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Eligible Team Members and their authorized family / friends must each log in at the Go Hilton booking site with their own Hilton Honors sign-in and password to manage their own reservations. 

Tips for Finding Go Hilton Rates

Use the flexible dates feature.

  • Search for a 1-night stay and click the 'My dates are flexible' box, which will let you see rate availability day-by-day in a calendar view for each hotel you select.
  • Ex: If you searched for 3 nights, but only 2 of the nights have the discount available, the search would come up empty. If you do a 1-night search and use flexible dates, you could see availability day-by-day and see the discount for 2 of the 3 nights, which you could book separately if needed.

Mix and match rates

  • Ex: Team Member rate might be available for 1 night and not the next, but the Family & Friends rate might be available for the other night.
  • If searching for 2 rooms doesn't work, try searching for only 1 room as there may be only one room available at the discounted rate on that particular night.

Be flexible

  • Try to book as far in advance as possible to take advantage of all potential availability. If you don't find what you're looking for right away, come back often. Go Hilton rate availability is based on forecasted occupancy, which can change frequently.
  • More rooms might become available closer to the desired stay date, especially within 60 days of arrival, since stay dates farther out in the calendar may be more limited and are often booked quickly.
  • Consider searching for popular destinations during various seasons or nights of the week when availability may be more plentiful.
  • Plan trips around when you find availability for the discounted rates.

Checking in & staying with Go Hilton Rates 

  • Team Members must be present at check-in and for the duration of Team Member rate and Family & Friends rate stays booked in their name and Hilton Honors account.
  • Authorized family and friends must be present at check-in and for the duration of Family & Friends rate stays booked in their name and Hilton Honors account.
  • Non-Team Members, family/friends, etc., cannot use Team Member rates.
  • Authorized family/friends can travel without the authorizing Team Member when staying under their own Family & Friends rates, but the family/friends do need to make their own reservations by signing into the Go Hilton booking site with their own Hilton Honors account.

Number of rooms per stay

  • For each hotel stay, eligible Team Members may reserve up to 2 Team Member rate rooms and 2 Family & Friends rate rooms, for a total of up to 4 rooms in their own name and Hilton Honors number.
  • Team Members’ approved family / friends may reserve up to 2 Family & Friends rate rooms per hotel stay (family / friends must make their own bookings with their own Hilton Honors account).
  • "Extra” Team Member and “Extra” Family & Friends rates are combined with and treated like “regular” Team Member and Family & Friends rates for the maximum number of rooms per stay.
  • Program users may not book rooms for themselves at different hotels for the same stay dates regardless of the rate booked.

Number of nights per stay

  • Eligible Team Members can book up to seven consecutive nights at Team Member rates and up to seven consecutive nights at Family & Friends rates.
  • Approved family/friends may book a Family & Friends rate for seven consecutive nights.

Annual allotment of room nights

  • Each eligible Team Member can book and / or use up to 30 room nights per calendar year under Team Member rates and up to 70 room nights per calendar year under Family & Friends rates, for a total of 100 room nights per calendar year.
  • Each room counts as 1 room night.
  • Usage of Family & Friends room nights by approved family / friends counts against the 70 Family & Friends room nights total.
  • "Extra" Team Member rates and "Extra" Family & Friends rates do not count against the annual room night allotments.

Hilton Honors Points, stay credit, & hotel benefits

Go Hilton Team Member and Family & Friends rate stays are eligible to earn Hilton Honors Points on both room rates and incidentals and stay credit toward the next tier status, based on Hilton Honors terms and conditions. Hilton Honors members are eligible for all standard Hilton Honors hotel benefits when staying under Go Hilton rates, including room upgrades at check-in based on tier status and hotel availability.

Hilton Honors Relocation & Recovery (Walk Policy)

Occasionally, a hotel may find itself in an overbooked situation. All Go Hilton Team Member and Family & Friends rate reservations in such situations are to be honored as any other reservation for a Hilton Honors member; Hilton Honors Relocation & Recovery policies apply the same to Team Member and Family & Friends reservations as to any other reservation type for overbooked situations. The guest should be relocated to another local hotel within a reasonable distance with all the usual Hilton Honors walk benefits based on the guest's tier status.   

Code of Conduct

  • Eligible participants traveling under the  Go Hilton travel programs are bound to the Hilton Code of Conduct. Eligible Participants are expected to embody Hilton Values and uphold the exceptional reputation of Hilton during every stay at member properties. Eligible Participants will be held accountable for any undue duress placed on the hosting property. Behavior inconsistent with program rules and our HILTON Values may result in loss of these privileges and disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Family and Friends of Eligible Participants who use the Family & Friends Travel Program are also a reflection of the Eligible Participant. Any inappropriate behavior by Family and Friends may also result in loss of these privileges for the family/friend and the Eligible Participant.
  • Access to Go Hilton discounts may not be sold, auctioned, bartered, brokered, purchased, or otherwise transferred.  Any Go Hilton discounts obtained in this manner will be considered to have been fraudulently obtained and deemed void, resulting in cancellation of the reservations.  This applies to Go Hilton Team Member rates and Family & Friends rates. All such activity is strictly prohibited and will result in loss of Go Hilton privileges for the applicable Team Member and/or Family & Friends and can also result in disciplinary action for the Team Member, up to and including termination. Such fraudulent activity will also lead to closure of the applicable Hilton Honors accounts and forfeiture of any Hilton Honors Points, stay credits, or other related rewards associated with those accounts.
  • The following actions will be taken by the Program for any Hilton Honors members who are fraudulently added to a Team Member's Family & Friends list and/or who fraudulently book or use a Team Member's Family & Friends rate room nights without the Team Member's knowledge and consent:  their Go Hilton / Family & Friends rate reservations will be cancelled by the Program; their Hilton Honors account will be closed; and they will forfeit any Hilton Honors Points, stay credits, or other related rewards associated with that Hilton Honors account. The Program will monitor such fraudulent Hilton Honors members going forward, and such fraudulent activity on any new Hilton Honors account the members open will lead to the same treatment as above on the new accounts.
  • Team Members should inform all family and friends they authorize to use the program of the Go Hilton Code of Conduct and all Program Rules.


Mother and son making snow angels

Last-minute family holiday getaways

From sand to snow and everything in between, here are the best places to take the family on a last-minute vacation. By Montoya Hudson | October 1, 2021

Looking to book holiday travel and coming down to the wire? We’ve all been there, but planning a last-minute holiday vacation doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead, head to one of the destinations below for a vacation that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t do this sort of trip earlier.

These family-friendly holiday getaways are great for making memories the whole family will cherish, so you can:

Shake off the winter blues: Learn to hula dance on the sunny beaches of Honolulu

Sample other cultures: Feast on festive Aruban holiday ham

Experience the magic of the holidays: Add a little whimsy to your holiday vacation at Orlando’s theme parks

A parent giving their child a piggyback and laughing.

For those seeking sand and sunshine

Los cabos, mexico.

If your family loves to add a bit of adventure to a typical beach vacation, then Los Cabos is the destination for you. Take your sandy playtime up a notch by going off-roading in an ATV or zip-lining over the Baja Forest canopy. The holiday season is also a wonderful time to see whales on their annual migration, so set sail with a reputable tour company like Cabo Expeditions on a whale-watching excursion. After a day of family-friendly adventures, dine on phenomenal regional cuisine like locally sourced marlin and chocolate clams.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

If you’re looking for a holiday vacation in the sun, look no further than the Sunshine State. Ft. Lauderdale is often touted as Miami’s family-friendly cousin, but it really is a destination all its own. If you prefer to be on the water, charter a boat and watch the city’s annual Winterfest Boat Parade, where you’ll see hundreds of hand-decorated boats on display. Or leave the sea navigation to the professionals and take a pirate cruise with Bluefoot Pirate Adventures. Nature-lovers will love learning about the Florida Everglades wildlife at places like Butterfly World and the Flamingo Gardens, which has the largest collection of native wildlife in Florida.

Puerto Rico

Due to the large Catholic influence on the island, Puerto Rico goes all out for the holidays. Holiday celebrations start shortly after Thanksgiving and continue well into the new year. Starting in mid-December, families can sing carols at nightly celebrations called Aguinaldo Masses, toast to their good fortune on Nochebuena (the night before Christmas) and observe the end of the holiday season at the San Sebastian Festival in January. When you’re not out celebrating at the numerous festivals, relax at popular Condado Beach or hunt for waterfalls around the island. At night, explore old San Juan for dazzling light displays. If you stay out late enough, you might even catch a holiday parranda (or street party) as revelers go from house to house with music, dancing and caroling.

Family-friendly All-Inclusive vacations

Family-friendly Las Vegas FAQs

Best family-friendly vacation spots for fall

Little girl catching snowflakes in the winter

Trips for city the lovers

Chicago is your ideal holiday vacation destination if you’re seeking snowcapped skyscrapers and amazing food. Sample deep-dish pizza, along with many other culinary delights in the city, by taking a food tour with Chicago Food Tours. Or dine at Wildberry Restaurant, one of the city’s most renowned and family-friendly dining destinations. The restaurant is only open until midday, but their creative pancake flavors make them a hit with kids. Visit Millennium Park for more holiday fun, like ice skating near the city’s Christmas tree display. If you want to escape the cold, head indoors to the Chicago Children’s Museum (best for kids up to age 12) or the Museum of Science and Industry, which is heralded as the largest science center in the Western Hemisphere.

New York City’s snowy streets, wreath-laden brownstones and colorful light displays make it an ideal destination to celebrate the holidays. Take your family by Rockefeller Center to ice skate around its Christmas tree and shop for presents at FAO Schwarz. Venture to Times Square to let the kids snap a picture with a costumed character or get treats from the colossal M&M store. A visit to the Big Apple isn’t complete without taking the family to see Lady Liberty herself; our tip is to take a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry for a prime view of the Statue of Liberty. Coney Island’s amusement park is closed during the winter, but your family will still enjoy feeding the fish and watching the sharks at its New York Aquarium.

San Francisco

Celebrate the holidays on San Francisco’s waterfront at Pier 39. The entire area is decked out for the holidays with a larger-than-life holiday tree and live street performers. While you’re there, indulge your family’s sweet tooth with a warm funnel cake from The Fun Food Factory, say hello to the resident sea lions and learn about local aquatic life at the Aquarium of the Bay. To get in the holiday spirit, ride the cable cars up the hilly downtown streets to spot holiday lights and decorations, take the kids ice skating at city hall or explore the Zoo Lights event at the San Francisco Zoo.

A traveling insider's guide to Chicago

A traveling insider’s guide to New York City

A traveling insider's guide to San Francisco

Mother and daughter swimming in pool

For those wanting the gift of relaxation

Honolulu is the capital city of the largest island in Hawaii, so it’s fitting that the city goes big for the holidays. Spend the holidays building sandcastles, visiting pineapple plantations and learning to hula dance at holiday luaus. Your kids will love seeing the city adorned in lights and the larger-than-life tree display in the city square. There are more than 100 beaches on Oahu to visit, but the most family-friendly of them all is Waikiki Beach. The water is calm and the sand is soft, making it perfect for younger kids. It’s also where families can see Santa trade in his sleigh for a kayak. Kids ages 6 and older can hang-10 and ride the surf by signing up for lessons from the Kahu Surf School.

Orlando, Florida

Nobody does holiday vacations better than the theme parks in Orlando . Disney World takes the holidays to heart with their Very Merriest celebration, complete with special character outfits, nightly firework displays and holiday-themed parades down the decorated promenade. Ride some of the infamous rides or explore a certain school of wizardry to add a bit of adrenaline to the magic of the holidays. Venture outside of the parks with children ages 6 and older by learning to defy gravity on a flying trapeze at Orlando Circus School. If you’d rather keep both feet on the ground, become holiday chocolatiers at Farris & Foster's Chocolate Factory.

Trade the white snow for the white sand beaches of Aruba this holiday season. The island is a cultural melting pot of traditions that make holiday vacations here special. There’s Dutch Sinterklaas, who foregoes the traditional stockings and instead leaves gifts in children’s shoes left on the porch. You can also hear customary holiday carols sung by Venezuelan-inspired Gaita bands and dine on Aruban ham covered in pineapples and cherries. When you feel up to an activity, explore the rest of the island with a family-friendly company like De Palm Tours Aruba. They will take you to feed the island’s flamingos, snorkel to spot aquatic life in shallow waters and get your crew access to an exclusive waterpark on the island.

Mother and daughter looking in Christmas shop window

With so many memorable holiday vacation destinations to choose from, picking just one place might be the hardest part of planning your getaway. But with this guide, your last-minute holiday vacation can be filled with as much, or as little, adventure, relaxation, food, sun or snow as you’d like. No matter the destination you select, the memories you create while on vacation will be the greatest gift of all.

Montoya Hudson is the founder of the popular blog, The Spring Break Family. She loves to share tips on travel, health and all things related to the family.

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