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3 of the Best Train Vacations in Europe

train tour canada luxury

European rail trips deliver economy and luxury bundled into a picturesque trip without fail. It’s the ideal way to tour Europe. Trains have traversed the continent since the Industrial Revolution. However, these days the railways expand beyond industrial needs to include scenic, heritage, and funicular railways. Maybe it is time to forego cramped buses and public transportation. Even renting a car may be a struggle with reading road signs in other languages or driving on the opposite side of the road. Spend your European vacation relaxing in style while the train navigates. From lush Poland forests to Nordic fjords, take a look at three of the best train vacations in Europe. Climb aboard.

Pros and Cons of Train Vacations in Europe.

Pros of train vacations in europe.

The pros of train vacations in Europe far outweigh the cons. Let’s get into it.

  • Sustainable travel .: Aside from traveling by foot or bike, train travel is your greenest option. According to Eurail , trains emit up to 75 percent less carbon than cars and planes. 
  • Efficiency : Train travel isn’t nearly as stressful as air travel. There is no TSA, no need to show up hours in advance, and fewer restrictions regarding luggage and personal items. Hop on and go. 
  • Comfort : Legroom! Need we say more? Spacious seating with plenty of storage for your luggage makes train travel attractive for those of us who like to stretch. You might even have access to power outlets, WiFi, food, and restrooms. 
  • Freedom : Sit back and enjoy the scenery, read a book, or walk around the train. It’s your choice! Since you don’t need to worry about navigation, as you would in a car, or safety regulations, like in a plane, you have the freedom to do what you’d like.
  • Many Route Option : Europe’s extensive network of rails make traveling by train ideal for almost any location. Even small towns. 
  • Budget, mid-range, or spare-no-expense : European train travel can be cheap, but if you want a luxurious tour, you can spend thousands of dollars. There’s also a nice middle ground. So, rail travel accommodates everyone.
  • Build your own adventure : You can save money and build your own experience by purchasing train tickets along the routes and stops you want. For example, instead of purchasing the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express ticket, you can buy tickets from London to Paris, Paris to Verona, and Verona to Venice. This also allows you to make stops in cities along the way. 

Cons of Train Vacations in Europe

Regarding cons, a couple of things might deter you from choosing train vacations in Europe.

  • Cost : If you don’t book in advance or know how to find cheap tickets, Europe by train can get expensive. Sometimes flying is less expensive. 
  • Confusing for beginners : Train travel across so many borders can get confusing. Even if you aren’t crossing borders, it takes practice to understand train schedules. Plus, larger cities have multiple train stations. Read your tickets carefully! It’s also important to know that you can’t just hop on and off unless you purchase individual tickets for each destination. 

Save Money on a Train Vacation in Europe

Under the right conditions, European rail passes can be a great option. If you want the flexibility to choose your route as you go, you’re under 28, and you don’t plan to travel every day, then a rail pass is a good budget option.

  • Rail Passes : EU residents need an InterRail pass, while non-EU residents will need a Eurail pass. You can also select a Global pass, which opens up travel to all of Europe, or individual country passes. Rail passes can get expensive if you have to make a reservation or want to travel on high-speed or sleeper trains. Want to explore a single country? Some local rail passes offer amazing discounts, like the Swiss Pass . 
  • Book In Advance : Another way of saving money on train travel is to choose your route and book in advance. Tickets are normally available to purchase 90 days in advance.
  • Pack Food : Many trains allow you to pack your own food and drink! Take advantage of that. Food service on trains is pricey. 

Three Best Train Vacations in Europe

The three routes we’ve chosen are:

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Gotthard Route

Bergen railway, nice-moscow .

You cannot hop off these railways. But, to make stops, you’ll need to buy individual tickets to each destination you’d like to explore.

train tour canada luxury

Up for a posh train vacation in Europe? The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express , where “The Great Gatsby” and “Harry Potter” collide, travels a historic route. London to Europe by train has never seen more elegant transportation. Two heritage trains, the British Pullman from London to Folkestone and the VSEO from Calais to Venice, take you on an iconic European voyage. The original Orient Express ran from 1983 to 2009. Featured in Agatha Christie’s “Murder On the Orient Express” and Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” literary nerds won’t want to miss this experience. Oh, and there’s a dress code. Essentially, you can’t be overdressed. 

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Overview

  • Best for : Western Europe travel, 5-star luxury, fans of Agatha Christie and Bram Stoker
  • Countries : UK, France, Switzerland, Italy
  • Your route : London to Folkestone—Calais to Venice (1,636km, 24 hours)
  • Price : Varies according to how many stops you intend to make. If you take the actual express, prices are about £2000 per person, depending on the season and your accommodation type. 
  • Scenery : English and French countryside slides into the snow-capped Alps, glassy lakes, idyllic meadows, and beautiful villages. 
  • Pro tip : The London to Venice option is more popular and arguably the great option because travelers get to cross over the Channel Tunnel on the first leg of the journey. Some people may try the Venice to London option because it has more availability. Discounts are available for children under age 12 sharing a compartment with an adult, and children under 2 sharing a berth with an adult travel for free.

train tour canada luxury

The Bergen Railway travels between Bergen and Oslo. It’s also ideal for those with a Eurail pass since you can purchase an option in which it’s included. 

Bergen Railway Route

You can break the Bergen Railway into five sections.

  • Once you leave the station in Oslo, you’ll head west through the suburbs until you reach the countryside. Your first section: Hallingdal Valley . We recommend spending at least a weekend here. About two hours in, you can hop off to experience the family-friendly area, which includes a bear park, a skiing area, and a holiday park. Bjørneparken bear park has a range of wild animals to see, like bears, leopards, moose, and lynxes. The train then arrives at Gol, where you can catch a bus to Hemsedal , a premier destination for winter sports and summer hiking. Hallingdal also happens to be a paradise for mountain bikers and cyclists in general. Take the family to Hallingdal Feriepark , which is fully equipped for adventure. From a climbing park and ziplines to an indoor playground and a campsite, any kid will obsess over Feriepark.
  • The second section is the halfway point between Oslo and Bergen, a mountain village called Geilo . And it’s also ideal for outdoor activities, including skiing, mountain biking, ziplining, rafting, and hiking. In summer, avid hikers climb the Prestholtstien stair trail to the top of Hallingskarvet mountain. Stop here for an afternoon or a day of adventure. 
  • Third is Hardangervidda , the mountain plateau, which offers the most stunning scenery on the route. It ends in Finse , a small mountain village only accessible by train. Also a perfect location for outdoor adventure. If you’re an outdoor adventurer pressed for time, we recommend choosing between Geilo and Finse. 
  • And fourth, we have the fjords and the world-renowned railway line mentioned in our pro tip. Make sure to explore the Flåm Railway Museum for a taste of history. This is an afternoon stop.
  • Lastly is Voss , the last major stop before reaching Bergen. Calling all adrenaline junkies! Especially those who’ve always wanted to try skydiving. Voss deserves a weekend of fun.

Bergen Railway Overview

  • Best for : Peaceful Scandinavian views and outdoor adventure
  • Countries : Norway
  • Your route : Oslo to Bergen via Flåm (550km, seven hours)
  • Price : Varies according to how many stops you intend to make. Direct trips average about $110 for a one-way ticket.
  • Scenery : You’ll gape at fjords, mountains, plains, and the desolate beauty of Norway’s Hardangervidda plateau. 
  • Pro tip : Stop at Myrdal and catch the breathtaking line to Flåm , which takes about an hour. The windy route travels through mountain tunnels, and its steep incline won’t disappoint. It’s the world’s steepest rail. 

train tour canada luxury

Okay, so this is a bit of a time commitment. Traversing eight countries, this epic journey may not appeal to everyone. However, for an adventurous adult, it may be just right. But the best part of this route is that you can make it as long or short as you’d like. Nice to Moscow is the long-haul option. But if you’d like to avoid Russia, we recommend you stop in either Warsaw or Minsk. 

From the sapphire seas and the pastel-colored ports of the French Riviera, all the way to the domed buildings of Russia’s capital, this route’s beginning, and end are beautiful. But the heart of the journey lies in the middle. In magical forests of Poland and Belarus. On the narrow tracks of local Eastern European villages. 

Vienna, Warsaw, and Minsk are the top three cities to visit along the route. 

  • Musicians must stop in Vienna, a Mecca for the arts. Be sure to visit the Museums Quartier and Schönbrunn Palace . And don’t forget to indulge in a Viennese breakfast. 
  • Warsaw’s tumultuous history didn’t stop it from rising out of its ashes. If there’s only time for one thing in this city, you have to stroll down the Royal Way, a bustling street filled with shops, restaurants, and historical stops. 
  • Check out the Soviet-era architecture, the lively arts scene, and the endless museums (including the Cat Museum ) in Minsk.

Nice-Moscow  Overview

  • Best for : Adults wanting to experience Eastern Europe
  • Countries : France, Monaco, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Russia
  • Your route : Nice to Moscow (3,315km, two days)
  • Price : Varies according to how many stops you intend to make. For those going directly from Nice to Moscow, we’ve found tickets for under $200, though average prices tend to range from $400 to upwards of $1,200.
  • Scenery : Mediterranean beaches, Alpine villages, forests, vast plains, and more.
  • Pro tip : Take advantage of Minsk’s lack of tourism. The Belarus capital seems frozen in time. 


train tour canada luxury

RM18 Onboard GoldLeaf Service Interior (4) CREDIT Rocky Mountaineer

Luxury Trains

Experience canada in pure luxury.

Unlock the very best onboard luxury train trip across Canada. Soak in the scenery with dazzling fine dining, world-class amenities and exquisite service. The Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf and VIA Rail Prestige class are two popular luxury train services and our Canadian Insiders can help you book the right service level for you.

The corridor inside a VIA rail train car

The most civilized way to explore

Travelling in luxury on board a VIA Rail train means you get to enjoy Canada's wilderness in high style. VIA Rail's highest level of service, the Prestige class, is only offered on travels between Vancouver and Toronto.

Rocky Mountaineer onboard Host gives welcome toast in GoldLeaf dome as guests cheers.

GoldLeaf service through the Rockies

Rocky Mountaineer’s GoldLeaf service offers bi-leveled domed service offers unparralleled views from the top and a seperate fine dining room below. This daylight only full-service journey ensures you won’t miss a moment.

Prestige luxury train cabin with double bed facing a window

Prestige sleeper class across Canada

VIA Rail’s Prestige Class is the most refined way to journey between Vancouver and Toronto. A comfortable cabin converts to a deluxe bed for your evenings. A personlized concierge serivice and complimentary drinks means you can fully relax as you travel.

A plate of grilled salmon served with red wine in the GoldLeaf dining car onboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

Savour every moment with gourmet meals

On all luxury services enjoy chef prepared meals and local BC wines which are included on the train as well as gourmet snacks and complimentary beverages.

Onboard host taking meal order from guests in the GoldLeaf dining room

Feel like royalty with luxury service

Every need is taken care of by attentive onboard hosts or exclusive concierge service.

Couple look out at bridge and river from Rocky Mountaineer train viewing platform

Share the best with those you love

Relax onboard as you explore Canada with the best class of service and comfort. With all your needs taken care of you can focus on making memories together.

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Plan your trip with a Canadian Insider

You know that friendly character you met in the local café who told you to visit that well-kept regional secret which turned out to be the best part of your holiday? That's us.

Classic poutine in cardboard take away box

Have everything organized for you

By this stage, you're already having dreams about mountains, moose and maple trees. We combine your personal preferences with our insider knowledge to save you hours of pointless internet trawling.

train tour canada luxury

Get help when you need it

You’ll receive the inside scoop before you even leave home. And you can relax during your vacation because we’re only a phone call away if you have any questions while you’re in Canada.

Most Popular Trips

The Rocky Mountaineer train travels along a lakeside, fringed with fall colors with a mountain range behind.

Special Holiday Offer

Complete Canadian Rockies by Rail

8 days  from  Loading... pp

When to go:   April – October

Places visited:   Vancouver, Kamloops, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary

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Prestige luxury train cabin with double bed facing a window

The Canadian Prestige Journey

14 days  from  Loading... pp

When to go:   May – September

Places visited:   Toronto, Jasper, Icefields Parkway, Lake Louise, Banff, Vancouver

The Rocky Mountaineer Train travels along the ocean on the Sea to Sky

Discover Whistler and the Canadian Rockies by Rail

9 days  from  Loading... pp

When to go:   May –September

Places visited:   Vancouver, Whistler, Quesnel, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary

Limited Time Promotions

Couple having a glass of wine in the train dinner car in Jasper National Park Alberta

Receive up to $2,400 in free trip enhancements

Across Canada trips : Enjoy up to $2,400 per couple in trip enhancements.

Canadian Rockies trips : Enjoy up to $1,800 per couple in trip enhancements.

For more details, schedule a call with one of our local travel experts or call us at undefined .

Must be booked by December 21, 2023.

Prestige luxury train cabin with double bed facing a window

Why Everyone Should Cross Canada By Train At Least Once

A dreamy view of boreal forest slides into golden grasslands and blue sky as VIA Rail’s flagship Canadian chugs west toward the prairies. And presently, the Canadian Rockies’ snow-tipped teeth bite into the horizon as the train rolls into Jasper National Park.

The country’s majestic and ever-changing landscape is but one reason to embrace this historic means of conveyance on a classic rail journey between Toronto and Jasper that includes three nights on a sleeper train.

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Luxury Train Vacations in Canada

Luxury Trips Across Canada

Browse our selection of luxury train vacations in Canada curated by experts with 20 years experience. 

No longer associated with the mundane commuter, rail travel in canada has cultivated a certain romantic appeal, complete with incredible scenery, gourmet food and wine and ultimate comfort and style. , our luxury packages suit discerning travelers looking to combine the comforts of a highly-regarded hotel with the sights and convenience of rail. , aboard either rocky mountaineer or via rail canada, both options are equally unique, and both will provide memories to last a lifetime..

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Canada Train Trips, Luxury Canadian Train Tours & Vacations

Canada Train Vacations | VIA Rail in the Canadian Rockies

Canada Train Trips | Exploring Canada with VIA Rail

Canada Train Vacations | VIA Rail in the Canadian Rockies

Canada Train Trips | Luxury Canada Train Vacations

Canada Train Trips | Luxury Canada Train Vacations

Get ready for your ultimate Canadian Train Trip designed by Canada's leading Rail Vacation Specialist.

Traveling Canada by train is a truly iconic experience, be it through the majestic Canadian Rockies of Western Canada or across the charming and colorful Eastern and Atlantic provinces. Combining three incredible trains – the renowned Rocky Mountaineer and VIA Rail (which services routes across Canada), our Canada Train Trips cater to a variety of budget and interests. As always, booking train travel in Canada comes with the expert guidance of our team, customizing your trip to the point of perfection.

Our Featured Canada Train Trips

For the past 23 years our team has been designing dream Canada train trips. Our team regularly travels from coast to coast aboard VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer, discovering new adventures that we can't wait to share with you.

Explore our Canada Train Trips by Type

Feast your eyes on Canada with a train trip that includes the Last Frontier, the Canadian Rockies, Eastern Canada or the Maritimes. In winter, enjoy the magical scenery of Alberta with our popular Snow Train to the Rockies.

Bucket List Top 10 Best Selling Train Trips

Bucket List Top 10 Best Selling Train Trips

View our Bucket List Top 10 Best Selling Canadian Train Trips, these scenic rail journeys are world famous with Canada being home to some of the best train tours on the planet.

Canadian Rockies by Train, Drive or Both ?

Canadian Rockies by Train, Drive or Both ?

A Canadian Rockies road trip is a tempting option or should I take a Train Trip? What if we told you there's no need to choose.

Western Canada Trains, Lodges & Wildlife

Western Canada Trains, Lodges & Wildlife

Combining prestigious names like the iconic Fairmont Hotels, with one-of-a-kind experiences like Clayoquot and Sonora Resort you can revisit a renowned hotel or immerse in something new.

Overnight Train Trips Across Canada

Overnight Train Trips Across Canada

If you're looking for the trip of a lifetime equally about the journey as the destination, then our overnight train trips across Canada on VIA Rail's sleeper train is perfect.

Exploring Fairmont's Grand Railway Hotels

Exploring Fairmont's Grand Railway Hotels

The blending of rail travel and luxury accommodation has a long history in Canada, dating as far back as 1886.

Explore by Train | VIA Rail & Rocky Mountaineer

There is no better way to explore Canada than by train. From VIA Rail's famous overnight continental train to Rocky Mountaineer's journey through the Canadian Rockies, explore over 20 of our best rail vacations by train.

VIA Rail

VIA Rail Canada has perfected the art of ferrying passengers across the country's vast and diverse landscapes, all year round.

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer

Travelers with a passion for historical adventure should consider the Canadian Rockies Train Tour with Rocky Mountaineer.

The Latest Stories From Our Team

Our vacations are inspired by our own adventures, be it heli-hiking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, taking the train through a winter wonderland, driving along the rugged east coast or searching for polar bears on Manitoba's tundra.

The Banff Gondola in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

How to Plan a Winter Wonderland Rail Trip Through the Rockies

With over 23 years of experience planning customized dream trips to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, will make your trip even more exceptional than you imagined.

train tour canada luxury

The Best Canadian Train Trips for 2023

As we wind down what has been an unprecedented year, we begin to strategize: What are the best Canadian train trips to book for 2023? The answer, as always, lays in the uniqueness of the individual.

train tour canada luxury

6 Classic Rail Vacations in Canada

Discover 6 classic rail vacations in Canada onboard both VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer as we take you through the Rocky Mountains, along the East Coast and over to the Maritimes.

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"We found our experience with Canada by Design to be most wonderful for our Trans-Canada Rail Trip."

Marjorie Stock California, United States

"From start to finish it was an ideal trip for us to enjoy Canada scenery, atmosphere and hospitality. "

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Hazel Scotland

"Destinations, itinerary and accommodation was all well thought out and we had a very memorable time. I'd happily use Canada by Design again."

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"We had the most fabulous trip to our Winter Wonderland in the Canadian Rockies."

Mary California, United States

"Thanks very much to Jasmine for helping to organise our wonderful holiday from Vancouver across the Rockies to Calgary."

Graham Perth, Australia

"From start to finish Jennifer was very polite and easy-going as well as professional. She offered suggestions when needed and and was on top of all itinerary adjustments and refunds. "

Kim Pennsylvania, United States

"We did the "Rail & Drive Across Canada" with you & it was wonderful. A Bucket List dream come true!"

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The 11 Best Canadian Train Trips

By Michael Kaminer and Matt Ortile

The 11 Best Canadian Train Trips

Canada is second only to Russia when it comes to land mass, which means seeing the country's vast wilderness can be overwhelming. Luckily, Canadian train trips criss-cross most of it, and these rail journeys allow you to take in some of the world's most spectacular scenery, stress-free. Just imagine: the nation's vistas unfolding before you slowly (or swiftly, depending on your chariot) while you remain in the comfort of your seat. On top of that, some of the Canada's most remote—and beautiful—spots lack road access, so a train ride may also be the only way to visit. All the more reason to climb on board .

Read on to learn more about 11 of the most beautiful Canadian train trips you can take across the Great White North, as well as some recommendations for where to stay at the beginning or at the end of your railroad adventure. (And for more fabulous train rides, check out the results of Condé Nast Traveler 's Readers' Choice Awards 2023 to see which trains our readers voted the best in the world .)

This article has been updated with new information since its original publish date. All listings featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. If you book something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Via Rail passenger train travelling through Rocky Mountains British Columbia Canada.

Via Rail’s Winnipeg to Churchill

This 1,054-mile trip north feels more interplanetary than provincial, whisking you from urban Winnipeg to the tundras of Churchill , known as the polar bear capital of the world. Accessible by plane or train only, it’s also prime turf for beluga whale-watching , and possibly the world’s best perch to view the northern lights. Landscapes en route are breathtaking, with stops including tiny river towns The Pas, Thompson, and Weir River. Splurge on Via’s Sleeper Plus class for access to a bed and shower.

Where to stay: In Winnipeg, check into the impressive and century-old Fort Garry Hotel , a prime example of twentieth-century châteauesque architecture, including prominent cornices and a steep sloping copper roof. In case you needed a bit more of that old-world feel to your trip.

View of cattle grazing in front of Rocky Mountains from Foothills near Cochrane Alberta Canada

Ontario Northland’s Polar Bear Express, Cochrane to Moosonee

Ontario is larger than France and Spain combined, but most visitors stick to its big southern cities. Embarking from tiny Cochrane—nearly 500 miles north of Toronto —the Polar Bear Express chugs five hours further north to Moosonee, so remote it lacks road access. The route mimics a path fur traders favored centuries ago, through a primeval landscape of thick forests and winding rivers. Note that reaching Cochrane involves a flight to northeastern Timmins and an overnight bus ride.

Where to stay: Break up your adventure with a night at Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa in Timmins, Ontario. The place is all about rural and cozy vibes, letting you bask in the natural beauty of nearby Gillies Lake Park and Hollinger Park.

Agawa Canyon Tour Train Ontario

Agawa Canyon Tour Train, Ontario

It’s only accessible by trail or rail, which makes Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park near Sault Sainte-Marie such a thrill to visit. Hop on and off this 90-minute ride as you pass four dramatic waterfalls and a trail system that overflows with pristine natural beauty. Bonus: Beavers, the most Canadian of critters, traipse through here frequently.

Where to stay: Since this tour train takes just an hour and a half, you'll need a place to rest your head in Sault Sainte-Marie before continuing your journey. Luckily, the Delta Hotels by Marriott Sault Ste. Marie Waterfront is near the station, and offers cool views of Saint Mary's River and the United States beyond.

Canadian Rockies

Royal Canadian Rockies Experience, Banff to Calgary, Alberta

Canada’s glitziest train ride is also one of its most cinematic, passing through splendid Banff and Lake Louise, along with jaw-dropping sights like Alberta’s Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, a World Heritage Site where Indigenous people hunted ruminants by enticing them to leap off a cliff. Still eager to see more? At the end of the line, you can book a helicopter trip over the Rockies for a bird's eye view.

Where to stay: In Banff, you shouldn't miss the Fairmont Banff Springs . This Scottish Baronial fortress grants you a million-dollar view of those majestic snow-dusted mountain tops, which makes the moniker “the Castle in the Rockies” all the more fitting.

10 Once-in-a-Lifetime Train Trips

Shraddha Chowdhury

7 Best Hikes in Europe for Unbelievable Scenery

David Escribano

The 24 Best Places to Go in 2024

CNT Editors

The Best New Cruise Ships and Itineraries for 2024

Scott Laird

Image may contain Cushion Transportation Vehicle Couch Furniture and Passenger Car

Via Rail’s The Canadian, Toronto to Vancouver

A single train journey can’t capture Canada’s magnificence, but this four-night/three-day adventure from Toronto to Vancouver comes close. You’ll take in prairies, lakes, peaks, valleys, hamlets, waterfalls, and, if you’re lucky, cameos by local wildlife like deer, elk, and bears. If you can, book a seat in Prestige Class—think concierge, superb meals, private lounges—for one of the most comfortable train trips you’ll ever take.

Where to stay: Once you're in Vancouver, keep the plush and casually fabulous energy going with a night or two at the dreamy Shangri-La Vancouver , where those who appreciate the subtleties of luxury travel won't be disappointed.

Image may contain Outdoors Nature Scenery Landscape Road Aerial View Mountain Fir Tree Abies Plant and Slope

White Pass and Yukon Route, Yukon

Even today, building a railway through the mountains, glaciers, and gorges of Gold Rush country remains an impressive feat, let alone in 1898, when this route was first built. Survey views of the Yukon, BC, and Alaska , as your train rises a gut-churning 3,000 feet in just 20 miles to the summit of White Pass. Touring such treacherous terrain will leave you appreciating how the railway helped knit a nascent Canada together.

Where to stay: There aren't many hotel options in Skagway, Alaska, where this train journey begins. That said, there are a handful of cruises that call at this Alaskan port town, including options aboard Celebrity Cruises , so you can make this a two-for-one adventure.

If theres one Canadian train ride that should make your bucket list its the journey on the Rocky Mountaineer from...

Rocky Mountaineer's First Passage to the West, Western Canada

If there’s one Canadian train ride that should make your bucket list, it’s the journey on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Banff . The whole ride is scenic, offering glimpses into the Great White North’s wildlife as well as its important Indigenous history. Thoughtful guides and storytellers onboard talk you through the locales and vistas from the comfort of your plush leather seats underneath the train cars’ glass-domed roofs. Meals here are delicious too, no matter which class of service you’re in, whether it’s SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf (though the latter’s linen-covered tables are a classy touch).

Where to stay: The Rocky Mountaineer is often spoken about in the same breath as other famous luxury train rides across the world: the Orient Express , Seven Stars Kyushu , or the Royal Scotsman . But unlike those, this isn’t a sleeper train. It travels exclusively by daylight, making the most of the scenery. At night, guests check into a hotel along the route—so your comfort throughout the journey is assured.

Image may contain Transportation Train Track Railway Rail Vehicle Train Outdoors Scenery and Nature

Train de Charlevoix, Quebec

Inaugurated in 1889, when it connected Quebec City to remote Charlevoix, this train line cruises along a glorious section of St. Lawrence coastline. Much of the scenery en route seems unchanged a century and a half later, with the mighty river on one side and lush landscapes on the other. Stops include enchanting coastal villages like Baie-St-Paul; consider splitting the journey over two days to explore. The route runs June through October.

Where to stay: Before you climb onboard the train in Quebec City, prep for your journey in old Basse-Ville (meaning “lower city”) at the boutique hotel Monsieur Jean , which offers bright and breezy digs melded with friendly Quebecois hospitality.

This image may contain Vehicle Transportation Train Train Track Railway and Rail

Via Rail, Jasper, Alberta to Prince Rupert, BC

The windows-only Dome Car on this nature-filled route offers 360-degree views of the regal Canadian Rockies. During the seven-hour train ride, you’ll also get an ocean’s worth of lakes, including beautiful Yellowhead, Lucerne, and Moose. Have more time? The train heads to coastal Prince Rupert the next morning, where whale-watching and grizzly-bear-viewing are highlights. Bonus: At the Alberta-British Columbia border, the train crosses the Continental Divide.

Where to stay: Once you're on Kaien Island and the train pulls into the port city of Prince Rupert, head for the Crest Hotel , where you can wake up to beautiful waterfront views of—what else?—Prince Rupert Harbour.

Image may contain Nature Mountain Outdoors Mountain Range Human Person Peak Ice and Snow

Rocky Mountaineer's Journey Through the Clouds, British Columbia and Alberta

The Canadian Rockies’ tallest peak, majestic Mount Robson, is the star of this ten-day journey from Vancouver to Calgary. But it’s hard to pick a highlight when your trip spans sights like British Columbia’s astonishing Hell’s Gate—twice the width of Niagara Falls—and Moose Lake, home to plenty of its namesake. You’ll also get a glimpse of the gargantuan Albreda Glacier, a landscape dating back eons.

Where to stay: When in Canada, you can't go wrong with a Fairmont, and the Fairmont Palliser in Calgary is a true beaut. Plus, it's sandwiched between the city's downtown and the Calgary Design District, so you'll have plenty of sightseeing options when you get off the train.

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Train Train Track Rail Railway Locomotive and Building

Via Rail’s The Ocean, Montreal to Halifax

Climbing north into remotest Quebec and east into New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, this aptly-named, 836-mile trip lets the wide-open spaces and clear-blue waters unfold like aqua-tinted postcards. Bonus: The Ocean is the oldest continuously running named passenger train in North America, rolling along since 1904.

Where to stay: In Montreal you've got the pick of the litter, but the stately yet modern Hotel Birks Montreal and the classically luxurious Four Seasons Montreal take the cake. Meanwhile, in Halifax, you've got the super sleek Muir, Autograph Collection in the downtown waterfront area, and the richly cozy The Pebble Bed & Breakfast in the South End for an inn-in-the-city experience.


The Fifth Avenue Hotel: First In

The Fifth Avenue Hotel: First In

Delamar West Hartford

Delamar West Hartford

North America Travel Guide

North America Travel Guide

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The Canadian Prestige: Westbound

7 day luxury trans canada train tour with via rail.

from Toronto to Vancouver

train tour canada luxury

Combine nostalgia and luxury to get prestige: unparalleled customer service, five-star accommodation, and the finest attention to detail. The Prestige rail cars aboard VIA Rail’s “The Canadian” train are a masterpiece of design and a once in a lifetime travel experience. This tour includes private transfers, private tours, Fairmont Gold Floor hotel rooms with all-inclusive service aboard the train.

VIA Rail is Canada’s classic overnight rail passenger service. Aboard “The Canadian” train, you’ll step into a golden past and relive Canada’s history. A truly nostalgic experience, VIA Rail includes made to order meals in mid-century rail dining cars, glass domed observation cars, and private sleeper cabins to enjoy Canada’s scenery.

Travel Dates in 2023 & 2024

2023 start dates - westbound, 2024 start dates - westbound.

*Updated monthly as 2024 dates become available

Travel Summary

  • Day 1: Toronto Arrival. Private Transfer to Hotel - overnight in Toronto
  • Day 2: Board "The Canadian" Train in Prestige Class from Toronto to Vancouver - overnight aboard the train
  • Day 3: "The Canadian" Train in Prestige Class - Ontario - overnight aboard the train
  • Day 4 : "The Canadian" Train in Prestige Class - Manitoba and Saskatchewan - overnight aboard the train
  • Day 5 : "The Canadian" Train in Prestige Class - The Canadian Rockies - overnight aboard the train
  • Day 6: "The Canadian" Train in Prestige Class - arrival in Vancouver - overnight in Vancouver
  • Day 7 : Private Transfer to Airport. Vancouver Departure

train tour canada luxury

What's Included

  • 4 nights private bedroom accommodation on board VIA Rail's "The Canadian" train in Prestige Class
  • 2 nights Premium hotel accommodation pre and post train nights
  • All meals made to order on board "The Canadian" train each day
  • 2 breakfasts at the hotels
  • Private transfers to and from the airports in Toronto and Vancouver
  • CN Tower admission passes
  • Private transfer from Vancouver station with a short city tour
  • Independent Tour

Not Included

  • Gratuities/tip for rail, hotel and transfer staff
  • Canadian 5% sales tax

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 - toronto arrival & private transfer to hotel.

Arrive in Toronto, with a private transfer from the airport to your hotel. Toronto is Canada’s largest city and the capital of Ontario.  Once you’ve checked into your hotel, the rest of the day is yours! We’ve included passes to the CN Tower so that you can get an unforgettable view of the bustling city from above. You may choose to walk the glass floor or maybe enjoy a seasonal dinner in the rotating restaurant at the top.

Spend the night in your Toronto hotel room.

train tour canada luxury

Day 2 - "The Canadian" Train in Prestige Class - Ontario

The entire day is spent travelling across Canada’s second largest province, Ontario. Your route is north of the Great Lakes and the entire day can be spent watching the countryside pass by. Lakes and never ending forests are out your window throughout the day as you glide across our great country on the route the early settlers once took. You may wish to enjoy breakfast in bed and watch the country glide past you from one scenic postcard to another.

train tour canada luxury

Day 3 - "The Canadian" Train in Prestige Class - Ontario

train tour canada luxury

Day 4 - "The Canadian" Train in Prestige Class - Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Enter the peaceful prairies of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. A stop in Winnipeg gives you the option of getting off the train and taking a look around. As you head further west, swaying grasslands and fields of gold stretch out before you in every direction underneath a never ending sky.

train tour canada luxury

Day 5 - "The Canadian" Train in Prestige Class - The Canadian Rockies

Enter Alberta and pass through its capital city of Edmonton before continuing west. A milestone moment has been reached. You’ve entered the Canadian Rocky Mountains. A short stop is made in Jasper before you snake through the snow-capped peaks towards British Columbia.

train tour canada luxury

Day 6 - "The Canadian" Train in Prestige Class - Arrival in Vancouver

Arrive in Vancouver in the morning. We’ve included a private city tour and transfer to your hotel. Tour length is dependant on the train arrival time. Our driver/ guide will show you some of Vancouver’s highlights before bringing you to your hotel. Due to its diversity and active arts scene there is no shortage of sights to see in this beautiful coastal city. Stroll along the urban beaches, visit historic Gastown or spend your time shopping on Granville Island.

You’ll be spending the night in your downtown Vancouver hotel room.

train tour canada luxury

Day 7 - Vancouver Departure & Private Transfer to Airport

Your tour is complete upon checkout of your hotel room. A private transfer will be provided from your hotel to the airport. Please let us know if you’d like us to add nights to the end of your trip to see more of Canada.

Thank you for traveling with Canada Rail Vacations.

train tour canada luxury

7 Day Tour Pricing 2023 & 2024

  • 2023 Prices
  • 2024 Prices

2023 Pricing - Canadian Dollars

2024 pricing - canadian dollars, pricing details:.

  • Prices are per person in Canadian Dollars and are subject to an additional 5% Canadian sales tax.
  • Prices are based on double occupancy. For single and triple sharing, please request a quote .
  • To qualify for any current Specials , please request a quote .
  • Upgrades to Premium hotel rooms (5 stars) and Private Tours/Transfers are available. Please  request a quote .

Privacy Preference Center

Privacy preferences.

train tour canada luxury


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    train tour canada luxury

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    train tour canada luxury

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    train tour canada luxury

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    train tour canada luxury


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