'By us, and for us': Ottawa's first-ever trans festival is ready for launch

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers decided to forge ahead online and, rather than a scaled-back version of past years' events, have used the virtual environment to break new ground.

Article content

Odd as it might sound, the challenges of 2020 actually made the perfect launching pad for Ottawa’s first-ever festival for trans, two-spirit and gender-diverse individuals.

The idea for Trans-Fest was born just weeks ago in a conversation between organizers Fae Johnstone and Jade Byard Peek. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they knew they couldn’t plan a traditional downtown march and group dinner during Pride celebrations, as they had a year earlier. At the same time, they were acutely aware of the pandemic-fuelled isolation many members of their community were struggling with.

'By us, and for us': Ottawa's first-ever trans festival is ready for launch Back to video

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It’s challenging enough at the best of times for trans folks to find places where they can gather and safely be themselves. “Not being able to meet people and not being able to have those spaces … It’s been very hard,” Peek said.

They decided to forge ahead online and, rather than a scaled-back version of past years’ events, have used the virtual environment as an opportunity to break new ground.

“Without tooting our own horn, we have never had a festival of this scope in Ottawa around trans identities and trans communities,” Johnstone said. “We have a good relationship with Capital Pride, but we wanted something that was distinct and by us and for us.”

On a shoestring budget and seriously compressed timeline, Johnstone and Peek pulled together a week of mostly-virtual programming between Aug. 21 and 28 with more than a dozen distinct events: an impossible logistical feat, if they were taking the traditional festival route.

Local non-profits like the Centretown Community Health Centre and MAX Ottawa are helping deliver online sessions on trans health care and sexuality. Ottawa photographer Adrienne Row-Smith is hosting a photo shoot for trans folks who don’t have professional head shots, while Halifax aesthetician Chris Cochrane is leading a workshop on transfeminine makeup.

Kole Peplinskie, an Indigiqueer artist, is leading a two-spirit beading workshop via Zoom.

“It’s open to anyone, but who I would love to see is just anyone who’s every felt — especially Indigenous queer and trans folks — like there wasn’t a space for them,” Peplinskie said.

“I wholeheartedly believe that beading is medicine, so I would love to share that with people who need it, and our trans community definitely needs all the medicine they can get.”

Safety is a basic concern for any festival organizer, but, when bringing together members of community regularly threatened by harassment, discrimination and overt violence, it’s a paramount priority.

“No matter what trans folks do, we always have a target on our back,” Peek said. Hateful comments have already shown up on Trans-Fest social media pages, and organizers have been actively recruiting moderators who can help ensure the virtual event space remains respectful.

While hosting a festival online in the age of Zoom-bombing and other security challenges has its drawbacks, the flip side is that the format may better serve people facing barriers to attending events in person. Even if someone just wants to show up to listen, without turning on their webcam, they can do that, Johnstone noted. And, without the requirement for travel to the festival, they’re expecting participation beyond just Ottawa.

“It’s really accessible, in that sense,” Johnstone said. “We hope that we will fill a gap for folks across the country around trans-specific content.”

Some of the festival programming will be open only to those who identify as trans, two-spirit or gender diverse, but much of it will be accessible to whomever wants to attend. One such event explicitly for cisgender (non-trans) people is an “Introduction to Trans Inclusion” workshop with Eliot Newton, education coordinator at the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity.

Fuelled in part by growing trans representation in popular culture — the popularity of FX tv series Pose, for example, or the Netflix documentary Disclosure — Newton perceives a growing desire for education about the trans community among cisgender people.

“I like to think that there’s a corollary rise in compassion and personal interest in treating people the right way,” Newton said.

“My favourite demographic to teach is people who really, really want to do the right thing, but are scared of being an idiot. I do my best in all of my workshops to really create a safe space for people to ask the questions they think are stupid or misguided or that they worry are going to hurt someone.”

Trans-Fest 2020 will conclude with a virtual community dinner and open mic night on Aug. 28. With food insecurity another challenge disproportionately faced by the trans community, festival organizers have partnered with the Parkdale Food Centre to deliver a meal to anyone who needs it.

“You always get nervous as an organizer, you want to make sure that everything goes well,” Peek said, reflecting on the festival as a whole. “I’m hoping, by the end of it, that folks have been able to feel like they’ve made a friend or that they’ve learned something about their identity or that there is some self-love.”

A detailed list of Trans-Fest events is available on Facebook.

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Subscriber only. Canadian military begins investigation into allegation officer threatened to execute sailors on supply ship

Body found along highway 15 near smiths falls, three injured, one seriously, in blast at site of fire station under construction in kanata.

fest travel trans kanada

COVID-19 cases, deaths continue slow climb

Event to discuss the waffen ss cancelled after u of a professors complain about nazi whitewashing.

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fest travel trans kanada

Victoria , BC .

Best Time to Visit Canada

When is the best time to go to Canada? It really depends on what you are looking for in a vacation. From coast to coast, Canada is a beautiful country that is fantastic to visit at any time of year, but every traveller has their own ideas of what they want from a trip.

A couple enjoying the view of the mountains and water in Lake Louise

Some want Winter festivals or sports, others love to hike in nature looking at Fall colours, and some prefer exploring a city in the Summer. In this post, we'll give you an idea of when you'll get the best weather in Canada and the best times to travel to Canada for your own preferred interests and sights to see.

[ Explore: Trains Across Canada ]

Best season to visit canada.

Canada is a vast country whose climate varies extensively from the East to the West. Although many people favour Summer for their vacation, as they think it's too cold the rest of the year, the best time of year to visit Canada is between September and November for a number of reasons.

The summer months are the best time to go to Canada

Some parts of Canada can get very hot during summer, so the weather can be much more comfortable during the fall months, with the fall foliage providing a beautiful backdrop to your visit. However, everyone has their preferences for weather, so we'll break it down by the seasons for you, looking at the best months to visit Canada.

1. Winter — December 21st to March 19th

January is the coldest month in Canada for most of the provinces. Although northern regions and the flatlands can experience temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit during this time, inland cities like Vancouver are much milder, with lows of around 40 degrees. While snow can come as early as October and appear into April, but snowfall is heaviest from December through February. The month with the most snowfall is usually January. But don't let that discourage you — there is a lot to love about Winter in Canada. 

People walk through a snowy square in Old Montreal with bright lights and old buildings all around

This is an excellent time of year to visit Canada for winter sports such as skating and skiing. It's also the perfect time to observe the Northern Lights . Winter in Canada is the ideal time to visit a mountain lodge and spend a few days cozied up with your family, warming up by the fire after a day outside exploring. There are also many festivals during this season, so if you wrap up nicely for the cold, this can be a wonderful time for a visit.

A Winter train trip is a magical experience, where you can stay cozy in your private cabin and watch the snowy landscape roll by the window.

Travel across Canada on our Trans Canada by Rail in Winter train trip .

Download our Canada By Train Brochure

Keep reading or discover more travel inspiration in our brochure. This guide showcases our world-famous train journeys, with ideas for personalizing your Canadian vacation.

2. Spring — March 20th to June 20th

Springtime in Canada is still a little chilly, with temperatures not getting much above the mid-fifties Fahrenheit, and most parts of the country experience heavy rainfall in April, making it the rainiest month in Canada. That said, with all the plant life and flowers springing into life, it can be a beautiful time to visit, especially on the West Coast of Canada where the Spring come earliest. Spring can also be the best time for some wildlife viewing, with migrating birds and bears leaving hibernation. 

#1 Travel tip: When to go bird watching

Canada offers some fantastic bird watching all-year round. For migrating birds, plan your trip for early Spring or early- thru mid-Fall. For breeding birds and chicks, aim for late spring and early summer. British Columbia has great winter birding in December.

Blog Author - Athena McKenzie

If you're well-equipped for the weather, Spring can be an excellent time to book your trip, as this is when you can find the best deals on accommodation and travel. In addition, with the lengthening days leading up to the summer solstice, it's a great time to explore the glaciers and mountains of the Northern Territories.

[ Explore: The Canadian Train by VIA Rail ]

#2 travel tip: top bites.

Some of Canada’s signature foods are only available certain times of year. For example, lobster season generally occurs between April-June. Other iconic dishes, such as poutine, can always be found.

fest travel trans kanada

3. Summer — June 21st to September 20th

As in many other countries, Summer is the peak season for visitors to Canada. However, temperatures vary across the country, with highs between 70 and 95 Fahrenheit in Toronto and 65 to 80 in more temperate Vancouver. This gives plenty of opportunities to visit Canada's many sites of natural beauty. Generally, July is the hottest month in Canada.

Summer is a great time to visit Canada.

From July through August, school is out in Canada, so many families take their Summer holidays. It is also the peak season for outdoor festivals and celebrations, from the Calgary Stampede to the Canadian National Exhibition.

Train tours, such as our trips on the Rocky Mountaineer train , run primarily in the Summer and Fall, which may make these seasons the best time of year to trave to Canada if this is the vacation you are looking for.

Read more: Best Summer Festivals Across Canada

4. Fall — September 21st to December 20th

Fall is a spectacular season in Canada, making it one of the best times to visit Canada. During these month, there are comfortable temperatures, around 60 degrees in September in Toronto, steadily falling towards winter. Rain is common this time of year, although not as much as in April. 

Fall colours make the season an ideal time to explore Canada

You can expect the first snow in November. Overall, Fall is a great time to travel in Canada , neither too cold nor too hot, with little in the way of extreme weather.

A major draw of visiting Canada in the Fall is the leaves changing colour, which creates vivid red, orange and gold landscapes. For this reason, many believe October is the best month to visit, when colours are at their peak.

Download our Brochures and Mini Guides

Download our Brochures and Mini Guides

Frequently asked questions, when is the best time to visit canada for wildlife watching.

If you are visiting Canada specifically for the wildlife, it's best to go between May and November. You'll have your best chances to see grizzly bears, polar bears, migratory birds and more than ten species of whales through this stretch of the year. The grizzly bear-watching season begins between May and June as they emerge from hibernation. At the same time, humpback whales are chasing herring as they migrate north. In July and August, you can visit the Arctic regions to see caribou, foxes, polar bears and whales off the coastal areas. September is the best month to see grizzlies at their most active, cramming in the food ready for hibernation and chasing wild salmon as they travel upstream to spawn. October and November are the best months for viewing polar bears as they gather near Churchill for the sea ice. Most Canadian wildlife will be hard to spot during winter as it either hibernates, hides from the cold or migrates to warmer climates.

When is the Best Time to Visit Canada for Festivals?

Canada has festivals all year round, from the Winterlude festival in Ottawa to Carnivale, the Canadian National Exhibition, and the Pride parade in Toronto in the Summer. However, most festivals occur in the Summer months, such as the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, the Calgary Stampede, the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal and the Celebration of Light in Vancouver. All-in-all, Canada is a great place to visit for festivals at any time of the year.

When is the Best Time for a Winter Vacation in Canada?

Canada has fantastic Winter vacation options, such as skiing, dog-sledding, outdoor hot-pooling and sleigh rides. And the best part is Canadians are used to the cold weather, so the infrastructure doesn't grind to a halt. The best months for these activities are November and December, as the real cold bites hard in January and February. The northern lights are also awe-inspiring during this time with the long hours of darkness.

What is the Best Time to See Fall Colours?

In Ontario, the best place to see Fall colors, the best time to visit is from mid-September until mid-October. Other areas have beautiful displays too during this time, although the further north you travel, the earlier winter begins to set in. Across Eastern Canada and the Rockies all boast stunning Fall foliage.

What is the Best Time to Avoid Crowds?

The off-season in Canada lasts from November until April when the weather is particularly cold. During this time, you will find far fewer crowds—unless you're visiting a ski resort! January is the coldest and snowiest month, which also makes it the quietest month, which means you will get the best deals on travel and accommodation. However, it's best to remember that some areas are closed during this season, such as the maritime resorts in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, and northern parts, such as the Yukon.

If you want to avoid crowds and still be able to visit all these areas, October or May are probably your best bet. There are also hidden gems and tips for avoiding the crowds in the summer, which is the peak season.

Final Thoughts

While every season has its draws and much depends on what you want to do, our Canadian Insiders recommend Fall as the best time to go to Canada because of its ideal weather and reduced crowds. For those travellers looking to relax on a rail journey with Canadian Train Vacations , the Fall is also ideal, as both VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer offer trips at this time of year.


About the author: Athena McKenzie is the Managing Editor at Fresh Tracks Canada. An experienced lifestyle journalist, she has written about travel, design, arts and entertainment. Her work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Zoomer Magazine, Elle Canada and...   Read more

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Summer road trips: 10 must-see attractions along the Trans-Canada Highway

The Trans-Canada Highway is an awesome drive, filled with both wonderful and slightly odd sights. Here's a look at a few places you should stop

Reviews and recommendations are unbiased and products are independently selected. Postmedia may earn an affiliate commission from purchases made through links on this page.

Article content

The Trans-Canada Highway is an awesome drive, filled with both wonderful and slightly odd sights. Here’s a look at a few places you should stop.

The eastern end (or beginning) of the TCH starts in St. John’s, where you’ll find colourful houses lining the rocky coast of the harbour. You can take a great walk from there to the top of Signal Hill, where a couple years ago I spotted a military guy firing off a symbolic round of blanks in recognition of the city’s first cruise ship of the year.

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Just a few miles off the TCH near Baddeck is a pretty community called Plaster Cove. You reach it by the Little Narrows Ferry and then make a leisurely drive past small farms overlooking massive Bras d’Or Lake. Once you reach Plaster Cove you’ll find a pretty bay with a large, sandy headland off to one side. More intriguing is a small model of a church, with tiny cemetery crosses and a picket fence.


Potato World is a funky roadside attraction just a few seconds off the TCH in New Brunswick. You’ll find displays on the importance of the potato to the New Brunswick economy, as well as hands-on bits where you can try hand-cutting potatoes for French Fries or moving a massive, 75-kg barrel filled with spuds.


Pull off the TCH at Quebec City and take time to enjoy the most charming city in North America. Stop in at the new 1608 Wine and Cheese bar at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac for a drink and some Quebec treats, then check out Rue du Petit Champlain, perhaps the most scenic street in the city. For something different, try a ghost tour. A city that’s more than 400 years old should have a few.


Two hugely popular roadside attractions loom in northern Ontario. One is the famous Wawa Goose, a bountiful bird who’s been undergoing restoration due to rust and a leaking underbelly. She’s still on display as locals seek to raise money for a new one. A few kilometres along the road is the town of White River, where you’ll find a statue of Winnie-the-Pooh. The real Winnie was a black bear cub who was orphaned when her mother was killed by a hunter in the area in 1914. She ended up at the London Zoo, where she inspired a boy named Christopher Robin Milne to name his toy bear Winnie. Christopher’s father, A.A. Milne, then wrote his famous Winnie-the-Pooh stories.

The Bridge Drive-In (BDI) is a Winnipeg institution, a place where they make a dish called Goog, which features ice cream, blueberries and more. Folks take their ice cream and stroll across the nearby bridge over the Red River. When I was there I asked folks what the name of the bridge was. They all told me it’s simply called the BDI Bridge. “But the Bridge Drive-In is named after the bridge,” I said. “What’s the name of the bridge?” Again, all I got was “The BDI Bridge,” which would mean the bridge is named after an ice cream shop that’s named after a bridge that nobody knows the name of. (I later found out it’s named the Elm Park bridge.)

The waterfront on the South Saskatchewan River has been revitalized and there are cool restaurants and galleries in the Riversdale area. On the south side of the river near the Broadway Bridge you’ll find a series of rocks painted by locals with everything from Mickey Mouse faces to testaments of never-ending love.

Small town museums in Canada are delightful. That goes particularly for the small one in Canmore. One of the top displays focuses on Mary Rodda, a tiny woman who ran the rough and tumble Canmore Hotel for 16 years, often separating drunk customers from starting a brawl by standing on a chair and keeping them at bay. Once you’ve explored the museum, head out and admire the stunning local scenery.


An artist in Revelstoke, B.C. began making fairy tale figures out of cement back in the 1950s. More than a half-century later, visitors to what’s now called the Enchanted Forest take great delight in the colourful tree houses, castles and statues based on everything from Humpty Dumpty to the cow who jumped over the moon.

  • Filling the gap between reality and stereotypes along Route 66
  • Travelling Europe on a rented motorcycle: 4,828 km of spectacular scener
  • These minivans-turned-RVs take car camping to the next level


The Chelsea Toronto is having a summer sale. Stay one night and get 15 per cent off the best available rate that day. Stay two and save 20 per cent. Valid from June 30 to the end of summer 2016.

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Vivian bercovici: suddenly toronto resembles germany in 1938.

fest travel trans kanada

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Michael higgins: witch-trial of j.k. rowling fan shows what women have lost, jamie sarkonak: liberals put bilingualism before justice on supreme court, our favourite essential oil diffuser.

Plus a few backups available on Amazon

The best early Black Friday deals in Canada

Peloton, Takasa and Scotch & Soda, to name a few

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Glow on a budget: 19 beauty products under $20 on Amazon

Proven products from favourite brands including Aveeno, L'Oréal and NYX

South Asian-owned brands to shop this Diwali

The Hindu festival of lights, falls on Nov. 12 this year

New iMac M3 review: Ideal for students, families and home offices

Apple releases most powerful desktop computer yet — a jargon-free review

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13 of the Best Road Trips in Canada

Written By: The Planet D

Canada , Road Trips

Updated On: April 8, 2023

We love epic drives and have had the pleasure of traveling overland on five different continents . But nothing compares to the best road trips in Canada. Exploring our own backyard always takes our breath away. Canada is beautiful!

While many websites will write about the road trips in Canada that they’ve only heard of or read about, we are rounding up the best Canada road trips that we’ve actually taken. From coast to coast we’ve got you covered with links to our in-depth experiences, maps, and further information.

So, grab a Tim Hortons coffee and put on your road trippin’ playlist while we help you decide where to go next in Canada!

Table of Contents

Best Road Trips in Canada

The main road across Canada is the Trans-Canada Highway 1. The Trans-Canada highway spans 7821 km (4859 miles) across our home and native land from coast to coast. With an epic road like this, it’s no wonder Canada is one of the best countries in the world for taking a road trip.

These are the best road trips in Canada that we’ve taken.

1. Yukon and Northwest Territories – Dempster Highway

Duration: 2 – 4 days one way.

A lot of people don’t know of the Dempster highway but it is the most exciting road trip in Canada that we’ve done! Starting in Inuvik Northwest Territories, the Dempster Highway is a 736 km (457mile) drive through two provinces. It even crosses the Arctic Circle.

You can rent a car one way from the town of Inuvik in the Northwest and then drive direct to Dawson City or continue on to Whitehorse to fly home. This goes through the heart of the Canadian wilderness and is one of the most remote pieces of highway in the world.

Highlights of this drive include:

  • Inuvialuit and Gwich’in peoples Culture of Inuvik
  • Grizzly bears and caribou,
  • Old RCMP headquarters
  • Arctic Circle
  • Stunning Tombstone Mountain Range
  • Gold Rush Town of Dawson City
  • Read more about the Dempster Highway

2. Nova Scotia – Cabot Trail

Duration: 3 – 5 Days. It can be driven in one day, but you’ll miss all the gorgeous hikes, adventures and scenic stops.

The Cabot Trail is usually at the top of Everyone’s Canadian road trips list and it only barely missed out on the number one spot on our list. The reason, Cabot Trail is much busier than the Yukon. It is a beautiful coastal drive located on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Starting in the town of Baddeck, we drove in a counter-clockwise direction to Margaree Harbour.

Highlights include:

  • Skyline Trail – Stunning coastal views
  • Cape Breton Highlands National Park
  • Whale Watching & Zodiac tours
  • Ingonish Beach
  • Uisge Ban Waterfalls
  • Coastal Hikes
  • Glamping Tents
  • 22 Incredible Stops on the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia

3. Alberta – Icefields Parkway

Duration: one to seven days.

It might be the most famous of all the road trips in all of Canada. This stretch of highway between Banff and Jasper national parks is definitely the most beautiful road trip in Canada.

You can start this trip in Calgary and drive all the way to Edmonton to really make it a multiday trip. This entire drive can easily be done in a day but we really must give yourself several to do it justice. Spend a day or two in both Banff and Jasper and take some time to explore the Icefields Parkway. Read more: The Best Things to do in Banff

  • Banff National Park
  • Lake Louise
  • Columbia Icefields
  • Athabasca Glacier
  • Breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains
  • Read more: Driving the Icefields Parkway from Banff to Jasper Alberta

4. British Columbia – Sea to Sky Highway

Duration: 1 day to 7 days

It’s rated as one of the most scenic drives and with good reason. Starting in Vancouver and ending in Pemberton British Columbia the Sea to Sky highway is 154 km (95 miles) long stretch along the coast.

Most people pass through in an hour and a half on their way to Whistler, but there are so many scenic views and the town of Squamish is an outdoor lover’s dream. Read more Famous Canada Landmarks to add to your bucket List

  • Squamish Chief
  • Shannon Falls
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Britania Mine
  • Brandywine Falls
  • Train Wreck Trail
  • Read our full S ea to Sky Highway Itinerary

5. New Brunswick – Fundy Coast

Duration: 5 days

The drive from Moncton to Saint Andrew’s in New Brunswick is one of the most scenic routes in Canada. This beautiful road trip weaves along the north shore of the Bay of Fundy: home to the world’s highest tides. After checking out Magnetic Hill and Centennial Park in Moncton, the drive veers south towards the Hopewell Rocks.

The Hopewell Rocks are beautiful flowerpot rocks and massive formations that can be walked among during low tide. It then continues to the historic old town of Saint John and ends in the lovely fishing village of Saint Andrews close to the border of Main.

  • Hopewell Rocks flowerpot rocks
  • Cape Enrage lighthouse
  • Saint Martins Covered Bridges and sea caves
  • Fundy Trail
  • The fishing village of Saint Andrews
  • Saint John, New Brunswick
  • Read more: 25 Best Things to do in New Brunswick, Canada

6. Prince Edward Island

Duration: 1 – 3 days

Prince Edward Island is the smallest of Canadian provinces, but it is a beautiful place to go on a road trip. We combined our trip to PEI with New Brunswick.

Crossing Confederation Bridge into PEI feels like you have really driven off the beaten path in Canada. Charlottetown is the capital and a great place to start once you cross the bridge. We then drove a counter-clockwise loop around the Central Coastal Drive. Here we enjoyed the coastal views, lighthouses, sand dunes, and East Coast hospitality.

  • Charlottetown – festival, dining, and waterfront
  • famous red cliffs and sand dunes of PEI National Park
  • Anne of Green Gables Shore
  • The fishing village of Malpeque
  • Read more: Things to do in Prince Edward Island (PEI)

7. Ontario – Sudbury to Thunder Bay

Duration : 5 Days. If you extend to go completely around Lake Superior make it 7 days.

The drive from Toronto to Sudbury is not the most eventful of trips, but once you arrive in Sudbury the adventure begins. Driving north along the Trans Canada Highway Route 1 from Sudbury to Thunder Bay has some of Canada’s top roadside attractions and houses some of the Iconic places to visit in Ontario.

The route takes you from Sudbury along the northern shore of Lake Huron and then turns north from Sault Ste. Marie above Lake Superior. With names like Wawa, Marathon, and White River, you’ll be driving through some of Canada’s quirkiest towns.

Highlights Include:

  • The Big Nickle in Sudbury
  • The Big Canada Goose – Wawa
  • Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre in the Soo (Sault Ste Marie)
  • Pukaskwa National Park
  • White River – Home to Winnie the Poo
  • Terry Fox Memorial in Sudbury
  • The waterfront of Thunder Bay
  • Read all about our Lake Superior Circle Tour through the United States and Canada.

8. Quebec – Le Gaspésie Peninsula

Duration: 7 Days

This road trip starts from one of the oldest cities in North America, Quebec City. Quebec has kept its old-world charm that feels like a little piece of Europe hopped across the pond.

Driving along there are wildlife encounters, a UNESCO World Heritage Sites, awe-inspiring scenery, and culinary delights. You can start in Montreal if you want to enjoy another Canadian City as well. Driving along the St. Lawrence River out to the Gulf of St. Lawrence offers some of Canada’s most striking views and wildlife experiences.

  • Old Quebec City
  • St. Lawrence River
  • Vertical Cliffs of Gaspésie Peninsula
  • Pointe-au-Pere National Historic Site
  • Camp in a Yurt at Bic National park
  • Whale watching
  • Spy on Seals
  • Forillon National Park
  • Read all about the Gaspe tour

9. Southern Alberta – Cowboy Trail

Duration: 7 – 10 days

While most people think of Banff and Jasper when driving through Alberta, the Cowboy Trail through Southern Alberta was one of the greatest Canadian road trips we’ve ever taken.

From trail rides and dude ranches to historic sites and badlands, this drive takes you through some very unique landscapes.

Highlights Include

  • Waterton Lakes National Park – part of
  • Dinosaur Provincial Park
  • Canadian Badlands
  • Bar U Ranch National Historic Site
  • Hoodoos of Drumheller
  • Read our full itinerary at the Cowboy Trail – Exploring Alberta’s South

10. Nova Scotia – South Shore

Duration: 7 days

Heading South from Halifax, most people make a day trip out to see Peggy’s Cove. This fishing village is home to the world-famous Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. But there is a lot more to do on Nova Scotia’s South Shore and we spent 10 days exploring its beauty.

From the rocks of Peggy’s Cove, we followed the lighthouse route all the way to Yarmouth. The historic route goes through old settlements, beautiful landscapes, secluded coves and beaches, and lovely towns.

  • Peggy’s Cove
  • Three Churches of Mahone Bay
  • Yarmouth Lighthouse
  • La Have Ferry and Bakery
  • The Privateer History of Liverpool
  • Read more at First Stop on Your East Coast Road Trip.

11. British Columbia – Sunshine Coast

Duration : 4 – 6 days

The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia is another epic drive in Canada. Starting in Vancouver , we took a ferry from Howe Sound to Gibsons Landing. Gibsons is still on the BC mainland, but it can only be reached by ferry.

Gibson’s Landing was home to the famous Canadian TV Show the Beachcombers that ran for nearly 20 years!

Once you leave Gibsons, you go through wild west coast terrain with beautiful coastal hikes, scenic lookouts, historic sites and eco-adventures. The 400km plus loop takes you north to Lund where you catch a ferry from Powell River to Vancouver Island and work your way south through Nanaimo to Crofton.

  • Smugglers Cove – beautiful hike on the coast that was once a rumrunner’s hideout.
  • Glamping at Rockwater Secret Cove
  • National Historic District of Powell River
  • Reversing Falls of Skookumchuc Provincial Park
  • Desolation Sound
  • Read more: Sunshine Coast BC – The Perfect Road Trip Itinerary

12. Quebec – Eastern Townships

Duration: 2 – 3 days weekend getaway from Montreal

Starting in Montreal, this Quebec Road trip takes you along Southern Quebec and the Eastern Townships.

Known for its wines and apple orchards, this route will take you on a French Canadian gastronomical journey. The cider route links apple orchards and cider houses together where you can taste local cuisine paired with premium cider.

Heading towards Saint Jean sur Richelieu may take you to the annual hot air balloon festival. And then move over Provence, Bleu Lavande in Quebec is one of the largest and important lavender producers in the country.

  • Old Montreal
  • HIstoric French Villages
  • Covered Bridges Route
  • Antique Shopping at North Hatley
  • Hovey Manor on Lake Massawippi
  • Mont Megantic National Park
  • Check ou t Where to Stay in Montreal

13. Ontario – Grey Bruce Superloop

Duration : 3 – 4 Days

Ontario has an endless supply of Road Trips and we’ve done them all from the Niagara Parkway to the Apple Pie Trail and Manitoulin Island . But a very cool loop is the Grey Bruce Superloop around Lake Huron.

Driving along the South Shore of Lake Huron, this road trip takes you through Bruce County. Make sure to take a detour a little farther north to Tobermory. The perfect place for adventure scuba diving the shipwrecks or climbing at Lions Head.

  • Wiarton Willy – Canada’s groundhog for groundhog day.
  • Kincardine Lighthouse
  • Sauble Beach
  • Niagara Escarpment – World Heritage Site
  • Waterfalls of Grey County
  • Read more at Explore the Grey Bruce Superloop

I know we have missed a couple of provinces. While we have been to Manitoba and Saskatchewan, we haven’t taken a proper road trip through those provinces, but there are some great drives.

Newfoundland is on our list and perhaps when we can all travel again, Dave and I will hop in our car and head to the east coast of Canada to finish off our great Canadian road trip planner.

If you enjoyed our round up of Canadian Road Trips, save this to Pinterest for future travel planning.

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  • Canadian Food – Delicious Dishes and Drinks from Canada
  • Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Alberta Canada

And these are our favourite road trips in Canada. Where have you gone on an epic drive in Canada? Where should we go next?

Travel Planning Resources

Looking to book your next trip? Why not use these resources that are tried and tested by yours truly.

Flights: Start planning your trip by finding the best flight deals on Skyscanner

Book your Hotel: Find the best prices on hotels with these two providers. If you are located in Europe use Booking.com and if you are anywhere else use TripAdvisor

Find Apartment Rentals: You will find the cheapest prices on apartment rentals with VRBO . 

Travel Insurance: Don't leave home without it. Here is what we recommend:

  • Allianz - Occasional Travelers.
  • Medjet - Global air medical transport and travel security.

Need more help planning your trip? Make sure to check out our Resources Page where we highlight all the great companies that we trust when we are traveling.

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You for got the alaska hwy

  • Itineraries List ★
  • Itinerary: Victoria to Nanaimo
  • Sidney-Tsawwassen Ferry/SFPR
  • Itinerary: Horseshoe Bay to Hope
  • Itinerary: Hope to Kamloops via #1
  • Itinerary: Hope to Kamloops via #5
  • Itinerary: Kamloops to Revelstoke
  • Itinerary: Revelstoke to Lake Louise AB
  • Golden-Radium-Castle Detour
  • Itinerary: Lake Louise to Calgary
  • Itinerary: Calgary to Medicine Hat
  • Itinerary: Medicine Hat, AB to Swift Current
  • Itinerary: Swift Current to Regina
  • Itinerary: Regina to Brandon, MB
  • Itinerary: Brandon to Winnipeg
  • Itinerary: Winnipeg to Kenora, ON
  • Itinerary: Toronto to Parry Sound via #400
  • Itinerary: Parry Sound to Sudbury, via #69/400
  • Itinerary: Toronto to Kingston via #401
  • Itinerary: Kingston to Montreal via #401 & #20
  • Itinerary: Kenora to Ignace on #17
  • Itinerary: Ignace to Thunder Bay along #17
  • Itinerary: Thunder Bay to Marathon on #17
  • Itinerary: Marathon to Wawa via #17
  • Itinerary: Wawa to Sault Ste Marie
  • Itinerary: Sault Ste Marie to Sudbury
  • Itinerary: Sudbury to Mattawa
  • Itinerary: Mattawa to Ottawa
  • Itinerary: Ottawa to Montreal, Quebec via #417
  • Itinerary: Montreal to Quebec City-Levis
  • Montreal South Bypass
  • Itinerary: Quebec City-Levis to Riviere du Loup
  • Itinerary: Riviere du Loup, to Grand Falls, New Brunswick
  • Itinerary: Grand Falls to Fredericton
  • Itinerary: Fredericton to Moncton
  • Itinerary: Moncton, NB to Charlottetown
  • Itinerary: Charlottetown to New Glasgow, NS
  • Itinerary: Moncton, NB to Truro
  • Itinerary: Truro to New Glasgow
  • Itinerary: New Glasgow to North Sydney
  • Itinerary: Port-aux-Basques to Corner Brook on #1
  • Itinerary: Corner Brook to Grand Falls-Windsor
  • Itinerary: Grand Falls-Windsor and Clarenville via #1
  • Itinerary: Clarenville to Whitbourne via #1
  • Itinerary: Argentia to Whitbourne via route #100
  • Itinerary: Whitbourne to St John’s via #1
  • Yellowhead Highway #16
  • Crowsnest Highway #3
  • Ontario Northern Route #11
  • Ontario Southern Route #7
  • To-From Toronto #401 #400
  • Tours & Detours
  • TransCanadaHighway.com
  • Road Conditions, Closures ★
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  • West Vancouver, British Columbia
  • British Columbia Trans-Canada Highway

Lions Gate Bridge

Get to the Ferries with the Upper Levels Highway (the #1 Trans-Canada) to catch ferries to Vancouver Island (including Victoria) and the “Sunshine Coast.” The Upper Level Highway is also the fastest way to the Cypress Bowl Recreation Area.

Marine Drive takes you through the small villages of Ambleside, Hollyburn and Dundarave. West Vancouver has miles of seawalks that connect the beaches and short picturesque commercial stretches long the coast. Take lots of photos along Caulfield Cove, Lighthouse Park and Fisherman’s Cove. Budget travelers can catch the West Vancouver Blue Bus from downtown (985-7777).

Aquatic Centre on Marine Drive in West Vancouver

West Vancouver not only has the highest per capita income in Canada, but with 61 parks covering almost 2,500 hectares (6,170 acres), it has one of the highest ratios of greenery per person. The bigger parks include Lighthouse Park, Cypress Provincial Park (with a ski hill) and Ambleside Park (with shoreside seawalk, pitch & putt golf, and tennis courts).

Annual festivals, events

Community Day (1st Saturday in June), Sail out Horseshoe Bay (Father’s Day, June), Coho Festival (weekend after Labour Day),

West Vancouver Attractions

Here are the most popular attractions in West Vancouver and other nearby attractions ):

Ambleside Park

1150 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B1 (13th and Marine Drive) 604-925-7275 Website

This 24 hectare (61 acre) shore-side park has a view of Lions Gate Bridge, Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver. The Seawalk provides a leisurely vista of passing sailboats, freighters and tugboats. There are duck ponds, a beach, playing fields, pitch & putt golf, tennis courts, and a pavilion and concessions at the park.

Cypress Provincial Park

Along Highway #1 604) 926-5612 website

Drive up the mountain for sweeping views of Vancouver and the Islands. There’s a great network of trails for hiking, including some trails which turn into ski runs for both downhill and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Cypress Mountain

6000 Cypress Bowl Rd, West Vancouver, BC V0N 1G0 604-926-5612 Website

Cypress Mountain is a popular destination for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. In the summer, it offers hiking trails and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

Point At kinson Light in Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park

Beacon Ln, West Vancouver, BC V7W 1K5 (Beacon Lane & Marine Drive) (604) 922-1211 Website

Lighthouse Park is a rugged 75 hectare park at the southwest “corner” of West Vancouver. More than 60 bird species reside in one of the few remaining original forests in Greater Vancouver. The lighthouse on Point Atkinson has been in non-stop operation since 1875, though may soon become unmanned. The shoreline walk to the lighthouse is very pretty. This park is a great spot to enjoy the sunset, and the cliffs are popular with rock climbers.

Grouse Mountain

6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K9 604-980-9311 Website

Known as the “Peak of Vancouver,” Grouse Mountain offers a range of activities including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and wildlife encounters. It provides breathtaking views of the city and surrounding mountains.

Park Royal Shopping Centre

2002 Park Royal S, West Vancouver, BC V7T 2W4

+1 604-925-8253

Website: Park Royal Shopping Centre

Park Royal is one of the largest shopping malls in British Columbia, offering a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

West Vancouver Seawall

Along the waterfront in West Vancouver

The West Vancouver Seawall is a scenic pathway that runs along the waterfront, offering stunning views of the ocean, Stanley Park, and downtown Vancouver.

West Vancouver Museum

680 17th St, West Vancouver, BC V7V 3T2 604-925-7295 Website

This museum showcases the history and culture of West Vancouver through exhibits, art, and educational programs.

West Vancouver Parks

Here are the parks in West Vancouver, From West to East:

Crippen Regional Park

(on Bowen Island) website

The 240 hectare Crippen Regional Park is just a short ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay, across Howe Sound. The park used to be an island resort in the early 1920s, developed by the Union Steamship Company, but faded by the mid 1940s. The Regional Park was established in 1983. The park has couple of well known features, including Snug Cove, surrounded by steep green hillsides, Killarney Lake, and Bridal Veil Falls with its adjacent salmon fish ladder.

Whytecliffe Park

(Marine Drive, Horseshoe Bay) website

This park is located at the northwest tip of the North Shore, a mile west of the BC Ferries docks at Horseshoe Bay. The park is generally though to be named for the white cliffs that border Howe Sound, but is really named for land developer Colonel Whyte in 1914. The park offers spectacular views up the Howe Sound fjord, which extends 42 kilometres northward up to Squamish, plus tennis courts, a beach, and BC’s only underwater reserve (accessible to scuba divers).

(Beacon Lane) website

This 75 hectare park includes large stands of virgin rainforest, many 60 metres (200 feet) tall and 8 metres (25 feet) in diameter. Paths, covered with red cedar chips, criss-cross the park. The lighthouse at Point Atkinson guides ships into Vancouver harbour, and sits beside the Nature House interpretive centre. The Park was set up in 1881as a lighthouse reserve, and the lighthouse beacon was built in 1914.

(Cypress Bowl Road, above teh Trans-Canada) website

This 3000 hectare park is bordered by Howe Sound, Mount Strachan, Hollyburn Mountain and West Vancouver. The road to this park winds up the mountain, with several spectacular photo opportunities to view Vancouver, and even Mount Baker, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. Day-use picnic grounds are scattered throughout the park and wilderness camping is permitted. Cypress Ski Resort boasts the greatest vertical drop of the three North Shore resorts, and there are 27 kilometres of cross-country ski trails in winter, which are used for hiking in summer.

Dundarave Park

(25th Street & Bellevue) website

The park features a screscent beach and Dundarave Peir. Th epier has a restaurant with a view of the harbour. Dunadarave is a busy spot, beside the park is a two-block commercial strip, with a famous mural by Jim Mackenzie on the corner of 25th and Marine Drive, depicting early Vancouver in 1792 before the arrival of explorers. The park is the start of the seawall boardwalk that extends to Ambleside Beach, a length of about 15 blocks.

Ambleside Beach

(Marine Drive & 11th Street) website

This 126 hectare grassy waterfront park lies beside the Park Royal shopping centre. The eastern end of the Park sits on Squamish Indian land, the Capilano Indian Reserve. There is a bird sanctuary in the Park, which in addition to view of wild life, offers spectacular views of Vancouver and Stanley Park. This park is the focal point of Wet Vancouver’s fitness crowd, with its six playing fields, the swimming pool, a running track with fitness stations, and a pitch & putt course.

Capilano Regional Park Cleveland Dam - View Of Spillway From Top

Capilano River Regional Park

5077 Capilano Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4K4 (Capilano Park Road) (604) 224-5739 website

This 160 hectare park, alongside the Capilano River straddles both North Vancouver a& West Vancouver. This is the most popular of the Regional Parks in the Vancouver area, because of its spectacular canyon trails, the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge, and several viewpoints. There is a 7 kilometre walking trail from Cleveland Dam at the ‘top’ of park (holding back Lake Capilano) to mouth of the Capilano River at the First Narrows. The River is navagable by kayaks, and the park has plenty of picnic facilities and a Federal Government fish hatchery.

Top 10 Canadian Festivals

Canada is diverse and vast, and the festivals celebrated there reflect this. From a cowboy hoe-down to sophisticated cultural events, learn about some exciting Canadian festivals and events that attract visitors worldwide.

Vancouver Celebration of Light, Vancouver

The largest fireworks competition in the world is held over several nights every summer in Vancouver. More than just a pyrotechnical extravaganza, the Honda Celebration of Light comprises concerts, food stalls, and the Seawall Challenge, a popular urban adventure race.The festival makes for a great way to get to know the city from a local perspective.

The Calgary Stampede, Calgary

Don your cowboy hat and spurs and head on over to The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. Each year, more than one million people visit Calgary to partake in this 10-day Calgary Stampede party held every July.

The city of Calgary features good old-fashioned hospitality combined with cultural diversity. Drive an hour out of town, and you're in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and popular destinations like Banff and Jasper, where a world of outdoor adventure awaits.

Edmonton Folk Festival, Edmonton

From its humble beginning in 1980, the Edmonton Folk Festival has grown to be one of the world's premier folk festivals. Held each August, the festival's lineup is always outstanding and ticket prices stay reasonable.

Edmonton is also a gateway to Jasper and the Canadian Rockies, about two hours away in case you have extra time to explore after the festival.

Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto

The Toronto International Film Festivals is one of the leading film festivals in the world, ranking closely with Cannes and Sundance. Films such as Hotel Rwanda, American Beauty, and The Big Chill made their premieres at this prominent star-studded event held each September. The festival is also known as the kick-off to awards season, with many films that make their premiere at TIFF going on to get nominated for Oscars and Golden Globe awards.

Winterlude, Ottawa

Canadians celebrate sub-zero temperatures and waist-high snowdrifts by staging great winter festivals, such as Ottawa's Winterlude . For the first three weekend's every February, the nation's capital puts on a winter festival that features ice-skating on the world's longest rink, ice sculptures, a snow playground, concerts and more.

Canada Day Celebrations, July 1st, Ottawa & Canada-Wide

July 1st celebrations in Canada are akin to the July 4th festivities in the US. Marking Canada's birth as a country, July 1st sees Canadians donning their red and white attire and whooping it up with fireworks and lots of that good Canadian beer. The celebration is nationwide, but Ottawa will show you a particularly good time.

Montreal Jazz Fest, Montreal

Every June/July, the Montreal International Jazz Festival offers about 500 concerts, of which three-quarters are free of charge, and hosts about 2,000 musicians from over 20 countries. Two million music lovers arrive in Montreal, Quebec, for the international jazz rendezvous and launching pad for new talent. Expect to see the biggest names in not just jazz but other types of music. Performing artists have included Diana Krall, Norah Jones, and Aretha Franklin.

Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Montreal

Since 1983, the Montreal Comedy Festival, or, Just for Laughs as it is more commonly known, has been inviting people to get together just for fun, just for entertainment -- just for laughs. The festival, held every July, has grown in popularity and reputation and today features some of the world's greatest comedians and spawned a television show that is broadcast internationally.

Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec City

The inhabitants of New France, now Quebec, had a rowdy tradition of getting together just before Lent to eat, drink and be merry.

Today, the Quebec Winter Carnival is the biggest winter carnival in the world and is celebrated annually at the end of January until mid-February. No sense in fighting the cold -- embrace and celebrate it.

Celtic Colours International Festival

Celtic Colours is held for nine days every October on the delightful island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia . This unique Island-wide celebration of Celtic culture and music is the largest of its kind in North America. If you like fiddles and fiddlers, this is your festival.

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Who Decides Penn’s Future: Donors or the University?

Some alumni want the president to resign. They are angry about a Palestinian conference and Penn’s response to the Hamas attacks — as well as D.E.I. and transgender rights.

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Two casually dressed people walk down a large set of stairs, away from a large, ornate brick building.

By Stephanie Saul

In the two days after Hamas killed hundreds of men, women and children in a surprise attack on Israel, the University of Pennsylvania had not reached out to its students or alumni with an official statement.

But it did post a message on Instagram, honoring Native and Indigenous people and “their culture, history, and importance as members of the Penn community.”

That post set off one of the university’s largest donors, Marc Rowan, the chief of the private equity giant Apollo Global Management.

“So this weekend, while 1,200 Israelis were being butchered and murdered and raped, we tweeted as a university about Indigenous Peoples’ Day ” he said in a CNBC interview .

Mr. Rowan, who with his wife gave at least $50 million to Penn, had been angry for a while.

Back in September, he and other alumni, including the philanthropist Ronald S. Lauder, had pleaded with the university’s president, Liz Magill, to cancel or strongly condemn a Palestinian literary conference. Citing free speech, she declined, while acknowledging that some of the speakers had a history of remarks considered to be antisemitic.

“As a university,” she wrote in a statement , “we also fiercely support the free exchange of ideas as central to our educational mission.”

To Mr. Rowan and others, the administration had lost its moral compass and overlooked the concerns of the university’s Jewish community. He called for donors to cut their gifts to $1 as an unmistakable symbolic protest — and demanded the resignation of Ms. Magill and Scott L. Bok, the chairman of the board of trustees.

“There has been a gathering storm around these issues,” Mr. Rowan said on CNBC. “You know, microaggressions are condemned with extreme moral outrage, and yet violence, particularly violence against Jews — antisemitism — seems to have found a place of tolerance on the campus, protected by free speech.”

Since then, some of Penn’s most influential alumni and benefactors — including Mr. Lauder, the former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and the “Law & Order” creator Dick Wolf — have joined Mr. Rowan in pulling funding.

Even before the conference, though, tensions had been simmering at Penn over what some donors viewed as the university’s leftward shift, including a transgender athlete on the women’s swim team and the push for diversity, equity, and inclusion programs by the dean of the business school. They were also concerned about the declining number of Jewish students.

A couple of donors, it turned out, had cut off contributions well before the conference.

“The conservatives have this intersecting set of issues and among them, pro-Israel stuff is one of them,” said Robert Vitalis, a Penn professor who formerly ran the university’s Middle East Center and supported the Palestinian writers. “The conference became a vehicle.”

It is not unusual for donors, unhappy with student activism , to pull back giving. A host of universities have struggled to bridge political and cultural divides among donors, faculty and students. At the University of Texas at Austin, alumni threatened to cut funds over efforts to eliminate the university’s fight song , and at the University of Denver, a plan to give an award to President George W. Bush drew donor ire .

But donors rarely try to topple the leadership so publicly. For many watching this battle, the campaign to wrest control over the university’s direction — its policies, principles and vision for the future — was unsettling.

The donor outcry dismayed pro-Palestinian alumni, who in an Oct. 18 open letter criticized the Penn administration, as well as influential donors, for overlooking the treatment of Palestinians in the ensuing violence.

“Reports from U.N. and W.H.O. experts have highlighted the humanitarian catastrophe that is unfolding,” the letter said. “Over a million individuals have been displaced, with countless lives lost or forever altered.”

Administrators at the university declined requests for interviews. But Risa L. Lieberwitz, a Cornell professor who researches academic freedom and faculty governance, said that pressure from donors can undermine public confidence in institutions.

“It’s essential that the university remains independent from donor pressure or influence on the content of work that’s done in the university,” said Ms. Lieberwitz, who is also general counsel for the American Association of University Professors. “The public needs to trust us that we’re doing research or teaching or other educational activities without being pressured to take certain positions.”

A Campus on Edge

When she was inaugurated as president a year ago, Ms. Magill seemed to have the perfect pedigree. As provost at the University of Virginia, she helped develop a version of the Chicago Principles, which are intended to protect freedom of expression on campus.

“Very broadly, I am deeply committed to academic freedom,” Ms. Magill had told The Daily Pennsylvanian, the campus newspaper.

Academic freedom debates had been roiling Penn’s campus. Many students and alumni had demanded action on Amy Wax, the Penn law professor who has said that Black people have “lower cognitive ability” than white people and that the country was “better off” without Asians. The outcome of a faculty hearing considering sanctions has not been announced.

It was against this backdrop that Ms. Magill started receiving complaints about the Palestine Writes Literature Festival, which fell on the weekend of Sept. 22, coinciding in part with Yom Kippur. Organized with the university’s College of Arts and Sciences, the conference featured 120 speakers, many of them literary figures, virtually all pro-Palestinian.

Mr. Lauder, the cosmetics billionaire whose family name is on both a dormitory and a business school program, had visited Ms. Magill to ask that she cancel the conference. Similar complaints, some stopping short of asking for cancellation, came in from national and local Jewish groups and students from Penn Hillel, the Jewish campus organization.

They cited a range of speakers that they considered objectionable. They noted, for instance, the presence of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen , a vocal supporter of the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel, known as B.D.S. And they objected to Roger Waters, the Pink Floyd musician, who had worn a Nazi-like costume in a Berlin concert, which he said was intended as a statement against fascism.

Despite the protests and antisemitic incidents on campus, the conference went on.

In an opening speech, Susan Abulhawa, a novelist and conference organizer, criticized “the hysterical racist conversations and panic” over the festival.

“We remain proud, unbroken, defiant, honoring our ancestors, even though we are battered, colonized, exiled, raw, terrorized and demeaned wholesale,” she said .

Alumni Donors Push Back

One day after the Indigenous Peoples’ Day post, Ms. Magill issued her first statement condemning the Hamas assault.

Critics said it was insufficiently forceful.

That same day Mr. Rowan submitted an opinion piece to The Daily Pennsylvanian, criticizing Ms. Magill for what he called her “moral failure” to condemn the conference. He urged alumni to send in $1 checks and repeated the call on CNBC’s “ Squawk Box .”

Mr. Rowan serves as chairman of the board of Wharton, the university’s business school, where many of Penn’s big-money donors earned degrees. The school, which wields tremendous influence over the university’s operations, is responsible for much of Penn’s fund-raising and prestige.

Some Wharton alumni had been unhappy with the university’s direction for a long time.

Jonathon S. Jacobson, who founded the investment firm HighSage Ventures, wrote in a recent letter to Ms. Magill that he and his wife had given gifts over the years that amounted to “multiple seven figures,” including significant money for Penn’s basketball program.

But, he wrote, he began cutting donations nearly two years ago. “The university that I attended and shaped me is virtually unrecognizable today,” he wrote, “and the values it stands for are not American ones.”

He added, “You are a product of a very screwed-up higher ed values system, where academic rigor has been replaced by extremist political ideology.”

He also suggested that the university had pressured women on the swim team and their parents to not speak out publicly about Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete.

In a text message, Mr. Jacobson said that he would not go into detail about why he stopped giving, but added, “I stopped supporting Penn for many reasons.”

Other Wharton alumni questioned the direction of the business school.

Since she started as dean in 2020, Erika James, the first Black woman to hold that job, has emphasized diversity, equity and inclusion programs — including the addition of a graduate major on the subject — as well as environmental, social and corporate governance.

That agenda may have driven away some alumni. In his opinion piece, Mr. Rowan wrote that the university had “already lost” a $100 million gift, a reference to a donation by Ross Stevens, founder of Stone Ridge Asset Management, to the University of Chicago’s Booth business school.

Dr. Stevens, an alumnus of both Booth and Wharton, signed the open letter.

He would not publicly discuss his $100 million donation to Booth. But two friends confirmed that he had planned to give the money to Wharton, but changed his mind because he thought the school was prioritizing D.E.I. over enhancing the business school’s academic excellence.

A Decline in Numbers

Nina Bauer Shapiro, a New York clothing designer and 1992 Penn graduate, was among alumni who had noticed the declining number of Jewish students at universities.

“Since I was at Penn, I think there are half the amount of Jewish students going to Penn now,” Ms. Shapiro said in an interview. “They don’t want Jews.” She is sending in a check for $1 this year.

In an Oct. 16 letter about the Palestinian conference, Mr. Lauder also wrote about “the drastic change in the numbers of Jewish students enrolled,” and that Penn had once been a vibrant environment for Jewish students, but was now “openly hostile.”

Demographic reports released by universities generally do not break out religious affiliation as a separate category. But Hillel groups on some Ivy League campuses, including Penn, had recently said that the number of Jewish students is declining. Some Jewish groups and publications have attributed that decline partly to the push at universities for more diverse classes.

At Penn, the campus Hillel noted that Jews had made up about a third of Penn’s student body several decades ago, but their percentage had declined to 16 percent.

This decrease had also upset David Magerman, a computer scientist, investor and philanthropist, who also added in an interview that he sees “general trends on college campuses around America that are giving in to certain views that are antisemitic.”

Who Gets to Speak?

In the weeks since the Palestinian writers conference, the university has issued a series of statements — four of them from President Magill, including a stronger condemnation of the Hamas attack that called the group “terrorists.”

These statements have faced criticism as well, including from the pro-Palestinian alumni who wrote in their open letter that her statements “failed to recognize the significant suffering and loss of Palestinian life. Every innocent life lost merits our acknowledgment and profound grief.”

Within Penn, the administration has maintained its core support, including from the alumni association .

The trustees, who huddled for several hours over two meetings, issued a statement saying Ms. Magill and her leadership team “are the right group to take the university forward.” Three trustees on the calls said there was no dissent.

Andy Rachleff, a trustee and founder of Benchmark Capital, said, “There are a lot of people who want free speech — except when it affects them.”

The three leaders of the faculty Senate also issued a pointed statement .

Academic freedom, they said, “is not a commodity to be bought and sold by those who seek to use their pocketbooks to shape our mission.”

An earlier version of this article misspelled the given name of a Penn alumnus. He is Jonathon S. Jacobson, not Jonathan. He is founder, not co-founder, of HighSage Ventures.

How we handle corrections

Stephanie Saul is a national education reporter based in New York. More about Stephanie Saul

Our Coverage of the Israel-Hamas War

What Comes Next?: By saying that Israel will maintain security control over Gaza “for an indefinite period,”  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set off alarm bells in Washington. The Biden administration quickly pushed back .

A Possible Endgame: Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Gaza should be unified with the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority  once the war is over, offering a strong signal about what the United States sees as its preferred arrangement.

The Civilian Toll: Facing global criticism over a bloody campaign in Gaza that has killed thousands of civilians , Israeli officials say it is impossible to defeat Hamas without killing innocents, a lesson they argue Americans and their allies should understand .

Gaza’s Teetering Hospitals: Doctors and nurses in Gaza’s hospitals, which are nearing collapse without electricity and basic supplies after weeks of an Israeli siege, say they are facing hard choices about who lives and who dies .

The Conflict’s   Global  Reach

Arab States: Facing growing anger from their own people, Arab countries are intensifying their appeals to the United States to pressure Israel to implement a cease-fire in Gaza  or risk sabotaging the security of the entire Middle East.

U.S. Congress: Democrats in Congress, torn between their support for Israel and concern about civilian suffering in Gaza, are struggling with how far to go in calling for measures to mitigate civilian casualties as the left wing of the party escalates pressure for a cease-fire .

President Biden: After weeks of terror and retaliation in Israel and Gaza, and 20 months of war in Ukraine, Biden is confronting the limits of his leverage  in the two international conflicts defining his presidency.

A Worldwide War of Words: Iran, Russia and, to a lesser degree, China are using state and social media  to support Hamas and undercut Israel, while denigrating Israel’s principal ally, the United States.


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Best Places To Watch The Solar Eclipse In April 2024

Posted: November 7, 2023 | Last updated: November 7, 2023

  • On April 8, 2024, millions can witness a rare total solar eclipse that starts in Mexico, crosses 13 US states, and ends in Canada.
  • Mazatlán, Mexico, offers a privileged spot to watch the eclipse, with options like rooftop bars and boat tours for viewing.
  • Kerrville, Texas, will host various eclipse events and has several great spots for watching, including parks and sports complexes.

Although there are incredible celestial events every year around the world , total solar eclipses are rare moments. On April 8, 2024, millions can witness a solar eclipse that starts on Mexico's west coast, crosses 13 states in the United States, and ends in Canada.

For many, this one-in-a-lifetime event represents the first time they will witness a total solar eclipse, so fingers crossed for a cloudless day! For travelers looking for a unique experience, it's time to start planning a trip to discover strategic solar eclipse-viewing spots in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. These are some of the best places to see the April 2024 eclipse!​​​​​​

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Mazatlán, Mexico - One Of The Country's Best Spots For Seeing The Solar Eclipse In 2024

The city offers the chance to watch the april 2024 solar eclipse during a beach vacation.

While Mazantlán is worth visiting year-round , tourists visiting the city during the eclipse will have one of the most privileged spots. Due to its popularity, travelers should plan it and check Mazatlán 's best places to view the eclipse in April 2024.

It's the perfect moment to be on a boat tour or choose a rooftop bar, such as Bar 15 . Travelers seeking adventure can also climb the lighthouse hill or head to Deer Island. However, they should be aware there are no facilities such as bathrooms or vendors.

Travelers can also rent a car and drive towards the Las Villas Hotel, which will reportedly welcome professional astronomers.

  • Maximum: 11:09 am 1.022 Magnitude
  • Starts : 9:51 am
  • Ends: 12:32 pm
  • Duration: 2 hours, 41 minutes
  • Totality: 4 minutes, 20 seconds

Nazas, Mexico - The Longest Duration Of Solar Eclipse Totality

The totality of the solar eclipse in nazas will last for over four minutes.

Travelers who want to enjoy the most of the eclipse should head to Nazas, Mexico, as the village will have the most extended duration of totality with 4 minutes and 28 seconds . The small town has 4,000 inhabitants, and they expect to welcome a larger crowd during the eclipse.

Travelers planning to watch the eclipse in Nazas can also check the places nearby. The largest towns close to the village are Durango and Torreón, and they offer a more significant number of accommodations and restaurants.

  • Maximum: 12:17 pm 1.026 Magnitude
  • Starts: 10:58 am
  • Ends: 1:39 pm

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Kerrville, Texas - The City Will Host Several Events Linked To The Solar Eclipse In April 2024

Locals and visitors can attend the kerrville eclipse festival at louise hay park.

The solar eclipse will also be a significant event in Kerrville, Texas. The city will host various eclipse events , including the Kerrville Eclipse Festival at Louise Hay Park and the Ridge Marketplace Eclipse Event.

The city also offers excellent spots for watching the eclipse , such as the Hill Country Arts Foundation, Hill Country Youth Event Center, Kerrville-Schreiner Park, Kerrville Sports Complex, and Loop 54 Sports Field.

  • Maximum: 1:34 pm 1.024 Magnitude
  • Starts: 11:53 pm
  • Ends: 2:55 pm
  • Totality: 4 minutes, 24 seconds

Sulphur Springs, Texas - Open Spaces Are The Best Places To Go To See The Solar Eclipse

Coleman lake and park might be the most popular spot during the 2024 solar eclipse.

The total solar eclipse will also cross Sulphur Springs, Texas, where the totality will last 4 minutes and 21 seconds . The best spots to see the solar eclipse in 2024 and enjoy it without obstruction are open spaces, such as Coleman Lake and Park. It's also possible to go on a boat ride and avoid the crowds.

The city is still preparing to announce places and events. Sulphur Springs is easy to reach and an alternative for travelers who want to witness one of the longest solar eclipses in the US.

  • Begins: 12:24 pm
  • Maximum: 1:44 pm 0,982 Magnitude
  • Ends: 3:04 pm
  • Duration: 2 hours, 40 minutes

Austin, Texas - Enjoy The Rare Event While On A Rooftop

The vibrant city offers many strategic places to watch the solar eclipse in 2024.

Austin offers many surprisingly free things to do , and 2024 will add a new item to the list: the solar eclipse in April. The city's blue skies offer the perfect conditions for watching the phenomenon, and the best spots are on the city's rooftops (which are also great for sunset views) , namely Congress Avenue Bridge, Covert Park at Mount Bell and Hula Hut.

The city has yet to release a schedule with special events, but travelers can expect to find crowded places, so it's better to plan in advance.

  • Starts: 12:17 pm
  • Maximum: 1:37 pm 1,002 Magnitude
  • Ends: 2:58 pm
  • Totality: 1 minute, 46 seconds

Russellville, Arkansas - Chosen By NASA To Broadcast The Event

Lake dardanelle is one of the best solar eclipse viewing spots in the us.

Russellville ranks among the ten best places in the US to watch the solar eclipse in 2024. Nasa chose the strategic location to broadcast the eclipse , which endorses Russellville as the best place in Arkansas to watch the event.

The city has released an official countdown for the solar eclipse, so locals and travelers can expect significant events. Visitors can have privileged views from open spaces like Lake Dardanelle, but people must expect to deal with crowds.

  • Starts: 12:33 pm
  • Maximum: 1:52 pm 1,023 Magnitude
  • Ends: 3:10 pm
  • Duration: 2 hours, 38 minutes
  • Totality: 4 minutes, 12 seconds

Niagara Falls, Canada And The US - The Combination Of Two Natural Spectacles

Enjoy the unique experience of the solar eclipse framed by niagara falls.

The solar eclipse will head to Canada and the US, where the clash between British Columbia and New York is reportedly the best place to be (yes, Niagara Falls!). The majestic Niagara Falls offers impressive spots, whether on the American or Canadian side , so visitors can enjoy the show no matter which country they happen to see it from.

During the eclipse, Niagara Falls promises an unforgettable experience , as the falls create a perfect background when the sky becomes dark. The region also offers a range of accommodations and restaurants, making it easy to plan to watch the eclipse and stay for dinner and overnight.

  • Starts: 2:04 pm
  • Maximum: 3:20 pm 1,017 Magnitude
  • Ends: 4:31 pm
  • Duration: 2 hours, 27 minutes
  • Totality: 3 minutes, 31 seconds

Indianapolis, Indiana - The First Time A Solar Eclipse Happens In The City In 800 Years

It's the first time that thousands of locals here will witness the event.

There are many things to do in Indianapolis , but watching the solar eclipse here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The last time it happened in Indianapolis was over 800 years ago, so it's no surprise the city is thrilled about the rare event. For thousands of people, it will be the first time they will see a solar eclipse.

The Holcomb Observatory will host a free event , and hundreds of people are expected to attend the Eclipse Viewing Festival.

  • Starts: 1:50 pm
  • Maximum: 3:07 pm 1,019 Magnitude
  • Ends: 4:23 pm
  • Duration: 2 hours, 33 minutes
  • Totality: 3 minutes, 51 seconds

Buffalo, New York - Where The Last Solar Eclipse Happened In 1925

Strategic places to catch the solar eclipse in 2024 in this city include buffalo harbor state park and the buffalo audubon society.

The last time Buffalo has seen a total eclipse was in 1925—and clouds covered the major event. So, the 2024 eclipse is much awaited by thousands of people who will watch it for the first time. Therefore, Buffalo State University's Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium has started a countdown to the eclipse.

Strategic spots to watch the eclipse include the Buffalo Harbor State Park, Buffalo Audubon Society – Beaver Meadow Nature Center, and the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium.

  • Starts : 2:04 pm
  • Maximum: 3:20 pm 1,025 Magnitude
  • Ends: 4:32 pm
  • Totality: 3 minutes, 46 seconds

RELATED: 10 New UNESCO World Heritage Sites To Visit In 2024

Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada - Less Crowed Than Larger Cities

While most people might head to montreal, sherbrooke is one of the best places to see the solar eclipse in canada in 2024.

Sherbrooke, Quebec, is one of the many towns where it's possible to see the solar eclipse. While in Montreal, the totality of the eclipse will last over a minute, travelers willing to go approximately 100 miles toward Sherbrooke can witness a total eclipse that will last over three minutes.

The small town is not part of the itinerary of most tourists, but it will be one of the best places to see the eclipse in Canada.

  • Starts: 2:16 pm
  • Maximum: 3:29 pm 1,020 Magnitude
  • Ends: 4:38 pm
  • Duration: 2 hours, 22 minutes
  • Totality: 3 minutes, 26 seconds

Best Places To Watch The Solar Eclipse In April 2024

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., speaks during a demonstration calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, Oct. 18, 2023, near the Capitol in Washington. On Monday, Nov. 6, Tlaib responded to criticisms from fellow Democrats regarding a video she posted Friday, Nov. 3, that included a clip of demonstrators chanting “from the river to the sea.” Tlaib said in her response that her “colleagues” are trying to silence her and are “distorting her words.”

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    West Vancouver, BC Travel & Visitor Information: attractions, events, and accommodation near Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal

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    Object Moved This document may be found here

  18. Canada might be getting a 1,000 kph vacuum-tube train

    A Canadian company has unveiled plans for a fully electric train-style vehicle which could travel at 1,000 kilometers per hour and, it claims, would cost less than a plane ticket to travel on.

  19. Top 10 Canadian Festivals

    Canada Day Celebrations, July 1st, Ottawa & Canada-Wide. July 1st celebrations in Canada are akin to the July 4th festivities in the US. Marking Canada's birth as a country, July 1st sees Canadians donning their red and white attire and whooping it up with fireworks and lots of that good Canadian beer.

  20. 1,200 km/h TransPod FluxJet: Canadian hyperloop reels in half a billion

    A set of "landing gear" won't retract until the pod's doing at least 300 km/h (186 mph) and ready to accelerate up to a cruise speed around 1,000 km/h (621 mph) - or a top speed as high as 1,200 ...

  21. Highway delays on Trans-Canada east of Sicamous

    Expect delays on Hwy 1. Foggy patches, construction and avalanche control work are impacting travel on Highway 1 between Sicamous and Revelstoke. DriveBC reports avalanche control work between ...

  22. Penn Donors Are Revolting Over Israel-Hamas, DEI, Trans Rights and

    They are angry about a Palestinian conference and Penn's response to the Hamas attacks — as well as D.E.I. and transgender rights. Tensions with some donors had been simmering at Penn over ...

  23. Lonely Planet's top places to go in 2024

    Lonely Planet -- Best in Travel 2024: Lonely Planet has revealed its top places to visit in the year ahead. Mongolia -- its Blue River Valley is pictured -- is a choice country on the new list.

  24. ImportFest

    THANK YOU. FOR ATTENDING. IMPORTFEST 2023! STAY TUNED FOR 2024 DATE (S)! Home. About Us. Winners 23. Sponsors. Importfest - Home - Canada's Largest Car Show.

  25. Best Places To Watch The Solar Eclipse In April 2024

    On April 8, 2024, millions can witness a rare total solar eclipse that starts in Mexico, crosses 13 US states, and ends in Canada. Mazatlán, Mexico, offers a privileged spot to watch the eclipse ...

  26. Kanada Turlari

    FEST TRAVEL. 0 850 622 33 78. Yurtiçi Geziler; Yurtdışı Geziler; Adım Adım İstanbul ... KANADA - KUTUP AYILARI KANADA - KUTUP AYILARI. Ücret sorunuz. Tarih. BİZ SİZİ ARAYALIM. REZERVASYON TALEBİ ...