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Family Travel on a Budget: 13 Tips for Vacation Savings

travel document wallet

Now that we’re settling into winter, have you started dreaming of getting away? Family vacations are some of the best ways to create impactful memories and enjoy time in a new locale, but they can also impact your wallet more than you like.

With gas and food prices on the rise, it’s become a little more challenging to plan a wallet-friendly trip that everyone will enjoy. But a vacation doesn’t have to bust your budget completely. Luckily, we have 13 tips you can utilize to still have a fantastic time exploring on a dime.

1. Be Flexible With Your Dates and Location

If you’re flying, your tickets may be the most expensive thing you pay for. Being flexible with both where and when you fly could allow you to save hundreds. While it might not be possible to remain flexible with both of these options, if you can at least allow a little leeway for one, you could snag a better deal.

2. Keep Packing to a Minimum

Create a packing list for everyone in the family to try and keep the number of bags you check to a minimum. Those fees can add up quickly, so challenge the family to stick with one carry-on item per person. Some flights don’t even charge for those!

3. Avoid Staying in the City Center

While it’s exciting to be in the center of the hustle and bustle of a new city, it may not be worth the price. Instead, opt for finding accommodations on the outskirts of town to save money on your nightly rates. This option may also encourage you to engage more with the locals and see a different perspective of the city than you otherwise would in a more touristy area.

travel document wallet

4. Do a Home Exchange

Want to keep your budget for accommodations at next to nothing? It is possible; try staying in someone else’s home for free while they stay at yours. While this can be an option that makes some people nervous, the websites that help you make this kind of arrangement do thorough background checks and allow you to have extensive conversations with everyone beforehand. This helps you ensure you feel more than comfortable before any agreements are made.

5. Make Having a Kitchen a Non-Negotiable

We all know that cooking at home is a great way to save money, so why not continue that practice while on vacation? If you book a house, condo, apartment, or extended-stay hotel, you can have access to a kitchen to save dollars on those restaurant bills.

6. Avoid the Peak Season

Every country has its peak season for tourism, and everything, including flights, accommodations, and activities, goes up in price accordingly. However, there’s still so much to see and enjoy during the off-season. Do some research to learn what countries are more affordable during the month you want to travel.

7. Try Going on a Volunteer Trip

If you really want to eliminate costs, give some to get some. By agreeing to volunteer a certain number of hours per day, you could receive free accommodations and meals in exchange. The place where you help out may even be able to provide fun activities for free or at a heavily discounted rate. In addition, a volunteer trip allows you to have unique experiences you may otherwise not enjoy, saves you money, and gives you the chance to impact others positively.

travel document wallet

8. Compare Transportation Costs

Before paying for that expensive rental car at the airport, look into public transportation costs at your destination. While safety and time are the main concerns with this way of getting around, you may find it to be the better option. Public transportation can cost as little as a few dollars a day. It’s unlikely you’ll get a rental car for less than $50 a day, and you’ll need to pay for gas as well.

Also, take a look at the typical costs for a trip with Uber or Lyft. They may also end up being cheaper than paying for a rental.

9. Avoid Bar Tabs

Many people tend to have a few drinks at dinner or by the pool when they’re on vacation. While those can help with relaxation, they’re never cheap. Instead, if you’d like to indulge in a drink or two, head to a liquor store or grocery store and purchase the alcohol yourself along with any mixers you may desire. Have a few drinks before going out so you don’t have to spend any money on drinking while at dinner or enjoying other activities.

10. Take Advantage of Deals for Kids

Many places, especially those that advertise themselves as being family-friendly, provide discounted or free things for kids. Make these options a priority on your itinerary to have a great time for a cheaper rate!

travel document wallet

11. Consider Free Entertainment

Who doesn’t like the word “free”? Many cities offer plenty of free entertainment, including walking tours, museum visits, and access to gorgeous parks. Look into these options and make sure to try at least one free attraction to keep both your itinerary and wallet full.

12. Use Travel Apps That Save You Money

There are numerous apps out there that have been designed for the traveler on a budget. If you need to know how to avoid tolls, what gas stations have the cheapest gas, where to find the most affordable attractions, how to get the cheapest hotel rates, and more, download a few apps to ensure you don’t miss out on taking advantage of these opportunities.

13. Use This Opportunity to Teach Your Kids Budgeting

While budgeting is an integral part of managing your money in general, many people struggle with it when traveling. Let your kids in on the details to make them more aware of how decisions are being made. You can even include them in some of the choices to show them your thought process when it comes to deciding what’s worth spending money on and what isn’t.


travel document wallet

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8 best travel wallets for organising passports and holiday documents

Prepare for your next trip with these handy passport and travel wallets, article bookmarked.

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<p>We looked for travel wallets with room for all the essentials and stylish designs, as well as those that reduce the risk of identity fraud</p>

We looked for travel wallets with room for all the essentials and stylish designs, as well as those that reduce the risk of identity fraud

Our Top Picks

Ted Baker safar art print travel wallet

First things first – yes, this wallet is larger than most, but it’s surprisingly slim, and every millimetre of space has been put to good use. In other words, it’s large enough to hold all the essentials for a trip abroad – passports, paperwork, medical certificates and currency – but compact enough to prevent it being cumbersome.

Lifeventure RFID mini travel wallet

This wallet has seven card pockets, including one covered by transparent plastic. Our advice? Use this one to stash ID cards, such as a driver’s licence – you can flash it without having to remove it from the wallet.

Fjällräven kånken travel wallet

How Fjällräven managed to squeeze so many pockets into such a compact wallet, we’ll never know. We had plenty of room for our passport, vaccination documentation and foreign currency, which we placed inside the wallet, while we kept our boarding passes in the extra-wide exterior pocket on the wallet’s rear.

Keela travel ID wallet.jpg

To begin with, we were sceptical about the simplicity of this wallet but we’re now total converts. In recent years, partly because of the extra documentation required for travel (whether it’s vaccination paperwork or visa forms, much of which isn’t required to check in for a flight) we’ve taken to carrying our passport in a separate wallet, simply so we can produce it without riffling through irrelevant paperwork. Our top tip? Before entering the airport, place your boarding pass and passport in this transparent wallet (which slips neatly under jackets or T-shirts) and simply whip them out as and when required.

Jack Wolfskin cashbag wallet

We love the name of this RFID wallet – if only because it brings to mind an accessory stuffed with thick wads of cash. That wasn’t the case where we were concerned, to be clear, although we did find the extra-wide pocket useful for quickly stashing a wad of 1,000 Indian Rupees (don’t get excited – this equates to just £9.89).

Katie Loxton travel wallet

This is definitely one of the simpler travel wallets, but it’s perfect for the essentials – we used it for our passport and boarding passes, which were kept secure courtesy of the press-stud fastening. Subtle gold accents – namely the press stud and the lettering spelling out ‘Yay for vacay’ – earns extra points in the style stakes, and there are options to have the wallet personalised, too. We were seriously impressed to find that it was made from PU (polyurethane), given its leather-like feel.

Go Travel RFID organiser

Identity theft is no longer an invisible threat that brands merely use to convince us to part with extra cash. Well, some brands might still take this approach, but Go Travel, which is known for its top-quality RFID travel wallets, definitely isn’t one of them, and this wallet is a case in point. Despite its slimline design, it’s stuffed with pockets, to hold everything from passports (our rigorous testing proved that there was more than enough room for four) to boarding passes, which we placed in the extra-wide pockets beneath the ones designed to hold passports. Unlike with similar products, the RFID tech has added minimal bulk, and its clamshell design, with zips that opened on three sides of each half of the wallet, meant refreshingly easy access to the contents.

House of Disaster animal-print travel wallet.jpg

We were instantly smitten with the flash of pink (courtesy of the strap) against the monochrome animal print, but the interior of this wallet was just as impressive. A zippered pocket was perfect for stashing loose change, while we used the shallow card pockets for hotel room keys and business cards. The highlight, however, was the main compartment, with its four dividers, clearly labelled (in chic gold font, nonetheless) to indicate separate pockets for passports, tickets, documents and ‘other’. Full disclosure, we were initially concerned by its larger size, but a trip to India, which involved multiple internal flights (read: lots of tickets), visas and vaccination documentation meant we easily filled this particular wallet.

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In recent years, the paperwork required to jet from one country to another has increased dramatically, whether it’s paperwork relating to tests and vaccinations or additional visas.

Luckily, some of our favourite travel accessory brands have risen to the challenge, producing fantastic travel wallets that not only have room for all the essentials, but look incredibly stylish and reduce the risk of identity fraud, too.

We strongly recommend opting for RFID (radio-frequency identification) wallets, which use nickel and copper-coated material (usually polyester) to reduce the risk of identity fraud, by blocking the electromagnetic signals emitted from your bank cards.

Take the time to think about what you’re going to be using your wallet for – if you’re going to fill it to capacity, we’d recommend opting for a zip closure, but if easy access is a priority, don’t write off the humble magnet or press-stud closure.

We’re also huge fans of wallets that have clamshell openings – ones that open fully, like a book, rather than requiring you to extract your essentials through tiny openings.

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How we tested.

Our recent trips involved a lot of paperwork (including visas, proof of negative Covid tests and currency in various denominations) as well as essentials such as our passport (obviously), boarding passes and bank cards. We had plenty of opportunities to put these wallets to the test during these trips, whether it was before we’d even entered the airport (in India, a recent destination, all passengers must produce airplane tickets before being allowed into the terminal) or at visa checkpoints. In a nutshell? We truly put these wallets through their paces, and they all passed with flying colours. That said, certain ones have been clearly designed with specific additional purposes in mind, which is why we’ve highlighted the areas in which they excel below. Happy travels!

The best travel wallets for 2023 are:

  • Best overall – Ted Baker safar art print travel wallet: £75, Tedbaker.com
  • Best compact travel wallet – Jack Wolfskin cashbag wallet: £32, Jack-wolfskin.co.uk
  • Best for simplicity – Keela travel ID wallet: £24.95, Keelaoutdoors.com
  • Best large travel wallet – House of Disaster animal-print travel wallet: £29.99, Houseofdisaster.com
  • Best RFID wallet – Go Travel RFID organiser: £19.99, Go.travel

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Ted Baker safar art print travel wallet

  • Best: Overall
  • Material : Shell: 100 per cent polyurethane; lining: 100 per cent cotton

It’s also one of the most stylish travel wallets we’ve come across, thanks to the abstract floral design featured on its hard-wearing (but surprisingly leather-like) polyurethane exterior.

An internal, removeable card holder, a wide zippered purse and plentiful pockets meant there was more than enough room for our various travel accoutrements, and we were impressed by the ultra-strong magnetic closure.

Lifeventure RFID mini travel wallet

  • Best: For bells and whistles
  • Material : Nickel- and copper-coated polyester

Larger slip pockets – placed beneath the smaller ones – are ideal for boarding passes and passports, and we used the pocket made from mesh to stash our iPhone. It’s another RFID wallet, which relies on nickel- and copper-coated polyester fabric to reduce the risk of identity theft.

Call us fickle but we loved the choice of four colourways, too (we recommend the merlot-red “plum” hue).

Fjällräven kånken travel wallet

  • Best: For easy access
  • Material : 65 per cent polyester, 35 per cent cotton

There’s an incredible sense of toughness to the kånken (thanks, partly, to the water-resistant G-1000 fabric), and we loved how the concertina-like strip of material between the wallet’s two halves meant we could open the wallet fully – no fumbling around through narrow openings to extricate essential documents.

Keela travel ID wallet

  • Best: For simplicity
  • Material : Unspecified

Jack Wolfskin cashbag wallet

  • Best: Compact travel wallet
  • Material : Shell: 100 per cent polyamide; lining: 100 per cent polyester

It’s one of the smallest travel wallets in our selection, but that’s precisely why we love it – although it might not be large enough for your passport, it’s got more than enough room for currency, boarding passes and paperwork, and its size means it slips easily into the smallest of pockets.

Katie Loxton travel wallet

  • Best: For style
  • Material : Polyurethane

Go Travel RFID organiser

  • Best: RFID wallet
  • Material : Polyester

House of Disaster animal-print travel wallet

  • Best: Large travel wallet
  • Material : Vegan-friendly ‘leather’, faux dalmation fur, cotton lining

The verdict: Travel wallets

We’ll be honest – we’d book a holiday just for the opportunity to show off Ted Baker’s safar art print travel wallet , which is an absolute essential for stylish jet-setters who like to keep all their travel essentials in one place. Fjällräven’s kånken travel wallet is a sturdy, stylish piece of kit that stands up to serious amounts of wear and tear, while Lifeventure’s RFID travel wallet is a great example of a product that proves opting for extra security doesn’t require going down the supersized route.

Preparing for your next trip, staycation or holiday just got a whole lot easier with these packing cubes that will keep your suitcase organised

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Travel & Luggage Accessories - Travel Wallets

Go Travel The Slip RFID Micro Credit Card Wallet, Assorted Colours

Go Travel The Slip RFID Micro Credit Card Wallet, Assorted Colours

Katie Loxton Plain Travel Document Holder, Dusty Pink

Katie Loxton Plain Travel Document Holder, Dusty Pink

Katie Loxton Plain Travel Document & Pen Holder, Black

Katie Loxton Plain Travel Document & Pen Holder, Black

Go Travel Document Organiser

Go Travel Document Organiser

Go Travel The Passport Slip RFID Cover Card Holder, Assorted

Go Travel The Passport Slip RFID Cover Card Holder, Assorted

Sara Miller Crane Travel Document Wallet, Pink

Sara Miller Crane Travel Document Wallet, Pink

John Lewis Leather Travel Wallet

John Lewis Leather Travel Wallet

Black Croc Leather

Aspinal of London Classic Croc Leather Travel Wallet

Go Travel Lightweight Clip Pouch

Go Travel Lightweight Clip Pouch

Treat Republic Personalised Luxury Leather Travel Wallet

Treat Republic Personalised Luxury Leather Travel Wallet

Personalisation available | Online only

Aspinal of London Classic Croc Print Leather Travel Wallet

Aspinal of London Classic Croc Print Leather Travel Wallet

£128.00 – £160.00


Save 20% (Offer ends 27.11.2023 | Price includes saving on selected lines)

Ted Baker Travelz Passport Holder Travel Wallet

Ted Baker Travelz Passport Holder Travel Wallet

Light Pink

Aspinal of London Lizard Leather Classic Travel Wallet , Black


TUMI Voyageur Zip Around Continental Travel Wallet

TUMI Voyaguer Travel Wallet, Black/Gunmetal

TUMI Voyaguer Travel Wallet, Black/Gunmetal

Caroline Gardner Floral Travel Wallet, Multi

Caroline Gardner Floral Travel Wallet, Multi

TUMI Belden Zip Around Passport Case

TUMI Belden Zip Around Passport Case

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More From Vetted

The 10 best passport holders to keep your travel documents in one piece.

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Even on the best of vacations, hiccups happen. Your luggage could get splashed as you board your Alaskan cruise , or your favorite sunscreen could get shaken up in your bag, leaving your belongings all gooey. Whatever the case, one item in particular should always be kept safe and dry: your passport. The best passport holders help ensure that your most important travel document, the one you literally can’t leave the country without, is always fiercely protected. Even better, a great passport holder can also offer easy storage for items you need to keep close at hand, like train tickets, medical documentation or a small amount of cash. Some of our favorites include the dependable TUMI Alpha Passport Case , the zip-up Fjallraven Passport Wallet and the well-priced Melsbrina Premium Leather Passport Holder .

The best passport holders help ensure that your most important travel document, the one you ... [+] literally can’t leave the country without, is always fiercely protected.

Passport holders come in a variety of different fabrics and styles, and the best selection for you may depend on personal taste. The most common passport holders are similar to wallets in that they have a bifold design with a sturdy cover that lies over the primary pocket, keeping any dirt or liquids out. Pragmatic but also stylish, there are several passport holders that may also earn you serious fashion points at the airport. Whatever the case, having one of these on hand is always a good idea, and if you’re shopping for someone else, they also make an excellent and thoughtful gift. Below, we’ve selected our favorites, from classic leather holders to personalized travel wallets with extra room for credit cards.

  • Best Passport Holder Overall: TUMI Alpha Passport Case
  • Best Leather Passport Holder: Bellroy Zip Leather Travel Folio
  • Best Passport Holder With Zipper: Fjallraven Passport Wallet
  • Best Budget Passport Holder: Melsbrina Premium Leather Passport Holder
  • Best Passport Holder For Men: Montblanc Men’s Sartorial Passport Holder
  • Best Passport Holder For Women: Kate Spade Passport Holder
  • Best Passport Holder For Families: Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer
  • Best Designer Passport Holder : Burberry Check Passport Holder
  • Best Personalized Passport Holder: Paravel Cabana Passport Case
  • Best RFID-blocking Passport Holder: Zero Grid Passport Wallet

Engage And Entertain Busy Babies With The Best Toys For 9-Month-Olds

The best desks to give you a comfortable, stylish workspace, best passport holder overall, a durable option that provides everything you need, tumi alpha passport case.

Material:  Nylon |  Slip Pockets: 2 | Card Pockets: 8 | Dimensions:  5.7 x 4.7 inches

Luggage brand Tumi is known for their quality travel products, and their Alpha Passport Case is no exception. Made from a durable nylon, your passport can easily be tucked into the holder’s interior slip pockets and kept safe from any liquid exposure. Everything has been thought of here, from a transparent ID window for your driver’s license to eight card pockets to store credit cards, train tickets or other identification. We love that this holder even has a bifold compartment, so that you can store any larger paperwork, like vaccination forms or visas, in it as well.

Best Leather Passport Holder

A quality leather-made folio with plenty of storage, bellroy zip leather travel folio.

Material:  Leather |  Slip Pockets: 2 | Card Pockets: 6 | Dimensions:  7.2 x 4.7 inches

There’s nothing like the quality of a well-made leather passport, and this option from Bellroy ticks all of our boxes. Along with being made from premium eco-tanned leather, it features a high-quality zipper to keep your valuables safe and secure and even a rear pocket to keep essentials at hand for when you really need to grab a train or bus ticket on the go. Along with two separate passport pockets, the folio also comes with six card slots, flat bill storage for cash, space for a SIM card and a micro pen. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing enough that you can feasibly use it as a clutch if need be.

Best Passport Holder With Zipper

A functional and secure choice for travelers on the go, fjallraven passport wallet.

Material:  Recycled polyester, organic cotton, leather detailing |  Slip Pockets: 2 | Card Pockets: 4 | Dimensions:  7.1 x 5.4 inches

This passport holder from Swedish outdoor brand Fjallraven is simple yet functional. It maintains a slim silhouette while also providing plenty of storage, and is durable and weather-resistant, not unlike many of the products the brand makes. With two passport pockets and four card holders, you have more than enough space to fit in everything you need to travel with, and we love that it’s one of the few passport holders out there that also comes with a built-in change pocket. It can easily slip into backpacks, small purses, and even a back pocket, and its reverse coil zipper, which means the zipper’s teeth are hidden, looks chic and stylish.

Best Budget Passport Holder

A solid option at an unbeatable price, melsbrinna premium leather passport holder.

Material:  Faux Leather |  Slip Pockets: 2 | Card Pockets: 1 | Dimensions:  5.9 x 3.9 inches

For travelers looking for something more affordable, this simple passport holder is a great option. It comes in a large variety of different colors and has everything you need for a quick solution to your passport holding needs, including a pocket for credit cards, a dedicated ticket slot and even a pen holder. We appreciate its snap closure, which will make your valuables feel more secure.

Best Passport Holder For Men

Bold and minimalist.

Neiman Marcus

Montblanc Men's Sartorial Passport Holder

Material:  Leather |  Slip Pockets: 2 | Card Pockets: 3 | Dimensions:  5.4 x 3.9 inches

Made from Italian leather, the clean, modernist look of this passport is paired well with high-quality craftsmanship, making it worth its price. Great for keeping a passport safe and slipping in a credit card or two, we love that this holder has a slim profile so you can avoid bulking up your back pocket. Given its bold look, we also think it makes a great option for gifting.

Best Passport Holder For Women

A classic option in a variety of styles, kate spade passport holder.

Material:  Leather |  Slip Pockets: 2 | Card Pockets: 6 | Dimensions:  5 x 3.25 inches

Kate Spade has consistently been making some of the most aesthetically pleasing bags and travel products on the market, and their line of passport holders is no exception. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, including some fun collaborations with other brands like Disney, there’s undoubtedly a passport holder for every type of taste here. Aside from aesthetics, this holder is exceptionally well-made, with smooth leather finishing and two way script logo lining. We particularly love this fun honeycrisp apple print.

Best Passport Holder For Families

For keeping everyone's documents together in one place, valante premium family travel document organizer.

Material:  Fabric, Polyester |  Slip Pockets: 6 | Card Pockets: 4 | Dimensions:  10.6 x 5.9 inches

If you have a family trip on the books, it’s helpful to have everyone’s passports and documents stored in one place. That’s where this handy family travel organizer comes in, designed specifically for large families or groups of travelers. It can hold up to six passports and features two pockets for boarding passes as well as two large zippered pockets for cash. With two additional stash pockets and an external zippered phone pocket, it features 21 slots in total, making it the ideal travel accessory for your next group trip.

Best Designer Passport Holder

Turn heads at the airport.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Burberry Check Passport Holder

Material:  Leather, Polyester, Cotton, Polyamide lining |  Slip Pockets: 2 | Card Pockets: 3 | Dimensions:  5.5 x 4 inches

For a vintage-inspired look sure to turn heads on your next trip, we love this passport holder by iconic British fashion house Burberry. Featuring a leather interior and hand-painted edges, it’s sleek, compact and features three card slots and two slip pockets. Like many of Burberry’s products, it’s durable and weather-resistant, making your passport not only look good, but feel protected as well.

Best Personalized Passport Holder

A sustainable and stylish gift option, cabana passport case.

Material:  EcoCraft Canvas ® |  Slip Pockets: 2 | Card Pockets: 8 | Dimensions:  6 x 4.375 inches

There are a lot of aesthetically pleasing passport holders on the market, but this option from Paravel is one of our favorites. Along with offering a number of bold striped options, it stands out from the pack due to its canvas finishing, a unique but incredibly stylish look. What’s even better is that the material is completely made from recycled bottles, which means you’re protecting your passport and doing something good for the environment at the same time. It can be personalized with a hand-painted monogram of a first or last initial, making it a thoughtful and custom gift for the avid traveler.

Best RFID-blocking Passport Holder

Keep your valuables extra safe from hackers, zero grid passport holder.

Material:  Nylon |  Slip Pockets: 2 | Card Pockets: 1 | Dimensions:  5.75 x 4.25 inches

For extra peace of mind, this passport holder has built-in RFID-blocking technology that will keep hackers from getting ahold of your personal data via radio frequency. Along with a pocket to slide your passport into, it also features two pockets for credit cards and a zip closure, making your valuables feel extra safe.


Astrid Taran

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The 10 Best Passport Wallets of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Stay organized while traveling with these sleek passport wallets.

Anna Popp is a Commerce Writer at Travel + Leisure where she tests, researches, and writes about travel products. Since living overseas in 2018, Anna has been a travel writer and began reviewing products in 2021.

travel document wallet

In This Article

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  • Our top picks
  • Others We Liked

Our Testing Process

  • Tips for Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / Alessandra Amodio

Not to be dramatic, but losing a passport or other travel documents can be a huge nightmare while traveling. To safeguard passports, credit cards, and boarding passes, we recommend using a passport wallet to keep everything organized in one spot. 

We researched and tested 16 passport wallets in various sizes and materials to recommend options that fit the needs of all types of travelers. We paid close attention to traits like capacity, durability, functionality, and organizational features to ensure smooth travels. Keep reading to find out which ones surpassed our expectations during testing. 

Best Overall

Paravel cabana passport case.

  • Capacity 5 /5
  • Ease of Use 5 /5
  • Quality 5 /5

It has a functional and stylish design to get the best of both worlds for traveling.

We wish it had a zippered pocket.

Parevel’s Cabana Passport Case offers a variety of organizational features to protect not only your passport, but other important travel documents and cash, too. While the case itself looks like a regular passport cover, the button clasp opens up to reveal a wallet with pockets and slots for a passport, credit cards, and cash. We wish there was one zippered pocket for coins, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means since we love the slim design of the wallet (even with a passport inside). 

The interior is lined with a soft recycled vegan leather material and the outer material is the brand’s EcoCraft canvas, which is made of post-consumer plastic bottles. The contrast of the canvas and leather complement one another perfectly in any of the four color options available, making it one of the most chic and stylish cases we tested. 

Price at time of publish: $55

The Details: 6 x 4.37 inches | EcoCraft canvas, recycled vegan leather | RFID blocking

Travel + Leisure / Alessandra Amodio

Bellroy RFID Travel Wallet

The wallet easily fits in a back pocket. 

The wallet will be bigger if it’s packed full and may not fit then. 

Minimalist travelers will appreciate the sleek and simple design of Bellroy’s RFID Travel Wallet. We dubbed it our favorite slim option since it can fit virtually anywhere, including in a back pocket (just be sure to take it out of your pocket before going through security). Made out of a soft and durable leather, it never scuffed or scratched while traveling and it looks premium on the outside. The wallet has pockets for a passport, cash, credit cards, and plane tickets, and we love that there aren’t so many pockets that items get disorganized or lost in the void. The best part is that it opens like a standard wallet so we could quickly grab our passports and credit cards while traveling. 

Price at time of publish: $139

The Details: 6.02 x 3.86 inches | Leather | RFID blocking

Travel + Leisure / Taylor Fox

Best for Families

Valante premium family travel document organizer capacious rfid passport holder wallet.

  • Ease of Use 4.5 /5

It has pockets for multiple passports, plane tickets, and cash.

The large capacity might be too big for solo travelers. 

Family travel can be hectic, so we recommend this spacious wallet that can keep all of your family’s important documents in one safe spot. Designed to store multiple passports, credit cards, plane tickets, and more, there are tons of pockets to place items neatly. There’s even a key leash, two zippered pockets, a pen holder, and two designated slip pockets for boarding passes in the front of the wallet. Because the wallet is on the larger side, we love that it comes with a wrist strap to hold onto it while going through customs or the TSA security line. The size might be too large for solo or minimalist travelers, but it works perfectly for staying organized while traveling in groups. 

Price at time of publish: $24

The Details: 10.63 x 5.91 inches | Polyester | RFID blocking

Travel + Leisure / Michael Navarro

Best Faux Leather

Melsbrinna waterproof rfid-blocking travel wallet.

The PU leather material feels just as soft and durable as regular leather.

The clear plastic window pockets could scratch over time.

Similar to our overall pick, this passport wallet isn’t made out of genuine leather, but it has the same premium look and feel. Made with layers of PU leather, there is a piece of RFID-blocking fabric sandwiched between the material for extra protection while traveling with chipped documents. This sleek wallet comes with all of the standard pockets for a passport, credit cards, and boarding passes, but there were several other features that made it stand out in testing. We are big fans of the two SIM card slots and two plastic window pockets for extra organization for international travelers. Our only concern is that the plastic might scratch or wear over time, but it depends on how often you use the wallet and care for it. 

Price at time of publish: $14

The Details: 5.7 x 4.7 inches | PU faux leather | RFID blocking

Travel + Leisure / Madison Irons

Best Color Options

Lucrin geneva passport travel wallet.

The sleek and spacious wallet comes in over 21 colors and five leather texture options.

The premium materials come with a higher price. 

One of our favorite leather passport wallets we tested, this one from Lucrin impressed us with a variety of color and texture options to please any and all travelers. There are over two dozen color options available and five different leather textures to choose from, including smooth, granulated, square granulated, vegetable tanned, and crocodile patterned. Once you narrow down your desired color and texture, we’re confident travelers will love the luxurious feel of the premium leather and generous capacity of the snap-closure wallet. It features several slip pockets, thirteen credit card slots, and a large zippered pocket for storing smaller items like coins or a pen. While the price is on the higher end, we believe you get what you pay for with this made-to-last passport wallet. 

Price at time of publish: $239

The Details: 9.8 x 9.1 inches | Leather

Travel + Leisure / Anna Popp

Best Crossbody

Pacsafe rfidsafe v150 rfid-blocking compact organizer.

It comes with a removable strap to keep the wallet attached to your body.

The strap isn’t adjustable.

A lost passport can put a huge damper on a trip, so we recommend the Pacsafe RFID-blocking wallet with a removable crossbody strap for keeping your travel documents attached at the hip (literally). You can wear the strap across your body, on your wrist, or through a belt to ensure the wallet is securely fastened on the go. Besides the ability to wear the wallet as a purse, we love all of the slip and zippered interior pockets for a passport, credit cards, cash, or coins, which will keep you plenty organized. The nylon material is water-resistant with a thick and durable feel, so we expect this wallet will stand the test of time.  

Price at time of publish: $60

The Details: 6.69 x 5.12 inches | Nylon | RFID blocking

Travel + Leisure / Rachel Thalhuber

Best Budget

Tigari passport and vaccine card holder combo.

The high-quality materials and functionality of this wallet are unbeatable for the low price.

It feels a bit big to carry around.

If you’re trying to build a luggage capsule for traveling, this budget-friendly passport wallet makes a useful addition for all types of travelers. Although the wallet comes at a lower price, it doesn’t lack durability and quality of materials. The PU faux leather case comes in a variety of neutral and bright colors, and it has sleek embossed wording on the front. The case opens up to reveal tons of organizational features for one passport, four credit cards, two SIM cards, and a slip pocket for cash. All of the pockets make it easy to grab travel documents quickly and the larger case keeps everything safe from damage during transit. The wallet is on the bigger side, so it might not fit in smaller purses, but it should fit in a backpack or personal item without any issues.   

The Details: 4.33 x 5.9 inches | PU faux leather | RFID blocking

Travel + Leisure / Andria Park Huynh

Best Organization

Baphity genuine leather passport holder.

There are a variety of slip and zippered pockets available. 

The card slots can be tight at first. 

This genuine leather passport wallet is the best option for travelers prioritizing organization. Designed to store a passport, vaccine card, cash coins, boarding passes, and SIM cards, the wallet is bursting with pockets to efficiently organize items. After we filled it with travel documents, we were impressed with how slim and compact the wallet remained. The leather material is high-quality and durable, and we think the wallet has an excellent value for the construction and price-point. We ran into slight issues with the card slots being a bit tight at first, but the material loosened up with more use, which made it easier to pull the cards in and out quickly.  

Price at time of publish: $18

The Details: 6.15 x 4.93 inches | Leather | RFID blocking

Travel + Leisure / Elise Wang

Best AirTag-compatible

Normest airtag travel wallet.

  • Capacity 4.5 /5

The wallet has a designated pocket for storing an Apple AirTag for tracking and locating.

  It has a smaller capacity.

Tracking devices can be a game-changer if your luggage gets lost, so we recommend this AirTag-compatible wallet. While the AirTag is sold separately, the wallet does come with a secure slot on the outside to discreetly store the tracking device. The genuine leather material is sleek and soft, and the wallet has a slim design that makes it easy to place it in a back pocket or small bag. It can fit a passport, three credit cards, and some cash before running out of room, so if you’re looking for a spacious wallet, this isn’t the best option. However, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry, so this is a great option for AirTag enthusiasts. 

Price at time of publish: $140

The Details: 5.51 x 4.13 inches | Leather | RFID blocking

Travel + Leisure / Dylan Thompson

Best Zip-around

Leatherology zip around travel rfid wallet.

The exterior zipper adds an extra layer of security to keep passports and credit cards safe while traveling. 

It might be too large to fit in a smaller purse or sling bag. 

Technically, this wallet is for traveling, but we love its sleek and versatile design that works for various uses. While most passport wallets we tested have a snap-closure, this one has a zipper that wraps around the entirety of the wallet to ensure passports, credit cards, cash, and coins remain safely tucked away in transit. The wallet is also very spacious and can easily hold multiple passports, up to eight credit cards, cash, and coins without feeling bulky or cumbersome to carry. There’s even an exterior pocket for storing boarding passes so you don’t have to worry about opening up the wallet. It might be too big to fit in small purses, but the sleek leather look and larger size makes it possible to carry it as a clutch or place into a backpack or tote bag, if needed. 

The Details: 9 x 4.75 inches | Full grain leather | RFID blocking

Travel + Leisure / Morgan Ashley Parker

Other Passport Wallets We Liked

There were several passport wallets that almost made our list of winners, but we ran into some slight issues during testing. 

Royce Vaccine Card and Passport Wallet : The wallet has a simple and functional design, but the price is fairly high for the smaller capacity and lack of extra organizational features.

Walnew AirTag Passport Holder : It has plenty of room to fit all necessary travel documents and it comes with an AirTag leash, but we liked that the other tracking device-compatible wallet we tried holds the tracker more discreetly.

We researched and selected 16 passport wallets to test out while traveling and in everyday scenarios. From busy TSA security lines to shopping and sightseeing, we made sure the best wallets make it easy to pull out passports, credit cards, IDs, and cash when you’re in a hurry. We paid close attention to the capacity and noted how efficient the organizational features are for storing essential travel documents. Since travel can take a toll on luggage and accessories, we judged the overall quality of the materials and stitchwork to gauge the longevity of each wallet. 

Tips for Buying a Passport Wallet

Check the dimensions of the wallet.

Passports from around the world feature the same design and size, but you’ll still want to make sure a passport wallet fits your size needs. Some wallets are designed to just be slightly larger than a passport and others will be large enough to fit the length of a boarding pass. It depends on the space you’ll have in a bag, pocket, or backpack, so you’ll want to consider how to store the wallet while traveling before making the purchase.

Decide how many compartments you need

Passport wallets are typically designed to hold a passport and a few credit cards, but some are equipped with more organizational features. The bigger the wallet, the more room and storage options there will be for multiple passports, credit cards, cash, and boarding passes. Extra features to look for include interior zippered pockets for coins, SIM card holders, and plastic window sleeves for IDs or vaccine cards.

Look for additional security features

Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry, so you may want to consider getting a passport wallet with an AirTag holder (AirTags are usually sold separately) to track the wallet in case it goes missing. Other security measures can include a wrap-around zipper to ensure passports and credit cards are secure and layers of RFID-blocking fabric to prevent cyber pick-pocketing.

Security and customs lines can be stressful, so it’s important to have your passport and other necessary documents out of any wallets or cases and ready to go. This will save time and make it easier to hand the documents over to an agent to speed up the process and eliminate unnecessary stress while traveling.

Radio frequency identification or RFID is technology commonly used in credit cards and passports to locate information and data quickly. It is possible to steal data from RFID documents, but there are some passport wallets with a fabric layer to block radio waves from transmitting. Although it’s uncommon for data to be stolen via RFID, the layer of fabric offers extra security and is designed to prevent criminals from taking information while traveling. 

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

T+L commerce writer, Anna Popp , writes nearly all of the team’s Travel + Leisure Tested articles and participates in product testing from luggage and shoes to outdoor gear and apparel. Anna used her own knowledge of traveling with important travel documents and combed through thorough testing notes to put together this list of the best passport wallets. 

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