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Join our Broadway Up Close Green Team for a behind-the-scenes

look at Broadway's 41 glorious theaters.

Fun Facts. History . Insider Info. Ghost Stories . 

We promise you'll never look at                               the same way again!

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Broadway Beginning tour

At Broadway Up Close we strive to give you a behind-the-scenes look at Broadway, utilizing the 41 iconic Broadway theaters as the framework to tell our stories. Incorporating rare photos and videos displayed on iPads, our Green Team of actors and stage managers will share architectural oddities, ghost stories, anecdotes, fun facts , and more!  For our full list of experiences and  schedule, visit our TOURS page



Located in Times Square, our Gift Shop features  creative, whimsical,

one-of-a-kind gifts that will capture the spirit and joy of the

theatre district,  highlighting Broadway and its glorious theaters .

Every item, from tote bag to t-shirt to ornament to button, is designed by our Green Team and created by hand in our production facility in Herald Square by theatre-doers for theatre-lovers !  

Check out our GIFT SHOP Page for its current location in Times Square.

Not visiting Times Square anytime soon? Not a problem! All of our handmade gifts are available on our online Broadway Gift Shop ...and we ship almost as fast as Amazon Prime! 


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Our Broadway Up Close(r) Workshops connect students and theatre groups with artists and theatre professionals, providing an opportunity to work one-on-one in an intimate studio environment.  

Workshops range from "Meet The Artist" Q&As to "Song & Dance" Choreography classes, and each class culminates in a high resolution  photo .

Head over to our GROUPS page for more info and to book your

group workshop today!

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THE                        SIGN

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Green Team Owner Tim's vision for The Broadway Sign was an assemblage of marquee letters, each appearing to have been taken from eight different colorful marquees, to spell out our favorite word. With the help of our graphic designer   Christopher Kind , and the stellar production skills of The Smart Department in Brooklyn , Tim's 6-foot tall vision was brought to fruition. The Broadway Sign stands next to our Gift Shop as a whimsical photo opportunity just steps from our Broadway theaters.   Check out our Instagram for our "Friday Faves" - a weekly highlight of our favorite Broadway Sign photos taken by YOU !



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For the first time ever you can log every show you've ever seen on Broadway in one place!

Full of hand drawn illustrations and fun facts, each theater has a stamp page ready to fill with our custom Broadway stamp designs every time you see a show.

Head over to our Online Gift Shop   for a glimpse inside. Order yours today and start putting your stamp on Broadway !  

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For Broadway history , behind-the-scenes photos , new merchandise and more, follow us on Instagram:

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New York's theater district is calling you!

Where to stay.

Experience more and spend less with Vacations by Marriott Bonvoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a fan of the glitz and glamour of Broadway, there's no better place to indulge in your passion than the heart of it all, New York City. Planning a Broadway-themed trip to NYC can be a dream come true for theater enthusiasts, but it's essential to plan carefully to make the most of your experience.

Here are some tips to help you plan the best Broadway-themed trip to NYC:

1. Research the Shows: Before you go, research the current and upcoming shows on Broadway. Look for reviews, recommendations, and popular productions to create a list of must-see shows. Planning ahead will help you secure tickets to the most in-demand performances.

2. Book Tickets Early: Broadway shows are incredibly popular, and tickets can sell out fast. Once you've decided on the shows you want to see, book your tickets as early as possible to secure the best seats and avoid disappointment.

3. Consider a Broadway Tour: If you want to gain a deeper understanding of Broadway's history, architecture, and insider information, consider booking a guided Broadway tour. These tours can offer unique behind-the-scenes access and knowledge that you wouldn't get on your own.

4. Plan Your Dining: NYC is home to an abundance of fantastic dining options, and it's important to plan your meals around your theater schedule. Make reservations at popular restaurants near the theaters you'll be visiting to ensure you have time to enjoy a delicious meal before or after the show.

5. Explore Theater District Attractions: While in the heart of the Theater District, take some time to explore other attractions such as Times Square, the TKTS booth for discounted tickets, and iconic theaters like the Belasco or Shubert. There's a lot to see and do in the area beyond just attending shows.

6. Stay in the Theater District: Consider finding accommodation in the Theater District to be close to all the action. Staying nearby will make it easier to navigate between shows and explore the surrounding area without spending too much time on transportation.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your Broadway-themed trip to NYC is a memorable and enjoyable experience. With careful planning and thoughtful consideration, you'll be able to make the most of your time in the theater capital of the world. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Broadway and create unforgettable memories in the city that never sleeps.

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Package Deals Including Broadway Tickets and Hotel Stays

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of New York City with our guide to Broadway and hotel package deals. Discover the seamless fusion of dramatic performances and luxurious stays, designed to elevate your travel experience from a simple getaway to an unforgettable, culturally rich adventure.🗽

Understanding Broadway and Its Cultural Significance

Understanding Broadway and Its Cultural Significance

The curtain rises: a brief history and evolution of broadway.

The story of Broadway is a rich tapestry, woven with threads of ambition, innovation, and sheer talent. It began in the early 18th century, a humble offspring of the European theatrical tradition, finding its first home in makeshift venues and later in the grand theaters that now dot the landscape of New York. Over the centuries, Broadway evolved from a mere avenue of entertainment to a crucible of cultural revolution, birthing genres and narratives that challenged, enchanted, and transformed audiences.

The Heartbeat of New York: The Impact of Broadway Shows

Broadway is not just a thoroughfare; it’s the heartbeat of New York’s culture and a magnet for global tourism. Each show is a mosaic, piecing together stories that resonate with the human experience, wrapped in performances that defy gravity. The lure of the Great White Way doesn’t stop at the stage door; it spills into the streets, fueling the city’s economy, igniting its nightlife, and casting a spell that draws millions to this neon-bathed nexus each year.

The Stage of Tomorrow: Current Trends in Broadway Productions

Today’s Broadway is a kaleidoscope, constantly shifting, reflecting the ever-changing societal landscapes. Diversity and inclusivity now command the spotlight, casting a wider net of stories and storytellers. Revivals walk hand in hand with avant-garde pieces, while technology weaves its magic, making every seat the best in the house. The recent surge in immersive theater experiences and digital lotteries for ticket distribution underscores Broadway’s commitment to accessibility and innovation.

As the curtain falls on this act, we’re reminded that Broadway is more than a destination; it’s a journey through history, culture, and the boundless realms of human creativity.

The Benefits of Opting for Broadway and Hotel Package Deals

The Benefits of Opting for Broadway and Hotel Package Deals

The encore of savings: cost-effectiveness.

Imagine the joy of watching a mesmerizing Broadway show, then sauntering back to a comfortable hotel room without the stress of an emptied wallet. Package deals are the secret encore that thrifty theater lovers applaud. Bundling hotel stays with show tickets often unlocks discounts that are not available when booking separately. This savvy move can reduce the financial crescendo of a New York visit, allowing you to enjoy the spotlight of savings without missing a single act of the Broadway magic.

The Symphony of Simplicity: Convenience and Time-Saving

Time, the ever-elusive maestro, plays a critical role in the planning of any getaway. Broadway and hotel package deals conduct this orchestra of schedules with the grace of a seasoned virtuoso. Instead of juggling between different websites and making multiple bookings, these packages offer a harmonious one-stop solution. They not only hit the high notes of convenience but also compose a seamless itinerary that lets you savor every moment of your New York adventure, without the dissonance of stressful planning.

The Front Row Experience: Access to Premium Seats and Accommodations

In the theater of travel, not all seats offer the same view, and the same is true for accommodations. Opting for a package deal is akin to receiving a VIP invitation to the best of Broadway and beyond. These bundles often come with the perk of premium seating, ensuring you’re not just at the show but immersed in it. The encore doesn’t end there; package deals also tend to include stays at reputable hotels, where comfort and luxury are part of the script. This blend of top-tier theater seats and stellar hotel amenities is a duet that sings to the tune of exclusivity and indulgence.

Types of Broadway and Hotel Packages Available

Types of Broadway and Hotel Packages Available

The classic act: standard packages.

Standard packages are the backbone of the Broadway package experience, designed to cater to the aficionado of efficiency and value. These packages typically bundle your stay at a comfortable, reputable hotel with tickets to a hit Broadway show. While ‘standard’ might sound ordinary, the experience is anything but. Expect clean, cozy accommodations and good seats at the theater, ensuring you enjoy the show without any hiccups. It’s the perfect overture for those looking to dip their toes into the Broadway scene without diving into the deep end of extravagance. 🏨

The Ovation of Opulence: Premium Packages

For those with a taste for the finer things, premium packages are the standing ovation of Broadway getaways. These are not just tickets and a room; they’re golden keys to the city. Luxurious accommodations at top-tier hotels, seats that get you close enough to see the actors’ expressions, and often, exclusive perks like backstage tours or gourmet dining experiences. Premium packages are a toast to indulgence, offering a glimpse into a world where every detail is curated for your delight.

The Maestro’s Touch: Customizable Packages

Every traveler’s script is unique, and customizable packages honor this diversity in taste and preference. They invite you to be the director of your own Broadway experience. Choose your hotel based on location, amenities, or star-rating. Select a show that resonates with your taste, be it a timeless classic or a cutting-edge new production. Add extras like airport transfers, city tours, or dining reservations. Customizable packages are the versatile protagonists in the story of Broadway travel, adaptable to your script, whatever it may be.

How to Select the Right Package Deal

The spotlight on preferences: assessing your needs.

Choosing the right Broadway package is like casting the lead role in your own personal play. It starts with understanding your character – your preferences and needs. Do you prefer a drama or a musical? A hotel that’s a quiet retreat or in the heart of the action? Amenities that offer the utmost comfort or simple, no-fuss lodging? Assessing your needs is about spotlighting what matters most to you, ensuring that your choice of package not only meets but exceeds your expectations, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The Script of Comparison: Researching and Comparing

With a myriad of options at your fingertips, selecting the perfect package can seem like a daunting task. But fear not! The key lies in meticulous research and comparison. Utilize online platforms, read reviews, and consult travel forums to gather insights. Compare the value offered by different packages, weighing the pros and cons in relation to your personal script. Remember, the best package is not always the most expensive or the cheapest, but the one that harmonizes with your unique preferences and rhythm.

Between the Lines: Reading the Fine Print

Every seasoned traveler knows that the devil is in the details. Understanding the fine print of your package deal can save you from unexpected encores of expenses or logistical hiccups. Scrutinize cancellation policies, check for hidden fees, and understand what’s included (and what’s not). Being well-versed in the terms and conditions ensures that your Broadway adventure is met with applause, not surprises.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Broadway Package Experience

Tips for Making the Most of Your Broadway Package Experience

The rhythm of the city: maximizing your time.

New York City, the city that never sleeps, is a vast stage of endless possibilities. To ensure you dance to its rhythm without missing a beat, strategize your schedule. Plan your showtimes and balance them with city exploration. Consider matinee performances for more evening flexibility or evening shows to bask in the neon glow of Times Square post-performance. Use online resources or apps to monitor traffic patterns and event schedules, ensuring your time in the Big Apple is an orchestrated symphony of experiences.

The Flavor of the City: Enhancing Your Cultural Experience

Broadway and beyond, New York City is a melting pot of culture, cuisine, and commerce. Savor this diversity by exploring the culinary delights, boutique shops, and cultural landmarks near your hotel. Indulge in a pre-theater dinner at a renowned restaurant, lose yourself in the quaint charm of local markets, or immerse in the rich tapestry of history at a nearby museum. Each neighborhood in the city tells its own story, inviting you to become part of its narrative.

The Pulse of the City: Practical Considerations

Navigating the streets of New York is like learning a new dance. Familiarize yourself with the city’s transit options—subways, buses, and taxis are all part of the choreography. Purchase a MetroCard for convenience, or download ride-sharing apps to move smoothly from scene to scene. Safety is paramount; stay aware of your surroundings, especially at night, and keep your valuables secure. With these practical steps, you’ll move through the city not just as a visitor, but as a savvy New Yorker.

Making Memories: Documenting Your Broadway Experience

In the digital age, memories are more than just mental snapshots; they’re stories shared across platforms, connecting us in a web of shared experiences. Documenting your Broadway adventure becomes a crucial part of the journey. Capture the neon glow of theater marquees, the elegance of your hotel room, and the vibrancy of New York streets. Share your reviews and recommendations on social media or a travel blog, becoming a part of the global community of Broadway enthusiasts. Whether it’s through photos, videos, or written anecdotes, these mementos will not only inspire others but also serve as timeless reminders of the magic you witnessed in the city that never sleeps.

Are you ready to embark on this spectacular journey? With these insights, your Broadway experience is sure to be as dazzling as the shows themselves.

In the grand tapestry of travel experiences, opting for a Broadway and hotel package deal is akin to securing a front-row seat to the most enchanting show of all—New York City itself. Each package, like a well-crafted script, offers a unique narrative, blending the thrill of live theater with the comfort and luxury of top-tier accommodations.

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of Broadway shows or the dynamic rhythm of the city streets, these packages promise not just a getaway, but a transformative journey. With Broadway tickets in hand and the city’s myriad wonders at your doorstep, you’re not just an audience member in the vast theater of life; you’re a star in your own right, ready to shine in the spotlight of an unforgettable New York adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Broadway package deals save me money?

Often yes! Combining hotel stays and tickets can offer discounts compared to booking them separately. Look for bundled deals with special rates or value-added perks like free breakfasts or theatre district location.

What shows are usually included in package deals?

Popular shows and long-running productions are common, but keep an eye out for deals on newer shows too. Some packages offer flexibility, letting you choose your preferred show after booking.

How long do the hotel stays typically last?

Most packages cover weekend getaways (2-3 nights), but longer options exist. Consider your desired trip length and explore various package durations.

What types of hotels are included in these deals?

Options range from budget-friendly chain hotels to luxurious boutique stays. Compare amenities, locations, and reviews to find the best fit for your budget and preferences.

Do these packages include transportation?

Some, but not all, include airport transfers or city passes. Be sure to check the package details and consider budget-friendly options like public transportation or ride-sharing apps.

How far in advance should I book a package deal?

Early booking secures the best deals and show availability, especially for peak seasons. However, last-minute deals can sometimes come up, so keep an eye out.

Can I customize these packages?

Some packages offer limited customization, allowing you to choose different hotel room types or upgrade your seats. Contact the provider to inquire about flexibility.

What if I can’t go on my trip anymore?

Cancellation policies vary, so carefully read the fine print before booking. Some packages are fully refundable, while others have cancellation fees or restricted windows.

Are there any hidden fees with package deals?

Compare all-inclusive prices with potential additional charges like taxes, resort fees, or parking. Ensure a clear understanding of the total cost before booking.

Where can I find the best Broadway package deals?

Check theatre websites, official tourism portals, travel agencies specializing in Broadway trips, and comparison websites to compare and find the perfect deal for your dream theatrical getaway.

Exclusive Pre-sale Access for Upcoming Broadway Musicals

Exclusive Pre-sale Access for Upcoming Broadway Musicals

International Visitors' Guide to Buying Broadway Tickets

International Visitors’ Guide to Buying Broadway Tickets

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Theatre Loyalty Programs and Benefits for Frequent Broadway-Goers

Theatre Loyalty Programs and Benefits for Frequent Broadway-Goers

International Visitors' Guide to Buying Broadway Tickets

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Mitsis Rodos maris Resort and Spa

Mitsis Rodos maris Resort and Spa Booked and had to amend the dates which were done efficiently and quickly with just the difference in price between travel dates to be paid. Ryanair flights were very good and on time. Hotel excellent and staff very efficient and friendly apart from the reception manager Christos on arrival who on being asked directions to room was told it was over there and to follow the map. Buffet good but could have been hotter on occations, a la carte meals excellent and staff could not do enough for you. Rooms cleaned every day. All areas very clean. Sometimes a little bit of a wait at the bar but nothing to worry about. Beach was not very clean and we both got bitten the one day we did venture on to it. All in all a very relaxing holiday. Hotel is about 1 hour 15 mins from airport but a nice run through the countryside. We had a bit of a mixup about collection time on return journey but quick phone call soon sorted that out.

Date of experience : 23 May 2024

Reply from Broadway Travel

Good Afternoon Flora and thank you for taking the time to leave your 5* review and feedback regarding your recent holiday. We really appreciate all comments and glad that a quick call sorted out your transfer query. We hope to be of assistance to you again in the future - Many thanks, Team Broadway Travel

Excellent Service

A few days ago we needed to make an amendment to our holiday booked through Broadway Travel. The help we had to complete the amedment from Fred Williams was excellent. Thank you.

Many thanks for taking the time to leave your review Alun. We really appreciate your kind comments, as will Fred. Thank you again for choosing Broadway Travel

Madeira!!have booked holidays with Broadway…

We have booked holidays with Broadway travel a few times now and they have always been very helpful. Lorraine was fantastic yesterday when we booked to go to Madeira.

Date of experience : 27 May 2024

Great to see you back again Lloyd. We really appreciate your 5* review, your repeat custom and lovely feedback for Lorraine. We all hope you have a wonderful trip to Madeira - Team Broadway Travel

Easy booking…

Stella was very patient and explained everything about the booking. If the holiday is as good as the booking experience then we will have a great time.

Stella will be over the moon with your feedback Ben! We all hope you have a wonderful holiday and please remember that we are here to help if you have any queries - Team Broadway Travel

Montenegro Holiday May 2024

Have just returned from Montenegro on a all inclusive holiday arranged by Broadway Travel. The holiday was well orginised and would thoughly recommend them for holidays. The Hotel was good had a few faults but they seem to be working on them so you can ask no more. Flights with Ryanair (BUZZ) and were as expected. Transfers very good and they were well documented by Broadway Travel Thanks You

Date of experience : 16 May 2024

Robert thank you for taking the time to leave your 5* review after returning from your holiday. We are thrilled that you had a wonderful trip and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Many thanks from all the team at Broadway Travel

Fabulous customer service by Tierney…

Fabulous customer service by Tierney Sara and Danielle. After having to rearrange our holiday nothing was too much trouble. Kind and friendly customer service

Date of experience : 28 May 2024

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this Clare. We understand customs plans can change so our back office team work extremely hard to ensure customers still have something to look forward to that suits their new arrangements. We are delighted that you have successfully made your changes and this will make Danielle and Sara's day. Thanks from all the Broadway Travel team and please do hesitate to get in touch if you need anything.

Competitive prices and good selection

Sales advisor initially gave a higher price than quoted online. He also had to be reminded twice of our birth dates and spelling of my friends surname. Very good prices. In future I’ll stick to booking online though it’s easier.

Date of experience : 24 May 2024

Hi Helene, thank you for your valued feedback, we regret the obstacles you faced. Please be assured that all customer feedback, whether it is constructive or praiseworthy, plays a crucial role in shaping the ongoing success of our business. This will be passed to the respective team. Despite this, we are super pleased you managed to confirm what you were looking for. Happy holidays and should you need anything further you can contact us online via your managemybooking area, by emailing [email protected] or by telephone (open times vary and are detailed on our website). Thanks from all the Broadway team.

Every business needs a Nathan!

Nathan was very helpful and informative when we rang to inquire about our trip. Guiding us through the process and making the booking very simple for us and reassuring us along the way. A credit to your company.

Date of experience : 22 May 2024

Thanks so much for sharing this and welcome to Broadway Travel, Nathan will be thrilled. We are so pleased you found what you were looking for, if you need anything else, please let us know. Thank you for choosing Broadway Travel.

Fred was very patient with us booking…

Fred was very patient with us booking our holiday to Madeira and made sure everything was in place so we felt comfortable. Thank you

Date of experience : 26 May 2024

We really appreciate your review and lovely feedback for Fred. We all hope you have a wonderful time in Madeira and thank you again - Team Broadway Travel

True 5* Service

We have used Broadway Travel for many years. We have just returned from a holiday booked through Broadway and contacted them for another holiday for September. They were very quick coming back with several offers at different hotels in the Mitsis Group which was our choice and have a holiday booked in Kos for September. The staff at Broadway are always friendly and efficient and always happy to get the best deal possible. Would highly recommend Broadway Travel and will certainly be using them again. True 5* Service.

Date of experience : 19 May 2024

Morning Ian and it is fantastic to see you back again! We really appreciate your repeat custom, your 5* review and your recommendation. We all hope you have another fantastic holiday and thoroughly enjoy Mitsis Kos. Many thanks again, Team Broadway Travel

First class service!

This is our second time of using this company and now wouldn't go elsewhere. They are very professional, friendly and helpful. Not to mention their amazing prices! Thanyou so much, Broadway Travel!

Date of experience : 14 May 2024

Hi Julie and wow thank you for your 5* review and repeat custom! We will ensure Chloe sees your lovely feedback and we all hope you have a fabulous time, happy holiday countdown from all the team

Tailored holiday on request.

Phoned to ask about a certain hotel using EasyJet flights and the gentleman worked out a personal package with our requirements. Very good service with payment spread over a number of months.

Date of experience : 21 May 2024

Many thanks Robin, we appreciate the time taken to leave your review and feedback for Michael. We all hope you have a wonderful holiday, Team Broadway Travel

Lovely helpful advisor. Made everything easy & simple

The advisor made the booking easy and simple from start to finish. I’ve booked the hotel of choice with a superior room. Return flights and transfers all taken care of, leaving me feeling relaxed and confident. Good to forget about holiday details until nearer departure date. Broadway have never let me down on previous holidays.

Thanks for sharing your experience Jean, and for your continued loyalty, we are here and happy to help you, always! You know where we are if you need anything further. Thanks from Gemma and all the team. Happy countdown!

The booking process was great

The booking process was great, However, the offer clearly stated free upgrade to a deluxe sea view room. This was not passed through to the hotel, we were offered a deluxe land view overlooking a noisy road. The hotel blamed the agents and wouldn’t honour the booking. We ended up taking a downgraded room with partial sea view. Sorry to moan but I love the beach- this is why we booked this offer - disappointing start to our holiday

Date of experience : 09 May 2024

Hi Carol although we deeply regret the content of your post, we would like to kindly remind you that this portal is external. Therefore, if you encounter any difficulties locally, it is essential that you refer to the In-Resort contact details provided on your booking vouchers. However we are pleased to learn on Saturday that this muddle has been resolved by the hotel and you have been compensated. We hope you enjoy the remainder time on holiday. Many thanks.

I had to wait a while for the telephone…

I had to wait a while for the telephone to be answered but once it was the call handler was polite. If she did not know something she went and found the information out. She sent me an email regarding day trip prices swiftly.

Date of experience : 25 April 2024

Morning Elizabeth, we are sorry that you experienced a delay in getting through to our team, however please note that you can also email us or contact us via managemybooking and a member of our team will respond as quickly as possible. However, we are delighted that you found Alivia to be very polite and efficient. Many thanks, Team Broadway Travel

Amazing service by Chloe

Amazing service by Chloe. We recently booked a great holiday with Miami stay and Caribbean, Chloe guided us through the booking answering our questions and explaining all details in depth, with great tips and advice while on board. Overall great experience booking with broadway and Chloe thank you

Hi Andy firstly thank you for choosing Broadway Travel, secondly thanks for sharing your experience, Chloe will be delighted to receive this feedback. Happy cruising countdown! If you need anything else, don't hesitate to get in touch. Many thanks.

Great customer service

Great customer service. Ensured all details where correct and repeated and reassured when I asked questions.

This is great to hear and thanks for sharing and for choosing. Please let us know if you need for anything further. Many thanks Broadway Travel.

My holiday organiser Sara was super…

My holiday organiser Sara was super friendly and helped me make the right choices whilst booking my holiday. Will use Broadway travel again soon

Date of experience : 01 May 2024

What fantastic feedback for Sara, thank you, we will ensure Sara sees your lovely comments. We look forward to seeing you again very soon - Team Broadway Travel

We have exclusively used Broadway for…

We have exclusively used Broadway for years as the customer service is amazing. Steven ensures our holidays are tailored to our family needs every time. We can't wait to book our next adventure

Date of experience : 30 March 2024

Thanks so much for this Jemma and for your continued loyalty over these years, you are definitely part of the brick work. Steven has also passed this thanks onto you. Happy holiday countdown!

Best customer service, Iantha was so helpful!

I called Broadway Travel to book a short break to Marrakech for my husband and I and spoke to Iantha! From the very start of our conversation Iantha was really helpful! I asked a lot of questions which she was able to answer straight away and she was extremely patient, as I had to ask her to repeat herself quite a few times as I am hard of hearing! Iantha was very knowledgable and professional and organised a wonderful trip for us! She is a credit to the company! I would definitely book another holiday with Broadway Travel.

Date of experience : 15 May 2024

Good Morning Chrissy and wow what a review! We agree that Iantha is a credit and we will ensure that she sees your wonderful feedback. We hope you both have a wonderful time in Marrakech and please remember that we are here to help if you have any queries at all - Many thanks, Team Broadway Travel


Broadway Tours

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Broadway Tours in the United States! Here, you can explore a curated selection of current and upcoming touring productions of Broadway shows that may be coming to a city near you - see the full tour schedules, get tickets, find out who is in the cast & more.

Ain't Too Proud Broadway Show | Broadway World

UPCOMING National Tour Shows

Back to the future: the musical, & juliet, the kite runner, jersey boys, a beautiful noise, kimberly akimbo, some like it hot, harry potter and the cursed child, new york, new york, frequently asked questions.

What are Broadway Tours?

Broadway Tours refer to traveling productions of popular Broadway shows that bring the magic of Broadway to cities and theaters across the country or even internationally. These tours allow audiences outside of New York City to experience the thrill and excitement of acclaimed Broadway productions in their own hometowns.

What is the difference between subscription tickets and regular tickets for Broadway Tours?

Subscription tickets for Broadway Tours are usually sold as part of a subscription package, offering patrons the opportunity to secure tickets for a series of shows within a season. Subscribers often enjoy benefits such as priority seating, discounted prices, and exclusive offers. Regular tickets, on the other hand, are individual tickets that can be purchased for specific performances of a Broadway Tour. These tickets are available to the general public and can be bought separately for each desired show.

Are there age restrictions for Touring shows?

Yes, age restrictions for touring shows can vary depending on the content and themes of the production. While some shows are suitable for audiences of all ages, others may have age recommendations or restrictions due to mature content, language, or intense scenes. The specific age restrictions or recommendations for each show can be found on the official websites of the respective theaters or ticketing platforms. It's important to review these guidelines or consult with the theater directly to ensure the appropriateness of the content for yourself or your group, especially when considering attendance with children or younger individuals.

Can I get refunds or exchange tickets if I can't attend a show?

Ticket exchange or refund policies for Broadway Tours are determined by the specific theater or ticket vendor from which you purchased your tickets. It's advisable to review the terms and conditions of your ticket purchase or contact the theater's box office or the authorized ticket vendor directly for information regarding ticket exchanges, refunds, or any applicable policies. Policies may vary, so it's important to clarify these details in advance. Please note that specific details and policies for Broadway Tours may vary depending on the production, theater, or ticket vendor. It's always recommended to consult the official websites, authorized ticket vendors, or contact the respective theaters directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Can I find information about accessibility for individuals with disabilities?

Accessibility information may vary for each theater and production. It's best to reach out to the individual theater or show's official website. They can provide you with comprehensive information regarding wheelchair accessibility, hearing devices, captioning services, and other accommodations.

Ticket Central

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Now featuring the just announced 2023 Tony Awards nominees including Some Like It Hot, New York New York and & Juliet, Broadway Across America Travel is excited to share news...

Classic Broadway Weekend (Roaring 20s)

Ever yearn to journey back to Broadway’s Golden Age? Dress to the nines for an elegant night on the town?

Take the Kids to Broadway

Our “Take the Kids to Broadway” excursions promise the best in theatre, exclusive experiences and an elegant level of service throughout your stay. Leave your stresses and worries behind and come join us for a memorable excursion to New York City. 

Columbus Day Weekend

Come join us at one of the most beautiful times of year in New York City. NYC and Broadway are in the midst of an inspiring revival and we are inviting you to come and immerse...

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broadway travel shops

Broadway Flying J Travel Plaza

Broadway Flying J Travel Plaza


With five convenient locations along interstate I-90, I-80 and U.S. 395 , we have everything you might need for travel from WiFi and DEF to showers and ATMs. Stop, recharge and we’ll get you back on the road with everything you need.

Visiting Broadway Diner is like coming home. With a great take on classic comfort food , Broadway serves up everything from delicious steak and pasta dishes, unique sandwiches to hearty breakfast entrees. All of which is served 7 days a week.

We pride ourselves on our focus toward the individual. Whether it’s the customer or the employee, we value the family-oriented connection . Going the Extra Mile is the distance between the welcome and the thank you we encounter every day.

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Custom Travel Insider

As pioneers in immersive Broadway travel and exclusive events, we offer our guests unparalleled experiences through behind-the-scenes access and personalized customer service.

Travel Experiences for Broadway Fans

Our Broadway Experiences are for everyone, from the avid theatre buff to Broadway first-timers. These experiences take you beyond just show tickets, offering an in-depth, interactive experience with Broadway actors from your selected shows.

Three Shows

Three of the top shows on Broadway. All tickets are guaranteed Orchestra or Front Mezzanine

Three Nights

Flights, hotels, airport pickups, group dinners, and lunches. All you have to do is sign up and show up. 


Exclusive meet & greet experiences with Broadway Actors

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Upcoming Trips

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Broadway Tickets | Merrily We Roll Along | The Notebook

Girls Getaway Broadway Experience

March 21-24, 2024

Kick-off spring in style – excellent tickets to the best new shows along with exclusive experiences and an elegant level of service throughout your stay. Shows include The Notebook , Merrily We Roll Along, The Outsiders, Back to the Futre, and more. 

Broadway Tickets | VIP Experiences

Spring Break Broadway Getaway

April 4-7, 2024

Spring is one of the best times to visit NYC for Broadway shows. With new shows opening just in time for Tony season, there are always plenty of new and exciting shows to chose from. Show choices include Cabaret, The Outsiders, Water for Elephants, Back to the Future , and more!

Broadway Tickets | VIP Experiences

Mother's Day Broadway Weekend

May 9 -12, 2024

Spoil the mothers in your life this year! Weekend show choices include The Notebook, The Wiz, The Outsiders, Water for Elephants, Suffs , and more!


NYC & Ireland Experience

September 6-14, 2024

Join us for an incredible journey that begins with a night in NYC for dinner and a Broadway show! Then we head to Ireland for an unforgettable 6-night tour. 

"We loved every minute of the trip due to your great planning. The hotel, food, restaurants, museum, and Q&A with Broadway actors... wow!" Melanie Livingston   Grand Rapids, MI

Broadway Exclusive Tips 

Planning a trip to New York to see Broadway shows and don't know where to begin? Our Broadway Exclusive experts can help you plan and book your trip or you can use our Broadway Travel Guide as a resource to book your trip. 

The Devil Wears Prada: A Stylish New Musical Hits the West End

Picture of Bryan F

The West End is about to get a hefty dose of high fashion, sharp wit, and unforgettable tunes with...

2024 Tony Award Nominees

Hell’s Kitchen emerges as the frontrunner with a staggering 13 Tony Award nominations. Its...

Steve Carell Makes Broadway Debut in Chekhov's Uncle Vanya

Broadway is about to witness a significant event this spring as the renowned actor Steve Carell...

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Hadestown, Chicago, Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Hamilton, The Book of Mormon & Come From Away

Complete Broadway theatre guide: Shows, venues, and more

This hub is your one-stop shop to discover our various guides to choosing Broadway shows to see, navigating the Theatre District, getting tickets, and more.

Welcome to your complete guide to Broadway! Whether you're planning to see a Broadway show for the first time, looking for your next favorite show, or seeking recommendations for how to plan your day around a Broadway trip, New York Theatre Guide has you covered.

We've rounded up all our most popular guides all in one place. Want to see a show but don't know where to start? Check out our guides on top Broadway shows to see. Seeking information about seating sections and performance schedules? Visit the guides in our ticketing section. Want to know how to get to a theatre or what restaurants are nearby? Check our guides to the Theatre District around Times Square. Or, visit our section on show-specific guides to learn more about a specific play or musical you've been hearing all about.

Get Broadway show tickets on New York Theatre Guide.

Book Tickets CTA - LT/NYTG

Guides to Broadway shows to see

Discover the most popular shows among audiences and critics, and find the best show for theatregoers of any age or interests.

  • Top 10 Broadway musicals
  • Top 10 Broadway plays
  • Best-reviewed Broadway shows in New York
  • Broadway shows starring celebrities
  • The best Broadway shows for first-time theatregoers
  • The best Broadway shows for kids
  • The best Broadway shows for date night

wicked 20th-1200x600-NYTG

Guides to getting Broadway tickets

Learn about the different seating sections in Broadway theatres, performance schedules, and ways to get Broadway tickets both in advance and day-of-show.

  • Guide to orchestra seats in Broadway theatres
  • Guide to mezzanine seats in Broadway theatres
  • Broadway rush and lottery ticket guide
  • Broadway matinee guide: Which shows have matinees?

book of mormon bway-1200x600-NYTG

Guides to planning your Broadway theatre trip

Check out the shows coming up, shows closing soon, and recommendations for things to do in NYC themed to popular Broadway shows.

  • All the upcoming Broadway shows in New York
  • Broadway shows closing soon
  • Broadway shows to see in 2024
  • Broadway shows to see this fall
  • Broadway shows to see this winter
  • Broadway shows to see this spring
  • Broadway shows to see this summer

hells kitchen bway-1200x600-NYTG

Guides to the Theatre District

Learn how to get around the Times Square area, find the Broadway theatre you're looking for, and where to get pre- or post-show food and drinks nearby.

  • How to get to Broadway theatres
  • Where to eat before and after a Broadway show
  • What to wear on Broadway: How to dress for the theatre
  • Broadway tourist guide: How to plan a theatre-filled trip to the Big Apple
  • New York City guide: Where to go in New York to eat, stay, and find entertainment

six 2024-1200x600-NYTG

Guides to top Broadway shows

Want to learn more about a specific hit show? New York Theatre Guide has everything you need to know about Broadway's most popular hits.

  • Guide to & Juliet
  • Guide to Aladdin
  • Guide to Back to the Future: The Musical
  • Guide to Chicago
  • Guide to Hadestown
  • Guide to Hamilton
  • Guide to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • Make a day out of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway
  • Guide to Hell's Kitchen
  • Make a day out of Hell's Kitchen on Broadway
  • Guide to Merrily We Roll Along
  • Guide to MJ The Musical
  • Guide to Moulin Rouge! The Musical
  • Guide to Six
  • Guide to Suffs
  • Guide to The Book of Mormon
  • Guide to The Lion King
  • Guide to The Notebook
  • Guide to The Outsiders
  • Guide to The Who's Tommy
  • Guide to Water for Elephants
  • Guide to Wicked
  • Make a day out of Wicked on Broadway

Photo credit: (Courtesy of Tony Awards)

Guides to the Tony Awards

We've answered all your questions about Broadway's biggest night: Which shows are up for awards, what the categories mean, how to watch the nationwide broadcast, and how to get tickets to this year's Tony Award winners.

  • Guide to the 2024 Tony Awards: how to watch, nominees, and more
  • Your guide to the Tony Awards categories

Originally published on May 22, 2024 17:46

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Helicopter view of Broadway at the Beach

Welcome To Broadway At The Beach

Shopping, Dining, Attractions & Entertainment

The Avenue at Broadway at the Beach

Dining & Entertainment

Broadway 360 Observation Wheel at Pavilion Park Broadway at the Beach

Discover a World of Wonder

350 Acres of Fun & Adventure

Ripley's Aquarium at Broadway at the Beach

Let the Adventure Begin

Myrtle Beach's Most Popular Attractions

Mother & Daughter by Carousel at Broadway at the Beach

Make Magical Memories

Start Planning Yours Now

Shrimp cooking over fire at Broadway at the Beach

Savor the Sizzle

Over 20 Delicious Dining Experiences

Welcome to Broadway at the Beach

Year after year, Broadway at the Beach stands alone as by far the most popular tourist destination in the entire Myrtle Beach area. With its great location, convenient parking and wide range of outstanding activities for visitors of all ages, it's the perfect place to make magical memories of your own.

  • All NY Shows
  • All Touring Shows
  • A Beautiful Noise
  • An Enemy of the People
  • Appropriate
  • A Wonderful World: The Louis Armstrong Musical
  • Back to the Future: The Musical
  • Ben Platt: Live at the Palace
  • The Book of Mormon
  • Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • The Heart of Rock and Roll
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • The Lion King
  • Merrily We Roll Along
  • MJ The Musical
  • Mother Play
  • Moulin Rouge! The Musical
  • The Notebook
  • The Outsiders
  • Romeo + Juliet
  • The Roommate
  • Stereophonic
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Uncle Vanya
  • Water for Elephants
  • The Who's Tommy
  • A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical
  • Beetlejuice
  • Death Becomes Her
  • Girl From The North Country
  • Kimberly Akimbo
  • The Kite Runner
  • Les Misérables
  • Mrs. Doubtfire
  • Some Like it Hot
  • Tina - The Tina Turner Musical
  • To Kill a Mockingbird

The Broadway League's official on-line headquarters for Broadway information in NYC and across North America.

  • List of Shows
  • Ticket Guide
  • Performance Times
  • Theatre District Map
  • Restaurants
  • Search by Location
  • London - West End Info
  • London - West End Shows
  • Other Countries


Touring Broadway

Broadway shows on tour.

Broadway productions that are currently performing in more than 240 cities across North America.

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broadway travel shops

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Join the b roadway f an c lub.

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broadway travel shops

  • Broadway in NYC
  • Broadway on Tour
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broadway travel shops

Broadway Shows

Give your own regards to Broadway! Whatever kind of performance you’re looking for -- from one-man show to grand-scale musical; whether dramatic, magical or downright farcical -- we’ve got your tickets right here.

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See the world for less with Broadway Travel

See the world for less with Broadway Travel

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Yes. Broadway Travel gives you the flexibility to make your own payment plan that works for you. Before securing any dates, you are required to confirm your booking with a deposit as low as £49pp. The rest of the payment are expected to be made before the day you are travelling.

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    WELCOME TO BROADWAY TRAVEL. Founded 75 years ago, Broadway Travel has a proud history of providing quality holidays and city breaks at affordable prices and we're confident enough to say that we know our stuff. Working with trusted partners and new hotels, we strive to get you the best deals to the most sought-after locations.

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    Award-winning Broadway Theatre Walking Tours & Handmade Gifts. Broadway Up Close offers walking tours full of Broadway history, ghost stories, and fun theatrical facts. Our Broadway Gift Shop features one-of-a-kind gifts celebrating the 41 Broadway Theaters and their musicals and plays.

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    New York's theater district is calling you! Times Square is the entertainment hub of New York City and home to nearly all of the world-famous Broadway shows. When you travel to New York, do not miss out on all that the theater district has to offer -- there is a show for everyone. Marriott offers the best choice of hotels in Times Square, from ...

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    Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of New York City with our guide to Broadway and hotel package deals. Discover the seamless fusion of dramatic performances and luxurious stays, designed to elevate your travel experience from a simple getaway to an unforgettable, culturally rich adventure.🗽.

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    Broadway Season Playbill Poster 2023-2024. Price: $24.99. Cover to Cover: Broadway Opening Nights. Price: $30.00. The 2024 Tony Awards Playbill. Price: $30.00. Playbill Broadway Groundbreaking Musicals Face... Price: $14.99. The Broadway Super Store - Official Broadway Souvenir Merchandise with thousands of great Broadway gifts, souvenirs, and ...

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    From iconic European cities to exotic Caribbean islands, our cruise holidays will take you to some of the world's finest destinations. Create memories you'll cherish for a lifetime, as you cross off your bucket-list all at once. With our multi-stop cruises, you can visit up to 40 exciting destinations - all in a single holiday! Book your ...

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    We have exclusively used Broadway for years as the customer service is amazing. Steven ensures our holidays are tailored to our family needs every time. We can't wait to book our next adventure. Date of experience: 30 March 2024. Useful. Share. Reply from Broadway Travel. 6 days ago.

  9. Package Holidays

    We get you the best prices on your hotel, flights, transfers, car hire and more, so you won't have to worry about a thing when you arrive. Make sure it's all sorted before you leave with our wide selection of package holidays. Your tailor-made holiday is ready to go. Whether you want to hop on a transfer from the airport to your hotel or ...

  10. National Tour Shows

    Here, you can explore a curated selection of current and upcoming touring productions of Broadway shows that may be coming to a city near you - see the full tour schedules, get tickets, find out ...

  11. Broadway Across America

    Now featuring the just announced 2023 Tony Awards nominees including Some Like It Hot, New York New York and & Juliet, Broadway Across America Travel is excited to share news... Learn More. Classic Broadway Weekend (Roaring 20s) ... NYC and Broadway are in the midst of an inspiring revival and we are inviting you to come and immerse... Learn More .

  12. Broadway Flying J Travel Plaza

    Locations With five convenient locations along interstate I-90, I-80 and U.S. 395, we have everything you might need for travel from WiFi and DEF to showers and ATMs. Stop, recharge and we'll get you back on the road with everything … Broadway Flying J Travel Plaza Read More »

  13. A Look Behind the Scenes of Broadway National Tours

    The theater community is facing an unprecedented obstacle this year in the form of COVID-19, the virus that shuttered Broadway last March and has proven equally devastating for the touring industry. "Theater is this 100-mile-per-hour train," says Jeff Loeb, general manager of Los Angeles's Hollywood Pantages Theatre and Broadway in Hollywood. "And it's as if…

  14. Broadway Tickets & Exclusive Experiences

    Girls Getaway Broadway Experience. March 21-24, 2024. Kick-off spring in style - excellent tickets to the best new shows along with exclusive experiences and an elegant level of service throughout your stay. Shows include The Notebook, Merrily We Roll Along, The Outsiders, Back to the Futre, and more. Learn More.

  15. Holidays from just £99pp

    You can shop our rock bottom prices all year round. From the sandy shores of Spain to Greece's glorious islands, ... Broadway Travel Service (Wimbledon) Ltd. Company registration number 00472065. VAT number 215 9688 32. Registered office: Amber Court, William Armstrong Drive, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7YA. ...

  16. All Inclusive Hotels

    All Inclusive Hotels. 24/7 in resort support. Flexible holiday changes. ABTA & ATOL protected. Deposits from £49pp. All Inclusive hotels bring a sense of ease to your holiday, allowing you to sit back, relax and take in the sizzling weather with everything under one roof - you won't have to lift a finger. Help yourself to an unlimited ...

  17. Complete Broadway theatre guide: Shows, venues, and more

    Guide to the 2024 Tony Awards: how to watch, nominees, and more. Your guide to the Tony Awards categories. Originally published on May 22, 2024 10:46. This hub is your one-stop shop to discover our various guides to choosing Broadway shows to see, navigating the Theatre District, getting tickets, and more. Read more on New York Theatre Guide.

  18. Welcome to Broadway at the Beach

    Welcome toBroadway at the Beach. Year after year, Broadway at the Beach stands alone as by far the most popular tourist destination in the entire Myrtle Beach area. With its great location, convenient parking and wide range of outstanding activities for visitors of all ages, it's the perfect place to make magical memories of your own. Shop.

  19. Broadway Shows on Tour

    The Kite Runner. Les Misérables. Life of Pi. The Lion King. Also in NYC. Mamma Mia! MJ The Musical. Also in NYC. Moulin Rouge!

  20. Broadway Show Deals

    Broadway Shows. Give your own regards to Broadway! Whatever kind of performance you're looking for -- from one-man show to grand-scale musical; whether dramatic, magical or downright farcical -- we've got your tickets right here. We don't have any deals for Broadway Shows right now. Please browse our other collections.

  21. Broadway Travel promo code: £15 OFF in May 2024

    Enjoy £50 savings on purchases over £2,000 with this Broadway Travel Discount Code. 30/05/2024. FREE UPGRADE. Get a free room upgrade on selected holiday bookings. £25 OFF. Enjoy £25 discount on orders over £1,500 with this Broadway Travel Promo Code. 30/05/2024. All (10)

  22. Book with Confidence

    Book with Confidence. 24/7 in resort support. Flexible holiday changes. ABTA & ATOL protected. Deposits from £49pp. Now, more than ever, we understand how important it is to have peace of mind when you book your next holiday, especially as your holiday plans can easily change. So we have outlined our promises to you that will allow you to book ...

  23. Schedule of Upcoming and Announced Broadway Shows

    Opening: September 12, 2024. Starring: Mia Farrow, Patti LuPone. Writer: Jen Silverman. Director: Jack O'Brien. About: Mia Farrow and Patti LuPone will return to Broadway in Jen Silverman's comedy ...