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We believe in nourishing the power of education beyond walls. For local clients, we offer programs for K-12, college field trips, faculty field trips, and study tours abroad. We have various programs for different interests: history and culture, humanities, and nature and the environment. We also offer educational tours to different destinations in the Philippines for foreign students. Our 15 years of handling local and foreign student group tours made us one of the most trusted educational tour company in the Philippines.  

educational FIELD TRIPS


For students, field trips can be the best of both worlds: a welcome and exciting break from day-to-day classroom activities and a memorable, real-world experience that will solidify the curriculum in their minds. Unfortunately, the most desirable trips—those to far-away, enticing destinations— have long been inaccessible due to the ongoing pandemic. Limiting the movement of people outdoors not to mention the AITF policy on social distancing thus, not allowing children ages 18 and below outside their homes for health safety. 

But today we have other options. Virtual field trips (VFTs) are just what their name suggests: field trips that are conducted virtually, over the Internet, and/or videoconferencing equipment so that students can learn directly from experts in far-flung places without ever leaving their homes.

To know more about our LIVE Virtual Field Trip program for K-12 and college students feel free to explore our website or see below options.

Government PH

Helpful website for every filipino, deped guidelines on field trips or off-campus activities.

Department of Education 7

The new DepEd guidelines on field trips or off-campus activities were released through the DO 66 series of 2017 also known as “Implementing Guidelines on the Conduct of Off-Campus Activities.”

The Department of Education (DepEd) has issued a memorandum lifting the ban on field trips, which has been in effect since March 9, 2017 per DepEd Memorandum No. 47, likewise issued new implementing guidelines for private and public schools. The guidelines, issued by Education Secretary Leonor Briones in the effect of  Department Order 66, states that it is to be implemented in support of the K to 12 curriculum.

Read Also:  DepEd Teachers Salary Grade | SSL Third Tranche (2018)

New DepEd Guidelines on Field Trips

1. In support of the K to 12 Curriculum implementation, the Department of Education (DepEd) hereby establishes the enclosed guidelines on the conduct of co-curricular and extra-curricular off-campus activities for public and private schools.

2. All co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will adhere to the following:

  • Ensure relevance and alignment with the educational competencies of the K to 12 Curriculum and leadership development of learners;
  • Uphold child protection principles and that no learner shall be disadvantaged in any form; and
  • Observe the safety and security protocols for all participants before, during and after the activity.

3. This issuance repeals DepEd Order Nos. 87 and 52, s. 2003, 5, s. 2002 and 56, s. 2001. All other related issuances, rules and regulations, as well as provisions which are inconsistent with this policy are hereby repealed, rescinded, or modified accordingly.

4. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.

DO 66 addresses the lapses in safety standards that prompted the issuance of DepEd Memorandum No. 47 and set clearer guidelines for service providers partnering with the schools. All vehicles, most especially those arranged with external transportation operators shall be duly certified by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Land Transportation Office (LTO). Vehicles should not be more than 10 years old as of the scheduled date of the off-campus activity reckoned from the year of manufacture.

Read Also:  Cut-Off Age Policy for Kindergarten | DepEd Order 20 s. 2018

The Order additionally limits the number of passengers to the seating capacity of the vehicle and prohibits placing additional seats on the aisle to accommodate more people. The school, meanwhile, is instructed to “ensure that all drivers assigned to service off-campus participants have updated licenses and are in good medical condition.” Vehicle inspection is required to be done before departure and during the activity proper.

PDF Download Link of DO 66 series of 2017

Source: deped.gov.ph

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My kid is about to have their field trip this october, my goodness the waiver if you can call it a waiver walang itenerary walang etc. etc Details…. Im in support to off-campus activity kasi importante rin yan talaga, but how come the school is OA naman sa waiver nila wherein first in foremost kahit naman anong gawin eh liable parin sila sa safety ng mga bata and that does not totally waived them off the responsibility… DepED pls double check on this… Pirma ng Principal ng Adviser and details yun lang namn… so it will be easier for us to decide kung sasama ang bata o hindi… Good Day everyone..

Bakit po ang field trip authorization ay wala man lang pirma ng principal o adviser? PINAPIRPIRMAHAN lang po nila sa mga magulang. Nakakatakot kapag may aksidente nangyari sino ang sa sagot? Wala naman consent at approval ng school, particularly MONDAY high school

Isangguni ninyo sa nearest DepEd po.

Is it appropriate that school ask the parent to sign on waiver indicating they are not responsble to any problem that will occur during the outdoor activity

Directly PM DepED po: https://www.facebook.com/DepEd.Philippines/

sana ipagbawal na rin ung pag pirma ng parents or guardians ng waiver that holds the schools, its personnel and outside vehicle contractors from being held responsible kung may mangyaring untoward incident. from the school premises, during the travel to and back in the school premises, and during the activities.

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8 Interesting Places For School Trips In Manila, Philippines

in Homeschooling , Travels on 01/08/23

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Marie Bautista

Where to go on school trips in manila philippines

Where To Go On School Trips in Manila, Philippines?

The Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, boasting some of the most stunning beaches and mesmerizing natural scenery. Boasting more than 7000 islands , it’s no wonder why tourists from all over come here to revel in its beauty and charm. But there’s much more to this amazing country than its gorgeous beaches!

If you’re searching for an extraordinary, safe, and memorable vacation that’s suitable for school trips, there are lots of interesting places as your ideal destination in Manila, Philippines. Not only will it give students a remarkable experience through its captivating culture and diverse activities – but with flight transportation to get there, their field trip would be even more exciting!

They can also get new experiences while doing this one school activity. Moreover, ordering flight ticket Traveloka is also easy to do, so the school does not have to bother with arranging travel tickets. All you have to do is download the Traveloka application, you can immediately order airplane tickets to book hotels for your school trip!

Here are some recommendations for interesting places to visit in the National Capital Region (Manila) Philippines for school field trips:

The mind museum.

Have a school trip at the Mind Museum

Take your kids to the Mind Museum and let them discover the wonders of science and nature.

Billed as the first world-class science museum in the Philippines, this interactive exhibit is sure to entertain and educate older kids.

Use the available galleries to better understand concepts such as life, electromagnetism, space, technology, and more. Meanwhile, little ones can enjoy Playtales!

The Mind Museum is located on JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines.

Manila Ocean Park

Visit on a school trip the Manila Ocean Park in Manila, Philippines

Introduce your children to a beautiful and captivating world beneath the sea at Manila Ocean Park! From diverse marine animals, to land-based attractions, this one-of-a kind theme park in the Philippines is sure to delight all ages. See for yourself why it’s quickly becoming known as a premier destination!

Let your kids be mesmerized by the vibrant jellyfish, a multitude of sea creatures, and an array of bugs. They can also get up close with delightful birds and playful sea lions through their fun animal show!

The Manila Ocean Park is located at Luneta, Manila, Philippines.

Visit the walled city on a school trip in Manila Philippines

Does your kid already have a grip on Filipino history? Then why not take her to Old Manila and let her gain an alternative perspective of the past?

Uncover a rich history of the Philippines and traipse through its past by visiting Intramuros, an ancient walled city. Meander along cobblestone pathways that are hundreds of years old, explore picturesque squares, and take time to pray at San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral. Indulge in centuries-old tradition as you journey through this remarkable place!

Intramuros is in Manila.

go to the Manila Zoo on a school trip in Manila Philippines

Introduce your kids to the incredible wildlife of the Philippines through Manila Zoo! Located in a lush park, Manila Zoo houses more than 300 species – including some unique to the Philippine archipelago like the endangered Tamaraw and Visayan Spotted Deer. Aside from seeing these creatures in their enclosures, you can also join shows like the Elephant and Sea Lion Show, Bird Show, and Reptile Encounter.

The Manila Zoo is located at Adriatico St., Ermita, Manila, Philippines.

Avilon zoo

Introduce your children to the wildlife oasis at Avilon Zoo! This expansive 17-acre zoo houses a diverse array of birds, fish, reptiles, mammals and amphibians that are sure to make them beam with joy. Arm yourself with some knowledge about these animals ahead of time so you can help educate your young ones – they’ll be delighted when they learn something new while connecting with the creatures in their habitat!

Transform this journey into an educational experience for your children and instill in them a love of animals through their care and preservation of nature.

The Avilon Zoo is located at Barrio San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines.

University of the Philippines-Diliman

visit the Sunken Garden UP diliman quezon city

Metro Manila is an iconic city steeped in culture and known for its superior academic institutions. The University of the Philippines-Diliman stands out as one of the best universities, having nurtured leaders from across all areas, including politics and art. It’s no wonder that UP-Diliman has earned a reputation as one of the best places to explore your passions!

The University of the Philippines – Diliman Campus, located in bustling Quezon City, is a paradise for outdoor explorers. With its lush greenery and centuries-old acacia trees offering cool shade along its pathways, joggers and bikers revel in this urban oasis’ peaceful atmosphere.

The 111-year-old university is home to notable landmarks such as the Vargas Museum, UP Cine Adarna, Oblation Plaza, and the Carillon Tower.

Maginhawa Street Food Park

Nothing can compare to the unparalleled culinary experience that is a food tour through Manila. Stroll along bustling subway streets and sample the delectable offerings of street stalls, or venture into an exciting food hub – there’s something for everyone! Get a real taste of daily life in this vibrant city as you feast on all that it has to offer.

Maginhawa Street, a two-kilometer stretch of culinary delights in Quezon City, is the go-to destination for foodies of all kinds – students, professionals and Instagrammers alike. It’s not hard to comprehend why. The area offers an abundance of picturesque restaurants serving up delectable dishes from various cultures across the globe.

Apart from sightseeing and culinary tours, you can also go to Divisoria for  some shopping. It’s one of the largest and most popular markets in Manila where you can find almost anything from fresh produce to clothing, electronics and even furniture. Make sure you grab yourself a bargain as prices here are incredibly cheap!

Known for its affordable gifts and wholesale clothing, Divisoria is a shopper’s paradise for bargain hunters and value-conscious shoppers. Shoppers visiting Binondo Chinatown should also check out Divisoria’s Tutuban Center and other affordable retailers nearby. Divisoria is located in Binondo, Manila City. It is accessible via the metro train and other forms of public transportation.

Learning through Traveling

Learning through school trips in Manila Philippines

School students can explore a variety of captivating sites in the Philippines when on field trips, from museums and universities to shopping centers. There’s something for everyone! From the historic Manila Zoo and UP-Diliman campus to vibrant street food parks and markets like Divisoria, students will be sure to learn a great deal about the culture of this beautiful country.

Traveling with children may require an extra bit of preparation, but it’ll surely be worth it in the end! With these exciting destinations, their eyes will be opened to a world of possibility! By introducing your students to the culture and people of the Philippines through these unique sites, you will be enriching them with knowledge about this beautiful country.

Make sure you book your flight tickets and hotels for the upcoming field trip to the Philippines exclusively with Traveloka – it’s an adventure that you don’t want to miss out on!  Traveloka not only makes booking your flights and accommodation easier but also allows you to book restaurants and purchase tickets for tourist attractions. With Traveloka, your journey of exploration can be even more enjoyable.

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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region VIII - Eastern Visayas

field trip philippines 2023

JANUARY 17, 2023 RM 046, S. 2023 – Reiteration of Existing Policies and Related Guidelines on the Conduct of Educational Field Trips and Other Similar Activities

field trip philippines 2023

field trip philippines 2023

7 Field Trip Destinations in the Philippines to Revisit

We all remember the first time we went on a field trip. Back then, the permission letter our teacher handed out in class was the most valuable piece of paper we ever held⁠ in our hands ⁠— especially when our parents had already signed the reply slip. The night before the trip, we went to bed in our PE uniform in fear of being late for the 5am call time. Our chaperones all had digi-cams to record our cheeky smiles.

When we were old enough to go on a field trip without a guardian, it was a whole new level of excitement. We made sure we packed our favourite snacks in our backpacks. We filled our MP3 players with The Black Eyed Peas songs downloaded from LimeWire. Our telephone bills soared as we went on endless three-way calls with our friends, discussing what to wear and where to sit in the bus.

For most of us, the first field trip paved the way to our love for travel. And for that, who could ever forget these iconic field trip destinations?

1. Intramuros

field trip philippines 2023

Remember when we traced Jose Rizal’s footprints in Fort Santiago? Intramuros has always been a classic field trip destination. Up to now, the Walled City does not disappoint. Renovations and improvements are constantly being done to preserve the old-world charm of the site.

Also read: DIY Walking Tour in the Walled City of Intramuros: Top 8 Attractions to Visit

2. Gardenia Factory

field trip philippines 2023

Before entering the Gardenia factory, we couldn’t care less about bread. Emerging from the plant, we became new creatures, proudly parading the ube loaves we bought with our own allowance. To date, Gardenia still offers free plant tours. Definitely, we’re more than game to revisit the factory ⁠now — especially since Gardenia still offers complimentary samples after the tour. What kind of struggling young adult would say no to free bread?!

3. Manila Zoo

field trip philippines 2023

As innocent pupils, we were all excited to see and interact with wild animals. For many of us, there was no better place to do this than in Manila Zoo. We marvelled at the giant elephant feeding on fruits. We sat on the backs of friendly tortoises. But, this was all when we were living in naiveté.

Presently, it’s impossible to be filled with the same wonder we had during our first trip to Manila Zoo. Besides the fact that Manila Zoo has been closed till further notice because it was marked as a major polluter of Manila Bay, it has also drawn several other controversies throughout the years. However, we are still hopeful that our childhood paradise would improve its ways. We’re anticipating an ethical and sustainable comeback, Manila Zoo!

4. Ark Avilon Zoo

field trip philippines 2023

A few years later, we outgrew Manila Zoo and headed to a fresher, more fascinating wildlife destination. Sprawling over seven hectares wide, Avilon Zoo has been the biggest zoo in the Philippines since its establishment. Boy, did we feel independent in this huge arena!

We would love to revisit Avilon Zoo wearing our woke adult glasses. After all, it still holds the title as the biggest zoo in the country. Does it implement ethical practices? Are the animals holding up well? Does it encourage children to feel empathy towards our wildlife?

Also read: Wildlife Tourism: When Is It Ethical?

5. Rizal Shrine

field trip philippines 2023

Every Filipino student was programmed to adore our national hero. According to our books, Jose Rizal was the king of multitudes: He had a lengthy name, spoke several languages, worked many jobs — and of course, had numerous love affairs. Inevitably, this prompted young children to revere Rizal. Travelling to (a replica of) his house in Calamba was definitely a highlight for all of us.

Learning never ends. Sometimes, we need to relearn things as well. We’d love to revisit the Rizal Shrine and recall why we held our national hero in high esteem. It’s especially good for us to remember our heroes, because we are now in a much better position to make an impact in our country.

6. Museo Pambata

field trip philippines 2023

Arguably, there’s no museum as fun as Museo Pambata. Back then, we felt so special that someone would think of creating a museum that was not boring at all! It’s interactive, educational, and full of interesting stuff for kids with the shortest attention spans. We’d love to revisit this museum again — this time, as kids at heart.

7. Enchanted Kingdom

field trip philippines 2023

We couldn’t quite put a finger on how Enchanted Kingdom is educational at all… but did that really matter when we were having the time of our lives? (No!) The amusement park slogan reads: The magic lives forever! So, we might revisit this lovely site — once we’re in the mood for forever lines.

Also read: Revisit Places: 5 Reasons Why It’s Good For You

Once in a while, it’s fun to reminisce our good old days. Where would you go for a #throwback adventure?

Danielle Uy

Danielle Uy

If Disney were creative enough to let Mulan and Melody procreate, Danielle would be that child. From an early age, she has dreamt of becoming a purposeful revolutionary... and an unruly mermaid. While Danielle hasn't held a sword in her lifetime, she feels powerful enough with her byline. Her creative energy is fueled by many things: the quiet right before the rest of the world wakes up, the orange sky as the sun rises during an uncrowded morning surf, the beautiful bitter taste of black coffee, and the threatening reminder of a pending deadline.

Surfing at Sabang Beach in Baler, Aurora

That tiktok-viral flashlight is more expensive than you think, who can fly during the gcq in metro manila, clark international airport’s new terminal to open on 2 may 2022, 6 new leisure attractions in southern metro manila, advertising & collaboration.

field trip philippines 2023

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field trip philippines 2023

SCHOOLS Division Office of Olongapo City

  • Regional Memorandum


  • July 11, 2023

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field trip philippines 2023

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field trip philippines 2023

DepEd Order No. 2, s. 2024 – Immediate Removal of Administrative Tasks of Public School Teachers

field trip philippines 2023

Dr. William Roderick R. Fallorin, CESO VI, Takes the Helm as Assistant Schools Division Superintendent in Olongapo City

by Arlene E. Dela Rea In a ceremony marked by enthusiasm and anticipation, the Schools Division Office of Olongapo City warmly welcomed its new Assistant

field trip philippines 2023

CSCRO III confers PRIME-HRM Bronze Award to SDO Olongapo City

By Coleen Tala | Teacher III, KNHS Continuing its outstanding commitment to promote service excellence in human resource management processes and practices, the Schools Division


Address: Gordon Avenue, New Asinan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines, 2200

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field trip philippines 2023


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Philippines Tours & Trips 2024

Dance 'til dawn in Manila, dive and discover the colours of the Pacific in Bohol, enter complete relaxation on the white beaches of Boracay, or kayak through the limestone cliffs of El Nido. From underground rivers and rice terraces to vibrant festivals and fresh food, a Philippines vacation is an inviting tropical escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Find the perfect resort to sip cocktails at in Palawan , or fall in love with the Southeast Asian cuisine in Cebu. Whether you're after an island-hopping getaway or a beach adventure, this Pearl of the Orient is calling your name.

73 Philippines tour packages with 4,752 reviews

East Philippines One Life Adventures - 10 Day Tour Tour

  • Sightseeing

East Philippines One Life Adventures - 10 Day Tour

Philippines One Life Adventures - 10 Days Tour

  • Active Adventure
  • Christmas & New Year

Philippines One Life Adventures - 10 Days

"Can’t fault this tour at all! First time in the Philippines and I loved every minute of it. The tour was well organised and covered a lot! Would highly recommend for solo travellers or travelling with someone! Shoutout to tour guides Stu and Rachael for making the trip what it was and all the amazing people I met"

Philippines West Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Philippines West

"Where to start. Gemma is an inspiration in life, one of those few people you meet in the world who makes the world feel warm and safe. I could not have achieved what Gemma accomplished this tour; the precision scheduling, yet flexibility and adaptability to the group. Gemma cares infinitely for her tour guests and the places we visited. She has a heart more giving and hopeful than many many people I have encountered in life. Knowledgable, approachable and sociable! I would not be able to visit again with a different tour guide. She made this trip amazing for me and it felt like a personalised gift. She made me feel special and I had the most incredible time with her, the group, the country and myself. As someone with a ASD diagnosis, I can confirm she is able to listen and adjust to your needs. She went above and beyond. Gemma, you are a star!"

Wanderlands Philippines - 12 Days Tour

Wanderlands Philippines - 12 Days

"This was the best group tour I have been on. All transport is arranged for you with a local tour leader who has knowledge of the destinations. All activities are included with options of some add ons. The Phillipines is a hard country to navigate by yourself so I really appreciated having everything organised for me. Dian was such a sweet, fun and organised tour guide, it was amazing to see her family and how they live first hand. This was a well organised and jam packed trip which allows you to do all bucket list activities in the Phillipines."
  • $145 deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Philippines Island Hopper Tour

Philippines Island Hopper

"Had such an amazing time in the Philippines with Gema as our tour guide. She was attentive, knowledgeable and had really great energy. She made the overall experience a lot easier than it could have been and was extremely helpful."

Philippines Island Explorer Tour

  • Island Hopping

Philippines Island Explorer

"Amazing tour and would highly recommend! Not only did we have the most unique experiences that you struggle to do as a solo traveler but we also had our amazing group leader Vitor! He kept us organised and informed throughout the trip and brought such a positive energy everyday, allowing us to just enjoy the experience without having to worry about a thing! I was unsure about booking this trip as I had never done a group tour before but don’t regret my decision, so if you are feeling unsure, go for it! You won’t regret it!"

7-Day Palawan Tour: Puerto Princesa to El Nido Tour

7-Day Palawan Tour: Puerto Princesa to El Nido

Looking for tours beyond just philippines.

Explore tours with itineraries going through multiple countries, including Philippines.

Philippines Palawan Island Getaway Tour

Philippines Palawan Island Getaway

"Loved it and would do another tour again with Intrepid. The guide was very helpful. The Tour was relaxing and flexible with no strict schedule. Made friends with awesome people. And visited the beautiful El nido."

10 Days Philippine Tour Tour

10 Days Philippine Tour

"Wow, first of all, a very big thanks to Marice. She was there every step of the journey with constant and immediate contact via whatsapp directing me where to go and what to look for next. This was a pleasant surprise. I've never seen this level of care from any other tours I've been on. They do a great job of looking out for you from the moment you begin till your last day in the form of VERY good communication. That was a nice touch, and very professional. That's one thing to note. You're not really joining up with a group and sticking together from start to finish with one guide who is with you the whole time. It's just like you are buying the package of all the things you need to have arranged and you just show up, have new people guide you every day, and enjoy. It was very efficient, and talk about value for your money in all that you get! Mind you also, this is indeed a budget tour. If you are looking for 5 star hotels and experiences, this is not your tour. But if you are OK with some more "rustic" elements so to speak, then you'll really appreciate the whole experience you get to have for the price point. All the places I stayed at were clean and safe. What more can you ask for? So the tour itself I found to be fantastic. Sure you are moving around a lot, but if you have a shorter time period to work with and you really want to check some of the major tourist boxes in the Philippines this is the tour for you. You will see a variety of sites and have a well rounded diversity of experiences as well. If you are the type of person that likes to have several days in places this is NOT the tour for you. You are only there long enough to get a taste and then you are moving on. The transport was all amazingly on point, never confusing to find your rides, and I really felt like all the operators they use were very caring and provided a good service. Not once was anyone late. That amazed me. And yes, there are a few times on the trip that you have to pay cash out of pocket for some fees or some optional extra things here and there, but this isn't the tour company's fault. Just the way things work in some of these places in the Philippines, i.e. local taxes, fees, etc. And gosh, for most of you reading this, it's really not that bad. It's literally the equivalent of a few extra US Dollars here and there. Not bad at all. You are still getting a great deal on this trip. So yes, it's a no frills trip, the price is right, and you will see AMAZING places and meet amazing local people. That's what it's all about. I would use this tour company again without hesitation. Thanks for creating a great experience for me CTPH!"

A Week In Palawan, Philippines Tour

A Week In Palawan, Philippines

"The items on the daily programmes (brochure) did not always match reality (shortened or skipped). That should be monitored or revised by operator. Other than that a good tour."

Puerto Princesa and El Nido in 7 days Tour

Puerto Princesa and El Nido in 7 days

From Manila to the White Beaches of Bohol - 6 Days Package Tour

From Manila to the White Beaches of Bohol - 6 Days Package

Sagada & Banaue Rice Terraces 4-Day Tour Tour

Sagada & Banaue Rice Terraces 4-Day Tour

10 Days Do The Philippines Adventure Tour - Palawan Islands Tour

10 Days Do The Philippines Adventure Tour - Palawan Islands

"Just finished the 10 days Philippines tour carried out by Do You Travel. At the beginning, when we figured out that most participants in our group of travelers are single and/or much younger than us, my wife (62) and I (68) thought we had comitted a mistake selecting this trip. The itinerary, the organisation and, above all, very positive group dynamics proved us wrong! We think the biggest merit for this goes to our tour guide Jovain Orlina! We were observing this young man handling complex organisational issues and even more complex (inter)personal challenges with remarkable ease and with passion at the same time. He had a nice word for everyone, open smile in every situation and he managed to reach full identification with the group as a whole. Jovain became part of us. He resolved all problems with skill and dedication. He made us feel relaxed and confident, he opened our hearts and, together with other members of the group, created relaxed mood throughout the tour. Some distracting events like, for example, overall disatisfaction of one group member with the tour, Jovain dealt with patience, in wise and thoughtful manner. However there is much room for significant improvement of one important aspects of the tour. Accomodation could and should be better! The food was for the most part ok, but some selected hotels were not even able to serve a decent breakfast. Rooms were small and in some cases not very clean. Overall, great tour, great group and excellent guide made us enjoy this trip a lot. The best part of the tour was a 3-day cruising expedition from El Nido to Coron on board of Tropical Paradise 7 boat. Excellent cook, skillfull, discrete and attentive crew made us feel thrilled and safe. This was a memorable experience, indeed. Thank you Jovain, thank you Do You Travel. 🙏"

Coron Island Life Expedition (Coron to Coron 3D2N) Tour

Coron Island Life Expedition (Coron to Coron 3D2N)

"Amazing expedition. The experiencies that we had there were absolutely satisfaying. We had a Great time!"
  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Reviews of Philippines Tours

"Currently on tour for the 10 day Philippines trip with Sheena. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who doesn't want a great time with great people from all over the world or with an incredible, bend over backwards tour guide (Sheena). Tip: have crocs in 4wd gear because you might bust a few pluggers and you'll need swimmers for almost everyday ?"
"Gema was an absolute legend! Constantly ensuring everyone was well informed as well as having the best time possible whilst exploring the beautiful Philippines. I couldn't have wished for a better tour guide/travel ninja! THANK YOU GEMA!"
"I had an amazing time in the Philippines! Our tour guide Dian organized everything very well and is one of the nicest people I‘ve ever met. We did a lot of interesting activities. Dian also helped me out planning and organizing my transportation after our tour. I can highly recommend this tour, especially if you don’t have plenty of time to discover the Philippines, you can see many things on two different islands."
"Gemma is an absolute angel. We had a bit of a rough trip with weather but Gemma was a rock for everyone. You can tell she cares and loves her job. Thanks for making this such a special trip xox"
"Andri and the whole tour was great. So much fun and such a stunning destination!"

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  • Philippines Travel Guide | All You Need to Know
  • Best 10 Day Philippines Itineraries 2024 (With Reviews)

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Filipino Homeschooler Logo - no icon

Top Destinations for Fieldtrips

  • March 19, 2018

It’s summer and what better way to spend it on field trips with friends! For us, like most homeschoolers, it’s not really a way to take time off from learning. In fact, we always look forward to field trips or educational travels, holiday or not.

Here are the Top Destinations for Fieldtrips

Museum museums can be found all over the globe. Most of not all, Children’s museums are hands-on and interactive that can occupy the whole family for hours, even the whole day.


Locally, we have Museong Pambata (read 20 Things We Learned in Museo Pambata ) and whole lot of other must visit museums: The Mind Museum,  The National Museum , Philippine Science Centrum,  Quezon City Experience (QCX), Philippine Sports Museum,  Bible Museum ,  BenCab Museum in Baguio  and many others.

Historical Sites, Monuments and Famous Landmarks

Visiting a historical place is another idea for a learning vacation. We kicked off our history class by visiting Cebu – going to the oldest city and oldest street in the country, and so much more. In Manila, a trip to Luneta would be a good start.


When we were in Singapore and Busan, we did a walking tour to check bridges, as Gab has been fascinated and interested in them, and these does not have admission fees:   Exploring Bridges in Singapore |  Places to Go in Busan For Kids

Read more of our Cebu Trip here: Cebu City Educational Tour for Kids | Places to Go in Cebu City

Zoos, Farms, Parks or Gardens

There are numerous learning opportunities when visiting a zoo or a farm. You can talk about habitats, life cycles, and importance of conservation and animal care.

In Manila, we have the Manila Zoo, the Avilon Zoo or the Manila Ocean Park. There are farms in Laguna, Cavite and Bulacan that offers tours to kids. We also have  Nayong Pilipino (in Rizal Park and another one in Pampanga).

Nayong Pilipino Park

Other related post:  Family-Friendly Parks in Manila

Planning for a field trip does not have to cost an arm and a leg. It isn’t necessarily to be in a new location (though traveling can be a great experience and side-benefit!). The great thing about learning is that it can happen in any place that’s new to your child, something she or he has not seen or experienced before.

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field trip philippines 2023

Dumaguete, Philippines Field Survey Trip

The Philippines are home to vibrant coral reefs and incredible macro life. Dumaguete is known for its world class muck diving, and divers will love searching the unique sandy slopes for crytic species like the Robust Ghost Pipefish. Some sites also have artificial structures that attract plenty of juvenile fishes. A day trip to nearby Apo Island is included and provides the opportunity to see some of the most stunning coral reefs in the Pacific. Divers and non-divers alike can appreciate the tranquility of Atlantis Dumaguete Resort by enjoying a massage at the resort spa or a delicious meal at Toko's Restaurant.

Project Focus: This purpose of this trip is to conduct fish surveys to support REEF's Volunteer Fish Survey Project. Click here to learn more about participating in fish surveys on a REEF Field Survey Trip!

Best Suited For: Divers and snorkelers.

Accommodations: Deluxe rooms have either a king bed (convertible to two twin beds) or a queen, ensuite bathroom with shower, safe, air-conditioning, tv with cable, minibar and refrigerator.

Diving: The resort offers 4 day dives and 1 night dive daily. Average water temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. One day trip to dive the reefs of Apo Island is included in the package. Nitrox is available for an additional fee. Tanks, weights and weight belts are included in the cost of the package. A day trip to Oslob to snorkel with whale sharks is also included.

Pricing, Inclusions, and Other Fees

Your Package Includes: The trip package includes 8 nights of accommodation in a deluxe room, unlimited scheduled boat diving, day trip to dive Apo Island, day trip to Oslob to snorkel with whale sharks, all meals at Toko's Restaurant including full breakfast and chef-prepared lunch, dinner, and desserts plus speciality coffee and tea, Internet access, tanks and weights.

REEF Program Fee: A REEF Program Fee of $350 will be added to each package to cover the cost of the group leader, seminar, and REEF survey materials. The REEF Program Fee applies to all divers and any attendee age 18 or older.

Other Costs Paid to REEF:  Round-trip domestic transfers between Manila and Dumaguete will be arranged by Atlantis. The transfer cost will be collected by REEF. As of June 2022, the cost has been quoted as $242 per person and is subject to change. For more information, please see the Transfers section below.

Additional Fees - Not Included: All flights and associated travel to and from the Philippines, marine park fees (subject to change; paid onsite), Nitrox, rental equipment, land tours. Gratuities are not included in the trip package and are at each individual's discretion.


To reserve your space, email [email protected]  or call 305-588-5869. A $1,000 per person deposit will be due to confirm your reservation. Visit our Trip Policies page for more information on deposit and payment schedules. 

Philippines Travel Info

Insurance: Travel insurance is not included. REEF strongly recommends that each participant purchase adequate dive travel insurance to protect you from unforeseen circumstances. REEF partners with both DiveAssure and DAN to offer travel insurance packages specifically for divers. REEF will receive a portion of the proceeds from travel insurance purchases when you click on the following affiliate links for DiveAssure or DAN .

How to Get There: Participants should make arrangements to fly into Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) in Manila, Philippines. Flights should land in MNL no later than noon on August 5, and depart MNL no earlier than 2pm on August 13.

Transfers:  Round-trip transfers between Manila and Dumaguete are arranged by Atlantis. The cost for these transfers will be collected by REEF. The transfers include round-trip domestic economy airfare between Manila and Dumaguete with 66 lbs of checked luggage, domestic terminal fees, private air-conditioned vehicle transfer between international and domestic terminal in Manila, round-trip private air-conditioned transfers between Dumaguete Airport and the resort, personal airport meet and greet, and luggage assistance.

Passports, Documentation and Visas: Visitors must have a current passport with enough space for an entry stamp and a valid return ticket. U.S. citizens staying in the Philippines for 30 days or less do not require a visa, however, a visa may be required for entry for longer stays and/or citizens of other countries. Please consult the appropriate consulate for specific travel regulations and to ensure that you have the correct documentation.

COVID-19 Considerations:  It is the participant's responsibility to ensure that they understand and comply with all local requirements (for entry and visit as a tourist) of the host destination, and for exit and entry requirements for their home country. Be prepared for your plans to change. Be sure your travel insurance covers COVID-related issues. No travel is risk-free during the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries may further restrict travel or bring in new rules at short notice, for example, due to a new COVID-19 variant. Please be aware that REEF is not a travel agent. We are doing our best to interpret the information provided by our trip vendor and the host country’s government COVID-19 webpages. We encourage everyone to do their own research, interpretation, and due diligence. Please see REEF’s COVID-19 Considerations and Vaccine Policies section in our  REEF Field Survey Trips Policies page  for more information.

Over a Cup of Hot Cocoa

Manila Zoo: Field Trip 2023

  • Post author By Kat Santiago
  • Post date March 1, 2023
  • Categories In Lifestyle
  • 4 Comments on Manila Zoo: Field Trip 2023

In November 2022, the newly rehabilitated Manila Zoo, also known as Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden , reopened to the public. The reopening was heavily anticipated, especially by the parents who grew up visiting the zoo in their younger years. The husband and I last visited the zoo a few months before our wedding. And we were excited to visit again this time with our three children. It was also our way to have an early celebration of National Homeschool Day.

Manila zoo 2023

How to Visit Manila Zoo?

I have seen posts about the new Manila Zoo and everyone has mentioned that there is an online registration. I checked the website and registered for myself first. There will be a QR code that you will need, so screenshot this.

Ticket Price per person:

  • Adult – Php300
  • Student – Php200
  • Manila Teachers and residents have discounts

Have your ID handy when you visit the zoo. The kids brought their school IDs.

IMPORTANT : You can register one person at a time. The website does not have a feature to register a group. Which was a bummer for families. Since you can only register one person at a time, the payment transaction is a single transaction as well. Ergo, each transaction you do when you make online payments mean each would have transaction fees.

After registering, you can pay for your ticket online (GCash and others) or pay at the kiosks at the zoo. I opted to pay instead at the kiosks to avoid fees using online payment. The registration is available for payment within 2 days only. Hence, I registered the whole family when we were already on our way to the zoo that morning.

Paying at the Zoo Kiosk

When we arrived after almost 2 hours of traffic from Quezon City, the parking was already full. It was a Wednesday. It was a great thing we used Grab and alighted when we arrived since we do not have our own car.

We proceeded to the information/kiosks. The kiosks accept exact payment ONLY. When we asked the people at the table how we can pay as a family, they said that the kiosks accept only exact payments and we can go to the nearest 7-11 to have our money changed into smaller bills. My eyes rolled. They did not have any booths where we can pay cash collectively as a group. They wanted us to walk out of the zoo, go to the nearest 7-11, and change our Php1,200 pesos to hundred peso bills so we can pay at the kiosk!

I was on the edge of losing my cool, good thing a senior staff of the zoo came out, approached me, and said that she will assist me at the kiosk so we can pay as a family. She first entered one ticket by scanning the QR code and then slipped the 1,000 peso bill into the kiosk. She was able to pay for all 5 of us in 1 kiosk transaction. Pwede naman pala eh!

The senior staff apologized to me and my husband for the misinformation.

We got our printed tickets and passed through the gates.

field trip philippines 2023

Near the entrance is a souvenir shop on the left and an Asian elephant on the right. The entire zoo did not look how it was before. It is now modern-looking. I am not an animal expert on what’s the best habitat-in-captivity for these animals, and would still prefer the animals in the wild, but so far Manila did a good job rehabilitating the place.

Manila zoo elephant

We wanted to see the hippopotamus since there was a big sign of it, but it wasn’t there. Sigh.

field trip philippines 2023

Apex Predators, Aviary, and Food Court

Next to the elephant and hippopotamus’ pens were the apex predators. The cage of the hyena did not contain any hyenas but what looked like a group of Capybaras. Sorry I wasn’t able to take a photo. If you have seen them, please let me know in the comments section if they were indeed Capybara.

Across to the hyena pen are the tigers’ pen.

field trip philippines 2023

The aviary was big. First I thought these were the only birds in the zoo. Later on our trip, we saw birds that are endemic in the Philippines.

field trip philippines 2023

It was an hour before lunch so we decided to have a quick lunch after our visit to the aviary. There were a lot of food stalls that offer soft-served ice cream, rice meals, shawarma, etc. However the tables were already full. We went inside The Aviary Cafe instead and it was a good decision since it was a sweltering morning and the cafe was air-conditioned.

We ordered a couple of floss bread and pasta. I had carbonara.

field trip philippines 2023

The food court is just in front of the water fountain and near the lake. One of the things we were unhappy about the new zoo is that boating is no longer available for visitors.

Manila Zoo food options

Crocodile, Lion, and More Animals

After lunch, we checked the other animals, particularly the crocodile that our youngest was looking for. He helped read the signs leading to the crocs.

field trip philippines 2023

Although it was hot that mid-day, some of the areas of the zoo had pathways with canopies for visitors to walk through. The canopy helped block some of the direct sunlight.

field trip philippines 2023

After visiting the reptiles, we went to see the other birds including the Brahminy Kite who graced us with their flying sessions.

field trip philippines 2023

Next, we went to see the lions

field trip philippines 2023

Now the biggest pen is where the Ostritch, Philippine Deer, and Zebra were. There was a signage for a giraffe but we didn’t see any.

manila zoo review

We went back to see the primates however, the man guarding it told us that we need to enter through the children’s playpark before we see the monkeys. Doing so, we need to purchase from them some foot covers. I did not bother to ask how much it was and we just left since the kids weren’t interested in those. Plus, it was so hot already, we just wanted to wrap it up and go home.

field trip philippines 2023

The zoo was filled with different kinds of plants and I appreciate that they placed name tags for them, including the scientific name. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with plants, specially for those who are taking botany or landscape design.

field trip philippines 2023

The Butterfly Garden

Our last stop was the butterfly garden. There was a museum of butterflies that had a small gift shop. And they have a garden (which reminded me of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay) where live butterflies can come to greet you.

field trip philippines 2023

Before leaving the zoo, we had snacks at the food court. We got some waffles, fruit juice, and milk tea.

Overall Review

The Manila Zoo has transformed itself to a modern zoo when it comes to cleanliness, design, and organization. However, I find the ticket prices too pricey for a public zoo. Specially that other animals were not in their pens. They said though that they will add more animals.

But overall, the zoo is waaaaaay better than it was before.

My worry though is, that the common Pinoy families may not be able to afford a 300-pesos ticket for an adult or a 200-pesos for a child. Food and drinks are not allowed inside (except for the water in your tumbler) which may be an additional expense for a family. It has transformed from an affordable option for Filipinos to a place where ticket prices may discourage low-income families from visiting.

Moreover, although I appreciate the modern way of registering to enter the zoo, I found it too invasive in my privacy since the name, barangay and city, email, age and phone number were requirements even if we were not buying the tickets as Manila residents.

Furthermore, the non-existent ticket booth for non-techy visitors in the zoo may discourage others. Not everyone can register online, you know.

I still encourage parents to visit the zoo with their children. It is a great bonding with the family and an opportunity for them to learn more about these animals, how to protect them and the environment.

Have you recently visited the Manila Zoo? What were your favorites?

The Manila Zoo

M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila



  • Tags homeschooling , life lessons , travel

4 thoughts on “ Manila Zoo: Field Trip 2023 ”

' src=

The new setup and renovation makes it more pleasant looking and modern kaya siguro nagtaas sila ng ticket prize. Nagulat ako nung nalaman ko ang presyo, buong akala ko napakamura (I even thought na libre 😂) lang pumasyal dun. We got there opening pa lang so kahit marami na rin tao, nakapark kami ng maayos. True walang giraffe at hippo na nakita, and yes may capybara nga at madami sila.😁

' src=

Nakakagulat talaga yung price. Hopefully they add more animals para sulit naman ang bayad. Haha! Sabi na nga ba capybara yun asa hyena pen. 😀

' src=

Sa totoo lang I am not a fan of zoos kasi naaawa ako sa animals. Kagaya ng sabi mo, mas bet ko ring nasa wild sila. The last time we visited super liit pa ni Bunso at hindi na kami bumalik kasi awang-awa ako sa kalagayan ng mga animals doon na feel mong pagod na sila.

Happy ako kasi mas naging free na ang animals to explore sa bagong bihis na Manila Zoo. Medyo pricey nga siya compared before kasi para mas maging maayos ang maintenance siguro. We’ll visit din siguro ulit sa darating na panahon for educational purposes.

Yes, for maintenance. May isang comment nga sa page ng zoo. Sana daw yung discount sa ticket ng Manila residents eh same lang sa non-Manila tutal dumayo pa daw sila at gumastos pamasahe to visit the zoo. May point sila. Haha!

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DepEd allows school field trips again

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This is AI generated summarization, which may have errors. For context, always refer to the full article.

DepEd allows school field trips again

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Education (DepEd) has lifted its moratorium on school field trips and other off-campus activities for both public and private schools.

Education Secretary Leonor Briones signed DepEd Order Number 66, series of 2017 , which lists down 3 guidelines that schools should follow in holding co-curricular and extracurricular off-campus activities. 

When conducting off-campus trips, DepEd ordered schools to:

  • Ensure relevance and alignment with the educational competencies of the Kindergarten-to-12 curriculum and the leadership development of learners
  • Uphold child protection principles and that no learner shall be disadvantaged in any form
  • Observe the safety and security protocols for all participants before, during, and after the activity 

The order was uploaded on the DepEd’s website on December 27, 2017.

DepEd had banned school field trips starting in February 2017 after a bus carrying 50 students from Bestlink College of the Philippines crashed into an electric post at Sitio Bayucan in Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay. 

Fifteen students died in the road crash. They were on the way to a camping trip in the province. 

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) had also imposed a moratorium on the school field trips of state colleges and universities following the Tanay bus incident. 

CHED lifted the moratorium  in August 2017. –  Rappler.com

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    Here are some recommendations for interesting places to visit in the National Capital Region (Manila) Philippines for school field trips: The Mind Museum Take your kids to the Mind Museum and let them discover the wonders of science and nature.

  5. DepEd Policy on Educational Field Trips

    1. The conduct of a field trip must be treated as a school-based activity, thus, the school head must appear as the main proponent. Understandably, the policies articulated in DepEd Order No. 56, s. 2001 and DepEd Order No. 50, s. 2003 are fully complied by the proponent. 2.

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  9. RM No. 349, s. 2023

    Republic of the Philippines Department of Education - Region III ... RM No. 349, s. 2023 - PROPOSED GUIDELINES ONTHE CONDUCT OF OFF-CAMPUS ACTIVITIES-EDUCATIONAL FIELD TRIPS/TOURS. July 11, 2023 Regional Memorandum; Download Link. ... ARLENE DELA REA In a vibrant celebration of educational excellence, the 2023 Stakeholders Convergence ...

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    rm no. 00017, s.2023- reiteration of existing policies and related guidelines on the conduct of educational field trips and other similar activities

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    From underground rivers and rice terraces to vibrant festivals and fresh food, a Philippines vacation is an inviting tropical escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Find the perfect resort to sip cocktails at in Palawan, or fall in love with the Southeast Asian cuisine in Cebu.

  12. Top Destinations for Fieldtrips

    March 19, 2018 Mommy Que It's summer and what better way to spend it on field trips with friends! For us, like most homeschoolers, it's not really a way to take time off from learning. In fact, we always look forward to field trips or educational travels, holiday or not. Here are the Top Destinations for Fieldtrips Museums

  13. Dumaguete, Philippines Field Survey Trip

    The REEF Program Fee applies to all divers and any attendee age 18 or older. Other Costs Paid to REEF: Round-trip domestic transfers between Manila and Dumaguete will be arranged by Atlantis. The transfer cost will be collected by REEF. As of June 2022, the cost has been quoted as $242 per person and is subject to change.

  14. Manila Zoo: Field Trip 2023

    Manila Zoo: Field Trip 2023. In November 2022, the newly rehabilitated Manila Zoo, also known as Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden, reopened to the public. The reopening was heavily anticipated, especially by the parents who grew up visiting the zoo in their younger years. The husband and I last visited the zoo a few months before our wedding.

  15. DepEd allows school field trips again

    MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Education (DepEd) has lifted its moratorium on school field trips and other off-campus activities for both public and private schools. Education Secretary ...

  16. 2023 FIELD TRIP VLOG

    02.16.23 GGPIS FIELD TRIP VLOG !MUSIC BY:https://youtu.be/5PeY8TKcOushttps://youtu.be/42ZMm0qw0_chttps://youtu.be/9wiEM0s4aCQhttps://youtu.be/OXtZfPZIex4http...

  17. DepEd suspends field trips

    MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Education (DepEd) on Tuesday night announced that it was indefinitely suspending field trips for public schools amid rising concern over the novel coronavirus, which has infected at least three people in the Philippines and caused the death of two others.

  18. Field Trip S.Y. 2022-2023

    Event in Los Baños, Philippines by Danhill Academy, Inc. on Friday, May 5 2023. Event in Los Baños, Philippines by Danhill Academy, Inc. on Friday, May 5 2023 . Log In. Log In ... Field Trip S.Y. 2022-2023. Invite. Details. Event by Danhill Academy, Inc. Laguna, Philippines. COVID-19 health and safety requirements: Outdoors;

  19. Field Trip 2k23 (Museo El Deposito • KKK Museum

    The 2023 school field trip was an unforgettable experience for all of us! We had the opportunity to explore a variety of new places and discover different cu...

  20. A Magical Journey: School Field Trip 2023|| Philippines

    🎀 I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to experience such a fun field trip. I had a great time and am looking forward to the next one. Thank you for...

  21. r/Philippines on Reddit: Ano yun mga usual field trip locations sa

    Historical Sites (biak na bato, Corregidor, rizal's house in Laguna with side trip to UPLB and Mt. Makiling) though these are outside Metro Manila. We went to Meralco Theatre to watch various plays. Factories (Gardenia, Water Bottle plant, etc)


    Field trip is one of the alternative assessments that Teachers can use in assessing or evaluating students. When pandemic arise, we suddenly shift from face ...

  23. VLOG: Field Trip 2023 ️ ️ PHILIPPINES

    Educational Field Trip 2023📍Presidential Car Museum 📍El Deposito | KKK 📍Star City Follow me on I.G Genesisnerona Godbless y'all