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The 8 Best Travel Money Belts of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Our top picks can hold your phone, passport, and more.

Katherine Alex Beaven is a Los Angeles-based travel, food and drink, and culture writer.

money belt for travel

In This Article

  • Our Top Picks
  • Others We Liked

Our Testing Process

  • Tips for Buying

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Trust T+L

Travel + Leisure / Jessica Juliao

Money belts can be a hot topic in the travel community: to wear or not to wear one, that is the question. When it comes down to it, if having your essentials close by and on your person makes you feel more secure, or if you want a hands-free, worry-free way to carry your stuff, we say go for it — with a few caveats. Travel money belts can either be conspicuous or well-hidden. If you’re buying one for security against potential theft, you’ll want to factor in how obvious it is when you access your items. If you’re looking for more convenience, then double down on comfort and zero in on the right capacity for what you plan to carry.

We handpicked 18 travel money belts to put through a series of controlled tests in our lab. We gave a sharp eye to each money belt’s ease of use, comfort, capacity, performance, and quality. We also included a water test to mimic sweat and other water exposure. We’ll continue to test these products for the next six months to see how they stack up over time, but we’ve already got picks for this year’s best travel money belts. Whether you’re looking for a compact one for just the basics, need something while you’re off on an active adventure, or are looking for RFID protection, we’ve got a pick for you.

Best Overall

Raytix rfid money belt.

  • Ease of Use 5 /5
  • Comfort 5 /5
  • Capacity 5 /5
  • Performance 5 /5
  • Quality 5 /5

It’s comfortable and easy to wear while still fitting all our travel items. 

The sizing is limited compared to other belts on the market. 

This classic-style money belt has a deceptively slim profile with five pockets. A larger main zippered pocket has two interior mesh slip pockets for stashing smaller items like coins, transit tickets, or an earbud case . There’s also a hidden back mesh pocket ideal for paper money, plus a medium front zippered pocket. We found it easy to load up all of the items on our testing list and were happy to see it fits a passport without any struggle with the zipper. The back mesh pocket is breathable and slightly padded and feels comfortable against your skin. 

The money belt has an unusual, round double-release button that seems sturdier than the typical three-prong side release buckle on most others. We didn’t feel the waist strap dig into our sides while wearing and noted the straps are easily adjustable and feel smooth. The waist strap will fit waists between 27-41 inches, and the belt comes in black as well as fun colors like bright pink and green. The slim profile did bulk up once the belt was fully loaded, though, making it easy to spot even under two layers of clothes. Still, this belt felt secure and durable, and it still looks as good as new after six months of using it for long runs.

The Details: Ripstop nylon | 11 x 5.5 x 0.04 inches | 5 pockets | RFID-blocking capabilities

Travel + Leisure / Jessica Juliao

Most Versatile

Anj money belt.

It’s sweat- and water-resistant, which makes it usable for intense workouts or sightseeing in hot weather.

The largest adjustment will only fit a 41-inch waist at most. 

The ANJ Outdoors Water-resistant Money Belt has a two-layer, single-pocket design that translates to an ultra-thin and lightweight belt. At the same time, the soft lycra material provides a decent stretch that allowed us to fit all of our tester travel items inside, but not much else (and we had to squeeze in our passport). This belt is technically designed for runners, giving the water-resistant material an athleticwear level of comfort which we appreciated. However, during our three-month test, we did feel that this belt gets pretty sweaty in hot weather, so you may want to wear it under quick-dry clothing . However, after six months of use, we noticed that sweat and water don't cling to the material and cause odor. An added feature we didn’t even know we were missing is the built-in headphone jack, though it won’t make a difference for travelers sporting wireless earbuds. The adjustable waist strap has reflective strips and fits sizes 26-41 inches. And, not only did the belt not dig into our skin, it actually also felt stylish and very secure, too. 

The Details: Lycra | 7.5 x 4.5 x 0.04 inches | 1 pocket

Best Anti-theft

Peak gear hidden travel money belt.

  • Ease of Use 4.5 /5

It includes theft insurance and lifetime recovery service. 

There are only two basic color options.

This Peak travel money belt comes with built-in RFID protection lining, but what makes it a standout anti-theft wallet for us is that it also comes with $250 worth of theft protection and two recovery decals for lifetime recovery services of lost or stolen items. Recovery services are available via a 24/7 phone line and work by helping to return items to you from anywhere across the globe. We also like that we could access our items without drawing attention to the fact we were wearing a money belt. We tested the “regular” size wallet and loved how it stayed slim, inconspicuous, and comfortable even when loaded with documents, money, and other items from headphones to keys to a cell phone. In fact, when we almost completely filled all five pockets, it still felt light and never dug into our waist even while sitting. The biggest drawback for us is that it only comes in beige and black. 

The Details: Nylon | 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches | 5 pockets | RFID-blocking capabilities

Best Large Capacity

Lanney rfid travel blocking money belt.

Spacious enough to fit passports, large paper bills, and credit cards, this belt can hold all of your valuables in one place.

The included RFID cards aren’t very eco-friendly. 

This money belt has a standard money belt design with five storage areas, including a main compartment with two interior mesh slip pockets, a small zippered front pocket, and the back has a breathable, open mesh-paneled sleeve that works great for stashing paper money. We liked how comfortable the belt was, and that it easily fit all items (with room to spare) and still wasn’t detectable under clothes. The strap fits waists measuring 26-50 inches but could likely stretch to fit larger sizes. During our water bottle sweat test, it provided total protection for the items inside. Also, the wallet belt has three built-in RFID-blocking layers and comes with 10 single RFID-blocking card holders (something we’ve never seen before). But, while it’s available in beige, cream, and black, we’d like to see it available in more colors to switch things up.

The Details: Ripstop nylon | 10 x 5.5 inches | 5 pockets | RFID-blocking capabilities

Best for Active Travelers

Flipbelt classic running belt.

The discreet belt is perfect for storing essentials while hiking, working out, running, or biking.

It’s not adjustable so you'll have to commit to one of seven sizes when shopping. 

This machine washable money belt is made from a light and breathable plush fabric that feels good against the skin and has a stretchy, bounceback capability. We also found it easy to move freely while wearing it without any trouble, making it an easy go-to for active travelers although, in our longterm test, we found ourselves annoyed when getting the belt on as it flips easily. There are four pockets, and we were impressed by how much we fit inside the main storage compartment (stretchy material for the win!). All-in-all, we were pleasantly surprised at how well this performed in our sweat test, the durability and quality of materials, and how well it was concealed under our clothes. This money belt comes in 13 different colors but we do wish one of the pockets had a zipper for that added security. Unfortunately, there’s no way to adjust this band-style belt as there are no clips or buckles so be sure it fits your waist size before purchasing (and it comes in seven sizes from XXS to XXL). After six months of regular use while partaking in rigorous activities, the belt has held up perfectly and hasn't shown any signs of wear and tear.

The Details: Micropoly and lycra | 8.6 x 3.2 x 0.4 inches | 4 pockets

Best Organization

Aikelida rfid blocking travel wallet.

  • Capacity 4.5 /5
  • Performance 4 /5

There are two separate pockets for separating money from IDs.

The buckle feels flimsy. 

This slim money belt has two main zippered pockets, two stash pockets inside the larger main pocket, and a concealed stretchy mesh pocket at the back. The number of pockets and overall design makes it a cinch to locate items without digging (especially for smaller things like coins or wired earphones). Both zippers glide smoothly and have long, nylon pulls that made it a cinch to find and grip. The exterior fabric is tear- and water-resistant and the sweat-wicking padding on the back made it comfortable to wear as we moved around. The adjustable belt is made from an elastic material that helps to get the perfect fit, though we were left wondering how the rebound stretch would hold up after many wears. The RFID-blocking capabilities are a plus. Like many travel money belts, this one is only available in solid black, making it more difficult to conceal under light clothing.

The Details: Nylon | 11.2 x 5.2 x 0.4 inches | 5 pockets | RFID-blocking capabilities

Easiest to Conceal

Stashbandz unisex travel money belt.

  • Ease of Use 4 /5
  • Comfort 4.5 /5
  • Quality 4.5 /5

With a handy compression band, it's easy to get a snug and discreet fit.

It runs small and cannot be adjusted.

This StashBandz money belt impressed us with its waterproof compression band design, and we liked that it was available in 11 colors. The 360-degree spandex band has no clips or belts and instead fits around your hips and waist (you put it on by pulling it up or down your body). The four pockets are divided through stitched-in seams. For extra security, one has a zippered closure at the top. Accessing the two front pockets is easy enough, but getting to the back requires some flexibility. During our spray bottle “sweat test,” the belt kept items dry and completely dried in about 15 minutes. While we found the spandex to be comfortable against our skin, the belt did ride up when we sat down and even with some arm movements. Since it tends to run small, we recommend sizing up if you’re between sizes, which may also help prevent the belt from rolling up.

The Details: Spandex | 8 x 6 inches | 4 pockets

Most Compact

Molarun travel money belt.

Thinner and smaller compared to other belts we tried, this one is best for a solo traveler or light packer.

The waist strap only extends to 46 inches and may not fit larger waists. 

This smaller, lightweight money belt is a great bargain for travelers looking to carry the basics. The classic money belt look features an open, mesh slip pocket in the back, a small front-zippered pocket, and a main compartment with two open mesh pockets. The back mesh pocket is padded, making for an exceptionally comfortable wear, and we liked how easy it was to access everything we stashed inside. The 26-to-46-inch adjustable strap belt clips around your waist in the back, though the strap is attached to the front pouch toward the top, making the pouch want to flip backward. Despite being compact, it could fit all of our testing items (though it was a tight squeeze). Because it was packed so fully, it was visible through our T-shirt and sweatshirt, so may not be the right pick for someone looking to go incognito.

The Details: Ripstop nylon | 9 x 6 x 0.39 inches | 3 pockets | RFID-blocking capabilities

Other Travel Money Belts We Liked

These travel money belts didn’t make our best-of list but still deserve a shout. Take a peek, they might just be what you’re looking for.

Venture 4TH Travel Money Belt : This is a larger-capacity money belt with plenty of pockets and storage options that made it easy to access our items fairly inconspicuously. The downside is that it made the front pouch obviously bulky and the waist belt dug into our sides and back making for an occasionally uncomfortable fit.

Boxli Travel Hidden Money Belt : We were fans of the overall design of this bag, especially how well it performed in our water testing (everything stayed dry and it dried completely within 15 minutes), but we think the minimalist design worked against the belt and they struggled to feel like they had enough space for everything they needed.

Samsonite RFID Security Waist Belt : This belt had a comfortable fit, held all our items, and was easy to adjust. It also performed well in water testing, but we couldn’t quite get over feeling uneasy about the security of the belt’s thin and somewhat flimsy elastic strap.

We tested 18 travel money belts in our New York City testing lab as well as during travels over a three-month period. Each person was given a set of dummy essential items that most travelers would need or want to fit inside the money belt. This included a passport, credit cards, cash, a cell phone, a set of three keys, and earbuds. We assessed how easy it was to put on, adjust, and wear the belts, as well as how durable the components and materials of each belt appeared. We also noted how visible the belt was under one layer of clothing and then under a sweatshirt, plus how conspicuous it felt to access the items inside. Comfort was tested while standing, sitting, and moving around. Additionally, a water/sweat test was performed on any belts that claimed to be water-repellant, water-resistant, or waterproof where we used a bottle to spray the belt until it was soaked and then checked the effect on the items inside and timed how long it took for the belt to completely dry. 

P.S. — Stay tuned for an even better gauge of how well these travel money belts perform over time, as we will continue to use our top-pick money belts and collect insights for six months following the initial tests.

Tips for Buying a Travel Money Belt

Know what size you need.

Make sure you’re buying a travel belt with enough capacity for what you expect to carry in it while also being aware that the more you can fit inside, the bulkier it is likely to become (and therefore possibly harder to conceal under your clothes). When possible opt for the most minimal design for your needs. It’s also important to check the smallest and largest possible circumference of the belt, particularly for anyone with a smaller or larger waist. 

Evaluate different materials

Travel belts are made of different materials that benefit different purposes. If you’re trekking in the rainforest, finding a belt with a solid waterproof or water-resistant shell is essential, but if you’re heading out for a city trip, rip-proof or cut-proof material may take priority to avoid the belt being snatched. Similarly, if you’re planning to do more adventurous activities that require a lot of movement and possibly sweating, a money belt made from breathable, flexible material is probably your best bet. 

Look for added security features

If you’re choosing to wear a money belt as a bag-free option for security purposes, consider buying something with extra security features. Having a RFID-blocking lining in at least one pocket can provide more peace of mind when storing credit cards and IDs. We’re fans of the hidden pocket, though they can sometimes be tough to access in an item such as a money belt. Ripstop material, locking zipper fasteners, and theft insurance and recovery are also great security extras.

Travel belts are one of the safest places to keep your money and important cards and IDs, particularly in destinations known to have problems with pickpocketing. That said, the wrong type of travel belt — aka one that is too obvious under your clothes or makes you look conspicuous when trying to access your items — may call attention to you as a tourist. This is why it is important to buy the best travel belt for your body and needs. It is arguably one of the most important travel accessories you'll want to purchase.

It may be called a travel money belt, but you can usually treat these portable security pouches like a minimalist hip pack, loading in valuables and necessities from keys and cards to earbuds and your phone. If you want to carry your passport or phone, make sure your travel belt is big enough (and you may need to take the cover off either item in some cases). 

No, you must remove the travel belt when you go through security. It will be treated like a hip pack, which cannot be worn into the body scanners. If the belt is small, you may get away with holding it as you walk through. We recommend packing the belt like a wallet in your luggage while going through security and then going to the bathroom to put on the belt after security so you don’t draw attention to the fact you’re wearing this. 

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

Katherine Alex Beaven combined research, T+L tester input, and her personal experiences while traveling with money belts for this list. 

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money belt for travel

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Home » Gear » travel money belt

10 Best Travel Money Belts • Proven Backpacker Safety for 2024

While the world is mostly safe to travel, it’s an unfortunate fact that thousands of travelers are robbed every year. As backpackers, we understand the importance of keeping our valuables secure while exploring the far reaches of the globe. From bustling city streets to markets that overwhelm the senses, you want to be right there in the moment rather than worrying about your wallet!

We also want you to be as prepared as possible and having a reliable travel money belt can provide you with the peace of mind and freedom to roam without worry. In all of my world travels, I’ve only found one proven way to protect your hard-earned money. You have to conceal it and conceal it well. This is exactly why I wrote this article about the best travel money belts.

Investing in a quality money belt is an easy, inexpensive solution to protecting your cash while traveling. In a nutshell? It’s well worth the $10-20 investment.  With our expert insights and recommendations, you’ll be equipped to make an informed choice and travel with confidence, knowing that your belongings are always safe and close at hand.

Let’s look at the best money belt for travel  in 2024, so you can travel stress-free.

Quick Answer: What are the Best Money Belts for Travel?

  • Wandrd Tech Bag – Best Tech Bag

Peak Travel Money Belt  – Best Money Belt for Europe

  • Stashbanz Running Belt  – Best Travel/Running Waist Belt
  • Alpha Keeper Money Belt – Best Money Belt for Electronic Security
  • LeatherBoss Men’s Money Belt – Best Men’s Money Belt

Do I need a money belt for travel?

Buying a money belt may feel like overkill to a lot of people; others may find them redundant as you’re painting an even larger target on your back.

These are both fair points – pickpocketing isn’t guaranteed and carrying around a bulky money purse is pretty clear advertising anyway. Even the really subtle money belts are disarmed when you open them to access your cash. At this point, everyone knows it’s a belt and it’s kinda ridiculous the sight of someone rummaging through their own waist strap anyways.

Here’s the thing – you’re still at risk. Sure, 9 times out of 10 you may get away walking through a seedy street, but are you ready to cope with that 1 time?

Having you’re money stolen can really screw a lot of plans up. If your credit cards were in that wallet as well, dealing with the company can be a huge pain as well.

best travel money belt

The Broke Backpacker is supported by you . Clicking through our links may earn us a small affiliate commission, and that's what allows us to keep producing free content 🙂 Learn more .

Having a money belt is more of an insurance than an actual deterrent. Hiding a bit of cash while traveling is a great way to relieve yourself in case the shit hits the fan. If the worst should come to be and your bag or wallet is stolen, you’ll be in better shape because you had an emergency stash.

Money belts are not huge investments either – most are about the same price as a t-shirt. It’s not like you have to take out a huge policy.

So do you need a money belt? Not necessarily. Are they convenient to use though? Yes – money belts will save you in a pinch. Like condoms, it’s better to have one and not need it than need one and not have it.

So with that being said, let’s take a look at the best money belts on the market real quick.

A  Quick Review of the Money Belt Selections

What are the best travel money belts, what to look for when buying a money belt for traveling, staying safe while traveling, how we tested this gear, faq about the best travel money belt.

best travel money belts

Peak Travel Money Belt

  • RFID Blocking > Yes
  • Secret Stash Pocket? > No
  • Best Use? > Backpacking Europe, general travel.

wandrd tech bag

Wandrd Tech Bag

  • RFID Blocking? > No
  • Best Use? > Urban

best travel money belt

Stashbandz Running Belt

  • RFID Blocking? > Yes
  • Best Use? > Running, urban jogging, travel.

best travel money belt

Alpha Keeper Money Belt

  • Best Use? > RFID protection, general travel.

best travel money belts

LeatherBoss Men’s Leather Money Belt

  • Secret Stash Pocket? > Yes
  • Best Use? > backpacking

Let’s find out! We’ve got plenty of different options that will help you protect your money while travelling .

money belt for travel

REI is one of America’s biggest and most-loved outdoor gear retailers.

Now, for just $30, get a lifetime membership that entitles you to 10% OFF on most items, access to their trade-in scheme and discount rentals .

Wandrd Tech Bag – Best All Round Tech Bag

Quick Answer : Price: $34.27

money belt for travel

The Wandrd Tech Bag offers the perfect solution to your tech organizational needs. Daily carry, short trips, are all covered with this money belt.

Each bag size has been thoughtfully designed with unique organizational elements and built out of the highest quality materials, so your gear is easy to access and protected.

Each bag has a unique webbing loop and clip system on its back panel so that you can connect any two together to create a mega bag.

You can also use this system (in the medium and large) to attach the Tech Bag to the Accessory Strap loops on the outside of the PRVKE or DUO. Wandrd also offer an elegant Carry Strap that attaches to any size bag making it a great daily carry. 

Things to note:

  • Non- RFID blocking

Our team are big fans of Wandrd Gear and this tech bag lives up to the brand quality. Though this bag isn’t technically a waterproof money belt they felt it offered the best level of protection for their gear with its resistant tarp material. They love how much this little bag can fit in and the level of organisation the internal design gives them.

Quick Answer:  Price: $16.97

peak passport belt

Why Europe? Well, because you need a bit of style in addition to theft-protection whilst backpacking in Europe. Duh!

The Peak money belt is another “not a belt” belt, fitting just around your belly under the shirt. The design is sleek, practical, and is very comfortable to wear.

What sets the Peak travel belt apart from the rest is its insurance policy. If some James Bondesque pickpocket somehow manages to get to your stuff, the company will pay you $250 (which isn’t all that much in my opinion). That said, no other security belt company I know of offers insurance, so I guess it is better than nothing.

The Peak money belt is equipped with an RFID reflector to combat electronic pickpockets.

Also, the belt is made from  210D water-resistant (not waterproof) nylon so if you get caught in a heavy rain, no need to panic.

  • Not actually a belt
  • Not as cheap as the Ray Tix travel belt

Our team really liked the low and flat profile of this belt. They felt it offered the perfect compromise between the mega small traditional style belts and the larger money belts that are more like small bags. It easily sits flat with a passport and some money whilst remaining breathable and water resistant making it really comfortable to wear underneath clothing all day.

Stashbanz Running Belt – Best Travel/Running Waist Belt

Quick Answer:  Price: $23.99

running with a money belt

Are you a compulsive jogger or trail runner even when you are traveling? Do you just want a secure stash pocket to wear when you are running at home?  Stashbanz has come up with the ultimate running belt to meet your needs.

This travel belt is made from a moisture-wicking quick-dry spandex material and includes four secure pockets and a new zippered concealed pocket.

You can really store a ton of stuff in this thing. If you are the kind of traveler that always seems to have a loaded wallet, a passport, phone, earbuds, hostel keys, debit cards, lip balm crammed into your pockets, this money belt might be the answer to your prayers.

The Stashbanz running belt comes in five different sizes and fits easily under or over your clothes depending on your activity.

Made in the USA.

  • Not adjustable
  • Slightly overkill (too many pockets) if you are just wanting to hide your money

Our team were impressed by the versatility of this belt and liked that it was useful for more than just keeping their gear safe. In fact, they used it for jogging and bike rides on their travels too. They also liked that is was super low profile and light and rolled or folded really small.

money belt for travel

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Alpha Keeper Money Belt  – Best Money Belt for Electronic Security

Quick Answer:  Price: $16.98

best money belts for travel

Traveling with heaps of credit cards? Have you been burned already by an electronic thief? Do you want to take your electronic security a step further? Alpha Keeper will meet all of your needs and then some.

The Alpha Keeper money belt is made with three layers of 100% RFID blocking material to ensure your valuables stay safe. It is made out of high-quality water-resistant 210D rip-stop nylon toughness and durability on the road.

If those three layers of RFID protection are not enough, the Alpha Keeper money belt also comes with seven protective sleeves, so you can add additional barriers to things like your phone, wallet, and passport even when you are not traveling (for example sleeping at the hostel).

I have certainly never heard of anyone being electronically robbed at a hostel, so please don’t be paranoid. That said, having more protection is never a bad thing.

Long story short, there is no way in hell that an electronic thief will get to your valuable items when you are using an Alpha Keeper money belt.

  • Reportedly not as comfortable as other travel money belts.

Our team liked that this belt easily lay flat on their stomach or back whilst still offering a good amount of storage. The two-pocket design was great for keeping passports and money organised and they even found they could easily fit 2-3 passports if needed. So it’s great for families too.

LeatherBoss Men’s Leather Money Belt – Best Men’s Money Belt

Quick Answer: Price: $10.99

best money belts for traveling

Our pick for the best leather money belt, the LeatherBoss men’s leather money belt is another great option for backpackers looking for a practical piece of gear that also hides your money.

This leather money belt does not feature all of the stash pockets and features some of the other “belts” do, but that is what makes it great. No one can tell that you are indeed wearing a belt containing hidden money.

It looks just like any old belt you would wear any day of the week.

The LeatherBoss money belt certainly wins big on style points. It is attractive, simple, and an all-around great way to stash your cash on the road. This is one of the best men’s money belts on the market.

  • Leather material not conducive to getting wet, hiking or other outdoor adventure sports.

Our team loved this leather money belt and in particular just how lightweight, low key and inconspicuous it is. Literally, no one will suspect that you’ve got cash hidden in this thing and they felt it still functioned just as well as a “normal” belt. The only issue is that they felt it was a bit more fiddly that the others to access your stash and obviously it holds a lot less.

Alpine Rivers Travel Money Belt

Quick Answer:  Price: $16.99

best money belts for travel

The Alpine Rivers travel belt is also very focused on electronic data protection. The belt is made from 100% RFID blocking material & Water-resistant 210D rip-stop Nylon.

The sleek, compact design allows for plenty of space and easy access to your most sensitive possessions and cash.

Features include two front zippered pockets and a large concealed rear pocket. The inner pockets allow convenient organization of passports, tickets, credit cards and cash.

Like the Alpha Keeper money belt, the Alpine Rivers model also comes with RFID blocking sleeves to add an extra layer of protection to your credit cards and phone.

The Alpine Rivers money belt is well made, durable, and should be able to handle all of the years of wear and tear that backpacking gear faces.

  • Slightly larger than other travel belts.
  • Quite bulky under tight-fitting clothing.
  • Received a few poor reviews involving cases of theft out of the money belt. Ouch.

Our team loved the size of this money belt when it came to carrying more gear. Some of the team wanted to be able to carry a phone and other items like headphones alongside their cash and passports and this belt made that easy and comfortable without taking up a massive amount of room. It did show a little more than other as might be expected, but if you wear a baggy shirt or hoody over the top it still covers well.

CyberDyer Travel Running Belt

Quick Answer:  Price: $9.99

money belt for travel

Similar to the Stashbanz running belt (what the hell is it with these running belts and the use of the letter “z”??), the CyberDyer running belt is designed specifically for active people.

I almost like the CyberDyer more than the Stashbanz running belt because there is only one main pocket compartment to deal with.

The belt is made from a high-quality blend of Spandex material that is soft as silk and it stretches well. This is the perfect belt for the people who are running in big cities either at home or whilst traveling.

The Amazon reviews have mostly raved about fit and comfort, so you can expect a comfortable running belt that won’t bother you when you are out jogging.

The CyberDyer running belt comes in a wide range of sizes so you can be sure to find the perfect fit.

  • Reportedly can slip and ride up
  • Edges have been known to lose their shape and curl over time
  • Can feel bulky

The CyberDyer might sound like a cyborg washing machine, but our team felt it was a really simple and comfortable solution to keeping their gear safe. The material sits on the skin well without rubbing and allows it to fit virtually anyone perfectly. They felt it was a bit basic with only the one pocket, but for keeping bare essentials safe whilst travelling or running it was ideal for those not wanting all the bells and whistles.

Flipbelt Money Travel Belt

Quick Answer:  Price: $28.99

best travel money belt

The Flipbelt travel belt is another unit designed for active people. The belt is made from spandex/lycra material. A big plus with the design is that there are no buckles to rub against your body, thus eliminating chaffing.

There are many knock-off imitators on the internet who have copied the Flipbelt construction. Don’t be fooled. Flipbelt is still making the best money belt of its type.

Features include multi-access pocket openings found throughout the belt for easy access and organization.

The money belt is machine washable, which is good news if you plan on exercising while wearing it.

  • Sizing can be different depending on the country that it is manufactured in.
  • Pocket a little small for storing iPhone 6 or larger.

Our team loved how this belt kinda skirted between being a belt and a proper travel pouch. They loved the soft material that fit them well without being bulky and too large. Rather than layering pockets on top of each other, this belt spreads them around to keep everything flatter and easier to conceal.

money belt for travel

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The idea of a money belt is simple. They are designed to keep your money safe by concealing it all together in a zippered pocket that stays fixed close to your body at all times. Pickpockets cannot reach your money if it is hiding on the underside of your belt or shirt!

Security belts have been popular for a long time. Styles, performance, and best utility vary across the board. There are MANY travel money belts on the market. So, how does one find the right belt to fit your own individual taste?

Pacsafe belt

When you begin the process of looking to buy a money belt, you’ll need to first ask yourself some questions.

What are you looking for the security belt to do? Are you after a belt that will hide your money only? Do you want a money belt that can also hold your phone, credit card, and passport? Will you be active while you are wearing your travel belt?

Each belt has different features including pockets, zippers, buckles, clips, and bands. You’ll need to ask yourself “what style works for me?” when you are thinking about buying a money belt.

Personally, I like a simple money belt like the one pictured above. For hiding cash, you simply don’t need a ton of pockets, but every backpacker has different needs so the choice is up to you.

You want a money belt that is comfortable. Very comfortable.

You will likely be wearing your travel belt most days whilst out on a backpacking trip. Essentially, it will become an extension of your own body.

You want to be damn sure that it fits you perfectly and does not produce any rubbing or chaffing that will irritate your skin and disrupt your day.

Alternatively, if you don’t like the idea of wearing a belt at all, there are scarves with hidden pockets as well.

best travel money belts

Intended Use and Activity

If you are after a running belt or find yourself outdoors, you will want to consider a money belt specifically designed for that purpose. Running belts are great for people who are jogging all the time. They keep your stuff organized, safe, and in theory, do not move when your body is in motion.

Other designs include waterproof or water-resistant fabric. If you do a lot of camping or hiking, you might want to consider a water resistant model, though you probably have camping dry bags that can protect you from rain anyway.

Also, if you hike or run a lot, you should probably stay away from a leather travel belt.


What is RFID? RFID ( radio frequency identification) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object; for example your credit card.

In this day and age, you have to worry about that kind of thing. Now to be clear I have never had an issue with an electronic thief, but that is not to say that it doesn’t happen. Electronic theft in public places is certainly on the rise. You’ll have to decide whether or not having an RFID-blocking money travel belt is important to you.

rfid blocking tech

Most of the travel money belts on my list are made from tough nylon, though a few of the running belts are made out of a Spandex blend. Typically, the nylon travel belts will last you longer and hold less of a smell over time.

The good news is you can throw just about any travel belt (that isn’t leather) in the washing machine (at a low spin cycle). This allows you to wash off sweat, dirt, and other unpleasantness that you don’t want to fix to your body day after day.

On any given backpacking adventure there will be potential thieves lurking with the hopes of stealing your money. I say this to not induce a state of travel paranoia, but out of the need for every backpacker to be aware of the risks of traveling. It is common sense really.

Many budget backpacker destinations are so cheap to travel in because the local economy is in shambles. People are out of work and when people have no employment, they turn to crime. They target foreigners who do have the plentiful cash that they themselves do not.

I can’t say that I blame them.

Us backpackers are extremely lucky and fortunate to be able to afford to go backpacking at all. That said, in order to keep traveling long term you simply can not have your money taken from you. For some travelers, myself included, losing a big wad of cash in a single moment could end up completely derailing an otherwise awesome backpacking trip.

Having a security belt and putting it to use is a great preventative measure for keeping your cash away from potential pickpockets. There are however other steps you can take to ensure that your cash stays in your pocket (or in your belt).

walking in europe safely

Top Tips For Guarding Your Cash While Backpacking

  • If you plan on going out for a night on the town, take only the cash you need.
  • Finding yourself drunk, alone, and loaded with cash in a foreign city is a recipe for disaster anywhere in the world. Don’t do find yourself in that position!
  • Use extra caution in crowded public spaces. Train stations, public markets, bus depots, major tourist attractions… all very prone to pickpocket activity.
  • Be sneaky when you take money out of your money travel belt. Plan a little in advance if you know you will need a bit of cash for any given situation. Don’t go lifting up your shirt in a crowd of people, thus exposing exactly where your valuables are hidden.
  • Don’t overload your money belt. If it is making you look pregnant (assuming you’re not pregnant) through your shirt, you have taken away the hidden aspect of your security belt.
  • Travel with plenty of cash , but generally, avoid traveling with thousands upon thousands of dollars on your person. You never know what could happen and you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket as they say.
  • Don’t fall for pickpocket tricks and distractions. For example, someone might squirt paint or ketchup on you and make it seem as if it was an accident. IT WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT! They are trying to scam you, so get the hell out of there, ketchup and all.
  • Don’t be overly paranoid. The majority of people in the world are fine people. Keep your wits about you at all times, but don’t think that every single person is out for your money, because they are not.

best travel money belts

There is no perfect or exact science when it comes to testing out travel gear. Having said that, The Broke Backpacker team has gotten pretty close given our levels of experience in this area. So, we’re a solid bet when it comes to sound advice when it comes to picking a money belt for travel.

Whenever we test a piece of gear, a brave and bold member of the team takes it out and puts it through its paces, Royal Marine style! We also make sure to pay attention to the build quality of each item, considering things like how well-stitched it is and the materials used. We also test out how heavy the gear is and how well it fits its primary purpose. So when it came to finding the best money belts for travel, it’s keeping your money safe that seals the deal!

Finally, we also take into account how an item is priced – for example, expensive items that perform not so great will lose points. On the other hand, budget items may be given more leeway and minor failures treated less harshly.

Still have some questions about the best moneybelt? No problem! We’ve listed and answered the most commonly asked questions below. Here’s what people usually want to know:

Why do I need a money belt?

Simple – to keep your money hidden and safe. No one suspects a secret wallet in your belt, so in the unlikely case of getting robbed, at least your cash and cards will be safe.

How much cash can I hide in a money belt?

That depends on the brand, but money belts usually fit a few emergency cash notes. If you opt for a larger belt, you can even carry your cards and a few coins.

Which is the best money belt?

The Wandrd Tech Bag is one of the best on the market. It holds cash, passports, and anything else you can imagine.

Can you wear a money belt through security?

Yes, you can, but only if there is no metal on your money belt. Any metal will set off the detector.

money belt for travel

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Final Thoughts on the Best Money Belts for Traveling

Well amigos, you have made it to the end of my money belt review article!

Traveling is not without its dangers, but most of the time the power to take preventative steps lies in your hands. Picking up a quality travel belt is the best way to protect your money, period.

You are now in full possession of the top travel belts on the market. The choice of which one to pick is now up to you!

I hope you found my list of money belts super valuable and informative. It is my wish that you stay safe while traveling and have the time of your life on every single journey you embark on.

A good time starts and ends with a hassle-free/theft-free trip. So, do yourself a favor and prevent any future pickpockets from scoring your hard-earned money…

Pick up a security belt and hit the road with confidence. If you’re after something with a bit more size than a travel belt, so you can organise your documents, why not check out the best travel purses , there’s even a Pacsafe one to protect you from slash and grabs.

money belt for travel

Aiden Freeborn

Best Travel Money Belts Pinterest Image

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money belt for travel

You’re definitely right that it’s important to make sure that the bag is authentic and the website isn’t a scam

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The 10 Best Travel Money Belts To Keep Your Valuables Safe [2024]

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The 10 Best Travel Money Belts To Keep Your Valuables Safe [2024]

Things To Look for in a Money Belt

1. best money belt for discretion, 2. best money belt for theft insurance and lifetime recovery assistance, 3. best money belt for compact dimensions, 4. best money belt for the security-conscious traveler, 5. best money belt for the budget traveler, 6. best money belt for the sporty traveler, 1. for those who really don’t want to wear a money belt, 2. for the minimalist traveler, 3. very discreet money belt alternative, other ways to protect your money while traveling, final thoughts.

We may be compensated when you click on product links, such as credit cards, from one or more of our advertising partners. Terms apply to the offers below. See our Advertising Policy for more about our partners, how we make money, and our rating methodology. Opinions and recommendations are ours alone.

Forget about trendy backpacks or designer handbags: a money belt will help stop your dream adventure from turning into a cash-strapped, stranded nightmare.

Money belts, stash belts, fanny packs — whatever you call them, these figure-hugging carry-alls can keep your money, passport, and other documents safe while you travel.

Dress them up or dress them down, the key to money belt style is safety. Keeping your belongings safe is always in fashion , and these concealed pouches are tucked away from the grabbing hands of pickpockets to bring you peace of mind while you roam.

Available in a variety of styles, you can keep everything you need close at hand and away from prying eyes.

Money Belt

Not all money belts are equal, although they are all much safer than a bag that’s easily accessible by criminals .

Because every traveler explores new places in different ways, consider these features that can be found in the thousands of different money belts available to buy. These could include:

RFID Blocking

Money belt RFID blocking

The modern criminal isn’t just looking for cash. Credit cards and bank cards can easily be cloned using electronic devices, and RFID-blocking protection built into the fabric of the belt will help stop those pesky pickpockets from being able to clone your card.

Hygienic and Waterproof

Money Belt breathable material

If you plan to keep your valuables close to your chest, you want to know your money belt’s material will withstand such close contact, especially in warmer climates. Choose a money belt made from a breathable fabric such as cotton to prevent large sweaty patches or skin irritation, and opt for waterproofing to help with easy wipedowns at the end of the day.

Slash-Proof Straps

You would assume that if your money belt is safely tucked away underneath your pants, no one would be able to get close enough to cut the straps without you noticing. While this is mostly true, if you take it off, hang it across your body, or otherwise make it obvious you’re using a money belt, it’s entirely possible a thief could try their luck.

Sports Money Belts

If you’re planning to do extreme sports, cycling, or running, your needs for a money belt may differ from travelers wandering the city or taking long walks on the beach. Look for money belts that are ultra-slim, compact, lightweight, and made from breathable and waterproof fabric.

Adjustable Belts

Money belt adjustable belt

Because not all travelers are the same size, it’s important to find a belt that fits you like a glove. Too tight and you’ll feel constricted; too loose and your discreet belt becomes more obvious.

Multiple Compartments

Money belt compartments

If you simply want to carry cash around with you, a small money belt will suffice. But if you want to keep your phone, passport, and any other essentials tucked away, too, opt for one that has different compartments to keep everything separated to make access quick and easy every time you need to use it.

Bottom Line:  To keep your valuables safe and sound, it’s important to choose a money belt that is discreet and offers features such as RFID-blocking compartments or slash-proof straps. 

The 6 Best Travel Money Belts To Buy

Money belts may not be the best-looking accessories, but they’re without a doubt one of the most valuable in some parts of the world. Choose wisely and you can worry less about pickpockets — and keep your valuables close at all times.

BEST OVERALL: Zero Grid Travel Security Belt

  • Zero Grid Travel Security Belt

Looking exactly like a regular belt, the Zero Grid Travel Security Belt is so discreet that no one should suspect anything more. It even comes with a durable plastic buckle, meaning you can waltz through airport security without having to take it off.

So low-key you can use it as a belt  — simply slip your cash into the zipper section that runs on the inner panel. This clever design is practical — hide your cash and keep your pants up at the same time!

Made from top-grade nylon webbing and featuring a smooth-gliding YKK zipper, this belt should last you many years of travel, and it should draw zero interest from would-be criminals. Unisex and über-practical, this is the ultimate cash-only money belt that can be worn anywhere.

What We Like

  • Up to $300 trip assurance if items are stolen from the belt

What We Don’t Like

  • No loops to tuck away the excess belt

UPGRADE PICK: Peak Gear Travel Money Belt

  • Peak Gear Travel Money Belt With Built-in RFID Block

This traditional money belt offers peace of mind and absolute comfort. Hidden safely underneath your clothes, it is discreet and slim, meaning it won’t draw attention.

Made from hard-wearing, tear-resistant nylon, this pouch/belt combo is also water-resistant and has an adjustable comfort strap for customizable wear. You’ll find multiple inner compartments where you can easily hide or access your credit cards, passport, or cash, all of which are secured using industry-standard YKK zippers.

An RFID-blocking inner liner adds another layer of protection against tech-savvy criminals trying to scan your credit cards, no matter how close they get to you. Another added benefit of this money belt is its $250 theft insurance and the Global Recovery Decals from ReturnMe , which will help you get lost items back anywhere in the world.

Wearable, breathable, and pleasantly discreet, you can keep all your cash, cards, and valuables hidden away all day without too much worry. This is a great design that’s very well-executed.

  • Made from lightweight and durable ripstop nylon
  • Doesn’t fit some passports

Hot Tip: Need something a bit bigger for your travels that can also deter would-be thieves? Check out our guide to the best anti-theft backpacks for travel for men and women .

Boxiki Travel Money Belt

  • Boxiki Travel RFID Blocking Money Belt

This is the ultimate in RFID-blocking money belts. Good looking and easy to use, it is also RFID-secure and contains individual compartments perfect for holding cash, important documents, and your phone. Avoid pickpockets as your valuables remain invisible and tucked away.

Worried about electronic hackers? The RFID-blocking material can help protect against the scanning of digital electronic chips .

Quality comes standard with this money belt as the heavy-duty ripstop nylon resists ripping, cutting, and wear and tear. And the breathable mesh backing can stay close to your skin so you can avoid sweat and maybe even forget you’re wearing it.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Can sometimes trigger the TSA metal detector

Alpha Keeper Money Belt

  • Alpha Keeper Money Belt

This discreet money belt has an inner RFID-blocking barrier and is made from water-resistant, heavy-duty ripstop nylon. Its design makes it virtually invisible to thieves, allowing it to be hidden away inside your pants or under your jacket.

Multiple compartments are perfect for keeping your money, passport, ID, and credit cards safe. What’s more, the RFID-blocking inner sleeves are a neat design that discourages digital pickpockets looking to gain access to your personal details.

Lightweight and easy to wear, the Alpha Keeper money belt features high-quality YKK zippers, a slim, sturdy buckle, and is made from soft material to make it skin-friendly and prevent uncomfortable heat and moisture.

This money belt looks good, is easy to access when you need to, and can keep your valuables protected while you travel.

  • Water-resistant and breathable
  • RFID-blocking sleeves are a tight squeeze

Aikelida RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

  • AIKELIDA RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

If you want to keep your valuables safely hidden underneath your clothes, this wallet is the perfect fit at a reasonable price. Super slim with secret compartments and individual pockets, this RFID-blocking travel wallet is one of the most durable and lightweight on the market .

Made from heavy-duty nylon, this money belt will resist water, mold, and mildew to help prevent stinky odors. It comes with a breathable padded mesh backside that makes it just as comfortable to wear as its counterparts on this list.

It’s not just comfort that this money belt offers —it’s as clever as it is good-looking. With RFID-blocking materials on the inside, your chip-enabled credit cards are blocked from scanning wherever you are.

  • Can be machine-washed
  • Zipper may fail

Fitgriff Running Belt

Fitgriff Running Belt

There’s more than 1 kind of security to worry about when traveling: the kind of security where your stuff remains your stuff, and the kind where there’s still a you to have stuff at all.

Runners know the difficulties of maintaining both kinds of security when traveling, especially if they like to run early in the morning or late in the evening or at night. That’s why the Fitgriff running belt, with its slim, light design and safety features is a solid choice for travel runs.

Easy and comfortable, this belt is sweat- and water-resistant and made with a waterproof lining for inside its pocket. It’s elastic and adjustable to most waist sizes, and should stay put on even your bounciest workouts.

It comes in bright, eye-catching colors and has 2 of those all-important reflector strips that go all the way around to maximize your visibility in low-light conditions.

This handy belt offers 1 smaller, zippered pocket for cash, cards, or your keys, and a larger, zippered, compartment that’s big enough to hold your phone securely while you run.

  • Waterproof lining in the pockets to keep your items dry
  • No RFID-blocking compartments

The 4 Best Anti-theft Travel Money Belt Alternatives

If a money belt isn’t for you, consider investing in a hidden pocket instead. These discreet pockets can slip into your belt or tuck into your waistband to keep your valuables safe.

Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Stash Wallet

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Neck Stash

Modern-day pickpockets know exactly how to access your cards without ever having to touch them: RFID scanning. But anti-theft wallets like this neck stash can be hidden on your person to keep valuables safe while you roam.

Built to last with ripstop nylon and self-repairing zippers, this neck wallet has a built-in RFID-blocking lining to protect your cards against electronic pickpockets and identity theft.

This wallet is a lightweight and easy-to-wear alternative to money belts. Just sling it around your neck or tuck under your clothes to ensure your passport, money, and travel documents are safe.

  • Worn around your neck for quick and easy access
  • The seams can sometimes fray

Lewis N Clark RFID Travel Pouch

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Hidden Clip Stash

More similar to a regular wallet, this cool-looking clip wallet keeps your money and cards safe wherever you are. Made from ultra-strong nylon with a self-repairing zipper, this discreet travel wallet is perfect for hiding away under your clothes.

Clip it to your belt or stash it in your pocket to prevent thieves from accessing your cash and cards while you travel. Discreet, lightweight, and with a useful inner compartment, this travel wallet is perfect for anyone who wants the security of a money belt without having to wear one.

Stash your ID, credit card, currency, coins, and other small necessities in this RFID-blocking anti-theft clip to keep them safe. The fabric wicks away moisture and resists odor, mildew, and shrinking to keep you comfortable wherever you are.

This clip may not be as secure as the money belts listed above, but it’s small and discreet enough that you may prefer it.

  • It’s a slimline and discreet money clip
  • The zipper pull may break

Waypoint Goods Infinity Scarf

Infinity Travel Scarf From Waypoint Goods

This clever little garment looks exactly like a regular scarf, but it’s a cunning disguise for your most treasured possessions.

This well-made neck scarf will keep you warm in cold weather and adds a fashionable flourish to any outfit. Made from a high-quality, soft, yet durable material, this scarf is fully lined with a secret pocket that is just large enough to fit your iPhone, passport, keys, and some cash.

Perfect for ladies on the move, you can keep your belongings out of harm’s way while staying stylish and keeping warm. There are currently 4 different colors and patterns available, so you should have no trouble finding something that suits your style.

Life on the open road will be even sweeter knowing that your most important belongings are nice and safely stored away somewhere no would-be thief would ever think to find them. Keep your valuables easily accessible as and when you need them with the Infinity Scarf from Waypoint.

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Material is quite heavy

Even the best money belt in the world can’t protect you if you insist on flashing your cash around — or you’re prone to leaving your important documents in places where anyone could find them.

The very best way to keep your money safe while traveling? Look after it, of course.

Try these techniques to dissuade thieves and pickpockets while keeping your valuables safely tucked away:

  • Use a money belt for cash and coins.
  • Use an RFID-protective pouch or belt for cards.
  • Keep your passport and ID on you at all times, but don’t constantly check on it (patting your valuables signals to pickpockets where they are).
  • Use a secret stash bra pocket.
  • Lock your belongings in a hotel safe.
  • Use an anti-theft bag or backpack with electromagnetic blocking and slash-proof straps and handles.
  • Use a running belt if you plan to be active while you travel.
  • Use a money belt that looks just like a regular belt (like the Zero Grid Money Belt) if you’re in situations where you want to remain truly discreet.
  • Keep your wits about you and your money belt tightly secured wherever you are.

Using a money belt can protect your money, passport, ID, and even your phone from criminals and pickpockets while you travel.

They are also super comfortable and incredibly practical — and while they’re affordable enough to buy, they could save you a fortune!

If you’re looking to invest in some additional travel essentials, check out our other in-depth reviews on the best products on the market:

  • The Best Checked Luggage Bags for Any Traveler
  • The Best Carry-on Luggage Bags for Any Traveler
  • The Best Travel Adapters and Converters You Can Buy
  • The Best Travel Toiletry Bags for Men and Women
  • All Our Best Travel Product Reviews – In One Place

Frequently Asked Questions

Are money belts safe from pickpockets.

Money belts are one of the safest ways to protect your cash from pickpockets, as the money is kept hidden underneath or within the belt. Provided you are discreet when you access your cash, it should stay safe from pickpockets.

What is the best money belt for traveling?

Money belts may not be the best-looking accessories, but they’re without a doubt one of the most valuable in some parts of the world. These are some of the best money belts available:

Can I wear my money belt through airport security?

If your money belt does not contain any metal, then it shouldn’t set off the alarms when going through security. A TSA-approved belt, such as the Zero Grid Travel Security Belt, is made with a durable plastic buckle, so you should be able to waltz through airport security without having to take it off.

Which is better, a neck wallet or money belt?

Choosing between a neck or money belt will ultimately come down to your personal preference. Money belts are more discreet, but neck wallets are cheaper and can sometimes provide easier access to your personal items.

Was this page helpful?

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Amar is an avid traveler and tester of products. He has spent the last 13 years traveling all 7 continents and has put the products to the test on each of them. He has contributed to publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post, and more.


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All Our Best Travel Product Reviews – In One Place

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Best Money Belts and Anti-theft Travel Accessories

Anti-theft Products , Backpacking , Electronics , LUGGAGE

money belt for travel

Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. We earn from qualifying purchases made to the featured retailers. Thank you, we appreciate your support!

Safety is always a big concern for many travelers, no matter where your destination or how long your journey. In this post, I’ll share the best money belt for traveling along with additional anti-theft accessories for women that would prefer not to have a bulge under their top. 

Even a seasoned traveler can easily become a victim by getting too comfortable. I knew a traveler who had their credit cards stolen in Thailand and the thieves got away with $5,000 in purchases!

If you don’t have the time to read the entire article, this is the most popular womens money belt !

Best Money Belts and Anti-theft Travel Accessories

Table of contents.

Fortunately, I’ve only been a victim of theft once in almost a decade of full time travel – a fellow backpacker stole $100 cash from my unlocked bag in a hostel. To be honest, both of these situations were completely preventable . All we had to do was lock our backpacks.

The majority of these occurrences are due to convenience and by taking a few precautions you can avoid becoming a victim of opportunistic theft. Travel insurance can sometimes help cover costs in case you are a victim, but it’s best to be cautious wherever possible.

Don’t worry – below you’ll find a roundup of the best money belts for travel so you can theft-proof your gear!


The Best Travel Money Belt: Alpha Keeper

What’s a Money Belt?

It’s an item you wear under your clothing where you can store your valuables to prevent theft. The above image shows the most traditional style, but you can find a variety of anti-theft product options below. 


I can’t believe how many travelers I see wearing it on the outside, advertising to thieves exactly where to find their cash. Please don’t make that mistake. It’s meant to be worn as a hidden money pouch under your clothing.


Venture 4th RFID Money Belt for Travel

Money Belt Reviews

While there are a variety of brands offering security accessories, our readers favor the beige color by Alpha Keeper and the black color by Venture 4th . They’re both made with RFID protection and water-resistant ripstop nylon.

While the one by Alpha Keeper features some colorful prints, many prefer the Venture 4th because it offers a variety of neutral colors to blend in seamlessly underneath clothing instead of brights that can show through your tops.


Pack Gear Hidden Money Belt with RFID Block

The option above by Pack Gear is unique in that it includes theft insurance and lifetime recovery service for lost items. While durable and with plenty of space for passports and credit cards, it’s thin and low profile so it’s a bit less bulky than other styles. Plus, with RFID protection, you won’t have to worry as much about identity theft!


Stashbandz Unisex Travel Belt

Whether you plan on exercising or hiking on your vacation or just sightseeing in the city, this StashBandz running belt can also conceal your valuables underneath your clothes .

Double the width of a standard waist pack, this spandex hip belt has four eight-inch wide pockets and stretches enough to accommodate larger cell phones like the iPhone Plus. The discreet zipper ensures none of your essentials fall out. Our readers consider this one of the most comfortable money belt styles!


Eagle Creek Undercover Silk Money Belt

Another comfortable option, this   Eagle Creek is a traveler-favorite for women money belts. Made from natural and soft silk, this item is easy to wear all day, plus the rose pink color is pretty, too. Equipped with two, separate zippered pockets, you can easily organize your currency in one pouch and other documents in another.

money belt for travel

Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Anti-Theft Money Belt

For a cost effective option, you can’t go wrong with the Lewis N. Clark anti-theft waist stash. It features RFID-blocking technology, a special TravelDry fabric to wick away moisture, and durable rip-stop nylon with self-repairing zippers. Along with multiple compartments, it’s lightweight and has a slim design.

Below you’ll find additional theft proof accessories to protect your valuables!


Compass Rose RFID Secret Bra Wallet

Secret Pockets

Personally, I prefer to use a hidden bra wallet instead of a money belt. This anti-theft product allows me to hide my cash and cards conveniently in my bra. This feels secure and comfortable and hasn’t failed me once!

I’ve used different types of bra stashes but couldn’t find something to meet my needs. Either the fabric was made of lace and scratched my skin or the strap didn’t fit across my wide bra band.

As a solution, I created my own version, the Compass Rose Secret Bra Wallet . The fabric is the same as a bra so it’s soft and comfortable to wear even in the heat and humidity of Rome in the summer.

Because women come in a variety of shapes and sizes, my secret bra stash is also designed with an extra long strap to fit size A – DD+ cup sizes and bra bandwidths up to 4.5”. PLUS, it’s the only bra wallet with built-in RFID protection .

I wear my trusty bra money pouch under my arm instead of in front of my bra. I also tuck it in underneath my bra after fastening it to the bra band for extra security.

Find out how getting left behind on an organized tour to Europe is actually the reason why my Secret Bra Wallet became one of my all-time travel essentials! Learn why here.


Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket

While you can fasten the Compass Rose Secret Bra Wallet to your belt loop and tuck it into your pants, the Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket can fit a passport if you’d like to hide that on your body.

Many people find this to be a comfortable option, but the caveat is that you have to wear a belt in order to use it.


Jasgoods Travel Security Money Belt

Featuring a zippered hidden pocket, the Jasgoods security belt is a great alternative to your regular one to keep your money and other valuables safe while on the road. Simply fold your bills and passport copies in half and slide them in the pocket with any other of your credit cards or ID’s.


Lewis N Clark Clip Travel Money Pouch

Similar to a bra stash, this secret wallet by Lewis N Clark offers an option you can clip to your waist belt. It also offers RFID protection. While their picture shows in on the outside of trousers, it seems to be better protected on the interior of your clothing.


Lewis N. Clark Deluxe Neck Stash

Another popular Lewis N Clark anti-theft product is their deluxe neck wallet . It can hold up to four passports, which is a plus if you’re traveling with your family. It also has durable ripstop fabric and a long strap so you can also wear it across your body.

Find out how to wear a neck wallet while traveling!


Forge TSA Lock

Luggage That Locks

The best protection in your accommodation and during transportation rides can be as easy as locking your bag.

Check out my favorite travel backpack, the Osprey Farpoint 55 and this reader’s fave anti-theft suitcase by Samsonite . If I hadn’t left my backpack locked in a hostel in Borneo, my valuables would have been gone when I returned from a scuba diving trip.

I now use the 21.5″ Osprey Ozone wheeled suitcase and alternate it with the Delsey Helium  for different trips. They’re both terrific bags and have built-in lockable zippers.


Tank Top with Secret Pockets

Clothing with Hidden Pockets

If you don’t like a money belt, stashing your passport and money in your underwear may be a better option. While traveling in El Salvador, I found a boy short style underwear with large pockets on either side of the leg.

While it was a bit awkward to wear my passport over my upper leg, I only used it during transportation journeys in Central America when the probability of getting my daypack stolen seemed a bit higher.

For something similar, a popular style is travel clothing with secret pockets by Clever Travel Companion. It features zippered tanks and underwear with hidden pockets. 

If you’re looking for clothing designed to protect your belongings, our readers share their recommendations for concealed pocket clothing !


Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket

Customize your anti-theft approach based on your destination. In places like Europe and Spain, where pickpockets are common, avoid clothing and bags with open pockets, giving wandering hands easy access to your things.

Coats and pants with zippers are a must!

It’s possible to find clothing accessories with zippered pockets to stash a little cash. I found the above infinity scarf online. It’s affordable and available in wide variety of prints and colors.

While you wouldn’t want to carry many things on your next the entire day, this may work well to store some larger bills and an emergency credit card on trips with cool to mild weather. 

Here are our readers top recommendations for scarves with pockets to help keep your valuables safe!


Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Quilted Slim Pouch

Anti-theft Travel Shoulder Bags

Some travelers may want to take extra precaution by using anti-theft travel shoulder bags. These specialized travel purses have safety features like lockable zippers, slash-proof materials, and sturdy straps to prevent thieves from breaking in.

Pacsafe and Travelon are the two major brands that offer these theftproof bags but our readers rave the most about Travelon. They offer a variety of styles including travel purses that don’t necessarily look like “anti-theft purses” like their Slim Crossbody shown above. It’s part of their Signature Collection, which offers some of the best-looking styles!


Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag, Two Pocket

If you need more space, the best selling Travelon travel purse is the anti-theft cross body with two pockets. It has a slim design featuring slash-proof fabric, an adjustable, cut-proof shoulder strap, and zippers with a latch for extra security. It also comes with RFID blocking card slots.

It retails for as low as $30 and is available in over twenty colors. Our readers favor the bag in a classic Black but two other popular options are the Midnight and Stone colors. It’s a clear winner! 

Read more about the best anti-theft travel bags for women !

What’s the Best Money Belt for Travel?

There are many variations to anti-theft accessories, as you can see in the above article. From neck pouches to hidden pockets, there’s something to meet everyone’s needs.

In fact, the best option is to use a combination of items. That’s what I do.

For example, you can use a bra stash to store your credit cards and cash for everyday use, then use a neck pouch or pocket underwear to store your passport on transit days, and the rest of the time, use a lockable suitcase (safe or locker) to ensure your belongings are secure inside your accommodation.

Here is a quick review of the best money belts and anti-theft travel accessories:

How Do You Use Anti-Theft Accessories?

It’s important to note that anti-theft products DO NOT REPLACE YOUR NEED TO USE A WALLET.

Please keep enough money for the day in your wallet and use an anti-theft product such as a money belt or bra stash to store EXTRA cash and cards only .

I keep the bulk of my money in my bra stash but I keep what I need for the day in my pocket, purse, or wallet.  This way, I don’t have to dig into my bra or money belt awkwardly or uncomfortably every single time I need to access money.

Please DO NOT dig under your clothing every time you make a purchase. That defeats the purpose of these products.

I see this happen a lot. Travelers will get their money belt out and dig through everything so they can find what they need. This isn’t very safe as now everyone knows how much money you have and where you store it.

It’s important to be discreet, hide it, and step aside somewhere quiet or secure if you do need to get into your anti-theft product.

Please read my top ten tried and tested anti-theft travel tips for more information on how to properly use these items!

Watch the video above for the do’s and don’ts on avoiding theft while traveling.

These anti-theft accessories listed in this article are products designed to help you avoid theft while traveling. (These can also be used at home, too.)

The majority of the items are meant to be worn under your clothing to securely store cash, cards, passports, and potentially other small valuables.

Please note: you should not carry around your passport while sightseeing. Read this to learn how to keep your passport safe !

Additional Travel Safety Tips

  • Don’t forget travel insurance ! Keep all your receipts because they’ll be necessary for insurance claims, along with a police report.
  • Avoid sightseeing with your passport and all your money in your daypack or travel purse.
  • Don’t go to big festivals and events with your passport and large amounts of money.
  • Avoid leaving your passport and money unlocked in your hotel, hostel, or guesthouse.
  • Use lockers provided by your accommodation (don’t forget one of the top 10 essentials on your backpacking checklist: travel locks).
  • Try to only keep all your valuables on you when in transit and on transportation journeys–this is a good time to use the above gear.
  • Make photocopies of your passport and offer it when an agency requires you to leave your passport as collateral. It may not always work, but it’s worth a try.
  • Distribute the wealth and spread your valuables out in different places so if something does get taken, they don’t get everything.
  • Always always always lock your backpack or suitcase, no matter how comfortable you feel in your accommodation.


As mentioned above, these items should be used as precautions. They won’t guarantee you won’t have things stolen, but they definitely improve your chances of keeping your valuables safe.

It is more likely that your cards will be stolen from inside your luggage rather than someone making off with your entire suitcase or backpack, but things do happen.

In cases where thieves steal entire bags, it usually happens on overnight buses–from underneath the bus or even from right under your seat while you sleep. It’s a sad part of travel, but it happens.

Anti-theft travel accessories are a low price to pay versus having your cash and credit cards stolen.

Watch my video on  TPSY TV for a few more anti-theft products.

Items featured in video (in order as shown)

  • Anti-theft Crossbody Purse
Travel insurance can sometimes help cover costs in case you are a victim, but it’s best to be cautious about your belongings, too.

Lastly, it’s good to be well-informed and cautious, but please don’t feel paranoid.  The world is a much kinder and safer place than we give it credit for but it’s easy to feel a bit stressed out when you’re a first time traveler.

While there are reports of thefts from travelers, there is a much higher number of people who’ve never experienced anything at all so don’t let it deter you from enjoying your travels.

Do you travel with anti-theft travel accessories?

For more travel safety tips, please read:

  • How to Keep Your Passport Safe While Traveling
  • I Had My Bag Stolen and 4 Ways I Could’ve Avoided It
  • How I Keep My Valuables Safe Abroad
  • Will these Safe Travel Essentials Really Help You?



I hope you enjoyed this post on the best money belts for traveling in addition to other ideas for antitheft accessories. Please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thanks for reading!


Ramona Schlauch

Amazon says the Compass Rose Bra Wallet is no longer available.


Hi Ramona, sadly at the moment it is. We’re working on bringing it back but since COVID we’re having to start again from scratch as we’re looking for the same high quality. Hope this makes sense

Leslie Waters

These are brilliant, thanks so much! I am going to Europe for the first time in over 20 years and trying to be as prepared as possible. Your site has been SO helpful to know what to expect, what to buy, and how to (hopefully) pack light! Pickpockets are a concern for me so I can’t wait to try out some of these solutions.

Karen Pearsall

This blog post was so helpful when preparing for my first trip to Europe this year. Having the Travelon purse made me feel so much safter!



Hi there, I am afraid that the image at the top of the article is a stock image so we are not sure of the brand. ?


Another travel bra option would be the sporty Brave Betty. Good for overnight travel and when you don’t need immediate access to the contents as the storage area is inside the back of the bra.

Hi Janet, thank you for sharing your recommendation for Brave Betty with us!! Sounds fantastic for keeping your valuables safe! 🙂


Do you have recommendation for passport storage while swimming. I’m going on a cruise. I want to swim While on shore but will need my passport to get back on the ship.

Hi Mandy, have a look at this post for some ideas for keeping your passport safe: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/how-to-keep-your-passport-safe-while-traveling/ I have also gone ahead and scheduled your question on TFG’s facebook page. Our readers are the best at answering question like yours so keep an eye out for their replies from next Wednesday: https://www.facebook.com/TravelFashionGirl/ hope this helps! Have an awesome time on your cruise! 🙂


Thanks for the post! I know this wasn’t the point of the article, but do you know what brand the bag/backpack is in the photo? I’ve been looking for something like that! (At the top of the post, sitting on the bench about to be stolen.)

Hi Jen, I am really sorry but the image is just a stock photo so I am not sure of the brand. The Baggallini Kindred tote featured in this post is similar: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/travel-purses-which …/ Also there is the Tumi Crossbody Messenger bag, which is also quite similar: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/travel-purse/ Sorry I could not be of more help 🙁


One of the best items I’ve bought is a ScotteVest, I can travel with everything I might need for the day and then some without looking bulky or having a bag to manage. The best part it entering museums or other venues with bag checks….I can just skip that and walk straight in. All my valuables are safely stowed in hidden pockets, I love it!

Hi Donna, thank you so much for sharing your suggestion with us! 🙂

Theatta Dobbs

When do you wear the money belt/bra stash? put it on before airport? When going through security, is the belt/bra stash a problem? Thank you for clearing this situation up.


Hi Theatta, I’ve just added a video that explains this all: https://www.travelfashiongirl.com/how-to-keep-your-passport-safe-while-traveling/ The explanation begins at the -17:20 minute mark.

Gina Soceanu

Ordered the travel bra however do you have recommendations for where to keep a smartphone when out and about. That obviously will not fit in the bra.

I carry it in my purse or jacket pocket.

Lighthouse Lou

I bought a waterproof case that had a clip on it. Then you can easily clip it to your belt or purse while having it in your pocket or bag. It made it easy to find to for a quick pic on the go. My friend actually had hers stolen the second day of our trip & now uses a similar case in her daily life.


Great article! My husband has a great travel sling backpack from Oakley that has zipper lock capabilities. It’s a great option for men.

Great suggestion Ashley, thanks!


where did you get it the bag for your husband?


Some great safety items for travel. I always use luggage locks and when traveling to heavily populated destinations, always wear my leather Stashbelt! 🙂

Thanks Robert!


I was reading your site and started looking online, what about this purse? Travelon Anti-theft Heritage Crossbody Bag https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01CG1J7XG/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=I17IZF2509XP6D&colid=2012FMWFIFCN9

It’s super cute – I have it!

Jo Ellen Craghead

I have the purse you listed & found it extremely hard to get items in & out. The zipper opens to far up on the purse & prevents the purse from fully opening. I tried it at home last yr before going on B2B cruises in Europe & thought it would work. But I ended up using a 31 crossbody that I threw in the suitcase at the last minute. Loved it, hated the Anti-theft Travelon Purse. I was past the return period when I arrived back home so I still have it but don’t use it….wish I could give it to another traveler as I doubt I’ll ever use it.

Hi Jo, I am sorry you had that experience with the Travelon purse 🙁 but pleased you found an alternative purse which you were happy with! Let me look in to this for you!


I was wondering whether you have seen the 65fifty5 undies with the detachable pockets that are water resistant. My daughter used them for a trip to India recently and was really impressed http://www.65fifty5.com

they look good, thanks!

Kerri Morris

What about the Kavu bags? They are so popular with the young people. My 19 year old is studying abroad in Europe this summer and wants to take her Kavu which is a crossbody bag and she wears it in front .

Thanks for the suggestion Kerri! Will look into this brand


Hi Alex, great article. I’ve been using a fabric belt called Möbius Belt. What’s great about it is that I can wear and use it for all sorts of different activities, so I certainly get my moneys worth! With one belt, I can use it when I’m out exercising, when I go to a concert or event and even when I’m traveling. My husband has also been a victim of theft in Rome. It happened when we first went out in the morning so the theft of our credit cards and money ruined the rest of the day as we had to go back and be on the phone for a long time dealing with the credit card companies. And just feeling mad and frustrated on how fast and easy it was for the thief to take my husbands wallet from this pant pocket. It would have been awesome to have had Möbius Belt at that time since it can be worn comfortably and discreetly under clothing and be like a storage place for a passport (or photocopy of a passport), extra cash, backup credit cards, etc. Here is the website for Möbius Belt in case you are interested in checking it out. http://www.mobiusbelt.com

sonia kanner

Hi Alex, I have created a product called the Global hipS-sister specifically for travel. 7 inch flattering waist bands with extra large pockets to hold valuables. Our customers LOVE wearing them while traveling. They are meant to be worn under a shirt so it looks like a layering piece. I would love to send you one so that you could try it out for yourself. If interested, contact me at [email protected]

Andi K.

This is really helpful! But just a question color question, if you put your money in the bra stash, how do you get it out when you need it? Or do you keep some of it in your purse?

Hi Andi, yes you always keep the amount of money you will need for the day in your purse and store the excess cash and cards in your bra stash or money belt. Great question!


Hi, I’m traveling to the Dominican Republic soon. Can I get through airport security with a hidden thigh money belt on and with money in my bra?

Hi Shemika! The money in your bra and thigh should be no problem with the metal detector but if security searches you they may wonder what it is. I’m sure it wouldn’t be an issue if it’s not an overly high sum. Hope you have a great trip!

Kamala J

Yes you can also long as visible


I carry small essentials in a BANDI belt. Soft and stretchy, it fits snug on waist or hips and can hold phone, passport, cash/cards/ID as well as other small items such as keys, lip gloss, mints, coins.

Sleek no-bounce alternative to a bulky fanny pack. BANDI belts come in dozens of fun colorful prints and solid fabrics. I love it!

Great tip, I’ll check them out!


Another issue with travel designed gear such as purses is they look like they hide valuables. The local hoodlums look for them, usually. Have a piece of junk or run of the mill bag and the bag won’t attract undue attention.

Being a redhead traveling where reds don’t typically originate (red occurs in every genetic group, but it’s incredibly rare outside Caucasian genomes), I cannot help but attract attention, even with it up or covered. Pale skin, red eyebrows. I’m an outsider, full stop. I try for gear to help me look unlikely to have nice things. And I don’t travel with a lot of nice things, to lessen the hit of any loss, mine or otherwise.


I just bought an RFID money belt. It looks the same as any other belt but with the added security to protect your personal data, like credit cards for example. It stops people from being able to swipe your card without your knowledge and take money or worse your identity.

I thought this was really cool and i was not aware how easy it now is for people to steal from you when walking past!

Thanks for the tip!

C. Steph

RFID swiping is very, very common (at least in the states). My credit card number was stolen that way. Now I use RFID sleeves and wallets to block transmission, but the info is also swiped when handing over your card to pay at restaurants (which is what happened in my case). You can’t avoid it totally, but RFID blocking accessories are definitely a big help.


Use judgement and precaution with hostel lockers. My laptop was stolen from the lockers at the Yellow Hostel in Rome. Staying in dorms can be cheap, but not safe for your belongings. My current practice is to never stay in dorms and always pring for the private room.


Have you reviewed the Bra Stash yet??I bought one off of Amazon for my trip to Spain and am curious to hear your opinion of it. Thanks for your blog. I’ve gotten lost in it for hours and keep pinning stuff to revisit later!!

Hi Jessica, I haven’t officially reviewed it but I do own it, use it all the time, and highly recommend it! Thanks for reading for hours yay 🙂


I am travelling around Europe in a few months, the purse that I wanted to take doesn’t zip at the top its got a magnet closure, but it does have a ring on the inside attached to the purse. Do you think it would be safe to use zippered pouches and hook all the zippers and such to the ring inside my purse using carabiner clips? So if a thief did try and pull something out of my bag it wouldnt come loose? Or should I just look for another bag that has a zipper on it?

Hi Jackie, it’s always a good idea to have a zippered closure just to be sure. However, if you plan to take this bag using large zippered pouches should be helpful. Does it have a zippered pocket for your wallet and phone?


I have a Coach soft leather purse with a zipper and shoulder strap. Do you think this is sufficient for my upcoming Rome/Florence/Venice trip, or should I invest on an anti-theft bag like from Travelon? My hubby and I are travelling to Italy for the first time, so please advise.

Ultimately, it is up to you. No matter what type of bag you have all you can do is take precautions: https://travelfashiongirl.com/how-to-keep-your-passport-safe-while-traveling/ I personally carry my own purse and hold on to it tight at all times – crossbody preferred. Hope you have a great trip!


A zippered purse can be made more secure by adding tiny S carbiners to the end of the zippers. Available for less than $5.

Valerie C.

Love your site! Planning to return to Europe next summer LIGHTLY packed and I appreciate all your wonderful tips. Thank you!

I was wondering if you have used the Sholdit Scarf as a security precaution? Thinking about adding one to my packing list as I’ll need a cute infinity scarf for the trip.

Hi Valeria, that’s great to hear! You’ll have such a much better experience packing light I promise 🙂 I haven’t personally used the scarf myself as I only stash my cash in the bra stash or money pouch. It’s served me well for almost 6 years of travel!

Valerie C.

Thanks Alex!

no problem 🙂

L. Ockner

I have looked into the anti-theft shoulder bags….and they are beyond ugly. What a shame.

Unfortunately, it seems as if much of the travel gear is less than attractive…I prefer to travel with a regular soft leather bag and keep my cash in my bra stash 😉 It’s worked for me for 6 years!


Also, be sure you know what to do if you lose your passport! http://travelmoreroads.com/what-to-do-if-you-lose-your-passport/

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money belt for travel

money belt for travel

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money belt for travel

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VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt - Slim Passport Holder RFID Blocking Travel Pouch to Protect Cash, Credit Cards and Travel Documents

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VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt - Slim Passport Holder RFID Blocking Travel Pouch to Protect Cash, Credit Cards and Travel Documents

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  • Wear All Day Long, Whatever The Weather fully adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit for men and women up to 56-inch waist. Soft, breathable, mesh material wicks away moisture to stop sweating
  • Large Capacity For All Your Travel Essentials ample room to store your currency, credit cards, keys, passports, tickets and other important documents. Fits all phones like an iPhone and smartphone
  • Keeps Your Valuables Hidden From Pickpockets keeps cash cards keys and travel documents concealed. The slim lightweight design ensures pouch is discreet and invisible to others when worn under clothes
  • Will Last A Lifetime Of Trips these belts are constructed from waterproof 210D ripstop nylon and designed to stand the test of time. Double stitched reinforced seams prevent rips and tears
  • Protect Your Cash And Identity From Theft stay one step ahead of opportunistic thieves and keep your belongings secure. RFID blocking fabric prevents illegal scanning of your personal information

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money belt for travel

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money belt for travel

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VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt - Slim Passport Holder RFID Blocking Travel Pouch to Protect Cash, Credit Cards and Travel Docu

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RFID Blocking Travel Wallet - Money Belt & Passport Holder, Travel Fanny Pack for Women Men - Black

  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ V4-MB
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VENTURE 4TH Camping and Travel Essentials


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VENTURE 4TH Backpacking Sleeping Bag – Lightweight Warm & Cold Weather Sleeping Bags for Adults, ...


VENTURE 4TH Microfiber Beach Towel: Quick-Dry, Compact, Sand-Free, Absorbent, Sandproof and Light...



We are a family-run US Company including a dedicated team of seasoned travelers! We have put this experience to good use when designing our travel products. All of the VENTURE 4TH items have been extensively tested while traveling to make sure they offer the best user experience and security for our clients. By using the products on the road we are confident that they are durable and perfectly designed to make traveling more enjoyable.

Product Description

Keep your money and documents secure when you travel.

money belt for travel

Enjoy Peace of Mind with the RFID Blocking Money Belt from VENTURE 4TH

Whether you’re jetting off on a city break, trekking through the Himalayas or going on a Mediterranean cruise, any savvy traveler will tell you it’s important to have some cash, identification, and other necessities close to hand. Even the most adept light travelers need to carry passports, currency, bank cards, boarding passes, tickets, travel insurance and other important documents. You need them all, but more importantly, you need to keep them secure.

That’s why we created our RFID Money Belt. Extremely lightweight and portable , it’s designed to meet all of your security and storage needs when traveling, and ensures your belongings are secure and handy only to you.

Our travel wallet also protects your personal information using Radio Frequency Identification (RFiD) blocking material. By blocking the standard frequencies for most credit cards and passports, our money belt allows you to protect yourself against electronic identity theft and hacker scanning.

Imagine losing your credit card, passport or phone in a foreign land. Your dream holiday could quickly become a nightmare. Don’t let the loss of your travel documents or money ruin your holiday. Ensure you have a peaceful vacation. Theft-proof your gear with VENTURE 4TH. You deserve it.

Sightseeing with Money Belt

Feel Comfortable and Secure Throughout the Day

Made from the highest quality materials , the slim-line design is flexible and comfortable enough to be worn under clothes, even when sitting down.

The stretchy elastic waistband with sturdy, low profile secure clasp ensures the belt fits securely and discreetly against your waist at all times . This prevents any slipping or loosening throughout the day so you never have to worry about it falling off.

The soft, moisture wicking mesh panel on the back is breathable and prevents your skin from getting sweaty or irritated , even after a long day of sightseeing.

Travel Money Belt

Quick and Easy Access to your Most Important Possessions

Some travel wallets can be bulky under clothes, especially if you're carrying a lot of stuff. The low profile design of this belt means you can store everything you need without bulging at the waist.

There is plenty of space to keep all your essentials – cash, multiple credit cards, travel documents, ID and other necessities. It features separate compartments and pockets for easy access and organization .

The two large zippered pockets are perfect for storing items like your phone or keys. The mesh separator inside is designed for carrying cash so you can keep your currency separate. That way you won’t have to rummage around for it.

The Perfect Travel Companion for Your Next Trip


We're all about Adventure!

We are a family run US Company including a dedicated team of seasoned travelers! We have put this experience to good use when designing our travel products. All of the VENTURE 4TH items have been extensively tested while traveling to make sure they offer the best user experience and security for our clients. By using the products on the road we are confident that they are durable and perfectly designed to make traveling more enjoyable.

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money belt for travel

RFID Blocking Money Belt for Travel by VENTURE 4TH

Venture 4th

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is this a REAL must have?


money belt for travel

What is an RFID Money Belt?

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RFID Money Belt by VENTURE 4TH

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Customers like the quality of the waist pack. They mention it's well made, durable, and has no issues. Some say the belt does its job and is comfortable.

"...I am happy with the product and price . It did not look bulky when wearing it and it had nice compartments to keep passport, cards and money organized." Read more

"...The durable and water-resistant material offers peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are protected from the elements...." Read more

"...Several compartments, too. A very wise purchase !" Read more

"... Good product , easily adjustable." Read more

Customers like the fit of the waist pack. They mention that it's slim yet fits everything they need. Some say that it has plenty of room for a passport, credit card, DL, and insurance cards. Additionally, some appreciate the versatile bag that holds all their passports, plane tickets, and sticky notes.

" Great color choices . The elastic is adjustable and fabric breathes so not an issue when wearing. I am happy with the product and price...." Read more

"...Lightweight and barely knew It was around my waist. Several pockets for placing items . The only negative I can say is I wish it were a bit bigger." Read more

"...Other then that, its great!The pouch features multiple compartments , providing ample space for passports, cash, credit cards, and other..." Read more

"...The waist band is both adjustable and elastic, which ensures a comfortable fit . Several compartments, too. A very wise purchase!" Read more

Customers like the comfort of the waist pack. They say it hugs their body, is soft, and breathes well. Some mention that the fabric is concealable and only slightly irritating against the skin.

"...The elastic is adjustable and fabric breathes so not an issue when wearing . I am happy with the product and price...." Read more

"...for all body types, and the moisture-wicking backing adds to the overall comfort , especially in hot climates...." Read more

"... Equally comfortable at the front or in the small of your back. Highly recommended." Read more

"...Its comfortable , adjustable strap, and it doesn't slip down my waist." Read more

Customers find the waist pack lightweight, not bulky, and not noticeable. They also say the stretchy belt seems light weight.

"...I am happy with the product and price. It did not look bulky when wearing it and it had nice compartments to keep passport, cards and money organized." Read more

"Perfect little fanny pack. Lightweight and barely knew It was around my waist. Several pockets for placing items...." Read more

"...The design of the Venture 4th travel Money Belt is sleek and lightweight , making it comfortable to wear under clothing...." Read more

"...I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a light weight money belt ." Read more

Customers like the appearance of the waist pack. They say it's a good looking product, excellent for concealing valuables when traveling, and well designed. Customers also mention that the product is unnoticeable under their clothes.

" Perfect little fanny pack . Lightweight and barely knew It was around my waist. Several pockets for placing items...." Read more

"...The Venture 4th travel Money Belt is a practical and well-designed solution for travelers looking to keep their important items safe and secure...." Read more

"This is an excellent design for concealing valuables (passport, credit cards) when traveling...." Read more

"...I just used this money belt in Italy for 10 days and it is great. Well designed with separate spots for your passport, credit cards and cash...." Read more

Customers find the waist pack useful for traveling, on the go, and as an essential item for international travel. They also say it's a comfortable and handy tool for traveling securely. Customers also mention that the belt should meet their travel needs well, and it'll be a great way to carry their cell phone.

"...This is perfect for my daily walk as i don't need anymore then that. Its comfortable, adjustable strap, and it doesn't slip down my waist." Read more

"A great way to carry the cell phone " Read more

"...When stopped to you they do not count as a carry on when boarding a plane...." Read more

Customers are satisfied with the security of the waist pack. They mention that it keeps their items secure, reassuring them that their items are safe. They appreciate the separate pockets that make it easy to secure their passport and ID. Customers also say that the pack is sturdy enough to endure rain storms and rollercoasters.

"...The RFID-blocking technology adds an extra layer of security , protecting your credit cards and passport from digital theft...." Read more

"comfortable and practical for safety and security of articles , wearing this in Europe and Scotland for a 2 week family trip." Read more

"This is useful for keeping things hidden and secure . It hugs to your body...." Read more

"...No issues, no money lost and felt secure ." Read more

Customers find the waist pack easy to conceal under a shirt or t-shirt. They say it's perfect for keeping things hidden and secure. Some customers also mention that the belt is very discreet and tucks right under their pants.

"...It is discreet , and provides easy access when you need to show your passport...." Read more

"...Its comfortable, adjustable strap, and it doesn't slip down my waist ." Read more

"...I don't carry much so it's light weight and not dragging shorts or pants down " Read more

"This money belt is very light weight and conceals very well under your cloths ." Read more

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money belt for travel

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money belt for travel

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