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visit gotland english

Visby – a Swedish fairytale town on the island of Gotland

Ask any Swede about Visby and they’ll probably get a dreamy look on their face. It’s rare to find someone who isn’t fond of this enchanting medieval town, located on the island of Gotland, east of the Swedish mainland.

  • Visby is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Saffron pancakes are a local speciality.
  • Gotland is the largest island in Sweden.

Whether you’re looking for history, nature, culture, good food or just want to relax on the beach, the town of Visby , has it all. Located on the island of Gotland, in the Baltic Sea, this fairy-tale town is a national treasure. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, characterised as having “outstanding universal value.”

This well-preserved medieval Hanseatic town dates back to the 12th century and contains several remarkable church ruins from the period such as St Clemens, St Nicolai and Drotten’s ruins, and the St Karin church ruin with its high arches. Visby boasts several historic churches as well, including the Sankta Maria Cathedral built at the end of the 12th century.

Visby also has a well-preserved 3.5 kilometres long medieval ring wall (The Visby City Wall) with many of its original towers from the 1200s still intact. The wall encircles the centre of Visby and was initially built for protection against both foreign enemies and Swedish assailants from the countryside.

The Visby City Wall

'Ringmuren' (The Visby City Wall) stretches across 3.5 kilometres.

Photo : Patrick Hansson/Destination Gotland

The Gotland Museum

Photo : Gotlands Museum

Fiskargränd, Visby

Photo : Tina Axelsson/imagebank.sweden.se

Visby, Gotland

Photo : Rodrigo Rivas Ruiz/imagebank.sweden.se

Kneippbyn Resort, Gotland

Photo : Kneippbyn Resort

St Nicolai, Gotland

Photo : Sofia Cassis/Region Gotland

Drotten’s ruins, Gotland

Visby culture – from Vikings to Pippi Longstocking

Along the streets of Visby are more than 200 buildings and homes dating back to somewhere between the 12th and 14th centuries. The Gotland Museum’s Fornsalen (Hall of Antiquities) contains a number of archaeological finds dating back to Viking times and the museum’s Treasury boasts the largest silver treasure in Europe – 67 kilos of bangles, bracelets and 14,000 coins. A visit here will help put the town’s long and fascinating history into perspective. If you’re eager for more, a guided tour with the museum’s knowledgeable guides gives you a chance to visit some of the ruins usually closed to the public.

The beloved Pippi Longstocking movies were filmed along the narrow streets of Visby and the original Villa Villerkulla can be found just outside the town, at Kneippbyn Resort. Another address, appreciated by Pippi fans and Instagrammers alike, is Fiskargränd. The picturesque alley with its cobblestones and winding roses is probably the most photographed street in Visby today. If you wish to explore Visby in the footsteps of Pippi Longstocking even further, the local tourist office provides free maps listing all Pippi locations in town.

With its natural beauty and ancient history, Gotland is a mystical and inspiring place to live that attracts many artists. Their handicrafts are sold in the local Visby shops. Gotland is particularly known for its wonderful ceramics and woollen items. The grey, wool lambskins from local sheep, are warm and decorate many Scandinavian homes.

Södra Hällarna, Gotland

Gotland is Sweden's largest island and is a popular destination during summer.

Photo : Olof Segerberg/Destination Gotland

Högklint, Gotland

Tofta Beach, Gotland

Sailing outside Gotland

Photo : Tuukka Ervasti/imagebank.sweden.se

Garden blooms and day trips outdoors

In addition to its long history and fascinating ruins, Visby is also known for its gardens, particularly the profusion of roses that bloom in the sunny summer months. In addition to the roses and overflowing flower boxes on Visby’s winding, cobblestone lanes, there’s a collection of roses at the 2.5-hectare Botanical Garden , which dates back to 1855. It also has a large collection of exotic trees and plants that flourish in Gotland’s mild climate. There’s no entrance fee for the gardens, which also contain a herb garden and a Gazebo Garden (an open-sided pavilion).

There is a bathing jetty by the beach walk in central Visby, and four beaches within just five kilometres. If you feel like going a little further afield, head for the popular Tofta Beach, located 20 kilometres south of Visby. Although Gotland is the largest island in Sweden, the distances are short and the landscape mostly flat, making Visby a good starting point for day trips by bike.

A hike to Högklint, seven kilometres south of Visby, will give you not only magnificent views over the town but also a treat through Södra Hällarna nature reserve with steep cliffs and caves, an ivy forest and rocky beaches.

For more hiking, biking and bathing tips around the island, visit our Gotland destination page .

Major events in Visby

  • Almedalen Week – 'Almedalsveckan': Swedish political parties, journalists, influential people and mere mortals gather in Visby to discuss politics and attend seminars, speeches and other political activities as well as some festive events. The Almedalen Week always takes place week 27.
  • Medieval Week – 'Medeltidsveckan': Every summer in week 32, the Middle Ages return to Gotland and the once-powerful Hanseatic city of Visby. Up to 40.000 visitors dress up in costumes and recreate life in medieval days with theatre, markets, crafts, tower games and music. It’s the biggest medieval festival in northern Europe and a lively experience for visitors of all ages.
  • Gotland Truffle Festival – ‘Gotlands Tryffelfestival’: A week-long dedication to the Gotlandic truffle and the finale of the Gotland Truffle Month which takes place from 13 October to 19 November. Visitors can expect seminars on truffles, a truffle market, truffle hunts, a truffle ceremony and special truffle menus at many restaurants in Visby.

The taste of Visby – from saffron pancakes to truffles

While Visby is at its liveliest in the spring and summer months, there is plenty to do at any time of the year, not least visiting its many excellent restaurants, bars and cosy cafés. As in the rest of Sweden, “fika” is a popular pastime. Gotland has its own brews of coffee and tea that are served with delicious homemade goods, such as the island’s traditional saffron pancake with berries and cream.

4 notable cafés in Visby:

  • Själsö bageri , a craft bakery a few kilometres outside Visby with stone-baked sourdough bread and mouth-watering cinnamon buns. They also have a bred truck at Östercentrum in central Visby.
  • Café Amalia , a cute café and long-standing favourite among locals. Serves healthy and homemade breakfast all day, decorated with edible flowers.
  • Ett rum för resande , a small and cosy café especially appreciated for the homemade pasta and generous opening times year-round.
  • S:t Hans , a summertime gem as this garden café is idyllically situated in the S:t Hans Church ruins.

The lime-rich soil of Gotland and a favourable climate contribute to plenty of fresh, local produce. If you happen to be in Visby in the early spring, asparagus will be on the menu in all forms.

Truffles grow on the island as well and if you’re a fan, you won’t want to miss the late autumn months, when truffles appear on restaurant menus and in shops. If you happen to be here in November, there are also tastings, truffle hunts and lectures arranged by the island’s truffle academy.

An abundance of lamb on Gotland means you’ll find lamb dishes served in many restaurants, along with tasty local sausages, venison and more. Smoked salmon, flounder and herring are also popular thanks to the strong local fishing traditions.

You might want to wash the food down with beers like Wisby Pils and Sleepy Bulldog from the local Gotlands Bryggeri – one of many breweries on the island.

Gotlands Bryggeri, Visby

Gotlands Bryggeri was founded in 1995 and has since then brewed some of the most beloved craft beers in Sweden.

Photo : Gotlands Bryggeri

Värdshuset Lindgården, Visby

Photo : Lindgården

Crêperi & Logi, Visby

Surfers, Visby

Photo : Surfers Visby

Visby’s top restaurants

Visby is one of Sweden’s most restaurant-dense towns and many are open year-round.

For traditional Swedish dishes and local specialities like Gotlandic lamb, make a reservation at Värdshuset Lindgården . Their kitchen follows the farming calendar and serves up seasonal and local produce. After dinner, move upstairs to the Gin Room, where a large selection of Gotlandic, Swedish and international gin and tonic varieties are on the menu.

Freshly caught seafood is another Gotlandic speciality, best enjoyed at Bakfickan . This small and genuine restaurant has been serving fried herring and fish soup for over 25 years. Come for lunch or dinner but be early, during the busy summer weeks they only run drop-ins.

Most restaurants in Visby are scattered around or close by Stora torget (The Main Square). While some are spin-offs from Stockholm restaurants, highly appreciated restaurants like Surfers and Crêperi & Logi have done it the other way around – they started in Visby and now have branches on the mainland.

Visit our Gotland destination page for more breweries and top restaurant tips outside of Visby.

Most visitors come to Visby during the bustling summer months when the waters are warm and the island is in full bloom. However, the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn are equally beautiful, just without the crowds. If you come in winter, you can expect tranquil streets, Christmas markets and maybe even snow. No matter what season you choose to visit Visby, you’ll surely be enchanted by this fairy tale town.


There are frequent ferry services with Destination Gotland . Ferries to Visby run throughout the year from Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn. The journey takes about three hours and should be booked in advance, especially for the busy summer months.

There are several direct flights to Visby Airport (located 4 kilometres from Visby town) from the Swedish mainland year-round, though the number of routes increases during the summer months.

The narrow streets of Visby are best explored on foot and it’s easy to get around in the city centre. There is also a public transport system consisting of Visby city lines as well as regional lines. You can purchase single tickets or 24- and 72-hour tickets. Bikes are another convenient way to move about and there are plenty of bike paths. There are two bike rentals in central Visby: Gotlands Cykeluthyrning and Visby Hyrcykel .

Kalk Hotel , located in the very centre of Visby, offers 21 uniquely designed rooms with Gotlandic limestone details in a 16th-century building.

Hotel St. Clemens , at the foot of the mighty St. Clemens ruin. The 30 rooms – all in different sizes and with individual decor – are spread out over five different buildings, connected by two gardens.

Villa Alma in Almedalen is a boutique hotel with 21 newly renovated rooms and lots of social spaces, like the terrace with sunset sea views.

Kneippbyn Resort , a few kilometres south of Visby, is the island’s only five-star campsite and water park, offering cottages, apartments, a hotel and camping spaces.

A mere 15-minute drive from central Visby, Three Pheasants Boutique B&B is a small hideaway with four colourful rooms in a lush surrounding.

Visby has plenty of activities for people of all ages. Among its main attractions are the medieval city wall ('ringmuren') and the many remarkable church ruins including St Clemens, St Nicolai, Drottens and St Karin. There’s also the Sankta Maria Cathedral built at the end of the 12th century.

Stroll through the Botanical Garden or go back to the Viking days at the Gotland Museum.

Bring something memorable from Gotland with you home – there are plenty of shops selling local crafts and delicacies. Kränku Te & Kaffe in central Visby sells tea, coffee and sweets in a charming, old-fashioned shop. Krusmyntagården , north of Visby, has all kinds of spices and herbs, and beautifully packaged gifts. Lilla Bjers , south of Visby, sells freshly harvested and ecologically grown farm goods as well as ecological products like olive oil and chocolate.

All ages will enjoy the Visby city wall and exploring the many towers and ruins of the city or spending time in parks and on beaches.

At The Gotland Museum , children can see treasures from the Viking Age including medieval armour and skeletons or let loose in the museum’s playroom, which includes child-sized boats and a lighthouse.

Fans of the Pippi Longstocking books and movies can travel a few kilometres south of Visby to Kneippbyn , a summer resort and water park with the original Villa Villekulla house.

Hotel S:t Clemens, Visby

Hotel S:t Clemens is a small family-owned hotel in Visby, with two beautiful gardens and a Medieval church ruin.

Photo : Hotel S:t Clemens

Kalk Hotel, Visby

Photo : Kalk Hotel

Three Pheasants B&B, Gotland

Photo : Three Pheasants

Krysmyntagården, Gotland

Photo : Gotlandspecialisten AB

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Allt om Gotland för dig som turist

Gotland Tourism

Explore the many facets of tourism attractions and experiences in Gotland. Gotland, Sweden’s largest island, offers a rich blend of historical sites, scenic landscapes, art, culture, and adventurous activities, making it a fantastic destination for tourists from around the world. Here’s an overview of what Gotland has to offer visitors seeking a unique and memorable vacation experience.

Historical sites and culture: Visby

Visit the well-preserved medieval town of Visby, known for its cobblestone streets surrounded by a ring wall, colorful houses, and beautiful gardens. Visby is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers many historical attractions, such as St. Maria Church and Visby Cathedral. Ancient monuments: Gotland is home to over 90 ancient forts, runestones, and picture stones that bear witness to the island’s long history. Visit some of the most impressive ancient sites, such as Tjelvar’s grave and the Guta Saga. Gotland Museum: Learn more about the island and its history by visiting the Gotland Museum, which offers a fascinating insight into Gotland’s culture and archaeology.

Scenic landscapes

Hoburgsgubben and rauks: Admire the mighty limestone formations, called rauks, that stretch along Gotland’s coasts. Visit Hoburgsgubben, one of the most famous rauks resembling a face. Lummelunda Caves: Explore Lummelunda Caves, one of Sweden’s largest cave systems, and discover its impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Nature reserves: Gotland has over 100 nature reserves where you can enjoy beautiful nature and rich flora and fauna. Visit, for example, Hall-Hangvar nature reserve or the Blue Lagoon, an impressive limestone quarry lake.

Activities and adventures

Cycling: Rent a bike and explore the island on your own or follow one of the many cycling routes that stretch across the island. Hiking: Gotland offers many beautiful hiking trails, such as those along the coast and through forests and heaths. Beaches: Enjoy Gotland’s beautiful beaches, such as Tofta beach and Sudersand, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxation.

Family-friendly activities

Kneippbyn Summer and Water Park: Take the family to Kneippbyn, which offers both an amusement park and a water park, as well as the opportunity to visit Villa Villekulla, Pippi Longstocking’s house from the movies. Fårö: Explore the picturesque island of Fårö, with its rauk areas, long sandy beaches, and charming fishing villages. Also, visit the Bergman Center, dedicated to the famous director Ingmar Bergman who lived and worked on Fårö. Krusmyntagården: Krusmyntagården is a garden and shop where you can learn more about Gotlandic herbs and spices and participate in various activities for children and adults.

Events and festivals

Medieval Week: Every summer, Medieval Week is organized in Visby, where the city is transformed into a lively medieval market with parades, jousting, concerts, and performances. Gotland Pride: Celebrate diversity and support the LGBTQ+ movement by participating in Gotland Pride, a colorful and welcoming festival held every summer. Culture Night: Experience Gotlandic culture during Culture Night, an annual event featuring art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and much more.


Gotland offers a variety of accommodation options for tourists, from charming hotels and B&Bs in Visby to cottage villages and campsites in the countryside. Choose from traditional Gotlandic farms, modern hotels, or unique accommodations such as fortresses and manors for an unforgettable stay on the island.

Food and drink

Local delicacies: Taste Gotland’s unique food culture by trying some of the local delicacies, such as saffron pancake, lamb skewers, Gotlandic ice cream, or any of the many cheeses produced on the island. Restaurants and cafes: Enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants and cafes that Gotland has to offer, from seafood restaurants along the coast to cozy cafes and taverns in Visby and the countryside. Beverages: Visit one of the local breweries, such as Gotlands Brewery, to taste the island’s unique beer varieties, or try some of Gotland’s own wines and ciders.

Gotland offers a range of experiences for all types of tourists, from history enthusiasts and nature lovers to adventure-seekers and families. No matter what your interests are, you will undoubtedly find something to enjoy on this unique and charming island.

Little picturesque street in Visby, Gotland. Lots of flowers, roses and green leaves in front of and between houses.

Moment Editorial/Getty Images

Situated off Sweden's southeastern coast, Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea (2994 sq km in diameter). It is also one of the country's most beautiful destinations, its tranquil, sparsely populated landscapes almost haunting in their beauty. Archaeological finds attest to a human history that predates the Christian tradition, stretching back some 8000 years.


Must-see attractions.

visit gotland english

Visby Sankta Maria Domkyrka

Visby's church ruins contrast with the stoic and utterly awe-inspiring Sankta Maria kyrka. Built in the late 12th and early 13th centuries and heavily…

Sweden, Island of Gotland, Visby. Detail from Viking carved rune stones in the Historical Museum of Gotland

Gotlands Museum

Gotlands Museum is one of the mightiest regional museums in Sweden. While highlights include amazing 8th-century, pre-Viking picture stones, human…

The Bergman center, dedicated to the work of Ingmar Bergman, in Faro, Sweden.


The Bergmancenter, honouring Sweden's most famous film director, the late Ingmar Bergman, a Fårö local, was inaugurated in 2014 and hosts exhibits,…

Guillemots on the island of Stora Karlsö in Sweden.

Stora Karlsö

This remote island nature reserve is home to extensive bird life including thousands of guillemots and razorbills, as well as the maculinea arion (large…

Inside the ruins of Saint Karin Cathedral in Visby, Sweden.

St Karins Kyrka

One of the most stunning of Visby's medieval churches, it's often used for performances. In winter, local children skate on an artificial ice rink within…

Gotska Sandön

Gotska Sandön

Isolated Gotska Sandön, with an area of 37 sq km, is an unusual island with lighthouses at its three corners, 30km of beaches, sand dunes, pine forest and…


The northern gate of Visby's city wall is a good entry point if you're short on time. Follow the wall in a southwesterly direction until you find the…



Step back in time at the Bungemuseet, an open-air museum with 17th- to 19th-century houses, picture stones dating from AD800 and a historic playground. It…

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visit gotland english

Mar 30, 2017 • 5 min read

Steal away to the Baltic Sea island of Gotland, off Sweden’s southeastern shores, and you'll soon discover why it's a much-loved getaway for the Swedes…

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Gotland and beyond

City wall of Visby, Gotland, Sweden.

visit gotland english

The complete guide for exploring the Swedish island of Gotland

Mr Nordic

Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea. It is a wonderful island for walking or cycling on quiet country roads, along white beaches and roadsides full of colorful flowers. Gotland has a mild climate with lots of sunshine and is therefore popular among the Stockholmers. The island is easy to combine with a city trip to Stockholm. The crossings to the island from Oskarshamn and Nynäshamn take only 3 hours. Here you’ll find the complete guide to exploring the island of Gotland.

“Discover the serene beauty of Gotland, the Baltic Sea’s largest island, where quiet country roads, white sandy beaches, and abundant sunshine create a haven for walkers and cyclists alike.”

a narrow cobblestone street lined with buildings

Table of Contents

How to get there, discover the nature of gotland, explore the rich culture in the historic capital of visby, taste the delicious cuisine of gotland, gotland: a haven for nature, history, and gastronomy.

The island of Gotland has a large coastline of around 800 kilometers, and you will also find the fantastic Gotska Sandön park on this island. A trip to the medieval town of Visby is also highly recommended.

Gotland is located 90 km from the Swedish mainland. Traveling to Gotland is now easier than ever. You Fortunately, traveling to Gotland has become easier than ever before, with several transport options available to visitors. You can choose to take a ferry or plane to the island or even sail in on your own boat. However, taking one of the ferries that leave from Nynäshamn and Oscarshamn is still considered the best and most convenient way to get there. The Gotland website provides a comprehensive timetable and rates for all available transport options so you can plan your trip with ease.

“Discover the beauty of Gotland, just 90 km from the Swedish mainland. With convenient transport options like ferries, planes, and personal boats, your unforgettable island adventure awaits.”

The nature of Gotland has plenty to offer. The “Raukar”, an ancient limestone formation that rises high above the sea, is known far beyond Sweden. Below that you will find the Hoburgsgubbe on the south side and Digerhuvud in the North on neighboring island Faro. Faro is definitely worth a visit when you stay in a holiday home in Sweden. The fascinating landscape and the dune area Ulla Hau is also fun for children and with its unique animal world definitely worth it. The stalactite caves of Lummelunda are a beautiful natural work of art. The caves are among the largest in Europe and have a total length of no less than 4.5 kilometers.

“Explore the wonders of Gotland, from the majestic Raukar limestone formations to the enchanting Lummelunda caves, and embrace nature’s artistry in Sweden’s unique landscapes.”

visit gotland english

From a cultural-historical point of view, Gotland is also extremely interesting. The inner city and the city wall of capital Visby are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The wall that was built in the year 1300, the small alleys, the viewpoints and the many roses gives you a typical medieval feel. The history of Gotland comes alive when you visit one of the 92 medieval churches that are scattered throughout the island. In Klintehamn you can admire the true beauty of archeology. Go back in time and visit the Gotland museum in the capital. The museum houses many stained glass windows, wooden statues and runic cities.

“Discover the rich history of Gotland through its enchanting medieval streets, ancient city walls, and the echoes of the past found in its 92 medieval churches.”

visit gotland english

During your stay in an apartment in Gotland, try the special Safran pancakes or the Kajsoup (type of potato soup). Lovers of the modern kitchen cannot get lucky here. There are 7 of the 199 best restaurants in Sweden here. Join the fishermen on the water in Bohuslän for the mussel or lobster safari. Spring, summer and fall is the high season for crustaceans. The island is known for its fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, and cheeses. In the fall you will find an exclusive range of truffles. Each region has its own specialties. Sample the delicious local cuisine on the island of Gotland!

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“Discover the flavors of Gotland with Safran pancakes and Kajsoup, indulge in 7 of Sweden’s best restaurants, and explore fresh produce, cheeses, and truffles – all while experiencing the excitement of a Bohuslän crustacean adventure.”

shallow focus photo of fish on stainless steel surface

In conclusion, the enchanting island of Gotland offers a myriad of experiences for nature lovers, history enthusiasts, and food connoisseurs alike. From exploring the unique landscapes and geological formations to immersing yourself in medieval history at Visby’s UNESCO World Heritage site, there is no shortage of adventure on this Baltic gem.

“Discover the enchanting island of Gotland, where nature’s beauty, medieval history, and culinary delights create unforgettable memories.”

Savor the local flavors as you discover Gotland’s diverse culinary offerings and delight in the picturesque beauty that makes this island truly unforgettable. Embark on your journey to Gotland and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Last Updated on June 3, 2023

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Mr Nordic

I'm a passionate travel blogger captivated by Scandinavia's stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, and Viking history. I explore offbeat destinations in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, providing authentic insights into Nordic life. When not adventuring, I share my experiences, photos, and love for Scandinavian cuisine. Join me as I uncover Scandinavia's hidden gems and magic!

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Travel to and from the ferry to Gotland

Our transfer bus is the convenient way to get to and from the ferry terminal for those who choose to travel without a car.

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Seaside, countryside or in the old town of Visby? Search Gotland's largest selection of accommodation.

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Cars to suit every budget

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Sustainable travel

Destination Gotland is part of Gotland’s community and provides safe and secure travel the year around. Everyone who travels to and from Gotland is also on a journey towards climate-neutral ferry service.

Things to Do in Gotland, Sweden - Gotland Attractions

Things to do in gotland, explore popular experiences, tours & sightseeing.

visit gotland english

Cultural & Theme Tours

visit gotland english

Top Attractions in Gotland

visit gotland english

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Walking & biking tours, popular cities in gotland.

visit gotland english

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  • Visby City Wall
  • Stora Karlso
  • St. Karin Cathedral Ruins
  • Bla Lagunen
  • Langhammars Sea Stack Field
  • Högklint Naturreservat
  • Botaniska Tradgarden
  • Digerhuvud Sea Stack Field
  • Lummelundagrottan
  • St. Mary's Cathedral
  • Gotlands Museum
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A Guide to Gotland, a Rural Paradise Off the Swedish Coast

visit gotland english

By John Wogan

Surrounded by the Baltic Sea, about 60 miles off the southeastern coast of Sweden’s mainland, Gotland is the largest of the country’s bucolic islands (which number well over 200,000), and one that has a seemingly split personality. In the short summer season — primarily July and August, when temperatures hover in the balmy 70s — revelers descend on this mostly wild, windswept and sparsely populated province for all-night partying and the rambunctious weeklong electronic music festival Stockholmsveckan. Outside of high season, though — and anywhere outside of its largest town, Visby (population: 24,300) — Gotland remains a rural paradise, popular with outdoorsy Stockholm professionals looking to escape city life by hiking along the island’s craggy limestone cliffs and cycling past tiny clapboard fishing villages, crumbling medieval churches and 18th-century farmhouses. Several Stockholm-based architects have even chosen to build their own startlingly contemporary houses on the tradition-bound island.

Lately, Gotland has been attracting a growing stream of international visitors, too. Chalk it up to gloomy political and environmental forecasts if you will, but as travelers increasingly seek out pristine landscapes offering peace and quiet, the island presents the perfect retreat — just a 40-minute flight from Stockholm. Design-forward boutique hotels offer access to nature that doesn’t require pitching a tent in the wilderness, and a clutch of remarkably good restaurants — serving fresh-caught Baltic fish and all manner of organic locally grown vegetables — show off the bounty of the surrounding farmland. Throw in a few charming craft-oriented Nordic design shops and an impressively large collection of museums for an island with a population of just 60,000, and you have a compelling reason to skip the mainland entirely.

Hotel Stelor

Staying at this tiny, six-room hotel in rural Vastergarn village (about a 20-minute drive south of central Visby) feels like being a guest at a family friend’s country compound. The wood-beamed interiors of the 18th-century farmhouse are endlessly photogenic, decorated with pastel floral wallpaper, sheepskin throw rugs and jugs of freshly picked wildflowers. During the summer, there are live folk music performances in the property’s barn, and the traditionally Swedish restaurant — which uses produce from the hotel’s own two-acre garden — is considered one of the best on Gotland.

Fabriken Furillen

An imposing former factory building on the site of an old limestone quarry might not sound particularly inviting, but photographer Johan Hellstrom had a vision for what it could become, and he turned this industrial patch of land into a high-end escape (about an hour’s drive northeast of Visby) after purchasing the abandoned factory in 1999. The 19 guest rooms all have Hastens beds and a color scheme dominated by soothing grays and white, so there’s nothing to detract from the natural, forested surroundings. For those who really want to detach, there’s a “Hermit Cabin” on the grounds — an isolated outpost (a 20-minute bike ride from the main building) with no running water, no Wi-Fi and free-roaming cows and sheep as your only neighbors.

Revolver Hotel

Tucked into a quiet courtyard in central Visby, the three-year-old Revolver is an under-the-radar hotel option in Gotland’s main town — there’s no website and no outside signage, so word of mouth has been the main driver for bookings here. Quirky décor dominates — think sparkly golden bathroom tiles, vintage rotary phones as objets d’art, and Fornasetti wallpaper depicting hot air balloons — all of it the singular vision of its owner, the conceptual designer Ingela Tanaka Rohnstrom. There’s no restaurant, but the hotel is within walking distance of the main commercial blocks of Visby, and three of the nine guest rooms have a full kitchen and living room. 011-46-70-639-39-01

In central Visby, the island’s premier seafood restaurant is a no-frills rustic dining room, filled with mismatched wooden chairs and vintage fish prints, that’s usually packed — no reservations accepted. The day’s specials are written on a chalkboard at the entrance and often include baked perch with celeriac and truffle vinaigrette, lobster soup with black radish, and fried herring with spring onion butter and mashed potatoes. In warm weather, simple wooden tables are set up on the street outside — the ideal place to sip a glass of Chardonnay and watch the summer crowds pass by.

Krakas Krog

A 40-minute drive east across Gotland from Visby brings you to this hybrid restaurant and hotel in the middle of the Kräklingbo countryside. There’s a highly seasonal tasting menu of six to eight courses — regular ingredients include grilled beetroot, local lamb, and frogs’ legs sourced from the nearby pond — all presented by one of the cooks in the spare, minimalist dining room. And with only one seating a night, there’s a sense of special occasion that permeates dinners here. The three guest rooms are similarly simple and refined, all in varying shades of white, with wide-plank wood floors and fluffy down comforters.

Lilla Bjers

This 30-acre family-run farm on the outskirts of Visby is surrounded by vegetable fields and fruit orchards, from which it sources the ingredients for its organic, constantly changing menu. Everything from blueberries and currants to garlic and nine varieties of asparagus, as well as Christmas trees, are grown on the property. Dishes are a simple affair — think roasted lamb with pickled carrots and potatoes pulled straight from the earth — and a walk around the grounds before a meal is the best way to fully appreciate what you’re about to eat. You can even meet the chickens that supply the kitchen’s eggs. Dinner in the farm’s atmospheric greenhouse can also be arranged, where you’ll dine amid banana, fig and olive trees.

C. Jensen Keramik

The ubiquity of Nordic design extends to Gotland, where the ceramist Camilla Jensen occupies a studio-cum-store selling her delicate, artfully imperfect handmade stone and porcelain tableware, most in pristine shades of white or jet black. The space itself, in central Visby — all whitewashed walls and pale linen finishings — is reminiscent of an art gallery. On the building’s lower level, Jensen also sells a small selection of home items (textiles, rugs, woven baskets), primarily sourced from India, where she travels every year.


In the medieval coastal town of Tofta, you’ll find an extension of Visby’s Revolver Hotel (which lies about 15 minutes to the north). Here, the hotel’s owner, Ingela Tanaka, and her partner Lena Herrmann, who runs the shop, have created another home for Tanaka’s vast assortment of design and fashion finds, collected over decades. There’s a whole room of vintage clothing (including original Levi’s and Lee denim, wedding dresses and unusual sneakers), bicycles from the 1960s, kitschy decorative items like porcelain parrots, vinyl records and an array of giftable local items (Swedish candy, homemade soaps, specialty loose-leaf teas and herbs). 011-07-63-94-24-44

Visby Botanical Garden

A verdant expanse of parkland near the shoreline, Visby’s 150-year-old botanical garden is the place to be on warm summer afternoons — for a picnic lunch or to stroll the garden’s 60 acres while taking a closer look at the magnolia, tulips, cedar and sequoia trees. Be sure to explore the ivy-shrouded ruins of St. Olaf, a former church from the 13th century, whose gray stone structure still stands on the southern edge of the park.

Gotland Fornsalen

The Gotland Museum comprises seven different structures scattered throughout Visby, but its main building , Fornsalen (housed in a former 18th-century distillery) is dedicated to the culture and history of the island, with a collection that spans roughly 8,000 years. Here, you’ll find everything from the mummified remains of Stone Age islanders to medieval armor from the Danish invasion of 1361. It’s a deep dive into Gotland’s rugged, seafaring culture and why the island holds such a special place in the Swedish imagination.

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Gotland, Sweden (ISO 400, 24 mm, f/ 4, 1/8000 s)

A Guide to the Swedish island of Gotland

(some links in this post are affiliate links. if you click through and take action, i'll be compensated.) if you are also interested in any prints from any of my posts, be sure to check out my store where you can buy prints as posters, in metal frames or on canvas., gotland, located in the baltic sea, is the sunniest part of sweden and arguably the best destination in scandinavia. its extensive shoreline and warmer climate (compared to the rest of sweden), along with its long medieval history and intact walled city at visby, easily made it one of my favorite places to see in sweden., the population of gotland is roughly, 57,000, with about 40% living in the county capital of visby. the island can be reached by air via the visby airport or by ferry from either nynäshamn (via 1.5 hour train south from stockholm) or öland., quite obviously, summer is the best time to go however be forewarned…swedes and other scandinavians alike think the same thing and therefore ferries can book up very early (so booking well in advance in strongly recommended)., furthermore, there are two weeks in the summer that people usually avoid to stay way from larger than normal crowds. these weeks are:, almedalen week - usually week 26 - a forum for swedish politics, stockholm week - usually week 29 - one week of partying from stockholmers, nonetheless, regardless of when you go, i recommend spending at least four days in gotland and preferably with a car rental to maximize what you can see and enjoy. i will highlight some of the best places to see in the rest of this blog post..

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Even further, if you have lots of time in Sweden, I suggest checking out some of the other cities in the country. You can check out my blog posts on some of them below:

Stockholm ( blog post title: why stockholm is the best scandinavian capital ), stockholm tunnelbana ( blog post title: the world’s longest art gallery - riding on the stockholm tunnelbana ), gothenburg (göteborg) ( blog post title: a tour of gothenburg: sweden's 2nd largest city ), uppsala ( blog post: uppsala: the hidden gem just north of stockholm ), helsingborg ( blog post: just a few reasons to see helsingborg in the south of sweden ), malmö ( blog post: take a weekend break in malmö, sweden ), lund ( blog post: a day tour of the university town of lund ), kalmar ( blog post: kalmar: the town you should know more about in sweden ), öland ( blog post: a day tour of the swedish island of öland ), marstrand ( blog post: a day trip to the swedish island of marstrand ).

EN - 728x90

Gotland, Sweden (ISO 400, 105 mm, f /4.5, 1/2500 s)

The cliffs at Högklint are situated just south of the city of Visby and are approximately 1.3 kilometer long at a height of 48 meters above sea level. You can get a great view of the sea from here and also walk down a staircase to a lower ledge, known as "Goatsvältan". This was used by goats to get down to the grass off the cliff shelf. What’s cool about this area is that the sea has hollowed out many caves in the cliff.

visit gotland english

Hallshuk, Gotland, Sweden (ISO 1000, 32 mm, f /4, 1/8000 s)

Hoburgen is the spot that is at the very southern tip of Gotland. The area around Hoburgen is actually the Husrygg Nature Reserve . This area, as one may suggest, is incredibly windy due to its location at the tip of the island. You can get a great view of the Baltic Sea from here and admire the waves crashing against the beach rocks and limestone cliffs. Tread carefully here, there is a NATO radar station here which is off limits to visitors.

If you like some of my photos that you have come across, just know that i have many prints showcasing a variety of landscapes, including sweden, available for purchase below (sold as posters , canvas , or in metal-frames )..


Hallshuk is known for its high cliffs, on the northwestern coast of Gotland. It was an important fishing village back in the 17th century with flounder being the catch of interest for fisherman (in addition to herring and cod). Despite a small, modern fishing harbor being built here, the area is rather barren and sparsely populated (making it a great place to explore). This area, known as the Hall-Hangvar Nature Reserve , was established in 1967.

visit gotland english

Gotland, Sweden (ISO 400, 40 mm, f /4.5, 1/2500 s)

The Grostäde Fishing Village is located in Fleringe, Gotland, Sweden. This picturesque village is a look into the past of this old industry, exemplified by these small wooden houses and boats on the coastline. There are several of these types of fishing villages scattered about the Gotland coastline, some more charming than others. Take some time to walk around to appreciate the good condition of these structures.

visit gotland english

Hallshuk, Gotland, Sweden (ISO 1000, 24 mm, f /4, 1/5000 s)

Katthammarsvik (Strand and Katthammarsviks fiskeläge) is a settlement in  Östergarn . Known for its limestone industry back in the 17th century (1645 to be exact), this is now a practice of the past. Because of its fluctuating population size, from 220, to 182, to 176…the village was defined as a ‘small locality’ (småort), instead of a ‘locality’. There is a small beach area and stone dock that leads out into the bay that people are known to jump off of and swim around.


Katthammarsviks Rökeri AB is THE place to eat lunch at when in this part of Gotland. Try to make it early though since there are always lines here around lunch time. The menu was a wide selection of sea food, every dish as fresh and delicious as you can imagine. What I really liked about this place as well was its large expansive seating area outside. Cozy benches with blankets aplenty under the sun but with the rather cool windy breezes.

  Langhammarsgubben, Fårö, Sweden     (ISO 400, 24 mm,  f /4, 1/5000 s)

Langhammarsgubben, Fårö, Sweden (ISO 400, 24 mm, f /4, 1/5000 s)

  Langhammarsgubben, Fårö, Sweden   (ISO 400, 24 mm,  f /4, 1/4000 s)

Langhammarsgubben, Fårö, Sweden (ISO 400, 24 mm, f /4, 1/4000 s)

  Langhammarsgubben, Fårö, Sweden   (ISO 400, 24 mm,  f /4, 1/4000 s)

Sandviken Beach is known for its bright white sand and is also called the  Riviera of Blekinge . It is one of the most popular beaches in  Blekinge  and even attracts visitors from  Skåne  and Småland, on the Swedish mainland. From the parking lot, it is just a stone’s throw away, through a small forest and sand dunes. Some amenities in this area are toilets, kiosks, a snack bar, playground, and a beach volleyball court.

Travel everywhere for less

( Blog Post: A Guide to the Swedish island of Fårö )

Another long sandy beach is norsta aurer . although not as accessible as other beaches, it is worth the rather long walk. you have to park along the side of the road, of which you will find other cars already parked, then a hike through the woods will get you there. it all feels like a bit of an adventure to get to, which makes the experience that much more worth it as well. but in this case, you will find more solitude here as some people are turned off by the effort it takes just to get there..

visit gotland english

Langhammarsgubben, Fårö, Sweden (ISO 400, 28 mm, f /4, 1/8000 s)

As I mentioned before, Rauks are common sights in this part of Fårö with the most popular of sites being at Langhammarsgubben (unofficial name). There are about 50 rauks total in Langhammar’s nature reserve (official name). If you have seen postcards showing these features before, I can promise you they come from this place. The beach is expansive these rauks sit on, and some of them are fairly easy and safe to climb upon, without risk of damaging the formations. Swimmers beware though, the water may look enticing but there are several points along the coastline where the water levels drops many meters, so they advise against it.

1 - 5.jpeg

Fika is a swedish way of life. The time to take for yourself and others to engage in polite and casual conversation while enjoying coffee/tea and pastries. The best place to experience this on Fårö has to be at Sylvis Daughters, bakery & cafe . They have cakes, bread, and sandwiches here with a relaxed vibe and a lot of outdoor seating. It’s the perfect spot for a rest.

visit gotland english

Gotland, Sweden (ISO 100, 24 mm, f /4, 1/800 s)

Being on an island, of course you can have your pick of beaches to see. We went to a few of them but two really stood out to us. The first is Sudersand Beach , one of the longest on Gotland and considered to be the most beautiful (your opinion may vary). There is a large camping site here along with kiosks and restaurants, bars, and cafe. What I remember the most was just how soft the sand was, not to mention how the beach was positioned with respect to the sun. You get sunlight ALL day.


I will never shy away from seeing a lighthouse wherever I am at. I like what they represented back in the day, their history, and how each one can be so visually different despite the same overall shape. Fårö Lighthouse is located on the easternmost tip of the island, built after complaints that Gotland had too few lighthouses in the 19th century. Over the decades, its light source has been changed from oil to paraffin to electric.

visit gotland english

Fårö Lighthouse, Fårö, Sweden (ISO 400, 35 mm, f /4, 1/6400 s)

Just north of Digerhuvud is the remnants of an old fishing village, which are common in this part of Sweden. Helgumannen’s Fishing Village was used to fish herring back in the day. It sits amidst the most barren of beach landscapes but is still well intact, though abandoned. Here you can take a picnic admiring the houses that were built according to old traditions, all 15 of them. The preservation of these homes and the boating and mechanical equipment is impressive. This is a great place to stop at to explore.

visit gotland english

Fårö Lighthouse, Fårö, Sweden (ISO 100, 24 mm, f /4, 1/1250 s)

We started off by driving towards Digerhuvud . This is a nature reserve that is protected as a natural monument, since 1930. It is composed of a 3.5 km stretch of beach containing a few rauks that Gotland is known for. Rauks are made up of stone and are column-like features that are found in Scandinavia. You can find them along the rocky coastline of Fårö. They can often be as tall as 8 meters. Climbers beware, it’s best to not climb on them due to how old they are and the cultural significance they have.

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Visby, Gotland, Sweden (ISO 400, 73 mm, f /4, 1/2000 s)

Visby ( Blog Post: A Closer Look at the Hanseatic Town of Visby in Gotland, Sweden )

St. görans ruin (st. george) is the site of a former medieval hospital church outside the city wall. because the church was made to serve those who had leprosy, it was built outside the ring wall of visby. dating way back to the 13th century, it was built on the site of another church that was erected a century before. unfortunately, you can only see the ruin from the outside as it is closed to visitors..


Visby Cathedral , also known as Visby Saint Mary's Cathedral ( Visby S:ta Maria domkyrka ) is a cathedral and seat of the Bishop of Visby . You can’t miss it as it occupies a space in the center of Visby. Construction was started in the 13th century, originally as a wooden church, then replaced with stone…then expanded during the Middle Ages. Its transformation continued throughout the centuries, even while Sweden was under Danish rule. It has always been under Swedish rule however from the year 1645.

The best part about this church is not just how nice it is inside, it is all the unique vantage points you can get within the city walls of the structure. a lot of the places are very popular but there are some passages that only locals know about for such views. make your way to the side road norderklint , just beyond the kramhållplats, and you will usually find few people in this area of visby..

2 - 1.jpeg

The St. Nicolai Ruin was named after the patron saint of sailors, built around 1220 AD. Originally built for Germans, a fire destroyed it shortly after its construction and Dominican friars reconstructed it thereafter. Like many ruins that are located within Visby, this one is also has a long and storied history.

2 - 13.jpeg

The Visby Town Wall is perhaps the most famous and obvious attraction in Visby. This wall was built as a defensive wall in the Middle Ages. Due to how well preserved it is (the best in all of Scandinavia), it is deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Two periods of construction were performed on the wall in the 13th and 14th centuries with a length of 3.6 km total. surprisingly today, 3.4 km of the wall is still standing as well as a number of homes from that era as well. this wall construction was considered unusual back in that time because this practice of building city walls in the nordics were typically not done, illustrating the importance visby was at that time..

  St. Karin Ruin, Visby, Sweden   (ISO 400, 45 mm,  f /4, 1/3200 s)

St. Karin Ruin, Visby, Sweden (ISO 400, 45 mm, f /4, 1/3200 s)

  St. Karin Ruin, Visby, Sweden (ISO 400, 24 mm,  f /4, 1/4000 s)

St. Karin Ruin, Visby, Sweden (ISO 400, 24 mm, f /4, 1/4000 s)

  St. Karin Ruin, Visby, Sweden   (ISO 400, 45 mm,  f /4, 1/3200 s)

There are PLENTY of different towers and gates within the Visby city walls that have certain significance. Google would provide a much better resource than I could in discussing all of them. But one such gate of particular importance has to be Snäckgärdsporten otherwise known as the West Gate . This tower is one of the oldest in the entire wall and protected against assault actions, for example with battering rams.

visit gotland english

Almedalen is the week whereby all Swedish politicians descend upon Visby. It is also the name of a park, centrally located within Visby. It was the site of the city harbor back in Medieval times, however these days the park is a popular green space for locals and tourists alike.

  Stora Torget, Visby, Sweden (ISO 400, 24 mm,  f /4, 1/5000 s)

Stora Torget, Visby, Sweden (ISO 400, 24 mm, f /4, 1/5000 s)

  Stora Torget, Visby, Sweden (ISO 400, 47 mm,  f /4, 1/6400 s)

Stora Torget, Visby, Sweden (ISO 400, 47 mm, f /4, 1/6400 s)

  Stora Torget, Visby, Sweden (ISO 400, 45 mm,  f /4, 1/5000 s)

Stora Torget, Visby, Sweden (ISO 400, 45 mm, f /4, 1/5000 s)

  Stora Torget, Visby, Sweden (ISO 400, 24 mm,  f /4, 1/5000 s)

Botaniska Strand is a set of linked gardens that run along the beach in Visby. They have been protected by the ring wall from the harsh conditions of the Baltic Sea. The amount of vegetation and flora and fauna here is quite striking, especially for this part of Sweden.

2 - 22.jpeg

Stora torget , or city square, is as the name would suggest, where all the magic happens. The square is packed with vendor stalls selling food and crafts, which are flanked on all sides by old medieval buildings serving as cafes and restaurants in the city square. If you’re like me, you will find roasted almonds here by just following your nose. Nothing better than warm sugary almonds at any time of day (my philosophy).

Whether you eat something here or buy anything or not, it’s just a gorgeous place to take a stroll and to really appreciate the atmosphere that this walled city provides., located right next to stora torget is st. karin ruin . to my knowledge, this is the most popular ruin within visby, due to its central location and ‘great’ condition (a bit of an oxymoron). it was built in 1233, its shape consistent with a single-nave church with tall, round-arched windows. i really liked how the stone archways were still standing, providing you the imagery for how the church stood back in its halcyon days. interestingly enough, the church was never really finished either..

visit gotland english

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Getting to and around Gotland – ferry, flight & bus

Your trip to Gotland starts by crossing the Baltic Sea. The usual ways to arrive on Gotland are by sea or air. The sea crossing on a Destination Gotland modern and comfortable ferry takes just over three hours. Various airlines also fly to Gotland. Once you arrive on Gotland, you can use the local bus services.

visit gotland english

Ferry to and from Gotland

From the mainland ports of Oskarshamn and Nynäshamn there are daily crossings to Visby by modern and comfortable ferry. The crossing takes just over three hours. On board, you can choose different seating options and eat and drink in various cafés and restaurants. Naturally, pets are welcome on board in the animal salons or animal compartments on the ferry.

The easiest way to book your trip is at destinationgotland.se or by calling our booking office +46 (0)771 22 33 00.

For more information on bus and train services on Gotland click här :

Flights to and from Gotland

Visby Airport is 3.5 km from the centre of Visby. There are daily flights between Visby and Stockholm, plus other destinations. The flight from Stockholm to Visby takes about 35 minutes. For the latest travel information about which options are available go to the Swedavia website.

Bus services on Gotland

There are a number of bus routes on Gotland. For more information download the app Gotland public transport , or buy tickets at  www.gotlandbiljett.se . The app and website both have a travel planner and timetables. The app  Gotland public transport  is available to download for both iOS and Android.

Routes North - Nordic travel guide

Why you should visit Gotland, Sweden’s holiday island

It’s summer and that means many Swedes will head off to the country’s largest island and one of its most popular holiday destinations, the island of Gotland in the Batic Sea.

The medieval town of Visby is a highlight of Gotland, Sweden

South of Stockholm, between Sweden and Lativa, it’s a pretty place with sandy beaches, rural scenery and a lively vibe in summer, when it attracts young Swedes from all over the country on holiday.

Is Gotland worth visiting?

Yes, it most certainly is. Swedes flock here in the summer – and for good reason. Its main settlement is the medieval UNESCO-protected town of Visby, with its fascinating Viking-era history, and some great cafés and restaurants.

The rest of the island has plenty to explore too, from underground caves to sandy beaches, pretty countryside and forests to freshwater lagoons for swimming.

What does Gotland mean?

Gotland means literally Homeland of the Goths, who settled here and in several neighbouring islands as far back as the Stone Age.

The island became a major trading centre in the sixth century under the Vikings, then became wealthier still in the twelth century when Visby became one of the most important citites of the Hanseatic League.

The limestone rock stacks of Långhammars are a great reason to visit Gotland

How big is Gotland?

At 180km long and 52km wide, Gotland is Sweden’s largest island.

It’s pretty flat, so a great way to explore it is by bike. Once out of Visby, there are plenty of small winding rural roads and tracks that are perfect for cycling – and if you’re feeling particularly energetic, you can tackle the Gotslandleden, a 500km cycle path that circumnavigates the entire island from Fårö in the north to the southern tip.

What should I visit in Gotland?

The picturesque town of Visby is one of Scandinavia’s best-preserved medieval settlements, with a warren of cobbled alleyways, timbered buildings and pastel cottages.

It’s well worth doing the 3.5km walk round the well-preserved Ringmuren, the thirteenth-century towns walls and ramparts that surround the town centre.

The beautiful town of Visby is one of Gotland's highlights

And to really get an idea of the island’s wealth in Viking times, drop in to the Gotlands Fornsal Museum , and marvel at the world’s largest hoard of Viking silver, found in a field in Gotland in 1999.

More natural highlights include the vast Lummelundagrottan cave, with its stalactites and stalagmites; the limestone rock stacks of Långhammars, off the island of Fårö at Gotland’s northern tip. Also worth trying is Den Blå Lagunen (the Blue Lagoon), a former stone quarry, which offers a lovely lake with crystal clear water for swimming.

How many days do I need in Gotland?

You can easily see Gotland’s sights in three days – one day for Visby; one for the caves and the northern island of Fårö; and one to explore the south of island.

But, part of the joy of visiting Gotland is to take things slowly, meander around the country lanes by bike, chill out on the beaches and stroll through orchards and woods – so if you can spare a week, you’ll really appreciate the relaxed vibe of the island.

There are plenty of beaches and hikes on the lovely island of Gotland

What is the best time to visit Gotland?

Summer, of course, has the best weather and the warmest water for swimming, but it’s also the busiest time of the year.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the influx of young Swedes gives the island a youthful, buzzing vibe and makes it a fun place to hang out.

You may want to avoid week 29 (late July) though, known as “Stockholm Week”, when Visby is overrun by wealthy kids from the capital who party hard all week.

The beach clubs Kallis and the Tofta Resort are the epicentre of the action, with rich kids overspending and even pouring champagne onto the floor (yes, really).

The second week of August is busy too, when Medieval Week brings music, street stalls, dancing, jousting, fire-juggling, processions and plenty of dressing up in Medieval clothing to the island.

If you’d rather see the island at a quieter time, May and September can still see decent weather and are altogether more peaceful; accommodation is cheaper then too.

How do I get to Gotland?

There are two ways of getting to Gotland: by plane or by ferry. It’s a 30–40 minute flight from Stockholm to the island’s airport, 4km south of Visby: both SAS and Norwegian fly the route.

visit gotland english

However, most people arrive by ferry, which docks in the centre of Visby and is operated year-round by  Destination Gotland .

There are two ferry routes, both of which take 3–3hr 30min: one leaves from Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm, and one from Oskarshamn, in Småland on the east coast.

Where can I stay on Gotland?

There are plenty of accommodation options on Gotland, from converted manors in the country to beachside cabins and town-centre hostels.

Camping is hugely popular – on the outskirts of Visby, but right by the beach, the Visby Stranby campsite has glamorous glamping tents, sea-view cabins and cottages to rent, plus grassy pitches for tents and camper vans.

Or try the Liste Gård guest house , a converted barn in the middle of the countryside surrounded by beautiful gardens with a huge hot tub and bikes to rent.

There are some great places to stay on Gotland

If you want to be in the heart of the action, the Boende Visby has comfortable apartments with their own cooking facilities above a restaurant on a cobbled street in the old town.

Alternatively, you might find it cheaper to book a package ( paketresa ) with Destination Gotland , which includes accommodation (from camping to cottages or luxury hotels) plus ferry.

See also: The best Swedish islands: our top 12 Camping in Sweden: the ultimate guide The best places to visit in Sweden

Amanda Tomlin

Where to play golf in Sweden


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Gotland is a beautiful, richly historic island, sometimes called the Pearl of the Baltic. It is the largest of Sweden's thousands of islands, a smooth, green plateau surrounded by limestone cliffs. About 57,000 Gotlanders live here, but every year more than 750,000 visitors arrive, about 90% of them Swedes. Its first-rate restaurants all serve modern Scandinavian cuisine alongside traditional local dishes; and cafés match anything in Stockholm for trendiness. Gotland has also lured scores of painters, potters, designers, weavers, sculptors, cabinetmakers and glass-blowers from the mainland.

Where to eat out in Gotland

Although many of Gotland's restaurants close the minute summer season ends, the better ones usually stay open. BAKFICKAN Stora Torget 1 (00 46 498 271807). For dinner in Visby, Bakfickan has the island's best seafood and is packed most nights. BO NILSSON'S SMOKERY It's well worth driving north for a fish lunch at Bo Nilsson's smokery near Fabriken Furillen. Follow the signs to Lergrav, then look for the sheds by the water. DONNERS BRUNN Donners Plats 3 (00 46 498 271090; www.donnersbrunn.nu ). Close to the Clarion Hotel Wisby, this is reportedly a favourite with the Swedish royal family.


Bunge Bungenäs, Fårösund, Gotland, Sweden (00 46 498 22 12 40; www.pontusfrithiof.com ). Pontus Frithiof, one of Sweden's best-known chefs, has two Stockholm restaurants and this small, summer-only venue on the northern edge of Gotland. It is surrounded by defensive metal spikes that date from the Crimean War; inside, the rooms are simple but the food is extraordinary and choosing what to eat is easy: Gotland lamb, of course. Read more in our story about Swedish gourmet inns here

GAMLA MASTERS Södra Kyrkogatan 10 (00 46 498 216655; www.gamlamasters.com ). A reliable choice. SKAFFERIET Adelsgatan 38 (00 46 498 214597). For lunch or a fika - the Swedish equivalent of elevenses, but not so time-specific - this 18th-century café is the most enchanting in town. SYLVIS DÖTTRAR Fårö (00 46 498 223835). Open June to September. Don't miss this café that looks unremarkable but attracts hordes of locals hungry for its buns flavoured with cinammon, cardamom and vanilla. VINÄGER Hästgatan 3 (00 46 498 211160). Vinager is the most stylish, particularly if you eat alfresco in the courtyard. WALLERS KROG Wallers Plats 2 (00 46 498 249988; www.wallerskrog.com ). A reliable choice.

What to see in Gotland

A perfect white crescent beach, washed by clear water. Most visitors come here to see the raukar , naturally occurring pillars of limestone that resemble the Easter Island statues. They are found on both islands, but the most dramatic examples are on a rocky beach on Fårö's west coast.

Visby is small and strollable, with cobbled streets, rose-smothered houses and an enchanting botanical garden. There are 10 beautiful ruined churches dating from the Middle Ages. St Nikolai regularly hosts concerts. In the countryside outside Gotland you will find a crumbling windmill in a field of poppies; the ruined cloisters at Roma where Shakespeare's plays are staged every year, and Sundre Kastal, a 12th-century tower with panoramic views over southern Gotland.

How to get to Gotland

AIRPORT The nearest international airport is at Stockholm, from where you can fly to Visby. AIRLINES FROM THE UK SAS Scandinavian Airlines ( www.flysas.com ) flies from various airports in the UK to Stockholm every day. British Airways (0870 850 9850; www.ba.com ) flies there from Heathrow, and Ryanair (0871 246 0000; www.ryanair.com ) from Stansted. You can fly from Stockholm to Visby with Skyways (0870 60 727727; www.skyways.se ) or Gotlandsflyg (00 46 498 222222; www.gotlandsfly ). The ferry company Destination Gotland (00 46 771 223300; www.destinationgotland.com ) sails from just outside Stockholm to Visby harbour.

Tour operator details for Gotland

Best Served Holidays (020 3119 3022; [www. bestservedholidays.co.uk](http://www. bestservedholidays.co.uk)) organises tours and tailor-made trips to many Scandinavian destinations, including Gotland. Bespoke itineraries are also arranged by Scandinavian Holidays (0118 931 4196; www.scandinavianholidays.org.uk ) and Scantours (020 7554 3530; www.scantours.co.uk ).

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Tre personer promenerar på Fiskargränd i Visby

Explore Visby in 4 hours

In a hurry? It is actually possible to experience at least the main attractions in Visby in just a few hours. The city may have been a medieval metropolis, or Medieval Manhattan as it is sometimes called, but it’s still a relatively small city that is easy to grasp. This guide will take you to some of the most basic sights in Visby, but do not worry. The range of attractions is huge and you will discover countless things along the way.

Snö i Almedalen

Almedalen is and has long been a meeting place in Visby. Once this place was the city’s port. Today, the lush park is a nice relaxing place to spend some time in.

Det medeltida stenhuset Gamla apoteket i vintersol.


Strandgatan dates to the Viking Age. It was also medieval Visby´s main street. Merchants’ warehouses stood side by side along the street with the Old Pharmacy being a well-preserved example.

Modell över Hansestaden Visby på Fornsalen

Gotlands Museum and Fornsalen

At Gotland Museum you can see the unique picture stones, gold and silver treasures, authentic medieval interiors among a lot of other things. 8000 years of rich history from Stone age, Viking Age, the Middle Ages until present times. Exhibitions reflect the cultural history of Gotland.

kruttornet i snö

Kruttornet-The Powder Tower

The Powder Tower is the oldest tower in the city wall and built in the 1100s. It provided protection for the harbour during the Middle Ages when Almedalen was a harbour. The tower was named Powder Tower in the 18th century when the Swedish state stored gunpowder in the tower.

Fiskargränd i Visby med rosor och domkyrkan


Visby has plenty of narrow and cozy alleys, Fiskargränd, with its roses, is the most famous of them and one of the most photographed places in Visby.

Lusthuset i Visbys botaniska trädgård i sommargrönska.

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was founded in 1855 and has since been a popular oasis in Visby. Here you’ll find many unusual plants, for example, fig tree, mulberry tree and also a large selection of roses, some of the roses even bloom well into late autumn. The garden is open all year round. No entrance fee.

Utsikt över ringmuren från Väktargången


Through the reconstracted rampart walk you can climb a tower of the wall and get a nice view.

S:t Nicolai kyrkoruin

St. Nicolai church ruin

In the year 1226 the Dominican friars also known as the black friars came to Visby and St Nicholas church. The Dominican monks stayed in Visby until 1525 when the church and convent was burnt down during a German attack against the city.

Visby ringmur och dalmanstornet på försommaren

The medieval city wall

Visby town wall is about 3.5 km long and is the best preserved town wall in northern Europe. The wall is about 11m high, built in different stages, it was completed in 1288.

Utsikt över Hansestaden Visby från Klinten.

Klinten & Kyrkberget

If you walk up the steps next to the St Maria Cathedral, you will have a stunning view over Visby and the Baltic sea from “Kyrkberget”. Klinten, meaning the cliff, on which small cottages were built for the poorer population in the late 1700s is today a well preserved area under heritage protection.

Visby domkyrka

Sankta Maria cathedral

Visby’s beautiful cathedral is both a place of worship and a cultural treasure. The construction of the cathedral began in the late 12th century, funded by the fees paid by German ships using the port of Visby. Since 1572 it has been the Diocesan church of Visby, and in 2003 it also became the cathedral abroad for the Church of Sweden.

kyrkoruinen Sankta Karin på Stora torget i Visby

Stora Torget & St. Karin church ruin

Stora torget is the main square where you find restaurants and bars. S:ta Karin is an impressive church ruin with high arches. The church and convent was founded in 1233 by the Franciscans. Nowadays.

Affärsgatan Adelsgatan i Visby

Visby has a large selection of shops, you find most of them at Adelsgatan, Hästgatan, S:t Hansgatan and Östercentrum.

visit gotland english

Eat & Drink

Visby has more restaurants per head of population than anywhere else in Sweden. In other words if you love food and drink you´ve come to the right place! Flavours from all around the world blend with local ingredients in trendy eateries and cosy, atmospheric dining rooms. A popular dessert is saffron pancake with whipped cream and dewberry jam (salmbärssylt). Most restaurants are located at Donners Plats, Strandgatan, Hästgatan, Wallérs Plats and Stora Torget.

visit gotland english

Green areas around Visby

visit gotland english

Christmas in Visby

visit gotland english

The Medieval Week

visit gotland english

Top 10 attractions

visit gotland english

Gotland - The island of a hundred churches

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When Is the Best Time to Visit London?

By Sarah James

St James Park London

The English capital is one of the most touristed cities anywhere in the world, with nearly 19 million arrivals in 2023—but when is the best time to visit London? While many choose to travel here during the summer to make the most of the many of the destination's parks, rooftop bars, and outdoor activities, all four seasons have something unique to offer for the traveler heading to London . Below, we break down when to visit for the best weather, the best rates, and more.

A version of this article originally appeared on Condé Nast Traveller UK .

When is the best time to visit London?

When you choose to come to London really depends on what you’re looking for during your trip. If you’re hoping for good weather, a visit during the summer ( June , July, or August) means you’re more likely to see sunny and warm days. (That said, remember that this is Britain : Rain or cooler days are possible even during months that might be more traditionally sunny elsewhere.)

If you want to see the city at its most sparkly and magical, the best time to visit London is during the festive period, between late November and the end of December . The autumnal months of September and October bring with them gorgeous leaves, Sunday roasts, and cozy pubs. Whereas spring is the season for nature lovers as blossoms and wisteria begin to flower across the city.

Is there a rainy season in London?

There’s certainly a rainy “season” in London, but not in the same way as they do in tropical climes . The city sees rain throughout all four seasons, but the months with the most average amount of rainfall are November (66.63mm), October (65.07mm), and December (57.05mm), according to Met Office data. January has the most days of rainfall, with 11.53 days on average.

Blossoming wisteria tree covering up a facade of a house in Notting Hill London

Spring is the season for nature lovers to visit London as blossoms and wisteria begin to flower across the city.

What is the warmest month in London?

According to Met Office data collected between 1991–2020, July is the warmest month in London with an average temperature of 23.89 degrees Celsius (or about 75 degrees Fahrenheit). August is not that far behind, with an average temperature of 23.40 degrees Celsius (although August has considerably more rain than July on average).

Which month has the most hours of sunshine in London?

July is the sunniest month in London, according to Met Office Data, followed by June, then May, then August.

When is the cheapest time to visit London?

Although London remains busy with tourists all year, January and February are historically the quietest months in the capital and, therefore, can offer the best opportunities to save money and to bag deals. Avoid the February half term (a period of school holidays), the exact dates of which change annually.

View of a colourful decorated festive Christmas decoration and holiday lights at night in Oxford Circus in Central...

January and February are historically the quietest months in London, when you get the best chances to save money and score deals.

When should you visit London for Christmas activities?

If you’re looking to visit London during the festive period, you’ll want to time your trip when the Christmas lights have begun to sparkle, holiday markets have opened, and fun events are taking place. Most big light displays—such as those on Oxford and Regent Street—happen in the second week of November, while Christmas markets kick off toward the end of the month. We’d recommend timing your visit toward the end of November or the beginning of December to get the best of London’s festivities without the busiest crowds.

When is the best time to avoid the crowds in London?

Speaking of crowds, London can be very busy with tourists during peak travel times. If you’d rather plan a more peaceful visit, consider traveling during the week (as in, not the weekends) and outside of school holidays (in the UK, these take place at Easter and during the end of July through to the beginning of September, with shorter school term breaks in February, May, and October).


The Peninsula, London

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Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle

Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle (2024)

Despite a strong field, Karasuno High volleyball team advances past preliminary round of Harutaka tournament in Miyagi prefecture to reach the third round. Despite a strong field, Karasuno High volleyball team advances past preliminary round of Harutaka tournament in Miyagi prefecture to reach the third round. Despite a strong field, Karasuno High volleyball team advances past preliminary round of Harutaka tournament in Miyagi prefecture to reach the third round.

  • Susumu Mitsunaka
  • Haruichi Furudate
  • Ayumu Murase
  • Kaito Ishikawa
  • 4 User reviews

Official Trailer

  • Shôyô Hinata
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  • Tetsurô Kuroo

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Satoshi Hino

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  • Nobuyuki Kai

Yoshimasa Hosoya

  • Asahi Azumane

Miyu Irino

  • Kôshi Sugawara

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  1. Home

    Beer in the heart of Visby. Gotlands Bryggeri is located in the heart of Visby on S:t Hansgatan, and its creative thinking and bubbling ideas have helped shape how craft beers are viewed throughout Sweden. With its two copper stills and three brewmasters, 22 different beers are produced and they also brew five to seven new beers during the year.

  2. Gotland has stunning nature and remarkable medieval history

    Wrapping around the centuries-old centre, 'ringmuren' (The Visby City Wall) - complete with towers and gates - was built between 1250 and 1288 and stretches across 3.5 kilometres. Visit our Visby destination page for more travel tips. For Viking enthusiasts, Gotland is something extra. The island is dotted with burial grounds from the ...

  3. Top 10 things to do on Gotland

    Fornsalen (The Historical Museum) On Strandgatan in Visby city centre you can visit Gotlands Fornsal - the island's oldest cultural history museum. Here you can view historical objects such as Gotland's picture stones and the Spillings Hoard. The museum's knowledgeable guides will walk you through Gotland's history.

  4. Visby

    The Gotland Museum's Fornsalen (Hall of Antiquities) contains a number of archaeological finds dating back to Viking times and the museum's Treasury boasts the largest silver treasure in Europe - 67 kilos of bangles, bracelets and 14,000 coins. A visit here will help put the town's long and fascinating history into perspective.

  5. In English

    Welcome to Gotland.com! This webpage is mainly in Swedish, but can be translated through pressing "Select Language" in the top menu. However, below we present to you some of our guides and articles written in English. If you have questions please contact the Gotland Tourist Information Centre [email protected] , +46 498 20 17 00, [email protected].

  6. Plan your stay

    The Gotland countryside has plenty of hidden treasures. Keep your eyes peeled on the winding country roads for signs advertising flea markets, farm shops and other local delights. The people of Gotland are very proud of where they live and work and help ensure the island has such a vibrant feel in both town and countryside.

  7. Gotland Tourism

    Beverages: Visit one of the local breweries, such as Gotlands Brewery, to taste the island's unique beer varieties, or try some of Gotland's own wines and ciders. Gotland offers a range of experiences for all types of tourists, from history enthusiasts and nature lovers to adventure-seekers and families.

  8. Gotland travel

    Gotland. Sweden, Europe. Situated off Sweden's southeastern coast, Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea (2994 sq km in diameter). It is also one of the country's most beautiful destinations, its tranquil, sparsely populated landscapes almost haunting in their beauty. Archaeological finds attest to a human history that predates the ...

  9. The complete guide for exploring the Swedish island of Gotland

    The history of Gotland comes alive when you visit one of the 92 medieval churches that are scattered throughout the island. In Klintehamn you can admire the true beauty of archeology. Go back in time and visit the Gotland museum in the capital. The museum houses many stained glass windows, wooden statues and runic cities.

  10. Top 10 attractions on Gotland

    Ekstakusten. The Eksta coast nature reserve stretches from Djupvik to Hammarudden. This is a beautiful stretch of coastline on Gotland, with a view of the two small islands Karlsöarna. The two fishing villages Djupvik and Kronvall, both part of the Gotland fishing tradition are situated in this area. Ekstakusten.

  11. Book the ferry to Gotland with us

    Destination Gotland is part of Gotland's community and provides safe and secure travel the year around. Everyone who travels to and from Gotland is also on a journey towards climate-neutral ferry service. Book the boat to Gotland from Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn, hotels in Visby, cottages, seaside camping, family activities and much more.

  12. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Gotland

    Gotlands Museum. Great history about all ages of Visby in particular which was great. 4. Högklint Naturreservat. Nice coastal views north to Visby and south along the Gotland coast. Highly recommended. 5. Langhammars Sea Stack Field. Its a very unique place with the reef of rauks.

  13. A Guide to Gotland, a Rural Paradise Off the Swedish Coast

    Gotland Fornsalen. The Gotland Museum comprises seven different structures scattered throughout Visby, but its main building, Fornsalen (housed in a former 18th-century distillery) is dedicated to ...

  14. A Guide to the Swedish island of Gotland

    Its extensive shoreline and warmer climate (compared to the rest of Sweden), along with its long medieval history and intact walled city at Visby, easily made it one of my favorite places to see in Sweden. The population of Gotland is roughly, 57,000, with about 40% living in the county capital of Visby.

  15. Best Things to Do in Gotland: Top 12 Attractions to Visit

    Lummelunda Cave: If time permits, visit the Lummelunda Cave, one of the largest caves in Sweden. Southern Gotland (Day 3) Hoburgen: Visit the southernmost point of Gotland, known for its rauk formations. Botanical Gardens in St. Olof: Explore the gardens and enjoy the serene environment.

  16. Getting to and around Gotland

    Flights to and from Gotland. Visby Airport is 3.5 km from the centre of Visby. There are daily flights between Visby and Stockholm, plus other destinations. The flight from Stockholm to Visby takes about 35 minutes. For the latest travel information about which options are available go to the Swedavia website.

  17. Why you should visit Gotland, Sweden's holiday island

    At 180km long and 52km wide, Gotland is Sweden's largest island. It's pretty flat, so a great way to explore it is by bike. Once out of Visby, there are plenty of small winding rural roads and tracks that are perfect for cycling - and if you're feeling particularly energetic, you can tackle the Gotslandleden, a 500km cycle path that ...

  18. Free travel guide to Gotland, Sweden

    11 November 2009. PR. Gotland is a beautiful, richly historic island, sometimes called the Pearl of the Baltic. It is the largest of Sweden's thousands of islands, a smooth, green plateau surrounded by limestone cliffs. About 57,000 Gotlanders live here, but every year more than 750,000 visitors arrive, about 90% of them Swedes.

  19. Visby in 4 hours

    Visby's beautiful cathedral is both a place of worship and a cultural treasure. The construction of the cathedral began in the late 12th century, funded by the fees paid by German ships using the port of Visby. Since 1572 it has been the Diocesan church of Visby, and in 2003 it also became the cathedral abroad for the Church of Sweden.

  20. Destination Gotland

    Visby, built in 2019, as Visborg in Stockholm on 23 March 2019. Visborg, built in 2000, as Visby in 2008. Visby, built in 1980 in Nynashamn on 5 May 2002.. Destination Gotland is a Swedish ferry-line that runs state-subsidised domestic ferries from Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn to Visby on the island of Gotland.It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rederi AB Gotland.

  21. Intensive English Program

    The Intensive English Program is designed for college students who want to improve their English for academic purposes. This program will help you develop the skills, fluency, and confidence you need to communicate effectively in English. ... please visit our Tuition and Fees page. All tuition and fees, including room and meal charges, must be ...

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    Watch A Condition Called Love (English Dub) Our First Shrine Visit, on Crunchyroll. Hotaru is still puzzling out her feelings, but she has an eye-opening moment when she and Hananoi-kun reunite ...

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