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Discovering New Places with Solo Tours for Seniors

Traveling is a great way to explore the world and discover new places. For seniors, solo tours can be an especially rewarding experience. Solo tours for seniors provide a unique opportunity to explore the world without the hassle of organizing a group tour or relying on family members or friends. Here are some tips for discovering new places with solo tours for seniors.

Planning Your Trip

When planning your solo tour, it’s important to consider your budget and the type of trip you want to take. Research different destinations and activities that interest you, and create an itinerary that fits your needs. Consider booking a package tour or working with a travel agent who can help you plan the perfect trip. Additionally, make sure to research any medical requirements or vaccinations you may need before traveling.

Staying Safe While Exploring

Safety should be your top priority when traveling alone as a senior. Make sure to stay aware of your surroundings and carry a map in case you get lost. It’s also important to keep all of your valuables secure, such as passport and money. If possible, try to stay in well-lit areas at night and avoid walking alone after dark. Additionally, it’s always wise to let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return home.

Making Connections Along the Way

One of the best parts about solo travel is meeting new people along the way. Take advantage of this opportunity by joining local tours or attending events in the area. Many cities offer free walking tours that are great for meeting other travelers and learning more about the culture of the area. Additionally, consider staying in hostels or guesthouses where you can meet other travelers from around the world.

Solo travel can be an incredibly rewarding experience for seniors looking to explore new places and cultures around the world. By planning ahead, staying safe, and making connections along the way, seniors can make their solo tour an unforgettable experience.

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styx members on tour


What's Your Question?

10 Amazing Train Tours in the U.S.

styx members on tour

Looking to see some incredible sights from the comfort of a train? These tours include both short and long journeys that you can work into vacations to incredible destinations in the USA. Some of these routes may even be available as a part of railroad vacation packages that include excursions and more.

Durango and Silverton Narrow-Gauge Railway

The name of this railroad indicates a special feature that sets it apart from most other train rides: The tracks are placed closer together in a narrow gauge. That means this silver-train-turned-tourist-attraction hugs closer to the rock face of the mountains it winds through, taking riders around sharp turns through the Colorado Rockies.

styx members on tour

Amtrak Cascades

Connecting major Northwestern cities like Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and Seattle and Bellingham, Washington, this Amtrak ride allows you to combine scenic beauty with big-city tourism. Whether it’s Oregon forests or the spectacular of Washington’s Puget Sound, you’ll get to see a lot of natural exquisiteness on this ride.

styx members on tour

White Pass and Yukon Route

This historic Alaskan railway offers a few different excursion options, all of which take you from the town of Skagway into the heart of wild northern beauty. No matter which route you choose, you’ll see unspoiled Alaskan beauty at its warm-weather peak.

styx members on tour

Amtrak Sunset Limited

If you want to be able to enjoy the great beauty of the American Southwest without having to do the driving yourself, Amtrak’s Sunset Limited route may be the perfect choice. It runs from New Orleans to Los Angeles, giving riders the opportunity to glimpse some incredible sunsets over rugged terrain as the train wends its way west.

styx members on tour

Grand Canyon Railway

Riding the Grand Canyon Railway will allow you to follow in the footsteps of travelers from more than 100 years ago, for whom this train line was one of the only ways to access the scenic beauty of the canyon. The train includes sleeper cars and other amenities that can help make your adventure more of an experience.

styx members on tour

Cass Scenic Railway

Departing from Cass, West Virginia, in the months of May through October, this passenger rail train takes riders through an old coal country route. If you want to experience the unspoiled beauty of Appalachian forests, especially in autumn when the colors are at their peak, this is a must-do train tour.

styx members on tour

Amtrak Adirondack

Anyone looking to escape the urban rush of New York City and enjoy the beauty of upstate mountains should consider taking the Adirondack route, which stops in Saratoga Springs and Montreal, Canada. You don’t have to go all the way to Montreal to enjoy the beauty of the Hudson River Valley, which offers beautiful natural scenery that changes with the seasons.

styx members on tour

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

This Bryson City, NC, railway offers passengers several ways to explore the Smokies. In addition to two separate routes, the railway includes features like narration cars and different train ride themes that can help you get the right kind of experience based on your interests and travel style.

styx members on tour

Strasburg Rail Road

Though this railway’s route through Amish country is short, it’s a charming throwback to the Gilded Age. If you want to ride in plush comfort while enjoying the Pennsylvania countryside on a nine-mile steam train ride, the Strasburg Rail Road has everything you need.

styx members on tour

Cape Cod Central Railroad

Cape Cod offers natural beauty aplenty, and you’ll get to enjoy both the coast and the wonders of rural Massachusetts, including cranberry bogs, when you take this short journey. This route offers a laid-back way to see different sights across Cape Cod, even in peak tourist season.

styx members on tour


styx members on tour

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  • Date Sep 23 , 2023
  • Event Starts 8:00 PM
  • Ticket Prices $49.50, $59.50, $79.50, $99.50, $129.50 (ticketing fees not included)
  • Availability On Sale Now
  • Doors Open 7:00 PM

James “JY” Young   Lead vocals, guitars Tommy Shaw   Lead vocals, guitars Chuck Panozzo   Bass, vocals Todd Sucherman   Drums, percussion Lawrence Gowan   Lead vocals, keyboards Ricky Phillips   Bass, guitar, vocals

Harmony. Chemistry. Balance. Grit. Dexterity. Determination. Solidarity. Terms that describe a Super Bowl champion? Well, almost. These are words that define the core essence of  STYX , the multimegamillion-selling rock band that has forged an indelible legacy both on record and onstage, and will be coming to the Morrison Center this fall. 

Never known for resting on their laurels,  STYX  has now added a triumphant new chapter to their never-ending story of success: namely,  The Mission , the band’s sonically sweet 16th studio album and most ambitious, most challenging, and most rewarding release to date.

Additional Ticket Information

Aisle seats in the first 13 rows will have a $20 premium added, and aisle seats in P2 will have a $10 premium added. 

Ticket limit = 8

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  • Everyone regardless of age needs a ticket for entry, including babes in arms. 

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How to Access your Mobile Tickets

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styx members on tour

styx members on tour

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Styx is an American rock band from Chicago, USA. Their peak of fame was during the mid-70s till the early 80s.

Styx is known for their unusual musical style: they meld pop rock with the extreme power of hard-rock guitar and elements of musical theatre. Their style of rock has been described as anything from progressive to soft rock.

The current line-up of the band consists of Chuck Panozzo, James "J.Y." Young, Tommy Shaw, Todd Sucherman, Lawrence Gowan and Ricky Phillips. The band was started by Chuck Panozzo and his twin brother, John, in 1961 whilst the brothers were still in adolescence. The original name of the band was ‘The Tradewinds.’ In 1972 the band signed with Wooden nickel Records and became Styx, producing their first, self-entitled, album which was followed by many more.

The band’s big breakthrough in to the mainstream market, however, did not come until the release of their seventh album, ‘The Grand Illusion’ on 7 July 1977. It reached triple platinum certification. The band then went on to achieve great success from the late 70s and moving on to the 80s.

Following their sudden success, the band suffered a number of splits and reformations, especially throughout the 90s. Various band members were lost and subsequently replaced throughout this period.

To date, Styx are best known for their hit rock songs "Lady" "Come Sail Away" "Babe" , "The Best of Times" , "Too Much Time on My Hands" and "Mr. Roboto", amongst many others.

Live reviews

We experienced the guys in Murphys, California on a near full moon. This is the eleventh time for me in nearly forty years and the fifth time with this lineup. Though there are songs and moments we all expect in a Styx show, there were also some nice surprises and successful road-testing of their more recent material this evening.

As always, they put on a spirited, highly professional show. The sound mix was clear and plenty loud, though a little too muddy in the bottom end for me - this might have been an issue with the house sound.

Singer-keyboardist Lawrence Gowan has emerged as the showman of the group, with Tommy Shaw is a steady yet passionate frontman. Gowan spun his keyboard, pranced about when not providing keyboard support and stood on his stool with his other foot planted on the keyboard for "Come Sail Away". The rhythm section of Ricky Phillips on bass and Todd Sucherman on drums was steady and unassailably in the pocket with the rest of the band. Their vocal harmonies and arrangements were spot-on. Founding member Chuck Panozzo took the stage for a short duet with Gowan on the brand-new "Lost at Sea". Chuck remained on stage for the later classics, including Renegade and Mr. Roboto. Most of the songs we all know rocked: The Grand Illusion, Lady, Fooling Yourself and Blue Collar Man.

They opened with the first song on their new album, "The Fight of Our Lives" and soared later in the set with "Sound The Alarm". The uplift it provided was only boosted by the rest of the songs. Also onstage with an electric guitar was Will Evankovich, who co-wrote a lot of the material from 2017's The Mission and this year's Crash of the Crown. He was curiously underused here, as the group did not play any songs that would have benefited from another set of strings. "The Red Storm", "Our Wonderful Lives" or even "Boat on a River" come to mind.

Which leads to my only quibble: The set was way too short. REO Speedwagon, the opener, played for at least ninety minutes; Styx performed for a little over an hour. They have such a great body of work and energy to spare - why didn't they play a few more songs tonight?

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publius1877’s profile image

Styx are not only know as legendary recording artists, but as legendary rock performers. With such a prolific career it would be easy to see how they could slip over the years. However, I was able to see them recently and I can assure you, they have lost nothing.

I went to the concert a bit skeptical. Could the Styx I love still bring the rock? As I stood waiting for the show to start I noticed the crowd was a lot of young kids and older adults. It’s impressive that a band like Styx can bring together multiple generations. Everybody seemed real fans of the band. No one just standing around with there arms crossed like you see at a lot of concerts.

The second the band took the stage everyone took to their feet. The band didn’t wait a moment to engage us. With a “Are you ready to rock?” they jumped right into “Blue Collar Man”, one of my favorites. From then on the show was an hour straight of all the songs you remembered and some you had even forgot you knew. There was really something for everyone. The concert ended with an energy-overloaded performance of “Come Sail Away” followed by the radio favorite “Mr. Roboto”. Even after the show stopped and the lights came up, everyone was still talking about the set list. While it may sound crazy, seeing Styx live should be something everyone does before they die.

What an amazing show! The opening act for United We Rock was Don Felder and wow! He sounded great and he played all of the Eagles massive hits.

Then Styx came out and the crowd went nuts! They started off with their new hit song "Gone, Gone, Gone" and their set just kept getting better as they went on! I've seen several Styx shows and each time I cant imagine they getting better, but they do! Tommy Shaw apologized that he had had a cold, but honestly, you couldn't prove it by me. His voice was just as strong and true as ever! The applause was thunderous when they ended and they came out for an encore of the best version I've ever heard of "Paradise Theater"and their signature end of show "Renegade".

The last was REO Speedwagon. They were wonderful as well. I am a massive Styx fan so I didn't know as many of REO's songs I did enjoy it very much.

The only thing I would have changed was that Styx would have been the headliner. People seemed to be leaving a third of the way through REO's set. Of course it could have been that the concert was on a Tuesday night and I'm sure not everyone was able to take the next day off and it did take almost 30 minutes to get out of the parking lot.

All in all this was an epic show and I will certainly attend more Styx shows!

colleen-nikki-nisbet’s profile image

Followed the boys for 3 shows. Catoosa, Enid, and Durant. Each show was better than the one before. Styx still rocks the house better than anyone. Tommy Shaw still has a awesome voice, JY makes the guitar sound better than ever, Lawrence Gowen is a awesome keyboardist, Ricky's bass playing kicks you in gear, Todd Sucherman is one of the most fantastic drummers I've ever had the pleasure to watch, and it was great to see Chuck still out there laying it down. I cannot express how awesome these guys are! It's also refreshing to them still having fun after all these years. Catch them if you get a chance, you will not be disappointed.

paula-boggs’s profile image

The concert was wonderful! They each still have the talent of their youth. The vocals and guitar were still very impressive. I became a fan later in their career, so they played a lot of music I didn't know, but I enjoyed it all. They have so much good music to pick from, they didn't play all of my favorites. I missed "Babe" and "Best of Times" in particular, but I would have also loved to hear "Don't Let It End" and "Mr. Roboto," which I didn't expect them to play anyway. They had some showmanship as well, so I can easily recommend seeing their show.

RhondaK’s profile image

As always Styx was phenomenal. Celebrity theater doesn’t have a bad seat in the house. They haven’t lost a step. They still sound like they did in the seventies. Great stage show and fan friendly. They reach out to the crowd and fist bump high five. Each song takes you back when rock was rock. Phoenix loves Styx so much they sell out back to back shows every time. Going to the second show tonight. If you get a chance to see them don’t miss it. They are the best.

ghtesla’s profile image

My husband, our friends and family, as well as myself, ALL LOVED Styx!! We just recently saw them last year on A Carnival Cruise, as well! They are great. My only complaint is that we were unable to see them due to the venue, Sleeptrain Ampitheater being a VERY Large Ampitheater and there was nothing of them put up on the Jumbotrons for the people out on the grass or in the top back seats. That was a bummer. Other than that, they sounded amazing!!

LLHoffman’s profile image

First time seeing the legendary Styx. I have always enjoyed their mysic in the past, but would not have considered myself a huge fan. The times, they have changed.

Musically, better than listening to anything that had been recorded. Showmanship was better than most young bands out now.

Styx has gained my greater appreciation of their music & their live show. I will definitely pay to see them everytime they come through the NW.

skyeziggy’s profile image

This was the second time that I have seen STYX, and it was great again!! They are incredible musicians and wonderful singers. However, if you are hoping to hear some of their pop hits (Babe and Mr. Roboto for example), you will not hear them. The older rock hits are showstoppers and they rocked them hard!! If you are a fan of the rock hits, you will love the concert. I did!!!

sj-shuss’s profile image

Styx was awesome! Like they always are. However, the sound was inconsistent as far as volume. I know it was windy but there was something else going on.

Again Styx was great. I last saw them about 16 years ago. The are so consistent, they play the songs from 40 years ago like they just wrote them! Highly recommend seeing Styx.

John2ts’s profile image

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Want to see Styx in concert? Find information on all of Styx’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2023-2024.

Styx is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 15 concerts across 1 country in 2023-2024. View all concerts.

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Styx's 2022 lineup has 'home run hitters at every position'

Styx, left to right, Chuck Panozzo, Ricky Phillips, Todd Sucherman, Tommy Shaw, James “JY” Young, Lawrence Gowan.

After a half-century of rock stardom, Styx has become one of the most recognizable bands in the U.S. Distinguished primarily by their unmistakable layered harmonies and catchy synth melodies in hits like “Fooling Yourself” and “Come Sail Away,” the first band ever to release four multi-platinum albums in a row has become synonymous with the progressive-pop genre. 

Despite past scruples, Styx persists, supporting their new album, “Crash of the Crown,” with a national tour that stops in Cincinnati in June. I was lucky enough to chat with guitarist and vocalist James “JY” Young recently about the new tunes, his experience growing up in Chicago and about persistence in the face of differences in creative vision that can make or break a band.

Question: You're from Chicago. Do you still hang around up there?

Answer: I live in a suburb of Chicago. Like all large cities, it's evolved and changed in a variety of different ways. I went to Calumet High School on the South Side. Shaka Khan went there a few years after I did. The children of Bo Diddley and Willie Dixon went to school there. The first vinyl LP I ever bought was "Bo Diddley is a Gunslinger."

Q: Do you think there was something particular to Chicago that made your sound?

A: Chicago is a multicultural thing. It’s a center of jazz going back 100 years, and it's known for having a great symphony orchestra. The bands that came out of Chicago in the '50s were like the Buckinghams and the Cryan’ Shames and the American Breed. The lead singer in the American Breed, Gary Loizzo, became a recording engineer and recorded a number of our albums. Then there's the guys in Chicago. We did a couple of shows with them way back when. But ultimately we had our own path.

Q: You have an engineering degree. Was there a choice that you had to make between "normal" life and music?

A: I come from a musical family. My aunt was a church organist. My dad heard a song and would sit down and bang it out on the piano. My older sister was also quite gifted. We all started on piano at age 5 in our family, and then were all encouraged to play an instrument in grade school and high school band. 

There was a family construction business my grandfather started, and I was in line to take it over if I so desired. That's why the engineering degree seemed right. Back then, it was mechanical and aerospace, but there was virtually no space program when I started college in ‘63. Manned travel into space didn't happen until towards the end of my time there. I really wanted to quit college and just do music. Dad said, “Just get your degree, and then I'll stop bugging you.”

Q: Your new album, “Crash of the Crown,” is still '70s prog rock, but also incorporates modern production. What influenced that production style?

A: This most recent record was probably the least involved in making a record that I've ever been. The pandemic was going on, and I spent time with my wife. Tommy called me up and said, “Hey, you need to come down here, play some guitar on this record, and do some singing.” So I went down and got all my parts done in a couple of days. God bless Tommy, because we have a new record and, if I was in charge, we wouldn't have had that. There's a good team spirit in the band. We've got home run hitters at every position in Styx at this point.

Q: You do seem to be a very collaborative band. Everybody works together to write. How does that process work?

A: In this instance, it was Will Evankovich, who has become a new member of the band and Tommy's collaborator. Tommy had gone off to do Damn Yankees with Jack Blades and Ted Nugent. Will was part of that circle, and Tommy enjoyed working and writing with him. He paid to have Will move to Nashville, where Tommy lives. He has a studio in his basement and Will is an engineer and can write and sing. So they just started writing. And then Lawrence came down and joined them, and all of a sudden there's a record. So they called me down to play and sing.

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for how to successfully navigate band drama?

A: There's an old Kenny Rogers song: “Know when to hold them, and know when to fold them.” Try and find the middle ground. And if you can't find it, then figure out what has to happen next. Dennis (DeYoung) went off to do solo records, and that sort of pushed me to do solo records and Tommy to do solo records – that's when he joined Damn Yankees. We've evolved, but what we do now still resonates with our first few records.

Styx & REO Speedwagon: Live and Unzoomed, with Loverboy

When: 6:45 p.m. Saturday, June 11.

Where: Riverbend Music Center, 6295 Kellogg Ave., Anderson Township.

Tickets: $29.50-$104.50.

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styx members on tour

Styx - 2023 The World Tour

styx members on tour

The iconic rock band Styx, will perform live on the Aiken Theatre stage this fall, with special guest Jet Black Roses, as part of their 2023 World Tour.

Styx is comprised of legendary rockers, James “JY” Young (lead vocals, guitars), Tommy Shaw (lead vocals, guitars), Chuck Panozzo (bass, vocals), Todd Sucherman (drums, percussion), Lawrence Gowan (lead vocals, keyboards) and Ricky Phillips (bass, guitar, vocals). The multi-platinum group will release their 17th album on June 18, 2023 on the band’s Alpha Dog 2T/Ume label.

Fans will enjoy favorites from this incredible band plus brand new content with the release of Crash of the Crown , STYX’s new studio album, releasing this June. Crash of the Crown is the follow-up to Styx’s 16th studio album, The Mission , dubbed “a masterpiece,” which was released in June 2017.


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    STYX 2023 WORLD TOUR ; James “JY” Young Lead vocals, guitars ; Tommy Shaw Lead vocals, guitars ; Chuck Panozzo Bass, vocals ; Todd Sucherman Drums, percussion

  6. Styx (band)

    Band members edit · James "J.Y." Young – guitars, lead and backing vocals, occasional keyboards (1972–1984, 1990–1991, 1995–present) · Chuck Panozzo – bass

  7. Tour

    Styx Email List. Get news updates, promotions, and more. Sign Up.

  8. Styx Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2024 & 2023

    Various band members were lost and subsequently replaced throughout this period. To date, Styx are best known for their hit rock songs "Lady" "Come Sail

  9. Styx's 2022 lineup has 'home run hitters at every position'

    Styx, left to right, Chuck Panozzo, Ricky Phillips, Todd Sucherman, Tommy ... Despite past scruples, Styx persists, supporting their new album, “

  10. Styx Concerts & Live Tour Dates: 2023-2024 Tickets

    Tommy Shaw, James “JY” Young, Lawrence Gowan, Todd Sucherman and Ricky Phillips (along with the occasional surprise appearance by original bassist Chuck Panozzo)

  11. Styx

    Styx is comprised of legendary rockers, James “JY” Young (lead vocals, guitars), Tommy Shaw (lead vocals, guitars), Chuck Panozzo (bass, vocals), Todd Sucherman

  12. History

    ... tour. The music of Styx lives on... This is a fan site. It is in no way associated with Styx, its members, or its management and makes no claims to do so.

  13. Everything You Need to Know About Styx Tour 2023

    What's the setlist for the Styx tour? · The Fight of Our Lives · Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) · The Grand Illusion · Lady · Reveries · Light Up · Man in the

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    Who were the original band members of Styx? The band was started by 12 year