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3. Star Trek Online The Romulan Republic

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Romulans have two main bases and a secondary base, depending on which faction you align with later on. The primary Romulan base is the Romulan Flotilla, found in the Azure sector, fourth row from the top and fourth column from the left on the sector map. It is represented by the symbol of a ship. The missions will direct you back to this place a few times, both once you complete the tutorial and variously when levels are gained. After you have established the New Romulus homeworld, you will then have access to the Command Center, where you'll be directed to the shuttlebay occasionally when you can acquire a new ship.

*Ship Section and Central Hub of Flotilla*

Now on to the story. Do not skip the tutorial unless you have already done it and know how the basic mechanics of the game work. It will only be available after you have completed it once.

From the Ashes

From the Ashes is the first Romulan specific story arc offered, consisting of seven episodes. The first few episodes serve as a tutorial on how the game works and the various mechanics, most of which has already been explained in the Basic Mechanics page of the walkthrough. After the Romulan home planet has been destroyed in events prior to the game, you start out in one of the colonies trying to survive.

This game has an important mission within it. The sixth mission is called Turning Point. It will take you through several different objectives, and at the end it will give you a choice. You can choose to align with the Federation, or you can choose to align with the Klingons. For the purposes of this walkthrough and the easiest path, choose to align with the Federation. You will then begin to access the Federation storylines that are typically shorter. You will also have the option of flying Federation ships up to a certain tier. Completion of this story arc will grant you an achievement. You will also receive the achievement for reaching level 10 by the end of this arc.

Completed the From the Ashes story arc

From the Ashes

At level 10, you get the ability to Transwarp. Transwarp is a type of fast travel available only so often that can quickly jump your ship to different parts of the galaxy. As you progress in levels, you'll find yourself going faster and faster in sector space, but travel can go painfully slow in the beginning. Use travel time to clear out your inventory, sort your missions, update any daily assignments like duty officers, or have a snack.

Between level 10 and level 20, you will begin doing several different daily tasks for progression towards certain achievements. At level 10, you can begin collecting Path to 2409 datachips from Starfleet Academy. You will want to collect one once a day as often as possible to acquire one of the longer collectible achievements in the game. More information can be found on the Path to 2409 page.

At level 11, you will receive a mission to pick up your first complement of duty officers. These are the faceless crew that work behind the scenes on your ship. You can send them out on missions that will earn experience, credits, items, even occasionally other duty officers. There is an AoY DLC achievement related to gaining level 4 in a single commendation track. More information on what you'll be doing for this can be found on the Dailies page.

At level 15, you will have the ability to begin crafting. You must choose a single school and begin 20 hour research assignments once a day to reach level 15 in that school. You can have three research assignments for the same school going at one time. More information can be found on the Dailies page.

Allies is the second Romulan specific story arc, consisting of five episodes. Now that you have chosen which side you want to fight for in the war, you'll be given missions to support that choice. Completion of this story arc will grant you an achievement. If you haven't already, you will receive the achievement for reaching level 20 within this arc.

Completed the Allies story arc


In Shadows is a seven episode arc that has you beginning your conflict with the Tal Shiar, a group of Romulans that will remain your adversaries through much of the game.

Completed the In Shadows story arc

In Shadows

AoY DLC Note - The game lists the Yesterday's War Story Arc as next, but you can not fully complete the arc until level 50, as there are hidden episodes. You may choose to do the first two available if you wish, or skip directly to Wasteland and fully complete Yesterday's War at the point indicated later in the walkthrough.

Wasteland takes you to the desert planet of Nimbus. The majority of these missions are on the ground, so you will want to make sure your Captain and your Away Team have reasonably decent items equipped.

Completed the Wasteland story arc


Vengence is seven episode arc specifically for Romulan characters. It concludes the general story that started in the beginning, and goes after the Elachi.

Completed the Vengeance story arc


Freedom (AKA Romulan Mystery)

Romulan Mystery is an eleven episode arc for Starfleet. Somewhere in the arc you should become level 30. This mission has a somewhat annoying aspect to it, as the episode 'The Vault' requires you obtain and use a shuttle. The game will give you a free token to obtain one at the ship requisitions officer, and you can move over some items onto it. This is also the last Romulan only story arc, with all the rest being available to everyone.

Completed the Romulan Mystery story arc

Romulan Mystery

THIS IS THE ONLY STORYLINE YOU WILL SKIP. Jump directly to Cardassian Struggle by going into the episode guide and skipping each individual episode within the arc, or not starting it altogether if it gives you the option. While there is an achievement related to this storyline, it is a waste of time to do it on your Romulan. During your Federation character playthrough, the game forces you to complete Spectres as part of the Klingon War storyline, giving you two achievements in one storyline there.

Cardassian Struggle

Cardassian Struggle is a ten episode arc starting at level 35. You'll be visiting DS9 and the planet Bajor throughout this arc. The mission 'Of Bajor' within this story arc is one of the longest in the game involving a lot of various running around the planet Bajor, so be prepared for that. At some point during this story, you should reach level 40.

Completed the Cardassian Struggle story arc

Cardassian Struggle

Breen Invasion


You want to maneuver your away team to stand on the designated spots, and you want to hit the appropriate switch, all while you stand directly in the middle. Make sure you keep the stairs as an orientation point so you don't get spun around. You can't leave the middle spot the entire time. When you've aligned your crewmembers, the panel will start to glow. The correct panel order is: Panel 04, Panel 07, Panel 03. You might have to run off of the middle circle and quickly hit Panel 03 if the option doesn't show where you're standing. It can also be incredibly frustrating moving your people around, so try and tell them to stand closer to the corner than directly in the circle, as they'll stop short of wherever you tell them to go.

Completed the Breen Invasion story arc

Breen Invasion

Borg Advance

Borg Advance is a five episode arc that has you fighting the Borg. In space combat, the Borg have a weapon that looks like a small green torpedo. Once hit by this weapon, you will find all of your shields quickly draining. This weapon acts as a debuff, with the only counter being the activation of some type of Science skill that removes debuffs. The easiest to acquire is the Science skill Hazard Emitters, which provides a small hull heal over time, as well as wipes all debuffs. You will want this in your Science tray slot, and activate it quickly when you see your shields dropping. This won't completely protect you, as the Borg use it multiple times, but it will give you a little more survivability and time to heal your shields.

On the ground, the Borg have a unique 'Adaptation' ability. After a certain amount of shots, you will no longer be able to damage them, and every shot will show 'Adapted' in green letters rising from their bodies. You will need a Frequency Remodulator, which you can buy from the Ship Replicator in the inventory menu, or find during the beginning of the missions. Make sure the Remodulator is equipped, and use it whenever you see the Borg adapt to your weapons. After the item is used, you will be able to damage again for a period of time.

On the mission 'Where Angels Fear to Tread', you'll be on the ground fighting various Borg drones. When you come to a place where you can fight a Tactical Drone, remove your armor, shield, and refrequencer. Let the Tactical Drone start to kill you, and he will eventually use a sparkling green attack. Upon death, you'll find your character start to move on its own and become a borg, gaining you another achievement:

Got Assimilated by the Borg

Resistance is Futile

Upon Completion of the story arc, you'll receive:

Completed the Borg Advance story arc

Borg Advance

Level 50 and Captain Specializations

Reaching Level 50 is an important milestone within the game that unlocks most endgame content. If you are doing the AoY DLC, you will now want to begin your Admiralty missions, which are explained more on the 'Dailies and Checklist' page of the walkthrough. You will also want to begin performing your Tour of Duty daily mission, as it now pays out the maximum amount of Energy Credits. This will help you begin to afford many datachips already posted on the market. You will now have access to Reputation PVE Queues, which are explained more on the Reputations page.

At this point, Captain Specializations are unlocked. These can be found under the Skills section of the main menu, under Specializations. Beginning at level 50, each level you advance will grant you a single Specialization point. These are skill trees that provide extra bonuses of various types, depending on which you choose. While there are currently six specializations to choose from, only four provide an opportunity for 30 points to be spent, which is what the achievement requires. These are Command, Intelligence, Pilot, and Temporal Operative. The Intelligence specialization is currently the better choice if you are flying a larger, less mobile ship that uses beams, as it provides significant damage increases and damage resistance. If you are flying a smaller, more maneuverable ship, Pilot will be a better choice for a specialization, as it increases your mobility and evasiveness. Whichever you choose, you MUST focus all of your gained specialization points into that single category. The achievement requires you completely fill the category with 30 points, it does not allow for mixing between specializations.

You will receive your first ten points between level 50 and 60. After 60, you will continue to gain experience as normal, but each level will grant a single specialization point instead of raising you past 60. Completing all ten stages of the Federation 'Tour of Duty' under Admiralty missions will grant an additional two specialization points, so pursuing that path to a level 10 Admiralty is recommended. You will receive any number of extra points as you continue through the rest of the story arcs, depending at which point you reached level 50. Still, depending on your play and activity, it is likely this will be the last achievement you receive. If it is, you can either complete PVE Queues for Reputation marks as described on that page, or continue accumulating experience through the Duty Officer and Admiralty missions.

Spent 30 points in any Captain Specialization


New Romulus

New Romulus is a ten episode arc that takes you through the new Romulan planet as they resettle. This story arc will be one you revisit often, as it is frequently used in obtaining one of the datachip achievements. Two missions in this story arc are played frequently, Overgrown Caves and Mountain Base, as they'll provide the items that allow for datachips.

Completed the New Romulus story arc

New Romulus

Now that you have access to New Romulus, begin collecting the Romulan datachips everyday. These can only be acquired by level 50+ characters, and require replaying various missions within the New Romulus story arc. More explanation can be found on the History of New Romulus page.

AoY DLC: Yesterday's War

Yesterday's War is a four episode arc and part of the Agents of Yesterday expansion. The first two episodes of the arc are opened up at earlier levels, but the final two can only be completed at level 50. Once the fourth is completed, you'll complete the arc.

Completed the Yesterday's War story arc

Yesterday's War

Solanae Dyson Sphere

The Solanae Dyson Sphere story arc is nine episodes long. You'll notice the difficulty of some of these missions increasing, including fights against artillery cruisers. The ships create blue orbs around your ship that end up exploding and often can destroy your ship in one hit. The best defense against this is to keep moving, save your Evasive Maneuvers and your Brace for Impact. This mission will also take you to the Voth Battlezone, which is where you can begin obtaining the Solanae Dyson Sphere Lore (Found on the Exploration page). You can do it now if you like, though it's easier to save for later when you've started collecting better armor and weapons.

It is important, in the first episode of the arc, that you choose the Obelisk Warp Core as the reward, even if you are Romulan and can't use it. Store this in your bank, as it becomes very valuable when you've reached level 60 and begin frequently doing the Tour of Duty mission. This will significantly improve your speed to reach more systems.

Completed the Solanae Dyson Sphere story arc

Solanae Dyson Sphere

The Delta Quadrant story arc is sixteen episodes long, which is the largest of the game, and you will really feel it drag on. You'll be joining the Voyager crew and fighting for the Kobali. If you haven't hit level 60 already, you certainly will by the end of this arc.

Completed The Delta Quadrant story arc

The Delta Quadrant

The Iconian War

Iconian War is eight episodes long and generally considered one of the better story arcs in the game. You'll find old enemies becoming allies as you travel through time and defeat the invading Iconians you've been hearing about through the other arcs.

It is important, in the third episode of the arc 'Delta Flight', that you choose the Polaric Modulator Console as the reward. This console will be used on your Tour of Duty ship to make you reach more systems.

Completed The Iconian War story arc

The Iconian War

AoY DLC: Future Proof

Future Proof is six episodes long, and is rather tame compared to the other arcs you've had to do. It involves the Temporal war, and will require a lot of time travel type stories. This is the final story related achievement that has been released as of the 'Agents of Yesterday' update.

Completed the Future Proof story arc

Future Proof

At this point, the only leveling/story related achievement to worry about is the Captain Specialization, which is explained above. You can do this passively by logging in once a day and doing Duty Officer Missions and Admiralty, explained here , or you can play actively as well, still doing the duty officer missions and Admiralty, but also do PVE queues and work on reputation, explained here .

level 20 star trek online

Star Trek Online

level 20 star trek online

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Starship tier

  • VisualEditor

A playable starship 's capabilities are largely defined by its tier , which determines the number of bridge officer stations, the rank of those stations, the number of console slots, and other factors.

Lower tiers are intended for a specific rank ; for example, Tier 2 starship becomes playable for Lieutenant Commander and while it can be used by Commanders , it ceases to become competitive against enemies encountered at the Commander level and above. Tier 5-U, and to a greater extent, Tier 6 starships level with the player after beyond their initial rank.

Tier 5 and 6 starships have ships that are slightly more powerful than regular starships of that tier. This includes all " Fleet " starships and premium starships obtained from places such as the Lobi Store or a Lock Box .

  • 1.1 Tiers 1-4
  • 1.2 Tiers 5-6
  • 2.2 Level scaling ships
  • 2.3 Small Craft
  • 3.1 Mirror Universe variants
  • 3.2 Fleet-grade Tier 5
  • 3.3.1 Tier 5-X
  • 3.3.2 Tier 5-U/X scaling
  • 4.1 Tier 6 scaling
  • 4.2 Fleet-grade Tier 6
  • 4.3 Tier 6-X
  • 5 External links
  • 6 References

Summary of Tiers [ | ]

Tiers 1-4 [ | ], tiers 5-6 [ | ].

Tactical Escort Refit quad cannons

A Tier 4 Tactical Escort Refit

Refined dilithium icon

Refits [ | ]

Some ships available for dilithium do not have "Refit" in the name but have the same enhanced stats. These are the:

  • Constitution Light Cruiser
  • Daedalus Temporal Science Vessel
  • Gemini Temporal Cruiser
  • Nebula Advanced Research Vessel
  • NX Class Light Escort
  • Oberth Class Light Science Vessel
  • Perseus Temporal Escort
  • Steamrunner Blockade Runner Escort

These starships were previously available in the Zen Store as account unlocks. Players who obtained them from there before they were removed retain account-wide access to them.

Level scaling ships [ | ]

A select few Tier 4 ships can level with the player in a manner similar to the Tier 6 system as described below . These ships include the Prototype Walker Light Exploration Cruiser , Kobayashi Maru Freighter , and Tong'Duj Freighter . These ships however only scale from Tiers 1 to 4 (through level 40).

Small Craft [ | ]

Small Craft are Tier 1 ships such as shuttlecraft and fighters. Compared to full-sized starships, they have significantly less hull, shields, weapons, bridge officers, consoles, and crew. However, these craft have very high manoeuvrability and turn rate.

Tier 5 [ | ]

Fleet Credits

Mirror Universe variants [ | ]

Some ships have a slightly different Mirror Universe version available. These ships have the same hull-related stats as the Prime Universe model (hull strength, shield strength, power levels, flight speed, turn rate, inertia), but a different bridge officer and/or console layout. They also come with a Mirror Universe skin option. They can be obtained with a chance of ~2% from Lockboxes (or the Exchange as they are tradeable). Mirror ships cannot be upgraded to Tier 5-U (see below). There is also a Tier 6 Mirror Universe Guardian Cruiser .

Fleet-grade Tier 5 [ | ]

Fleet-grade starships include those prefixed with "Fleet" and certain premium starships.

Fleet Ship Module icon

The fleet versions of a few T5 starships are not a simple direct upgrade of 10% more hull, 10% more shields, and an additional console: another aspect of the ship has changed, such as bridge officer seating. These are also noted on the Fleet Ship Module page. See the individual ship pages to compare.

The following ships are already "fleet-grade" and thus do not have separate fleet versions available to be discounted:

  • All Lock Box ships
  • All Lobi ships
  • All Phoenix Prize Pack ships, i.e. Event ships
  • All Infinity Promotion! ships
  • All Legendary ships
  • All ships listed below:

All Fleet and Fleet-grade ships may be upgraded to Tier 5-U (see below).

If a player has used a Starship Upgrade Requisition to unlock the T5U upgrade on the Zen Store Retrofit version of a ship, this will also apply to a matching T5U Fleet ship at no additional cost.

Tier 5-U [ | ]

Klingon Negh'Var Warship

A T5 Fleet Negh'Var -class Heavy Battlecruiser , which can be upgraded to T5-U.

Starship Mastery science

T5-U Mastery Display of a Science Vessel .

Upgraded ships receive bonus to hull, an extra console seat, access to Starship Mastery passive trait system and a new ship material. The Starship Mastery system for Tier 5 covers 4 levels of passive bonuses. Compared to a Tier 6 version of the same hull, the Tier 5-U version will have the same hull strength and other hull-related stats, and console slots, but one fewer bridge officer ability, no bridge officer specialization seating, and no Starship Trait, which are exclusive to Tier 6 starships.

Tier 5-U Upgrades are account-wide: once a ship is upgraded to Tier 5-U on any character, all other characters on that account with access that ship may upgrade to Tier 5-U at no cost. This includes ships that are themselves not account-wide, e.g. if a Fleet Negh'Var Heavy Battle Cruiser is upgraded on one character, the other characters with the same ship can get it to Tier 5-U, but they will have to purchase the ship first. Additionally, if there exists both a fleet and non-fleet version of a Zen Store ship, a single upgrade requisition will apply to both versions.

Most ships acquired through a Lockbox, Lobi, a promotional box or an event are free to upgrade without buying an upgrade token, specifically those released prior to the ability to upgrade. Frequently, when Tier 5 ships are on sale in the Zen Store, upgrade tokens are included for free. See the Starship Upgrade Requisition page for a list of all eligible ships, whether the upgrade is free or costs a token, and what console they gain upon being upgraded. As a general rule, T5-U ships can only have 5 of a given type of console if it matches their Commander Bridge Officer seating, though a few exceptions exist .

Tier 5-X [ | ]

T5-X Upgrade

Image of the Upgrade UI for the T5-U Steamrunner -class Blockade Runner Escort Retrofit .

All T5-U ships, including T5-U Fleet ships, can be upgraded to T5-X when using an [ Experimental Ship Upgrade Token ] . T5-X ships get an extra Ship device slot, universal console slot, and the ability to slot an extra starship trait . Once a ship has been upgraded to T5-X, any other characters that own that ship on your account will be able to use it at T5-X as well.

Unlike T5-U upgrades, however, upgrading the non-fleet version of a T5-U ship will not automatically upgrade the fleet version, nor vice versa; a separate Experimental Upgrade Token is needed. [1]

Tier 5-U/X scaling [ | ]

Tier 5-U and Tier 5-X starships, including their fleet variants, sees an increase in hull from their lowest playable rank - level 40 - through to level 65 as the player increases in rank.

These ships have an unmodified hull value of 30,000 at level 40, which is then multiplied by their hull modifier to get their base hull . For each level past 40, their base hull increases by 1 / 60 = 1.(6)% per level, so 1.01(6)x at level 41, and so on until level 49, whereupon the multiplier will be 9 / 60 = 15% higher (34,500 for a ship with a hull modifier of 1.0). This multiplier is unchanged for level 50.

Then, starting from level 51, the ship's base hull will increase by 1.1 / 60 = 1.8(3)% per level, so 1.168(3)x at level 51, and so on until level 60, whereupon it will have increased by 11 / 60 = 18.3%; combined with the previous it will now be 20 / 60 = 1 / 3 higher than the level 40 value (40,000 for a ship with a hull modifier of 1.0).

Then, starting from level 61, the ship's base hull will increase by 2 / 60 = 3.(3)% per level. By level 65, it will be 50% higher than the level 40 value.

Note that Tier 5 ships that are not T5-U have this level 40 value for their hull, regardless of your level, even if that ship can only be claimed from level 50. Most Zen Store T5-U ships can only be claimed from level 50; for these ships, their hull will simply jump 15% right away upon upgrading to Tier 5-U. For the Fleet variants of any hull-scaling ships, simply increase the final hull strength by 10%, as normal.

Put another way, compared to the level 60 hull, each level below level 60 will have 1.375% lower hull, with level 50 hull being 86.25% of the level 60 value, and then level 40 being 75% the level 60 value. Each level above level 60 will have 2.5% higher hull, with level 65 hull being 112.5% the level 60 value.

Tier 6 [ | ]

Rom Ship Hathos

A T6 Hathos -class Warbird from the Zen Store.

Baltim Mastery

T6 Mastery Display of a Herald Baltim -class Heavy Raider .

The current highest tier in the game, Tier 6 ships are a moderate improvement over Tier 5 starships, featuring additional console slots, bridge officer abilities, and scaling hull strength. They also come with a unique ship costume, a unique Universal Console , an unlockable Trait , and can be played following the tutorial all the way to Level 65 .

Compared to a Tier 5-U version of the same hull, the Tier 6 version will have the same hull strength and other hull-related stats, and console slots, but one more bridge officer ability, one or more bridge officer specialization seatings, and a Starship Trait as its fifth Starship Mastery level.

Tier 6 scaling [ | ]

Tier 6 ships can be played from level 1 [2] (although some other restrictions on specific ships may apply), with its capabilities scaling with the player. Weapon slots, consoles slots, hull and shield stats increase as the player increases in rank until level 50 . Exactly what is unlocked at what level depends on the ship's capabilities at level 50. In addition, all equipment on a Tier 6 ship when it is acquired levels with the player until level 50.

The below tables outline at what level each slot is aquired.

Shield capacity scales, although it can not be reliably projected.

Fleet-grade Tier 6 [ | ]

Flambard Warbird

The T6 Flambard -class Science Dreadnought Warbird from the Zen Store is already fleet-grade.

  • All Legendary starships

Tier 6-X [ | ]

T6-X Upgrade

Image of the Upgrade UI for the T6 Tucker -class Tactical Miracle Worker Cruiser .

All T6 ships, including T6 Fleet ships, can be upgraded to T6-X when using an [ Experimental Ship Upgrade Token ] . T6-X ships get an extra Ship device slot, universal console slot, and the ability to slot an extra starship trait . This includes Miracle Worker ships (image right) that already have a universal console slot. Once a ship has been upgraded to T6-X, any other characters that own that ship on your account will be able to use it at T6-X as well. Upgrading the non-fleet version of a T6 ship will not automatically upgrade the fleet version, nor vice versa; a separate Experimental Upgrade Token is needed for both. [1]

External links [ | ]

  • Upgrade a T6 Ship for Free!

References [ | ]

  • ↑ 1.0 1.1 The account-wide nature of T5-X and T6-X ships applies only to that specific ship. For example, upgrading the T6 Valiant -class Tactical Escort will not upgrade the T4, T5, T5 Fleet or T6 Fleet versions of that starship.
  • “Welcome to Earth Spacedock” ( Starfleet )
  • “Explore Earth Spacedock” ( TOS Starfleet )
  • “Reporting In” ( DSC Starfleet )
  • “Duties of Command” ( Klingon Defense Force )
  • “Explore the Flotilla” ( Romulan Republic )
  • “Turn the Tide” ( Dominion )
  • 1 Phoenix Prize Pack
  • 2 Phoenix Redemption Store
  • 3 Denorios Bajoran Interceptor


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