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LAG TRAVEL STANDARD TRAVEL-KAE TRAVEL KHAYA ELECTRO, Electro Acoustic Guitar for sale at Richards Guitars.


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The Same - Just Better

We want your guitar to inspire you..

In this first video I introduce you to a customers guitar which is about to go into our workshop for setup and I show you just how many modifications and improvements will be made to the guitar.

This second video shows the guitar going through the workshop process. This process takes around an hour but dont worry - its just highlights!  

Its Not Always A Happy Ending

One of my favorite adverts was one by Honda which said at Honda they don't use the word "OK" and instead they use the phrase "What If".  I LOVED that advert and found it so inspiring.  This is the premise of every guitar setup we undertake.  If that means rejecting guitars and starting again - that is exactly what we do.

No Time To Watch the Videos? Here Is the Summary...

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  • Call us during office hours (Monday To Saturday 10-4pm) on 01789 263333
  • Why not book an appointment and spend a morning or afternoon in total peace and privacy? All the advice will be on hand whenever you need it
  • Live Help is available which is run by Jon, Jake & Richard most hours of the day 7 days a week
  • Richard has written many advice blogs relating to this brand, which can be found at the bottom of the page
  • Richard has provided many hours of advice via our Youtube page at
  • Special highlights are often featured on our Instagram

Looking for a small and comfortable instrument? One you can play anywhere, with a contained size and performance of a full body guitar?

A concentrate of lutherie. A concentrate of sound, you will fall in love with the satin finish Travel series, featuring a compact size with surprising performance. Protected in its magnificent softcase it will accompany you to the end of the world.

- Back&Sides : Khaya

- Bracing : X

- Bridge : Brown Brankowood

- Category : Steel String Shaped Body Electric-Acoustic

- Colours : Natural

- Cover/case : Cover

- Electronics : Micro-Lâg (Volume, égaliseur 2-bandes, accordeur)

- Fingerboard : Brown BrankoWood

- Finishing : Satin open pore

- Format : Travel

- Hardware : Satin black

- Nbr of strings : 6

- Nbrs of frets : 20

- Neck : Khaya

- Nut : Graphite

- Nut Width : 43 mm

- Original Strings : LÂG - Medium

- Radius : 350 mm

- Scale (mm) : 600 mm

- Strings : Metal

- Top : Massive khaya

- Truss Rod : Double-action

- Tuning pegs : Die cast, ratio 1:18

- Types of frets : Medium Silver Nickel

Choose options

Guitars You'd be crazy to Ignore...

For me - there is no difference between "personal" and "business" life - It is all "my life". Interconnected and therefore highly personal. Every guitar I sell (EVERY) is one I can tell you the backstory - about the people who make them - the ethos of the brand and how they align with my own - they are a genuine personal recommendations based on 28 years in the industry.

With the industry dominated by marketing, hype, and " blinkered" brand loyalty - retailers focus on what they get asked for - with little effort in raising awareness of guitars that are better than the one you asked about. This leads to a lot of poor buying decisions!

Here is a quick introduction to the brands I often refer to as "my babies" but really you could simply refer to them as "benchmarks". Check the prices - check the specs - check the quality and back story - and find me a brand that does it better - or even close. The fact is you cant buy a bad guitar from Richards Guitars - you will only find the best - set up to your personal requirements.

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Art Meets Craft - Artisan - Unique

Hand Made In Slovakia

I have the honour and privilege to be Englands exclusive dealer for Dowina guitars. A completely unique approach to guitar building that blends passion, art and craft producing the most inspiring and wondrous acoustic guitars that represent so much more than the materials they are made from.

Dowina is more than just a guitar - its an experience that you will appreciate and remember for a lifetime.

lag travel standard

Detail - Clarity-Power-Resonance-Beauty

Furch Changed Everything...

I introduced Furch to to the UK over 20 years ago - with my good friend Keith Twine who has since retired.

At the time I was a leading supplier of brands such as Gibson, Martin & Taylor. Experiencing Furch guitars made me realize there is what you "know" and what you "should know". Just because you DON'T - doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

What does all this mean? Forget what you think you know and open your mind to the possibility that you can find better - and we will guarantee you an experience you will never forget - with help from Furch and my other personal finds from over the decades.

lag travel standard

Inspirational quality, tone & feel at a price you never thought would be possible.

A Benchmark British Brand

With an incredible Back story - A Truly Brtiish yet global brand utilising the shared skills of the Gordon Smith Team in England and a small boutique workshop in China - The result? Unbelievable quality that far surpasses that of recognised mass produced brands at the same price.

lag travel standard

Hand Made - Standard Setting - Affordable

We Were The First UK Dealer for Eastman Guitars...

....and continue to be their largest and most experienced dealer in the UK supplying Eastman guitars throughout Europe.

Originally known for their extraordinary quality, hand made arch tops - produced by violin makers - as their reputation spread they developed into the World of electric and acoustic guitar production which continue to be made by hand.

Eastman have now become a hugely dominant force in the Guitar World producing the "best in class" in any guitar genre they opt to focus on.

Nobody knows them better or can provide you a better experience.

Whether you decide on the showroom experience or buying online you could not be in safer hands.

The Truly Great British Guitar Brand.  Hand Made In England.  Gordon Smith Guitars

The Truly Great British Electric Guitar Brand Since 1974

The Great British Electric Guitar Brand was born just 2 years after me!

I first became entwined with Gordon Smith in 1995 when I began selling guitars. My first experience was on receiving what I later learned to be a Gordon Smith Gypsy.

So powerful an impact that guitar had on me that I kept it and gave it to my Dad. Its the ONLY guitar in 28 years I havent parted with (well - My Dad has it and continues to enjoy it at 82).

The Gordon Smith Legacy rocketed to new heights when Doug Sparkes took over about 10 years ago - taking this great British Electric Guitar brand into new realms not just in terms of value but extreme quality too - making them not just a choice for people who want to support British Guitar Building but for people who want the finest electric guitars too.

lag travel standard

Quality - Versatility - Innovation

Canadas Finest

I have specialised in Godin guitars since 1995.

Godin have been solving problems for performing acoustic and electric guitar players for over 30 years, producing the most divine instruments which are stylish, of the highest quality whilst serving the practical needs of the modern performing professional

You could say Godin is the antithesis to Gibson! Godins reputation is built largely on the word of mouth of professionals and session musicians who need their instruments to be highly reliable and consistent night after night.

Get one in your hands, and you will soon understand their unique contribution to the evolution of the guitar.

lag travel standard

Hand Made In Italy

I have to thank Stuart - Director of UK Distributor Selectron for thinking of me when he made a very special find in the guise of Luigi - A man building what can only be described as playable works of art. An extraordinary man - extraordinary guitars and I can only thank Luigi & Stuart for thinking of me as a perfect fit to help represent Luigis work in the UK.

lag travel standard

The most comprehensive collection of affordable electric guitars money can buy.

We will help you find The best playing - Affordable electric guitar

I have been promoting Vintage brand guitars since the day they were "born" some 20+ years ago! In this time they have just got better... and better... and better! Not just that but the range has just become EPIC. Something for everyone!!

In the past couple of years ProShop has become one of the mmost exciting UK hand built guitars- using the Vintage range as the building blocks to create wonderful and exciting guitars that would normally cost thousands of pounds.

Rockin’ Instruments

Serving the contiguous United States. Call or text* us at  844-937-6258  for personal service. Scroll down to check out our customer reviews!

Lag Guitars - Items tagged as "Lâg travel"

Lag Guitars

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Lâg Travel Sauvage TRAVEL-SPS

Lâg Travel Sauvage TRAVEL-SPS

Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Lâg belonging to the Travel Sauvage series

Travel Sauvage TRAVEL-SPS classified ad

Lâg Travel Sauvage TRAVEL-SPS

Tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Lâg
  • Model: Travel Sauvage TRAVEL-SPS
  • Series: Travel Sauvage
  • Category: Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars
  • Package weight: 5.1 kg
  • Added in our database on: 02/14/2023

We have no technical specifications for this product but your help will be much welcomed

Fill in the product description

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Other categories in Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Acoustic-electric nylon string guitars

Other names: travelsauvagetravel sps, travelsauvagetravelsps

Guitars –

  • Acoustic guitars >>

Review of the LAG Travel SPE Tramontane Acoustic guitar. Where to buy it?

lag travel standard

I’ll tell you how this post is built. First I list the features of the LAG Travel SPE Tramontane guitar. Then you have a video or two, purchase links and useful comments from other users and then you have one of the most useful parts; comparison tables with similar items so you can compare.

review lag-travel-spe-tramontane

This guitar usually has a price around 472.00 €

Now that we’ve seen the features of this guitar LAG Travel SPE Tramontane watch these related videos to learn more.

Review Demo - Lag Guitars Tramontane TSE701ACE

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  • Ranking with the best acoustic guitars.
  • My selection of cheap acoustic guitars.
  • A beginner’s guide to acoustic guitar.
  • Acoustic guitars by brand.
  • Easy Guide to the Guitar.

LAG Travel SPE Tramontane vs Takamine GD51CE-NAT

Contenidos de la página

  • 1 LAG Travel SPE Tramontane vs Takamine GD51CE-NAT
  • 2 LAG Travel SPE Tramontane vs Takamine GD51CE-BSB
  • 3 LAG Travel SPE Tramontane vs Takamine GJ72CE-NAT
  • 4 LAG Travel SPE Tramontane vs Takamine GD30CE-B
  • 5.1 Thomann

The guitar LAG Travel SPE Tramontane is usually 93 € more expensive than Takamine GD51CE-NAT.

Below have a look to the video of this guitar

Below have a look to the video of this guitar Takamine GD51CE-NAT

Takamine GD51 Dreadnought Acoustic, Natural | Gear4music demo

If you want to know more about this option, click on the following link to see the Takamine GD51CE-NAT review

LAG Travel SPE Tramontane vs Takamine GD51CE-BSB

The guitar LAG Travel SPE Tramontane is usually 73 € more expensive than Takamine GD51CE-BSB.

Below have a look to the video of this guitar Takamine GD51CE-BSB

Takamine GD51CE-BSB Acoustic guitar Demo

If you want to know more about this option, click on the following link to see the Takamine GD51CE-BSB review

LAG Travel SPE Tramontane vs Takamine GJ72CE-NAT

The guitar LAG Travel SPE Tramontane is usually 57 € more expensive than Takamine GJ72CE-NAT.

Below have a look to the video of this guitar Takamine GJ72CE-NAT

Takamine GJ72CE-NAT Acoustic Guitar Video Test

If you want to know more about this option, click on the following link to see the Takamine GJ72CE-NAT review

LAG Travel SPE Tramontane vs Takamine GD30CE-B

The guitar LAG Travel SPE Tramontane is usually 73 € more expensive than Takamine GD30CE-B.

Below have a look to the video of this guitar Takamine GD30CE-B

Gear Demo -Takamine GD30CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you want to know more about this option, click on the following link to see the Takamine GD30CE-B review

Where to buy the guitar LAG Travel SPE Tramontane

  • Free Shipping.
  • Full warranty. If you have any problems, they take care of everything.
  • 100% reliable payment.
  • Leader in trouble-free shipping.
  • Usually Best price.
  • Best Reputation: They are the leading online store in Europe and have the best catalogue and information.
  • Free Shipping and possibility of shipping in one day with Amazon Premium.
  • Full Guarantee but they are no experts in music equipment.
  • Sometimes better price.
  • He’s got worse stock than Thomann.

Also look at these models with a similar price and features:

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  • Art & Lutherie Americana Bourbon Burst CW Q1T
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  • Art & Lutherie Americana Faded Black CW Q1T
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  • Art & Lutherie Legacy Bourbon Burst
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  • Journey Instruments OF312
  • Journey Instruments OF422
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  • Journey Instruments PJ 410N
  • LAG T270DCE Tramontane 270
  • LAG Tramontane 318DCE
  • LAG Tramontane 98
  • LAG Tramontane T177JCE
  • LAG Travel KAE Tramontane
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  • Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst
  • Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst CW Q1T
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  • Seagull Maritime SWS Concert Q1T NT
  • Seagull Maritime SWS CW Q1T Natural
  • Seagull Maritime SWS Natural AE
  • Seagull Performer Cut Concert Hall
  • Seagull Performer CW Flame Maple QIT
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  • Seagull S6 Original Burnt Umber Q1T
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  • Yamaha LJ 6 A.R.E NT
  • Yamaha LL 16 D A.R.E NT
  • Yamaha LS 16 A.R.E NT
  • Yamaha LS 6 A.R.E BS
  • Yamaha LS 6 A.R.E NT
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In high-pressure situations, count on a seamless travel and hospitality journey. We redefine the travel experience, pushing boundaries. Expertise in artist advancing, global VIP services, and tailored transport solutions ensures your needs are met without compromise.

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We manage your complete booking process including administration, pre check-in and artist entry. We will arrange the perfect room allocation and make sure you are treated best.

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Your favorite drinks and snacks in your room or airplane? Of course. We will make sure that your personal preferences and wishes are taken into account when traveling. Wherever you go.

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Taylor Swift joked that 'jet lag is a choice.' A sleep expert has thoughts about that

Regina Barber, photographed for NPR, 6 June 2022, in Washington DC. Photo by Farrah Skeiky for NPR.

Regina G. Barber

lag travel standard

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs embraces Taylor Swift after defeating the San Francisco 49ers during this year's Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Swift, who flew in from Tokyo to attend the game, jokingly told him, "jet lag is a choice." Ezra Shaw/Getty Images hide caption

Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs embraces Taylor Swift after defeating the San Francisco 49ers during this year's Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Swift, who flew in from Tokyo to attend the game, jokingly told him, "jet lag is a choice."

Taylor Swift caused a stir after the Super Bowl this year by answering a question about her flight (on her private jet, no less) from Tokyo to Las Vegas. When her boyfriend Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs asked her "how do you not have jet lag right now?" she responded, perhaps jokingly, "jet lag is a choice."

But sleep experts like Jade Wu would like Swift and others to know that "jet lag is very real. It's biologically ingrained."

Jet lag is a form of circadian misalignment, an umbrella term for any time your body clock is out of sync with your current time zone or where the sun is in the sky, says Wu, a behavioral sleep medicine psychologist and researcher at Duke University.

Jet lag is not 'a choice' — here's what to know

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It happens when you cross multiple time zones in a very short amount of time, she says. A direct flight from Tokyo to Las Vegas, for instance, takes about 10 hours and sets your internal clock forward by 17 hours (in Standard Time). So if you land in Las Vegas at 7 p.m., your body might still be on Tokyo time, which is noon the next day.

What happens to your body during jet lag

For many folks, jet lag can leave them feeling groggy and out of sync with their surroundings. "Our thinking is slower, our mood is worse, our metabolism is not as good. We can't sleep when we want to sleep but we can't feel awake when we want to be awake," says Wu.

Planning a long-haul flight? Here's how to outsmart jet lag

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Planning a long-haul flight here's how to outsmart jet lag.

That's because almost everything in our bodies — like our blood pressure, our organ systems and our cognitive function — runs on an internal clock, says Wu. "These clocks are synced up to each other. During jet lag, suddenly all these clocks are confused. They're saying: 'Wait a second, I thought it was daytime. Why is it night?' "

That includes the master clock in your brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). "Think of all the clocks in your body as a billion-person orchestra. The SCN is the maestro. And if the maestro can't keep time, then the entire orchestra falls apart," she says.

Photo collage of a young woman in a suit and a sleep mask leaping across the clouds through different time zones, represented by clocks set to different time zones, into an increasingly darkening sky to represent the concept of helping your body adjust to jetlag

How to minimize jet lag symptoms

To mitigate the effects of jet lag, a little preparation goes a long way, says Wu. Here are some tips to help manage symptoms of grogginess.

  • Rest up beforehand. Take supplemental naps ahead of your journey, but don't force it if you're not sleepy. The goal is to get as much rest as possible so that when you're in a period of less sleep, you'll feel a little more alert.
  • Time shift your sleep . Gradually adjust your schedule toward your target time zone before you leave. Let's say you live in Chicago and your usual bedtime is at 11 p.m. and you're traveling to Lisbon, Portugal, in a week. Start heading to bed (and getting up) about 15 to 30 minutes earlier each day. By the time your trip rolls around, your bedtime should be about 8 p.m. How does that help with the time change? Rather than trying to fall asleep at 5 a.m. Lisbon time (11 p.m. Chicago time), you'll now be trying to fall asleep at 2 a.m. Lisbon time — a more reasonable hour to hit the hay. If you need help with this step, try using jet lag apps like Time Shifter to create a schedule.
  • Book a flight that works with your nighttime sleep schedule, not against it. If you're flying to Taipei, Taiwan, from Los Angeles, for example, take a very late flight so you can get your eight hours of nighttime sleep on the 14-hour plane ride. When you arrive, it'll be morning local time, and you'll have enough rest to start your day.
  • Be careful with alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol can block or interfere with deep sleep , making sleep more fragmented. And Wu discourages using caffeine to fight jet lag because it can lead to unpredictable outcomes. Sometimes it can make you exhausted or wired or both. However, if you're heading east, you could aim to have some caffeine to help stay up. Avoid it if you're going west. 
  • Consider the direction you're headed. If you're going west, say to Seoul, you'll have to stay up and wake up later. If you're going east, say to Madrid, you'll have to sleep and wake up earlier. "Going west is easier because your body [naturally] wants to go to bed later. Going east is hard because you have to fight [sleep]," says Wu.  If you're traveling west, take a short nap on the flight so you can go to bed at a reasonable hour once you reach your destination. By the time you land, hopefully you'll be sleepy enough to "sleep a nice, solid night and wake up in the morning local time," says Wu. If you're traveling east, try to stay up during your flight. "When you land, you're not going to be sleepy yet by the local bedtime. So you may need to take a sleep aid to help you fall asleep that night," she says.
  • Once you reach your destination, quickly try to adjust to the local time. "Get lots of light first thing in the morning," says Wu. Exposing yourself to daylight early in the day can help sync your circadian clock to your new time zone. "Go outside, exercise, walk, hike, go around town. The quicker you get actively engaged in the rhythm of the local schedule, the more quickly you'll adjust."

The digital story was written by Malaka Gharib and edited by Andee Tagle and Meghan Keane. The visual editor is Beck Harlan. We'd love to hear from you. Leave us a voicemail at 202-216-9823, or email us at [email protected].

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Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Southern France, the birthplace of Lâg Guitars, the Tramontane guitars embody the philosophy of the company.

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Headstock, fingerboard, bridge

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In another break from the traditions of acoustic guitar making, Lâg Guitars commonly feature black machine heads which were only found on hard rock electric guitars at the time when they were introduced. The black tuners may not be traditional on an acoustic guitar, but they evoke the ebony tuning pegs of baroque guitars and classical instruments.

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Symbol of Occitanie, a region in the south of France, the Languedoc cross is the emblem of the Tramontane guitars, our iconic acoustic range. It has decorated the delicate rosettes of each of the Tramontane series with dignity since their creation. The cross represents the timelessness and the undeniable rooting of the Tramontane at Lâg through its 12 ends, representing the 12 months of the year and the 4 seasons through its 4 branches. By emphasizing the origins of the Lâg brand, it also embodies the identity of a warm region with plural landscapes and remarkable heritage, offering the Tramontane guitars character and authenticity.

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Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive?

Soaring premiums have become a prominent driver of inflation, and insurers say that more increases could be on the way. How did it get like this?

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A steady stream of cars drive on a two-way highway that has three lanes on each side.

By Emily Flitter

If your car broke down two years ago, it probably became a bigger problem than you bargained for.

A confluence of forces were to blame: The Covid pandemic disrupted supply chains, pushing used car prices to record highs and making spare parts hard to get; out-of-practice drivers emerging from lockdowns caused more severe wrecks; and technological advancements like motion sensors made even the simplest parts, like a fender or a rim, expensive to replace .

Things have since improved for car owners — except when it comes to insurance bills. Car insurers are still raising prices steeply: The price of motor vehicle insurance rose more than 22 percent in the year through April, the fastest pace since the 1970s, according to a report the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday. According to calculations by the Insurance Information Institute, a trade group, the average 12-month premium for car insurance was $1,280 in 2023, the industry’s most recent figures.

That has made car insurance a prominent factor preventing overall inflation from cooling more quickly, which could force the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates higher for longer even as the prices for many other essential goods and services have slowed.

Geico recently reported a big jump in quarterly profit on higher premiums and lower customer claims. The share prices of other big auto insurers, like Allstate and Progressive, have beaten the rise in the overall market this year.

That has attracted scrutiny from economists . A key reason car insurance costs are rising so fast right now has to do with how the industry is regulated.

How does insurance regulation work?

Insurers are regulated by the states, not the federal government. In all 50 states, insurance companies must follow specific rules about how and when they can raise the price on their policies.

Each state’s laws are broadly similar, and require insurers to ask regulators for permission to raise prices. Insurers have to make a case — with data to back it up — that the increase is necessary and that they will not make too large a profit on the re-priced policies. This application, known in the business as a “rate filing,” involves complicated paperwork that may take weeks or months to resolve.

The data has to include an analysis of loss trends from the past couple of years, as well as projections for replacement costs and profits. If insurers are deemed to profit too heavily, regulators can make them return money to customers.

The threat of returning money is not an idle one. At the height of pandemic lockdowns in 2020, when many cars sat idle, insurers returned almost $13 billion to customers through dividends, refund checks and premium reductions for policy renewals, according to the insurance ratings agency AM Best.

California was one of the most active states: Insurers there returned $3.2 billion to customers in 2020.

Ricardo Lara, the state’s insurance commissioner, “directed the department to do a very close analysis to make sure that drivers weren’t overcharged,” said Michael Soller, a spokesman for the California Department of Insurance. But starting in late 2021, the state became the poster child for a new problem: an epic backlog of insurers’ requests to raise prices.

How a massive paperwork jam explains rising prices.

When the pandemic shut down most economic activity, it messed up insurers’ ability to use the past to predict the future. For months, they were frozen. They did not submit new rate filings to regulators for a spell — until they did, all at once, in the second half of 2021.

The prices of cars and parts were jumping and drivers were back on the roads and crashing left and right after a hiatus behind the wheel.

“You went from this period of incredible profitability to incredible losses in the blink of an eye,” said Tim Zawacki, an analyst who focuses on insurance at S&P Global Market Intelligence. No companies were willing to stick their necks out by offering lower premiums in the hope of winning new business, he said.

“Everyone was together in significantly pushing for rate increases.”

In California, the most populous U.S. state, insurers were getting creamed by expensive claims.

But the state’s regulator did not start approving insurers’ requests to raise rates until near the end of 2022. The backlog grew so large that the average wait time for approvals was longer — by several months — than the six-month policies that insurers wanted to sell.

“When state regulators delay or prevent companies from accurately pricing insurance, insurers may not be able to absorb the costs,” said Neil Alldredge, the president of the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies, a trade group that represents many home and auto insurers. The squeeze can lead insurers to leave some states or stop some business lines, he added. “Inefficient regulatory environments in states like California, New Jersey and New York, combined with inflation and increased catastrophic losses, have left consumers with fewer choices of insurers and higher costs,” he said.

California is still the slowest state in the continental United States for auto insurance rate filings, taking an average of 219 days to approve a price proposal for a personal auto policy, according to S&P data provided by Mr. Zawacki.

“We fight for consumers by analyzing all of the data, not just what insurance companies spoon-feed us,” Mr. Soller, the California Department of Insurance spokesman, said.

The S&P analysis showed that New Jersey, the 11th-most populous state, had the sixth-longest wait time, while New York, with the fourth-largest population, had the 7th-longest wait times.

“The department performs a comprehensive review of requests to amend rates or rating systems to ensure compliance with New Jersey law,” said Dawn Thomas, a spokeswoman for the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.

Ms. Thomas said the regulator needed to ensure that each proposed premium increase was “reasonable, adequate, and not unfairly discriminatory,” and that sometimes the insurers’ requests needed to be challenged or denied.

A spokeswoman for New York’s regulator declined to comment.

When will the jam clear?

Shortly before the pandemic, the umbrella organization for state insurance regulators, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, formed a team of data scientists to help regulators deal with their rate filings, which has gotten more complicated in recent years.

The data team became fully operational in 2021 and its mission is now to help speed up the review process: 37 states have signed up to use it.

This month, during a call with analysts to discuss Allstate’s earnings, company representatives said they had recently reopened their California auto insurance business after getting permission to charge higher rates. The company still wanted to raise prices in other states.

In New York and New Jersey, for example, “even with the rate approvals that we got late last year, we still don’t feel like we’re at the appropriate rate level to want to grow in those two states,” said Mario Rizzo, the president of Allstate’s property-casualty business.

How much higher will premiums go?

In 2021, insurers’ personal auto businesses started recording losses. According to David Blades, an analyst for AM Best, the industry lost $4 billion in 2021, $33 billion in 2022 and roughly $17 billion last year.

According to Dale Porfilio, the chief insurance officer at the Insurance Information Institute, the trade group, many companies still need to raise prices to make up for those bad years.

Last year, insurers raised auto premiums by 14 percent, the biggest increase in over 15 years. Mr. Porfilio’s best guess is that premiums this year will rise another 13 percent.

“It’s going to take time for every company to get their rates to where they want to be,” he said.

Emily Flitter writes about finance and how it impacts society. More about Emily Flitter


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  13. Jet Lag: Navigating the Symptoms, Causes, & Prevention

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