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If you opt not to ride you can stay aboard for the scenic morning cruise or join Sergio for a guided tour by bus. Either way the ship spends late afternoons docked at a fascinating port before traveling up to 150 miles overnight to reach our following day’s adventure.

Imagine the convenience, security, and comfort of returning to the same 5-star resort after each day’s ride, and the excitement of exploring an entirely new region the following day.

cruise on bike

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Where to Ride: How to take your bicycle on a cruise ship

can you take a bicycle on a cruise ship

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For years, I’ve wanted to bring a bike on a cruise. We’ve done a lot of cruises over the years, but at every port it’s the same thing – crappy tourist-trap shack villages selling trinkets and trash, or excursions that stick you on a bus ride for an all-too-short experience before whisking you back to the cruise port, where you’re funneled back through the maze of vendors.

But with a bike, I thought, maybe we could explore more of an island. See stuff from a local level. Catch the nuances of a place missed from a bus window at 60mph. That was our goal on a recent Western Caribbean cruise, and our friends at Oyama thought they’d help out with bikes. Here’s how it went, and what you need to know before you try to take a bike on just any cruise line…

Exploring beyond the cruise port

cruise on bike

Never been on a cruise? Lemme paint the picture for you: You walk off the ship, you’re funneled into a shanty town of tents filled with shells, shirts and sh… you don’t need. What I really want to is to get past it all, and far from it, to see more of the destination’s local flavor. Thanks to Oyama, Kristi and I finally got that chance.

We took a Western Caribbean cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines with stops at Key West, Grand Bahama and Nassau. At Canaveral’s departure port, we folded the bikes, left them and our luggage with the porter, and boarded. Champagne time!

Port #1 – Key West

where to ride bicycles in key west florida

Key West, Florida, is a fun stop with a bike. There’s a lot of great stuff to see that’s not on Duval Street, which is the main tourist drag full of chintzy T-shirt shops and tourist traps like Margaritaville.

cruise on bike

Venture off a few blocks and you can get local tips from Eaton Bicycles , where our friend Chris has all the high end stuff and intel on group rides for serious cyclists. They also stock a fleet of well-maintained beach cruiser rentals, not to mention one of the coolest cycling jerseys we’ve seen. Grab your handlebar-mounted coozy and turn the corner to…

cruise on bike

Cuban Coffee Queen has, hands down, the very best iced coffee in Key West. They also have an amazing sandwich menu, perfect for refreshing/energizing and packing a sando for a picnic lunch somewhere.

where to eat local seafood in key west

If you’re craving seafood, Bo’s Fish Wagon  (above) is close by and gives you that island “shack” vibe while still serving up decent grub. Also worth noting is Blue Heaven , where you can watch the roosters and baby chicks scramble underfoot while dining al fresco on giant blueberry pancakes.

key west rooster

Speaking of roosters, the “Key West Rooster” is, well, I was going to say one of the most colorful characters in town. But that’s a disservice to plenty of locals…like Captain Outrageous, who paints many of the bikes-turned-fixtures around town. Let’s just say they’re everywhere, and they’re ( sort of ) protected.

cruise on bike

Ev. Ree. Where.

By getting off the beaten (tourist) path on various trips to Key West, we’ve been able to explore the West Martello Gardens & Fort , participate in a 0k run (yes, you get a T-shirt) across the shortest bridge on the island, and hit Sandy’s Cafe for Cuban/Mexican food (cash only). Or El Siboney for even better Cuban food. How do we know these are good? Because they’ve actually been around for more than a couple years…they’re staples of the “Conch Republic”. And we’ve eaten at all of them. End the day with drinks at Ocean Key for a front row seat to the sunset…just make sure you get back to the ship in time!

Port #2 – Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama made the bringing-of-bikes decision completely worthwhile. The cruise port is situated far from anything “local”. Or interesting. We covered 20+ miles on this day, finding hidden paths that led to pristine beaches with ultra clear water.

cruise on bike

See this? Up above? This is not Grand Bahama. This is an artificial tent city with stuff you don’t need. The same stuff you don’t need that you can buy at the next port. And the next. And the next. Maybe just with a different island’s name screen printed on it.

hidden path to the beach in grand bahama

But this? This path here? With that brilliant azure water next to it? That’s something we found about 8 miles away by exploring backroads in the general direction of the beach. Sure, Google Maps helps (and you can download regions and store them on your phone in advance so you won’t need connectivity…though data service was good at all of these places). But sometimes it’s worth taking that secret path through the trees to see where it goes.

cruise on bike

Sometimes you’re rewarded with this. And this makes it all worthwhile.

cruise on bike

It gets even better when you see locals plucking conch straight from the ocean…

cruise on bike

…then see where they’re taking it…

toads on the bay fried conch in grand bahama

…then have them fry up the biggest basket of conch and conch fritters you’ve ever had. Throw in cheap, ice-cold local beers, friendly chit chat, and gorgeous views and you have a winner. Go ahead and Google Map Toads on the Bay , Grand Bahama, and you’ll see why the best way to get here is by bike.

cruise on bike

There’s quite a few conch stands and food shacks along that beachside road. Take your pick, dip your toes, then roll back to the boat for free drinks (see notes at bottom of post to score those).

Port #3 – Nassau

cruise on bike

Nassau is another stop Kristi and I have been to several times before. There are actually quite a few things you can walk to (the National Art Gallery, John Watling’s rum distillery, Queen’s Staircase). But first you’ve got to get through the “Straw Market”, which is almost a maze, and which opens up to streets of more tourist craps, er, traps. Seriously, just say no to Señor Frogs, mmmkay?

ride your bike to fort montague in nassau

The cool thing about the port is that, to exit with your bike, you have to get a (free) customs inspection. Which means a free sticker. And you definitely need to get it, because you’ll need to show that to bring the bike back through port security to get back on the ship. Great souvenir!

cruise on bike

Once out, note the traffic patterns and left lane driving, then head east to Fort Montagu . It’s tiny, and it costs a couple dollars to enter, but you may see some small locals hanging out in what was a pirate prison cell. The rusted cannon mounts show how they would swivel to aim, and how the ramps allowed them to recoil, then roll right back down into position.

Outside in the parking lot, you’ll like find street vendors hawking fried seafood and a local rum drink called Sky Juice. It’s basically rum and fresh coconut water. If you don’t see them tapping the coconuts right there, move along.

cruise on bike

Bicycles are the perfect way to see more of an area with the added bonus of being able to stop wherever you want. Need a second Sky Juice? No problem. Well, actually, you might have a problem. But I’m not judging.

The one caveat is to keep your wits about you. We looped back westward on backroads, through neighborhoods, and had myriad route options. Some of those options looked a little rough, so we asked and were given some recommended safer routes. Remember, you’re the guest here, and outside of the tourist areas, may not always be as welcome. By and large, though, everyone we met was extremely friendly and engaging.

cruise on bike

West of the cruise port is Junkanoo beach. Which is easily walkable, but bikes will get you there faster, helping make time for visits to the distillery and art gallery, too. We did a big loop of all that, then worked our way up and down the beachside food shacks. Beyond them is a row of restaurants with largely interchangeable menus, but depending on the season and time of day, how many are actually open varies. We grabbed conch fritters from one, snacks and beer from another, and found a seat.

junkanoo beach best food stands are the ones that are open

It’s kinda hard to go wrong. But it is hard to go fast. None of the spots move with a quickness, so grab some drinks and enjoy the view…

cruise on bike

Despite being almost adjacent to the port, Junkanoo Beach is rarely packed. It’s just far enough that most people won’t make the walk, but too close to be a good Cruise Excursion. There’s a good chance you could have it mostly to yourselves.

cruise on bike

From there, it’s an easy cruise back to the ship. Dockside, you’ll find locals pulling up in their boats with a fresh haul of shells and such. Just do your research ahead of time, we’re not sure how Customs & Border Patrol will feel about these things being brought back into the U.S. But they are pretty to look at!

About the Oyama bikes…

cruise on bike

Why Oyama? There are a few reasons we partnered with them to make this happen, and in full disclosure, they helped pay for this trip and donated the bikes. First, they have a history of making dependable, well-featured folding bikes since 1966. Second, they have a huge range, so we could pick the right size bike for this type of adventure…and size matters.

can you fit an oyama folding bicycle behind the seats in a minivan

First, you have to get the bikes to the ship. Both bikes easily fit inside the trunk space of our 2008 Toyota Sienna minivan, with room for other essentials and gear.

will a bike fit inside a cruise ship stateroom or cabin

Cruise ship cabins are small, especially if you opt for the interior rooms with no balcony, which is what we usually choose because, really, we’re not spending much time in them. The 20″ wheel is a happy medium between comfortable ride quality and cruising speed and being small enough to maneuver in and out of the rooms.

oyama skyline 7i internally geared belt drive folding bicycle review and tech features

We chose the Oyama Skyline in7B, whose name indicates an in ternally geared 7 -speed Shimano Nexus hub and B elt drive. That combination provided a reasonably good gear range for tackling rolling hills (or headwinds) but with no exposed gears, chain or grease. That’s huge when stuffing a bike next to clothes, bedsheets, etc. And when exposing it to salt air. Everything stays perfectly clean and rust free.

what is the best folding bike to take on a cruise ship

Two more features stand out about this model: It has a lightweight alloy frame, and it comes with fenders and a rear rack with integrated bungie strap. All for $799, a pretty good deal for a bike with CNC’d folding and locking mechanisms that should last a long time.

cruise on bike

The bikes use a telescoping steerer tube, adjustable handlebar tilt, and have really long seat posts. So, they can be made to fit a wide range of riders, too.

Opening them up to ride is quick and easy. Folding them down is fairly quick, but folding them down perfectly  is a bit more of an art. It never took more than a couple minutes, but we had to learn how to rotate and position the handlebars to get the magnets to make strong enough contact to keep it closed when carrying it in the folded position.

oyama skyline in7B folding bicycle review

The fenders slide out of alignment if it gets banged around, but they’re easy to slide back into position. If there were one upgrade I’d make on these, it’d be to have sturdier fenders, but that they’re included in the first place is a big win. Overall, the Skyline is a solid package with smart parts spec (Schwalbe Big Apple tires roll well and are tough to puncture). Its hard to imagine a better bike for such things without spending 2-3x more.

Which cruise lines allow bicycles?

Are you allowed to bring a bike onto a cruise ship? That depends on the cruise line, and the size of the bike. Here are the official written rules for the most popular North American cruise lines:

  • Disney – Disney cruise lines does NOT allow any type of bicycles or wheeled recreational equipment
  • Royal Caribbean – No bikes of any kind allowed
  • Norwegian – We tried calling NCL twice and no one seemed to be able to confirm if it is okay or not. They did say no electric bikes, but the list of things on their site that you cannot bring does not include folding bikes or regular bikes so it could be a go, but could be a risk. It worked for us. And pretty much every crew member that saw them was impressed with how small and cool they were.
  • Carnival – Regular bicycles are not allowed on Carnival ships, but folding bicycles with wheels less than 20″ are allowed only to be used in port. Meaning, you can’t ride them on the ship.

If you are bringing a bike, keep in mind that the private islands (like NCL’s Great Stirrup Cay) rarely have any paved paths or anything worth exploring by bike. We found that it made locations we’d been to several times before far more interesting when riding. And as the pictures suggest, we found better food and more interesting sites.

can i bring a bicycle on norwegian cruise lines

Bonus planning info

We cruised aboard NCL’s Sun. As of this post, Norwegian Sun 3-5 Day sailings since May 2018 provides all guests with complimentary beverages which include “designated spirits, cocktails, bottled beer, draft beer, and wines by the glass and unlimited fountain soda and juices at all bars, lounges, restaurants and Great Stirrup Cay.” So, if you’re buying the cruise and get to pick a free “bonus” item, choose something other than an upgraded drink package…unless you really want to pick and choose from the top shelf spirits.

When is the best time to go on a cruise?

As you may imagine, winter holidays like Christmas have much, much higher prices…sometimes 2x or more than summer cruises to warm locations. Our family travel philosophy is to always go to things in off-peak times, during the school year when possible, because it’s usually less expensive and less crowded. Spring Break tends to have mid-level prices, but can be crowded with young, drunken idiots (we’ve all been there).

Headed to the Bahamas or Mexico or surrounding areas? Plan on it being really hot when you land, but the wind at sea tends to keep it more tolerable. Short cruises are fun, but the ones with a full day at sea are a nice way to unplug and just relax.

In our experience, NCL tends to attract a slightly older 30+ crowd, but between Carnival, Royal Caribbean and NCL, prices are similar…just find the destinations and schedule you want. Disney is more expensive, but (from what we’ve heard, we haven’t cruised with them) caters really well to kids…just not to bikes.

' src data-src=

Tyler Benedict is the Founder of . He has been writing about the latest bikes, components, and cycling technology for almost two decades. Prior to that, Tyler launched and built multiple sports nutrition brands and consumer goods companies, mostly as an excuse to travel to killer riding locations throughout North America.

Based in North Carolina, Tyler loves family adventure travel and is always on the lookout for the next shiny new part to make his bikes faster and lighter.


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Great time to book a cruise, prices are low and the cruise salespeople really need it. Don’t forget the hand sanitizer.


Great time to book a cruise if you want to heavily pollute the atmosphere and the oceans and fuel the climate catastrophe. Shame on you for promoting such a dirty business.


Good timing for the article


I can’t tell if you are being serious or sarcastic. Late winter in the northern hemisphere after the holiday rush indicates the former, but Covid-19 indicates the latter.

Both, my friend. A dear friend of mine is a cruise salesman and could use the business. Toby at vacations to go.

The covid jab is just too obvious to pass up.


This is news? Out of a half a dozen cruises, I’ve never NOT taken a bike. I would never take a cruise without a bike!


Folding bikes or road/Gravel? Oceania?


I like this article, band hopefully more than 1 cruise line allows bike and only those UNDER 20″ wheel (so 16″ and lower?).

But I don’t have much hope for that. As the article shows, bikes allow one to easily get past the immediate port area. Given the kick-backs and relationships most cruise lines have with the the shops, they really don’t want their customers to have the ease of transport a bike provides.

Crash Bandicoot

Generally I’ve never felt like bicycle enthusiasts and people that enjoy cruise ships overlap. I’ve been riding and racing the last 15 years and can’t remember the last person I’ve ridden with who has taken a cruise. The main attraction, gorging yourself with exorbitant amounts of poorly made and unhealthy food, you’d think that cyclists would be all over that.

Jason Douglas Fife

I took my Ritchey breakaway on a Princess cruise 5 years ago. They didn’t have a problem with it, but getting it to shore via the tenders at a couple ports was a pain. My rides on the islands away from the touristy stuff were definitely a highlight!

David R.

Santana Adventures (division of Santana Bikes, tandem makers) runs cycling cruises that are AMAZING. And filled with cyclists. We took our singles to Viet Nam, riding and floating from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap, Cambodia, in the flow of Mekong traffic (98% 2-wheeled, between ferries), through sooo many tiny villages, into the hills and jungles of Cambodia, ending up on single track through the ruins around Angor Wat. Local guides really helped understand the history of the place, and where it is going now — deeply engaging. Amazing!!! And it’s just one of many they do in each year.

Tom R.

Interesting post and something I have thought about but not pursued in the past. Anyway, looks like Royal Caribbean’s FAQ show that they CAN make exceptions for sporting goods. From their site: :

“Exceptions can be made for the following sporting goods; however, the item must be stored in the guest’s stateroom and cannot be used onboard. – Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, Cricket Bats, and Golf clubs – Skateboards, Surfboards, and Bicycles”


Don’t cruise ships, more or less across the board, dump their waste into the ocean in an appalling manner? I thought that that was well-established. Better to do a biking trip instead and give the extra cash to Greenpeace. This really seems like a problematical article to me. I could envision the next in this new series of questionable endeavors – ‘Cruising the brothels of Bangkok with rental bikes’.

Kristi Benedict

Though it might have been something they did in the past, Cruise ships do not dump their waste in the ocean. They are prohibited from doing so and actually recycle better than any hotel because they have limited space and have to be efficient in how they handle everything.

Tobi Chism

The person that said cruise ships dump waste is incorrect! That stopped at least 15 to 20 years ago! Nothing is dumped in the ocean that you or I couldn’t drink or eat. It is all recycled now! But you are correct it hasn’t always been this way!

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The 12 Best Cruiser Bikes

For traversing state parks or taking a spin down the boardwalk..

Portrait of Katherine Gillespie

In this article

  • Best overall
  • Best electric
  • Best contemporary
  • Best rust-resistant
  • Best customizable
  • Best for the bar crawl
  • Best for island time

Spring cycling season is approaching, and the most fun way to enjoy it is on the wide, comfy seat of a cruiser bike. With their coaster brakes and wide handlebars, beach cruisers are intuitive and enjoyable to ride — designed for leisure more than for commuting. Ideal for farmer’s-market trips and bar crawls, they suit casual or anxious cyclists who don’t want or need to invest in high-maintenance hybrid bikes. Nostalgic in look, they come in endless colors and customization options — but if you don’t love a retro aesthetic, many newer brands tone down the ’50s schtick and add modern conveniences like handbrakes, gears, and pedal assist . (If you’re skeptical that a cruiser could, for example, get someone around New York City, consider that 20,000 of them are currently doing just that as part of the Citi Bike program.) Below, find the best cruiser bikes, according to veterans of boardwalks and beach resorts across the country as well as a few inland enthusiasts. While you’re here, I’ve also written guides to the best bicycle helmets for kids and adults .

What we’re looking for

Beach-cruiser bike frames are typically made from either steel or aluminum, the latter being lighter and more durable, albeit pricier. The difference between the two is weight, says Lee Oldak, owner of Amagansett Beach and Bicycle Company , and the fact that aluminum won’t rust quite as quickly. Whatever they’re made from, the best cruiser bikes have a stretched-out, step-through geometry that allows the rider to assume an upright position, or even lean back as they pedal. “Which is a lot more comfortable for your knees and allows you to touch the ground more easily,” says Chelsea Kulp of Long Beach Island’s Shore Brake Cyclery . She adds that riders who haven’t been on a bike for a long time will feel more confident on cruisers.

A poorly designed cruiser bike will have a cramped frame and cheap parts that rust and rattle. For that reason, the experts I spoke with suggested avoiding mass-produced cruisers from brands like Huffy, which Kulp says have a smaller frame that will provide a less relaxed ride. They’re somewhat disposable, being only “meant to last 30 or 40 miles in their entire lifespan.” Rockaway Beach Cycles co-owner Marjorie Grassini agrees: “Those are the ones people end up putting the most money into. They could have had a beautiful, brand-new bike for the same price.”

Classic beach cruisers are single-speed. While this might mean some occasional huffing and puffing, the trade-off is basically never having to service the bike or think much while riding it. Even so, most manufacturers will now allow you to upgrade their cruisers to either three-speed or seven-speed gear systems. Several experts suggested that a few gears are worth the investment if you don’t live in a totally flat area. “People are not keen on going for a single speed unless they’re really quite young,” says Rocky Wood of Bike Palm Springs . “Three to seven gears go a long way, there’s less resistance, and you can cover more ground. It’s a nice plus.” What you choose will ultimately depend on your lifestyle and budget.

Another trademark of beach cruisers is coaster brakes, which require pedaling backwards to stop. Whether or not you’re down to coast is “definitely a generational thing,” according to Wood. “It comes down to how you learned to ride a bike and whether you grew up with a coaster brake — those people tend to stick to that style.” He personally finds it much safer to have two hand brakes on his cruisers, and most of the cruiser bikes recommended here do offer coaster brakes as standard, with hand brakes available as an upgrade. If you’re looking for anything more advanced, a cruiser might not be for you. And keep in mind that the more moving parts a bike has, the more maintenance and know-how is required — which doesn’t necessarily fit into the beach-bum lifestyle. “Some hybrid bikes will have hydraulic brakes, but typically not cruisers, which are oriented towards people not maintaining them,” Kulp explains.

Best cruiser bike overall

Electra Townie Original 7D

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: Seven-speed | Brakes: Hand brakes

Californian brand Electra kicked off a beach-cruiser movement in the late 1990s when it started manufacturing fat-tire bikes that resembled vintage Schwinns. “They came out with these beautiful bikes, beautifully engineered and painted really nice,” recalls Brad K. Evans, founder of  Bike City Mag  and the weekly bar-crawl ride Denver Cruisers, who became a “cruiser guy” during this era. Oldak explains that the Townie is beloved for its clever foot-forward design that’s easily spotted all over the Hamptons. “Typically on a bike you’d have the seat up far enough that there’s only a slight bend in your legs, and you can’t quite touch the ground,” he says. “On the Townie, the seat is positioned behind the pedals so when you’re resting, your feet are flat on the ground.” More of a contemporary cruiser, Townies come with seven-speed Shimano shift gears, as well as pull brakes on both handlebars. I tried one out at my local bike store and found it was as comfortable to ride as it was cute to look at. Compared to a heavier steel frame, the aluminum fork was lightweight yet sturdy and made the bike feel surprisingly nimble. These quintessentially SoCal bikes are the best overall choice for anyone serious about adopting the (extremely unserious) beach-cruiser lifestyle. (Which might explain why they’re the No. 1 selling cruisers at Amagansett Beach and Bicycle and available to guests at both the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach and Hyatt Regency Newport Beach.)

Best less-expensive cruiser bike

Sixthreezero Around The Block Womens Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Frame: Steel | Gears: Single-, three-, seven-, and 21- speed | Brakes: Coaster brake

Sixthreezero’s Instagram-ready cruisers are relatively affordable and come recommended by Hayley Shaw, co-owner of Newport Beach Bike Rentals . The store’s entire fleet is made up of these cheap and cheerful cruisers, which look great in vacation photos (hers is teal blue). They “have a fabulous crank,” she says of the bikes, meaning you can go farther. Though not as high-end as Electra cruisers, Shaw’s rental bikes have held up well to daily use on flat (yet sometimes rather sandy) bike paths: “Our first fleet lasted about three years. No maintenance , just some oil on the chain, fill up the tires , and wipe her down.” She adds that the bikes, which can be customized up to 21-speed, are surprisingly rust-resistant.

Best electric cruiser bike

Retrospec Beaumont Rev Electric City Bike

Frame: Steel | Gears: Seven-speed | Brakes: Hand brakes

If you have bad knees or plan on biking off-boardwalk, a pedal-assisted cruiser bike might help. Alix Umen, co-owner of the Starlite Motel in Kerhonkson, New York, fell in love with Retrospec’s Beaumont electric cruiser while on a beach vacation — so she ended up purchasing a fleet for guests to use when exploring state parks and swimming holes. The bike’s battery is discreet, and its aesthetic is still “modern retro” enough to match the motel’s lovingly restored rooms. Plus, the pedal assist comes in handy on rail trails and back roads. Umen was a newbie to electric bikes and says Retrospec’s ones are great for beginners. “There’s not much to it, and the batteries charge in a couple of hours. I’m totally obsessed with them now.” She notes that the bikes have luggage racks that make it easy to haul a suitcase — or packed picnic — around.

Best colorful cruiser bike

Retrospec Chatham Beach Cruiser Bike

Frame: Steel | Gears: Single-speed | Brakes: Coaster brake

Several experts mentioned Retrospec’s relatively affordable nonelectric cruiser bikes. They’re a best seller at Rockaway Beach Cycles, as well as the stars of the store’s rental fleet. Grassini explains that customers are immediately drawn to the brand’s vintage styling and enjoy customizing their rides with baskets , banana seats , and other accessories. “We get people who come in here and fall in love with the color of a bike,” she adds. “Especially one customer who buys everything red — we call him Mr. Red.”

Best fat tyre cruiser bike

Retrospec Chatham Plus Aluminum Beach Cruiser Bike - Step Through Single Speed

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: Single-speed | Brakes: Coaster brake

Retrospec’s attractive beach cruisers are also beloved at Beachside Bike Rental in Redondo Beach, where owner Isaac Huerta says that their good looks always draw in customers. Aesthetics aside, “they’re super comfortable, especially as the seats are wide and cushioned.” He prefers the brand’s upgraded Chatham Plus bike to the entry-level model above, as it comes with wider tires and a lightweight aluminum frame as opposed to heavy steel. He also points out the bike does have stainless-steel spokes, which will hold up best against rust, and praises its no-slip grips and unusually solid kickstand. “The price is great for a very reliable bike,” he says. One note: Huerta has observed that some of Retrospec’s women’s cruiser bikes (notably in the pink colorway) lack a quick-release clamp on their seat posts. This means that you’ll need an Allen key to adjust the seat up and down, which is an inconvenience few riders will want to put up with. Luckily, he says, these quick-release clamps are affordable and easy to install yourself.

Best retro cruiser bike

Tuesday August 1

If you really want to lean into — or rather, lean back into — a vintage aesthetic, Tuesday’s bikes are the cruisers of choice at Bike Palm Springs , where they feature in photos backdropped by retro motels and pools once swum in by Frank Sinatra. “A lot of influencers have reached out to us because of the style of the bikes,” Wood says, adding that he’s noticed that the cruisers are mostly for tourists coming to explore architecture and see the sights. Still, when it comes to any bike, looks aren’t everything — and he’s found that the Tuesdays can withstand “a good amount of wear and tear,” as well as that punishing desert heat.

Best contemporary cruiser bike

Linus Dutchi 1

Californian brand Linus goes slightly more minimalist with its European-style Dutchi cruisers. While these bikes still have that sloping, step-through frame, their tubes are thinner and sleeker than those of other cruisers. The colors are a little more Pantone. “People see them and just want to ride,” says Matt Wright, general manager of the Skyview Los Alamos , Hotel Ynez Solvang , and the Granada Hotel in San Luis Obispo . Linus bikes are available to rent for guests who want to pedal their way around wine country at all three resorts, where they’re a hit. “People immediately start taking pictures before they go down the hill,” Wright adds. Speaking of hills, these cruisers can be upgraded to three-speed for added efficiency.

Best rust-resistant cruiser bike

Priority Coast

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: Three-speed | Brakes: Coaster and hand brake

Constructed from ultralight aluminum with sealed bearings to fend off salty air, the Priority Coast is a preppy cruiser that brings to mind coastal New England. You’ll find a fleet of these three-speed bikes at the White Elephant hotel in Nantucket’s historic downtown, where they’re beloved by staff and guests alike. “They don’t have a chain, they have a belt — so they’re just very easy to maintain with not a lot of parts,” explains the hotel’s managing director Bettina Landt. “I’ve never seen any of them rust, and rust is one of our biggest enemies on the island.” She says guests love the nostalgia of pedaling the bikes around cobbled beach paths at their own pace: “It’s not for the avid biker, necessarily, it’s more that leisurely cruise.”

Best customizable cruiser bike

Vivelo La Donna

Frame: Aluminum | Gears: Three- and seven- speed | Brakes: Coaster and hand brake

Vivelo’s La Donna is deliberately eye-catching. Think Miami’s Wynwood Walls but in bike form. Fully customizable, from the fork to the rims, these rainbow-hued bikes are handcrafted in the Florida capital’s art district by a small and dedicated team. Hudson Yards–based influencer Diana Ossers received hers as a gift from her husband, who customized it in her favorite colors and even had the company engrave their anniversary date on the bike’s frame. She says that her cruiser sparks constant compliments and conversations when she takes it down the West Side Highway or pedals to the flower market. “It’s an attention bike. Everyone looks at you.”

Best cruiser bike for the boardwalk

Solé The Dutch Step Through

Frame: Steel | Gears: Single speed | Brakes: Coaster brake

During a two-year stint living in Venice Beach, lifestyle blogger Kat Jamieson couldn’t help but notice that all the locals were getting around “on these amazing Solé cruiser bikes,” which feature a Dutch-style step-through frame that’s a little more subtle in its retro stylings. She picked one up for herself to explore her new neighborhood, often encountering the company’s founders (a group of “down-to-earth Californian guys”) when pedaling around. “I was looking for a neutral color, a beach cruiser I could ride on the boardwalk at night and to the beach during the day,” she says. “The style, the quality, the price was right.” Jamieson has since moved to Connecticut, and her Solé bike came too — she recently purchased one for her husband too.

Best cruiser bike for the bar crawl

Huntington Beach Bicycle Company Cruiser

Evans has quite the collection of single-speed bikes, but he says his favorite is this “old-school” cruiser. He’ll take his out on Thursday-night social rides in Denver, and loves the bike for its combination of functionality and classic, slightly rockabilly good looks. “It’s super retro [with] the arched dual crossbar,” he says. “It’s affordable, really sturdy, and easy to ride — feels like an old bike, but it’s brand-new.” In his past life as a bike-shop owner, he says he sold hundreds of Huntington cruisers “because they’re so slick and cheap.” You can expect your Huntington Beach bike to last a while, and should any maintenance or repairs eventually be required, Evans adds that the cost of parts is reasonable.

Best cruiser bike for island time

Sun Bicycles Retro CB

Frame: Steel frame | Gears: Single speed | Brakes: Coaster brake

If you’re taking your beach cruiser to, well, the beach, Sun bikes was a brand mentioned by all the boardwalk experts we spoke with. “They’re built for a salt environment,” says Kulp of the “very traditional-style cruiser.” Sun’s cruisers are “really, really well-built bikes,” agrees Rocio Cabas of Blazing Saddles Bike Rentals and Tours on Governors Island. “They just last.” Sun-cruiser bikes are popular in Key West, where Eaton Bikes owner Chris Wild says they are the “mainstay” of his sales. “They come in gear options and lots of colors, a lot of which look and feel very tropical,” he says. “We sold three just today.”

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Our experts

• Rocio Cabas, manager, Blazing Saddles Bike Rentals and Tours • Brad K. Evans, founder, Denver Rides and Bike City Mag • Marjorie Grassini, co-owner, Rockaway Beach Cycles • Isaac Huerta, owner, Beachside Bike Rental Redondo Beach • Kat Jamieson, lifestyle blogger and influencer • Chelsea Kulp, co-owner, Shore Brake Cyclery • Bettina Landt, managing director, White Elephant Nantucket • Lee Oldak, owner, Amagansett Beach and Bicycle Company • Diana Ossers, lifestyle blogger and influencer • Hayley Shaw, co-owner, Newport Beach Bike Rentals • Alix Umen, co-owner, Starlite Motel • Chris Wild, owner, Eaton Bikes • Rocky Wood, owner, Bike Palm Springs • Matt Wright, general manager, Skyview Los Alamos , Hotel Ynez Solvang , Granada Hotel San Luis Obispo

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57   Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

  • Based on reviews from 70 experts and 13,516 users
  • Learn how the BikeRide Score works and see our guide to beach cruiser bikes
  • Updated April 2024

cruise on bike

The BikeRide Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Cruiser

Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

What is a Beach Cruiser?

Locals only – are they just for the beach, bike from the past, geometry and ride style, frame materials.

  • Components – Handlebars to Eyelets
  • Fenders, Accessories & Lights

Step-Over and Step-Through

Types of beach cruiser, related cruiser types, direct sales vs. local bike shop, get some sand between your spokes, further reading and useful links.

The beach cruiser is a simple, stylish bike for the unrushed rider. Sometimes simply known as a ‘cruiser’, these bikes rock sweeping lines and wide balloon tires for comfort. There’s no question that the beach cruiser is one of the best looking types of bike out there.

Beach cruisers put the rider in a relaxed position, sitting upright with arms extended. Handlebars are wide for casual steering. On most cruisers, your legs will be stretched ahead of you, as the crank and pedals sit in front of the seat. You’ll never be hunched over the handlebars, with your derriere higher than your head.

Most models have one speed. When it comes to gears, single is simple. This keeps maintenance and adjustments to an absolute minimum. Beach cruisers are heavy, so they’re geared with an easy-going ratio for laid-back rolling down the boardwalk and beach-side path. This isn’t the bike for speed demons. Most specimens are made from hi-tensile steel, which is resilient, sturdy and repairable. But not light.

The beach cruiser suits relaxed and casual cyclists, infrequent riders, seniors and vacationers. Ungeared options suit flatlands and the coastal, beach-side life. They’re an incredibly popular choice for a simple, comfortable bike .

Beach cruisers were adopted by Southern Californians and other coastal residents in the 1970s. Delicate 10-speed road bikes tended to ‘harsh one’s mellow’ amidst this slow-burn lifestyle. At the beach, cyclists seek comfort and durability in a bike that can handle a sandy boardwalk and short, flat rides.

Enter balloon tires. At low pressures, they provide a level of comfort that is only now being discovered by mountain and road cyclists. Wide tires easily handle sandy paths and boardwalks.

Beach cruisers are usually heavy and stable. They’re not built for speed or long distance riding, but they can easily cut through a vacant lot or unkempt back-alley to pick up some corner-store groceries and a 40oz. Your cruiser is not just confined to the beach.

If you like to roll easy and look good doing it, you can’t lose cruising.

Where did the beach cruiser come from? How did these big, slow, flashy vehicles evolve to become the United States’ most iconic bike? And how did those distinctive, flowing frames come to be? The beach cruiser’s past can be traced back to the cruisers of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. We can already see the genre’s distinctively wide, swept-back handlebars and humped top-tube in the 1924 Mead Ranger.

cruise on bike

In the depression-era 1930s, bicycles were seen as a luxury. With this in mind, manufacturers switched to constructing simple, durable models that wouldn’t beg for spare parts at a time when materials were scarce. Aesthetically, these bikes took on the flowing curvature that was popular in this heyday of Art Deco design.

This style of bike gained popularity from the 1930s through to the postwar 1950s. In 1933, Frank W. Schwinn released the B10E Motobike (which didn’t feature an engine). The ‘B’ referred to the bike’s ‘balloon’ tires. These large, comfortable tires measured around 2.125” wide and had just reached U.S. shores from Europe in the preceding couple of years.

With the onset of the 1950s, European trends influenced U.S. tastes. This resulted in an increase in popularity of the 10-speed racer and lighter bikes with narrower tires and thinner tubing. The bike that would come to be known as the ‘cruiser’, would fall by the wayside.

However, in this era, paperboys and couriers noticed the reliability and simplicity of these older bikes. For rolling around flat suburban blocks and level city streets, they served their purpose well.

They also came to the attention of another subculture. Surfers and beach bums noticed that these low-maintentance machines were perfect for cruising flatland roads and boardwalks on their way to the beach. Fat tires allowed these bikes to roll on firm, shallow sand. And hey, secondhand specimens were cheap and easy to find.

In 1973 at age 20, Larry McNeely opened his second Recycled Cycles franchise store in Newport Beach, California. McNeely and his father restored 1940s and 50s single-speed, balloon-tire bikes. McNeely noticed that people in Huntington Beach and Newport were only riding their bikes for short distances, “…so we promoted the beach cruiser under the comfort, durability and nostalgia aspects, and that’s when it took off.”

McNeely and his father built these bikes by hand, using backswept touring handlebars for an upright seating position. Original saddles were swapped out for wide, cushioned options. Vintage details included matching fenders and bold color choices. Recycled Cycles couldn’t keep up with demand.

McNeely recalls a conversation with a customer from this time. “Yeah, it’s my bay cruiser”, she told him, “I can take my surfboard, go down to the beach, throw this bike down in the sand, go surfing, come back, and it’s still gonna be there…”

“And I thought, ‘Bay cruiser, huh?’ That’s clever. Beach cruiser!”.

In 1976, McNeely trademarked the name “California Beach Cruiser” and thus was born the bike we know today.

Picking up on the trend, the Schwinn corporation quickly released the “Schwinn Cruiser” in 1977, followed by a court case and settlement with McNeely. Other companies, such as Huffy, jumped on board and caught the wave. Versions of some of the first models are still being made today.

During the 1990s slacker renaissance, beach cruisers enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, which hasn’t waned. This gives the current-day beach cruiser buyer a wide range of options, from brands both big and small. To this day, beach cruisers are the stylish, no-frills, low-cost alternative. Rock-solid, carefree options are still out there, if you know what to look for.

Beach cruiser geometry is chill. You’ll find cruisers and road bikes at opposite ends of the comfort spectrum, with cruisers sporting a relaxed and upright seating position.

On beach cruisers, you sit back with arms outstretched and hands above the height of your saddle. Visibility is excellent, allowing you to see the path ahead.

Swept-back handlebars ensure that steering is comfortable, but slow. They place the rider in an ergonomic position, allowing wrists to bend at a more natural angle. The result is a casual steering style that feels free and easy, but won’t see you whipping through alpine hairpin bends.

Beach cruisers have a long wheelbase, keeping them stable. A long top-tube keeps arms extended, while long chainstays result in a grounded bike and slower acceleration.

Head Tube Angle

A relaxed head tube angle of around 69° to 70° results in relaxed steering. It also contributes to less weight being placed over the front wheel, which is only a problem if you’re attempting a lot of climbs. On a cruiser, this probably isn’t the case.

Seat Tube Angle

At around 67° (but as steep as 70°), a slack seat tube angle places the rider further toward the rear of the bike. With tall bars, riders are seated low and reaching high. With many cruisers; the bottom bracket, cranks and pedals are placed further ahead of the saddle than is the case with most bike types. This means that riders stretch their legs forward when pedaling.

Bottom Bracket Height and Drop

Cruisers usually sit low to the ground, leaving less space between their bottom brackets and the ground, than on many other types of bike. This makes for a more stable ride, especially at slow speeds.

In combination with a slack seat tube angle, this makes it possible for some manufacturers to create cruiser models that allow the rider to plant both feet flat on the ground, while seated. This isn’t allowed by the geometry of most bikes.

On the other hand, this brings your pedals close to the ground on turns. Striking your pedals at speed can cause a crash. But let’s be honest, this usually happens when pedaling through turns at high speeds. And those who cruise, usually coast through bends. So this isn’t a downside or safety issue.

Fork ‘Trail’

The fork on your cruiser bike is almost always curved. If not, a straight cruiser fork is usually situated to place it at a similar distance and angle from the head tube. This results in a lot of rake and loads of what is known as ‘trail’. Basically, your steering is slow and casual, just how you want it.

No twitchiness here.

Low Standover

This is one of the build characteristics that makes a beach cruiser so suited to the casual cyclist . It is especially easy to swing a leg over a step-through cruiser frame. But even on a step-over cruiser, there is plenty of room for a rider to stand over the top-tube, with clearance between the bike’s frame and their crotch.

This makes it easy to stop and start, especially at traffic lights or when it’s important to bring the bike to a stable stop. With their low seat and standover heights, beach cruisers can be some of the safest types of bike to ride.

Most beach cruiser frames are steel. They always have been. It’s the classic choice due to its durability, comfort and ability to be repaired. On the downside, it’s heavier than aluminum. It’s also less rust-resistant, unless it’s received a coating (such as electrophoretic deposition ). This is definitely something to consider when riding beachside.

There are two main types of steel that you’ll find on beach cruiser frames, and there are important differences between them.

Hi-Tensile Otherwise known as ‘hi-ten’, this is the steel used to make a great majority of beach cruiser frames. It’s a low-cost option for a frame that can last a lifetime. But it is heavier and less shock-absorbent than chromoly. On a cruiser, this isn’t a great concern. The relative rigidity of hi-ten steel is offset by wide, low-pressure tires and sprung saddles.

Chromoly is a steel alloy that incorporates chromium and molybdenum. It’s also known as ‘cro-moly’, ‘cro-mo’ and by the numerical designation ‘4130’.

It’s relatively rare on new cruisers, but represents a lighter option, partially because it can be drawn into thinner tubing without compromising strength. This makes it more forgiving than hi-ten, over bumpy surfaces. Its strength can also lead to it being more durable.

But in the end, chromoly frames ask a higher price than hi-ten. Because cruisers are a casual ride, most buyers are happy to get by with the extra weight and lower price of hi-tensile steel. For the kind of riding you’ll do on these bikes, you may not notice the difference.

On beach cruisers, aluminum is rarer and costlier than hi-tensile steel. Nevertheless, it makes a lot of sense.

Aluminum is a lot more resistant to corrosion than any kind of steel. It’s also significantly lighter than a hi-tensile frame (and somewhat lighter than chromoly). This means you can have the classic long, flowing framework found on traditional cruisers, without the weight penalty.

Some geared cruisers use aluminum to offset the weight of gearing components.

Titanium is an expensive, light, durable and shock-absorbent metal that is almost rust-resistant.

When you want a simple and low-cost bike, titanium is probably the last material you’ll think of.

The best beach cruiser might be the one that’s ignored by thieves.

Even on the highest-end mountain and road bikes, titanium is boutique. But if you have deep pockets and want a nigh-indestructible bike that won’t rust, you can find yourself a titanium beach cruiser.

If you find yourself drifting in the direction of natural materials, it’s possible to buy yourself a beautiful, wooden beach cruiser. At the date of writing, there only appears to be one production model on the market, available in either Redwood or Ash. At 28.7 lbs, it isn’t even that heavy.

Sure, it looks great and is undeniably unique. But it’ll cost you a pretty penny.

Swept-back handlebars are one of the signature characteristics of beach cruisers. Not every model uses them (see the high-performance titanium cruiser, above), but a great majority do. These handlebars employ a large degree of ‘backsweep’, setting riders’ wrists at a relaxed horizontal or vertical position (such as on ‘North Road’ style bars). This gives you the feeling of steering an unrushed bus.

Backsweep also ensures that you have infinite room for a basket or anything placed on a rack; be it a crate, box or your double-dinked friend.

Cruiser bars are very wide, often measuring between 24 to 30 inches from tip to tip. If you read our section on beach cruiser fork geometry (above), you’ll see that cruisers are ‘high-trail’ bikes, with heavily raked forks. That is to say, the fork sticks out in front of the head tube. This means that your fork can easily flop around from side to side. The way to counter this is with leverage – and the way to gain leverage is with… handlebar width!

Cruiser bars have a decent amount of rise, varying from a couple of inches to the dramatic ‘ape-hanger’ bars found on some custom ‘choppers’ and lowriders.

Dramatic rise doesn’t really help on climbs, as it results in your weight being set lower and further back.

A couple to a few inches of rise places you in a comfortable, upright position with excellent visibility.

Cruiser bars are usually curved and are rarely flat or straight. On some urban cruisers, they might be more angular in shape, but are still bent for rise and sweep. Subsequently, they might not be the best for standing over on climbs.

One thing they ain’t, is racy. You won’t find drop bars on a cruiser and you won’t find yourself leaning over the bars.

On new bikes, most bars are steel. You can find lighter aluminum bars on higher-end, higher-priced models. They are also available as an aftermarket option.

Coaster Brakes

Coaster brakes are also known as ‘pedal brakes’. You might remember them from childhood, when simple bikes required you to push your pedals backwards to stop. There are no pads or discs and braking takes place largely within the wheel hub. Most coaster brakes provide somewhat inferior stopping power, compared to rim and disc brakes. But as with any other brakes, there is a wide range available in terms of quality and cost. Coaster brake hubs can also be combined with internal gearing.

Traditionally, beach cruisers use just one rear coaster brake. This is how the first cruisers were configured. It’s a good enough option for coastal, flatland riding and slow cruising. On its own, a coaster brake might not be practical or safe in hillier terrain or at higher speeds. Mashing a coaster can ‘cook’ the grease inside a coaster hub. The first mountain bikers had to repack this grease after every descent. A number of new models use a rear coaster brake with a front rim brake. This front brake is usually a V-brake. Sometimes, it’s a caliper.

  • Coaster hubs only require infrequent maintenance.
  • A coaster brake does not need cables or levers.
  • They give your cruiser a neat, clean appearance.


  • They can overheat on long, steep descents.
  • Coaster hubs may need repacking with grease.
  • There are more powerful options available.
  • Coaster brakes prohibit back-pedaling.
  • Bunny-hopping can be more difficult with a coaster brake.
  • A ‘reaction arm’ needs to be detached and reattached to remove and fit the rear wheel.

It’s common for new beach cruisers to use rim brakes. Some models come with a front rim and rear coaster. Other models, especially geared specimens, come with rim brakes front and back.

Linear-pull Brakes (or ‘V-brakes’) are a type of cantilever rim brake that uses a single cable and two arms. They fit well around fat balloon tires and are easily adjusted and maintained at home. That said, they can still be tricky to center. As far as cantilever brakes go, they’re powerful.

Caliper Brakes are also specced on some new cruisers. These attach to the frame or fork by a single bolt. They use curved arms, which must be long and wide enough to fit around your tires. For this reason, they are more suited to accommodating narrow to mid-width tires.

  • Easy to adjust.
  • Rim brakes lose some power in wet weather.
  • Winter braking wears down rims as grit and filth gets attracted to brake pads.

Drum Brakes

Some beach cruisers use drum brakes, but they’re more often found on European roadsters and utility bikes (where they’re sometimes called ‘roller brakes’ or ‘hub brakes’). Drum brakes use an internal hub, like coaster brakes, but are cable-actuated in the same way rim and disc brakes are. Drum brakes work by using a conventional brake lever and cable linked to a cam that presses brake shoes outward against the inside of a cylindrical drum, creating friction.

Drum brakes may be combined with an internally geared hub and / or a dynamo that’s connected to your bike’s lighting. They are used on some U.S. cruisers and lowriders.

  • They are easy to modulate.
  • Drum brakes are long-lasting and robust.
  • They require infrequent maintenance.
  • They usually require a mechanic to overhaul.
  • Drum brakes are heavy.
  • They may “stick”.
  • Braking is not as powerful or sudden as with discs.
  • Oversized drum hubs affect wheel building and alter spoke length.
  • Like coaster brakes, a reaction arm needs to be detached to remove the wheel.
  • Drum brakes have poor heat dissipation, making them prone to brake fade.
  • They are built into a hub. When one element of this hub is worn out, the whole unit needs replacing.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes slow the bike by squeezing pads onto a disc, which is attached to the wheel hub. Discs are more powerful and more costly than rim brakes, but are now more affordable than they have ever been. They are more effective in wet weather. They allow for the use of wide tires and don’t wear down your rims.

Disc brakes add weight to your bike. They are also more complicated than rim brakes, when it comes to maintenance, adjustment and repair.

There are two types of disc brake; hydraulic and mechanical. Hydraulic brakes provide greater stopping power and use brake fluid to transmit force. They are more costly than mechanical discs and trickier to maintain.

If you live in a dry climate and cruise by the beach, you might consider cutting costs and using rim brakes. Beach cruisers are attractive for being low-maintenance and low cost. This makes disc brakes an uncommon choice on pedal bikes. They are more prevalent on electric cruisers, to counter the extra speed and weight.

  • Strong stopping power in all weather conditions.
  • Allow the use of wider tires.
  • Protect rims from wear.
  • Powerful ability to stop a heavy cruiser’s bulk.
  • Complicated and difficult to maintain.
  • Require levers and cables.
  • Don’t leave a cruiser with such a clean look.

Factors to Consider

Used by itself, a coaster brake could fail at high speeds or with extended use on long, downhill rides. To be safe, it’s a good idea to choose a new bike with a front rim, drum or disc brake.

Either new or as an aftermarket option, a rim brake is the cheapest option. When choosing a geared beach cruiser, it’s a good idea to aim for a model with dual brakes, as you’ll be reaching higher speeds.

A number of cheap, single-speed beach cruisers still use one-piece cranks. Some versions can be tougher than others, but in general, three-piece setups are superior. New three-piece cranks use sealed bearings and a separate part for either crank and the spindle. They are lighter and stronger than one-piece options, which can be easy to bend. If this happens, the whole assembly must be replaced. For a three-piece crank, only the bent arm need be replaced. Aim for three-piece cranks.

Traditionally, beach cruisers are single-speed bikes . Internally geared hubs with 3, 5, 7 or 8 speeds are also common. There are also 7 and 9 speed beach cruisers that employ a rear derailleur. Few brands manufacture a beach cruiser that uses more than one chainring, as this avoids the need to deal with the complication of a front derailleur. That said, there are a couple of manufacturers that offer a 21-speed model.

Generally, beach cruisers are geared quite low, in order to offset the significant weight of these bikes.


cruise on bike

Single-speed gearing ratios are easy-going, hovering around 2:1. Chainrings usually have between 44 and 46 teeth. Rear cogs sit between 18 and 23 teeth. Some common ratios on new bikes are:

  • 44:22 – A very common ratio and a good average when considering a new purchase.

cruise on bike

  • Single-speed setups are very simple.
  • They are low maintenance.
  • One gear is usually enough for short rides.
  • Single-speeds suit coastal, flatland and beachside terrain.
  • There’s no need for cables, derailleurs, shifters or internal hubs.
  • Single-speeds have a clean and minimal look.
  • You won’t have a high top-gear on flats or descents.
  • One gear will limit your beach cruiser to less steep terrain.
  • A single-speed can be hard work when loaded down with cargo.
  • It can be difficult to take off from a dead stop.
  • Single-speed drivetrains can cause knee strain.

Internal Gearing

Beach cruisers with 3, 5, and 7-speed internally geared hubs are common. 2 and 8-speed models are rarer. These options open you and your bike up to hilly terrain and longer distance rides, while maintaining the relatively clean look of an internal hub.

  • Gears open your beach cruiser up to a wider range of terrains.
  • Internally geared hubs are sealed from sand and moisture.
  • A geared hub makes it easier to haul cargo .
  • A lower gear makes acceleration easier from a dead stop.
  • Higher speeds can be attained on flats and descents.
  • Internal hubs present neatly.
  • They only use one shifter and one cable.
  • There’s no need for derailleurs.
  • Internal gearing systems only require infrequent maintenance.
  • When needed, maintenance can be complicated.
  • An internal hub requires a shifter, cable and guides.
  • Gears complicate the rear hub, especially when combined with a coaster brake and / or a dynamo for lighting.

Shimano and Sturmey Archer are names to look out for. When it comes to internally-geared hubs, both are manufacturers of renown.

External Gearing using Derailleurs

Beach cruisers are also available with external gearing. External gearing is exposed to salt air and sand, both of which rapidly deteriorate components. If you’re looking for a 7 or 8-speed cruiser and you actually ride your beach cruiser by the seaside, an internally-geared option will be more durable and require less maintenance.

Derailleur-equipped beach cruisers are available in 7, 8, 9 and 21-speed variants. A 21-speed bike uses three chainrings and a front derailleur, making maintenance and adjustment significantly more complicated than the single chainring setups specced on 7, 8 and 9-speed beach cruisers.

  • 21 speeds can help you cover more terrain.
  • A large number of gears lets you carry cargo up steep hills.
  • Low gears make it easier to accelerate from a dead stop.
  • Higher speeds are attainable, along with acceleration on descents.
  • External gearing can be adjusted by (some) home mechanics.
  • External gearing is exposed to rust and sand.
  • A full drivetrain (derailleurs, cabling, shifters and guides) is complicated.
  • More tuning and repair is needed than on an internally geared drivetrain.

The complexity of external gearing in some ways defies the simple, carefree nature of the beach cruiser. On flatland escapades, you can do without this many gears.

The Contact Points

New beach cruisers generally arrive fitted with a wide, cushioned saddle. There’s a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, a comfy seat suits the relaxed ride-style and aesthetic of these bikes. Secondly, cruiser geometry puts you in a position where a lot of your weight is resting on your behind.

Some cushioned saddles are well thought-out in their construction and shape. However, excessive cushioning can be misleading. This squishiness is uncomfortable on longer rides and will be felt in your hips, thighs and bottom. It can cause numbness due to restricted blood supply.

It’s best to err on the side of moderation when considering saddle width. A number of female riders find that a moderately wide imprint is more suited to their body shape. Other riders will choose a standard saddle as found on a commuter or hybrid bike.

Many new beach cruisers are only fit with a nutted seat collar. This means that you will need an allen key or spanner to adjust the height of your seat. Thieves will also need a tool to remove it. Other new bikes use a quick-release lever that lets you quickly and easily alter the height of your seat. It also makes it easy to steal.

Sprung Saddles

Sprung saddles are a traditional component of classic cruisers. They are an early but effective form of suspension. These saddles usually feature two large, short springs under the seat of a bike’s saddle. Other examples have a third spring beneath the saddle nose. Some modern versions use elastomers as a lighter-weight alternative to springs.

Sprung saddles are comfortable and provide relief on bumpy and uneven surfaces. But they’re usually quite heavy.

Leather Saddles

Leather saddles are fit to higher-end cruisers and are often chosen as an aftermarket option. The first sprung saddles were made of leather. They are expensive and have a breaking-in period, during which they can be a little uncomfortable.

Once broken-in, they mold to the specific shape of your butt and can easily last a lifetime. Leather saddles are collectible and durable, when cared for.

You can always choose a different saddle for your new beach cruiser. For many people, this is the first part that gets replaced on a new bike. A lot of cruiser and lowrider owners enjoy customizing their bike with a saddle that reflects their personal style.

All kinds of grips come fit to new beach cruisers. Something to be wary of is ‘style over substance’. Some grips look great but will cause discomfort on longer rides. This is not an uncommon occurrence on new cruisers. These are the types of grips most often found on beach cruisers:

Molded Grips

This is the traditional style. They’re molded to fit individual fingers and are made of a firm yet pliable rubber. They are comfortable but don’t offer the highest degree of relief from vibration.

Stitched Leather

There are a lot of synthetic ‘leather-look’ grips fit to new cruisers. They can be spongy and not too grippy. More expensive options use either synthetics or real leather. They may be more ergonomic and less slippery in sweaty conditions. Mostly, leather is for looks.

Ergonomic Grips

Higher-end cruisers may come fit with ergonomic grips. These are comfortable and healthy for the natural shape of human hands. They are usually made from a material that provides adequate shock absorbance.

A good guideline for grips is to seek something that’s comfortable but not too squishy.

The most common beach cruiser pedals are flat ‘platform’ pedals. This traditional style features two rubber inserts on the edges of the pedal. Yes, these look cool, simple and classic. But they’re also the best tool for the job.

Platform pedals offer easy on / off action and footdown when coming to a stop. They’re great for casual shoes, flip-flops and maybe most important of all… bare feet. Be wary that a number of low-cost beach cruisers come fit with low quality pedals. On the worst examples, bearings are poor and axles bend.

Never fear. After saddles, pedals are soon swapped out on new bikes. When seeking replacements, keep in mind that ‘plastic’ does not always equal poor quality. Polycarbonate examples can be long-lasting and feature high quality bearings.

Once upon a time, cruisers used steel rims. No doubt, some of them were very sturdy. But these rims rocked some heavy, rust-prone metal. In addition, brake shoes are more effective when biting into alloy. For these reasons, rims on new beach cruisers are made of aluminum.

Aluminum alloy rims are lightweight and highly rust resistant. Aluminum can achieve the same strength as steel at a much lower weight, while retaining a high degree of stiffness. As a material for wheel rims, it isn’t expensive either. If dented, it can often be repaired.

Sealed wheel bearings roll smoothly and protect bearings from salt and sand. Beach cruisers using sealed wheel bearings may cost a little more than models using cage bearings. The durability is worth the extra cost.

Beach cruiser rims are wide, in order to accommodate balloon tires at low pressures. This allows your big tires to spread out to an even wider footprint, creating a large contact patch, for grip and stability.

On beach cruisers, these are the approximate internal rim widths needed for beach cruiser tires:

  • 20 to 22mm covers the most common beach cruiser tire sizes (from 2.0” to 2.35”)
  • 25mm rims are needed for bigger and ‘plus-size’ tires (2.4” to 2.7”)
  • 35mm to 50mm for fat-tire cruiser options (2.8” to 4.0”)

Wide rims can be expensive. It’s worth taking rim width into consideration if you plan on upgrading or customizing with truly fat tires .

700c Wheels

20 to 25mm rims will fit tires from 35c up to 54c (the most common 700c cruiser sizes).

New cruisers usually use 32 to 36 spokes.Look for 32 spokes at a minimum, to provide support under a heavy frame and bike.

New bikes should use regular gauge spokes in a 14G width. Anything wider would be a bonus.

For a real beach bike, look for stainless steel spokes to impart rust resistance.

Almost all beach cruiser wheels are 26” in diameter. This is a classic size. It’s also the same size that was adopted as the mountain bike standard, up until the 2010s. This means that there are plenty of spare wheels and rims available.

Of course, bigger wheels would be faster. But speed is not a priority for the beach cruiser.

26” – 26 Inch

Most adult beach cruisers use this size. These wheels can proscribe a tighter turn-circle than 700c wheels, on what is a comparatively long wheelbase bike. Most frames allow for fat, balloon-style tires. With fat rubber, the total diameter of your tires is increased.

700c / 29” – 29 Inch

This is the standard size for road bikes as well as many hybrids and commuters. They are used on some cruisers that are also intended for commuting and longer distances. Being of larger diameter, they roll faster. Wide 700c rims are known as ‘29 Inch’ in the mountain biking community.

They also roll over small bumps without the need for such plump tires as on 26” varieties. Even so, you’ll want ample rubber for comfort and flotation on sandy surfaces. Your new bike should sport tires at least 35c in circumference, but preferably 38c to 50c. Your cruiser’s frame should have clearance for tires of at least 38c.

Cruisers for shorter riders and juveniles sometimes use 24 inch wheels. This allows for a more proportionate build with smaller frame sizes. 24” rims are also used on standard frame sizes to accommodate very fat tires.

Smaller children’s cruisers use 20” and 24” wheels.

All beach cruiser tires share similar traits. They have moderate tread and ample width.

Big balloon tires are:

  • Comfortable.
  • Bouyant on firm and shallow sand.
  • Good lookin’.

They are designed to:

  • Have superior rollover on bumps and debris.
  • Bestow moderate traction.
  • Provide a low rolling resistance.

Lets face it, with beach cruisers, looks can be important. The same goes with tires. New and aftermarket tires sport a variety of colors and styles.

Beach cruiser tires usually bear a ‘mixed’ tread. This pattern isn’t knobbly, like on mountain bike tires. But it has enough tread to maintain traction on some sand, especially on turns. A moderate tread allows you to ride your cruiser on unkempt roads, grass and hardpack dirt. But if you regularly roll through urban streets, you won’t want your tires creating excess drag. For this reason, you can choose between smoother ‘semi-slick’ tires and moderately tread tires with zig-zag and waffle patterning.

Beach Cruiser Tire Sizes and Widths

  • Standard widths usually range between 2.0” and 2.35”.
  • Fat tire options can be as wide as 4.0”.
  • On cruisers, tires usually start at a width of 38c.
  • Maximum widths peak at around 50c.
  • 2.125” is a popular width.
  • Widths generally vary between 1.75” and 2.15”.
  • 24” tires are often used on ‘dragsters’ and fat bikes with 3.0” tires.

20” and 16”

  • These sizes are used on kids’ cruisers with widths from 1.75” to 2.15”.

Really? Yes. Suspension exists, for beach cruisers.

Springer Forks

The Springer Fork is the traditional form of beach cruiser suspension. They often use a single, central spring attached to the threaded headset assembly. They do provide relief over bumps and poor terrain, but the centrally located spring can have a tendency to swing from side to side, creating steering lag and a spongy ride.

cruise on bike

Good quality options are hard to find on off-the-shelf cruisers. But they sure do look good. A more stable option uses this same central spring in combination with a ‘double-sprung’ fork, attached by pivots to either side of a ‘second fork’.

Bosses, Eyelets and Mounts

Many beach cruisers don’t have mounts for bottles, as they’re intended for short-haul rides and jaunts. Some stylized frames don’t leave room to attach bottle bosses or to fit a bottle in the frame. If you plan on going on longer rides, keep an eye out for a model that does allow a bottle to be fitted. Many geared and commuter cruisers come equipped.

Many beach cruisers have mounts for a rear rack. Check for the appropriate eyelets or mount-points near the dropouts or on the seat stays of your new cruiser’s frame. For some cruisers, you may need to purchase an aftermarket saddle clamp adaptor.

Front Racks

Front racks can also be attached to your beach cruiser. Many Cruisers may not have eyelets to attach the kind of front rack that you would attach to a touring bike , but they can be attached to the headtube and / or handlebars, using a bracket.

Baskets, Boxes and Crates

These are popular, traditional and stylish options for cargo . Crates and boxes can be mounted on a front rack, while smaller baskets can be attached to the handlebars.

cruise on bike

Surfboard Racks

Because this is a ‘beach’ cruiser we’re talking about, you may need a way to carry a surfboard. Specialist racks tote a surfboard beside you as you ride. Some models even have their own proprietary rack.

When looking for a new cruiser, keep in mind that many models won’t have mounts for any racks .

Many beach cruisers arrive fit with matching fenders or at least with eyelets to attach them.

cruise on bike

This may be a ‘beach bike’, but you never know when an unexpected saltwater puddle or onshore rainstorm is coming to harsh your sunny buzz.


Many beach cruiser accessories are stylized to suit the retro aesthetic. Options are almost endless, including horns and cup-holders for your Mai Tai.

Aside from electric models, few beach cruisers come equipped with lights. For aftermarket lighting, you might consider aesthetically appropriate options.

Beach cruising is not an expensive cycling genre. At heart, beach cruisers are intended to be simple and low-cost, as relates to both upfront and ongoing costs. This is due to their minimalistic build. Even so, low cost models can be low quality. There are numerous examples on the market.

That said, a few hundred dollars should buy you a sturdy ride. Geared models will cost more, but a 3-speed, internally-geared bike may be similar in price to a 7-speed cruiser with a derailleur. Of course, beautiful designer models fetch a premium.

Many custom enthusiasts will buy a cheap complete bike, intending to strip all parts from the frame. With this in mind, there is less concern over the quality of components.

Cruisers with 3-piece cranks and / or sealed wheel bearings will cost more. For the extra money, you get a bike that is better sealed against the elements, more durable and easier to upgrade.

The main beach cruiser variation is between the two frame shapes. Cruisers with step-over frames have a higher standover height, meaning the top-tube curves upward from the head-tube. This means that it sits up higher from the ground than on a step-through frame. Step-through frames have a downward-sloping top-tube and a much lower standover height.

Traditionally, this means that step-over frames were favored by male riders, while step-through frames were marketed to women. This is still predominately true. Step-through frames do make it easy to mount a cruiser in a dress. But in reality, some shorter or less-able men choose step-through frames, while some taller women prefer a step-over frame. Many cruiser models are available in both styles.

Commuter Cruisers

These bikes are daily commuters that retain the cruiser’s flowing framework. Often, they use chromoly steel or aluminum tubing. This makes for a lighter, more comfortable rig. Unlike their flatland counterparts, they’re geared. Some models use 700c wheels to achieve greater speeds and cover longer distances.

Fat Tire Beach Cruisers

Fat cruisers look extra bad-ass. Tires range from 3.0” to 4.0” wide on both 26” and 24” wheels. Some of them are all about the look. But like other fat bikes , a few of these cruisers exhibit so much flotation that they can actually be ridden on sand. They are heavy, slow and not practical for everyday use.

Electric Beach Cruisers

Wide tires and relaxed geometry make the beach cruiser well suited to e-biking . Long frames easily accommodate batteries without inhibiting aesthetics. E-Cruisers should use disc brakes, which can be either mechanical or hydraulic.

What could be better than the synthesis of two of the world’s most popular vacation bikes? New tandem cruisers should use wheels with at least 36 spokes, to handle both riders’ weight.

Urban Cruisers

These bikes employ the same relaxed geometry as beach cruisers, but often use sturdy, angular frame construction. They come in single-speed options but are often available in geared versions to suit urban commutes .

Board Track Racers / Café Racers

Like cruisers, these retro bikes feature arched frames with flowing lines. They are reminiscent of Board Track and Cafe Racer motorbikes of the 1910s and 20s. Handlebars are low, in an old-school racing position. They often use large 28” wheels with balloon tires, to attain higher speeds. They may be geared, with up to 5 speeds in an internal hub.

They may be slow to accelerate. But at speed, big wheels and tires unite with ample weight to make for an unstoppable steamroller of a bike.

cruise on bike

Mountain bikes originated from cruisers. In the 60s and 70s, the sport’s pioneers adapted cruisers from the ‘20s and ’40s. Knobbly, off-road tires were added, while fenders and chainguards were removed. The Klunker was born. Riders needed to repack coaster hubs after long, rapid off-road descents. Modern versions are a niche style that harks back to these groundbreaking bikes. New models often use disc brakes.

Buying a bike online is a world apart from the experience of choosing a bike from your local bike shop. The benefit of a direct sale from the manufacturer, is that you aren’t paying for the middleman. If you’re buying a bike from an online retailer, they don’t have to pay for the rent of premises and they don’t need to pay an experienced, professional mechanic to assemble and tune your bike. For these reasons, you pay less.

Good online bike retailers will pre-assemble as much as 80% to 95% of your bike before shipping and will provide the tools required for the remaining adjustments.

Whatever route you choose, there are benefits and drawbacks.

Beach cruisers are meant to be easy. Easy to buy, easy to ride and easy to maintain. These simple and beautiful machines are a mile away from the technical and competitive worlds of road and mountain bikes, where flowing lines are rare. While they should be low cost, this doesn’t mean that they should be ‘cheap’.

When it comes to coastal coasting, choose wisely and roll on!

Owen Jesse

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Bike Categories

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Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. How we test gear.

best beach crusier bikes

The 9 Best Beach Cruisers for Leisurely Rides and Laid-Back Style

Modern-day spins that take the classic bike to a whole new level.

Doll up your next ride. Check our picks for the best bike lights , saddle bags , and bike jerseys .

The Best Beach Cruisers

  • Best Overall: Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Brighton 7-Speed Cruiser
  • Best with a Rack: SixThreeZero EVRYjourney 7-Speed
  • Best Value: Schwinn Mikko
  • Best E-Cruiser: Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser
  • Best Rustproof: Priority Bicycles Coast

What to Consider

How we selected, our full beach cruiser reviews, what is a beach cruiser bike.

To some, a cruiser is just a singlespeed bicycle with balloon tires, a comfy saddle, a coaster brake, and a wide, sweeping handlebar. You’re not constricted by Lycra or expected to keep pace when you’re on one. There’s a good chance you’re wearing flip-flops—and maybe even a bathing suit. Hopefully, you’re near a beach but you certainly don’t have to be.

A leisurely cruise downtown to grab lunch can be as pleasant as an early-morning roll on a boardwalk . But not every beach cruiser settles for simplicity. Most modern-day models take it to the next level or beyond (with more gears, bigger wheels, cleaner belt drives, internal gearing, mounts for racks, or even motors). Knowing how and where you want to use your new cruiser bike will help you determine what else, if anything, you want from it.

Priority Bicycles Coast twist shift

Do I Need More Than One Gear on My Beach Cruiser?

That depends.

For riding the length of a boardwalk or ambling along Main Street, one gear is all you need—and it frees up a hand to hold a soft-serve twist. Singlespeed bikes are cheaper, cut weight, and are, overall, easy to use. They require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts, but they only go about as fast as you can pedal. Be careful of hills, though, as that one speed also means you’ll have to pedal harder to climb.

But if your rides are a little more challenging than the flat, coastal roads around your favorite seaside town, consider a beach cruiser with multiple gears. Multi-speed bikes can accelerate much faster than single-geared ones and offer a much smoother ride.

electric bike company model x

Electric Cruisers and E-Assist

Even though the idea of the beach cruiser is to take it easy, there’s nothing wrong with speeding up. Pedal-assist e-bikes can do wonders for your downtime by letting you get to the beach faster, and often without breaking a sweat. Most e-cruisers are class 1, which means they stop helping you pedal once you reach 20 mph, but some go as high as 28 mph (class 3).

We at Bicycling have ridden as many bikes as we can get our hands on to find the best beach cruisers available. For this story’s latest update, we added context for which bikes our testers have spent time on—the Priority Bicycles Coast Beach Cruiser , iZip Simi Step Thru Beach Cruiser , and Specialized Roll Low-Entry Beach Cruiser —linking out to full reviews where we have them. We also added testing notes for the Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser , a bike deputy test editor Tara Seplavy rode and evaluated in the last year. We haven’t tested the other bikes but carefully chose them with Seplavy’s help based on specs and and her context from ride testing the other models.

We know from experience what makes a beach cruiser desirable, so we’ve based our list on value, quality of parts (most of which have been tested separately), user reviews, comfort, our positive experience with brands, and overall aesthetics. We recommend these nine beach cruisers for laid-back rides—no matter where you are.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Brighton 7-Speed Beach Cruiser

Brighton 7-Speed Beach Cruiser

We got our hands on this bike and everyone who hopped on to take it for a spin shared the same first impression: “This is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever been on.” Its super relaxed geometry lets the rider—even one of our testers with particularly long arms and legs—stretch out to avoid bending their elbows or knees when cruising at momentum. Add to that the cushy seat, soft grips, barefoot-friendly pedals, and smooth-rolling balloon tires, and we’re lucky we didn’t doze off mid-ride.

But this bike’s relaxed attitude doesn’t discount it as a capable utilitarian ride. Front and rear-carrier braze-ons let you outfit it with racks and bags to carry essentials to the beach or grab a six-pack and sandwiches on the way home. You also get a bottle -cage mount and internally routed cables. Choose from six refreshing colors (with matching fenders, rims, and a chainguard), including beach-inspired sea glass and matte coral. The Brighton also has a wide gear range for climbing hills, faster acceleration, and comfortable riding.

SixThreeZero EVRYjourney Women’s 7-Speed Beach Cruiser

EVRYjourney Women’s 7-Speed Beach Cruiser

Available in both men’s and women’s models and in speeds of 1, 3, 7, and 21, plus two electric versions (250- and 500-watt), there’s an EVRYjourney for everyone. The one you’re looking at here—the 7-speed women’s model—gives you an alloy frame and steel fork, Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain with Revo twist shifter, 1.95-inch semi-slick tires on 26-inch rims, fenders, and a rear rack.

Comfort features include soft grips, a cushy seat, and geometry that puts the rider closer to the ground and moves the pedals forward so you still have proper leg extension. Snap-on attachment points let you easily add accessories like racks, baskets , child seats, and more. And a 365-day test ride and lifetime warranty means you can decide now and change your mind later.

Schwinn Mikko Beach Cruiser

Mikko Beach Cruiser

This cruiser is as classic as they come: steel frame, 26-inch wheels, rear coaster brake, classic cruiser handlebar, matching fenders and chainguard, and a cushy seat on springs. Both models come in a variety of colors as well as 3- and 7-speed options (in addition to the singlespeed shown here). It’s a prototypical beach cruiser, for better (affordable, low-maintenance, easy to ride) and for worse (rust-prone, heavy, built for flat terrain).

Ride1Up Cafe Cruiser Electric Bike

Cafe Cruiser Electric Bike

Designed with a classic moto style, Ride1Up’s Cafe Cruiser has a casual ride feel. And it’s also practical, with a built-in rack and light. The zippy 750W motor powers the Cruiser to 28 mph (20 mph using the throttle) with a suspension fork and 3-inch-wide tires to smooth things out when it gets bumpy. Ride the Cafe Cruiser to the bar, along the boardwalk, or to Sunday morning brunch, and add a passenger kit for $125 with a padded seat for the rack, footpegs, and wheel guards.

Resident e-bike expert Seplavy rode the Cafe Cruiser and found it plenty powerful to climb short hills. But, like several wide-tire bikes, it has some handling issues while taking turns. It gives riders a range of about 30 to 50 miles per charge, which is more than plenty for beach rides and casual jaunts.

“Ride1Up’s Cafe Cruiser is a fun and sporty bike for weekend rides around town, rolling on the boardwalk, or hitting up the local coffee shop,” she says. “Weighing in over 73 pounds, this bike is certainly not lightweight, but its zippy rear hub motor (with throttle) quickly gets it up to speed. While the Cafe Cruiser has a wide-range 8-speed cassette, the bike’s portly weight, sweptback bars, and overall size make it challenging to ride up very steep hills.”

Priority Bicycles Coast Beach Cruiser

Coast Beach Cruiser

The salt air is no match for the Coast’s rustproof components, which include stainless-steel spokes, an aluminum frame and fork, and a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt. Sealed bearings keep out water, and Kenda puncture-resistant tires are hardly fazed by broken glass and clamshells. On boardwalks and level city roads, you’ll likely spend most of your time in the hardest gear, but you’ll be thankful for easier pedaling when the street takes a slight upturn.

A double kickstand keeps the bike from tipping when parked, and the option of grabbing a single-, 3-, or 7-speed is nice. The cruiser-style handlebar also has a 3-speed twist shifter on the right and a front-hand brake on the left (though you can also use the coaster brake). It’s the best beach cruiser for coastal living.

Priority E-Coast Step-Through Beach Cruiser

E-Coast Step-Through Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers are part of the quintessential summer experience. Usually, though, they’re heavy, clunky, rust-prone, and hard to ride anywhere but on the boardwalk. Priority’s E-Coast casts those notions aside.

This bike has everything needed for summer days at the beach or riding around town or the campground. The E-Coast’s aluminum frame and fork won’t rust like steel ones, and the Gates belt drive never needs chain lube. The 26-inch-diameter x 3-inch-wide tires help the bike float over sand and soak up cracked pavement. The 500W rear hub motor gets the E-Coast up to a 28 mph, and hydraulic disc brakes ensure stopping power.

iZip Simi Step Thru Beach Cruiser

Simi Step Thru Beach Cruiser

This beachy-looking cruiser has a rear-hub motor that lets you zip along at 20 mph and a down tube-mounted battery that will provide enough juice for up to 62 miles in the slowest setting. In the highest pedal-assist mode, that range drops to 15 miles, meaning the Simi is better for slow-speed rolls than fast commutes.

The step-thru frame makes the Simi suitable for everyone, especially those just getting into—or back into—riding. You get quite a few extras with this bike (extras often left off other bikes that cost as much or more), such as a kickstand, fenders, lights, a rear rack, and a bottle-cage mount. With a 7-speed drivetrain and a 12-28 cassette—not to mention the bonus boost you get from the motor—this beach bike can do more than just hit the flat boardwalk for an out-and-back morning jaunt.

In her review of the bike, contributor Riley Missel said its motor is solid, given its price, though the Simi isn’t the smoothest she’s ridden. “It had subtle engagement rather than making me feel like I was constantly accelerating like some e-bikes can do,” she said. “I felt the most consistent assistance and smoothest ride in a lower gear going between 8 and 12 mph. At 250 watt-hours, the battery is what I would consider light-duty—in the lowest assist setting, it can extend the range of your ride substantially; in the highest, it’ll do a good amount of the work for you but for only so long.”

Read Full Review View 34 Images

Specialized Roll 2.0 Low-Entry Beach Cruiser

Roll 2.0 Low-Entry Beach Cruiser

With one of the lowest step-through frames in the business, the Roll 2.0 Low-Entry is ideal for anyone apprehensive about swinging a leg over a top tube or being able to touch their feet to the ground at the last second. Beefy 650b x 2.3-inch tires roll smoothly on the road but come to your rescue when the pavement gets sketchy or a sandy shortcut starts calling your name.

Its upright geometry puts you in a position that takes strain off your neck and back and lets you take in the sights around you. But that means it isn’t ideal for steep climbs up winding mountains. Nor is the Shimano Altus 7-speed drivetrain, but that’s not what this bike is for. It’s also not for going fast. But for what it is—a $800 cruiser bike with mounts to add a rear rack and a head tube tall enough to hang a pretty deep basket off the BMX-style handlebar—the Roll 2.0 Low-Entry can double as a daily cruiser and around-town grocery-getter.

Test editor Adrienne Donica found the bike slow, though an enjoyable ride. “My riding partner averaged a full 2.5 miles per hour faster without me when I hung back from our usual route one day,” she wrote in her review. “Of course, that’s not scientific, considering she is in better shape than me and was riding a faster-rolling touring bike —but if you like to go fast, look into a more aggressive hybrid model . Tackling hills felt more grueling than with other bikes because of the upright positioning. I was glad to have some flexibility with the wide range of gears, though.”

Read Full Review View 33 Images

Linus Rover 9 Beach Cruiser

Rover 9 Beach Cruiser

A classic cruiser with classic lines, the Rover 9 has a light 6061 aluminum frame and steel fork, hydraulic disc brakes, and a 1x9-speed drivetrain controlled by a Microshift trigger shifter. Moderately grippy, 45mm-wide Kenda Koast tires (with coffee-colored sidewalls) on 27.5-inch alloy rims roll fast and eat potholes in your path. The open, alloy pedals aren’t the most barefoot-friendly compared to rubber-coated pedals, but that’s an easy and inexpensive swap.

The Rover 9 comes in two sizes (medium for 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-9 riders, large for 5-foot-10 and taller), two colors (brushed alloy and matte black), and one frame (there’s no step-through model here). And with nine gears to click through, the Rover 9 crosses over into short-commute territory.

Headshot of Kevin Cortez

Kevin Cortez is an editor for Runner's World, Bicycling, and Popular Mechanics covering reviews. A culture and product journalist for over ten years, he’s an expert in men’s style, technology, gaming, coffee, e-bikes, hiking, gear, and all things outdoors. He most recently worked as the Style Editor for Reviewed, a top product recommendation site owned by USA TODAY. He also helped with the launch of WSJ's Buy Side commerce vertical, and has covered the music and podcast industries for Mass Appeal, Genius, Vulture, Leafly, Input, and The A.V. Club. Equally passionate about leisure as he is his penmanship, Kevin dedicates his spare time to graphic novels, birding, making cold brew, and taking long, meandering walks.

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Kylee McGuigan is an associate commerce editor for Hearst Magazines’s Enthusiast Group. She works with content for brands such as Popular Mechanics, Best Products, Bicycling, and Runner’s World. Kylee graduated from Penn State in May 2020 with a degree in journalism and a minor in French. During her undergraduate career, she spent a majority of her time writing for, and eventually editing, VALLEY Magazine: Penn State’s only student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine. She has produced content ranging from beauty and health, to lifestyle and self-improvement. After spending four years in the happiest of valleys (State College, PA), she moved back home to South Jersey—otherwise known as the famous “outside of Philly” area. Kylee can be found working out of her local Starbucks with her best friend, an iced chai in hand, and endless hours of music playlists to get her through the day. When she’s not working, she is more than likely on her daily walk in her neighborhood, at Orangetheory, binging Sex and the City or Gossip Girl, checking out local coffee shops, or trying new bars and restaurants in the city with friends and family. 

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World's Only Motorcycle Rally on a Cruise Ship™

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A Cruise Vacation Built for Bikers

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Setting Sail Since 2003

Setting Sail since 2003

High Seas Rally is a carefree, adult-only escape. So, leave the formalities behind, let loose, and create unforgettable memories.

Each day brings a fresh adventure, with legendary theme nights and parties; raffles, auctions and games that support charity; killer concerts and live music; top vendors; demos from industry insiders; and bucket list ports of call.

Cruising for a Cause

Cruising for a cause

This is not just a motorcycle vacation. The generosity of the High Seas Rally community is extraordinary and is what sets this experience apart. Funds raised through raffles, auctions, and games onboard throughout the week support High Seas Rally Dialysis Fund and Wounded Warrior Project and help change the lives of many deserving individuals. Over the years more than $3.4 million has been raised.

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  • Xavier Muriel   Providence Cycle Worx
  • Rick Bray   RKB Kustom Speed
  • Pat Patterson   LED Sled Customs
  • Mike Rabideau   Majik Mike’s Designs

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  • RydFast Racing
  • 99% Radio Network

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The Community

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The 9 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes of 2024

The winners are the Schwinn Largo 7 Cruiser and sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid

cruise on bike

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Chloe Jeong /TripSavvy

Beach cruiser bikes epitomize the saying that the journey is the destination. “A cruiser bike is for when comfort, not speed, is the goal,” says Jeff Shyman, founder and owner of Confederacy of Cruisers, a New Orleans bike tour company.

Functional differences exist between these bikes and others, with their (often) single-speed operation, balloon tires, comfortable seats, and coaster breaks. Andre Batista, director of operations for web retailer Bikes Online, observes, “The seating position [is] 90 degrees to the ground, so the rider’s back is upright, contrary to road and mountain bikes where the rider leans down towards the handlebars for aerodynamic benefits.”

These bikes also have a great deal of style with their low profiles and wide, sweeping handlebars. “Styling is a traditional consideration when shopping for a cruiser, and it is a personal choice that’s fun to make,” says Josh Arnold, co-owner of Routes Bicycle Tours and Rentals in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Just ask yourself what type of bike fits your taste, and know that—these days—the sky is truly the limit.” Although often ridden at the beach, cruiser bikes are fitting for cross-town commutes, Sunday rides, and even resort vacations. Before buying, consider the cost, comfort features, and if you need gears.

  • What to Look For

Why Trust TripSavvy

Best overall, schwinn men’s cruiser bike.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Available in multiple sizes

Smooth switch between gears

This beach cruiser is tops when it comes to all-around features for men. It comes in various frame sizes to fit riders with larger frames. For example, the 21-inch frame fits riders up to 6 feet 6 inches. The steel frame is also incredibly durable, making this bike heavier than those with aluminum frames. It features a seven-speed drivetrain with a Shimano Revoshift twist shifter and a Shimano rear derailleur for easy shifting across various terrains. Plus, with its classic American-era design, this stylish bike is eye-catching.

Frame Size: 18 inches | Tire Size: 26 inches | Weight: 42 pounds

Best Overall Women's Cruiser

Sixthreezero evryjourney hybrid cruiser bike.

Available in multiple speeds

Multiple color options

Assembly required

This seven-speed hybrid cruiser delivers excellent versatility. Although its stylish colors (navy, yellow, mint green, and teal) and white-side-walled tires make it perfect for cruising at the beach, the sixthreezero EVRYjourney can tackle plenty of other terrains as riders shift up hills and speed through work commutes. Though attractive, this bike doesn’t place style over function. With 2-inch-thick tires and a cushioned, wide saddle, this bike is made for a comfortable, stable ride, even along bumpy streets or boardwalks.

Frame Size: 17 inches | Tire Size: 26 inches | Weight: 38.1 pounds

Huffy Women's Cruiser Bike

Has a nice aesthetic

Basic breaking not ideal for all terrain

Single gear

Riders looking for a stylish, simple, and affordable bike have found their match in the Huffy 26-Inch Women's Cranbrook Cruiser Bike. Its eye-catching white frame features pops of periwinkle blue along the tires' sidewalls, pedals, seat, and handlebars. The bike is a single-speed and has an easy-to-use coaster brake (which means that riders pedal backward to stop). This bike is a match for the everyday rider who doesn't want to bust their budget with an over-priced, over-accessorized bike. It's recommended for riders who are 60 inches or taller and are at least 13 years old.

Frame Size: 17 inches | Tire Size: 26 inches | Weight: 42 pounds

Best for Beginners

Firmstrong urban single speed beach cruiser bicycle.

Easy to ride

Minimal set up

Not good for tall riders

Coaster breaks inconvenient for some terrain

Cruiser bikes are inherently beginner-friendly, so beginners won't easily go wrong in their selections. The 26-inch Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed offers easy-going, single-speed riding that can reach 3 to 15 miles per hour. It features a durable 15-inch steel frame with aluminum wheels. The wheels are outfitted in attractive, retro white-wall balloon tires that offer a cushioned ride. Although sized for women up to 5 feet 6 inches, the bike can hold any rider up to 300 pounds. Plus, this model is a breeze to set up since it's shipped mostly pre-assembled.

Frame Size: 15 inches | Tire Size: 26 inches | Weight: 38 pounds

Best Single-Speed

Sixthreezero around the block women's cruiser bike.

Rear rack included

Single speed

Basic breaking system

Single-speed cruisers make up most of the market, so it’s easy to find good choices in this competitive category. Single-speed bikes are matches for casual riders who plan on cruising flat roads and paths. The sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Single-Speed balances design and performance in a laid-back ride that won’t leave you fussing with gears and cables. This bike delivers smooth riding with a springy saddle, foam grips on the handlebars, and waffle-tread tires. Stopping is equally stress-free with its pedal-backward coaster breaks. Sixthreezero also makes a men’s version of this beach cruiser.

Frame Size: 17 inches | Tire Size: 26 inches | Weight: 10 pounds

Best Electric

Sohoo electric beach cruiser bicycle.

Easy riding

Detachable luggage rack

Multiple modes

Needs to be charged

Although riding a cruiser bike is all about cruising, some bikes now come with electronic assistance to ease the pedaling difficulty and increase speed. Most e-cruisers top out at around 20 miles per hour; however, a few go faster. The core components of the Sohoo electric cruiser bike easily help riders reach 25 miles per hour.

Riders can choose their own adventures, with modes for regular biking, which turns the bike into a standard one; pedal-assistance, which allows you to get some exercise; and throttle mode, which doesn’t need you to pedal at all. This e-bike also incorporates some of the best features of a mountain bike, with a fork shock at the front of the bike and a seat shock. Together, these deliver smooth riding even on bumpy surfaces. It can hold up to 290 pounds, and the removable lithium battery lasts up to 65 miles before needing to be recharged.

Frame Size: 17 inches | Tire Size: 26 inches | Weight: 66 pounds

Best for Commuting

Schwinn beach cruiser bike.

Available in multiple colors

Fenders keep riders dry

Simple breaking not ideal for all terrain

Cruiser bikes aren’t a popular choice for long distances, like on bikepacking trips . However, for shorter trips around town, like commuting to work, they can fit the bill. With a seven-speed drivetrain, the Schwinn Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike is ready to conquer any hills on your urban commute or to accelerate around traffic. Twist shifters help gear changes easy to make on the fly, while front and rear linear-pull brakes offer confident stopping power. The steel-framed cruiser provides durability and stability—it’s suggested for riders up to 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Frame Size: 17 inches | Tire Size: 26 pounds

Best Vintage Style

Huffy beach cruiser bike.

Generous storage features

Smooth ride

Some assembly required

Shoppers purely looking for style will find it in spades with the Huffy Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Bike. Flower detailing across the bike's frame, chain guard, and included cup holder feel straight out of a movie set in Polynesia—in all the best ways possible. White-side-walled tires and a front wicker basket add to the vintage appeal. The bike has six retro styles, from creamy white to sky blue.

Not one to compromise on comfort, Huffy also delivers its Perfect Fit frame, allowing upright riding and full leg extensions typical of cruisers. The lightweight aluminum frame is a perfect match for salty beach-side conditions. A dual-spring padded seat; and soft, cork handlebar grips complete the comfort features.

Frame Size: 17 inches | Tire Size: 26 inches | Weight: 44 pounds

Best for the Beach

Priority coast bicycle.

Handles well on sand

Simple breaking system

Many coastal cruisers on the market don't actually handle well on beaches—the water, salt, and sand are often too much, and seaside corrosion deteriorates the vehicle. Not for this Priority Coast, though. The ultralight frame is rustproof, making this bike extra durable. It comes with the option of single-speed or 3-speed. You can also have a custom-built surfboard rack attached at an extra cost.

What to Look for in a Beach Cruiser Bike

If you're looking to replace your existing bike or car and use this as the primary mode of transit around town, then it might be worth spending a little more to ensure your purchase is right for you. If you only plan to ride your bike a couple of times a year, getting something a little cheaper might not be a bad idea. 

If your new bike isn’t comfortable, the chance of you riding it drops exponentially. Be sure to test out your bike before you commit to it to make sure that it fits you from pedal to saddle—the last thing you want is to feel sore for a day or two after a ride. 

Beach cruisers are one of the few types of bikes that commonly come in single-speed models, but if you live in an area that has plenty of hills (or just isn’t that flat), you might want to look at a bike that has more than one gear to help you navigate the terrain. Otherwise, getting where you're going will be a lot of work. “If you plan to ride on hilly roads and bike lanes, a cruiser bike might not be the right option for you,” Batista says. However, if you’re sure a cruiser is right for you, Josh Arnold of Routes Bicycles Tours recommends selecting a bike with at least three speeds.

“Cruiser bikes usually come in very few frame sizes, so make sure you check the size chart to ensure the bike will fit you accordingly,” says Andre Batista, director of operations for web retailer Bikes Online.

Cruiser bikes generally have a single-speed or a limited range of gears. “If you plan to ride on hilly roads and bike lanes, a cruiser bike might not the right option for you,” Batista says. However, if you’re sure a cruiser is right for you, Josh Arnold, of Routes Bicycles Tours, recommends selecting a bike with at least three speeds.

Cruisers are often ridden at the beach and in humid climates. These conditions can cause wear over time, in particular a rusting frame. “Ensuring that most components are made of aluminum will prevent rust from settling in,” Batista says.

Cruisers generally have two configurations: step-thru (Dutch) or top-tube style. “Today, this is a very personal choice, and both types are unisex,” Arnold says. “I recommend trying both styles in an appropriate size (based on height and leg length) and choosing what feels best to you.”

There are three standard adult cruiser wheel sizes: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches in diameter. Various tire widths are available as well, ranging between 1.95 and 4.0 inches. “In general, smaller wheel diameters offer more nimble handling—but slightly less balance and stability–while larger wheels require less force to turn at a given speed (i.e. less effort to ride) and are a bit more stable, but are heavier and accelerate more slowly,” Arnold says.

Freelance writer Ashley M. Biggers rode her trusty cruiser bike to campus during her graduate studies at Arizona State University. Since then, she’s been back in the cruiser saddle on bike tours in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and around the globe. She interviewed three bike experts for this article. While researching beach cruiser bikes, we spoke with Arnold, Josh Arnold , co-owner of Routes Bicycle Rentals and Tours , Jeff Shyman , founder and owner of Confederacy of Cruisers, and Andre Batista , director of operations for web retailer Bikes Online.

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9 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes (with Gears) For Men & Women  

  January 2, 2019

By   Max Shumpert

Check out the Best Cruiser Bikes of 2023 and the buying guide for our top picks for both men and women -- on various price levels.

Originally popular in the ‘30s to ‘50s, cruiser bikes have had a resurgence in the last decade or two. Cruiser bikes helped inspire early mountain bike designs, which is interesting since they have nearly opposite uses.

However, we’ve looked at some of the best cruiser bikes to help you choose the ride that allows you to navigate any terrain and renders smoothness, speed, and above all, comfort-ability.

In a hurry? The test winner after 19 hours of research:

editors pick


Why is it better?

  • single speed version
  • Simple, durable, and smooth wheelset
  • Relaxed seating position

92/100 our score

Our Buying Guide

If you are a wanderer, then you can imagine the joy of riding a cruiser bike. There are a lot of cruiser bike brands available but choosing the perfect one is a tough decision.

At Bikes Reviewed, we are committed to helping you with the best cruiser bikes that are thoroughly examined and tested with genuine customer opinions.

How We Picked

Starting from online research, we searched the manufacturer's website of each product and understood the entire operation of the bike, components, and the material used to build it. With 26 + Cruiser bikes and 20+ hours spent on their research, our team have come across the 10 best cruiser bikes in 2023. 

researched sources

Researched sources

reviews considered

REviews considered

hours researched

hours researching

products compared

products compared

Last Updated: November 25, 2021

By Max Shumpert: This article has been updated to reflect the most accurate information regarding beach bikes available for those who are interested in laid-back cycling experience. The best 6 available have changed, and information has been added to assist individuals in finding the best cruiser bicycles currently available on the market. The FAQ has also been updated.

Best Cruiser Bicycles Comparison Chart 2023

Best cruiser bikes for women.

Women’s cruiser bikes have some slight differences that make them more suited for the shape and size of the female body, along with some minor aesthetic differences as well.

These our are best cruiser bikes for 2021.



  • 20-inch girl's single-speed cruiser bike great for introduction to relaxed riding; ideal for ages 3 to 8
  • Sleek cruiser design with elegant thick top tube, plus included front and rear fenders
  • White-wall balloon tires for a cushioned ride; easy-to-use coaster brakes

Appraising the life of contemporary women, they have grown affinity for bicycles. With the modes of transportation evolving, bikes have become a humble means of transport that still has a space in your life when one needs to exercise or commute around the town, thus leading to zero carbon footprint.

Now, women don't just ride a bike to commute but also to make a statement. And that's where the Firmstrong Bella Classic Single Speed comes in!

Features of Firmstrong Bella Classic

  • The Firmstrong Bella Classic is a functional cruiser that offers an effortless and smooth ride, has one break and one gear, thus making it easy for the rider to operate it. 
  • This high-end cruiser includes a lightweight steel frame along with a sturdy structure. This makes the Firmstrong bike one of the lightest and best women's cruiser bikes in the market.
  • With 26" Aluminum Wheels and a 15" Steel Frame, the Bella comes with an appealing design.
  • It is a versatile and fashionable cruiser bike that weighs around 23 pounds while maintaining durability. In fact, the Firmstrong Bella Classic also allows the rider to update their bike in a 3-speed and 7-speed version from Single Speed.
  • This women's beach cruiser bike with gears comes with a coaster brake in order to erase the need for brake levers and cables that need to be managed.

Specs of Firmstrong Bella Classic

  • Size of steel frame: 15"; 26" Wheels
  • Foam grips: Synthetic leather grips for a comfortable hold
  • Adjustable Handlebars: Classic Cruiser Steel
  • Rear brake: Easy-to-use steel Coaster Brake
  • Suggested rider height: Fits most girls & women of 5' - 6' Tall
  • Maximum Payload Capacity: 300 Pounds

The Firmstrong Lady is a formidable cruiser bike that has an alluring, classic look, and performs on a level rarely matched by other bikes. The numerous size, color, accessories , and wheel options help to really push into the top level of cruiser bikes. It’s by far the best cruiser bike for 2019, and will likely be next year as well.

If you want to find out why we selected this as our No.1 cruiser bike , then read our in-depth Firmstrong Bella Classic review. We go over what makes the bike so good, and how surprised we were when felt how LIGHT it was.



  • 26-inch wheels with 2-inch semi-slick tires provide excellent roll and a cushioned, stable ride
  • Lightweight aluminum frame for easy maneuvering
  • Includes matching fender and rear rack for optional baskets

The epitome of style, the EVRYjourney women’s bike from sixthreezero is a versatile hybrid cruiser that brings a classic to the modern day. Perfect for cruising, leisurely rides, and even commutes, it’s an all-around winner.

  • Aesthetically it screams hip, with a stylish and gentle curvature to the frame, which serves the purpose of looking great and keeping your posture tight. 

However, comfort is the priority when it comes to cruising by the beach. Hence, the Sixthreezero is equipped with exciting attributes for optimizing comfort while you enjoy the ride.

Features Of EVRYjourney 

  • By combining a rear-leaning saddle with a high and wide handle frame, it allows for an upright riding style that sweeps back and shoulders comfortably.
  • It also comes in 1-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed and 21-speed, giving you great flexibility to choose the bike that best suits your needs.
  • It's available in three colors and three different colorways, giving you a total of nine styles to choose the best from.
  • As the name suggests, the EVRYjourney is designed as an all-in-one bike for women, which is why having a rear rack is so desirable for longer journeys.
  • The tires themselves are 1.95-inch wide, much thinner than you would find on freestyle bikes, but thicker than on the road or even many commuter bikes. 
  • This thickness allows comfort, stability, and ease to ride, and because they are semi-slick, it doesn't sacrifice speed.
  • At 26-inch in diameter, these frames give you plenty of height for a comfortable and safe ride, especially if you are commuting alongside traffic.

Specs Of EVRYjourney

Item package dimensions (l x w x h): ‎44.5 x 27.4 x 14.2 inches.

  • Weight: 38.1lbs
  • Frame: Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Breaks: Front and rear V brakes
  • Suitable rider height: 5'- 6'4" tall
  • Rim and Tires: 1.95-inch wide / 26-inch wheels with 2-inch semi-slick tires

According to many reviewers what they love most about the design of the bike is the frame structure which allows for a comfortable riding position, comfortable pedaling and safe standing. By shifting the seat backward on a tilted frame, the EJ has a forward pedaling design so that you can reach full leg extension without having to bend your back at all. This style of riding is far more comfortable than traditional commuter or road bikes . Similarly, you’ll find that you can safely put both feet on the ground while still sat on the bike. With most bikes, this is impossible and would require you to tilt the bike slightly, but because of the shifted seat and forward pedaling design, it’s safer and more convenient.

Overall, the EVRYjourney is a bike that lives up to its name, making it the perfect choice for women who are in the market for a bike that is as versatile and strong as they are.

3. SIXTHREEZERO WOMEN'S 26-INCH - Electric Hybrid Cruiser Bike

Sixthreezero Evryjourney Electric Bike

SIXTHREEZERO WOMEN'S 26-INCH - Electric Hybrid Cruiser Bike

  • 250-watt motor functions in pedal-assist or full-electric mode
  • Top speed of 15 mph in full-electric mode and 28 mph in pedal-assist mode
  • Front- and rear-disc hand brakes for easy and prompt stopping

A cruiser bike's main priorities should always be comfort, ease, and style. Leave off any one of those, and you're doing a disservice to any potential riders.

The STZ beach cruiser bike is a great example of combining style and sophistication with a high level of functionality , resulting in one of the best riding experiences you can find with a cruiser.

The bike's relaxed feel and smooth handling make it a great option for leisurely rides around the beach, neighborhood, or really anywhere else you'd like to have a fun, laid-back ride. The bike offers a classic look, with plenty of subtle detailing to help it stand out as well.

Features Of sixthreezero Around The Block

  • A sturdy frame of steel comprises the heart of the bike. The frame's classic double tubing includes alluring curves and a front fork that sweeps slightly forward. 
  • When fully assembled, the entire bike weighs around 38 pounds. The lower weight gives the bike a more nimble feel without sacrificing its stability.
  • The cruiser's handlebars are extended slightly, which helps create a more relaxed riding position and lets the rider sit in a fully straight position while pedaling and steering.
  • A simple, single-speed beach drivetrain is used on the base model, which includes an ideal gearing ratio that is best for maintaining low to intermediate speeds while seated. 
  • For riders, it needs more speed options; there are 3 speed and seven-speed versions available.
  • The wheel-set of this cruiser is one of our favorite aspects. Thick, wide-set balloon-style tires give the bike an added measure of shock absorption. A smooth tread with a slight texture provides the bike with added grip on pavement and smooth dirt surfaces as well.

Specs Of sixthreezero Around The Block

  • Wheel size: 26 Inches
  • Special feature: Rear rack, steel frame, aluminum wheels
  • Suspension type: Rigid
  • 17-inch durable steel frame
  • Size: 26" / 1-speed

Alloy wheels with the high number of spokes helps provide added strength and durability to the wheel set. The alloy rims come in various colors, depending on which color scheme you go with, giving the bike a more unique and custom look. So if you looking for custom cruiser bikes for beach then this is for you.

The bike saddle includes plenty of cushioning, while also providing wider coverage. Over-sized springs under the rear of the saddle help to make it even more plush. Matching handlebar grips help to give the bike a more cohesive aesthetic.

Overall, STZ Beach Cruiser offers incredible value and style with a high level of craftsmanship and top-tier components. All of this goes into creating a riding experience that is smooth, relaxed, and most of all, delightful - just as a cruiser should be. It's hard to go wrong with this bike.

Have a look at our  SixThreeZero Women's 26-Inch Review  where we take a deeper look into the durability, stability and other core features of this Cruiser bike.

4. sixthreezero Around The Block - Best-rated cruiser bike


It's no surprise to see another bike from STZ on this list.

The company is well known for putting out very high-quality cruiser bikes that are also very affordable while offering a more modern spin on a classic cruiser design.

The Around the Block Cruiser is made to cater to those with a lower budget for a cruiser but still want a great bike, with the potential for upgrades and extra accessories down the line.

This bike focuses on the main stuff first, and leaves it up to you to add anything on.

Features Of Sixthreezero Around The Block

  • The bike starts with a frame made of steel cruiser design that has more of a contemporary look to it. 
  • The frame includes a matching chain guard with a very stable luggage rack mounted at the rear. 
  • An extra tubing piece located in between the top and bottom tubes gives the bike some added stability.
  • The Around the Block Cruiser has a total weight of around 38 pounds, giving it a similar weight to the higher-level cruisers currently available. 
  • The bike is only available in a single-speed version that helps give it more of a classic cruiser feel. 
  • The gearing ratio is very appropriate for its use, allowing for a quick burst of speed from a standstill, and also providing the best bike pedal efficiency from a seated position.
  • 26-inch balloon-style wide tires give the bike plenty of shock absorption and help keep the ride smooth. The tires feature a slight tread pattern that is suitable for both pavement and smooth dirt and grass surfaces.

Specs Of Sixthreezero Around the Block

  • Aluminum frame
  • Number of speeds: 1

Although this bike doesn't come with any extra accessories, riders can easily add features such as bike bags, baskets, and cup holders if they’d like.

The STZ Around the Block Cruiser Bike is a simple, modern cruiser that focuses on offering excellent riding performance at a lower price. Its versatility and design helps it stand out among the inferior cruiser bikes.

5.  Schwinn Discover Cruiser Bike - Best Cruiser Bikes For Beginners

Schwinn discover hybrid bike

Schwinn discover hybrid bike


  • Schwinn suspension fork. Schwinn alloy crank, City rise adjustable stem with back sweep handlebar.
  •  21-speed SRAM grip shifter and speed Shimano rear derailleur mean that pedaling up a hill is easier. 
  • Alloy twist shifter compatible 4 finger brake levers"Promax alloy linear pull brakes; gear carrier. 

A cruiser bike's design is intended to be as simplistic and functional as possible while giving extra attention to comfort.

The Schwinn beach cruisers avoid the mistakes some companies tend to make with modern cruisers.

This bike takes a true ' less is more ' approach, opting for simplicity, added comfort, and overall ride quality, but not at the expense of style.

Features Of Schwinn Discover

  • The bike utilizes a lightweight aluminum bike frame and a comfortable seat, making it suitable for different mountain biking riders.
  • The Schwinn suspension fork is crafted from a shock-absorbent material which makes the Schwinn cruiser bike beat other competitors in terms of shock absorption to give a smoother ride.
  • The Schwinns handlebar design discards the more traditional curved style and replaces it with a similar design to BMX handlebars. 
  • The 21-speed SRAM shifter and Shimano rear derailleur make pedaling easier on hills.
  • The handlebars are higher than the regular bikes, which allow the rider to sit virtually upright to provide a comfortable position for longer rides. 
  • Unlike other cruisers that use pedal coaster brakes, this bike uses Promax alloy linear-pull brakes that offer effective stoppages.
  • The bike comes in 2 color schemes, all of which include matching saddle and handlebar grips.

Specs Of Schwinn Discover

  • Suspension type : Front
  • Number of speeds: 21
  • Size: 17-inch frame
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Brake: Promax alloy linear-pull brakes
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Rear gear carrier
  • Foam padded handlebars
  • Whitewall tires
  • Metal spoke wheel design

In terms of simplicity and overall ride quality, this bike provides an excellent value for those wanting a cruiser bike but don't want to spend too much on it.

6. sixthreezero EVRYjourney - bEST ELECTRIC bEACH cRUISER bIKE

STZ Electric Around The Block Cruiser

STZ Electric Around The Block Cruiser

sixthreezero EVRYjourney CRUISER BICYCLE

  • Patented Flat Foot Technology® ensures a relaxed, comfortable ride.
  • Shimano Revo shifter and rear derailleur provide smooth shifting through all 7 gears.
  • Hydrive system provides confidence and control through 3 modes of power support with a 250W rear hub motor backed by a 309Wh battery.

The Sixthreezero Cruiser takes a fresh approach to a cruiser's classic design. The EVRYjourney is an electric bike at an attainable price.

Features Of Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

  • The EVRYjourney features a simplified version of a standard cruiser frame crafted from aluminum material. This gives it an updated, simplified look while still providing needed strength and stability.
  • The drivetrain is quite efficient and gives you plenty of go from a complete stop. 
  • Its 500W rear hub motor can go to around 18 to 40 mph in fully electric mode and 20 to 60 mph in paddle assist mode, which controls ride on different types of terrains.
  • The front and rear disc brakes help keep things as simple as possible and provide easy and powerful stopping.
  • Balloon tires measuring 26 x 2.125-inch wheels give the bike a lot of ground cover and go a long way in ensuring a smoother ride, even when encountering bumps and small drops from time to time.
  • A minimalist tread pattern provides solid traction on smooth surfaces.

Specs Of Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

  • 26 x 2.125-inch wheels
  • 500W rear hub motor

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney cruiser gives riders an affordable cruiser bike option that does things a little differently, but without betraying the most important core aspects of what a cruiser should be. With its edgy styling and efficient performance, this aluminum frame cruiser bicycle is a great choice for buyers wanting to stand out, and save some money.

Best Cruiser Bikes For Men

When it comes to shopping for cruiser bikes, guys have a seemingly endless amount to choose from. These 5 best cruiser bikes for men for 2023 have been covered here.

1.  SCHWINN MIKKO & HURON  -  Best simple men’s cruiser bike


  • Cruiser bicycle is perfect for leisurely neighborhood rides, at the beach, or through town, with a frame designed to accommodate riders 5'4" to...
  • Single-speed drivetrain beach hybrid cruiser bikes that are perfect for flat and easygoing trail rides, with front and rear fenders to provide...
  • Rear coaster brake allows you to stop by simply pedaling backward, provides effortless and straightforward stopping power

Cruiser bikes are already easy enough to ride. Add in a forward pedaling design, and they're even more relaxed.

The Schwinn Huron Beach Cruiser Bike offers riders a different approach to a classic cruiser design and gives the bike a unique look and feel in the process.

The result is a cruiser bike that perfectly captures the more relaxed vibe that the bikes were intended for in the first place.

Features Of Schwinn MIKKO & HURON

  • Huron cruiser bikes have an extended frame size of 17 inches, combined with the forward placement of the crankset , allowing the rider to sit back and pedal from a more relaxed position and still provide plenty of efficiency in terms of speed and power.
  • The bike is available in a single-speed, 3 Speed and seven-speed beach configuration. 
  • It has a dual spring padded cruiser seat and classic cruiser handlebars helping it retain a more traditional look and feel. 
  • Riders can expect to reach speeds of around 15 mph without too much effort, thanks to both the gearing ratio and the crankset placement.
  • In the single speed, the only brake option is a reverse pedal rear coaster brake setup, including retro-style full front and rear fenders, which keeps the bike more traditional, and without any complicated components that need maintenance.
  •  Matching fenders are included to contain any puddles that may come your way as well, keeping you clean and dry.
  • The bike's saddle is very soft and wide enough to provide increased comfort during longer rides.

Specs Of Schwinn MIKKO & HURON

  • Wheel Size: 26 inches
  • Size: 17-inch/ Medium
  • Brake type: Coaster
  • Frame material: Steel

The Schwinn bikes are a great cruiser for those that want to keep things simple, while adding an improved sense of comfort and pedal efficiency from the forward setup. Throw in the unique looks, stunning color options, and pre-installed fenders , and you've got yourself a superior cruiser for around $280.

2. Sixthreezero Around The Block - bEST FOR hEAVY rIDERS


  • BEACH CRUISER BIKE FOR MEN: Classic, curvy men's beach cruiser bicycle with 19-inch durable steel frame; ideal for casual, comfortable riding...
  • COMFORTABLE AND ERGONOMIC: Beach cruiser bike features an upright riding style which keeps your back and shoulders comfortable while on the move;...
  • SINGLE-SPEED DESIGN: Single speed beach cruiser bike is great for cruising on flat terrain; pedal-backwards coaster brakes for easy stopping

Part of the allure with cruiser beach bikes is their simplicity, and the incredibly smooth ride they offer.

The STZ Around the Block Men's Cruiser captures the essence of what a beach cruiser is supposed to be.

Strategic design and quality components come together to form an efficient and comfortable cruise r that is perfect for casual riding.

  • The Around the Block's frame is hand-crafted from quality steel, improving the bike's overall stability, and giving it suitable shock absorption for any bumps in your path. 
  • The 40-pound total weight is right on the cusp of an ideal cruiser bike weight; not too light, not too heavy.
  • The base model of the Around the Block Cruiser comes with a single-speed drivetrain that contributes to the bike's overall smooth ride.
  • A 7-speed version is available for anyone that needs multiple gears to handle inclines and city riding better.
  • The bike's classic handlebar design allows the rider to remain upright while pedaling and steering. 
  • A full-cushioned, spring-supported saddle offers a higher level of comfort when seated, making even all-day rides easier on the body.
  • Extra-wide whitewall tires feature a waffle tread that adds a better sense of traction to the bike. 
  • The wheelset's double-walled rims protect the tube inside from being punctured by the spokes and give the wheels better durability.

Specs Of Sixthreezero Around The Block

  • Wheel size: 24"/ 26"
  • Number of gears: 1, 3, 7, 21
  • Weight: 35.0 lbs
  • Brake type: Coaster, V-Brake
  • Tire: 2" semi-slick cruiser tires
  • Handle Bar Grip:  Synthetic leather grips

The Around the Block Cruiser does include a luggage rack in the rear, and can easily be upgraded with a number of features and accessories like fenders, to baskets and cup holders. It is currently available in only one color, but the matte black is easily one of our favorites.

Overall, the STZ Around the Block Cruiser defines what a true cruiser should be, ensuring a smooth ride with plenty of comfort, and a heightened sense of style as well. For just around $300 , that’s a great deal, and places the bike towards the top of the heap.

You can learn more about the versatility of this bike in our  Sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Cruiser In-depth Review.  

3. Firmstrong Bruiser - Best Cruiser Bikes For Seniors


  • 26-inch men's three-speed cruiser bike shifts quickly and easily while riding hills; thick top tube design for a beefier look
  • 19-inch extended steel frame creates more space between rider and handlebars
  • Balloon tires for a cushioned ride; easy-to-use coaster brakes

For those that are looking for a beefier-looking cruiser, the Firmstrong Bruiser is a great choice.

The bike has a more aggressive aesthetic but doesn't betray all of the characteristics that create a comfortable, smooth-riding beach cruiser bicycle that's great for leisure and casual use.

Features Of Firmstrong Bruiser

  • The Bruiser's steel frame is an extended 19-inch size, giving you two more inches of clearance to the handlebars than you get with the more common 17-inch frame size.
  • Despite the bigger size, the Bruiser still weighs around 38 pounds, which is the ideal weight range on a cruiser.
  • The bigger size lets riders extend their arms for an even more swept-back ride without decreasing any steering ability. 
  • A wide-set, heavily-cushioned saddle provides the perfect sitting surface to compliment the bike's feel.
  • The base model of the Bruiser uses a one-speed setup and gives the bike the needed power to easily attain speeds of up to 15 mph without too much effort. 
  • 3-speed and 7-speed gear setups are available as well, giving the Bruiser added speed and versatility.
  • A coaster brake system accompanies the one-speed models, keeping your stopping/slowing simple and easy. Multi-gear Bruiser models use tier one or two caliper hand-operated brakes instead.
  • Wide balloon-style tires give the Bruiser most of its shock absorption ability while increasing traction thanks to an understated tread design.

Specs Of Firmstrong Bruiser

  • Size: 19 inch / Large
  • Frame material: Steel/Aluminum
  • Wheel size: 26"
  • Number of gears: 1, 3, 7

In our  Critical Cycles Chatham review  we take a better look at some of the various different features and style elements of this bike, such as its BMX-like handlebars.

The Bruiser offers all of these features for a reasonable price. The bike allows riders to have a more aggressive design, extended sizing, and the smooth and easy ride that every cruiser should offer. If most other cruisers seem a little too feeble for your tastes, the Bruiser is the answer.

Why You Should Choose Your  Best Cruiser Bike Carefully

Unlike mountain bikes or road bikes, you won’t find any precision sizes and setups for cruiser bikes, but that doesn’t make just any cruiser well-suited to your needs.

When a cruiser bike is intended for light riding, it probably comes with limited features and may not be long-lasting. If you’re someone who enjoys short rides around the neighborhood or boardwalk, this may not be an issue. However, if you wish to use the bike frequently and along multiple terrains, it probably will be.

So, while it may be tempting just to go out and get the cruiser you are attracted to, or you can buy with the best deal, it’s always a good idea to first analyze your riding needs and then focus on your personal preferences as well.

This way, you can be sure of purchasing a bike that can hold up to your riding environment while being comfortable and having any certain features that may improve your riding experience.

Things To Consider When Shopping A Best Beach Cruiser Bike

To ensure that you get the right cruiser bike, you’ll need to consider everything from your specific riding uses to what kind of components you’ll be needing.

Some of the factors that you must consider when choosing a cruiser bike:

Black Gucci bike on white background

  • Research if the bike is equipped with single-speed or multi-speed. The number of gears available on the bike allows you to either limit yourself on a smooth surface or go off-road. 
  • While frames made of steel are sturdy but need more maintenance, aluminum frames are lightweight and far less stressful during commuting. 
  • The type of brake - coaster brake or handbrake.
  • Check for front and rear fenders since they help keep the sand, water, or dust from spraying on the rider.
  • The seat is something that you should never compromise on. Padded with sufficient spring action, a wide seat offers an upright-seated position for the rider, which also renders comfortability.
  • And, of course, your budget.

If you read our complete guide to cruiser bikes, you would understand that these bikes were actually the inspiration and imagination behind what would eventually become a mountain bike. But that’s it.

While a cruiser is versatile, they are not as adaptable as a road bike, or a mountain bike is. Road bikes have several key characteristics that make them great for fast and long-distance riding. 

So, if you plan on riding your cruiser for miles each day, you may want to look at the hybrid bike reviews instead.

People Also Ask

What cruiser bikes are really for.

Cruiser bikes capture the true essence of biking.

They don’t require any special skills or gear, and practically anyone that knows how to ride a bike can effectively ride a cruiser for a longer distance.

They are by far the most casual type of bike there is. Cruiser bikes are perfect for everything from a stroll with the family around the neighborhood to coasting down a beach-side boardwalk to riding the sidewalks around your town or in a park.

What Are Cruiser Bikes Good For?

Cruiser bikes with long handlebars, wider wheel size, and wider tires make cruiser bikes stable on sand and gravel paths. Its well-cushioned seat gives the rider a perfectly upright position.

Which Beach Cruiser Bike Is Best?

  • Firmstrong Urban
  • Sixthreezero Around the Block
  • Firmstrong Bruiser
  • Huffy Nel Lusso
  • Schwinn Cruiser bikes

What Are The Best Cruiser Bike Brands?

In my opinion, the Schwinn, Huffy bikes, and sixthreezero are popular among different cruiser bikes brands.

Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Hills?

The cruiser bikes are suitable for flat terrain and can offer a comfortable ride, but usually, they come without gears, and thus steep hill climbing can be challenging. But if it is equipped with three or seven-speed gearing, then you can climb up easily.

Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Exercises?

Studies say that cycling at a moderate speed up to 13.9 miles per hour can help you lose calories in half an hour, and all cruiser bikes can afford that. A single-speed model can be a good choice for low-impact exercises, and multi-speed is good to let you climb up hills.

Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Commuting?

Cruiser bikes consist of rear coaster brakes, low seat height, and simple gear shifting, making it easier for commuting.

Can Cruiser Bikes Go On Trails?

Cruiser bikes are difficult for off-road riding and on trails because they tend to be slow and heavy and thus not suitable for trails.

Part of the allure with cruiser beach bikes is their simplicity and the incredibly smooth ride they offer.

Whether you intend on getting a single speed for leisure commuting or multiple speed for Sunday adventures, these bikes mentioned above from each category offer the best that cruisers have to offer and appeal to a variety of different budgets and preferences.

Whichever bike you choose, you can be confident of getting an excellent beach cruiser bicycle that will provide you with miles of relaxed, leisurely enjoyment.

Happy Riding!

best cruiser bikes


  • 3-speed and seven speed versions

Wikipedia Sixthreezero


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The 10 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

Electra’s Townie 7D Step-Through Bike makes riding comfortable and fun

Ravi Davda is a certified personal trainer with nearly 10 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry. Ravi has worked with a range of personal training clients both in-person and online.

cruise on bike

Jonathan Valdez, RDN, CDCES, CPT is a New York City-based telehealth registered dietitian nutritionist and nutrition communications expert.

cruise on bike

Rich Scherr is a seasoned journalist who has covered technology, finance, sports, and lifestyle.

cruise on bike

Verywell Fit / Zackary Angeline

Whether you’re looking for a bike for your next vacation or for your daily commute to work, beach cruiser bikes can do it all. “Beach cruisers are relaxed and fun. They aren't built for speed or trails, but for overall comfort on the road. We consider these our comfort and fun bikes. But make no mistake, we can still get where we want to go in good time—we just feel great getting there,” Chad Buchanan, founder of BiKASE, says.

Beach cruiser bikes come in a wide range of sizes, weights, and brake styles, and may offer different accessories. To find the best beach cruiser bikes on the market, we first asked experts for their opinion on what makes a quality beach cruiser bike. Then, we researched over 40 beach cruiser bikes and evaluated them for comfort, style, price, and more.

Based on our research, here are the best beach cruiser bikes on the market.

  • How We Selected
  • What to Look For

Why Trust Verywell Fit

Best men's overall, electra electra townie 7d step-through bike.

Ergonomic saddle

Low center of gravity

Wide range of colors

Assembly required

Our top men’s overall pick is Electra’s Townie 7D Step-Through Bike because it has a sleek, user-friendly design. This bike features an ergonomic, shock-absorbing saddle that offers a comfortable ride. And we love that Electra’s beach cruiser bike has a low center of gravity, ensuring that you stay upright while riding and that you can touch the ground with both feet when stationary. 

Note that you will need to either assemble this bike yourself, or bring it to an REI store to be assembled. It’s also more expensive than other bikes on our list. Choose from five bright, modern colors. Key Specs: Style: 7-speed cruiser | Height Capacity: Not listed | Weight: 34.5 pounds | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Colors: Five

Best Women’s Overall

Sixthreezero evryjourney hybrid cruiser bike.


One-year warranty

SixThreeZero’s EvryJourney Step-Through Bike is our other top pick because it’s designed to go just about anywhere. It features wider tires, which makes it great for riding on different types of terrain, including rougher trails. The handlebars are easy and comfortable to hold, thanks to synthetic leather grips. 

We also like that the bike comes with a one-year warranty—or, you can purchase a lifetime warranty for an extra $29.99. Although you’ll have to assemble this bike yourself, it’s fully customizable. Choose your desired color, number of speeds, and accessories to create a cruiser you’ll use for years to come. Key Specs: Style: Hybrid | Height Capacity: 5'0” to 6'4" | Weight: 36.5 pounds | Weight Capacity: 300 lbs | Colors: Five

Best Budget

Huffy fairmont cruiser bike.

Comfortable, padded saddle

Raised handlebars

For a budget-friendly beach cruiser bike, we recommend Huffy’s Fairmont Cruiser. It comes with a low center of gravity and raised handlebars, which helps you sit upright while pedaling for an effortless ride. And we love that the saddle is padded—a bonus when taking your bike for a spin on a long or bumpy route.

Note you’ll have to assemble this cruiser yourself. However, Huffy includes all of the tools you’ll need to get the job done. Choose from classic gray or royal blue with pink accents and floral details. Style: Key Specs: Single-speed cruiser | Height Capacity: Not listed | Weight: 47.7 pounds | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Colors: Two

Best Electric

Schwinn mendocino step-thru electric bike.

Schwinn Bikes

Lasts up to 45 miles per charge

Pedal assist motor

Looking for an electric beach cruiser bike? We recommend Schwinn’s Mendocino Step-Through Electric Bike. Made from aluminum, we like that this beach cruiser bike is built to last. You can ride it for up to 45 miles on a single charge, and the bike can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour with the help of its pedal assist motor. 

One charge takes just four hours, so you can be confident this cruiser will always be ready for your next ride. Shift between six different speeds to tackle hills, slopes, and rougher terrain. However, this bike is significantly more expensive than other models on our list, and you’ll need to assemble it yourself. Key Specs: Style: Electric | Height Capacity: 5'4" to 6'2" | Weight: 49.9 pounds | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Colors: Three

Best Single Speed

Firmstrong bella fashionista single speed.

Extended frame for taller riders

Some assembly required

Firmstrong’s Bella Fashionista Single Speed Bike is our choice for a sturdy, well-designed, single-speed beach cruiser bike. We love the wide range of bright hues, especially because Firmstrong adds an extra pop of color to the rims. The extended frame is made from durable steel, to better suit taller riders.

Since the frame is painted, this bike is resistant to rust. It does require some light assembly, but it’s less expensive than many other models on our list. Key Specs: Style: Single-speed cruiser | Height Capacity: 5'0” to 6'0” | Weight: 43 pounds | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Colors: Nine

Best with Gears

Electra cruiser 7d step-over.

Electra Bikes

Only two colors

The Electra 7D Step-Over Bike is our top choice for a beach cruiser bike with gears. If you’re going to be riding on hills often, a single-speed beach cruiser bike may not have the power you need. With Electra’s bike, it’s easy to change gears simply by twisting your wrist. 

Plus, we like that it has wide tires, so you can bike on sand or gravel with ease. Although it only comes in two colors, this bike is fully customizable. Add accessories like a bell, a handlebar or phone bag, a front basket, and more. Key Specs: Style: 7-speed cruiser | Height Capacity: 5'3" to 5'11" or 5'6" to 6'2" | Weight: 40 pounds | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Colors: Two

Best Fat Tire

Sohoo fat tire beach cruiser electric bicycle.

Digital LCD display

LED headlight and rear light

Two-year warranty

If you’re searching for a fat tire beach cruiser bike, we recommend this electric version from SOHOO. Fat tires make it even easier to ride on sand. Plus, this cruiser features a pedal-assist mode and can reach speeds up to 28 miles per hour. And we love that it has a digital LCD display, so you always know exactly how fast you’re going and how far you’ve traveled.

SOHOO’s cruiser also has additional safety features, like a bright LED headlight and a rear light. You can also choose to ride it without the motor, if you prefer. It’s one of the more expensive bikes on our list, but it has all the features and durability you’ll need. Key Specs: Style: Electric | Height Capacity: 5'9" to 6'8" | Weight: 67 pounds | Weight Capacity: 350 pounds | Colors: Three

Best Aluminum

Chatham plus aluminum beach cruiser bike.


Lower weight capacity

If a rust-resistant frame is your top priority, we recommend Chatham’s Plus Beach Cruiser Bike. The frame and double-walled rims are both made from durable aluminum, to help you get the most out of your bike. And we like the budget-friendly price point, which comes in at around $300. 

But because it’s single-speed, this bike isn’t recommended for rougher terrains. You’ll also have to assemble the Chatham Plus yourself, and it has a lower weight capacity compared to others on our list. Key Specs: Style: Single-speed cruiser | Height Capacity: 5'0” to 6'4" | Weight: Not listed | Weight Capacity: 250 lbs | Colors: Three

Best with Cup Holder

Huffy panama jack men’s beach cruiser bike.

10-year frame warranty

Comes with accessories

Huffy’s Panama Jack Beach Cruise doesn’t just come with a cup holder—it also has a cooler bag, a bottle opener, and a rear rack for carrying all of your beach day essentials. A 10-year frame warranty comes standard with this bike, so you can ride confidently. And since it’s made from aluminum, this beach cruiser is both lightweight and durable.

You will have to assemble parts of this bike, and it only comes in two colors (black and dark blue). But we love all of the added accessories, which make this cruiser the ideal oceanside ride. Key Specs: Style: Single-speed or six-speed cruiser | Height Capacity: 5'0” and up | Weight: 48.6 pounds | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Colors: Two

Best for Kids

Micargi jetta beach cruiser bike.

Comfortable handlebar grips

Steel frame, not aluminum

No accessories included

The Micargi Jetta Beach Cruiser Bike wins our top spot for a kids’ beach cruiser bike because it comes in a wide range of retro colors and offers a durable design. Handlebar grips make riding easy, and with coaster brakes, stopping is a breeze. Plus, we like that this bike is budget-friendly—always a plus when shopping for items kids can grow out of. 

However, the frame is made from steel, not aluminum like other bikes on our list. It also doesn’t come with any extra accessories, like a helmet, so you’ll need to purchase those yourself. Key Specs: Style: Single-speed cruiser | Height Capacity: 4'0” to 5'0” | Weight: Not listed | Weight Capacity: Not listed | Colors: Four

Electra’s Townie 7D Step-Through Bike is our top pick because its range of gears makes cycling smooth and simple. Plus, a shock-absorbing, ergonomic saddle means a comfortable ride every time.

We also recommend SixThreeZero’s EvryJourney Step-Through Bike . Its wide tires give you more control while riding on different types of terrain, and customization options can help you design a bike that’s truly yours.

How We Selected the Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

When choosing the best beach cruiser bikes, we first spoke with Jeffrey Palter , owner of Cycle Loft bicycle shop, and Chad Buchanan , owner of BiKASE, a bicycle accessories manufacturer. They shared their expert opinion on the important features every beach cruiser bike should have. 

Then, we researched over 40 different beach cruiser bikes from the most trusted brands and picked the best ones based on comfort and value. We also considered size, weight, brake style, and additional accessories.

What to Look For in a Beach Cruiser Bike

Beach cruiser bikes usually come in one universal size, but can be adjusted based on your height and riding preferences. “Most of the fit can be accomplished with the adjustable seat or slight handlebar adjustment. I'd suggest setting the handlebars and grips to allow a more upright and comfortable back position,” Buchanan says.

When shopping for beach cruiser bikes, it’s important to note that they usually weigh more than traditional bicycles. This is because they’re designed with features that stand up to daily wear and tear, like wider tires and curved handlebars. Most beach cruiser bikes also have a weight capacity, so make sure to read all information from the manufacturer carefully before purchasing to ensure your bike will be the right fit.

Brake Style

Beach cruiser bikes usually come with either coaster brakes or hand brakes. Coaster brakes are triggered by pedaling backward and generally offer a softer stop. Hand brakes are similar to the brakes on traditional bikes—they’re attached to the handlebars and can be squeezed to quickly stop the bike.


Some beach cruiser bikes come with additional accessories like cup holders, baskets, headlights, cellphone holders, bells, and more. Others don’t come with any, but you can usually purchase and fit most of these afterward if you feel that your beach cruiser bike is incomplete without them.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Typically, a beach cruiser is a bicycle with big, wide, almost balloon-like tires, and a relaxed upright riding position. They usually have single speed (although this can vary), perfect for cruising along flat pathways common around beaches,” Palter says. Regular bikes feature thinner tires and a more horizontal riding position.

Compared to mountain bicycles, cruiser bikes can be easy to ride, especially when biking on flat terrain. This is because they usually have wider tires, more comfortable seats, and wider handlebars. You’re also biking in an upright position which is comfortable and feels easy to ride for most people. However, if you’ll be riding on rough terrain often, a mountain bike may feel easier to ride because it offers the stability and variety of gears you’ll need to tackle hills.

Unless you have a beach cruiser bike that has fat tires, like SOHOO’s Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle, beach cruiser bikes generally aren’t designed for riding on sand. Pavement or unpaved biking trails are better places to ride your beach cruiser bike.

Cycling, even on a beach cruiser bike, can be an excellent way to stay active. Beach cruiser bikes are easy to use, and you can choose how intense your workout is. Riding a beach cruiser bike is usually considered low impact exercise, which is great for your joints, bones, and muscles.

As a qualified personal trainer and health and fitness writer, Ravi Davda understands how important quality product recommendations can be. He recommends products that are reliable, comfortable, and genuinely well-reviewed by those who’ve tried them.

Haynes C. The Practical Cyclist: Bicycling for Real People . New Society Publishers; 2009.

Can You Bring A Bike On A Cruise Ship: A Guide To Navigating Your Cycling Adventure At Sea

Looking to enjoy your last ocean adventure by cycling on board? Biking on a cruise ship is a great way to explore new destinations while staying active in an exciting way. However, before packing up your bike and hopping on board, it’s important to know what to expect, as each cruise line has different policies and requirements when it comes to bringing bikes on board. In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of bringing your bike on a cruise ship, so you can embark on a fun and safe cycling adventure at sea.

Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just enjoy a leisurely pedal, biking on a cruise ship offers a unique opportunity to sail, explore, and stay active all at the same time. But with many different cruise lines and ships to choose from, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step, from choosing the right cruise ship and packing your bike to planning your routes and dealing with any logistical challenges that may arise. So if you’re ready to embark on your next cycling adventure at sea, keep reading to find out what awaits you on board.

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Understanding Cruise Ship Bike Policies: What You Need To Know Before You Board

If you’re planning to go on a cruise and want to bring your bike with you, it’s important to understand the cruise ship’s bike policies. Not all cruise lines allow bikes on board, and those that do may have specific rules and regulations that you need to follow.

Before you book your cruise, check with the cruise line to see if they allow bikes, and if so, what their policies are. Some may require that you reserve a spot for your bike in advance, and others may require that you bring your own bike lock. Additionally, there may be a fee to bring your bike on board, so be sure to factor that into your overall budget. Being aware of the rules and regulations ahead of time can help ensure a smooth and stress-free cycling adventure at sea.

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Choosing the Right Bike for Your Cruise: Factors to Consider

Choosing the right bike for your cruise is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right bike for your adventure at sea. The first factor to consider is space. Cruise ship cabins can be small, and you don’t want to bring a bike that is too large to fit comfortably in your room or on the ship’s bike storage area.

The second factor is terrain and distance. If you are planning to ride on hilly terrains or long distances, then you need a bike that can handle those challenges. In contrast, a bike with a more relaxed frame and wider tires may be perfect for a leisurely ride along the coastline. Additionally, you should also consider the cost of the bike, your budget, and the availability of spare parts, just in case. By considering these factors, you can choose the right bike for your cruise adventure and enjoy your cycling experience to the fullest.

Packing Your Bike for a Cruise: Tips for Safe and Easy Transport

When it comes to bringing your bike on a cruise ship, packing it properly is key to ensuring its safety during transport. Here are some tips for safe and easy transport:

First, disassemble your bike as much as possible to make it easier to pack. Remove pedals, wheels, handlebars, and seat post. If you’re not comfortable doing this on your own, seek help from a bike shop or an experienced cyclist.

Next, wrap all parts in protective materials to prevent damage. Use foam padding, bubble wrap, or pipe insulation to cover the frame, and put wheel skewers and other loose components in plastic bags.

Lastly, pack your bike in a sturdy bike box, making sure to secure all parts and fasten the box firmly. Label the box with your name and contact information, and make sure to follow the cruise ship’s guidelines for transporting bikes. By taking the proper precautions, you can enjoy your cycling adventure at sea knowing that your bike is safe and secure.

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Onboard Bike Storage and Maintenance: Making the Most of Limited Space

If you plan on bringing your bike onto a cruise ship, it’s essential to consider the storage options available. While most cruise ships do have bike storage available, space is often limited. Bikes can be stored in designated areas, such as garages or decks, but it’s important to keep in mind that these areas may be shared with other passengers. As such, make sure to communicate with the cruise staff beforehand to know where and how to store your bike.

Maintenance is also an important aspect to consider when bringing your bike onboard. Prior to the trip, give your bike a thorough check-up to ensure it is in good condition. Once on board, make sure to perform regular maintenance, such as tightening bolts and lubricating chains, to keep your bike running smoothly. Additionally, pack basic tools and supplies, such as spare tubes, a pump, and a multi-tool, to ensure you are prepared for any necessary repairs. By making the most of limited space and performing regular maintenance, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable cycling adventure at sea.

Biking Excursions and Tours: Exploring Ports of Call on Two Wheels

Biking excursions and tours are a great way to explore ports of call on two wheels during a cruise vacation. Many cruise lines offer guided biking tours at various ports of call, allowing passengers to explore the local sights, culture, and scenery through cycling. From mountain biking to leisurely rides along scenic trails, there are plenty of options available for all skill levels and interests.

Biking tours provide an opportunity to experience a destination in a unique and active way, while also providing a chance to burn off some calories and stay healthy during the trip. The tours are led by experienced local guides who are knowledgeable about the area and can provide interesting facts and commentary about the sights, history, and culture of the region. So, whether you are a biking enthusiast or simply looking for a new way to explore a destination, a biking excursion or tour may be the perfect addition to your next cruise adventure.

Staying Safe While Cycling on a Cruise: Precautions and Best Practices

Cycling on a cruise ship can be an adventurous and fun experience, but it is crucial to prioritize safety. Firstly, it is essential to wear proper gear, including a helmet, and avoid wearing loose clothing that might get caught in the spokes or chain. Cyclists should always stick to designated routes and avoid crowded areas to prevent accidents. Before setting out, travelers should ensure that they have a good understanding of the ship’s timing and itinerary to avoid getting left behind.

Additionally, it is recommended that cyclists carry some basic tools, including a pump, tire levers, and a wrench, in case of emergency repairs. Above all, staying aware of the surroundings, following traffic rules and signals, and keeping an eye for incoming pedestrians can reduce the likelihood of accidents. By following these safety precautions and best practices, travelers can have a safe and enjoyable cycling experience during their cruise vacation.

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Making the Most of Your Cruise Bike Adventure: Tips for a Memorable Experience

Once you’ve decided to bring your bike on a cruise ship and have chosen the right ship and itinerary, it’s time to make the most out of your adventure. Here are some tips for an unforgettable experience:

Firstly, plan your routes in advance. Many cruise lines offer cycling excursions that take you to scenic areas and offer a unique perspective of different ports of call. However, if you prefer to explore on your own, research and plan your own routes ahead of time to ensure you maximize your time on land. Secondly, be sure to pack all necessary gear, including helmets, lights and reflective clothing. Check the weather forecasts and pack appropriate clothes for different climates. Finally, make sure you take lots of pictures and create lasting memories. Cycling on a cruise ship is an amazing adventure, and you’ll want to document your journey for years to come. Follow these tips, and you’ll be set for an unforgettable cruise bike adventure!

Final Verdict

As we’ve seen, bringing a bike on a cruise ship is entirely possible and can enhance your trip in many ways. However, it’s essential to research and plan ahead to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. From checking the cruise line’s policies to selecting the right type of bike and packing it properly, following some simple guidelines can make all the difference.

So, if you’re a cycling enthusiast or want to explore new destinations by bike, consider bringing your bike on your next cruise adventure. You may discover picturesque routes and hidden gems that you wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. With the right preparation, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, combining the luxury of a cruise vacation with the thrill of cycling.

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What Is a Cruiser Bike?

what is a cruiser bike

An Introduction to Cruiser Bikes

If you’ve been on the beachfront and seen cyclists cruising along on bicycles that look like the one above, then chances are you’ve seen a cruiser bike!

In this short guide, I’ll teach you everything there is to know about cruiser bikes and answer all of your questions including what is a cruiser bike? what are the benefits of riding a cruiser bike? and who are cruiser bikes suitable for?

Ready to become a cruiser bike expert? Let’s get into it.

What is a Cruiser Bike?

A cruiser bike, often referred to as a beach cruiser, is a popular style of bike designed specifically for recreational and comfortable cycling. One of the notable features that defines a cruiser bike, causing it to stand out against other bikes, is the relaxed riding position the frame’s geometry provides.

Elements contributing to cruisers increased comfort include a low extra-large saddle, wide raised handlebars and a long wheelbase.

cruise on bike

The wide and durable balloon-style tyres cruiser bikes use also make for a more stable and enjoyable ride.

Cruiser bikes maintain a fairly simple design that does not require any complex parts or equipment. They boast strong frames, a pleasant aesthetic, and most utilize a single-speed drivetrain with a coaster brake.

Over the years as cruisers have reemerged, the range available has expanded with some cruisers now featuring brake levers and gear systems.

What Is a Cruiser Bike Used For?

Cruiser bikes are designed to be used solely for recreational cycling. As their nickname “beach cruiser” suggests, the cruiser bike is noteworthy as an excellent option to ride along the beach.

Their durable and balanced nature can withstand the unsteady surfaces of beautiful sandy beaches and trails, provided that the ground is relatively flat and without many large hills.

The terrains of beach boardwalks, sidewalks, and paved roads are also optimal for cruisers. Cruiser bikes are used for easy and short-distance daily commuting and leisurely cruising.

If you like cycling at a slow pace and soaking up the sun, a cruiser would serve you well.

Recap - What Is a Cruiser Bike?

A cruiser bike, also referred to as a motobike or a beach cruiser is a bicycle that promotes an upright riding position thanks to the geometry of its frame.

Cruiser bikes utilise wide, flared handlebars, fat ‘balloon tyres’, single-speed drivetrains, large padded saddles and coaster brakes. Combined, these features make riding a cruiser a comfortable, stress-free experience.

The History of Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes have been around for decades and made their first appearance in the 1930s, during the Great Depression era of the United States.

Frank W. Schwinn was one of the pioneers who helped shape the cruiser bikes we ride today. Schwinn was inspired to create a bicycle that was more durable and affordable than existing bikes on the market, this would allow him to open up a new portion of the market and compete with industry competitors.

Due to the economic downfall of the Great Depression, the early Schwinn cruisers were a success and became a popular choice for individuals that required cheap, yet efficient transportation methods. 

the history of cruiser bicycles

Throughout their tortuous lifetime in the biking world, the cruiser bike’s popularity has fluctuated significantly. The 1950s decade was perhaps one of the most renowned eras for the cruiser bike’s popularity[1].

As more competitor bike companies manufactured the cruiser model, these stylish bikes were developed to be more and more adept for beach riding. This contributed to their popularity as a staple for tourists and beach enthusiasts alike.

How Have Cruiser Bikes Progressed Over the Years?

Although there was a decline in usage in the 1960s after more lightweight bikes reached and became more popular within the marketplace ranks, cruiser bikes have been steadily resurfacing in popularity since the 1970s [2].

In the present day, inexperienced cyclists immediately find cruisers enjoyable, due to their ease of use and lack of complex parts. Many older cyclists return to cruiser bikes to reminisce of the stylish bicycles from their childhood and to enjoy the more relaxed riding position they offer!

Cruiser Bike Anatomy & Components

The frame of a cruiser bike is instantly recognisable due to its sloping, curved tubes which make it comparable to a classic 50’s Schwinn bicycle.

Unlike most bikes which use a triangular frame, most cruisers have a curved top tube which travels downwards from the head tube and joins the top or middle of the seat tube, which is often shorter than normal.

The short seat tube means the saddle is low down compared to the handlebars, which seats the rider a comfortable, upright position when cycling. 

Some cruiser bikes also feature an additional tube which normally runs along from the middle of the seat tube to the headtube. This provides extra strength for the frame, and increases the usable lifespan of the bike. 

Until recently steel was the most commonly used material to build cruiser bike frames with, which is why old classic cruisers are exceptionally heavy!

More recently, aluminium-framed cruisers have entered the market and have become increasingly popular due to their lower cost and decreased weight. 

Another distinguishing feature of a cruiser bike is its wheels and tyres.

The tyres a cruiser bike uses are often referred to as “balloon tyres”, due to their large round profile when inflated. These tyres are normally 2.125″ wide or in some cases 1.9″. 

The thicker tyres used by cruiser bikes provide a smooth and comfortable ride and soften the impact of any lumps and bumps you ride over. 

In the 1970’s cruiser bikes were used by daring cyclists to descend down the canyons and ridges of California. They chose cruisers as their weapon of choice because their large balloon tyres helped to cushion the impact of lumps and jumps on the way down hillsides.

The riders were unaware at the time, but this movement was one of the early footsteps towards the development of mountain bikes. 

Whilst daredevils of the past have taken cruisers onto extreme terrain, I would advise against this.

Another reason why cruisers were chosen for this type of riding, is that at the time they could be bought second hand for peanuts! This meant when they eventually broke from being beaten around, it wasn’t a substantial loss for the rider. Clever.

The wheels a cruiser uses can drastically vary in appearance, some cruiser wheels can be found with 140 spokes per wheel! This provides a stylish finish and super strong wheels. Whilst others use a more modest 36 spokes. 

Also, because most cruiser bikes use coaster brakes, the majority of wheels you find on these bikes don’t have a braking surface.

The long flared handlebars a cruiser bike uses are one of the main reasons why these bikes are so comfortable.

The stem of a cruiser bike lifts the handlebars higher than on the majority of other bicycles. This elevated position provides a better posture for the rider, decreasing strain on the spine and upper body.

The handlebars of a cruiser bike are totally different from what you’d find on a BMX , gravel or mountain bike.

These bikes are used for competitive cycling disciplines which means their handlebars provide more precise steering and better aerodynamics, whereas cruiser bike’s bars are solely built for comfort and a relaxed riding position.

The upright riding position that these handlebars provide helps to make cruiser bikes a feasible option for less confident and elderly cyclists!

As we’ve already covered, cruiser bikes traditionally use a different braking system to most other bicycles. The majority of bike breaks are operated by a hand lever, which is attached to the handlebars.

However, most cruisers don’t feature brake leavers and instead use a component called a coaster brake.

Coaster brakes are a special type of rear hub which allows the wheels of a bike to roll freely, without the pedals turning. Hence the word “coaster”. When a rider pedals backwards the coaster brakes are activated causing the bike to come to a stop.

Coaster brakes tend to be single speed, but some internally geared hubs feature a coaster brake.

Unlike other brake types, coaster breaks work well in all weather conditions and require less maintenance than other brakes.

If you’ve never ridden a bike with coaster breaks before, make sure you practice before hitting the road! It won’t be long before you’ve mastered them and you’ll be safer whilst riding.

Most cruiser bikes use a single speed gear system, similar to what you’d find on some fixed-gear and BMX bikes.

This means whilst riding the majority of cruiser bikes, you won’t have access to a range of gears. 

Whilst this may sound like an inconvenience, you don’t need to maintain a single speed gear system as much as a multi-speed system. Furthermore, one set gear ratio works perfectly for bikes designed to be ridden on flat roads and paths.

Where cruiser bikes have become more popular, they can also be found with multi-speed gearing. 

The popular bike brand SixThreeZero produce a variety of cruiser bikes, which are available with 1,3,7 or 21 gears! 

Who Should Use a Cruiser Bike?

cruise on bike

Ultimately, cruiser bikes are suitable for any cyclist looking to enjoy a slower-paced, comfortable, enjoyable bike ride!

If you’re a cyclist that likes to roll around town and enjoy the sights or roll along the beachfront, a cruiser bike will be a great choice!

Their extra padded saddles and wider flared handlebars make cruisers suitable for those who are looking to promote good posture and core strength.

Due to their relaxed riding position cruiser bikes are also suitable for older riders or those with injuries which cause discomfort with traditional upright cycling.

Smaller cruiser bikes are also available for younger children, make sure they wear a helmet!

Who Shouldn't Use a Cruiser Bike?

While nearly anyone embarking on a relaxing ride would enjoy a cruiser bike, they are not the ideal bike for every type of cyclist.

Cruiser bikes are not suitable for long-distance cyclists looking for a bike to take them on an intense ride.

Mountain bike jump

Whilst they’re quite durable, cruiser bikes do not perform optimally on undulating terrain due to the majority of them having one gear. Without multiple gear setting options, challenging uphill rides can become very tiresome and the geometry of a cruiser simply isn’t designed for hill climbs or descents.

Any competitive cyclist looking for an effective workout is best left with a more versatile bike such as a road bike or gravel bike .

Whilst cruiser bikes might offer individuals light exercise benefits, their design is mainly for enjoyment and not as suitable for intense exercise or competitive sport!

Different Types of Cruiser Bike

Whilst cruiser bikes are typically very similar, there are several different cruiser sub-types available. 

The main difference between the types of cruiser listed below is their frame geometry. A difference in frame shape and size changes the feel and comfort of a bike whilst riding, so picking the right one is important!

Classic/Beach Cruiser Bikes

Classic/Beach Cruisers are the most common type of cruiser bike. The classic cruiser sits its rider in an upright position with the saddle being positioned above the pedals.

Classic cruisers bikes have a similar geometry to hybrid bicycles but provide thicker ‘balloon tyres’ for increased comfort. 

If you want to commute to work on your cruiser a classic cruiser is your best bet. These offer more space than other cruiser variants for pannier racks and bikebags.

beach cruiser bicycle

Low Rider Cruiser Bikes

Like other cruiser sub-types, low rider cruisers take inspiration from early Schwinn Stingray bicycles. Their frames hover just above the ground, which means the saddle is normally positioned very low down, hence the name!

These bikes accentuate the features of a cruiser bike and are built for looks and comfort. On a low rider, the saddle (often banana shape) is situated between the wheels rather than above (as with classic cruisers), this means the pedals are positioned in front of the rider similar to a recumbent bike.

Lowrider cruiser bicycle

Low rider cruiser bikes are similar to stretch cruisers but provide slightly less clearance beneath the crank arms. 

The majority of low riders also use long, vertically rising handlebars which are similar to the bars a chopper uses. Low rider bars can range from 9″ to 25″ in height, shorter bars being suitable for smaller framed bicycles.

Whilst this is still a cruiser bike, some riders may find the riding position less comfortable than a classic beach cruiser. 

Stretch Cruiser Bikes

Stretch cruisers are very similar in geometry to low rider cruisers, which can often lead people to get confused between the two.

The main difference between the two is the exaggerated length of a stretch cruiser. These bikes have a longer wheelbase which provides increased stability when handling corners and sharp turns.

what is a stretch cruiser bicycle

The stretched frame leads to a slight increase in handlebar reach which, demanding a more flexible rider than a classic cruiser.

Chopper Cruiser Bikes

Chopper cruisers imitate the design of chopper motorcycle and are therefore a popular choice amongst children who are aspiring motorcyclists. 

Chopper cruisers sometimes feature ape hanger handlebars which elevate the rider’s arms much higher than with stretch and low ride cruisers.

Chopper cruiser bicycle

The saddle of a chopper cruiser bicycle is often found above or just in front of the rear wheel, which means a rider’s legs will reach forwards rather than downwards with a classic cruiser. 

What's the Difference Between Men's and Women's Cruiser Bikes?

As with the majority of men’s and women’s bicycles, the main difference you’ll find with gender orientated cruiser bikes is the frame geometry.

Typically women’s cruiser bikes have a lower top tube, whilst some have none at all. This lower top tube provides a ‘step-through’ frame, which was traditionally designed to allow women to wear a longer skirt or dress whilst cycling.

The removal or reduction in height of the top tube does impact the overall strength of the frame on a women’s bike, but it also makes them slightly more comfortable to ride as you won’t have to lift your leg as high to mount the saddle.

Men’s cruiser bikes tend to have a top tube which slopes upwards from the top/middle of the seat-tube towards the top of the headtube. This increases the strength of the frame, but makes mounting the bike slightly more difficult.

Whilst bike frames are traditionally gender orientated, riders can choose to ride either. A ‘step-through’ frame is very practical for less athletic and less flexible cyclists.

Cruiser Bike vs Hybrid Bike

Whilst cruiser bikes and hybrid bikes do have some similarities, there are several factors which makes these bikes suitable for completely different cycling disciplines.

As I’ve established, the majority of cruiser bicycles use a single speed gear system, which means tackling hills on cruisers can be challenging.

Hybird bikes tend to have multi speed gear systems which traditionally offer 7 to 27 (sometimes more) speeds. This makes them more suitable for a variety of cycling pursuits and more capable of reaching a higher speed.

Because cruisers tend to be heavier, they’re only really suitable for flat ground, where as a hybrid takes the majority of its inspiration from road and mountain bikes, so is capable of tackling a much wider range of terrains

cruise on bike

If you commute to work by bike, a hybrid will probably be the more suitable choice, regardless of the route you take. Hybrids have decent off-roading capabilities thanks to their strong frames and tyres with increased tread, but can also cope well on the tarmac too!

What Competitions/Events are Cruiser Bikes Used In?

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of a cruiser bike is that it is not used in any competitive landscape.

The only place you’d race a cruiser is along the beachfront with your friends. Whilst you could eventually build up a reasonable speed, the overall design doesn’t work well for racing or stunts.

If you enjoy cycling at a leisurely pace along flat roads or bike paths, then a cruiser will serve you well. Otherwise, if you’re looking for speed and adrenaline, a BMX or a gravel bike will be a better choice! 

Benefits of Cruiser Bikes

The popularity of the cruiser bike is easily understood, as they offer many benefits to their riders.

Cruiser bikes are a subtype of comfort bikes. With a single-gear option, you won’t have to fiddle around with gears and they and won’t require advanced maintenance.

riding position of a cruiser bike

When used as designed, on flatter terrain, riders do not have to worry about exerting a significant cardiovascular output.

Cruiser bikes can be picked up at a very reasonable price thanks to their reduced number of components. This will also save you money in the long run as having a cruiser bike serviced will normally be cheaper than your average conventional bicycle!

Riders of cruiser bikes often choose to customise their ride with colourful components such as handlebar streamers. This gives your cruiser bike unique style and personality, which would also help to make it easier to find if your bike were stolen !

Risks Associated with Cruiser Bikes

Fortunately, cruiser bikes do not come with a long list of risks as they are relatively safe bikes suited for all ages and fitness levels.

Because these bikes are so sturdy, they tend to be heavier and slightly bulky, this means you won’t normally be travelling at high speeds, reducing the risks of injury if an accident occurred.

One hazard that cruiser bikes pose is the challenge of coaster brakes. Coaster brakes require the rider to pedal backward to stop the bike, a design many riders may be unfamiliar with if they are already accustomed to other bike styles.

To prevent this being an issue, make sure you learn to use the coaster break before taking your cruiser bike onto busy roads or paths.

Otherwise, adding a break leaver to your cruiser can be a good additional safety feature.

Whilst these bikes could be used to commute, they are hard to accelerate on so bear this in mind and don’t put yourself into challenging situations when mixing with traffic!

Environmental Impact of Using a Cruiser Bike

Riding a cruiser bike helps alleviate traffic in densely populated cities, which in turn reduces smog production and reliance on fossil fuels.

If your commute does not include steep hills or uneven terrain, a cruiser bike can be an excellent alternative to a motorized vehicle.

The ability to add a basket or saddlebag storage to a cruiser bike allows riders to carry belongings, even further promoting its use as a mode of transportation.

Does A Cruiser Bike Require Anything to Keep Functioning?

One of the benefits of cruiser bikes is that they do not generally require a great deal of maintenance.

These bikes need little beyond regular maintenance, such as oiling the chain and replacing the tyres when the tread has worn down.

As I already covered, if you don’t know how to maintain a bike yourself, a local bike shop will be happy to assist for a reasonable price!

What is a cruiser bike

Does the Cruiser Bike Require a Special Area to be Ridden?

Cruiser bikes are simple bikes, not meant for rough or challenging terrain. To properly enjoy a cruiser bike, you’ll want to stick to the flattest, smoothest trails.

Beach riding, boardwalks, pavement, or flat dirt roads are most accessible to cruiser bikes.

What to Wear When Riding a Cruiser Bike

Cruiser e-bike

Considering cruiser bikes are primarily found on beaches and simple riding commutes, the clothing options are open to interpretation.

Any loose-fitting and comfortable clothing you would already be wearing on a beachy vacation or weekend outing will suffice.

Otherwise, if you’re commuting on a cruiser, wear whatever you fancy!

I always advise the use of a helmet, especially if you choose to ride a cruiser bike model with coasting brakes and a single-gear. 

What Accessories are Recommended When Using a Cruiser Bike?

The brilliant thing about cruiser bikes is that they have many exciting options for accessories and added features.

Many people are familiar with a beach cruiser’s iconic image adorned with a straw basket and handlebar streamers. Decorations are commonly added to give cruiser bikes a beachy aesthetic.

A few of the popular cruiser bike accessories include a bell, basket and handlebar grips. Commuters have been known to add saddlebags to carry belongings or groceries.

Gears are a more complex accessory but can be installed on a cruiser bike if desired. This feature will allow for adjustments in effort and resistance, permitting the rider to travel up hills or uneven terrain more easily.

Installation by a professional is typically recommended as gear systems are a complex component.

A cruiser cyclist can easily add front or rear hand brakes to their bike for additional safety and ease of use.

These supplemental brakes involve a hand lever on the handlebar, which controls a calliper on the tyre, causing it to slow down. Hand brakes can be installed by the bike owner or with the help of a professional.

Conclusion - What Is a Cruiser Bike?

So there you have it, a complete guide to cruiser bikes. Hopefully, I’ve answered all of your cruiser related questions, but if not feel free to leave a comment below!

You should now understand who cruiser bikes are suitable for and the benefits they offer for their riders. 

If you’re considering buying a new cruiser bike, don’t forget to get yourself a good quality bike lock to go with it!

If you’re on a tighter budget I’ve reviewed the best budget bike locks here.

Thanks for reading, as always, lock it or lose it!

Ciao for now

[1] [2]

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Very good information about cruiser bikes covered everything required to know the difference .

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My hubby just got me this bike on Monday, 13th June and I absolutely fell in love it with. It is classic and I love the upright sit posture.

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Gocio 26" 4.0 fat tire electric bike.

Gocio 26" 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Bike

From rail trails to gravel, city streets, back roads, and bike paths, you can ride it all with this big wheels fat tire electric bike. It combines professional 7 speed gearing and 500W 3 levels electric assistance as well as throttle accelerating to speeds of 19.8mph.

$1,573   $530

Gocio 500W Electric Bike

Gocio 500W Electric Bike

This cruise e-bike features a removable 374.4Wh battery and charger, supporting a range of 25-50 miles per full charge. With speeds up to 19 mph, it will get you anywhere swiftly.

$1,000   $517

Hidoes Electric Bike for Adults

Hidoes Electric Bike for Adults

Easy to fold and store, this e-bike is small enough to put in your car trunk. It also comes with a rear seat that has a recommended load capacity of no more than 80 pounds, so you can take your child with you.

$890   $620

Colorway 500W 26" Electric Bike

Colorway 500W 26" Electric Bike

The Colorway electric bike is equipped with a powerful and stable 500W motor that delivers reliable and consistent power for your daily rides. For long-distance travel and daily commutes, there are 3 modes: Accelerator Mode, Pedal Assist Mode, and Classic Pedal Mode.

$1,100   $680

Gocio 500W 26" Electric Bike with Cruise Control System

Gocio 500W 26" Electric Bike with Cruise Control System

Gocio's 26" electric mountain bike has a light aluminum alloy frame, a stronger 500W high-speed brushless motor and a 48V 7.8Ah capacity battery, and high strength steel suspension fork, making riding more comfortable and stable.

$900   $497

Funcid 26" 500W Electric Bike for Adults

Funcid 26" 500W Electric Bike for Adults

Save $800 on the Funcid electric bike with 2.1" wide non-slip wheels that allow you to choose your own adventure. Wider tires provide better stability and traction. Switch between five levels of pedal assist and throttle for more fun with little effort.

$900   $490

For even more electric bike sales this month, check out all the best e-bike deals at Amazon available now.

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The Largest V-Twin Engine Ever Featured On A Production Motorcycle 

Spoiler alert: It's a metric cruiser and not a Harley-Davidson

  • V-twin engines offer soulful character and low-end power in cruiser motorcycles.
  • Kawasaki's VN2000, with its massive four-inch piston, provides exceptional low-end torque and impressive performance despite its age.
  • While inspired by Harley-Davidson, the Vulcan 2000 stands out as a comfortable cruiser with a design that has left a lasting impact on the segment.

Say what you will about the downsides of V-twin engines, but they have a soul that’s lacking in other engine configurations. Plus, their construction allows for incredible low-end grunts, a linear power delivery, and a soulful exhaust note. This engine type has become a staple for cruisers; without a V-twin, bikes don’t feel cruiser-y enough, honestly. And generally, one would think there’s no displacement for replacement when it comes to V-twins (at least until the current decade).

In this stride for making the best V-twin cruisers, manufacturers have gone overboard with the displacement. So much so that a near-1000cc cruiser is often considered a middleweight . Some manufacturers have gone as far as making some of the largest displacement engines for their cruisers, and the leader in this aspect is a Japanese giant. Yes, not Harley-Davidson or Indian Motorcycles! We're talking about the Kawasaki Vulcan 200, which has the largest V-twin production engine.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Kawasaki and other authoritative sources, including Motorcycle News, Motorcycle Cruiser, Auto Evolution, and Cycle World.

Why The V-Twin Is The Standard Engine For Big Cruisers

The gentle giant’s massive v-twin engine, torque output: 141 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm.

The Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 or VN2000 features the largest ever V-twin engine on a production motorcycle. Kawasaki’s objective with this bike was to produce maximum performance without making the engine high-strung. As a result, the VN2000 set a benchmark that’s still unsurpassed in terms of displacement . Yes, some newer smaller V-twins have overtaken it in terms of real-world performance, but hey, this is two decades old.

So, what’s all the fuss about? For starters, a massive four-inch piston displaces more cubic capacity than the four pistons of the Ninja ZX-10R combined. After all, this is the world’s largest production V-twin engine ever we're talking about! Designed to deliver seamless performance, the engine packs so much low-end torque that it propels you the moment you let off the clutch.

Don’t get us wrong, the Vulcan 2000 is by no means intimidating. Despite some calling it a power cruiser, the bike is anything but that. The V-twin engine is unbothered, producing thudding power pulses that make the hefty bike feel light. Despite the under-stressed character, the bike holds at 70 MPH at 2,500 MPH. This one isn’t designed to be the quickest off the line, but the most comfortable on the long slab .

Engine Highlights

  • Single-pin crankshaft with a 52-degree V-twin configuration for the signature rumble
  • Four valves per cylinder with pushrod operation and semi-dry-sump lubrication to keep the engine height low
  • Fuel injection with a pair of 46 mm throttle bores
  • Dual counter-balancers and rubber engine mounts to keep the vibes in check
  • Hyvo primary drive chain transfers the power from the engine to the 5-speed transmission
  • Wide belt final drive, which is facilitated by a third shaft beyond the gearbox
  • Top portion is liquid-cooled, but the bottom is air-cooled with fins, giving the engine a tapered shape

Performance Specifications

(Specs sourced from Auto Evolution and Motorcycle News)

Looks The Part, Rides Better Than You’d Expect

Weight: 750 lbs.

When it comes to cruiser motorcycles, the mindset must be relaxed. That’s exactly what the VN2000 accentuates with its real-world performance and design. It’s a quintessential cruiser, with its torque-rich V-twin, plenty of chrome, and a low, long flyline. But you wouldn’t want to rush it at all . The suspension is soft, the ground clearance is almost nonexistent, and the handling is predictable but slow. You might say it feels at home when you’re cruising along with a gentle throttle (even if you’re riding at 80 MPH on the freeways!)

But there’s no denying where the Vulcan 2000 draws its inspiration from. Hint: it’s Harley-Davidson. Kawasaki may make claims about consumer testing , but one look at this motorcycle confirms it’s clearly designed to look like a Harley. Yes, this one gets a twin-cam, pushrod valve actuation, belt final drive, and separate-looking engine and transmission cases, just like its American nemesis. Also, there’s plenty of chrome and bulk to the design. Replace the Kawasaki logos with HD ones and no one would bat an eye.

Fortunately, this is a terrific metric imitation of American metal . The design of the bike works, and it performs much better than you’d expect. It’s hard not to fall in love with this motorcycle. Remember, this bike came out when metric cruisers were trying to outpace American cruisers. What better way to do that than to use the same template but perfect the imperfections?

Motorcycle Specifications

(Specs sourced from Auto Evolution)

The Real Difference Between Harley-Davidson And Metric Cruisers

The american v-twin that is inches away, literally, torque output: 135 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm (cvo road glide).

The Vulcan’s V-twin engine may be the largest, but there’s one American engine that’s way too close for its comfort. We’re talking about the new Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight 121 . Sure, the Milwaukee Eight moniker has been around since 2016 with several versions, including the 107, 114, and 117 ci versions. Some crate versions of the engine have even gone as high as 131 ci. But the 121 remains the largest production V-twin of 2024, present in Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide and Street Glide.

Compared to the Milwaukee Eight 117, the 121 produces 9.5 percent more horsepower and 8 percent more torque. Plus, with variable valve timing and high compression compared, this engine performs like a beast. It’s unbothered when you want it, but it unleashes torque when needed . Existing Harley fans will be impressed by the engine, but this one has the power to convert even sporty riders! The only thing that would act as a barrier is brand prejudice.

  • First Milwaukee Eight engine to get variable valve timing
  • VVT advances camshaft timing by 40 degrees and retards it by 20 degrees
  • Higher compression at 11.4:1 over 117’s 10.2:1
  • Power is delivered via a six-speed Cruise Drive transmission
  • Improved cooling system with tweaks to the exhaust valves, new coolant channels, and a thermostatically controlled fan
  • Wider throttle bodies from 55 mm (on 117) to 58 mm, which now sit closer to the intake valves
  • Aluminum manifold intakes increase mass flow by 7.5 percent compared to 117
  • Heavy Breather on previous CVO Glides is replaced with a new lighter airbox that reduces intake sound

Performance Specifications (2024 CVO Road Glide)

(Specs sourced from Harley-Davidson)

Kawasaki’s Battle for Big Bait That Failed

The Kawasaki Vulcan 2000’s production didn’t last long. It was in production for six years, and it was soon replaced by smaller Vulcans, including the 900 and 1700 models . Despite its short production run, the VN2000 has left a mark in the cruiser segment that still lasts. It secured Kawasaki’s dominance in the segment and cemented the bike’s reputation for having one of the largest engines ever produced, second only to the Triumph Rocket 3’s inline triple .

Why have Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles still not dethroned this old metric cruiser? When it was introduced, the VN2000 was touted as the start of the Battle for Big — think speed wars but for cruisers. Kawasaki even noted that the engine had more room to play with, and could reach a displacement of 2,100cc. Unfortunately, no manufacturer took the bait. Modern Harley-Davidson engines, while smaller, perform much better. The biggest V-twin engine ever produced, in many ways, shows that there is always a replacement for displacement.

Swing ride 160 feet above the water coming to MSC Cruises' new ship in 2025

cruise on bike

MSC Cruises’ new ship will have a swing set on board – but not the kind you’d find on a playground.

Cliffhanger, a new ride launching on forthcoming U.S. flagship MSC World America next year, will allow guests to swing out over the ocean 160 feet above the water, the cruise line revealed Tuesday. The four-seat ride uses mechanical arms to lift guests beyond the 22-deck ship’s edge, where they are propelled back and forth.

The line is billing the attraction as the only over-water swing ride at sea. MSC Cruises USA President Rubén A. Rodríguez said Cliffhanger is a “natural next step,” following attractions on its other ships like Seascape’s Robotron .

“It’s the first time we’re taking thrill-seekers out past the deck and over the water, and we know they’ll love it,” he told USA TODAY in an email. There will be an added charge for the ride, but pricing details were not yet available.

Cliffhanger will be part of Family Aventura, one of seven districts on the 2,614-stateroom ship. The area also features The Harbor, an outdoor park area with a high ropes course, a playground inspired by the lighthouse at the line’s private Bahamas destination Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve and more.

Other districts on the ship include Galleria, home to dining venues, shopping and games “at the heart of the ship,” and Zen Area, an adults-only zone at the vessel’s stern where guests can enjoy music, catch some sun and take a dip in twin pools, according to an earlier news release .

Short vs. long cruises: Which one is right for you?

World America will debut in April 2025 and spend its inaugural season sailing Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises from Miami.

Nathan Diller is a consumer travel reporter for USA TODAY based in Nashville. You can reach him at [email protected].

cruise on bike

10 Japanese Cruiser Bikes To Ride Instead Of A Harley-Davidson

  • Suzuki VS1400 Intruder: With a 1,360cc V-Twin engine, the Intruder is a powerful and affordable alternative to Harley-Davidson cruisers.
  • Suzuki Boulevard C90T: This Suzuki cruiser offers a 1,462cc engine and a comfortable ride, rivaling Harley-Davidson touring bikes at a lower price.
  • Yamaha Star Venture: Boasting a reliable 1,854cc V-Twin engine and stylish design, the Star Venture is a strong competitor to Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles.

No other name in the world is as synonymous with cruiser motorcycles as Harley-Davidson . One hundred twenty years old now, the American motorcycle manufacturer is a household name wherever you go, thanks to how powerful, stylish, and iconic their motorcycles are. Hardcore American bikers refuse to ride anything but a Harley, and they sure have their reasons. In fact, many motorcycle clubs like the Hells Angels have a strict Harley-only policy, too .


Over the years, Japanese motorcycles have been on the rise thanks to their reliability. Cruiser motorcycles from Japan are no different, and there are more cruisers than ever on the market that could make you look away from that Harley-Davidson bike you've been thinking of bringing home. We have updated this article with more interesting brand-new and used cruisers from Japan that are giving Harley a run for its money and heritage.

However, that does not mean that the only good cruisers out there are Harleys. In fact, Harley-Davidson motorcycles have their fair share of problems that owners have to deal with, which is where Japanese cruiser motorcycles come in. Refined, powerful, and feature-loaded, there are plenty of cruiser motorcycles from the Land of the Rising Sun that give Harley-Davidson a run for its money. Without further ado, here are 10 Japanese cruiser motorcycles that can prove to be better deals than a Harley-Davidson in pricing, performance, refinement, and, in some cases, even looks.

All technical details and MSRP figures of the Japanese cruisers mentioned in this list are taken from the official websites and pressrooms of the respective motorcycle manufacturers. Used bike price figures are taken from CycleTrader and AutoTrader.

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Suzuki VS1400 Intruder

Used price range: $2,000 - $5,000.

It's no surprise that Suzuki is featured heavily on this list. Honestly, if we wanted to, we could probably get away with featuring a different Japanese cruiser bike from Suzuki in every single entry on this list, and we would be perfectly justified in doing so.

A sound argument can be made for Suzuki producing the best Japanese cruiser bikes on the market. One way to make that argument is to show them the beauty that is the VS1400 Intruder. It isn't an overstatement to call the 1400cc behemoth of an engine that powers the VS1400 one of the best engines for riding.

The Suzuki VS1400 Intruder is a good alternative to the Harley-Davidson Super Glide, Dyna Glide, or Electra Wide motorcycles on the used market because you sure could get a 1,300+ cc Harley motorcycle for the same price. But none of them would be from this side of the century.

Suzuki Intruder VS1400 Engine And Performance Specs

Suzuki boulevard c90t, used price range: $6,000 - $9,000.

Singing some more praise to another bike in the line of Suzuki's bikes, we have to set some time aside for the Suzuki C90T, which is one of the finest Japanese cruiser bikes out there today and one of Suzuki's best motorcycles to ever come off the line .

It has everything that readers should expect from Suzuki bikes by now - like a 90 cubic inch V-twin engine with a clean shaft drive and five-speed transmission - along with a large windscreen built to accommodate a comfy, leathery passenger seat. It is a classic makeshift that is kindly updated for the modern era of cycling.

The Suzuki Boulevard C90T is a good alternative to the Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce, Fat Boy, and Electra Glide cruiser motorcycles on the used market. For the same price, if not less, you could get Suzuki's 1,462 cc engine with less than 5,000 miles on it from 2018 or 2019, while yet again, the Harleys that go for this price are pre-2010 models, with almost all of them having around 40,000 miles on the odometer.

Suzuki C90T Engine And Performance Specs

Yamaha star venture (2018-2020), used price range: $13,799 - $24,999.

Whereas the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 favors strength and sturdiness over speed, the Yamaha Star Venture happens to have a perfect balance between the two features. In terms of strength, the Star Venture from Yamaha is powered by a 1,854 cc fuel-injected V-Twin engine.

On the used motorcycle market, you'll find great deals for pre-2010s models of the Star Venture, but we would definitely recommend going for the 2018–2020 models.

The Yamaha Star Venture is a good alternative to the Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Electra Glide touring motorcycles . Harley's tourers sure pack a lot of punch and presence, but Yamaha's blacked-out star tourer is much too stylish compared to the Harleys. Of course, there's also the reliability factor, with Yamaha at the top of the table in reliability and Harley at an unenviable 6th spot.

Yamaha Star Venture Engine And Performance Specs

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Kawasaki Eliminator

Starting msrp: $6,649.

As far as beginner motorcycles go, Kawasaki does have some great offerings. Be it one of the best beginner sports bikes in the Ninja 400 or the Z400 naked bike, Kawasaki does deserve a lot of credit for offering great motorcycles for those looking to dip their toe in the two-wheel pond.

As such, the Japanese Titan offers a fantastic cruiser motorcycle in the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator , which rides on a 451cc parallel twin and packs a sufficient amount of punch. The selling point is undoubtedly the design, which, while timeless, is also quite modern and refined. Easy on the eyes and easy on the wallet, the Kawasaki Eliminator cruiser motorcycle is definitely for those who want the road presence that comes with a swanky cruiser without blowing a hole in their account.

The Kawasaki is a better alternative than similarly-priced Harley-Davidson cruisers on the used motorcycle market. For this price, you'd find deals for Harley's 500 cc or 750 cc models, but only from three or two years old. Not only would you get a brand new Kawasaki Eliminator for that price, but you'd also get a much more reliable cruiser, along with a year of company warranty.

2024 Kawasaki Eliminator Engine And Performance Specs

Honda shadow phantom, starting msrp: $8,399.

Honda 's cruiser motorcycles are bikes to be reckoned with. This traditional-style cruiser, the Shadow Phantom, now comes with optional ABS for 2024 , thanks to a new rear-disc brake. Add some great-looking paint schemes, a bevy of new instruments, and a powerful 745cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine, and have a winner at hand.

The bobber-inspired styling is sure to turn heads wherever you ride, with the low seat height making this one of the most comfortable cruiser motorcycles under $10,000. There are also tank-mounted controls, sitting in a blacked-out pod to match the rest of the motorcycle. The Shadow Phantom is certainly one of the best beginner cruiser motorcycles out there.

The Honda Shadow Phantom is a good alternative to any new Harley-Davidson model, seeing how the cheapest brand-new Harley today is the Harley-Davidson Sportster, which would cost $13,499.

2024 Honda Shadow Phantom Engine And Performance Specs

Yamaha bolt r-spec, starting msrp: $8,899.

Yamaha might not be known for their cruiser bikes since it is definitely Yamaha sports bikes that take much of the limelight. However, the brand has certainly offered some great cruisers, and one such honorable mention is the under-appreciated Yamaha Bolt R-Spec . Introduced in 2013, the model benefits from a 942cc air-cooled 4-stroke, 4-valve SOHC V-twin engine that has been improved and updated upon each and every model ever since its initial release.

The 2023 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec is a pretty interesting proposition, riding on a massive 942cc engine, jetting out enough ponies to keep you thinking about the next time you'll get to ride it. Of course, it's impossible to ignore the fact that Yamaha was also named the most reliable motorcycle manufacturer in a Consumer Reports survey, which only makes the Bolt R-Spec all the more recommendable.

Yet again, this Yamaha motorcycle, the Bolt R-Spec, is a good alternative to the cheapest Harley-Davidson today, which is the Harley Sportster. On the used motorcycle market, you would find deals for the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 at a sub-$9,000 price, but none of them would be brand-new. Secondly, the Yamaha reliability behind the Bolt R-Spec is far more trustworthy.

2023 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Engine And Performance Specs

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Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

Starting msrp: $9,899.

Kawasaki Has a long, rich line of motorcycles - as well as jet skis and ATVs, for anyone interested - but one of their greatest achievements has been their creation of the Vulcan 900. The Vulcan might not have as many horses as its Harley-Davidson competitors, but the 900cc cruiser motorcycle more than makes up for it with its great torque and style.

For the 2024 model year, the Kawasaki Vulcan is available in three trims , namely the Vulcan 900 Classic, the Vulcan 900 Custom, and the Vulcan 900 Classic LT. The fuel-injected 903cc engine packs a remarkable punch, and the star of the show is certainly the intense-looking exhaust system that, paired with the premium fit and finish of the motorcycle, lends it a fantastic road presence.

The Kawasaki Vulcan 900 is a good alternative to the Harley-Davidson Street 750 or the Iron 883. Not only would you get the Japanese cruiser brand-new, but you'd also be riding a more sophisticated, newer cruiser motorcycle that doesn't just come with a year's warranty from the company but also a higher reliability rating.

2024 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom Engine And Performance Specs

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Honda Rebel 1100T

Starting msrp: $11,299.

Another fantastic Honda cruiser motorcycle is the Rebel. The Rebel lineup from Honda offers a great cruiser for beginners in the Rebel 300, an impressive 500cc variant for more power, and the 1100cc Rebel at the top. Low seat height and a relaxed riding position come with the territory, but it's the Rebel 1100's great low-end torque and remarkable power when you open the throttle that will leave all riders thoroughly impressed.

Of course, Honda hasn't left any features on the cutting floor, with cruise control, ABS, and an automatic DCT transmission being additions to write home about. The throttle-by-wire configuration also results in four separate riding modes being offered on the Rebel 1100, those being Standard, Rain, Sport, and the fourth riding mode being user-customizable.

Honda's Rebel 1100T is a much better alternative than the closest brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 2023. Compared to the Harley-Davidson Nightster, which sells for $13,499, the Honda Rebel 1100T isn't just cheaper but a lot more comfortable and beginner-friendly. Plus, the horsepower and torque are pretty much the same, with the Honda having two pound-feet more torque while the Harley offers 4hp more.

2024 Honda Rebel 1100 Engine And Performance Specs

Suzuki boulevard m109r b.o.s.s., starting msrp: $15,599.

Is it any surprise at all that the last motorcycle on this list is a Suzuki, too? Suzuki's remarkable power cruiser nearly achieves motorcycle perfection. The 2023 Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. (Blacked Out Special Suzuki) is propelled by an impressive 1,783cc engine that boasts some of the largest pistons in the motorcycle industry.

Exceptionally well-designed and enthusiastic about unleashing its full power, the M109R B.O.S.S. stands as a true beast among cruiser motorcycles, often surpassing the offerings from Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles. Boasting 125 horsepower delivered to the wheel, this motorcycle is not only powerful but also exceptionally comfortable, making it a top contender on your must-have list.

The Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. is highly recommended over close Harley-Davidson motorcycles like the Softail Standard and the Nightster cruiser motorcycle , which fall in the same price range. Not only does the Suzuki offer more horsepower and torque than either of the two bikes, along with a bigger engine, but it also offers a more impressive feature list that could make this the last bike you ever need to buy.

2023 Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. Engine And Performance Specs

Kawasaki vulcan 1700 voyager, starting msrp: $19,799.

Kawasaki calls the Vulcan 1700 Voyager "the king of Kawasaki touring cruisers" . That would have been a tall claim had the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer not been able to back it up. There's a monstrous 1,700cc V-twin engine that arms this cruiser, along with a bevy of tech that keeps the ride planted, comfortable, and refined at every speed.

There's an electronic cruise control system for those long country road trips, large instrumentation packed with tech, and a radio system for your entertainment needs while you munch down miles with the two wheels underneath you.

The Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager is a much better alternative than the 2023 Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 , which does sell for cheaper but offers considerably less torque and features. We would also recommend it over the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S, which, while more affordable, could never be as comfortable, feature-packed, or eye-catching as the Voyager.

Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager Engine And Performance Specs

Sources: Acceleration Times , Zero To 60 Times

10 Japanese Cruiser Bikes To Ride Instead Of A Harley-Davidson

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  • Indian Motorcycle Riders

cruise on bike


The all-new Indian Scout sets the standard for American cruisers with the widest range of ride-enhancing technology riders demand. Available in three trim levels—Standard, Limited, or Limited +Tech. The Standard trim level gives you all the essentials you need for hitting the road. For riders who demand more control over their ride, the Limited and Limited +Tech trim levels provide class-leading amenities and function.

Scout’s next-gen electrical architecture means you can upgrade to any individual tech feature you want at any time.

cruise on bike


Starting the lineup are three models with standard equipment: Scout Classic , Scout Bobber , and Sport Scout . Each of these models come standard with ABS, new LED lighting, and an analog gauge with newly introduced fuel level and fuel economy readouts – perfect for riders looking to get into the all-new Scout lineup at a lower price point. 

cruise on bike

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) automatically reduces brake pressure as needed to provide optimum braking control, reducing the chance of wheel lock-up during hard-braking events or when braking on rough, uneven, slipper or loose surfaces for a safe, confidence inspiring ride.

cruise on bike


Delivering clean, powerful light, the Scout's LED Headlight projects more light on the road ahead and enhances the bike’s visibility to other motorists. In addition, enhanced visibility is provided via LED tail/brake light, turn signals, license plate light and indicator lights

cruise on bike


Stay in the know on need-to-know information with an analog speedometer, digital tachometer, odometer, trip meter, engine temperature, and low fuel lamp

cruise on bike


Limited Trim adds to the Standard Trim with the premium badging and the next level of usable technology. Traction Control provides confident, predictable handling in all conditions, while Cruise Control improves comfort when traversing long, highway rides. A USB Charger keeps riders connected, while three selectable ride modes, including Sport, Standard, and Tour, allow riders to adjust throttle response to dial-in their ride experience. Riders can choose from Scout Classic Limited , Scout Bobber Limited , and Sport Scout Limited . 

cruise on bike


Traction control delivers maximum power to the road. In a straight line, the dynamic traction control monitors wheel slip and limits torque application to match allowable wheel spin in each ride mode for enhanced safety. Newly added cruise control allows you to set it and forget it for enhanced convenience on longer highway rides.

cruise on bike


Enjoy the ability to power or charge electronic devices as you ride with a USB Charging Port. It connects to the bike’s wiring harness and conveniently positions a standard USB port into the bike’s instrumentation housing, ideal for powering or charging devices such as smart phones, GPS units, and more.

cruise on bike


Easily adjust your ride via three ride modes, standard, tour or sport, controlled by a conveintly located button on the switch cube. Standard mode features a crisp throttle response and a well-balanced power delivery for responsive passing power and predictable, low-speed handling. Tour mode provides a smoother throttle response, ideal for riding with a passenger or for long touring rides. Sport mode is designed for situations in which an instant response is needed. Sport mode quickens the throttle response and has a more aggressive power delivery for increased acceleration. 

cruise on bike


Limited +Tech Trim delivers an unrivaled Indian Scout experience. Continuing to build upon Standard and Limited features, Limited +Tech Trim introduces keyless ignition for convenient on-off capabilities and Indian Motorcycle’s 4” Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND to the Scout platform. This display offers a GPS system with turn-by-turn navigation, customizable gauge screens, ride stats and more to enhance the riding experience. 

To not only elevate the ride but ownership as well, unlock critical bike data with RIDE COMMAND+ connected services. Access industry-leading technology with Bike Health, Bike Locator and more so you can stay in tune with your Scout from anywhere. While these features are standard on 101 Scout and Super Scout models, riders can level up to this trim when choosing Scout Classic , Scout Bobber , and Sport Scout models.

cruise on bike


For enhanced conveience, keyless ignition with key fob provides a clean look and a simple push button on-switch. This feature also offers a customizable code via the digital touch screen to start the bike in the event you don't have the key fob to get back on the road in any occasion.

cruise on bike

4" Display Powered by RIDE COMMAND

Modern technology hidden in plain sight. The 4" round, touchscreen display offers modern-day tech, yet maintains a classic aesthetic disguised as an analog gauge. Access GPS navigation, ride stats, controllable ride modes, Bluetooth® connectivity and more.

cruise on bike


Customize your technology.

Choose which technology upgrades are important to you and add them to the trim level of your choice. The all-new 2025 Scout Lineup was designed with plug and play architecture that can be upgraded via the factory Trim Levels or via accessories and add-ons. The design is optimized for accessories and electrical add-ons making upgrading easier your bike easier than ever.

cruise on bike

cruise on bike

Go cruising on a budget with the £5599 CFMoto 450CL-C | An A2-friendly middleweight with laidback vibes

A side view of the CFMoto 450CL-C cruiser

CFMoto are preparing to take on Japanese heavyweights Honda and Kawasaki with their new 450CL-C A2 licence friendly parallel twin cruiser .  

Priced at £5599 in a choice of black or red, the bikes will roll into dealerships from May 2024 – ready to go up against Honda’s popular £6399-on CMX500 Rebel range, and Kawasaki’s incoming £5999-on Eliminator 500 . You could also consider the incoming 649cc Moto Morini Calibro .

We first saw the 450CL-C concept at the Eicma trade show back in November ’23, but since then the bike has unsurprisingly lost its girder forks and distinctive bobber rear end.

Cornering on the A side view of the CFMoto 450CL-C cruiser

Featuring a typically cruiser-style laid back riding position the production model gets 16in rims shod with chunky CST bobber tyres, a manageable 690mm seat height and tips the scales at 181kg with fluids. There’s also 160mm of ground clearance, with some room for a small pillion (so not a true bobber).

Like all of its main rivals, the CFMoto uses a parallel twin engine. In this case, it’s a 449cc liquid cooled DOHC unit, producing a claimed 43.6bhp at 9000rpm. Torque meanwhile sits at 31lbft at 6250rpm, with a slipper clutch installed that should help newer riders get to grips with downshifts.

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This motor is housed in a steel tube frame, with a 270-degree crank – as used in the 450MT adventure bike – likely to provide a little more of a rumbling feel than its competition. This is then met with a twin exit shotgun style pipe, exiting to the right side of the motor – completing a look that wouldn’t be out of place from one of the more established marques from either Japan or Europe.

Upper view of the CFMoto 450CL-C cruiser

Sat relaxed, with mid-level foot pegs for a more engaging riding experience, the CFMoto also features thick non-adjustable 37mm upside down forks, plus a single rear shock shrouded from view, thanks to a rear end that hugs the 150/80×16 back tyre.

These springs offer 130mm of travel up front, plus 96mm at the rear, with a single disc brake at each end for stopping power. Up front, you get a 320mm rotor and four-piston J.Juan radial caliper, with a smaller 220mm disc at the back end.

Despite the classical looks, the CFMoto has a couple of modern touches up its sleeve, including a TFT display. This is a rounded unit designed to look like a single analogue clock, displaying all of your vital information.

Dan Sutherland

By Dan Sutherland

News Editor, sportsbike nut, and racing fan.

A side view of the CFMoto 450CL-C cruiser

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2025 Indian Scout lineup revamped with classic looks and new tech

New frame, new engine, new looks, new accessories, and a lot more tech.

cruise on bike

Indian's redone its Scout lineup, the midsize cruiser model's first generational overhaul since Indian reintroduced the name in 2015. Indian remade everything about its top-selling bike, from the frame to the trims and the accessories catalog.

The previous range started with the Bobber Sixty, Rogue Sixty, and Sixty — versions with smaller, 60-cubic-inch engines with 78-hp — then moved through the Bobber, Rogue, Scout, and Bobber 20. That smaller engine is no more, as is the 69-cubic-inch (1,131-cc) V-Twin that powered the rest of the lineup. A new steel tube frame cradles a new 1,250-cc (76.3-cu.-in.) V-twin called the SpeedPlus that makes up to 111 horsepower and more than 82 pound-feet of torque. Indian using the phrase "up to" leads us to believe the five new trims won't share the same output, but the company didn't get into output specifics. 

  • The 2025 Indian Scout took inspiration from classic American car designs

The new trims are the Bobber, Sport, Classic, Super, and 101. All come with ABS, and Indian makes it sound like seat heights throughout are a uniform 25.6 inches to help accommodate the widest range of riders; the previous lineup went as low as 25.3 inches and as high as 26.6. Here are the key differences:

  • The Bobber emphasizes the low, solo seat and classic, low-profile looks with a "slammed" suspension offering two inches of travel.
  • The Sport Scout is a different kind of vintage inspiration, with moto handlebars atop six-inch moto-style risers, a sport seat with back support, a quarter fairing, and a 19-inch front wheel.
  • The Scout Classic is a blast through another past, with more relaxed seating, more chrome, more bodywork, and a set of wire wheels.
  • The Super Scout is designed for the long haul for two, fitting a windshield, saddlebags, pillion seat, and three inches of suspension travel, plus chrome and "flawless paint" for proper road vibes.
  • Finally, the 101 Scout stands atop Scout mountain, "built to be the highest performing Scout ever offered," with inverted adjustable forks, piggyback rear shocks, Brembo dual disc brakes , and a "gunfighter-style" solo seat.

cruise on bike

The equipment steps focus on technology, one of the big differentiators among motorcycles now, but not all models come in all trims:

  • Standard is the entry-level affordable version available on the Bobber, Scout, and Classic, sticking to an an analogue gauge and an LED light to keep the price friendly.
  • Limited, available on the same three models, gets traction control, cruise control, a USB charger , and three riding modes in Sport, Standard, and Tour.
  • The Limited + Tech equipment spec splurges on keyless, pushbutton ignition, a four-inch, round touchscreen display with the excellent Ride Command system we know from higher-end Indians and Polaris' side-by-sides (Polaris owns Indian). Ride Command installs a configurable screen, navigation with weather and traffic overlays, and opens access to subscription services including Bike Health and Bike Locator. Limited + Tech comes standard on Super Scout and 101 Scout, and can be optioned on the other three trims.

An accessories catalog with more than 100 items is also broken into themes: Commuter, for the daily grind; Overnighter, for short trips; Open Roads, for the iron butts; and Stealth, for premium gear. All accessories can be purchased individually.

The Scout Bobber Standard starts at $12,999, the Scout 101 Limited + Tech starts at $16,999, shifting the entire Scout price range up a few thousand dollars. The new bikes begin heading to dealers in May. 

Featured Gallery 2025 Indian 101 Scout

2025 Indian 101 Scout

Related Gallery 2025 Indian Super Scout

2025 Indian Super Scout

Related Gallery 2025 Indian Scout Bobber

2025 Scout Bobber

Related Gallery 2025 Indian 101 Scout

Related gallery 2025 indian sport scout.

2025 Indian Sport Scout

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cruise on bike

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    Indian's redone its Scout lineup, the midsize cruiser model's first generational overhaul since Indian reintroduced the name in 2015. Indian remade everything about its top-selling bike, from the ...