1. Star Trek: Why TNG's Uniforms Were Redesigned For Season 3

    star trek next generation uniform change

  2. Star Trek: Why TNG's Uniforms Were Redesigned For Season 3

    star trek next generation uniform change

  3. Why Star Trek Uniform Colors Changed From the Original Series to Next

    star trek next generation uniform change

  4. Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniforms and Rank Insignia

    star trek next generation uniform change

  5. Redesigning Starfleet's Uniforms for The Next Generation

    star trek next generation uniform change

  6. Star Trek: 10 Secrets Of The Next Generation Uniforms

    star trek next generation uniform change


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  1. Star Trek: Why TNG's Uniforms Were Redesigned For Season 3

    Star Trek: The Next Generation made several design changes to its version of the Starfleet uniform after the 2nd season, mainly because the original uniforms were causing significant problems for the actors.Star Trek: The Next Generation was the second series in the Star Trek franchise. It ran from 1987 to 1994 and focused on Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise-D.

  2. "Picard Maneuver" & Star Trek: TNG Uniform Change Explained By Patrick

    The uniforms worn by the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation changed two more times during the TNG movies.Redesigned uniforms for Star Trek Generations were scrapped at the last minute, which led to the production borrowing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's turtleneck and jumpsuit-style uniforms. Since they weren't specifically designed for the TNG cast, this explains why the switched uniforms ...

  3. Star Trek's Starfleet Uniform Colors: What They Mean & Why They Changed

    By Star Trek's 24th century, there was a switch around of some Starfleet uniform colors and their relevant associations. Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) wore a red uniform throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation, rather than a gold one. So too did his Number One, Commander William T Riker (Jonathan Frakes).

  4. Why Star Trek Uniform Colors Changed From the Original Series to Next

    Because the costume colors signify a crewman's role on their particular ship, and the color scheme changed between TOS and TNG. Although some Trekkies hate to admit it, Star Trek didn't really ...

  5. Star Trek: 10 Secrets Of The Next Generation Uniforms

    10. Starfleet Stank. CBS. Star Trek: The Next Generation's first take on the 24th century's Starfleet uniforms were formfitting and sleek, with bold color blocking reminiscent of The Original ...

  6. Why Star Trek's Ever-Changing Uniforms Are More Than Just Style ...

    In the original "Star Trek," the female officers wore miniskirt uniforms, a sexist trope that "Next Generation" tried to take the curse off of by depicting male officers wearing them as well ...

  7. "The Lost Era" Uniform Timeline

    Around that time, major changes seem to have been made to the TWOK-era Starfleet uniforms. By 2344, approximately 19 years prior to "Encounter at Farpoint," the TWOK-era uniforms were still worn by Starfleet crew, but the undershirts had been eliminated entirely, as had the belts. TNG, 3x15 "Yesterday's Enterprise".

  8. The TNG-era Uniform Paradigm

    TNG, 1x15 "11001001". TNG, 2x22 "Shades of Gray". The Original Series also had the crew wearing formal uniforms for special occasions, and Theiss incorporated this concept into his TNG-era paradigm as well. TOS, 1x24 "Space Seed". TNG, 1x7 "Lonely Among Us".

  9. Redesigning Starfleet's Uniforms for The Next Generation

    Theiss returned to Star Trek to design just about every costume worn during the first year of The Next Generation, including the Starfleet uniforms of the twenty-fourth century. Spandex. Theiss' starting point was The Original Series, not the uniforms from the movies, because he felt clothing was, even then, moving toward a less structured look.

  10. When did the red shirt careers change to yellow shirts in Star Trek and

    In The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Roddenberry explained that the uniforms were redesigned because the original bright colours would distract viewers on the large screen. However, these changes proved unpopular, so were redesigned again for the later films. In The Next Generation, security wore gold (as

  11. Why Did Deanna Troi Wear A Starfleet Uniform In Star Trek: The Next

    On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Counselor Deanna Troi wore uniforms different from those of the rest of the USS Enterprise crew.; In the pilot episode, Deanna Troi was seen in the Starfleet skant, which actor Marina Sirits called "the cosmic cheerleader" outfit. However, near the end of Star Trek: TNG, Deanna Troi starts to wear a Starfleet uniform with good reason to do so.

  12. Star Trek uniforms

    (Star Trek II). Uniforms similar to the officer style are shown in the Next Generation television series, although without the turtleneck (either replacing it with a crew neck, or no undershirt at all) or belt, and sometimes with the TNG-era combadge replacing the Starfleet badge (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise", "Dark Page", "Family, "Violations ...

  13. The Most Uncomfortable Uniforms In The Universe Led To An Iconic Star

    The more recent "Star Trek" uniforms were eventually replaced by a pajama-like outfit with a soft, grey, cotton collar that extended up from a seeming long john-like undergarment. Well, when they ...

  14. H&I

    Star Trek: The Next Generation brought many changes to the iconic Starfleet uniform. One notable difference from the original series was the color coordination of rank, making red the color for commanding officers and ending the "red shirt of death" trope once and for all. Uniforms of tomorrow may have brought a new sleek and cool look to ...

  15. Starfleet uniform (2350s-2370s)

    In the early 2350s, the Starfleet uniform was completely redesigned. Closer in appearance to those in service during the late 2260s, the new Starfleet uniform spawned several variants, most notably in 2366, and inspired versions yet to come. The next major redesign came in the late 2360s, and was used in conjunction with this design for a few years before both styles were completely phased out ...

  16. Star Trek: Every Starfleet Uniform & History Explained

    The debut of Star Trek: The Next Generation saw the next radical reinvention of the Starfleet uniform. The uniform featured a streamlined jumpsuit design, with the pants and shoulders in black, and the torso either red for command, gold for operations, or blue for sciences.

  17. What Do The Star Trek Uniform Colors Mean & Why Are They So ...

    A change was promptly made for the next film, and the red Navy-style uniforms stuck with the whole movie franchise until "Star Trek: The Next Generation" was launched. Golden shirts denote power ...

  18. Starfleet uniform (late 2360s-early 2370s)

    The Starfleet uniforms introduced in the 2360s and '70s were designed by TNG, DS9, and VOY veteran costume designer Robert Blackman, based upon William Ware Theiss' designs from The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Starfleet uniforms designed by Robert Blackman for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was intended to set the look ...

  19. Why didn't Star Trek: The Next Generation change their uniforms when

    This is further supported by the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, which characterizes the VOY/DS9 uniform style as a "Jumpsuit". - Kevin Laity. ... something like 'You assumed that uniform changes in the military are always 'branch-wide', they aren't!' Then move on to your evidence (this is the majority of your post now ...

  20. Why did Worf wear red in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Season 1?

    I've read several questions and answers here about the uniform colours in Star Trek and their significance. E.g. this answer gives the following list of uniform colours covering the TNG era (with supporting links to Memory Alpha):. Red/Maroon - this denotes the COMMAND division. Examples are anyone on the command track, including helmsmen, administrators, and commanding officers.

  21. Did the uniforms change in Season 3 of TNG? : r/startrek

    10. [deleted] • 6 yr. ago. The uniforms changed considerably. The jumpsuits changed to pants and shirt separates (after people began wondering if in the future people actually do #2) and the shoulder stitching and design changed as well. The male skirts were infamous though. 9. not_really_redditing.

  22. Star Trek Generations: Why Only Some Uniforms Changed To DS9's

    One of the strangest aspects of Star Trek Generations is why some crew members of the U.S.S Enterprise-D were wearing the standard Star Trek: The Next Generation uniforms while others wore the newer Starfleet jumpsuits from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.Even weirder was how Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), Commander Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes), and Lt. Commanders ...

  23. Rob Manfred hints strongly at All-Star Game uniform changes for 2025

    Commissioner Rob Manfred — who has said he prefers the look of players in All-Star jerseys instead of their team jerseys — hinted strongly at changes for 2025. "I'm aware of the sentiment ...

  24. Why Troi Didn't Wear A Star Trek Uniform Until Later In TNG

    For most of the run of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) didn't wear a traditional Starfleet uniform.Despite being one of the main characters who spent much of her time on the bridge of the USS Enterprise, Troi wore various civilian outfits throughout the first several seasons of TNG.It was not until the last couple of seasons, when Troi began taking on more ...