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Educational Farm Tours

Jump on one of our farm vehicles for an educational tour around Good Family Farm. You will get a behind the scenes look at this fully functional, regenerative farm. We will walk through the barns and visit cows, pigs, chickens, donkeys and veggie gardens. Then we will take a ride to the back acreage and explore some of the land, see animals on pasture and visit the forest. The tour will end at our Farm Store for some shopping!

*1 hour tours from mid May to mid September*


Thursday 12:30pm-5pm

Friday 12:30pm-5pm

Saturday 2pm-5pm

$100 flat rate + 10% off meat in the Farm Store!

What to know before you book!

  • Maximum of 6 people (this is how many seats there are on the tour vehicle)
  • All ages welcome!
  • Not dog friendly (please keep your furry pets at home!
  • Please dress according to weather (farm tours will run regardless of weather!)
  • Please meet your tour guide outside the Farm Store 10 minutes before your tour begins. If you are late, your tour will be cut short
  • Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking your tour (see below)


  • Our Animals
  • Market Garden

   Farm Store Hours

Wednesday 10am-6pm

 Thursday 10am-6pm

      Friday 10am-6pm

  Saturday 10am-4pm

Good Family Farms

  • 157366 7th Line Meaford ON N4L 1W6
  • 519-616-1090
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Country Charm: 26 Farm Adventures in the Fraser Valley

Estimated Read Time: 9 min 5 sec

*Once the great thaw starts in spring, check back for an updated route for the new season!

farm tours canada

Kensington Prairie Farms

farm tours canada

Kensington Prairie Farm

A woman and child happily riding a pony, enjoying a leisurely outdoor activity together.

EcoFarm Discovery Centre

A woman and child happily ride a pony in a beautiful field, enjoying a serene moment together.

Farm Experiences

1. kensington prairie farm.

Your country era begins here! A wonderful stop for anyone looking for a taste of a simpler kind of life, this attraction offers unique events like farm-to-table dinners and yoga classes amongst alpacas. Kids will love meeting the barnyard residents, while adults can complete their rural glow-up with a few cozy items like alpaca wool sweaters from the farm store.

2. EcoFarm Discovery Centre

If you’ve ever wanted to take a closer look at the science aspect of agriculture, then EcoFarm should be your next stop! Teachers and parents take note—kids love rolling up their sleeves and getting hands-on while exploring the farm and learning how it works. Book a guided tour and see all the details that go into raising animals, growing feed, and running a dairy.

And at the end, experience the deliciousness that is farm fresh ice cream!

3. Maan Farms Goat Yoga

Here’s your chance to practice that most elusive of poses, the downward goat. Taking to your mat with a few wandering goats is a great way to bring curiosity, play and a bit of laughter into the traditional yoga class. Cuddling with a furry friend while practicing mindfulness is a one-of-a-kind zen that you won’t want to miss!

4. Earthwise Society Agassiz

A stunning way to engage with nature, the restored woodland trails along the Miami River are ready to explore! The Earthwise Society has done a fantastic job of bringing back the trails from invasive plants and renewing the delicate ecosystem with native plants. Wander down the meandering path and see how many new plant species you can spot!

A beekeeper carefully holds a frame of honey, showcasing the golden goodness produced by the hardworking bees.

Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm

A beekeeper in protective gear holding a panel.

Rustic Soap Co.

The front door of a small wooden building adorned with potted plants, creating a charming and inviting entrance.

Specialty Stores

5. campbell’s gold honey farm & meadery.

Returning home with fresh honey for breakfast will offer a far better buzz to start your morning than just a cup of coffee. Stop by Campbell’s to stock up on the bounty that an active hive can provide. Mead, candles, soap, skin care—the list goes on! The farm even provides workshops for even more uses for honey and beeswax if you’re looking to learn more.

6. The Egg Store

When you’re a business based around one main product, it better be top of the line—and thankfully for The Egg Store, their hens are experts in their field. Buying eggs straight from the coup gives a whole new depth of flavour that you won’t find in a grocery aisle. We highly suggest stopping for a dozen and tasting the difference yourself. Oh, and they don’t just sell eggs by the way, you’ll also find baked goods, deli meats and fresh produce.

7. Rustic Soap Co.

When you visit this local soap specialist and smell the fresh fragrance inside, you know you’ll be in good hands. Whether you’re looking for bar soap, bath bombs or facial masks, everything here will instill an aura of deep calmness and relaxation. Grab some for yourself or gifts for others, and spread the fresh scents of handmade artisan soap wherever you go!

8. Cedar Rim Nursery

Looking for something to spruce up your yard or garden? This family-run business has been serving Fraser Valley green thumbs for over 40 years now, and with good reason. Countless varieties of flowers, plants and home accents; if you’re looking to plan your springtime bloom, Cedar Rim is the place to do it!

9. JD Farms Specialty Turkey

For any successful family function, it helps to be supplied by a family in the know. That’s how the Froese family has quickly become the go-to name in the Valley when it comes to all things turkey. Whether it’s for a special occasion with a turkey feast or just stocking up with some breakfast sausages, JD never disappoints!

A group of people celebrating with beer glasses raised in a toast.

Old Yale Brewing

Beer taps with the brewery name on it.

Farmhouse Brewing

A person pouring beer into a glass, creating a frothy golden liquid refreshment.

Cannon Estate Winery

A church-like building with outdoor seating arrangements including chairs and tables, surrounded by beautiful landscaping

Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

A man pouring wine into a glass, showcasing the art of wine-making at a winery.

Singletree Winery

A wooden tray with a variety of delicious food items placed on it.

Sips and Spirits

10. township 7 vineyards & winery.

If you’ve ever thought that the wine world might be a little too stuffy and snobby for your tastes, Township 7 is here to break all those stereotypes. Crafting wines that embody the unique terroir of the Fraser Valley, Township 7 offers a wonderfully accessible experience no matter your level of wine knowledge. The warm staff is there to guide you through their award-winning wines and create conversation instead of just presenting the bullet points. Pay a visit to their tasting room to see what we mean!

11. Roots & Wings Distillery

Local cocktail lovers rejoice! Langley’s first craft distillery is well-stocked with unique and delicious spirits made with ingredients found around the Valley. Whether you’re looking for a subtle sipper, or something bolder to practice your mixology with, you can find plenty of inspiration here. They’ve even crafted a list of easy-to-follow cocktail recipes for when you get your new spirits home. Oh, and don’t forget about their mixology and chocolate pairing workshops!

Chilliwack & Abbotsford

12. old yale brewing.

Located near the gateway of a breathtaking River Valley, Old Yale has been perfecting their award-winning tap line-up since 1999. Taking inspiration from the natural beauty around their breweries, each offering is uniquely Fraser Valley. Whether it’s with the Valley Lager or the Off the Trail Pale Ale, there’s never been a tastier way to take in the scenery.

13. Farmhouse Brewing

A pint with a pizza from the wood-fired oven is always a viable option for waiting out winter. Pull up a stool and enjoy this family-friendly brewery that features weekly live music and games you can play while enjoying the tap list. Personal recco: the Nightfall Dark Lager is crisp, malty, and a perfect winter sipper.

14. Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

This family-owned boutique winery is a charming escape from the ordinary. Located in the heart of Fraser Valley wine country, the rolling hills and winding roads offer a quaint setting for bold flavours. Turn a visit into a full-on staycation with a few more ideas in the area—check out our previous blog for a staycation itinerary including restaurant and shopping recommendations.

15. Singletree Winery

Where else can you sample a flight of wines in a cozy cabana while roasting marshmallows? Singletree Winery has become a go-to for Fraser Valley outings no matter the season. Visitors can enjoy the scenic views from the comfort of one of their tasting domes while enjoying hors d’oeuvres—not a bad way to seek shelter from the weather report! The perfect apres once you’ve wrapped up your Valley winter activities.

16. Cannon Estate Winery

Sample the exceptional wines that the Fraser Valley can give life to! Walking the sprawling 12 acres is a beautiful sight (even when under a dusting of snow), and seeing where the 16 varieties mature on the vine gives an added perspective once you start sampling!

A variety of breads neatly arranged on a shelf, showcasing different shapes, sizes, and textures.

Anita's Bread & Coffee

A store front with a sign that reads "Bakery"

Cabin Fever Junction

A display of assorted pastries and muffins at a bakery counter.

Restaurant 62

People sitting at tables in a restaurant with large windows, enjoying their meals and engaging in conversation.

Bacchus Bistro

A table with wine glasses on it

17. Anita’s Bread & Coffee

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked sourdough? Anita’s is just about the best spot around to pick up a warm loaf of bread and a coffee in the morning. Known for their artisan flours, which you may have seen in local grocery stores, their Chilliwack headquarters is where you’ll see firsthand how genuinely great baking is truly a science. We’d say they’ve perfected their craft!

18. Cabin Fever Junction

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is a must-visit while in the Valley. Baked fresh daily, Cabin Fever’s treats are well worth calling it a cheat day. Cakes, donuts, macarons, whatever you’re craving, there’s a good chance it just came out of the oven!

19. Restaurant 62

One of the area’s best farm-to-table eateries, Restaurant 62 is known for its use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Making use of the rich farmland nearby, every dish has a vibrant flavour you won’t find anywhere else. Be sure to set your clock for their excellent happy hour as well, nothing wraps up the day better than wings with bacon jam or fried sprouts with togarashi.

20. Bacchus Bistro at Chaberton Estate Winery

Overlooking their 55-acre vineyard, this authentic French bistro and winery offers seasonal West Coast cuisine and over 20 different types of wine. Stop by for a tour around the vineyard, swing by the tasting room, then wrap things up with a meal made from locally sourced ingredients, it’s the perfect plan for any wine enthusiast.

An assortment of ice cream in buckets

Birchwood Dairy Farm

A cow playfully sticking its tongue out from a cage, showcasing its mischievous nature.

Creekside Cheese & Creamery

Two workers in a cheese factory proudly display a large wheel of cheese they are holding together.

Smits & Co.w Farm Cheese

Cheese in a bowl, displayed at a market.

Fresh Cheese & Creameries

21. creekside cheese & creamery.

Nestled into the mountains at the eastern end of the Fraser Valley, this small farm-based creamery has an underground cheese cave! The cave was built to mimic the traditional cheese-aging techniques perfected in mountain caves in the European Alps, and based on the awards Creekside has won, we’d say it’s working! The creamery also offers hands-on workshops where visitors can learn how to make ricotta, pizza and pasta.

22. Birchwood Dairy Farm

With 220 acres of land, home to 120 happy cows, this popular dairy has that unmistakable country feel. The fresh milk produced every day goes into making all manner of goodness that you can buy at the dairy shop, including 50 flavours of gourmet ice cream and frozen yogurt, cream, whipped cream, European-style tart yogurts, and assorted cheeses. Visit the observation room daily between 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm to see the cows get milked!

23. Smits & Co.w Farm Cheese

Run by a family of Dutch origin, the Smits, this dairy farm specializes in gouda cheese. That focus on a specific cheese type has given them rave reviews for their dedication to flavour. The Smits take pride in providing a comfortable environment for their cows, and that impressive work ethic shows in every wheel they produce, whether it’s in their famous gouda, Swiss Emmental, water buffalo mozzarella, or feta.

A woman standing in between two rows of plants in a greenhouse.

Local Harvest Market

A man is positioned next to a table that has pizza placed on top of it. In front of him is a table full of fresh ingredients and produce.

Lepp Farm Market

A man with a white shirt and black hat smiling at the deli counter.

Farm Markets

24. the local harvest.

Located on 37 acres of flourishing gardens, this market was built by a dedicated family focused on bringing fresh, chemical-free food to the area. Using the Valley’s fertile soil and promoting biodiversity, the produce here is fantastic all year round. Pick up some flowers and freshly baked bread (made with specialty flour from Anita’s) to round out your shopping list!

25. Ralph’s Farm Market

What started as a seasonal hay wagon in 1992 has since grown into a year-round 11,000-square-foot market. From those humble beginnings, Ralph & Elizabeth Merk have created a hub in the Fraser Valley for fresh local produce, meats and seafood. Ralph’s even has a bistro where visitors can get made-to-order sandwiches assembled with a selection of all the delicious seasonal ingredients in the market.

26. Lepp Farm Market

With a full-service butcher shop of locally raised meats, a cafe, and gourmet pantry items, this market is so much more than just produce. Started by Rob and Charlotte Lepp, self-described as “the farmer and the foodie,” the market has come a long way since the days of selling summer corn off the back of their trailer. That wholesome and humble start stays with the market to this day, and you’ll be able to taste it in every fresh piece of fruit, vegetable, and herb.

So there you have it! Making s’mores in cozy cabanas, warming up with mead made from local honey, sampling gouda from an underground cheese cave- what better ways can you think of to enjoy the season? But just wait until spring arrives, the Circle Farm Tour will have even more wonderful reasons to venture into the Valley. Many local businesses will be resuming operation in the new season, so it’s well worth circling more dates into March and April. 

In Langley, tours of Eagle Acres will return with their SaFarmi Strolls and Bucket List Tours, both superb options for taking in the fresh spring air. Then in April, Milner Valley Cheese will be back to offer their handcrafted artisan goat cheese.

If you’re visiting Abbotsford, you have apple picking at the reopening of Taves Family Farm to look forward to. Then, when the Tulip Festival at Lakeland Flowers arrives, you can walk the colourful rows of flowers that seem to stretch forever. Spring is the perfect time for a picnic, and what better place than the secret garden at the reopened Ripples Winery & New Wave Distillery ?

Over in Harrison, you can take a step into the history of local farm life with the return of Kilby Historic Site . Then in late February, you can wade into a sea of lavender with what has to be one of the best-smelling attractions around, Harrison Lavender . Muddy Waters Cafe will also be back, ready to offer their delicious farm-to-table fare with a beach view. 

You never know what new attractions are around the corner on your calendar, so check back in soon!


Experiences, circle farm tour, attractions, transportation & maps, media centre, downloadable guides, 2023/24 experiences guide, food & wine guide.

farm tours canada

Spring / Summer Explorer

farm tours canada

farm tours canada

Canadian Farm & Niagara Falls

Canada, especially the Ontario province, is packed full of interesting and innovative agriculture. Our tour begins in Detroit and travels northeast to the town of Blenheim, Ontario. Here you’ll see tobacco, tomatoes, white beans, cabbage, peas, pickles, corn, and wheat on several area farms. This variety of tobacco may differ from any other type you have seen around the world. Traveling north, you’ll see progressive farms, including one that harnesses methane from a nearby landfill for their agricultural needs. See a huge 40-acre greenhouse that houses red, yellow and orange bell peppers, visit a farrow-to-finish operation that will sell 40,000 fat hogs per year, poultry broiler barns, and a conventional cash crop farm growing corn, wheat and soybeans. Chat with a farmer who is also the chairman of a large packing plant to learn how they coped with the early COVID-19 crisis. Travel southeast to visit a large ginseng farm and learn about growing, harvesting, and selling this interesting product. We finish with a visit to Niagara Falls to enjoy one of the largest waterfalls in the world. View these impressive falls while meandering along its banks and also from the giant sky view Ferris Wheel – which provides a whole different and unique perspective. We’ll visit wineries and vineyards as well as a local brewery owned by a farmer. Visit Toronto, Canada’s largest city, and dine in the CN revolving restaurant, known for being the tallest tower in the western hemisphere, for incredible views of the city.

  • September 12 - 18, 2024 (7 Rooms Remaining)

What's Included

Day 1: Detroit, MI Arrive in Detroit and meet the hotel shuttle which takes you to your hotel. Your Rupiper Tour Manager will meet you in the hotel lobby upon arrival or Friday morning at breakfast.

Day 2: Detroit, MI / Chatham, Ontario, Canada / Ridgetown / Strathroy, Ontario Depart Detroit to visit the world-famous RM Classic Auto Restoration, in Chatham, Ontario. This company is widely recognized, for customers all over the world, as North America’s leading high-end classic car restoration facility that restores cars to better than new condition. These rare cars are frequently auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson Auction Company and other auction houses of that caliber around the world. Jay Leno, Nicholas Cage and many others have done business with this world-renowned body shop. We continue to Ridgetown for our first farm visit. Meet Mark and Wilma Boersma, who are hosting a lunch for us prior to visiting their rather sizable, cutting-edge farm where they produce corn, soybeans, wheat, white beans and peas. The Province of Ontario’s lush soils also generates a flourishing tomato crop. Most farmers in this region grow wheat and corn, but also produce specialty crops for high profits if all goes well. Next, we visit a large tomato producer, who not only grows tomatoes, but various cereal crops on their nearly 20,000-acre farm. Retire tonight in Strathroy, Ontario, your home for three nights. B, L, D

Day 3: Watford / Farm Visits / Strathroy Traveling north, we visit the farm of George and Carolyn Cornelissen in Watford, Ontario. Their diversified operation is split into three divisions: A) Cash Crops consisting of corn, wheat, and soybeans grown on 2,750 acres. B) Twin Creeks Greenhouse Inc. is growing red, yellow, and orange bell peppers in a huge 40-acre greenhouse, with an automated picking and packing system on another four acres, for the utmost efficiency. They harness the methane produced by a local landfill to aid in heating the greenhouses through the winter months. C) Cornelissen Poultry Inc. owns and operates six broiler barns that produce 8 + pound birds. The barns are state of the art concrete (sandwich) walls with evaporating cooling pads, floor heat with hydronic heaters and heat exchangers. Overnight in Strathroy, Ontario. B, L, D

Day 4: Thedford / Farm Visit / Strathroy It’s only a short distance to Thedford, Ontario, where we meet up with Will and Michelle Peters of the Henry J. Peters Farms Ltd. They run a farrow to finish hog operation, including a new state of the art 3,000 sow farrowing unit that brings the total farrowing numbers to over 5,000. The operation has been selling 40,000 market hogs each year from their existing farrowing unit, and the production from their new farrowing facility will be offered for sale as early wean pigs. The Peters’ also grow several thousand acres of corn, specialty beans, and wheat for manure rotation, making this operation totally integrated. Learn how their local cooperative processing facility, Conestoga Meats, coped with Covid 19 and the difficulities it brought to the industry. Enjoy a special visit and dinner at their lakeside cabin on one of the great lakes, Lake Huron. Overnight in Strathroy, Ontario. B, L, D

Day 5: Strathroy/ Farm Visit / Niagara-on-the-Lake Northeast of Strathroy we visit a large-scale farmer who also operates a grain elevator including in his grain storage units, a 600,000-bushel silo. Among his land acquisitions is a single piece of land, that is 2,200 acres, all in one contiguous plot. This farmer, who is diverse in many aspects, grows corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, and buckwheat. He also does some container shipping to international buyers of certain crops. Following this visit we travel south to the Simcoe, Ontario area, for a visit to a farmer who is growing Ginseng. Everyone has heard of Ginseng, but few people know much about it. Learn about this unusual crop, its uses, viability and profit margins. Today’s last destination is Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. B, L, D

Day 6: Niagara Falls / Buffalo, NY Niagara on the Lake is a picturesque little town, that will absolutely enchant you with its lovely flowers and little boutique shops. Stroll the quaint streets and enjoy lunch and a wine tasting at a great winery. Continue to the majestic Niagara Falls, where you’ll see both sides of the falls. The thundering water falls are fed by the Niagara River, which is considered young, only existing about 12,000 years which is a micro-second in geological time. The Niagara Escarpment which was created by erosion is much older. The glaciers pressed down on the land during the last ice age and laid down layers of sediment then the slow process of erosion of ice and water ate away the surface of the escarpment. The mighty river plunges over a cliff of dolostone and shale. Niagara Falls is the largest waterfall (by volume) on the globe. One fifth of all the fresh water in the world is contained in the four Upper Great Lakes – Michigan, Huron, Superior and Erie. The entire outflow empties into the Niagara River and eventually cascades over the Falls. After a leisurely stroll along the Falls, we take you on the Sky Wheel on the Canadian side for incredible views. Now it’s time to cross the border to view the Niagara Falls from the United States’ side and then, travel just a short distance to Buffalo, NY. Overnight near the airport. B, L, D

Day 7: Buffalo, NY A short transfer to the Buffalo Airport to board your return flight home. B

Rupiper Tours reserves the right to make minor adjustments to the itinerary if necessary.

Transportation by Deluxe Motorcoach All Hotel Accommodations Meals as per itinerary B: Breakfast, L: Lunch, D: Dinner  Admission to events, special sights, and activities listed

Request Tour Brochure & Price

Tours recommended for you.

farm tours canada

Visit Niagara Canada

White Meadows Farm

Farm-fresh food and tours


Nothing is more iconic to Canada than Maple Syrup.  Come to the farm to find out how it’s made.  Our winter tour, Sugar Bush Trek, happens on weekends in March.  Our summer tour, Discover Maple, happens most Friday & Saturday’s from long weekend in May to long weekend in October.

Check out our website for dates and times for either of these tours.  Enjoy the best tasting Maple Syrup in Niagara. Gourmet items, made with pure maple syrup: BBQ Sauce, Maple Herb Dressing, Maple Red Pepper Jelly to name a few. Maple is a healthy alternative to other sweeteners.  Let your taste buds have fun and do a tasting to determine which grade is best for you. Maple Sweet Shop open year-round.

Next best thing to visiting the farm is to visit our store at the Fallsview Casino, Niagara Falls, The Maple Syrup Store, open year round.

Region: St. Catharines

2519 Effingham St. (Pelham) St. Catharines, ON L2R6P7

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

#1 of 5 Shopping in Pelham

Trip Advisor

Latest Reviews

Trip Advisor

Ranked #1 of 5 Shopping in Pelham


The history portion was very thorough, yet easy to follow and understand. We especially enjoyed the tale of the Anishinaabe peoples and the mischievous trickster ‘Nenaboozhoo’. The taffy on snow was...

Read full review on


Great visit to learn about the production of maple syrup, the farm's heritage and the care and preservation of the trees. Thanks to Luke for the tour, history and discussion about what makes the...

Miami Beach, Florida

Great experience. We never understood how maple syrup was produced. This explains it all and includes a taste test. Great guide!

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farm tours canada

Canada Farm Tour

Canadian rockies - banff national park - stampede city, calgary.

farm tours canada

Alberta has one of the world's most productive agricultural economies, and is Canada's second largest agricultural producer. Alberta is home to over 70,000 farmers. The diversity of the landscapes allows for a wide variety of products over the 21 million hectares of agricultural based land, which make up almost 32% of the total farm area in Canada. The agricultural sector is diverse and includes crop production, livestock production and many others. Farming and ranching helped build the economy and attracted early immigrants to Alberta. Discover how agriculture has shaped Alberta and contributed to it being one of the world's strongest economies all while taking in the beauty of the land.

Trump Tours has been welcoming farm groups to the US since 1999. Have your group’s tour organized by professional tour operators with agricultural expertise! OUTSTANDING AGRICULTURAL TOURS WORLDWIDE Agricultural tours, conferences, ag study tours, fact finding missions, technical programs, agritravel professionally organized worldwide. Trump Tours, based in the United States, is a creative and engaged company that focuses on the unique and specialized needs for Agricultural group tours.

farm tours canada

Trump Tours is a US based company specializing in agricultural tours. We take pride in our personal service and customized itineraries. Established in 1999, we have 25 years of experience in providing quality study tours and educational focused tours worldwide. Trump Tours has no association to the Donald Trump Organization. Copyright 2023. Trump Tours Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Atlantic Canada Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island including Ontario, Niagara Falls, Toronto and Ottawa

Bay Farm logo.png

27th September to 11th October 2024

Flights from the UK and all transport within the itinerary

Quality Accommodation of 4* and above

Experienced Tour Guide from the UK

All gratuities

Our tour incorporates some of the most beautiful and major attractions of the Atlantic coast and Eastern Canada: Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have their unique rural and coastal landscapes; whilst Ontario, in Eastern Canada, has the historic attractions of the country’s capital city, Ottawa. The magnificent modern city of Toronto overlooking Lake Ontario, with all it has to offer including the CN Tower, Rodgers Centre and the Inner Harbour. To complete our tour no visit to this area of the world would be complete without a visit to Niagara Falls, historic and picturesque Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Welland Ship Canal.

Atlantic Canada, Bay Farm Tours (19).png

Tour of Halifax, Fredericton, Charlottetown

Peggy’s Cove 

Visit to Green Gables 

Whale watching cruise

Diverse agricultural visits including dairy,               potatoes & mussels

Guided city tour of Ottawa including tours of Parliament Buildings & Canadian History Museum

Guided tour of Elmira/St Jacobs area, home to many Ontario Mennonites

St Jacobs Mennonite Visitor Centre

Sail on the Maid of the Mist / Hornblower Cruise, on the Canadian side at Niagara Falls

14 nights in quality accommodation

Breakfast each day

Several lunches & evening dinners.

Experienced Bay Farm Tours tour manager

Flights from the UK

Baggage handling

Visit to Fort George at Niagara on the Lake

Visit Welland Ship Canal lock No 3

Ascent of the CN Tower Toronto

Whale Research

What's Included

Contact us for a full itinerary and we will send it to you by email or post. Then, if you want to book, just fill in the booking form and we will organise the rest.

We would love to hear from you so please do not hesitate!

farm tours canada


Taking in the Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, the itinerary includes the best of beautiful Atlantic Canada during the spectacular “fall” period. With an optional extension that encompasses Ontario, including Niagara Falls, Toronto and the capital city of Ottawa, great care has been taken in planning the itinerary to ensure a pleasant balance of sightseeing and agricultural visits throughout, whilst also keeping travelling distances to a minimum, where possible.

More about your tour


Being autumn, the climate is quite changeable, with temperatures varying from 10-20ºC. You should be prepared for light showers and cooler temperatures in the evenings.

Variety of Coins

The Canadian Dollar

You might find a familiar face on your dollars and, if it's not a Canada Goose, it might be Queen Elizabeth II as she is their queen too.


All of our tours are graded A to D according to the pace of the tour, with A being the least active. To find out more, please click here  or on the goat!

Vegetable Stand

Breakfast each morning

Several lunches and e vening dinners which will be detailed in your itinerary

Atlantic Canada, Bay Farm Tours (5).png

Special Highlight

Heading out along the south coast of Nova Scotia, we pass the famous picturesque lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove, on to UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Town Lunenburg. Old Town Lunenburg is the best surviving example of a British planned colonial settlement in North America, with its colourful waterfront, narrow streets and captivating architecture it is also home to Nova Scotia’s largest fishing fleet.

Local Agriculture

The lesser explored Maritime Provinces of Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are strongly influenced by their British Colonial history. This sparsely populated region accounts for almost half of Canada’s potato crop and is a world leader in potato production. One of our visits will highlight the importance of this crop.  With a large number of fruit farms alongside the traditional livestock farms, you can be assured of high quality and interesting visits.

Atlantic Canada, Bay Farm Tours (13).png

Our extension includes Niagara Falls and historic Niagara on the Lake. We take a narrated ride on the Maid of the Mist boat, or the Hornblower as it is called on the Canadian side of the Falls, which sails up the Niagara River to the base of the magnificent falls. Following this we continue touring along the Gorge with stops at the Whirlpool and the Spanish Aero car.

A stop is made in the picturesque colonial town of Niagara on the Lake and historic Fort George, which was of major importance in the defence of Upper Canada by British forces in the 1812 War. 

Atlantic Canada, Bay Farm Tours (12).png

More tours that may interest you

I write to thank you for the

wonderful tour to Canada , from which we recently returned. We both thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip and appreciate all your attention to detail. Each day was different and we continue to talk about our varied itinerary with an interesting balance of farm visits, cities and gardens.

We highly recommend Bay Farm Tours and look forward to travelling with you again .

Mr and Mrs R

Market drayton, salop, where in the world.

Back up to what's included

A Taste of India

A Taste of India

20th Feb to 8th Mar 2025


21st April to 4th May 2025


American Rockies

28th May to 12th June 2025


Calgary Stampede

23rd Jun to 7th Jul 2025

Kenya & Tanzania

Kenya & Tanzania

Sept/Oct 2025

Like Where You're Going

Alberta Open Farm Days – Free Farm Tours Around the Province

By: Author Aly Smalls

Posted on August 16, 2023

Alberta Open Farm Days – Free Farm Tours Around the Province

Share with your friends!

Have you ever sampled fresh made mead produced from honey bees on a local farm? Ever been up close and personal with longhorn cattle?

Harvested fresh asparagus with your own hands? Cuddled with a two-day old calf? Played beekeeper for a day?

Sampled beer from barley grown on the land you’re standing on? Picked your own free range eggs and fresh vegetables?

farm tours canada

I have good news for you! There are plenty of farm tours in Alberta in which you can enjoy all of these experiences at the annual event known as Alberta Open Farm Days .

If you want a taste of farm tourism, rural travel or an appetite to experience country living, keep the weekend of August 19-20, 2023 open.

Or if you’re planning a trip to Alberta in the summer, make sure it’s in August to experience Alberta’s amazing agritourism opportunities.

I’ve been attending every Alberta Open Farm Days event since it started in 2012, so I’ve put together this post about what you can expect and some tips for visiting farms.

farm tours canada

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Alberta Open Farm Days Weekend: What is It?

It’s an entire weekend in which over 100 farms, ranches and other agricultural producers open their doors (or gates) to the public.

They invite their urban and rural neighbors to experience tours, demonstrations and samples about where our food comes from.

It’s an initiative that started to meet two goals:

Educate the public about where real food comes from and

Provide an opportunity for producers to get a glimpse into agricultural tourism as a way to diversify their businesses.

Alberta is fortunate to be rich with a variety of farms and passionate agricultural producers.

In my opinion, there’s no better way to experience authentic Alberta than to pay a visit to the local ranches, farms and agritourism operators.

Farm tours in Alberta provide the perfect summer travel experience for the whole family!

farm tours canada

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What Kinds of Things Can You Do on Alberta Open Farm Days?

There are so many different types of farms to visit, it will be hard to choose where to go! Here’s a sample of the types of farms waiting to show you around

Large scale dairy operations;

Small hobby farms and livestock (like goats, pigs, chickens and Clydesdale horses);

Meaderies and breweries;

Grain farms; and

Fresh fruit and vegetable u-picks

A beekeeper or honey farmer explains how he harvests honey

One on One with the Farmers

The best part? You get to chat, interact and ask questions and watch demonstrations with the farm owners and producers themselves .

At most of the farms you’ll notice it’s usually a family operation.

The entire family is involved in showing their guests around.

This makes for a perfect family getaway as there’s usually plenty of activities for the kids, or at the very least, lots of room to run around!

A cattle farmer standing by his Chevrolet truck at his farm in Alberta

The other best part about the farm tours in Alberta on this particular weekend is that it’s completely free .

The idea is to provide a free and educational behind-the -scenes look at how food is produced and how farms are run.

However, some sites also offer additional paid services and experiences.

As some farms sell their products on site, like fresh veggies and eggs, and wine.

Some have even setup small farmers markets as well.

Others choose to run special activities like tractor rides or specialized tours for a small fee. Plus, it feels good to support local farms and producers.

farm tours canada

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Tips For the Best and Most Organized Farm Tour Experience:

Plan your route in advance.

The best way to plan your weekend is to review the website and find a cluster of farms either near you or somewhere you can drive to.

Make a road trip out of it!

We usually try to hit about 4 or 5 farms per day.

Plot a cluster of farms that are within about 30 minutes of each other to cram as many in as you can!

farm tours canada

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Pack a Lunch and Find a Park!

Since a lot of these farms are rural (obviously) you might not have many restaurant options nearby when hunger hits.

That being said, Alberta is full of beautiful provincial parks that have many day use areas.

Plus, a lot of farms usually have picnic tables set up for guests to enjoy some time outside.

farm tours canada

Another option is to look for farms or experiences that will be serving a lunch.

One year we attended a lunch at a community hall where the local Agricultural Society served homemade chili and pie!

Either way, if you do pack a lunch, you have a variety of options where to eat!

Discover More of the Best of Alberta here >> 27 Things to Do in Alberta That Are Bucket List Worthy

Bring Your Cooler

By the same token, if you’re planning to purchase fresh produce then it’s a good idea to bring a cooler and some ice packs.

Things can get quite warm in the car in the August heat.

This Coleman cooler is compact and great for traveling.

farm tours canada

Wear Proper Clothing

This may or may not be obvious, but don’t wear sandals or flip flops to the farm.

You’ll be walking through dirt, mud gravel, long grass, barns, etc., so it’s best to wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes.

In fact, there’s a reason why cowboy boots are worn on the farm, so why not play the part!

Grab some cowboy boots and a hat and have fun!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

As an urbanite, you might feel a little ignorant about farm operations. In the same way, some farmers don’t realize how little their urban friends know.

This can create a disconnect. But, when you start to ask questions the farmers always open right up.

More often than not they’ll chat with you for hours if you have the time!

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farm tours canada

For the complete list off farms to visit, head to the Alberta Open Farm Days website .

You Can Also Experience Overnight Farms Stay in Alberta

To round out your rural tourism experience, why not stay on a farm or in a western style cabin?

There are lots of great options to stay on a rural property or experience a farm stay in Alberta.

You can stay at this original homestead log house near Sherwood Park, Alberta.

farm tours canada

Or this rustic cabin in Kananaskis to completely unplug!

farm tours canada

Time to hit the back roads and explore rural Alberta!

farm tours canada

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Pin it to save for later, see you in August!

farm tours canada

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Top 10 Family-Friendly Farms to Visit in Metro Vancouver

  • By Nikki Bertrand

Top 10 Family-Friendly Farms to Visit in Metro Vancouver

During any season of the year, whether it’s hot and sunny or there’s a chill in the air, visiting a local farm with the family can be a blast. In the spring and summer months the farms are usually much more busy, with petting zoos, pony rides, various activities for the kids, and fresh produce at the farm markets. In the fall, many of these farms have huge pumpkin patches where you can choose your own pumpkins, wander through corn mazes, and go for a hayride. During the winter you’ll see Christmas tree fields, Christmas markets, and other festive events. 

Maan Farms Abbotsford

Maan Farms , located in Abbotsford, is one of the most exciting farms you can visit throughout the year. Kids can enjoy playing at the Barnyard Adventureland, cruising down the zipline, and visiting the animals in the petting zoo. There’s fun to be had for adults as well, such as Goat Yoga, where you can enjoy a glass of their signature berry wine and participate in a yoga class while the baby goats wander around you. In the fall they run a Haunted Corn Maze and an interactive and terrifying Pitch Black experience. Their Christmas Market opens in the winter months, where you can buy hand-made gifts from local vendors or come early for a crepe breakfast by donation to BC Children’s Hospital. 

Taves Family Farms Applebarn

Taves Family Farms Applebarn

The Applebarn at Taves Family Farms can be found in Abbotsford near the US border. During the spring they put on an Easterfest event for the kids, with egg hunts, bunnies, hayrides, and other fun farmyard activities. They also host an Easter event for adults, with food, beverages, and live music. In the late summer and fall there are a ton of activities for the whole family, such as a visit to the Applebarn Country Store, the petting barn, or the pumpkin patch. Those looking to pick their own produce can U-pick apples, goji berries, and pumpkins, then pay for what you pick when you’re finished.

Maplewood Farm

Maplewood Farm North Vancouver

Open since 1975, Maplewood Farm is located on 5 acres of rural farmland in North Vancouver near Mount Seymour. Here you can visit and feed the animals, watch a milking demonstration, and meet the farm hands. The farm is home to over 200 birds and animals, such as rabbits, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, and horses. Come for the day to play, have a picnic, or book in advance for a pony ride.

Aldor Acres

Aldor Acres Langley

Aldor Acres has been operating for over 30 years in Langley since 1988. Their farm is open year round for farm tours, petting zoos, school tours, birthday parties, and other special events throughout the seasons. There’s a Harvest Festival and Pumpkin Patch in the fall and they operate a Christmas Tree Farm where you can cut your own tree during the winter. During these special events there are tractor pulled hayrides, a market cleverly named as the Farmacy, and a ton of different animals to pet and feed.

Krause Berry Farms

Krause Berry Farms Langley

Krause Berry Farms is a 200 acre berry farm located in Langley, operating since 1974. The Estate Winery is open year round, serving wine, waffles, lunch, and assisting with Market purchases such as pies, frozen berries, and frozen foods. The Market and Bakery open up in the spring, along with the U-pick fields where you can pick your own strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and even fresh flowers. This is a farm you should visit on an empty stomach because the berry topped waffles are mind blowing, the pies in the Market are loaded with fresh berries, and you can grab tons of other treats from the Creamery, the KB Corral Waffle Bar, and the Fudgery.

Southlands Heritage Farm

Southland Heritage Farm Vancouver

Southlands Heritage Farm is located in Vancouver, allowing you to escape to the farm without ever leaving the city. This farm provides educational experiences to both kids and adults about farming, livestock, and sustainability. They offer pony rides and horseback riding lessons, and they also host spring break and summer camps, birthday parties, and field trips. Their weekly Farmer’s Market is open from June until October and you can visit the Pumpkin Patch from October 1st to 31st. The animals that live on this farm include horses, ponies, goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks.

Eagle Acres Dairy Farm

Eagle Acres Dairy Farm Langley

The Eagle Acres Dairy Farm , located in Langley, is open to school tours, group tours, seniors tours, birthday parties, and drop in tours on certain dates. The various tours take visitors through how a dairy farms work, introduces them to farm animals, or takes them through the pumpkin patch. There are 9 different species of animals on the farm, with a total of over 200 animals living here. Tours and field trips may involve butter making, hand milking, cow and calf feeding, and an introduction to R2D2, the milking robot.

Rondriso Farms

Rondriso Farms Surrey

Rondriso Farms is a small-scale, traditional family farm located in Surrey. Their General Store is open year round, selling farm fresh produce and natural beef raised right on the farm. You can purchase their Localicious Produce Box in the summer, fall, and winter, which is filled with seasonal produce harvested fresh that day. On October 1st they open their Pumpkin Patch up to the public and offer hayrides down to the fields where you can choose your own pumpkin. You can also purchase mini-pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, and hay bales from their Farm Stand or visit the cows and chickens before you go.

Westham Island Herb Farm

Westham Island Herb Farm Delta

Westham Island Herb Farm , located in Lander, has been a family run farm since 1916. You can sneak a peek into the past with the historic photos they have posted on their website. Today they grow produce, herbs, strawberries, flowers, and pumpkins. You can U-pick strawberries from the field, purchase a custom picked bouquet from their flower garden, or shop their General Store for jellies, honey, handmade aprons, and other farm fresh goods. Their pumpkin patch features all sizes of pumpkins available in various colors, such as white, grey, orange, red and variegated.

Birchwood Dairy Farm

Birchwood Dairy Farm Abbotsford

Birchwood Dairy Farm is a 220 acre dairy farm located in Abbotsford. They offer 45 minute educational guided tours that take you around the farm, into the cow barn to meet the mama cows, through the milking area to learn about the equipment they use, and then into the calf barn to see the newborns. After the tour you’ll be treated to one of their gourmet ice cream cones and will be invited to explore the designated areas on your own. You can also book custom birthday celebrations here or go on your own self guided tour. Within their Country Store you can grab a light lunch and shop for f arm fresh dairy products. From June to September you can also visit with the animals in the petting area.

When planning a visit to any of these farms be sure to dress for the environment. Many farms have muddy or uneven ground, so appropriate footwear is important. If there’s a petting zoo, watch out for those tricky goats because they love to eat clothes and nibble on anything else you may have on you. It’s a good idea to wear something you won’t mind getting dirty. Between picking up pumpkins from the ground, sitting in a pile of hay, or rubbing up against the resident livestock, you’re bound to take a bit of the farm home with you on your clothes.

Picture of Nikki Bertrand

Nikki Bertrand

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Turkey Farm Videos

In this 360 tour and other videos, you’ll tour a working Canadian turkey farm and meet the farm family. They’ll explain how they raise and care for their birds.

farm tours canada

FarmFood360° – Virtual Reality Turkey Farm Tour

In this 360° video tour, you’ll get to see inside a working Canadian turkey farm and learn all about how turkeys are cared for, what they eat, where they live, and how Canadian turkey farmers care for their birds. You’ll see birds of different ages in two different types of barns and learn about the biosecurity and animal care protocols they follow.

farm tours canada

What Turkeys Eat

Turkeys on Canadian turkey farms eat different diets (called rations) of food depending on their ages. In this video, you’ll learn about their diet of mixed grains, minerals and nutrients. They’ll also explain when a farmer might need to use antibiotics and about food safety protocols and withdrawal periods if birds do need medication. And, they’ll proudly attest to the fact that no Canadian turkeys are ever given added hormones. Did you know that’s actually been illegal for more than 50 years.

farm tours canada

Life of a Turkey Farm Family

Meet Kathryn, Clair and their four daughters Carmyn, Sophia, Charlotte and Adele and hear about their farm family, life on their Canadian turkey farm, and the ways that the girls help their parents with chores.

farm tours canada

Caring for Turkeys

In this video, Canadian turkey farmers Kathryn and Clair talk about the level of care and attention that goes into raising their flocks of turkeys. From housing to ventilation, biosecurity and nutrition, you’ll learn about it all here.

farm tours canada

How Turkeys grow

A male turkey is called a Tom; a female turkey is called a Hen and young turkeys are called poults. On this Canadian family farm, they raise “Toms” which are used for further processing markets for some of the many turkey items you can find in your grocery store like ground turkey, turkey roll or turkey breast . This video will show what turkey barns look like and how birds are cared for at different ages of production. You’ll also learn about how important lighting, water systems, temperature and air flow are for the birds’ environment.

Quick Facts:

  • Turkeys are grown year round in Canada. In total, there are just over 500 turkey farmers across the country.
  • Turkeys raised for meat always roam freely around the barn. They’re housed in modern barns where temperature, humidity, light, and ventilation are carefully monitored to ensure that the birds stay healthy.
  • Turkey barns are designed to provide birds with ample room to move about with easy access to water and feed. Most barns are insulated to help maintain a constant temperature.
  • Turkeys are kept in barns where they are free to roam on floors covered with soft bedding materials like shavings or straw.
  • No growth hormones are used in turkey production in Canada. In fact, they are illegal and have been for many years.
  • Water and pelleted feeds made of grains such as wheat, corn and soybeans (similar in appearance to hamster food) are always available 24-7, so the birds can help themselves any time they want.
  • Most turkey farmers put all their newly hatched turkey poults into the barn at the same time. This makes sense from both a logistics and disease prevention perspective, as typically the entire flock will be shipped to market on one day.
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Come along as we…

LEARN about Canada’s exciting agriculture and food story! CONNECT and interact virtually with real farmers on their OWN farms, and EXPERIENCE what it’s like on a real farm in your home province!

This unique learning opportunity will inspire your students, ignite their curiosity and teach them about the important role agriculture plays in their lives, EVERYDAY!

Get ahead for Season 4 of Great Canadian Farm Tour by creating an account today! Registration for the event opens in September, so be first in line for these immersive educational experiences.

The details.

activity book

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Tour dates:

TBD in Ontario with AgScape   

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TBD -  Turkey Farm  in Alberta with Agriculture for Life

TBD in Quebec with Ecole O Champ

TBD - Sea Buckthorn Farm  in New Brunswick with  AITCNB

TBD in Newfoundland and Labrador with AITCNL

TBD - Christmas Tree Farm  in Prince Edward Island with AITCPEI

TBD in Saskatchewan with AITC-SK

TBD in Manitoba with AITC-M


Past Seasons of The Great Canadian Farm Tour


Over 1 000 000 student experiences at 31 virtual farm tours total

On these tours, we travelled coast-to-coast to visit farms in each province alongside our provincial member organizations. Students were able to LEARN about Canada’s exciting agriculture and food story, CONNECT and interact virtually with real farmers, and EXPERIENCE what it’s like on farms across the country.

If you missed the last three seasons of The Great Canadian Farm Tour, don’t worry! We’ve created online resource sets that include extension activities and every tour in both English and French!

Thanks to our Presenting Partners

farm tours canada

Learn about our vision to bring agriculture to every classroom. 

Provincial Members

Meet the 10 AITC-C provincial members across Canada.

Our Partners

Meet our valued partners and stakeholders. 

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White Meadows Farms

Sweet Summer Days🍁☀️

Discover Maple Tour

Read the latest from Our Blog:

Baked Flatbread with Maple Onion Jam

Baked Flatbread with Maple Onion Jam

At White Meadows Farms, we’re passionate about showcasing the versatility of maple beyond the breakfast table. Whether you’re a loyal local or a curious traveler, we invite you to join us on another culinary adventure. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the latest recipe to our Blog: Baked Flatbread with our very own Maple Onion Jam!…

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Canada & Alaskan Cruise

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“The farm visits were extraordinary!”

We unanimously agreed it was the best group trip we had ever been on. We had the perfect balance of farms and towns etc but the farm visits were extraordinary!  We could not fault the organisation and the stimulation we enjoyed through travelling with Farm To Farm Tours.

D Barton, Whanganui

“Top notch farm and agricultural visits”

We have been working with Farm to Farm Tours since 2007. Our groups rave about the wonderful service, friendly people, top notch farm visits and breathtaking scenery. Farm To Farm’s ability to showcase the best of their country is most impressive. It is very evident that they have an extensive network throughout New Zealand with quality farm visits and ag related stops. The Farm To Farm tour managers always pay special attention to the individual passengers and have excellent knowledge about New Zealand agriculture.

T Trump-Humbert, USA

“Our tour to Canada was a remarkable event!”

Our FTF tour to Canada was a remarkable event which was far beyond our expectations. Great travelling companions and magnificent landscapes every day. It was a mighty change for us, learning much about Canada’s farming industry. Seeing the grandeur of the Rockies and glacier fields, Calgary and all its’ horse riding spectacular, stunning Niagara Falls, charming Quebec, all staggering. Glorious weather all the way.

R Allan, Marlborough

“The only way to travel!”

I would definitely recommend your tours to all. The right amount of city, country and relaxation. The only way to travel in a foreign speaking country!

S Hanna, Canterbury

“A wonderful way to see a country ”

The hospitality was exceptional. For us it was about travelling with like-minded people and the really good mix of farming visits and touring the regions that we were in... It is simply a wonderful way to see a country and meet the people who live there. 

B Voss, Manawatu

“One to remember!”

I would like you to know that our trip to New Zealand was above our expectations. The tour guide, bus driver, hotels, New Zealand people and farm hosts all made this trip one to remember and I would recommend it to anyone.

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See Canada’s Most Stunning Scenery On These Indigenous-Led Hiking Tours

These three indigenous-led hiking tours around canada offer wholistic outdoor adventures..

Heading out the door? Read this article on the new Outside+ app available now on iOS devices for members! >","name":"in-content-cta","type":"link"}}'>Download the app .

From British Columbia to Newfoundland and everywhere in between across Canada , unlimited recreation opportunities abound. And although it feels like there are as many tour companies offering guided experiences as there are residents of Yukon, the best way to explore and learn is with the regions’ original guides .

Indigenous-owned and led guiding companies invite adventurers to slow down and take a closer, more appreciative look at the world around them. Our three favorites, listed below, promise exploration that also respects and highlights regional Indigenous culture. While hiking in the guides’ ancestral lands , these organizations also teach histories you likely didn’t learn in school while offering an authentic perspective on the places we recreate.

Gros Morne Adventures: Multiday Outdoor Tours in Newfoundland

In eastern Canada, on the deceptively large island of Newfoundland, is a sprawling natural playground: Gros Morne National Park. And there is no better way to explore it than with Mi’kmaw-owned Gros Morne Adventures . The tour company, operated by Qalipu First Nation member Kristen Hickey since 2018, offers a multitude of outdoor experiences steeped in Indigenous culture and history, from extended dayhikes (up to 17 kilometers) to four-day backpacking trips on the Long Range Traverse with educational guides who aren’t all Indigenous, but always share local Indigenous history and culture.

As of June, the company introduced a brand new all-inclusive week-long tour , a partnership between Gros Morne Adventures and three other Indigenous-owned businesses—Upper Humber Settlement, Under The Stump, and Spirit Horse Therapeutic Arts. The five-day experience is packed with Indigenous knowledge and guided exploration. It offers highlights of the national park via hikes on pebbled bays and treeless tablelands, sea kayaking excursions, history lessons about the area’s original inhabitants, and insights into seasonal living. Of course, it’s all peppered with personal stories from multiple Indigenous guides who live and work in their ancestral lands. 

point grondine gaia gps

Point Grondine Park: Full-day Hiking and Paddling Adventures in Ontario

Located in Ontario between Killarney and French River provincial parks is Point Grondine Park , an 18,000-acre wilderness space owned and operated by the Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory . In addition to hiking and paddle trails throughout the park, which you can explore on your own, there are multiple guided adventure opportunities available, including a half-day medicine hike complete with a history of the park and insight into some of the sustenance and healing the rich landscape offers. 

For those craving more adventure, there’s also a full-day Paddle the Park excursion from Mahzenazing Lake to Cedar Lake. This out-and-back excursion involves 5 km of kayaking and portages that takes participants into the backcountry of Point Grondine Park. The journey highlights park history, passes waterfalls where you can take a dip on hot days, and offers opportunities to spot flora and fauna like old-growth pine, moose, and beaver. It even includes a lunch of traditional foods like smoked fish and wild rice at a shady campsite at the turn around point, all in the company of skilled Indigenous guides.

athabasca glacier gps program

Zuc’min Guiding: Custom Backpacking Itineraries in Alberta and B.C.

For those who want a more intimate and customizable experience on Canada’s wild and wonderful trails, turn to Zuc’min Guiding . Tim Patterson and his team of Indigenous guides offer highly personalized trips as opposed to pre-packaged tours. You decide where you want to go and for how long, and Zuc’min does the planning. The one exception: their Ice Walks , which invite guests to don crampons and head out on the Athabasca Glacier.

The team offers tailored hiking trips in the mountains of Alberta and British Columbia, from Hope to Banff. Along the way, guides will share Indigenous history of the surrounding parks and trails, point out important landmarks, and regale hikers with stories from the region’s first residents who still call the area home. 

Popular on Backpacker

The 30-mile thru-hike was the ideal trip for putting our backpacking and hiking candidates through the wringer.

  • 2024 Summer Gear Guide

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Car dealerships revert to pens and paper after cyberattacks on software provider

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NEW YORK (AP) — Car dealerships in North America are still wrestling with major disruptions that started last week with cyberattacks on a company whose software is used widely in the auto retail sales sector.

CDK Global, a company that provides software for thousands of auto dealers in the U.S. and Canada, was hit by back-to-back cyberattacks Wednesday. That led to an outage that has continued to impact operations.

For prospective car buyers, that’s meant delays at dealerships or vehicle orders written up by hand. There’s no immediate end in sight, but CDK says it expects the restoration process to take “several days” to complete.

On Monday, Group 1 Automotive Inc., a $4 billion automotive retailer, said it is using “alternative processes” to sell cars to its customers. Lithia Motors and AutoNation, two other dealership chains, also disclosed that they implemented workarounds to keep their operations going.

Here is what you need to know.

What is CDK Global?

CDK Global is a major player in the auto sales industry. The company, based just outside of Chicago in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, provides software technology to dealers that helps with day-to-day operations — like facilitating vehicle sales, financing, insurance and repairs.

CDK serves more than 15,000 retail locations across North America, according to the company.

What happened last week?

CDK experienced back-to-back cyberattacks on Wednesday. The company shut down all of its systems after the first attack out of an abundance of caution, according to spokesperson Lisa Finney, and then shut down most systems again following the second.

“We have begun the restoration process,” Finney said in an update over the weekend — noting that the company had launched an investigation into the “cyber incident” with third-party experts and notified law enforcement.

“Based on the information we have at this time, we anticipate that the process will take several days to complete, and in the interim we are continuing to actively engage with our customers and provide them with alternate ways to conduct business,” she added.

In messages to its customers, the company has also warned of “bad actors” posing as members or affiliates of CDK to try to obtain system access by contacting customers. It urged them to be cautious of any attempted phishing.

The incident bore all the hallmarks of a ransomware attack, in which targets are asked to pay a ransom to access encrypted files. But CDK declined to comment directly — neither confirming or denying if it had received a ransom demand.

“When you see an attack of this kind, it almost always ends up being a ransomware attack,” Cliff Steinhauer, director of information security and engagement at the National Cybersecurity Alliance. “We see it time and time again unfortunately, (particularly in) the last couple of years. No industry and no organization or software company is immune.”

Are impacted dealerships still selling cars?

Several major auto companies — including Stellantis, Ford and BMW — confirmed to The Associated Press last week that the CDK outage had impacted some of their dealers, but that sales operations continue.

In light of the ongoing situation, a spokesperson for Stellantis said Friday that many dealerships had switched to manual processes to serve customers. That includes writing up orders by hand.

A Ford spokesperson added that the outage may cause “some delays and inconveniences at some dealers and for some customers.” However, many Ford and Lincoln customers are still getting sales and service support through alternative routes being used at dealerships.

“The people who’ve been around longer — you know, guys who have maybe a little salt in their hair like me — we remember how to do it before the computers,” said John Crane of Hawk Auto Group, a Westmont, Illinois-based dealership operator that uses CDK. “It’s just a few more steps and a little bit more time.”

Although impacted Hawk Auto dealerships are still able to serve customers by “going back to the basics,” Crane added that those working in administration are still “pulling out our hair.” He notes that there are now stacks of paper awaiting processing — in place of orders that went through automatically on a computer overnight.

Group 1 Automotive Inc. said Monday that the incident has disrupted its business applications and processes in its U.S. operations that rely on CDK’s dealers’ systems. The company said that it took measures to protect and isolate its systems from CDK’s platform.

In regulatory filings, Lithia Motors and AutoNation disclosed that last week’s incident at CDK had disrupted their operations as well.

Lithia said it activated cyber incident response procedures, which included “severing business service connections between the company’s systems and CDK’s.” AutoNation said it also took steps to protect its systems and data, adding that all of its locations remain open “albeit with lower productivity,” as many are served manually or through alternative processes.


With many details of the cyberattacks still unclear, customer privacy is also at top of mind — especially with little known about what information may have been compromised this week.

If you’ve bought a car from a dealership that’s used CDK software, cybersecurity security experts stress that it’s important to assume your data may have been breached. That could potentially include “pretty sensitive information,” Steinhauer noted, like your social security number, employment history, income and current or former addresses.

Those impacted should monitor their credit — or even freeze their credit as an added layer of defense — and consider signing up for identify theft monitor insurance. You’ll also want to be wary of any phishing attempts. It’s best to make sure you have reliable contact information for a company by visiting their official website, for example, as scammers sometimes try to take advantage of news about data breaches to gain your trust through look-alike emails or phone calls.

Those are some best practices to keep in mind whether you’re a victim of CDK’s data breach or not, Steinhauer said. “Unfortunately, in this day and age, our data is a valuable target — and you have to make sure that you’re taking steps to protect it,” he said.

Associated Press writer Mike Householder in Detroit contributed to this report.

Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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Review: ‘Crazy for You’ serves up romance, dazzling tap moves in Ogunquit

Chockablock with Gershwin songs, the show is now at the Ogunquit Playhouse. The 'inimitable' Sally Struthers plays 2 comedic parts.

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farm tours canada

Taylor Aronson, center, and the ensemble in “Crazy for You” at the Ogunquit Playhouse. Photo by Nile Scott Studios

“Who could ask for anything more?” is a famous line from “I Got Rhythm,” a classic tune by George and Ira Gershwin that’s included in the latest show at the Ogunquit Playhouse. It’s not a bad question to ask.

Theater review

WHAT: “Crazy For You”

WHERE: Ogunquit Playhouse, 10 Main St., Ogunquit

REVIEWED: June 16 (matinee); continues through July 13

TICKETS: starting at $40.

CONTACT: 207-646-5511;

You’ve got two solid stars up front, dozens of attractive singers and dancers behind them, and a wealth of both clever and romantic Gershwin songs. And, as if that weren’t enough, the inimitable Sally Struthers comes onstage to fill two comedic roles that supply some of the best laughs in the show.

Chalk it up to a production still coming together, but “Crazy For You” showed a few seams in terms of pacing in its first performance after opening night. But the impeccably performed vintage music and the let’s-put-on-a-show spirit of the book by Ken Ludwig carried the 2½-hour show through for an entertaining afternoon at the venerable summer theater on the southern coast of Maine.

The dynamic Max Clayton sang and danced like a veteran performer who knows where the audience-pleasing theatrical goodies are hidden. His banker character Bobby soon became a faux showbiz master as he falls for a girl and decides to revive her father’s theater in Nevada rather than foreclose on the property.

Clayton’s tap talents are many and were all smoothly executed with whirling flourishes that truly dazzled. His voice sold such long-time Gershwin favorites as “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” and “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” the latter accompanied by an impressive chorus of lovely, talented female singer/dancers.

farm tours canada

Max Clayton (Bobby Child) and Taylor Aronson (Polly Baker) in “Crazy for You” at the Ogunquit Playhouse. Photo by Nile Scott Studios

Taylor Aronson plays Bobby’s love interest Polly, adding her own very natural-sounding delivery to such classics as “Someone To Watch Over Me” and “But Not For Me.” Aronson also held her own in romantic song and dance duets with Clayton on such tunes as “Shall We Dance” and “Embraceable You.” Director Angelique Ilo’s take on the show’s original dance moves, choreographed by Susan Stroman, fit the pair well in both upfront showy and more elegantly flowing moments. Advertisement

The 76-year-old Struthers again proved her brilliant comedic timing in scenes with Clayton and Jim Borstelmann, the latter as a companionable British twit. Her double takes and little exclamations were hilarious as were some timeless bits of physical comedy performed by others throughout the show.

Angie Schworer and Peter Kendall got hot and heavy on “Naughty Baby” while a Cowboy Trio and a group of layabout ex-miners spiced up several pieces. Alexandria Van Paris, Delaney Bailey, Jack Doyle and Tony Roach also stood out in secondary roles. All were backed by a jauntily swinging offstage band led by Ken Clifton while some occasional onstage percussion from the players, tapping feet and more, served to bring things forward.

The sets by Adam Koch and costumes by William Ivey Long mix old-style Broadway flash and rustic cowboy folksiness, placing the audience in a world closer to an earlier, 1930s incarnation (The Gershwin brothers’ “Girl Crazy”) on which this award-winning 1992 show was based.

Steve Feeney is a freelance writer who lives in Portland.

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