Photography pricing – How much do photographers charge?

Photography pricing – How much do photographers charge?

Professional photographers typically charge $100 to $250 per hour or around $25 to $100 per final edited image . Day rates range from $300 to $500 for birthday parties and $1,000 to $3,000 for a wedding. On average, freelance photographers make $17,000 to $78,000 annually . 

$100 – $250 average cost per hour

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Average Photographer Cost

The average cost to hire a photographer is  $100 to $250 per hour  depending on their skill level. Event photographers charge  $150 to $250 per hour  with a 2-hour minimum, while a wedding photographer costs  $1,000 to $3,000  for 6-hours. A portrait photography photoshoot and print package runs  $150 to $300+ .

Average photographer cost per hour - chart

How Much Do Photographers Charge?

Photographers charge between  $25 and $500 per hour  with most spending  $94 to $262 per hour  on average. Prices largely depend on their skill level and what type of event they are shooting. Extra costs include travel time, prints, digital image files, and photo editing fees.

How much do photographers charge - chat

Hobbyists: less than $50 per hour / $10 to $25 per image . These folks are avid photographers who do it for fun on the side without having studied professional techniques and best practices.

Amateur: $25 to $100 per hour / $25 to $50 per image . Amateur photographers have built up an online portfolio and have sold their images to other clients. Still, they haven't had any professional photography education, but offer much lower prices.

Student: $50 to $100 per hour / $25 to $100 per image . They may have an apprenticeship where they work directly with a professional photographer, or they may also take photography and related media classes in college.

Semi-Pro: $75 to $150 per hour / $50 to $150 per image . These are mostly part-time photographers with a strong education in the field and more than one year of experience.

Professional: $100 to $300 per hour / $75 to $350 per image . These full-time photographers have an extensive portfolio, strong skills, years of education, and several years of experience.

Top Professional: $200 to $500+ per hour / $400 to $1,000+ per image . Exclusive full-time photographers like these are in high demand for top magazine publications, advertising companies, and the film industry.

Professional Photographer Prices

A typical professional photographer costs between  $75 and $300 hourly , or from  $75 to $375 per photo  because they put significant pre-production and post-production editing work into creating the final print.

Professional pictures prices increase up to  $200 to $500 hourly  or about  $300 to $2,000 per image  for top photographers with higher demand. This group of photographers is less than 10 percent of the majority in the industry.

Male photographer with a wide assortment of professional camera lenses

Freelance Photography Rates

Freelance photography rates may be as low as  $25 per image , or as high as  $150 per photo  depending on their level of expertise. For more images than initially planned in your photo shoot, photographers may offer a 25 percent discount.

Freelance photographers charge according to their expenses to maintain all of the equipment they have, as well as the amount of time they invest in editing professional photos. They are independent contractors who often rely on seasonal work, whereas company photographers sometimes charge less since they don't pay for their own equipment and insurance.

Photography Prices For Beginners {beginner}

Beginner, hobbyist, and amateur photographers typically charge  $25 to $100 per hour  depending on where they are located. Photographers who are still developing their online reputation and Photoshop skills make around  $25 hourly  in the Wisconsin area, but they can make  $80 hourly  in New York.

A photography price list for beginners is harder to create because they don't have enough experience yet, especially when working as a freelancer. Most use a cost-plus-profit model as a starting point, then start to charge premium prices as they become established.

Photography Rates

Photography services are set with either hourly rates, daily, in packages, or per photo. Hourly rates are typically between  $50 to $200 , while day rates range from  $300 to $3,000  per photographer. Photoshoot sessions and packages start at  $100  and quickly go up to  $500 or more .

Photography rates by type chart

Photographer Hourly Rate

Although a photographer may charge  $100 to $250 hourly , once they factor in their travel fees, equipment, supplies, insurance, and editing time, they may only make  $50 per hour .

Freelance photographers can charge up to  20 percent more  if they have Adobe After Effects or Photoshop skills and graphic design experience. Remember that the photographer charge per hour changes a lot based on their location, also due to the cost of living.

Photographer Day Rate

A photographers day rate fluctuates between  $300 and $3,000  depending on how many hours worked, the amount of setup work, and how many key shots the client requests. A small birthday party is  $150 an hour  for the first two hours and  $100 hourly  after that, while a wedding averages  $2,000 .

If it's a large gathering with more than about 50 guests, then you'll likely need more than one photographer which can double your costs. They may have to bring in additional photography lighting if the party is at night, which will cost more as well.

An  experienced photographer  knows it takes a lot of time to select, edit, and process a set amount of photos from one day of shooting. You need to set your target goal for the number of shots you want or the fixed amount of hours for taking those photos.

Typically they will also include in their contract an option for you to see all the photos that they've taken, or their best selection of all the pictures from that day, if you want to order additional prints.

How Much Do Photographers Charge Per Photo?

Photographers typically charge  $25 to $250 per photo  or about  $75 per edited shot  on average depending on their experience. A per photo pricing model includes meeting with the client, setting up, doing the photo shoot, traveling, editing, and delivering the final product in the client's preferred medium.

Learn more about  how photographers charge for a photo  and understand how much time went into creating that photo. Using image-based costs creates the best pricing model when clients are expecting high-quality work reflected in just a few images.

Photography Packages Prices

Photography packages cost  $150 to $500  for a portrait session or  $300 to $600  for a small event or birthday party, which covers 2 to 4 hours of shooting depending on the photographer's expertise. Most photographers deal with packages based on time spent, the number of photos, or à la carte.

Some examples of photography packages that are popular are:

For family shots or general portraits, one large print to hang on the wall plus a few smaller wallet-size and desk-frame size images for sharing with others

For a wedding shoot, one large photo printed on canvas plus digital images, engagement photos, and an album

For headshots, several 8 by 10-inch prints plus wallet-size prints

Photography Mini Session Pricing

Photography sessions cost  $100 to $175  for a 40-minute mini-session with 20 edited images. If you only need a headshot or group portrait, sessions can be as short as 20 minutes at a cheaper rate. Pricing can double or triple for each additional hour of photography, additional prints, and photo editing.

How Much Do Photographers Make?

According to the  American Bureau of Labor Statistics , most professional photographers make an annual salary of  $34,000 to $42,770 . The highest-paid in-house photographers make  $80,000  in the aerospace industry, or  $65,000  in real estate, government, schools, hospitals or the motion picture industry.

Other in-house photographers who work exclusively at companies involved in corporate marketing or field research average around  $50,929 to $72,415  annually, though a smaller percentage of some high-profile positions could pay up to  $90,000  annually or more.

How much do photographers make - chart

Figuring out how much photographers make requires you to consider how much training and experience they have, how good their equipment is, where they live, and their knowledge of photo editing and design.

Average Photographer Salary

The median average photographer salary is  $42,000  for general freelancers, while commercial photographers make  $46,000 to $77,000 . Self-employed freelancers who are part-time may earn as little as  $17,000 , or up to  $78,000  depending on their skill set, experience, location, and if they keep their schedule full.

Photographers who receive the highest professional photo shoot prices in the world are generally fashion photographers and those who work for industry-leading magazines like Vogue. Photographers find more jobs available in larger metropolitan areas in California, New York, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

How Much Does A Photographer Make Per Month?

The average freelance photographer with minimal experience makes  $3,750 per month  or about  $865 per week . The top 10 percent of professional photographers earn  $6,400 per month  or more, especially wedding photographers.

However, keep in mind that most photographers work from contract to contract and do not have steady 40-hour work weeks throughout the year since some seasons are busier than others.

Photography Pricing

For freelance photographers to set reasonable prices, they research what others with their level of experience in their local market are charging and how much they offer. Be aware that there is no fixed photography pricing formula anywhere in the industry. Averages vary according to the amount of work involved and the place.

Photography Pricing Guide

Each type of photography tends to have different pricing models. Review the following photography price list examples to get an idea of typical price ranges:

Average Wedding Photographer Cost

Average wedding photography prices  range from  $1,500 to $3,500 , with most spending  $2,200 . Wedding packages from beginners building up their photography portfolio could cost between  $300 to $500 . On the other hand, a professional destination-wedding photographer could start their pricing at  $10,000 .

Wedding photographer capturing the bride and groom smiling

Engagement Photography Prices

For engagement photo shoots, the average professional charges around  $200 to $350 , whereas students charge around  $90 to $150  and generally only offer digital copies. At  $500 and up , you'll typically get extras like full rights to the images, prints and digital copies. To get more discounts on engagement photos, you can often book them as part of a bigger wedding photo package with your photographer.

Event Photography Rates

Event photographer rates range from  $150 to $250 per hour  with a 2-hour minimum, then around  $100 per hour  for every hour after that. Small events like birthday parties cost  $300 to $500 , while a 4-hour event in NYC runs  $500 to $1,000 , including photo editing and setup costs. For corporate event photography, pricing could be about  $200-$600  hourly.

Family Photo Shoot Prices

Family photo shoot prices  start at  $145  for a 30-minute session at one location, and from  $399 to $1,099  in metropolitan areas. If you spend around  $445 , then you can get photos in up to three locations with wardrobe changes, as well as credit toward albums and prints.

Cheaper packages offer a 30-minute session with around 15 edited digital images, while more expensive sessions may include a photo shoot of up to 2 hours in 2 locations, unlimited digital images and a large canvas print.

Happy family portrait photography with red and gray theme

Senior Pictures Prices

The average price for senior pictures is between  $125 to $350 . The cost of senior pictures varies according to how many locations you choose, how many photos you order, and how many wardrobe changes you have.

Portrait Photography Pricing

Portrait photography prices  range from  $150 to $370+ per session , which usually lasts for about an hour. Average rates are  $250  for a package deal or  $125 per hour  inside their studio. For longer 2-hour sessions with around 12 professionally edited photos in high resolution, packages are  $350+ .

Keep in mind that portrait photographers rates fluctuate according to the area you live in and the skill level and experience of the photographer.

Birth, Baby & Newborn Photography Prices

Due to the extra time generally involved in newborn photoshoots,  baby photography packages cost  around  $320 to $650 .

Maternity Photography Prices

A 60-minute maternity photography session indoors or outdoors with wardrobe options and 15 high-resolution digital downloads is  $575  total. Hourly rates maternity photographers range from  $150  for a smaller package to  $1,500+  for a two-hour session.

Pet Photography Pricing

A  pet photography session costs   $150 per hour  with up to two pets and two people, though you can add more subjects for just  $25  each. Photo prints and retouched digital images are available as a separate purchase. Packages start at  $300  plus prints with professionally retouched photos for  $159  and up.

Pet photography of cute dog in field of flowers

Real Estate Photography Pricing

Professional real estate photographers typically charge  $150 to $350  per shoot (without video), depending on where you are located. A high-end architectural photographer will charge a day rate of about  $1,500 , with the price including lighting, assistants, and the post-production photo editing.

Real estate photography rates will increase depending upon additional equipment that the photographer may have to rent, travel expenses, setup time, etc. To cover the base expense of performing the photo shoot, an architectural photographer may set a fixed minimum number of photos that the client agrees to purchase before they start the shoot.

Interior Photographer Rates

Interior photography rates to get magazine-quality photos for interior designers, home sellers and architects are around  $299  for a property less than 2,000 square feet. The price increases according to the size of the area photographed.

Product Photography Pricing

Average product photography rates range between  $35 to $170 per image . Like most promotional photography prices, this number fluctuates based on how much time they need to set up each product and rent special lighting. If the images require significant time to retouch, then it will also cost extra.

Professional photographer taking pictures of a product for a website

Commercial Photography Rates

Commercial photography rates  range from  $150 to $250 per image , or  $200 to $300 per hour , plus more for licensing rights if they're headshots for a law firm, for example. Prices change according to how much setup time is involved and what additional services the photographer offers.

Drone & Aerial Photography Prices

You can get up to eight high-quality and professionally edited drone photos for  $100 to $300  from aerial photographers. It's usually a standard add-on to a complete real estate photography package. If you want an edited video from a drone as well as the photos, then prices increase up to  $400 to $500+.  The final result is generally up to 25 pictures and 2 minutes of video footage.

Business Photography Pricing

To get stunning images promoting your business, professional photographers charge  $400  for up to 4 hours of shooting time and coverage of the interior, exterior, staff, and products. For the same kind of coverage for 8 hours at a larger business, corporate photography rates increase to  $600  or more.

Prom Photography Prices

The average prom photographer charges  $75 to $125 . Prom picture prices can include the photographer's sitting/reservation fee, and the session usually takes place right before the dance. For an additional fee, you can book photos in multiple locations as well.

Graduation Photoshoot Prices

Graduation photoshoots cost between  $100 and $150  for 2 hours of shooting from a freelance photographer to produce digital images only without retouching. For  $299 , you can get a professional service at two locations, wardrobe changes, and assistance from makeup artists and stylists. Plus, discounts on edited images.

Average Price of Headshots

The average  price of headshots  is around  $75 to $325 , and the top professional photographers charge  $1,000+  for their headshot sessions. Cheaper sessions are shorter the photos receive little to no photo retouching, while expensive headshots include special lighting and professionally edited, high-resolution images.

Food Photography Pricing

Food photographers charge from  $150  for a small job done in an hour with little to no editing on digital files only, up to  $500 or more  for several hours on a professional set with assistants. To get an accurate food photography price quote, you'll need to know how many shots you need, what kind of format your photos need to be in, what type of backdrop and set you want, how much photo retouching you want, and how long it takes to prepare the food.

Professional photo studio shooting food under lighting

Lifestyle Photography Prices

Lifestyle photographers typically charge  $150 to $370 per hour  on average, while semi-professional or full-time pros cost  $600 for a 60-minute session  and 25 well-edited photos. Packages cost up to  $800  for a 2-hour session with up to seven people and 40 professionally edited digital images.

Band Photography Rates

Band photography rates start at  $300  for a simple portrait and headshots-only session. Packages cost  $500 or $1,000  for booking an exclusive location like a high-rise rooftop in the city for the photoshoot with professional lighting, sets, and extensive retouching and resizing afterward for album covers. Exclusive photo licensing rights can also cost extra.

Model Photoshoot Prices

A professional  model photoshoot costs   $150 to $300 per hour  plus the price of printing the photos. However, prices vary significantly for those aiming to be professional models. A new model who just joined a modeling agency often pays for their own test shoot, which could be  $400 to $1,000 .

Exceptions to this standard are when an agency decides to deduct the cost of the photoshoot from the model's future earnings, or if an aspiring fashion photographer offers it for free because they need the photos for their portfolio.

Nature Photography Prices

Nature photography prices  range from  $200 hourly to $500 per day , plus payments from future resale rights if you sell the image to a famous publication. For the average photographer though, the rates often cost the same as most portrait photography at  $150 per hour .

Freelance Sports Photography Rates

Freelance sports photography pricing ranges from  $150 to $300 per session . After years of experience building an extensive portfolio, a few photographers may gain the privilege of shooting for the NBA, but even then, they often have to give up rights to all the images.

Construction Photography Rates

Construction photography rates cost an average of  $175 hourly  with  $50  for the digital images to document construction progress. However, photographers could charge an  extra $100  if aerial drone photos are part of the package.

Fashion Photography Rates

Freelancer fashion photographers will charge  $100 to $300 per hour  or more to cover the expenses of their equipment, seasonal work, location setups, and other rentals as needed. For in-house wage-based photographers under contract, they earn at least  $30 hourly . High-profile magazines pay much higher rates according to their number of subscriptions.

Website Photography

It's common for local website photography to cost around  $35 to $150 for each image . However, large-scale commercial photographs that require additional setup time and special lighting often cost more.

Photoshoot Prices

In photoshoot pricing, standard portrait photography rates are  $150 to 200 hourly  if taken by a semi-professional photographer. These prices are for the average client who only wants to share the images with their friends and family.

Photography Fees

The following photography fee structure is a basic guideline of what you could expect to pay, although actual prices will vary:

Photography Session Prices

The cost of booking a photoshoot session is  $100 per hour  if you're working with a beginner photographer, though most photographers with good experience and skills charge  $150 to $200 hourly . The best photographers charge upwards of  $500  depending on what extras and exclusive shooting locations they offer.

Pricing Photography Prints

Professional photographers charge  $24 to $76+  to deliver top-quality 8-inch by 10-inch prints. To calculate how to price photography prints, you need to add up:

Cost of the photo lab to print it

Value of your time spent editing it

Framing fee

Packing and shipping charges

Credit card processing fee

Pricing Digital Image Files

When selling web-licensing rights, prices can ranges from  $200 to $1,500 per image  for a one-time print as well as Internet use depending on the amount of traffic that the website currently receives. Pricing digital image files gets more expensive when a small business requests unlimited usage with full copyright ownership.

Photo Licensing Fee

To calculate photo licensing fees, the standard charge is  10 to 20 percent  of how much money the photographer spent to create that image, process, and edit it. The photography license cost allows multiple companies or advertisers to use your same photograph for limited amounts of time, as you decide.

If they want to purchase exclusive rights to use this photo, essentially buying the copyright, prices range from  50 to 100 percent  of the original photography production and editing fee.

Should The Buyer Own The Copyright?

Federal law states that the photographer owns the original copyrights to all of their photos as soon as they take them, especially for commercial purposes. Most buyers would only buy the copyrights to images when they want to resell the photo exclusively, if the image includes their proprietary personal brand symbols or trademarks, or if they have personal reasons why they don't want the images licensed to anyone else.

If you do not specify that you want to buy the copyrights to your images, then a photographer is free to license them to other companies for marketing purposes and feature them in their portfolio.

A copyright purchase always comes at an additional charge to the price of hiring the photographer for the original photo shoot. Keep in mind that a photographer must grant copyright privileges in writing because copyrights don't automatically transfer to the buyer with their purchase.

Photographer Travel Fee

You'll need to pay an additional photographer travel fee of around  50 to 100 percent  of their regular hourly rate if they're coming from outside of their local metropolitan area.

Photography Sitting Fee

A photography sitting fee, also known as a booking fee or session fee, is an upfront cost to cover the photographer's expenses for setting up a photoshoot. It can cover the costs of booking the venue, private consultation services, and the time spent preparing their equipment.

With some freelance photographers, the sitting fee may also include a partial payment for the minimum amount of photos the photographer will produce for their client.

Sitting fees are essential to photographers so that they don't lose money or the opportunity to do another photoshoot when a client suddenly cancels or doesn't show up for their appointment.

Photography Retainer Fee

Industry standard is for the client to pay  50 percent of their bill upfront  as a photography retainer fee upon booking their appointment. Some photographers charge nonrefundable retainers when their demand is high enough that they will have to turn down other customers to hold a client's reservation.

When you create your photography contract, make sure that the client clearly understands the deposit required to secure their time slot in your photography studio. If part of their payment is refundable provided they cancel early enough, then it's better to refer to their payment as a "deposit" rather than a retainer since retainers are nonrefundable by nature.

Photo Editing Rates

In general, photo editing rates are around  50 percent  of the hourly photography rate. To determine how much to edit photos, you need to consider how much work the client is willing to pay for and what kind of final effect they want to see in the final photographs.

Photography team editing photos in the studio

A professional photographer never gives all of their unprocessed, unedited images to a client unless that's specifically what they requested. While most people want wedding photos to look like magazine-quality images, they don't realize no magazine photo like that has been printed unedited.

Often more hours go into retouching, color-correcting and editing a series of photos than it took to take the original photographs. To educate the clients beforehand, you can show them an unedited sample photograph and then show them how it looks after you've worked on it so that they can appreciate the difference and the time involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do photographers charge for a quinceanera.

In metropolitan areas, photographers charge between  $650 and $2,500  for complete coverage of a Quinceanera for up to six hours with an unlimited number of images, digital downloads, and prints. Prices go up to  $3,800  for up to eight hours of photo coverage and portrait sessions with all the guests.

JCPenney Photography Prices

JCPenney has  outdoor photography sessions  starting at  $49.99  for 10 image prints and your choice of one high-resolution digital image. At  $149.99 , their ultimate package features 8 full-size image prints, a 16 inch-square print on canvas and a high-resolution digital album. Offers are only valid at participating studio locations, and prices are subject to change.

JCPenney portrait sessions  have special promotional rates offered seasonally of  $50 off  a high-resolution digital photo album, plus discounted prints. They also provide business headshots to create professional profiles. If you want to turn your photos into gifts, then you can order your photos framed or printed on custom calendars, mugs, thermoses, laptop cases, personalized puzzles, and more.

How Much Does A Nightclub Photographer Make?

Nightclub photographers make around  $125 to $225 hourly  for someone with a good portfolio and experience. Beginner photographers make less, and seasoned professional photographers will charge more.

Grow Your Photography Business

There are dozens of  freelance photography jobs  posted every day near you. Create a profile on Fash to help people discover you so that you can expand your business.

The critical difference in becoming a successful freelance photographer is to set yourself apart from other photographers. Be sure to create an award-winning profile once you sign up.

Photography Pricing Calculator

Calculating how much to charge for a photoshoot depends entirely on the reputation of the person taking the photos and where those images become published. A professional studio photoshoot for a magazine is up to  $500 per image . Top professionals who have exclusive contracts with the world's most prominent magazines can make a million a year.

First, you must calculate your total  cost of doing business . You need to add up each of the following:

Rental prices for your photography studio or office

Maintenance fees for your equipment, including charges for repairs

Marketing fees to maintain your website, buy online ads

Computer costs for photo-editing software updates, hard drives, etc.

Transportation fees

Postage and related expenses to produce and send printed photos

Insurance costs

Your time spent managing the business, taking pictures, editing work, and photo processing

You can use a business management tool called  Sprout Studio's  photo price calculator for photographers to help you determine how much to charge. Answer the questions in their pricing tool to calculate your cost of doing business as compared to what you're offering to your clients.

Getty Images  has its own free online price calculator for rights-managed images. The Getty Images pricing structure guide clearly outlines the differences between their royalty-free images and rights-managed images.

Photography Price List Templates

The  National Press Photographers Association  offers a business calculator to help you create a personalized, free photography pricing template for your potential clients. For a fee, you can use software like Modern Market or the LSP calculator to make a more highly detailed price sheet template for photography.

If you don't have digital design skills, then download a  pricing sheet template for photographers  to advertise your offers more professionally. The same designs work to build your own videography price list template too.

Browse through this  collection of photography price list templates  and find one that suits you and your services. Then, add your information and personal photos, and you're ready to go.

Photography Price Sheet

It's essential to create a photography pricing spreadsheet and business model that helps generate customized quotes for each client and to track all your expenses and profits accurately. You can try a pre-made  photographer's pricing workbook  built in Excel, or you can look at its structure and create something similar that works better for you.

When you're crunching the numbers, remember you also need to add in how much federal tax you will owe as a self-employed contractor. Because you are self-employed, you don't have federal and state income tax automatically deducted from your paychecks like most people who work at large companies. That means you will owe some taxes to the government.

You can itemize your traveling expenses and other business expenses as tax deductions. If your studio is at home, then you can also fill out an additional form to deduct part of your rent or mortgage as a related business expense. You also need to calculate the rate of depreciation for your equipment. You can read through the basic guidelines at this  Tax Guide for Photographers . Consult the  IRS website  for the latest updates.

Hire A Professional Photographer

On Fash, you can find qualified photographers in your area, compare pricing, reviews, recent work, chat, and easily hire. The first step is to check out the list of professional  photographers near you .

Real estate photography pricing

Photography Pricing Guide - How much do Photographers make in 2023

Gurpreet Singh - Author

Confused about setting your photographer prices and how much do photographers make? Read this quick guide to getting your photography pricing right.

If you're starting out as a professional photographer, you're probably asking yourself these questions- " How much does a photographer make?" or "How do I price my photography services?" . We have put together this comprehensive photography pricing guide to help you answer precisely these questions. This guide will assist you in determining a competitive and winning pricing strategy for your photography services.

Like all entrepreneurs, photographers struggle with getting the pricing of their photography services right. With so many photography services one can offer to clients, it is even more complex to arrive at a photography pricing model that is suitable for specialties such as wedding photography prices . It can be a challenge for beginner photographers to figure out how much to charge for photography. If you under-price, you may end up leaving money on the table or, worse still, come off as a low-quality provider. Over-pricing photography might lead to loss of business as clients review many photographers and choose based on photographer prices.

As with any industry, there are standard professional photography prices that have been prevalent. But with the advent of digital photography, new software, and social media, the business of photography is rapidly transforming. Photography services which were earlier a preserve of professional photographers are now readily available at much lower prices from amateur or hobbyist photographers. This phenomenon has driven the price of photography services down, and professional photographers need to re-evaluate how to price their photography services by adding a lot more value.

As a professional photographer, you must offer services that stand out and charge prices that justify your work – based on your knowledge and your talent.

As a professional photographer, you'll want to set your professional photography prices to best represent your brand, your specialty, knowledge, experience, and many other factors. When you are starting out, a cost-plus-profit model can be a good starting point. As you grow and establish yourself, you can start charging premium pricing for photography services to reflect your increased market value and talent.

Factors to Consider When Developing Your Photography Pricing Model:

A lot of different factors influence how much do photographers make. These include the type of work performed, the number of sessions required, or even the number of prints and touch-ups. There are multiple ways to figure out how much to charge for photography based on the output that you are delivering to the client. However, make sure that you factor in your base costs and expenses and make sure that your photography pricing plan is profitable post accounting.

The basic premise of figuring your photography pricing is: Cost of running your photography business + Cost of goods + Cost of your time and labor + Profit + Taxes = Pricing

Cost of running your photography business:

Figure out all your input costs. Before answering the question - How much to charge for photography services; make sure you have put together a cost blueprint. From fixed expenses to variable costs – document everything.

The cost of running your photography business will include:

  • Equipment costs - cameras, lenses, lighting equipment. Be sure to factor in wear and tear and repair/replacement costs.
  • Office/studio costs -You need a place to work and depending on where you are based, and it can add up to be a high cost. If you are working from home, assign a rental value to that space, and make sure that your business earns and pays for that.
  • Marketing costs -You need to exhibit your work, network with clients, take part in photography contests, advertise, create a great portfolio website and undertake digital marketing activities - these costs add up and are essential to growing your businesses.
  • Fees of professionals -  These include accountant, assistants, etc.
  • Any other general expenses associated with your photography business

Calculate Your Cost-of-Goods-Sold (COGS)

COGS is the total cost of production of a good or service, which includes its labor and material cost as well. If you are providing your client with an 8×10 print, the COGS isn't merely the cost of the print itself. The cost should also include post-production charges, packaging, and shipping charges.

If you work with photo retouching or photo manipulation services, mention these expenses in your photography pricing sheet too. The same if about batch photo editing or high-end photo retouching. The rates can vary greatly, depending on the time required, the quality of picture retouching, and the type of photo. Many companies offer photo retouching services for photographers. Check out FixThePhoto  and OffshoreClippingPath , they both provide a very detailed photography pricing list with all services described, so you can factor in the costs when building your photo editing pricing.

Make sure that you include all hidden costs associated with the final deliverables that you are selling to your clients. For example, even client proofing, storing, and delivering digital files have a charge associated with them.

Cost of Your Time and Labor

Remember what Benjamin Franklin said – 'Time is money!' Many photographers do not factor in the value of the time and labor they would invest in an assignment and hence fail to earn adequately. For example, to determine your wedding photography prices, you would need to factor in the time you would spend in pre-production, traveling and meeting up with the client, setting up equipment, the actual shoot time and the post-production time. Be realistic and factor in delays and overages that are bound to happen.

Adding Your Profit Margin

Once you have figured out the cost of running your photography business, the cost of goods sold, and the cost of your time and labor, you need to decide on your profit margins. Your profit margin will determine your take-home income and may differ from project to project.

photography earning guide

While assigning a profit margin is highly subjective, our guide will help you determine how much do photographers make and outline factors that will help you in arriving at the “right figure.”

Review Your Competition

Before finalizing your photography pricing, research photographers working locally in your area, especially in your specialty niche ( weddings , portraits , commercial ). Make sure you charge competitively as clients do shop around locally and compare pricing before they finalize on a photographer. Avoid lowering your prices too much to win business. Underpricing can set your standards low, while over-pricing may deprive you of genuine prospective clients. An excellent way to go about pricing is to keep a pricing range. This approach gives flexibility to clients and keeps you well within your profit margin as well.

Evaluate your perceived value

Evaluate and know the quality of your product or service. Experience undoubtedly entitles you to good remuneration, but even if you're a beginner, don’t opt for very meager prices. Charging too low from the start can decrease the perceived value of your product and services in the market.

Tip: Never work free of charge. Keep a fair price, and you could run a special portfolio building discount for your clients. You can even offer up to 100% off in exceptional cases that add a lot of value to your portfolio

Work Quality and Professionalism

When setting your photography prices, you should consider the additional benefits that you bring to the table as a well-trained professional, the type of equipment you use, as well as the proper pre and post-production work that you provide. Because of your training, you can provide needed assurance to your clients – especially when you’ve only got one chance to do a perfect job. As a trained photographer, your experience allows you to utilize your one opportunity to capture those once in a lifetime moments. Your skills also allow you to create memories that last a lifetime.

Photographers that use professional equipment such as top-of-the-line industry-based cameras, lighting, software, and other tools of the trade may create higher perceived value. Photographers who also have studios, an impressive portfolio, and a professional portfolio website, also suggest a commitment to their craft. All of these indicators justify charging premium pricing for photography.

A well-made portfolio website that showcases your work professionally is the single biggest contributor to building your market value. 

Clients will judge you from the quality of your website. Make sure that you regularly update your portfolio website to project that you are doing well professionally and are a committed professional.

Pricing Factors of Copyrights and Usage

While arriving at a price, it is imperative to factor in what are the rights you are handing over to your clients. As a wedding photographer, you may choose to charge more if your client wants full copyright to their images and does not wish to feature their photographs in your portfolio. You can charge slightly less if the pictures help you build your body of work or if you are giving out a print for single-time use.

The pricing of images also depends on their usage. For example, an image shot for an advertisement to be run in a small local magazine will be less expensive than if the same image is used in an ad in a national daily.

Collect Appropriate Taxes

Make sure you are charging appropriate taxes on top of your pricing to your clients. If you are providing all-inclusive pricing, make sure that your calculations include taxes that you will pay on the total price. You don't want to end up paying taxes from your pocket and wipe away your profits when filing the annual tax return.

Check out this tax guide for photographers . Do take advice from a qualified CPA to understand and calculate your taxes.  Accounting software is of great use to invoice your client, track your expenses, send proposals, and for accounting. You can then send your sales tax summary from software directly to an accountant.

Determining the Scope of Work Before Quoting a Price

Photographers need to have contract agreements in place that includes a scope of work section. A contract allows you to identify all aspects of the services that need to be provided and calculate the associated cost and expenses before determining the price. For example, a client may prefer hard copies or a photo book as their finished product, whereas others may be happy with a digital version. Nonetheless, there is some direct cost involved that should be factored into the total price that photographers should pass along to their clients. Otherwise, they will be paying for those items out of their pockets, which will eat into their profits. Having a contract in place allows photographers to factor in all costs and expenses prior to preparing and sending out photography price quotes and before performing the work.

Well-structured pricing practices for photographers are crucial to success for a photography business. We hope that the insights in this guide have helped you figure out your pricing model based on these considerations:

  • What's your business model
  • What are your reasons for pricing the way you do?
  • What's the perceived value that you are projecting?
  • What are the add-ons that you are offering to increase revenue?
  • What are your competitors charging?
  • Are you going to charge based on images or based on your time?

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  • How to Create Photography Packages - Tips and Price Guide .
  • Getting your Wedding Photography Prices Right .
  • Commercial Photography : A Complete Guide .
  • 14 Top Photography Trends for 2023 .

Here are some of the approaches you can take to build your photography pricing model:

Rates based on use of images.

Image-based rates work well for photography of products, interiors, food, architecture, or corporate portraits. Premium image-based rates are the perfect pricing model when clients are expecting extremely high caliber work reflected in a few images of their subject. It's also pretty standard to charge a premium image-based rate based on the use of your work. For example, if you take a photograph to be used on a website or in a local newspaper, it's not as compelling as it would be if it were to be taken for a television ad, a billboard, or a national campaign. Premium prices are charged for images that you use in more prominent campaigns.  Here is an extensive collection of  interior photography portfolio website examples  for your reference. 

Check out this photography pricing calculator by the Association of Photographers, which can calculate each image rate.

Also, see this rights-managed image pricing calculator by Getty Images.

Hourly or Flat Rates

You can charge an hourly or flat rate for events photography such as weddings, corporate meets, birthdays, college/school events, etc., where you are investing a lot of time shooting the event. Make sure that you factor in costs associated with traveling and meeting the clients, pre-production, the shoot itself, post-production, and cost of creating the deliverables like prints, frames, etc.

Portrait Photographers often have flat portrait photography session prices as well. These usually consist of various packages that are priced based on volume - the number of images that are included in the package and retouches. Photography session prices may also include alternative themes and backdrops, prints or digital downloads, editing, touchups, and other services.  Check this ultimate guide to  photography packages , we'll walk through the how, why and what of packaging your photography services

Rates Based on Level of Experience

Experience is a significant factor in deciding how much does a photographer makes. Photography prices are typically based on the level of knowledge and experience, as indicated below.

Amateurs and Hobbyists - Amateurs and hobbyists commonly charge $25-$75 an hour for images normally used on blogs, small websites, or for local advertising. The fee is generally under $100. However, they may not follow standard photography practices and have other lines of work.

Student Photographers - Students typically have more experience than amateurs and hobbyists in that they've received some form of training. Their typical hourly rate is $50 - $100 per hour. Prices of student photographers can vary based several factors - the school that they are studying in, the stage of their education, whether they have worked with and assisted other professional photographers, and, last but not least, their photography portfolio. Students with brilliant student photography portfolios can command the same rates as professional photographers.

Entry-Level Photographers - The entry-level or semi-professional photographers charge $50-$150 per hour or $25-$125 per image. They're not as committed and often have other lines of work that they rely on.

Professional Photographers with experience - Professional, experienced photographers usually charge $75 - $250 per hour or per image. They rely solely on their photography work to make a living and typically have invested a lot in their equipment, and have more experience in both the pre-production and post-production stages of photography.

Top Professional Photographers - Top professional photographers, known as high-end photographers, charge $250 - $500 per hour or $200 -$1200 per image. This elite group of photographers command top dollar for their work and can even be paid up to $10,000 per day depending on their area of specialty. They cover areas such as sports, fashion, entertainment, film, documentaries for TV, movies, billboards or magazines.

Professional Photographers

Rates Based Areas of Specialty

Some professional photography prices are based on the areas of specialty. When a photographer focuses on a specific area, they increase their expertise, and thus the value of their work increases. This niche artistry drives the rates higher than non-specialized photographers.

Some examples of photography specialty areas are:

Portrait Photography Pricing  – Photographers that specialize in senior portraits may charge rates on the lower – midrange. Still, they could potentially have steady work during a specific season and more steady commercial clients. Portrait photography pricing usually varies between $150 - $300 for each session.

Wedding Photography  Pricing - Wedding photographers perform seasonal work and take up high-pressure photography assignments. They only have one opportunity to capture the moment and take images that create lasting memories. Wedding photography pricing can range from $1500 - $3500. Again, as with anything else, wedding photography packages can vary based on experience, your wedding photography portfolio , and the nature of the wedding. Some top-shot photographers can charge more than $15,000 for covering destination weddings.

Wedding Photography

Website Photography Pricing - Photographers that specialize in creating images for local websites charge $25-$150 per copy. They usually provide work for small businesses in the local area. Many photographers consider the traffic your site is getting before quoting a price.

Product Photography Pricing - Product photographers focus on images for smaller products that are used online or offline for independent websites or for sites such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, or major department stores. However, more substantial ticket items such as automobiles, boats, or planes may be used for magazines or in major campaigns. The product photography pricing starts from $25-$150 per image but varies based on the nature of the product and usage of images.

Event Photography Pricing - Professional photographers do the event shoot mainly to add an extra source of income. Events can be anything from birthdays, family function, corporate events, or any event in your society. The event photography pricing is generally low and bigger your client and more the work they ask you to do, more are your chances to earn. Event photographers typically can charge anywhere from $50 to $300 an hour.

Newborn Photography Pricing - The newborn photography sector is another niche area that can give you good returns. Newborn photography pricing can be done on a higher-end due to the efforts and risks involved. Not every photographer can do newborn photography, but those who are into it can charge somewhere around $500 for a full session. No matter which photography pricing template you use to calculate, make sure that you have factored in all the variables that we had discussed above.

Pro tip: Download fully customizable and free Photography Pricing List Templates that look professional and clean.

If you are a full-time photographer, you will need to price your services so that you can make a living from your photography business. You also need to consider that you may not be occupied full-time, all the time.

An easy way to save costs on expensive office rentals is by investing in an online portfolio. Instagram or 500px profiles are savvy. However, if you're really serious about running a business, make your own impressive portfolio website. Pixpa offers great deals on stunning portfolio websites for budding photographers and creatives. You can get a digital storefront up and running within minutes without any coding knowledge at all. Start your Free Trial .

Do keep in mind the industry price fluctuations, any seasonal factors that might affect your pricing, and rework your pricing plans. Eventually, having photography pricing plans can only take you so far. A sound approach to photography pricing would also entail 'going with the flow' and being dynamic in your pricing your photography services at all times.

Hopefully, this step-by-step guide outlining how much does a photographer make would have given you a structure to determine your photography pricing. Just to sum things up, start by identifying all costs, consider the factors that influence the pricing, and make sure you add an adequate profit margin to arrive at your photography prices. The ultimate goal of this photography pricing guide is to ensure that you're running a successful photography business and making a profit.

Wishing you the best of luck!

Frequently Asked Question

How much should I charge for my photography? There are several factors that you should consider when determining a price range for your photography business. A good starting point is figuring out what photographers in your area normally charge for a 1 hour session. Also consider your experience level, cost of equipment and travel, editing and processing charges, as well as the cost of your time and labour.

How many pictures should be expected from a 1 hour shoot? Depending on your experience and expertise, usually you can expect anywhere from about 40 to 60 raw shots from a one hour shoot. Not all of these shots will make it to the final album, however. You should talk to your clients and figure out how many photos they are expecting and what their budget is before deciding the rates and the length of a particular shoot.

What to include in a photography pricing guide? If you are looking to create a photography pricing guide for your website, you should include your base prices that includes hourly rates for photo sessions or a flat rate for a certain number of pictures. You should also include editing and processing charges, distance charges for destination shoots, taxes and any other relevant details that may affect your rates. You can also have package deals for events like weddings, newborn photoshoots, graduation photos etc.


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tour photographer rates

The Music Photography Rates & Pricing Spreadsheet

tour photographer rates

If you're a music photographer, pricing your work can be a struggle at any stage of your career. Traditionally, guarding one's pricing and rates has felt like an asset or perhaps a necessity. This approach isn't specific to music photography, but it is one that is very common in this field.

I'd argue that being as transparent about rates and pricing is something only benefits the music photography community . If we can leave egos aside, understanding what our peers charge and earn can give us both goals and the aspirations to set our sights even higher.

To this end, I wanted to create a comprehensive music photography rates sheet that can serve as a community resource to encourage transparency about rates. Enter the Music Photography Rates & Pricing spreadsheet.

If you're looking for what to charge for music photography or have experience to share, read on.

If you want the sheet, skip to the end, but I'd encourage you to read about why this resource was created first.

Why is pay transparency necessary?

Like most aspects of business and employment, pay transparency benefits those doing the work. Conversely, being closed about what we charge only saves egos and protects low budgets.

Not sharing rates gives leverage to those who would take advantage of our passions and talents. It feeds on the doubts and insecurity of creatives and reinforces the narrative that we have to lower our fees or miss out on opportunities.

I feel sharing rates about what we charge as music photographers gives us strength collectively. It gives points of reference — both high and low — for the value of our work.

Rate transparency empowers photographers

Transparency about rates empowers photographers. Here's an example that was shared on the Music Photography Discord recently, where a beta of the rates sheet was shared in advance of its public launch.

tour photographer rates

Knowledge is power. Photographers being able to negotiate higher rates from the confidence of community knowledge is the exact reason we need rate transparency.

Creating a solution for the music photography community

With this in mind, I've created a Google form and linked Google sheet that I hope can serve as community reference point for rates in music photography.

The intent of this form and data are to give us a transparent look into music photography rates. The goal is to show real world rate reporting as a reference for estimates and fees so that we can help negotiate and leverage our value more effectively as music photographers. 

The more we can share and understand what clients are paying and what are peers are charging, the more power we have to advocate for our worth. All submissions are anonymous. All data, high and low, is valuable and encouraged.

Contribute to the Music Photography Rates Sheet

If you're reading this and have ever been paid for music photography, I'd strongly encourage you to enter work history and rates. The strength of this data relies on as diverse entries as possible giving as much detail as possible.

tour photographer rates

If you're looking to contribute rates, it's helpful to view the sheet first to understand the formatting. Take a look, then add your experience.

From local bands to world tours, if you've done work as a music photographer, we need your data. All entries are anonymous, but you can name the artist or clients if you wish.

And here's a plain link to the submission form:

What do Music Photographers Charge?

If you're creating an estimate or you've been asked for a rate and want to a reference for what other photographers are charging, look no further.

You can see past entries from this form in the reference sheet for music photo rates here:

I hope this resource is helpful. If you're looking for more help with business and pricing, or if you're looking for a place for community, join us on the Music Photography Discord .

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How to Become A Travel Photographer (And Get Paid)

You can also select your interests for free access to our premium training:

If you have a passion for photography and dream of one day becoming a travel photographer, there are certain things you need to do in order to make that dream a reality. In this article, we will outline some steps on how you can become a travel photographer.


If you buy a product through one of our referral links we will earn a commission (without costing you anything). Prices last updated on .

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

How to Become A Travel Photographer and Get Paid Professionally

Travel photography is an all-encompassing field. It incorporates all sorts of photography styles and career paths within it. But what does professional travel photography look like? It’s incredible shots of rolling landscapes , captivating portraits , and exciting food !

And how do you get started? Like almost every unique photography style, you begin by creating! It might not make sense, but you need to get out there and start taking travel images.

Step 1: Determine if It’s the Right Photography Style For You

First, do you like to travel? How do you feel about long flights, stuffy airports, and unpacking and repacking your gear ? What about living out of a suitcase?

Travel photography is not for the faint of heart. Many see it as an easy career path, yet that is not the case. A freelance travel photographer has to deal with many demanding situations. Poor weather conditions , aggressive locals, or long journeys are common difficulties. Traveling can suck away all your energy. And it makes it all the more difficult if you have limited time to capture the images you need. You may think, Oh, great… I get to go to Paris!  But you may only have 36 hours to capture four different locations, leaving you little time to enjoy the area you are in.

There is a lot of stress involved… Not everyone speaks a language you know or understands your dietary constraints. It is a job like any other photography career and not always as glamorous as Instagram feeds portray it to be.

Travel photographers must be tolerant, flexible, and patient. And, of course, they must know how to work with a camera.

Travel photographer standing in an aiport with a camera slung over their shoulder

Step 2: Learn a Wide Range of Skills

Knowing how to use your camera is essential. Learning a wider variety of photographic skills is vital. And understanding how to capture landscapes, take portraits, or take a street scene with a long exposure will go a long way.

The more techniques you have under your belt, the better. Photography is a visual art and very hands-on, so you must show you can do it by showing you can do it.

Travel photographer education requirements vary. A photography course can help you learn photo basics and editing skills if you are starting from scratch.

But you do not need a degree to become a travel photographer. Some might find it easier to find work with a certificate or qualification, and having one might help open up some opportunities. Still, it is not a prerequisite if your images are strong and captivating.

Step 3: Define Your Travel Photography Niche

Becoming a freelance travel photographer requires a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, the photography business is highly competitive. Part of this hard work is finding a way to stand out.

Your work will reflect your vision of the world, which is unique for every travel photographer. It would help to find a way to show your viewpoint in your travel photographs. Create a signature style that stands out from your competitors.

To become a freelance travel photographer, you must define your niche . You can focus on a specific technique or subject within your travel photography journey. Ask yourself what you like to photograph the most or are good at taking pictures of, and stick to that.

A female travel photographer taking a picture on a building's rooftop

Step 4: Build a Portfolio of Your Best Travel Images

A portfolio is a series of images that you have captured. It can be an online portfolio or a print version, letting clients see the kind of travel photos you take and how you take them. It is a visual guide of the photo quality they can expect from you. Without a portfolio to look at, clients will likely find it challenging to give you work based solely on your word.

If you do not have a lot of money to start traveling, you can start locally. Research photos clients are looking for, then capture them and present them. The images you do not sell could also work well on stock image libraries or websites as sellable prints.

As you start building a reputation as a travel photographer, clients will want to hire you. Keep creating a body of work until you start finding commissions, and then keep exploring. In the end, clients are looking for stunning images. Only a photography portfolio can show that.

Person organizing photos on a laptop computer

Step 5: Create a Travel Website or Blog

Creating your website or blog to showcase your work is essential as a travel photographer. These tools will help you show your clients you are a professional photographer . Also, it makes it easier for potential clients to find you and reach out to you. Using one of these platforms will help you organize your work and display it in your preferred format and style. You can get creative and use a design that makes your content more appealing.

Creating a blog or website is very easy. You can use a free website builder like Wix or Weebly . All you have to do is sign up, select a pre-set template and upload your work. There are many travel bloggers  you can follow and get tips from. Then you write your first travel blog post!

Step 6: Sell Your Images Digitally

Selling your travel photography can be a sustainable business idea. Many travel photographers sell their images on a digital platform. And it’s the bread and butter of their money-making machine.

To start, I recommend adding your images to an online platform. These will help put your name out there. Also, they serve well as a portfolio of travel photography for others to view. Potential clients are always searching for examples of work.

It might be challenging to sell your images when you start. But there are a few places to begin posting your pictures.

Stock Photography and Photo Websites

Unsplash is a free stock photography site that others can use for free content. The page is well known, so they receive lots of exposure. If someone uses your images, they can place them on their page with your link or name. You don’t get paid, but it can help spread your pictures and reputation.

You also can use a platform like 500px , where you can license your images with a few clicks. Plus, as mentioned before, you can sell your pictures through many stock photography websites . The site will even upload your photos to many stock websites for you!

Having images for sale on a stock photography website is beneficial. You can sell pictures while you eat, sleep, and travel by licensing your work. As the number of images grows, so does your chance to make money .

If you are still building up a reputation, you can sell travel photos through your website. That way, you don’t have to pay the commission to stock photography sites. If you build up a good network of companies or blogs that need images, they might even come to you first.

Stock photo website open on a laptop screen

Step 7: Sell Your Travel Images in a Physical Format

You might be the kind of travel photographer who is not into the digital world. There is still a market for making money and a living from travel photography.

One way to do this is to create prints of your images and sell them through specific art websites. Etsy is one good example. Fine Art America is another one. Some travel photographers even use eBay due to the number of people who use the website and the low cost of hosting a print.

You could approach galleries when you have a series of works. There is a chance you find buyers through them. They will take a commission depending on the space. But in turn, they provide an outlet that many people have access to.

Selling Prints Yourself

The benefit of selling physical prints is that you can sell them online and in person. I have created photography books , postcards, and photo prints . And I sell them in art markets, art shops, and hostels.

You can sell prints on your own out on the street, but the money can come in dribs and drabs. There is no guarantee that you will sell enough of them to be worth your time standing out in the cold (or heat).

Unlike digital images, prints can’t be stolen or reused without your say-so. But they might need a lot of your time to produce, plus the initial capital required to print these can be high.

A person looking at a gallery of photos in frames wondering how to be a travel photographer

Step 8: Find Photography Work Where You Travel

As you travel to foreign places, you can offer your services to travel businesses. Many are in great need of images from the destination you are in. These could be travel magazines , newspapers, or local tourism boards. Anyone in the travel or tourism industry needs strong images. I have stayed in hostels for free by exchanging professional interior photographs for free accommodation.

Many businesses prefer working with the same person if they provide high-quality images. They might even commission you to capture the images they need. Be aware that this type of work may have to be under the table, depending on your visa. If you are going somewhere abroad, research opportunities each area might present. For example, a beautiful image in a tourism brochure can say a lot about a company. It can show that they will pay top dollar for images. You could also see if the area you’re traveling to has trending stock photography  themes to take advantage of.

Lanscape photographer taking a picture on a ridge with a DSLR and tripod

Step 9: Capture and Write Great Travel Content

The number one idea with travel photography, like any other niche, is to create strong content. Success is due to the quality, the post-processing, or the techniques you use. It could also be due to the uniqueness of your approach.

Strong content is crucial. Your images need to be top-notch if you want to sell your work through a gallery or online. The more compelling your travel photos are, the more people will search for them and your services.

One other area you can look at is photography writing. If there is an area of photography that you know about, why not write about it. It could be about time-lapse photography or your experience as a portrait photographer . The possibilities are endless.

There are many places you can do this, for yourself, a travel company, or a photography website. The benefit is that not only are people reading your helpful content, but you also get to share your images.

Travel photographer walking with a camera in hand in the desert

Step 10: Use Tours and Workshops as an Extra Income Source

When I first arrived in Budapest, I tried to find a job. I looked at all the photography possibilities I could. However, nothing seemed to fit my style, work ethic, mentality, photography style, or background. As a documentary photographer , I contacted newspapers and magazines but didn’t land a position. It was not an easy time.

So I started thinking outside the box. And I realized that, with a bit of marketing , I could host street photography workshops . It fitted with my travel photography passion and experiences. Luckily, I had a background in both photography and tutoring. It was a success, but it took a while for me to get my name out there. The good thing was that it only took a day or two to develop some free advertising online. It allowed me to start immediately.

For every travel photographer, there is something they can teach. It could be composition , landscape photography, or location scouting .

A group of photographers in a photo workshop standing in front of a graffiti wall

Step 11: Pick a Place to Travel and Go

Many resources can help you get started as a travel photographer. Yet, I believe in baptism by fire. If I were just getting started and had a small travel budget, I would pick a place to travel and go. That’s it. You can work out everything else once you have a place to go. You could do a documentary piece in India or capture the cloth-dying process in Morocco.

Once you have a destination, you can start researching. Learn about photography etiquette, what time the sun sets, and where to stay. Then, with a clear idea of the “where” and “what,” you can find who might be interested in the images you take.

As mentioned, if you can write, then your opportunities widen. GoNomad , for example, is always looking for stories to publish. Magazines and online publishers will pay for content because they do not need to do the research or find and commission someone else. It’s even better if you have images to go alongside your writing.

So, find paid photo projects, put some of your travel photos on stock photography websites, and sell a few physical prints—the more avenues of income you establish, the better chance to have a travel photographer salary successfully.

Travel photographer in the middle of a street taking a photo

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to work for National Geographic or make a living from your prints and website. Becoming a professional travel photographer requires a lot of work. But don’t worry! Many travel photographers started with the basics, like a beginner’s photography course , and just went for it. You will get there!

We hope these travel photography tips help you figure out how to become a travel photographer and carve out a travel photography career!

Try out our Fantastic Photo Adventures course to learn unique and creative storytelling techniques and get out and start your journey into travel photography!

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Pwo Karen Couple Hair Light Avoid These 8 Common Photography Lighting Mistakes

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How to Price Your Photography

If you’re a new photographer, learning how to price your photography can be tricky. This photography pricing guide will help you get every dollar you’re worth.


If you’re wondering, “How much should I charge for my photography?” then keep reading. Pricing can be a complicated topic but you can keep it simple when you’re just starting out. The #1 thing to avoid: spending more than you make. This guide will help you make money, rather than lose it.

To be a successful photographer, it’s important to price your images based on your time, effort, and market value. Use a cost-plus pricing model to determine how much to charge to cover your costs and make a profit. Remember to include production costs, shipping charges, and overhead in your pricing, and make sure you’re making enough to support yourself. This guide can help you quickly calculate your rates.

Here’s an example of a cost-plus pricing calculation:

This pricing calculation has two steps because it’s important to figure out your total cost before adding a profit percentage. Without knowing how much it costs to stay in business, you run the risk of miscalculating too much money as profit. You want to avoid costly surprises like expensive printing, broken equipment, or unpaid assistants.

Cost of Materials

For a photographer, there are direct costs to producing your final product. If your client wants prints or photo books, you need to factor in those hard costs. Don’t forget to include packaging and shipping. The cost for materials shouldn’t come out of your pocket.

Don’t forget about costs associated with digital files. Keep track of your expenses when it comes to hard drives, cloud storage, and client gallery hosting. For clients that don’t want physical prints but need digital space, remember that you still have billable items.

Because you’re an expert, you might have some ideas for cutting material costs. Clients will always appreciate your advice, and it can be a great relationship-building tool. If you have recommendations that will save them the cost of materials, they’ll be grateful and likely to send more clients your way.

Reducing the cost of your materials is an easy way to adjust your pricing model to include more profit. If you source materials from the same retailer, reach out to see if you can become partners. They might give you a discount if you use their product exclusively and help them promote it.

Buying in bulk also helps, but make sure you really need the materials. For new photography business owners, the last thing they need is a stack of materials without any clients in sight.

Selling Digitally

Focusing on selling your images digitally can significantly lower your material costs. As mentioned above, there are still expenses related to managing your digital files, but when compared to printing, packaging, and shipping physical prints—there’s no contest.

The trick is to find the right place to sell your digital prints. There are online marketplaces for photographers and artists that will let you start selling your images relatively easily. However, they often charge commissions, and you end up competing with the many photographers whose images get listed alongside yours. That kind of competition tends to drive prices down and further complicate the question of how to price your photography.

For those reasons, it’s best to set up your own online store. And doing it using Format is the easiest way to get started.

Using Format, you can set up an online store as part of your portfolio. That means you’ll have a single place you can direct potential clients to, have them check out your work, and make it easy for them to place a purchase. There are no added expenses to include in your cost-plus pricing model because the option to set up an online store is included in every Format plan.

In addition, as opposed to an online marketplace , you have complete freedom over how your images are displayed and they aren’t shown side by side with your competitors.

Build your professional portfolio website with Format

Cost of Labor

When you love your work, you can unintentionally undervalue the cost of your labor. That’s the flip side of building a creative career. Just because you enjoy it doesn’t mean that it isn’t work. The time and labor you put into your work, whether that’s on a photoshoot or retouching afterward, needs to be reflected in your total cost.

For every piece of work, a photographer needs to know how much time it will take him or her to deliver this product. Count up the hours and be realistic. Don’t count the thirty-minute break you took to scroll through Instagram, but definitely count all the time you spent at a photo shoot waiting for everyone to get into place. When you’re on the job, you’re on the job, and you should be paid.

Consider all the time you need for pre-production (setting up your equipment, ensuring you have what you need for the shoot) and post-production (any editing or uploading of photos), including the time spent traveling and meeting with your client.

Photographers should ask themselves, “How much is my time worth?” and your photography pricing should reflect that. The more experience you get, the more you can increase your cost of labor. Ultimately you’re worth what a client will pay for your time. What makes them agree to pay more? If you are professional and deliver high-quality images on time.

Freelance Photographer Tip: It can feel great to get lots of jobs but be wary of small gigs that chew up time with low profit. Instead, focus on booking fewer bigger jobs. One big job can be worth several smaller ones (and save you from burning out!).

Overhead Costs

Overhead costs can be scary for an entrepreneurial photographer. You want to start making money, but you need a lot of equipment to get started. In the photography business, the tools you use can affect the quality of your work and the management of your time.

This is a cost you just can’t cut. Maintaining software, post-production equipment, lighting, backdrops, and buying camera lenses are all part of our overhead costs, plus the wear and tear. How often will you have to replace your camera?

If you choose to get some photographer insurance to cover damage to your equipment or business liability, the insurance fees are another overhead cost. Also, remember to include in your overhead costs any professional services you need to run your photography business, such as an accountant.

Advertising is an additional overhead cost. Depending on your photography business, you might need business cards and a spending budget for digital ads. These costs can contribute to the overall success of your business but you need to make sure you’re getting a return on your investment.

Keep track of how many new clients or gigs your advertising costs are generating and consider if it’s worth it. If it’s working, maybe it’s time to up the ante.

To cover your overhead costs in your pricing structure, add up your expenses for the year. Take that total number and divide it by the projected amount of jobs you’ll work in a year. Add that percentage of the total cost to a photography job, and you’ll start covering your total overhead, bit by bit.

Freelance Photographer Tip: If you’re just starting out, an effective way to offer affordable prices is to lower your overhead costs. Decide what’s really necessary to do a good job and stick to the basics.

A little bit more about expenses…

There are two types of expenses for a photographer: Fixed and Variable.

Fixed Expenses

These are your equipment costs, marketing, communication, and other photography business necessities. Profits should also be part of your fixed cost calculation, like a loan payment or payroll. The end goal of working as a photographer is to make a profit, not to break even.

Variable Expenses

Includes expenses that vary based on how many and what kind of shoots you do.

For example, if you are a wedding photographer , some bookings may have you spending money on travel, hotel, consultation, rental gear, and/or an assistant. Alternatively, suppose you are a fashion photographer. In that case, you may have to account for the expenses of location shooting fees or studio space, lighting, make-up, styling, casting, assistant fees, and retouching.

Photography pricing is more straightforward when you understand what it actually costs to run your business. This will get you to how much you’ll need to charge to earn a profit. If the pricing for your product or service doesn’t cover costs, consider yourself at a loss.

Our Photography Pricing Guide to Success

Now that you have your material costs, overhead costs, and labor costs all figured out, you should know how to price your photography for your next gig. Add your desired profit, and this cost-plus pricing equation will result in your suggested retail price.

It is also essential to gauge the costs of specific photography services that you might offer. For example, how much does a photoshoot cost to arrange? Will you be buying or renting your equipment? This will help you set a professional photoshoot price that works for both you and your clients.

Photography session prices should be calculated based on the number of hours, standard photography rates, and the equipment required. Use packages as a basis for pricing, but be flexible. Keep your photographer pricing list current by monitoring your costs.

By following this photography pricing guide, your final pricing model should:

  • Cover the hard costs
  • Pay for your time creating the final product
  • Leave room for overhead expenses and profit

Adding your profit can be very subjective. You need to have an accurate understanding of your photography’s worth. Here are some points to consider when you’re calculating your profit percentage:

  • The quality of your work and how you package your finished product
  • The perceived value of you and your products in the marketplace
  • How confident you are in your skills
Freelance Photographer Tip: To demonstrate that you are an active photographer, update your online portfolio frequently with current projects.

Industry-Specific Pricing Considerations

Commercial photography pricing.

When it comes to pricing commercial photography clients, costs are above a basic and creative fee. These costs are unique to each client and cannot be applied to all clients.

It’s possible to make $20k, 45k, $85k or more from a single commercial shoot. The rates differ greatly, and this is because photographer’s fees should be based on their own expenses, resulting in variation.

Fees must be calculated based on the costs associated with doing business instead of averaging or pulling a number out of the air because it sounds good to you.

When setting your photographer day rate, speak to other local commercial photographers to get an idea of what companies are willing to pay. However, regardless of the competition, don’t be afraid to be transparent about your photography day rate, as companies need this information to enlist in your services.

Event Photography Pricing

Depending on the size of your event, the location and the experience level of your photographer, event photography pricing can vary. Typically, however, you can expect a rate between $200 and $500 an hour.

Consider what you bring to the table: the equipment, lighting, backup equipment, expertise and more. Bringing these factors into the conversation upfront will help determine how much for a photographer event organizers might be willing to pay.

Event photography is a fun and rewarding way to earn money as a photographer. However, it’s important to not get too carried away with the joy of being part of a fun event, and also set your photography prices per hour at a profitable level.

Portrait Photography Pricing

A portrait photography photoshoot and print package typically starts at $150-$300.

To understand the total cost, we have to factor in all the variables. Specific items to be aware of when setting your portrait photographer’s pricing sheet are installation costs and the time involved with setting up. If you spend too much time setting up without getting paid, you could end up losing money.

Knowing how much to charge for portrait photography is crucial if you want to win over clients while making a good income. It is common for portrait photographers to offer industry-specific deals such as corporate, family, and/or school packages. Considering all of these into several different pricing scenarios will help you also determine how to price portrait photography packages.

Graduation Pictures Prices

Graduation picture prices can range from $100 per session to $400 per session, depending on the package the senior has selected.

How much to charge for graduation photos depends on what packages you’re able to offer and if you have the equipment to provide the value expected per tiered package. It’s common for a graduation package to include a graduation gown, cap, tassel, online proofs and digital images.

For higher tiered packages, the location and studio matters to the client and more photo options to choose from. The length of time spent at the studio to capture the perfect shot is part of the experience seniors expect from the shoot.

A simple gauge would be to speak with the school to find out how much they have paid photographers in the past. Given that schools are generally quite price-sensitive, it is recommended that you set your rates somewhere in line with their expectations.

Wedding Photography Prices

The average wedding photographer cost is around $2000 in the United States, but the actual price of your services will depend on the length and type of each wedding.

Vendor’s experience, level of expertise, event guest count, date, and geographic region are some of the factors that influence pricing.

Wedding photographer prices typically include between six hours and unlimited coverage. The more time you need for your event, the more you should charge. Some photographers include prints in their wedding photography rates. In addition to the initial pricing, wedding photographers’ packages may include expenses such as equipment, employees, marketing, and liability insurance.

The Different Approaches to Building a Pricing Model

While the cost-plus pricing model is a great place to start, it is not the only answer when it comes to how to price your photography. There are several ways of using value-based pricing that can help you ensure you get paid appropriately for what your photos are worth.

In the end, your pricing model can take into account multiple approaches. The cost-plus pricing model will tell you the minimum you should charge to reach your desired profit, and these value-based pricing methods will help you determine if you can ask for more.

Ways to Calculate Freelance Photographer Rates

Freelance photography pricing is difficult but critical if you want to ensure you get paid the right amount for your work. We’ve outlined some key methods for setting your freelance photographer prices correctly, so you can start earning a profit immediately. If you are looking for ways to find freelance work, check out our guide to finding fantastic freelance photography jobs .

Rates Based on Price Per Photography Use

Usage-based pricing is a typical method for setting freelance photography rates and is used for photography projects where the client is looking for just a few high-quality images of their subject, such as product photography or corporate portraits. This type of pricing model takes into account how your images will be used.

For instance, if the photos are going to be used in a national campaign, you can ask for more money than if they were to be used in a local newspaper. Also, this model takes into account how long your photos will be used, such as whether they’ll appear once or be reused again and again over a certain period. If your photos are going to be shown to a wider audience, this is often a smarter move than simply charging photography rates per hour.

The Association of Photographers has an image usage calculator that can help you figure out how to price photography based on usage. It lets you input a base amount and then select the usage details such as the licensing period, types of media, and the territory where your photos will be used.

Hourly Rates

Charging an hourly fee is the standard for many types of event photography, such as weddings and corporate events. The photographer hourly rate model is useful because it ensures you get paid for all the time you invest in shooting an event. If the event runs long and you end up having to stay late, you get paid for it, as per the photographer rates per hour agreed.

If you decide to go down this route, think carefully about the photography prices per hour you wish to charge. Have a look at the average hourly rate for photographers in your area, so as to not price yourself out of the competition. Remember that your final charge can also include time spent before and after the event, such as for travel, client meetings, preparation, and post-production.

Costs of Paying a Photographer By the Hour

While it may seem the most straightforward choice, choosing to be paid as a photographer by the hour needs careful consideration and thought into the potential overheads. Make sure that your hourly rate factors in any additional costs required for the shoot so that you can avoid facing difficult discussions with your client further down the line. If your photographer fees are largely job-dependent, consider tailoring your hourly rate to each client’s requirements. This approach will allow you to provide the most value while also retaining profitability on each project.

Alternatively, photographers will sometimes charge a flat rate for shooting an event. This is best suited to photographers with a lot of experience. That’s because to determine how to price photography at a flat rate for an event, you have to be able to accurately estimate how much work will go into it.

It’s also standard for portrait photographers to offer a flat rate for a photo session. This helps you factor the professional photoshoot cost into the rate. Sometimes these sessions will be sold as packages based on the number of images. Have a look at how much are photo shoots in your area for guidance on this. As long as the photographer knows how long it takes them to capture and retouch that number of images, they can offer a flat rate with confidence.

However, there’s more to it than just knowing how long it takes you to complete tasks. Do some market testing and discover how much photoshoots are currently being charged art in tour areas. This will help you set a pricing model that is both competitive and profitable.

Whenever you charge a flat rate for a project, it’s essential that you and the client agree on what’s involved beforehand. That includes things like the number of images, the number of client feedback rounds, whether the client wants prints, etc. If you don’t take the time to outline the scope of the project, it’s impossible to know what to charge. You could end up finding out halfway through the project that the client wants you to do much more work than you expected.

For this reason, you should write up a simple contract that outlines all of the work you plan to do for the project. It’s the only way to ensure you get properly compensated and the client gets exactly what they want.

Rates Based on Experience

It should go without saying that experience is a major factor in how much photographers can reasonably charge for their services. But if you’re looking for some specific examples, here is a brief photography pricing guide for different experience levels.

Beginners: Amateur photographers typically offer their services for between $25-$75 per hour. That’s for taking photos that appear on blogs, small websites, or in local advertisements. However, these photographers usually lack basic photography knowledge. So if you understand at least the fundamentals and standard practices of photography, you’re ahead of this group.

Students: There are a ton of photography students out there who are eager to start working. These photographers can usually ask for more money than hobbyists since they have some formal training. The typical hourly rate is between $50 and $100 an hour, depending on which school they attend, how far along they are in their studies, and whether they have any professional experience.

Entry-level photographers: Those who are just getting started in the world of professional photography after taking some formal education typically charge $50-$150 per hour or $25-$125 per image. Since their amount of professional experience is probably limited, the same factors that affect the rates of student photographers also apply here.

Professional photographers: Photographers who have some real experience under their belts can typically charge $75-$250 per hour. With the higher pay, clients expect these photographers to know all the ins and outs of the craft, including having great pre-production and post-production skills.

Top photographers: Those who climb their way to the top of the field to become high-end photographers can charge way more, from about $250-$500 per hour ranging up to as much as $10,000 per day.

Rates Based on Specialty

Choosing an area of photography to specialize in is one way to start earning higher rates. This is something that many new photographers shy away from. That’s because there’s a fear that if you limit yourself to a single area of expertise, you’ll miss out on opportunities that fall outside of that category.

But by developing expertise in a specific type of photography, specialized photographers have their work valued higher than general photographers. There are many different areas photographers can specialize in, here are just a few examples.

  • Documentary

Some specializations are valued higher than others. Typically, the more specialized the skills required for the job, the more you can earn doing it. For instance, experienced wedding photographers tend to make more than general portrait photographers. That makes sense as weddings are one-time events where the photographer often has one chance to capture important moments. So there is little room for error. Since not every photographer is up to the task, skilled wedding photographers are always in demand and can ask for higher rates.

Also, when you choose a specialization, consider how many projects you’ll be able to take on per year. This will help you determine how to price your photography. If you are a wedding photographer, work tends to come in seasonally, so you’ll have to make sure you’re earning enough to cover your costs and keep you going during the offseason.

How to Test Your Photography Pricing Model

Okay, so you have read through all of this advice and have decided on a photography pricing list; how do you know if it is correct? By now, you have probably realized that, after your costs have been factored in, photography pricing is fairly arbitrary, and it takes a bit of time to get the right price-market fit. The best way to determine if your photographer pricing list is right is by testing it in the market.

One way to test your pricing model is by putting up photography pricing list examples on your website and measuring the response from customers. For instance, if you offer photoshoots as one of your services, try placing a photoshoot pricing list on your photographer site. If you are struggling to make bookings, this could mean that your pricing model needs to be revised. Likewise, if your photoshoot costs end up being higher than what you make, you definitely need to rethink your rates.

Sometimes the model is fine, but you just haven’t accounted for additional client requests and changes further down the line. In this case, be clear about your photographer’s cost per hour rate so that your client is fully aware of the additional costs associated with the extra work. A well-developed contract can make this easy for both parties. You can also set fixed photographer fees for location work so that overheads don’t eat into your profit margin.

If you perform a number of different photography services, there also could be certain elements of your pricing list that are eating away at your profitability. For example, your event photography rates per hour could be too low, or portrait photography cost simply too high. Whatever it is, try to pinpoint the problem and act upon it before these costs mount up and hurt your business.

Get the Low-Down on your Competitors

Any established photographer would tell you to take stock of the other businesses in your local area. You should conduct some market research within your photography niche (ex. wedding, portrait, commercial) to see how you compare photography pricing models. This is what your clients will be doing, so make sure you know what they’ll see.

Depending on your photography business and location, your competitors could favor à la carte solutions, custom packages, or add-on options. What are your competitors charging? What are you offering? What does your pricing model look like in comparison? Just remember, photography cost is only one element of your model; you must also factor in distance, time, and your esteem value.

For some concrete examples of what pay rates other photographers are earning, check out this photography price list for beginners. It provides examples of how much photographers have been paid for various projects.

Don’t feel obligated to copy your competition’s photography pricing, though. While determining the average photoshoot prices of your competitors can help, don’t be too afraid to value your talent, experience, and charisma for what it is. If you feel what you offer is worth more than your competitors, by all means, set the bar high with a photoshoot price list to match. The importance of market research is for you to at least be aware of your local market.

In some cases, your competitors’ model will be “best practice” and indicate how it should be done. In other cases, you can develop a better way to be more disruptive in the marketplace. Regardless, photography pricing will vary depending on what kind of business model you are using as well as how many other players there are in the market. You need to be realistic and relevant to your local market. Do your research!

Freelance Photographer Tip: Determining your local market is vital to becoming a working photographer. If your photography pricing is too high, you will need to convince your clients of the value of your work enough to pay that price.

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Image retouching service

Price List for Photographer: How Much to Charge in 2023

By Tata Rossi 11 days ago, Professional photography

tour photographer rates

The US Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics prepares annual reports on how much representatives of different professions earn. Experts take data from tax returns. Over the past year, they found out that photographers in America make $41,280/year .

Of course, photoshoots prices can vary depending on the location. The most profitable cities to offer photography services are Los Angeles and NY. There you can raise your income to $65 000-67 000 a year . The average cost of a photo session ranges from 250 to 400 dollars .

How Much Does a US Photographer Make

Let`s consider examples of pricing depending on photo genre:

Portraits : the price is limited with $150-$300 for a single photo session. The biggest plus is that such photographers have more or less steady income especially because of commercial clients.

Events : such specialists are engaged in seasonal work. For one photo session they may ask about $1500-$3500. Here a photographer hourly rate directly depends on experience, the richness of portfolio and type of ceremony. For example, wedding photography prices can reach about $15,000.

Real estate : real estate photography salary starts at $150 and can go as high as $350 per shooting (video isn’t included). The exact cost is mainly affected by the shooting spot. A reputable architecture photographer can get about 1,500 dollars a day. The cost covers lighting, assistants, and image editing. The rates increase if a shooter has to travel from another region, rent a room in a hotel, or use additional equipment.

Photos for websites : such specialists collaborate with popular department stores. Their work is focused on photographing goods, such as jewelry, food, cars, equipment, furniture for magazines. Per-image pricing is about $25-$150.

In most cases, the main criterion that defines photography cost is the expertise of a photographer. The more experienced he/she is, the more money he/she will earn.

How Much Photographers Charge in 2023

How high your rates should be, definitely depends on your qualifications, experience and portfolio . The more qualified you are – the bigger value of the images you take and provide.

The cost of services : Free, or under $100

The range of people fond of photography is constantly growing. Most of them extend the boundaries of their hobby and try to find a place in the professional market. Sometimes, such enthusiasts are engaged in the related industry and gradually move to the shooting sphere. They know the basics of the occupation and can make standard color correction.

If you also belong to this group but feel irritated every time you have to edit images, you can easily delegate the task to FixThePhoto experts, who will adjust the settings and fix all defects without your interference. All corrections are performed very quickly and at a reasonable cost.

The cost of services : Up to $100/hour

Amateurs are generally more experienced than hobbyists. For example, they may develop their photo brand online and have already started developing their services and increasing the number of permanent clients. They are usually not good at using Photoshop , but can make basic adjustments.

The cost of services : Up to $120/hour

What are the photography rates of students? Considering that these people have a sort of photography education, they charge more for their services than representative of 2 previous groups. An hourly rate is $50-$120.

Such a variation can be explained by several factors – the school/college or other establishments they studied at, the stage of their training, whether they have already organized photo sessions or assisted seasoned colleagues. No less important aspect is the availability of a portfolio. Students with rich portfolios can earn as much as professionals.

The cost of services : Up to $180/hour

Such photographers are the ones on their way to becoming true masters in this sphere. Their skillset doesn’t allow them to charge just as much yet and their fee is usually $100 less. They deliver professionally edited photos.


The cost of services : Up to $270/hour

Professional, experienced photographers usually charge $75 - $250 per hour or per image. They rely solely on their photography work to make a living and typically have invested a lot in their equipment, and have more experience in both the pre-production and post-production stages of photography.

Top Professional

The cost of services : ~ $600/hour

It is a shooter who has made a name for him/herself in photography, someone who’s managed to build and sustain their photography brand and is the most demanded artist in his/her area now. They are referred to as the elite of the photography community, so a $10,000 fee for a day of shooting is a common thing for them.

Top professionals are mainly engaged in fashion and sports genres, film, entertainment, and documentary for TV. They also create visuals for billboards and magazines.

What Helps to Build a Pricing Model

Estimate the basic algorithm of evaluating your services:

Before creating a final price list for photographer, make sure you have documented everything:

Equipment – here you should include wear, tear, and repair costs. An average price is $5000 (including camera, lens, tripod, external flash, memory card.)

Studio Rent – even if you are working at home, take into consideration rental cost, so that if needed your payment will cover it. An average price starts at 100 dollars/hour and can reach 500 bucks/hour.

Your Service – in case you have/need and an accountant or assistant. An average price ranges from 10 to 20 dollars per hour.

Marketing – these are expenses for advertising, creating a portfolio, etc. On average, the price varies from $300 to $3,000 per photographer (including branding, design, and promotion on social networks).

This is a rich collection of free marketing templates, flyers, visiting cards, FB covers, and more. So, if you are experiencing a hard time, trying to compile a price list for photographer, these materials can make the process so much easier. In fact, the whole process boils down to several clicks. Look through all the templates, as you are likely to find a suitable form for most scenarios.

Pro Tip: Choose one pricing model. You can deal with packages based on number of photos or spent time, a la carte and so on. The best you can do is to test varied models before choosing. The easiest way of defining photography prices for beginners is to work with packages. That gives customers clear idea for what to pay. However, they may demand a custom package.

Perfect Photography Pricing Formula

How much do photographers charge? In general, much depends on your specialty, knowledge and experience, as well as other factors that affect the quality of your work. However, keep in mind that your price list must fully coincide with all the listed aspects and even represent your brand. If you develop your skills on a regular basis, you will become more knowledgeable and skilled over time, and you need to adapt your rates in accordance with your progress.

Make Sure to Cover Your Expenses

A photography sphere involves lots of expenses and you need to understand them all not to work at a loss. To establish a reasonable photography hourly rate, try to figure out your cost of doing business (CODB). Answer the questions provided below to make things clear.

  • What are my income goals this year?
  • How much do are usually spend on personal needs?
  • How much do I pay for auto, health, and life insurance?
  • What is a sufficient financial cushion for retirement?
  • How much do I invest in business every year?
  • What is my business marketing fee?
  • What is my approximate working schedule for the next year?

Biggest for the Start

Have a strategy that the highest price should come in the beginning. And don`t be afraid that it may scare your customers. Just on the contrary! In comparison with the highest rate, other prices will seem even lower.

Let`s consider the following example. You want a haircut and choose a stylist. You expect $40, but you see $120. But after minutes of comparing, you realize that $120 is the price for luxury service. Below you see a haircut for 460. And this rate does not seem to be high anymore because of that $120.

Add More Photos to Your Website

People trust and buy only those that they can see. So do not print large photography pricing spreadsheets. Better stay concentrated on photos. Every price must be supported with a photo. So, don`t have a pricing list, even with low/average photography rates, that looks as if immediately after printer. Make your website more official and visually appealing.

Avoid Weird Numbers

Compare these two variants of photography rates per photoshoot. $1499 or $1499.00?

According to statistics, prices without extra zeros seem smaller to potential customers. Even despite the undeniable fact that the price is equal, our brain thinks that the one which is shorter is lower.

Clients tend to think that prices with 99, in the end, seem to be lower. Our brain tries to cut down everything. So, when we see $299, we subconsciously round it to $200, rather than to $300. What would you probably choose?

This pricing effect is especially influential in photography price lists for beginners, where the focal point is attracting as many clients as possible.

Follow Pricing Factors of Copyrights and Usage

While establishing a photography cost, you need to clearly understand what stands behind the numbers and what services your clients will get for the money. Being a wedding photographer , you may set higher prices if your clients want full copyright, which means you can’t include their images in your portfolio. The rates can get lower if you use photos to advertise your services and give out a print for single-time use.

The pricing for photos also varies depending on how they will be used down the road. For instance, a photo meant for advertising in a small local magazine is cheaper than the one published in a national-scale advertisement.

Stand out from the Competitors

Provide products that will set you apart from other photographers. For instance, why not offer custom frames or party albums, prints? We do not promise that most customers will choose it, but such trifles add a sense of deep creativity. And that raises your fair pricing.

Price Your Photography Prints as Well

The printing stage is as important as shooting and post-production. The thing is that some clients really feel the power of images when they are printed out rather than saved in a digital format. Moreover, having printed copies of your shots, you can stand out from the competition. So, make sure to give your pictures a new life in printed form.

This way materials may affect your photography print pricing list. The algorithm is simple. The price of prints is determined by the material on which you print. Here you may pay attention to unusual printing materials, such as metal. You can solve it 3x amount in comparison with paper.

Lure Clients with Generous Discounts

In general, there are 3 types of discounts that are bound to interest clients and raise your income.

Introductory Discount . This kind of discount stays active for a limited period and provides a too good offer to miss it. They intrigue people fast. Although they do not offer quick profit, they guarantee long-lasting relationships. A great decision is to offer not more than 20% for the coming season.

Special Offer Discount . The main goal is to collaborate with customers that have already revealed interest, but are not ready to pay the full price. What you should offer: a particular day of photo sessions with lowered prices.

Discount Value-Added . It works for those clients who are fond of your work, but high prices fear them. You just add a bonus option/product to a regularly priced service. In case of collaborating with couples that plan to get married, offer them a mini-photo session of engagement. Just invite them for having a beer and short photo session. That will guarantee that your photography contract will be signed.

Mistakes in Stating Photography Packages Prices

Making a price list for photographer is a real brain-teaser, especially for those just starting out their career path. There are lots of nuances to keep in mind, and you can’t find a one-size-fits-all variant no matter how hard you try. You may have experimented with different approaches to establishing reasonable shooting rates with some of them being successful, while others turned out to be a disaster.

Don’t get despaired as making mistakes is an inevitable part of becoming an expert. Anyway, I have described 5 common mistakes related to photography prices, so you can cope with the task more efficiently.

Mistake №1. Work is Undervalued

This problem is associated with beginners, as their photography price list examples contain too cheap rates. Of course, a small price tag interests lots of clients, but the money you get will hardly justify the amount of time you spend shooting and editing images, so your work will become an unbearable routine over time. Beginners often feel scared that by raising the price, they may scare off clients.

What to do : Establish a reasonable photography cost from the very beginning. This means asking as much money for your services as you need to stay motivated for further development.

Mistake №2. No Established Method to Control All Expenses

Novice photographers often set photography rates based on their intuition. This is a real problem as such rates don’t cover time and money spend on photo editing, new equipment, training courses, and portfolio development. Thus, they spend less than earn. It's a vicious circle that will ruin your career of a photographer.

If you don’t treat photography as a hobby, but want to make money by taking images, you need to develop a system of balancing your income and expenses. Otherwise, you will soon feel burnout or even depressed.

What to do : keep price financial records. Every time you pay for training or buy a new lens, think ahead about how to reimburse it. Thus, you can calculate or adjust the cost of your services.

Mistake №3. Vague Description of Service Packages

When photographers describe their services, they may use such words as “from 30 to 50 images”, which creates certain confusion for clients, who are sure to expect 50 photos instead of 30 and will feel dissatisfied getting fewer. Don’t go this way. To play it safe, you need to clearly define how many hours you’ll spend taking photos and how many pictures your clients will get in the end.

Another sample of an ambiguous description is “you’ll get all successful photos”. What doesn’t this actually mean? Who differentiates successful and unsuccessful images?

What to do : be as precise as possible while establishing photoshoots prices and determining what your client will get after a photo session. It is better to promise fewer photos and if there are more cool images, give them as a bonus – clients will be glad to receive them.

Mistake №4. Lack of Additional Services

For some reason, not all photographers understand the power of additional services, so their packages include only standard offers. That’s a poor business approach, which results in lower income rates.

What to do : If you have returning clients, it makes sense to please them with additional services. In this case, they will be more inclined to choose you among a huge range of other photographers the next time they’ll need a photo session. Think about services that you can offer – more retouches images, photo albums, calendars, canvases, and whatnot. The cost of printed products should include possible losses due to printing defects, your own mistakes when creating a layout, delivery issues. For example, you can make a 200% markup. Thus, you don't have to cover expenses if you have to reprint something.

Mistake №5. Price Is Changed Too Often

That is the most serious mistake beginners make. It creates confusion, declines your brand status/trust. It brings the idea that you are not confident in your services. Surely, you may have a strategy to slightly raise rates. But do not stick to it just on random.

What to do : Before changing your photographer hourly rates, think over the right strategy and evaluate if new rates are fair. And do not change them more often than once per year. The only exception is when you do pretty much work that has been planned.

FREE Photography Price List Templates

Use these free templates by FixThePhoto to make a well-defined price list for photographer. They are suitable for the main photography types being designed in a laconic and eye-pleasing style.

Family Photography Pricing Templates

The structure of this template is standard. The name of your studio will be placed on the top to immediately grab attention and the packages with their description – below. Simple and informative sheet, this price list will appeal to everybody.

Thank you for download!

Check your email to download freebies. (approx. 1-2 min)

The layout of this price list is modern and bold. Everything you need to promote your photography business in an impactful way.

Lifestyle Photography Pricing Templates

Straightforward and attractive, this template allows you to list your services and photography rates in the most eye-catching way with beautiful examples.

Even if price lists are aimed at business purposes, that doesn’t mean that they have to be dull and grey! This one has a more elaborate design and uses several fonts, which produces a pleasing result.

Newborn Photography Packages Templates

This creative pricing list is a perfect variant if you want to convey your unique approach to your photography business and clients.

The minimalistic design and beautifully aligned photos on this price list for photographer will help you stand out from the competition. Simple, yet beautiful!

Portrait Photography Pricelist Templates

Comprehensive structure, complemented by an eye-pleasing color scheme results in a gorgeous portrait price list template.

This template relies on modern design and is specially crafted to meet the needs of portrait photographers.

Real Estate Photography Packages Templates

Spread the information about your real estate photography services with this template, which has a perfect balance of visuals and text information.

Your clients will be amazed by your level of professionalism when they see this vibrant price list with a well-organized layout.

Event Photography Pricing Templates

Elegant and delicate design with carefully organized information results in an interesting bridal photography price list. Your clients are going to love this one!

The layout of this pricing list will instantly catch the eye of potential clients. A mix of modern and classic design is a great way to appeal to clients!

  • • How much do freelance photographers earn?

On average, freelance photographers residing in the United States get $42,235. However, the sum may vary from $37,069 to $48,879.

  • • How much should I charge for my services?

While defining your photoshoots prices, you need to consider several factors. First of all, learn how much photographers in your area typically charge for a 1-hour session. Besides, pay attention to your experience level, cost of gear and traveling expenses, photo post-production fees, as well as the cost of your time and labor.

  • • How many photos should I send my clients after a 1-hour shoot?

The number ranges from 40 to 60 RAW shots, depending on your experience and agreement with clients. However, not all of these shots will be added to this final album. You should talk to your clients to grasp how many shots they are expecting to receive and what their budget is before deciding the photography rates and the length of a particular shoot.

  • • Can I calculate my photography cost online?

Definitely. Use an online CODB calculator for the task. Of course, it will not cover all the aspects, but it helps determine the average cost. We recommend using such services as Sprout Studio, Nick and Signe Adams Calculator, NPPA, Modern Market, and LSP Calculator.

  • • What to include in a photography pricing guide?

If you want to make a photography pricing guide for your website, you should indicate your base prices. This refers to hourly rates for photo sessions or a flat rate for a certain number of photos. Make sure to indicate editing and processing charges, distance charges for shooting in other locations, taxes and any other relevant details that may affect your rates. You can also have package deals for events like weddings, newborn photoshoots, graduation photos, etc.

  • Average US photography salary
  • How to build a pricing model
  • Common mistakes
  • Bonus tools

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  • Video Editing Services
  • Virtual Staging Services
  • Outsource Photo Editing
  • Retouching Tips
  • Photo Editing Freebies
  • Free Raw Images for Retouching
  • Free Photoshop Actions
  • Free Lightroom Presets
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A Guide to Event Photography Pricing (2023)

Event photography prices can vary significantly. The cost may vary depending on the event type, complexity of the project, experience, and other factors.

But how do you know if the photography rates are reasonable?

In this blog post, we’ll cover the approximate prices for various kinds of events and everything else you need to know about event photography pricing.

Table of Contents

Event Photography Rates and Packages

How to choose an event photographer, frequently asked questions.

Event photography rates range from $100 to $600 per hour with a 2-hour minimum.

Event photography pricing can vary widely depending on the scope of the project and the geographic location. Also, additional features like prints or digital images may cost more per hour.

Professional photographers generally charge an hourly rate for events, but some may offer flat-rate packages that cover multiple days or longer coverage times.

In addition to the photographer’s base fee, there may be other costs such as props, travel or hotel expenses.

Plus, it is important to remember that the event photography market is ever-changing, so be sure to research current trends and adjust your pricing accordingly.

Price List by Type of Event

Each type of event tends to have different pricing. Review the following photography price list examples to get an idea of typical price ranges:

When it comes to setting a rate for event photography, the type of event being photographed is an important factor to take into consideration. Depending on the complexity of the shoot and the length of time required, different types of events can demand different prices for coverage:

  • Corporate events : Corporate events are usually less complex than other kinds of events (such as weddings) and generally require fewer hours of shooting time. As such, pricing for corporate event photography typically ranges from $200 – $600 per hour depending on location, equipment needed, and additional services requested by the client.
  • Public events. Public events can include everything from fundraisers and exhibitions to concerts, festivals or conferences. The prices can range from $100 to $500 per hour .
  • Weddings : Weddings are among the most complex types of events to photograph, as they typically require a greater number of hours and more specialized equipment. According to Fash , pricing for weddings can range from $175 – $500 per hour depending on the complexity of the shoot, the amount of equipment needed, and other factors.
  • Private events : Private events such as birthday parties or family reunions usually take less time than corporate or wedding shoots but may still require extra equipment or services (such as prints). Private event photography prices range from $100 – $400 per hour depending on location and additional services requested.

With careful consideration of market trends and an understanding of the type of event being photographed, you can make sure that your services are appropriately priced for maximum profitability.

Beginner vs Professional Event Photographer Pricing

Amateur photographers will typically charge lower fees than senior and professional photographers, so it’s essential to consider your skills and experience before setting a pricing plan for your services.

Generally, event photography pricing can be divided into three main categories:

  • Amateur (Low-end). For amateur photographers, basic one-hour packages start at around $50-$75 per hour depending on your location and requirements.
  • Senior (Average). Senior photographers are more experienced and their rates often reflect that; however, they still provide quality photos at an affordable price point. Senior photographer prices typically start from around $100-$175 per hour depending on the size of the event and the complexity of your requirements.
  • Professional (High-end). Professional photographers charge a premium for their services, usually starting at around $200-$300 per hour . Professional packages are best suited to larger events where you require more complex photography solutions. Even more expensive photographers than professionals are luxury photographers whose prices don’t have a limit.

The prices mentioned above serve as rough guidelines only and may vary from photographer to photographer.

Photography Pricing For Small Events

Small event photography prices are $300 to $500 . When talking hourly rates, they can range from $150 to $250 per hour . If the event lasts longer than expected, a photographer might charge an additional $100 per hour.

This option should be considered for short events such as birthday parties, family gatherings or bachelor parties.

Here are a few tips to help you choose an event photographer:

Decide Your Budget

Knowing how much you are willing to spend on a photographer will help narrow down your options.

Some of the photographers don’t share their prices publicly, so you will have to message them and ask how much their services cost. Usually, they will have different pricing bundles, so you’ll have to choose which is suitable for you.

Check the Portfolio

Looking at the photographer’s portfolio before booking the date is the most important thing to do.

You should see if their style and quality of work match your expectations.

Read Reviews About Your Potential Photographer

Look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients to get an idea of their experience working with the photographer.

If there are any negative reviews, you can even discuss them with the photographer. Ask him or her to tell more about what problems caused the negative review and how he/she solved them.

Consider Their Experience  

A photographer who has experience in shooting events similar to yours may be better equipped to handle your requirements. Additionally, knowing if the photographer is experienced will ensure that you are paying the right price.

On the contrary, if you are paying a low price, you should keep in mind that the photographer might be learning, but that doesn‘t always mean their photos are bad. It‘s the final product that matters the most.

Can you get a discount from your event photographer?

Some professional photographers may offer discounts for large events, or if the booking is in advance such as weddings or corporate events. Additionally, photographers may offer discounts if you book with them multiple times or if you refer others to their service.

Moreover, some event photographers offer packages that include discounts for additional services such as printing and albums.

However, discounts always depend on the photographer, so it’s always best to ask the photographer what kind of discounts they may be able to offer you.

Do event photographers require a deposit?

Most professional event photographers require a deposit in order to confirm the booking.

This is primarily used to secure their time and ensure that they’re not double booked for the day of your event. This is also sometimes referred to as a booking fee or retainer fee and is usually non-refundable in case of cancellation by either party.  

The amount required can vary depending on the length and complexity of the time or event involved and other details. So, it’s a common practice to discuss everything with the photographer beforehand in order to determine what their payment policy is but it typically ranges from 25-50% of the total cost.

How many photos should an event photographer take?

On average, for an hour-long event, a photographer should provide about 50-70 photos.

About 1 image per 1 minute of the event should meet the expectations of both the client and the photographer. For example, if the event is 1 hour long, a photographer might provide about 60 images, and if the event is 8 hours long, it should be reasonable to provide about 480 images in total.

However, both sides should always set clear expectations.

Read more pricing guides:

Product photography pricing guide

Drone photography and videography pricing guide

Graphic designer pricing guide

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How Much Does a Photographer Earn in 2023? Photography Salary Report

Can you earn good money as a photographer in 2023? This report reveals the average photography salary so you can decide whether it's a good choice for you.

Learn | Photography Guides | By Ana Mireles

Making money with your photography may sound appealing, but what’s the average photographer salary in 2023?

If you’re looking to become a professional photographer , it’s important to know how much you could earn shooting full time.

Whether you’re photographing weddings, sports or fashion, the salary can vary a lot.

A successful full-time photographer can make 6 figures a year, but the average base salary is usually much lower than this.

This guide breaks down the average photographer salary across various popular genres and answers some frequently asked questions about photography as a career.

So, if you want to see what other photographers earn around the world right now, keep on reading.

  • Related: What are the highest paying photography jobs?

Table of Contents

How Much Does a Photographer Make in 2023?

Average photographer salaries in the united states.

According to , the average photographer salary is between US$15.22 and US$38.78 per hour. Photographers that are just starting in their career can charge an average of US$13.46 and slightly grow this over the first five years. After that, the average wage increases up to US$18.34 with 6-9 years of experience and reaches the highest point after ten years with US$20.84 per hour.

Carrying on with the numbers presented on – while the national average is US$15.22 per hour – this has a considerable variation from one state to another and sometimes even between cities.

The highest salaries are in New Your (NY), Chicago (IL), and Los Angeles (CA) with US$22.98, US$22.33, and US$21,27, respectively. This dramatically changes if you see the salary estimates in cities like Las Vegas (NV) with US$13.73 per hour, Atlanta (GA) with US$12.47 per hour, or Orlando (FL) with US$11.24 per hour.

On further research, according to Forbes , the highest paying salaries for photographers are in the District of Columbia, reaching an average of US$82,840. The lowest income is registered in North Carolina with US$33,630.

Another factor that Forbes analysis puts into play is the increase or decrease over time. For example, the numbers are growing in Montana while reducing in Arizona. Please note that this trend references the salaries of 2019.

Type of photography

Another essential factor to consider is the type of photography . On, both a newborn photographer and a product photographer make US$44,193 per year.

According to , a wedding photographer salary ranges from US$10,163 to US$202,650, with an average of US$40.169. A fashion photographer on the other hand has an average of US$48,827 yearly.

  • How much do you tip for pictures and videos?

Average Photographer Salaries in Canada

According to , the average photographer in Canada earns CAD$89,100 per year. It also states that the main factor determining salary is their experience – while other factors are skills, location, and gender.

Carrying on with the number presented on, during the first two years of their careers, photographers earn CAD$48,300. From 2 to 5 years of experience, the increase is 38% reaching CAD$66,600. Next, from 5 to 10 years, it increases 42% to reach CAD$$94,800.

From 10 to 15 years the salary is CAD$116,000 with an increment of 22%.

Later, from 15 to 20 years of experience, the jump diminishes, increasing 6% to reach a salary of CAD$122,000 and finally, with over 20 years of experience, the pay is CAD$133,000.

The median salary for photographers in Canada changes based on their location. reports a national median wage of CAD$39,000 per year. For example, in Ontario, the yearly salary is CAD$42,675, while in Nova Scotia it is CAD$36,400.

A wildlife photographer earns CAD$36,375, according to

A wedding photographer makes CAD$46,800, according to

A product photographer makes CAD$42,298, according to

A scientific photographer earns CAD$56,846, according to

Average Photographer Salaries in Australia registers a median salary for photographers in AU$80.438 yearly or AU$41.25 per hour. However, reports AU$55,239 yearly income or AU$29.68 per hour.

Keep in mind that these statistics are based on what people have commented publicly in the past. The reality is that many photographers may not be so open about their actual wages, so it’s common to find these discrepancies.

From the numbers at, we can see that an entry-level photographer earns AU$60.000 while the most experienced photographers reach AU$94.21 per hour.

You can find more detailed data on – although, as mentioned earlier, it reports a much lower overall income. According to their research, in the first year of their career, photographers make AU$25.44.

Then, between 1 and 4 years experience, the hourly rate is AU$29.20, from 5 to 9 years, it reaches AU$30.67, and it reaches the maximum level after 20 years experience with AU$32.50.

As always, location plays a big part in the average salary of a photographer. For example, the hourly income in Brisbane QLD is AU$43.45 while Alexandria NSW is AU$26.48, according to

Other cities referenced in the analysis are Sydney NSW-AU$40.97, Melbourne VIC – AU$39.68, and Gold Coast QLD – AU$32.80.

According to the numbers reported by, a wedding photographer’s makes the highest salary at AU$62,500 per year – closely followed by a commercial photographer who earns AU$$58,000 respectively.

Far from those big numbers, you’ll find a fashion photographer earning AU$37,800 and an equine photographer with an AU$31,750 salary.

Average Photographer Salaries in the UK

An average photographer salary in the UK is £36,038 yearly or £17.33 per hour, according to While reports an average base salary of £24,909 yearly registers an entry-level salary of £20.000, a median salary of £24.684 and the highest salary of £35.000.

Some more detailed stats from show that photographers just starting their career with less than two years of experience can earn £23,600.

Between 2 and 5 years experience means a median pay of  £30,400. From 5 to 10 years they can charge £41,900 while after 10 years it goes up to £51,900 up until the highest compensation with more than 20 years of experience reaching £59,300. reports that a photographer salary in London is £46,553 yearly or £22.38 per hour, which is 29% higher than the national average.

Instead, on, we find that the highest paying city for photographers in the UK is Peterborough, with a yearly salary of £28,064. On the other hand, for Nottingham photographers, the salary is £13,250.

Other cities at the top of the list are London with £25,498, Leicester £23,625, Glasgow £21,755, and Southampton £20,033. reports a wedding photographer salary at £24.000 while reports £29,750 for a fine art photographer.

A newborn photographer earns £44,193, according to

A wedding photographer salary is £24,000, according to

A commercial photographer makes £46,556, according to

Photographer Earnings FAQs

Do photographers make good money?

A photographer with talent and dedication can make good money, yes. Of course, there are many factors at play beyond the usual location, experience, etc. Also, you need to consider how diversified is your income. Most photographers earn from photoshoots, print sales, workshops, and other passive income.

What is the highest salary for a photographer?

In photography, the sky is the limit. For example, Annie Leibowitz has reported a $3 million yearly salary just from her work at Vanity Fair – then she has other high paying clients. In fine art, the photographer Peter Lik sold one of his works for $6.5 million. Of course, these types of salaries don’t come around so often – the highest salary reported in the US by is in DCK Images for $135,000 yearly.

Is photography a good career?

Yes, it’s a promising career that gives you a flexible schedule and the possibility to earn a good living. Although, it’s not as easy to get established. You need photographic skills, marketing skills, continuous updates of equipment and trends, amongst other things.

Do you need a degree to be a photographer?

In most countries (if not all), you don’t need a degree to work as a photographer. In the job market, you can have an edge depending on your education, but your portfolio is most likely to make the sales more than it is your degree.

How many years does it take to be a photographer?

Depending on the country, the school, and the degree level, the duration is very different. Most professional courses last two years, but it can be a master or post-bachelor degree of one year. Many photographers are self-taught, in which case the time is much more variable.

How much should I charge as a photographer?

Final Words

This article noted three of the most common variables that affect a photographer salary – experience, location, and speciality.

However, it also depends on whether you find a full-time position or work freelance as a photographer – if you diversify your income by offering workshops or selling images on stock photography websites , etc.

If you’re unsure whether photography is a good career path for you or want to know how much you can expect to get paid, do some market research in your area.

You can ask in dedicated Facebook groups, search for potential clients to get some information on their budget, and so on.

Beyond the expected income as a photographer, you must consider your expenses to understand how much you’ll actually earn.

This includes investing in equipment, renting a studio (if you need one), marketing, accountant, taxes, continuous education to update your skills, building a website, printing a portfolio, and any other thing you might need.

I hope this information was helpful. If you have any questions or want to share some insights about photography as a profession – please do so in the comments.

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A black and white photo of a person holding a camera.

Ana Mireles is a Mexican researcher that specializes in photography and communications for the arts and culture sector.

Thanks for reading my article, let me know if you have any questions.

Is this based on turnover or take-home/profit? You could be turning over £100,000 a year, but if your expenses are £90,000 you aren’t make anywhere near as much money as the photographer next door who turn’s over £35,000 but only has £10,000 a year in overheads.

It’s hard to comment on all the figures above, but I’d assume it’s based on revenue before expenses.

Excellent article & a good read. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

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Virtual Tour Photographer

6 Tips To Hire the Perfect Virtual Tour Photographer – Mass Interact

  • by Editorial Team
  • June 19, 2021
  • 4 minute read

Though virtual tour photography is a relatively new concept in the world of digital marketing, compared to images, videos or illustrations, it is catching on fast. 360 virtual tours of any business with a physical presence, be it a bar, café, golf course, hotel, school or college, can offer potential customers a unique, engaging and immersive experience. These tours can drive decision-making, keep you ahead of competitors, and even boost your ranking on Google’s search results page . Google, in fact, loves virtual tours, or it wouldn’t offer its Google Street View feature to help businesses create tours quickly and easily.

Now, since many businesses are jumping on the virtual tour bandwagon these days, you must do your best to survive and thrive. And for that, an amateur photographer who has just started dabbling with virtual tours, won’t do the trick. So, how to a hire a virtual tour photographer who is a professional and knows exactly what they are doing? Here are some tips.

Check whether they understand your objective

Every business has a different objective or goal when they create a virtual tour. You might want to bring in more traffic to your website, boost the engagement rate on your site and reduce the bounce rate, get more conversions or want more people to sign up for your newsletter. So, when you hire a virtual tour photographer, make sure they know your goal and can put together a tour that helps you reach it.  

Read – Photography In 2021 – What to Expect

Check if they have enough experience

The virtual tour photographer you pick should ideally have been in business for quite some time. While a newbie might have the technical knowhow and creativity needed for a good job, they will probably lack sufficient industry experience. So, based on your business and need, you need to take a call. Remember that someone who knows exactly what works for your industry or what kind of tour will beat your competitors, can give you better results. Also, request for a portfolio of projects they have done before and decide if you like what you see.

Check if their technical skills are adequate

Creating a smashing virtual tour requires the photographer to be technically sound. They should have thorough knowledge about camera settings, composition, exposure and lenses. Expert Google virtual tour photographers know when to use what, and can easily decide on aspects like vantage point, staging of the location, time of day for the shoot, duration of the shoot, and delivery timeline of the final tour. They will know how to process and weave a compelling story with the images they shoot, so that your business looks super attractive and credible. They should also have ample knowledge about different kinds of software and editing tools to give you the best 360-degree tour possible.

Check their photography equipment

You will come across many photographers who claim to shoot amazing images and create realistic tours with basic 360 cameras. But it’s best not to compromise on the kind or quality of equipment, as it might affect the look and finish of your tour. Professional and experienced virtual tour photographers will always use a DSLR camera and one that at least has 16 megapixels. It will come with wide angle lenses, both off and on flashes and superior resolution. So, check the kind of equipment the photographer will use before you say yes to them.

Read – Hands-On Guide to Getting Started with 360° Photography

Check the reviews

Go online to check both positive and negative reviews shared by past customers of the photographer you are planning to go with. If the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones, try someone else. From the reviews, try to get an idea about how professional they are, whether they are efficient and punctual, whether they communicate well, have decent work ethics, and are smart enough to give you what you want. Don’t just go by the testimonials on the photographer’s website as they will be all-positive for obvious reasons.

Check their rates

Try to find a virtual tour photographer who will be worth the money you spend. Compare the rates they quote with other photographers in the market for the same kind of service, before you take a call. Avoid those who quote unbelievably low rates as it usually indicates shoddy quality. But of course, it doesn’t make sense to go with someone who charges the earth for a simple virtual tour. So, talk to a few photographers, discuss your ideas, assess the complexity of the tour, and then take a decision.

Now that you know about the best way to hire a virtual tour photographer, get started and give your business the marketing boost it deserves. Or if you want to play safe and go with a brand that is innovative, established and trusted, simply shoot an email to [email protected] .

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' src=

Editorial Team

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6 Things that Make a College Virtual Tour Smashing

5 reasons why 360 virtual tours are a must for campus marketing - mass interact, you may also like.

Universities Invest Quality Virtual Tour

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Why Universities Should Invest in High-Quality Virtual Tour Production Services

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Virtual Tours vs. Video Tours

Virtual Tours vs. Video Tours: Exploring the Future of College Campus Exploration

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University Virtual Tours Attract International Students

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Hotels Virtual Tour to boost business

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Avoid These 6 Mistakes While Creating a Virtual Tour

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Greg Davis Photography

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I make your beloved moments my business! To see more photos, go to my website: I'm honored to be considered for your important days & I take the responsibility very seriously! I've been shooting since...

Picture This Green Screen & Event Photography

We are a multi-faceted event photography company. We specialize in high quality green screen photos with an in-person photographer and UNLIMITED photos. Your guests will have someone to interact with, help pose them, wit...

Elizabeth Couch Photography

My name is Elizabeth Couch and I am a Wedding Photographer based in Fort Worth, TX. Looking for a true-to-color, joyful and relaxed approach to photography? Look no further! I capture bold, beautiful, romantic and timel...

Art Ortiz Photography

Looking for a talented photographer to capture your special moments? Look no further than Art Ortiz Photography based in Fort Worth, TX. Art is not your average photographer - he's a storytelling enthusiast with a keen e...

Biyani Photo & Cinema

Come visit our studio at 916 Springdale Rd, B1-208, Austin, TX 78702 or send us a message to connect!

Stelly Photo Video

124 verified bookings

Award Winning Photography, Cinematography, Tower 4K Mirror Photo Booth, 360 Video Booth for ALL EVENTS . Stelly Photo Video has been selected Best Of The Bash Award Winner 2016 to 2022, an award representing the highest-...

Seamless Motion Production

2 verified bookings

We are a dynamic creative team who has each grown up in front of the camera as well as behind it! Romeo, the owner, grew up in Mexico with missionary parents who were heavily involved in Media and Production of praise a...

VIP 360 Photo Booth

4 verified bookings

Welcome to VIP 360 photo booth, where we take your event to the next level. We use 360 video photography that can be shared on all social media platforms as well as immediately downloaded to your phone or device. This se...

Odontus Creations Aerial Photography

The "view from above" always seems to capture more than one might think. We at Odontus Creations Photography know how stressful it can be in planning a wedding. With so many tasks at hand, wouldn’t it be nice to have r...

Are you planning a wedding in Irving, TX ? Planning a kids' party in Irving, TX ? We can help you find the best vendors and entertainers for your upcoming event .

Plan, book, celebrate—with confidence

Find Photographers in Irving, TX to bring your event to life.

Trusted Vendors

With verified reviews and thousands of ratings, it's easy to book the perfect Photographers for all types of events in Irving, TX—no matter how big or small.

Free Booking Platform

It's free to book and make secure online payments through The Bash. Once the booking for your selected Photographer is confirmed, it's covered by our Booking Guarantee.

Top-Rated Service

Our US based team of Account Specialists are here to help every step of the way. Since 1997, we've connected planners with vendors for over half a million events.

You're viewing Irving, TX Photographers

Say cheese! Hiring a Photographer is a must for any special occasion: weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate functions, and more. At The Bash, booking a professional Photographer is easy! Start your search to find one in the Irving, TX area today.

Please note these Photographers will also travel to DFW Airport, Coppell, Euless, Carrollton, Dallas, Grand Prairie, North Branch, Bedford, Grapevine, Addison, Colleyville, Hurst, Southlake, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Pantego, Arlington, Duncanville, North Richland Hills, Roanoke, Richardson, Keller, Westlake, The Colony, Haltom City, Watauga, Lake Dallas, Plano, Cedar Hill, Garland

Explore Photographer in Nearby Cities


tour photographer rates

  Connecting musicians & music photographers  

From our own experience we have realized that it is very difficult for musicians to find photographers. Which in reverse means that photographers are only rarely found. SHOWGRAPHERS is here to change that! It's purpose is to showcase music photographers from around the globe & give musicians a tool to browse through these profiles when they're in need of a photographer.

tour photographer rates


Music photographers can already create their profile!

Image by Rob Laughter


Even though this platform is completely free, it doesn’t mean that the photographers work for free. We’re addressing both aspiring and professional photographers, so there will be a great variety. Get in touch with them on their socials or via email to negotiate the fee. 

tour photographer rates

Search for the verified music photographers!




So you're traveling the world and have some time on your hand or even a day off? Arrange a photo shooting with a local photographer! They know the best spots in the city and you can bring home some new memories or your next album cover image.

24/7 Diva Heaven by Chux On Tour Photography


If you're playing a show, hire a photographer and take some of the magic home. Post the pictures on your socials and show everyone who couldn't come, what they've been missing out on. Potential bookers will love to see where you already played and to get an impression of your live atmosphere.

2020-02-01_SaintAgnes_HuxleysBerlin _SA7

Saint Agnes by Chux On Tour Photography


Our directory includes hundreds of music photographers and videographers from around the globe. Browse through the verified profiles or search for photographers from specific countries or cities and find your perfect match!


Keir by C hux On Tour Photography




Music photographers, we know you all have your favorite artists to work with. But sometimes they're all abroad and we could use some new challenges, right? Searching for new jobs can be quite time consuming, so why not get found for once?

Black Mirrors by C hux On Tour Photography


It doesn't matter where you're based or what your favorite genre is, as long as you take music photography serious, you are welcome to sign up ! But please understand that we have to manually verify your profile before showing it in the search.


teepee by Chux On Tour Photography

Check out our blog where we interview photographers, bands and people who work at music blogs, festivals or who run a community / network. And you can even participate yourself cause once a month we pick a topic everyone can write their own story about.

GALLERY | Lauren Mayberry by Chux On Tour Photography

GALLERY | Lauren Mayberry by Chux On Tour Photography





"The idea sparked 2 years ago when I worked with a lovely up and coming band that went on tour and wanted to invite photographers to their gigs. But guess what? Finding photographers in several cities wasn‘t as easy as it should have been!"

Charlotte, Founder 

"This is so needed! From personal experience I’m aware that it can be particularly difficult for photographers to connect with musicians and get their work noticed. Showgraphers is set to be a valuable platform that will help to carry aspiring music photographers forward into professional careers."

Livy Dukes , Photographer

"I love to discover new music and to support smaller bands and if I don't have to search for opportunities myself, but get found instead, that's even better!"

Chux On Tour Photography

We need help  to grow for you.

No matter if you're a musician, music photographer or live music lover, we'd love you forever if you follow us on Instagram & Facebook . Tell your friends, share our content or send us feedback. We'd love to hear from you!


tour photographer rates

tour photographer rates

Photography Tours & Travel Packages 2023-2024

1,164 photography trips. compare tour itineraries from 289 tour companies. 853 reviews. 4.9/5 avg rating., popular photography tours.

Spotlight on Morocco

Spotlight on Morocco

  • Discover Rabat, the political capital of Morocco
  • Dig into Fez, the spiritual capital of the country
  • Visit the ruined Berber-Roman City of Volubilis
  • Explore the historical part of Marrakech

Greece Panorama Adventure

Greece Panorama Adventure

  • Cook and have lunch with a local family in the Peloponnese
  • Visit the most important archeological sites of Greece
  • Experience a speed-boat Private Tour at the sandy beaches of Crete
  • Hike the Caldera of Santorini
  • End your trip with a cruise witnessing the most famous sunset of Greece

Pyramids, Temples and the Nile: the Ultimate Egypt Experience | March 10, 2022

Pyramids, Temples and the Nile: the Ultimate Egypt Experience | March 10, 2022

  • Gaze in awe at the Great Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza
  • Discover the overlooked architectural wonders of Cairo's historic centre
  • Explore the ancient Luxor Temple illuminated by candlelight
  • Enjoy a cocktail party on a traditional felucca at sunset
  • Cruise down the Nile on a luxury ship

The Euro Trip

The Euro Trip

  • Visiting the likes of Paris, Interlaken, Rome, Split, and Ljubljana
  • Overnight ferry
  • Enjoy exploring and discovering local life, without the added pressure of having to tick off those famous tourist sights.
  • Visit Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city is the hidden gem of Europe on this rail holiday, an interrail route favourite!
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site

Philippines (Bohol & Cebu): in 6 Days, 1st Class Custom Tours

Philippines (Bohol & Cebu): in 6 Days, 1st Class Custom Tours

  • Swimming with Whale Sharks
  • Swimming with Sea Turtles
  • Canyoneering & Cliff Jumping at Kawasan Falls
  • Climbing Waterfalls (a.k.a. Canyoning) at Aguinid Falls
  • Seeing Chocolate-Looking Hills

Wonders of South America

Wonders of South America

  • Beauties of Rio de Janeiro
  • Iguazu Falls and bird watching
  • Discover Buenos Aires & Gaucho Culture
  • Highlights of Patagonia including Perito Moreno Glacier and Torres del Paine
  • Santiago de Chile and Wines

Highlights of Egypt

Highlights of Egypt

  • Marvel at the mysterious pyramids complex at Giza
  • Take a relaxing Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor
  • Visit the magnificent Temple of Karnak and Luxor Temple

Island Hopping: Athens, Mykonos, Naxos, Santorini

Island Hopping: Athens, Mykonos, Naxos, Santorini

  • Marvel the impressive Acropolis and the New Acropolis museum
  • Discover the iconic Mykonos town
  • Taste and learn about the traditional products of Naxos
  • Learn all about the unique wines of Santorini
  • Visit Akrotiri prehistoric town of Santorini

All Photography , expedition cruises, self guided adventures and vacation packages. Find the best guided and expert planned vacation and holiday packages. Read more about Photography

tour photographer rates

Small Group Photography Tours

Small Group Photography Tours

Sightseeing and Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

  • Take in the breathtaking view as your plane descends upon Rio de Janeiro – the 'Marvelous City' where
  • rolling green hills, turquoise ocean,
  • sandy beaches and high-rise urban development is all packed together in a unique blend of life and humanity.

13-Day Tour to Northern Spain and Portugal

13-Day Tour to Northern Spain and Portugal

  • Panoramic sightseeing tour of Porto
  • Visit the World Pilgrimage Sanctuary of Fatima
  • Visit The Chapel of the Apparitions with the tombs of the three shepherds, Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta (Fatima)
  • Entrance to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
  • Duoro cruise and wine tasting in Porto

5 Days Serengeti Migration Safari

5 Days Serengeti Migration Safari

Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland’s Alps, and Italy’s Northern Heritage

Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland’s Alps, and Italy’s Northern Heritage

  • Explore age-old stories of canal-woven Amsterdam by boat, bicycle or on foot
  • Walk in the footsteps of Marie Antoinette when she retreated to the Palace of Versailles
  • Unravel the art, wines and magic of the extraordinary heritage of northern Italy and its seductive countryside
  • Discover the soaring Alps of Switzerland and its impressive collection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that form the postcard appeal of this cosmopolitan country

South Morocco Adventure: Marrakech to Essaouira - 15 Days

South Morocco Adventure: Marrakech to Essaouira - 15 Days

  • Explore Marrakech, the "Red City
  • Adventure through the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert
  • Explore its gardens and spice markets
  • Experience and food tourin Marrakech

6-Day Tour to Lisbon and Porto including Fatima from Madrid

6-Day Tour to Lisbon and Porto including Fatima from Madrid

  • Douro Cruise and wine tasting in Porto
  • Bilingual tour director throughout the journey (English and Spanish)
  • Visit to The Chapel of the Apparitions with the tombs of the three shepherds, Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta (Fatima)

Namibian Family Adventurer

Namibian Family Adventurer

  • Climb the highest dunes in the world
  • Enjoy fantastic wildlife viewing at Etosha National Park
  • Optional quad-biking or sandboarding at Swakopmund
  • Full-service camping – no need to lift a finger!

Galapagos: In Darwin's Footsteps

Galapagos: In Darwin's Footsteps

  • Trek to the crater rim of the Sierra Negra volcano
  • Enjoy plenty of island walks to discover the Galapagos landscape
  • Experience incredible wildlife-viewing and photographic opportunities with near-tame animals
  • Snorkel with iridescent fish, playful sea lions and turtles
  • Island hop by motorboat but sleep in hotels and lodges

Best Photography Tours by Duration

Tours, Cruises & Private Trips

Best Photography Tours by Price

Top Photography Attractions & Experiences

Top Photography Experiences

  • Capturing the diversity of species in one shot on a  Galapagos Islands tour
  • Learning the best aperture settings for dimly lit churches on guided  Europe tour
  • Discovering how to capture the essence of the foggy Scottish shoreline
  • Getting perfect action shots on a ski tour in  Switzerland
  • Perfectly capturing the vibrancy and crowds on a busy night in Shanghai,  China .
  • Learning how to use an external shutter release to capture the incredible Northern Lights in Iceland

Photography Tours & Travel Guide

Photography Attractions & Landmarks Guide

Whether you're an amateur or well practiced, photography focused group tours and excursions have become increasingly popular. They are often specified to a subject or theme, making it a great opportunity to meet like minded travelers. Set your f-stop and shutter speed and let Stride help you get shooting!

Capturing the Perfect Moment on a Photography Tour

It’s a feeling every photographer, novice, amateur, and professional alike will recognize. That elation when you’ve captured the perfect moment; the sun filtered just right through the clouds, the fleeting smile from a local, the curiosity of a child, the exciting safari moment, an elusive animal, the perfect shadows highlighting the nuance of ancient architecture. Photography guided tours will enlighten and enhance your skills as you discover a new f-stop setting for a specific light situation, or learn the opimal shutter speed to perfectly capture the aurora borealis.

Landscape & Nature Photography

Landscape and nature photography can take you anywhere and everywhere. Choose a destination based on the scenery you are interested in, but also keep in mind the difficulty in getting to this scenery. For example, Himalayan mountainscapes make for great photos, but don't show the effort the photographer had to go through to lug heavy equipment up a steep mountainside. Whichever landscape takes your interest, the best times for photographs will usually be early in the morning and later in the evening (the middle of the day often means glare and sharp shadows).

So plan your trip accordingly. It's also worth planning your trip around certain seasons. Rain is obviously a hurdle to most outdoor photography, and grey dreary skies can ruin otherwise beautiful landscape shots. This doesn't mean you have to travel during the country's summer, however. For example, forest scenes can be even more colorful in autumn, and a layer of snow can make even a dull a landscape look magical.

Wildlife Photography Tours

Wildlife  photography often requires quick reflexes and even quicker camera gear. Choose gear that can be used in low light and can capture fast movement (if only those darn animals would just stand still!).  Safaris  are a great way to spot animals. Africa is a wildlife photographer's dream, with numerous iconic safari parks and a high chance of seeing animals (maybe even the Big Five!).

While visitors to  South America  may want to dive straight into the  Amazon , the wetlands on the outskirts of the jungle, such as the Pantanal in  Brazil  and the Pampas in  Bolivia , offer better chances of wildlife sightings. For those more interested in bird life,  birding  hotspots can be found on every continent, though be sure to bring a decent zoom lens.

Street Photography

Street photography can be difficult, as it usually involves capturing people in natural situations. If you ask permission first, it may ruin the shot (i.e. people will pose and smile for the camera), but if you don't, you may get in trouble. Different cultures have different attitudes towards being photographed, so bear this in mind when choosing a destination.

For example, people in parts of Africa  and aboriginal Australians may object to their photo being taken due to cultural beliefs, and people in Western Europe may find it rude to have their photo taken without permission (and taking photos of children you don't know is usually a big NO!). In some places, especially poorer cities with a large number of tourists, people may agree to a photograph for a fee, or may agree to the photo then ask for money afterwards. In most places, if you take photographs of street performers, it is expected that you give some money.

Do some research regarding photographing people in your destination of choice, but also accept that it takes a bit of trial and error. If somebody objects to having their photo taken, accept this and move on, and if you have already taken the photo, offer to delete it while they watch. It's annoying to have to miss out on a great photo, but be polite and accept that it's their decision. 

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography need not be seen as off-limits by travel photographers. True, going underwater requires watertight casings, and going deep underwater requires all sorts of lighting equipment and specialist knowledge. However, great underwater shots can be captured using a simple point-and-shoot waterproof camera, and relatively cheap waterproof casings can be bought for cameras such as GoPros.

Choose a destination with clear, shallow water, where sea life and underwater formations can be seen from the surface. For great snorkeling encounters, try the coral reefs of Indonesia , the giant whale sharks of the Philippines, humpback whales in the Dominican Republic , harmless jellyfish in Palau, the iconic Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and the incomparable Galapagos Islands .

Architecture & Monument Photography

Architectural structures and monuments are perhaps the easiest things to photograph, but the hardest things to photograph well. Beautiful European cities such as Paris and Vienna are perfect for strolling around the streets snapping shots of pretty buildings, and countries with incredible monuments such as Egypt and Cambodia make for impressive photos.

When photographing structures, seek out the unusual and the original. Does the world really need another photo of the Eiffel Tower, or should you look for some lesser known sights? Also, when photographing a monument or building, try to find an unusual angle to give your photographs some originality. Get down low or climb up high, or try to zoom in on a certain aspect.

Photography Reviews & Ratings

Moroccan family adventure july 2022.

We are a family of four from Colorado. Our daughters are now 12 and 13 years old and this is the fourth trip we have booked with Odynovo. We have grown to love the e...


Response from Odynovo August 2022

Extraordinary patience.

Our third trip booked through Odynovo and our travel consultant, Bruce Peng has prepared our upcoming trip to Morocco. Bruce has shown the utmost patience with respo...

Response from Odynovo July 2022

More authentic experience than i would have booked on my own.....

I had always been hesitant to try a group tour, because they seemed so stuffy and restricting. I like to do things off the beaten trail when I travel, and I try as b...

See all Photography reviews

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Traveling to photography, an faq.

1. Does Travelstride have all the tour operators?

2. How does the Member Savings program save me money?

3. Can I trust the tour operator and trip reviews on Travelstride?

4. What does ‘Stride Preferred’ mean?

THE 10 BEST Moscow Photography Tours

Photography tours in moscow.

  • Private Tours
  • Walking Tours
  • Photography Tours
  • 3rd Transport Ring (TTK)
  • District Central (TsAO)
  • Garden Ring
  • Good for Couples
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for Kids
  • Good for Big Groups
  • Honeymoon spot
  • Good for Adrenaline Seekers
  • Hidden Gems
  • Adventurous
  • Good for a Rainy Day
  • Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.

tour photographer rates

1. Joe's Globe


2. Guides & Guides


3. MotoTaxi 77 Moto Tourism - Day Tours

tour photographer rates

4. ThreeO Moscow Photo Tours


5. Sup Outdoor

tour photographer rates

6. Masterskaya Ekskursiy

tour photographer rates

7. World City Trail - Moscow



tour photographer rates

9. Marco Ciccolella photographer

tour photographer rates

10. 365AltaiMongolia

tour photographer rates

12. Russian spirit

tour photographer rates

13. Marshrut-48

tour photographer rates


tour photographer rates

15. Ecotravel

tour photographer rates

16. Eugene Volkov Photo Tours

17. awesome russia outdoor travel.

tour photographer rates

18. Makar Suvorov

tour photographer rates

19. World Art Roadshow 2019

tour photographer rates

20. Alexander Popov

tour photographer rates

21. Shoot My Travel Russia

tour photographer rates

22. The Photo Experiences

tour photographer rates


tour photographer rates

24. Joe Harris

tour photographer rates


tour photographer rates

26. Maria Mityaeva

tour photographer rates

27. Lemuel De Lemus

tour photographer rates

28. EuroPhotoTour

tour photographer rates


tour photographer rates

30. Yulia M.

What travelers are saying.

Patricia S

  • Joe's Globe
  • Guides & Guides
  • World City Trail - Moscow
  • Makar Suvorov

Flytographer logo

Welcome to Anaheim!

Most travellers think Disneyland when they think of Anaheim, but the city has more to offer those who venture out. Full of independent shops, restaurants and boutiques, Anaheim's revitalized Packing District and Downtown Center Street Promenade  are places waiting to be explored. A short drive takes you the charming town of Santa Ana or the beach towns of Newport or Huntington. 

Choose a photographer in Anaheim

Find the best place to take photos in Anaheim with our Flytographer routes

Read testimonials , Anaheim travel tips , or Anaheim proposal stories shared by Flytographer customers

Meet Your Photographer in Anaheim

Pricing starts at $385 USD for a 60-minute shoot. Proposal packages start at $485 USD.

info Prefer to be matched with the first available photographer? Request your dates here.

tour photographer rates

I am a family and couple photographer who grew up in Orange County most of my life. My style of photography is a mix of portraiture and photojournalism. I am a proud father and a devoted husband. Your shoot with me will be a stress-free experience with me as your guide and photographer.

Explore our Routes for Iconic Spots in Anaheim

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: Main Street & the Castle; California Adventure; Santa Ana; or your own custom route.

Photography Destinations in Anaheim

Most Booked


Disneyland Main Street & the Castle

Shoot Lengths: 60 min | 90 min | 2 hours | 3 hours

 - Image 1

Disney California Adventure Park

Shoot Lengths: 90 min | 2 hours | 3 hours


 - Image 1

Shoot Lengths: 60 min

Travel + Leisure


  1. Photography Price List

    tour photographer rates

  2. 31+ Great Portrait Photography Price List, Portrait Photography

    tour photographer rates

  3. Photography Price List Pricing List for by PhotographTemplates

    tour photographer rates

  4. Photography Price Sheet Template PSD

    tour photographer rates

  5. Pricing Guide: How Much to Charge for Photography Sessions?

    tour photographer rates

  6. Photography Price List Pricing List for by PhotographTemplates

    tour photographer rates


  1. Should I start my photography era?🙈 #photography #newyork #shorts #relatable

  2. Reunion Tour Photographer 2023

  3. Why Travel Photography is Important

  4. Travel Photography Tip 📲

  5. Travel Photography Tips #shorts

  6. The Life Of Two Photographers


  1. 2023 Photography Pricing

    Professional photographers typically charge $100 to $250 per hour or around $25 to $100 per final edited image. Day rates range from $300 to $500 for birthday parties and $1,000 to $3,000 for a wedding. On average, freelance photographers make $17,000 to $78,000 annually . Get new customers Average Photographer Cost

  2. Photography Pricing Guide (How Much to Charge in 2023)

    A good answer might be $100 to $300 per hour or $75 to $350 per image for professional photographers in the United States. But photography pricing is a bit more complicated than that. First, it depends on the kind of photography you're talking about. Also, how much experience do you have? What are your expenses? And how often are you working?

  3. Photography Pricing Guide

    Wedding photography pricing can range from $1500 - $3500. Again, as with anything else, wedding photography packages can vary based on experience, your wedding photography portfolio, and the nature of the wedding. Some top-shot photographers can charge more than $15,000 for covering destination weddings.

  4. Concert Photography Jobs: How to Make Money by Shooting Music

    Many of these publications also seek already shot images to use for their stories and send out requests for submissions. Cover Shoot: $1,000-3,000. Editorial shoot: $200-800. Shooting a festival ...

  5. The Music Photography Rates & Pricing Spreadsheet

    Photographers being able to negotiate higher rates from the confidence of community knowledge is the exact reason we need rate transparency. Creating a solution for the music photography community With this in mind, I've created a Google form and linked Google sheet that I hope can serve as community reference point for rates in music photography.

  6. Tour Photographer Salary: Hourly Rate October 2023 USA

    Tour Photographer Salary: Hourly Rate September 2023 USA Career Path Jobs Tour Photographer Salary Yearly Monthly Weekly Hourly $9.62 - $11.78 2% of jobs $11.78 - $13.94 8% of jobs $14.90 is the 25th percentile. Wages below this are outliers. $13.94 - $16.35 45% of jobs $16.35 - $18.51 19% of jobs The average wage is $19.75 an hour $18.51 - $20.67

  7. What You Need to Know About Event Photography Rates & Pricing

    Here are some standard photography rates based on experience, as designated by Fash's 2023 industry assessment: Student. $50-100/hr. Amateur/entry-level. $25-100. Professional. $100-300. Expert. $200-500+ As you can see, the amount you can expect to pay will vary widely. And, if you need someone on hand for several hours or the entire day ...

  8. How to Become A Travel Photographer (And Get Paid)

    Step 5: Create a Travel Website or Blog. Creating your website or blog to showcase your work is essential as a travel photographer. These tools will help you show your clients you are a professional photographer. Also, it makes it easier for potential clients to find you and reach out to you.

  9. How to Price Your Photography

    Depending on the size of your event, the location and the experience level of your photographer, event photography pricing can vary. Typically, however, you can expect a rate between $200 and $500 an hour. Consider what you bring to the table: the equipment, lighting, backup equipment, expertise and more.

  10. Price List for Photographer: 2023 Ultimate Guide + FREE Templates

    The average cost of a photo session ranges from 250 to 400 dollars. How Much Does a US Photographer Make Let`s consider examples of pricing depending on photo genre: Portraits: the price is limited with $150-$300 for a single photo session.

  11. 2023 Photography Prices

    Details Corporate event The event photographer travels to me $ 350 quoted price Oct 2 " Chris was an absolute professional and kind guy to work with. I am beyond happy with the… " Details Religious event The event photographer travels to me $ 400 quoted price Oct 2

  12. A Guide to Event Photography Pricing (2023)

    Small event photography prices are $300 to $500. When talking hourly rates, they can range from $150 to $250 per hour. If the event lasts longer than expected, a photographer might charge an additional $100 per hour. This option should be considered for short events such as birthday parties, family gatherings or bachelor parties.

  13. How Much Do Photographers Earn? (2023 Salary Report) registers an entry-level salary of £20.000, a median salary of £24.684 and the highest salary of £35.000. Some more detailed stats from show that photographers just starting their career with less than two years of experience can earn £23,600. Between 2 and 5 years experience means a median pay of £30,400.

  14. 2023 Photography Pricing

    Photographer Hourly Rate. Although a photographer mayor charge $100 in $250 hourly, once they factor in its vacation fees, equipment, supplies, insurance, and editing time, they may available make $50 per hour. Freelance fotografinnen can charge up to 20 percent more if they have Terra-cotta After Effects or Photoshop skills and graphic design experience.

  15. 6 Tips To Hire the Perfect Virtual Tour Photographer

    Check their rates. Try to find a virtual tour photographer who will be worth the money you spend. Compare the rates they quote with other photographers in the market for the same kind of service, before you take a call. Avoid those who quote unbelievably low rates as it usually indicates shoddy quality. But of course, it doesn't make sense to ...

  16. 14 Best Photographers for Hire in Irving, TX

    Accepts Online Payments. Photographer from Miami, FL (1122 miles from Irving, TX) Award Winning Photography, Cinematography, Tower 4K Mirror Photo Booth, 360 Video Booth for ALL EVENTS . Stelly Photo Video has been selected Best Of The Bash Award Winner 2016 to 2022, an award representing the highest-... Learn More.


    From our own experience we have realized that it is very difficult for musicians to find photographers. Which in reverse means that photographers are only rarely found. SHOWGRAPHERS is here to change that! It's purpose is to showcase music photographers from around the globe & give musicians a tool to browse through these profiles when they're ...

  18. Durham Photographers

    Meet Your Photographer in Durham. Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute shoot. Proposal packages start at $385 USD. info Prefer to be matched with the first available photographer? Request your dates here. Previous. Next.

  19. 2023 Photography Tours & Workshops

    2024 Death Valley winter Astrophotography Feb 2nd - 6th, 2024 (1 LAST SPOT!) Feb 7th - 11th, 2024 (1 Last spot!) Winter Milky Way & advanced Astrophotography Photograph the Winter Milky Way and advanced astro images over some of the most dramatic nightscapes in the country, with formations where you'll feel like being on another planet.

  20. Top Photography Tours & Vacations 2022-2023 [reviews

    Photography Tours & Travel Packages 2023-2024 1,164 Photography trips. Compare tour itineraries from 289 tour companies. 853 reviews. 4.9/5 avg rating.

  21. How Much Does Real Estate Photography Cost? (2023)

    With any experience, most professional photographers charge between $110-$300 per project for photos only: Less experience: $110-$170 Average experience: $170-$230 More experience: $230-$300 Keep in mind that the photoshoot at a property is only one aspect of the photographer's job; editing and image post-processing also take time.

  22. THE 10 BEST Moscow Photography Tours (Updated 2023)

    4. ThreeO Moscow Photo Tours. 14. Photography Tours. Tverskoy. By Passenger21302703223. I wanted to have nice portrait pictures from Moscow but I didn't want to pay for individual photo shooting and so I... 5. Sup Outdoor.

  23. Anaheim Photographers

    Most travellers think Disneyland when they think of Anaheim, but the city has more to offer those who venture out. Full of independent shops, restaurants and boutiques, Anaheim's revitalized Packing District and Downtown Center Street Promenade are places waiting to be explored. A short drive takes you the charming town of Santa Ana or the beach towns of Newport or Huntington.