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WIFI on our buses during travel?

just double checking if our buses will have WIFI... had to ask? thanks M.Z.

If you are asking about the buses on Risk Steves tours, the answer is maybe. Some buses do, others don't. No way to know in advance.

Only one of our tour buses had wifi, and our guide asked folks to look out the window instead.

Rick Steves doesn't have their own buses, they work with local companies and the details can vary.

BTW, most of the people on the forum don't actually go on RS tours, but there is a section just for tour questions. https://community.ricksteves.com/travel-forum/tours

I've taken a fair number of public intercity buses in Europe that had Wi-Fi, but it tended to come and go--I assume for technical reasons. If it's really important to you, it would be smart to have data service on your phone or tablet.

Not all buses are going to have Wi-Fi; don’t assume it. Where are you going? Are you talking about intercity buses? City buses? Private tour buses?

Why do you need wifi on the tour bus when there is lovely scenery all around you?

I think this is a valid question and am assuming you mean the bus on an RS tour.

Many people actually use it on the bus to check on something for an upcoming stop. Sometimes people use it to find out more information regarding something the guide might have mentioned. There are also folks who are still working and need to check in occasionally so the bus is a good time for that.

My last experience on Best of Italy was that it was not strong and not dependable. Some could get connected some of us could not.

For those going on the Best of Turkey or Best of Istanbul tours, neither of the tour buses that I was on had wifi.

By comparison if you watch train vloggers they will tell you that sometimes on a train it stinks and sometimes it's fantastic

To be honest, I think the same answer applies pretty much anywhere in Europe: it depends.

You’ll find some local city busses that have it while someone distance trains won’t. Even if a bus or train has WiFi, it may be very spotty or slow. I’ve seen the same thing in the USA on Amtrak trains and greyhound busses

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Is there WiFi on the bus?

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Big Bus Tours Questions & Answers

wifi tour bus

Yes but it is not the best

wifi tour bus

Yes there is.

wifi tour bus

I didn't use it so im not sure sorry

wifi tour bus

I think they advertise that there is. We didn’t use it. I’m not much help. I think you should contact the company.

wifi tour bus

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wifi tour bus

3 Days in San Francisco

wifi tour bus

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wifi tour bus

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High Speed WiFi for River Cruises and Bus Tours with Poynting Antennas

High Speed WiFi for River Cruises and Bus Tours with Poynting Antennas

7 Mar 2021 | 6 min read

Quick Summary

River cruise and bus tour businesses can boost their edge over the competition by offering high speed onboard WiFi. Here's what you'll need to do just that.

If you’re a business offering bus or boat tours for tourists, you can create a higher demand for your services by offering quality, high-speed WiFi connections onboard so customers can stay connected and share memories with loved ones. With the right network hardware, this is possible even while on the move. Here, we’ll discuss choosing the right LTE antenna for a stable connection to the cellular network at long range, as well as what other products you’ll need.


Think customers won't pay extra to be able to livestream views like this back home to family and friends? Think again.

LTE Antennas for Boat and Bus Tours

Whether you offer bus or boat tours, your requirements from an LTE 4G antenna will be similar.

Since you’re a moving target, orienting a directional antenna to always be facing a cell mast will be impossible, so you’ll want to choose an omnidirectional antenna .

The antenna will be out in the open, meaning some measure of weatherproofing and waterproofing will be necessary (more so if you’re mounting on a boat).

The vibrations of the road mean that impact resistance is especially important for bus tours.

Finally, a busy tourism business is likely to have a lot of customers all fighting for connection at once. This means you’ll want an antenna capable of providing a stable signal with great throughput, so all of that traffic can traverse the airwaves unencumbered. For this, MIMO capabilities will be important.

In short, you’re looking for a weatherproofed, shock resistant omnidirectional antenna with MIMO capabilities.


Taking the world by storm with your bus/coach tour business? Boost your bottom line further by offering onboard WiFi.

What Else Will I Need?

The end product you’re looking for here is a functional wireless network that can be broadcast anywhere a customer is likely to be on your boat or bus. That means that, in addition to your 4G antenna(s), you’ll also need a 4G modem (or a router with a 4G modem built-in) to convert the analogue radio signal into ones and zeros for your other network devices to interact with. If using a standalone 4G modem, you’ll need a separate router capable of configuring WLANs (which is almost any router these days). If your 4G modem is built into the router (often just called a ‘ 4G router ’), then you can use just this one device and connect your antenna(s) directly.

Once the router is configured and the WLAN is set up, you’ll need to broadcast the WLAN across space. This means employing one or more wireless access points (WAPs) for customers to connect to. These will need excellent throughput and technologies like MU-MIMO (multiple user multi-input multi-output) can really help with this to mitigate interference between all of those wireless packets being sent through the air at once.

If yours is a small cruise ship or a much larger river or coastal boat cruise, you’ll need more than one WAP to distribute the LAN throughout the boat. If the boat lacks ethernet infrastructure, then a mesh wireless solution will likely be best. Mesh access points just need power, creating a wireless link where the connection ‘hops’ between mesh access points, creating an interconnected web, or ‘mesh’, of wireless access.

The Best Antennas for River Cruises and Bus Tours

Antennas for boats.

Riverboats have the advantage over buses and coaches in that the size of the antenna tends to be less of an issue. Buses and coaches can already struggle to get under bridges, so particularly large (tall) antennas can be an issue.

Fortunately for those in boating, larger antennas are almost always capable of better performance. When it comes to providing the best tourist experience for your customers, this can only be a good thing.

Our first choice would be the use of multiple Poynting OMNI 291 antennas . The 291s tick all our boxes: they’re omnidirectional like the name implies, they’re IP68 rated for weatherproofing and IK08 rated for impact protection too. These are SISO (single input single output) antennas, so if we want to supercharge our performance, we need to establish MIMO (multi user multi output) by using two or more OMNI 291s together.

If you’re wondering why we don’t just use a single MIMO antenna, rather than multiple SISO antennas, it’s because size matters for antenna performance. A ‘MIMO antenna’ always consists of multiple SISO antennas within a single housing. Whilst these can offer good results, great results can only be achieved by using large SISO antennas and incorporating them into a MIMO array. Whilst this sounds scary, it just means spacing the two OMNI 291s at least 60cm apart horizontally and (where possible) vertically. This adds spatial diversity, which helps negate signal interference.

At 56cm high, though, the OMNI 291s are pretty large antennas. If you’d rather opt for something much smaller, multiple Poynting OMNI 403s will do the trick too, though you’ll see a drop in performance in exchange for the smaller size.


The fjords of Norway or the banks of the Reine, onboard WiFi via 4G connectivity keeps customers connected.

Antennas for Buses

For buses, you’ll almost certainly need something with less height than Poynting’s OMNI 291s. The best option here is to pick from Poynting’s MIMO-3-V2-1x series. For our application, Poynting’s MIMO-3-V2-12 should do just fine. It too has an IP68 weatherproofing rating, meaning it can survive being mounted on the top of your bus or coach no matter where your tour is headed. It’s omnidirectional and has MIMO functionality built-in.

Versus multiple OMNI 291s, the MIMO-3-V2-12 won’t perform as well. However, buses will need an antenna with a low profile and much smaller form factor than boats. For this reason, the MIMO-3-V2-12 is the perfect compromise, offering great performance and all of our requirements in a smaller package.

In summary, if you want to enhance your customer experience and give yourself the edge over the competition, you can offer high-quality WiFi onboard your bus tour or river cruise. All you’ll need is a quality omnidirectional antenna with MIMO capabilities, weatherproofing and some shock resistance. We recommend two or more of Poynting’s OMNI 291s for boats and their MIMO-3-V2-12 for buses. You’ll also need a 4G router for de/modulating and routing the signal, plus one or more wireless access points for broadcasting your new wireless network across space.

High Speed WiFi for River Cruises and Bus Tours with Poynting Antennas

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Family Owned and Operated Bus Charter Services

Who Says You Can’t Bring The Office With You? Quality Assurance Travel promises you a luxury ride with all the comforts of your home—or office.

So you’re taking a great charter bus tour with family, friends or your office staff. Fantastic. But what about all that work you’ll need to catch up on later? No problem. We not only make your trip luxurious—we make it as productive and anxiety-free as you want it to be.

Quality Assurance Travel has added the RiderNet system to its fleet of luxury bus coaches to seamlessly—and wirelessly—bring high speed Internet access to our passengers.

Sometimes you CAN mix business with pleasure.

  • Ride to your favorite destination in style without losing a step at work.
  • Keep up with your productivity targets.
  • Check e-mail, visit websites and use VPN connections at broadband speeds from any Wi-Fi-enabled laptop or PDA—even while heading off on a great bus trip.

Ready to take a guilt-free bus tour?

Then take the work with you—no need to play catch-up when you return. Sit back, relax, turn on your laptop and turn out your assignments. Catch up on emails or double-check on trip arrangements. And before you know it, you’re at your destination. Your work is finished and you’re ready for a totally guilt-free good time.

Ready to begin surfing?

Just enable the wireless radio on your laptop, open a web browser and click through a standard splash page—all while sitting in the lap your luxury bus coach.

wifi tour bus

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Originally posted by Lynx ツ : Hiya, I get a 75% rating, just because of the Wifi which comes up as a 0% on the report. What am I doing wrong? The Wifi Clearance button is on and i have a data contract of 20 Tb. I'm driving a Setra.
Originally posted by JSSPL : You have broken Wifi on the bus, check the menu on the tablet and order service
Originally posted by Joelw10 : Originally posted by Lynx ツ : Hiya, I get a 75% rating, just because of the Wifi which comes up as a 0% on the report. What am I doing wrong? The Wifi Clearance button is on and i have a data contract of 20 Tb. I'm driving a Setra.

wifi tour bus

Originally posted by TML Studios : Hi Lynx, would you please send your savegame with this WIFI problem present to our colleagues in the support centre at https://www.tml-studios.de/forum/support/ We would like to know if that's really a bug or just a usability problem. Kind regards TML-Studios

wifi tour bus

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Do Charter Buses Have Outlets? (Everything you need to know)

As you know, it is vital to be able to stay connected while traveling in our modern world and if you are considering renting a charter bus, you might be wondering if charter buses have outlets along with Wi-Fi.  The short answer is yes, but it also depends on the company and its fleet.

Below we will answer questions you may have regarding the connectivity options of charter buses.

Do Charter Buses Have Outlets?

Most modern charter buses come with multiple outlets to power your devices and charge them during a long trip. This can be an invaluable tool for travelers who need to keep their equipment charged up whether it is for work or pleasure purposes.

These outlets, however, will vary depending on the company and the type of bus you reserve. Some buses may have limited outlets while others may have more modern outlets that can accommodate multiple devices including USB ports. Make sure to ask the company you are considering renting from if their buses have outlets before booking, just in case.

What is the voltage of the outlets?

Most charter buses in the United States come with 110V/220V power outlets. This means you can charge the most common devices such as phones, laptops, cameras, etc.

If you are coming from a different country where the plugs and outlets are different than those of the U.S., you will need an adapter. Most bus companies do not provide these adapters so make sure to bring your own if needed.

Do Charter Buses Have Wi-Fi?

In addition to outlets, many also provide Wi-Fi access for passengers on board. This is great as it allows people to stay connected, work remotely, or even entertain themselves with movies and games while on a long journey.

Oftentimes, Wi-Fi costs an additional fee, so make sure to ask the company you are renting from if they provide Wi-Fi and the associated costs.

Is the Wi-Fi on buses secure?

Yes, most charter buses come with secure Wi-Fi. The secured networks are password-protected and only people who have the password can access it. This ensures that your data is safe from hackers or other malicious actors when using Wi-Fi on a charter bus.

Is the WiFi stable on charter buses?

Yes, the WiFi is usually stable on a charter bus. This is due to the fact that most buses have multiple routers installed on board so that the signal won’t be affected by physical obstructions.

In addition, most companies use cellular networks as a backup in case of any unexpected interruptions or slowdowns in the regular Wi-Fi connection.

It is important to note that while the Wi-Fi on charter buses is usually stable, the speed may not be as fast as a home or office Wi-Fi connection. Also when traveling in rural areas or mountainous terrain, the connection may not be as strong.

Why is it important to have outlets and Wi-Fi access on a charter bus?

Having outlets and Wi-Fi access on a charter bus can be advantageous. Not only does it allow people to stay connected with their friends and family back home, but also allows them to complete any work that needs to be done while on the go. This means passengers don’t have to worry about losing any time during their travels. Overall, most charter buses are equipped with outlets and Wi-Fi access to make your journey as comfortable and convenient as possible.

By now, you should have a good understanding of whether charter buses have outlets and Wi-Fi access. Remember, it’s always worth checking with the company prior to booking in order to ensure the bus has all of the amenities you need. With that being said, our coach buses here at Pegasus Transit are always kept up-to-date with the latest features for your convenience. So, if you’re in need of a charter bus with outlets and Wi-Fi access, give us a call or reserve your bus online today.

wifi tour bus

Need group transportation? 

We have a fleet of over 70 buses to meet the travel needs of groups both small and large.

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wifi tour bus

Discover how to elevate your corporate events with our comprehensive guide, covering everything from venue selection to the benefits of charter bus transportation.

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Uncover essential tips for a stress-free, cost-effective Thanksgiving getaway. Learn how smart planning, savvy deal hunting, and mindful self-care can elevate your holiday trip.

wifi tour bus

Learn why charter buses for schools are becoming the preferred choice for safe, comfortable, and environmentally responsible student transportation. Dive into the benefits, comparisons with other travel options, and crucial considerations for hiring.


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Home / Smart Transportation / Taxi Passenger, Train and Bus WiFi

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Taxi Passenger, Train and Bus WiFi

In our digital world, people expect to be connected at all times, which is why passenger WiFi is becoming an essential in today’s public transport industry. 

Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices have the ability to transfer data and shed insight into network operations. This data can be used in a range of ways, all with the goal of streamlining operations.

Dedicated WiFi stations onboard metro services, like trains and trams, can help bridge the gap between customer and service provider and allow for seamless communication of travel time and network disruptions. From a taxi to a high-speed train, you can customise your IoT passenger WiFi solution to suit your network. Robusel has a range of Transportation Internet of Things solutions that can be deployed to meet your needs.

Benefits of WiFi on public transport

WiFi and IoT technologies are driving innovative monitoring and management for public transport systems, including buses, trains and taxi services. Utilising bus and train WiFi , operators can leverage real-time data that sheds insight into the current network operating capacity. These smart technologies enable operators to:

  • Optimise service efficiency
  • Carry out smart route planning
  • Fleet track 
  • Schedule and monitor maintenance
  • Monitor fuel consumption
  • Manage delays or potential hazards

Metro free WiFi services are already being deployed globally with many services now offering convenient and secure internet access for passengers as they travel. However, WiFi solutions aren't just for trains and buses.

Taxis are also playing their role and are deploying Taxi WiFi solutions to improve the customer experience. They use tracking technology to communicate with car rental and other ride services to optimise pick ups and drop offs. Customers are able to pay for their entire journey just once, with peace of mind that a vehicle is available, no matter the time. 

Improve reliability and efficiency of services

In public transport, it’s easy for things to go wrong. Not only can a sudden breakdown create chaos for passengers, it can lead to further network delays and throw an entire system into disarray. 

IoT connected devices that leverage a secure WiFi connection onboard a vehicle can assist operators and increase reliability. Deploying connected solutions, whether it be WiFi on bus services, train or taxi, not only helps system operators – it also adds to the passenger's overall experience. Using a secure and convenient connection, passengers are able to accurately track their travel time and get the latest updates on delays or network disruptions.

Passengers are able to leverage WiFi in trains and get notified immediately of any disruptions, along with alternate route options if necessary. The ability to directly communicate with passengers through WiFi in trains and buses also means that network operators can send messages in real-time, keeping passengers informed as they travel. Taxi WiFi can also be used by the passenger to keep track of their journey, while viewing delays in real-time. 

Decrease maintenance and repair delays

Keeping vehicles on the road or tracks is a crucial component of an efficient network.  Sensors can be used to monitor the condition of essential parts, such as engines and brakes, to prevent a sudden breakdown. 

By repairing small issues before they magnify into huge problems, operators can better manage downtimes of services. Operators can assess their equipment and carry out predictive and preventive maintenance before a major breakdown.

Streamline operations

IoT devices for public transportation can be deployed to monitor passenger flow and the number of people waiting and travelling in services, while also tracking peak commuting times. These analytics can be used by network operators to schedule timetables to suit passenger needs and demands. 

Using Robustel’s RCMS router management platform, operators can leverage a fleet management dashboard with a wide range of features to suit their needs. From the ability to make an inbound connection using any SIM, to sensors that alert to maintenance issues,  our solutions can be customised to suit your exact needs. 

Robustel’s 3G/4G routers are the perfect solution for your Passenger WiFi needs. Ranging from a taxi to a high-speed train, customise your IoT passenger WiFi solution to suit your network. Whether you need to deploy WiFi systems for buses , or looking to connect your taxi fleet, speak to one of our experts on how we can get you connected today.

Recommend Products

wifi tour bus

R2110 High Speed Smart LTE / LTE-A IoT Gateway

The R2110 LTE Advanced Smart IoT Gateway by Robustel:

  • Supports WWAN, WAN, WLAN link backup and ICMP detection
  • Supports cold backup , warm backup and load balancing
  • RobustOS + SDK + App
  • IPsec/OpenVPN/GRE
  • Management and maintenance via Web/CLI/SNMP/RCMS
  • Robust industrial design desktop or wall mounting or DIN rail mounting

wifi tour bus

R2000 Dual-SIM VPN IoT Gateway

R2000 VPN IoT Gateway

  • Available in 4G Cat 4 high speed and Cat-M1 low speed networks
  • Industrial design (9 ~ 36 VDC, desktop or wall mounting or DIN rail mounting)
  • Management and maintenance via Web/CLI/SMS/RCMS Cloud
  • Supports IPv6
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet/4G WAN interface options with failover
  • IPsec/OpenVPN/GRE/L2TP/PPTP/
  • DMVPN VPN capabilities
  • RobustVPN – hosted VPN service providing a “fixed IP” router

wifi tour bus

R1520 Dual-SIM Cellular VPN Router

  • Cost-effective & high performance 3G/4G router
  • Rugged design with 9 to 36Vdc power
  • “Global” 4G version available
  • E-mark certification for in vehicle use
  • Optically isolated digital IO
  • 10-bit Analogue interface for direct sensor connections
  • Supports Dual SIMs & Wifi/Ethernet as WAN
  • Cellular keep-alive and fast failover
  • Extensive range of software “apps” for enhanced functionality
  • RobustVPN – hosted service providing a “fixed IP” router
  • IPsec/OpenVPN/GRE/L2TP/PPTP/DMVPN supported
  • Extensive global certifications


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