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10 Insane Facts About New York City’s History

New York City has perhaps more history than any other in the nation. But how much NYC history do you really know? Here are 10 tidbits that few have heard.

Mayday Moving

Think moving to a new apartment in New York City is tough today? Actually, it might be easier than it used to be. Up until the Second World War, every New Yorker who wanted to move had to do so on May 1.

Toilet Paper Breakthrough

Did you know the world’s first toilet paper was created in New York City? Invented by Joseph Gayetty in 1857, it was a lot fancier than most TP we use today. Not only was it made from eco-friendly hemp fibers, it was also infused with aloe vera and dispensed from a box like Kleenex.

Transit by pneumatic tube isn’t as futuristic as you might think. In fact, it went out of fashion in NYC as early as 1957. Before then, up to 97,000 letters a day zipped around the city in subterranean tubes. It took just four minutes for a piece of mail to cross the East River between Brooklyn and the Church Street Post Office.

The Dangers of Gotham…

New York has long been a dangerous place. Even today, it’s rare for a day to pass without some kind of violent crime. On November 28, 2012 not a single crime was reported.

Terrorism for Almost a Century

One of the first domestic terror attacks in the United States took place in New York City in 1920. It took place on Wall Street and involved the detonation of a horse-drawn carriage loaded with powerful explosives. The incident killed 30 people.

Misogyny at McSorley’s

Women have been excluded from a lot of establishments over the years. But New York City’s oldest Irish bar, McSorley’s, banned women right up until 1970.

Necropolitan Parks

Never mind a metropolis; New York was once a necropolis. Some of the city’s most thriving parks used to be little more than cemeteries. Madison, Washington and Union Square Parks, as well as Bryant Park, were all once assigned to the dead. Where did the bodies go, you ask? Nowhere. Washington Square Park, for example, still has 20,000 corpses underfoot. And unclaimed bodies are still buried in their hundreds of thousands on Hart Island off the Bronx.

Behind the Times

Times Square, perhaps the best known location of New York City and a hub for New York City information, was once called Longacre Square. The name was changed in 1904 when The New York Times relocated there.

New York City Weather Warning

New York City weather can sometimes be pretty severe. The hurricane of 1893, for instance, completely wiped Hog Island (a one-mile stretch south of Rockaway Beach) off the map. And in 1780, the winter was so cold that New Yorkers could walk between Manhattan and Staten Island on the ice of the frozen harbor.


New York City has a long history of some of the worst kind of racism. In 1906, for example, the Bronx Zoo exhibited an African man alongside other primates in the monkey house.


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MSC Meraviglia

6 night Bermuda

MSC Cruises USA

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8 night bahamas, 9 night bahamas, find the best cruise from new york, what are the best cruises from new york.

When looking for the best cruises departing from New York, you will first want to consider each cruise's amenities and features. Since every cruise ship offers a unique experience and different destinations, there's a lot to consider. The Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International are considered some of the best cruise lines out of New York. Disney Cruise Lines out of New York offers adults access to hot tubs, adult-only dining, and nightclubs while catering to minors with teen lounges and onboard youth clubs. The Royal Caribbean International Allure of the Seas , however, entertains guests with bars, seven neighborhoods of entertainment, and an incredible selection of dining options.

How can I find a cheap New York cruise?

When you're searching for a cheap cruise out of New York to spice up your vacation, Expedia has an entire website with information to help plan your trip. When on Expedia, type in cheap New York cruises and fill in your specifics. When you scroll down, you'll find a selection of the best deals available to you within the last 24 hours. Each cruise is transparent with all the basic information you need to know, like price (as well as the current deal), number of nights, and with one more click — itinerary details. Note that the time of year influences pricing, so prices change depending on the season.

What cruise lines operate from New York?

Some of the best cruise lines from New York offer you a wide selection of excellent cruises to choose from when boarding in the Big Apple. However, there are many to decide between. The most popular cruise lines include Disney, Princess , Viking River, Celebrity , MSC, Carnival , and Norwegian . All offer guests one-of-a-kind experiences that complement the trip from New York to anywhere from Australia/New Zealand, Asia, and the Panama Canal to popular destinations like Mexico, Bahamas , Europe, and the Caribbean .

How can I find good deals on cruises from New York?

The best way to find good deals on New York cruises is to explore your options on Expedia. When you select your destination and departure from New York, a long list of current deals is provided for cruises leaving out of New York. Each deal shows the original ticket price as well as the new offer. You must also remember that the best cruise ship deals will be in late summer and fall due to hurricane season (we recommend cruise insurance if you go this route!), and consider whether booking in advance or looking for last-minute New York cruises will save you more.

What to look out for when you book your New York cruise?

No cruise from New York is the same. Each offers an array of amenities and features that differ from cruise to cruise. So, the first thing to look for when booking your cruise is the type of experience you want. For instance, the Disney Cruise from New York is very family-friendly. On the other hand, a cruise line like the Celebrity is well-known for its delectable food selection and Michelin-starred chef overseeing guests with the finest meals. Once you've narrowed that down, you'll need to consider how many guests are entertained (crowded vs. private), the available cabins (inside, oceanview, balcony, or suite), and what each ship does and does not offer.

Where are the best places to go on a cruise from New York in 2023?

There are a lot of incredible places you can go when you choose a cruise ship from New York, with the most popular locations being the Caribbean, Bahamas, Europe, Mexico, Alaska, and Bermuda. However, some of the best New York cruise lines, like Carnival and MSC, ensure your cruise experience is just as good if not better than the destination itself. Take, for instance, their top cruise ships out of New York, such as Carnival's Mardi Gras Cruise , full of water slide excitement, and MSC's Seashore Cruise , which has the finest dining and relaxation features.

What are some great luxury cruises from New York?

There are many luxury options, including Viking and Celebrity line cruises. However, if you want to live in luxury on your cruise from New York to the Caribbean or somewhere just as grand, the Princess Cruise line has some of the best luxury cruise ships out of New York. Luxury cruise amenities and features often include getting pampered at the onboard Lotus Spa®, yoga classes on deck, the Retreat bar and pool, and more.

What are some good all-inclusive cruises from New York?

All-inclusive trips are a great way to enjoy everything a cruise has to offer without spending more than you planned. Although not all cruises are inclusive, searching on Expedia's website using the term 'all-inclusive' cruises from New York will help narrow down the best options around your vacation time.

What are some great casino cruises from New York?

Many cruises that offer adult-focused entertainment have casinos onboard. Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Royal Caribbean all have cruise ships leaving from New York that offer onboard casinos.

What are some great gay cruises from New York?

Yes, several options for LGBTQ-friendly cruises are available out of New York in 2023! A wide variety of cruise lines departing New York offer LGBTQ+-friendly activities and events, including Royal Caribbean.

What are some great family cruises from New York?

Depending on the family fun you and your family are looking for, there are some great family cruises out of New York to choose from. The two most popular, however, are the Carnival with all of its great big waterslides and the Disney Cruise Line with its Disney-themed fun and activities.

What are some good adult-only cruises from New York?

There are many great adult-only cruise deals from New York, with Viking, Princess, and Carnival taking the lead on the best cruise ships for adults who want to kick back, relax, and have some drinks by the pool without children running past them.

What are some of the best singles cruises from New York?

The best singles cruise out of New York has a good combination of relaxing amenities to enjoy on your own and entertainment and activities that allow you to mingle with other singles on the cruise. Whether you're looking for a 2nights/3 nights cruise from New York or up to a 7-day cruise from New York, your top choices will be Princess, Viking, and Celebrity.

Are there any Christmas cruises from New York?

Every year, there are a few great Christmas cruises from New York you can venture on for the holiday season. The best way to find the perfect festive cruise ship leaving from New York around Christmas is to narrow down your search to the holiday and choose the best deal.

How to book a cruise from New York on Expedia?

Booking a New York cruise on Expedia has never been easier. Start by typing in your preferred destination, how many travelers, and departure times. A great list of cruises that fit your preferences will be ready and waiting for your selection, where you will fill in your payment and personal details. Once your payment and booking have been confirmed, make your way to any one or more of Expedia's travel guides to help prepare for your trip.

How can I find last-minute cruise deals from New York?

Although last-minute cruise deals from New York often cost more than advanced bookings, there are still plenty of deals to tap into! Whether there are cruises short on guests and eager to entertain you or a lot of last-minute dropouts, Expedia has a complete list of current cruise deals in New York displayed under 'Best cruise deals New York.'

Do you need a passport to cruise from New York?

You might not need a passport for all cruises from New York, but international destinations will require one. This means you’ll need one for cruises from New York to Europe , Mexico , and the Middle East . If you are unsure if your trip is considered international, don't hesitate to reach out to one of Expedia's customer service agents with questions and check your full itinerary before boarding to ensure you have all the paperwork and documentation needed to enjoy the whole experience.

Can I cancel my cruise booking?

Cancellation policies vary from cruise to cruise, with most offering full refunds if you're months in advance, partial refunds within weeks of your trip, and no refunds if you're canceling less than two weeks from your scheduled departure. The good news is that no matter your refund status, Expedia will help you quickly and easily cancel any New York cruise ship booking you have booked. This can be done by navigating to My Trips in your Expedia account or calling one of our helpful customer service reps.

Why should I book a cruise from New York with Expedia?

Expedia makes the entire booking process quick and easy, from the beginning searches to the final preparations on the day of your cruise. Even better, you can access a wealth of information on upcoming trips while managing and making quick changes when necessary. No matter what step of the process, Expedia has expert information to help you have the best travel experience possible. We're here to help you get the most out of your New York cruise.

New York Cruise Guide

While a popular cruise port for most major cruise lines, New York City is a vacation in itself. Before or after taking a cruise to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada and New England, or sailing on a world cruise, the cosmopolitan city of New York offers an endless list of attractions and excursions to check out.

Explore the highlights of Manhattan on a walking tour or take a Helicopter ride over famous landmarks like the Empire State Building, Central Park, Rockefeller Center and more. It’s also a great pedestrian-friendly city to explore local dining, entertainment and nightlife by foot on your own schedule. Subway lines, taxis, busses, bicycles and ferries are affordable and easily accessible and can easily take you to several boroughs throughout the city, including Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Pick up some souvenirs by the Statue of Liberty, or designer goodies at the ultra-hip SoHo, or stroll through Greenwich Village for nifty craft shops and bookstores. Enjoy art on every corner, whether it’s the glistening lights of Times Square, or the exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum. Once you’re done with the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, you’ll appreciate the contrast of unwinding on a calm cruise at sea.

Pre and Post Cruise Hotels in New York

Hotel St. James

Hotel St. James

Reviewed on Nov 8, 2023

Night Hotel Broadway

Night Hotel Broadway

Reviewed on Nov 1, 2023

Highbridge Hotel

Highbridge Hotel

Reviewed on Nov 7, 2023

Heritage Hotel

Heritage Hotel

Reviewed on Nov 3, 2023

The Jane Hotel

The Jane Hotel

Reviewed on Nov 6, 2023

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New York City Skyline, Cape Liberty, New Jersey

Cruise from Cape Liberty (New York), New Jersey

Best cruises leaving from new york.

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New York is unlike any other city. From historical architecture and iconic landscapes to an eclectic cultural scene, the Big Apple buzzes with excitement around the clock. And when it comes to incredible tourist attractions, there are endless options, including some of the world’s best museums, ferry rides to the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street walking tours and so much more. All within an hour’s drive (or yellow taxi ride) from the port in Cape Liberty, New Jersey. So whether you have a few hours before boarding your cruise or a couple of days, don’t miss some of the best things to do in NYC.

New York Metropolitan Museum Night Exhibits


Considered the cultural capital of the U.S., New York City has close to one hundred must-see museums to choose from. Explore interactive exhibits from land to sea and even outer space at the American Museum of Natural History. If you’re a modern art enthusiast, check out MoMa. And you can’t leave NYC without visiting the MET to take in over 5,000 years of art on display. 

Ground angle of Brooklyn Bridge, Cape Liberty, New Jersey


Hands down, the best way to see New York City is with a walking tour. Wander through famous mafia locations in Little Italy. Bargain with vendors in Chinatown. Or walk across the Brooklyn Bridge like a local. And head to Chelsea Market to sample some of the city’s amazing cuisine or hit up one of the many mouthwatering food tours.

New York City Skyline at Sunrise, Cape Liberty, New Jersey

AMazing architecture

If you love history and architecture, you’ll get your fix of both at Grand Central Terminal. Marvel at the beaux-art landmark — and recreate your favorite movie scene filmed at the famed location. Or check out the iconic 77-story Chrysler Building, a true art deco masterpiece. And be sure to stop by the Flatiron Building, one of the first steel-frame skyscrapers in the world.

Take a bite out of the Big Apple with a fall foliage cruise to Canada and New England , or the pastel shores of Bermuda , or to Royal Caribbean’s reinvented private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay . Set sail on the Best Cruises out of New York to discover the best of the Caribbean , the Bahamas , and the Northeast.

Oasis of the Seas Sailing in New York

Kick off the ultimate game-changing getaway from the New York City area and fill your days with whoa-worthy moments onboard the Amplified℠ Oasis of the Seas®. Thrills are everywhere you turn —from an adrenaline-pumping zipline suspended ten decks up, to The Perfect Storm℠ waterslide trio. Set sail on a 7-night cruise near you on the biggest summer adventure yet.

Explore Oasis of the Seas

North Star Raised Above Rear of the Ship

Calling all the vacation thrill seekers, gourmet globetrotters and travel adventure aficionado. Jam out to the sounds of a junkanoo band along the historic streets of Nassau, and discover game changing thrills and ways to chill on Perfect Day at CocoCay, the award-winning private island. Anthem of the Seas takes you from skyscrapers to seascapes in no time.

Explore Anthem of the Seas

Liberty of the Seas Sea Day

Liberty of the Seas ® is your gateway to the postcard-perfect pink-hued shores of Bermuda. Or venture further up the coast for fall foliage along the windswept shores of New England and Canada. No matter which destination you choose, set sail from Cape Liberty and put adventure on the itinerary.


Things To Do in New York

Times Square Manhattan Manhattan, Cape Liberty, New Jersey

Times Square Manhattan Manhattan, Cape Liberty, New Jersey

Sightseeing in Manhattan excites and amazes like nowhere else— and every neighborhood presents a fascinating, unique personality. Tour Rockefeller Center and catch a show at Radio City Music Hall. Walk the High Line and soak in the urban buzz of Times Square. New York cruises allow you to experience it all— by tour bus, subway, or on foot.

Empire State Building Observatory Deck View, Cape Liberty, New Jersey


Empire State Building Observatory Deck View, Cape Liberty, New Jersey

Stand among skyscrapers at one of New York’s scenic observation decks. Admire Central Park from the open-air Top of the Rock. Enjoy twinkling evening views from the top of the Empire State Building. Or venture 104 floors up to the One World Observatory in the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

Long Island Beach Montauk Point Lighthouse, Cape Liberty, New Jersey


Cruises from New York allow you to explore the Staten Island Zoo or cheer on the Yankees in The Bronx. International culture and cuisine await you in Queens, while wineries and beaches speckle Long Island. Or stop in Hoboken, a pedestrian-friendly town where you can stroll along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway across from Manhattan’s glimmering skyline.

Street Food Vendor at Night, Cape Liberty, New Jersey


With some 20,000 sit-down restaurants, this is a foodie’s paradise. Many iconic dishes have been rubber-stamped by New York— pizza, bagels, hot dogs and cheesecake included. Savor steamy dumplings in Chinatown. Slurp down Blue Point oysters in Chelsea Market. Or munch on the legendary cronut. Then sip a Manhattan cocktail to cap off the night in NYC.

Leather Shoes Close Up, Cape Liberty, New Jersey

This global shopping capital covers it all: from big department stores like Barney’s along glitzy Madison Avenue, to souvenir shops selling “I Love NY” T-shirts. Hit up the Historic Orchard Street Shopping District for leather goods, or SoHo for cutting-edge fashions. Greenwich Village is best for books, records and craft shops, and it is a must-see when you cruise out of New York.

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Manhattan, New York City, NY

cruises from new york city

  • Carnival Venezia

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cruises from new york city

Start your Carnival cruise from the city that defined 'cosmopolitan': New York City. This urban island overflows with art and architecture, lively ethnic neighborhoods, designer shops... and the best restaurants in the world, from the ultra-high-end to the comfy neighborhood hole-in-the-wall. The top sights are clustered in Midtown Manhattan — you can easily check out Grand Central Terminal, shop on Fifth Avenue, and see the twinkling lights of Broadway ® in Times Square on the same day. As your cruise leaving from New York glides down the Hudson River towards sunny islands or historic New England harbors, you'll pass metropolitan must-sees, world-renowned icons like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

  • Pause amid the rush of Grand Central Terminal to look up at the starry ceiling.
  • Relax on the green lawns of Central Park.
  • Walk the mile-long Brooklyn Bridge before you cruise from New York.
  • Ascend the Empire State Building for 80-mile vistas.

See it all from Manhattan, New York City.

* Taxes, fees, and port expenses are additional per person.


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Cheap Cruises from New York City - Cruises out of New York City

  • United States    
  • New York (NY)    

7 Night Cruise to the Bahamas

  • You want a cutting-edge family cruise with European flair
  • You like nonstop activities with round-the-clock fun for all
  • You want dozens of different bars, lounges and restaurants
  • You don't want cruise catering to European tastes first
  • You dislike announcements made in up to six different languages

5 Night Cruise to Bermuda

16 night cruise to the mediterranean.

  • You want a European-themed cruise on a big, super-fun ship
  • You like decidedly upscale features like the MSC Yacht Club
  • You appreciate having nonstop activities by day and night
  • You want a cruise experience catering to American tastes
  • You want a quiet, traditionally minded cruise experience

14 Night Cruise to the Caribbean

  • You want a ship with plenty of outdoor bar and dining options
  • You want to book a suite; The Haven onboard is spectacular
  • You like big ships with nonstop, Vegas-style production shows
  • You prefer a more laid-back, traditional style of ocean cruise
  • You dislike lining up for things; you might do so for shows
  • You are on a budget; extra charges onboard add up quickly

8 Night Cruise to the Bahamas

  • You want a bevvy of dining, lounge and entertainment options
  • You love being outdoors; The Waterfront promenade is a winner
  • You like lavish suites and well-appointed cabin options
  • You don't want to pay extra for some of the ship's best features
  • You dislike crowds for shows and popular top-deck activities

9 Night Cruise to the Bahamas

  • You want a bright, bold, big ship that's packed with fun
  • You like vibrant nightlife and nonstop entertainment options
  • You are traveling as a family and need a ship for everyone
  • You don't like being one of a crowd; this is a small city at sea
  • You want a more inclusive cruise; extra-cost items abound

4 Night Cruise to Bermuda

6 night cruise to bermuda, 4 night cruise to canada & new england.

  • You want mega-ship fun with innovative onboard features
  • You need a cruise that is suitable for families of all ages
  • You want your ships big and bold but with a touch of class
  • You hate crowds; things can get competitive at the buffet
  • You are looking for cruises longer than a week in duration
  • You don't enjoy being upsold for promotions and packages

8 Night Cruise to Transatlantic

  • You want to cross the Atlantic on the only true ocean liner
  • You enjoy vibrant nightlife with plenty of live entertainment
  • You like the grandeur and elegance of the transatlantic liners
  • You are looking for a true ultra-luxury cruise experience
  • You are looking for wacky activities, amenities and pool games
  • You dislike formality; dressing up is part of the experience

14 Night Cruise to Europe

  • You want a big, reasonably sized ship with lots of amenities
  • You like having fun diversions like an onboard bowling alley
  • You're traveling as a family and want fun options for all
  • You're looking for the biggest, newest cruise ships at sea
  • You want thrill-seeking options like ziplines and racing tracks
  • You are looking for a quiet, subdued onboard experience

11 Night Cruise to the Caribbean

11 night cruise to the western caribbean, 7 night cruise to bermuda.

  • You want a classy cruise experience on a trendsetting big-ship
  • You appreciate plenty of food and entertainment options
  • You want an upscale cruise vacation at a reasonable price point
  • You dislike being excluded from suite-only areas of the ship
  • You want the latest technological innovations and features
  • You aren’t interested in longer, more unique itineraries

8 Night Cruise to the Caribbean

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New York City (Cape Liberty, NJ) Port Guide

On cruises from New York, sail off to the picturesque coast of Rhode Island, the pink sand beaches of Bermuda, and the charming city of Charleston. You can also board an unforgettable transatlantic cruise from New York to Europe and discover the natural and historic wonders that await in Greenland, Iceland, and Scotland.

Before your cruise from New York, spend a couple of days exploring the Big Apple. Head to the top of the Empire State Building for an unbeatable photo op, or take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. As you set sail, New York’s most iconic landmark, the Statue of Liberty, will bid you farewell.


Top destinations on cruises from the new york area.

Stroll on pink sand beaches and enjoy the cool sea breeze on the idyllic island of Bermuda. Scuba dive or snorkel in crystal-clear waters and discover coral reefs systems and more than 300 shipwrecks found near its shores. Journey into the Crystal Caves, where you’ll be amazed at the limestone formations and pristine pools of waters inside. Or explore the city of Hamilton, where there are plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and shopping.

Charleston, South Carolina

Embrace the charm of Charleston, South Carolina, one of the most picturesque cities in the United States. Learn all about Civil War history at Fort Sumter, the location of the first major battle of the war. Walk hand in hand down the French Quarter, where colorful buildings and palm trees make a picture-perfect background. Try freshly shucked oysters at one of the city’s award-winning restaurants by the water.

Newport, Rhode Island

Gilded Age mansions, historic lighthouses, and seaside walks await in Newport, a quaint city in Rhode Island full of craggy cliffs and lovely coastal landscapes. Step inside the former summer manses of America’s wealthiest dynasties. Board a sailing yacht and go on a tour of Narragansett Bay. Discover the bucolic views from Cliff Walk, a scenic trail that will take you through the highlights of Newport.

Visit Iceland, a magical destination with stunning natural landscapes and unforgettable outdoor adventures. In Reykjavik, immerse yourself in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon, feel the powerful mist from the Gullfoss Falls, or explore the ice caves at Vatnajokull. While in Akureyri, you can see lava fields at Dimmuborgir and witness the majesty of the 40-foot-high waterfall of Godafoss.

Explore the unique beauty of Greenland while enjoying the utmost comfort aboard one of our ships. This far-off destination is teeming with outdoor adventure and breathtaking landscapes to discover, including the majestic beauty of Lake Tasersuaq, the healing hot springs of Uunartoq, and the stunning hills of Qaqortoq, where you’ll experience unparalleled fjord views and picturesque colonial homes in a rainbow of colors.

Our Ship Sailing Out of the NYC Area

On Celebrity Summit, stay in newly redesigned staterooms and make yourself at home while surrounded by modern design and innovative technology. This recently revolutionized ship has also added The Retreat, our luxury vacation experience, which includes a private restaurant, sundeck, lounge, and a stay in one of our sophisticated suites. Enjoy reimagined restaurants and lounges and unwind in the elevated Spa, where you’ll find it easy to leave all of your worries behind.

Why Sail from New York with Celebrity Cruises

Cruises from NYC make it easy to combine an exciting trip to New York City with a relaxing vacation to the shores of Bermuda, Charleston, and Rhode Island. Spend your days in Bermuda exploring the island’s famous pink sand, swimming in crystal clear water, and experiencing its unique culture. Stroll through the quaint streets of Charleston and admire the Gilded Age mansions of Rhode Island. Onboard, unwind in Celebrity Summit’s reimagined spa or dine in any of its renovated restaurants with dishes crafted by our Michelin-starred chef.

On a transatlantic cruise that sails to Iceland and Greenland, you’ll also discover cities in Nova Scotia, towns in Scotland, and the port of Southampton, which is only an hour away from London. During your transatlantic journey, you’ll spend luxurious days at sea, exploring all of the revolutionized venues available onboard, including the entertaining theater, the lively lounges and bars, and the serene, indoor solarium.

View All Cruises from New York

Cape liberty, nj cruise port facilities and location.

Cruises from New York City with Celebrity Cruises depart from the recently-renovated Cape Liberty Cruise Port in New Jersey, a sleek and modern new cruise terminal that makes check-in and embarkation as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The Cape Liberty Cruise Port is conveniently located in close proximity to Newark Airport and is less than an hour’s drive from New York City.

Top Sights & Attractions to See Before Cruises From NYC

Empire state building.

The Empire State Building has been memorialized in movies and TV for decades, and a trip to the top is something you should experience for yourself at least once. Made up of 102 floors and coming in at over 1,200 feet tall, the observation deck offers an unbeatable view of the Manhattan skyline.

Ellis Island

Take a day trip to Ellis Island to discover the history of immigration in America during pivotal points in U.S. history. Spend the afternoon looking at historic immigration materials in the museum and learning about how the United States opened its doors to the world.

Brooklyn Bridge

Built in the late 1800s to connect Brooklyn and Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge is a marvel of human achievement and an architectural delight. A walk or ride over the Brooklyn Bridge, whether you’re in a taxi or on your own two feet, is pretty spectacular.

Times Square

It wouldn’t be a trip to NYC without a stop at the overwhelming, world-famous Times Square, a stretch of several blocks of bright, flashing billboards and crowds clamoring for neon photos.

Top Things to Do in New York

Walk in central park.

Central Park is one of the largest parks in a metropolitan area. Comprised of over a mile of green space and walking trails, it offers a killer view of lower Manhattan from certain vistas. When you’re craving some time in nature in the middle of this loud, humming city, head to Central Park for a walk, a picnic, or just to people-watch.

Go to a Broadway Show

Theater lovers will plan an entire trip to New York around a single Broadway musical or play. If you can snag tickets, you’ll be front and center to some of the biggest performers and talents in the world, whether you’re seeing an established, multi-run show or something artsy off-Broadway.

Pay Respects at the 9/11 Memorial

Built to honor the lives lost as a result of the tragic attacks on September 11, 2001, the 9/11 Memorial is a harrowing must-see experience during a trip to New York. It relays the significance of the terrorist attacks not only on the New York community, but the United States as a whole.

Where should I eat in New York?

New York offers nearly every type of cuisine in the world, whether you’re craving an authentic New York slice of pizza or prefer to stop at one of the halal food trucks scattered throughout Manhattan. There are dozens of restaurants along every block. Famous spots include Peter Luger Steakhouse in Williamsburg, Katz Delicatessen, Gramercy Tavern, and Grand Central Oyster Bar.

What’s the culture and history of New York?

Native American groups have lived in the area now known as New York for thousands of years, and European settlement of the area didn’t begin until the 15th century. In the 1600s, the Dutch West India Company began a colony called “New Amsterdam” and expanded their living quarters into what we know now as Manhattan. The local population boomed, and the New Amsterdam area became known as a trade hub between the Dutch, Europeans, and the New World. By the mid-1600s, the British took control and kept it until after the Revolutionary War. During the 19th century, the melting pot of New York that the city is now famous for began to take shape as Ellis Island welcomed millions of immigrants from Ireland, Italy, and Germany. People from around the world settled throughout the five boroughs. Today, New York symbolizes the promise of an America with open arms for all types of people, and New York’s food, attractions, and cultural institutions celebrate that diversity. 

Where can I go shopping near the cruise port?

For a glimpse of New York’s famous shopping scene, find a nearby subway station and head to Fifth Avenue or Madison Avenue, where you’ll find every luxury brand under the sun. SoHo boasts many of the biggest names and rising brands in fashion and design, while the windows of famous department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales attract thousands of eyes during the an. Of course, souvenir shacks with memorabilia of the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Chrysler Building aren’t hard to find either.

How can I get around New York City?

Getting to New York City from the cruise terminal is easy. There are several options including hailing a taxi, taking a train on the PATH Rapid Transit System train to Manhattan, or boarding a bus that will drop you off in the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Once you are there, the options for getting around the five boroughs are plentiful, as New York has one of the most comprehensive public transit systems in the U.S. The subway operates 24/7. If you’ve decided to stick to landmarks in a particular neighborhood, you’ll be able to get around on foot. If you’re tired, you can hail one of the city’s famous yellow cabs. Rideshares also operate here. 

What are the local currency & tipping customs?

The U.S. Dollar (USD) is the official currency of NYC, and you’ll find ATMs are widespread. Most major credit cards are accepted as well, but it’s helpful to carry cash with you when you shop at bodegas. Many bars have a minimum purchase amount for credit or debit card use.

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Voyage to your next discovery from our newest homeport, brooklyn cruise terminal in new york city, cruising to bermuda, the bahamas & florida, and canada & new england.

Whether you want to escape to white-sand beaches or admire vibrant fall foliage, we have you covered. Sail aboard the MSC Meraviglia and enjoy world-class dining, captivating entertainment, and superior shopping as you embark on an unforgettable journey.






Msc meraviglia .

Tempt your taste buds in a variety of restaurants and peruse the 315-foot central shopping and dining promenade. During the day, treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment or get your heart pumping as you race down a waterslide. At night, enjoy world-class entertainment, test your luck in the casino, or dance under the stars at the Horizon Pool, which is transformed for evening activities. No matter how you spend your time on board, enjoy the everchanging views as you discover new destinations. Learn More.

MSC Yacht Club

If you prefer exclusivity, enter a world of luxury in the MSC Yacht Club, our private ship-within-a-ship, where you can retreat to pampering and relaxation amid sweeping ocean views. Indulge in lavish accommodations, 24-hour butler service, special benefits, and exclusive venues including a restaurant, lounge, and pool deck. Private access lets you savor the utmost in serene seclusion, all within a world of countless amenities and entertainment options just steps outside your door. Learn More.

Explore Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia is designed with extraordinary features for the perfect experience at sea. Enjoy gourmet dining and out-of-this-world entertainment with new panoramic areas, an innovative ocean-view lounge, a two-deck "inside promenade" with an LED dome and a spectacular amusement area connected to an outdoor water park.

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7 Best Cruises From New York City 2023: Voyages to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and Europe

By Meena Thiruvengadam

This image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat Cruise Ship and Ship

There’s nothing quite like hopping on one of the many cruises from New York City , leaving the Statue of Liberty and iconic skyline behind for an adventure you’ll never forget after wandering some of the most famous streets in the world. Plus, New York is home to the oldest cruise terminal in the United States. Nowadays, there are two hubs, one in Manhattan and another in Brooklyn . An additional cruise terminal, in Cape Liberty in Bayonne, New Jersey, also serves the area. 

The Manhattan cruise terminal is located on the edge of Midtown, making it easy to spend port days or pre-cruise time exploring Times Square, Central Park, or the Theater District. The Empire State Building and iconic department stores including Macy’s Herald Square are also within walking distance of the Manhattan cruise port. 

The Brooklyn cruise port is a 15-minute drive from Brooklyn Bridge Park , which offers some of the best views of downtown Manhattan. If you're looking to stretch your legs, the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan offers just over a mile of picturesque city viewpoints. 

While Bayonne, New Jersey may not be a huge destination, sailing from Cape Liberty does provide a postcard-perfect look at the Manhattan skyline and its famous neighbor, the Statue of Liberty. 

Which cruise lines sail out of New York?

Both large cruise ships and a few smaller ships cruise from New York , giving you the option to choose a vessel with lots of restaurants and lounges, or one that’s cozier with fewer dining options. A variety of cruise lines—including Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC, Holland America, Disney, Cunard, Silversea, Oceania Cruises, and Viking—sail from New York City. The variety caters to all types of travelers, whether you're looking to cruise from New York for as little as a few hundred dollars or drop thousands on a bucket list vacation. 

Where do cruises go from New York?

Cruises from New York sail to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Europe, the United Kingdom, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and beyond. Several world cruises also stop in New York. 

The moral of the story is whether it’s a short island escape or the unforgettable journey of a lifetime you’re after, a cruise from New York will result in PTO well spent. Ahead, we pulled some of your best options for cruising from New York City.

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The Disney Magic cruise ship sails at sunset in the Hudson River past the the Empire State Building and Hudson Yards in...

The Disney Magic cruise ship sailing the Hudson River

Best short cruise from New York

If you've only got a few days, consider Bermuda. Several cruise lines including Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line offer four- and five-night cruises from New York to Bermuda. It does take a full day to cruise between New York to Bermuda, but there are few more relaxing ways to start or end a cruise than with a laid-back sea day. Choose a four-night cruise if you’re short on time or a five-night cruise for a little more time to explore Bermuda’s pink sand beaches. 

Best long cruise from New York

The only thing better than cruising out of New York may be cruising back into the Big Apple after an adventure of a lifetime. Oceania’s 51-night Epic Northern Hemisphere Cruise, scheduled for the summer of 2024, will certainly check the box. The cruise stops in classic American summer vacation spots like Bar Harbor in Maine and Newport before heading to Greenland, Iceland, and several ports in continental Europe. Spend port days exploring cities including Amsterdam, Paris , Dublin, and Belfast before making your way back to New York City. The Insignia , which is scheduled to sail this itinerary, accommodates just under 700 passengers. Onboard facilities include shuffleboard, putting greens, a fitness center, a spa, and a salon. 

Best family cruise from New York 

Cruise from New York to Bermuda and back on a four- to six-night sailing on board the Disney Dream . One of the larger ships in Disney’s fleet, the Dream is sure to keep your kids occupied with mini golf, water features, and sports courts galore. There’s also a live performance theater and a movie theater on board. The Disney Dream can accommodate a maximum of 4,000 passengers in its 1,250 staterooms. The ship is inspired by 1930s passenger ships and features a black hull and twin red chimneys. Tinier details include a statue in the lobby that celebrates the one and only Donald Duck. 

Best fall foliage cruise from New York 

There are few better ways to experience fall foliage than cruising along the Eastern seaboard in the fall. Seabourn offers a 12-day fall foliage cruise from New York , which stops at ports in Rhode, Island, Maine , and Quebec. The itinerary includes an overnight stay in Halifax, Nova Scotia, before ending in Montreal . This cruise departs New York on the day of embarkation, so you may want to arrive a couple of days early to explore the city ahead of your cruise. 

Best transatlantic cruise from New York 

When it comes to transatlantic sailings, Cunard sets the standard. The legendary Queen Mary II sails between Brooklyn and Southampton in southern England—and you can even bring your pup on board. The Queen Mary II is equipped with kennel space, though you’ll want to book in advance as it’s limited. You’ll also want to pack a jacket and ties or evening dresses as some facilities onboard require formal attire. Prepare yourself for lots of sea days and some potentially rough waters; each of Cunard’s transatlantic crossings requires a minimum of six sea days. 

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat Water Waterfront Cruise Ship Ship City and Outdoors

A Regent Seven Seas ship passing through Venice

Best Northern European cruise from New York

For an unforgettable adventure through Canada, Greenland, and Iceland , check out Regent Seven Seas, which cruises from Manhattan to Northern Europe over 18 nights. This cruise from New York stops at summer hotspots Martha's Vineyard before continuing to Saint John and Halifax in Canada en route to Greenland and Iceland. This cruise makes three stops in Greenland and two stops in Iceland. The journey requires just three sea days, the first of which is likely to be a welcome rest day after several days in port. 

Best Mediterranean cruise From New York 

In just 16 nights, sail from Manhattan to Bermuda, Portugal, Spain , the south of France, and Italy on the Norwegian Breakaway , a ship that accommodates just over 4,000 passengers and is sure to offer something for everyone. The Norwegian Breakaway offers several restaurants and lounges on board as well as Broadway shows, five multistory waterslides, and the largest ropes course at sea. On its Mediterranean sailing, the Norwegian Breakaway stops in Lisbon , Malaga, Barcelona, Cannes, and Rome. 


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    What cruise lines leave from New York? · Carnival Cruises · Celebrity Cruises · Cunard Cruises · Disney Cruise Line Cruises · MSC Cruises · Norwegian Cruise Line