delegate responsibilities. Feel free to ask chaperones to take on a roll, such as counting kids each time they arrive to a new location. Or have one chaperone in charge of updating parents via text or email.

5. Set clear expectations from the very beginning

Kids naturally thrive on routine and structure. Make sure to go over all rules and expectations before leaving on your trip. Prepare the kids so they know what they will experience and how you expect them to act. For example, if you are going on a trip to an art museum, your expectations for behavior will be different than if you are going on a sports-related trip.

SheBuysTravel Tip: Set meeting times for 15 minutes before you actually need to meet because someone will be late.

6. Think about safety

Take a group photo as soon as you arrive at your destination each day so you know what each kid is wearing. This way if you lose a kid, you will have a picture to show authorities. Plus the parents love seeing pictures like this one we took on an overnight trip to Disney World.

7. Be a prepared guardian

Basically, you will be acting as these kids’ mom or dad during the field trip. A short field trip is easier, but if you are going on a long one, you need to be extra prepared.

Here’s what I always have on hand just in case: extra snacks, extra water, sunscreen, and a small first aid kit. You might want to carry a backpack for all these extra things!

I like to keep kids in groups and have one chaperone in charge of each group. This way each chaperone can carry some of these items too.

Want to volunteer at school? Help with school band trips and traveling sports teams. It's easy to do if you follow our ten tips for chaperoning field trips!

8. Set cell phone expectations

Make sure you set cell phone expectations from the very beginning. Everyone has a different opinion on how to manage cell phones on field trips. Here is what has worked well for me:

I take away cell phones for the commute. This allows kids to get to know one another better and have good conversations with each other.

I give cell phones back for the actual trip because I want them to check in with me often. One way to get kids to check in with you is to give them a photo scavenger hunt and have them send you selfies with everyone in the group. This way they are constantly checking in with you.

I share my cell phone number with all the kids. If you don’t want to share your personal number, set up a Google Voice number free of charge.

It’s a good idea to bring enough extra chargers or cell phone bricks for each group to have one.

9. Prepare yourself (and parents) for drama

Kids of all ages have drama. It’s a fact of life.

If you are allowing cell phones, make sure to prepare the parents for drama. At some point, a kid will feel left out and will text her mom. This means you will get a text, phone call or email from that parent. Most likely the kid will have already forgotten about the drama, but the parents won’t! Just remember that they are away from their kid and they feel nervous. Be ready to calm down those nervous parents!

10. Do extra preparations for overnight field trips

Overnight trips require even more work. My favorite tip is to get extra hotel keys for each room so you are prepared when they lock themselves out of their rooms. Find even more overnight field trip tips here .

Follow these tips for chaperoning a field trip and you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself more! A well-prepared chaperone is a happy chaperone. On that note, make sure to enjoy yourself in front of the kids. They can sense when you aren’t having fun, and they are more likely to enjoy themselves if you are doing the same.

3 responses

Thank you for your tip to spread chaperones throughout the bus so no kids get into trouble. My friend is a teacher and she’s trying to organize a field trip for her kids. I’ll pass this tip onto my friend so she can decide what type of transportation she wants to use.

Hello, I am currently trying to plan a field trip for my senior class trip and I just have one question to ask you. Do chaperones have to pay for the trip or is it free especially for the teacher chaperones? thanks in advance, I need all the help that I can get

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chaperone a field trip

PTO Today - Room Parent

Field Trip Chaperone Checklist

Volunteering to help chaperone a school field trip is a great way to get involved with your child’s school day.

chaperone a field trip

Not only do parents get a glimpse into the students’ curriculum, but they also get a close look at the social dynamics of their children. For the students, a field trip may seem like all fun and games, but field trips are planned with a purpose. If you volunteer to help on a field trip, teachers need your assistance in making sure some amount of learning happens, the students enjoy themselves in a controlled way, and everyone arrives back at school safely.

chaperone a field trip

Guest Contributor: Caitlin Tobin is a mom to two elementary aged children and a teacher. She currently teaches 4th grade but has experience working with children from nursery school up through freshmen in high school. She loves snack foods, crafty projects, and spreadsheets. She is on a mission to help the world choose the perfect teacher gift and writes about many of her ideas at www.The-Room-Mom.com .

chaperone a field trip

This Parent Education Event Is a Must (and It’s Free)

chaperone a field trip

  • Grades 6-12
  • School Leaders

Buying a home 🏡? Get up to $18k in assistance!

Preparing Parent Chaperones for a Field Trip

Even with eyes in the backs of our heads, we need back up.

chaperone a field trip

Even though teachers have “eyes in the back of their heads,” we can’t be everywhere during field trips, so responsible parent chaperones are a must to safely and successfully extend students’ learning outside the classroom. Dominique recently asked the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE! for advice on preparing parent chaperones. Here are some do’s and don’ts to ensure your parent chaperones are well equipped to help you provide a safe, stress-free and spectacular field trip experience!

Do write out important information. Prepare an informational sheet that lists: students’ names, itinerary, departure location, goals for the trip, emergency contact information and any other important instructions your chaperones should know.

Do explain roles and responsibilities. Have a brief meeting with chaperones before you leave school to set expectations. “Too many parents want to chaperone to be ‘buddies’ with the kids rather than to help them stay safe and learn.”–Scott  “I ask them to be responsible for monitoring all students that are assigned to them at all times. They need to be cognizant of departure times and inform me of any problems that may have taken place on the trip.”–Angelique

Do give out an emergency contact number. Make sure chaperones know how to contact you in the event of an emergency. If you aren’t comfortable giving out your personal cell phone number, find out if your school has a pre-paid phone you can take with you. If not, you can use a program like Google Voice. “I use Google Voice. It rings to my cell, and my personal number is still personal.”–Elena

Don’t underestimate cell phone usage. Some chaperones may end up doing more texting and talking on their cell phones than supervising students. “I generally say something like this: ‘Please pay close attention to the students in your group. Once, on a field trip, my parent volunteers got so busy talking to each other and on their cell phones, they weren’t paying much attention to the students! It made me super nervous!’ It comes out sounding caring but not controlling.”–Lydia

Don’t assume chaperones are in the clear. Some districts require parents to undergo a background check prior to supervising students on a field trip. “Check and see if your district has a set policy… I had to get a background check done before I could go as a chaperone for my granddaughter’s class.”–Susan

Don’t forget say, “Thank you!” Remember that field trips aren’t possible without parent volunteers. Make sure you give parents your heartfelt thanks for their time and effort to make the day a success!

Parent Chaperones Field Trip

Also, be sure to check out our Best Field Trip Ideas for Every Age and Interest (Virtual Options Too!)

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7 Tips For Preparing Chaperones For Your Student Trip

chaperone a field trip

It takes a well-prepared group of chaperones to make the most of any field trip or educational tour. Before you hit the road, take time to meet with your reinforcements to make sure expectations are clear and that everyone has what they need to make it a great experience.

Here are seven things you should cover during a meeting with your chaperones. 

1. The Schedule

Hand out a finalized itinerary that includes important times and locations. If you are heading to a single destination, you may want to include a map or floor plan to point out meeting places and pick-up/drop-off locations. Include information about meal times and emphasize the importance of everyone sticking to the schedule for the sake of the group.

2. Student List and Paperwork

Be prepared with a list of students assigned to each chaperone. Include any paperwork that might be useful for the chaperone to carry, like parent phone numbers and emergency medical forms. Make sure to offer a list of all travelers to whoever is staying behind with the students who don’t go on the field trip. 

3. Medications

Prepare a list of students who need medications and a schedule for dispensing them. Each chaperone should have a list of student medications in the group, a dispensing schedule, and a plastic bag with the medication inside clearly marked with student names.

If you need help figuring out how to manage student medications while on tour , we’ve compiled some helpful advice to help you get started.

4. Phone Numbers

Distribute a list of chaperone cell phone numbers and the school’s phone number. Ask chaperones to double-check their numbers and correct them as needed. If you are working with an educational tour company , you should include the number for the company’s emergency contact line as well. 

5. Assignments

If students are completing an assignment related to the field trip, give a copy to the chaperones so they can offer guidance to their student group. There are plenty of free resources museums and historic sites offer to teachers, and they often include pre-departure and reflection activities. 


6. Behavior Expectations

Review the behaviors you expect from students so everyone is on the same page, including ways to deal with behavior issues and consequences. If there are specific duties, responsibilities, or guidelines for chaperones, be clear during the meeting. No matter how logical or common sense it may seem to you as the teacher, some behavior expectations might need to be explained depending on who is chaperoning. SYTA (Student Youth Travel Association) offers hotel and motorcoach travel guidelines for student groups to use while on tour.

7. Appreciation

Sometimes a small token of appreciation can go a long way.  A water bottle and a granola bar wrapped with a bow to say “thanks” for chaperoning will let chaperones know you appreciate the time and energy they are giving.

Chaperones are an important part of the experience your students will have on the field trip or educational tour , so making sure they are ready will make all the difference. After a successful meeting, it’s time to concentrate on having a great time with your group.

Originally published March 2016, updated April 2021

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2024 January Events Roundup

The magic of Christmas is on full display at the Palace Hotel

The Magic of Christmas is on full display at the Palace…

3 Ways to Cherish the Magic of the Holidays

3 Ways to Cherish the Magic of the Holidays

chaperone a field trip

Best Gifts for Him – 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Holidays in India

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Halfway Through Dry January: Keep Going!

Halfway Through Dry January: 3 Tips to End the Month

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Thinking of Participating in Dry January? Here’s How

The Sacred Comadre-hood

The Sacred Comadre-hood

chaperone a field trip

  • Tips & Tricks

Field Trip Chaperone Survival Tips

Field Trip Chaperone Survival Tips

School field trips are fantastic. I loved them as a child in school, as it was such an adventure to leave the school for a few hours and do something different. As a parent, I couldn’t wait for the day for my children to go on field trips too. Since my daughter’s class started participating in field trips, I have escorted three. I’ve learned something new each time and have curated a few tips to ensure I have a good time while I keep track of my assigned school children. If you’re ready to take on the school-field-trip-chaperone role, I’ve got you covered with my top five survival tips.

Have a conversation with the teacher about the field trip before volunteering.

Before you sign-up to chaperone a school field trip, know what will be asked of you. Have a conversation with your child’s teacher about the purpose of the field trip, destination (if you don’t know it), and chaperone expectations. Sign up if you’re feeling good about the field trip and the responsibilities.

Field Trip Chaperone Survival Tips

Do your field trip destination homework.  

All three of my daughter’s past field trips have been to places we know, like the Academy of Sciences and Lafayette Park, but I did a little online research anyways. When you’re a field trip chaperone, you’re managing so many different things that the obvious can fall by the wayside, like where the restrooms or trash cans are. Here are some things to consider; scope out the destination, check the weather forecast, and download any mobile maps. Don’t forget to locate all the restrooms and save fellow chaperones’ telephone numbers. A little studying before the field trip will add to your comfort and preparedness.

Prepare a chaperone kit. 

As a chaperone, you may be required to carry student lunches and crafts on top of your items. I bring a backpack and a large tote to take everything. I also pack a “chaperone kit” with  first aid supplies, extra paper masks, nut-free snacks, extra bottled water, and a battery pack for my phone (bonus points for packing toilet seat liners).  It seems like a ton of gear, but it isn’t. I always think of the children who forget something or get boo-boos. There’s always one (especially my daughter).

Field Trip Chaperone Survival Tips

Dress colorfully and comfortably.

I love wearing bright colors! Wearing bright colors invigorates me and makes me happy. Wearing bright colors also makes me easier to spot for the kids I am handling. If my group or any child gets separated from me (has not happened), they can always spot me. I’ve thought about taping the letter of my first name in a large size with painter’s tape on my back too, but that might be overkill. Dressing comfortably is a no-brainer. Don’t even think about heels or wearing anything you don’t want to get stained. Don’t forget to do your homework and prepare for weather conditions.

Take photos and share them with the class .

By tip #4, the field trip is about to start. You’ve met your fellow chaperones, and a part of you is probably wondering what kids (besides your own) will be assigned to you. This is the fun part. Please take photos of your group, their teacher, and don’t forget to get yourself in a picture or two. Please send them to the teacher for sharing with families. 

Provide feedback after.

Teachers and chaperones alike can learn a lesson or two after a field trip. After a field trip, I thank the teachers and then provide a little feedback after (if any). Teachers aren’t thanked enough for organizing school field trips.  

Are you feeling good about volunteering for your child’s school field trip? Are you ready to tackle the role of a school field trip chaperone? What would you add to this list? 

Field Trip Chaperone Survival Tips


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The Magic of Christmas is on full display at the Palace...

3 Ways to Cherish the Magic of the Holidays

Best Gifts for Her – 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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Why I'm Done Chaperoning School Field Trips

chaperone a field trip

When my oldest child entered kindergarten, I remember walking through the very same halls I spent my elementary school days and thinking to myself, I’m going to volunteer for everything, sign up for every field trip, this will be how I dedicate some of my free time and I will LOVE IT.

I was looking forward to being the chaperone queen. Being at his school — seeing how it still felt the same, looked the same, smelled the same — made me so nostalgic I figured it would benefit everyone, especially me, to be at every last school event and outing. I knew this transition of not having him with me at home all the time was going to be tough on me, and volunteering in the classroom or for school trips would help that transition.

Or so I thought.

As soon as I signed up to chaperone my first field trip, I had high hopes it would take the edge off and help me remember my carefree days of being a little girl and getting lost in the moment. But I quickly realized the only thing I was losing was my patience . All of it. By the end of the day, I had absolutely nothing left to give to my family. Nothing.

That first field trip took me on a trip all right — a trip to a place that made me feel like I needed a 2-day nap when it was over. It gave me a new appreciation for all those teachers do, and I was only with those 5-year-olds for part of the day. It was nothing compared to their daily lives.

I told myself it was my first time; maybe I just needed more practice, and in no time I’d be the chaperone queen I knew I could be.

To my dismay, the second time was even worse and I realized I had no idea how to handle kids who were not my own. My head was spinning and the noise (so much noise!) cut right through me.

The kids were well behaved, the teachers ran a tight ship, but when they left the classroom and took students out into a public place, all hell broke loose. They needed people to help keep an eye on those precious kids and keep certain situations under control. And I wasn’t fit for that job by any means.

I kept trying to fall in love with being the chaperone mom. But after going to The Nutcracker with my daughter’s third grade class, I realized it was time for me to retire and pass the torch to someone who actually enjoys it. My days were over. There was no need to be a martyr, and this was not a hat I should be wearing.

I wish I could have leaned into it and enjoyed myself, but no matter what I did, no matter how well rested I was, no matter how many fun snacks I packed for myself, I just didn’t want to be doing this. There were so many other things I’d rather be doing — and that’s okay.

Did I feel like a horrible person admitting that the next time a slip came home asking for volunteers to accompany kids on a trip? Yes, I did. I was riddled with guilt because by the time my third child was in school, my days of volunteering to go on field trips were long over.

Look, I’m happy to volunteer in other ways. I can be the classroom copy mom. Give me stacks of paper and leave me alone with a copy machine for a few hours and I’m in heaven. I love labeling students art projects and have helped out behind the scenes to put together an art show. Need someone to bake something for a fund raiser? I can do that. They might be store bought cookies disguised as freshly baked, but who cares, it’s the same difference to those kids who don’t care how they get infused with sugar that day.

But chaperone the class field trip? Nope. No way. Nuh-uh.

By now, my guilt is gone. I’m not the person for the job. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and I found out I am just not cut out for school field trips. No can do. It’s all about knowing where your sweet spot is, I guess, and everyone is better off if I stay off that bus.

And to those parents who do chaperone and do it with a smile, I salute you.

chaperone a field trip

Busy Kids Happy Mom

Fun * Practical * Purposeful

chaperone a field trip

By Kristen 4 Comments

Chaperone Field Trip Survival Tips

Read to find out 8 tips for Leading a Small Group of Children, 5 Questions to Ask Before You Leave, and the Top 10 Tips for Successful Chaperoning.

chaperone a field trip

  8 Tips for Leading a Small Group

  • You are in charge of someone’s precious child!  Treat them like gold!
  • Your job at the beginning of the day is to know how you’re going to get them to the end of the day.
  • Assign students partners.  They feel a sense of responsibility too.
  • Always count them, every step of the way.  If you start with 5 kids, you want to end the day with them!
  • Learn your students names.  For safety reasons, students should not wear name tags with their names on them.  They may wear tags that have the school’s phone number on them.
  • Always – Safety First!
  • Never leave your students unattended.  Find another chaperone to partner with for the day.
  • Bring an empty backpack – you may end up carrying all of the lunches.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Leave

  • Schedule for the day (stick to it and make sure you meet the bus on time).
  • Teacher’s Cell Phone Number
  • Plan for taking opposite sex children to the bathroom.
  • What to do if someone misbehaves or there is a medical emergency.
  • Will the teacher be walking around or stay in one central location?

Top 10 Tips for Successful Chaperoning

  • Take 2 Tylenol before you begin.
  • Drive separately if you can or want to.
  • Do not ask about or plan on bringing a sibling.
  • Talk to your own child about appropriate behavior (sometimes they’re the worst – sorry to say!)
  • Treat your small group like a team.  Say:  Sticking together + great behavior = a great day!  Set high expectations for them!
  • Adhere to cell phone guidelines.  Only use the phone to contact the teacher or other chaperones, do not use it for personal calls during the day.
  • Avoid the gift shop!  Do not purchase things just for kids in your group, your child, or any food related items.
  • If you’ve never been to the location, do some prep ahead of time.  Look at a map on-line or get a book from the library.
  • Check their photography rules.  Some children are not allowed to have pictures taken of them.
  • Watch the clock!

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chaperone a field trip

About Kristen

Kristen is an Elementary Reading Specialist. She is the owner / author behind Busy Kids Happy Mom , a site dedicated to fun, practical, and purposeful activities to do with your kids. Follow Kristen on Facebook , Pinterest , and subscribe for updates .

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I found this on Pinterest and just wanted to add somethings. I work as an after school counselor during the school year and a summer camp counselor during the summer. 1-Brief the kids on what to do if they get lost. Never tell them to go to a trusted adult. Some kids are a little too trusting. Tell them to find a policeman, another chaperone, or to go to a specific place. A lot of places have a first aid station and that’s where we tell the kids to go. They know that if they get separated that we will go straight there. 2-As far as head counts go, I agree they’re important, but they’re not enough. You need to count the kids, then do a roll call or something like it. As it was put in a summer camp training, you may have the right number, but not the right kids! 3-For bathroom breaks, don’t be afraid to open the bathroom door, call out to see if anyone is in there, walk in do a quick once over, and then let a child go in. Anyone with kids will understand, and if they don’t, oh well. 4-You should have a way to get the kids attention and eyes on you. I work with Kindergarteners and I know that getting fourteen five and six year olds to drop what they’re doing and look at me is hard! The kids know that when I clap my hands, they stop talking/doing what they’re doing, repeat the clap and put their eyes one me. You can make up whatever beat you want, but I clap once, pause, clap again, pause, then clap three times fast. Some people raise their hand and say give me five and the kids then raise their hand. Other people say “1, 2, 3, all eyes on me.” Then the kids say “4, 5, 6, my eyes are fixed.”

at 11:53 pm

Great tips Courtney! Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of these ideas out! I especially appreciated the one about calling into the bathroom. A lot of kids are never allowed to go into a public bathroom alone. Take extra care when you’re there. Thanks again!

at 10:13 pm

Know if students in your group have allergies. If they do, monitor closely and know how to use an EPI PEN! Kids with anaphylaxis will always have it with them (or the adult will be assigned to carry it).

' src=

at 10:20 am

Awesome ideas! Will have a chance to use these in the next few weeks. 🙂 Some additional items I’ve brought in the past: magazines, books or mad libs for the long bus rides AND (more importantly) a few gallon sized ziplock bags and paper towels or baby wipes for anyone who gets motion sick. Unfortunately have had to use them, but glad to have them! 🙂

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5 tips for picking the best chaperones for your school field trip.

chaperone a field trip

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The Disney Imagination Campus team

Teachers who have traveled with their students before know that chaperones are the backbone of a school trip.

Choosing the right chaperones will set you up for success to make sure that your field trip will run smoothly and efficiently.

When you are selecting chaperones for your school field trip, make sure to consider these 5 important things:

1. Reliable and Trustworthy

Your chaperones are your eyes, ears and extra hands and feet to make sure that your students are safe during the field trip.

You should do your best to find a chaperone who is reliable – someone that you know you can count on to pitch in and follow the plan for the trip.

Timeliness is so important when coordinating groups of students for a field trip, so you should be able to trust that your chaperones will be on time, with the students they are responsible for, at the location they are supposed to be meeting at.

If there is an emergency at 3AM on your school trip, you should be able to trust your chaperones to pitch in with whatever actions need to be taken for the success of the trip.

Your chaperones are an extension of you. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable with them assisting in your classroom, you shouldn’t bring them with you on a class field trip.

2. Travel Experience

If you are traveling with your students, make sure your chaperones have experience traveling.

It is good to have travel experts with you who know what is needed to prepare and coordinate students for airport security, have experience taking public transportation and understand how to navigate in a new city or place.

The last thing that you need when wrangling students together for a school trip is to have chaperones who need help and supervision.

chaperone a field trip

3. Make Expectations Clear

The school field trip is for the students, NOT the chaperones.

Set expectations ahead of time that outline the role that your chaperone will play on the field trip. This means that chaperones might miss out on some of the more “fun” aspects of the trip that are meant to stimulate student learning and creativity.

Make sure that chaperones understand that these experiences are meant to benefit the students, not the chaperones. It can be a common mistake that some chaperones might equate their role with a “free trip,” but these are not the chaperones that you want taking responsibility for your students on your school trip.

4. Diversity

Try to include diversity in your selection so that you will have chaperones that relate to each of your students.

This is especially relevant for students who are participating in a school trip out of town. For many of the students, this may be the first time they are away from their family for an extended period of time. It is important that they feel there is someone on the trip that they can relate to and come to, even if you are unavailable, during the experience.

chaperone a field trip

5. Listening and Focus

Your chaperones should be active listeners who are attuned to the needs of the students. They should listen to students concerns that are voiced out loud, but also recognize body language to tell if a student needs help or is stressed.

Sometimes this might mean that they are responsible for student discipline on the trip. Make sure you explain ahead of time what discipline responsibilities your chaperones will have on the field trip and what measures should be taken if rules are broken.

At the end of the day, chaperoning a school field trip is a job with responsibilities. Make sure those you select are focused on carrying out their role to the best of their abilities.

It’s okay to be selective when picking chaperones for your school trip! After all, it is your responsibility to make sure that your students are in good hands for their experience.

With the right chaperones by your side, you can execute a fantastic field trip your students will remember for the rest of their lives!

Ready to plan your school’s field trip? Check out our workshops in Arts & Humanities , Science & Technology , Leadership & Innovation and Performing Arts at our East Campus in Walt Disney World and our West Campus in Disneyland Resort for a discovery of real-world application of these concepts in our popular Parks and Resorts. Sign up for our e-newsletter to stay up to date on all things Disney Imagination Campus and explore all our academic workshops to see how we inspire imagination-powered learning.

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Little Rock Family

5 ways to be the best field trip chaperone.

chaperone a field trip

Teachers have a lot on their plates — so it’s important for parents to step in and help out when they can.

Volunteering to chaperone a field trip is just one way that parents can contribute to their child’s education — and there are many ways that parents can make sure they’re providing help rather than hindering the experience. Here are five ways to best serve.

1. Stick to the Plan

If you’re on a tour, driving from point A to point B or even just playing at a park outdoors, it’s important to stick to the plan the teacher has laid out.

“Please don't take your car of students to get a drive-through treat when everyone else is waiting for you at the destination,” says Vanesa Wood, first grade teacher at Central Arkansas Christian’s North Little Rock campus. “Or, if all students don't have money to buy something extra — pay to play a video game at an arcade, pay for an extra ride, pay for a snack — it may not be a good idea for you to buy something for your child.”

By following the plan, you’ll also set a good example for all of the students who are watching your every move.

2. Take Initiative

If you notice a teacher struggling to clean up a mess or even having to repeat him or herself over and over, think about how you can help.

“When parents see a need and meet it, it is always helpful — like offering to take kids on bathroom breaks or hand out hand wipes at a picnic,” said Tracy Sheehy, a third grade teacher at CAC's Pleasant Valley Elementary campus.

If your own child needs something (such as a drink, a bathroom break or somewhere to sit down), it’s great to see if other kids need the same. Focus on the whole class of students and try not to pinpoint only your son or daughter.

3. Listen and Focus

Field trips are intended to be educational experiences for students — meaning they need to listen, observe and stay focused. As a chaperone, it’s your responsibility to do the same.

“The biggest hindrance on field trips can be parent's phones,” Sheehy said. “I have had a few field trips where the parents were not involved with the learning and their child, but they were off to the side on his/her phone or they were talking with other parents.”

4. Come Prepared

A field trip emergency kit is great to have on hand! It doesn’t need to be fancy, and all of the items you would need can easily be packed in your purse or backpack.

Wood’s go-to list of items includes bandages, wipes, a digital thermometer, disposable sick bags, children’s Tylenol and peppermint candy for upset tummies. Sheehy added neosporin and a water bottle to that list.

5. Prepare Your Student

Whether or not you’re able to serve as a field trip chaperone, it’s important to talk to your child about the purpose of field trips and how they should behave on one.

“Parents should remind their children to take full advantage of the learning that can happen on a field trip,” Sheehy said. “It is about having fun but more importantly it is about the experience and learning.”

Wood added that safety is important, and students run into different scenarios on a field trip than they would in the classroom.

“It's helpful for them to talk to their child about staying with the adult in charge at all times, how to safely cross a street, and to discuss respectful behavior, because they are representing our school,” Wood said.

Get the complete list of educational destinations around Arkansas, with options focused on nature, arts, history, science and more in the latest Field Trip Guide .

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Safer and more secure  student trips 

Explore beyond the classroom and leave the stress and risk behind


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chaperone a field trip

Franklin High Marching Band

Designed for teachers, by teachers.


Trip information

Links to useful resources (ie rooming lists, permission slips, etc)

Emergency contact and procedure information

Emergency phone number


(without sharing phone numbers)

Broadcast message to everyone on trip

Chaperone group chat

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Message status check (see who has read/not read important messages)

Photo messages

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What Teachers Are Saying

chaperone a field trip

It was so easy to set up and use and saved me hours of planning and worry. I highly recommend.

Josephine Tang, UK

My annual math trip became so much less stressful. It felt good knowing students could contact me if they ever needed to.

Christine Cimino, USA

I can't imagine taking a field trip again without using this app. It was amazing!

Amie Roberts, USA


Ali Iberraken - CEO / Co-Founder

Ali is a Physics teacher and Dean of Students at a private school in Brooklyn. A big believer in the benefits of learning outside of the classroom, she regularly takes her students on trips all over NYC. She created Chapperone after a two week adventure with 100 students in Spain which inspired her to make safer and easier field trips.

She is also a mum to Tizi, her unbelievably energetic toddler and Massi, her ridiculously smiley baby.

Greg Benedis-Grab - CTO / Co-Founder

Greg began his work in education teaching in the Peace Corps in rural Tanzania. He has worked in schools as a teacher, technologist, and administrator for over 20 years, currently serving as Director of Academic Technology at a NYC private school. He has led numerous trips and is committed to taking learning beyond the classroom walls.

He is an avid hiker, adventure traveler, software developer, and father to two adopted children from Kazakhstan.

headshot Benedis-Grab.jpg

The Special Hell That Is Chaperoning Your Kid's Field Trip

Published on 6/8/2016 at 6:16 AM

chaperone a field trip

The apple orchard was hot that day, unseasonably hot for October. We stood on the edge of the parking lot – the field trip chaperones and me – making small talk as we squinted down the dirt road for any sign of the school bus.

"Wow, I should have worn shorts," I laughed to the mom standing next to me as I wiped my brow.

"Yeah, it's really starting to warm up," she said. "I should have thrown a cold beer in my purse." Our laughs tapered off and our eyes glazed over as we were now tortured with the impossible thought that had blossomed into something beautiful in both our minds.

I'd been looking forward to this day for quite some time. A chance for me to hang out with my kindergartner and watch her interact with the new friends she had made on her own – it was the stuff I'd been dreaming about since I found out I was pregnant. Field trips were always so much fun when I was little and I couldn't wait to relive those memories with my daughter.

A hush fell over us as the bus rounded the corner, kicking up a wake of dust and belching to a stop. The kids filed off one by one and I spotted the teacher, who seemed to be walking with a little spring in her step.

"You have these four kids in your group," she said to me. "Here is your packet. It contains the assignment they need to complete and schedule for the day. They eat lunch at 11:30. They're going to ask for it starting around 9:30. Don't be fooled by their tricks." Her eyelid twitched a little when she said the last part.

"Where will you be if I need you?" I asked, my voice cracking slightly as I suddenly found myself nervous.

She spontaneously vanished into thin air.


"Relax," I told myself. "They're just kids."

"Yeah — someone else's kids and good luck in prison if anything happens to them," I answered myself.

I looked at the four kids who I was now charged with keeping alive for the next several hours. As we made our way into the orchard, I sized them up and deduced I had "The Runner," "The Crier,""The Manipulator"(my daughter), and "The Hungry One."

"Okay guys! Who's ready to pick some apples?" I tried to set the tone with enthusiasm and also establish my no-nonsense attitude. I found it's best to show kids who's in charge right away.

"My mom lets me eat whenever I want," The Hungry One said. "I hallucinate when I get too hungry." I remembered what the teacher told me.

"That's interesting," I replied. "Today lunch is at eleven thir . . . HEY! Where did that little one go?" The Runner was a spindly little thing with a mop of hair that weighed about as much as she did and now she was gone.

"HI, ELLIE'S MOM!" The voice came from above my head.

Slowly I looked up and saw her about three quarters of the way up the apple tree — waving ferociously. I had only turned away for a moment – she must have leaped up there using demon powers.

The Crier momentarily peeked her blotchy face out from behind a tree to assess the situation, probably looking for more reasons to cry.

"Mom, you never came in to kiss me goodnight last night so can I have something from the gift shop?" My daughter activated the puppy dog eyes.

"Do you have any salami?" I felt a tug on my shoulder and looked down to see The Hungry One rummaging through my purse. "I also like corn nuts."

Less than 30 minutes in and I was already losing control. This day was playing out way differently than in my mind before I had kids.

"AAAH! Come down right now!" I said, yanking my purse back and squinting up into the tree. "Wait. First grab that big red one next to your head for this one," I said, motioning to The Hungry One with my thumb.

The next four hours were a journey into field trip hell. I spent at least 45 minutes certain I would be making a call to The Runner's mom with the disappointing news that her daughter was lost in the corn maze forever.

"I'm so sorry," I imagined myself saying, smoothing out my orange jump suit. "I tried my best, but I'm pushing 40. My back hurts and I pee if I walk too fast. I'm sure she'll go on to have a nice life living in the corn maze. It's time to move on now."

I don't think The Hungry One had eaten in two years. I provided a continuous stream of apples and it didn't even make a dent in that bottomless pit of a stomach. Lunch only seemed to make it worse. "Do you have anything else?" she asked, patting down my pockets and sniffing my hair.

The crier just cried. I told her to go find The Runner and tried to ditch her in the corn maze, but she was like Black Hawk Down and I couldn't shake her.

Our group reported back to the pick-up point 20 minutes early, and were the last ones to arrive. The Runner was there waiting for us – I hadn't even noticed she had gone missing again. Nobody did the assignment and I didn't care. My mission was accomplished because they were all alive. I couldn't wait to get them delivered back onto the bus and off my watch.

I noticed the other chaperones huddled together a few yards away.

"I had a real handsy one," I heard one mom whisper, pulling her cardigan tighter around her body.

"Oh yeah? Well I had 'The Urinator,'" one dad chimed in, pointing to his damp shoelace.

Suddenly the teacher appeared, looking refreshed. "Well how did it go?" She asked us cheerfully.

That's when the lightbulb clicked on and I realized what this all really was – an elaborate plan to get us to give her more alcohol this holiday season. I knew my daughter was going to get an excellent education this year.

Hannah Mayer is a nationally award-winning blogger, humor columnist and exponentially blessed wife and mother of three. She would trade everything for twelve uninterrupted hours in a room with Jon Hamm and two Ambien. You can find her on Facebook , Twitter or at her blog, sKIDmarks .

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4 Powerful Reasons to Chaperone A Field Trip

As a parent, the invitation to chaperone a field trip at your child’s school might initially seem like a logistical challenge. However, saying yes to this opportunity holds numerous benefits for both you and your child. There are numerous advantages of chaperoning a school field trip, including the bonding experience it provides, the chance to learn more about your child’s school, and the opportunity to connect with other parents. Additionally, we will share valuable tips to help you make the most of your experience. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. Bonding with Your Child

Daily Mom Parent Portal Chaperone A Field Trip

When you chaperone a field trip, it presents a unique opportunity to spend quality time with your child outside of the usual home environment. As you embark on this adventure together, you can strengthen your bond and create lasting memories. Sharing new experiences builds a deeper connection and understanding between parent and child.

From attending the pre-trip meeting to seeing the excitement of your child’s classmates, there are plenty of reasons to volunteer to chaperone a field trip. Through a school trip, parents can help students feel safe and secure. Spending quality time side-by-side in an unfamiliar environment can also create a unique opportunity for them to explore and learn together. This strengthens the trust and understanding between parent and child, while also allowing them to build lasting memories.

READ MORE: 5 Practical Strategies For Achieving Academic Goals Through Another Tough School Year

2. learning more about your child’s school.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Chaperone A Field Trip

When it comes to engaging with your child’s school, chaperoning a field trip is a great way to gain a unique perspective. You will be able to witness the classroom dynamics, learn more about the curriculum, and better understand the school’s operations. You can even gain useful insights into your child’s educational journey. By participating in a field trip, you can better understand your child’s daily school activities and engage in meaningful conversations about their experiences. This is a great opportunity to become more involved in your child’s education and help them get the most out of their school years.

READ MORE: 18 Great Back To School Activities To Keep Your Child Engaged In The School Year

3. meeting other parents.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Chaperone A Field Trip

School field trips provide a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with other parents, an invaluable benefit when you chaperone a field trip. Connecting with other parents allows you to build a trusted support network and form relationships with families who share the same commitment to their children’s education. As a chaperone, you have the chance to engage in conversations with fellow parents, sharing stories, experiences, and tips.

Making these connections can also bring a sense of community to the school. As more parents become involved in the school’s activities, the stronger the bond between the school and the parents becomes. This leads to a more cohesive learning environment and a greater sense of community. Plus, these connections can even lead to lasting friendships. The next time you’re asked to chaperone a field trip, consider it a chance to get to know other parents and build relationships that can be beneficial for both you and your child.

READ MORE: 26 Really Great Reading Options For Your Kids This Back-To-School Season

4. numerous benefits for the child.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Chaperone A Field Trip

Having a parent chaperone a field trip can provide a sense of security and comfort for your child, especially for younger ones. Knowing that a familiar and trusted adult is there can ease any anxiety they may have about being away from home and in an unfamiliar setting. Your presence offers reassurance and a source of support throughout the trip.

School field trips are more than just a break from the classroom; they provide a valuable opportunity for hands-on learning. As a chaperone, you can actively engage with the educational activities, offering additional information, explanations, and guidance to enhance your child’s understanding. Your involvement helps to make the learning experience richer and more meaningful.

By chaperoning a field trip, you become a positive role model for your child. They witness firsthand your dedication to their education and the importance you place on volunteering and supporting their school community. Your involvement demonstrates the value you place on learning and encourages them to take an active interest in their own education.

READ MORE: 10 Tips For Choosing The Best Schools For Your Child

Before you chaperone a field trip.

chaperone a field trip

Following are some important things to keep in mind when you are preparing to chaperone a field trip:

Be Prepared : Before the field trip, ensure you have all the necessary information and supplies. Take note of any permission slips or forms required, ensure you have emergency contact information on hand, and pack a small first aid kit for any unforeseen incidents.

Communicate with the Teacher: Reach out to the teacher prior to the field trip to understand the expectations and responsibilities of being a chaperone. This will provide clarity on your role and help address any questions or concerns you may have. Open communication with the teacher ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Engage with the Children: During the field trip, make a conscious effort to engage with the children. Take the time to ask them questions, listen attentively to their responses, and provide guidance and support when needed. This interaction not only enriches their experience but also allows you to better understand their perspective.

Be Flexible: Field trips can be unpredictable, and plans may change or encounter unexpected challenges. It is crucial to be flexible and adaptable in such situations. Embrace the unexpected and approach any changes or challenges with a positive attitude. Your flexibility will help create a more enjoyable experience for both you and the children.

Be Respectful: Remember that as a chaperone, you represent not only yourself but also the school and the parent community. Maintain a respectful and courteous demeanor towards the teacher, other chaperones, and, of course, the children. By setting a positive example, you contribute to a harmonious and supportive environment for everyone involved.

Chaperoning your child’s school field trip offers a range of benefits for both parents and children. It provides a unique opportunity to bond with your child, learn more about their school and educational journey, and connect with other parents. By following the tips provided, such as being prepared, communicating with the teacher, engaging with the children, being flexible, and maintaining respect, you can make the most of this experience. Embrace the adventure, create lasting memories, and foster a strong connection with your child. When you chaperone a field trip, you’re not only making a valuable investment in your child’s education but also gaining a rewarding experience that enriches your role as a parent!

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chaperone a field trip


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Daily Mom Parent Portal Chaperone A Field Trip

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chaperone a field trip

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chaperone a field trip

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“My Chaperone Diary: Tales of a Neurodivergent Field Trip”

What could go wrong while chaperoning eighth graders with adhd and learning differences on a day trip to chicago — a city hundreds of miles from home apparently, a lot..

chaperone a field trip

When my children were in elementary school, I never missed the chance to chaperone a field trip. Zoo? I knew the shortcut to the gorillas. Historic sites where visitors can spin wool or churn butter? Sign. Me. Up. Of course, as kids age, the number of field trips sadly dwindles.

This was precisely why I instantly and enthusiastically volunteered to chaperone my daughter’s big class trip to Chicago. The Chicago trip was a time-honored tradition for eighth graders at my daughter’s private school for students with ADHD and learning differences . An arm’s length away from high school, I suspected this would be my chaperoning swan song.

I didn’t consider the 30-plus neurodivergent pre-teens along for the ride.

Chaperone Tip #1: No Candy Before 5 a.m.

On departure day, my daughter and I boarded the Chicago-bound charter bus at 5 a.m. Though the sun had not yet risen, her classmates were 100% awake. Some students had pulled all-nighters by the looks of their puffy, red eyes. Others were fueling up on an array of sugary candy. From the looks of unease and awkward smiles of fellow chaperones, I wasn’t alone in fearing the students’ sugar rush and impending sugar crash. Sleep was out of the question.

Chaperone Tip #2: Never Leave Essentials on the Bus

Six hours later, we arrived at our first Chicago stop, the Museum of Science & Industry . My joints cracked and popped as I walked off the bus like some humanoid robot (my payback for skipping years of yoga classes).

We were told to leave our stuff on the bus because “we’re changing bus drivers for the day, but not buses.”

[ Self Test: Does My Child Have ADHD? Symptom Test for Kids ]

Our time in the museum went as fast as the 80-mile-per-hour wind tunnel we stepped into. (Other highlights: a captured WWII-era German U-505 submarine and a Tesla coil that discharged 1.5 million volts of electricity.)

As we boarded the bus for our next stop, The Field Museum of Natural History , something felt off.

The bus was clean — too clean. Where were the candy and snack wrappers and haphazardly thrown backpacks? Where were our personal belongings, which we were assured would be secure on the bus?

I caught the eye of another chaperone; her face was ashen. This was obviously not our bus. According to another chaperone’s GPS tracker, our old bus was parked — at a location 45 minutes outside the city. And, we learned, we wouldn’t see it again until our last stop.

[ Get This Free Resource: What Not to Say to a Child with ADHD ]

Chaperones quickly triaged the bus situation while teachers assuaged the students. What was left on the other bus? Phone chargers, tablets, snacks, water. Then it hit us. DID WE LEAVE THE STUDENTS’ MEDICATIONS ON THE BUS?! Hours into this trip, some students with prescriptions would need additional doses — soon.

Chaperone Tip #3: Don’t Get Distracted

In the short drive to the Field Museum, we realized that teachers had all the students’ medications. But we lacked water and snacks. “I’ll find some,” a teacher volunteered. Like a sacrificial lamb, she went searching for a drugstore.

The remaining teachers went to check us in at the box office. The chaperones sprang into action, determining a game plan for the day. However, while huddled, we failed to notice that some of our students had turned the revolving doors of the Field Museum into their private amusement park ride. Three to five kids crammed into a space meant for one person and forcefully pushed until it caused a full-tilt spin. Kids cheered loudly with approval, eager for a turn.

Since a chaperone handbook for such a scenario wasn’t available, we did the next best thing: yelled. Loudly. Embarrassingly. “Sssttooopppp!” It worked.

Chaperone Tip #4: When All Else Fails, Find the Dinosaurs

We corralled everyone inside the museum and, simultaneously, every student needed an item that was surely on the other bus. Then came the questions echoing through the museum’s halls: When was their teacher getting back with snacks and water? When was lunch?

We needed something to redirect, stimulate, and engage them quickly. I looked up and saw the pterosaurs flying above us. Of course — dinosaurs! We ventured to the “private suite” of SUE, a massive T. Rex specimen , and the Field Museum’s most famous resident, and then visited SUE’s relatives in the Hall of Dinosaurs.

Chaperone Tip #5: Skip the Gift Shop

A glob of neon-colored goo packaged as a “stress ball” was the museum gift shop’s most coveted item. We urged the students to leave the goo globs behind as we embarked on our next activity, an architectural boat tour on the Chicago River. To no one’s surprise, they totally ignored us and the squishy balls set sail with us.

Despite the promise of “a seat for everyone,” our group was directed to standing-room-only options, which forced us to spread out on the boat. Some students jammed themselves between strangers to be near friends. Other students sat on steps they were told not to sit on or stood on stairwells they were told not to block. After glaring at a family using prime bench seating for their American Girl shopping bags, I got a seat. (The Kit Kittredge doll survived the Depression; her box could endure the floor.)

Though a few students attempted to lean over the ship’s bow to re-enact the iconic “I’m flying” scene from Titanic , no students were injured or fell off the boat. The same could not be said for the souvenir squishy balls. To the crew’s displeasure, some had popped open and oozed a jelly-like, hot pink substance down the boat’s side.

Chaperone Tip #6: Nothing Is as Simple As it Seems

Our final stop was Medieval Times (because nothing says “Chicago” like a medieval feast and tournament reenactment). To get us in a competitive spirit, we watched The Karate Kid on the bus ride there.

A large castle with colorful flags waving from its crenels greeted us as we pulled up, at last, into the Medieval Times parking lot. “You are not allowed to purchase any swords or weapons!” the teachers told the students as they exited the bus.

Swords? We saw what happened to the stress balls.

“Is this a good idea for a crew as rambunctious as ours?” I asked a teacher.

“Historically, this has been the best part of the school trip to Chicago,” she said.

She was right! Our group was fully enthralled with the festivity and pageantry of the tournament show – Andalusian horses, blaring trumpets and knights jousting, and participating in hand-to-hand combat. (I shouted, “No mercy!” and “Sweep the leg!” figuring I’d never have a more opportune time to yell out lines from The Karate Kid .) Then we devoured our utensil-free feast. (At least we had napkins.) With our bellies full, and our throats hoarse from shouting and cheering at the show, we knew it was time to go home.

Relief set in when we saw our original bus with all our belongings in the parking lot.

That relief quickly vanished when the engine refused to start.

Since our cell phones were long dead, we couldn’t tell anyone we were stranded. And on such a humid evening, waiting inside the bus for help was not an option.

I watched as my daughter and her friends spread blankets across the asphalt as if preparing for a late-night picnic. If only the kids were allowed to purchase swords, I thought. We could’ve jimmy-ed into the dungeon for shelter.

Chaperone Tip #7: Beware Murphy’s Law

Some kids were, understandably, not reacting well to the turn of events. They hurled unanswered questions our way. Suddenly, students had cramps, sore throats, and headaches. Others felt homesick. A few kids began to cry softly.

And because things weren’t chaotic enough, I saw an unmistakable flash of lighting, followed by the rousing rumble of thunder.

“Everyone, get back on the bus!” the teachers shouted.

We scrambled to gather our items, but we were no match for the storm. Pelts of rain showered down, drenching us. Defeated, tired, and soaked, we returned to our broken bus, where all we could do was sit in the dark.

Would my last moments on Earth be spent abandoned in a Medieval Times parking lot? I thought. Where was our knight in shining armor?

We passed an IKEA on the way to Medieval Times. Could my daughter and I hitchhike there, find shelter in home furnishing, and subsist on Swedish meatballs? I wondered.

Chaperone Tip #8: Adults Can Learn About Resilience from Neurodivergent Kids

Seemingly hours later, the soft glow of headlights appeared. Somehow, our courageous teachers procured a new bus. Hallelujah!

We rushed into the air-conditioned bus and nestled our exhausted bodies into the dry seats.

“Are you okay?” I mouthed to my daughter.

She nodded.

Though it was the middle of the night, the teachers popped Shrek into the bus’s overhead DVD player. The opening chords of Smash Mouth’s “All Star” played. Students began to sing along. The cacophony of voices blotted out the stress and disorder we collectively endured over the past few hours and soothed me to sleep.

We arrived back at my daughter’s school just as the sun rose.

“So, what did you think of Chicago?” I asked her after we gathered our belongings.

“That was the best trip ever,” she whispered.

Chaperone for the ADHD Class Trip: Next Steps

  • Read: “Neurodivergent Kids Are My Favorite Students”
  • Download: Free Resource: Activity Ideas for ADHD Kids
  • Learn: Moms and Dads: Lets Turn All Those Can’ts Into Can-Dos
  • Blog: “The Fast Lane Towards the future”

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chaperone a field trip

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chaperone a field trip

Exiting nps.gov

Alerts in effect, field trip expectations.

Last updated: April 14, 2020

Park footer

Contact info, mailing address:.

1801 Gulf Breeze Parkway Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

Stay Connected

Please be sure to review all of the information included below to ensure your students have a fun educational experience on their field trip at Guadalupe River Park & Gardens.

chaperone a field trip

Teachers/Leaders must indicate that they understand and agree to each of the following expectations:

  • If I need to cancel my field trip, I will send a notification to [email protected] at least 45 days in advance of my trip date. Trips cancelled with 45 days’ notice can be rescheduled at no charge or refunded minus a $30 administrative fee. Cancellations made with less than 45 days notice are ineligible for refunds and will be charged a $30 administrative fee for rescheduling. Scholarship recipients who fail to give at least 45 days’ notice of a cancellation will lose eligibility for future scholarships.
  • I will separate field trip attendees into three equal groups with at least one adult chaperone assigned per group before arriving at the field trip site.
  • The drop-off/pick-up location for all River Field Trips is the bus loading zone west of Visitor Center at 438 Coleman Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110. The drop-off/pick-up location for all Garden Field Trips is the Heritage Rose Garden parking lot at 412 Seymour Street, San Jose, CA 95110. I will inform my transportation provider(s) of the correct drop-off/pick-up location for our field trip and make sure bus driver(s) are aware that they cannot remain parked in the bus loading zone.
  • GRPC requires at least 1 adult chaperone for every 8 students. I will share and discuss the chaperone expectations as outlined by GRPC with my chaperones prior to arrival. I will do my best to ensure chaperones meet these expectations.
  • I will instruct all field trip attendees to bring water and be generally prepared to spend at least 2 hours outdoors (i.e. wear weather-appropriate layers, a hat, sunscreen, long pants, closed-toe shoes appropriate for extended walking, etc.)
  • I will encourage students to use the restroom prior to arrival since bathroom trips during program are disruptive.
  • Snacks and lunches should not be eaten during the field trip, except for medical reasons, due to the disruption caused to the program. If my group is eating at the park before or after our field trip, I will ensure our trash is picked up and placed in the proper receptacle.
  • Field trips start at 9:30am and end at 11:30am unless prior arrangements have been approved by the GRPC Education Program Manager. I understand paid GRPC staff are scheduled specifically for each field trip and therefore I will not expect any extension of program time should my group arrive early or late.
  • GRPC field trips take place completely outdoors and are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather such as heavy, persistent rain or excessive heat. The Education Program Manager will contact me in the event of an unfortunate weather forecast and I can choose to cancel or reschedule my trip. Trips cancelled due to weather will be rescheduled at no charge or refunded completely.

Thanks in advance for your accountability in making sure these expectations are met.

chaperone a field trip

Designated chaperones and leaders are expected to:

  • Stay with their designated groups at all times and help the students engage in the field trip in a positive manner.
  • Abide by the rules given during the field trip introduction, including only using cell phones to take photos.  This includes not giving nor answering questions for students.
  • Assist teachers and Guadalupe Guides during activities and stations by helping manage student’s behavior, ensuring all rules are followed, and letting students answer questions asked by Guadalupe Guides to enrich the students’ experience. 
  • Refrain from smoking any substances while in the park in accordance with San Jose city ordinances.
  • Escort students to the restroom when needed.
  • Assist students with placing their belongings and lunches at the location designated by Guadalupe Guides.
  • Be prepared and able to spend 2 hours outdoors. We recommend bringing water and wearing layers for the weather, sunscreen, a hat, long pants, and closed-toe shoes suitable for walking outside.
  • Keep anything found in Guadalupe River Park & Gardens exactly where it is and make sure students do the same. This includes, but is not limited to, plants, herbs, rocks, and sticks.

Please email [email protected]

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Home » Europe » Moscow

EPIC MOSCOW Itinerary! (2024)

Moscow is the heart of Mother Russia. Just the mention of this city conjures images of colorful bulbous pointed domes, crisp temperatures, and a uniquely original spirit!

Moscow has an incredibly turbulent history, a seemingly resilient culture, and a unique enchantment that pulls countless tourists to the city each year! Although the warmer months make exploring Moscow’s attractions more favorable, there’s just something about a fresh snowfall that only enhances the appearance of the city’s iconic sites!

If you’re a first-time visitor to Moscow, or simply wanting to see as much of the city as possible, this Moscow itinerary will help you do just that!

chaperone a field trip

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Best Time To Visit Moscow

Where to stay in moscow, moscow itinerary, day 1 itinerary in moscow, day 2 itinerary in moscow, day 3 and beyond, staying safe in moscow, day trips from moscow, faq on moscow itinerary.

Here is a quick look at the seasons so you can decide when to visit Moscow!

The summer months (June-August) are a great time to travel to Moscow to take advantage of the enjoyable mild temperatures. This is considered peak travel season. Bear in mind that hotel prices rise along with the temperatures!

when to visit moscow

If you’re planning a trip to Moscow during fall (September-November) try to plan for early fall. This way the temperatures will still be pleasant and winter won’t be threatening.

Russian winters (December-February) are not for the faint of heart as Napoleon learned to his peril. Some days the sun will be out for less than an hour, and snow is guaranteed. Although winters are exceptionally cold, this is when you’ll get a true glimpse of the Moscow experience!

The best time to visit Moscow is during spring  (March-May). The temperatures will begin to creep up and the sun begins to shine for significant portions of the day. Hotel rates will also have yet to skyrocket into peak ranges!

chaperone a field trip

With a Moscow City Pass , you can experience the best of Moscow at the CHEAPEST prices. Discounts, attractions, tickets, and even public transport are all standards in any good city pass – be sure invest now and save them $$$ when you arrive!

Moscow is a large city with many accommodation options to choose from. Staying in a location that fits with your travel plans will only enhance your Moscow itinerary. Here is a brief introduction to a few great areas of the city we recommend checking out!

The best place to stay in Moscow to be close to all the action is Kitay-Gorod. This charming neighborhood will put you within walking distance to Moscow’s famous Red Square, thus cutting down on travel time. This will allow you to see more of the city in a shorter amount of time!

where to stay in moscow

It’s surrounded by restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. If you’re a first-time visitor to Moscow, or just planning a quick weekend in Moscow, then this area is perfect for you!

Another great area to consider is the Zamoskvorechye district. This area of the city offers a blend of new and old Moscow. It has an artsy vibe and there are plenty of fun sites you can explore outside of the main touristy areas of Moscow.

Of course, as in all areas of Moscow, it’s close to public transportation that will quickly connect you with the rest of the city and make your Moscow itinerary super accessible!

Best Airbnb in Moscow – Exclusive Apartment in Old Moscow

Exclusive Apartment in Old Moscow

Modern and cozy, this apartment is in the heart of Old Moscow. Bordering the Basmanny and Kitay-Gorod districts, this two-bedroom flat is walking distance to the Kremlin and Red Square. Safe, quiet, and comfortable, this is the best Airbnb in Moscow, no question!

Best Budget Hotel in Moscow – Izmailovo Alfa Hotel

moscow itinerary

The Izmailovo Alfa Hotel is a very highly rated accommodation that provides all the components necessary for a comfortable trip to Moscow. There is an on-site restaurant, bar, fitness center, and an airport shuttle service. The rooms are modern and spacious and are equipped with a TV, heating/air conditioning, minibar, and more!

Best Luxury Hotel in Moscow – Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre

moscow itinerary

If you’re touring Moscow in luxury, the Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Centre is the hotel for you! Elegantly furnished rooms are equipped with a minibar, flat-screen TV,  in-room safes, as well as tea and coffee making facilities! Bathrooms come with bathrobes, slippers, and free toiletries. There is also an onsite restaurant, bar, and fitness center.

Best Hostel in Moscow – Godzillas Hostel

moscow itinerary

Godzillas Hostel is located in the center of Moscow, just a short walk from all the major tourist attractions and the metro station. Guests will enjoy all the usual hostel perks such as self-catering facilities, 24-hour reception, Free Wi-Fi, and security lockers. This is one of the best hostels in Moscow and its wonderful social atmosphere and will make your vacation in Moscow extra special!

Godzillas Hostel is one of our favourites in Moscow but they’re not taking guests right now. We’re not sure if they’re closed for good but we hope they’ll come back soon.

An important aspect of planning any trip is figuring out the transportation situation. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to get to all of your Moscow points of interest right? Luckily, this sprawling city has an excellent network of public transportation that will make traveling a breeze!

The underground metro system is the quickest and most efficient way to travel around Moscow. Most visitors rely exclusively on this super-efficient transportation system, which allows you to get to pretty much anywhere in the city! It’s also a great option if you’re planning a Moscow itinerary during the colder months, as you’ll be sheltered from the snow and freezing temperatures!

moscow itinerary

If you prefer above-ground transportation, buses, trams, and trolleybuses, run throughout the city and provide a rather comfortable alternative to the metro.

Moscow’s metro, buses, trams, and trolleybuses are all accessible with a ‘Troika’ card. This card can be topped up with any sum of money at a metro cash desk. The ticket is simple, convenient, and even refundable upon return to a cashier!

No matter which method you choose, you’ll never find yourself without an easy means of getting from point A to point B!

Red Square | Moscow Kremlin | Lenin’s Mausoleum | St. Basil’s Cathedral  | GUM Department Store

Spend the first day of your itinerary taking your own self guided Moscow walking tour around the historic Red Square! This is Moscow’s compact city center and every stop on this list is within easy walking distance to the next! Get ready to see all of the top Moscow landmarks!

Day 1 / Stop 1 – The Red Square

  • Why it’s awesome: The Red Square is the most recognizable area in Moscow, it has mesmerizing architecture and centuries worth of history attached to its name.
  • Cost: Free to walk around, individual attractions in the square have separate fees. 
  • Food nearby: Check out Bar BQ Cafe for friendly service and good food in a great location! The atmosphere is upbeat and they’re open 24/7!

The Red Square is Moscow’s historic fortress and the center of the Russian government. The origins of the square date back to the late 15th century, when Ivan the Great decided to expand the Kremlin to reflect Moscow’s growing power and prestige!

During the 20th century, the square became famous as the site for demonstrations designed to showcase Soviet strength. Visiting the Red Square today, you’ll find it teeming with tourists, who come to witness its magical architecture up close!

The Red Square

The square is the picture postcard of Russian tourism, so make sure to bring your camera when you visit! No matter the season, or the time of day, it’s delightfully photogenic! 

It’s also home to some of Russia’s most distinguishing and important landmarks, which we’ve made sure to include further down in this itinerary. It’s an important center of Russia’s cultural life and one of the top places to visit in Moscow!

In 1990, UNESCO designated Russia’s Red Square as a World Heritage site. Visiting this historic site is a true bucket-list event and essential addition to your itinerary for Moscow!

Day 1 / Stop 2 – The Moscow Kremlin

  • Why it’s awesome: The Moscow Kremlin complex includes several palaces and cathedrals and is surrounded by the Kremlin wall. It also houses the principal museum of Russia (the Kremlin Armory).
  • Cost: USD $15.00
  • Food nearby: Bosco Cafe is a charming place to grat a casual bite to eat. They have excellent coffee and wonderful views of the Red Square and the Moscow Kremlin!

The iconic Moscow Kremlin , also known as the Kremlin museum complex, sits on Borovitsky Hill, rising above the Moscow River. It is a fortified complex in the center of the city, overlooking several iconic buildings in the Red Square!

It’s the best known of the Russian Kremlins – citadels or fortress’ protecting and dominating a city. During the early decades of the Soviet era, the Kremlin was a private enclave where the state’s governing elite lived and worked.

The Kremlin is outlined by an irregularly shaped triangular wall that encloses an area of 68 acres! The existing walls and towers were built from 1485 to 1495. Inside the Kremlin museum complex, there are five palaces, four cathedrals, and the enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers.

The Armoury Chamber is a part of the Grand Kremlin Palace’s complex and is one of the oldest museums of Moscow, established in 1851. It showcases Russian history and displays many cherished relics. Definitely make sure to check out this museum while you’re here!

The Moscow Kremlin

The churches inside the Moscow Kremlin are the Cathedral of the Dormition, Church of the Archangel, Church of the Annunciation, and the bell tower of Ivan Veliki (a church tower).

The five-domed Cathedral of the Dormition is considered the most famous. It was built from 1475–1479 by an Italian architect and has served as a wedding and coronation place for great princes, tsars, and emperors of Russia. Church services are given in the Kremlin’s numerous cathedrals on a regular basis.

The Grand Kremlin Palace was the former Tsar’s Moscow residence and today it serves as the official workplace of the President of the Russian Federation (Vladimir Putin seems to have bagged that title for life) .

Insider Tip: The Kremlin is closed every Thursday! Make sure to plan this stop on your Moscow itinerary for any other day of the week!

Day 1 / Stop 3 – Lenin’s Mausoleum

  • Why it’s awesome: The mausoleum displays the preserved body of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin .
  • Cost: Free!
  • Food nearby: Khinkal’naya is a charming Georgian restaurant with vaulted ceilings and exposed brick. It’s a popular place with locals and right next to the Red Square!

Lenin’s Mausoleum, also known as Lenin’s Tomb, is the modernist mausoleum for the revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin. It’s located within the Red Square and serves as the resting place for the Soviet leader! His preserved body has been on public display since shortly after his death in 1924.

It’s located just a few steps away from the Kremlin Wall and is one of the most controversial yet popular Moscow attractions!

Admission is free for everyone, you’ll only need to pay if you need to check a bag. Before visitors are allowed to enter the mausoleum, they have to go through a metal detector first. No metal objects, liquids, or large bags are allowed in the mausoleum!

Lenins Mausoleum

Expect a line to enter the building, and while you’re inside the building, you’ll be constantly moving in line with other visitors. This means you won’t be able to spend as long as you’d like viewing the mausoleum, but you’ll still be able to get a good look. Pictures and filming while inside the building are strictly prohibited, and security guards will stop you if they see you breaking this rule.

The mausoleum is only open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday – unless it’s a public holiday or a day scheduled for maintenance. The hours it’s open for each day are limited, make sure to check online before you visit to make sure you can fit this into your Moscow itinerary for that day!

Insider Tip: The Lenin’s Museum is there for people to pay their respect; remember to keep silent and move along quickly, it’s not intended for people to congregate around. Also, men are not allowed to wear hats and everyone must take their hands out of their pockets when inside the building.

Day 1 / Stop 4 – St. Basil’s Cathedral

  • Why it’s awesome: A dazzling designed cathedral that showcases Russia’s unique architecture. This cathedral is one of the most recognizable symbols of the country!
  • Cost: USD $8.00
  • Food nearby: Moskovskiy Chaynyy Klub is a cozy cafe serving food items and pipping hot tea; it’s the perfect place to go if you’re visiting Moscow during the winter months!

Located in the Red Square, the ornate 16th-century St. Basil’s Cathedral is probably the building you picture when you think of Moscow’s unique architecture. Its colorful onion-shaped domes tower over the Moscow skyline!

The cathedral was built from 1555-1561 by order of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. It was designed with an iconic onion dome facade and enchanting colors that captivate all who see it. Fun fact: If you’re wondering why Russian churches have onion domes, they are popularly believed to symbolize burning candles!

This iconic cathedral has become a symbol of Russia due to its distinguishing architecture and prominent position inside the Red Square. It’s one of the most beautiful, wonderful, and mesmerizing historical cathedrals in the world!

St. Basils Cathedral

The interior of the church surprises most people when they visit. In contrast to the large exterior, the inside is not so much one large area, but rather a collection of smaller areas, with many corridors and small rooms. There are 9 small chapels and one mausoleum grouped around a central tower.

Visiting the inside is like walking through a maze, there are even small signs all around the cathedral tracing where to walk, and pointing you in the right direction! The walls are meticulously decorated and painted with intricate floral designs and religious themes.

The church rarely holds service and is instead a museum open for the public to visit.

Insider Tip: During the summer months the line to go inside the cathedral can get quite long! Make sure to arrive early or reserve your tickets online to guarantee quick access into the cathedral!

Day 1 / Stop 5 – GUM Department Store

  • Why it’s awesome: This is Russia’s most famous shopping mall! It’s designed with elegant and opulent architecture and provides a real sense of nostalgia!
  • Cost: Free to enter
  • Food nearby: Stolovaya 57 is a cafeteria-style restaurant with a variety of inexpensive Russian cuisine menu items including soups, salads, meat dishes, and desserts. It’s also located inside the GUM department store, making it very easily accessible when you’re shopping!

The enormous GUM Department Store is located within the historic Red Square. It has a whimsical enchantment to it that sets it apart from your typical department store.

A massive domed glass ceiling lines the top of the building and fills the interior with natural sunlight. There are live plants and flowers placed throughout the mall that give the shopping complex a lively and cheerful feel! A playful fountain sits in the center, further adding to the malls inviting a sense of wonder and amusement!

The GUM department store opened on December 2, 1893. Today, it includes local and luxury stores, including Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and many more! There are numerous cafes, restaurants, and even a movie theater inside!

GUM Department Store

For a special treat, head into Gastronom 1. This 1950s-style shop sells gourmet food items, like wine, freshly-baked pastries, cheese, Russian chocolate, and of course, vodka! Also, be on the lookout for a bicycle pedaling ice cream truck with an employing selling ice cream!

The ambiance is simply amazing, a trip to this idyllic shopping mall is an absolute must on any Moscow itinerary!

Insider Tip: Make sure to carry some small change on you in case you need to use the restroom, you’ll need to pay 50 rubles – or about USD $0.80 to use the bathroom in GUM.

chaperone a field trip

Wanna know how to pack like a pro? Well for a start you need the right gear….

These are packing cubes for the globetrotters and compression sacks for the  real adventurers – these babies are a traveller’s best kept secret. They organise yo’ packing and minimise volume too so you can pack MORE.

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Novodevichy Convent | Gorky Park | State Tretyakov Gallery | All-Russian Exhibition Center | Bolshoi Theater

On your 2 day itinerary in Moscow, you’ll have a chance to use the city’s excellent public transportation service! You’ll explore a few more of Moscow’s historic highlight as well as some modern attractions. These sites are a little more spread out, but still very easily accessible thanks to the metro!

Day 2 / Stop 1 – Novodevichy Convent

  • Why it’s awesome: The Novodevichy Convent is rich in imperial Russian history and contains some of Russia’s best examples of classical architecture!
  • Cost: USD $5.00
  • Food nearby: Culinary Shop Karavaevs Brothers is a cozy and simple place to have a quick bite, they also have vegetarian options!

The Novodevichy Convent is the best-known and most popular cloister of Moscow. The convent complex is contained within high walls, and there are many attractions this site is known for! 

The six-pillared five-domed Smolensk Cathedral is the main attraction. It was built to resemble the Kremlin’s Assumption Cathedral and its facade boasts beautiful snowy white walls and a pristine golden onion dome as its centerpiece. It’s the oldest structure in the convent, built from 1524 -1525, and is situated in the center of the complex between the two entrance gates.

There are other churches inside the convent as well, all dating back from many centuries past. The convent is filled with an abundance of 16th and 17th-century religious artworks, including numerous large and extravagant frescos!

Novodevichy Convent

Just outside the convent’s grounds lies the Novodevichy Cemetery. Here, you can visit the graves of famous Russians, including esteemed authors, composers, and politicians. Probably the most intriguing gravestone belongs to Russian politician Nikita Khruschev!

The Novodevichy Convent is located near the Moscow River and offers a peaceful retreat from the busy city. In 2004, it was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The convent remains remarkably well-preserved and is an outstanding example of Moscow Baroque architecture! 

Insider Tip: To enter the cathedrals inside the complex, women are advised to cover their heads and shoulders, while men should wear long pants.

Day 2 / Stop 2 – Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

  • Why it’s awesome: A large amusement area in the heart of the city offering many attractions!
  • Cost: Free! 
  • Food nearby: Check out Mepkato, located inside Gorky Central Park for a casual meal in a cozy setting. There are indoor and outdoor seating options and the restaurant is child-friendly!

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is a large green space in the heart of Moscow. The park opened in 1928, and it stretches along the scenic embankment of the Moskva River. It covers an area of 300-acres and offers a lovely contrast from the compact city center.

You’ll find all sorts of wonderful attractions, from boat rides to bike rentals to tennis courts and ping-pong tables, and much more! there are an open-air cinema and festive events and concerts scheduled in the summer months.  A wide selection of free fitness classes is also offered on a regular basis, including jogging, roller skating, and dancing!

Although many of the options you’ll find here are more suited for outdoor leisure during the summer, you’ll also a selection of winter attractions, including one of Europe’s largest ice rinks for ice-skating!

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

If you’re trying to decide what to do in Moscow with kids, the park also offers several venues designed specifically for kids. Check out the year-round Green School which offers hands-on classes in gardening and art! You can also feed the squirrels and birds at the Golitsinsky Ponds!

The park is very well maintained and kept clean and the entrance is free of charge, although most individual attractions cost money. There is also Wi-Fi available throughout the park.

With so many attractions, you could easily spend all day here! If you’re only planning a 2 day itinerary in Moscow, make sure to plan your time accordingly and map out all the areas you want to see beforehand!

Day 2 / Stop 3 – The State Tretyakov Gallery

  • Why it’s awesome: The gallery’s collection consists entirely of Russian art made by Russian artists!
  • Food nearby : Brothers Tretyakovs is located right across the street from the gallery. It’s a wonderfully atmospheric restaurant serving top quality food and drinks!

The State Tretyakov Gallery was founded in 1856 by influential merchant and collector Pavel Tretyakov.  The gallery is a national treasury of Russian fine art and one of the most important museums in Russia!

It houses the world’s best collection of Russian art and contains more than 130, 000 paintings, sculptures, and graphics! These works have been created throughout the centuries by generations of Russia’s most talented artists!

The State Tretyakov Gallery

The exhibits range from mysterious 12th-century images to politically charged canvases. The collection is rich and revealing and offers great insight into the history and attitudes of this long-suffering yet inspired people!

All pictures are also labeled in English. If you plan to take your time and see everything inside the museum it will take a good 3-4 hours, so make sure to plan your Moscow trip itinerary accordingly! This gallery is a must-see stop for art lovers, or anyone wanting to explore the local culture and history of Russia in a creative and insightful manner! 

Insider Tip: When planning your 2 days in Moscow itinerary, keep in mind that most museums in Moscow are closed on Mondays, this includes The State Tretyakov Gallery!

Day 2 / Stop 4 – All-Russian Exhibition Center

  • Why it’s awesome: This large exhibition center showcases the achievements of the Soviet Union in several different spheres. 
  • Food nearby: Varenichnaya No. 1 serves authentic and homestyle Russian cuisine in an intimate and casual setting.

The All-Russian Exhibition Center is a massive park that presents the glory of the Soviet era! It pays homage to the achievements of Soviet Russia with its many different sites found on the property.

The center was officially opened in 1939 to exhibit the achievements of the Soviet Union. It’s a huge complex of buildings and the largest exhibition center in Moscow. There are several exhibition halls dedicated to different achievements and every year there are more than one hundred and fifty specialized exhibitions!

All Russian Exhibition Center

The Peoples Friendship Fountain was constructed in 1954 and is a highlight of the park. The stunning gold fountain features 16 gilded statues of girls, each representing the former Soviet Union republics. 

The Stone Flower Fountain was also built in 1954 and is worth checking out. The centerpiece of this large fountain is a flower carved from stones from the Ural Mountains! Along the side of the fountain are various bronze sculptures.

You will find many people zipping around on rollerblades and bicycles across the large area that the venue covers. It’s also home to amusement rides and carousels, making it the perfect place to stop with kids on your Moscow itinerary! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and allow a few hours to explore all the areas that interest you!

Day 2 / Stop 5 – Bolshoi Theater

  • Why it’s awesome: The Bolshoi Theater is a historic venue that hosts world-class ballet and opera performances!
  • Cost: Prices vary largely between USD $2.00 –  USD $228.00 based on seat location.
  • Food nearby: Head to the Russian restaurant, Bolshoi for high-quality food and drinks and excellent service!

The Bolshoi Theater is among the oldest and most renowned ballet and opera companies in the world! It also boasts the world’s biggest ballet company, with more than 200 dancers!

The theater has been rebuilt and renovated several times during its long history. In 2011 it finished its most recent renovation after an extensive six-year restoration that started in 2005. The renovation included an improvement in acoustics and the restoration of the original Imperial decor.

The Bolshoi Theater has put on many of the world’s most famous ballet acts! Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake premiered at the theater in 1877 and other notable performances of the Bolshoi repertoire include Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker!

Bolshoi Theater

Today, when you visit the theater, you can expect a magical performance from skilled singers, dancers, and musicians with the highest level of technique!

If you don’t have time to see a show, the theater also provides guided tours on select days of the week. Tours are given in both Russian and English and will provide visitors with a more intimate look at the different areas of the theater!

The stage of this iconic Russian theater has seen many outstanding performances. If you’re a fan of the performing arts, the Bolshoi Theater is one of the greatest and oldest ballet and opera companies in the world, making it a must-see attraction on your Moscow itinerary!

moscow itinerary

Godzillas Hostel

Godzillas Hostel is located in the center of Moscow, just a short walk from all the major tourist attractions and the metro station.

  • Towels Included

Cosmonautics Museum | Alexander Garden | Ostankino Tower | Izmaylovo District | Soviet Arcade Museum

Now that we’ve covered what to do in Moscow in 2 days, if you’re able to spend more time in the city you’re going to need more attractions to fill your time. Here are a few more really cool things to do in Moscow we recommend!

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

  • Hear the timeline of the ‘space race’ from the Russian perspective
  • This museum is fun for both adults and children!
  • Admission is USD $4.00

The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics is a museum dedicated to space exploration! The museum explores the history of flight, astronomy, space exploration, space technology, and space in the arts. It houses a large assortment of Soviet and Russian space-related exhibits, and the museum’s collection holds approximately 85,000 different items!

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

The museum does an excellent job of telling the full story of the exciting space race between the USSR and the US! It highlights the brightest moments in Russian history and humanity and is very interesting and fun for all ages!

If you’re a fan of space or just curious about gaining insight into Russia’s fascinating history of space exploration, make sure to add this to your 3 day itinerary in Moscow!

The Alexander Garden

  • A tranquil place to relax near the Red Square
  • Green lawns dotted with sculptures and lovely water features
  • The park is open every day and has no entrance fee

The Alexander Garden was one of the first urban public parks in Moscow! The garden premiered in 1821 and was built to celebrate Russia’s victory over Napoleon’s forces in 1812!

The park is beautiful and well maintained with paths to walk on and benches to rest on. The park contains three separate gardens: the upper garden, middle garden, and lower garden.

The Alexander Garden

Located in the upper garden, towards the main entrance to the park is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with its eternal flame. This monument was created in 1967 and contains the body of a soldier who fell during the Great Patriotic War!

The park stretches along all the length of the western Kremlin wall for about half a mile. Due to its central location in the city, it’ll be easily accessible when you’re out exploring The Red Square.

It provides a bit of relief from the city’s high-energy city streets. Bring a picnic lunch, go for a walk, or just sit and people watch, this is one of the best Moscow sites to wind-down and relax!

Ostankino Television Tower

  • Television and radio tower in Moscow
  • Currently the tallest free-standing structure in Europe
  • Make sure you bring your passport when you visit, you can’t go up without it!

For spectacular views of the city, make sure to add the Ostankino Television Tower to your itinerary for Moscow! This impressive free-standing structure provides stunning views of the city in every direction. The glass floor at the top also provides great alternative views of the city!

Ostankino Television Tower

It takes just 58 seconds for visitors to reach the Tower’s observation deck by super fast elevator. The tower is open every day for long hours and is a great site in Moscow to check out! There is even a restaurant at the top where you can enjoy rotating views of the city while you dine on traditional Russian cuisine or European cuisine!

The tower is somewhat of an architectural surprise in a city that is not known for skyscrapers! To see the city from a new perspective, make sure to add this stop to your Moscow itinerary!

Izmaylovo District

  • The most popular attractions in this district are the kremlin and the flea market
  • Outside of the city center and easy to reach via metro
  • Most popular during the summer and on weekends

Travel outside the city center and discover a unique area of the city! The Izmaylovo District is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, and one of the coolest places to see in Moscow! The two main attractions we recommend checking out are the Kremlin and the flea market.

The Izmailovo Kremlin was established as a cultural center and molded after traditional Russian architecture. This colorful complex is home to several single-subject museums, including a Russian folk art museum and a vodka museum!

Izmaylovo District

Next to the Kremlin is the Izmailovo open-air market, which dates back to the 17th century! The market is connected to the Izmailovo Kremlin by a wooden bridge. Pick up all your Russian souvenirs here, including traditional handicrafts, paintings, books, retro toys, and Soviet memorabilia!

You will find many hand-made and hand-painted options available at higher prices, as well as mass-produced souvenir options at lower prices!

Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

  • Closed on Mondays
  • Filled with old arcade games that visitors get to try out!
  • The museum also includes a small cafe and burger shop

For something a little different, check out the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games! The museum features roughly 60 machines from the Soviet era, including video games, pinball machines, and collaborative hockey foosball! The machines inside the museum were produced in the USSR in the mid-1970s.

Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

The best part is, most of the games are still playable! Purchase tickets and try the games out for yourself! The museum also has a neat little screening room that plays old Soviet cartoons and an area with Soviet magazines! This unique attraction is a fun addition to a 3 day itinerary in Moscow, and an attraction that all ages will enjoy! 

Whether you’re spending one day in Moscow, or more, safety is an important thing to keep in mind when traveling to a big city! Overall, Moscow is a very safe place to visit. However, it is always recommended that tourists take certain precautions when traveling to a new destination!

The police in Moscow is extremely effective at making the city a safe place to visit and do their best to patrol all of the top Moscow, Russia tourist attractions. However, tourists can still be a target for pickpockets and scammers.

Moscow has a huge flow of tourists, therefore there is a risk for pickpocketing. Simple precautions will help eliminate your chances of being robbed. Stay vigilant, keep your items close to you at all times, and don’t flash your valuables!

If you’re planning a solo Moscow itinerary, you should have no need to worry, as the city is also considered safe for solo travelers, even women. Stay in the populated areas, try and not travel alone late at night, and never accept rides from strangers or taxis without a meter and correct signage.

The threat of natural disasters in Moscow is low, with the exception of severe winters when the temperature can dip below freezing! Bring a good, warm jacket if you visit in Winter.

However, please note that Russian views on homsexuality are far less accepting than those in Western Europe. Likewise, Non-Caucasian travellers may sadly encounter racism in Russia .

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance for Moscow

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Now that we’ve covered all the top things to see in Moscow, we thought we’d include some exciting day trips to other areas of the country!

Sergiev Posad (Golden Ring)

Sergiev Posad Golden Ring

On this 7-hour guided tour, you’ll visit several scenic and historic areas of Russia. Start your day with hotel pick-up as you’re transferred by a comfortable car or minivan to Sergiev Posad. Admire the charming Russian countryside on your drive and enjoy a quick stop to visit the Russian village, Rudonezh!

You’ll see the majestic Saint Spring and the Church of Sergiev Radonezh. You’ll also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, one of the most famous Orthodox sites in Russia!

Lastly, you’ll swing by the local Matreshka market and enjoy a break in a nice Russian restaurant before returning to Moscow!

Day Trip to Vladimir and Suzdal

Day Trip to Vladimir and Suzdal

On this 13-hour trip, you’ll discover old Russia, with its picturesque landscapes and white-stoned beautiful churches! You’ll visit the main towns of the famous Golden Ring of Russia – the name for several cities and smaller towns north-east of Moscow.

Your first stop will be in the town of Vladimir, the ancient capital of all Russian principalities. The city dates back to the 11th century and is one of the oldest and the most important towns along the Ring! Next, you’ll visit Suzdal, a calm ancient Russian town north of Vladimir with only 13,000 inhabitants!

The old-style architecture and buildings of Suzdal are kept wonderfully intact. If you’re spending three days in Moscow, or more, this is a great option for exploring the charming areas outside the city!

Zvenigorod Day Trip and Russian Countryside

Zvenigorod Day Trip and Russian Countryside

On this 9-hour private tour, you’ll explore the ancient town of Zvenigorod, one of the oldest towns in the Moscow region! As you leave Moscow you’ll enjoy the stunning scenery along the Moscow River, and make a few stops at old churches along the way to Zvenigorod.

Upon arrival, you’ll explore the medieval center, including the 14th-century Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery. Next, you’ll take a break for lunch (own expense) where you’ll have the chance to try out the Russian cuisine! Next, you’ll visit the Museum of Russian Dessert and sip on tea at a Russian tea ceremony.

The final stop of the day is at the Ershovo Estate, a gorgeous place to walk around and enjoy nature!

Day Trip to St Petersburg by Train visiting Hermitage & Faberge

Day Trip to St Petersburg by Train visiting Hermitage and Faberge

On this full-day tour, you’ll enjoy a a full round trip to St Petersburg where you’ll spend an exciting day exploring another popular Russian city! You’ll be picked up from your hotel in Moscow and be transferred to the train station where you’ll ride the high-speed train ‘Sapsan’ to St Petersburg.

Upon arrival, you’ll start the day by touring the Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace. Next, you’ll visit the Faberge Museum, where you’ll explore the impressive collection of rare Faberge Eggs! In the afternoon, enjoy a sightseeing boat ride and a traditional 3-course Russian lunch.

If you’re spending 3 days in Moscow, or more, this is an excellent trip to take!

Trip to Kolomna – Authentic Cultural Experience from Moscow

Trip to Kolomna - Authentic Cultural Experience from Moscow

On this 10-hour tour, you’ll escape the city and travel to the historic town of Kolomna! First, you’ll visit the 14th-century Kolomna Kremlin, home to the Assumption Cathedral and an abundance of museums!

Next, enjoy lunch at a local cafe (own expense) before embarking on a tour of the Marshmallow Museum – of course, a marshmallow tasting is provided!  Your final stop is the Museum of Forging Settlements, where displays include armor and accessories for fishing and hunting.

Discover this beautiful Russian fairytale city on a private trip, where all of the planning is taken care of for you!

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Find out what people want to know when planning their Moscow itinerary.

How many days you need in Moscow?

We recommend that you spend at least two or three days in Moscow to take it all in.

What’s the best month to visit Moscow?

The best time to visit Moscow is over the spring, from March to May as temperatures are mild, crowds are thin and prices are reasonable.

What are some unusual things to do in Moscow?

I mean, queuing up to see an almost 100 year old corpse is pretty unsual! Check out Lenin’s Mausoleum if you fancy it!

What are some fun things to do in Moscow?

The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics is a fun place to explore the famous space race from the perspective of the ‘other side’!

We hope you enjoyed our Moscow itinerary! We’ve made sure to cover all the Moscow must-sees as well as some unique attractions in the city! Our addition of insider tips, favorite food stops, and day trips from Moscow is an added bonus and will guarantee you make the most out of your exciting Russian vacation!

Immerse yourself in the modern and traditional Russian lifestyle! Get lost in museums, witness awe-inspiring architecture, and indulge in Russian cuisine! Spend the day strolling through all of the charming sites of Moscow, admiring the beautiful scenery and discovering the city’s fairytale-like enchantment!

chaperone a field trip

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links . That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

Alya and Campbell

Alya and Campbell

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Travel Itinerary For One Week in Moscow: The Best of Moscow!

I just got back from one week in Moscow. And, as you might have already guessed, it was a mind-boggling experience. It was not my first trip to the Russian capital. But I hardly ever got enough time to explore this sprawling city. Visiting places for business rarely leaves enough time for sightseeing. I think that if you’ve got one week in Russia, you can also consider splitting your time between its largest cities (i.e. Saint Petersburg ) to get the most out of your trip. Seven days will let you see the majority of the main sights and go beyond just scratching the surface. In this post, I’m going to share with you my idea of the perfect travel itinerary for one week in Moscow.

Moscow is perhaps both the business and cultural hub of Russia. There is a lot more to see here than just the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Centuries-old churches with onion-shaped domes dotted around the city are in stark contrast with newly completed impressive skyscrapers of Moscow City dominating the skyline. I spent a lot of time thinking about my Moscow itinerary before I left. And this city lived up to all of my expectations.

7-day Moscow itinerary

Travel Itinerary For One Week in Moscow

Day 1 – red square and the kremlin.

Metro Station: Okhotny Ryad on Red Line.

No trip to Moscow would be complete without seeing its main attraction. The Red Square is just a stone’s throw away from several metro stations. It is home to some of the most impressive architectural masterpieces in the city. The first thing you’ll probably notice after entering it and passing vendors selling weird fur hats is the fairytale-like looking Saint Basil’s Cathedral. It was built to commemorate one of the major victories of Ivan the Terrible. I once spent 20 minutes gazing at it, trying to find the perfect angle to snap it. It was easier said than done because of the hordes of locals and tourists.

As you continue strolling around Red Square, there’s no way you can miss Gum. It was widely known as the main department store during the Soviet Era. Now this large (yet historic) shopping mall is filled with expensive boutiques, pricey eateries, etc. During my trip to Moscow, I was on a tight budget. So I only took a retro-style stroll in Gum to get a rare glimpse of a place where Soviet leaders used to grocery shop and buy their stuff. In case you want some modern shopping experience, head to the Okhotny Ryad Shopping Center with stores like New Yorker, Zara, and Adidas.

things to do in Moscow in one week

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To continue this Moscow itinerary, next you may want to go inside the Kremlin walls. This is the center of Russian political power and the president’s official residence. If you’re planning to pay Kremlin a visit do your best to visit Ivan the Great Bell Tower as well. Go there as early as possible to avoid crowds and get an incredible bird’s-eye view. There are a couple of museums that are available during designated visiting hours. Make sure to book your ticket online and avoid lines.

Day 2 – Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Tretyakov Gallery, and the Arbat Street

Metro Station: Kropotkinskaya on Red Line

As soon as you start creating a Moscow itinerary for your second day, you’ll discover that there are plenty of metro stations that are much closer to certain sites. Depending on your route, take a closer look at the metro map to pick the closest.

The white marble walls of Christ the Saviour Cathedral are awe-inspiring. As you approach this tallest Orthodox Christian church, you may notice the bronze sculptures, magnificent arches, and cupolas that were created to commemorate Russia’s victory against Napoleon.

travel itinerary for one week in Moscow

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Unfortunately, the current Cathedral is a replica, since original was blown to bits in 1931 by the Soviet government. The new cathedral basically follows the original design, but they have added some new elements such as marble high reliefs.

Home to some precious collection of artworks, in Tretyakov Gallery you can find more than 150,000 of works spanning centuries of artistic endeavor. Originally a privately owned gallery, it now has become one of the largest museums in Russia. The Gallery is often considered essential to visit. But I have encountered a lot of locals who have never been there.

Famous for its souvenirs, musicians, and theaters, Arbat street is among the few in Moscow that were turned into pedestrian zones. Arbat street is usually very busy with tourists and locals alike. My local friend once called it the oldest street in Moscow dating back to 1493. It is a kilometer long walking street filled with fancy gift shops, small cozy restaurants, lots of cute cafes, and street artists. It is closed to any vehicular traffic, so you can easily stroll it with kids.

Day 3 – Moscow River Boat Ride, Poklonnaya Hill Victory Park, the Moscow City

Metro Station: Kievskaya and Park Pobedy on Dark Blue Line / Vystavochnaya on Light Blue Line

Voyaging along the Moscow River is definitely one of the best ways to catch a glimpse of the city and see the attractions from a bit different perspective. Depending on your Moscow itinerary, travel budget and the time of the year, there are various types of boats available. In the summer there is no shortage of boats, and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

exploring Moscow

Travel Itinerary for One Week in Beijing

If you find yourself in Moscow during the winter months, I’d recommend going with Radisson boat cruise. These are often more expensive (yet comfy). They offer refreshments like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and, of course, alcoholic drinks. Prices may vary but mostly depend on your food and drink selection. Find their main pier near the opulent Ukraine hotel . The hotel is one of the “Seven Sisters”, so if you’re into the charm of Stalinist architecture don’t miss a chance to stay there.

The area near Poklonnaya Hill has the closest relation to the country’s recent past. The memorial complex was completed in the mid-1990s to commemorate the Victory and WW2 casualties. Also known as the Great Patriotic War Museum, activities here include indoor attractions while the grounds around host an open-air museum with old tanks and other vehicles used on the battlefield.

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The hallmark of the memorial complex and the first thing you see as you exit metro is the statue of Nike mounted to its column. This is a very impressive Obelisk with a statue of Saint George slaying the dragon at its base.

Maybe not as impressive as Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower , the skyscrapers of the Moscow City (otherwise known as Moscow International Business Center) are so drastically different from dull Soviet architecture. With 239 meters and 60 floors, the Empire Tower is the seventh highest building in the business district.

The observation deck occupies 56 floor from where you have some panoramic views of the city. I loved the view in the direction of Moscow State University and Luzhniki stadium as well to the other side with residential quarters. The entrance fee is pricey, but if you’re want to get a bird’s eye view, the skyscraper is one of the best places for doing just that.

Day 4 – VDNKh, Worker and Collective Farm Woman Monument, The Ostankino TV Tower

Metro Station: VDNKh on Orange Line

VDNKh is one of my favorite attractions in Moscow. The weird abbreviation actually stands for Russian vystavka dostizheniy narodnogo khozyaystva (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy). With more than 200 buildings and 30 pavilions on the grounds, VDNKh serves as an open-air museum. You can easily spend a full day here since the park occupies a very large area.

Moscow sights

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First, there are pavilions that used to showcase different cultures the USSR was made of. Additionally, there is a number of shopping pavilions, as well as Moskvarium (an Oceanarium) that features a variety of marine species. VDNKh is a popular venue for events and fairs. There is always something going on, so I’d recommend checking their website if you want to see some particular exhibition.

A stone’s throw away from VDNKh there is a very distinctive 25-meters high monument. Originally built in 1937 for the world fair in Paris, the hulking figures of men and women holding a hammer and a sickle represent the Soviet idea of united workers and farmers. It doesn’t take much time to see the monument, but visiting it gives some idea of the Soviet Union’s grandiose aspirations.

I have a thing for tall buildings. So to continue my travel itinerary for one week in Moscow I decided to climb the fourth highest TV tower in the world. This iconic 540m tower is a fixture of the skyline. You can see it virtually from everywhere in Moscow, and this is where you can get the best panoramic views (yep, even better than Empire skyscraper).

top things to do in Moscow

Parts of the floor are made of tempered glass, so it can be quite scary to exit the elevator. But trust me, as you start observing buildings and cars below, you won’t want to leave. There is only a limited number of tickets per day, so you may want to book online. Insider tip: the first tour is cheaper, you can save up to $10 if go there early.

Day 5 – A Tour To Moscow Manor Houses

Metro Station: Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno on Dark Green Line / Kuskovo on Purple Line

I love visiting the manor houses and palaces in Moscow. These opulent buildings were generally built to house Russian aristocratic families and monarchs. Houses tend to be rather grand affairs with impressive architecture. And, depending on the whims of the owners, some form of a landscaped garden.

During the early part of the 20th century though, many of Russia’s aristocratic families (including the family of the last emperor) ended up being killed or moving abroad . Their manor houses were nationalized. Some time later (after the fall of the USSR) these were open to the public. It means that today a great many of Moscow’s finest manor houses and palaces are open for touring.

one week Moscow itinerary

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There are 20 manor houses scattered throughout the city and more than 25 in the area around. But not all of them easily accessible and exploring them often takes a lot of time. I’d recommend focusing on three most popular estates in Moscow that are some 30-minute metro ride away from Kremlin.

Sandwiched between the Moscow River and the Andropov Avenue, Kolomenskoye is a UNESCO site that became a public park in the 1920’s. Once a former royal estate, now it is one of the most tranquil parks in the city with gorgeous views. The Ascension Church, The White Column, and the grounds are a truly grand place to visit.

You could easily spend a full day here, exploring a traditional Russian village (that is, in fact, a market), picnicking by the river, enjoying the Eastern Orthodox church architecture, hiking the grounds as well as and wandering the park and gardens with wildflower meadows, apple orchards, and birch and maple groves. The estate museum showcases Russian nature at its finest year-round.

12 Stunning National Parks and Regional Parks In France

If my travel itinerary for one week in Moscow was a family tree, Tsaritsyno Park would probably be the crazy uncle that no-one talks about. It’s a large park in the south of the city of mind-boggling proportions, unbelievable in so many ways, and yet most travelers have never heard of it.

The palace was supposed to be a summer home for Empress Catherine the Great. But since the construction didn’t meet with her approval the palace was abandoned. Since the early 1990’s the palace, the pond, and the grounds have been undergoing renovations. The entire complex is now looking brighter and more elaborately decorated than at possibly any other time during its history. Like most parks in Moscow, you can visit Tsaritsyno free of charge, but there is a small fee if you want to visit the palace.

Moscow itinerary

How To Stop Procrastinating When Trip Planning

Last, but by no means least on my Moscow itinerary is Kuskovo Park . This is definitely an off-the-beaten-path place. While it is not easily accessible, you will be rewarded with a lack of crowds. This 18th-century summer country house of the Sheremetev family was one of the first summer country estates of the Russian nobility. And when you visit you’ll quickly realize why locals love this park.

Like many other estates, Kuskovo has just been renovated. So there are lovely French formal garden, a grotto, and the Dutch house to explore. Make sure to plan your itinerary well because the estate is some way from a metro station.

Day 6 – Explore the Golden Ring

Creating the Moscow itinerary may keep you busy for days with the seemingly endless amount of things to do. Visiting the so-called Golden Ring is like stepping back in time. Golden Ring is a “theme route” devised by promotion-minded journalist and writer Yuri Bychkov.

Having started in Moscow the route will take you through a number of historical cities. It now includes Suzdal, Vladimir, Kostroma, Yaroslavl and Sergiev Posad. All these awe-inspiring towns have their own smaller kremlins and feature dramatic churches with onion-shaped domes, tranquil residential areas, and other architectural landmarks.

Two Weeks In Thailand: The Perfect 14-Day Itinerary

I only visited two out of eight cities included on the route. It is a no-brainer that Sergiev Posad is the nearest and the easiest city to see on a day trip from Moscow. That being said, you can explore its main attractions in just one day. Located some 70 km north-east of the Russian capital, this tiny and overlooked town is home to Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, UNESCO Site.

things to do in Moscow in seven days

You Will Also Like: 3-Day London Itinerary

Sergiev Posad is often described as being at the heart of Russian spiritual life. So it is uncommon to see the crowds of Russian pilgrims showing a deep reverence for their religion. If you’re traveling independently and using public transport, you can reach Sergiev Posad by bus (departs from VDNKh) or by suburban commuter train from Yaroslavskaya Railway Station (Bahnhof). It takes about one and a half hours to reach the town.

Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius is a great place to get a glimpse of filling and warming Russian lunch, specifically at the “ Gostevaya Izba ” restaurant. Try the duck breast, hearty potato and vegetables, and the awesome Napoleon cake.

Day 7 – Gorky Park, Izmailovo Kremlin, Patriarch’s Ponds

Metro Station: Park Kultury or Oktyabrskaya on Circle Line / Partizanskaya on Dark Blue Line / Pushkinskaya on Dark Green Line

Gorky Park is in the heart of Moscow. It offers many different types of outdoor activities, such as dancing, cycling, skateboarding, walking, jogging, and anything else you can do in a park. Named after Maxim Gorky, this sprawling and lovely park is where locals go on a picnic, relax and enjoy free yoga classes. It’s a popular place to bike around, and there is a Muzeon Art Park not far from here. A dynamic location with a younger vibe. There is also a pier, so you can take a cruise along the river too.

Random Russian guy

How to Save Money While Traveling in Europe

The Kremlin in Izmailovo is by no means like the one you can find near the Red Square. Originally built for decorative purposes, it now features the Vernissage flea market and a number of frequent fairs, exhibitions, and conferences. Every weekend, there’s a giant flea market in Izmailovo, where dozens of stalls sell Soviet propaganda crap, Russian nesting dolls, vinyl records, jewelry and just about any object you can imagine. Go early in the morning if you want to beat the crowds.

All the Bulgakov’s fans should pay a visit to Patriarch’s Ponds (yup, that is plural). With a lovely small city park and the only one (!) pond in the middle, the location is where the opening scene of Bulgakov’s novel Master and Margarita was set. The novel is centered around a visit by Devil to the atheistic Soviet Union is considered by many critics to be one of the best novels of the 20th century. I spent great two hours strolling the nearby streets and having lunch in the hipster cafe.

Conclusion and Recommendations

To conclude, Moscow is a safe city to visit. I have never had a problem with getting around and most locals are really friendly once they know you’re a foreigner. Moscow has undergone some serious reconstruction over the last few years. So you can expect some places to be completely different. I hope my one week Moscow itinerary was helpful! If you have less time, say 4 days or 5 days, I would cut out day 6 and day 7. You could save the Golden Ring for a separate trip entirely as there’s lots to see!

What are your thoughts on this one week Moscow itinerary? Are you excited about your first time in the city? Let me know in the comments below!


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Russian Cuisine

10 Dishes You Must Try When Going To Moscow

train trips from moscow

15 Fantastic and Easy Day Trips Close to Moscow

weather in russia in may in celsius

When Is the Best Time To Visit Russia


chaperone a field trip

Ann Snook-Moreau

Moscow looks so beautiful and historic! Thanks for including public transit information for those of us who don’t like to rent cars.

chaperone a field trip


Yup, that is me 🙂 Rarely rent + stick to the metro = Full wallet!

chaperone a field trip

Mariella Blago

Looks like you had loads of fun! Well done. Also great value post for travel lovers.

Thanks, Mariella!

chaperone a field trip

I have always wanted to go to Russia, especially Moscow. These sights look absolutely beautiful to see and there is so much history there!

Agree! Moscow is a thousand-year-old city and there is definitely something for everyone.

chaperone a field trip

Tara Pittman

Those are amazing buildings. Looks like a place that would be amazing to visit.

chaperone a field trip

Adriana Lopez

Never been to Moscow or Russia but my family has. Many great spots and a lot of culture. Your itinerary sounds fantastic and covers a lot despite it is only a short period of time.

What was their favourite thing about Russia?

chaperone a field trip

Gladys Parker

I know very little about Moscow or Russia for the\at matter. I do know I would have to see the Red Square and all of its exquisite architectural masterpieces. Also the CATHEDRAL OF CHRIST THE SAVIOUR. Thanks for shedding some light on visiting Moscow.

Thanks for swinging by! The Red Square is a great starting point, but there way too many places and things to discover aside from it!

chaperone a field trip

Ruthy @ Percolate Kitchen

You are making me so jealous!! I’ve always wanted to see Russia.

chaperone a field trip

Moscow is in my bucket list, I don’t know when I can visit there, your post is really useful. As a culture rich place we need to spend at least week.

chaperone a field trip


Looks like you had a great trip! Thanks for all the great info! I’ve never been in to Russia, but this post makes me wanna go now!

chaperone a field trip

Wow this is amazing! Moscow is on my bucket list – such an amazing place to visit I can imagine! I can’t wait to go there one day!

chaperone a field trip

The building on the second picture looks familiar. I keep seeing that on TV.

chaperone a field trip

Reesa Lewandowski

What beautiful moments! I always wish I had the personality to travel more like this!

chaperone a field trip

Perfect itinerary for spending a week in Moscow! So many places to visit and it looks like you had a wonderful time. I would love to climb that tower. The views I am sure must have been amazing!

I was lucky enough to see the skyline of Moscow from this TV Tower and it is definitely mind-blowing.

chaperone a field trip

Chelsea Pearl

Moscow is definitely up there on my travel bucket list. So much history and iconic architecture!

Thumbs up! 🙂

chaperone a field trip

Blair Villanueva

OMG I dream to visit Moscow someday! Hope the visa processing would be okay (and become more affordable) so I could pursue my dream trip!

Yup, visa processing is the major downside! Agree! Time and the money consuming process…

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Moscow Vibes – Three Day City Escape

Duration 3 days

Price from USD $730 ? Currency Conversion Converted from USD based on the latest exchange rate. Final amount and payment will be in USD. Final conversion rate is determined by your bank.

Trip Style Sightseeing

Time of year All Year

Home / Moscow Tours / Moscow Vibes – Three Day City Escape

  • Dates & Prices

This short Moscow tour will give you a true taste of the history, culture and incomparable urban vibe that define one of the world’s largest metropolises. In just three days, this Moscow itinerary takes in all the most iconic sights of this attraction-packed destination. After two and half days getting acquainted with the city, we’ve set time aside for you to explore Moscow your way and discover your own favourite hang-outs in a city overflowing with hidden treasures

3-Day Moscow Tour Highlights:

  • Panoramic Tour of Moscow: See Moscow beyond the postcard images on a private excursion by car through the city streets including a drive along the banks of the Moskva River. Visit the famous Bolshoi Theatre, pass by Gorky Park and the Novodevichy Convent, and admire the city from on high at the Sparrow Hill observation platform.
  • Moscow Historical City Centre Guided Walking Tour : Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the world’s biggest metropolises and discover local haunts on foot, including the Red Square, the Kremlin and the multi-coloured domes of St Basil’s Cathedral.
  • Armory Chamber tour: Explore the endless treasures of this unique museum, displaying the wealth accumulated by Russian rulers from the 12th century until the October Revolution of 1917. Walking through the exhibition halls is a journey through the centuries.
  • Moscow Metro Tour : Go deep underground on a subway tour of the famous Moscow metro. The world’s deepest metro system is renowned for its palatial, art-adorned stations, complete with marble columns and chandeliers.

On your first day, you’ll be treated to a panoramic, drive-by tour of Moscow to get a feel for the immense scale of one of the world’s most rapidly developing urban centres. The city’s history unfolds in real-time as you pass lavish imperial mansions, solemn Soviet structures and luxurious modern shopping centres.

Day two kicks off exploring Moscow’s historic centre on foot, followed by a tour of the Kremlin, the seat of Russian power and political intrigue for centuries. Stand in the Red Square, surrounded by the stunning architecture as you hear stories of the people and events behind many of Moscow’s most iconic landmarks.

On your final day, we’ll head beneath the city for a tour of the Moscow Metro and its famously ornate underground stations. Art lovers should hit up one of Moscow’s many world-class galleries such as the Tretyakov State Gallery, the Pushkin Museum or Garage, Moscow’s cutting-edge contemporary art museum. History fans can follow a Soviet trail through the city including Stalin’s Bunker, while those seeking a more indulgent experience can browse trendy neighbourhoods like Kitay Gorod or shop for everything from fashion to kitsch souvenirs at the enchanting Izmaylovo Flea Market. Foodies can head to one of the countless speciality stores sampling vodka, caviar and chocolate.

If you only have a few days to spend in Moscow, this tour will ensure you make the most of your time in the city. Let the experts navigate you through this complex and occasionally overwhelming capital, giving you plenty of time to soak up the city’s most unmissable attractions.


Not Included


Action rating ?

Type of tour

3 days / 2 nights

Private - Any Date

Russia Moscow Tour

Day 1 Panoramic city tour

Welcome to the glorious capital of Russia, Moscow! You’ll be met by your driver at the airport and taken to your centrally located hotel.

After check-in and rest, meet your private guide at the hotel lobby for a comprehensive tour of Moscow by car. Visit the starkly contrasting Theatre Square to see the stunning Bolshoi Theatre, pass Tverskaya Street, the city’s main boulevard and home to the landmark Yeleseyevskiy Grocery Store.

You’ll enjoy a panoramic drive along the Moskva River, where a huge, controversial state of Peter the Great was erected. Pass by the legendary Gorky Park and the White House before a stop at the architecturally stunning Novodevichy Convent, and the observation platform at Sparrow Hills, for a bird’s eye view over this staggering megalopolis.

Day 2 Red Square and Kremlin

After breakfast at the hotel, your guide will take you on a walking tour of the historical city centre. Stroll through the Red Square, the hub of cultural life in Moscow, with its elaborate ‘stone flower’ fountain and fantasy-like St Basil’s Cathedral – a postcard-perfect symbol of the nation. Admire the grandiose façade of GUM, the city’s most luxurious shopping centre, and visit Alexander’s Garden, with its eternal flame and the chance to watch a changing of the guards.

Break for lunch before continuing on a tour of the Kremlin and Armoury Chamber, famous of its collection of tsarist fashion, with regalia such as jewel-encrusted crowns, orbs and sceptres as well as arms and armour, exotic gifts from the leaders of faraway lands, and an illustrious case of Imperial Faberge eggs.

As an option* spend an evening on a sumptuous dinner cruise, taking in the stunning sights and city lights of this mesmerising metropolis by night.

Day 3 Metro and Arbat Street

Start a day with a tour of Metro, stopping on the way to marvel at some of the most elaborately decorated stations of the world-famous Moscow subway system. Take a stroll along Old Arbat street - the most famous street in Moscow. Through the centuries Arbat used to be one of the most bohemian places in Moscow. Today Arbat is a promenade full of small cozy cafes and street life.

The afternoon is free for you to either enjoy the rest of the day on your own or choose among optional excursions to explore more of Moscow. Visit the Tretyakov Gallery or Pushkin State Museum to admire Russian art. Join locals for a stroll at the Gorky or VDNH park.

Visit beautiful Kolomeskoye Estate or Izmailovo Kremlin, or spend a day exploring the beautiful city of the Golden Ring (Russian province) - Sergiev Posad. In the evening you will be transferred to the airport for your departure to your next destination.

chaperone a field trip

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Russian visa support document

Travel insurance

Russian visa and visa fees. Russian visa can be arranged by 56th Parallel for an additional cost (for Australian citizens only). Apply for concierge visa service here .

Optional excursions/activities

*Private tour. Price is per person, based on min 2 people

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Destination Specialists

Our team offers over 18 years of experience travelling and planning travel in Russia. Delivering outstanding travel experiences in Russia’s capitals and in some of the most stunning & remote locations takes experience, special access and the right connections. We make sure that all the fine details are handled perfectly so you can enjoy your Russia travel experience.

chaperone a field trip

Group & Private Tours

The choice to join a small group on a guaranteed departure or chose to travel on your own dates with your own mates. Each destination we travel to in Russia offers an option between private tours and small group tours. Please note: on our adventure tours in remote destinations, we mostly run group tours to keep the cost down.

chaperone a field trip

Bonded & Licensed

56th Parallel is a fully licensed, insured and accredited travel provider.

chaperone a field trip

From USD $730

Day 1: Panoramic city tour

Day 2: red square and kremlin, day 3: metro and arbat street, not included, start planning your tour.

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    An ideal field trip chaperone meets the majority of the criteria below. 1. DO spread out from the other parents. The main reason teachers ask for parent chaperones on a field trip is for safety. If all parents clump together at the back of the group to chat with each other, you can't help with crowd control and supervise student behavior, which ...

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    Field Trip Chaperone Responsibilities Introduction The duties and responsibilities of a chaperone are vital to the success of any trip. As a chaperone, your primary responsibility is to help the staff ensure the safety of the students.

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    Stay at least 15 feet away from all animals. Respect plants. Do not pick sea oats or break leaves off plants. Stay on marked paths and sidewalks so that plants do net get trampled. Respect other visitors. Just as in the classroom, yelling, running, throwing objects, and derogatory remarks are unacceptable. Respect each other.

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    3-Day Moscow Tour Highlights: Panoramic Tour of Moscow: See Moscow beyond the postcard images on a private excursion by car through the city streets including a drive along the banks of the Moskva River. Visit the famous Bolshoi Theatre, pass by Gorky Park and the Novodevichy Convent, and admire the city from on high at the Sparrow Hill ...

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