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From Stunning Beaches to Charming Villages: Must-Visit Places in Majorca

Majorca, also known as Mallorca, is a stunning island located in the Mediterranean Sea. With its golden sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and picturesque villages, Majorca has become a popular destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun on the beach or explore the island’s rich cultural heritage, Majorca offers something for everyone. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the must-visit places in Majorca.

Palma de Mallorca: The Capital City

No trip to Majorca would be complete without a visit to its vibrant capital city, Palma de Mallorca. This bustling city is home to an array of attractions that showcase both its historical and modern charm. One of the highlights of Palma is its iconic Gothic cathedral, La Seu. With its intricate architecture and stunning views of the seafront promenade, this cathedral is a must-see for any visitor.

In addition to its architectural wonders, Palma also offers an abundance of shopping opportunities. From high-end fashion boutiques to local artisan markets, there is something for every shopper in this city. Don’t forget to sample some delicious local cuisine at one of Palma’s many restaurants before heading out to explore other parts of the island.

Serra de Tramuntana: A Hiker’s Paradise

For those seeking outdoor adventures, a trip to Serra de Tramuntana is a must-do while in Majorca. This mountain range stretches along the northwest coast of the island and offers breathtaking landscapes that are perfect for hiking enthusiasts.

With its rugged terrain and well-marked trails, Serra de Tramuntana provides endless opportunities for exploration. From challenging hikes that lead you through narrow mountain paths to more leisurely walks that take you through charming villages, there is a trail for every level of hiker. Along the way, you’ll be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the coastline and the Mediterranean Sea.

Alcudia: History and Natural Beauty

Located on the northeastern coast of Majorca, Alcudia is a town that seamlessly combines history and natural beauty. The old town of Alcudia is surrounded by medieval walls that have been well-preserved over the years. As you wander through its narrow streets, you’ll come across ancient buildings and charming squares that transport you back in time.

Beyond its historical charm, Alcudia also boasts beautiful beaches that are perfect for sunbathing and swimming. The Playa de Alcudia is one of the most popular beaches on the island, offering soft sand and shallow waters that are ideal for families with children. For those looking for a more secluded spot, head to Playa de Muro, located just a short distance away.

Valldemossa: A Picturesque Village

Tucked away in the Tramuntana Mountains lies Valldemossa, a picturesque village known for its quaint streets and stunning views. This charming village has long been a source of inspiration for artists and writers due to its tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty.

One of Valldemossa’s main attractions is the Royal Charterhouse, where composer Frédéric Chopin once resided. Visitors can explore this historic building and learn about its fascinating history while enjoying the peaceful surroundings it offers.

After exploring the sights in Valldemossa, take some time to relax at one of its local cafes or restaurants. Indulge in traditional Mallorcan cuisine or sip on a refreshing glass of local wine while soaking up the village’s enchanting ambiance.

In conclusion, Majorca offers an array of must-visit places that cater to every traveler’s interests. From the bustling capital city of Palma de Mallorca to the serene village of Valldemossa, there is no shortage of stunning beaches, charming villages, and historical attractions to explore. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the beach or adventure in nature, Majorca is a destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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deia mallorca travel blog

Beware of This Common Travel Scam in Spain's Palma de Mallorca

Lori Zaino

Police in Palma, the capital city of the Spanish island of Mallorca, recently arrested 26 trileros , or people involved with a common travel scam called trile , the cup game.

The game involves three cups and a small object that is hidden beneath one of the cups. Players are asked to guess which cup contains the object beneath, paying a small sum of money to play (and bet) with the hope of winning big.

The local Mallorcan police have warned tourists not to play the game because they will "definitely lose," as the scammers often secretly remove the object hidden beneath the cups. The police have even tweeted a video about how the scam is staged, advising both tourists and locals to stay far away.

Despite the arrests, the game lives on (as it has for years) and players continue to be scammed out of their euros. The game is common in Palma de Mallorca, but also along the beaches of major tourist destinations such as Benidorm and Valencia, as well as squares in Barcelona and Madrid.

The good news is, you can easily avoid this scam by simply not playing the game and not handing over any money to the scammers. If someone approaches you to play, no matter how persuasive, just ignore them and keep moving. They're not known for being violent with tourists, but lately, the street gangs (known as trileros ) have been multiplying, and fights have broken out between the gangs and those playing.

A local Spanish resident, Jorge Ortega, told The Points Guy he's seen the game played since he was a child. He's always known it was a scam and suggests steering clear of the game and those involved entirely.

"Just walk away if they ask you to play, or [ask] if you want to win big," he advised, "and don't get sucked in by the prospect of winning easy money . . . because you'll just end up losing it."

The cup game isn't the only scam to watch out for in Spain. There's also the rental car scam that's especially prevalent along the Costa Brava, and Barcelona is known for harboring petty thieves and pickpockets. But don't let the possibility of being scammed scare you into not visiting Palma, the Costa Brava or Spain in general. The country is actually a very safe place -- just be mindful of your personal belongings and keep your wits about you, just as you would when traveling anywhere else in the world.

Matador Original Series

deia mallorca travel blog

Perfect Alternatives To 7 of the Summer’s Most Crowded Destinations

M aybe we blame “influencers” a little too much.

Okay, probably not, but the blame for overtourism can’t lay solely in their selfie-snapping hands. It takes a world of people to make a destination painful to visit, and if it wasn’t for throngs of people flocking to the same places their friends went, overtourism might not be an issue. Perhaps the key in keeping the crowds down is finding other, comparable destinations that offer the same sights, food, and foreign experiences without the masses. We conferred with the editors from Hideaway Report , and they offered up some worthy alternatives to seven of summer’s most crowded places.

1. Instead of Amsterdam…visit the Hague.


Photo: Brianmorgan56 /Shutterstock

The canals, floating bridges, and quaint cafes of Amsterdam might seem an inviting place to spend the summer, but bear in mind most of the Netherlands ’ 18 million annual visitors end up there. For the same culture, architecture, and centuries-old history, head to the Hague. The seat of Dutch government is the country’s most international city, home to over 100 different ethnic groups as well as the International Criminal Court.

Like many government seats, the Hague is also awash in world-class museums like the grand Mauritshuis museum, home to Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” There’s also an Escher museum , the ultra-modern Gemeentemuseum , and the Madurodam — a collection of scale miniatures of Dutch landmarks. While it might not boast the hash bars and red-light districts of its more-famous neighbor, it does have one thing Amsterdam never will: a beach! Head to Scheveningen or Kijkduin and spend the afternoon away from crowds, breathing fresh sea air.

2. Instead of Prague…visit Bratislava.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Photo: emperorcosar /Shutterstock

With crazy-cheap discount flights from the rest of Europe, Prague has become the top Eastern European stop for pretty much anyone taking an extended Euro trip. Sure, the beer is cheap, but it tastes a little better when you don’t have to fight mobs to get it. For that same Baroque architecture and cheap beer experience, head to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava , about an hour from Vienna by train.

The main square of the city is full of energetic bars and relaxing cafes, every bit the Eastern Europe you’d travel to Prague for. An added bonus: Slovakia is gaining international recognition for its wineries, and just a short drive out of town you’ll find spots like Vino Matyšák and Mrva & Stanko , where you’ll find first-rate bottles for half of what they’d cost in Napa . You can also hike a few hours from the city through thick forest to Devin Castle, a trip that feels like stepping smack into the middle of an old fairy tale.

3. Instead of Mallorca…visit Menorca.

Menorca island, Balears, Spain

Photo: tuulijumala /Shutterstock

Try not to get confused by the similar sounding names, and you’ll find a peaceful, relaxing vacation in Spain’s Balearic islands. Mallorca has become overrun with sun-seeking Europeans, and the beaches and restaurants in Palma become almost impossible to navigate during the summer. But about a short ferry ride away sits Menorca, where you can sun yourself under an abandoned castle at Cala Mesquida, or hide on white sand in a hidden cove at Cala Trebaluger.

The island is also famous for its gins, so after a hard day in the sun, stop in for a tasting at Xoriguer. Also on the drinking agenda: Cova d’en Xoroi , a bar set in cliffside caves with spectacular views of the water. You can also stop in for a wine and cheese tasting at Hort Sant Patrici , or peruse the historic buildings in the old capital of Ciutadella.

4. Instead of Santorini…visit literally any other Greek Island.

Kythnos, Greece

Photo: Michael Paschos /Shutterstock

Those picture-perfect Instagram posts of white cubist houses lining the island shore don’t show the 15,000 or so cruise ship passengers that clog up Santorini on many summer days. Crowds actually got so bad that the Greek government banned mule tours where the animals were carrying more than 100 kilograms. But the Greek islands aren’t limited to Santorini. In fact, there are over 6,000 Greek islands, many of which have never seen a cruise ship.

The best Greek islands to visit are probably ones you’ve never heard of, so let us throw you some suggestions. If you’re into glamping on volcanic rock formations, check out Lemnos, with nature and geography similar to the Caribbean. Kythnos is fairly accessible from Athens , and offers the same cliffside architecture and clear blue water as Santorini. For deserted beaches that feel like your own little slice of paradise, try Koufonisia or Milos. Or check out the colorful streets and friendly locals in Karpathos.

5. Instead of Iceland…visit the Azores Islands.

Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Azores

Photo: Olga Chiorescu /Shutterstock

Iceland might be a natural wonder full of lava fields, steaming volcanoes, and epic glaciers. But it’s now also full of our busloads of tourists, who might be lovely people but don’t really add to the whole appreciating-nature-in-quiet experience. Also, it can be a little cold. And a lot expensive. For all that volcanic action with warmer weather and lower prices, head to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean — to Portugal’s Azores Islands .

This far-flung archipelago offers some of the best diving in the world, with an underwater museum off the main port in Terceira and reefs surrounding São Miguel. These volcanic islands also have plenty of steaming wonders, like the town of Furnas where you can eat corn boiled in the earth and drink tea made with volcano water . Azorean scenery is no slouch either, where a hike to Sete Cidades has you overlooking a volcanic caldera with blue and green lakes. The Azores is conscious of overtourism, too, and even though Delta began nonstop flights from JFK Airport last year, the islands still don’t feel overrun.

6. Instead of Beijing…visit Hangzhou.

Hangzhou, China

Photo: 4045 /Shutterstock

Beijing being crowded is about as big of news as Kanye West saying something ridiculous, but since many people can’t list more than two destinations in China, Beijing still ends up on everyone’s bucket list. To get a better sense of China’s cultural history in a far more easy-breathing environment, take the train an hour from Shanghai to Hangzhou. This lakeside gem is one of the greenest cities in China, so beautiful that Chairman Mao kept a villa there and left it nearly untouched during the revolution.

Today it’s a country retreat for Shanghai’s nouveau-riche, with a trail along the water where you can run, bike, or stroll under lakeside willow trees. The city’s ancient architecture is equally as beautiful, with relatively uncrowded spots like fourth-century Buddhist temple Lingyin Si and the 12th-century Six Harmonies Pagoda. Relatively being the key word; the city still has seven million people and 21 million in the greater metro area.

7. Instead of Yosemite…visit Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree in Joshua Tree National Park

Photo: Lorcel /Shutterstock

California’s famous traffic congestion should, theoretically, be limited to its cities. Not the case when you head into Yosemite on any summer weekend, when it seems nearly everyone in America takes a road trip there. Not that it makes the park any less spectacular, but if you want to experience other wonders of Californian nature, venture out to the desert and into Joshua Tree National Park .

deia mallorca travel blog

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The Complete Travel Guide to Deia Mallorca

A must-visit in the Balearic Island of Mallorca is the tiny stone town of Deia, a stunning sanctuary amid the Tramuntana Mountains. Find out everything you need to know to visit this Spanish gem in this guide.

Mallorca is one of Spain’s much-loved destinations and on the island, you’ll find many stunning white sand beaches, pretty towns, and jaw-dropping scenery. The small village of Deia is one of those places visitors can’t help falling in love with.

Tucked deep inside the Tramuntana mountains and surrounded by palms and olive trees, Deia, Mallorca feels like a slice of Tuscany tucked away from the rest of the world. Time stands still here and it’s a place to really slow down, be present, and enjoy each moment.

Deia is located in the center of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cultural Landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana. It’s a truly local and beautiful place.

For a small village, there are a number of amazing things to do in Deia, Mallorca, and experiences to be had from shopping to an afternoon at the beach.

This is your insider’s guide to Deia, Mallorca so keep reading to get the most out of your stay.

main street in Deia Mallorca

*This ‘Deia Mallorca travel guide’ post contains affiliate links meaning I might make a small profit if you choose to book at no extra cost to you. This helps me to keep providing you with top quality content for free.

Best Time to Visit Deia, Mallorca

The best time to visit Mallorca and Deia is during the spring and early autumn months. The months of May, early June, September, and early October are the best times to visit Mallorca.

During these shoulder season months, you’ll have the perfect balance of weather and crowds.

Having said that Mallorca really is a year-round destination and if you’re not planning to bathe, then Deia can really be visited all year round- just remember to pack a few more layers in winter.

Come mid-June to August, crowds descend on Mallorca and Deia.

During this time everything is fully booked, car rental is difficult and you’ll need to fight the crowds for space almost everywhere.

the stunning views of Deia, Mallorca, Spain

Getting There

I highly recommend renting a car to get to Deia and when getting around Mallorca. Renting a car will give you the most flexibility to get around and see more of the beauty Mallorca has to offer.

For Mallorca, we found the best car rental rates with Discover Cars . As we visited in October we snagged an exceptionally great deal and even got an upgrade. Check car rental availability and book with Discover Cars here.

A word of advice about driving in Deia. Not all Mallorca is mountainous but the roads in and around Deia are exceptionally mountainous and steep. The smaller your rental car the easier it will be for you to maneuver and park.

Also, most of the cheapest deals on smaller vehicles are on manual transmission cars. If you’re not comfortable driving a manual car up and down hills (like me) then make sure to book an automatic car well in advance- especially in summer.

If you don’t want to drive, then bus routes also operate around Mallorca however services are limited so you’ll need to allocate more time for moving around. There is one line that connects Deià with Palma and Soller.

Where to Stay in Deia, Mallorca

Deia has some of the best hotels in Mallorca so there’s no shortage of destination properties, luxury hotels, and beautiful guesthouses and villas. Here are the best hotels in Deia that you can’t miss.

Belmond La Residencia Deia Mallorca – This stunning destination property is probably one of the most remarkable in Mallorca. Located amid the beautiful stone cottages of Deia and the splendid mountain views, this luxury hotel ticks all the boxes.

It boasts beautifully designed rooms and suites, a stunning pool area and terrace, and the most beautiful views in Deia.

Even if you don’t stay here you’ll want to come to Belmond’s cafe and restaurants for a spectacular meal. More on those below. Check rates and book here .

Hotel Des Puig Deia – The ideal spot for those looking for a truly Mallorca stay. Lovely traditional architecture and decor, gorgeous views of Deia, and a great location inside the village. Check rates and availability for your dates here .

Es Moli Hotel Deia – Located just outside Deia, this 4-star property is the option for those looking for a more modern stay. A stunning setting right in the middle of the mountains and hills. Gorgeous mid-century rooms. They also have a private rocky beach too you can spend hours on too. Check rates and availability here .

Sa Pedrissa Hotel Deia – A stunning, luxury finca in Deia with immaculate sea views. Grand rooms with comfortable mid-century and traditional furnishings and wooden beam ceilings. The decor here is the perfect mix of Mallorcan tradition and modern.

The sea views don’t get better than those from Sa Pedrissa’s rooms, garden, and pool area. Perfect for those that don’t mind being a little outside Deia. Check rates and availability here . 

stone building and sign in Mallorca


Towards the Horizon – A stunning, luxury villa in Deia with beautiful sea and mountain views and a private pool.

This lovely stone cottage with a blend of traditional architecture and modern amenities makes the ideal group stay. With 4 bedrooms, it sleeps up to 8 people. Check availability here .

Well, Well Villa – another gorgeous villa for 6, this lovely rental has beautiful views of Deia, a number of different terraces, a fully-equipped kitchen, and even a hot tub. It’s the perfect villa for a long summer stay. Check availability here.

Best Restaurants in Deia, Mallorca

It’s not easy to narrow down the best restaurants in Deia, Mallorca, but as the village is small I’ll try. It’s safe to say you won’t run out of eating options during your stay and as the food is so good here, I’m sure you won’t mind visiting a few of these spots twice.

Fine Dining

El Olivo – El Olivo is Belmond’s most outstanding restaurant and dinner here is one of the best meals you’ll have in Mallorca. You’ll dine outdoors, on their beautiful terrace with spectacular views, surrounded by a setting sun and candlelight.

Your meal at El Olivo will take you on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean with an outstandingly creative menu that’s also veggie and vegan-friendly.

Make sure to book a table, months in advance (especially in summer). Try to time your reservation for sunset for an even more magical experience. Find out more here .

Es Racó d’es Teix – Fantastic fine dining in Deià with spectacular views and creative, award-winning Mediterreanean gastronomy.

Casual Dining

Ca’s Patro March Deia – Visiting Cala Deia is a must when in Deia. Cala Deia or Deia Beach is a stunning little cove from where you can take a dip. Overlooking it is Ca’s Patró March, a fantastic little restaurant. Dine on beautifully grilled fish and fresh salads to the most stunning sea views in Mallorca.

Make sure to book in advance.

Cafe Miró – Also located inside the Belmond Hotel, Cafe Miró is a lovely option for lunch or afternoon cocktails. Their menu has a wide range of Mallorca-inspired dishes, as well as fish and seafood.

The food here is fresh, and tasty if you don’t manage to get a reservation at El Olivo, it’s the next best thing.

table at Cafe Miro, Belmond hotels

Cafè Sa Font Fresca – A lovely cafe with outdoor seating, great views, and traditional decor. They serve many traditional Spanish and Mallorcan dishes. A great place for lunch, brunch or breakfast.

De Moniö Deia – A lovely little vegetarian cafe that also sells beautiful ceramics and souvenirs to take home. Highly recommended for a casual bite.

sa Vinya – gorgeous views, a sunny terrace, and lovely local dishes like grilled fish and paella.

Things to Do in Deia, Mallorca

Go for a wander around town.

The best way to really experience Deia is to go for a wander around town. The main road, the MA-10 runs straight through the center of the village and while this is the beating heart of Deia, don’t be hesitant to explore beyond the main street.

green street and stone buildings in Mallorca

Take any of the side roads off the main street and they’ll take up uphill (or down) into the surrounding streets. You’ll see the stunning stone cottages, bougainvillea growing around them, perfectly manicured gardens, and epic viewpoints.

Make sure to head up to Sant Joan de Deià , the local church with some splendid views from the top.

Have Dinner at El Olivo

There’s nothing quite like a romantic, slow dinner at El Olivo, Belmond La Residencia’s prime restaurant. Nothing can really match the food and experience here.

The setting is one out of a storybook. Tables are set out on a beautiful terrace overlooking the town of Deia. At sunset, golden light fills the space as you dig into an aperitif surrounded by candlelight.

The tasting menu here is creative and celebrates, local and natural ingredients. The food is very vegetable and fish heavy and they even offer vegetarian and vegan tasting menus.

El Olivo is one of the best dining experiences in Mallorca so make sure not to miss it.

Spend the Afternoon in Cala Deia

Beat the heat and spend an afternoon in the lovely Cala Deia. Downhill from Deia village, you’ll find the picturesque Cala Deià or Deia beach. This rocky cove is the place to relax with a sea view and the place to go for a dip on a warm summer’s day.

You’ll be able to have lunch here too.

Cala Deia

Apart from a couple of restaurants, there aren’t any stores here so if you want to bring some snacks to make a small picnic make sure to bring supplies from Deia.

To get to Cala Deia you can drive down the winding mountain road or walk. It is a bit of a hike which takes about 20- 30 minutes but it’s a good workout.

Note that it’s completely downhill from Deia and a solid uphill all the way back. The path down starts at the Deia Tennis Club.

The Tramuntana mountains are what makes Mallorca an epic hiking destination and there are plenty of walks and hikes around Deià. For those that prefer a few more active days in Mallorca the paths around Deià will keep you busy for a couple of days.

The first and easiest hike is the path going down to Cala Deia. It’s a great opportunity to mix a short hike with a refreshing swim.

From the edge of Deià, you can also hike to another stunning village, Valldemossa. Valldemossa is a lovely day trip from Deia in itself and you can easily combine it with a hike.

The hike will take a few hours to complete but refreshments in Valldemossa await.

Enjoy drinks and Sunset at Cafe Miró

After a slow day exploring Deia, head to Cafe Miró at Belmond La Residencia for cocktails and a light bite. The cafe terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the last rays of sunshine and a refreshing cocktail to reflect on the day.

The cafe also serves some light bites you can enjoy while also savoring the views.

Have lunch at Ca’s Patró March

Probably one of the best sea view lunch spots in Mallorca, make sure not to miss a slow lunch in Cala Deia. Ca’s Patró March is a wonderful restaurant that has been built into the rocky cove of Cala Deia Mallorca.

Ca's Patro March Cala Deia

You’ll be able to dine on fresh grilled fish and seafood dishes, seasonal salads, vegetables, and more in this divine little restaurant. The crystal clear sea views make a dining location you won’t forget in a while.

Top Tip: Make reservations in advance and try not to go when it might rain. The whole dining area is outside and they tend to close on bad weather days.

Go Shopping

Holidays in Deia Mallorca really aren’t complete without a bit of shopping. Deià is known to be a bit of an artist and artisan hotspot so you might imagine the shopping to be great.

In Deia, you’ll find a number of irresistible boutiques. From interior design stores to ceramics and clothing, there’s nothing better to do on a slightly cooler day than to go shopping.

Some of the best stores in Deia that you can’t miss are Obsolete Deia , a lovely design store with a few gems, Ceramics by Joanna for lovely, Mallorca-inspired ceramics, and Gres Gallery for more fine art pieces.

Retreat at Mountain Wellness Mallorca

Mountain Wellness is a retreat space and wellness sanctuary located inside Villa Rullan in Deia. It’s the ideal space to take care of all your wellness and self-care needs when in Deia.

They hold group yoga classes in their studio each morning at 10 am and you can sign up via their website here .

They also offer a number of different treatments for you to indulge in during your stay. Massages, reflexology, facials, and beauty treatments are all available for you to take the best care of yourself.

Visit the Robert Graves Museum

In the north part of the village, you’ll find a small museum dedicated to the life of Robert Graves.

Robert Graves was an English novelist and poet who moved to Deià in the 1930s and spent a large part of his life here. The museum is housed in his former home which has been converted to celebrate his life and work.

Even if you’re not familiar with his work, the museum is well worth a visit to find out more about traditional Mallorcan architecture, design, and of course the man himself. Make sure not to miss a wander through the beautiful garden.

yellow scooter and flowers in Mallorca

Top Tips for Visiting Deia

↠Parking is tight in Deia but you’ll still want to rent a car to get around. For this reason, I suggest renting a small car and booking a hotel in Deia, Mallorca that includes parking. It will help you quite a bit.

↠Don’t just stay for the day! Deia is truly magical and it is a small place so most visitors stay for a few hours and leave. So, how many nights in Deia should you stay?

There is no magic number but to fully slow down and savor each place, I’d recommend at least two nights. This will allow you to experience Deia as well as Deia Beach properly.

Stay a few more nights to use Deia as a base to explore surrounding towns like Valldemossa and Soller.

Do you have any questions or comments about your stay in Deia?   Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.

Now more than ever, make sure not to leave home without travel insurance. For the last few years, I’ve been using  Safetywing Nomad Insurance  for all my individual trips and digital nomad lifestyle and there’s no better company for all my insurance needs. Cover starts from as little as $42 per month.  Get your quote below now .

Planning a trip right now? These are just some of my favourite websites I use to book everything from hotels to rental cars!

Rentalcars.com  and  Auto Europe  for quick and easy car rentals worldwide

Booking.com  for great deals on hotels

Agoda  also for great deals on hotels

Get Your Guide  and  Viator  for tours and adventures around the world

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deia mallorca travel blog

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The Ultimate Slow Travel Guide to Valldemossa, Mallorca

A Slow Travel Guide to Deiá, Mallorca

Travel Guide to Deiá, Mallorca

Updated September 2023

When it comes to visiting Mallorca , Deiá is one of the dreamiest hilltop villages to visit. And it’s for good reason. Nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains, near the coast, and lined with olive trees, it feels a world away from the rest of the island. Only 30-minute’s drive from Palma de Mallorca , it makes for a wonderful and easy getaway from the city.

After our first visit to Mallorca in 2018, we spent a day in Deiá. Strolling the village and soaking in its historic charm, I told myself I would return. There is a certain energy to this part of Mallorca, one that has always tugged at me since we visited that day. So when my husband and I with our baby made our month-long return to the island, I knew we needed to come for a few nights to truly get a feel of life in Deiá.

We checked in to the La Residencia, A Belmond Hotel , an intimate stay on the hillside with unparalleled views of the town. Mornings were spent dipping our traveled bodies into the crystal clear waters of the local cala, an unmatched respite. And as the afternoons turned into early evenings, we soaked in the magic glow that sets across this half of the island. The only word I can use to describe our time in Deiá is magic.

And if you do visit this part of Mallorca, that truly feels like you could be in Tuscany, I hope you’ll find the magic too. It’s a destination that beckons a slower pace to experience it all. I recommend taking your time, rising early, and never missing a sunset here.

Short on Time? Here Are My Top Picks for the Best Hotels in Deiá:

  • Belmond La Residencia , for the best luxury hotel
  • Es Moli , for the best design for dollar hotel
  • Hotel d’Es Puig , for the best budget-friendly stay

For everything you need to know about where to stay in Mallorca, see my guide to the best towns in Mallorca to stay in . If you’re looking to explore more of the island, my Mallorca travel guide and guides to the best hotels and beaches have you covered!

The Travel Guide to Deiá, Mallorca

What to know before traveling to deiá, when is the best time to visit deiá.

Ultimately Mallorca can be a year-round destination with its average temperatures and warm water. My recommendation is to go in shoulder season primarily due to the summer crowds that flock to the island come mid-June through August.

How Many Nights in Deiá Do You Recommend?

The magic of Deiá can certainly be experienced in two nights, my recommendation would be to stay for three to four which would allow you to enjoy the hotel and nearby destinations.

Do I Need a Car in Deiá?

I highly recommend it as it gives a lot of flexibility. There are bus routes that operate throughout Mallorca but will be at a slower pace and more limited. I use Discover Cars to find the best rental car deals.

Are There Other Destinations Nearby?

There are plenty of destinations near to Deiá, I would recommend checking out my Mallorca travel guide for a few ideas.

Where to Stay in Deiá

La residencia, a belmond hotel.

The prized gem of Deiá is certainly La Residencia . Nestled against the hillside, it overlooks the hilltop village with unsurpassed views of the Tramuntana mountain range. I checked in with my husband and baby for two nights to experience just how magical this hotel is.

To say the least, the stay at the La Residencia was pure magic. Something out of a fairytale, the perfectly terraced gardens and rooms that were nestled into the hillside boasted breathtaking views. Set with three pools, one adults-only, the primary, and an indoor, it was well situated for a restful stay. Throughout the property there are beautiful gardens to stroll through, terraces to look out from, and even resident donkeys should you go for a longer stroll.

The atmosphere at the La Residencia is luxurious yet relaxed. It felt effortless, the team on property was both welcoming and helpful. Mornings were peacefully spent at restaurant Son Fony overlooking the main pool with a fresh a la carte breakfast and buffet available. The rest of the day alternated between sunbathing by the pool, walks to the town of Deiá, and sunset cocktails at Restaurante Miró .

By night, we found ourselves at El Olivo , Belmond’s fine dining experience with a view. Offering both a pre-fixe and a la carte menu, you could dine through favorite Mallorcan dishes and even try the hotel’s very own olive oil. It’s a meal to not miss when in Mallorca, and I recommend snagging a reservation in advance.

It’s a stay I will certainly not forget, and a true highlight of any trip to Mallorca.

Book the best La Residencia rates here .

Other Hotels in Deiá to Consider

Where to eat in deiá, el olivo at belmond la residencia.

What may be the most stunning location on the entire island of Mallorca, El Olivo at Belmond La Residencia is the spot to reserve. Set up on the hillside with village views, this fine dining restaurant serves incredible Mallorcan cuisine that is elevated. One dish not to miss is the suckling pig as well as the Mallorcan dessert tray — trust me!

One of my favorite meals we had in Deiá was at Nama . Beautiful location, the food here is Asian-inspired with local ingredients. The duck and mango salad was a favorite, as were the dumplings.

Ca’s Patro March

There is not a truly more magical seaside meal than at Ca’s Patro March. Overlooking Cala Deiá, the restaurant serves fresh and local seafood, mostly grilled. I highly recommend making a reservation in advance, rarely do they have walk-ins available. I would order the grilled squid, boquerones either fresh or in vinegar, and whatever fish of the day they have.

Known for its wide variety of tapas, this is the spot to taste through a menu that showcases just how varied the local cuisine is.

de Moniö is a very cute and charming cafe that focuses on vegetarian food.

Bistro Rullan

Bistro Rullan is a good spot to pop into for a coffee or bite of food.

The Best Things to Do in Deiá

Take a swim in cala deiá.

If you’re looking to take a dip in turquoise waters, make your way down to the local Cala Deià . You could make the hike down but be prepared for a very tough walk back out. My suggestion is to wake up early, drive down, and snag one of the few parking spots, just don’t forget to pay to park. The cala is beautiful, the water is normally calm, and crystal clear. It’s a favorite for a dip, and there are two restaurants as well, Ca’s Patro March being one of them.

Stroll Through the Town of Deiá

The entire town of Deiá feels like a postcard and worth just going for a stroll. You’ll find several great views, local boutiques, and plenty to see. Make your way all the up to the Plaza de Iglesia for the best views around. I would recommend good walking shoes as the roads are quite steep.

Visit Valldemossa

A favorite for a day trip would be to the small village of Valldemossa . Chances are that you will pass through on the way to Deiá, so you could pop in for a stroll then. There are restaurants and shops and has all of the old-world charms you could ask for. For everything you need to know about visiting, read my Valldemossa guide .

Dance the Night Away at Cafe Sa Fonda

What is very much an understated cafe by day, Cafe Sa Fonda turns it on come night time. Go for a drink and you may even end up dancing the night away.

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My favorite companies that offer the best coverage and rates are:

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Xx, Jessica

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The Best Towns to Stay in Mallorca (Where to Base Yourself)

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Guide to Deia

In our comprehensive guide to Deià you will uncover the best places to stay, where to eat and drink, our favourite swimming spots and other hidden gems from one of Mallorca's most beautiful mountain villages.

Belmond La Residencia

Get the celebrity treatment at arguable one of Mallorca's best known hotels in the luxury sector.

Belmond La Residencia, Deia

Photo via @belmondlaresidencia

S'Hotel des Puig

Boutique hotel with everything you need, set close to the action of nearby restaurants and of course equipped with those Deia views.

Es Moli Hotel

The real drawcard at Es Moli is their private cove, Muleta. Guests can take advantage of a daily shuttle to one of the most impressive swimming spots on all of Mallorca. 

Sa Pedrissa

Adult only agroturismo hotel that is spectacular in it's setting and service and popular for good reason. 

Hoposa Hotel Costa D'or

Set in pine forest and overlooking the sea with some spectacular views, this adults-only hotel is a great option but a car will be necessary to get in and out of Deia.

Beaches Nearby

Famous beach with a fun little drive down the mountain before arriving at a beautiful cove with some lunch at Ca's Patro March a highlight.

Cala Deia

Cala Llucalcari

While most people head to Deia those in the know head to Lluclari for equally stunning vibes in a much calmer and quieter cove. Access and parking are harder to come by so do your research beforehand.

Hike to Sa Foradada

A hike from Deiá to Sa Foradada is a great way to take in the amazing scenery of this area and work up a sweat in the process.

Sa Foradada

Photo via Crispin Jones

Sunset at Son Marroig

Has to be one of the most amazing sunsets on on Mallorca. As the sun goes down in the west, this spot feels custom made for enjoying the golden hour.

La casa de Robert Graves

For some culture, the poet Robert Graves' home has been transformed into a little museum, Beautiful home and garden restored to their original purpose.

Deiá Archeological Museum

Deiá Archeological Museum and Research Centre should be on your list if interested in the history of Mallorca. 

Take a Sunset drink at Na Foradada

A magical restaurant overlooking the ocean, this would also have to be one of our all time favourite sunset spots on the island.

Walk the small streets

It's one of the easiest and free activities to do in Deia. Simply stroll from one end to the other and poke around the narrow streets off the main road taking in what we think is the prettiest village on Mallorca.


Trattoria italiana.

The place to go for some Italian in Deia. Take in the views from the terrace and enjoy friendly service in a laidback atmosphere.

We love Nama. Their terrace has amazing views. The modern Asian menu is top notch and the staff have always looked after us with impeccable service.

Nama Deia

Photo via Spend In

Cosy little spot for afternoon tea or cocktail hour. You can check out the artworks inside or enjoy some music on the terrace.

Grab some Spanish tapas at Xelini, the lively restaurant with garden and more of those spectacular Deia views and vibes.

Belmond La Residencia's restaurant El Olivio is the place to go if you want to impress your date. Everything is of the highest quality with price range to match.

Ca’s Patro March

It's super well know due to it's stunning location perched above the sea at Cala Deia. But if you arrive in time for a seat you can't go wrong with a seafood lunch at this unassuming little restaurant by the sea.

Sa Fonda is a really happening meeting point for drinks and a melting pot of locals, tourists and anyone else drawn into by the music from the street.

Healthy options at S'Hortet with salads and smoothies a refreshing option to the more typical menus elsewhere.

deia mallorca travel blog

Ilona Antina

Guide to pollensa.

To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories .

A Guide to Deià, the Magical Village in Majorca Where Stars Go to Get Away

By Amy Louise Bailey

Deià Village in Majorca Spain

The poet and novelist Robert Graves once wrote that “the Majorcan countryside is not at all a place to go in search of inspiration; but admirable for people whose minds already teem with ideas that need recording in absolute quiet.” Perhaps that is why Deià, the fairy tale-like village in Spain’s Balearic Islands, has had such a magnetic effect on creative figures over the years, drawing in icons from the worlds of art, fashion, music, film, and literature.

It's where Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote some of his legendary Broadway musicals.  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and some of the most notable musicians in history are known to have spent time in Deià, away from the glare of the paparazzi.  Beyoncé made an appearance last year, and typically, in the height of summer, you’ll find red carpet regulars (namely Kate Moss ) drinking sangria and dancing the night away at Sa Fonda , a totally informal bar that is known for its late nights and lively music scene.

Nama Bar Deià

“Deià attracts interesting characters with life stories that can fill a book,” says Namali Schleberger, who owns the fabulously chic Nama restaurant in the heart of the village along with its adjoining cocktail bar designed by Matthew Williamson .  “I’m not only talking about celebrities, but we get actors, politicians, musicians, designers…They all come here because nobody cares who you are—this is a place where you can walk around without being observed all of the time.”

Private plunge pool at La Residencia's Exclusive Suite

The luxury of privacy is part of what attracted Sir Richard Branson to the area before he purchased the exquisite La Residencia hotel (known as “La Res”) back in the 80s.  The charismatic business magnate tells Vogue that he has always adored Deià.  “It provides the perfect environment to relax, laugh, learn, and love with my family.  My favorite memories are the most simple: sitting around the table talking, admiring the scenery, and enjoying meals and good company.”

Deià Village

By Alexandra Macon

The Art of Being Nicki Minaj

By Rob Haskell

The Italian Bob Is Here to Stay: Here Are 12 Perfect Examples

By Hannah Coates

“My son, Sam, even named his daughter, Eva-Deia, in honor of the West Majorcan town,” he explains enthusiastically.  “Majorca has so much to offer. There’s unspoiled nature, picturesque villages, top-class restaurants, finca hotels, and [plenty of] culture.”  With its quiet, cobblestoned lanes and tight-knit community of about 700, Deià certainly has a more tranquil vibe than the cosmopolitan city of Palma , located 45-minutes south.

It has a truly enchanting position, surrounded by a dramatic amphitheater of mountains that are believed to exude some sort of positive, healing energy.  “The area has a real feeling of spirituality and peace,” says Alan Hydes , a British artist who resides in Deià and offers painting and sculpture classes at La Res.

Alan Hydes in his studio at La Residencia

“The Tramuntana mountains surrounding Deià contain the same minerals and crystals that are integral to an ionizer.  I have no idea how ionizers work, but it’s something related to negative and positive ions which affect the brain,” he explains, looking as though the serenity of it all has well and truly sunken in.  “Whatever it is, there’s certainly something positive in the energy of the mountains that affects people in good way.”

Hydes counts Leonardo DiCaprio on his impressive client list that spans from icons of the entertainment industry to royalty and Archbishops.  “I regularly get very famous individuals calling in to see me and take a painting class," he says. La Res has always had that vibe, allowing its high-profile guests to wander around remaining completely unbothered.  This was presumably part of the appeal for Princess Diana, who took refuge there when her marriage was unraveling.  More recently, La Res has hosted Nicolas Ghesquière, Tom Hanks, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harry Styles, Sienna Miller...the list continues on like an Oscars roll call.

“It’s a hidden gem really, protected by the fact that it’s a tiny village, so no coach trips can stop and flood the area with mass tourism,” Hydes explains.

But one thing that has really raised the tourism levels recently is The Night Manager , starring Tom Hiddleston, which filmed at Ca’s Patro March , a rustic seafood restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean.  “I wish I had a pound for every visitor who asks how they can find that restaurant,” Hydes says with a laugh.

Cala Deia where The Night Manager was filmed

The fresh seafood options are incredible in Deià, but the locals also gravitate to Son Mico , an alfresco café run by two French sisters. “It’s set in an amazing farmhouse-style building on top of a nearby hill, serving homemade cakes and freshly-squeezed juices,” says Matthew Williamson, who is designing a bespoke suite for La Res that’s set to open in the spring.

Son Marroig is also favored for an evening wine overlooking the glistening coastline.  It really is a sight to behold, especially when the sun is setting and the stars begin to sparkle.

“Wherever you look there is a potential painting in front of you,” says Hydes. “Just wandering the narrow streets and seeing historic walls festooned in bougainvillea and jasmine is a real joy.  Deià is just so aesthetically pleasing you can’t help but fall in love with it.”

Vogue Daily

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Deia, Mallorca : A stylish fairytale village 

There is something magical about Deia.  Perched high up on the cliff tops, where the light seem to magically bouncing off the mountains, D eia is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages I have ever seen. Everything seems almost picture perfect with its winding cobblestone streets and breathtaking views of the mountains, sea and the sweeping lemon and olive groves. This little town and its surroundings landscape is a piece of heaven. Welcome to fairytale land. 

Deia , Mallorca

Deia is located in the North West part of Mallorca in the  Serra de Tramuntana area, a 45 minutes taxi ride from Palma airport. This is the real  Mallorca  countryside, as far off and different from the charter tourists and the overdeveloped hotels in the South. Deia and the surrounding areas were in recent years made an UNESCO heritage site and is protected from developments and changes to its old architectural characteristic and nature. No high rise or apartment buildings in sight and that is how the locals and the returning visitors would like to keep it.

Cala Deia, Mallorca C'as Patro March

The rugged but stunning nature and the village's incredible charm and relaxed atmosphere makes Deia a truly special and unique place. It has been a magnet for the stylish fashion crowd, creatives and celebrities for some time and you can easily understand why people are drawn to this hidden gem. It is a place that inspires, where you can find privacy and an escape from the hectic life and truly unwind. I almost started to feel like a local after spending a couple of weeks here, recognising people and saying good morning and small chatting when picking up the fresh bread and pastries at the bakery, as part of my daily morning routine before heading down to the beach.

Deia is a quiet town but with its stylish and chic top notch restaurants and the town's hot spot bar ( only bar ) Sa Fonda on your doorstep - you can choose when you want to dine on gourmet food or have sangria to live music while mingling and enjoying a bit of a social scene. 

Deia, Mallorca

Where to eat and drink?:

Sa Fonda: It is here it all happens. Don't be fooled by the slight casual and simple look, it is at this lovely bar everyone seem to end up. It is here you will meet everyone and where everyone comes. Celebrities, jet setters and the locals, everyone mixes in a refreshing, great and relaxed atmosphere. 7 pm is cocktail hour at Sa Fonda and then people disappear to their villas or to any of the chic restaurants for dinner and after 10.30 pm everyone seems to reappear for round 2. Don't worry about putting on your high heels or suit jacket. Sandals and low key barefoot ' je n'ai sais que' style is the way to go here. You could come directly from the beach or swim and no one would lift an eye brow.

Restaurante Sebastian:  Family run restaurant with beautifully made fresh food and a great atmosphere. Stylish decor and fashionable crowd. Make sure you reserve a table in advance.

El Olivio, La Residencia: The food is divine and the settings are breathtakingly beautiful. Anything on the menu is mouth watering and the taste menu is heavenly. Sunset drinks on the veranda overlooking the perfectly manicured gardens, mountains and the village is a must. Bliss. 

Es Raco D'es Teix:  Michelin star restaurant with spectacular food and settings. Helmed by the German chef Josef Sauerchsell the restaurant is set in a rustic farmhouse and offers a lush landscape of vegetable gardens and you will be served only the most fresh and local produce. Divided between a large outdoor terrace and more formal dining room I would personally prefer the outdoors in order to enjoy the most beautiful views and the clear star lit sky at night.

Ca's Patro March : Perched on the cliffs overlooking Cala Deia and its crystal clear waters, this place offers great ambiance for lunch or dinner. Feast on some of the best seafood on the island, simply cooked and caught by local fishermen while enjoying the spectacular view of the bay. The place get very busy in July and August so make sure to make reservation.

Sa Vinya: Beautifully prepared and tasty food in a friendly atmosphere. The terrace is overlooking the mountains and is surrounded by mandarin trees and scented flowers. Simply beautiful.

deia mallorca travel blog

Beaches:  The beaches and waters around Deia are beautiful with azure crystal clear waters and stunning scenery. The best way to experience the coast line is naturally by boat since you then can access some amazing spots that can't be reached by foot.

However, you can discover some lovely gems by hiking away from the crowd and finding your own private rock pool and cliffs to dive from. If you don't have a car, the walk down from the village down the hill through the olives groves to Cala Deia is quite long ( about 25-30 min ) but it is a beautiful walk. Make sure to put proper shoes on though since those pretty sandals you are wearing will be destroyed...

Cala Deia, Mallorca

Cala Deia: The local Deia pebbled beach cove is small but beautiful, blending into the surrounding rocks. The place can be very busy in summer time but if you are prepared to walk a bit further, hike up on the trail ( starting just by the beach ) with the sign "to Sollar". The hiking trail is leading from Cala Deia around the coast line and offers some spectacular scenery. There are a few places you can walk down from the cliffs down to the sea and thereby finding your own private rocks to swim from. True bliss.

Cala Deia, Mallorca

Where to stay?: If you are not fortunate to own a villa or have friends that does, there are still some great places to stay. Renting a villa is in many case preferred but there are also some beautiful boutique hotels in the area. Here are a few favourites:

La Residencia: Heaven spelled with capital letters. Pure perfection. Stylish and understated luxury with superb attention to detail. Life does not get much better then staying at La Res...If you are not fortunate to stay here, make sure you come for a sunset drink on their stunning veranda. The views from here are incredible.

Hotel D'es Puig: This place is a gem. Small boutique hotel with friendly staff and beautiful decorated rooms. Quiet and peaceful with beautiful settings including two smaller pools. Serene. 

Sa Pedressa: Small boutique hotel that oozes style. Spectacular views, immaculate beautiful rooms and a beautiful garden with a divine pool.

Villa Verde: Rustic and simple in traditional Spanish style but still very charming. The outdoor terrace is lovely and the views are to die for.  

deia mallorca travel blog


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Jose Ignacio, Uruguay: The Hamptons of South America

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Out of Africa : The Izingwe Lodge

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Villa Maison Noir, Cape Town : A little piece of heaven

SANTA TERESA, COSTA RICA- A barefoot bliss paradise

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CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA : The city of contrasts, the city of beauty

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA : The city of contrasts, the city of beauty

Pushing Limits - Polar expeditions and extra ordinary adventures- Meet Henry Cookson

Pushing Limits - Polar expeditions and extra ordinary adventures- Meet Henry Cookson

ZANZIBAR - mystery, intrigue and exotic adventure . By  Holly Meadows

ZANZIBAR - mystery, intrigue and exotic adventure . By Holly Meadows

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Rosy Cheeks

Mallorca travel diary – deià.

Last week I learned some important things: 1. Mallorca is stunningly beautiful! 2. Even a few days can be enough to forget everything that stressed you out at home and to relax completely. 3. Mallorca isn’t busy everywhere, it really depends where you go. 4. Early September might be the best time to visit the island.

Here’s the background story: My boyfriend and me went on a little trip to Deià, in north-western Mallorca last week. I had been to Mallorca as a child with my family, but frankly I couldn’t remember much about it, so I was thrilled and positively suprised to discover that the island is absolutely beautfiul (so there’s a reason why it’s so popular, eh?) and not necessarily touristy and busy. Deià, which is located in the mountains, was comparably quiet and did not feel touristy, plus we met almost no other German tourists there.

We stayed in a beautiful small hotel called S’Hotel D’es Puig , which was lovely (I would recommend to book a suite because the standard rooms are a bit small). But before I write even more, let’s what feels like a hundred photos do the talking. At the end of this post I’ll share some advice on what to see and do around Deià!

Sunglasses by Ace & Tate Blouse by AJC (similar here ) Vintage Levi’s denim skirt Sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals

Dress by Faithfull the Brand Hat by Topshop (similar here and here ) Sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals (similar here ) Bag by Balenciaga

Dress by Faithfull the Brand Clutch by Saint Laurent

T-Shirt by H&M (similar here ) Shorts by Mango (similar here ) Shoes by Ria de Menorca Basket from Mallorca

What to see and do in and around Deià:

  • First of all: rent a car for the duration of your stay
  • Swim in Cala Deià and have lunch in the best fish restaurant in town, Ca’s Patró March , which overlooks the bay – the most beautiful lunch spot you can find! (reserve in advance! And either walk down into Cala Deià or bring change for the parking ticket machine if you come by car.)
  • Have dinner at El Olivo , the restaurant at Hotel Belmond La Residenica – very romantic!
  • Also explore the restaurants in Deià, there are a lot of great little places!
  • Walk and climb down into the hidden bay next to Cala Deià (there are pretty much no tourists there), you have to take the road with the sign “Hotel Costa d’Or” on the road from Deià to Sóller. The bay is beautiful! No sand but “comfortable” rocks you can sit or lay on.
  • Drive to the pretty mountain village Fornalutx and wander around the narrow streets (I dare you not to take photos every two minutes!).
  • On your way from Palma to Deià, stop in Valdemossa, a very beautiful town with some nice shops

Watch out for the second part of my Mallorca travel diary in which I will tell you about the amazing hotel overlooking the ocean we stayed in for our final two nights, and about another hidden beach (this time, there’s sand, too – see the first photo of this post)! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “ Mallorca Travel Diary – Deià ”

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deia mallorca travel blog

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Connecting through tennis in Deià with tennis coach Ariel Nastasia

    Chatting with tennis coach Ariel Nastasia, who lives in Deià, I discovered that…

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We’re also proud to say that we’ve done our bit to support the wonderful people dedicated to preserving and protecting our beautiful island.

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deia mallorca travel blog

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Taken with deia: guide to mallorca’s most precious mountain village.

Taken with Deia: Guide to Mallorca’s Most Precious Mountain Village

The mountain village of Deia in Mallorca has often been described as “paradise”, “magical” and “the other Mallorca”. After staying in this hillside town in Western Mallorca this past summer, I can tell you, it’s all true.

Prior to planning our vacation to Mallorca, we knew virtually nothing about the island. We didn’t know if we should head east, west, north or south. After talking to friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, and most importantly a friend who was born and raised on the island, we decided to head west to the mountains.

It’s in the west, we were told, where Mallorca’s wild beauty lies in that captivating landscape of mountains and sea. It’s in the west where the most picturesque of villages dot the range, tied to their hills and valleys, but always with an eye on the Mediterranean. And it’s in the west where the impossibly charming village of Deia lies.

The mountain village of Deia in Mallorca.

We loved everything about Deia, from its bohemian vibe to its green and blue-shuttered houses to its lemon trees and olive groves scattered about. Deia is located on the west coast in the Tramuntana mountain range, in between the towns of Valldemossa and Soller. The Teix, the second tallest mountain in Mallorca, is the town’s backdrop. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, roads and paths twist around and up and down, allowing you to drive, walk or hike and take in the dramatic scenery of where mountains and cliffs meet sea.

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It’s no wonder that the beauty of Deia attracted many writers, artists and musicians, becoming an artist colony for years (and still is). Most notably, English novelist and poet Robert Graves first moved to Deia in the 1930’s, later returning after World War II for good, until his death in 1985. Writers and artists followed, and Deia soon had a reputation as an artist retreat. Inevitably, as with most magnetic places, celebrities and Hollywood followed suit, with people like Ava Gardner, Mick Jagger, and Princess Diana visiting and staying in Deia. Richard Branson at one point owned La Residencia, the most luxurious of all the hotels in town.

Walking the streets of Deia village in Mallorca.

Things to do in Deia

Deia is tiny, with basically one main street (the MA-10) that passes through, and some smaller, narrow streets that wind you through the hills. Though small, the allure is big. Artsy stores and art galleries line the main street, and some of Mallorca’s best food can be found in the restaurants of Deia, most of them family-owned. The Village Café came highly recommended to us, and indeed it was so good we went twice, feasting upon the eclectic menu of fish, pizza, salads, even a burrito. By all accounts, the Michelin star-rated restaurant Es Raco d’es Teix is phenomenal, though we did not go, and Sa Vinya an experience.

Exploring Deia on our vacation to Mallorca.

Walk along the windy streets, though, and choose any one of the restaurants – they’re all good and bustling, and you’ll get the warmest of welcomes. We wish we had time for a drink at Café Sa Fonda , a Deia institution. Actually a bar and not a restaurant, it’s famous for its live music and bohemian scene. One of our favorite little spots was the main grocery store/deli in town,  Es Forn , which sells fresh pastries, produce and cheeses. This was our go-to for picnics.

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The Robert Graves house , or Ca N’Alluny , is a big draw in Deia. His former house- turned-museum is a nice tribute to his life and work. You can see where Robert Graves was buried as well, by climbing Deia’s main hill, Es Puig , and going to the Esglesia de Sant Joan Baptista and cemetery. Make sure to take in the sweeping views of Deia and the Mediterranean while you are up there.

Swimming at Cala Deia in Mallorca.

Another main draw in Deia is its beach, Cala Deia . We loved this little beach. It’s set in a beautiful and almost secret-feeling cove, one you can only access by foot. There is a road that takes you down to the beach, but from the parking lot you have to walk on a path before you reach the cove. Come mid-day it does get crowded, so go early, especially if you want to find a parking spot.

Chilling at Cala Deia in Mallorca.

Cala Deia is a shingle style beach, with rocks and pebbles – not your traditional sand beach. What it may lack in sand, however, it makes up for in gorgeous scenery and crystal-clear aquamarine water. Caves can be found built into the rocks and cliffs, where people are hanging out, some jumping into the water only to climb up and do it again. There are two wonderful restaurants, seemingly built into the cove, that are fun to eat and drink at and watch the goings-on of the beach and the majestic scenery. Ca’s Patro March has the freshest of fish, and Can Lluc a great place to chill with a beer. Overall, Cala Deia is just a really cool spot to spend a few hours.

Hiking in Deia in Mallorca.

Hiking is also extremely popular in Deia and the surrounding area – the views you are rewarded with make every sweaty, steep hike worth it. The hike to Sa Foradada , a beautiful look-out point, is very popular. For us, in August, it was difficult to do much hiking in the heat with our girls. But should you want to explore the region by way of foot, any hotel can provide you with hiking trails.

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Hotel Es Moli

Pool at Es Moli Hotel in Deia in Mallorca

Most people who come to Deia are coming for one main reason, and that’s rest and relaxation. There may not be a place more serene and peaceful than this hillside town full of fresh mountain air and sea views. Enter the hotel experience. There are a few hotels in Deia, the two most well-known (and largest) being the 5 star La Residencia and the 4 star Hotel   Es Moli. We stayed at Es Moli.

Es Moli is beautifully perched on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean, with views that make you feel like you’re on a movie set. Each morning I would open up our shades and look out onto the sea. Impeccably manicured lawns, lush vegetation, pathways and shaded areas to rest, as well as one of the prettiest hotel pools I’ve experienced to date, made this hotel a true oasis.


Set a little out of town, there is a main walking path you can take into the village, so it’s quite convenient without being right in the center of things. There are tennis courts, ping pong tables, even a giant chess table. The breakfast buffet in the morning is amazing – so much so that we could practically get through the day without eating lunch.

Swimming in the cove on our family vacation in Deia, Mallorca.

My favorite part of the hotel, however, was its own private cove (cove Muleta) located 15 minutes away. You can take the hotel shuttle or drive yourself. This was what it was all about – spending the day at our own private cove, complete with restaurant, lounge chairs, even snorkeling gear. The lay-out of the cove was quite something – stairs lead you down to one lounging and vantage point after the next. All in all, there’s about 5 or 6 levels to the cove (so it never felt crowded, but still intimate), culminating in the bluest of water at the bottom, where we went swimming and snorkeling. The cove was a very special place, and every guest there knew it.

Cove with a view on our trip to Deia in Mallorca.

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Guide to Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

I want to note that Es Moli is not a modern hotel, its décor is based on traditional Mallorcan design, and some of the rooms could use some updating. Everything else was so well-done, however, that it didn’t bother us.

We couldn’t have stayed in a more perfect area and would recommend Deia to anyone. If you have small kids it may not be as easy with the hills and rocky beaches, but for us, it was paradise. Deia truly stole my heart!

Guide to things to do in Deia in Mallorca.

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This place looks amazing! I’ve never heard of it, but thankfully you have, so glad you’ve shared what seems to be somewhat of a hidden gem with all of us!

Thanks Hilary! It was an incredibly beautiful find..

THis looks like such a charming place! I never heard of this village but I will keep this in mind for my next trip to Mallorca. #FarwayFIles

It is such an ideal little village – hope you make it there!

I haven’t been to Mallorca since i was a little girl myself but it’s somewhere I’d love to take my daughter to. I’ve always heard how lovely Deia is and your photos and holiday only go to prove that. #farawayfiles

Thank you – Deia was perfect for us. I know Mallorca can have a bad rap in the U.K. but seems to me it really depends on where you go. We loved Deia and the west coast.

Wow, I want to stay at Es Moli, that cove looks amazing! I love Mallorca, we went there for our first family holiday and it was perfect, but we didn’t make it to Deia. We’ll definitely be going back! #farawayfiles

We thought Mallorca was so beautiful – it was our first time. Just wish we lived a little closer!

You’ve got some amazing landscapes and seascapes on your side of the world too!

Yes we do! 😉

I’ve never been to Mallorca but always wanted to go and Deia sounds – and looks – like the perfect place to stay! Definitely saving your post for future travel planning. 🙂 #farawayfiles

Thanks – I hope you make it there some day!

Deia looks lovely – I don’t mind that it doesn’t have the white sand beaches, I think the rocks and cave-like things look so interesting! #farawayfiles

Exactly! It made it a more unique experience. If we want the long, white sand beaches, in my country we can go to Florida for that.

You already had me intrigued with your IG pix, but now you have me hooked with that private cove! Such a beautiful region! Pinned & stumbled! #FarawayFiles

Thanks Lori! It took our breath away, truly a stunning part of the island!

I’ve seen that hotel in brochures for many years – so good to hear how wonderful it is and wow, that private cove is gorgeous! You’re certainly whetted my appetite for another dose of Mallorca and I’m definitely heading west to Deia. #farawayfiles

How funny you’ve seen the brochure. We came across it through booking.com or one of those sites and something I should put in my post – I decided to call to see what their price was over the phone and it was considerably cheaper so booked directly through them. Just fyi!

Oh my goodness, Corey! I’ve always dreamed of going to Deia but now I want to be there right now. This literally looks like my perfect place to visit even down to the hotel with its own private cove. It really looks amazing and not too busy considering you were there right in the peak holiday season. #farawayfiles

Clare, I just know you would love Deia and the western coast. The coves and rock formations along with the hills and lush vegetation were so incredibly beautiful. And yes, even in high season it was fine. I hope you make it there some day!

I didn’t know that there was an artist community on Mallorca, or that it was so culturally interesting. Friends who have been there have only told me about the beaches but that alone wouldn’t be enough to tempt me. I think you have changed my mind about it quite a lot. #Farawayfiles

Oh thank you! We wanted interesting landscape and the artist colony bit was enticing. If we want flat, white sand beaches we go to Florida!

Did you get to enjoy those fabulous lounge chairs in that little cove? I hope so! This place looks out of this world! #farawayfiles

Oh you bet I did. There was one day when I was a bit tired of snorkeling, so everyone else was in the water for a few hours and I lounged and read. It was heaven ;).

Deia looks absolutely gorgeous, especially that secluded beach!! #FarawayFiles

The beaches may be rocky, but we thought it made for interesting landscape!

It looks like the PERFECT place for a holiday, in my book. Beautiful nature, a relaxing hotel, what could be better! #FarawayFiles

Exactly! It checked all the boxes for us.

I’m already looking forward to our trip to Soller next year (booked as a result of your last post!) – I’ll have to make sure we pop over to Deia too.

So happy I was able to help! You will LOVE the area!!

Deia sounds like the perfect spot for a holiday #FarawayFiles

It was one of the most relaxing places I’ve been to. Perfect vacation spot.

I’ve never been too keen on Mallorca, but I hear it’s better than its reputation, and this looks nice!

I think it depends on where you go. We didn’t want to go to the towns with the nightclubs – we wanted beautiful nature. I’ve heard it can have a bad rap in the U.K. but where we went was paradise!

Probably. Not just the UK. Norway as well 🙂 But it has kind of changed in recent years, so I am more up for it now than previously.

I can see why Deia stole your heart. It looks amazing, we have been thinking about a trip to Mallorca for some time. My husband has a big birthday next year, I’m wondering if this little gem could be the perfect place to take him to celebrate! #FarawayFiles

Ah it could be! There’s nothing about it we didn’t like – if you don’t mind not having long, sandy beaches then I highly recommend going.

Deia looks like a perfect little paradise. Mallorca doesnt have the best reputation in the UK – due to some British tourists I might add! – but it looks like there are many gorgeous places to discover. I love the lush green landscapes against the blue blue seas #FarawayFiles

Me too re: the colors. I know it can have a bad rap being tourist trap and party central, but the area we went to was so serene and peaceful. Think it just depends on where you go!

I know this sounds cliche but Mallorca sounds like paradise to me! A perfect destination that has it all – beach, clear waters, mountains, hiking trails, great accommodation (with some privacy) . Love your pics! #FarawayFiles

That’s how I see it Kat! Mallorca isn’t so cliche around where I live in the states. If we were closer perhaps it would be..but if you really love a place who cares. So many places are “cliche” now.

I live in Mallorca and when I have friends coming to visit the island, I take them to Deià because I know they will love it. I think you forgot to list Sa Foradada, it is an amazing viewpoint.

On the other hand I work for a Mallorca runaway app, it is a free guide app to discover Mallorca. I recommend you to download it: http://mallorcarunaway.com/en/

I will check it out – thanks 😉

Wow… It looks stunning! I much prefer a small cove beach to a wide sandy one full of loungers. I’m heading to Mallorca in the summer so will definitely be visiting Deia 🙂 Thanks http://www.seekingthespanishsun.com

Oh fun! Have the best time!

So gorgeous! We went on many family holidays to Mallorca when I was a kid butI don’t remember much aside from the hotel! Looks like I really need to return!

Oh yes – the island is a lot of fun to explore. Though I get the wanting to just chill at the hotel as well 😉

Deia looks amazing. I have never heard of this place before.. but it sounds so interesting. I would love to visit Deia..specially for Cala Deia beach. Thanks for sharing

It’s a very special part of the island – I hope you make it there some day! Thanks for the comment.

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