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GIVE | Travel with Purpose

  • Apply to GIVE
  • All Trips, Packages & Pricing
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  • Southeast Asia (Thailand I Laos)
  • USA: Hawaii
  • USA: Pacific Northwest
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Travel with Purpose

Our immersive, all-inclusive, award-winning trips engage you in authentic cultural experiences, meaningful volunteer projects, and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Discover the world and find your purpose in it with GIVE.

Our immersive, all-inclusive trips engage you in authentic cultural experiences, meaningful volunteer projects, and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Discover the world and find your purpose in it with GIVE.

Transformative & Immersive Travel Experience

Locally led & sustainably operated, all-inclusive itineraries & 360° support, transformative & immersive travel, locally led & socially responsible, 360° support & all-inclusive itineraries.

  Meaningful travel With GivE

You deserve to  find your purpose . You’re eager to explore the world and have a positive impact . But how? Our all-inclusive trips engage you in meaningful volunteer projects, authentic cultural immersion, and epic adventures so you can discover the world and find your purpose in it.

Our award-winning trips will transform your life, igniting new passions and inspiring incredible personal growth.  Work hard, play hard  alongside local people on locally-led projects, immerse yourself in new cultures , build lifelong friendships , and  become a global citizen  with GIVE.

volunteer travel jobs

  The impact you’ll make

  empowering communities from the ground up.

Work alongside community members on sustainable projects that drive lasting change — education, eco-friendly infrastructure, regenerative agriculture, women’s empowerment, reforestation and wildlife conservation projects.

volunteer travel jobs

  Recent Awards 

volunteer travel jobs

“GIVE changed my entire life. From the very first day of reaching the island of Zanzibar, I saw the world in a different light. The cliche expectations of serving others and volunteering were achieved but I had no idea that I would experience the best 2 weeks of my life. Giving is a lot more than monetary handouts. If you want to change the world, go and get your hands a little dirty. But trust me when I say that the locals will help you more than you could ever help them. Don’t sit and wonder what it’s like or ask others what it’s like. Go. Go and give your time and effort with the best organization you could find.” – Chase, Tanzania.

Learn more about our Tanzania trip.

volunteer travel jobs

“There is no other tour. Regular tourists go to touristy locations and crowded spaces full of people vacationing. This trip gives you the opportunity to be in remote villages that no other tourist will experience. You’re surrounded by Thai culture and learn some of the language. If you want to be immersed and experience Thailand with strangers that become best friends, I recommend GIVE. ” – Daija, Thailand

Learn more about our Thailand trip.

volunteer travel jobs

“ Do it . It is the best thing that you will ever do. The people you meet, the friendships that feel like family, and the difference you are making. If you are ever traveling whilst volunteering I’d go with GIVE a million times over because of their morals and ethics towards how to go about working with these communities.” -Erin, Laos

Learn more about our Laos trip.

volunteer travel jobs

“I have never been so affected by a trip or a group of people in my life. GIVE has offered me the chance to grow as a person and help others who I believe are deserving of every possible opportunity I have, and they have given me more than I thought I would receive. They have given me a new family, a new home, and a new mission and passion in life… I have learned more about myself and who I am. I now am part of a community that will forever be connected worldwide…I have been abroad before and have done volunteer work in the past but nothing compares to this trip and these people” – Alexandra, Nicaragua

Learn more about our Nicaragua trip.

volunteer travel jobs

“This trip was a life changing experience to have. You get to immerse yourself in the culture and learn something new every minute you’re there. You get to meet locals and natives of Hawai’i and learn their stories and ancestry lineage and work with them in helping with bringing back their culture. Wither by helping on sustainable farms or cleaning up on beach sides, you get to become connected to the land and the people you’re helping. You also get to meet new people from around the world and hear about why they are also there to help and what their own stories are as well. It is an eye opening and life changing experience and it is worth the time and effort that is put into getting on the trip” – Hailey, Hawai’i

Learn more about our Hawai’i trip.

volunteer travel jobs

“I learned, experienced and grew so much on this trip. I signed up because I was excited about elephants and scuba diving, but the reasons I’ll definitely go on another GIVE trip is the connections I made and the growth I experienced.” – Dan, Thailand Scuba

Learn more about our Scuba Conservation trip.

volunteer travel jobs

“Spending a week learning about elephants through their mahout was incredible! We were able to see a bond between the two and learn all about the beauty and intelligence of Asian elephants. Visiting the sanctuaries and trekking through the jungle was so cool and I made lifelong friends!” – Ava, Elephant Experience

Learn more about our Elephant Experience trip.

volunteer travel jobs

“This was such a unique experience that allowed me to learn more about conservation and the importance of mindfulness about the land that we live on. I was able to learn more about the Snoqualmie tribe while responsibly working and recreating in their landscape. The people I’ve met are so special and as passionate as I am! The volunteer work and experiences that we accomplished in such a small period of time was truly inspiring and got me thinking about a career in conservation and sustainability.” – Nick, Pacific NW

Learn more about our Pacific NW trip.

volunteer travel jobs

“I completed the WILD course this past March, and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had as a student. I honestly did not think I could learn as much as I did within one week, and the course was a perfect balance of learning and fun. Not only did we get to learn in the classroom, but we would venture out into the Cascade Mountains and do real-time Wilderness First Aid scenarios, which solidified our knowledge of the topics we discussed. The lodge staff was so kind and went above and beyond to ensure we had a comfortable stay, and the fellow students I met during the course were awesome and we have stayed in-touch with one another since! Those running the course were not only great teachers, but created an inspiring, nurturing, and fun environment for each student to step into their own leadership roles.” – Haylie, WILD

Learn more about our WILD course.

volunteer travel jobs

“Costa Rica is the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to. You really get to see the entire country from the jungle to the Caribbean. I learned so much about permaculture and how to apply it to all things in life. Can’t wait for my next GIVE trip! ” – Carly, Costa Rica

Learn more about our Costa Rica trip.

and why we do what we do

  • Our Mission & Methodology

GIVE’s Mission:  To inspire growth, empower global citizens,  and ignite sustainable change worldwide .

Give’s promise: people, projects & principles above profit.

With over 10 million people volunteering abroad each year and more than a  thousand different organizations offering volunteer programs abroad, it’s no surprise that one of the most common questions we hear is, “What makes GIVE different?”  In fact, it was  this very question that inspired GIVE’s founding in 2011.  After  witnessing the good, the bad and the downright ugly sides of the volunteer  tourism industry, we ultimately determined that there is real potential for international volunteers to have positive impacts in lower-income countries, but it would require a fresh, focused approach to truly foster sustainable change. That’s why we’ve made  a   lasting commitment to put  people, projects and principles above profit.   SEE MORE

GIVE’s Family: Happy People Sail Fast

This principle is clearly manifested in both our host community members and volunteers, and it all starts with our unrivaled team of staff. The GIVE family is a concept we’ve fostered since day one, as we’ve established a clear pipeline for international staff to learn and grow over several years of experience in the field. All of our international staff started as GIVE volunteers, gained necessary certifications and skill sets during GIVE’s WILD course, went on to increase their involvement as in-country interns, and are now facilitating an unparalleled volunteer experience as GIVE Guides and Project Coordinators. We are also proud to employ local Guides and Project Coordinators in each of our destinations, who act as a critical link between our volunteers and the communities we empower. These are truly some of the most passionate, responsible and inspiring human beings on the planet! SEE MORE.

The Places You’ll explore

On our immersive, one-of-a-kind trips.

GIVE Locations

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Travel as a volunteer

Have safe and life-changing experiences by collaborating with verified hosts from our community, and make a positive impact on the world!

Why try volunteer travel?

volunteer travel jobs

  • Make a real, positive impact in the world
  • Collaborate, learn, and exchange experiences with hosts
  • Get immersed in the local culture and practice languages
  • Develop new personal and professional skills
  • Connect with locals and international travelers
  • Travel to new places affordably by saving money on lodging

What you offer

Each host will require your help for a certain number of hours per week.

Welcoming guests

  • Housekeeping
  • Party Promoter

Teaching & Sharing

  • Social Work
  • Animal Care
  • Teaching Languages
  • Teaching Sports

Hands-on activities

  • Building & Repairing
  • Painting & Decorating

Marketing & Communication

  • Social Media
  • Content Writer
  • Video Making
  • Photography
  • Web Developer

Kitchen & Bar

  • Kitchen Hand

Cultural activities

What's the average hours requested by the worldpackers hosts, the maximum hours allowed is 32 hours per week, what you get.

In exchange for your help, you get accommodation and other benefits unique to each host.

And, obviously, new friends, learning, and connections of course!

Really often

May include

What isn’t included

Who can volunteer.

volunteer travel jobs

Who are our hosts

They’re friendly people who open their doors for travelers to have a collaborative exchange. Worldpackers hosts are open to exchanging learning experiences, and foster an atmosphere of connection through mutual, responsible, sustainable help.

What thousands of Worldpackers are saying about it

volunteer travel jobs

It was so fun. I met many people, the owner Mun is so kind and care of me. I was enjoying to stay at this hostel!!!

volunteer travel jobs

Czech Republic

my stay at the centre was really lovely - people are very kind and caring and grateful for your work, you work only the hours agreed and the food is great! i got to learn about kadampa buddhism, prayers and much more! thank you for having me <3

volunteer travel jobs

The White House experience was one of a kind, I was able to volunteer in waste management, environmental education and agriculture while staying in a wonderful place in nature. The host was very welcoming and fun !

Wanna learn even more?

Watch all videos of the Academy certificate and learn everything about how the volunteering experience works, the responsibilities of all parties involved and how to make the most of it!

volunteer travel jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i travel with a friend or partner.

Sure! To do so, you need to choose the Worldpackers couples/friends plan , which allows you to apply to and confirm only two-person trips during the plan’s validity.

Can I travel as a family and/or with pets?

If you’d like to take children, minors, or animals with you, you first of all have to ask your host about the possibility. Hosts may not want to accept these travel companions because of unsuitable living situations, so a good conversation to get you on the same page will clear everything up for you.

What do I do in terms of a passport and visa?

You are responsible for all of the documents needed to enter another country and arrive at your destination, be they visas, documentation, insurance, or vaccinations, for example. As every country has different requirements, it’s a good idea to check your destination country’s embassy website . Learn more about Visas and Immigration .

Does Worldpackers offer any financial assistance?

No. Worldpackers is a community based on win-win, collaborative relationships, where exchanges are opportunities for learning, development, and cultural exchange. For our volunteer experiences, you can easily see what is and is not included on each position’s page: accommodation, meals, trips, lessons, etc. All other related logistics are the sole responsibility of the traveler.

Can hosts charge supplemental fees?

Social and ecological hosts may indeed charge a supplemental fee. This is because they are nonprofits, and can ask for a contribution from travelers during their volunteer period. To learn which hosts request these fees, all you have to do is look through a position’s description, where you will find the cost in question, if any.

Are tickets included?

Worldpackers is a platform that connects hosts and travelers to foster collaborative experiences, exclusively. All other related logistics are the sole responsibility of the traveler, such as airfare, local transportation, passports, visas, insurance, etc.

Become a member!

Have life-changing experiences. Develop new skills. Make a positive impact.

2024 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs, Organizations, & Projects


By Sarah Vandenberg


By Volunteer Forever


(New! Updated for 2024 trips)

Since 2015, Volunteer Forever has compiled the original list of best volunteer abroad programs worldwide with nearly 12 million views of our travel guides . Using our database of 1,000 international volunteer abroad organizations, 6,000 program reviews, and 13,500 fundraisers who’ve collectively raised $3 million for their trips, we have crunched the numbers to identify the top volunteer abroad opportunities. To take some of the guesswork out of choosing a program, we considered the history of each organization, number of alumni, and our twelve years of intensive work and research in the volunteer abroad world.  

Read on for our list of the top recommended volunteer abroad programs!

2024 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs

If you’ve resolved to travel and make a difference this year, there’s no shortage of amazing volunteer abroad, intern abroad, study abroad, and teach abroad programs awaiting you. All of the volunteer abroad organizations showcased below have excellent reviews from very happy participants on Volunteer Forever – on this list, you’ll see some of the many different volunteer abroad experiences you can embark on and you’ll learn how to get there.

While traveling abroad can be expensive, we feature wonderful volunteer organizations such as International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) , which are super affordable and available in over 50 different destinations , including in Bali , South Africa , Costa Rica , Peru , Fiji , Nepal , and Spain . They have supported over 130,000 travelers to volunteer abroad safely since 2007 and have an experienced team of volunteer travel experts who will ensure you are well prepared for your trip. Their top rated volunteer abroad programs and emphasis on safety are what makes IVHQ the world’s most popular choice for solo travelers, couples, families, and groups . Starting from $20USD a day, volunteers have among 330 plus projects to choose from with volunteer opportunities in Healthcare , Childcare , Teaching , Conservation , Construction , Wildlife and Animal Care , and more. Some of the most popular destinations to check out are Madagascar , Vietnam , Kenya , Cambodia , Spain , and Thailand , and they’ve recently opened new programs in Jamaica , Greece , Australia , Belize , Namibia , and Trinidad and Tobago .

If you’re interested in volunteering with animals, check out GoEco’ s numerous well-known wildlife conservation projects , which are some of the most popular in the world. If you want to work with animals in exotic locations, then GoEco’s Marine and Turtle Conservation program in the Maldives , Wildlife Animal Sanctuary in Australia , Marine Conservation in Belize , Giant Tortoise Conservation in Galapagos , or Amazon wildlife Sanctuary in Peru is worth a visit! Also, one of GoEco’s top programs in 2022 is the African Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe , where volunteers will care for injured animals from tortoises to lions. Besides wildlife conservation projects, GoEco also has medical volunteer programs in Peru , Sri Lanka , and Costa Rica ; teach English abroad in Nepal , Sri Lanka , or in Tanzania !  Some of their programs are also family friendly to make a family vacation more meaningful. In addition, they offer safe and impactful  programs specifically curated for teens , and programs that accept under 18 years old with parental consent.   Visit GoEco to start your volunteering abroad adventures!

Take an immersive volunteer abroad trip to Latin America with Maximo Nivel! They offer impactful and educational placements in Costa Rica ,  Guatemala , and  Peru . Some of Maximo Nivel’s volunteer abroad opportunities include construction ,  conservation ,  teaching English ,  working with kids , and working with  indigenous communities . You also might consider earing your certificate by enrolling in a  Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification program , which offers job-placement workshops and prepares you for ESL job placements around the world – or on the flip side, if you’re looking to learn a new language, be sure to check out Maximo Nivel’s  Spanish Immersion programs . Lastly, if you are interested in studying abroad in Costa Rica, Peru, or Guatemala, you’ll definitely want to look into Maximo Nivel’s University Abroad programs , which are excellent alternative to traditional programs due to their affordability.

Check out Volunteering Solutions ’ wide-range of affordable volunteer and intern programs worldwide in more than 26 countries. They are known for their voluntourism and professional growth their projects offer. Take a look their curated programs for the best summer volunteer programs , for medical internships abroad , or wildlife conservation projects for outdoor adventures!

Or if you’re a current or aspiring doctor, nurse dentist, or other healthcare professional, you will find a ton of medical volunteer opportunities and healthcare internships with Projects Abroad . For those interested in public health and nutrition, we strongly recommend Involvement Volunteers International , which has been providing humanitarian aid, emergency disaster relief, and international volunteer opportunities since 1989.

Lastly, if you’re interested in teaching English abroad, a high quality and educational international volunteer and work organization is International TEFL Academy (ITA) . Through International TEFL Academy, you can get paid to live abroad as a professional English teacher in a country like Spain , Thailand, or Costa Rica . The organization offers TEFL training to get you certified to teach English abroad, then provides job placement services. Teaching English with ITA is a great way to do good while earning money and traveling the world.

Ready to plan your trip? Read on!

Most Popular Guidebooks

Medical volunteer abroad programs for doctors, nurses, pre med students, cheap affordable volunteer abroad programs & low cost overseas projects, teens & high school volunteer abroad programs | under 18 mission trips, 200 volunteer abroad & study abroad scholarships & grants, dental volunteer abroad & medical mission trips | dentists & students, volunteer abroad opportunities for seniors and retirees, nursing volunteer abroad projects for students & professional nurses, short term volunteer abroad programs & mission trips (1 week & 2 weeks), long term volunteer work abroad programs & voluntary charity jobs, trending guidebooks, volunteering abroad after the coronavirus outbreak, 2024 best internships abroad: medical care, marine biology & more, volunteer in australia: animals, conservation, ranching and more, 2024 best volunteer abroad programs, organizations, & projects, international volunteer hq (ivhq).


Founded in 2007 by Dan Radcliffe, International Volunteer HQ offers over 330 affordable volunteer trips to over 50 destinations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, the USA, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. IVHQ has placed more than 130,000 volunteers around the world on projects ranging from teaching and healthcare, to wildlife conservation and construction, and more. Programs last one week to 24 weeks and start at $20USD a day. 

One of the key benefits of volunteering with IVHQ is knowing you’ll receive ongoing support from their experienced team of volunteer travel experts. If you’re looking for an immersive and impactful travel experience, IVHQ makes organizing a volunteer trip on your own schedule easy and affordable.

IVHQ Opportunities to Check Out

Volunteer in galapagos island.

IVHQ has exciting new volunteer opportunities in the Galapagos Islands. This program is great for eco volunteers with a love of conservation and protection of natural resources and habitats. Most of the volunteer experiences will be set in the small coastal town of Puerto Villamil, on the southeastern edge of Isabela Island, with its pristine white beaches. There are 6 interesting projects to choose from, with a minimum commitment of 2 weeks. Check these projects out:

  • Promote conservation and document ongoing projects in social media
  • Environmental conservation , where you will work in the National park to protect and preserve the ecosystems
  • Giant tortoise conservation , where you’ll help this endangered species at a breeding center
  • Sea turtle nest monitoring to help protect and manage the nesting season
  • Sustainable agriculture and gardening to support sustainable farming practices
  • Teaching English to the local adults and children 

As a volunteer for these projects, you are working to help protect this beautiful island’s ecosystem as well as enjoying its beautiful natural beauty and learning about its culture, animals, and people. On the weekend, there are opportunities to dive, hike an active volcano, snorkel in many of the islands’ beautiful spots, or just relax on the white sand. For more detailed information, click here ! 

Volunteer in Bali: Ubud and Lovina

Looking for a tropical island getaway where you can also help the community? Volunteer with IVHQ in Bali ! There are 9 year-round projects to choose from. Travel to the cultural center of Ubud, where you can volunteer to teach English in an afterschool project , to assist teaching in a kindergarten , to help with construction and renovation in schools and community spaces, to support turtle conservation , to improve environmental education on recycling and sustainability living, or to encourage healthcare education promoting health and wellbeing. Or head to the coastal town of Lovina, where you can lend a hand with kindergarten support and teaching, or with school and community renovation . During your free time, go snorkeling or diving, embark on a cycling or trekking tour, explore temples and waterfalls, and much more! IVHQ’s trips to Ubud and Lovina , Bali start from one week at a very affordable $385.

Volunteer in South Africa: Cape Town, Kruger National Park, and Table View

Have you always wanted to visit South Africa? If so, IVHQ has 10 year round projects for you to choose the perfect volunteer abroad opportunity! Travel to central Cape Town, Kruger National Park, or to nearby Table View and immerse yourself in South African culture while volunteering on impactful initiatives. 

In Cape Town, you can choose between childcare , teaching , animal care , sport development , or surf outreach volunteer trips . If you decide to volunteer in Table View, check out IVHQ’s Surf, Skate & Swim volunteer program , which supports students from low-income communities. Other Table View volunteering opportunities include childcare in kindergarten in low-income communities, sport development to help after-school sports programs, and the Holiday Club project , which keeps students active and engaged during their school holidays. Lastly, you can visit Kruger National Park while being a wildlife conservation volunteer. During your free time, you can explore the areas, and even take a long weekend to go on a safari or check out the Garden Route. IVHQ’s South Africa volunteer programs in Cape Town , Kruger National Park, and Table View start from only $275 for one week.

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Embark on an adventure to Costa Rica with IVHQ, where you can choose from sixteen volunteer programs in San Jose, Manuel Antonio, and beyond! Some highlight programs that you can be a part of include:

  • Childcare and working with children at daycares and schools 
  • Turtle conservation and research
  • Healthcare at clinics for disabled children or the homeless, nursing homes, and ambulance services in San Jose , Maneul Antonio
  • Construction and renovation
  • Teach English at public schools, in homes, or even at a local fire station in Manuel Antonio , in San Jose
  • Eco-agricultural conservation in the central highlands of Costa Rica
  • Special needs care for students with intellectual and physical disabilities

IVHQ also offers a Holiday Experience during Christmas and the New Year in San Jose, where you can participate in a variety of volunteer projects, including working with children and the elderly, planning celebrations for underprivileged children, and sprucing up community centers. 

During your weekends and free time, you’re invited to explore San Jose and other areas of the country, including volcanoes, rainforests, and beaches. Volunteering with IVHQ in Costa Rica starts from one week at only $445.

Volunteer in Spain

Volunteer in Barcelona with IVHQ ! Choose one of eight impactful programs to volunteer while immersing yourself in a beautiful architectural, vibrant, and cultural city with lots to do. These programs range from one week to 12 weeks, starting at $650 a week. 

Programs in Barcelona include:

  • Youth support , where you will volunteer in an afterschool center 
  • Animal care , which will have you working in a shelter for cats and dogs
  • Marine conservation , which gives you the chance to complete PADI dive certifications while helping to reduce ocean pollution
  • Special needs support , which assists people with disabilities and may include arts and crafts, physical therapy, and exercise
  • Creative technologies , where you’ll help local NGOs develop their online presence

During your stay in Barcelona, you will have the opportunity to explore the iconic architecture, museums, go shopping, relax on the beach, or visit other beautiful surrounding cities. 

IVHQ Program Review: Kaitlyn, Guatemala

I volunteered in Guatemala with IVHQ and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had ! My program cost less than half of some of the other programs I was looking at and gave me more than those programs did – from the great food at meal times, to the actual program and the pickup at the airport and lots of options for support if it was needed!! Overall IVHQ is amazing and they are definitely the organization to volunteer with !

Check out over 6,400 reviews of International Volunteer HQ here !

2019-2020 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs, Projects, and Opportunities - Volunteer Forever - GoEco Infographic

Since 2006, GoEco has offered  affordable volunteer abroad programs and internships  in over 45 countries throughout  Africa ,  Asia ,  Australasia ,  Central America ,  Europe , the  Middle East , and South America . With more than 170 different programs, GoEco is a great organization to check out if you’re looking for a variety of impactful volunteer abroad trips to choose from, from  wildlife conservation  to  teaching English . As a volunteer, you will have 24-hour support from the GoEco team, from start to finish.

Top destinations include  South Africa ,  Australia ,  Bali ,  Costa Rica ,  Thailand , and  Zimbabwe . Top activities include  wildlife and animal conservation ,  marine and coral reef conservation ,  medical and healthcare ,  community aid and development ,  teaching English , and  volunteering with children .

GoEco Opportunities to Check Out

  • Zimbabwe – African Wildlife Orphanage:  Volunteer abroad at a wildlife orphanage in Zimbabwe to care for various wild animals that have been injured or orphaned. Volunteers work closely with these animals to rehabilitate them before releasing them into a Protected Area.
  • Indonesia – Bali Sea Turtle Rescue:  Join GoEco on the beautiful island of Nusa Penida, just off the coast of Bali! Work hands-on with injured sea turtles and release the rehabilitated back into their ocean home.
  • Thailand- Hua Hin Teaching and Childcare : Teach English to children ages 6-18 years old with local teachers while immersing yourself in Thai culture. Known for being a beautiful beach destination, Hua Hin has golden beaches for swimming and snorkeling during your free time.
  • South Africa – African Wildlife Ranch: On this program, you will travel to a privately owned ranch and sanctuary in South Africa to help endangered animals, such as the white tigers, cheetahs, lemurs, and meerkats. Volunteer tasks focus on construction at the sanctuary and hands-on care.
  • Australia – Wild Animal Sanctuary:  Lend a hand at a sanctuary that provides a safe, natural home for some of Australia’s unique wildlife such as koalas and kangaroos. This sanctuary provides refuge for rehabilitated but unreleasable, injured and orphaned animals.
  • Costa Rica – Animal Rescue and Conservation:  Experience Costa Rica with this unique program! Volunteers will work closely with injured sloths, monkeys and other Costa Rican wildlife and immerse themselves into the local culture through Spanish language lessons, exploring the capital of San Jose and living with a host family.
  • Check out other varieties of Wildlife Conservation programs in Japan , South Africa , Portugal , Kenya , Thailand.
  • Other Marine Conservation programs include: Portugal , Dolphins in Italy , Whales and Shark in Mozambique , and Marine Conservation in Barcelona

GoEco Program Review

Taking this volunteer trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary project was something I had wanted to do for several years… Literally after one day of volunteering, I was already regretting only having two weeks to stay. Every day was amazing and full of incredible experiences and new people. The days flew by as we were so busy working on the farm, hanging out and making new friends, and learning about the wildlife in a very hands on manner. The staff is very helpful, friendly, and seem just as excited to be there as the volunteers. As mind-blowing as the actual project [was], the people I met were similarly incredible. It’s crazy that in just a few weeks you can develop friendships that seem like you’ve had for years. Leaving was very emotional, but still,  I can’t recommend this trip enough to anyone who is considering it or may be on the fence, seriously, do it. Having just returned home, I already miss everything that filled my days for those two weeks in South Africa.  I find myself constantly looking back at photos and in the back of my mind planning a return visit as soon as possible.  – Dave P, Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa


Maximo Nivel

2019-2020 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs, Projects, and Opportunities - Volunteer Forever - Maximo Nivel Infographic

Maximo Nivel  is Volunteer Forever’s  top-ranked volunteer abroad program  with over 250 reviews and a  perfect 5-star rating . Their projects are  very affordably priced ,  starting at just $595  (for one week) and appeal to a broad base of participants from high school students to graduate students and working professionals.

Maximo Nivel was founded in 2003 and has hosted over 25,000 participants for its  volunteer abroad ,  internship abroad ,  study abroad ,  Spanish Immersion , Teach English as a Foreign Language ( TEFL ), Semester Abroad, and High School Abroad programs. Maximo Nivel offers its projects in three countries in Latin America:  Costa Rica ,  Guatemala , and  Peru .

Whether you’re looking for a one-week adventure or a full  gap year  experience,  Maximo Nivel  is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a high-quality, affordable, and enriching experience in Latin America.

Maximo Nivel Opportunities to Check Out

Tefl – teaching english abroad.

Right now, Maximo Nivel is offering  TEFL certification courses  for travelers who want to volunteer abroad as English teachers and gain new skills abroad. You’ll start with an intensive, four-week, accredited certification course in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru ( online courses  also are available), after which you’re free to look for paid teaching abroad placements.

Maximo Nivel provides lifetime job-seeking support for their alumni, and even hires three to five graduates each month to work as teachers in their  Native English Program  in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru. There are lots of different types of teaching opportunities Maximo Nivel will help you find, including business English teaching, private tutoring, school teaching, and much more, depending on your skills and interests.

Volunteer Adventure

On this two-week  volunteer adventure , you’ll spend five days volunteering, and six days traveling in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru. A few volunteer work projects you can take on include working with kids, teaching English, construction, conservation, animal care, or medical / healthcare.

For the tour portion of your trip, you’ll go zip lining, touring on a catamaran, hiking through a national park, visiting waterfalls and volcanoes, and much more, depending on which country you decide to visit. This is an excellent opportunity to combine international community service, learning, and adventure.

Education Internship

If you’re currently studying education, secondary education, or a related field at your college or university, you are invited to take part in Maximo Nivel’s  education internship abroad . Through this placement, you’ll work alongside professional teachers to gain insight into teaching in classrooms for early childhood, elementary, middle school, and high school students. ESL-specific placements also are available.

You’re invited to stay for a minimum of four weeks and can expect to work four to six hours per day Monday through Friday each week. As an intern, you’ll have the wonderful opportunity to observe classroom instruction and management, help with planning and conducting lessons, learn about Latin American culture, and develop your teaching and leadership skills.

Micro Business Internship

Maximo Nivel also offers a  micro business internship  for students interested in subjects such as business development and management, marketing, sales, client services, accounting, and much more. For four weeks, you’ll work with a local company or entrepreneur in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru to assist with marketing, client needs, administrative work, and other tasks that can help keep the company running, scale it appropriately, and set it up for success over the long-term.

You must have intermediate Spanish language ability to apply, and you’re encouraged to enroll in Maximo Nivel’s  online Spanish class  or  native Spanish program  to gain the language skills you’ll need to be successful on your internship.

Maximo Nivel Program Review: Alexa Hart

I went to Cusco, Peru on a one-way ticket back in 2009 and had the time of my life. Maximo was a big contributor to my positive experience. I volunteered with underprivileged kids and helped paint a battered women’s shelter. I also took inexpensive Spanish lessons with them. The accommodation they provided was great (I recommend Arcopata Family House). I lived with fellow participants of the program in a house and was provided really good meals. When I got sick, they had a doctor come to the house to check on me and give me medicine too. After volunteering, I became TEFL certified with them during a 4-week course. All in all, I was very impressed, and I would recommend them to anyone.  The experience changed my life.


Projects Abroad


Projects Abroad  describes itself as providing the gold standard of volunteer support and safety so that travelers may fulfill their potential, discover themselves, and create positive change in the world. Long-term, sustainable solutions are at the core of their programs, where you can be part of their  ongoing efforts to meet specific goals  in places where extra support is critical. Projects Abroad works directly with local community members and organizations, ensuring that their work meets real needs.

Programs  run year-round, allowing volunteers and interns to choose their own start and end dates. With a hassle-free experience and  dedicated in-country staff available 24/7 , you don’t need experience or qualifications to sign up for most trips.

Projects Abroad Opportunities to Check Out

Medicine internship in ghana.

Projects Abroad’s  medical internships in Ghana  give you the opportunity to learn directly from doctors in hospitals or clinics. You’ll shadow them on their rounds, observing how they diagnose and treat different illnesses or conditions. You’ll see medical cases that you’ve only read about in textbooks, which is a great way to enhance your practical medical knowledge. This program is suitable for pre-med and medical students.

In Ghana, the organization runs regular medical outreaches in communities where healthcare services are limited. As a volunteer, you will help provide basic medical treatment, from cleaning and bandaging wounds, to measuring blood pressure levels. If you would like to focus specifically on practical outreach work, you may be interested in joining the  Public Health internship .

Volunteer with Children in Nepal

In Nepal, Projects Abroad supports the work of local caregivers and teachers by focusing on improving early childhood development and literacy in care centers. During your time here, you will  work with young children  and assist with a variety of activities such as:

  • Sing songs to teach the alphabet and counting
  • Play catch with a ball to improve hand-eye coordination
  • Read stories that engage the kids’ imaginations

You don’t need previous experience to volunteer with children in Nepal – you’ll work alongside local staff and have regular workshops.

Protect the Amazon Rainforest in Peru

Live in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest  and work alongside experienced conservationists to protect wildlife and indigenous plants. You’ll be on the frontlines of rainforest conservation at Taricaya, an award-winning ecological reserve.

There’s plenty to do in the jungle. You’ll help rehabilitate wild animals like the spider monkey, and release them back into their natural habitat. You’ll also help with reforestation, collect scientific data on local animal populations, and work on a sustainable farming initiative.

Projects Abroad Program Review: Christian, Shark Conservation in Fiji

As a scientist-in-training I was most impressed with all of the science underlying the project and how willing the staff was to share their knowledge. I was able to see science in action as well as conservation efforts making their way up the chain to actually change environmental policy.

Involvement Volunteers International (IVI)


Are you in search of a life-changing experience and an opportunity to make a genuine difference in communities around the world? Involvement Volunteers International (IVI) , founded in 1989, invites individuals to join the ranks of over 25,000 volunteers who’ve made a lasting impact in 112 projects spread across 23 countries.

Why IVI Stands Out

With a legacy spanning over 34 years, IVI distinguishes itself as a non-profit that actively supports local communities, particularly in the South Pacific regions of Fiji and Vanuatu , as well as in India . Unlike many organizations, IVI has built many of its projects from the ground up. Beyond offering travel and volunteering experiences , they play a significant role in the humanitarian sector, aiding impoverished communities and refugees. They also provide university students the opportunity to fulfill their practicum hours in sectors such as mental health, medical, teaching, and veterinary projects.

Beyond Volunteering: Internships, Teaching, and More

Moreover, for those eyeing internships, destinations like Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ghana, Nepal, and Sri Lanka offer openings in the medical , teaching, physiotherapy, dental, and nursing fields. IVI’s internships guarantee specific hours, and for university placements, the necessary documentation and supervisor approvals are given. Although IVI doesn’t provide paid teaching abroad, they offer teaching projects at almost every destination, catering to various age groups, predominantly aged 3-12.

Family and Group Adventures 

Whether one is a solo adventurer, a family unit , a group, or a teen, IVI has projects tailored to fit each need. Their family-friendly ventures encompass kindergarten teaching, construction, environmental initiatives, and animal care projects. For larger groups, IVI presents specialized itineraries combining volunteering programs with engaging activities, making them an ideal choice for school groups.

For volunteers aged 16-17, a signed parental consent from their guardians is a prerequisite. Some of IVI’s projects also accommodate younger kids, ensuring they remain under parental or guardian watch.

Discover More 

Interested in learning what sets IVI apart? Dive deeper into their story by visiting “Who We Are” and “Why IVI?” on their official website: volunteering.org.au

Embarking on a journey with IVI promises to enrich both the individual and the world at large. The adventure awaits!

Volunteer in Fiji (Flagship Program)

Fiji is Involvement Volunteers International’s premier destination where they have over 25 years of operation history. With over one third of the population below the poverty line, malnutrition, and low literacy rates, Fijian communities desperately need the support of international volunteers. IVI offers project opportunities in five different parts of Fiji with projects including Public Health & Nutrition , Teaching , Construction , Medical Care , and more. Project fees are extremely affordable starting at just $295 and includes accommodation, meals, airport pickup, 24/7 in-country support and so much more. Click here to learn more about volunteering in Fiji with IVI .

Beach Cleanup in Costa Rica

Volunteer to protect beaches and nature reserves in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica . If the place “Nicoya Peninsula” rings a bell, it may be because it is considered to be one of the world’s five “Blue Zones”. As a volunteer, your responsibilities will include assisting with trail maintenance at a nature reserve, assisting with beach cleanups, educating the local population on conservationism, and showing visitors around the nature reserve. Program fees start at an affordable $595 and includes meals and homestay with a local family. Click here to learn more .

Public Health and Nutrition in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a South Pacific island nation between Fiji and Australia. Vanuatu’s population is largely impoverished with only 58% of people having access to electricity and one third of people lacking access to basic services. Furthermore, the island nation has one of the highest rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, and malnutrition in the world necessitating the need for strong public health interventions. As a public health volunteer , you’ll conduct health screenings for local communities, raise awareness about nutrition and diabetes, and design exercise programs for villagers. Program fees start at $1150 for two weeks. Click here to learn more and apply .

Volunteering Solutions


Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) is an international volunteer organization that was started in 2007. Since then, they have hosted over 17,000 volunteers in projects across 27 countries , including popular destinations such as Nepal , India , Thailand , South Africa , Peru , and Costa Rica .

Volunteering Solution’s volunteer projects are among the most affordably priced in the world, starting at $200 USD for one week .

In addition to their 120+ volunteer projects, Volunteering Solutions also offers intern abroad opportunities, the highlight of which are their international medical internships.

To learn more about Volunteering Solutions and apply to their program , visit their website here (UK readers, please visit their UK site here ).

Volunteering Solutions Opportunities to Check Out:

Medical Internship

Right now, Volunteering Solutions is offering several different medical internships in Nepal, India, Peru, and Thailand. As a medical or healthcare intern with VolSol, you can choose from projects focusing on nursing, medical care, dentistry, and physiotherapy while earning hands-on experience in your field.

Depending on your placement, you can work in local government or private hospitals and clinics, and you’ll have the amazing opportunity to work alongside local medical and healthcare professionals to learn about their practices. Internships can be customized to your university requirements, and you’ll earn a certificate of participation upon successful completion of your program abroad.

Internships start from two weeks at $650, with your program cost varying based on which placement you sign up for. Learn more about medical internships with Volunteering Solutions here .

NGO Support and Human Rights Volunteering

If you’re passionate about human rights, check out Volunteering Solutions’ NGO support and human rights volunteer program in Rabat, Morocco. As a volunteer, you’ll work with local organizations that confront a variety of important social and political issues, including human rights, children’s support, women’s rights, education, skilled learning, government accountability, and much more.

Depending on your background, skills, and what’s needed by your program site, you can assist with marketing, planning community events, helping with reporting and documentation, and assisting with development activities at your partner NGO. You’re invited to stay one week or longer, starting from just $410 for your first week in Morocco. Click here to learn more and to sign up .

Sports Coaching in South Africa

Another excellent volunteer program being offered right now with VolSol is their sports coaching project in South Africa . Through this placement, you’ll coach sports, teach life skills, and encourage healthy habits among children at a local primary school.

During your stay, you’ll help lead three physical education periods per day, while assisting teachers with their lessons and guidance in classrooms in between those periods. If you’re creative, flexible, and ready to be a mentor to students in South Africa, this program is for you! You’re invited to stay two weeks or longer, starting at just $495 for your first two weeks in South Africa – learn more about coaching sports here .

Volunteering Solutions Program Review: Sarah, Thailand Elephant Program

“I participated in the Elephant Camp Program in Chiang Mai, Thailand . Before arriving in Thailand, I was a bit apprehensive and nervous , however after arriving in Chiang Mai, everything went smoothly. I dad a very informative orientation session with the local team. The Chiang Mai city tour was fab too!

My 3 weeks stay at the elephant camp was definitely the highlight of my Thailand trip. I enjoyed meeting other volunteers from around the world and getting involved in different tasks at the elephant camp. On the weekends, we enjoyed our time in Chiang Mai thoroughly exploring the night market, going to Doi Suthep and other plenty of Thai temples. I would definitely recommend doing the Elephant Camp project in Chiang Mai.”

African Impact

Volunteer Forever | Community Development Volunteer Abroad Projects and Programs

African Impact is a responsible, sustainable volunteer travel organization that has won multiple industry awards, including being voted the world’s Top Volunteer Abroad Organization by volunteers on GoAbroad four years in a row. Since 2004, they have hosted over 35,000 participants on 20 projects across 7 countries. The organization believes in the spirit of Africa and that the volunteer experience is just as important as the impact made. 

African Impact manages its own projects and is able to provide tangible, real achievements on a regular basis. The organization has a clear Child Protection Policy and ensures that volunteers complete a criminal record check prior to involvement. Experienced staff is on the ground to support volunteers day-in-day-out and the organization does not use volunteer support in replacement for a local person.

In addition to making a positive impact, African Impact also believes that volunteering abroad should be enjoyable. The organization offers a range of activities for volunteers, including teaching children in South Africa , assisting with wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe, working in hospitals or clinics in Kenya, and carrying out dolphin and marine research in Zanzibar .

Volunteering with African Impact allows individuals to gain new skills, knowledge and practical work experience, while also making a lasting impact on local communities and conservation efforts. The organization believes that volunteering in Africa helps to change perceptions and stereotypes about Africa and its people, while providing local communities with an exchange of culture, mindsets and ideas.

African Impact Opportunities to Check Out

Big Five and Wildlife Conservation, South Africa

For two weeks or longer, you’ll have the chance to monitor and study the African Big 5 (leopard, rhino, lion, buffalo, and elephant) and help local researchers and foundations with protecting endangered species. Based in the game reserves of the Greater Kruger Area, your volunteer tasks can include researching animal behavior and movements, helping with reserve conservation work such as clearing brush and maintaining waterholes, compiling data at the research lab, and much more to help understand animal behavior and maintain a healthy ecosystem. Learn more here!

Education and Community Support, Tanzania

On this program , you will teach English and other skills to children and adults on the island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a beautiful island that is a tourist favorite, yet many of the residents don’t have adequate access to English-learning opportunities. By teaching English, you’ll help to provide economic opportunity to the residents of Zanzibar and help them participate in the island’s thriving tourism industry. This volunteer trip lasts 10 days or longer, and is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in Tanzanian culture while contributing to valuable development initiatives. Click here to learn more!

Early Childhood Development Project in Cape Town

The Early Childhood Development Project in Cape Town offers volunteers the chance to work with vulnerable children in underprivileged townships. Volunteers will support children in foster care homes and pre-schools, providing them with access to education and care that they may not otherwise have access to. The project aims to make a positive, long-term impact on the lives of disadvantaged children by providing them with the support and education they need to succeed.

In addition to working with children, volunteers will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Cape Town and all it has to offer. Cape Town has been named the Most Beautiful City in the World for the past 5 years, and is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse culture, and vibrant nightlife. Volunteers can take advantage of the many activities available in the city, such as hiking up Table Mountain, going paragliding, kayaking in the ocean, or visiting historic sites such as Robben Island.

Volunteers will live in a spacious guesthouse in the center of town, with shared dorm-style accommodation and shared bathroom facilities. The guesthouse is close to the main sights of Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront, and the Company’s Gardens. A team on site will be available to support volunteers and help them with any needs they may have during their stay.

Dolphin and Marine Conservation Project 

Volunteer in Zanzibar on African Impact’s Dolphin and Marine Conservation Project and make a real difference to the sustainability of dolphin tourism. As a volunteer, you will monitor human-dolphin interactions, promote ethical dolphin tours, and contribute to the conservation of marine life in the area. This project is ideal for those passionate about marine conservation and the environment. In your free time, you can explore the beautiful coastlines and vibrant culture of Zanzibar. You will live in a private volunteer house near the coastal village of Kizimkazi and work with local communities and organizations to protect the marine ecosystem. This is a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact while enjoying a truly amazing location.


Founded in 2015 by Daniel Botha, Surfpop is a South African-based organization that aims to build a sustainable future for vulnerable children from township communities around Muizenberg, Cape Town through a powerful formula of surfing, education and life coaching. They have hosted over 350 international volunteers for their two surf volunteer projects in Cape Town.

Surfpop is very unique compared to other international organizations due to their long-term outlook on supporting the needs of the local community. On average, they work with each child beneficiary for around 8 years, after which they help them find sustainable employment or provide them with employment within the Surfpop organization. Their holistic model of surfing, education, life coaching and nutrition also sets them apart from most other organizations.

Surfpop is the only Volunteer Forever partner that exclusively focuses on surf volunteering, so if you are a surfer or have a strong interest in surfing, Surfpop is definitely an organization you will want to check out!

Volunteer with Surfpop in Cape Town, South Africa

Surfpop’s surf volunteer program is based in the beautiful seaside town of Muizenberg, South Africa. As a volunteer, you will play a critical role in helping disadvantaged children escape poverty, crime, and drugs. Through their comprehensive after-school program, you will not only teach children to surf and swim, but also tutor them on more formal academic subjects such as math, English, and computer literacy.

Surfpop’s volunteer program is open to volunteers ages 18 and up. No prior experience with surfing is necessary. This program starts at roughly $500 USD per week with a minimum duration of four weeks. The cost of the program includes accommodation, breakfast, airport pick-up, orientation, 24/7 support, and surf lessons. Volunteers will also receive surf gear rentals for their stay. If you are interested in having more surf lessons or even practicing yoga, then check out Surfpop’s Surf Pro and Surf & Yoga volunteer programs .

International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy has great work abroad programs.

Do you want to get paid to live abroad as a professional English teacher in a country like Spain, Thailand, or Costa Rica? Are you looking for the best TEFL training and job services? If so, then International TEFL Academy is the right place for you.

Founded in 2010, International TEFL Academy (ITA) offers the gold standard in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad and teaching English online. ITA offers the finest internationally accredited TEFL courses both online and in-person in 20+ locations across the globe. ITA certifies 5,000 people per year, with graduates teaching in over 80 countries and online. Committed to providing the highest quality training and services, ITA can help you achieve your goal of getting a great job and enjoying the experience of a lifetime teaching English abroad and online.  

All ITA TEFL courses – including online TEFL classes –  include live practice teaching and employ a state-of-the-art curriculum taught by highly credentialed and experienced instructors. In addition, all ITA students receive lifetime job search assistance that includes personalized guidance from a team of expert advisors. To learn more and begin your journey, download your free TEFL Guide now .

Teach English in Japan

With International TEFL Academy, you can get a job teaching English in Japan – long one of Asia’s top teaching job markets! You must be a native English speaker, have a 4-year college degree, and get TEFL certification. After getting your TEFL certificate, ITA will help you obtain a job in a city such as Tokyo, Kobe or Osaka. Learn Japanese, immerse yourself in the culture, help students learn and earn money during the trip of a lifetime. Teaching hours should be about 20-25 hours per week and you can expect to earn between $2,500 – $4,000+ per month. Free housing is available with some contracts.

Teach English in the Czech Republic

Providing a quintessential blend of modern and classic Europe, the Czech Republic is a great destination if you wish to teach English abroad. Demand for qualified native English teachers is high, especially in cities such as Prague. English teachers typically need a bachelor’s degree, plus TEFL certification, to teach in the Czech Republic. Pay is about $1,000 – $1,800+ per month and work hours average around 20-25 hours per week.

Teach English in Mexico

With an abundance of cultural and natural diversity, Mexico offers international volunteers all you could want, including ample work opportunities and the chance to practice Spanish everyday. You must have a 4-year degree, along with TEFL certification, to obtain a job teaching English. Cities with the highest demand for foreign teachers include Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Puebla. Similar to teaching jobs elsewhere, hours range from 20 to 25 per week. You should earn between $600 – $1,000+ per month.

Teach English in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

A center of trade and commerce, cities in the UAE such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are some of the most sought-after destinations for English teachers. To get a teaching job in the UAE, a bachelor’s degree is required (master’s preferred). You’ll also need TEFL certification and preferable some experience to help you have an edge over other applicants (due to a competitive job market). Expect to make between $1,800 – $5,000+ per month, with 20-25 teaching hours monthly. The nice aspect of teaching jobs in the UAE is the benefits, which can include free housing, airfare and health insurance, as well as paid vacation.

Global Vision International


Founded in 1997 by Richard Walton, Global Vision International (GVI) is an award-winning organization that provides volunteer and internship opportunities in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. GVI has sent more than 25,000 volunteers overseas on programs ranging from construction, to animal care, to education, and beyond with 95% of past volunteers stating they would want to travel with them again. GVI is unique from other volunteer programs in three ways: they operate their own volunteer projects to ensure real, sustainable impact on the ground; they provide 360 degree support before, during, after your placement; and lastly their alumni network provides increased access to higher education and career development opportunities. GVI’s differentiators and their emphasis on volunteer safety make the program very appealing to first-time international volunteers and teen / high school / under age 18 volunteers. Their projects start from one week and can last up to one year. Projects mix community service with global and cultural awareness to inspire and encourage volunteers to continue learning and serving even after they’ve returned from their trip.

GVI Opportunities to Check Out

Wildlife research in south africa internship.

Through this internship , you’ll work with local research teams to track animals, study behavior, and learn more about the wildlife of South Africa. You’ll get started with a training session to get you acquainted with the project and the types of animals you’ll study, and from there work day-to-day tracking wildlife, conducting research, assisting with data entry, and even participating in community education about conservation. This program starts from four weeks at $8,445.

Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand

If you’d like to visit Asia, GVI has an amazing opportunity right now in Thailand to volunteer with elephants that have been rescued from working in the tourist industry. Through this program, you’ll help rehabilitate elephants and work with trainers to care for the animals, and may even help with community education and outreach programs. This amazing project starts from one week at $3,545.

Volunteer with Buddhist Novice Monks in Cambodia

Through this placement, GVI invites you to teach English to Buddhist monks and children in Siem Reap, home to the famous Angkor Wat, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll work directly with monks in a temple school and learn about Cambodian culture, history, religion, and much more. This program starts from two weeks at $2,895.

Marine Conservation Expedition in Fiji

On this project , you’ll travel to Caqalai Island in Fiji to work with a local NGO in collecting data on fish species, mapping coral reefs and mangrove, developing an environmental education and awareness program for local schools, and assisting with the development of best practices in conservation on the island. The first part of your project will start with an initial training phase, where you’ll learn to identify fish and coral species through a series of dives with guidance from GVI staff. This program starts at $6,545, and you’re invited to stay from two to 12 weeks.

GVI Program Review:

“I was in need of a career break, and was looking to do something out of the ordinary. I was looking to get far away and do something worthwhile. After some heavy research GVI continued to be the organization that ticked all the boxes. They were incredibly helpful when I was choosing my location, and the onsite assistance and support throughout the entire journey was fantastic. I was so lucky to be involved in the Community development program of El Cocal, the children were amazing, I made some friends for life and hopefully one day soon I’ll return for a visit! It really was an unforgettable experience!” – Amelia, Costa Rica Community Development Program

First Things Foundations (FTF) 


First Things Foundation (FTF) is a non-profit organization that partners with local leaders to build sustainable businesses and communities in developing countries. FTF is different from other volunteer organizations in that its field workers (international volunteers) commit two years of their lives to living in the communities they are serving; all expenses are fully covered by the program . This allows field workers to develop deep relationships with the people they are working with and to better understand the needs of the community.

FTF has 15 projects in 4 countries ( Guatemala , Sierra Leone , the Republic of Georgia , and Mozambique ). These projects are all led by locals in the communities that FTF works in. FTF’s field workers have worked on a variety of projects, including starting businesses, building schools, and providing healthcare. FTF field workers are not afraid to get their hands dirty: working on farms, sanding wood, and kneading dough are some of the ways that they integrate into the local community and become familiar with a new rhythm of life.

FTF covers all travel costs and operations expenses (food, local transport, accommodation, etc.) for its field workers. In addition, field workers receive a monthly stipend of $375. FTF also has international medical and evacuation insurance for all of its field workers.

FTF is looking for volunteers with a desire to better their souls by undertaking a serious challenge, an adventurous attitude, and a willingness to learn new languages, make fun of themselves, and be made fun of. Field workers typically have completed 4 years of college or have an equivalent amount of experience. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding volunteer experience, the First Things Foundation volunteer program is a great option. FTF field workers have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others and to learn and grow in ways that they never thought possible.

First Things Foundations Opportunities:

  • Field Worker Program in Guatemala : The First Things Foundations has been facilitating impactful projects in popular tourist destinations in Guatemala since 2016, with accomplishments like building schools and supporting local businesses. As a field worker, you’ll immerse in the local community for 8 months to understand their needs and then embark on a community development or social entrepreneurship project. This two-year paid immersionship is a unique opportunity to make a real difference while experiencing the rich Mayan culture.
  • Field Worker Program in Sierra Leone : First Things Foundation has been empowering communities in Sierra Leone since 2017, with projects ranging from constructing churches to enhancing medical services. Volunteering in the serene town of Kailahun, you’ll immerse in the local culture for 8 months, then collaborate with an “Impresario” on meaningful community projects. Embrace this two-year “immersionship” for a deeply rewarding experience that brings tangible change to communities.
  • Field Worker Program in Mozambique : First Things Foundation’s Mozambique program offers a unique opportunity to pioneer community development in Corrane, a town impacted by internal displacement. As a field worker, you’ll immerse in the rich culture, learning Portuguese and Makua, while forging deep connections with locals over 8 months before spearheading impactful projects. With the support of a dedicated professional team, this challenging “immersionship” promises personal growth, skill enhancement, and the chance to leave a lasting positive mark on Mozambique
  • Field Worker Program in the Republic of Georgia : First Things Foundation is expanding its impact to the Republic of Georgia, focusing on Akhaltsikhe, a town enriched by its Armenian heritage. As a field worker, you’ll dedicate the first 8 months to deeply connect with the community, subsequently aiding local businesses and community projects during a transformative two-year immersionship. With expert guidance, immerse in Georgia’s vibrant culture, enhance your skills, build genuine relationships, and contribute meaningfully to a nation on the cusp of change.

Love Volunteers

2019-2020 Best Volunteer Abroad Programs, Projects, and Opportunities - Volunteer Forever - Love Volunteers Infographic

Founded by a brother-sister team,  Love Volunteers is a low-cost international volunteer organization  that provides meaningful, life-changing projects in over  34 countries around the world .

Every year, thousands of Love Volunteers from all over the globe are placed into 1 week to 6 month volunteer abroad projects in Central and South America, Asia, Africa, The Middle East, and Europe. A few of Love Volunteers’ popular locations include:

  • South Africa

Love Volunteers’ volunteer abroad programs start at just $175 for a one week placement along with a one-time $249 registration fee when you submit your application.

Love Volunteers offers  120 community-based development programs  in healthcare, education, sports and coaching, law and legal assistance, social services, engineering and architecture, special needs, construction, environmental protection and in many more areas.

We LOVE  Love Volunteers  because it is an  affordable volunteer program with lots of options  in terms of placements.

Love Volunteers Opportunities to Check Out

Tanzania: teaching and assisting in schools.

Through this program, volunteers work in multiple schools in the city of Arusha. English teacher volunteers are especially needed to English and as such, volunteers should consider a TEFL course prior to volunteering (though this is not required by the program).This program starts at one week for $175.

Nepal: Special Education Program

This program is located in Kathmandu in order to assist people with disabilities. Volunteers in this program help the participants in the special education program to develop technology skills, develop their conversational English skills, and build the life skills needed to live an independent and dignified life. This program at 1 week for $195.

Thailand: Elephant Village

Based in Surin, this volunteer trip invites you to provide care for elephants that have been abused and neglected as tourist attractions and for logging work. As a volunteer, you can help to create a safe place for elephants to live full, peaceful lives in their natural habitats. This program starts from one week at $619.

Costa Rica: Turtle Conservation

Another excellent trip you can take with Love Volunteers brings you to Costa Rica to help save sea turtles from extinction by assisting in hatcheries, helping with conservation projects at the beach, releasing hatchlings into the sea, and patrolling hatching grounds. This trip starts from one week at $349.

Love Volunteers Program Review: Delaney and Jordan

Love Volunteers is such an amazing organization . I can’t stress enough how kind and helpful they were doing the whole trip process. They were happy to answer any question I asked, and made the process as smooth as possible. I would recommend Love Volunteers to everyone. I can’t thank them enough for helping give me this opportunity. It easily was the greatest experience of my life, and I can’t wait to do it again.


The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs: Fronteering

If you’re looking for a volunteer abroad experience that’s  unique, exotic, and off the beaten path , look no further than  Fronteering . With volunteer and internship projects located in 14 different countries, Fronteering offers impactful programs for travelers who want to visit unspoiled locations and make a positive difference in environmental conservation, wildlife research, indigenous communities, and more.

Fronteering’s volunteer abroad and intern abroad opportunities  start at an affordable $695  for your first week onsite – and if you’d like to stay longer, the organization also offers placements up to 24 weeks.

Fronteering Opportunities to Check Out

Husky ranch canada.

For four to eight weeks, you’ll have the chance to feed, groom, and walk  huskies , help with ranch maintenance, go dogsledding and snowmobiling (if you’re volunteering in the winter), clear and prepare dogsled tracks, and more. Located in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, or the Yukon, this program is excellent for volunteers who love animals and the outdoors, and starts from $1,395 for your first four weeks.

Predator Research Internship

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Amazon, Fronteering invites you to help with  bush dog research and monitoring  in the rainforest, with tasks such as setting camera traps, collecting data, helping with community activities, performing research, and much more. This volunteer abroad opportunity starts from one week at $695, and you’re invited to stay up to six weeks to help further research, get to know the community, and rough it in the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazon Amerindians

Through this program, you’ll delve into the jungles of  Guyana  to help an indigenous community create a sustainable, eco-friendly infrastructure through construction, maintenance, wildlife research, and more. And depending on your skills and background, you can also teach IT skills, build wildlife viewing camps, and much more. You’re invited to stay two to eight weeks, starting at $1,695.

A Broader View Volunteers

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs: A Broader View

A Broader View Volunteers, a US nonprofit charity, was founded in 2007 by Sarah and Oliver Ehlers. Their team sends more than 5,000 volunteers each year to 245 programs across 25 countries, and has raised and distributed more than $3 million in donations worldwide.

A Broader View ’s goals are to provide developing countries with volunteer assistance while educating those volunteers about the communities in which they serve. Projects can include  wildlife conservation ,  childcare ,  teaching , and more, and start from one week at $745, depending on the location and placement. Many of their projects are offered year-round, which provides you flexibility in terms of your start date.

A Broader View  is one of the best rated programs on our site and has  over 150 positive reviews  on Volunteer Forever!

A Broader View Opportunities to Check Out

Ecuador: quito hippotherapy.

Volunteers in the  Quito Hippotherapy program  assist with rehabilitation and recreational programs with horses for those with mental or physical disabilities. Through this placement, volunteers feed and groom horses, prepare them for and handle them during therapy sessions, and may provide horseback riding lessons to the general public. Gardening and canine therapy placements also are available. Placements range from one to 12 weeks and start from $895. Volunteers must have intermediate Spanish knowledge, and immersion courses are available for those that would like to gain a greater language proficiency.

Peru: Environmental Conservation

In this  conservation volunteer abroad program , volunteers work in reforestation, organic farming education, and sustainable growth at a Peruvian national park in the Madre de Dios region. Projects can include flower inventory, research, replanting, clearing holes, animal rescue, and other tasks. This program lasts one to 12 weeks and starts at $895. Spanish language background isn’t required, but is helpful while assisting on community outreach programs.

Colombia: Social Welfare Program

Volunteers in A Broader View’s  Social Welfare program  assist a local center that cares for children from 18 months to five years old, and that educates single mothers about child care, nutrition, and hygiene. On this placement, volunteers help provide lunch, assist in the kitchen, teach preschool lessons, and play games with the children. This program starts from two weeks at $995.

Uganda: Maternity / Midwifery Nursing Program

Based in the Bulenga community, this  program  provides the opportunity for volunteers to support two healthcare centers that offer maternity, ultrasound, and contraceptive services; treatment for malaria, typhoid, and diarrhea; infant care; antenatal care; and HIV/AIDS testing and counseling. Volunteers also assist with outreach and education for expectant teen mothers within the community. This program starts from two weeks at $995.

A Broader View Program Review: Logan,  Honduras Medical Program

I had a great time in La Ceiba, Honduras. I did not feel unsafe or threatened at any time. My work was great and fulfilling at both the old hospital and the school. My host family was excellent and accommodating, and the food – especially the local food – was very delectable. All of the people, from the children to the patients at the hospital were very nice and respectful. I had a lot of fun with the other volunteers and I highly recommend being outgoing and personable… it will make you life way easier if you can hang out with friends and commiserate after a long day of work. I had very good Spanish entering into the program, but after 2 weeks of immersion my Spanish is crisp and fluent; I truly valued the ABV experience as a life-changing event. I am willing to speak with others about my experience.

Global Leadership Adventures

The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs: Global Leadership Adventures

Founded in 2004,  Global Leadership Adventures  provides teen and high school programs abroad that combine community service with hands-on learning and adventure. With an  emphasis on safety  – outlined in Global Leadership Adventures’  five-point safety system  – this organization sends thousands of travelers to nearly two dozen countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America every year.

As a leader in youth development, Global Leadership Adventures has a database of nearly  2,000 references  willing to vouch for the impact of their programs – and in fact,  GLA’s co-founder was  recognized by President Obama  for making a positive impact in Africa.

Global Leadership Adventures Opportunities to Check Out

Dominican republic: spring break service adventure.

On this spring break program, you’ll volunteer with rural communities in the Dominican Republic and learn about their challenges in accessing daily necessities. A few projects you can take on include building schools and community centers, assisting in reforestation or water filtration projects, or building vertical gardens or clean-burning stoves. You’ll also have the opportunity to check out the beach, explore freshwater lagoons and caverns, and much more. This eight-day program costs $1,899 –  click here  to learn more and to register.

Dominican Republic: Global Health Initiative

Another amazing program you can sign up for in the Dominican Republic is Global Leadership Adventures’ Global Health Initiative. Perfect for students who want to pursue an education in medicine or public health, you’ll meet with community leaders to discuss health, sustainability, and education, assist traveling doctors and Peace Corps volunteers with their work, and lots more. On the adventure portion of your trip, you’ll zip line through the jungle, hike through waterfalls, and explore coral reefs on a snorkeling expedition. This 14-day program costs $3,399 –  learn more here .

Galapagos: Preserving Nature’s Wonders

If you’re passionate about protecting animals and their natural habitats, check out this program in the Galapagos Islands, where you can help to restore the habitat of native wildlife. On Isabela Island, you’ll volunteer in a tortoise breeding center, and on San Cristobal Island, you’ll help to clear invasive species to allow tortoises and birds to re-inhabit the area. You’ll also be able to go snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and hiking during this two-week program.  Click here to learn more .

Ghana: Children of Africa

GLA also invites you to Ghana, where you’ll teach children in a village primary school or orphanage, make bricks for construction of new facilities, and play soccer and other team games and sports with the kids. You’ll also learn about Ghanaian culture through workshops in cloth dyeing, drumming, and local Ewe or Krobo language – and you’ll have the opportunity to meet with local tribe members and chiefs to learn about religion, social construction, and much more.

During the adventure portion of your trip to Ghana, you may have the chance to explore mountains, hike waterfalls, and explore outdoor markets. This 21-day summer trip costs $4,999, and is an amazing way to spend your summer break.  Click here to learn more and to sign up !

Raleigh International

The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs: Raleigh International

Founded in 1984,  Raleigh International  offers volunteer abroad programs for youth and young adults in Nepal, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Tanzania. Programs focus on clean water and hygiene, sustainable use of natural resources, and community building. So far, 400,000 youth volunteers have traveled with Raleigh International, with another 800 expected to sign up this year.

With a commitment to youth leadership and engagement, Raleigh International helped design and currently holds the BS8848 Safety Standard for organizing and managing visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities outside of the UK. If you’re in high school or college, taking a gap year, or recently graduated and looking for a way to make a difference, Raleigh International offers a wide variety of volunteer projects with a real impact led by multicultural and multinational teams.

Raleigh International Opportunities to Check Out

Nepal expedition.

One of Raleigh International’s expeditions brings you to  Nepal . Based in a rural village in Gorkha, you will be able to make a difference by volunteering with an initiative to improve access to safe water and sanitation. This is especially important in an area where 85% of homes were affected by the devastating earthquake of 2015 – as a volunteer, you will help with digging trenches, laying pipes, and awareness-raising to help those living in this community lead healthy lives. As part of this expedition, you also will have the chance to go trekking in the foothills of the Ganesh Himal mountains.  Learn more here!

Naturally Africa Volunteers

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs: Naturally Africa Volunteers

Naturally Africa Volunteers (NAV)  coordinates sustainable, community-centered projects throughout  Kenya ,  South Africa ,  Malawi ,  Tanzania ,  Ghana  , and  Namibia . Their projects tend to run from two to twelve weeks and are perfect for volunteers who are seeking shorter term opportunities in Africa. Naturally Africa Volunteers seeks to solidify its change on two levels– by coordinating high-impact, well-researched volunteers programs and by supporting its international volunteers from the moment they join the project.

NAV is dedicated to making sure that each international volunteer has the best experience possible and is able to work in close conjunction with communities across the continent. Volunteers are currently  urgently needed in Malawi  to assist with  medical care ,  childcare ,  teaching , and  sports coaching .  Participants from Volunteer Forever are eligible for a reduced program fee  that starts at an affordable $925 for a two week placement, which includes your room & board, transportation (including airport pickup), and contribution to the host community.

Naturally Africa Volunteer Opportunities to Check Out

Naturally Africa Volunteers  supports programs in many areas of interest, including  volunteer teaching ,  medical volunteering ,  sports coaching ,  community outreach , and  wildlife and conservation . Volunteers who are interested in a short-term volunteer project (2-3 weeks) will especially be interested in  NAV’s Wild Coast School Project , which places volunteers in underfunded rural South African schools supporting full-time staff and volunteers. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with students aged 6-14 promoting computer literacy, often through traveling through rural schools alongside state-of-the-art technology education equipment including laptops that the students usually lack access to.

Naturally Africa Volunteers Program Review

My time in Malawi was amazing. Meg, Sam and Aug were the main reason. They provided a balanced view on how to go about my role as a volunteer. I can not describe how inspired I was by the whole trip and the staff at the cottage. The structure of the project was brilliant.  You can clearly see the priorities. Keeping a good relationship with the village population and the elders was their main focus. Providing amazing support to the wound clinics, HIV support groups, nursery and home based care groups was incredible. I am very lucky I was part of the development of the different village I visited. At the weekends I got to experience other parts of Malawi. Like the landscape and culture outside the village.  I wish I could have stayed for longer. I hope to return to Malawi in the near future. – Maria, March 2015

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs: Frontier

Founded over 25 years ago,  Frontier  combines community development, capacity building, ecosystem protection, economic growth, and the development of civil society through collaboration between local communities, researchers, and volunteers of all ages.

From their first program in Tanzania – a marine park still operating today, developed in  partnership with the World Wildlife Fund  – Frontier has expanded to include more than 400 projects in 72 countries around the world.

This nonprofit scientific research organization employs dedicated staff who have been  published in more than 450 articles in peer-reviewed journals  – and whether you’d like to take on an internship abroad, volunteer project, gap year, or teach abroad / TEFL program, Frontier is a fantastic way to travel the world and make a positive impact.

Frontier Opportunities to Check Out

Costa rica: big cats, primates, and turtle conservation.

On  this program , you’re invited to gain practical research and conservation experience while helping to conserve the natural habitats of Costa Rica’s wildlife. Costa Rica has one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems, and your work will be vital to protecting it and ensuring endangered animals have a place to thrive. A few activities you’ll take part in include beach patrols to research turtle nesting habits, surveying and collecting data on big cats, walking primate transects to collect data on different species, and more. This program starts from one week at $1,445.

Fiji: Marine Conservation and Diving

Through this placement, you’ll have the opportunity to  aid conservation research  on Beqa Island, Fiji. You’ll locate and map coral reefs, conduct a reef census to discover which species live there, assess coral bleaching and damage, record marine life feeding habit observations, and much more. This research is provided to local stakeholders, research groups, and government entities to help develop plans for protection of the island and its marine ecosystem. This project starts from one week at $2,095.

Costa Rica: Animal Rescue Project

Costa Rica is home to more than 500,000 animal species in need of protection from deforestation, encroachment on natural habitats, and poaching. On Frontier’s  animal rescue project in Costa Rica , you’ll volunteer in a rescue center that provides a sanctuary to animals that have been injured or that have been rescued from captivity, with the goal of reintroducing them into the wild. You’ll work alongside local staff to care for the animals – such as monkeys, sloths, raccoons, and other wildlife – and educate visitors about wildlife protection and environmental conservation. This program starts from two weeks at $1,145, plus $395 for each additional week if you’d like to stay longer.

Madagascar: Marine Conservation and Diving

If you want to go off the beaten track, take a look at this  marine conservation program in Madagascar , where you can dive nearly-untouched coral reefs while studying marine life and providing valuable research into sustainable management of the island’s natural resources. A few tasks you’ll take on include charting coral reefs, recording healthy fish populations, identifying different species in the reef, studying how fishing communities utilize marine resources, and more. This volunteer program starts from one week at $1,745, with PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water training available at an additional cost.

Big heart, but little wallet?  Check out our list of  free volunteer programs  and  affordable volunteer organizations .

P.S. If you’re still looking for a volunteer opportunity, check out our list of  gap year programs  and recommended volunteer projects in  Asia ,  South Asia ,  Africa ,  Central America ,  South America , and  Thailand . You can also read about 7  Great Medical and Veterinary Volunteer Abroad Projects ,  10 Dental Volunteer Abroad Program and Medical Mission Tips for Pre Dental Students , and  nursing volunteer abroad projects for students and nurse professionals . Or, if medical volunteer projects aren’t for you, be sure to read about our  sports and coaching volunteer abroad ,  wildlife conservation and veterinary  abroad,  teach abroad , and  intern abroad  programs. Lastly, if you’re under age 18, you may be interested in a  teen volunteer abroad  program from one of our many great partners.

Sarah Vandenberg · Director of Partnerships

Sarah has worked as a researcher and consultant in the volunteer travel world since 2004. With a BA from the George Washington University and background working with both public and private sector volunteer organizations, she enjoys exploring the world and collecting and sharing stories, trends, and advice with travelers who want to volunteer, intern, or teach abroad.

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If you are feeling altruistic and have a heart of gold, volunteering overseas gives you the unique opportunity to experience local cultures first-hand and make a real difference in critical projects and causes internationally, from Africa and Asia, Central and South America to Europe and the South Pacific. In most destinations, your dollar will go far allowing you to experience more and relax knowing you have enough money to do it all!

Volunteering abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have with various placements worldwide so you can make a difference in what you are passionate about. It’s generally an all-inclusive voluntourism experience where you’ll play a vital role in creating sustainable and positive change to humanitarian projects, local communities, animal rehabilitation or rescue centres, the natural environment, or at vetted organisations and genuine charitable causes around the world. These trips also allow you to experience the real world off the beaten tourist path from hidden gems in nature to mouth watering flavourful foods! And like all trips, you will have plenty of spare time for additional activities and excursions with our support throughout.

Make a difference in the world through meaningful contributions and feel proud of the lasting positive impact you have made!

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As champions of  Responsible Travel , all our volunteer projects work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This means you’re helping to work towards a better and more sustainable future for all.

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This isn’t just a vacation and we don’t want to waste your time. That’s why we invest in planning, measurement tools, and training resources. This means any project you choose is meaningful and creates real, positive change where it’s needed the most.

How you make an impact

Mairi C in Sri Lanka

Medicine Internship in Mexico

Lucy J in Argentina

Volunteering with Wildlife in Botswana for Teenagers

John W in Mongolia

Human Rights Internship in Mongolia

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Marie-Laurence (21)

Canadian volunteer in Costa Rica

I learned a lot during this project. It was awesome; I would go back anytime. The accommodation is great, we are just in front of the beach and it's nice to be really disconnected. Seeing my first turtle made me so happy.

Rigmor (17)

Danish volunteer in South Africa

Never had I ever thought this trip would be so amazing! I can't believe it's been 4 weeks at the wildlife reserve already, time flies when you're in good company! No words will ever be enough to explain how much I enjoyed it!

Brad Brasseur (32)

Canadian Volunteer in Peru

Education gives people in poverty the skills to not only earn money but also improve their basic daily knowledge. It is a sustainable tool that does not only help someone for one day but rather a lifetime and can be passed down to generations.

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If you're a water lover, join a program for marine life conservation with whales, dolphins, sharks or sea turtles. Start dreaming of marine conservation destinations like Costa Rica, South Africa, Belize, the Philippines, and Spain.

If you prefer keeping things dry, apply for one of the wildlife conservation programs with lions, rhinos, pandas, orangutans or gorillas. Volunteers, you're in for an extraordinary experience. Programs in Africa, Australia, Latin America and South-East Asia are waiting for you.

Be sure to contact us for the best program information on elephant sanctuaries, sloths rescue centers, and street animal shelters.


Volunteers concerned about climate change can support reforestation efforts in New Zealand, fight the war on waste in Portugal or learn all about organic farming in Kenya.

With over 100 environmental conservation programs, nature lovers will find volunteer jobs that will make an impact on the environment and the local community.

If you're a people person, volunteer in the world for one of the community service programs. Human rights programs, construction projects, culture, and the arts, or NGO management initiatives, all need volunteers. Your help is crucial to support these international volunteer programs and encourage cultural interchange.

Humanitarian Aid and Teaching

Are you a teacher who's looking for international teaching experience or an aspiring teacher who wants to volunteer and get their TEFL? Explore and teach in some of the most exotic hotspots in Asia or South America. Teaching is the best way to increase future opportunities within a community.

If you're a medical professional or a medical student, join one of the many medical volunteer programs spread across South America, Africa, and Asia. Healthcare providers and childcare professionals are always in high demand. Gain volunteer experience abroad in humanitarian aid and start changing lives.

Volunteer Abroad Programs for Everyone

Whether you're over 50, a student, a medical professional, on a budget, or prefer a luxury volunteer and travel program, we'll help you find the perfect volunteer opportunities overseas.

Volunteer World offers programs for volunteers of all ages. Some programs are happy to welcome families with young children while other programs have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. Seniors, don't hold back, your work and life experience are extremely valuable to volunteer projects abroad.

Most programs have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. In some cases, projects will accept applications from high school volunteers from the age of 15.

University students can count their volunteering experience as an internship abroad . Gain hands-on international work experience and learn things you'll never get out of a textbook. Whether you're a medical student, studying business or doing veterinary training, there are plenty of internship programs you can join. Help the local community and get invaluable work experience abroad.

Group Volunteering

If you think volunteering abroad would be the perfect team-building experience, take a look at our group volunteering programs . There's nothing that boosts the team-spirit like doing volunteer work together. Apply for a program together in wildlife conservation or community service in Africa or Asia!

Short-term Volunteering

If you think you don't have enough time for a volunteer trip, don't worry, we've even got your back on this one. There are several short-term volunteering abroad options. Be sure to check out our short-term mission trips .

How to Volunteer Abroad in 2024?

Select where you want to travel abroad or what you want to do. See all our opportunities for worldwide volunteering.

We made it easy for you to compare prices, ratings, and reviews of all our programs so you can make a well-informed decision about your next international volunteering program.

If you get lost in all the programs and don't know what to choose, don't worry, we've got your back. We will answer your questions about your volunteer projects abroad and guide you through the secure application process.

It doesn't end there. Once you start your volunteer abroad experience, we're here to support and mediate with the volunteer organization if things don't go according to plan.

With Volunteer World, you're never alone while volunteering abroad.

Are you ready for your Meaningful Travel Experience?

Are you ready for your worldwide volunteering adventure? Let Volunteer World help you find the best international volunteer program for you.

South Africa, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Peru may be the top volunteer abroad destinations but there are 80 others to choose from!

Teaching, marine conservation, and animal protection may be the most popular volunteer projects but there are 60 other volunteer categories that need your support.

Choose from more than 1,600 volunteer programs in 84 countries and start your meaningful travel experience today!

Trusted by 1,000+ international charities and volunteer organizations

Best projects abroad.

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Best volunteer abroad programs worldwide 2024 with IVHQ

The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs For 2024

Looking for the best volunteer opportunities to join in 2024? As the world’s leading volunteering organization, International Volunteer HQ provides top-rated volunteer holidays , and makes it easy for you to find the best volunteer travel opportunities. With feedback from more than 10,000 volunteer travelers and insight from our experienced volunteer abroad support staff, we’re sharing 25 of our most recommended volunteer trips for 2024.

Here are the highest rated and best volunteer abroad programs for volunteers of all ages - all of these programs are available year-round and are currently accepting volunteers for 2024, 2025 and beyond.

What are the best places to volunteer abroad in 2024?

Our volunteer programs in Africa , Europe , the Caribbean , North America , Central America , South America and the Middle East are proving very popular for 2024! Explore the best volunteer abroad programs as rated by past IVHQ volunteers in the following regions:

  • Best Africa volunteer abroad programs
  • Best Central America volunteer abroad programs
  • Best South America volunteer abroad programs
  • Best North America and Caribbean volunteer abroad programs
  • Best Europe volunteer abroad programs
  • Best Middle East volunteer abroad programs
  • Best Asia volunteer abroad programs

Wondering how we measure the effectiveness of our volunteer abroad programs? Check out the scoring guide that past volunteers use to rate IVHQ programs.

What are the best volunteer abroad programs based on your travel style?

Wondering how to volunteer abroad and where to start? Whether you’re a high school student, college student, older adult, or a family, discover the top volunteer abroad programs for your travel style below:

  • Best volunteer abroad programs for high school students
  • Best volunteer abroad programs for college students
  • Top volunteer travel abroad programs for adults
  • Best volunteer vacations for families
  • Best medical volunteer abroad programs for 2024
  • Top volunteer programs for one week
  • Top trending 2024 destinations from the Lonely Planet

Best volunteer opportunities abroad for 2024

As more people opt to travel in a more sustainable and meaningful way, IVHQ’s volunteer abroad programs across Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe are booking up quickly for 2024. You won’t want to miss out on these humanitarian volunteer opportunities!

To help you choose the best 2024 volunteer programs to match your personal interests and the causes you care about - we’ve collated the top programs below based on how past volunteers have scored them.

What Are The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in Africa for 2024?

Volunteer abroad in tanzania.

Volunteer in Tanzania with IVHQ in 2024

As a country bursting with natural splendor, beautiful beaches, ancient villages, and local tribes - Tanzania is one of the best places to experience an authentic volunteer holiday. It’s also home to the astounding Mount Kilimanjaro and some incredible wildlife, making it a paradise for hiking enthusiasts and animal lovers alike!

Many choose to combine our volunteer programs in Tanzania with an epic weekend getaway, including safaris, Maasai village tours, hiking trips, or overnighters to see waterfalls, hotsprings, caves, and coffee plantations. These types of tours and experiences in Tanzania can be easily added on to your volunteer program and booked directly through IVHQ.

Volunteer opportunities in Tanzania range from Animal Welfare and Childcare to Medical , Teaching and Women’s Education . These programs tackle some of the greatest challenges faced by local communities in Tanzania by improving access to education and healthcare, as well as providing safe spaces for vulnerable populations.

Looking for a conservation volunteer program in Eastern Africa? Check out IVHQ’s Zanzibar volunteer program below, which you can easily be added to the start or end of your Tanzania trip.

Volunteer Rating

Volunteer abroad in zanzibar.

Volunteer in Zanzibar with IVHQ in 2024

Looking to unplug from everyday life and reconnect with nature? Located off the coast of Tanzania, the idyllic island of Zanzibar boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, unique wildlife, charming locals, and vibrant culture.

IVHQ’s Zanzibar volunteer program is perfect for animal and nature lovers who are drawn to the ocean and want to get a taste of Africa. As a volunteer traveler, you can live in a beachside bungalow and regenerate wild turtle populations on the Turtle Conservation volunteer project . Alternatively, you can stay in a rustic forest camp and protect endangered species, such as the Red Colobus Monkey, snakes, lizards, and tortoises on the Rainforest & Coastal Conservation project.

This is a truly unique opportunity to go off the beaten track and volunteer in Africa to help protect delicate ecosystems, preserve natural spaces, and help tackle climate change. Volunteering in Zanzibar can easily be combined with IVHQ’s Tanzania program and many volunteers opt to split their time volunteering in Africa between these two incredible (but incredibly different) volunteer programs.

Volunteer Abroad in Victoria Falls

Volunteer in Victoria Falls with IVHQ in 2024

Imagine volunteering abroad in a setting where your backyard has breathtaking views over a zebra-filled savannah - Victoria Falls is just that. Not only is this one of the best opportunities to volunteer in Africa with animals , Victoria Falls offers one of the most unique wildlife conservation volunteer programs . Volunteers are based on a private game reserve near the magical Victoria Falls - a once in a lifetime experience for volunteering abroad with animals.

While the volunteer work is physically demanding, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with night camping in the reserve with the other volunteers. If you are in search of animal volunteering abroad and are passionate about conservation and wildlife, IVHQ’s Victoria Falls program is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Volunteer Abroad in Zambia

Volunteer in Zambia with IVHQ in 2024

For those who want to explore the incredible area of Victoria Falls, but want to volunteer to help local people in the community, check out IVHQ’s much-loved Zambia volunteer program . Volunteer opportunities in Zambia include Construction & Renovation , Elderly Care , Childcare , Medical , Rural Teaching , and Teaching .

This is the perfect destination for adventure-seekers and adrenaline junkies - whether you want to swim on the ledge of a mighty waterfall, go on safari, or whitewater rafting, Zambia is the perfect spot to witness nature at its best while making a positive impact within the community. Check out some of the awesome free-time tours and experiences available in Zambia with IVHQ.

Volunteer Abroad in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Volunteer in Kruger National Park, South Africa with IVHQ in 2024

Want to go into the wild and protect endangered species? Our Wildlife Conservation project in South Africa is based on one of Africa’s largest and most iconic game reserves - Kruger National Park.

Volunteers get to live amongst the ‘Big 5’ - lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo - and help preserve their spectacular home. A typical day on the Wildlife Conservation project includes game drives, vegetation sampling, camera trapping, habitat assessments, monitoring of rare and endangered species, and much more.

If you want to volunteer in South Africa on a community-focused project, we have plenty in and around Cape Town to choose from. Or, for the ultimate adventure, combine our Kruger volunteer project with volunteering in Cape Town with IVHQ !

Volunteer Abroad in Ghana

Volunteer in Ghana with IVHQ in 2024

Volunteers on IVHQ’s Ghana program consistently rave about the immersive cultural experience and welcoming community vibes. The local people you’ll work with and the incredible support team will make you feel at home from the moment you land in Ghana. The local team here has a long history of providing dedicated support to ensure IVHQ volunteers achieve positive outcomes across the communities they work within.

As a volunteer in Ghana, you’ll develop a strong sense of connection to your host community and your contribution will be recognized with a great deal of gratitude from your local hosts. In your free time, you’ll be able to explore Ghana’s best kept secrets, thanks to the popular tips the local team has to offer. Explore our volunteer opportunities in Ghana below.

Volunteer Abroad in South Africa

Volunteer in South Africa with IVHQ in 2024

If you’re a first time traveler , a solo traveler or have never been to Africa, volunteering abroad in South Africa is a popular choice. Set in Cape Town, IVHQ’s South Africa program is incredibly popular for those looking for a meaningful and social travel experience with easy access to surfing, hiking and even weekend safari tours. It’s also a sought-after destination for foodies so come prepared to sample the world-class cuisine and dining options!

The volunteer work itself in South Africa receives outstanding reviews from IVHQ volunteers, making it one of the best volunteer programs in Africa. With volunteer projects like Surf Outreach , Teaching English and Sports Development , there is a significant focus on youth development and increasing access to education in Cape Town.

Looking for a conservation project or want to go on safari in South Africa? IVHQ’s Wildlife Conservation project in South Africa is based in Kruger National Park and gives volunteers the unique opportunity to live amongst the ‘Big 5’ - lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo - while observing them on game drives and protecting their spectacular home.

Volunteer Abroad in Morocco

Volunteer in Morocco with IVHQ in 2024

Morocco is a glowing cultural hub with a unique fusion of European, African and Middle Eastern influences that result in an upbeat lifestyle, perfect for travelers seeking an authentic cultural experience. IVHQ’s Morocco volunteer programs are based in the stunning regions of Rabat, Casablanca and Sale.

With volunteer projects ranging from the thrilling Amazigh Immersion in the Atlas Mountains to Sports Education , Women’s Education , and a range of Teaching projects - there’s a volunteer program to suit every skill set and interest.

Named one of the top countries to visit by Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel for 2024, Morocco is the hidden gem of Africa that everyone’s talking about this year.

What Are The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in Central America for 2024?

Volunteer abroad in costa rica.

Volunteer in Costa Rica with IVHQ in 2024

Known for its laid back culture and beautiful beaches, rainforests and volcanoes, Costa Rica is one of the best places to volunteer abroad and consistently a top pick for those looking to volunteer in Central America. IVHQ’s Costa Rica volunteer programs are located in a range of volunteer locations in Costa Rica, including the capital city of San Jose, and Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast.

Costa Rica is one of IVHQ’s most popular volunteer trip locations, with an incredible range of diverse and responsible projects that include Turtle Conservation , Eco-Agriculture Conservation , Childcare , Teaching English , Healthcare , and more.

Volunteer Abroad in Guatemala

Volunteer in Guatemala with IVHQ in 2024

Volunteering in Guatemala with IVHQ offers the ultimate volunteer holiday for those who like to go off the beaten track. With a rich fusion of Mayan and Spanish cultures, there are plenty of fascinating colonial towns, ancient Mayan ruins and quaint rural villages to explore. Guatemala’s incredible volcanoes, lush rainforest, beautiful lakes, and fascinating cultural cities make this country a hit with nature and city lovers alike.

IVHQ’s volunteer opportunities in Guatemala range from unique programs such as Mayan Cultural Immersion in the Highlands, Eco-Agriculture on a local coffee farm - to Medical , Childcare , and Teaching projects in the bustling city of Antigua.

What Are The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in South America for 2024?

Volunteer abroad in peru.

Volunteer in Peru with IVHQ in 2024

For many volunteers, their experiences volunteering in Peru are some of the best of their lives. With an extensive range of projects to join, you can choose volunteer work such as Amazon Jungle Conservation or the Medical volunteer project .

You can choose take a volunteer trip to Peru’s capital - Lima (starting at just $275 for 1 week), or you could volunteer in Cusco - the gateway to Machu Picchu. During your weekends, you’ll have easy access from either location to iconic attractions such as Rainbow Mountain, Lake Titicaca and the Salt Mines. Make sure you check out the must-do trips in Peru for your IVHQ weekends before you depart.

Volunteer Abroad in Ecuador

Volunteer in Ecuador with IVHQ in 2024

As a volunteer in Ecuador with IVHQ , you can choose from a range of volunteer abroad projects, including Teaching English , Street Children Work , Childcare , Summer Project and NGO Support . Volunteer programs are based in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito and its hinterland. Nestled high in the Andes, Quito is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in South America, however there is still a great need for volunteers to assist with the development of the city.

On IVHQ’s Ecuador volunteer program, you will be greeted and guided by an incredibly dedicated local team who will ensure you feel safe and supported throughout your volunteer experience. See what other IVHQ volunteers say about their experience volunteer with these IVHQ Ecuador reviews .

Volunteer Abroad in Argentina

Volunteer in Argentina with IVHQ in 2024

Argentina draws in tourists from around the globe for many reasons - its natural beauty, delicious cuisine, vibrant culture and so much more.

IVHQ’s Argentina volunteer programs are located in the cultural hub of Córdoba and coastal capital, Buenos Aires.Volunteer projects include Childcare , Construction & Renovation , Elderly Care , Healthcare , Special Needs Support , and much more.

Both of IVHQ’s Argentina programs are within a short flight of the iconic Northeast Argentina region, making it an ideal weekend escape for volunteers. This is a stunning, untouched part of the country, home to the famous Iguazú falls and the rugged beauty of the surrounding National Park.

What Are The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in North America and the Caribbean for 2024?

Volunteer abroad in belize.

Volunteer in Belize with IVHQ in 2024

IVHQ’s Belize volunteer program is based on a stunning private island - just 45 minutes from mainland Belize in the Caribbean, with a focus on preserving endangered marine life. Volunteers receive comprehensive training so they can assist local marine biologists to gather data, conduct surveys, and remove invasive species.

The Marine Conservation project involves going on 13 scuba dives a week to collect data and carry out surveying, so if you don’t have your open water diving certification, you’re able to get PADI qualified on the program. You can expect to see lionfish, corals, whale sharks, turtles, queen conch and many more fascinating underwater species on your dives.

Volunteers monitor the reef, whale sharks and other marine life, eradicate invasive species, help set sustainable fishing limits, and take part in weekly beach clean-ups to preserve the fragile reef ecosystem, protect against global warming, and remove harmful plastics from the ocean.

Volunteer Abroad in Jamaica

Volunteer Jamaica with IVHQ in 2024

IVHQ’s Jamaica volunteer program is the perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the pulsing culture of the Caribbean while making a positive impact in the local community. Beautiful beaches, mountain peaks, waterfalls, and laid back vibes - just a few reasons why IVHQ volunteers fall in love with Jamaica.

Our program is located by the ocean in St Mary, where you’ll be welcomed into a tight-knit community eager to connect with volunteers like you. Make a lasting impact through impact-driven projects that are run by locals, including Sustainable Agriculture , Sports , Youth Development , Childcare , Business Development , Teaching , and more.

Volunteer Abroad in Puerto Rico

Volunteer in Puerto Rico with IVHQ in 2024

A stunning island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is bursting with character and culture. The country is a unique melting pot of influences from South America, Europe, North America ,and the wider Caribbean, resulting in a laid back, tropical and Latin feel.

Volunteer work in Puerto Rico is focused on assisting with widely felt social issues resulting from Hurricane Maria in 2017, with projects in Youth Support , Environmental Sustainability , NGO Support , and Community Development . Puerto Rico is home to many things you can’t find anywhere else - from the brightly-colored Old Town in San Juan to some of the world’s only unique bioluminescent lakes!

What Are The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in Europe for 2024?

Volunteer abroad in croatia.

Volunteer in Croatia with IVHQ in 2024

A gem of the Mediterranean, Croatia is an amazing place to volunteer abroad and a glistening coastal country that has fast become a favorite for travelers to Europe - especially in the summer and fall. Our Croatia volunteer program is based in the popular city of Split, which is vibrant all year round, and has become iconic as the film set to a whole bunch of Game of Thrones scenes.

Volunteer projects include Marine Conservation , Youth Support , Animal Care , Special Needs Support and a unique Creative Technologies opportunity. There’s nothing like watching the sunset over the Mediterranean coast from an idyllic beach-side perch.

You’ll also find Croatia on Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel list for 2024 - just in case you needed another excuse to get there this year!

Volunteer Abroad in Portugal

Volunteer in Portugal with IVHQ in 2024

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, one of the most vibrant cultural cities in Europe, and home to IVHQ’s Portugal volunteer program . You’ll love its charming cobbled streets, quirky cafes, stunning surf beaches, funky bars, and delicious Portugese delicacies. The city is bursting with beautiful architecture, rich cultural history, incredible street art, and museums.

As one of the sunniest places in Europe, Lisbon benefits from balmy temperatures year-round with a lovely Mediterranean climate.

From Environmental Scuba Diving to Supporting the Homeless and Youth Support projects - there’s a multitude of impactful volunteer opportunities to help out in this part of the world.

By popular request, IVHQ has also opened a range of new environmental conservation-focused projects in Portugal, including Forest Conservation , Biological Park Conservation , and Upcycling for Social Good . So whether you want to restore native forests, help protect native species, protect precious ecosystems, or reduce plastics entering landfill in a creative way, Portugal is the ideal volunteer destination to make a hands-on impact.

Volunteer Abroad in Romania

Volunteer in Romania with IVHQ in 2024

Is the appeal of Europe drawing you in? Our Romania volunteer program is the stand-out option, with its misty mountains, vast forests and fascinating history. The IVHQ Romania volunteer program consistently gets fantastic volunteer feedback, with the in-country program support often singled out for special praise.

The local team in Romaina welcomes every volunteer into the community, giving you a rare insight into authentic Romanian life and culture. There is plenty to keep volunteers busy in their downtime, with the rest of Europe on your doorstep. The program is based in the town of Miercurea Ciuc in the distinctive region of eastern Transylvania. IVHQ has a wide range of top rated volunteer abroad projects available in Romania, including Teaching English , Sustainable Agriculture , and Animal Care .

Volunteer Abroad in Spain

Volunteer in Spain with IVHQ in 2024

Take a volunteer adventure in Barcelona with IVHQ to discover the ins and outs of this cosmopolitan city. You’ll be placed at the heart of the city while volunteering on meaningful community-driven projects among the world-famous art and architecture.

Volunteer placements include Marine Conservation , Youth Support , Special Needs Support , and more. As an IVHQ volunteer in Spain, you’ll be immersed in this iconic city, working alongside locals and other international volunteers, and making valuable contributions to projects that value your support.

What Are The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in the Middle East for 2024?

Volunteer abroad in jordan.

Volunteer in Jordan with IVHQ in 2024

Jordan is a beautiful country in the heart of the Middle East that boasts diverse landscapes and people - and it’s safe to travel around! You can experience the peaceful and humble Bedouin way of life in the desert, the fascinating ancient kingdom of Petra and the progressive vibrant city of Amman - where our volunteer programs are based.

We’re incredibly proud that the coordinator of our Jordan volunteer program , Masar, was once an IVHQ volunteer herself! Back in 2013, Masar volunteered with IVHQ in South Africa, India, Colombia and Kenya, which had a profound impact and inspired her to establish a volunteer program in her home country of Jordan. This program has also previously been shortlisted as a finalist for the Innovative New Volunteer Abroad Program Award in the GoAbroad Awards.

Volunteer opportunities in Jordan include Arts and Music , Special Needs Support , Teaching , Women’s Education , Youth Support , and a unique Ramadan project.

What Are The Best Volunteer Abroad Programs in Asia for 2024?

Volunteer abroad in nepal.

Volunteer in Nepal with IVHQ in 2024

Volunteer in Nepal in 2024 or 2025 and experience it all! This is a country full of color, culture, incredible landscapes and friendly people. One of the highlights of the Nepal program is just how varied the placement locations are with volunteer projects located in Kathmandu, Chitwan, Chitlang and Pokhara. IVHQ’s 2024 Nepal volunteer program is perfect for volunteers looking for a wide range of volunteer opportunities in truly unique locations throughout the country.

Nepal is well known to be a safe option for volunteers traveling solo and IVHQ volunteers make the most of the incredible sightseeing opportunities and tours in Nepal to explore in your free time.

Volunteer Abroad in Bali - Indonesia

Volunteer in Bali - Indonesia with IVHQ in 2024

If you’re looking for the one of the top volunteer programs in Asia, look no further than Bali. As a volunteer in Bali , you can choose from two locations: Ubud - the cultural hub of Bali, or Lovina - the laid-back coastal beach town. ( Find out where you should volunteer in Bali ).

For travelers who want to volunteer in Indonesia, this is the perfect volunteer program for surfers, nature lovers or anyone looking for a volunteer opportunity off the beaten path. The Bali program is one of IVHQ’s best volunteer abroad programs, with between 40-80 volunteers starting each month. There are six different projects available, with everything from Turtle Conservation to Childcare Support , so there’s plenty of variety to customizes your meaningful volunteer trip to Asia.

Volunteer Abroad in India - Kerala

Volunteer in India - Kerala with IVHQ in 2024

India has captivated travelers for generations, and for good reason! It’s mixture of vibrant sights, sounds and colors, spirited people, dynamic cultures and vivid atmosphere all combined to create a truly remarkable country to visit. As a volunteer in India, you’ll build authentic connections with locals by supporting volunteer projects that meet the needs of the local communities. It’s a rare chance to be immersed within the Indian culture and to get an authentic sense of what the country is about.

IVHQ’s volunteer program in Kerala, India is based in the coastal city of Kochi, an eclectic town that’s one of our favorite hidden gems. Come ready to experience India in a new light - tropical, laid back and without the hustle and bustle of the big cities. With a perfect mixture of cool, contemporary cafes and authentic cultural galleries and shows, Kerala is one of Asia’s best kept secrets.

IVHQ also offers a popular range of volunteer projects in Delhi, the fast-paced and exciting capital of India. Whether you choose to volunteer in Kerala or Delhi with IVHQ, you’ll have access to a trusted support network and the help of a 24/7 local team which takes the hassle out of organizing your India volunteer experience.

Volunteer Abroad in Vietnam

Volunteer in Vietnam with IVHQ in 2024

Vietnam is known for its culture, cuisine, and natural beauty. As a volunteer in Vietnam , you’ll get to experience a mix of all that, as well as many local secrets and traditional traveler highlights. At the same time, you’ll help make a positive and lasting contribution to the Vietnamese community that you’re immersed in, making it the best way to experience Vietnam.

Volunteers are highly valued by the local community and the welcoming nature of the IVHQ Vietnam local team makes this volunteer program a firm favorites with Vietnam volunteer program participants. You can volunteer in Vietnam teaching English or if you’re on the path to a medical career, this is one of IVHQ’s best medical volunteer abroad programs .

How do we measure the effectiveness of our volunteer abroad programs?

In case you’re wondering how we select the best volunteer abroad programs for 2024, here’s some context to understand the criteria IVHQ volunteer programs are measured against…

Program Support

As the world leaders in volunteer travel, IVHQ has a specialist support team to help you find the right volunteer program to match your motivations, skills and the causes you care about. Once you’ve found the right volunteer program and registered to volunteer overseas with us, you’ll be connected with a dedicated Program Manager to support you on your journey. You’ll also gain access to the full suite of preparation tools within your MyIVHQ account. Here, you can access your detailed program guide, online volunteer training and customized preparation checklist to ensure you’re all set to volunteer overseas.

Our local teams are also on-hand to support you throughout your volunteer experience, from the moment you step off the airplane. This includes organizing your airport pick-up, program orientation and 24/7 support while you’re abroad. IVHQ works closely with these local teams day in, day out to ensure that your volunteer abroad experience is the best it can be.

Volunteer Work

IVHQ’s locally-led programs are designed to ensure you can make a positive contribution to important causes through your volunteer work abroad, while enjoying a culturally immersive experience. With our huge range of 300+ volunteer projects to choose from, there are plenty of options that give you the opportunity to pursue your passions, explore a career path or even share one of your hobbies with others. You’ll also need to consider how active you are, as some volunteer programs are more physically demanding than others. Our team of Volunteer Travel Specialists can help you choose the perfect program based on these factors.


After a day of volunteering, nothing beats coming home to a comfortable home away from home. When volunteering abroad with IVHQ, you’ll be living in the company of like-minded volunteers from around the world. The accommodation options vary from country to country but you can be confident that you’ll always have a safe and vetted place to call home. You could be living in a homestay with a few other volunteers, a volunteer house with dormitory-style rooms or you may wish to request a private room if that option is available.

Depending on the volunteer program you choose to join, you can be served up to three meals a day. Volunteer meals are typically made up of local cuisine so you’ll have the opportunity to sample traditional home cooked meals that can often accommodate special dietary requirements. Check out our choice of the best volunteer destinations for vegetarians and vegans here .

The best volunteer abroad programs are the ones that deliver the biggest impact through mutually beneficial exchanges between international volunteers and their host communities. When volunteering abroad with IVHQ, you can feel confident that you’ll be contributing to locally-driven volunteer projects that are supporting important social and environmental objectives. This is achieved by working in collaboration with local people who are in the best position to determine where volunteer support is most needed. It’s crucial that when you’re looking for legitimate volunteer abroad programs, you consider how your time abroad will impact the community and that volunteer work is driven by their needs.

Best volunteer abroad programs for high school students in 2024:

Volunteer abroad for high school students

We’ve got 15 volunteer programs around the globe that high school students can take part in. Whether you’re traveling as an individual or with a group, read our comprehensive High School Volunteer Abroad Guide which details the destinations and projects available for high school volunteering abroad, as well as the dedicated support that’s provided for teen volunteering.

Best volunteer abroad programs for college students in 2024:

Volunteer abroad for college students

Volunteering abroad as a college student is the perfect opportunity to broaden your career prospects and immerse yourself in a foreign community during your break period. If you’d like to learn more about how volunteering abroad can benefit you and discover our best volunteer abroad programs for college students, check out our helpful guide - Volunteer Abroad For College Students .

Whether you’re setting out for your first adventure abroad or you’re well traveled, here are some amazing volunteer destinations that are popular with college students because of their program price, flexibility and community impact.

  • Bali - Ubud
  • Peru - Cusco
  • South Africa

Top volunteer abroad programs for older adults in 2024:

Volunteer abroad for older adults

When we leave our youth, it’s all too common to lose our spirit for adventure and feel as though opportunities aren’t suited for us. Luckily, volunteering abroad has no barriers for older adults. If you’re looking for a new life direction or if you’re highly skilled at what you do, volunteering allows you to connect with a local community and provide meaningful support in your chosen field.

The best thing about IVHQ is that you can travel in your own style. Room upgrades are available in most of our volunteer destinations, so you can choose to have your own privacy or be immersed with other volunteers on your program. Take a look at our Best Volunteer Programs For Grown Ups Guide for all you need to know, or check out some of these recommended options:

Best volunteer vacations for families in 2024:

Volunteer abroad for families

The family vacation has taken a different form this year, with more and more families looking for meaningful multi-generational travel experiences over traditional resort-style vacations. Volunteering allows families to work together in ways not possible on your average vacation, while still gaining all the perks of visiting a new destination, experiencing local cuisine and seeing the attractions. If you’re looking for recommendations for family volunteer opportunities, check out our helpful Volunteer Vacations for Families Guide and take the family on a trip they won’t forget.

Best medical volunteer abroad programs in 2024:

Volunteer abroad for medical

Volunteering abroad has long been a popular option for college students working towards a career in medical fields. Put your theory work into practice as you provide meaningful medical volunteer assistance to underserved communities around the world. Medical volunteering abroad is the perfect way to make the most of your semester break, gain international healthcare experience and give back to communities that value your support. Check out our extensive range of medical volunteer opportunities in our Medical Mission Trips article .

Top volunteer programs for one week in 2024:

Volunteer abroad for 1 week

Strapped for time, but still want to volunteer in other countries and do meaningful volunteer work? IVHQ offers fantastic volunteer opportunities to suit a range of travel styles. Take a look at our Volunteer Trips Abroad You Can Take For 1 or 2 Weeks Guide , which details more than 10 destinations and the type of traveler they would suit.

If you’re looking for something else, here are a few other top programs based on FAQs from volunteers:

Where’s the best volunteer abroad program based on accommodation? Volunteer in Madagascar or volunteer in Belize and experience living on a private island alongside other international volunteers.

What’s the best volunteer abroad program for vegans? Definitely explore volunteering in Jamaica or support our volunteer projects in Ubud, Bali .

Where’s the best volunteer abroad trip if you want a personalized volunteer experience? If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten track experience where you’re working will a close-knit group of volunteers, explore volunteering in Jordan .

What’s the best place to volunteer and then fill my weekends with adventures? You can’t beat spending your weekend on safari in Tanzania .

If you want to volunteer in other countries and are still having a hard time deciding which volunteer abroad program is best for you, IVHQ has 300+ volunteer programs in more than 40 countries around the world. So grab out the map and start planning your volunteer trip around the globe.

Lonely Planet’s Top Trending Travel Destinations for 2024

Volunteer abroad programs on Lonely Planet's Top Trending Travel Destinations for 2024.

Want to give back to a community that really values your support while exploring one of the Lonely Planet’s top trending travel destinations for 2024 ? Check out IVHQ’s volunteer programs in the places that’ll be buzzing in the year ahead, according to the Lonely Planet:

Connect with the colorful culture of India: With new flight routes from America and Europe to IVHQ’s volunteer programs in Delhi and Kerala, now’s the time to volunteer in India ! You could be supporting community projects while igniting all your senses in the captivating city of Delhi, or making an impact in the laid-back coastal region of Kerala.

Find your adventure in Mexico: Combine a volunteer trip to Mexico with an epic new train journey to see ancient Maya Ruins in 2024! This is your chance to give back to community projects in Merida, connect with the local culture, and immerse yourself in the history of the mysterious Mayan ruins emerging from an enchanting jungle.

Discover why Morocco is like no place on earth: For an authentic volunteer adventure like no other, volunteering in Morocco will not disappoint. From connecting with the local community, sharing mind-blowing meals with your host family, to spending a weekend journeying through Sahara desert, this experience will redefine what it means to see the world!

Find your calling in Croatia: Picture this: You could be volunteering in the coastal city of Split , while spending your weekends exploring Croatia’s idyllic islands by ferry. Need we say more?

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volunteer travel jobs

Where Every Journey Counts. Make a Difference Globally.

100+ travellers per month, explore projects that matter. from community development to wildlife conservation, find the perfect place to make a positive impact..


Himachal is your spot if you want to lend a hand in a lively mountain community. Dive into colorful festivals, make friends, and leave a positive impact while surrounded by stunning...


Here you'll help preserve breathtaking nature and soak up the peaceful vibes of the Garhwal & Kumaon region. It's like giving back while getting a spiritual recharge!


Rajasthan is where you can volunteer amidst majestic forts and lively markets, all while helping to keep its rich heritage alive. Dive into the colorful culture, lend a hand, and feel...


Goa offers a unique blend of making a difference and enjoying the laid-back beach lifestyle. Helping homestays with your skills. It's like combining the satisfaction of giving back with the...

Vibrant community, join a secure and inclusive community. our robust verification processes ensure a reliable platform for both volunteers and hosts..


No, we are not charging for volunteering We are charging for...

Pool of opportunities, find your favorite volunteering opportunities at a single platform, priority access, be among the first to explore and apply for exclusive opportunities., personalized guidance, receive tailored assistance from our team for a smoother volunteering experience., verified badge, showcase your commitment with a special badge on your profile., exclusive trip discounts, enjoy instant discounts on trips, saving up to 6k**., become a volunteer, embark on a journey of impact: become a volunteer and explore rural india like never before, become a host, open your home, open your heart: become a host and empower change through volunteer travel, frequently asked questions, we are passionate about impactful and sustainable travel, but we know it can be overwhelming to begin. here are some quick tips to help you get started, what’s the validity of membership, how many times can i travel, what’s the minimum time for a volunteer trip, what work will i have to do, we would be happy to help you with whatever questions you have.



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  • Eastern Europe & Russia

Internships in Moscow, Russia

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3 Internships in Moscow, Russia

Browse programs that match your interests


Virtual International Internships - Go Global!

online intern working on his laptop

Intern remotely while learning a new language.

Absolute Internships - Online

Realize Your Potential With a Virtual Internship

The Intern Group - IA - Online

Top-rated remote internships, aligned with your career goals and interests

girl working on computer

Top Provider of the Month

Explore sustainability in business on a 2-week internship in costa rica with roots interns.

0 0 reviews

Internship in Russia - Asia Internship Program

Russia is the world’s largest nation that is rapidly developing its technological infrastructure. It’s an interesting destination for young professionals interested in completing an internship, especially in business development, engineering, and hospitality and tourism. Most ...

Asia Internship Program

8 1 reviews

Tailor-made internship & ECTS credits in Russia

The “Internship & ECTS Credits in Russia" is a joint program of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and ProfIntern. This is a combination of:- Professional internship in Russia- Academic course on cross-cultural communication in the Russian business environme...

International Research Internships at HSE University

Dive into the vibrant academic atmosphere of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) with an International Research Internship in Moscow, Russia. HSE is renowned for its pioneering research and interdisciplinary approach, providing a robust platform for students to engage in mean...

HSE University

Other Programs You Might Like

Best volunteer programs in russia.

Volunteer in Russia and explore the world's largest country from a completely different point of view. Visit Moscow and St. Petersburg to admire the architecture and dive into the nightlife. If you prefer nature and the great outdoors, leave the cities behind you and discover ...

Volunteer World

maps on the table

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Explore both on-site and remote, virtual international internship programs avail Connect-123 Internship Programs Learn More

More Programs to Check Out

Your options are endless

  • Adelante Abroad Affordable & customized Year-round Internship Programs in Spain & South America MAXIMO NIVEL Get practical experience, improve your Spanish, and build your international...
  • CIEE Study Abroad Gain real world experience with an internship across 20+ locations! Intern Abroad HQ Most Affordable Internships with Intern Abroad HQ VACorps A professional internship in Cape Town – the adventure of a lifetime!
  • The Intern Group Launch your career with the adventure of a lifetime World Endeavors Be world-class with World Endeavors' customizable & affordable internships. Asia Internship Program Creates internship position in Southeast Asia that matches your wants and needs.

A Guide to Internships in Moscow, Russia

Having been at the center of Russian history for centuries, Moscow remains to this day one of the most important cities in the world. Russia’s capital is home to over 12 million people and is a major global city with great international influence in trade, politics, and culture. If you are looking to intern abroad in Russia in a place that is all at once historically fascinating, architecturally beautiful, and a focal point in global business, then look no further than internships in Moscow.

Internships in Moscow

Moscow has one of the largest economies of any city in the world, so interns will have no trouble finding internships in Moscow in a wide variety of professional fields. Many multinational companies and organizations have branches or offices in Moscow, and there are plenty of domestic internship opportunities as well.

The city’s most booming industries include finance , energy , technology , and production of raw materials . Your opportunities for internships in Moscow are by no means limited to these sectors though, there is a little bit of something for everyone in Moscow!

Many internship opportunities in Moscow will include the additional opportunity to enroll in Russian language courses. Though internships in Moscow can be both in English and Russian, making an effort to learn the language while living in Russia will make your life a whole lot easier. Russian is also one of the most sought-after languages in the world among numerous employers, therefore learning the language will be improving your future job prospects too.

Most internships in Moscow last between two and six months, depending on if you are a graduate or still a student. If you are still pursuing your degree, then there are some internship programs that offer the opportunity to earn academic credit in a variety of subjects through your placement.

Life in Moscow

Moscow is the largest city in Europe, so those who intern abroad in Moscow will certainly have their hands full taking in all there is to offer. From the Kremlin to St. Basil’s Cathedral to Ostankino Tower (the tallest structure in Europe), be prepared to explore a giant metropolis, where everyday the old comes up against the new. While living and interning in Moscow will undoubtedly come with its fair share of culture shock, you will leave your internship enamored with the city’s vitality.

Moscow’s metropolitan area is serviced by the largest metro system in Europe, boasting nearly 200 stops around the cityscape, so you will have no problem getting around town. Moscow also is a major international transportation hub, connecting the continents of Europe and Asia, and serving as the westernmost stop of the infamous Trans-Siberian railway, which spans the continent.

Culturally, Moscow is a tremendous display of the Russian national character. The food, architecture, museums, people, everything about interning abroad in Moscow will provide interns with an authentic experience of one of the world’s oldest and greatest societies. Throughout its history, Moscow has always been a leading force in politics, thought, and social movements for Russia, and the city continues to carry forth this prestige today.

Salary & Costs

Internships in Moscow can be either paid or unpaid, depending on what industry you decide to intern in. If your internship in Moscow is unpaid, employers will often compensate you in other ways, such as by providing meals, transportation, and/or housing.

Be warned in advance: Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in for foreigners. While the city may be home to more billionaires than any other city in the world, most common folk pay the price for living in such a globally important metropolis. As an intern abroad in Moscow you will want to plan a careful budget for the duration of your internship, while taking advantage of the city’s many free attractions and entertainments too.

Accommodation & Visas

Most interns either live with a host family or in an apartment with peers or colleagues, depending on what is offered by your internship provider or employer. Rent can be very expensive in Moscow, especially close to the city center, so if a homestay is an option then definitely consider it! For language learners, homestays are a great way to get some extra practice conversing with your host family as well.

Russia’s visa policy can be quite strict, but is becoming more open in recent years. Your internship provider should be able to help you organize a visa, but it is a good idea to take initiative and get started on the visa process early. For more details on Russia’s visa policy toward your specific home nation, you can check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory .

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Competitive Experience. Moscow is a unique and very impressive location for an internship abroad, especially in the eyes of future employers. As a major center of global business, it will look great on your resume having practical work experience through an internship in Moscow.

Learn Russian. Russian is one of six official language used by the United Nations, making it very useful for future job prospects in the international arena. Whatever profession you are pursuing, learning Russian while interning in Moscow will be a big boost to your resume and career.

Rich History. Russia is one of the most continuously fascinating countries in the world, from the days of the Russian Empire through the October Revolution to its position today as a world superpower. Living and interning in Moscow will put you at the center of it all.

Read our comprehensive guide on interning abroad in Russia.

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5 Things to Know Before You Intern in Russia

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Wealth of Geeks

Wealth of Geeks

9 Jobs That Can Be Done While Traveling

Posted: December 24, 2023 | Last updated: December 24, 2023

<p>In a world of high-speed living and remote jobs, earning money anywhere is possible. Travel isn’t cheap. It costs a lot of money, and working in an office does not leave much time for leisure. If you are on vacation and have seen all there is to be seen, you may look for something else to pass the time.</p> <p>Remote jobs don’t have to be boring. In fact, many of them are great options for earning free or discounted travel. You just have to know how to choose which of these <a href="https://wealthofgeeks.com/travel-experts-share-everything-they-wish-tourists-knew/">travel</a> jobs is right for you.</p>

In a world of high-speed living and remote jobs, earning money anywhere is possible. Travel isn’t cheap. It costs a lot of money, and working in an office does not leave much time for leisure. If you are on vacation and have seen all there is to be seen, you may look for something else to pass the time.

Remote jobs don’t have to be boring. In fact, many of them are great options for earning free or discounted travel. You just have to know how to choose which of these travel jobs is right for you.

volunteer travel jobs

1. Blogging

Blogging while traveling is a great way to earn some money. Your office is wherever your laptop is, so you are never tied down to one place. This can help you travel the world with just a laptop and a bit of data, which you can always find in local cafes or restaurants . It’s even better if you do travel writing, so you can combine firsthand experience with creative writing that helps others plan their travels.

<p><span>The rise of Mukbang videos, where people eat insane amounts of food while sometimes conversing with the camera, is weirdly intriguing to many and simultaneously perplexing. While it attracts massive audiences, the fascination with watching someone devour excessive quantities of food remains a mystery. Moreover, this trend raises concerns about promoting unhealthy eating habits and overindulgence.</span></p>

2. Vlogging

Similar to blogging, video blogging, also called “ vlogging ,” is a visual form of content. You can write blogs for your website but also work as a freelancer for other people’s websites. When it comes to vlogging, however, people usually vlog for their own channels. It takes more time to succeed but can also be more rewarding monetarily. All you need is a smartphone with a nice camera, or if you want to be fancy, a laptop with some video editing software like Adobe PremierePro or DaVinci Resolve.

<p>Interestingly, it seems like millennials have a better understanding of technology. Gen Z grew up with tech, but millennials have more experience with the inner workings, like troubleshooting a computer or building an HTML code. I would think the opposite would be true, but tech has become too easy for Gen Z in some ways.</p>

3. Video Commercials

This one is both fun and rewarding. If you have a smartphone with a decent camera and invest in an excellent DJI drone, you can earn some nice money on your travels. Combine this with an investment in a decent laptop and a video editing course, and you have a recipe for success. When I was on vacation in Corfu , I discovered an opportunity with their beautiful beachfront Tavernas. I packed my drone, visited a few of them on foot, and offered them my services. I scored two jobs for filming a video ad and one logo redesign job, which made me a nice profit for less than a full day of work.

volunteer travel jobs

4. Singing and Playing an Instrument

Singing or playing an instrument is another excellent way to earn some surprisingly good money. If you are a good singer and can play an instrument, you can always play in the city center or other popular spots. Many great talents have been discovered performing in public this way. You can also offer your skills to local restaurants or lounges if they are in need of live music or other entertainment.

<p>If you know how to cut hair, another great way to earn money is to offer free haircuts and keep profits from their tips if they decide to give you one. You only need hair clippers for this one, so you can be flexible and earn well in countries where haircuts are expensive. <em>Pro tip</em>: You can combine this with vlogging and use this as your content on your vlog to increase exposure.</p>

5. Haircuts for Tips

If you know how to cut hair, another great way to earn money is to offer free haircuts and keep profits from their tips if they decide to give you one. You only need hair clippers for this one, so you can be flexible and earn well in countries where haircuts are expensive. Pro tip : You can combine this with vlogging and use this as your content on your vlog to increase exposure.

<p><span>In a tabloid or on a gossip website, if a celebrity looks to be posing in a staged photo, they most certainly are. Stars view it as a cooperative effort that benefits all parties, and fans frequently aren’t aware that the “candid” photos were expertly staged before being made public.</span></p>

6. Exposure for Businesses

This travel job is for those with a well-developed online business. If you already have a travel blog , you can always ask restaurant owners, bar owners, hotels, and others who provide services in tourism if they would like to collaborate on a promotion on your website. The business will get exposure to your audience, and you can negotiate payment or exchanges for that promotion, like a one-night hotel stay or a free meal.

<p>This unique locale lets guests taste wine from three family-owned micro-wineries: Blacksmith Cellars, Sunset Cellars, and King Andrew Vineyard. Staff at the tasting room are wine producers and grape growers, providing expert knowledge on the local wines and the Suisun Valley wine region. The tasting list changes weekly. And guess what — you can bring picnics or snacks (but no outside drinks). Stop by La Barista Espresso for deli sandwiches on your way to the <a href="https://suisunvalleywinecoop.com/" rel="nofollow noopener">Suisun Valley Wine Co-op</a>.</p><ul> <li><strong>Blacksmith Cellars:</strong> Founded in 2003, winemaker Matt Smith crafts complex wines, distinctive varietal-driven and blended wines.</li> <li><strong>Sunset Cellars:</strong> Starting in 1997 in the garage of the Inner Sunset neighborhood in <a href="https://wealthofgeeks.com/kid-friendly-things-to-do-in-san-francisco/">San Francisco</a>, Sunset Cellars has a minimalist winemaking style and respects the grower’s efforts in the vineyards.</li> <li><strong>King Andrew Vineyard:</strong> After growing grapes in their own vineyard, Roger King and his wife Carol brought their bottled wine from small lot production to the winery. The fresh and vibrant wines are bottled with limited intervention.</li> </ul><p>Reservations are not required, but they are recommended.</p>

7. Bartending

A good barista is always a much-needed part of the crew. If you know how to mix drinks or make a killer espresso, you can always offer your services to nightclubs or cafes and earn a decent wage, plus tips.

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Nina Lishchuk.

8. Temporary Tattoos or Hair Styling

Unlike the classic tattoo industry, where laws and regulations can tie up employment approval, temporary tattoos can be done anytime, anywhere, and do not fall under any laws and regulations. There is a low risk of infection with temporary tattoos or paints, unlike classic tattoos that are created by piercing the skin. Hair braiding or wrapping is popular at beach destinations and can also be done anytime, anywhere.

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

9. Working on a Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise ship is more permanent, but it still fits within the scope of travel jobs. There are numerous jobs that you can do on a cruise ship, and each of those offers some nice wages. Understandably, a captain makes much more than a cabin steward, but all employees receive benefits and gratuity. You can use the time between shifts to discover beautiful cities wherever you stop. 

<p>Discussions about places to visit in Montenegro tend to begin with Kotor, and it is easy to see why. Kotor packs plenty into its relatively small borders, with a proud maritime history allied to modern cafes, restaurants, and bars, plus some of the most alluring churches in this part of the world. Stop for a romantic courtyard lunch at Pržun before taking the arduous walk up to the fortress walls, where the ultimate view of the Bay of Kotor awaits.</p>

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JULY 18: Powerball play slips are displayed in a convenience store on July 18, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. The Powerball jackpot for the drawing on July 19th is now estimated to be $1 billion after three months of drawings without a winner.

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On Monday, Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department presented Jim Sabatini, St. Clair Township trustee/St. Clair Township Travel & Tourism Bureau board member, with an $11,000 check raised from the Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department Annual Good Friday Fish Fry. The check will be used for the Calcutta Memorial Day Celebration by St. Clair Township Travel & Tourism Bureau sponsored by the Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department Sunday, May 26, at Calcutta Square. The days festival activities include: Calcutta Fire Departmetn Firehouse 5K & Walk at 10 a.m., Flag Raising Ceremony at 12:30 p.m., Calcutta YMCA Kids Car/ Quad Show from 1 to 3 p.m., Live Music from 1 to 9 p.m., Chalk Art Contest from 1 to 3 p.m., Calcutta Fire Department Annual Memorial Day Weekend Water Battle & Fire Games at 1:30 p.m., Car Cruise from 2 to 7 p.m., Fireworks at 9 p.m., several food vendors and a Kids Zone. (Submitted photo)

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YOUNGSTOWN — As plans are underway for the 2024 Tri-County Heart Ball, James and Christina Dascenzo have been ...

WED/5-8 East Liverpool East Liverpool High School bands along with the eighth-grade band spring concert, ...

volunteer travel jobs


volunteer travel jobs

Premier Bank receives SBA Top Large Community Bank Lender Award

TUE/5-7 Columbiana City Council, 7 p.m., city hall; Zoom link at www.columbianaohio.gov East ...

Starting at $2.99/week.


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    Volunteer abroad on one of our sustainable worldwide volunteer travel programs working with communities, nature or animals. Volunteer and travel to Africa, Europe, Central and South America, Asia and beyond. ... Bring your own job, work remotely, join a community, and travel the world. Study. Gain an amazing life skill, with an even more ...

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    Work on grassroots projects with a registered Philippine NGO. Kaya Responsible Travel Choose a meaningful adventure from over 20 countries around the globe. International Volunteer HQ [IVHQ] World's #1 Volunteer Programs. 40+ Countries from $20/day! Adelante Abroad Volunteer abroad this Spring in Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador & Spain.

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    Use the Government Jobs tab to search through your municipality's employment opportunities. Subscribe to job posting notifications to be automatically alerted of the latest career opportunities by clicking on the Notify Me® button. ... Volunteer Opportunities; Employment Opportunities; Contact Us. City of Moscow 206 E Third Street Moscow, ID ...

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    Bozeman, MT. Typically responds within 1 day. $70,000 - $100,000 a year. Full-time. Monday to Friday + 1. Easily apply. Willing to travel within designated sales territory. VPTO (Volunteer paid time off) year-round incentives to give back to your local community. Employer.

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    On Monday, Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department presented Jim Sabatini, St. Clair Township trustee/St. Clair Township Travel & Tourism Bureau board member, with an $11,000 check raised from the ...