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The Ultimate Checklist for Booking Last Minute Cruises in New Zealand

Are you looking for a thrilling vacation experience that combines luxury and adventure? Look no further than last minute cruises in New Zealand. With stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and a rich cultural heritage, New Zealand offers an unforgettable cruising experience. If you’re planning to book a last minute cruise in this beautiful country, we’ve got the ultimate checklist to help you make the most of your trip. From choosing the right cruise line to packing essentials, read on to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Research and Compare Cruise Lines

The first step in booking a last minute cruise in New Zealand is researching and comparing different cruise lines. Each company offers its own unique itineraries, onboard activities, and amenities. Consider your preferences and priorities when selecting a cruise line. Do you want a family-friendly ship with plenty of entertainment options? Are you interested in exploring remote destinations off the beaten path? Look for reviews online, read about past passengers’ experiences, and compare prices before making your decision.

Check Availability and Flexibility

When booking a last minute cruise, availability can be limited. It’s important to be flexible with your travel dates and destinations to increase your chances of finding the perfect cruise at the best price. Some cruise lines offer special deals for last-minute bookings or have specific promotions during certain times of the year. Keep an eye out for these opportunities while planning your trip.

Pack Smartly for Your Cruise

Packing smartly is essential to ensure you have everything you need during your last minute cruise in New Zealand. Start by checking the weather forecast for the duration of your trip so that you can pack appropriate clothing layers for varying temperatures. Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, hats, comfortable walking shoes, swimwear, and any necessary medications.

Additionally, consider any specific activities or excursions planned during the cruise. If there are opportunities for hiking, kayaking, or other outdoor adventures, pack appropriate gear such as sturdy boots, waterproof jackets, and backpacks. Lastly, don’t forget to bring any necessary travel documents such as passports and visas.

Make the Most of Onboard Activities and Shore Excursions

Once you’re on board your last minute cruise in New Zealand, take advantage of the various onboard activities and shore excursions available. Many cruises offer a range of entertainment options such as live shows, spa treatments, fitness classes, and cooking demonstrations. Participate in these activities to enhance your cruise experience and make lasting memories.

When it comes to shore excursions, research the destinations you’ll be visiting beforehand to determine which activities interest you the most. Whether it’s exploring national parks, visiting cultural landmarks, or indulging in local cuisine, there’s something for everyone in New Zealand. Book your desired excursions early to secure your spot and avoid disappointment.

In conclusion, booking a last minute cruise in New Zealand can be an exciting adventure filled with breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable experiences. By following this ultimate checklist – researching cruise lines, checking availability and flexibility, packing smartly for your trip, and making the most of onboard activities and shore excursions – you’ll be well-prepared for an incredible journey through the stunning waters of New Zealand. Bon voyage.

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Let Us Create Your Perfect Luxury Holiday Packages

When you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury holiday packages, there’s only one call to make. The Luxury Holiday Company customises premium holiday package, luxury travel and cruise deals all over the globe. We take all the hassle and complication out of planning your perfect break. You are free to relax and enjoy your African safari , Pacific cruise or European escape , knowing knowing that even the smallest detail has been taken care of.

Your holiday will be a true escape for you, with high-quality accommodation and first-class food at every stage of your journey. We’ll make sure your holiday allows you to relax and enjoy every moment, and arrive home refreshed, restored and rejuvenated.

Stress-Free Luxury Travel

It’s important that your holiday is a time of enjoyment, free of complications and anxieties that can happen with inadequate preparation. Our team of luxury travel agents has the experience and expertise to match you with your ideal getaway.

We will tailor your escape to perfectly match your needs – talk to us about all types of holiday packages and cruise deals.

The Luxury Holiday Company is a member of The Travel Agents’ Association of New Zealand, and principal Carolyn Hedley has over 20 years’ experience in the luxury travel industry. From the moment you leave home until the moment you return, our luxury travel agents will ensure that your holiday goes without a hitch. 

Talk to us about creating a customised luxury travel experience for you and your family:

  • Luxury holiday packages
  • Premium cruise deals
  • Safaris in style
  • Asian adventures
  • Sub-Antarctic voyages
  • Destination weddings
  • European escapes
  • North American getaways
  • And all types of luxury travel across the globe

Client Gallery

new zealand luxury travel agent

A Word From Carolyn

Carolyn Hedley, Luxury Travel Company Director

new zealand luxury travel agent

The Fine Art Of Travel

What could be more luxurious, more inspiring, and a more refreshing way to relax and refresh than having a holiday experience created just for you?

To ensure your next holiday is a stress-free true escape, talk to The Luxury Holiday Company about crafting a customised travel experience for you. They fashion travel itineraries to your specifications, built only around the things you want to see and do.

new zealand luxury travel agent

Curated Travel Blog

Carolyn Hedley brings you a luxury travel service , offering clients’ and experts’ opinions on inspiring destinations.  We’ll make your next dream trip even more enjoyable, with a special collection of luxury travel options or curated travel packages.  Experience the very best of overseas and New Zealand travel.

The Luxury Holiday Company can make it magical for you.


I have been booking my travel arrangements through Carolyn for the past couple of years, and my wife and I just recently booked a trip to Europe that combined business with leisure. Previously I had tried to make my own bookings over the internet, however it is so time-consuming and easy to get caught out – a friend recommended Carolyn so I thought I would give her a try. Never looked back!

The booking process has been a breeze and she has had some great suggestions, and I have valued her input. I am now a “convert” to using a reliable travel professional for booking trips and holidays, it just shows that trying to DIY a trip is really just a false economy. Carolyn has not only saved me time and hassle, but she has really added value to my travel arrangements.

Always very satisfying to know that Carolyn is only a phone call or short email away for those last minute alterations.

European holiday

Ahipara Luxury Travel

We specialise in meaningful travel meaningful travel in New Zealand

new zealand luxury travel agent

Experiences, Itineraries, Expeditions & Short Breaks

Our focus is on private travel (6, 5 and 4+ star) which connects you with New Zealand through special people, places and activities.

Exclusive Ahipara Experiences

Private travel with insider knowledge, ahipara travel who are we and what do we offer, handpicked accommodation, contact a real specialist in new zealand luxury and adventure travel, we specialise in luxury travel new zealand.

We specialise in luxury tourism (6, 5 and 4+ star) focused on connecting you with New Zealand through special people, places and activities.  Truly special, authentic  New Zealand holidays and vacations that you will remember for many years.  We don't just sell luxury accommodation.

In our twenty years of operation we have pioneered many "firsts" and are very proud to have never repeated an itinerary.  Given the complexity of a country, taken together with the complexity of an individual, couple or family - if a company like ours is doing its job properly, it should actually not be possible to repeat an itinerary.

We're not just a booking agency - we're a global leader in innovative, personal, responsive and experiential tourism based in New Zealand.  This was rewarded in 2018 with Traveller Made's award for creating the finest experiences in the world.  This is a tough insider award where the finest agencies in the world vote confidentially.

We only promote and sell responsible animal encounters and most definitely have nothing to do with places which hold whales, dolphins or porpoises in captivity.  We work closely with special people in New Zealand who are the true guardians of our natural environment, which we hold very dear. 

So, welcome again, your internet searching has brought you somewhere real, populated by real people who understand the reality of New Zealand, and are prepared to work hard to make you as happy as possible.

Accommodation   Experiences   About   Blog   Reviews   +64 3 443 2111    

Enquire now.

New Zealand's Trusted Luxury Travel Company...

New Zealand Luxury Escapes – Experience New Zealand

New Zealand Luxury Escapes offer the country’s top New Zealand luxury vacations . Arranging stress-free vacations for solo travellers, couples, groups, corporates and families is our passion as luxury travel agents NZ. Visit top New Zealand destinations, stay in the country’s best luxury lodges and accommodation and experience exclusive New Zealand tours.

We guarantee to bring you the best New Zealand luxury vacation on offer.

As Wanaka/Queenstown locals, we know the secrets to creating an amazing luxury vacation. Select from our range of over 20 New Zealand luxury escapes or simply tell us what you would like to experience, and we will bring your dream New Zealand vacation to life.

Matakauri luxury lodge Queenstown luxury travel agents NZ

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“It is with great pleasure that I and on behalf of Yennie and Luk Family (Larry, Connie & Ka Yui) write this testimonial to you, Francine and your whole team. We have been back only a short while and have not stopped talking about how wonderful the vacation was, how well everything was organised. You replied to us really efficiently every time and there were no hiccups during the journey. We would like to thank you for arranging a wonderful trip for us that exceeded all our expectations! It was a great idea and our fortune that you got Patrick as our personal chauffeur and guide to escort us around. We just had an amazing time from the minute we landed in Christchurch until we left. All the tours were amazing. We would definitely recommend your services to anyone who asks. We are so grateful that Ka Yui (Luk Family) found your company when she was googling for the NZ vacation on internet. We intend to do it again one day. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to you and Patrick for making our NZ Trip memorable! You will be the first person we contact when we plan our next vacation to New Zealand.”  – Toh & Luk Family (SawTin, Yennie, Larry, Connie & Ka Yui).

“I just wanted to say how much Jo and I enjoyed our time in New Zealand. We really loved all the things we did and saw during our tour. I would also like to say how impressed we were with all the luxury lodges we stayed in. The experiences recommended by our personal consultant Francine were outstanding. Thank you for helping to make it a truly memorable holiday.” –  Fran Franks.

new zealand luxury travel agent

Why Book with New Zealand Luxury Escapes?

  • EFFICIENT:  You will receive your detailed quote within 12 hours or less and all email communication will be quick and thorough.
  • PERSONAL:  No two vacations are the same, we ensure your vacation is exactly what you are looking for.
  • TRANSPARENT:  We always include and detail all costs to ensure there are absolutely no surprises.
  • NEW ZEALAND EXPERTISE:  We have experienced all that New Zealand has to offer–and it’s an honour to pass our knowledge on to you.  We’re passionate about giving you an outstanding New Zealand experience.
  • DILIGENT:  Every itinerary is triple-checked to ensure complete accuracy.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, so you can rest assured that your vacation will go smoothly.
  • DISCREET:  We book vacations for well known figures around the world, all arrangements are kept very discreet and we can cater for off the grid vacations for complete privacy.
  • HIGH QUALITY:  We have inspected the accommodation properties, trialled the activities, personally vetted our chauffeurs and guides and tested every product that we are selling–all to make sure we are only delivering the best to our clients.
  • YOU ARE OUR PRIORITY:  We value you, and we want to ensure your time in New Zealand is unforgettable. We will look after every client who books with us with thoughtout and care through the entire process.

new zealand luxury travel agent

New Zealand Travel Organiser Group

New Zealand Luxury Escapes is part of the New Zealand Travel Organiser group. After working in the Tourism industry for 20 years, and with a Bachelor of Tourism, and a Bachelor of Commerce, Francine saw a gap in the market.  “There were so many travellers coming to New Zealand with little knowledge about where to travel to, how far the travelling distance was to their next destination, where best to stay and the general structure of their holiday around New Zealand. This is the very reason we specialise in offering top rated New Zealand vacations, crafted just for you.”

The business was set up with thought and care, the team of luxury travel agents NZ has grown and the amount of thrilled clients has also rapidly grown. Bringing us to the current day, 11 years on, New Zealand Luxury Escapes operate a highly successful business with professional consultants working alongside high-end clients, like you, to ensure the perfect New Zealand Luxury Vacation is booked on your behalf.

Our company philosophy is to deliver the most incredible New Zealand vacations available on the market. We achieve this through our expert local knowledge, our attention to detail, our extremely high level of customer service and our passion for ensuring the New Zealand vacation you book through us is without a doubt your best vacation yet. Our luxury travel agents NZ will work with you every step of the way to guarantee quality and simplicity of planning.

We look forward to working with you!

Meet the Team

Francine smith – managing director.

I am the owner of New Zealand Luxury Escapes. Originally from the North Island, I now call the South Island home, having lived in Wanaka for the last 15 years. I am very passionate about presenting and sharing New Zealand with the rest of the world. New Zealand is one of the most stunning places on earth and our goal is to ensure you get to experience an outstanding New Zealand experience, that is personalised and very memorable! I plan and book New Zealand vacations for clients and feel it is important to maintain this contact to ensure we are consistently exceeding customer expectations. I am also heavily involved in the design and usability of our website and virtually all aspects of the company.

Contact Francine: [email protected] Phone: +64 3 443 2111

Francine Smith – Managing Director

Patrick Griffin – Guide, Chauffeur

I am a New Zealand guide and chauffeur. I am passionate about showcasing what New Zealand has to offer and have intricate knowledge about New Zealand’s secret locations and of course all the must visit destinations and attractions. Constantly travelling throughout New Zealand with our highly valued clients, means I bring the company up to the minute knowledge about what is happening around the country and anything new that is on offer. If you are interested in a guided vacation of New Zealand and want a personalised experience taking advantage of priceless local knowledge, I would love to show you our piece of paradise.

Contact Patrick: [email protected] Phone: +64 3 443 2111

Patrick Griffin – Guide, Chauffeur

Sam Horlock – Logistics & Administration Manaager

I am the Logistics and Administration Manager here at New Zealand Luxury Escapes. I was born in England and absolutely love New Zealand, I am lucky enough to now call New Zealand my home. I have travelled throughout a large number of countries in the World and New Zealand is by far the greatest. I deal with anything Administrative in our friendly office and have the pleasure of dealing with our trusted suppliers to help make your New Zealand vacation a once in a lifetime experience.

Contact Sam: [email protected] Phone: +64 3 443 2111

Sam Horlock – Logistics & Administration Manaager

Jamie Dennison – Luxury Travel Manager

I am the Luxury Travel Manager at New Zealand Luxury Escapes. I am originally from Queenstown and I have grown up surrounded by the mountains and lakes! After spending 5 years travelling the world, I am now lucky enough to be able to call Wanaka home. I have travelled New Zealand extensively and I love to showcase what our amazing country has to offer. From the beautiful beaches in the North Island to the white capped mountains in the South Island, there is a piece of New Zealand for everyone to love and enjoy! Get in touch, tell me about yourself and  I cannot wait to plan your New Zealand Luxury Escape!  

Contact : [email protected] Phone: +64 3 443 2111

Jamie Dennison – Luxury Travel Manager

Alex Gillespie – Luxury Travel Consultant

Avid traveller, passionate luxury sales consultant. I’m here to help create unforgettable, luxury New Zealand experiences for you. Having a sense of adventure and interests such as skiing and hiking lead me to move to spectacular Wanaka. I have been lucky enough to travel New Zealand extensively, with a keen interest for heading off the beaten track to seek out hidden gems… I now get to share these hidden gems with you! I can’t wait to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you, let’s get planning!

Alex Gillespie – Luxury Travel Consultant

Samantha Wilson – Luxury Travel Consultant

Travel lover and experienced luxury travel consultant. I’m here to book an amazing New Zealand Luxury Escape for you. Born and raised on the West Coast of the South Island, I am local and love exploring the natural beauty of New Zealand and now I get to share my experience and passion with you. My love for the great outdoors has only grown since making the move down to Wanaka. I can’t wait to share our stunning country with you, let’s start planning your New Zealand Luxury Escape!

Samantha Wilson – Luxury Travel Consultant

Sarah Christie – Luxury Logistics Specialist 

I am a Logistics and Administration Specialist here at New Zealand Luxury Escapes. Originally from Dunedin, New Zealand, I shifted to Wanaka many years ago and have been working within the company ever since. I have extensive knowledge of New Zealand and the amazing luxury offerings available. I work behind the scenes to ensure your New Zealand Luxury Escape is seamless.

Sarah Christie – Luxury Logistics Specialist 

Meg Griffin – Luxury Logistics Specialist 

I am a Logistics and Administration Specialist here at New Zealand Luxury Escapes. Originally from Southland, New Zealand, I love being part of a team offering the most incredible experiences New Zealand has to offer. I started my career in aviation in the worlds coolest capital, Wellington, which enabled me to frequently travel to some of my favourite parts of New Zealand. I work behind the scenes to ensure your New Zealand Luxury Escape is outstanding.

Meg Griffin – Luxury Logistics Specialist 

Quick Enquiry

Luxury travel consultants.

Contact your personal New Zealand luxury travel specialist today...

Francine Smith – Managing Director

Click here to find out more about us...

100% Pure New Zealand

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Luxury New Zealand Travel, Aroha New Zealand Tours, Exclusive Vacation

Secure Your Holiday for 2024-2025 Season

There is limited availability!

The luxury travel and private tour experts for unique escapes.

new zealand luxury travel agent

We don’t just provide travel; we provide exclusive experiences that last a lifetime.

We are passionate about creating authentic, one-of-a-Kind experiences and tailoring meaningful, unique journeys so you can travel safely and conscientiously. We allow privacy, and tours are designed at your own pace and in your way.  Learn about our Signature Journeys

Aotearoa, New Zealand, looks like a small place on the globe. However, it is not until you get here that you realize how big and expansive this little country is. There is an extraordinary richness to the scenery and history. We encourage tourists to experience all that Aotearoa has to offer, from exploring the beautiful natural landscape and partaking in the thrilling adventure experiences to relaxing at a seaside restaurant- we have it all!

That is why we provide a hand-picked team of guides for those who choose exclusive fulfilling services. These individuals have an impressive knowledge of this country, allowing them to give you insight and understanding you may never otherwise have gained. 

new zealand luxury travel agent

Explore with purpose with authentic, meaningful travel experiences.

You return inspired, aware, grounded, and eager to share your experience with others.

The Cultural Traveller

Learn about our unique traditions and explore lifestyles in lesser-known locations.

The Adventure Seeker

Flexible private, nature-based, and outdoorsy adventures for a family vacation.

The Nature Explorer

Bespoke sustainable and responsible journeys. Kaitiakitanga "We take care of our land".

We provide you exclusive journeys with a piece of insider knowledge..

Our travel designers will ensure that you see and do what you want, and making that happen is something they take very personally. 

Our expert team creates experiences for discerning people who know how to travel and custom-built tours around that.

new zealand luxury travel agent

Travel with us and create your own unique story.

Looking for a short escape or a long discovery, immersing yourself in the best that New Zealand offers.

7 - 8 Days

9 - 13 Days

14+ Days

Travel consciously, with Aroha NZ Tours

new zealand luxury travel agent

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Turn a luxury holiday into a lifelong memory. Whether you are looking for a family adventure, a honeymoon or a relaxing escape, we can make it happen. Open since 2003, Seasonz has been the South Pacific’s premier luxury travel company. So let us help you discover your unique luxury experience.

Feature Properties

new zealand luxury travel agent

Kokomo Private Island

The luxury suites at Kokomo Private Island are designed for privacy, comfort and relaxation, and all feature a private infinity pool. Featuring sustainable design and traditional Fijian nuances, your home at Kokomo is alive with both opulence and character.

new zealand luxury travel agent

Laucala Island Resort

Set upon 3,500 exclusive acres, Laucala Island Resort is set amidst coconut plantations, sandy beaches, rich green mountains and breath-taking natural beauty. True luxury is appreciated in the privacy of the resort’s villas widely spread on the northern tip of the island. Seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living creates an inspiringly relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere.

new zealand luxury travel agent

Luxury Travel Experts

Holidays are relaxing. And planning them should not be any different. That is why we go out of our way to make your holiday happen. The Seasonz team relentlessly pursue the most unique, creative and remarkable experiences in the South Pacific, just for you.

new zealand luxury travel agent

South Pacific Luxury Travel

From Tahiti’s palm-lined private beaches to the secret ski runs of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Seasonz knows the South Pacific’s sweetest spots. Wherever you want to explore, we will create a luxury travel itinerary that is suited exactly to you.

Global Alliances

Seasonz Travel is the trusted onsite partner for these respected global communities. 

new zealand luxury travel agent

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Looking for deals

We have the best luxury lodges in the world, just like Matakauri Lodge, Queenstown

We have the best luxury lodges in the world, just like Matakauri Lodge, Queenstown

Take your pedal power to the next level and go Heli biking in Queenstown

Take your pedal power to the next level and go Heli biking in Queenstown

Sensational wildlife tours including dolphin spotting, Fiordland Coast

Sensational wildlife tours including dolphin spotting, Fiordland Coast

Endless amazing luxury stays such as Falcon Brae Villa

Endless amazing luxury stays such as Falcon Brae Villa

Exclusive Golf Experiences such as Over The Top Golf will set your pulse racing

Exclusive Golf Experiences such as Over The Top Golf will set your pulse racing

Glorious accommodation abounds, The Residences, Kauri Cliffs

Glorious accommodation abounds, The Residences, Kauri Cliffs

Reel in a beauty on an exclusive fishing expedition

Reel in a beauty on an exclusive fishing expedition

Endless scenic picnic spots to enjoy, including Cape Kidnappers

Endless scenic picnic spots to enjoy, including Cape Kidnappers

Scrumptious wines and breathtaking wineries to explore such as Craggy Range, Hawke's Bay

Scrumptious wines and breathtaking wineries to explore such as Craggy Range, Hawke's Bay

Antipodean Luxury Travel is Asia's leading New Zealand travel specialist that curates personalised itineraries and authentic experiences for its clientele around the region.

Antipodean Luxury Travel is Asia's leading New Zealand travel specialist that curates personalised itineraries and authentic experiences for its clientele around the region.

Antipodean Luxury Travel

5 West Road , Havelock North , New Zealand .

Antipodean Luxury Travel is a premier New Zealand Agency who are local experts at creating unique itineraries & experiences matched to your interests. They seamlessly plan, book & manage your vacation & their lifestyle concierge services are amazing.

Antipodean Luxury Travel

Antipodean Luxury Travel has been recognised as a Travel+Leisure Magazine A-List Top Travel Advisor for NZ since 2018. Specialists in creating luxury family holidays, high-end luxury vacations for couples and honeymooners, along with unique fishing & hunting expeditions; private access to New Zealand’s most pristine destinations, luxury accommodation & prestigious golf courses. NZ-born founder, Alexandra Stewart has a passion for her country & her deep community ties ensures unique travel experiences finely crafted to the interests of each traveller. "I’ve never worked with a travel agency so knowledgeable about its region and so passionate about building an experience expressly customized to my needs and desires.” - D.J USA

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The content on this page was created by Antipodean Luxury Travel

This website helps visitors connect with providers of great New Zealand tourism experiences. It is not intended to give any assurance that any particular provider meets certain quality standards or legal obligations. Please contact this business for more information. See also: newzealand.com terms of use .

The Lindis, luxury lodge, in Ahuriri Valley, North Otago, New Zealand

Luxury New Zealand Tours

  • Featured Tours
  • Travel Agents

Customers rate Zicasso's travel referral service  5  on a scale of 1 to 5 based on  1501  reviews on Trustpilot

We match you with top tour companies that specialize in the trip you want,  whether it's a customized private tour or a group tour.

Wonders of all kinds are at your fingertips in New Zealand. Marvel at dramatic fjords from a soaring helicopter, traverse rugged landscapes in search of sprawling vistas, and encounter a fascinating culture that welcomes you unconditionally. Design your adventure of a lifetime today with Zicasso’s travel specialists for a perfect luxury New Zealand tour.

How Zicasso Works In 3 Simple Steps

Describe your dream tour .

We match you with up to 3 top travel specialists . They compete to plan your trip.

Book the trip when you are satisfied.

Zicasso in the News

Photo courtesy: Tourism New Zealand

16  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $14,555

The romantic view of the snowcapped Remarkables Mountain Range sits outside your veranda. Your secluded room in the treetops gives you the vast expanse of the open valley. The luscious flavors of award-winning vineyards are yours to taste. The opulent water of the river rushes below you. This is your honeymoon in New Zealand, where the landscape is breathtaking, the people are friendly, the fun is never-ending, and the honeymoon never has to stop.

Wine tasting at Church Road Vineyard in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.  Photo © Tourism New Zealand / Chris McLennan.

11  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $8,575

New Zealand remains a world apart and presents visitors with an abundance of untouched wilderness and pristine landscapes, all of which will be yours to enjoy on this 11-day luxury tour of Auckland, Rotorua, Napier, and Queenstown. From the North Island to the South, the country's fantastic cuisine, unparalleled natural beauty, and warm hospitality will be highlighted with a delightful balance of leisurely and active explorations of the beautiful country.

Urupukapuka Island, Bay of Islands.

17  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $15,465

Every day on this opulent 17-day retreat of New Zealand will provide you with limitless opportunities to discover the country at your own pace and in your own way. Resplendent experiences abound across the hypnotizing destinations of New Zealand, and you will be continuously blown away as you explore the idyllic landscapes and cultural nuances that sweep from Keri Keri to Auckland. The choices will be entirely yours!

Aoraki National Park in New Zealand

19  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $6,170

The dramatic landscape and natural wonder will captivate you on your complete 19-day New Zealand tour. Touch a glacier’s ancient icy colors. Watch for whales breaching the turquoise sea. Listen to the sounds of traditional Maori chants accompanying a customary feast. Embrace the inspiring features of Middle Earth. Enjoy Art Deco architecture, Alpine scenery, and soft sands as you experience New Zealand’s unparalleled diversity.

Explore the wildlife on a boat trip outside Christchurch in New Zealand

Effortlessly blending natural superlatives with child friendly adventure, this custom tailored luxury vacation brings New Zealand to life for the whole family. Tranquility merges with exhilaration, sumptuous lodges hide amongst inspiring landscapes, and every activity holds the attention of both children and adults. Travel time is kept to a bare minimum and each of your four destinations burst with endless opportunity to explore New Zealand at its most authentic.

White Island is New Zealand's only active volcanic island.

12  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $10,915

Superlatives cascade from this vacation of ultimate luxury. Private islands, private yachts, cooking lessons from celebrity chefs, exclusive journeys by helicopter and private jet; and that’s just the start of the opulent indulgence. This prestigious vacation bursts with exacting wonder, New Zealand’s breathtaking natural spectacle unveiled in aristocratic elegance and inimitable style. Raise your expectations and prepare to be amazed.

Why Travelers Choose Us

Benefits of Using Zicasso

Hobbiton in New Zealand

13  Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from  $4,220

Your 13-day New Zealand Tour has you explore the culture and landscape in a way only Tolkien could have imagined and Peter Jackson could have captured, on this ultimate Lord of the Rings adventure. Lush hills roll over hobbit-holes. The all-seeing Eye of Mordor burns in the distance, magma bubbling below. Welcome to Middle Earth, where the majesty of the Lord of the Rings films come alive.

Hobbiton™ in Matamata, New Zealand.  Photo courtesy of New Zealand Tourism/Ian Brodie

Dynamic pricing from  $3,570

On your 11-day New Zealand tour.  Zicasso, together with a fellowship of Lord of the Rings experts in Middle Earth, has forged the One Tour to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the epic Lord of the Rings series. This customizable journey showcases New Zealand’s quintessential destinations while celebrating the iconic filming locations. Traverse the majesty of Middle Earth the way Tolkien imagined it and the way Peter Jackson captured it.

We Work With the Best New Zealand Travel Agents for Luxury Tours

Travel agent Sabina in New Zealand

Reviews of Zicasso's Referral Service

4.85 stars based on 1416 reviews.

Reviewed By  Lara B.

Reviewed By  Kyle D.

Reviewed By  Keith M.

Reviewed By  shari s.

Reviewed By  Jared R.

Reviewed By  Janet H.

New Zealand Luxury Travel Agents

New Zealand Luxury Travel Agents

Experience the best of new zealand.

As the VIP division of New Zealand Private Tours, we are a boutique, family-operated luxury travel agency with an extensive background in providing exceptional service. We understand that your time in New Zealand is limited, and we strive to ensure that every moment is seamlessly connected, meticulously planned, and thoughtfully curated to suit your individual interests.

Our Services

new zealand luxury travel agent

World Class Lodgings

new zealand luxury travel agent

Bespoke Tour Itineraries

new zealand luxury travel agent

Unique Experiences

new zealand luxury travel agent

When you choose New Zealand Luxury Travel Agents, you gain access to a trusted local contact who can assist you in real-time. Whether it is assistance with last-minute arrangements or recommendations for hidden gems off the beaten path, we are here to make your travel dreams come true – and then some.

Australia Made Easy

We find lots of our guests like to combine their New Zealand vacation with a visit to Australia at the same time. Talk to us about combining both countries to create your ultimate New Zealand and Australian adventure.

new zealand luxury travel agent

We are passionate local New Zealand travel experts with a deep understanding of what makes your vacation truly memorable.

new zealand luxury travel agent

What Our Guests Say

“I can't say enough about Kathy, her husband Wayne. They both have incredible knowledge of the country, present great ideas for an itinerary given your time, show incredible commitment and are able to work changes on the fly, all with fantastic attitude and desire to help. They clearly have contacts within the travel service industry second to none as they pulled off miracle after miracle as our schedule was jostled due to weather and related logistical challenges. Kathy and Wayne managed our schedule(4 adults) from start to finish, starting several months before arrival, managed all in country travel and transfers, all events, all lodging and some of the meals. This included the best hotels, helicopter transfers and excursions, boat excursions, hikes, golf and resort visits, adventure sports and 5 star meals. No way we could have come up with this schedule ourselves and or managed it when weather forced changes. They managed every needed change and left us to enjoy our days. We have and will continue to recommend Kathy and Wayne to anyone thinking of visiting New Zealand”

  • € EUR

new zealand luxury travel agent

Luxury New Zealand Tours made for you


Sublime Mountains

Marvel at the stunning snow-capped mountain ranges


Amazing Coastlines

Relax at the pristine beaches, or spot whales and dolphins


World-Class Cuisine

Fresh and diverse, Kiwis are known for their food


Unmatched Hikes

Discover one of its nine 'Great Walks'


Delicious Wine

Enjoy some of New Zealand's world famous wine

Sublime mountains, rugged coastlines, world-class cuisine and welcoming people

Escape to the other side of the world and discover this small country that packs a punch.

The country’s two main islands are dramatically diverse. The less inhabited but larger south is home to striking lakes, epic alpine ranges , remarkable marine and birdlife and rugged coastlines. The north is rich in Maori and European culture and is home to miles of sandy beaches, surfing, verdant vineyards, thermal reserves and the country’s cosmopolitan cities of Auckland and Wellington .

A bucket list country for any lover of the outdoors, New Zealand has some of the world’s best hiking and with a population of just 4.6 million it’s easy to get a piece of this spectacular scenery all to yourself. Discover one of its nine ‘Great Walks’ or simply head out into its easily accessible wilderness to kayak tranquil inlets, hike through native bush alive with birdsong or take your pick of the endless secluded beaches. Its diverse environment is a playground for adrenaline junkies who come here in pursuit of white water rafting, skiing, caving, canyoning, skydiving, paragliding and bungee jumping.

New Zealand retains a distinct and fascinating history and culture. Traditional Maori customs are laced with colonial European heritage and a strong Asian influence – all together creating a vibrant and contemporary urban life. The locals are easy going, welcoming and their trademark self-effacing humour is infectious.

The country’s food, which was once a poor spin-off of British fare, is now a fresh and inspiring blend of new world cuisines. It boasts some of the best coffee, an exploding craft beer scene, internationally renowned wines as well as an abundance of fresh seafood.

Best of all? Thanks to its remote location and small population you can discover this country’s treasure trove of wonders away from any crowds and get an authentic taste of the life that is lived and loved by its inhabitants.

Discover the incredible coastal scenery in the Bay of Islands

Explore the volcanic landscapes of Rotorua and Taupo

Sample the wonderful wine produced around Hawke’s Bay

Wake to the vibrant streets of cosmopolitan Wellington

Spot whales and dolphins on the waters around Kaikoura

Hike on the ice of the striking West Coast glaciers

Seek some adrenaline with a range of adventure sports in Queenstown

Rachel O’Leary

Travel Designer

New Zealand is a small country that offers so many great places to visit – you could spend months here and still not see everything! Awe-inspiring scenery, spectacular nature, thrilling adventures, unique culture and delicious food and wine are the standard here, what you will leave you longing to return is the friendly locals who welcome you to their home with open arms and the sense of serenity you feel, whether your stargazing under the vast night sky or standing on a top of a mountain with no one in sight.

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Rachel O'Leary

Luxury accommodation in new zealand.

Rotorua and Taupo

Hawke's Bay

Nelson and Abel Tasman


Queenstown and Wanaka

Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park

Dunedin and Coastal Otago

Trip Inspiration

15 Day trip

10 Day trip

13 Day trip

Whatever you want from your New Zealand tour, our team of expert travel designers are ready to help.

Where to go

Bay of Islands

Equally beautiful and historically significant, the bay is peppered with 144 vastly untouched islands that are renowned for their inviting clear waters, subtropical climate and diverse marine life.

New Zealand’s largest cosmopolitan centre is a lively mix of culture, cuisine, music and art with ample green spaces and easily accessible beaches.

A classic Kiwi beach holiday destination made up of petite coastal towns, velvety white-sand beaches and native rainforests teeming with birdlife.

Steaming mud pools, erupting geysers and Maori traditions all make Rotorua and Taupo a special area to visit – one that is distinctively unique to the rest of New Zealand.

The North Island’s wine country is one of New Zealand’s warmest, driest regions with golden colours stretching across arid plains.

Nestled on rolling green hills that spill down to a charming harbour, New Zealand’s capital is an epicentre of culture and creativity – renowned for its arts, gastronomy, heritage and bohemian character.

New Zealand’s sunniest region has a diverse geography ripe for exploring from golden sand beaches to dense forests, the clearest fresh water lake in the world and secluded, enticing rivers.

Marlborough Sounds and Wine Region

Hop from vineyard to vineyard on the wine trail in this diverse, sun-drenched plateau and sample some of the country’s finest wines, most notably the internationally renowned Sauvignon Blanc.

With the swelling Pacific Ocean on one side and the snowcapped Kaikoura Range on the other – Kaikoura is a quaint peninsula village that is a base for discovering some of New Zealand’s best wildlife.

Lake Tekapo and Aoraki Mount Cook

New Zealand’s highest peak, Aroaki Mount Cook, is an arresting sight dominating the skyline of the national park which surrounds it.

West Coast and the Glaciers

The narrow strip of coastline squeezed between the Southern Alps and Tasman Sea plays host to some of New Zealand’s most dramatic landscape, which is quite some claim.

Curious travellers will relish all the new eclectic hubs to discover in a city and region that is full of surprises, friendly locals and an inspirational community spirit.

Queenstown is one of New Zealand’s most picturesque towns, sitting on the tip of the crystal clear Lake Wakatipu. It’s a bustling hub of international and local visitors come to seek out one of the endless thrills on offer here from skiing, white water rafting, canyon swinging, jet boating, mountain biking and bungy jumping.

Dunedin is a university town and there is a good selection of lively restaurants and bars. It is also a great base from which to explore the Otago Peninsula with its rugged landscape, beautiful beaches and wildlife.

With the snowy-peaked Southern Alps sloping down into deep blue waters and lushly forested shores bursting with wildlife, the spectacular Fiordland National Park area in the south-western corner of the South Island is known for its stunning vistas.

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When to visit.

New Zealand is a year-round destination. In summer visit the beaches and explore the country’s National Parks. Spring is a mild time of year to travel and the countryside comes to life. In winter the South Island is a playground for outdoor adventures and epic scenery. Autumn sees cold, crisp days in the South Island and more mild rainy days in the North Island.

Go Wine Tasting

Go Wine Tasting

March - April

Ski and Snowboard

Ski and Snowboard

June - September

Go Whale and Dolphin Spotting

Go Whale and Dolphin Spotting

When is the Best Time to Visit New Zealand?

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Whatever you want from your adventure in New Zealand, our team of expert travel designers are ready to help.

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We’ll plan your trip around your specific interests, tastes and preferences, providing helpful tips and honest advice based on first-hand knowledge of the destination.

Authentic experiences

Our expert guides and brilliant travel concierges are hand-picked to provide a genuine experience, bringing your destination to life with care and passion.

Responsible travel

Our luxury trips are designed with responsible travel principles that prioritise travel experiences that are both good for you and good for the planet.

Flawless experiences put together by the best team in the industry. We will be returning to Jacada for our next trip as soon as possible.

Wonderful! Everything worked out beautifully. We had an amazing trip and are so grateful for the terrific staff at Jacada for making this such a special experience for us. Thank you!!

We had an extraordinary family trip of 5 to New Zealand and Bora Bora. Keith designed this trip with the utmost attention to detail and care. We were traveling with 3 college students and are strict vegetarians. Keith was patient and very accommodating with our activities and meal selection. He also was able to help with last minute changes and…

The Jacada Team did a phenomenal job! We've traveled with them 4 times to South America, Japan, Indonesia, Europe. This latest trip was to Australia, New Zealand, Maldives and Dubai. It was a monthlong trip with 16 flights and 8 hotels to celebrate my 40th birthday. We're a picky gay couple, and they surpassed our expectations. The team did a…

Amazing experience and great to deal with.

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