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ofarevolution tour dates

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O.A.R. at Columbia, MD in Merriweather Post Pavilion 2023

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ofarevolution tour dates

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  • VERY Limited Edition 4-LP Vinyl
  • Live from Merriweather 4LP set with black 180 gram vinyl
  • Signed Limited Edition 18" x 24" Poster
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Red Hat Amphitheater

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Leader Bank Pavilion

Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater

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Of a Revolution, or as they are simply and better known as; O.A.R are an alternative rock, indie rock and roots rock band from Rockville, Maryland, United states of America.

The band was formed in 1996 with Marc Roberge and Chris Culos, they would then go on to recruit members Richard On and Benj Gershman. During this period they recorded their debut album "The Wanderer" this has received the ratings of 3 stars by AllMusic.

After graduating from high school the band members moved to study at he Ohio State University, while there they met Jerry DePizzo and soon he joined the band. With Jerry now in the band they would go on to record their second album "Soul's Aflame"

After the release of their albums the band played at many shows, relying purely on word of mouth they slowly built themselves up an audience that were interested with them after playing at various events and for sororities. This buzz about the band made sure that their third album was a success as it went straight to number 11 on the Billboard Top Internet Sales.

It was all uphill from here as the fifth album "Stories of A Stranger" received a 3 out of 5 stars rating from Allmusic and managed to peak at number 40 on the Billboard 200.

In 2008 the bands song "Love Is worth the Fall" could be heard on the deluxe edition soundtrack for the film Twilight.

Live reviews

O.A.R. is one of my all time favorite bands! I have so many good memories from their music that I could go on and on about! Unfortunately I have only seen them once but it was a night I will never forget; January 27, 2007 at Madison Square Garden.

I am not usually a fan of huge venues like this, as I usually feel like smaller venues are more intimate and it’s a more emotional experience, but this was one of the best nights of my life. O.A.R. hit so many of their classics that night including my all time favorite “That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker” as their last song before the encore. The energy was incredible and the entire concert just had an overall feel great type of attitude to it.

As a musician, hearing Marc Roberge’s voice is like tasting chocolate for the first time. I can only wish I could have vocal abilities like that. Their music is generally just so uplifting and healthy.

If you are a fan of rock, you need to check this band out. As I said before, you just can’t listen to O.A.R. without feeling incredible. I give this concert a 10/10 experience and thinking about it now, I am upset I haven’t been able to go to another O.A.R. show.

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O.A.R are a great example of a cult phenomena as the American rock band may not have scored any real major commerciality in the US yet they have been consistently releasing solid material since their debut LP 'The Wanderer' in 1997. This commitment to quality rock has seen the band to attain a devoted fan base who continue to support them on their new releases and consistently sell out their tours.

Lesser known in the UK, the band still pulls a sizeable crowd to their gigs in the capital as they have a similar level of cult status with the British audience. The crowd sings along proudly to favourites such as 'Hey Girl' and 'Lay Down'. A solid live band, they sound pitch perfect and allow their instruments to command the attention of the crowds.

Playing an extensive set reaching from different points in their long career, the audience are responsive to airing of new tracks and applaud enthusiastically. The mass scream-along to the well known 'Shattered (Turn the Car Around)' leaves the band smiling graciously and a gratitude to the adoring fans.

sean-ward’s profile image

Great venue to see OAR, James Bay and Train. It appeared that during the beginning of James Bay's set that there were not enough speakers to fully fill the space, but they figured out how to fix that audio by the end of the show. James Bay - Let it Go brought chills. He is so so great live - and even more talented of a live performer than he is a recorded artist. Extremely talented guitar player, and integrated rock with his adaption of Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Proud Mary.' The night ended with Train - they were... AMAZING. Patrick Monahan has such a stage presence and was nothing but smiles the entire night. The set list was so on point, and even included an appearance from Matt Nathanson. They finished with Hey Soul Sista and Drops of Jupiter.

katey-kanata’s profile image

O.A.R. Never fails live. If you've never seen a live show before, they are a great band to start with. They always play the classics you came to hear and also have a great mix of new songs they throw in. They are a great jam band and they will make you love the sound of saxophones and trombones. This is my 5th time seeing them and I'll probably see them until they retire.

Marveto’s profile image

Absolutely fantastic show from start to finish. The highlight was “Crazy Game of Poker” which we never dreamed they’d play. The lead singer of the Huntertones singing “Peace” was another nice touch. Can’t tell you how long we’ve waited to see an OAR headliner show and it didn’t disappoint!

melissa-5’s profile image

Solid show, they played well, mixed it up a bunch, had great energy and solid guests. Best they've sounded in years and played a new venue that was great. Highly recommend seeing them if you haven't before or keep on going if you're a lifelong fan like I am.

peter-derry’s profile image

This was an amazing concert and an historic venue. Not only was O.A.R. phenomenal, Brynn Elliott and The Allen Stone band also killed. The two opening bands were a pleasant surprise. O.A.R. is a MUST SEE band.

chaplain11’s profile image

LoveO.A.R.! They were awesome as usual! Seen them numerous times! Don't care to much for Ravina! Second time seeing them there way to hard to see them! Wished they would go back to Northerly Island!

laura-alexiou’s profile image

Great show as always from the Maryland boys! Setlist was full of old favorites with newer songs peppered in too. All around amazing night. Can not wait for the love album to be released.

jwgroves6’s profile image

They were awesome! Had great energy for a rainy day. I was very sad that they had to be cut short because of the rain. They also played all my favorite songs.

annadoskey’s profile image

Posters (21)

O.A.R. live.

Past concerts

FivePoint Amphitheatre

Hayden Homes Amphitheater

Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

View all past concerts

O.A.R. tour dates and tickets 2024-2025 near you

Want to see O.A.R. in concert? Find information on all of O.A.R.’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2024-2025.

O.A.R. is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 47 concerts across 1 country in 2024-2025. View all concerts.

Next 3 concerts:

  • Grand Rapids, MI, US
  • Raleigh, NC, US
  • Pittsburgh, PA, US

Next concert:

Popularity ranking:

  • Dead Kennedys (1616)
  • O.A.R. (1617)
  • SG Lewis (1618)

Concerts played in 2024:

Touring history

Most played:

  • Philadelphia (46)
  • New York (NYC) (38)
  • Los Angeles (LA) (34)
  • Denver (28)
  • Springfield (26)

Appears most with:

  • Matt Nathanson (55)
  • Natasha Bedingfield (47)
  • Allen Stone (45)
  • Dispatch (42)

Distance travelled:

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Natasha Bedingfield live.

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For over 25 years, O.A.R. have embodied the kind of joyfully communal spirit that’s transcendent for both artist and audience alike. Since forming in Maryland in 1996, the multi-platinum-selling band have merged their musical DNA into a free-flowing sound and exhilarating live show, repeatedly selling out legendary venues like Madison Square Garden thanks to their massively devoted community of fans. In a thrilling new chapter for the ever-evolving collective, O.A.R.’s tenth studio album The Arcade marks their most collaborative effort yet: a boldly unpredictable body of work that fully showcases the extraordinary expanse of their singular musicality.

“From the beginning, this band has been about people with different influences and different styles of playing coming together to tell stories through songs based on my lyrics,” says O.A.R. lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Marc Roberge, whose bandmates include Richard On (lead guitar, backing vocals), Chris Culos (drums), Benj Gershman (bass), Jerry DePizzo (saxophone, guitar, backing vocals), MikelParis (keys, backing vocals, percussion), and Jon Lampley (trumpet, backing vocals). “Over the years our family has grown to the point where we’ve got seven musicians adding their flavor to the performances, and it felt like the perfect time to really lean into that collaborative spirit on the records, try new things, and celebrate the music we love.”

The follow-up to 2019’s The Mighty (O.A.R.’s third consecutive Top 15 debut on the Billboard 200), The Arcade took shape at a deliberately unhurried pace, with the band often working remotely to craft its high-energy collision of alt-rock and roots music and left-of-center pop. “I think what I’ll remember most about this album is the sheer amount of time we allowed ourselves to share ideas and then build those ideas into something even better, and ultimately come up with songs that we’d all love to sit back and listen to late at night or out on a long drive—an album you keep wanting to listen to all the way through,” says Roberge. Partly recorded live with the entire band in New York City, The Arcade also finds O.A.R. joining forces with such eclectic producers/co-writers as Gregg Wattenberg (John Legend, Train), Adam Friedman (Tai Verdes, Allen Stone), Kellen “Pom Pom” Pomeranz (John Legend, Tai Verdes), Stephen Kellogg, Danny Chaimson, and Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas. “The reason we titled the album The Arcade is that an arcade contains so many different games, characters, colors, stories, sounds—but at the end of the day, all of that exists within the same space, under the same roof,” Roberge explains.

The first song written for The Arcade , “In the Clouds” immediately set the tone for the album’s wide-eyed exploration of finding hope and happiness in the darkest of times. With its trance-inducing grooves and luminous guitar tones—as well as a heavenly trumpet solo from Jon Lampley, who also performs in Stay Human with Jon Batiste—“In the Clouds” celebrates the transportive power of drifting off into your own dream world. “Everyone has their ways of escaping when they’re facing pressure or feeling overwhelmed, and for me that’s checking out and letting myself live in my imagination a little while,” says Roberge. On “Nightlight,” The Arcade takes on a moody urgency, unfolding in frenetic beats, shadowy textures, and syncopated guitar work as O.A.R. gently comment on the chaos of modern life. “That song is coming from the perspective of wanting to protect my kids from the constant turbulence of the world,” Roberge says. “It’s letting them know that whenever they wake up scared, I’m always going to be there for them.” And on “Life in the Big City,” O.A.R. present one of the starkest moments on The Arcade , an impossibly hopeful tribute to a close friend lost to gun violence. “My friend’s name was Billy Mitchell, and it took a long time to tell his story in a way that felt right to me,” Roberge says. “After months of trying so many different approaches, we finally landed on a production and performance that really show O.A.R. at its core, which is us taking everyone on a journey within the song. Like everything else on the album, it’s in no way a dark look at the situation—even though it’s a tragic story, it somehow lifts us up.”

That mission of making music with a profoundly life-affirming impact has defined O.A.R. since its earliest days. First taking the stage at an eighth-grade talent show, the group grew a grassroots following while attending The Ohio State University, largely on the strength of their exuberant live performance and through their fans’ feverish sharing of live recordings (a practice emphatically encouraged by the band). Over the years, O.A.R. have maintained one of the most dedicated fanbases in the world while amassing a multitude of platinum and gold certifications, selling out Madison Square Garden twice and filling Red Rocks Amphitheater over a dozen times, and performing at such high-profile events as the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony and the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration. Known for their rare level of autonomy in the music industry, they’ve also engaged in a great number of philanthropic endeavors, including establishing a scholarship at The Ohio State University and founding the Heard The World Fund (a nonprofit that’s raised over $1.2 million in its efforts to support youth and education in underserved communities throughout the U.S.).

For O.A.R., the work of endlessly uplifting their followers is equal parts charmed responsibility and immense privilege—a dynamic that Roberge considers essential to the band’s remarkable longevity. “We’re still always saying to each other, ‘Can you believe we’re still doing this at this level, and it’s still this much fun?’” he reveals. “Apart from communicating, I think the number-one thing you need to keep a band going is really appreciate and find joy in what you do, and that’s absolutely the case with us. We don’t ever take any of it for granted.”

  • Bruce Flohr
  • Andrew Genger

ofarevolution tour dates

Livestream Today – Sunday, June 14th!

EVAN GIIA Digital Mirage 2:54am ET https://digitalmirage.io/set-times   Alfie Templeman Sunday Morning Cereal Club (recurring event) 5am ET (10am GMT) https://www.instagram.com/alfietempleman   GRiZ Digital Mirage 3pm ET https://digitalmirage.io/   Rhett…

ofarevolution tour dates

O.A.R. Livestream Today – Sunday, May 24th!

I Feel Home with Marc Roberge (recurring event) Live Stream Performance on IG-TV Every Sunday at 4pm EST 4pm ET https://www.instagram.com/ofarevolution/

O.A.R. Livestream – Sunday, May 17th!

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ofarevolution tour dates

O.A.R. Tour Dates 2022: Where to Buy Tickets?

ofarevolution tour dates

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O.A.R. Tour 2022

O.A.R . have announced their tour dates for Spring/Summer 2022, The popular band will be hitting the road starting on Mar 19 and wrapping up on Sep 10. This is definitely a tour that concert lovers will not want to miss.

O.A.R is coming to America in 2022! The 37-city tour starts on July 15th and will be visiting big markets like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville, Philadelphia Columbia/Wantagh, etc., Prior to the tour OAR will make an appearance at Innings Festival alongside special guests Robert Randolph Band & G Love along with other bands such as Khruangbin Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Goo GoOd Dolls.

WHERE WILL YOU BE??? O.A.R. + Dispatch Tour Dates have arrived! Sign up at https://t.co/fCboMGGawt to be the FIRST in line for Tickets & VIP, starting 12/6! Use code: SUMMER22 @dispatchmusic @rrtfb @glove pic.twitter.com/GMBIXMetnE — O.A.R. (@ofarevolution) December 1, 2021

O .A.R ., the popular rock band will be releasing their ninth studio album this year and have been touring heavily since last fall with American Authors as support on tour while they released an exclusive single from the new record back in February of 2019 just before hitting The Mighty Tour with Matt Nathanson come out now, In 2017, Ostergren-Remington joined Train during portions between Play That Song North American leg to kick start stORies Tour which also included extensive stops across America including some well-known venues like Madison Square Garden.

In this article

O.A.R 2022 Tour Dates

O.A.R is an American rock band whose live performances are always a hit with the audience. The band will be touring soon, so make sure to check out their tour dates.

  • Mar 19-  Raymond James Stadium – Tampa, FL
  • Mar 20-  Raymond James Stadium – Tampa, FL
  • Jul. 15 – Mesa Amphitheatre – Mesa, AZ
  • Jul. 16 – Hollywood Palladium – Los Angeles, CA
  • Jul. 17 – Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre – San Diego, CA
  • Jul. 19 – Vina Robles Amphitheatre – Paso Robles, CA
  • Jul. 20 – SOMO Village Event Center – Rohnert Park, CA
  • Jul. 22 – Les Schwab Amphitheater – Bend, OR
  • Jul. 23 – Marymoor Park – Redmond, WA
  • Jul. 24 – KettleHouse Amphitheater – Bonner, MT
  • Jul. 28 – Ford Idaho Center Amphitheater – Nampa, ID
  • Jul. 29 – Venue TBD – Salt Lake City, UT
  • Jul. 30 – Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre – Denver, CO
  • Aug. 5 – Coca-Cola Roxy – Atlanta, GA
  • Aug. 6 – Ascend Amphitheater – Nashville, TN
  • Aug. 7 – EXPRESS LIVE! – Columbus, OH
  • Aug. 9 – TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park – Indianapolis, IN
  • Aug. 10 – St. Louis Music Park – St. Louis, MO
  • Aug. 12 – Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica – Cleveland, OH
  • Aug. 13 – Ravinia Festival – Highland Park, IL *on-sale spring 2022
  • Aug. 14 – Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre Freedom Hill – Sterling Heights, MI
  • Aug. 15 – Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Aug. 18 – TD Pavilion at the Mann – Philadelphia, PA
  • Aug. 19 – Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion – Gilford, NH
  • Aug. 20 – Xfinity Center – Mansfield, MA
  • Aug. 21 – Saratoga Performing Arts Center – Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Aug. 23 – Artpark – Lewiston, NY
  • Aug. 25 – Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater – Bridgeport, CT
  • Aug. 26 – Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD
  • Aug. 27 – Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater – Wantagh, NY
  • Aug. 28 – PNC Bank Arts Center– Holmdel, NJ
  • Aug. 30 – Salvage Station – Asheville, NC
  • Aug. 31 – Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre – Charlotte, NC
  • Sept. 2 – Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater – Virginia Beach, VA
  • Sept. 3 – Live Oak Bank Pavilion at Riverfront Park – Wilmington, NC
  • Sept. 4 – St. Augustine Amphitheatre – St. Augustine, FL
  • Sept. 8 – ACL Live at The Moody Theater – Austin, TX
  • Sept. 9 – The Lawn at White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX
  • Sept. 10 – The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory – Irving, TX

How Much are O.A.R tickets?

O.A.R tickets on the secondary market can vary depending on a number of factors, with an average price for one ticket at $96 and as low as 56 dollars.

Where To Buy O.A.R 2022 Tour Tickets

Fans of O.A.R are going to be in for a treat in 2022! The band is set to go on tour and tickets will be available soon, but you’ll have to act fast if you want them because they’re not expected to last long.


Ticketmaster has announced they will be buying the O.A.R 2022 Tour tickets, so there’s no need to worry about missing out! With such an extensive network of sellers, TicketMaster is your best bet for getting tickets to see your favorite band live.


If you’re looking for O.A.R tickets, TicketNetwork is the place to go, We have a wide selection of concert tickets so you can find what you want at prices that fit your budget.

Vivid Seats

Are you interested in the upcoming O.A.R 2022 tour? If so, Vivid Seats has what you need! We have tickets for every stop of this year’s concert tour including the latest dates which are still to be announced.

O.A.R Tour Setlist

While performances can vary between venues, the O.A.R. setlist will likely include the following songs

  • Delicate Few
  • Knocking at Your Door
  • Wonderful Day
  • About Mr. Brown
  • Are You for Real?
  • About an Hour Ago
  • Shattered (Turn the Car Around)
  • Nantucket is Gone
  • Love and Memories
  • Turn It up Slow
  • Night Shift
  • City on Down
  • That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
  • Miss You All the Time
  • Missing Pieces
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  • Jesse & Joy Tour Dates 2022: Where to Buy Tickets
  • Keith Urban Tour Dates 2022: Where to Buy Tickets

O.A.R. O.A.R. Tickets O.A.R. Tour O.A.R. Tour 2022

ofarevolution tour dates

Written by Foysal Patwary

Foysal played a local musician as a guitarist in the Blacktown band. He later worked as a musician on a small firm, where he played a role on the cover of the song. While subtaking from music, Foysal studied music analysis in Bangladesh with music and started composing plays. His songs with Jackson Pollock have been produced in Dhaka and regionally. He has received awards from the Commission for composing plays in music and concerts. He later started writing a blog about music, concerts and schedules.

Eddie Vedder Tour 2022

Eddie Vedder Tour Dates 2022: Where to Buy Tickets?

Future Islands Tour 2022

Future Islands Tour Dates 2022: Where to Buy Tickets?

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with special guests Ripe & The Ries Brothers


  • Date Nov 17 , 2024
  • Event Starts 6:30 PM
  • Doors Open 5:30 PM
  • Ticket Prices $39.50-$79.50
  • On Sale On Sale Now
  • Pit Type General Admission
  • Nov 17 Sunday 6:30PM Buy Tickets

Event Details

O.A.R. might just be music’s biggest, best kept secret. The platinum-certified Rockville, MD band has quietly sold out Madison Square Garden twice, filled Red Rocks Amphitheater a dozen times, earned platinum and gold plaques, lit up the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration, and built one of the most committed fanbases in the world. The group—Marc Roberge [lead vocals, guitar], Richard On [lead guitar, backing vocals], Chris Culos [drums], Benj Gershman [bass], and Jerry DePizzo [saxophone, guitar, backing vocals] accompanied by Mikel Paris [keys, backing vocals, percussion], and Jon Lampley [trumpet, backing vocals]—have entered a new chapter as a band by releasing their 10th studio album ‘The Arcade’ and embarked on a headlining US tour this Summer.

For over 25 years, O.A.R. have embodied the kind of joyfully communal spirit that’s transcendent for both artist and audience alike. Since forming in Maryland in 1996, the multi-platinum-selling band have merged their musical DNA into a free-flowing sound and exhilarating live show. In a thrilling new chapter for the ever-evolving collective, O.A.R.’s tenth studio album The Arcade marks their most collaborative effort yet: a boldly unpredictable body of work that fully showcases the extraordinary expanse of their singular musicality.

About Ripe: Ripe’s new album Bright Blues is a collection of 12 songs full of sleek grooves and bold melodies n the middle of getting hit in the stomach,” says singer Robbie Wulfsohn, who came together with guitarist Jon Becker, drummer Sampson Hellerman and trombonist Calvin Barthel while they were all studying at Berklee College of Music. The band drew acclaim from the likes of the Boston Globe, Huffington Post and WXPN with their first full-length, Joy in the Wild Unknown. Their streams on Spotify surged past 56 million as they conquered stages at festivals including Bonnaroo, Firefly, SweetWater and Bottlerock, and sold tens of thousands of tickets across the US, including selling out the iconic House of Blues Boston and Brooklyn Steel. Bright Blues is their first release after signing to indie powerhouse Glassnote Records and their first release working with outside co-writers. Teaming up on production with Noah Conrad (BTS, Niall Horan) and Ryan Linvill (Olivia Rodrigo, Dermot Kennedy) helped bring the high-energy, freewheeling stage show to the recording studio, with the result being an album that shows the full scope of the band’s abilities as writers and performers. The live show has always been at the core of who Ripe is, and now the recorded music can stand alongside it as an all-encompassing representation of who the band is and where they are going.

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Published: 2022/05/23

Oceans Calling Festival Shares 2022 Lineup: O.A.R., Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, The Lumineers and More

Oceans Calling Festival Shares 2022 Lineup: O.A.R., Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, The Lumineers and More

Photo via Oceans Calling Festival’s website

Oceans Calling Festival has unveiled its 2022 artist lineup for the Ocean City, Md. event, slated for Sept. 30 through Oct. 2. The three-day party was co-founded by local alt-rockers, O.A.R., in collaboration with C3 Presents. 

The festival’s first day will see a headlining set performed by longtime friends and collaborators Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds. Friday will also include music by Dirty Heads; the festival hosts O.A.R, Grouplove, Skip Markey, Noah Kahan, Mihali and more.

On Saturday, The Lumineers are scheduled to headline. Sets will also be played by Cage The Elephant, Logic, Young The Giant, Jimmy Eat World, Allen Stone, Larkin Poe and others. The final day of the festival will include Alanis Morissette as the headliner. Additional final acts will consist of Cyndi Lauper, Sublime with Rome, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Tai Verdes and a special set by O.A.R and Friends. 

In addition to an incredible lineup of musicians, Oceans Calling Festival will see appearances by acclaimed chefs Andrew Zimmern, Robert Irvine and Amanda Freitag. They will host a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. 

“We are thrilled to host Oceans Calling Festival in Ocean City, Maryland and celebrate all our incredible city has to offer,” chimed Mayor Rick Meehan. He went on to add, “Thank you to C3 Presents and Maryland’s own O.A.R. for bringing an event of this magnitude to the Ocean City Boardwalk. We look forward to seeing everyone!” 

An array of ticket packages go on sale May 25 at noon ET. To learn more, visit oceanscallingfestival.com .

See the complete festival lineup below.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by O.A.R. (@ofarevolution)

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Oceans Calling Festival Shares 2022 Lineup: OAR, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, The Lumineers and More – jambands.com – It's So Good News

[…] Oceans Calling Festival Shares 2022 Lineup: OAR, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, The Lumineers an…  jambands.com Article Source […]

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Here are the most recent UK tour dates we had listed for Of A Revolution (O.A.R). Were you there?

  • Fri 11 Jun London, The Garage Of A Revolution (O.A.R)

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ofarevolution tour dates

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  1. Last Saturday was a dream I’ll never forget performing with my favorite band @ofarevolution #music


  1. O.A.R.

    View More Tour Dates. Featured Products. Made On Demand. Marc's Ride Hoodie Summer Tour 24 2024. Made On Demand. Spaceman Tee Summer Tour 24 2024. Made On Demand. Summer 24 Pre-Tour Tee Summer Tour 24 2024. Made On Demand. Summer Tour 24 Mug Summer Tour 24 2024. youtube @OARmusic. Media ℗ 2006-2024 Black Rock Recorded Music

  2. O.A.R. Outline Summer 2024 Tour Dates with Fitz and The Tantrums, DJ

    A post shared by O.A.R. (@ofarevolution) O.A.R. Summer 2024 Itinerary: July 16 - Red Hat Amphitheater - Raleigh, N.C. July 18 - Stage AE - Pittsburgh. July 19 - Stone Pony Summer Stage ...

  3. O.A.R. Concerts & Live Tour Dates: 2024-2025 Tickets

    August 2nd 2023. Goo Goo Dolls / O.A.R.: 8/1/23 "The time has come to for me to move into the 90's as I continue my 2023 mini-tour beginning with Better Than Ezra and moving into Goo Goo Dolls, O.A.R., Smashing Pumpkins, 3 Doors Down, Candlebox, Shinedown, Papa Roach, and Jimmy Eat World. Back in January entering a LIVE NATION contest I won ...

  4. O.A.R. Summer Tour 2024: Tickets, dates, venues and more

    Two portraits of O.A.R (Images via official Instagram @ofarevolution) O.A.R. Tour 2024 is scheduled to be held from July 16, 2024, to November 17, 2024, in venues across the mainland United States.

  5. oarsa.org

    O.A.R. is excited to announce their Summer 24 headlining tour with very special guests Fitz & the Tantrums, Ripe, and Dj Logic! Presale tickets + VIP start at 2pm ET TODAY with the code: PEACE. A full list of tour dates is available here. Big Night Out Tour. 12.20.2022 | posted by edpaffjr.

  6. O.A.R. Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2024 & 2023

    O.A.R. tour dates and tickets 2023-2024 near you. Want to see O.A.R. in concert? Find information on all of O.A.R.'s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2023-2024. O.A.R. is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 1 concert across 1 country in 2023-2024. View all concerts.

  7. O.A.R.

    O.A.R. 438,463 likes · 538 talking about this. For all-things O.A.R. visit LiveOAR.com TW FB TikTok + Insta - @ofarevolution Youtube - @OARmusic

  8. O.A.R. (Of A Revolution...)

    Widely accepted as one the most successful independent bands of all time, O.A.R. might just be Music's biggest, best kept secret. Members Marc Roberge, Chris Culos, Richard On, Benj Gershman and ...

  9. O.A.R.

    Pre-Sale tickets & VIP Packages for the tour go on sale TOMORROW, February 13th, at 12pm EST. All pre-sale & VIP buyers will also receive a free download of the song upon purchase! General on-sale is this Friday, February 16th.

  10. O.A.R.

    You're invited! Don't miss @DispatchMusic & @OfARevolution's Summer Tour 2022 Pre-Party hosted by @BiggsJason live from Relix Studio on MAY 18 at 5PM...

  11. O.A.R.

    O.A.R. during 2009 summer concert tour at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, New York. On July 15, 2008, O.A.R. released their sixth studio album, All Sides. The first radio single for All Sides, "Shattered (Turn the Car Around)", was released on June 13.

  12. O.A.R. • Red Light Management

    O.A.R. www.ofarevolution.com. Bio. For over 25 years, O.A.R. have embodied the kind of joyfully communal spirit that's transcendent for both artist and audience alike. Since forming in Maryland in 1996, the multi-platinum-selling band have merged their musical DNA into a free-flowing sound and exhilarating live show, repeatedly selling out ...

  13. O.A.R. (@OfAreVolution)

    The latest tweets from @ofarevolution

  14. O.A.R. Tour Dates 2022: Where to Buy Tickets?

    O.A.R 2022 Tour Dates. O.A.R is an American rock band whose live performances are always a hit with the audience. The band will be touring soon, so make sure to check out their tour dates. Mar 19- Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, FL. Mar 20- Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, FL. Jul. 15 - Mesa Amphitheatre - Mesa, AZ.

  15. O.A.R.

    781 likes, 14 comments - ofarevolution on May 8, 2024: "@livenation Concert Week kicks off TODAY and that means you can get tickets to our upcoming shows for $25 in select markets while suppli...". O.A.R. | @livenation Concert Week kicks off TODAY and that means you can get tickets to our upcoming shows for $25 in select markets while suppli ...

  16. O.A.R.

    The live show has always been at the core of who Ripe is, and now the recorded music can stand alongside it as an all-encompassing representation of who the band is and where they are going. More Details. 22. View all events for. May 2024. o.a.r. live at the st. augustine amphitheatre on sunday, november 17, 2024.

  17. Oceans Calling Festival Shares 2022 Lineup: O.A.R., Dave ...

    Photo via Oceans Calling Festival's website. Oceans Calling Festival has unveiled its 2022 artist lineup for the Ocean City, Md. event, slated for Sept. 30 through Oct. 2.

  18. Of a Revolution

    www.ofarevolution.com. Of a Revolution, better known as O.A.R., is an American rock band consisting of Marc Roberge ( vocals, guitar ), Chris Culos ( drums, percussion ), Richard On (guitar, backing vocals ), Benj Gershman ( bass guitar ), Jerry DePizzo ( saxophone, guitar, backing vocals). The band has a lot of fans in college and many of the ...

  19. Of A Revolution (O.A.R) tour dates & tickets 2024

    Fri 11 Jun. London, The Garage. Of A Revolution (O.A.R) Rated Excellent. Of A Revolution (O.A.R) live shows. Find tour dates near you and book official tickets with Ents24 - rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

  20. Is OAR the headliner for the Play That Song Tour? : r/OfaRevolution

    I'm at the Va Beach concert right now. OAR is the second opener, approx. 1 hour after the concert began. Second time seeing them! My first time was when I was 11 in 2000! So stoked! Edit: they just finished about 45 minutes later. Definitely wanted them to play more...:/ They came out and played with Train when they played You Can Call Me Al as ...

  21. Thoughts on the album so far? : r/OfaRevolution

    Go to OfaRevolution r/OfaRevolution ... (By the way they're still awesome in concert, if not better than ever. I saw them very recently and they're still experimenting with new grooves for songs they released 5 years ago!) Locked post. New comments cannot be posted. Share

  22. Team Hagen is going to represent tomorrow at @ofarevolution concert!

    Team Hagen is going to represent tomorrow at @ofarevolution concert! If you haven't heard them - you must!! ⭐️ O.F.A.R.E.V.O.LU.T.I.O.N. ⭐️ @hagenclothing #hagenclothing #ofarevolution #OAR...

  23. Revocation Official Website

    Revocation official website. Stay updated on tours, merchandise, and more on our website!