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Make the Most of Your Trip to Seattle with a Cruise Port Shuttle

When you’re planning a trip to Seattle, you want to make sure you get the most out of your visit. One of the best ways to do that is by taking advantage of a cruise port shuttle. This convenient service can help you get around the city quickly and easily, allowing you to explore all that Seattle has to offer. Here’s what you need to know about taking a cruise port shuttle in Seattle.

What Is a Cruise Port Shuttle?

A cruise port shuttle is a transportation service that takes passengers from the cruise port to their destination in the city. It’s an affordable and convenient way to get around Seattle without having to worry about renting a car or navigating public transportation. The shuttles are typically comfortable and spacious, making them ideal for groups or families traveling together.

Benefits of Taking a Cruise Port Shuttle

Taking a cruise port shuttle in Seattle has several benefits. First, it’s an affordable option compared to renting a car or taking public transportation. The shuttles are also reliable and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or dealing with uncomfortable seating. Plus, they can take you directly from the cruise port to your destination, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or having trouble finding your way around the city.

Where Can I Find a Cruise Port Shuttle?

There are several companies that offer cruise port shuttles in Seattle, so it’s easy to find one that meets your needs. You can search online for companies that offer this service or ask your hotel for recommendations. Most companies will pick up passengers at the cruise port and drop them off at their destination in the city, so be sure to ask about this when booking your shuttle service.

Taking advantage of a cruise port shuttle is an easy way to make the most of your trip to Seattle. With its convenience, affordability, and reliability, it’s no wonder why more travelers are choosing this option when visiting the city. So if you’re planning a trip to Seattle soon, consider taking a cruise port shuttle for an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

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bonaire car rental near cruise port

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Car rental at Cruise Port

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Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

4 replies to this topic

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Do it early. I think there is an Avis there but it is low season so they might not man it. Also, there is someone(just can’t think if his name) who we rented from and he met us at the pier. His vehicle was already programmed with all the sights in the gps. Really nice man. Someone I am sure knows who I am talking about. Will see if I can find his info.


Celestino us his name

Thank you ever so much for the information. I will make sure we get on this right away.

Take good care and Happy New Year!

bonaire car rental near cruise port

I am sorry…you are correct..it was in curaçao….so sorry….my mistake.

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Bonaire Rental Car???

Cruising Cindy Lou

By Cruising Cindy Lou , April 26, 2016 in Bonaire

Recommended Posts

Cool Cruiser

Cruising Cindy Lou

We will be in Bonaire for the first time next April. How would renting a car and driving around the island be? Is it very congested?

Can we walk off ship and rent a car at port after arriving? We port 7 to 5. What are the must see/do's for a first time visit? What would be the best place to do a little shore snorkeling? TIA

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  • 4 months later...
We will be in Bonaire for the first time next April. How would renting a car and driving around the island be? Is it very congested? Can we walk off ship and rent a car at port after arriving? We port 7 to 5. What are the must see/do's for a first time visit? What would be the best place to do a little shore snorkeling? TIA

What did you find? We have rented cars on Aruba and Curacao and enjoyed the freedom immensely. What did you end up doing?

yes we are interested in what you find as well. we would like to rent truck and go through the park....

  • 2 weeks later...

We rented a car from Hertz this past February. Pickup is near the Divi Flamingo resort (about a 10-15 minute walk from the port). I would suggest booking ahead of time. We pretty much drove around the entire island - it was very easy driving; especially once you get out of the main town. If you want to go to Washington Slagbaii National Park, it is $25 per person to get in (more than we wanted to spend).

Make sure you stop at the Cadushy Distillery in Rincon - interesting little place with some yummy liquers!

We emailed three rental car agencies, and Avis was quick to respond, with pick-up shuttle offered at the cruise dock. We reserved with them and will post our results after our return.

  • 2 months later...

We rented from Avis at the airport, about a ten minute ride. They picked me up at the tourism office near the ship, and dropped me off at the ship at the end of the day. I can recommend them, very professional. The off roads are rough, so I would recommend more than the little economy car we rented. All the divers had pickup trucks for their tanks. We just snorkeled. The mountain lake at the north end is the one of the most spectacular sights in any of the Caribbean islands I have seen. There is a big sandy beach at the south end of Lac Bay. We snorkeled Windsock just south of town near the airport.

  • 1 month later...


Was it necessary to pre-book a rental car (easily sold out)? How long did it take you to drive around the island? TIA.

We rented a car from Hertz this past February. Pickup is near the Divi Flamingo resort (about a 10-15 minute walk from the port). I would suggest booking ahead of time. We pretty much drove around the entire island - it was very easy driving; especially once you get out of the main town. If you want to go to Washington Slagbaii National Park, it is $25 per person to get in (more than we wanted to spend).   Make sure you stop at the Cadushy Distillery in Rincon - interesting little place with some yummy liquers!

How many hours did it take to drive around the island (all of your activities)? Was it worth going to the national park? TIA.

  • 3 weeks later...

This seems like a wonderful idea. Did you have to request the shuttle or is there one waiting when you arrive at the pier?

10,000+ Club

Another option to consider is Bonaire Cruisers. You rent a golf cart for the day. We did the south side of the island and were done by noon and had time to go see more. The best part is they would let you know where to see the best things including the Flamingos. We planned to head north, but were told Flamingos had moved to the south part of the island to mate.

We had family do a tour through the ship to see Flamingos, they went north and saw 10 if they were lucky. Following the advise given to us by Bonaire Cruisers we saw over 300.

It was a fun way to see the island.

Travel Bear

We were there mid march. Very easy to rent a car. We used Avis. Short walk to get picked up after exiting ship and then we were taken to airport to rent clean car. Gracious and efficient service. We rode for hours enjoying the sites. Stopped once to snorkel a little past the 100 step area- think that was the name. Brother in law said it was great. I didn't go in. Refuel was about 11.00 usd. Can't really get lost and not a lot of traffic. Roads are occasionally rough so I was glad we opted not to rent the golf carts although if you don't want to cover too much territory they would be ok. Car was more cost effective also. All in a all a pleasant day. Glad we did it this way. If we return some day we will probably go to a beach spot and relax as we saw a lot on this ride.

Sent from my SM-G900V using Forums mobile app

To the person who posted about Bonaire Cruisers, how much did a day rental cost? Could you get around well to a variety of places with the golf cart or is it just a restricted loop that can be done?

  • 9 months later...

Sorry, I'm late in getting back to the question. I don't recall the price, you can find in on their web page. We were on a bit of of time crunch as we booked the golf cart and the Woodwind. So we had just 1/2 the day with the golf cart. So we headed south and had plenty of time to do the southern loop. Got back with enough time to head back down to the donkey sanctuary for an hour or so. If you want to do north and south, rent a car. But I would check the seasons with regard to the Flamingos. In February they moved to the south. We have family do the bus trip to the north hoping to see the flamingos. They saw 3 we saw hundred


See other post about visiting the National Park. It's not recommended if you want to make it back to the ship on time.

How did you pre book with Avis? I emailed them and they said they this:

Thanks for your mail but we do not block cars for one day, we always ask if you can call us the day that you arrive and then we will look at the availability that day, we hope that you understand this.

The Jeep Wrangler will be US$ 117.84 with FULL insurance for the day.

If you have arrived on Bonaire, we advise you to go to the Tourist office at Kaya Grandi and they will call us and if the car is available we can pick you up.

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Visitor Entry Tax

Visitors to Bonaire are required to pay a tourist entry tax of $75 per person, per visit.

Your personal travel itinerary:

Find the sites that interest you the most, from dive sites and hikes to sightseeing, dining and everything in between. Then, "favorite" them to create an itinerary that's all yours.

No favorites currently selected.

Getting Around

Woman driving ATV

Home › Plan Your Vacation › Getting Around

There Are Plenty of Ways to Explore Bonaire

Whether you prefer riding on four wheels, two wheels, or being transported.

There are plenty of ways to get around on Bonaire, giving you the choice of anything from a rental car to a mountain bike and everything in between. We drive on the right side of the road and follow international road signs. And we take things slow, with a speed limit of just 40 kph in urban areas and 60 kph outside. We urge all visitors to obey speed limits and use caution, especially since you’re sharing the road with pedestrians, cyclists, and the occasional donkey or goat.

Ways to Get Around

Car rentals.

Since Bonaire is on the smaller side, renting a car will let you explore much of the island. As the shore diving capital of the Caribbean, a double cabin pick-up is extremely popular. A pick-up or a jeep with high ground clearance is also required to visit Washington-Slagbaai National Park. If you do decide to rent a car, you’ll have your choice of well-known, reliable rental agencies. Most require renters to be at least 23 years of age with a major credit card and a valid driver’s license. Nearly all rental cars on Bonaire are stick shift, so reserve early if you need an automatic. You’ll also need to reserve your rental well in advance if you plan on visiting around holidays.

If you ever need a lift to get where you’re going, you can always call a taxi at +599 717 8100.

Motorcycles, scooters, golf carts and bicycles

If you love the feeling of the wind in your hair, you may prefer a more casual way to get around. You’re in luck! Bonaire has a number of shops that offer sportier rentals from golf carts to Harleys. If bicycling is more your speed, you can choose anything from a sturdy touring bike, perfect for paved roads, to rugged mountain bikes that can take on our hundreds of kilometers of off-road trails. As with car rentals, to rent any motorized vehicle, you’ll need a valid driver’s license and a major credit card. Remember to make your reservations well in advance.

Thinking about a day trip to Klein Bonaire? A ferry is your best option for getting there. Different operators offer various departure times. Check with each provider for schedules, service areas and fares.

Keyword Search:

  • Klein Bonaire
  • Washington Slagbaai National Park

Transportation Type

  • Bike Rental
  • Golf Cart Rental
  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Scooters Rental

Current Filters:

A white SUV and pickup truck parked parallel to the ocean

AB Car Rental

Kaya Industria 31

+599 717 8980

[email protected]

bonaire car rental near cruise port


Kaya Sirena 14

+31 508 200 955

[email protected]

bonaire car rental near cruise port

Autohuur Bonaire

Kaya Pos di Hala 20A

+599 701 8571

[email protected]

People on scooter

Kaya Simon L. Bolivar 21

+599 787 7091

[email protected]

A dark grey pickup truck parked by the ocean

Bon Bini Car Rental

Kaya Maximiliana Rosario 1

+599 796 3261

[email protected]

Four black SUVs lined up in a parking lot

Bonaire Best Car Rental

[email protected]

Golf cart parked on the sand by the ocean

Bonaire Cruisers

Kaya Irlanda 1a

+599 782 2833

[email protected]

Four women standing next to each other wearing scuba gear

Bonaire Truck Rental

Kaya Huallaga 10

+599 782 5699

[email protected]

Close up shot of business' logo of a van crashing through a highway sign

Kaya Atom 5

+599 786 4039

[email protected]

bonaire car rental near cruise port

Golfcart Rental Bonaire

Kaya Saturnus 3

+599 790 6902

[email protected]

Multiple people on bikes by the ocean

GreenBikes Bonaire

J.A. Abraham Blvd 13

+599 795 0211

[email protected]

SUVs and pickup trucks parked next to each other

High5carrental Bonaire

Sabalpalm 43

+599 795 3791

[email protected]

flamingo and hotel icons

Inter Island Car Rental Bonaire

Kaya Finlandia 9a

+599 717 6020

[email protected]

bonaire car rental near cruise port

Little John Scooter Rental Sale

Kaya Industria 17

+599 777 4734

[email protected]

Red, white, and blue scooters lined up by the ocean

Macho! Scooters

J.A. Abraham Blvd 80

+599 701 1233

[email protected]

Pick up truck

Pickup Huren Bonaire

Sabal Palm 19

+599 787 7637

[email protected]

bonaire car rental near cruise port

Royal Car Rental Bonaire

Kaya L.D. Gerharts 9

+599 701 7077

[email protected]

Bike in front of slave huts

Scooters Bonaire

Kaya Grandi 70b

+599 796 2000

[email protected]

Two white SUVs parallel parked

Tropical Car Rental Bonaire

Punt Vierkant 66

+599 700 8095

[email protected]

White bus parked next to a white hut by the ocean

Tropical Travel Bonaire

J.A. Abraham Blvd 80 (In lobby of Plaza Beach Resort)

+599 717 2514

[email protected]

bonaire car rental near cruise port

  • Getting to Bonaire

Frequently Asked Questions for Cruise Ship Visitors

Common cruise visitors’ faqs., what is the size and population of bonaire.

This is one of the most frequent cruise visitors’ FAQs. Bonaire is a small island with a population of approximately 24,000. Most people live in the main town of Kralendijk, and about 1,800 live in the smaller town of Rincon, found in a valley in the north.

Cruise ship on Bonaire

The island is approximately 112 square miles, ranging from three to seven miles in width and twenty-four miles in length. The north part of the island is hilly and has a national park. The south side is flat with salt pans. Both parts are unique as well as beautiful. Bonaire is located approximately fifty miles north of Venezuela. Also, approximately one mile away from Bonaire is the small island of Klein Bonaire (literally, “Little Bonaire” in Dutch ). It is uninhabited, so be sure to bring sunscreen and water if you visit. The beach is very nice, and the snorkeling is excellent. A water taxi is available.

What is the history of Bonaire?

Bonaire was originally inhabited by a branch of the Arawak Indians who sailed from Venezuela over 1000 years ago. The first Europeans to arrive were the Spanish in 1499. They did not stay long, as they decided not to develop the island. However, they took the Indians who were here as slaves, leaving the island uninhabited. After that, there were also visits by the French, Portuguese, and Spanish convicts who returned, leaving their imprint and influence. In 1633, the Dutch took possession of the island, along with Aruba and Curaçao. They imported African slaves to work the plantations and the salt mines. Bonaire’s ownership changed hands several times until 1816, when the Dutch maintained leadership. Slavery was abolished in 1863, and around this time, Bonaire started attracting more inhabitants. Early in the 20th century, visitors started arriving on Bonaire. Eventually, a pier was built, further attracting tourism, and in 1943, the airport was built.

What is Bonaire’s political status today?

Bonaire is a special municipality of The Netherlands, along with Saba and St. Eustatius, since October 10, 2010.

What languages are spoken?

The official language is Dutch , and the spoken language of the local people is Papiamentu . It is a Creole language based on seven different languages, reflecting the mixed culture and history of the island. Also, English is spoken by most people, and Spanish is also widely spoken.

What is the temperature?

The air temperature averages about 86°F/30°C, although it can be hotter from August through October. The water temperature varies from 79°F/26°C to 84°F/29°C.

How are the snorkeling and diving ?

Bonaire is one of the top destinations in the world for snorkeling and diving. The waters surrounding Bonaire form a marine park . Shore access is easy at most dive sites for either diving or snorkeling. Visibility is often 80 to 100 feet, and the reefs are alive with coral and fish. However, touching or standing on corals or other marine life can be harmful to both the marine organisms and the snorkeler/diver, so please take care!

Where does the cruise ship arrive on Bonaire?

The ship arrives at one or two of the main Bonaire cruise port terminals, just south of the downtown area of Kralendijk.

How do we get around?

If you stay in Kralendijk, most places are within easy walking distance. For visiting the beaches, a taxi will be needed in most cases.

What about taxis ?

Taxis will be available directly in the area of the pier where you disembark; costs will vary depending upon the destination. Taxis can also provide tour services.   View the various services available to cruise visitors by Bonaire’s taxis .

What currency is used?

The U.S. dollar is the official currency as of January 1, 2011.

Are there banks nearby?

There are several ATMs in the downtown area as well as several banks. All transactions must be accompanied by a photo ID.

What is shopping like near the Bonaire cruise port?

There is an outdoor market in nearby Wilhelmina Park, near where the cruise ships dock, which sells local wares and foods. Also, a cruise shopping mall is newly available adjacent to the docks.  Kaya Grandi, the main street in Kralendijk, also has shops with clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, snorkeling, and diving equipment. Grocery stores and a pharmacy are nearby.

Are there restaurants or bars in the vicinity of the cruise piers?

There are several restaurants and bars in the downtown area, well within walking distance.

Are public toilets available on the island?

Yes, but they can be very busy on days when cruise ships are in port.

Is there required paperwork for pets or service animals?

Yes, if you are bringing a pet or service animal onto the island, certain paperwork needs to be in place. Please refer to our pet page for more details.

How far is it to a beach, and what amenities are available?

Bonaire is not known for many sandy beaches since it’s much better known for its underwater beauty. However, some sandy beach areas are available in select resort areas.

What about the national park?

Washington Slagbaai National Park is located at the north end of the island. It takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to drive there from the area of the cruise piers. Opening hours are 8 AM to 5 PM. Although a truck or a four-wheel-drive vehicle is not mandatory, it is definitely recommended since the road can be rough. The entrance fee is $40.00 per person. A museum illustrating Bonaire’s past and its people is open at the entrance to the park. Cool drinks and a terraced area are also available at the entrance. Also, many visitors choose to make short hikes via the walking trails from this entrance instead of traversing through the entire park via a vehicle.

What activities are available on Bonaire?

View our recommended activity providers for your day in port. There are plenty of fun activities to choose for your day on Bonaire.

Can we take shells?

No. Taking shells is against local and international laws.

Need to learn more?

If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed here, feel free to email us via our contact form.

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bonaire car rental near cruise port

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7 Cruise Ports Where You Should Rent a Car

bonaire car rental near cruise port

There are times when it is more convenient, and possibly more prudent, to see the sights of a cruise port via tours. Driving in ports like Piraeus or Istanbul can be intimidating for even the most adventurous drivers. How about driving on your own in Montego Bay Jamaica? Anybody think that's a great idea? There's no reason to rent a car in ports with good public transportation or where the main sights and activities are accessible on foot from the port. But there are a handful of ports where you might really want to go beyond what the tour and taxi drivers want you to see, where it would be safe to do so, and where you can explore at your leisure.

Car rental basics

• Reserve in advance when possible.

• Always use a credit card that includes foreign rental insurance, but know that in some places, they will still make you pay for primary coverage.

• Do your homework; knowing what you hope to see while you have the car and what type of vehicle will get you there is key. Is four-wheel drive needed? Is there parking at your intended destination?

• Take a folded soft-sided cooler with you so that you can stop for snacks.

• If pre-purchase of fuel is an option, take it. Your time in port is limited; the last thing you want is to have to find a gas station near the rental office to refuel.

• Make sure you get a map. If there is any doubt, print computer maps before you leave home.

• Watch your time carefully. You don't want to be left standing on the shore as your ship sails away because you didn't allow enough time to return your rental.

Here are examples of ports where rentals are an easy and fun way to enhance your experience.

Renting a car on Aruba is made easy by the fact that there are rental agencies located at the cruise terminal. You can reserve in advance, then walk off the ship and start your adventure. Having your own car makes it possible to drive to secluded beaches beyond the crowded hotel area. Try Santo Largo Beach for a true Aruban escape. Rates run in the $35-40 per day range. Try Speed Car in the cruise terminal.

You can arrange for the rental company to pick you up at the pier and take you to a rental office. Bonaire is perfect for driving a rental. Traffic is light and a car gives you the opportunity to see a large portion of the island a little easier than via the golf carts rented at the pier. A car works really well if you plan to snorkel or shore dive. You can rent gear and tanks at the Dive Friends Bonaire location near the pier, then head out to find your own perfect dive spot. Rates run in the $35 range, some trucks are set up for diving. Try AB Car Rental .

Freeport Bahamas

A day on Grand Bahama Island can be greatly enhanced with your own car to explore from. Drive to Gold Rock Beach or Lucayan National Park with a picnic you can pack from markets in Lucaya. The driving itself is an adventure worth re-telling - remember it's on the left side of the road. Rates run in the $75 range. Try Island Jeep Rentals .

Grand Cayman

If snorkeling or shore diving is your thing, having a car at your disposal on Grand Cayman gets you away from the crowds and into the water without a boat. Use the information at ShoreDiving.com to help you locate great options. If beaches are your goal, there are choices far quieter than the famed Seven Mile Beach. Packing a picnic and driving to Smith Barcadere or Starfish Point will give you a whole new impression of the island. You can get a Jeep for as low as $69.95 per day. Try Cayman Auto Rentals .

Hawaiian Islands

Obviously, the islands are too big to see all of any one while on a cruise ship stopover, but renting a car might get you a better overview of the sights, or at least allow you to escape the usual tourist hangouts. The best example is on the Big Island. If your ship docks in Kona, rent a car and drive down the coast a bit, sampling public beaches, coffee plantations, and unique shopping and food along the way. It's a great way to see the island. Thrifty may be the best choice here. Rates start at $75 per day.

Greek Islands

There are a few stops on a cruise through the Greek Islands where having a car gets you to the good stuff easier than on a tour. It's not recommended on Santorini, but Crete would be worth looking into. The best choice might be on Lemnos. In the Port of Myrina, Holiday Car Rental is near the docks. Stop in one of the nearby shops for cheese, bread, & wine before you pick up the car. Driving on the tiny roads in town is crazy, so head south on the coast road where you will find secluded beaches and quaint shops. Holiday Car Rentals has options starting at $75.

We saved the best for last. A rental on Cozumel allows you to escape the tourist attractions in favor of the secluded beaches and scenery on the wild east side of the island. Or maybe you want to do both. Take a scenic drive, enjoy your own private beach break, then head back to the fun at Chankanaab Beach Park , with its abundance of facilities, before returning the car. Alamo has cars for under $20 per day and Jeeps under $50.

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  1. Bonaire impressie 2023

  2. Bonaire Cruise Port

  3. What To Do At These Cruise Ports: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St.Lucia, St.Kitts

  4. Bonaire, a beautiful cruise port! #cruise #travel #caribbean #royalcaribbean #bonaire #cruiseship

  5. Beautiful Waters Of Bonaire Island

  6. We hit the B in the ABC Islands and it DIDN’T disappoint!! SOOO BEAUTIFUL! #bonaire #cruiseport


  1. Everything You Need to Know About Car Rental Options at Seattle Cruise Port

    Are you planning a cruise vacation from the beautiful city of Seattle? If so, it’s important to consider your transportation options once you arrive at the Seattle cruise port. Renting a car when arriving at the Seattle cruise port offers n...

  2. Unlocking Insider Secrets for Hassle-Free Car Rental at Seattle Cruise Port

    Are you planning a cruise from the beautiful city of Seattle? If so, you may need a reliable and hassle-free car rental service to explore the city before or after your voyage. The first step in ensuring a hassle-free car rental experience ...

  3. Make the Most of Your Trip to Seattle with a Cruise Port Shuttle

    When you’re planning a trip to Seattle, you want to make sure you get the most out of your visit. One of the best ways to do that is by taking advantage of a cruise port shuttle. Taking a cruise port shuttle in Seattle has several benefits.

  4. Car rental at Cruise Port

    Do it early. I think there is an Avis there but it is low season so they might not man it. Also, there is someone(just can't think if his name)

  5. Bonaire Rental Car???

    How would renting a car and driving around the island be? Is it very congested? Can we walk off ship and rent a car at port after arriving? We

  6. Bonaire (Kralendijk) Cruise Port Guide: Sightseeing by Rental Car

    Bonaire is a small island country located in the southern Caribbean Sea – north of Venezuela – that is known for its snorkeling

  7. Getting Around

    If you do decide to rent a car, you'll have your choice of well-known, reliable rental agencies. Most require renters to be at least 23 years of age with a

  8. Bonaire Cruisers: Home

    Our office is just a few steps away from the cruise terminal. Call us at +599 782 2833 or send us an email to get your one-of-a-kind golf cart reserved! Our

  9. Voyager Bonaire Car Rental

    Book all your activities under one roof. Located near cruise port and in the city center of. Kralendijk. Linda Dutch and Roger de Jong.

  10. Frequently Asked Questions for Cruise Ship Visitors

    The ship arrives at one or two of the main Bonaire cruise port terminals, just south of the downtown area of Kralendijk

  11. Bonaire … car rental? : r/CarnivalCruiseFans

    The second time we planned ahead and rented from a hertz at a hotel near the port. ... r/Cruise icon r/Cruise Join • 28 days ago. I spent 44 days

  12. One-day car rental near terminal in Aruba and Bonaire? : r/Cruise

    One-day car rental near terminal in Aruba and Bonaire? · GameStop · Moderna · Pfizer · Johnson & Johnson · AstraZeneca · Walgreens · Best Buy

  13. 7 Cruise Ports Where You Should Rent a Car

    Bonaire is perfect for driving a rental. Traffic is light and a car gives you the opportunity to see a large portion of the island a little

  14. Hertz Car Rental Locations

    Reserve a Hertz car rental at Bonaire Island, Kralendyk - Flamingo International Airport. With a wide selection of economy, luxury, and SUV rentals