1. Brazil Budget Travel Guide (Updated 2024)

    Brazil Travel Guide: Money-Saving Tips. Brazil is one of the most expensive countries in South America, but prices depend on where in the country you are and what kind of activities you're doing. Brazil's main cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are more expensive than rural areas (unless you're seeking out less touristy locales ...

  2. Ultimate Guide to Planning a Perfect Trip to Brazil: Expert Tips from a

    LANGUAGE: The official language in Brazil is Portuguese.English and Spanish are not widely spoken. CURRENCY: The currency in Brazil is the Brazilian Real, and the U.S. Dollar is not accepted.Check here for the latest conversion rate.. TIPPING: It is not customary to tip in Brazil CREDIT CARD & ATMs: A credit card is widely accepted in Brazil.ATMs can be easily found in commercial areas, but ...

  3. 7 things you should know before traveling to Brazil

    1. There's more than just beaches and jungles. The energy of Copacabana Beach and the alluring biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest may have captured the world's attention, but that's really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Brazil's natural beauty. Adventurous nature lovers will find Brazil to be a treasure trove that contains a ...

  4. 13 Brazil Travel Tips That Might Save Your Life

    Use sunscreen and drink lots of water. A tan is a wonderful temporary reminder of travelling to exotic lands; blisters and red skin aren't. The heat in Brazil in summer is intense and the sun is immensely strong. Rio de Janeiro sees temperatures of up to 50 degrees celsius.

  5. Brazil Travel Guide: A Local Guide to the Country • I Heart Brazil

    Brazil travel guide. Brazil is a pretty large country. We have five regions and 26 states spreading across four time zones. From rainforests with unique wildlife to concrete jungles and untouched beaches, we have them all. And because Brazil is so vast, the five regions are very different from each other.

  6. Brazil travel

    Tips & Advice. The 10 most incredible places to visit in Brazil. Mar 1, 2024 • 9 min read. Don't get overwhelmed by the scale of Brazil - get organized! Here are our top 10 favorite places to visit in this South American sensation.

  7. The Ultimate Brazil Travel Guide (Updated 2021)

    Brazil Travel Guide. Your complete Brazil travel guide, with our tips, ideas on things to do, and best things to see in Brazil. Great for first-time travelers. Brazil is the largest country in South America and a top tourist destination. In fact, Brazil has its own Ministry of Tourism, which ensures touring is as easy as possible for visitors.

  8. Brazil Travel Guide

    Getting around Brazil: Transportation Tips; Travel Tips Brazil for planning and on the go; The Rough Guides to Brazil and related travel guides. In-depth, easy-to-use travel guides filled with expert advice. Buy US$28.99. Buy US$34.99. Buy US$34.99. Buy US$29.99. Find even more inspiration here.

  9. A beginner's guide to Brazil

    A tropical wonderland. A visit to Brazil usually begins in Rio de Janeiro, one of the world's most vibrant urban landscapes, where dramatic, rainforest-crowned mountaintops surround a city nestled picturesquely between jungle and sea. The Amazon region - and its namesake river - are home to the planet's greatest collection of plants and ...

  10. Ultimate Brazil Travel Guide (Planning, Tips & Advice)

    Etiquette Tips: Do not flash valuables or wear expensive jewelry, do not wander into favelas, do not take photos of the locals, do not give money to begging children. WIFI: Available in most, if not all, accommodation throughout the state. Many restaurants and tourist offices offer free WIFI too. SIM Cards: If you have an unlocked phone, it is ...

  11. Brazil Travel Guide

    Brazil. The largest country in South America is home to almost 2 million square miles of lush rainforest, the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, and arguably the most passionate soccer fans in the world—we'll show you how to enjoy it all. Campeche Island Off the Coast of Brazil. Morro de São Paulo Travel Guide.

  12. Travel Tips Brazil for planning and on the go

    Staying in good hotels, travelling by comfortable buses or planes and not stinting on the extras is likely to cost you around R$400 a day. The Brazilian currency is the real (pronounced "hey-al"); its plural is reís (pronounced "hey-ice"), written R$. The real is made up of one hundred centavos, written ¢.

  13. The Ultimate Brazil Travel Guide • The Blonde Abroad

    Winter in Brazil lasts from May to September, but no matter where in Brazil you are visiting, temperatures won't drop below 60 F. It's one of the best times to go sightseeing and hiking in cities like Rio, thanks to plenty of sunshine and cooler temps. During the spring and summer months, November to March, temperatures can get up to 120 F ...

  14. Brazil Travel Tips From A to Z by a Local (2024) • I Heart Brazil

    The lack of reliable information online doesn't help either, but that's about to change. I decided to put together a list of all my Brazil travel tips in one place so you can easily browse and find the answers to your questions. My goal is to help you plan your vacation hassle-free, so I promise to update this page and post here as often as ...

  15. Brazil Travel Guide

    Get information on Brazil Travel Guide - Expert Picks for your Vacation hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, and activities. Read the Fodor's reviews, or post your own.

  16. Brazil Travel Tips for First-Time Visitors

    Keep reading for our top Brazil travel tips for first-timers. Make sure to stay connected during your Brazil trip with an eSIM from aloSIM. It starts at only $6 for the fastest, cheapest local data package to ensure that you stay connected without paying for the cost for roaming. Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

  17. 13 Brazil Travel Tips That Will Improve Your Stay

    The subways in the major cities have carriages specifically for women, although this rule applies only during peak hours from Monday to Friday, between 6AM and 9AM, and 5PM and 8PM. Men who enter these carriages during this time can face paying a fine of up to R$1,000 (US$320). Outside of these hours both men and women can use the carriages.

  18. 21 Dos and Don'ts to Travel Safe in Brazil

    5. don't leave your valuables unattended to. Never leave your valuables unattended to in Brazil. This includes at coffee shops where you may have your laptop or iPad out while going to the bathroom. It's not to say that the people around you are bad or won't watch your things when you ask, because they will.

  19. Brazil Travel Tips & Advice

    The statue of Christ the Redeemer looks out over Rio, and visitors can ride a railway two miles to the plaza at its base for panoramic views. Outside of the city, there's wildlife, the ...

  20. Your Trip to Sao Paulo: The Complete Guide

    Your Trip to Sao Paulo: The Complete Guide. On the Brazilian landscape, one city stands above the rest in gastronomy, shopping, nightlife, street art, and museum offerings: Sao Paulo. Here foodies come to try all the flavors of the regions of Brazil, dishes of its diasporas, and experimental projects by Michelin-starred chefs.

  21. 22 Things To Know Before You Travel To Brazil

    Brazil is a country that also gets snow. In the southern tip of the country, the temperatures plummet below freezing during the months of winter with occasional snow. The snow is usually very light, but definitely, enough to dash your hopes of tropical, warm days. In the north part of Brazil, the climate is tropical throughout the year, but if ...

  22. Brazil International Travel Information

    Effective midnight on April 10, 2025, a visa will be required for U.S. citizens to travel to Brazil, regardless of the purpose of travel. For more information about visa requirements, visit the Brazilian government-authorized website, You will need: