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Symbolic stars - Shen Sha

Travelling horse.

Wandering in Metaphysics

Meanings of “travelling horse” 驿马神煞解.

travelling horse bazi

“ Travelling horse ” is a symbolic star or  shen-sha  in Bazi reading, date-selection, QMDJ and many other Chinese metaphysics systems.  In Bazi, it is based on the birth year or day of one’s natal chart.  

If a person was born in:

  • shen, zi  or  chen  year/ day:  travelling horse is  yin-tiger
  • yin, wu  or  xu  year/ day:  travelling horse is  shen-monkey
  • hai, mao  or  wei  year/ day:  travelling horse is  si-snake
  • si, you  or  chou  year/ day:  travelling horse is  hai-pig


1.  Chart with 2+ travelling horses:  This person is likely leaving hometown or country to make a living.

2.  During his/ her travelling horse year,  this person will be hectic or toiling to make ends meet.

3 . “ Travelling horse galloping in wealth region”:   If by chance the travelling horse is also the wealth star of this chart and running into travelling horse luck period or staying in the horse direction– this person may make major wealth during this luck period.

4 .  Travelling horse with “peach blossom”:   If by chance the travelling horse is also the peach blossom star of this chart, it means this person is likely unfaithful in relationship with unstable marriage.

5 .  Travelling horse with zheng-guan (+power):   If by chance the travelling horse is also the  zheng-guan  (+power) star of this chart, it means this person is likely be a reputable government official working outside his hometown.

6 .  Travelling horse with qi-sha (-power):   If by chance the travelling horse is also the  qi-sha  (-power) star of this chart, it means this person is likely a monk, priest or Mafia type person.

7 .  Strong daymaster  (DM) with travelling horse is likely auspicious (intelligent and sociable) whereas  weak DM  with travelling horse is inauspicious (toiling/ hectic life)

8 . Travelling horse is  favorable  element brings prosperity and wealth to the person.  It brings poverty and obstacles if  unfavorable.

9 .  Female with numerous  travelling horses,  regardless of being favorable or unfavorable, implies  problems in marital relationship.

10.  Yin, shen, si and hai are generally called “horse stars”.   People with 2+ of any of these 4 branches in their natal chart cannot sit still and are good for sales professions. 

11 .  Pillar location and t ravelling horse: 

  • in year pillar: leaving hometown in teen/ youth 
  • in month/ day pillar:  leaving hometown in middle-age
  • in hour pillar:  leaving hometown in old age (alone or with adult children)

If you want to know more about Bazi, you may want to check this out:  

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Travelling horse is also used as enhancement in QMDJ and Feng Shui.  This could be another story.

© 2022 Ken Lai, all rights reserved.

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Productivity Tools for Everyone

When to start your online business using Sky Horse star?

travelling horse bazi

What is Sky Horse star? Sky Horse is a traveling star. In ancient times this star is important for those traveling to another foreign country or place in search of trade and business. When this star appears in the month or hour, or in your luck pillar it is a good time to travel or expand your business to overseas markets. It makes you want to move or travel. You can travel overseas or cross borders for a job, business, or work assignment which could be a useful experience to further one’s career or business.

The Tiger, Snake, Monkey, and Pig group is called the Travelling Stars or Sky Horse stars or Growth stars. They represent the respective opening branch of each season – spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Growth means the Qi or energy is growing rapidly and rising. Sky Horse is a traveling pillar associated with wealth; therefore, travel related to career and business will often be rewarded with wealth. Sky Horse star is also known as the rising wealth star. In modern times, we do not need to travel overseas to start a business we can start a business using desktop, laptop, and the internet, Sky Horse now indicates starting an online business to sell your products or services to the global markets. In general, your Sky Horse star can appear either in the hour, month, annual pillar, or luck pillar, and this will be the timing to start your online business.

I would like to share with you a more refined technique on when to start an online business based on your Sky Horse star to get a good return from your business. The only important condition is that your personal Sky Horse star must contain your wealth element or produces wealth element through combination.

How to find out your Sky Horse star? Please print your Bazi Chart here .

Below are 2 examples of John and Jane showing their Sky Horse star.

John wants to know his Sky Horse star. He has to print out his Bazi chart as shown below. His Sky Horse star indicated in his chart is Snake. John’s day master is Yin Water. For a Yin Water day master, his wealth element is fire. Yin or Ding Fire is his Indirect Wealth (IW) and Yang or Bing Fire is his Direct Wealth (DW) as indicated in his chart. His Sky Horse star is Snake. Snake contains the wealth element that is Yang or Bing Fire which is the DW star. So it complies with the important condition i.e. the Sky Horse star must contain the wealth element. The good timing for John to start his online business is in the hour/month/year/luck pillar of the Snake. However, the luck pillar of Earth-Snake from 85 to 94 years is too old for him, he may consider starting his online business in the hour/month/year of the Snake.

travelling horse bazi

John’s Bazi chart

Jane wants to know her Sky Horse star. She has to print out her Bazi chart as shown below. Her Sky Horse star is Monkey. Jane’s day master is Yang Earth. For a Yang Earth day master, her wealth element is water. Yin or Qui Water is her Direct Wealth (DW) and Yang or Ren Water is her Indirect Wealth (IW). 

In Jane’s current luck pillar of Earth Monkey, from age of 45 – 54 years, Monkey in her luck pillar, also her Sky Horse star will combine with Snake, a generic Sky Horse star in her year pillar to produce water her wealth element. This also complies with the condition that her Sky Horse star, Monkey produces wealth element through combination with Snake. The good timing for Jane to start her online business is in the hour/month/year/luck pillar of the Monkey.

travelling horse bazi

Jane’s Bazi chart

If you want to get your personalized Bazi report on your career, wealth, relationship, and health you can click on this link  finding out what your chart means.

Please  click here and like Digidentz on Facebook and also help to share my blog with your friends. Thank you

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travelling horse bazi

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travelling horse bazi

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Destiny, Luck and Feng Shui

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Star - travelling horse 驿马, post a comment.

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