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A view over the town of Hveragerði

Hveragerði, a town of 3,000 people next to the Ring Road, sits in valley steaming with geothermal activity

The Town of Hot Springs

Located 45 kilometers east of Reykjavik, Hveragerði (pronounced: KVER-ah-ger-thhi) rests in a large geothermal area where boiling water runs just beneath the earth's surface.

Because of this unique geology, Hveragerði has become known for the glow of its well-lit greenhouses that have been harnessing this hot-water energy to grow fruits and vegetables year-round since the 1920s.

However, there’s much more to experience in this village of about 3,000 people.

People soaking in a hot river in Hveragerði, Iceland

The popular Reykjadalur stream is roughly an hour hike up the valley from Hveragerði

Reykjadalur Valley

Pack swimsuits and a towel for this three-hour hike to an unbelievably impressive geothermally heated river.  

One of the most popular hiking routes in Iceland, on the outskirts of Hveragerði, is the Reykjadalur Valley, where one can find the Reykjadalur Thermal River , the perfect rest on a long hike. The hike through the valley is filled with steaming vents and mud pools that lead you to the shallow, warm river surrounded by wilderness. The hike towards the river is about 3 kilometers on an easy meandering trail that offers views of canyons and waterfalls, including Djúpagilsfoss . At times the view opens up over the entire colorful valley, and you can see the vast array of white mist and steam rising from the earth.

Be careful not to stray from the main trail as it can be difficult to tell where the mud pools are located, and one risks serious injury from falling through and being exposed to extremely hot temperatures. Thankfully, wooden structures surround the most popular bathing areas to protect the vulnerable landscape.

Once you get to the thermal river, keep in mind that the river is hotter the further up you go,d which is away from its confluence with a cold river. Above the river is Klambragil Gorge, another beautiful hot spring area, with another trail entering Reykjadalur Valley.

There are public bathrooms and facilities at the trailhead, where parking costs 250 Krona per hour. Cakes and light meals are served in the black building, Skálinn (The Lodge), from noon daily. This welcoming café also has a fine collection of gentlemen’s clothing for sale!

River flowing through the town of Hveragerði

Hot springs and Varmá River define the landlocked town of Hveragerði

Hveragerði Geothermal Park

Hveragerði Geothermal Park is another attraction centered around geothermal activity. Located in the town center, the park displays all the wonders of geothermal activity with a focus on the way Icelanders have used it to survive in the area for centuries. The park allows visitors to try boiling an egg over a steaming vent or observe the traditional underground bread baking process and taste the resulting warm, chewy bread. Visitors can also try a natural clay foot bath.


Get ready to fly

The MegaZipline

The country’s longest and fastest zipline, the MegaZipline in Hveragerði , is one kilometer long and takes you over the green rolling valleys below the Kambar plateau, reaching speeds of up to 120 km/hr. You can ride in the seated harness or choose the one that allows you to soar headfirst like Superman. There’s also a ‘free-fall’ option that allows riders to plunge 13 meters, a thrilling experience of weightlessness. Opens in the summer of 2023.

Local swimming pool in Hveragerði, Iceland

Sundlaugin Laugaskarði - the public pool in Hveragerði - was built as Iceland's largest pool

Hveragerði Swimming Pool

Hveragerði’s outdoor swimming pool was once Iceland’s largest pool. The pool and its hot baths are surrounded by greenery and are a great place to relax after a day of hiking and, in the right season and conditions, ideal for catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

The Greenhouse Hotel

Since opening in 2021, the gorgeous Gróðurhúsið has established itself as a landmark venue in Hveragerði

Gróðurhúsið Food Market

Gróðurhúsið is an indoor food court with seven vendors - noodles to fried chicken - with excellent vibes and interior design fitting to the name, meaning 'The Greenhouse.' Attached is a design shop and the lobby of The Greenhouse Hotel – one of many places to stay.

Hveragerði Earthquake Exhibition

A 2008 earthquake that shook Iceland’s South Coast has now become an exhibition located in the center of town in the Sunnumörk Shopping Center. On the museum floor, a crack resulting from the earthquake can be seen. If that’s not enough, try the earthquake simulator.

River in Hveragerði, Iceland

NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic

Unsurprisingly, a town renowned for its hot springs would have a serious spa clinic. For a weekly rate , NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic guests check into a program that includes pools, hot tubs, steam baths, deep-heat mud baths, massages, and an organic diet. The clinic commands a lot of respect in Iceland, having been operated since 1955 by the Nature Health Association of Iceland.

Kjörís ice cream factory in Hveragerði, Iceland

Kjörís Ice Cream

Iceland's lasting cliché as the land of 'fire and ice' takes a slight bend in the hot spring town: Fire and ice ... cream. The largest factory in Hveragerði, since 1969, is the ice cream manufacturer Kjörís brand ice cream and various frozen treats. So, naturally, you have to get an ice cream at Bongó ísbúð (inside Gróðurhús) or Ísbúðin okkar (inside Sunnuhlíð) - if not both places. Popsicles and ice cream bars from Kjörís are, not surprisingly, popular in Hveragerði and sold throughout Iceland.

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The Ring Road

Hveragerði: A Traveler’s Guide to Iceland’s Hot Springs Town

  • Golden Circle Iceland
  • 14 Nov 2023

Hveragerði: A Traveler’s Guide to Iceland’s Hot Springs Town

Nestled in the southwest of Iceland, Hveragerði is a charming little town known for its geothermal activity and stunning hot springs. Often referred to as ‘the Earthquake Town’ or ‘the Hot Spring Town’, the area’s active geological forces offer a unique experience to both locals and tourists. Situated only 45 kilometers from Reykjavik, it’s an ideal stop-off while exploring Iceland’s famous Ring Road.

You’ll find the town resting in Reykjadalur Valley, where steam rises from the earth and boiling water flows just beneath the surface. This geothermal wonderland not only offers its visitors beautiful landscapes but also presents the opportunity to dive into the steamy world of hot springs and witness firsthand the powerful forces at play beneath our feet. Hveragerði’s unique array of springs, combined with its location in a seismically active zone, make this picturesque Icelandic town a must-see destination for any traveler.

At Hveragerði, one can explore the town’s various hot springs, hike through the captivating landscape, or even take a dip in the geothermal river in Reykjadalur. With a population of about 3,000, the town also provides amenities such as hotels, restaurants, and local attractions that cater to tourists and residents alike. It truly is a destination that captures the essence of Icelandic beauty and geological wonders.

Natural Attractions

Hot springs exploration.

Hveragerði, known as the hot spring town, is famous for its geothermal activity and unique natural attractions. We can explore the Reykjadalur Valley , which offers a scenic hot river perfect for bathing. As we make our way through this captivating area, we’ll come across fumaroles and bubbling mud pools, making it a true geothermal wonderland.

Another popular stop in Hveragerði is the Geothermal Park , where we can witness the geothermal forces that define this picturesque town. We can even try a natural clay foot bath, which not only is a unique experience but also leaves our feet feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

People bathing in Hot Springs at Reykjadalur

Hiking and Outdoor Activities

With its diverse landscape and steam pillars rising from the surrounding hills, Hveragerði makes for an ideal location for various outdoor activities. Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted to find numerous trails, such as the ones leading up to the geothermal areas and hot river in Reykjadalur Valley. These trails take us through diverse terrain, including heath, small forests, and across the mid-Atlantic rift, offering breathtaking views along the way.

For those looking to camp, there is a conveniently located camping ground in the area, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of Hveragerði and its surroundings.

The Terrain

The landscape of Hveragerði is defined by its geothermal activity, creating a unique blend of natural attractions. Earthquakes are common in Hveragerði due to the town being situated on the mid-Atlantic rift, which contributes to its distinct geology. We can observe how this geothermal activity has shaped the terrain, giving rise to the various steam pillars surrounding the area.

Hot water eruptions and fumaroles can be found throughout Hveragerði, adding to the town’s charm and intrigue. And while we’re in the area, it’s definitely worth taking the time to appreciate the abundance of trees and lush vegetation that thrive due to the town’s warm climate. This combination of natural elements makes Hveragerði a great destination for nature lovers.

Hiking to Reykjadalur valley

City Amenities


In Hveragerði, there is a range of accommodations to cater to the needs of both locals and tourists. Some popular options include GreenHouse Hotel , Hotel Örk , and Gljúfurbústaðir Holiday Homes, each offering a unique experience to their guests. For those who prefer a more intimate setting, there are options such as the Reykjadalur Guesthouse, Hotel Eldhestar, Hot Springs Hotel, Skyr Guesthouse, Varmi Guesthouse Apartments, and Hver Apartments.

Food and Dining

Hveragerði offers a variety of dining options for everyone, whether you are an Icelander or a tourist. The town has several restaurants and cafes where you can grab a delicious meal. Be sure to try out Ölverk, a local favorite. For those looking for a quick bite, there are also supermarkets, including Bonus, where you can grab groceries and prepare your own meals.

Retail and Services

Hveragerði provides various retail and service options to cater to the needs of its population. There are several shops in the town, including a gas station for traveling convenience. The Lá Art Museum is an attraction not to be missed, showcasing modern and contemporary art primarily from Icelandic artists. For wellness services, check out the NLFI Rehabilitation and Health Clinic.

Overall, you will find everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Hveragerði, making it a great destination in Iceland.

Hveragerði town

Local Industry

Horticulture and greenhouses.

Hveragerði has thriving horticulture industry that has flourished due to the town’s unique geothermal activity. Greenhouses powered by geothermal energy, are used to grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and even bananas. The controlled environment in these greenhouses allows to grow these produce all year round, supplying not only the local area but also the nearby towns and cities along the ring road, like Þorlákshöfn.

The greenhouses are responsible for more than just fruits and vegetables; they are also known for beautiful flowers and herbs, that are cultivated and sold throughout Iceland. As a hot spring town, Hveragerði takes full advantage of the natural steam and heat generated by the surrounding geothermal activity to maintain the perfect conditions for the growth and care of these delicate plants.

Hot springs near Hveragerði

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy plays a vital role in the local industry and way of life in Hveragerði. The hot spring town sits atop an active geothermal area, which provides it with a sustainable and renewable source of power. The geothermal park in Hveragerði showcases some of the best examples of this natural phenomenon, attracting many visitors each year who come to witness the hot springs and steam vents.

Aside from its use in the greenhouses, geothermal power also benefits local community through the creation of hot baths and whirlpools, which are both popular recreational activities as well as a source of relaxation and restorative healing for many. The constant flow of steam and heat generated by the geothermal activity allows to provide these naturally heated bathing facilities all year round, adding to the charming appeal of the town.


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- Village in bloom

Hveragerði has long been a famous destination for tourists with many hotels and restaurants. Both summer and winter, Icelanders and foreigners alike have enjoyed visiting the town for decades. With a population of about 3.000 and located only 45 km from Reykjavik, Hveragerði is a town not to be missed. It may be viewed from the vantage point of the Kambar mountain slope, as it spreads out across a 5000-year-old lava field. Throughout the year, pillars of steam may be seen rising from the town – and in summer, it is truly a green community, abounding in trees. A green revolution is taking place as woodland areas in and around Hveragerði expand, with the locals working together to develop their blossoming town further.

Indeed, the most precious gem of the town of Hveragerði is its geothermal area – indeed, there are not many communities in the world with hot springs literally in their backyard. The geothermal area is securely fenced off for safety reasons. Still, it can be visited during opening hours listed on the park's Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Geothermalpark or by emailing [email protected] for more information and group bookings.

A new hot spring area emerged from the ground in the earthquake that shook Iceland's southern part on 29th May 2008. It is situated on the hillside rising above the town. Several very active hot springs throw colorful mud and clear water up into the air and are a spectacular sight.

Besides the hot springs, Hveragerði has much to offer. Trout and salmon swim in the Varmá river, berries are for picking on the heath to the west of the town, and the area abounds with excellent walking routes, the most famous one being the hike to Reykjadalur valley where one can bathe in a hot river. The swimming pool is a gem in town with hot baths, whirlpools, a natural sauna, and a fitness center. Also, the NLFÍ Health and Rehabilitation Clinic offers opportunities to seek health and happiness.

LÁ Art Museum is situated in Hveragerdi. It is an art museum that preserves a small collection of modern and contemporary art, mainly from Icelandic artists and some international artists' work. Every year, the museum puts up a variation of repeatedly awarded exhibitions.

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  • Postal code: 810

Highlights in HVERAGERDI

hveragerdi iceland travel guide

HVER Restaurant

Hotel Örk

The Greenhouse Hotel

Ölverk Pizza & Brewery

Ölverk Pizza & Brewery

Reykjadalur Guesthouse

Reykjadalur Guesthouse

Iceland Activities

Iceland Activities



Megazipline Iceland

Megazipline Iceland

Tourism on the Edge

Hot River of Hveragerði, Iceland: What You Need to Know

As you start going south from Reykjavik, the small Icelandic town of Hveragerði should be your first stop. Aside from the famous greenhouses where even bananas are grown (!), the place is know for its high geothermal activity.

Probably the most striking “feature” of this hidden gem is the river that crosses the village. It is called “Varmá”, and as its name suggests, it is very, very warm.

#How to get here

Getting here requires a one-hour hike through green-moss valleys and various-sized geysers. The path should be signalized, if not by actual signs, then by the flocks of travelers heading in the same direction. A map from the gas station or tourist office should be of great help.

The hike is a feast for the eyes, especially if you haven’t seen this phenomena before. In between all the steam, you are likely to spot the lovely Icelandic sheep, not so tourist friendly, but charming nonetheless.

We also encountered small  boiling lakes  on the pathway to the hot river, that some tourists were getting dangerously close to. All this area is part of the Hengill central volcano, which is why all these nature spectacles occur. It goes without saying that one should be careful when approaching the geysers.

The river is a once-in-a-lifetime sight, but wait till you bathe in it! Its waters are fine any time of year (even though trying them out during the midnight sun is best). The hot river of Hveragerði must have about 40°C, or at least this was our feeling. In any case, you can not be inside more than 5 minutes, you will need to have a break and “cool off” before entering its waters again.

Some people call this place “the pot of gold”, well worth the 1-hour hike to get there. From the few months we were in Iceland, the memory of this hot river prevails still and it’s possibly one of the nicest experiences we’ve had in this country-of-trolls. We highly recommend it!

#What to bring along

Logistically, you will need some good shoes (the hills are partially steep), a towel and a swim suit. There are no changing booths, just some panels that you can hide behind and… improvise. Weather is unpredictable in Iceland even during short hikes, so waterproof clothing is also a wise choice.

#Where to stay

Accommodation in Iceland is very… special as well. Forget about low cost options, unless you are willing to bring a wind/water resistant tent and very good sleeping bags. Otherwise, Hot Springs Hostel is probably a good choice. You can also go here for more accommodation options in Hveragerði .

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Hveragerði - What To Do?

Hveragerði catches your attention with steam vents billowing vapor into the air everywhere you look. You’ll be amazed by the endless rows of geothermally-heated greenhouses, where bananas and other fruits are grown all year round!

The town is surrounded by moss-covered lava fields and towering volcanic mountains. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge runs through this area, so there are frequent earthquakes. That means new hot springs are constantly opening up in this highly active area, even in people’s homes and gardens! 

Hveragerdi translates as “Hot Spring Field”, and you’ll see steam vapor rising from bubbling vents all around. It is often just passed by even though being located on the famous Golden Circle Route . 

Hveragerdi is located directly over a geothermal hotspot, which heats gigantic greenhouses filled with flowers, tomatoes and more. Some even call Hveragerdi the “Flower Village” for that reason.Straddling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, you’ll be able to see the split between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, there’s a wide selection of bars and restaurants. Some even use geothermal power for carbon-neutral cooking! Make sure you try the tomato soup while you’re here!

We usually arrive there around 4 pm – which gives you plenty of time to enjoy this charming town.

Geothermal Park

Where else can you boil an egg in a hole in the ground?

Hveragerði’s famous Geothermal Park offers steaming hot pots, geyser (erupting every 5-15 minutes) and bubbling pools where you can dip your feet in warm clay mud baths or even boil an egg in a hole in the ground! The town’s unique geology is put to good use here, and you can taste rye bread that’s been baked in the earth overnight by the intense heat that lies just underneath your feet. Walk amongst the spouting fumaroles and mud pots, but don’t touch them! 

Public Park

Relax in the natural splendor of the Botanical Gardens

There’s a Botanical Garden in the center of Hveragerði, a peaceful and relaxing place to stroll around, with the river Varmá running through it. You’ll also discover a wide waterfall called Reykjafoss among the paths leading you through the gardens. In addition, hiking trails extend further into the town’s hot spring areas. Finally, you can pose for fun pictures on the Giant’s Benches, enormous painted chairs scattered around the park for you to sit on.

Sunnumörk shopping center

A shopping center that stands on two continents!

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge runs through Hveragerði, meaning the town is split between the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates. When work began building the Sunnumörk shopping center, the developers discovered a giant crack in the surface. So they decided to make it a design feature, which means you can simultaneously put one foot in Europe and another in America when you visit here! You can also visit the “ Earthquake House ” in the shopping center, simulating the experience of an earth tremor.

Enjoy a wide range of dining options on Hveragerði’s “Main Street”

Hveragerði has several fine restaurants and cafés, and some offer unique dishes that use the underground heat! For example, Ölverk Pizza & Brewery specialize in wood-fired pizzas while using geothermal heat to brew their high-quality craft ales. You can also have a snack inside the greenhouse at Rósa Kaffi . Nearby, The Greenhouse Hotel is also home to a food hall with several options, including tacos, burgers, fried chicken and Asian cuisine. More options are available here, so you’re guaranteed a great meal, whatever you’re in the mood for. 

Public Park & Reykjafoss Falls

Breiðamörk Street

Other towns to explore

Tours and packages including stay in hveragerði.

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5-Day Winter Wonderland Package | Waterfalls, Lava & Ice Caves, Geothermal SPA & More!

Uncover the best of Icelandic winter in 5 days! Explore countless natural wonders, lava & ice caves, and relax in geothermal waters!

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2-Day Ice & Fire Package | Geysers, Waterfalls, Glaciers & Geothermal SPA

Experience the best of the land of fire and ice! Witness erupting geysers, majestic waterfalls, glaciers, and unwind in soothing geothermal waters

From: kr. 59.900,0

3-Day Winter Wonderland Package | Golden Circle, South Coast, Hot Spring & Ice Cave

Discover the Icelandic Winter Wonderland. Visit an Ice Cave, marvel at countless waterfalls, geysers, and enjoy a soothing soak in geothermal waters

From: kr. 129.900,0

5-Day Summer Package | Golden Circle, South Coast & Westfjords

Explore Iceland’s greatest natural treasures on this fabulous 5-day summer package of the Golden Circle, the sensational South Coast and the wild Westfjords

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10-Day Grand Iceland Tour Package – All In One!

See all of Iceland’s greatest natural treasures, visiting spectacular sights around the “Land of Fire and Ice” on this unforgettable 10-day Grand Tour package!

From: kr. 359.900,0

8-Day Off The Beaten Path Tour | Ring Road & Westfjords Adventure

Set off on a road trip like no other with this thrilling 8-day tour of Iceland’s most magnificent sights along Route 1, and explore the wild Westfjords too!

From: kr. 284.900,0

2-Day South Iceland Package | Golden Circle, South Coast & Black Beach

Discover the world-famous Golden Circle and South Coast of Iceland. Overnight stay in the geothermal village of Hveragerði is included

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2-Day South Coast Hiking Package | Golden Circle, Glacier Hike & Waterfalls

Take a thrilling glacier hike on this tremendous two-day tour of Iceland's famous Golden Circle and see the stunning landscapes of the South Coast

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3-Day Tour | The Golden Circle and Wonders of the South Coast

Discover the wonders of Icelandic South Coast. Visit famous Golden Circle, various waterfalls, black beaches, glaciers and stunning River Canyon

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3-Day South Coast Tour | Golden Circle, Ice Cave, Jokulsarlon & Waterfalls

Discover the glorious Golden Circle, see the waterfalls of the South Coast, be amazed by the Glacier Lagoon and the Blue Ice Cave

From: kr. 119.900,0

3-Day Tour | The Golden Circle, South Coast, Glacier Lagoon & Glacier Hike

See the most majestic sights in South Iceland -Glacier Lagoon and the Golden Circle, stunning waterfalls, blue-ice glaciers, volcanoes and more

From: kr. 104.900,0

3-Day South Coast Adventure | River Rafting & Glacier Tour

See the best of Iceland on this fantastic 3-day tour of the Golden Circle and the South Coast, including river rafting, glacier hike and the Glacier Lagoon!

2-Day South Coast Action Package | Golden Circle, Glacier Hike & River Rafting

Take this action-packed thrillseeker’s package tour to explore Iceland’s Golden Circle and the South Coast. Hike across a glacier and go river rafting!

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5-Day Winter Package | Golden Circle, South and West Coast of Iceland

Discover the true magic of Iceland by visiting the three main national parks of the country, go on ice and lava caving and search for Northern Lights

From: kr. 204.900,0 kr. 184.410,0

5-Day Summer Package | Golden Circle, South and West Coast of Iceland

Visit the three main national parks of Iceland, go on a glacier hike, lava caving and take a boat ride on the ice strewn Glacier Lagoon

From: kr. 169.900,0

5-Day Classic Guided Ring Road Tour | Small Group Tour

Discover all of Iceland’s most magnificent sights on this breathtaking 5-day guided Ring Road tour, taking you to all the must-see places!

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7-Day Classic Ring Road Tour | Small Group Tour

Join this classic tour around Iceland and see towering waterfalls, eye-catching volcanoes, glaciers, black sand beaches, and much more!

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Hveragerði’s famous  Geothermal Park  offers steaming hot pots,  geyser (erupting every 5-15 minutes)  and bubbling pools where you can  dip your feet in warm clay mud baths or even boil an egg in a hole in the ground!  The town’s unique geology is put to good use here, and you can taste rye bread that’s been baked in the earth overnight by the intense heat that lies just underneath your feet. Walk amongst the spouting fumaroles and mud pots, but don’t touch them!

Public Park & Reykjafoss Waterfall

Dining options by breiðamörk street.

If you like taking energizing walks on colorful beaches with breathtaking views, you’ll love your time in Iceland! Our tours follow the coastal Route 1 all around the country, giving you endless opportunities to visit Iceland’s famous volcanic black sand beaches.

The best-known is Reynisfjara , which TripAdvisor and National Geographic both name as one of the best beaches in the world! You’ll see this beautiful beach on our South Coast and Ring Road tours. If you pick our Westfjords tours, you’ll also see white, golden, and even red sand beaches!

Traditional Architecture

See the famous turf-roofed buildings!

Traditional Icelandic architecture is characterized by its simplicity, functionality, and integration with the natural environment. During our tours you will be able to see couple of its examples. 

Eiriksstadir is a reconstructed Viking-era longhouse in Iceland, which provides a glimpse into the architectural style of the early settlers. Hlíðartúnshúsin (located in Borgarnes) is a collection of several turf houses that were first built more than a hundred years ago. You’ll see a sheep barn, a cowshed, and even a hut used to store potatoes!

Iceland is also famous for turf-roofed churches, such as the iconic Viðimýrarkirkja and Hofskirkja, showcasing the continuation of this architectural tradition into religious buildings.

Lava Caving

Iceland is a hotbed of volcanic activity formed by superheated lava and molten rock from countless eruptions over millions of years. When the lava stops flowing, the top crust cools more quickly, leaving hollow caves and tunnels behind. You can explore these incredible underground spaces when our Silver Circle tours visit The Cave at Víðgelmir in West Iceland. Enjoy a 90-minute expedition on well-lit walkways with expert guides and learn about stalagmites and stalactites in colorful caverns. Viking outlaws used these places as hideouts – now you can explore here too!

Blue Lagoon

Take a dip at Iceland’s famous Geothermal SPA

Experience a spa day like no other with a trip to Iceland’s iconic Blue Lagoon . This geothermal paradise guarantees relaxation and rejuvenation after a day of exploring. Some of our Golden Circle & Ring Road tours include an option to visit here, where you can lie back in the warming waters, admire the astonishing views of the jet-black lava fields, exfoliate, and enjoy a drink at the swim-up bar. Close to the airport and the city, the Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to sample the best of Iceland’s famous hot pots, where the mineral-rich healing waters will send you to heaven! 

Whale Watching

Enjoy an unforgettable whale watching tour in Iceland!

With more than twenty types of whales visiting Iceland every year, it’s one of the best places in the world to take a whale watching tour. When we visit Akureyri in North Iceland on our Ring Road tours , get ready to spot humpbacks, minke whales, orcas, dolphins, and porpoise s . If you’re lucky, you might see a Blue whale, the most enormous creature ever known! Whales and other cetaceans come to Iceland to feed in the nutrient-rich waters, and some stay all year round now. Imagine the joy of seeing whales and dolphins in the wild – you can do that when you visit Iceland!

Explore the land of ten thousand waterfalls on our tours!

Iceland is covered by glaciers and snow-capped mountains, so that means there’s a lot of crystal-clear meltwater tumbling over cliffs and rushing to the sea. Some say there are over 10,000 waterfalls in Iceland, and you’ll see some of the most famous falls on our Golden Circle , South Coast , and Ring Road tours . There are hidden waterfalls, multi-tiered falls, widescreen cascades where rainbows dance on sunny days, and even waterfalls where you can walk behind the waters! We’ll show you some of the best fosses in Iceland – and they’re all easy to reach too!

Volcanic Craters

See Iceland’s spectacular volcanic craters on our tours!

Iceland is less than 20 million years old, created by underwater volcanoes rising up along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge with a pipeline of molten magma straight from the Earth’s burning core. Dozens of volcanoes dot the country, and many are still active, which means you can explore fascinating volcanic formations at different geological stages! On our Golden Circle tours, you’ll see the multicolored crater at Kerið. Grábrok Craters are included in itineraries for our Westfjords Tours . There are countless more craters to be seen on our Ring Road and Silver Circle tours!

Seal Watching

Go seal spotting while you’re on tour in Iceland!

Iceland is a haven for several seal species, with little colonies of these captivating creatures dotted around the country. On our South Coast & Glacier Lagoon and Ring Road tours , you’ll have a chance to spot them at Jökulsárlón, where seals are often seen basking on the floating icebergs. Iceland’s coastline features golden sandy beaches where Harbor and Gray seals make their home, including Ytri-Tunga , a stop on our  Snaefellsnes tour in West Iceland.

Notably the highest chances to see them is when taking one of Westfjords Tours . It’s your best chance to see these gorgeous creatures in their natural habitat!

River Rafting

Take a ride on a thrilling river rafting tour experience!

Iceland’s fast-flowing glacial rivers offer you a fantastic adventure experience when you join one of our adrenaline-pumping river rafting tours. Jump on sturdy rafts not far from Gullfoss waterfall on the Golden Circle , and paddle through the twisting turns of the Brúarhlöð volcanic rock canyon on the White River! Soak up the stunning scenery as you float downstream, safe in the hands of expert guides, with all the equipment you’ll need provided. It’s one of the most exciting adventure activities you can take in Iceland!

Northern Lights

Want to see the Northern Lights? Then book an Multi-Day Tour during winter time!

Seeing a display of the magical Northern Lights is an unforgettable experience, and Iceland is one of the most beautiful places in the world to witness this colorful cosmic spectacle. Clear, dark skies are needed to see the Northern Lights at their best, far away from streetlights. So when you book a winter multi-day tour , you’ll have the best chance to see the Northern Lights when you stay overnight in the remote Icelandic countryside. The darker the nights get, the brighter the lights can be seen. Choose one of our winter tours for an experience you’ll never forget!

Lava Formations

Explore Iceland’s astonishing lava formations on our tours

On our tours of Iceland, you’ll see an ever-changing country packed with breathtaking geological marvels, including beautiful basalt columns, jagged pinnacles, and jet-black lava flows. Home to some of the fiercest volcanoes ever known, more than a third of the world’s recorded lava since the Middle Ages has poured across Iceland! On our Ring Road and South Coast tours , you’ll see how lava has shaped the country into what it is today, where more than 30 active volcano systems have created astonishing sights like Stuðlagil Canyon , the Eldhraun lava field, and the black sand beach at Reynisfjara .

Explore Iceland’s unique ice caves on our exciting tours!

More than a tenth of Iceland is covered by glaciers, making it the perfect place to get a close look at these astonishing frozen wonders. On our South Coast tours , you can opt for an unforgettable Ice Cave experience at Vatnajökull . Iceland’s glaciers are constantly changing, so your ice cave trip will be unique – nobody else will see the same sight again! Strap on some crampons and discover fascinating ice formations, including stalagmites, stalactites, and spectacular blue ice caves, safe in the hands of our experienced glacier guides. Tours operate between late October to April. 

Visit the “original” Geyser on our Golden Circle tours

Iceland’s fierce volcanic activity fuels gushing geysers all around the country, and the most famous hot spring is Geysir , one of the highlights of our Golden Circle tours . Geysir was the first erupting hot spring discovered by Europeans, and its name is the Icelandic word for “gush”, giving its name to all hot springs worldwide. Geysir is quiet these days, but Strokkur sends hot water and vapor high into the sky every few minutes! You won’t have to wait long to see it blow sky-high. So get your camera ready – this will be one of the best photo opportunities you’ll have in Iceland!  

Hot Spring Bathing

Take a dip in Iceland’s famous geothermal spas on our tours

Enjoying a dip in a geothermal hot spring spa or pool is a daily ritual for Icelanders, like going to a coffee shop or a bar. There are dozens of natural hot spring spas, swimming pools, and outdoor hot pots all over the country, waiting for you to jump in and relax! Our Golden Circle tours include options to visit the Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon near Reykjavík, while our Silver Circle tours include an authentic stone-walled hot pot in a remote canyon! Our Ring Road tours also feature several geothermal swimming pools around the country, where the locals love to relax too.

Take our tours of Iceland to admire its gorgeous glaciers

Close to the Arctic Circle and just 300 miles wide, Iceland is the perfect place to explore glaciers and ice caps. These frozen blue wonders can be seen easily as you explore Iceland on our Ring Road tours . That’s because outlet glaciers and glacier tongues reach down from  Sólheimajökull on the South Coast and from Vatnajökull in the East right down to the coast, making it easy to get up close to these majestic sights. Centuries of snow and ice have created these incredible glaciers, but they are retreating now due to climate change. Don’t miss your chance to see these marvels while you can!

Glacier Hike

Experience an adventure like no other on a Glacier Hike tour

Did you know that a tenth of Iceland is covered in glaciers and that 269 of them have been named? Iceland is the ideal place to come if you want to explore these natural wonders at close quarters. That’s because our South Coast tours visit Sólheimajökull in South Iceland, where you can strap on crampons and take an unforgettable stroll across this ever-changing environment. Gaze at incredible ice formations, crossing crevasses, and exploring ice caves, all in the hands of knowledgeable expert guides. Note : Our Glacier Hike tours operate between April and October.

Iceland is a country filled with incredible water features, including hot springs, waterfalls, and glacial rivers. But did you know that the word “geyser” comes from here? On our Golden Circle tours , you’ll see the “OG” of geysers everywhere at the Haukadalur Geothermal area. While Geysir has fallen silent recently, nearby Strokkur erupts in steam explosions and spray every few minutes, sending superheated water flying high into the sky. Geysir means “gush” in Icelandic, and that’s where the name comes from! If you book a package with stay in Hveragerði you can also admire smaller cousin of Strokkur that erupts every 15-20 minutes.

Geothermal Areas

Discover Iceland’s active geothermal areas on our tours

Iceland’s fiery volcanic origins mean it’s a hothouse of geothermal activity with several colorful geothermal areas you can explore on our tours. The Blue Lagoon is the most famous, close to the airport, and you can visit the Haukadalur Geothermal Area on our Golden Circle tours . On our Silver Circle tours , you can see the most powerful hot spring in Europe at Deildartunguhver . And if you choose one of our Ring Road tours , you’ll see the almost alien landscapes at Hverir , where fumaroles fizz and hot pools bubble and boil! Feel the ground tremble and smell the sulfur!

Iceland is a “country in the making” formed by volcanoes and earthquakes and sculpted by gigantic glaciers.

That offers you a variety of breathtaking and unique landscapes, such as Stuðlagil and Fjaðrárgljúfur , two of the most stunning places in Iceland! At Stuðlagil, you’ll see twisting basalt columns line a gorgeous glacial river canyon, a magnificent location that has only recently been discovered. Fjaðrárgljúfur (Feather River Canyon) is a surreal sight – a marvelous sheer-walled river canyon covered in blankets of velvet-green moss. But there are more stunning canyons in Iceland, like Vatnsjfjörður, Kólugljúfur or Þingvellir just to name a few.

Our tours will take you straight to the most spectacular sights in Iceland, but there are ways of getting even closer if you want to! At the Glacier Lagoon (Jökulsárlón), you can jump into an amphibious vehicle for an unforgettable tour around the lagoon, sailing amongst the glittering giants.

Imagine the thrill of seeing these gigantic chunks of multi-coloured ice from just a few feet away! Where else will you get a chance to cruise between towering icebergs as they sway around the spectacular lagoon? Don’t miss this magical experience! Note: Boat tours are available from May to October.

Bird Watching

Everyone wants to see Iceland’s famous puffins when they visit in the summer months (late May until mid-August) . Iceland is also home to countless more species of birds, some of which stay all year round.

On our South Coast and Ring Road tours, you’ll also have a chance to see Arctic terns, kittiwakes, guillemots, and razorbills. Lake Mývatn in North Iceland attracts thousands of ducks each summer, making it a bird watcher’s paradise! Look out for the Barrow’s Goldeneye, Harlequin ducks, gyrfalcons, gannets, and ptarmigans! Our Westfjords and Snæfellsnes tours also include visits to bird-filled cliffs along the route.

See the “Arch with a Hole” summer home to Puffins

Offering some of the best views on the South Coast, Dyrhólaey (Door Hill Island) is a spectacular promontory rising more than a hundred meters high above the Atlantic. Close to the most southerly point in Iceland, fierce waves pound the shores below. You’ll enjoy phenomenal panoramic views of towering stone arches, gleaming glaciers, brooding volcanoes, and Iceland’s famous black sand beach, Reynisfjara . If you look closely, you’ll see the Reynisdrangar too!  In the summer, thousands of puffins and other seabirds flock here, so it’s an excellent spot for bird watching!

Golden Circle

See Iceland’s most famous sights

Tour the Golden Circle to see the glittering jewels in Iceland’s crown. In one convenient day trip from the capital, you’ll see the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall, the geothermal wonders of Geysir , and the spectacular rift valley at Þingvellir National Park . The Golden Circle offers you the best of Iceland’s natural beauty and history, where you can walk in Viking footsteps between two continents! Stand back as a geyser erupts at Haukadalur Geothermal Area every few minutes and admire the view at Gullfoss, a tremendous two-tiered waterfall fed by glacial meltwater.

Sólheimajökull Glacier & Lagoon

See the slowly disappearing glacier and a glacial lake forming in front!

Sólheimajökull is a magnificent glacier located on the South Coast of Iceland. It is an outlet glacier that descends from the larger Mýrdalsjökull ice cap. Sólheimajökull is famous for its breathtaking ice formations, including deep crevasses, ice caves, and dramatic ice ridges. 

The glacial environment of Sólheimajökull provides a unique opportunity to witness the effects of climate change, as the glacier has been receding in recent years. This caused new Glacial Lagoon to appear on the map of Iceland, where huge chunks of ice slowly float on its surface.

Enjoy an afternoon and overnight stay in the charming, geothermal village

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, there’s a wide selection of bars and restaurants. Some even use geothermal power for carbon-neutral cooking! Make sure you try the tomato soup while you’re here!

We usually arrive there around 4 pm – which gives you plenty of time to enjoy this charming town.

Húsafell Canyon Baths

Bathe like Icelanders did in the old days!

This place offers a unique and natural relaxation experience, nestled within a stunning canyon surrounded by lush greenery. This is a spellbinding place that has to be seen to be believed, with three geothermally-heated pools of varying temperatures (30-41°C or 86-105°F), a cold-water pot and a cooling waterfall, all designed to blend seamlessly into the natural environment. 

These are traditional and authentic Icelandic bathing pools , inspired by the age-old ways used by the locals in this area for a thousand years. Sustainably built in the traditional stone-bath style in an off-grid location, it’s a unique combination.

Rauðisandur Red Beach

Find yourself on the Westernmost Beach in Europe!

Rauðisandur is a stunning golden sandy beach located in the Westfjords region of Iceland. Its name translates to “Red Sand,” but the beach is actually a unique blend of golden, beige, and reddish hues . The vast expanse of Rauðisandur stretches for nearly 10 kilometers and is backed by stunning cliffs and mountains. The beach is known for its tranquil beauty and peaceful atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for solitude and relaxation.

The remote location and untouched beauty of Rauðisandur make it a hidden gem that captivates those who venture to this off-the-beaten-path destination.

Bolafjall Sky Walk

Take a walk on top of one of the most beautiful summits in Iceland!

Bolafjall is a prominent mountain located in the Westfjords region of Iceland. Rising up to an elevation of 638 meters , it offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding fjords and coastal landscape. 

In the recent year, on the summit of Bolafjall impressing viewing platform with sky walk was constructed, just right next to old American radar station. It allows you to witness the beauty of the rugged terrain and the vast ocean beyond. The road leading to the top is very steep and narrow, but no worries! You will be taken there by our experienced drivers. 

See the most powerful waterfall in the whole of Europe!

Dettifoss is a mighty and powerful waterfall located in Northeast Iceland. It is known for being the most powerful waterfall in Europe , with a massive volume of water cascading over its rocky edge.

The sheer force and thundering sound of Dettifoss are awe-inspiring, creating a mesmerizing spectacle for visitors. The waterfall is situated in the Vatnajökull National Park, surrounded by rugged landscapes and dramatic cliffs. Accessible via a well-maintained trail, Dettifoss offers breathtaking viewpoints from which to admire its grandeur.

Discover the hidden gem of the South Coast with us!

Gljúfrabúi is a hidden gem located in Iceland, near the popular tourist attraction, Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

It is often referred to as the “Secret Waterfall” or “Cave Watefall” due to its concealed location and the fact, that is very often missed by many ! To reach Gljúfrabúi, you´ll need to walk through a narrow opening in the rock and wade through ankle-deep water in a small canyon. Inside, you will be greeted by a magnificent waterfall cascading down from a steep cliff. Remember to wear solid shoes and take your raincoat with!

Diamond Beach

Take a walk among the “Diamonds”!

Diamond Beach, also known as Jökulsárlón Beach, is a mesmerizing natural wonder located in Iceland. It is situated near the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, where icebergs from the nearby Breiðamerkurjökull glacier float into the Atlantic Ocean.

The beach gets its name from the sparkling icebergs that wash up on the black sand , resembling diamonds on the shore. The contrast between the glistening ice and the dark volcanic sand creates a breathtaking sight. Diamond Beach is a photographer’s paradise, offering stunning opportunities to capture the beauty of nature.

Walk on a lava arch and see many stunning sights!

Arnastapi is a small village located on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Iceland. It is known for its stunning coastal scenery, with cliffs, gorges, and rock formations.

The village offers a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and hikers. One of the main attractions in Arnarstapi is the famous Gatklettur, a natural arch rock formation that stands tall against the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. There, you can also take a walk on the Lava Bridge and pose for a unique picture.

Enjoy an evening and overnight stay in the capital of the West

Borgarnes bubbles with life, packed into a picturesque promontory overlooking the broad waters of Borgarfjörður, the “City Fjord”.

It’s one of the busiest towns in West Iceland, a focal point for fishing, culture and commerce for a thousand years. But you can still feel its Viking roots wherever you look!

You’ll discover that it has a cheerful small-town vibe that makes it a delight to explore. So take a walk around its pretty streets and rocky shoreline, and enjoy the stunning views across the fjord to Hafnarfjall!

We usually arrive there around 5-6 pm, crossing the fjord over the second-longest bridge in Iceland, with stunning views to enjoy on both sides of the waters.

Enjoy an evening and overnight stay in the capital of the North

Akureyri is the unofficial “second city” of Iceland, located in the far north about six hours from Reykjavik, nestling at the end of the longest fjord in the country.

Once a little 17 th -century fishing village and trading station, Akureyri is now a bustling town. You’ll find funky cafés, restaurants, art galleries, design stores and a botanical garden to explore.

Even though it’s very close to the Arctic Circle, the 20,000 people who call Akureyri their home enjoy some of the country’s warmest and most stable weather.

As you walk the streets of Akureyri, make sure you take a look at the traffic lights. All the red lights are heart-shaped!

Explore Iceland’s wildest region

If you want to see Iceland at its wildest, the Westfjords await you! Lonely Planet picked the Westfjords as its No.1 place to go – here’s your chance to see it! 

The Westfjords are one of Iceland’s oldest regions, and coming here is like taking a step back in time. A spectacular series of stunning fjords cut through dramatic peninsulas dotted with pretty fishing villages, thundering waterfalls, towering cliffs, and colorful beaches, reached by winding mountain roads. Few people live here, so it’s one of the most peaceful and relaxing regions Iceland has to offer. Look out for seals, puffins, and Arctic foxes – there are more of them than people! Take the Westfjords Way with us – a road trip you’ll never forget!

Gullfoss Waterfall

Discover the glorious Gullfoss on our Golden Circle tours

One of the highlights of the famous Golden Circle route , Gullfoss is a thundering two-tier waterfall fueled by Langjökull , the “Long Glacier”, which you’ll see far inland if it’s a clear day. Tumbling more than thirty meters into a dramatic rock canyon, Gullfoss is one of the most thrilling waterfalls in the country, and you can see the falls from several viewing platforms. Watch out for rainbows on sunny days, and wear waterproofs – millions of gallons of water crashing over the cascade creates lots of spray!

Vik í Myrdal

Charming, southernmost village in Iceland

The picturesque village of Vik í Myrdal is perfect for a photo stop on our South Coast and Ring Road tours. Atlantic waves roll in with full force at the most southerly point on Iceland’s mainland, pounding the black sand beaches. Vík is the warmest coastal town in the country, and the summer air is filled with migrating birds. Walk its pretty streets and admire the gorgeous hilltop church atop the town’s highest point! Enjoy another view of the Reynisdrangar from there!

Þingvellir National Park

Where two continents split apart

A place of outstanding natural beauty, Þingvellir National Park offers you a unique opportunity to walk in Viking footsteps between two continents. The tectonic plates of North America and Europe are pulling apart along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge here, increasing Iceland’s size every day! The early Viking settlers held their parliaments (the Alþingi) here for a thousand years, and Iceland declared its independence from this stunning location in 1944, so this is a sacred place for all Icelanders! It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site , making it a must-see stop on our Golden Circle tours.

South Coast

See the best of Iceland’s stunning South Coast

Explore the treasures of the South Coast on our tours, discovering stunning landscapes lined with thundering waterfalls, immense glaciers, towering volcanoes, and dramatic black sand beaches! Easily reached from the city, the South Coast is an unforgettable dreamland of astonishing natural wonders. Hike across a glacier at Sólheimajökull , or maybe discover a hidden waterfall? Walk on an endless black sand beach at Reynisfjara or enjoy a thrilling walk behind a waterfall at Seljalandsfoss ? These are just some of the magical experiences you can enjoy on a tour of the sensational South Coast!


See the “Iceland in Miniature”

Close to the capital and easily reached, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is an ideal tour to discover all of Iceland’s best features in just one day! The “Snow Mountain Peninsula” is often called “ Iceland in Miniature ” because you can find photogenic mountains (including Kirkjufell ), beautiful beaches, plunging waterfalls, seal colonies, ancient lava fields, and a towering stratovolcano in one place! Some say the peninsula has mystical qualities as one of the planet’s many “chakra” centers. It also inspired Jules Verne when he wrote “ Journey to the Center of the Earth ”!

Soothe yourself after a day on tour with a dip at Sky Lagoon

One of Iceland’s newest and most impressive geothermal spa experiences, Sky Lagoon offers you a memorable experience with astonishing views of the Atlantic. Relax in the perfectly regulated waters surrounded by volcanic rocks and a turf-roofed visitor center. Enjoy the 75-meter infinity pool, and order a drink at the swim-up bar! You can opt for an authentic Icelandic bathing experience with the Seven-Step Ritual , including saunas, cold mist showers, and exfoliating scrubs. It’s one of the most spectacular geothermal spa experiences in the world!


Take a walk behind a waterfall on our South Coast tours

Seljalandsfoss is a graceful waterfall that tumbles over 60 meters from Eyjafjallajökull , a volcano on Iceland’s stunning South Coast . It has a special feature that makes it even more exciting – there’s a path you can take all the way around the cascade! It can be slippery, but the views are unforgettable if you don’t mind getting wet! The chute is fueled by glacial meltwater from the volcano that stopped air traffic in 2010, putting Iceland on the map! A “secret” waterfall called Gljúfrabúi is nearby, hidden in a little green rock canyon – we’ll show you where to find it!

Reynisfjara Black Beach

See one of the most famous beaches in the world 

If National Geographic and TripAdvisor both say Reynisfjara is one of the best beaches in the world, then you have to add it to your list of “must-see” places to visit when you’re in Iceland. With miles of jet-black volcanic sands stretching into the distance and fierce Atlantic waves pounding the shoreline, it’s one of the most dramatic coastlines you’ll ever see! Lined with beautiful basalt columns, the Reynisdrangar completes the cinematic scene, towering sea stacks looming offshore! Some say these were trolls trying to catch a ship, frozen in time when the sun rose!

Jökulsárlon Glacier Lagoon

Explore Iceland’s spectacular Glacier Lagoon on our tours

Where else can you get up close to immense icebergs in a glacial meltwater lagoon? On our South Coast Multi-Day and Ring Road tours , you can visit the astonishing Glacier Lagoon at Jökulsárlón , where you’ll see gigantic icebergs floating serenely around a spectacular lake, which only formed about 80 years ago. As the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier retreats, giant pieces break off the edge and sail out to sea. The Glacier Lagoon is the “waiting room” on the journey! Come and see these multicolored icy marvels for yourself at this bucket-list location, and look out for seals basking on the bergs too!

Hraunfossar Lava Waterfalls

See a unique waterfall when you book a Silver Circle tour

Iceland is filled with unique sights, and one of the most mesmerizing is the “Lava Waterfalls” at Hraunfossar . Part of the Silver Circle tour route, glacial meltwater gently cascades down a series of steps from the middle of moss-covered lava cliffs, with the falls stretching for hundreds of meters. The waters seep through the Hallmundarhraun lava field until reaching the White River before tumbling gracefully below. You can enjoy the Lava Waterfall from different perspectives at several viewing platforms. It’s an extraordinary sight!

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Walk into the cave hidden behind the falls!

hveragerdi iceland travel guide

Hveragerdi travel guide

Hveragerdi tourism | hveragerdi guide, you're going to love hveragerdi.

With a population of 2.288, Hveragerdi is a must-see destination in South, Iceland. It is one of the most popular cities to visit in the country. We recommend you stay at least 8 days in order to fully appreciate everything Hveragerdi has to offer.

hveragerdi iceland travel guide

When to visit Hveragerdi

How to get to hveragerdi.

Although Hveragerdi doesn’t have its own airport, you can fly to Reykjavik Domestic (RKV), which is located 39 km from Hveragerdi.

Another option to get to Hveragerdi is to pick up a car rental from Reykjavik, which is about 40 km from Hveragerdi. You’ll find branches of PROCAR and Ice Rental 4x4, among others, in Reykjavik.

Airports near Hveragerdi

Airlines serving hveragerdi, where to stay in popular areas of hveragerdi, most booked hotels in hveragerdi, renting a car in hveragerdi.

Expect to pay $8.67 per gallon in Hveragerdi (average price from the past 30 days). Depending on the size of your rental car, filling up the tank will cost between $104.02 and $138.70.

Hveragerði, Iceland

Hveragerði Travel Guide

  • What to see

Facts and practical information

Hveragerði is a town and municipality in the south of Iceland , 45 km east of Reykjavík on Iceland's main ringroad, Route 1. The river Varmá runs through the town.

Suðurland Iceland

Hveragerði Attractions - What to See and Explore

Hveragerði offers many attractions and places to visit. Here are the most important ones: Hveragerdi Stone and Mineral Museum - Ljósbrá Steinasafn, Geothermal park, Exhibition The Quake 2008, LA Art Museum / Listasafn Arnesinga. Below you will find a complete list of places worth visiting.

hveragerdi stone and mineral museum ljosbra steinasafn hveragerdi location map

  • Hveragerdi Stone and Mineral Museum - Ljósbrá Steinasafn

Science museum • Specialty museum • Museum

geothermal park hveragerdi location map

  • Geothermal park

Hot springs • Park

exhibition the quake 2008 hveragerdi location map

  • Exhibition The Quake 2008

Specialty museum • Museum

la art museum listasafn arnesinga hveragerdi location map

  • LA Art Museum / Listasafn Arnesinga

Art museum • Museum

eternity geysir hveragerdi location map

  • Eternity Geysir

reykjamork hveragerdi location map

Hveragerði – popular in the area (distance from the center)

In the vicinity of Hveragerði, it's worth seeing attractions such as: Laugavegur (Reykjavík), Hallgrímskirkja (Reykjavík), Kerið (Selfoss).

laugavegur reykjavik

Laugavegur, Reykjavík

Laugavegur is the primary commercial artery of downtown Reykjavík, Iceland and one of the oldest shopping streets. The name means "wash road", as it used to lead to the hot springs in Laugardalur where in olden times the women of Reykjavík took their laundry for washing.

hallgrimskirkja reykjavik

Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík

Hallgrímskirkja is a Lutheran parish church in Reykjavík, Iceland. At 74.5 metres tall, it is the largest church in Iceland and among the tallest structures in the country.

kerid selfoss

Kerið, Selfoss

Kerið is a volcanic crater lake located in the Grímsnes area in south Iceland, along the Golden Circle.

tjornin reykjavik

Tjörnin, Reykjavík

Tjörnin is a small, prominent lake in central Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. Most visitors to the city pass along its shore, as it is situated in the city centre next to the Reykjavik City Hall and several museums. Tjörnin means "the lake" or "the pond".

oxararfoss thingvellir national park

Öxarárfoss, Þingvellir National Park

Öxarárfoss is a waterfall in Þingvellir National Park, Iceland. It flows from the river Öxará over the Almannagjá. The pool at the base of the waterfall is filled with rocks and is often extremely icy during winter.

Best Time To Visit Hveragerði

Learn when is the best time to travel to Hveragerði weather-wise and what to expect in each season.

Average temperatures in °C

The highest air temperature is in June , July and August . While the coldest is in January, February, March and December.

Monthly rainfall in mm

The lowest rainfall is recorded in April , May , June and July . Most of it rains in January, February, March, October, November and December.

Length of day in hours

We can expect the longest days in June , while the shortest in December.

Travel Itineraries

How to spend one day, two days, or a week in Hveragerði? Learn what are the must-visit sights, attractions, and landmarks. Our travel itineraries will help you plan your visit and enjoy a trip.

What to see in one day

Frequently asked questions (faq), what are the top attractions to visit in hveragerði.

TOP 10 things to do in Hveragerdi

Find what to do in Hveragerði – accommodations like hostel, guesthouse and camping. So you can visit museum or swimming pool and shop in grocery store.

About Hveragerdi

A little townn the area famed for its geothermal springs. You’ll notice a number of greenhouses heated by the water from these springs, but after you get off the main road, you’ll come upon the Reykjadalur valley, which is located just outside the city.

Translated, it’s “Valley of Smoke” or “Smoking Valley,” and there’s really no shortage of smoke here.

From the parking lot there is a route about 4 km long around hot lakes and bubbling mud volcanoes. The road climbs quite steeply, but the outlook will certainly compensate for the energy spent. However, the grand finale is represented by the springing hot river at its end.

Best restaurants in Hveragerdi

A complete list of cafés, restaurants, and buffets. Find out where to stop to eat during your road trip along Hveragerdi.

Skyrgerdin Café & Bistro Hveragerdi

Olverk pizza restaurant and brewery, hofland eatery, ingolfsskali viking restaurant hveragerdi, best hotels in hveragerdi.

A complete list of hotels, guesthouses, and cottages in Hveragerdi. Find out where to stay in this town.

Frost and Fire guesthouse Hveragerdi

Best things to do in hveragerdi.

A complete list of waterfalls, tours, and other attractions. Find out what to do during your road trip along South Iceland.

Hot river in Reykjadalur valley – hike to hot springs in Hveragerdi

Sólhestar horse riding hveragerdi, hotel and horse riding eldhestar, swimming pool hveragerdi, shopping in hveragerdi.

A complete list of grocery stores, liquor stores, gas stations and supermarkets in Hveragerdi. Find out where to shop during your road trip along this town.

Clothes shop Álnavörubúdin

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hveragerdi iceland travel guide

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Hveragerði is a town of 3,000 people (2020) in South Iceland . Hveragerði is uniquely located in a geothermally active area. Its name is derived from an Icelandic word for hot spring - hver. The hot springs in the middle of town are the main tourist attraction and they also provide heat for local famous greenhouses which are used mainly for flower production. If you look towards the hills bordering the northern part of the town, you will also see steam plumes drifting from various active areas.

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hveragerdi iceland travel guide

The tourist information office is placed in the shopping center Sunnumörk, Sunnumörk 2-4, Hveragerði [1] [dead link] with business hours Jun-Aug: M-F 08:30-17:00, Sa 09:00-14:00, and Su 09:00-13:00. In low season it is open M-F 08:30-16:00, Sa 09:00-13:00, and closed on Sundays.

Get in [ edit ]

Hveragerðiis 45 km from Reykjavik and can be easily reached by car along the Route 1.

Bus number 51 from Reykjavik is an alternative. It leaves from Mjodd bus station and the line schedule can be found here: [2] [dead link] .

Get around [ edit ]

In Hveragerði, everything can be reached on foot.

See [ edit ]


  • 64.000828 -21.188263 1 Geothermal park . In summer: M-Sa 09:00-18:00, Su 09:00-16:00; winter: M-F 10:00-14:00 . In Geothermal park visitors can explore hot springs, bathe their feet in mud baths (kr 500), and see demonstrations of the use of geothermal energy. As a bonus, geothermal bread (kr 200) is baked using the Earth's heat and eggs (kr 100) can be boiled in hot steam. Entrance kr 300 .  
  • 63.995421 -21.189574 2 Exhibition The Quake 2008 , Sunnumörk 2-4, Hveragerði ( In the shopping center Sunnumörk ). A powerful quake hit south Iceland on May 29, 2008. The exhibition is devoted to this event in Hveragerði. For a closer experience, visitors can try an earthquake simulator. A fissure created by another strong quake a long time ago can be explored through the glass in the floor of the information center located in the same building. Free .  
  • 64.002473 -21.182639 3 Hveragerði Public Park ( Centre of town ). Park in the middle of town with the Varmá River running through. See the small waterfall, Reykjafoss along the river with the ruins of an old wool mill. There are picnic tables and benches around to sit and enjoy. Also appears to be hiking trails radiating out from the park to around the greater Hveragerði region. Free . ( updated Feb 2022 )

Do [ edit ]

  • 64.00189 -21.17958 1 Laugaskarð swimming pool , Laugaskarð, Hveragerði , ☏ +354 483 4113 . Take a bath or swim in a geothermally heated outdoor swimming pool. It is open all year round. 620 kr .  
  • 64.04811 -21.22268 2 Hike & soak, Reykjadalur . For a pleasant outdoor experience take a hike to nearby Reykjadalur area located north uphill from Hveragerði. Get informed in the tourist office where maps with marked trails and distances are available. The trail leads towards a highly thermal area with plenty of steam and hot water coming up through the ground. Beware, some springs and pools are really hot. After about an hour hike a bathable warm stream can be reached and you can enjoy a dip where hot springs join the stream. [3] , [4] , [5] . A map of trails can be downloaded from [6] .  

Buy [ edit ]

There are various garden stores in Hveragerði for the plants grown in the greenhouses in town.

Eat [ edit ]

  • 63.997634 -21.188936 1 Olverk Pizza and Brewery , Breiðamörk 2 810 Hveragerði , ☏ +354 483-3030 . 10:30-22:00 . Wood fire pizza and craft beer restaurant on the main road into town. Pizzas kr 3,000 . ( updated Feb 2022 )
  • 63.997458 -21.192584 2 Hver Restaurant , Breiðamörk 1c 810 Hveragerði ( Within Hotel Ork ), ☏ +354 483 4700 . Su-Th 16:00-21:00; F Sa 12:00-22:00 . Icelandic bistro restaurant within Hotel Ork. Subdued decor with a surprisingly eerie wall-length painting by the entry wall. Mains kr 3,100-5,900 . ( updated Feb 2022 )

Drink [ edit ]

  • 63.997825 -21.189665 1 Rósakaffi , 3 Breiðamörk 810 Hveragerði , ☏ +354 483-3301 . 11:30-20:00 . Cafe within a greenhouse with coffee, cake, and burgers. What more can you ask for. Coffee kr 490, burgers kr 890-2,090 . ( updated Feb 2022 )

Sleep [ edit ]

  • 63.997067 -21.192696 1 Hotel Ork , Breiðamörk 1c 810 Hveragerði ( Immediately to the left off the road into Hveragerði ), ☏ +354 483 4700 , [email protected] . Check-in: 15:00 , check-out: 11:00 . Modern business hotel right off the Ring Road. Standard comfortable rooms. Various amenities available in the hotel including a pool area and a games room. Hver Restaurant is a decent mid-range bistro joint inside the hotel. Standard Room kr 15,000-20,000 . ( updated Dec 2021 )
  • 64.006015 -21.184057 2 Frost and Fire Hotel , Hverhamar, 810 Hveragerdi , ☏ +354 483 4959 , [email protected] . Check-in: 15:00 , check-out: 11:00 . Boutique hotel overlooking the Varma River and the geothermal area outside town. Certain rooms have outdoor hot tubs warmed from the hot springs that the town is known for. kr 30,000-40,000 . ( updated Dec 2021 )

Connect [ edit ]

Internet access is available in the tourist information office .

Go next [ edit ]

Hveragerði is usually a pit stop on the route through the Golden Circle, which you can continue to loop around. Alternatively, continue on with the visit along the southern Icelandic coast to Vík and see the waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss.

hveragerdi iceland travel guide

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Hiking Gear and Adventures

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail – Hiking Iceland

Country: Iceland

Physical Difficulty: Easy

Technical Difficulty: Easy

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail

About Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail

The Hveragerdi hot spring river trail is one of the most visited hiking trails in Iceland. The trail leads from the town of Hveragerdi to a geothermal river where you can bathe in warm water while admiring the astonishing Icelandic landscape. Hveragerdi is relatively close to Reykjavik and therefore easy to reach for those who are staying in the northernmost capital of the world.  The official trail starts approximately 4 kilometers northwest from the center of Hveragerdi .

If you are travelling by public transport (like I did) you will first have to walk from the town center to the starting point of the official trail. If you are travelling by car, you can drive directly to the starting point.

As I wanted to execute a proper hike, I extended the trip and also climbed a small unnamed mountain behind the geothermal river before returning back to the starting point.

I executed this hike as a part of my “Hiking Iceland” adventure.

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Hiking Trail Details

Physical Difficulty

Technical Difficulty

(10.5 mi. )

(1572 ft. )

Highest Point

(1316 ft. )

Lowest Point

Date of the Hike Date when we did this hike ?

September 2015

Weather On the day when we did this hike ?

Temperature On the day when we did this hike ?

Wind On the day when we did this hike ?

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Hike GPS Route and Trail Description

*Click on the chart to see the location on the map

Learn how to use GPX tracks

Reaching the starting point

Hveragerdi can be easily and inexpensively reached from Reykjavik by public transport, and therefore this trail is on our list of the 5 Best Hiking Trails in Iceland Reachable by Public Transport . From Reykjavik you will need a 3-zone ticket, which costs 1470 ISK (9.5 €, 11.5 $).  First take bus number 12 from the Hlemmur main bus station in city centre to Mjodd. If you are not planning to leave from Hlemmur, check the Straeto website to find other buses that drive to Mjodd. The bus drive will take you approximately 20 minutes.  At the Mjodd bus stop, take bus number 51 towards Hofn but get off the bus at the Hveragerdi bus stop.  This drive will take around 35 minutes. The Hveragerdi bus stop is located in the center of the town and there is a Shell gas station with a store nearby – just in case you want to buy something for the hike. The above attached GPS route starts here.

If you are going by car, you can drive directly to the starting point of the official trail. When you arrive to Hveragerdi take the northern exit in the roundabout and continue on the main road. Soon you will see a golf course on your right. You have to drive straight on and after approximately 2 kilometers you will arrive to the parking place. There is also a café next to the parking place. From there on you continue on foot.

This trail is not technically demanding and I believe that everybody can execute this extremely nice hike. However, I would recommend you to wear good hiking boots because some parts of the trail are quite steep. If you are planning to do the hike in winter, you will probably also need crampons and an ice axe .

From the bus stop walk past the gas station and then go right on the Reykjamork Street. Then continue on the Reykjamork Street. You will go past a swimming pool as well as small but fabulous waterfall. After walking on Reykjamor Street for approximately 1.1 kilometer you will see a dirt track on your left which runs towards west. Continue on this dirt track and soon you will arrive to a hot spring area. Keep in mind that these hot springs are not appropriate for bathing. There are many signs around them, warning you that the water temperature is above 80 C °. I would also recommend you to follow the path to avoid accidently stepping into the boiling hot water.

After seeing these amazing hot springs continue on the dirt track for approximately 900 meters and then cross the river by the bridge. Here it can get tricky with navigation. You have to go towards west but because there is a big golf course on that side you will first have to head south for approximately 200 meters. Then you will see a wide dirt track on your right which runs towards west. You should continue on this wide dirt track for 2 kilometers and then you will arrive to the parking place which is the official starting point of the trail. If you are reaching the starting point by car you can park here.

From there on the path gets narrower and steeper. The path is now well marked and you will meet many hikers on the trail. Therefore, I believe you won’t have any problems with the navigation. After hiking for approximately 3 kilometers you will reach an extremely active geothermal area with many hot springs. Ahead you will also see the geothermal river.  I decided to prolong the hike and climb a small mountain behind the river. Therefore, I continued on the steep path that leads towards west. After approximately 2 kilometers I arrived to the top of the mountain and enjoyed the view on the geothermal river and surroundings. Then I descended from the mountain on the same path and stopped at the river. After bathing in the hot water for almost 2 hours I returned to the bus stop and went back towards Reykjavik.

Getting back to the starting point

For the way back I used the same path as for the way up.

Hveragerdi Geothermal Area

Hveragerdi Geothermal Area

Hot Spring River Trail - Start

Hot Spring River Trail – Start

Hot Spring River Trail

Hot Spring River Trail

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail - Arrival to the bathing spot

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail – Arrival to the bathing spot

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail - The bathing spot

Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail – The bathing spot

Left path leading to the top of the mountain

Left path leading to the top of the mountain

View from the top of the mountain

View from the top of the mountain

Even though the weather forecast didn’t show rain, I kept in mind that the weather can change quickly in Iceland. And it did; right after I stepped out of the bus, it started raining. I was happy that I was wearing pants made of Schoeller AB400 fabric and a Mammut Windstopper jacket.  I was also wearing an Under Armour t-shirt, Woolx Blizzard Top , Woolx Merino Hat and Salewa Mountain Trainer hiking boots. In my Osprey Talon 44 backpack, I was carrying water, food, thermal underwear, a towel and swimming boxers.

Equipment under scrutiny

Osprey Talon 44

Osprey Talon 44

This extremely light backpack was perfect for this trail. I’m really amazed over the back panel which allows free flow of air between the back and the backpack thus providing great ventilation. The items in the backpack also stayed dry even though it was raining quite heavily in the beginning of the hike. During the hike I haven’t noticed any flaws on the backpack and therefore I would recommend it to every hiker who prefers quality. You can read the full review of the Osprey Talon 44 backpack here .

  • Osprey has since released an updated version of the Talon 44 and the link leads to the new version.

Osprey Talon 44L Men's Hiking Backpack with Hipbelt, Ceramic Blue, S/M

Osprey Talon 44L Men's Hiking Backpack with Hipbelt, Ceramic Blue, S/M

Also available at:

REI | Osprey

Conclusion and photo gallery

The Hveragerdi hot spring river trail is best for those who want to combine hiking and bathing in hot springs. The trail is easy, and I believe that everybody can reach the geothermal river. But keep in mind that you need a pair of good hiking boots because the path is quite steep at some places. As Iceland is a very windy and rainy country I also recommend bringing a rain jacket or a softshell jacket which will protect you against the elements.

Hot Spring River Trail 2

Hot Spring River Trail 2

Hot Spring River Trail - Landscape

Hot Spring River Trail - Landscape

View on the geothermal river

View on the geothermal river

If you have any questions about this hike, please drop me a line in the comments below.

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Outdoor enthusiast with experience in all types of hiking and mountaineering. Hiked in the Alps, Iceland and other countries. In love with via ferrata trails and snow-covered slopes. Check out my hikes .

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4 comments on “ Hveragerdi Hot Spring River Trail – Hiking Iceland ”

' src=

We hiked up Saturday in the wind and rain. But the river was not even warm!! So disappointing, except the Mountain View’s were spectacular.

' src=

That’s odd! Was the river cold also higher up? When I was there it was super warm and I figured out that the higher you go the warmer it is.

' src=

Hello, what times did you start and end your hike, I will be going in June and want to do this hike. I would like to use the longer days to enjoy this possibly in the evening, I am currently checking bus schedules now. Thank you

' src=

Hi Chris, I believe we started the hike from the Hveragerdi bus stop around 9 or 10 in the morning, and then returned in the afternoon. But the current bus schedule is really what you should plan your trip after. Good luck and enjoy the hot river!

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hveragerdi iceland travel guide

Nearest towns or place of interest :

Reykjavik 45 km |  <- Hveragerdi -> |   Selfoss 12  km |  Thorlakshofn 20 km 

Book accommodations in Hveragerdi

About Hveragerdi

Many people living in the capital area make weekend excursions to the town to buy flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables. The farmers have prolonged the growing period with artificial lightning and thus limited the need for import of these products during winter. Many foreign visitors are quite astonished to see the inhabitants walking about taking care of their daily chores with all this boiling hot water under their feet and the earth shaking every now and then. All services for tourists are rendered in the town and many recreational opportunities are on offer.

The town also boasts of a very good hotel with a golf course, a fitness centre, and good trout and char rivers in the area. Many renowned artists and authors live in town. Hveragerdi received its municipal rights in 1987.

Book accommodations Hveragerdi area 

Highland bus schedule


Hveragerdi is on nat.is saga trail

Practical information before enter highlands

Hveragerdi in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Visit South Iceland

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