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How to Get Onboard Credit for Owning Carnival Stock (2023)

By: Author Carrie Ann Karstunen

Posted on Published: July 2, 2021  - Last updated: June 13, 2023

How to Get Onboard Credit for Owning Carnival Stock (2023)

If you cruise on Carnival, Princess, or any other Carnival-owned cruise line, you can get free onboard credit on every cruise, just for being a Carnival stockholder! Here’s how to get your free OBC.

carnival cruise stock holder

One of my favorite perks of cruising is getting free onboard credit—often abbreviated to OBC— when I book during certain sales. Since I always use a cruise travel agent , I’ll often get extra onboard credit just for booking through the agency.

OBC is awesome! You can use it for just about anything on the ship—buying souvenirs in the shops, paying for specialty dining, booking shore excursions, and more.

But did you know that you can get even more free onboard credit every time you book a cruise on Carnival, Princess, Holland America, or any other cruise line owned by Carnival Corporation?

It’s true! If you’re a Carnival stockholder , you’re eligible for free onboard credit each time you cruise. As long as you own enough shares and can show proof before each sailing, you’ll get free money to make every cruise even more fun.

What cruise lines offer free onboard credit to Carnival shareholders?

Carnival Corporation offers free OBC to shareholders on all of their cruise lines. Carnival, Princess, and Holland America are the most popular Carnival-owned lines for North American cruisers. But several other cruise lines around the world are also under the Carnival Corporation umbrella.

Shareholders cruising with Cunard, Costa Cruises, Seabourn, AIDA, or P&O can also apply for free onboard credit.

Applying for free onboard credit as a Carnival shareholder

If you own Carnival stock (or you’re planning on buying some), it’s super-easy to get your free shareholder OBC. Read on to find out how many shares you need to own, how much credit you’ll get for each sailing, and how to let your cruise line know you’re eligible.

How much Carnival stock do you have to own to get OBC?

You’ll need to own at least 100 shares of stock in Carnival Corporation at the time of sailing to earn their free onboard credit benefit. The shares need to be held in the name of a booked passenger to earn OBC.

How much onboard credit will I get for my cruise?

The amount of free onboard credit you’ll get per cruise depends on how long your sailing is, and which cruise line you’ll be on. See the table below to find out how much OBC you’ll be awarded on your next cruise.

carnival cruise stock holder

The amount of onboard credit you’ll receive (and what currency it will be in) depends on the specific cruise brand and where it’s based.

So, if you’re from the UK and sailing on a cruise on an Australian brand, you’ll get your onboard credit in AUD. An Australian sailing on a North American brand on a European itinerary will get OBC in US dollars.

North American brands:

  • Carnival Cruise Line*
  • Princess Cruises*
  • Holland America Line
  • Costa Cruises*

Continental European brands:

  • AIDA Cruises
  • P&O Cruises UK

Australian brands:

  • P&O Cruises Aus

*The currency and amount of onboard credit for some cruise lines is determined by the operational currency used on any specific sailing.

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How do you let the cruise line know you’re a Carnival shareholder?

Although so many things are automated these days, you’ll need to let the cruise line know that you’re a shareholder before each and every cruise, so you can have your OBC credited to your account.

Annoying, I know, especially if you take a lot of cruises! But trust me, it only takes five minutes, and you’ll earn between $50 and $250 (or a similar amount in other currencies) to spend on your next cruise. Now that’s a nice rate of return!

Five steps to apply for onboard credit as a Carnival stockholder

Applying for Carnival shareholder stock is simple if you follow these steps:

  • Own at least 100 shares of Carnival stock
  • Print, copy or scan your proof of shares
  • Black out your address and account number
  • Send proof to your cruise line before your cruise
  • Check your online cruise planner for the OBC a few weeks before your cruise departs

You’ll need to mail, email, or fax proof of your shares to your specific cruise line at least three weeks before your sail date.

( Click here for a list of mailing addresses, emails, and fax numbers for each cruise line.)

Proof of shareholder status could include a copy of your shareholder proxy card, a dividend tax voucher, or a nominee statement with both your mailing address and brokerage account number blacked out.

Be sure to also include your full name, reservation or booking number, ship name, and sailing date to ensure you’re credited correctly.

What if multiple members of my family are Carnival shareholders? Do we all get free onboard credit?

Carnival’s free onboard credit program for shareholders only allows one shareholder per stateroom to use the benefit. So if you have multiple shareholders in the same cabin, only one can get the free OBC.

But if you want to get creative, you can sometimes work around this policy.

Let’s say you’re traveling as a family unit—two parents and your kids who are old enough to stay in a nearby room. Each parent owns at least 100 shares of Carnival stock, but you’d like to actually sleep in the same room as your spouse or partner.

Despite the strict rules around one free OBC benefit per cabin, the cruise lines aren’t the bed police! If you book one parent into each of the two rooms, both adults can get the free credit.

Of course, each stateroom key card is assigned to a specific passenger and also acts as ID and your way of making purchases on board. So the logistics can get tricky with this workaround, but many cruisers use this method to double up on OBC.

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Can you gift your Carnival shareholder onboard credit to friends or family sailing with you?

Just like any other cruise onboard credit you might receive in a special sale or via your travel agent, Carnival shareholder onboard credit isn’t transferable. The cruise line will apply the OBC only to the account that matches the name of the legal shareholder.

But if you want to share your credit with friends or family, you can always use it to buy a gift on board for a friend or loved one. Just remember you need to make the purchase yourself—you can’t give your cruise card to another passenger to use your OBC.

Can you save your Carnival shareholder onboard credit for another cruise?

Although it would be nice to be able to save your unused onboard credit to use on a future cruise, your OBC expires at the end of each sailing. So use it before you lose it!

Can you get more than one free OBC benefit if you hold more than 100 shares of Carnival Corporation stock?

If you have several hundred (or more!) shares of Carnival Corporation stock, you’re probably wondering if you can get more free onboard credit for each block of 100 shares you own.

Unfortunately, free onboard credit for Carnival shareholders is limited to one credit benefit per person per sailing.

Is anyone excluded from receiving free onboard credit for being a Carnival shareholder?

Carnival Corporation employees likely already know that they’re not eligible for onboard credit for owning Carnival stock. But some non-employees also aren’t able to take advantage of this program.

If any of these situations apply to you, you also won’t be able to get free OBC as a Carnival shareholder:

  • A travel agent cruising at travel agent rates
  • Tour conductors or group leaders cruising at a reduced rate
  • Anyone sailing on a complimentary basis

***UPDATE November 2021***

Carnival has very recently begun denying shareholder OBC to guests cruising at discounted rates. According to many longtime Carnival cruisers who have applied for the free onboard credit, the company has been denying the benefit for reasons including:

  • VIFP offers
  • Casino rates
  • Military discount rates
  • Resident discount rates
  • Senior citizen discount rates

It’s unclear whether this is a permanent policy change by Carnival Corporation, or just a temporary hold while ships are sailing at reduced capacity. I’ll continue to update the post as more information emerges on this new development.

What can you use your Carnival shareholder onboard credit for?

Unlike some cruise lines that allow you to use OBC before your cruise to pay for packages and services on board, Carnival and its subsidiaries only allow you to use onboard credit once you’re physically on the ship.

carnival cruise stock holder

But, you can use your onboard credit for almost anything you’d normally pay for once you’re on the ship. Here are some examples of how you can use your free shareholder OBC:

  • Specialty dining that you book on board
  • Shore excursions that you book on board
  • Beverages that aren’t covered by a drink package
  • Purchases in the onboard shops
  • Spa and salon visits
  • Experiences like wine tastings, cooking classes, or behind-the-scenes tours

Just remember that some cruise lines will give you a discount if you prebook and prepay for some of these extras before you sail. Take that into consideration when deciding how you’ll use your OBC.

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What can you NOT use your Carnival shareholder onboard credit for?

There are tons of ways you can use your free onboard credit for owning Carnival stock on a cruise. However, Carnival has a few rules about what you can’t use it for. Make sure you know these exclusions before you assume you’re covered (and stuck with an unexpected bill).

  • Using shareholder OBC for casino play
  • Paying for crew gratuities with shareholder OBC
  • Using shareholder OBC for anything that you need to use cash for (like for extra tips, or vending or self-service laundry on some ships)

What’s your favorite way to get free onboard credit on a cruise? Have you received OBC for being a Carnival shareholder? Let me know in the comments below!

Latest news about Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Corporation Unveils New Solar Park at Amber Cove.

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carnival cruise stock holder

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Beverly Jacobs

Tuesday 27th of February 2024

I am trying to redeem my on board credit as a stock holder

Carrie Ann Karstunen

Friday 1st of March 2024

Hi Beverly, I'm assuming you're asking how to obtain your shareholder OBC for an upcoming cruise, not how to redeem it on the ship (if I'm wrong, redeeming it is easy - your OBC can be used toward any purchases you make on board with your cruise card). I have detailed instructions in the post about how to obtain your OBC pre-cruise. Do you have a specific question I can answer?

Monday 4th of December 2023

I have been trying to get the form for my onboard credit for holland America and can not find it anywhere on the internet where I can just print it out. Can you helpW

Hi Sandy, currently there isn’t a specific form you need to send, you just email the information I’ve detailed above to Holland America. The link to the email address to send your information can also be found in the post above, in the section “Five steps to apply for onboard credit as a Carnival stockholder”. I’ll add it here as well: Carnival Corp Shareholder Benefits. Hope this helps and happy cruising!

Sunday 8th of October 2023

looking for a phone number as I have not received the credit on my; Nov. cruise

Monday 9th of October 2023

Hi Penny, if it's been longer than three weeks since you sent in your proof of shares (and your cruise isn't until next month), I'd try emailing one more time. If you don't hear back soon, here's the contacts page for Carnival Corp.'s Investor Relations. Hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday 14th of September 2023

Hello Carrie Ann, Thank you so much for the great article with clear explanations and the link to the instructions from Carnival Corporation. I bought my 100 shares of CCL on 9/12/23, emailed in a scan of the proof of stock ownership (confirming statement from my broker, Charles Schwab) this morning ,on 9/14/23 and TA-DAH !!- 15 minutes later the online booking summary for my 22 day Princess cruise is already showing the $250.00 onboard credit!!! Wow ! That was lightning fast ! My cruise is leaving on 10/18/23 so I was worried about doing this just 5 weeks out but , per the instructions on the Carnival Corporation sheet, it just needs to be done 4 weeks prior to the sail date. I wish I had known about this benefit before. I have been cruising on Princess for years. Thank you again for this valuable information presented in such an easy to understand way. Sincerely, Carol

Sunday 17th of September 2023

Hi Carol, so glad I could help. That's super fast!! Hope you have an amazing cruise :D

Tuesday 6th of June 2023

My husband and myself have 2,000 shares of Carnival stock. Will that amount only give us $100.00?

Hi JudyAnn! If you're sailing on a cruise between 7-13 days and you and your husband are sharing one stateroom, you'll just receive the $100 OBC. Carnival Corp. gives the OBC as a shareholder benefit to anyone who owns at least 100 shares - if you own significantly more you still get the same shareholder benefit. You can use this benefit on every Carnival cruise as well as on any of their sister brands, and if you have a longer sailing (14+ days) the OBC jumps to $250. Hope this answers your question and happy cruising!

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Here's why investors should retain carnival (ccl) stock now.

Shares of Carnival Corporation & plc CCL have gained 41.1% in the past three months compared with the industry’s 16.5% growth. The company has been benefiting from strong bookings, marketing efforts and new ship additions. Also, the focus on strategic initiatives bodes well. However, increased expenses are a concern. Let us discuss why investors should retain the stock for the time being.

Key Growth Drivers

Carnival gains from solid booking momentum. During the fiscal fourth quarter, the company reported solid bookings for the North America and Australia (NAA) and Europe segments. Strong demand, bundled package offerings and pre-cruise sales backed the upside. Also, it stated the benefits of increased advertising activities. During the quarter, the company witnessed significant bookings during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, marking an all-time high and leading to an exceptional start for 2024 in pricing and occupancy. With the majority of the 2024 business secured (at higher prices), CCL is optimistic about the prospects for the upcoming year.

Image Source: Zacks Investment Research

CCL has been capitalizing on robust demand for cruising, a favorable pricing environment and initiatives to increase capacity. The company highlights the benefits of new marketing campaigns and demand-generation efforts, with a substantial increase in web visits during the fiscal 2023 compared with 2019 levels. Looking ahead, the company is focused on commercial enhancement activities, advertising investments and lead-generation efforts to sustain demand-building momentum. Key initiatives include the development of Celebration Key, deploying 18 Carnival ships from nine home ports, improving guest traffic at Half Moon Cay and constructing two floating dry docks in collaboration with shipyard partners in Grand Bahamas. The strategic move to build floating dry docks aims to minimize travel time, protect revenue days and reduce fuel consumption for future advantages. Carnival is consistently boosting onboard revenues through strategic bundling, pre-cruise sales and enhancing newer ships with additional features for enhancing guest experience. The approach positions the company well for sustained growth in onboard revenue in the upcoming year. The company anticipates full-year occupancy to return to historical levels with a 5% increase in capacity, supported by higher per diems.

Carnival has been bearing the brunt of high expenses for quite some time. During the fiscal fourth quarter, adjusted cruise costs (excluding fuel per ALBD) increased 11% (in constant currency) from third-quarter 2019 levels. The upside was primarily driven by higher dry-dock-related expenses and advertising investments. For fiscal 2024, the company anticipates adjusted cruise costs, excluding fuel per ALBD (at constant currency or cc), to rise nearly 4.5 % year over year.

For first-quarter fiscal 2024, it expects adjusted cruise costs excluding fuel per ALBD (at cc) to increase approximately 9.5% year over year, owing to higher occupancy levels, the timing of advertising investments and dry-dock-related expenses compared with a year ago. Per our model, total operating expenses in 2024 are expected to rise 4.8% year over year to $20.6 billion.

Zacks Rank & Key Picks

Carnival currently carries a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold). Some better-ranked stocks in the Zacks Consumer Discretionary sector are as follows: Virco Mfg. Corporation VIRC sports a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy). VIRC has a trailing four-quarter earnings surprise of 188.6% on average. VIRC’s shares have surged 151% in the past year. You can see the complete list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank stocks here. The Zacks Consensus Estimate for VIRC’s 2024 sales and earnings per share (EPS) indicates a rise of 15.7% and 32.4%, respectively, from the year-ago period’s levels. Stride, Inc. LRN carries a Zacks Rank #1. The company has a trailing four-quarter earnings surprise of 44.3% on average. Shares of LRN have surged 75.5% in the past year. The Zacks Consensus Estimate for LRN’s 2024 sales and EPS indicates a rise of 9.1% and 34.7%, respectively, from the year-ago period’s levels. American Public Education, Inc. APEI sports a Zacks Rank #1. The company has a trailing four-quarter earnings surprise of 23.2% on average. Shares of APEI have declined 15% in the past year. The Zacks Consensus Estimate for APEI’s 2024 sales and EPS indicates a rise of 2.5% and 115.8%, respectively, from the year-ago period’s levels.

Want the latest recommendations from Zacks Investment Research? Today, you can download 7 Best Stocks for the Next 30 Days. Click to get this free report

Carnival Corporation (CCL) : Free Stock Analysis Report

American Public Education, Inc. (APEI) : Free Stock Analysis Report

Virco Manufacturing Corporation (VIRC) : Free Stock Analysis Report

Stride, Inc. (LRN) : Free Stock Analysis Report

To read this article on click here.

Zacks Investment Research

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Top Carnival (CCL) Shareholders

carnival cruise stock holder

Carnival Corp. ( CCL ) operates cruise lines in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia under brands including Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Seabourn, and Cunard, among others. Carnival has experienced a significant negative impact to its business as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Guest passenger operations were paused in March 2020 and the company anticipates that it may take until 2023 to fully recover.

As a result of the interruption to its operations, Carnival's 12-month trailing net income is -$11.4 billion and its 12-month trailing revenue is $830.0 million. The company has a market capitalization of $33.1 billion. These figures are as of April 12, 2021. The company is dually listed, trading as Carnival Corp. (CCL) in the U.S. and as Carnival plc (CCL) on the London Stock Exchange.

The top individual shareholders of Carnival are Randall J. Weisenburger, Arnold W. Donald, and David Bernstein, and the top institutional shareholders are Micky Meir Arison, Vanguard Group Inc., and Public Investment Fund. A special note that institutional shareholders, like Arison above, are not necessarily financial institutions. Rather, they may be shareholders that file either a 13D or a 13G form and own more than 5% of outstanding shares, or those that file a 13F form and are an institutional investment manager with over $100 million in assets under management ( AUM ).

"Insider" refers to people in senior management positions and members of the board of directors, as well as people or entities that own more than 10% of the company's stock. In this context, it has nothing to do with insider trading.

Top 3 Individual Insider Shareholders

Randall j. weisenburger.

Randall J. Weisenburger owns approximately 1.4 million shares of Carnival, representing 0.1% of outstanding shares. Weisenburger has been a member of the board of directors of Carnival Corp. and Carnival plc since 2009. Weisenburger is also managing member of Mile26 Capital LLC, a private investment firm, a position he has held since 2015. From 1998 through 2014, he was executive vice president and chief financial officer of Omnicom Group Inc. ( OMC ). Besides Carnival, Weisenburger serves on the boards of Corsair Gaming Inc. ( CRSR ), MP Materials Corp. ( MP ), and Valero Energy Corp. ( VLO ).

Arnold W. Donald

Arnold W. Donald owns 499,515 shares of Carnival, representing 0.04% of outstanding shares. Donald has been president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Carnival since 2013, and a director of Carnival Corp. since 2001. Before joining Carnival, Donald held senior positions at The Executive Leadership Council, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, Merisant Co., and Monsanto Co. ( MON ). Donald also serves on the board of Bank of America Corp. ( BAC ).

David Bernstein

David Bernstein owns 139,934 shares of Carnival, representing 0.01% of outstanding shares. Since 2007, Bernstein has been chief financial officer of Carnival Corp. He also became chief accounting officer in 2016. In these positions, Bernstein oversees the company's accounting, planning, insurance, tax, investor relations, and global casino operations. Bernstein has serve in a number of other leadership positions at Carnival, including as chief financial officer of the Cunard and Seabourn operations. Prior to joining Carnival, he held multiple financial positions at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. ( RCL ).

Top 3 Institutional Shareholders

According to Whale Wisdom, more than 700 13F filers held Carnival Corp. stock as of the end of Q4 2020. 10 of them included Carnival Corp. in their top 10 holdings. 53.4% of Carnival Corp. stock is held by institutional shareholders.

Micky Meir Arison

Micky Arison holds over 121 million shares of Carnival, representing about 13% of outstanding shares, according to a 13D filed on Dec. 10, 2020. Arison has been chair of the Carnival Corp. board since 1990. He was CEO of Carnival Corp. from 1979 through 2013 and of Carnival plc from 2003 to 2013. As CEO, he helped to grow the company's fleet from two ships to more than 100. As of this writing, Arison is ranked #391 on the Forbes billionaires list, with a net worth of approximately $6.9 billion.

Vanguard Group Inc.

Vanguard Group Inc. owns about 63 million shares of Carnival, or 6.8% of all outstanding shares, based on its 13F filed for the period ending Dec. 31, 2020. Vanguard is primarily a mutual fund and ETF management company with about $6.2 trillion in global assets under management ( AUM ) as of Jan. 31, 2020. The Vanguard Mid-Cap Value ETF ( VOE ) is one of several Vanguard funds that holds Carnival shares. Carnival accounts for about 0.7% of the fund's portfolio.

Public Investment Fund

Public Investment Fund owns 50.8 million shares of Carnival, or 5.5% of all outstanding shares, based on its 13F filed for the period ending Dec. 31, 2020. Public Investment Fund is a sovereign wealth fund of the government of Saudi Arabia. It is among the largest funds of its kind in the world, with just under $400 billion in AUM.

Financial Times. " Carnival chief anticipates two tough years as cruise lines rebuild fleets ."

Carnival Corp. " Carnival Corporation & plc 2020 Annual Report ," Page 1.

YCharts. " YCharts ."

Morningstar. " Carnival Corp ."

Carnival Corp. " Randall J. Weisenburger ."

Carnival Corp. " Arnold W. Donald ."

Carnival Corp. " Executive Bios ."

WhaleWisdom. " Carnival Corp. (CCL) ."

Forbes. " Micky Arison ."

Vanguard Group Inc. " Fast facts about Vanguard ."

Vanguard Group Inc. " Vanguard Mid-Cap Value ETF (VOE) ."

SWFI. " Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF) ."

Public Investment Fund. " About PIF ."

carnival cruise stock holder

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Do you own cruise line stocks? You could get onboard perks

Fran Golden

Many cruise fans choose to invest in cruise line stocks, either because they want to support their favorite brand or because they view it as a financially savvy investment. But did you know that owning shares in a cruise company could give you onboard perks each time you cruise?

The major U.S. publicly traded cruise companies, Carnival Corporation (which trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CCL), Royal Caribbean Group (RCL) and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) all offer onboard credits ranging from $50 to $250 for those who own 100 shares or more of their stock.

Stock prices and any money you may or may not make from the investment are unpredictable. What is predictable are the perks. A small investment in a cruise company may pay off in more ways than you think, especially if you are a frequent cruiser.

This is not advice about making a financial investment. Before buying any cruise stocks, you should talk to your own adviser or broker, and do your own research. Any financial investment is at your own risk.

For more cruise news, reviews and tips, sign up for TPG's cruise newsletter .

Each cruise company has its own rules and nuances regarding the benefits of owning cruise line stocks. Here's how shareholder perks play out at the top three publicly traded cruise companies.

Carnival Corporation

Carnival Corporation is the parent company of cruise brands including Carnival Cruise Line , Princess Cruises , Holland America , Cunard and luxury line Seabourn . If you hold a minimum of 100 shares of Carnival Corporation stock, you'll receive an onboard credit of $250 per cabin for cruises of 14 days or longer, $100 for cruises of seven to 13 days and $50 for cruises of six days or fewer. (Note that by "days," Carnival means nights on board.)

The current benefit is available on sailings through July 31, 2023; reservations must be made by Feb. 28, 2023.

You can use the credit for drinks, gift shop purchases, spa treatments or other onboard expenditures. You can't use the credit in the casino, for gratuities or to get cash. The credit applies only to the shareholder-occupied stateroom; you won't get additional credits if you book multiple cabins.

Related: Cruise onboard credit: What it is, where to get it and how best to use it

To receive the credit, first book your cruise vacation, then send the specific cruise line an email, fax or mailed letter with your legal name, reservation/booking number, ship and sailing date. You'll also need to provide proof — such as a copy of your proxy card or a dividend tax voucher — that you own 100 or more shares of stock.

The request needs to be made no later than four weeks before your sail date.

You'll find emails and addresses for each Carnival Corporation brand and specific rules on the company's website . For Carnival Cruise Line, the email is [email protected] , the fax number is 305-406-6102, and the address is Guest Administration, 3655 N.W. 87th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178.

Royal Caribbean Group

Royal Caribbean's shareholder perk applies to cruises on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises , with the exclusion of any charter cruises (such as full-ship theme cruises) and Celebrity's Galapagos sailings.

Any shareholder with a minimum of 100 shares at the time of sailing is eligible for an onboard credit of $250 per stateroom for sailings of 14 or more nights, $100 on sailings of six to 13 nights and $50 on sailings of five or fewer nights.

You may request the nontransferable credit each time you cruise. The credit applies only to the stateroom where the shareholder is staying and is based on double occupancy. If shares are held jointly and you are booking more than one stateroom, 100 shares are required for each stateroom (based on one credit per shareholder per sailing and double occupancy). Single guests would have to pay 200% of the fare to receive the offer.

The credit can't be used for gratuities (service charges). It also doesn't apply to any activities you pay for prior to setting sail (such as prebooked shore excursions or spa treatments). It's credited to your shipboard account at the time of sailing.

Related: 7 extra-charge items on cruise ships that are worth the cost (and 7 that aren't)

Royal Caribbean suggests you request onboard credit two to three weeks prior to your sail date. The response from the cruise company should come within seven days.

You may make the request using the company's online form . For FAQs about the program, visit Royal Caribbean's investor website .

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

Norwegian offers holders of 100 or more shares of its stock an onboard credit of $250 per stateroom on sailings of 15 days or more, $100 on sailings of seven to 14 days and $50 on sailings of six days or less. (Note that by "days," Norwegian means nights on board.) As with the other cruise companies, you may request the onboard credit each time you cruise.

The offer applies to cruises on Norwegian Cruise Line , Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Charter sailings are excluded.

To redeem the credit offer you may fill out a shareholder benefit request form online or you can mail or email the company with your name, address, email address, telephone number, ship and sailing date, plus proof you hold the shares.

The onboard credit request must be submitted at least 15 days prior to your sailing date.

The benefit is only available for the stateroom in which the shareholder is staying and is based on your paying for two people in the cabin. Solo travelers must pay the full double occupancy fare to receive the credit. If shares are held jointly and you are requesting two or more cabins, a minimum holding of 100 shares per room is required.

Norwegian does not allow the benefit to be combined with any other offer; shareholders have the option to choose between the shareholder benefit and another offer. The credit appears on your onboard account at the time of sailing and is nontransferable. It can't be used for any activities purchased prior to sailing, nor for service charges/gratuities on board.

The email for Norwegian Cruise Line requests is [email protected] . The address to mail in a request is Norwegian Cruise Line Shareholder Benefit Department, 7665 Corporate Center Drive, Miami, FL 33126. Find addresses for the other brands and facts about the program on the company's investor website .

Bottom line

You can receive onboard credit each time you cruise by purchasing 100 or more shares of stock from a major publicly traded cruise company. This is a perk for shareholders, not a reason to invest. Before agreeing to buy cruise line stock, you should read the rules carefully and weigh the price of the stock versus any savings you will receive, as well as understand the potential risks of your investment. Your financial adviser or broker may offer further advice.

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carnival cruise stock holder

Carnival Corp. is now on Stockperks!

Carnival Corporation has engaged Stockperks to implement a more automated and streamlined process for the processing of shareholder benefits. The Stockperks service is governed by Stockperks’ Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and may be subject to other Stockperks policies and terms. For information regarding Stockperks’ use and processing of your information, technical support, account setup, and all other questions regarding the use of Stockperks, please contact Stockperks at [email protected] . For all other questions, please contact Carnival Corporation at the respective brand emails listed below.

Carnival Corporation & plc is pleased to extend the following benefit to our shareholders:

Shareholder Benefits

* The onboard credit for Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Cunard and Princess Cruises is determined based on the operational currency onboard the vessel.

The benefit is available on sailings through December 31, 2024. Applications to receive this benefit should be made at least three weeks prior to cruise departure date.

This benefit is available to shareholders holding a minimum of 100 shares of Carnival Corporation or Carnival plc. Employees, travel agents cruising at travel agent rates or interline rates, tour conductors or anyone else cruising at a reduced-rate or on complimentary basis are excluded from this offer. This benefit is non-transferable, cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used for casino credits/charges and gratuities charged to your onboard account. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or terminate this benefit or any of the terms and conditions relating to the benefit at any time without notice. Only one onboard credit per shareholder-occupied stateroom is permitted.

Carnival Corporation & plc has engaged Stockperks to implement a more automated and streamlined process for the processing of shareholder benefits. Simply:

  • Download the app via the links below, or search for “Stockperks” in your app store
  • Once downloaded, create a Stockperks user profile
  • Then search for “Carnival” in the app, and select the cruise line you are traveling with
  • Click the blue button “Validate your portfolio” and you will be guided through the process of providing your CCL ownership details
  • Once confirmed you can then submit a claim for each eligible booking

Thank you for being a loyal Carnival Corporation & plc shareholder and enjoy your cruise!

Redeem your Perk!

Download the Stockperks app today and create your profile. Then visit the Carnival profile and select the cruise line you're sailing on to confirm eligibility and claim your onboard credit!

The Stockperks service is governed by Stockperks’ Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and may be subject to other Stockperks policies and terms. For information regarding Stockperks’ use and processing of your information, technical support, account setup, and all other questions regarding the use of Stockperks, please contact Stockperks at [email protected] . For all other questions, please contact Carnival Corporation & plc at the respective brand emails listed below.

carnival cruise stock holder

This Cruise Life

Carnival shareholder benefit.

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Earn benefits for owning your favorite cruise line’s stock!

Many cruisers I speak to have no clue that the major cruise lines often offer some sort of benefit for being a shareholder of the cruise line’s stock. Carnival Corporation & PLC offers up to $250 of Onboard Credit just for being a shareholder!

“How much will this cost me?” is always the first question I receive when I tell cruisers about the benefit. For Carnival, you only need to hold 100 shares of the company’s stock in order to qualify. At the time of this writing, the current price of $21.02/share ( $CCL Live Ticker ), would cost new investors just over $2,100.

Of course, the cost of shares fluctuate based on how the stock performs. I bought in at $45/share ($4,500). So, if you purchase 100 shares today, you do so at a significant savings to what I spent, but you get the same benefits!

What do I get for my investment?

In addition to the possible gains (or losses*) you receive as a shareholder, Carnival provides the following benefits to shareholders:

As you can see from the table above, the longer your cruise, the more you stand to gain from your Shareholder Benefit! For my Panama Canal sailing in 2019, I received the full OBC of $250, however, the majority of my sailings are 7 days which earns me the $100 OBC. This is enough to cover gratuities onboard at the current rate of $13.99/day ($97.93)**.

Prior to the pandemic, Carnival also had a healthy dividend payout of $.50/share. That meant that each quarter, investors who held 100 shares received another $50 – or $200/year! The dividend has been suspended indefinitely.

How do I get the credit?

For years, the only option cruisers had to request the credit was to FAX a request, with proof of share ownership, to Carnival corporation. Thankfully, Carnival added an option to email Shareholder Services/Guest Admin. This makes the process so much easier.

To request your shareholder credit, you simply email [email protected] a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your sail date with the following information:

  • Booking Number (6-digit booking ID used to access your sailing)
  • Embarkation date (first day of your cruise)
  • Port of Embarkation (where you’re sailing from)
  • Shareholder name

Additionally, you are required to attach a “recent investor statement” that proves share ownership. How recent that is depends on the human processing your request. I’ve used the same statement for cruises as far out as 5 months. At other times, I’ve been asked to resubmit a statement that’s 60 days prior to the sail date.

Tips for Shareholder Credit Submission

  • When requesting your credit, save a copy of your most current statement and include that with your request
  • The investor statement must include your full name and that name must match the name on the reservation
  • Redact any personal information (account numbers, information about other shares you hold, etc.) before sending your statement to Carnival

And if you’re just dying to find a use for that old fax machine that’s collecting dust, you can fax all of this information to Carnival at: 305-406-6102. I recommend including a cover letter that contains the information above and then a copy of your redacted statement that includes proof of ownership.

Is it worth the cost?

I’ve used the Shareholder credit on all of my cruises since 2015 and I’ve earned $2,900 in OBC. Additionally, when Carnival was paying out a healthy dividend, I earned over $1,000 in that same time period. So my $4,500 investment has paid for itself over the years! Of course, as I always say, your mileage may vary.

Fine Print and Disclaimers:

There are some Carnival fine print and some disclaimers:

  • Only one OBC is allowed per stateroom. So if you’re sailing with another person who has 100 shares of $CCL stock, only one onboard credit will be applied
  • Employees, travel agents cruising at travel agent rates, tour conductors or anyone cruising on a reduced-rate or complimentary basis are excluded from this offer (sorry Casino Rate Offers!)
  • Benefit cannot be exchanged for cash, nor can it be used for casino credits or charges
  • Reservations must be made by February 28, 2022 to qualify for the current Shareholder Benefit program
  • **Carnival states that the benefit cannot be used toward gratuities, however, we’ve used our OBC this way for nearly 30 sailings
  • *As with any stock purchase or investment, there is market risk. You could lose money with the investment. Additionally, as you buy/sell stock, there could be tax implications. Nothing on this page should be used to make an investment or tax decision and I retain zero liability for any decisions you may make

Carnival gets strict.

In late 2021, Carnival started to become much more strict with their Shareholder Credit program. In fact, my credit was denied for a sailing because I booked it using my VIFP number! I sent multiple emails to which I continued to be denied. I eventually called Carnival, waited on hold for an hour, and was told the same thing. I pushed back and said to the agent: “So what you’re saying is that no one who has ever sailed on a Carnival cruise can be a stockholder? You’re actually penalizing brand-loyal customers?” It was at this point the agent made the connection to what I was explaining and the rule. She called Shareholder Services/Guest Admin and the OBC was added to my account within minutes.

Carnival’s Shareholder Benefit program is included as part of Carnival Corp’s Annual Report if you’d like to learn more. You can also access the benefit information from Carnival’s Shareholder Information page.

Head over to the updated article posted on May 5, 2023.

51 thoughts on “Carnival Shareholder Benefit”

This one really hit home. I’ve been trying to get my Shareholders benefit for the last month. The first attempt was a fax, it was illegible please try again. Second attempt was an email, “they don’t give OBC to reduced-rate”, thanks to you I know it was because I booked with my VIFP. The third attempt was by mail, they can’t find my name on the brokerage statement. When I have an extra hour or two I will call them. FYI – I request the CCL shareholder benefit for two cruises on Princess and had the OBC within a week. I used the same brokerage statement for Princess as I did for Carnival.

Sorry to hear about your experience; frustrating is an understatement! I’m just so thankful that we’re finally able to send statements via email instead of the required fax. But even that requires you get the right person who will apply the OBC. I’m really curious how Shareholder Credit will change in July when the annual report is published. Will it continue? Will it require more shares based on the significantly lowered share cost? Keeping an eye out!

Am trying to get shareholder benefits for my clients who are sailing on Princess. Steve, how did you work to get the OBC with Princess?

Carnival Corp now exclude the use of shareholder benefit for paying gratuities.

I’ve been fortunate so far this year and haven’t had any issue with gratuities being covered on my seven sailings. Between OBC and Shareholder, I usually have leftover funds that I have to burn through on the last night of the cruise. I’ve picked up a lot of 50th anniversary stuff as a result! Haha

I have 4 cruises currently booked through Carnival: 2 weeks In Oct ’22, 1 week Feb ’23, and a 8 and 6 day back-to-back cruise for Oct ’23. You said something about reservations must be before Feb 28 ’22, which only the first cruise was booked prior. If I purchased 100 shares now, would I get the OBC for Oct ’22? I’m assuming the latter cruises would qualify for next year.

The Shareholder Information page on Carnival’s website has now been updated to reflect “Reservations must be made by February 28, 2023 to qualify.” If you purchase shares now (at one of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen), you would be able to request the credit for upcoming sailings. With that said, there have been some reports of challenges getting Carnival to accept the request based on rate code and way of booking. Knock on wood, I’ve received the credit on all 10 cruises so far this year. That means, in 2023 alone, I’ll more than pay for the shares I purchased with onboard credit. That is mind blowing to me!

I have just booked a 10 day cruise today and wondering if I buy the required minimum shares today, will I get the OBC?

As long as you have enough lead time prior to your cruise you should be able to receive the OBC! The reason I say depending on how far away your cruise is… you need to provide a financial statement proving stock ownership and the statement has to include a name matching on your cruise reservation. Additionally, it can take Carnival up to two weeks to process your request once you submit it. So, if your cruise is far enough away to get a statement and have enough time for Carnival to process your request, you should be good to go! One caveat, depending on the rate code you booked, you may or may not be eligible per the article. Enjoy your cruise; 10-days sounds absolutely wonderful!

So do you have to call Shareholder Services/Guest Admin every time you book a cruise? The always ask for the VIFP # so I’m confused on why they don’t want to give you the credit. I just recently got a cruise for October and also 100 shares of stock and was wondering if I’m going to have to call them every time?

You can either fax your request with the required information or send an email with the required information to [email protected] . You need to do this at least 3 weeks prior to your sailing. And, yes, you will need to do this every time you book a cruise to confirm that you still own the shares. When submitting the required information, Carnival requires a current shareholder statement to confirm ownership. Hope this helps!

Does this shareowner perk of $100 also cover Seabourn cruises?

It does, however, the process is a little different for Seabourn. I’ve included the contact information below. Whether you email or fax, be sure to include all of the required information for them to process your request.

SEABOURN Fax: 206-501-2900 Email: [email protected]

So I sent in the paperwork 4 weeks ago by both fax and email. How do I confirm I got the OBC? Do they email you when received and processed? Nothing showing on my account. Sailing soon.

If you have a Personal Vacation Planner with Carnival, I would call them asap. If not, call the general line to inquire (they’ll likely have to transfer you). The other option is you can send a follow-up email to the email address asking for a status update – but if you sail soon, calling is your best avenue.

Do you know if you can still get the comp credit if you booked your cruise through a casino promotion? Looking at getting the shares before my next cruise in December Thanks

Prior to the pandemic, this didn’t seem to be an issue. However, Carnival has become more strict on Casino offers. I always advise that if you already have the shares, it’s worth giving it a try and submitting the paperwork. The worst they can say is no.

I booked on a Princess cruise. Bought 100 CCL shares and emailed my information. I heard it might be 2 to 3 weeks to get the OBC. I was so surprised to see the OBC applied to my account within a day or 2 after I sent the email.

Wow, that’s an amazing turnaround time. I just submitted one this evening for my Mardi Gras sailing in December. Curious to see how long it takes to get posted. Thanks for sharing!

Hi, Mark. So here’s a question for you. What does “reduced rate” mean? For instance, if I booked a cruise Holland America on, and instead of the full price, paid a discounted fare, would I still qualify for the OBC if I was a shareholder? How about if the price was the same as the advertised price on Holland America’s web site? Thanks for the help!

Reduced rate usually means casino fare, free/significantly reduced rate cruise, etc. For example, last year, I got a $100 balcony. Under the old system, I received the $100 credit… which was amazing! With the changes they’ve made, I would likely not receive the credit, but it never hurts to try. I always recommend submitting; worst case, they will tell you no. 🙂

I bought 100 Carnival shares in October through On 7 November I emailed Carnival with attachment showing my holding and details of my P&O cruise on 21 Dec, I received an automated email to say that it had been received, but that is all. Do they let you know if they have either applied the credit or if there was an issue. I am slightly concerned as it is my first application and the cruise is in 4 weeks

When I’ve submitted via email, I’ve always received a message back once it’s been applied. On Carnival Cruise Line, you can see the credits that have been applied to your account once you check in. I might recommend reaching out to the email address to see if they were able to process it. I just had to do that with my last sailing as I never heard back. They couldn’t find my submission and asked for me to reply with my statement, which I did, and within 24 hours, it was applied and they responded via email. Enjoy your cruise!!

Is it okay to send my information now for my 4/2/2023 sailing?

Usually, they’ll only approve sailings about two months out or so. With that said, I included my end of January sailing when I submitted October and December sailings, and they applied the benefit. Worst case, they’ll reply to your email letting you know that you have to wait until closer to your sailing.

Hi I have brought carnival shares last week ..we sail on the 30th April…Will I be able to apply for once ..cruisers are confusing me as they say you have to hold shares for at least 3 months before you can apply this from when you brought them or when you pay your balance in full or the actual date you sail … I have brought from H L…who I believe will do the request when you inform them of your cruise date …TIA

I purchased my first shares of Carnival back in 2015 and sailed several weeks later and they applied the credit. Nowhere on any of the official Carnival documentation do they indicate a minimum holding timeframe for the shares, so you should be good! With that said, according to the current Shareholder Benefit documentation, the booking must be made by February 28, 2023 on sailings through July 31, 2023. With the financial challenges Carnival continues to face, I’m curious how the shareholder benefit may change in the coming year (fingers crossed they keep it as is).

Great article! Im curious, if you receive on-board credit through a promo would you get both credits? I.e $50 promo obc for the sailing and then $100 obc for being a shareholder?

I’ve heard mixed reviews from other cruisers. In my own personal experience, I have always received both. Most bookings these days seem to come with at least $50 OBC. Between that OBC and the $100 shareholder credit, it almost covers the gratuities for two. One more perk of the shareholder credit!

We are seriously considering buying 100 shares. We have two cruises booked for February and December. You mentioned above booking using the VIFP number. My vacation planner always searches for the best deal when booking. Is this going to be a problem?

At the current price point, I always recommend it to fellow cruisers! With that said I always disclaim that I am not a tax or financial advisor, so do so at your own risk tolerance – however, at current share prices, it doesn’t take a lot of sailings to pay for itself (unlike when I purchased at $46/share, ouch). In terms of whether or not there will be an issue, there shouldn’t be, unless you’re booking on a casino offer or free/almost-free cruise offer. While there were some issues at the end of 2021 and start of 2022, I’ve not had a single request declined this year. It should be noted, that the current shareholder benefit is good through July 31, 2023 if booked by February 28, 2023. The benefit could change when Carnival releases their 2022 Annual Report; I’ll post any changes to the site.

Please do report any changes of Carnival as we booked 4 Holland America line cruises…3 were casino offers and one we paid them directly. What if my partner buys the shares, as he did not get the casino offers…could he buy 100 shares and get the shareholders benefits…? I know he gets his own offers of onboard freeplay sometimes but not he doesn’t get many offers at all so just freeplay here and there for him as he likes to play real poker so the casino is not a place he spends much time.

That’s a great question. In general, if the room is booked on a casino offer, likely, the shareholder credit does not apply. With that said, I *always* advise submitting it, even if there’s a chance it may be denied. Worst case scenario, you’re out a couple minutes submitting it. Best case? They apply it despite having a casino offer on the room! Good luck, and let us know what happens!

I booked on a Carnival cruise. I submitted my request for the OBC on Tuesday, 01/03/23 and on Thursday, 01/04/23, my OBC for the five day cruise ($50) was applied to my Carnival account. I was surprised. My question is on my Carnival account, under OBC it says “Confirm with all OBC holders before applying credits pre-cruise to avoid cancellations on board.” I am travelling with my husband, so why the possiblity of Cancellation on board.” Thank you.

That’s fantastic to hear how quickly it was applied to your account! Do you by chance have any other OBC on this booking? I did some digging and also pinged a buddy. It sounds like anyone listed on the booking has the ability to use the OBC pre-cruise (shore excursions, spa treatments, etc.) If OBC is split across multiple folks and someone spends on behalf of the actual OBC holder, the item purchased can be canceled onboard. So, the warning is essentially telling you to confirm with any OBC holder on the booking before spending the funds to avoid whatever you book from being canceled. Hope that helps, Mary!

Can someone tell me where you send your shareholder certificate for Carnival Australia and P and O Australia cruises please.

Hello Pam. There are two options that we were able to find for you. If you wish to send your credit in via mail, regardless of which line you sail, send it to: Customer Service Manager PO Box 1429, Chatswood, NSW 2057 You can call this number for inquiries: Tel 61 2 8326 4000 This would be for if you want to fax your proof to the brand: Fax 61 2 8326 4550 And finally, if you’re sailing with Carnival Australia, you can submit your information via email to this address: [email protected] If you’re sailing P&O or Princess Australia, you can send your details to this email address: [email protected]

Hope you are able to successfully complete this!

I’m thinking of purchasing 100 shares. I already have 2 Carnival cruises booked for later this year. Even though the current OBC offer for shareholders expires in June, if the new offer for after that date still offers OBC will I be eligible to claim these for my upcoming booked cruises that I booked last year? Thanks Belinda

Yes! As long as your shares are active and you can show that on your statement that you provide to Carnival, then you will qualify for the OBC benefit at the time of your sailing. They don’t need to see the purchase date for the shares during the application process.

Thanks Rocky, Sounds great and I appreciate your quick response Belinda

I had a very good experience with Carnival. I actually forgot all about the OBC. I was able to get to my account on the ship and print my proof of ownership. I took it to guest services not expecting anything to come of it, and I certainly understand why. Well, to my surprise, they gave me $250 within 24 hours. Thank you, Carnival. I will never forget to apply again. I am ready to apply for my August cruise, but I think I need to wait a bit longer.

Wow; that’s fantastic!! I’ve never heard of them honoring the shareholder credit while on the ship. Great job thinking to ask Guest Services! And, yes, generally, you need to be within a couple months of your sail date for them to apply the credit, however, I’ve had them apply it up to 4 months in advance (when submitting it with other sailings that were closer).

When do we expect Carnival to announce if Shareholder benefits are to extended until 2024. I booked a cruise in March 2023 for trip beginning July 2023. As Feb28th is last date currently advertised for all cruises up to July 31st 2023, I am currently in Limbo.

Great news: we’ll be posting an article shortly that shares those details. Not to fear, you will be covered for your July cruise.

  • Pingback: 2023 Carnival Shareholder Benefit

Hi. We have cruises booked in Aug ‘23, Jan ‘24 and March ‘24. We are buying 100 shares of CCL as we feel it’s good value given the amount of cruises we take. All our cruises are with HAL. Who do we submit our stock certificate to? Carnival or Holland America?

Hey there! Thanks for the message and for checking out the post. Congrats on your decision to pick up 100 shares! For HAL, you’ll want to submit to [email protected] . We’ve never sailed Holland America Line ourselves, so you’ll have to let us know how the process goes! We hope that you have safe travels and enjoy all 3 sailings! -Mark

Hi there I’m looking at a 13 night cruise with P&O. Its actually 14 days on disembarking day, Will this quality for the higher OBC

Great question! If P&O refers to the cruise as a 14-day cruise, then it would qualify as the highest level OBC. Either way, you’ll be getting some awesome on-board spending money for your cruise!

Can anyone advise me of the P&O UK Shareholders email address – I have now purchased my shares and HL have my cruise info but I just want to double check as we sail in 32 days and I don’t want to miss out Thanks

Hello Kirsty. Sorry for not responding to you sooner. Here is the email address for P&O UK shareholders to claim your credits: [email protected] Hope you have an amazing cruise!

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Carnival stock holder


By Newbythecomic , April 2 in Carnival Cruise Lines

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Cool Cruiser


I understand you can get a discount on your storeroom if you own 100 shares of Carnival stock (CCL)

However, I'm wondering if you still can get the discount if you book it through Costco travel.

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I am not aware of any Shareholder's discount on the cruise fare.  What there is is an On Board Credit which varies in amount based on the length of the cruise.  My last cruise, I was denied the Shareholder's OBC because my cruise was booked through the casino at a great rate -- I was not allowed to stack the two deals.  The casino rate was so good that I cannot complain!


Yes you can. It will be posted as a non-refundable credit. 


Using the app Stockperks makes claiming the benefit very easy.


There are no stockholder discounts.


You can book your cruise through anyone or anywhere.  There is no discount on your cruise fare.  You are eligible for on board credit if you own CCL stock.  It is very easy to request and redeem.  The issue now is if Carnival determines you paid a discounted rate for your room they will deny the shareholder OBC.  They used to honor the stock ownership OBC no matter what you paid for your room, but this has changed within the past year.



It is not a discount but non-refundable OBC.  Amount varies by length of cruise, anywhere from $50-250 per cabin.  You must have 100 shares and there is no limit on how many times you can use it.  I’ve used it on 1 cruises since we bought it at rock bottom during the shut down.

onlt restriction is, it is not available if you are on a complimentary cruise such as a casino comp.  Very easy to apply for,,

oops I did not see the above post before posting. 🤭

  • 2 weeks later...


It is OBC, not a discount on the cruise. It does not matter who you book with. Download the Stockperks app, it is very easy to claim the OBC. All they need is proof of ownership.

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    Carnival Corporation is the parent company of cruise brands including Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America, Cunard and luxury line Seabourn. If you hold a minimum of 100 shares of Carnival Corporation stock, you'll receive an onboard credit of $250 per cabin for cruises of 14 days or longer, $100 for cruises of seven to 13 ...

  16. 10 Carnival Cruise Line Stock Benefits and Tips

    7. Saving Up Money to Invest. Cruise line stocks are not cheap, and if you want to get the most Carnival cruise line stock benefits, you'll probably want to buy at least 100 shares. The exact ...

  17. Stockperks x Carnival

    Australia Brands P&O Cruises (Australia), Princess Cruises*, Carnival Cruise Line* Onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 14 days or longer: US $250: €200: £150: A$250: Onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 7 to 13 days: US $100: €75: £60: A$100: Onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 6 days or less: US $50:

  18. Carnival Corporation & plc Announces Carnival Corporation Common Stock

    Miami (June 28, 2021) - Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK) announced that Carnival Corporation has filed a prospectus supplement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the "Commission"), under which it may offer and sell shares of its common stock (the "Shares") through its agent, BofA Securities, Inc. (the "Agent"), having an aggregate ...

  19. New way for requesting Carnival shareholder obc now?

    The benefit is available on sailings through July 31, 2024. Applications to receive this benefit should be made at least three weeks prior to cruise departure date. This benefit is available to shareholders holding a minimum of 100 shares of Carnival Corporation or Carnival plc.

  20. Carnival Shareholder Benefit › This Cruise Life

    7 to 13 days. $100. 6 days or less. $50. Carnival Shareholder Benefit (applicable through July 31, 2022) As you can see from the table above, the longer your cruise, the more you stand to gain from your Shareholder Benefit! For my Panama Canal sailing in 2019, I received the full OBC of $250, however, the majority of my sailings are 7 days ...


    CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE* Guest Administration 3655 N.W. 87th Avenue Miami, FL 33178 Tel 800 438 6744 ext. 70450 Fax 305 406 6102 Email: [email protected] PRINCESS CRUISES* Customer Solutions 24303 Town Center Drive, Suite 200 Santa Clarita, CA 91355 Tel 800 872 6779 ext. 30317

  22. Carnival stock holder

    4.2k. August 8, 2005. Texas. #7. Posted 20 hours ago (edited) It is not a discount but non-refundable OBC. Amount varies by length of cruise, anywhere from $50-250 per cabin. You must have 100 shares and there is no limit on how many times you can use it. I've used it on 1 cruises since we bought it at rock bottom during the shut down.