Poly Voyager 8200 UC wireless headset review

A comfortable bluetooth headset with a few strange design quirks.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC

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If you often find yourself in back-to-back meetings or needing to block out the world for the afternoon, the Poly Voyager 8200 UC could well be the headset for you. However, while sturdy and comfortable, this wireless headset is let down by a handful of design quirks.


Great battery life

Sound quality

Effective noise cancellation

Strange design decisions

Sidetone delay

Micro-USB, not USB-C

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The Voyager 8200 UC from Poly, formerly Plantronics & Polycom, is a premium Bluetooth business headset that will add value to pretty much any remote working setup.

It’s lightweight and offers generous padding, making the headset perfect for long sessions. The battery life is also seriously impressive, so you’re unlikely to get caught short during a meeting or half way through a playlist.

The four-mic boomless design is refreshing and still captures the voice with great accuracy. And the sound quality is solid too, with rich bass notes and accurate treble, even if there’s a little blowout at maximum volume.

However, the headset is held back by a few strange design choices. The smart business aesthetic is compromised by unflattering side panels and the buttons and dials have a decidedly non-premium feel.

We also encountered minor audio glitches that settings tweaks failed to clean up entirely, which isn’t something you’d expect from a piece of kit at this price point.

Price and availability

The Voyager 8200 UC sits at the top of the price range for headsets, available from the official Poly store at a price of $379.95/£386.95. However, bargain hunters will currently find it cheaper at Amazon , at $250/£235.

For your money, you get the headset itself, Poly’s BT600 Bluetooth dongle, a USB-A to micro USB cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and a fabric carrying pouch.

The website suggests you can also purchase spare ear cushions (in black or white) should yours wear out, but no price is quoted.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC bluetooth headset

Although the price tag puts the Voyager 8200 UC firmly in the premium category, a number of the design choices would seem to contradict that characterization.

The tone is set by the plain and unattractive packaging, which gives off a decidedly non-luxury feel. Sure, this is a business-focused device, but the packaging makes a poor first impression nonetheless.

While the headset itself is pleasing enough to look at, with an all-black aesthetic suitable for any business context, Poly has taken the inexplicable step of decorating the side panels with what looks like laminate flooring. What’s worse, the fake wood grain is slanted in a different direction on each earphone, making for an awkward and unsymmetrical look.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC bluetooth headset

The company has also chosen not to label the three-mode noise cancellation switch, meaning anyone picking up the headset after the plastic film has been removed will be clueless as to its functionality.

The volume dial, meanwhile, feels lightweight and plasticy and is frustrating to use. Instead of rotating freely to turn media volume up or down, the dial only turns by ten or so degrees, which makes large volume adjustments finicky.

Weight - 289g Battery - 24 hours listen, 20 hours talk, 1 month standby Charging - micro USB Roaming range - 30m Microphone - Boomless dual-paired omnidirectional mics Connectivity - Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, 3.5mm audio, micro USB Noise cancellation - Yes

Despite all this, Poly has designed a headset that is comfortable to wear for extended periods, with generous padding that envelops the ears without pressing too hard on the side of the head. The range of extension also means the Voyager 8200 UC should fit even the largest proportions comfortably.

It’s also easy to pause media, skip songs and exit calls thanks to dedicated panel buttons and the quick mute button on the underside is an invaluable addition, especially in the era of Zoom and Microsoft Teams . And the large L and R printed on the inside of the ear cups meant we were never at risk of putting the headset on the wrong way round.

Beyond the obvious audio and microphone functionality, the Voyage 8200 UC offers a selection of handy extra features.

For example, the headset detects when it has been removed from your head - say, to have a quick word with a colleague or family member - and will pause whatever you’re listening to. When you return the headset to its original position, the content will resume automatically. 

In a similar vein, when you’re not on a call, the mute button doubles up as an “OpenMic” button. When pressed, all media will be paused and audio from the room fed into your ears. Although it’s nice to have the option, it’s almost always going to be easier (and more polite) to quickly remove the device from your head when having an in-person conversation.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC bluetooth headset

More useful is the automatic mute alert feature, which lets you know immediately if you begin speaking while your microphone is inactive - a common remote working faux pas.

There’s also multi-device pairing, which will allow you to hook the 8200 UC up to additional devices - such as your smartphone or tablet - via near-field communication (NFC). This way, if a call comes in on your mobile, you can pick up without having to wrestle with the headset.

The 8200 UC is supported by an excellent desktop companion app, called Plantronics Hub, which makes fine-tuning the headset to your preferences simple. From here, you can also check for firmware updates, see your remaining battery life and access documentation that will help you solve any problems you might have.


Broadly, the Poly Voyager 8200 UC does a solid job from a performance perspective, both when listening to audio or video content and when using the headset during meetings.

The bass is deep and rich and high frequency sounds are not at all harsh, which means a wide range of music genres sound great. And the headset is more than capable of delivering meeting audio with clarity, the job for which it’s designed.

The Poly BT600 Bluetooth dongle always maintains a consistent connection, even from the other side of this reviewer’s (modest) flat, so you won’t be interrupted by interference or connection dropout.

The noise cancellation mode is brilliant too, cutting out all external distractions without you having to bump up the volume to an uncomfortable level. There are three modes, depending on the amount of noise cancellation you prefer: off, medium and high. And no matter what mode you’re listening in, sound leakage is minimal.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC bluetooth headset

The only real sound quality issues we encountered came when boosting the volume to maximum, which produced a measure of blowout, especially with treble frequencies.

However, we did encounter performance issues beyond sound quality. When we first received the headset, it was practically unusable on conference calls, because our voice was played back into our ears at a slight delay, making conversation extremely difficult.

We spoke to Poly about how the issue might be remedied and found that turning the sidetone to low via the companion app went a long way. However, even after tweaking the settings, we continued to encounter the issue on occasion, albeit to a much less dramatic extent.

Poly says the battery will last up to 24 hours in active use or up to a month on standby, which our testing suggests is probably about right. The headset charges from flat to full in roughly three hours, which isn’t too bad, but could presumably be improved significantly if the company had opted for USB-C over micro-USB.

The Voyager 8200 UC from Poly gets plenty right, both from a sound quality and comfort perspective. The lengthy battery life and effective noise cancellation also mean you’ll be able to knuckle down for long periods without interruption.

A few smart features - such as auto-pause, multi-device pairing and mute alert - combine to set this headset apart from less premium business models on the market.

That said, a number of questionable design decisions detract from the overall experience. Even if you can overlook the unpleasant faux wood grain paneling, you’ll be frustrated by the finicky volume dial and button labelling. Issues with excessive sidetone and blowout at maximum volume must also be taken into consideration.

Ultimately, the Voyager 8200 UC will be a reliable companion for anyone that finds themselves in back-to-back video meetings or working from a noisy space. Given the price tag, though, this headset’s foibles can be hard to ignore.

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plantronics voyager uc 8200

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Jeffrey Van Camp

Review: Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC

This image may contain Electronics Headphones Headset and Sink Faucet

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Commuting in larger cities like Boston has its perks. I haven’t needed a car in nearly a decade thanks to the fleets of busses and subway trains that zip across town, which is awesome. But I could really go without that piercing, screeching noise each train makes as it grinds to a halt at the station. Subway rides are often deafening from start to finish, and packed with commuters who are louder still.

For the last two months, wearing Plantronics' Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth headphones has calmed my commute. Like a trip to Never-never Land, they made me forget. I’ve legitimately missed my subway stop several times because I was so lost in what I was hearing—and, just as importantly, what I wasn’t hearing. A switch on the left earcup lets you toggle between two levels of active noise cancelling, which does a Bose-level job of retaining audio quality while tuning out the ruckus around you, whether that’s on a train or airplane (another place I loved using these). Usually, I set it the active cancellation on max because I couldn’t notice any degradation in my tunes.

Even with noise cancelling turned off, the leathery memory foam cups provide a nice seal around the ears, hushing much of the clamor of the outside world. A soft microfiber band with adjustable sides keeps it in place. You can twist the cups to the side and rest them around your neck when you’re not listening.

I like the design of these a lot more than the ubiquitous Bose QuietComfort headphones , but there’s nothing remarkable about their look, which makes the $380 asking price hard to stomach at first. (The white and tan version looks a bit classier than the black and orange set I have.) Almost nobody has complimented their style, and most are surprised when I say how much I like them. After I explain everything these cans can do, their tone changes.

To start, the sensors work well, automatically pausing and playing tracks if you take the headphones on and off. Even lifting one cup off your ear will trigger this function and it's so, so cool.

The four microphones that help cancel all that noise also make the Voyager 8200s fantastic for taking calls. Even outdoors on a windy day, I could hear and be heard on the phone. Syncing is simple too, because the Bluetooth button is also the power button on the right earcup. Turn it on and you’ll naturally press up enough to trigger pairing mode, which is smart enough to let you auto sync to two devices at once, letting you use it on a computer and your phone, or share them with a significant other. Pairing is usually an arduous task. Here, it’s a cinch.

A glance inside the earcups is the perfect example of how Plantronics favors utility over pure fashion. The left cup has a giant L in it, and the right has a giant R. When you first look at them, it almost looks childish, but those giant letters have saved me time every day I’ve worn them. On most headphones, it’s a nightmare to find the minuscule R or L and put them on right. On these, it happens at a glance.

The faux wood on the sides of the cups might look cheesy, but it’s hard to fault the controls on those panels, which make skipping tracks, altering volume, pausing, and taking calls easy. Five blue dots even light up to show you your battery life every time you boot the 8200’s up. If you don’t pay attention to dots, you’ll still learn the battery life from a voice that speaks it to you each time you turn them on. It’s usually good news on the battery front, too. The set gets about 24 hours of music and podcast playing per charge, and can hold a charge for several weeks without dying, even if you keep it on.

If you run out of power, you can dig into the Voyager 8200’s soft fleece carrying pouch where you’ll find a double-sided 3.5mm audio cord, which turns them into standard headphones (no power needed). A Micro USB charging cord and USB Bluetooth dongle for your PC or Mac are also included.

Hopefully you’ll never notice, but Plantronics has baked in hearing protection, which kicks in if a song suddenly increases in volume. It “detects and eliminates any large sudden increase in signal level,” saving you from being startled or having to rip them off. That voice I mentioned earlier warns if you’re listening at super loud volumes, and lets you know when you’re connected properly via Bluetooth or toggle the noise cancelling settings, which helps avoid confusion.

As much as I like their convenience and rich battery life, Plantronics' Voyager 8200 UC have also become my go-to headphones for an old-fashioned reason: they sound stellar. Their sound quality is some of the best I’ve heard on Bluetooth headphones. Just today, I was listening to “Oh Devil” by Electric Guest and noticed just how well I could pick up the nuances of singer Asa Taccone’s haunting falsetto vocals amid the electric piano midtones and deep bass rhythm. Live tracks have depth that you won’t hear on many sets, and podcast audio comes in crisp and clear.

If you have $380 to throw down on headphones, put these on your shortlist. If you don’t, know that they’ve gone on sale for $280 at least once before, so if you hold out long enough, the price is likely to drop yet again.

plantronics voyager uc 8200

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Review: The Perfect Noise-Canceling Headphones for Office Settings

And its sound quality stacks up to Bose and Sony, too.


By Tucker Bowe

3 original photos

plantronics voyager uc 8200

Plantronics makes two different sets of wireless active noise-canceling headphones , the BackBeat Pro 2 ($200) and the Voyager 8200 UC ($264) , and both look near identical. The difference is that, while the BackBeat Pro 2 has been around since 2016 and shares many traits as other wireless ANC headphones, like the Beats Studio3 Wireless or Bose QC35 II, the Voyager 8200 UC is designed specifically for business professionals. It has a four-mic array and is great for phone calls, and it boasts improved Bluetooth connectivity so it can sync to multiple devices — say your iPhone and Macbook, simultaneously. It also is Skype for Business certified.

The good: Excellent call clarity. In my two weeks using the headphones, I never had one person who I was on the phone with complain about not being able to hear me, which is actually a common complaint I have when taking calls on my AirPods . The sound quality from the Voyager 8200 UC is pretty great, too. And if you’re listening to music and a call comes in, a voice will notify you with an “Incoming call” message. If you want to answer it, a simple touch of the right ear pad will pick up.

I tested the headphones with my usual Spotify playlists and the audio quality was impressive and neutral — songs like “So American” by Portugal. The Man and “I Need a Forest Fire” by James Blake had strong mids and highs, while still being modest with the bass. The Voyager 8200 UC has smart sensors that will pause and play music when you take off and put on the headphones, similar to what AirPods do. They have excellent battery life and are pretty inexpensive compared to other wireless ANC headphones. Lastly, the headphones can pair two devices at the same time, like a computer and smartphone, and the Bluetooth handoff between two devices works great.

Who are they for: The Voyager 8200 UC is designed specifically for office workers who talk on the phone a lot. However, it’s not an intimidating headphone that feels overly technical — it’s really just like any other ANC headphone, with a few extra touch gestures on the earpad and a companion app that you don’t have to use. The Voyager 8200 UC is a headphone that is good for casual listening, too.

Watch out for: While it’s a very good noise-isolating headphone, thanks to some densely-cushioned earpads, the Voyager 8200 UC isn’t as effective with at active noise-canceling. I didn’t notice too big of a difference from when the ANC was off or on — I could still hear things like doorbells, keyboards typing and colleagues talking, albeit all of those noises were faint. The headphones are comfortable, but the design won’t be for everybody — the faux wood grain and earpads with huge “L” and “R” markings are pretty conspicuous. They charge via a micro-USB cable. There’s no voice assistant.

Alternatives: If you’re a stickler on price and just want a dependable wireless ANC headphone, the Voyager 8200 UC is a pretty safe bet. There are other alternatives, however, that boost superior ANC abilities, like the Bose QC 35 II ($350) and Sony 1000XM2 ($298) .

plantronics voyager uc 8200

What others are saying: • “As much as I like their convenience and rich battery life, Plantronics’ Voyager 8200 UC have also become my go-to headphones for an old-fashioned reason: they sound stellar. Their sound quality is some of the best I’ve heard on Bluetooth headphones. Just today, I was listening to “Oh Devil” by Electric Guest and noticed just how well I could pick up the nuances of singer Asa Taccone’s haunting falsetto vocals amid the electric piano midtones and deep bass rhythm. Live tracks have depth that you won’t hear on many sets, and podcast audio comes in crisp and clear.” — Jeffrey Van Camp, Wired

• “I actually really like the lower priced BackBeat Pro 2 but due to the large amount of new features in Voyager 8200 UC which offer lots of extra value this is going to replace BackBeat as my daily driver. Since I am using this High Quality Headsets, I don`t use ordinary Headphones anymore to enjoy music – yes, the Audio Quality is that impressive! Need to jump on a long distance flight before I can share my thoughts about new Dual Noise Cancelation but Voyager 8200 already helped me to survive the Autumn Leaf Blower Season.” — Ragnar Heil

Connectivity: Bluetooth v4.1 Battery: Up to 24 hours listening to music, up to 1 month standby Roaming range: Up to 98 feet

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Poly Voyager 8200 UC review: ANC headphones uphold Plantronics heritage

Can the poly voyager 8200 uc's sound quality and suite of clever features justify its price tag.

A pair of Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones on a wooden desk

Our Verdict

The Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones feature rich, immersive sound, with plentiful bass, mids and highs, for most genres of music. As a conferencing headset, it does a professional job, with clear voice audio and quality built-in mics, and the fact there's no mic boom means you can wear them out and about as everyday headphones too. A suite of smart features, such as auto-pausing whenever I removed them, with clever on-device controls, is mostly a delight, but noise-cancellation isn't as strong as the premium price point would lead you to think.

  • Rich sound quality
  • Comfortable, soft earpads
  • Beautiful styling
  • Clever innovative features
  • Disappointing ANC
  • Sorry, they cost how much?

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The Poly Voyager 8200 UC are one of the flagship headphones from the famous audio brand formerly known as Plantronics. In fact, the change to the Poly branding is still so recent that the packaging and even the headset itself still sees the Plantronics brand name emblazoned across the headband. And many online stores still sell them under the name Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC. 

But while the heritage is ancient (Plantronics were the first headsets on the moon, after all), these Voyager 8200 headphones are stacked with the latest tech to make them cleverer than just about any headphones I've used, a lot of which you won't find among many of even the best wireless headphones around.

I was sent a test unit to use for a few weeks, and it's been almost entirely positive, marred only by active noise-cancellation that feels like it could be quite a bit stronger, and a mild shock when I looked at the price tag.

A pair of Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones on a wooden desk

Poly Voyager 8200 UC review: Key specifications

Poly voyager 8200 uc review: design and build.

A pair of Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones on a wooden desk

The Poly Voyager 8200 UC is marketed as a headset, so aimed at people who video-conference a lot, call-centre professionals, customer-facing agents and anyone else who speaks a lot to others via phone or the internet. 

But it doesn't look like your typical headset. First off, there's no mic boom, as instead there are a total of six microphones built into the earpads, much like on more traditional headphones, and the earpad design is much more in line with music-focused headphones too, where the earcups go over the ears instead of directly onto them. 

The padding on the earcups is soft and very comfortable, without feeling like it gets too hot too fast, and the headband looks stylish and has comfortable padded fabric on the underside to make sure there's no discomfort at the top of your head. 

The sturdy build is a mix of plastic, metal and artificial leather, and it feels very tactile and solid to the touch. On the whole, the headset looks extremely refined and stylish without going near garish territory. At 289 grams, they're not super-light, but the weight is well-balanced, so there's little to no weight-related discomfort from wearing them for an extended period of time.

There are a few buttons on the earpads, two on the right cup and one on the left. These are the on/off/mode button and a red mute-mic button on the right and the ANC control button on the left. They're easy to get to grips with, easy to find with your hand when you wear them, and the gap between the two right-hand-side buttons is big enough to being able to easily distinguish which one you're pushing.

In addition to that, the panel on each earpad contains several buttons and dials, and you'd be forgiven for missing them at first, because I did. 

On the left, there's a play/pause button in the centre of the pad, with skip buttons and an NFC button, which can pair the headset with NFC-enabled devices. And that's not all. The textured ring around the central panel is a volume dial, simply twist the ring and it will lower or raise the volume by a few points at a time, based on which direction you twist it. Then, on the other pad is a single-click pad to answer or end phone or internet calls via your connected devices. 

It means Poly has managed to include a near-full control functionality on the headset itself while making it look very clean, uncluttered and stylish. Big tick there.

Another praiseworthy note is that the packaging it arrives in is fully recyclable cardboard, and it comes with a soft faux-leather carry pouch too, which we're assured is made in a nature-friendly way. 

Poly Voyager 8200 UC review: Features and audio performance

A pair of Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones on a wooden desk

On the inside, the Poly Voyager 8200 UC packs some interesting features too. With a 40mm speaker on board, the headset is geared toward maximum voice clarity, optimised for PC wideband voice telephony up to 7 kHz or for multimedia from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Still, the audio driver on board also delivers impressive music audio, on par with many premium audio headphones. 

Bass is rich with solid mids and highs too, while the included hearing protection tech, SoundGuard DIGITAL as Poly calls it, protects against sound levels above 118dBA, doesn't lead to any distortion or unwanted noise when turning the music up. 

I tried the headphones with a variety of genres and artists, including rock from Queens Of The Stone Age, Soundgarden and Bring Me The Horizon, electronic music, including treble-high songs from The Chemical Brothers such as "Hey Boy Hey Girl" and deeper dub and drum'n'bass too, such as Leftfield's "Dub Gussett" and Photek's "Rings Around Saturn". Even '80s-infused synth pop like Dua Lipa's "Houdini" had a noticeable range to the sound. Loudness isn't spectacular, but again, this is a headset optimised for voice performance over studio-level music sound, and the hearing-protection software on-board probably has a slight dampening effect too (which is probably good for me).

There's a host of clever features in here too, apart from the snazzy buttons, voice-clarity tech and hearing protection. There's the aforementioned NFC-pairing functionality, Bluetooth 5.0 and the ability to simultaneously connect to at least two devices, with up to 8 stored connections on board. 

If you need to grab a coffee while working, Poly has thankfully realised you might not live or work next to the office kitchen, as the headset can stay connected up to 30 metres away from your phone or computer. This is way more than the 10 metres quoted for most headphones. I never had any dropouts or lag when roaming around my house, with my laptop and phone sitting upstairs in a corner room while I prepared a coffee in the kitchen downstairs or let the cat out into the garden for the ninth time that day. 

Voice clarity in video and phone calls, unsurprisingly, is excellent as well. I noticed a huge change in the clarity of everyone's speech on a multi-person Zoom call between these headphones and most others I've tried over the last year (with the possible exception of only the Technics EAH-AZ80 earbuds), and didn't receive a single complaint about my often-muttering voice not carrying over the other way.

One particularly excellent feature is that the headphones will automatically pause music if you remove them (and resume playing when you put them back on), and if you're not wearing them and an online or phone call comes in, simply putting them on answers the call automagically. This both means you won't waste as much battery life if you need to quickly remove them but forget to pause the music you're listening to, and don't need to fiddle with buttons or screens to answer calls. It's brilliant, and after weeks of use it still impressed me every time. I guess I'm a simple soul.

Battery life is more than decent too, with Poly quoting 24 hours of listening time, 20 hours of talking and up to 1 month of standby battery life. With ANC switched on, the listening time goes down a bit, but I got through about 2 and a half working days of fairly constant listening and occasional talking between charges on average, which equates to around 18-19 hours of battery life. It's not the best you'll find on the market, but certainly good enough not to be a distraction or hindrance.

The one slight downside to the headset's performance is the active noise cancellation. Fitted with a two-step ANC switch, I expected the first step to be 'normal ANC' where some but not much environmental sound bleeds through, while the second should be pretty much air-raid-siren-proof. This belief was reinforced when I glimpsed how much Poly is charging for the thing (see below, but sit down first). However, going from step one to step two, I noticed almost no change in the noise-cancellation level, with my typing still audible at the higher setting, as well as some environmental sounds that would be totally blocked out in any of the best ANC performers I've worn. If you're looking for world-beating ANC, you won't find it here, I'm afraid.

Poly Voyager 8200 UC review: Price

A pair of Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones on a wooden desk

I couldn't find the 8200 UC listed on HP or Poly's US storefront, but in the UK, the Poly Voyager 8200 UC headset costs a staggering £382.99 . That makes this, quite simply, the most expensive headset or headphones I've ever worn for more than two minutes. 

Thankfully, the headset can be found cheaper elsewhere, so I recommend looking for deals in the £200s, at least, before shelling out the asking price on HP's online shop. Please note that many shops still stock them under the Plantronics brand name, so search for 'Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC' as well.

Should I buy the Poly Voyager 8200 UC?

A pair of Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones on a wooden desk

Not for HP/Poly's asking price, is the short answer. Yes, the Poly Voyager 8200 UC are a good headset that works perfectly well as everyday headphones with largely great audio quality. They still wear the prestigious old Plantronics branding, and worthily so, I'd say. But with underperforming ANC and music audio quality that's almost but not quite as good as studio headphones, it makes little sense to pay nearly £400 for them. Thankfully, they are frequently available online, often under the Plantronics name, for prices from £225, which is much closer to where they belong, price-wise. The clever 

Erlingur is the Tech Reviews Editor on Creative Bloq. Having worked on magazines devoted to Photoshop, films, history, and science for over 15 years, as well as working on Digital Camera World and Top Ten Reviews in more recent times, Erlingur has developed a passion for finding tech that helps people do their job, whatever it may be. He loves putting things to the test and seeing if they're all hyped up to be, to make sure people are getting what they're promised. Still can't get his wifi-only printer to connect to his computer. 

plantronics voyager uc 8200

plantronics voyager uc 8200

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plantronics voyager uc 8200

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Plantronics - Voyager 8200 UC (Poly) - Bluetooth Dual-Ear (Stereo) Headset - USB-A Compatible to Connect to Your PC and Mac - Works with Teams, Zoom & More - Dual-Mode Active Noise Canceling

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Plantronics - Voyager 8200 UC (Poly) - Bluetooth Dual-Ear (Stereo) Headset - USB-A Compatible to Connect to Your PC and Mac - Works with Teams, Zoom & More - Dual-Mode Active Noise Canceling

About this item.

  • Connects To: For a professional needing to connect to a PC/Mac uses USB-A and/or mobile phone. Compatible with Microsoft Teams and other leading collaboration and voice platforms.
  • Ideal For: Professionals who require focus while enjoying music from a stereo sound Bluetooth wireless headset. Also good for making and taking calls.
  • Audio Performance: Dual mode Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) blocks the background noise so you can focus on the task at hand. Boomless four-mic performance for dynamic noise reduction.
  • Talk Time & Roaming Range: Up to 20 hours of talk time and 24 hours of listen time. Roam up to 98 feet (30 meters).
  • Global Warranty & Wearing Style: 2 years global warranty; Headphone style over the head two ear headset.

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plantronics hub app use to manage settings updates etc

Plantronics Hub App

Allows end-users to customize their settings and get visible status of their Plantronics audio device on their desktop (Windows and Mac support). Users can customize their ringtone and ring location, mute & battery status, configure preset updates, update headset firmware, device-level call control with call answer/end, mute, and volume adjust and more. The software enhances the user experience by providing valuable information about the state of their Plantronics audio device, such as mute and battery status, easily visible at the bottom of the desktop.

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Poly Innovation

Poly creates premium audio and video products so you can have your best meeting -- anywhere, anytime, every time. Our headsets, video and audio-conferencing products, desk phones, analytics software and services are beautifully designed and engineered to connect people with incredible clarity. They're pro-grade, easy to use and work seamlessly with all the best video and audio conferencing services. With Poly (Plantronics, Inc. – formerly Plantronics and Polycom), you'll do more than just show up, you'll stand out.

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plantronics voyager uc 8200

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The Gadgeteer

Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth headset with noise canceling review

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 15

My employer upgraded the various phone systems our many offices were using to an enterprise phone system at the beginning of November. It was the first step to creating a unified communication environment for the entire enterprise. The second step of the upgrade will be a phone app and windows app to allow all communication through either a smartphone or the computer (laptop). I volunteered to pilot this system in my office and I’m lucky enough to test the Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC headset on everything from noise-canceling during air-travel and office use, listening to music, conferencing, and voice communication – all through Bluetooth. Read on to see what I think!

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 04

The headphones don’t come in an elaborate package. Some of Plantronics other products come in packaging that has more retail focus but these just came in a brown cardboard box. After using these for a couple of weeks I have come to realize that the lack of a flashy exterior package does not detract from the enjoyment of what is inside.

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 12

The box comes with the following:

  • Carrying case
  • Quick start guide
  • USB Charging cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 06

The carrying case is a fabric bag lined with soft fleece. It has an accessory pocket on the front that has a zipper closure about 1/3 of the way from the top, but actually encompasses the entire front of the bag – the compartment extends above the zipper. The main compartment also closes with a zipper. On the side there is a loop. The front of the bag has a black, stylized “PLT” logo imprinted on the dark grey material, and the side of the bag has an orange tag with “PLT” written on one side and “Plantronics” on the other.

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 05

I was initially concerned that the case was not a hard-walled design similar to the cases provided with some of the noise canceling headphones sold by Bose and Sony. However, on a flight from San Diego to Boston the traveler next to me accidentally sat on the headphones. I was prepared to lift a broken headset with a dangling ear cup, but these headphones are precision made and durable. The headphones emerged from under my neighbor’s rear unscathed. So maybe a soft case is all that’s needed; it will keep them clean and will prevent the cups from getting snagged on one thing or another.

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 14

The design of the headphones emphasizes comfort, ergonomics, and usability but still remains fashionable. The headband is covered with leather on top and breathable suede on the head facing side. It is cushioned to rest against the scalp and has just the right amount of spring for my head. The headband expands with a metal leaf independently over each ear. A pattern etched on each metal leaf which represents the LEDs of a frequency spectrum display help ensure that the headband is centered on the head. The earcups can twist forward just a bit, but twist backwards to almost 90 degrees (which is how the entire set can fit in the carry sack). The twisting action doesn’t occur freely – it must be moved by hand. The earcups also pivot up and down, but this movement is a spring return to the neutral position. The earcups are angled slightly forward to follow the natural slope of the ear from the top to the bottom of the lobe. The cushions of the earcups are squishy polyurethane coated foam which provides good support and noise isolation.

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 11

The mostly black and charcoal grey colors are punctuated by smartly placed orange around the inside of the earcups. The inside of the earcups are labeled “L” and “R” in the stylized Plantronics font against a white cloth covering the speaker grill (and the capacitive sensors which can detect if the headphones are being worn). the cushions meet a metal bezel into which the 3.5 mm audio cable and USB charging cable can be plugged into on the right side. (See the featured image at the top of the story.) The bezel also surrounds the microphones used to pick up the wearers voice when being used as a headset. Around the outside of the earcups is a metallic screen that covers the area where ambient microphones are positioned. the back of the earcups are covered by a faux wooden laminate. On the left-hand side, the laminate includes operation buttons. On the right-hand side is an indicator light for pairing, battery strength, mute and low power. The LEDs are mounted below a glossy plastic ring.

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 10

Note that this review is for the black/charcoal colors, but that the headphones are also available in a beige color scheme:

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 16

With so many capabilities, one might believe that the operation of the headset may be complicated, but the sensible layout of the controls makes using the headset intuitive. The volume dial on the left-hand side increases volume by rotating forward and decreases the volume by rotating back. The volume adjustment occurs in 10 steps and the dial has a spring return to center after the adjustment is made. The headset has an optional setting that will play tones that correspond to the volume level.

The dedicated voice control button seems to work fine for Google Now on a phone or Siri on an iPhone. I wasn’t able to test Siri on a mac or Google now on a chrome book. It does not work to activate Cortana on a Windows 10 machine, but it can be used to dictate commands if the Windows-C shortcut or microphone icon is used.

Skipping tracks is a breeze with the dedicated forward and reverse buttons – no double pressing and triple pressing the play/pause button is required. It would be great if this allowed rewind and fast forward by holding the button down.

Active noise canceling (ANC) comes in two strengths: office and airplane. While the noise canceling is effective and noticeable, it does not perform as well as the Sony WH-1000XM2.

OpenMic is a great feature to allow the wearer to have conversations without taking the headphones off. Pressing the button will conveniently pause any music playing and allow voice and sharp sounds to the ears while still filtering out noise using the ANC. While using the headset in a conversation the same button is used to mute the voice microphone.

Five LEDs on the right side indicate charge, pairing mode, call status, and button presses. When not wearing the headset, pressing on the right side will illuminate the 5 LEDs to correspond to the estimated battery capacity remaining.

The headphones come with a Bluetooth adapter, the Plantronics BT600. The headphones are pre-paired to the adapter and it has a LED on the end that can be used to indicate the status of the headset function:

  • Blue – Standby
  • Blinking Blue – Call
  • Blinking Purple – Music

I stuck mine on a USB extension cable and mounted it above my desk so now my coworkers know if I’m rocking out or on a call.

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 13

Paring the headset to more than one device is relatively straightforward. I never needed to enter the Bluetooth PIN (“0000”) and when I turn the unit on the connections happen very quickly. I have the headset paired with my laptop and also I use the BT600 on this computer too. I may have to force pairing with the BT600 by pressing the pin on the side. This is more convenient than removing the pair settings from the Bluetooth that is part of my laptop. For some reason, the BT600 handles going between call and music better than my Dell so I’m using the BT600 over the built-in Bluetooth. The range of the BT600/8200 pair is right around 100 feet.

Using the BT600 in combination with the Plantronics Hub software also permits monitoring the status of the headphones from an icon in the status tray on the right-hand side of the screen on a Windows machine. The icon will display the remaining battery percentage as an icon, indicate if charging is occurring, indicate the mute status, and display the remaining talk time if the mouse hovers over the icon. Below are a few screens from the Hub software screen to show the customization the headphones are capable of.

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 17

The iOS app also supports nearly all of the same settings and also includes an extensive help section for quick reference when setting up and using the headphones.

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 23

One of the unique features on these headphones is that they will limit the volume to protect hearing and they will also limit the exposure of the user to noise to below a specified decibel level for a certain number of hours per day. It is unclear how the headphones accomplish this but it is good to know that there are features to protect the listener’s hearing.

The sensor is another great feature that works as an auto-mute and auto-pause when the headphones are removed from the ears. This works well about 90 percent of the time, but I’m careful to manually mute the headphones in a conference call rather than risk the embarrassment of talking over the people on call if I need to communicate with some one off of the phone. In the other 10% of the time, the music may still play even though the headphones are loose around my neck.

One other set of features is that the headphones can be used as Bluetooth headphones while charging. Also, installing the 3.5 mm cable into the headphones turns off the Bluetooth radio but does not disable the ANC.


Since these are wireless headphones an evaluation of their claimed charging capacity is important. After using these until the battery was completely drained, twenty minutes of charging provides over 7 hours of “talk” time.  While attempting to charge these completely,  After 1:39 of charging the hub reported that there was 20:12 of talk time but I could tell from my USB tester that there was no longer any charge being sent to the headset. I unplugged and re-plugged the headset into the USB tester and the accrued charge on the headset, as reported by the hub, went down to 18:34 but the charge resumed and completed after two hours and 655mAh were charged into the headphones. After the two hours, the capacity as measured by the hub went to 21:47.

Plantronics Voyager8200UC 01

I used the same songs I listened to with the V-Moda on these headphones. My first test track is  Fantasy by The xx . The pure base tones (in the high 40Hz range) come through strong and without distortion. and are aided by the bass tubes in these headphones. You don’t just hear the bass, you can feel it.  I also listened to  How Low by Ludacris  which has some 32Hz tones that come through well amplified.

I wanted to hear how the subtly of an upright bass is delivered by the speakers so I listened to  Bahia by John Coltrane . The V-Moda has a crispness and presence that is not communicated as well by the Plantronics headset. While the stereo separation is still present, the tones seemed a bit muted. This observation was made without any noise-cancellation, anti-startle, or noise exposure limitations active. Also, it doesn’t sound any better when plugged into the 3.5 mm port. The way the sound is reproduced doesn’t appear to be a Plantronics sensibility either because I also have a Plantronics .Audio 478 USB headset. It has stereo on-the-ear wideband 32mm drivers. I felt that the .Audio 478 headset had a better soundstage than the Voyager 8200. I noticed this lack of presence on each of the other songs from the V-moda review:  There’s No Underwear in Space by The Claypool Lennon Delirium , La femme d’argent by Air , and  French Suites by Bach played by Murry Perahia . However, the sound quality and performance does seem to come through fantastically while listening to movies.

I recorded the following track to test the various functions and to provide the reader with some understanding of what wearing the headphones is like:

Also, After reading Andy Chen’s review of the Plantronics 3200 I made the following test recording to demonstrate the voice isolating sound processing of the headset:

  • Unified communication
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Two device Bluetooth Pairing
  • ANC not industry leading
  • Crispness of musical playback

Final thoughts

These headphones have quite literally taken the place of three headphones on my desk: a headset for my phone, a headset for Webex, Skype and other computer-based conferencing, and headphones for listening to music. The fact that all of these things are now wireless is a huge benefit. It is quite liberating to be able to get up and walk over to someone else desk to discreetly get their opinion during a conference call, jump into a private office if I get a personal call, or make a work call from my desk phone without being tethered. My only complaint is that I wish the audio presence was crisper. That being said, there are a lot of noise-canceling headphones out there with excellent acoustics at the same price point (Sony, Bose, B&W). If the main reason for getting these does not include voice communication then one of the other models may provide better value. But if you are looking for one headphone that can do everything then the Plantronics 8200 UC may be just what you’re looking for.

Price : $379.95 Where to buy : Plantronics and Amazon Source : The sample for this review was provided by  Plantronics .

About The Author

plantronics voyager uc 8200

Howard Sneider

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Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC User Manual

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Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC User Manual

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Table of Contents

  • Troubleshooting
  • Connect to PC
  • Configure for Media
  • Pair to Mobile Device
  • USB Bluetooth Adapter
  • Pair USB Adapter Again
  • NFC Pairing
  • Load Software
  • Power On/Off
  • Make/Take/End Calls
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Play/Pause Music
  • Track Selection
  • Voice Control
  • Select Language
  • Use Sensors
  • Change Headset Settings
  • Caller Announcement (Mobile Phone Only)
  • Headset Recovery


Quick Links

  • 1 Headset Overview
  • 2 Connect and Pair
  • 3 Connect to Pc
  • 5 Mute/Unmute
  • 7 Troubleshooting
  • Download this manual

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Plantronics Poly Voyager 8200 UC - Bluetooth Stereo Headset Manual

Summary of Contents for Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC

  • Page 1 Voyager 8200 UC User Guide...

Page 2: Table Of Contents

Page 3: headset overview, page 4: connect and pair, page 5: pair mode, page 6: load software, page 7: the basics, page 8: mute/unmute.

  • Page 9 To check the headphones battery status, tap the Call button while wearing your headphones. Headphones must be in idle state. Your headphones have up to 24 hours of listening time.

Page 10: More Features

Page 11: anc, page 12: update firmware, page 13: troubleshooting.

  • Page 14 Open Plantronics Hub for Mac and configure desired settings. Quit Plantronics Hub. On my Mac, I can't update headset firmware Skype for Business and Lync users only: with Plantronics Hub Quit Skype for Business or Lync softphone. Open Plantronics Hub for Mac and update headset firmware.

Page 15: Support

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2x better density than other DECT headsets

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Poly Savi 7300 Series

Noise-canceling microphone

Remote device management

Premium corded UC headset

Distraction-free on both sides of the call

Advanced hybrid ANC with three settings

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Corded UC headset

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Freedom to roam plus long talk time

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Poly Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC Bluetooth Stereo USB-A Headset With Charge Stand (Standard), Clear Calls, Up to 40H Listening, ANC, Boom Mic, Works w/ Teams/Zoom, PC/Mac , Black | 77Y87AA


  • Warranty: 1 Year    Effortless warranty claims with global coverage; shipping costs are on us*. Learn more

Plantronics & Polycom

  •  Condition: New
  • Deliver To Moscow Change Delivered by Jun 01 If you order within 7 Hours, 52 Minutes

Description for Poly Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC Bluetooth Stereo USB-A Headset With Charge Stand (Standard), Clear Calls, Up to 40H Listening, ANC, Boom Mic, Works w/ Teams/Zoom, PC/Mac , Black | 77Y87AA

Enjoy distraction-free audio and clear conversations with the Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC Stereo Noise-Canceling On-Ear Headset. Whether you're listening to music or on a call, you can select from three levels of hybrid ANC, which actively filters out distracting ambient noise using four built-in microphones. When on a call, the integrated boom microphone uses Poly's Acoustic Fence technology to ensure that those you're talking to only hear your voice. Additional smart engineering used by the Voyager Focus 2 adds even more functionality, such as auto-muting/unmuting based on the mic's position, alerting you if you try to speak when muted, and signaling others around you when you're busy.

  • Charging Stand Included
  • 3 Levels of Hybrid ANC
  • Poly's Acoustic Fence for Clear Calls
  • Wireless Support via Bluetooth
  • Place Boom Mic on Either Side
  • Up to 40 Hours of Listening (ANC Off)
  • Auto Mute/Unmute When Boom is Up/Down
  • Alert When Speaking While Muted
  • Flashing Busy Indicator on Earcup

Woman wears Voyager Focus 2 headset while working at home at computer

Voyager Focus 2 UC - Bluetooth stereo USB-A headset with charge stand

Get in your "focus zone" with three levels of hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) and multiple microphone noise canceling.

6-8 Days Delivery in Russia We offer express delivery to Russia, Moscow, Sant Petersburg for Poly Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC Bluetooth Stereo USB-A Headset With Charge Stand (Standard), Clear Calls, Up to 40H Listening, ANC, Boom Mic, Works w/ Teams/Zoom, PC/Mac , Black | 77Y87AA. Best Price Guarantee We offer the best price for Poly Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC Bluetooth Stereo USB-A Headset With Charge Stand (Standard), Clear Calls, Up to 40H Listening, ANC, Boom Mic, Works w/ Teams/Zoom, PC/Mac , Black | 77Y87AA in Russia, Moscow, Saint Petersburg. Buy now with the best price!

Specifications for Poly Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC Bluetooth Stereo USB-A Headset With Charge Stand (Standard), Clear Calls, Up to 40H Listening, ANC, Boom Mic, Works w/ Teams/Zoom, PC/Mac , Black | 77Y87AA

  • Plantronics & Polycom
  • 17 November, 2022
  • 11.50 cm x 18.50 cm x 21.01 cm
  • Over-Ear Headphones

Logitech Blue Yeti USB Microphone + Logitech C922 Pro HD Webcam - Black

Reviews for Poly Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC Bluetooth Stereo USB-A Headset With Charge Stand (Standard), Clear Calls, Up to 40H Listening, ANC, Boom Mic, Works w/ Teams/Zoom, PC/Mac , Black | 77Y87AA

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  1. Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC

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  1. Plantronics

    Plantronics - Voyager 8200 UC (Poly) - Bluetooth Dual-Ear (Stereo) Headset - USB-A Compatible to connect to your PC and Mac - Works with Teams, Zoom & more - Dual-Mode Active Noise Canceling . Brand: Poly. 4.1 4.1 out of 5 stars 576 ratings | Search this page . Currently unavailable.

  2. Poly Voyager 8200 UC wireless headset review

    The Voyager 8200 UC from Poly, formerly Plantronics & Polycom, is a premium Bluetooth business headset that will add value to pretty much any remote working setup. It's lightweight and offers ...

  3. Review: Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC (B8200) Wireless Headphones

    Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC. Rating: 8/10. $220 at B&H Photo. If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. This helps support our journalism. Learn more.

  4. Review: The Perfect Noise-Canceling Headphones for Office Settings

    Plantronics makes two different sets of wireless active noise-canceling headphones, the BackBeat Pro 2 ($200) and the Voyager 8200 UC ($264), and both look near identical.The difference is that, while the BackBeat Pro 2 has been around since 2016 and shares many traits as other wireless ANC headphones, like the Beats Studio3 Wireless or Bose QC35 II, the Voyager 8200 UC is designed ...

  5. Poly Voyager 8200 UC review: ANC headphones uphold Plantronics heritage

    4.05. out of 10. Plantronics Voyager 8200UC. The Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones feature rich, immersive sound, with plentiful bass, mids and highs, for most genres of music. As a conferencing headset, it does a professional job, with clear voice audio and quality built-in mics, and the fact there's no mic boom means you can wear them out and ...

  6. Plantronics

    SOULWIT Cooling Gel Earpads Replacement for Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2, Voyager 8200 UC Headphones, Ear Pads Cushions with High-Density Noise Isolation Foam (Black+Red) 4.7 out of 5 stars 235 1 offer from $35.95

  7. Plantronics Voyager 8200 Headset Review

    Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC supports multiple devices. With its contemporary, boomless design available in both black and white, the Voyager 8200 noise-cancelling headset features a set of plush leatherette pads that sit comfortably over the ear and ensure the user can concentrate on their calls or listen to music without being distracted by ...

  8. Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Noise Cancelling Stereo Bluetooth

    Keep your device updated with Plantronics Hub over-the-air firmware updates. Seamless IT management. Plantronics Manager Pro, when used with Plantronics-supported devices such as Voyager 8200 UC, is software-as-a-service that allows IT to manage headset inventory, monitor usage, and maintain devices — all from a web browser.

  9. Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth headset with noise canceling

    I volunteered to pilot this system in my office and I'm lucky enough to test the Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC headset on everything from noise-canceling during air-travel and office use ...


    Related Manuals for Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC. Plantronics Poly Voyager 8200 UC - Bluetooth Stereo Headset Manual (article) Headsets Plantronics Voyager 835 Specifications. Plantronics bluetooth headsets brochure (2 pages) Headsets Plantronics QuickPair 510/520 Specifications.

  11. Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC

    An in-depth Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC review and comparison to the Bose QuietComfort 35 and the older Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 (SE). By Michael Kummer. 14 minute read. The Gadgeteer. Published: 14.12.2017. Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC Bluetooth headset with noise canceling review - The Gadgeteer.

  12. Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC hands-on

    The Voyager 8200 UC shares the same over-the-ear design of the BackBeat Pro 2, offering comfort during prolong usage. https://www.phonearena.com/news/Plantro...

  13. Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC USB-C Features

    The Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC is a premium Bluetooth wireless headset for use in noisier home office and work environments. With a stereo design, padded ear cups, and dual-mode active noise canceling, it isolates outside sounds from speaker audio letting you easily concentrate on your current conversation. The Voyager 8200 UC also features a sleek boomless design, noise-canceling microphone ...

  14. Poly

    Poly Savi 8200 Office Series Wireless DECT headset system Conference on up to two devices at once. Keep conversations private and hear clearly ... Headset & Video Software & Services Poly Voyager 5200 Office & UC Series - Mono Bluetooth Headset Bluetooth Headsets & Earbuds ...

  15. Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 vs Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC

    over 1 year ago. The difference is that, while the BackBeat Pro 2 has been around since 2016 and shares many traits as other wireless ANC headphones, like the Beats Studio3 Wireless or Bose QC35 II, the Voyager 8200 UC is designed specifically for business professionals.Mar 9, 2018.

  16. Amazon.com.au: Plantronics Bluetooth Headset

    Poly - Voyager 4310 UC Wireless Headset (Plantronics) - Single-Ear Headset- Connect to PC/Mac via USB-A Bluetooth Adapter, Cell Phone via Bluetooth - Works with Teams (Certified), Zoom & More. 4.3 out of 5 stars 81. $193.83 $ 193. 83. FREE international delivery. Only 3 left in stock.

  17. Plantronics Poly

    Plantronics Poly - Voyager 4320 UC Wireless Headset + Charge Stand Headphones with Boom Mic - Connect to PC/Mac via USB-A Bluetooth Adapter, Cell Phone via Bluetooth - Works with Teams, Zoom &More, B09BBSWV89, 017229174306, 019702961011, 218476-01, US, Electronics at camelcamelcamel: Amazon price tracker, Amazon price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts.

  18. Plantronics

    Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Plantronics - Voyager 8200 UC (Poly) - Bluetooth Dual-Ear (Stereo) Headset - USB-A Compatible to connect to your PC and Mac - Works with Teams, Zoom & more - Dual-Mode Active Noise Canceling at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

  19. Poly Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC Bluetooth Stereo USB-A Headset With

    Enjoy distraction-free audio and clear conversations with the Plantronics Voyager Focus 2 UC Stereo Noise-Canceling On-Ear Headset. Whether you're listening to music or on a call, you can select from three levels of hybrid ANC, which actively filters out distracting ambient noise using four built-in microphones. When on a call, the integrated ...