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Fly Away Sports Travel è un’agenzia viaggi che si distingue per l’approccio altamente specialistico che ha nello svolgimento della propria attività.

Da anni è leader nel Campionato del Mondo di Velocita, MotoGp, per la fornitura di ogni servizio gli addetti ai lavori possano necessitare sui campi di gara: dalla camera d’albergo adiacente al circuito al transfer in elicottero, dal biglietto dall’itinerario “impossibile” all’organizzazione di un evento legato alla gara. È presente nel campionato Superbike con le squadre ufficiali più importanti e sta muovendo i suoi primi passi nel competitivo mondo della Formula1.

Tra le prime agenzie in Emilia Romagna per volume di biglietteria aerea venduta per codice Iata, vanta una clientela internazionale grazie soprattutto alla qualificata professionalità dei propri addetti che vantano anni di esperienza nel settore: si consideri che oltre il 90% del fatturato proviene da fuori regione e circa il 40% dall’estero.

  • Viaggi d’affari (volo, hotel, autonoleggio, servizi accessori);
  • Incentives, Convention, Eventi speciali, Promo comunicazione;
  • Trasferte per partecipare ad eventi sportivi;
  • Tutta la logistica relativa alle trasferte del Campionato del Mondo Velocità (MotoGp) e del Campionato del Mondo Superbike e Supersport;
  • Continuo monitoraggio delle strutture con pre-visite da parte di nostro personale esperto;
  • Forte potere contrattuale per l’ottimizzazione del prezzo;
  • Uso di corrispondenti diretti;
  • Negoziazioni costanti dei pacchetti con i maggiori Tour Operator;

E non ultimo, l’esperienza nel settore, che fa si che ogni viaggio resti un bellissimo ricordo.

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“Having dreams is what makes life tolerable” – Rudy 1993 

We believe life in its simplest form is about the experiences you have, the stories you tell about the things you've seen and done, and the people that have moved you. We used these beliefs to create not just packages but memorable sporting experiences. We achieve this with a team of sports enthusiasts who cultivate the best contacts and work with the best in every field, from teams to former players, from luxury hotels to luxury transportation, with an unbeatable attention to detail to ensure our customers are always our number 1 priority.  I'm able to say that not only would I recommend these trips but I'd actually buy them myself!!

Take a journey through our website and dream big!

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Luxury Sports Travel Package Specialists

Since 1992, Roadtrips has been providing completely customized luxury sports travel packages to the world’s most sought-after and exclusive sporting events such as:

  • 2024 US Open Tennis
  • 2024 MLB All-Star Game

2025 Super Bowl

  • 2024 Daytona 500
  • 2025 Masters Tournament

2024 Kentucky Derby

  • 2024 Monaco Grand Prix
  • 2024 Indianapolis 500

2024 Wimbledon

2024 euro finals.

  • 2024 Summer Games
  • 2024 Copa America Finals
  • 2024 Presidents Cup

2026 World Cup

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality sports travel packages that take the stress out of travel, allowing our guests to enjoy memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

At Roadtrips, we’re focused on all the small things. All our travel experiences are custom crafted in order to create your perfect trip. When you travel with Roadtrips, you can be confident that you will be completely taken care of by one of the leaders in the sports travel industry. Contact us to start planning your sports travel experience of a lifetime.

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30+ Things to Do in Louisville During the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby may be famously known as the fastest two minutes in sports, but this iconic annual event in Louisville is anything but fleeting. The race itself may be the pinnacle moment, but the Kentucky Derby Festival begins two weeks before the horses line up with their jockeys on the […]

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The Masters one of the Most Watched Sporting Events in The World

November 3, 2023

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Attending a game in another city was on my bucket list, and your sports travel package made it a reality. The detailed itinerary and expert recommendations allowed me to explore the city while ensuring I didn't miss any game highlights. From start to finish, the experience was seamless. I'm grateful for the unforgettable adventure!"

I had the most amazing time with your sports travel package! From the moment I booked, the customer service was exceptional. The attention to detail, from the prime seat selection to the well-located hotel, made me feel like a valued guest. It was a truly immersive experience, and I can't wait to book with you again!.

As a die-hard sports fan, attending games is a priority for me. Your travel package exceeded my expectations. The prime seats put me right in the heart of the action, and the accommodations were conveniently located. The added entertainment package added even more excitement. I can't wait to book another trip with you!

Why Sports Travel Pros

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With our 24/7 customer support, ready to assist you throughout your sports adventure.

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Cheer alongside your favorite team and witness history in the making..

Immerse Yourself in the Thrills of Live Sports - Tickets, Accommodations, and More!

At Sports Travel Pros, we understand the frustrations and challenges of planning sports travel. We believe that your focus should be on enjoying the game and creating lasting memories, not on logistics and stress. Our all-inclusive travel packages take care of every detail, from accommodation and transportation to event tickets and exclusive experiences. With us, you can leave behind the hassle of planning and limited availability, and embrace a seamless and stress-free sports travel adventure. Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the joy of effortless sports travel with Sports Travel Pros.

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CLEVELAND, OHIO - NOVEMBER 27: Anthony Schwartz #10 of the Cleveland Browns celebrates a touchdown during the first quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at FirstEnergy Stadium on November 27, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio.

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CAT’s extensive experience in collegiate sports travel guarantees you attention to detail plus perfect execution on every trip. Just ask the over 200,000 fans who have traveled with us since 1972. Their experiences add up to an event resume and fan following that’s unmatched in the business.

Our travel programs make it easy for you to follow your favorite team to away-game football weekends, bowl games and the NCAA Tournament.

Whether you choose an all-inclusive, air, motor coach or hotel package…

or, simply need just a hotel room and nothing else, we’ve got you covered with the right package for your every travel need!


When you fly with CAT, it’s often aboard a private charter flight flown by the best names in the airline business…and, at the most convenient times of the day. Best of all, you’ll fly non-stop in the exclusive company of fellow fans… from takeoff to touchdown. 

Coach Fleet

Hotel-Event Transfers

Forget the hassle of driving to the stadium and finding parking. Board private motorcoaches that will take you direct from hotel to the event and back.

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Airport Arrival & Hotel Check-in

And, the conveniences don’t end with your arrival. Forget the tedious trudge to baggage claim, not to mention the endless wait at the carousel. Instead, you’ll be greeted plane-side by deluxe motor coaches that’ll whisk you directly to your hotel, while your bags go via truck from the plane right to your room.  

Crowded Stadium

Game Tickets

Need that all-important game ticket? Your view is limitless. Not only do we get you in the game, but we offer a wide selection of premium seating as well.

Hotel Room


You’ll always rest easy when booking with CAT. A choice of deluxe accommodations from among the world’s leading hotel brands—Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton, has long been a hallmark of our travel packages.  

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On-Site Travel Hosts

Always on hand and eager to help, our on-site event staff includes only the most professional travel hosts and transportation coordinators in the business. Whether accompanying air and ground transportation, hosting hotel hospitality desks, giving local tourist advice or providing directions around the stadium, their uniformed presence can’t be missed.

fly away sports travel

How Do Professional Sports Teams Travel? Usually by Plane, But…

fly away sports travel

Travel is a huge part of the game for professional sports. Whether playing in another city or state or going on a road trip, teams have to be prepared for the many different ways they can travel.

Most professional sports teams have their own planes. This allows them to travel quickly and comfortably between games. They can also bring their equipment and staff, making the process much easier. In addition to planes, some teams also use buses or trains for shorter trips.

However, there are some cases where flying simply isn’t an option. 

For example, if a team is playing in a location that’s far away from any major airports and in the same time close to their city, they might have to take a bus or train.

No matter how a team travels, one thing is for sure: they always have to be ready for the next game. 

Professional sports is a demanding and fast-paced industry, so teams have to be able to adapt on the fly. That’s why it’s so important for them to know how to travel efficiently and effectively.

Without further ado, let’s see how teams from major USA sports usually travel.

How Do Pro Sports Team Travel – Overview

Professional sports teams fly and, on occasion, take buses. The majority of teams fly on chartered planes. They occasionally fly on public airlines. Buses are used for shorter trips, such as trips within or just outside the city. That is true for cities that are close to one another.

Because half or more regular-season games are played on the road, most major sports teams now purchase planes and buses for trips.

Most teams hire a traveling manager to take care of their lodging reservations and transportation from the airports to the hotels and gyms or courts where the games are played because they travel for different games.

For the movement of their gear while on the road, a transportation team led by the equipment manager would be required.

Thanks to planes, nowadays, teams can start a new series the next day in a different city, even if they are traveling to the opposite side of the country. The majority of games are traditionally scheduled in the afternoon.

Sports teams in the United States are also known for flying on chartered planes with major airlines.  

They charter their flight and have the crew dress up in their colors (for example, purple and yellow for LA Lakers). Sometimes teams charter planes to avoid airport delays.

Every team has a traveling secretary who is in charge of lodging, payments, food, and transportation from the airport to the hotel and the hotel to the facility.

The hotel keys are collected by the secretary and given to the players. He or she is in charge of the meals and other necessities on a daily basis.

Why is NFL Special Regarding Travel?

NFL teams usually travel on private planes. This allows them to avoid the hassles and delays associated with commercial air travel, and also provides more privacy for players and coaches.   Some teams own their own planes, while others lease them.

This also depends on the distance of the game. For short distances, teams often fly to the game. However, for longer distances, teams will often drive or take a bus. Some teams have even been known to take boats or trains to get to their destination.

NFL teams sometimes bring along their large team buses. These buses are used to transport players, coaches, and staff between the airport, hotel, and stadium. 

The buses are also used as a place for players to rest and relax before and after games. Many players have even said that the bus is their favorite place to be during road trips.

NFL teams are in charge of booking all accommodations and are responsible for all travel expenses. 

The New York Giants’ travel plans were highlighted by the Huffington Post as an example of an NFL front office’s responsibilities:

NFL is special because the team consists of approximately 140 people, including players, coaches, executives, trainers, managers, video staff, and medical personnel.

The team makes hotel reservations as far in advance as possible, then follows up three weeks before a game to finalize arrangements.

Players need to avoid the bar area and are not permitted to order room service once they arrive at the hotel. The hotel staff usually prepares a protein-focused diet for them.

When it comes to arriving, exiting for the stadium, and leaving to go home, NFL players are on a tight schedule. The team organizes everything, informing them of when and where they need to be ahead of time so that no one misses a flight or bus.

While players are responsible for packing their own bags, including personal items and pads, the rest of the equipment is carried by the team. 

The total weight of a team’s baggage, according to Giants executive Jim Phelan, can be around 15,000 pounds.

The weather influences how teams pack. They’ll need winter gear, for example, if the forecast calls for snow or a cold spell. They must also bring additional equipment. With the equipment they bring, Phelan claims they could “replace half the team.”

In case of an emergency, the training staff also brings medical equipment and supplies.

A lot of moving parts must come together to pack and move an NFL team. On game day, it necessitates meticulous planning, coordination, and execution. 

While the majority of teams have it down to a science, the sheer amount of work that goes into each team’s trip will never cease to amaze. It’s even more fascinating when you consider that teams do it eight times a year.

Which Sports Requires the Most Traveling?

Ironically, the NBA is the most traveled league (no pun intended). Each NBA team plays over 40 games away from home during the season, in addition to training and playing home games every day.

We all know that the United States is a large country with multiple time zones that players must cross when traveling to different locations to play games on the road.

The NBA travels more than any other league in the world. People don’t give it much thought, but a large number of trips has an impact on players. Players gain a lot of experience over time, so traveling every few days has become a habit for them.

On the other hand, for young players or players from other continents, this can be a problem until they get used to it.

Jet lag is undoubtedly one of the issues that NBA players face when they travel to as many as 41 games outside of their city during the season. You travel a lot in other popular American sports, such as the NFL or MLB, but not as much as you do in the NBA.

Teams stay for a few days in these sports as well, and the number of games is not as high as in the NBA. The NBA season lasts a long time, and the teams that make it to the playoffs play nearly 100 games each year. Because the matches are played so quickly, there isn’t much time for a break.

You’ve only just finished the previous game, and a new one is on the way. Many fans believe that the NBA season begins only in the playoffs due to poor performance due to constant travel.

Do Players’ Wives Travel with Them?

Regarding players’ wives traveling with them, different sports teams have different rules.

Some teams allow wives and children to join their husbands on one or two road trips during the season.

Others only allow family members on flights home after the final game of the road trip.

Several teams allow their players and coaches to vote on whether or not their spouses can accompany them on trips.

Actually, wives and girlfriends frequently accompany their husbands on their travels – but on their own terms. They make separate reservations for flights and lodging.

Professionals HQ

Hi, my name is Jim. I'm a hardcore sports enthusiast and also the founder of ProfessionalsHQ, where my team and I will share our knowledge and provide you with the best and up-to-date information about professional sport.

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Last updated: Feb 02, 2024

How Do College Football Teams Travel?

How Do College Football Teams Travel

College football teams are always playing football games at home and away, and as a result, teams in the United States are traveling frequently from place to place. Have you ever wondered how exactly college football teams travel? What forms of transportation do they use? How much does traveling cost a college team? Read on to learn the answers to all these questions and more!

Table of Contents

Bus travel in college football, air travel in college football, college football travel costs.

By far the most common and well-known method of travel for college football teams are charter buses.  Even for schools that use air travel as a primary method of transportation, buses are necessary to transport teams to and from campus and airports, as well as to and from stadiums. For prominent schools, buses may be owned by the school itself, and in this case, they are often painted with the school’s colors and emblems. Other schools may not have buses of their own, and instead rent them from a charter bus company. These buses are often very comfortable, with large seats and ample storage for gear and luggage.

The major upside to traveling by bus is that it is generally less expensive than traveling by air.  On average, the cost of utilizing a chartered bus for a college team is about half of using a private plane, or even a commercial flight.  This reduced expense often makes up for the increased time it takes to travel places by bus.

However, that increased time is the greatest disadvantage of traveling by bus. Since driving a team to their opponents by bus takes time, not only for preparing and packing the bus, but for navigating the roadways, bus trips can be long and grueling affairs. Nevertheless, the sheer convenience of having chartered buses available makes them the most common form of transportation for college football teams.

The fastest way to transport a college football team from place to place is by air.  In many cases, college teams do not travel by plane to other schools, as the cost of flying is more expensive than land-based transportation. However, in the event that a team is facing an opponent who is located in a distant state, or if they are participating in a playoff or Bowl Game in a far-off place, teams will use air travel to reach their destinations.

When traveling by air, a college football team may use private jets rented by the school.  This is often the case when it comes to high-profile, top-tier schools in the NCAA’s Division I, which often have access to large pools of revenue to hire private planes. There is a distinct advantage to flying players to games, which is time. Colleges often fly players to Friday evening games, for example, and are able to have them back by the following night. This gives the athletes more time to rest and study.

The major disadvantage of traveling by air is the cost. Colleges will often have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure charter flights for their athletes. For example, when JetBlue Airlines ended their contract with Eastern Carolina University in 2017, ECU turned to Allegiant Air, paying them $430,000 for the use of charter flights throughout the 2017 season.  In the future, due to conference realignments, it seems likely that air travel is set to become even more common in college football.

Based on reports from the 2018 NCAA season, college football teams spent a total of over $135 million on travel expenses. This evens out to about $1.5 million for team’s with higher budgets and closer to $1 million for smaller schools. 

How do college football teams travel?

College football teams travel to games primarily by airplanes and chartered buses.  For games which are far away, or in the case of schools with large traveling budgets, private planes are a common means of travel, though they often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each season. Chartered buses, often owned or rented by the school, are about half as costly, and are excellent for travel between schools that are relatively near to each other. Buses are generally the most common and visible means of transportation in college football.

Do college football teams stay in hotels?

Yes, college football teams do stay in hotels quite often, not only during away games, but also even for home games.  For road games, the practice of staying in hotels is obviously necessary. However, many college coaches have used millions of dollars on securing hotel stays for their athletes during home games as well, arguing that the ability to stay in the same hotel and share meals increases camaraderie and morale amongst the teammates.

Who organizes traveling for college football teams?

College football team travel is organized by the school’s operations manager, an administrator assigned to the football team who manages all aspects of travel for the team.  Operations managers are tasked with supervising a team’s budget, which includes travel expenses, their transportation methods and logistics, and aspects of travel such as lodging and food. Since organizing such trips is often a huge task, many operations managers have assistant managers to help them.

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Away game express: Airlines are creating limited-time scheduled flights for sports fans

Excited Fans at Football Game

Editor's Note

Attention sports fans: Your flight to the next big game might become easier.

Airlines are increasingly courting sports fans with limited-time scheduled flights that provide transportation to away games.

A recent example comes from Sun Country . The Minneapolis-based carrier is adding flights for two upcoming rivalry games between the NFL's Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers this fall and winter. These flights not only provide fans a new way to travel to games, but they also allow airlines to maximize revenue and capture new customers.

Allegiant has similar one-off scheduled flights planned mainly for football games across the country this fall — and carriers have historically increased the number of flights and seats available in response to big games and events.

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Special sports flights in the past

All three legacy carriers — American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines — as well as airlines such as Southwest, have offered special flights and increased capacity in response to various sporting events, especially for football.

For the NFL Super Bowl earlier this year between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, American Airlines offered a special one-time nonstop flight to transport Chiefs fans from Kansas City International Airport (MCI) to Tampa International Airport (TPA), according to Business Insider .

Additionally, Southwest Airlines offered increased frequencies between MCI and TPA around the Super Bowl last February. Responding to increased demand, the Dallas-based airline added a total of five flights to TPA in the days leading up to the big game and four flights back to MCI in the days following the game.

United has offered multiple limited-time scheduled flights for college football. In 2019, the carrier added several one-time routes tailored for college football fans, such as a round-trip flight between Baton Rouge, Louisiana (BTR), and Austin, Texas (AUS), for a game between Louisiana State University and the University of Texas.

These special flights exist outside of football, too. To accommodate more fans for the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia, Delta is known to fly Boeing 757-200s on the short hop from Atlanta (ATL) to Augusta (AGS) on dates around the event. That's a big upgrade from the usual Bombardier CRJ-900.

fly away sports travel

Why are there specially scheduled flights for sporting events?

These special types of flights have benefits for passengers and airlines alike.

A major selling point of these new types of sports flights is convenience. The flights are nonstop and timed exactly for the game, so fans don't have to do much extra planning. This is especially important when the route would otherwise possibly involve multiple connections.

For example, Allegiant is flying a limited-time route between Appleton, Wisconsin (ATW), and New Orleans (MSY) for a game between the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints. There's otherwise no nonstop service between the two cities. The Allegiant flight makes the journey considerably easier with a 2.5-hour trip, while a flight on American, Delta or United would include a connection and take more than five hours, based on a Google Flights search.

For airlines, these flights are an opportunity for extra revenue that's badly needed since the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020. The demand is there with devoted fan bases across the country who would love to cheer on their team. The fact that most stadiums were empty last season due to pandemic-related restrictions makes these types of flights even more attractive.

Airlines also hope that fans buy travel bundles, including flights, hotels and rental cars, to earn even more revenue. Allegiant hinted at this when discussing one of these routes by saying that "Travelers can book their entire vacation with Allegiant," including hotel and rental car. Therefore, airline revenue for these flights doesn't end with the ticket price.

Special sports flights this fall and winter

Here are a few of Sun Country's upcoming game-themed flights:

In addition to these three examples, Sun Country has added extra flights for almost every Minnesota Vikings away game. Prices for these flights start at $59 each way.

Related: Budget carrier turf war? Sun Country appears to retaliate against Allegiant

While Sun Country is one of the latest airlines to announce limited-time scheduled sports flights, Allegiant is leading the way with the most of this type of flight for the fall.

Some of the intriguing limited-time sports flights that Allegiant will be operating this fall include:

Take note that all of Allegiant's game-themed flights involve several-night stays. Also, many of these routes, such as GFK to BNA, do not normally have nonstop service on any airline.

The increase in special Allegiant sports flights comes after the late 2019 naming of the Las Vegas Raiders stadium to Allegiant Stadium . Allegiant seems to be trying to attract football fans through these flights and the stadium branding.

Also, University Park Airport (SCE) near State College, Pennsylvania, will be receiving several limited-time scheduled flights this fall to transport fans to and from various Penn State University sporting events, according to the Centre Daily Times of State College. Among them: a nonstop round-trip flight from Birmingham, Alabama, ahead of the Penn State-Auburn game.

AvGeek alert!

Although the main reason for these special flights is to transport fans to games, remember that these are still scheduled flights — this means that anyone, even non-sports fans, can take them.

Also, in some cases, airlines are selling seats on the positioning flights for these sports flights. This means that you could score a cheap and likely empty flight that is on its way to pick up sports fans. For example, Allegiant is flying and selling tickets for a positioning flight from ATW to MSY on Monday, Sept. 13, to pick up fans from the football game that will take place in New Orleans on Sunday, Sept. 12. This flight will likely not be very busy — and the base fare is $49.

A look at the seat map for this flight shows that only 12 out of 177 seats have been reserved so far. While looking at the number of seat reservations is not a perfect indicator of capacity, it is a signal that there will likely not be many passengers on board.

fly away sports travel

Bottom line

These specially scheduled flights can be a great way for fans to conveniently travel to cheer on their team. AvGeeks and non-sports fans are in for a treat, too, with unique flights and routes available for anyone to buy.

Editor's note: This post has been updated with additional information about last year's extra flights around the Super Bowl and upcoming sports flights this fall.

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Date of experience : March 14, 2024

Nancy was helpful

Nancy was helpful. She helped me cancel my American flight and get a refund. She also helped me book me a cheaper flight with United for the same route. I think everyone should have a travel agency like fly away who have knowledge about cheaper routes.

Date of experience : March 02, 2024

My credit card was charged by this…

My credit card was charged by this company after a scammer tricked me into believing they were Air Canada calling in regards to a modification of my flight I had booked. The scammer cancelled my flight, and my cc received a charge from "Fly Away Travels". Someone else on this form also noted similar activity.

Date of experience : January 08, 2024

They are a scam

Somehow was routed from a United Airlines Customer Service number to this outfit, which proceeded to charge me additional $$ to "confirm" a flight that was "stuck" in "pending" due to a price change. Unfortunately was realistic due to their ability to access my travel record somehow. Called back to a different United Airlines # and confirmed the charge was completely unnecessary.

Date of experience : January 25, 2024

They disguise themselves as the…

They disguise themselves as the airline.. they are not. No changes you make with them will be honored with the airlines. They are a fraud and I reported them, they charged my cc card and I will get my money back but had I known they were a fraudulent company I wouldn’t be stuck at the airport for 8 hours waiting for another flight.

Date of experience : November 03, 2023

Edward was very helpful

Edward was very helpful. He helped me plan my whole itinerary, and got cheap flight tickets just that I had to spend more time in the air. Overall my experience with Fly Away Travels has been good. Thank You

Date of experience : October 27, 2023

Kam was extremely helpful in…

Kam was extremely helpful in understanding my needs and came up with a great itenary for my family vacation. Helped me with my flight and hotel booking. Extremely happy with his service.

Date of experience : September 10, 2022

Fly Away Travels is a stellar travel…

Fly Away Travels is a stellar travel agency that seamlessly transforms wanderlust into unforgettable journeys. Their commitment to personalized service sets them apart, ensuring each trip is tailor-made to fulfill dreams. The team's expertise extends beyond mere bookings, offering insightful recommendations and insider tips that elevate travel experiences. From securing the best accommodations to crafting detailed itineraries, Fly Away Travels consistently exceeds expectations. Their dedication to customer satisfaction shines through in every aspect, fostering a sense of trust and reliability. With a passion for exploration and a penchant for perfection, Fly Away Travels stands as a reliable companion for those seeking seamless, enriching travel adventures.

Date of experience : November 15, 2023

Fly Away is the one of the best travel…

Fly Away is the one of the best travel agency in the west. They would provide you the best rates for your flights. I have been using them for a year now and they have always surprised me with the proces.

Date of experience : August 03, 2023

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Find cheap flights to Moscow

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Flights to Moscow - Travel Insights & Trends

Get data-powered insights and trends for flights to moscow to help you find the cheapest flights, the best time to fly and much more., how many airports are there in moscow, there are 4 airports in moscow: moscow sheremetyevo airport (svo), moscow vnukovo airport (vko), moscow domodedovo airport (dme) and moscow zhukovsky airport (zia). the busiest airport is moscow sheremetyevo airport (svo), with 48% of all flights arriving there., how long is the flight to moscow, the duration of your flight to moscow depends on your departure and arrival airports. obviously any flights that include a layover will also be longer. the most popular routes to moscow on kayak are from boston , which takes 11h 50m, san francisco , which takes 19h 20m, los angeles , which takes 20h 30m, and new york , which takes 22h 15m., when to book flights to moscow, faqs - booking moscow flights, what are the stopover options for the us to moscow flights.

The stopover options for the US flights to Moscow depend on your airline, departure city, and arrival airport. If you're flying with Turkish Airlines from New York, expect layovers in Istanbul, Bodrum, and Antalya. United Airlines, British Airways, EI AI, Azerbaijan Airlines, Austrian Airlines, SWISS, and Emirates offer flights from New York to DME with common layovers in Tel Aviv-Yafo, London, Baku, Vienna, Zurich, and Amsterdam respectively. Flights from Los Angeles have common layovers in New York, Frankfurt, Dubai, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Vienna.

Which US airports offer flights from the US to Moscow?

If you’re looking to fly to Moscow from the US, you will be happy to know that several US airports offer these flights. You can get flights from the US to Moscow from Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), Newark (EWR), New York (JFK), Philadelphia (PHL), Chicago (ORD), and Atlanta (ATL) among others.

Does Sheremetyevo International Airport offer accessible services?

Yes. SVO is an accessible airport with management that strives to ensure that all passengers traveling through the airport get full access to its programs and services. The airport’s terminals are well configured to provide easy access for passengers with reduced mobility. SVO also offers accessible restrooms throughout its terminals. Disabled travelers are welcome to use Saturn Lounge in Terminal D or Sirius Lounge for passengers flying from Terminals D, E, and F.

How can I access the lounges at Moscow Vnukovo International Airport?

Art Lounge is near Gate 23 on the Second Floor of Terminal A. The lounge admits passengers on in-transit or international flights only and remains open for 24 hours. You can access the lounge through a pass or membership programs. Fountain Lounge is in the food court area on the Second Floor of Terminal A and admits passengers on membership programs. You can access Top Lounge through membership programs. The lounge is near Gate 21 on the Third Floor of Terminal A. Prokofiev Premier and Tchaikovsky Lounge admit travelers through membership programs. Prokofiev is near Gate 13 in Terminal A while the latter is on the International Airside of the same terminal.

What shopping options are available at the Moscow airports?

Travelers looking to shop while in Moscow need not go any further than the airports, as both airports have a wide range of options from fashion to jewelry and souvenirs. Popular shops in Sheremetyevo International Airport include Red Machine, Yarmarka, and Swarovski. For Domodedovo International Airport, Natura Siberica, Consul, and Frey Wille are all great stores to take a peek at.

What restaurant options are there at the Moscow airports?

Just as the shopping options were extensive at both airports, the dining is the same. For Sheremetyevo International Airport, consider paying a visit to Kolbasny Tsekh and Mama Russia. If you are flying into Domodedovo International Airport, Uzbechka and Edim Letim are sure to satisfy.

What facilities are available for children and families at Moscow’s airports?

In Sheremetyevo International Airport, travelers will be happy to note that there is a children’s play area in Terminal D. There are also mother-and-child rooms that feature play areas, showers, and couches for young children and their mothers. As for Domodedovo International Airport, there are two children’s play areas located at the International and Domestic Terminals.

How do I get from Domodedovo International Airport to downtown Moscow?

Fortunately for travelers, Domodedovo International Airport is very well-connected to downtown Moscow. If you are just in town for a visit, likely the cheapest and most convenient way to get into town is the Aeroexpress. Aside from the Aeroexpress, however, there are also bus, shuttle and taxi options available.

Which Moscow airport is closest to central Moscow?

There are 4 major airports in Moscow. The nearest airport from Moscow city center is Moscow Vnukovo (17 miles), followed by Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (18 miles), Moscow Zhukovsky (25 miles), and Moscow Domodedovo Airport (25 miles).

How does KAYAK find such low prices on flights to Moscow?

KAYAK is a travel search engine. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. With over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we are able to display a variety of prices and options on flights to Moscow.

How does KAYAK's flight Price Forecast tool help me choose the right time to buy my flight ticket to Moscow?

KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight to Moscow is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now.

What is the Hacker Fare option on flights to Moscow?

Hacker Fares allow you to combine one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip ticket. You could then fly to Moscow with an airline and back with another airline.

What is KAYAK's "flexible dates" feature and why should I care when looking for a flight to Moscow?

Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Moscow up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. You can then pick the flights that suit you best.

Which airline offers the most flights to Moscow?

Of the 18 airlines that fly to Moscow, Aeroflot offers the most flights, with around 1,664 per week, followed by Pobeda with 452 flights per week.

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Moscow

  • Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search form above to unlock the latest Moscow flight deals.
  • Moscow Vnukovo International Airport (VKO) consists of two terminals, Terminal A and Terminal D. The former is the main terminal that serves most international and domestic flights. Terminal D mostly serves flights arriving from North Caucasus. The terminals are a short walk from each other as they are adjacent and are connected by walkways.
  • Passengers arriving at Moscow Domodedovo International Airport (MDE) can utilize the airport’s shower facilities to freshen up before leaving the airport. Showers are available in the Left Wing of the International Arrivals Area.
  • Passengers looking to explore MDE luggage-free are welcome to leave their luggage at the airport’s storage lockers. You can find the lockers Landslide of the International Arrivals Area and on the Ground Floor of the Domestic Arrivals.
  • Gadget-totting travelers can charge their devices at MDE. The airport offers stand-alone charging stations in every waiting lounge. You can also rent battery chargers from the Left Luggage room.
  • Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) is completely smoke-free in the terminals. However, the airport offers designated smoking pavilions to accommodate smoking passengers. The smoking pavilions are outside at the terminals’ entrances.
  • For flights to Moscow, travelers have four different airports to choose from: Domodedovo International Airport (DME), Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO), Vnukovo International Airport (VKO), and Zhukovsky International Airport (ZIA). However, most travelers will be flying into either Domodedovo International Airport or Sheremetyevo International Airport, as they are by far the most popular of the four airports.
  • Getting from Sheremetyevo International Airport to downtown Moscow is simple, thanks to the Aeroexpress, which connects directly to both Belorussky Railway Terminal and Okruzhnaya station. From either station, you can head to a number of locations across Moscow in no time.
  • Looking to head straight to the hotel after your flight to Moscow? If you are landing at Sheremetyevo International Airport, the Novotel Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Hotel is within walking distance of the airport’s terminals. For Domodedovo International Airport, on the other hand, there is the Domodedovo AirHotel, which is located just half a mile away from the airport and offers free transfers to and from the airport.
  • If you need to get between Domodedovo International Airport and Sheremetyevo International Airport, your best bet is to take a combination of the Aeroexpress and the Moscow Metro. There is even a special “Between Airports” ticket available for purchase at the Aeroexpress ticket office.
  • Got a few hours to spare at Sheremetyevo International Airport? Why not stop off at the Aero-beauty hair salon for a cut, trim, or maybe even a dye? Another option is to spend some time at the History Museum of Sheremetyevo, which has several unique exhibitions on the history of the airport.

Prefer to fly non-stop to Moscow?

Find which airlines fly direct to Moscow, which days they fly and book direct flights.

Nonstop departures

United States to Moscow

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, Aero Nomad, +52 more

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, +53 more

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, AeroUnion, +54 more

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, +55 more

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, Aero Nomad, +51 more

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, +52 more

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, Aero Nomad, +55 more

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, +56 more

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, AeroUnion, +50 more

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, +51 more

AZIMUTH, AZUR air, Aero Nomad, +54 more

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Moscow to United States

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    Fly Away Travels is a stellar travel agency that seamlessly transforms wanderlust into unforgettable journeys. Their commitment to personalized service sets them apart, ensuring each trip is tailor-made to fulfill dreams. The team's expertise extends beyond mere bookings, offering insightful recommendations and insider tips that elevate travel ...

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    Flights to Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Moscow. $542. Flights to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, Moscow. $470. Flights to Moscow Vnukovo Airport, Moscow. $986. Flights to Moscow Zhukovsky Airport, Moscow. Search prices for multiple airlines. Search and find deals on flights to Moscow.

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