Traveling this summer? It's never too soon to start planning your ground transportation.

Getting around on vacation is getting harder than ever. With another car rental shortage forecast for this summer, you might find yourself stranded at your hotel or vacation rental. But there are new ways to solve your ground transportation problems.

"This summer will likely be frustrating for travelers," says Robert Walden, editor-in-chief of , a car maintenance site. "In addition to air travel woes and high gas prices, the rental car market has been upended by fleet shortages, high fuel prices and skyrocketing demand. This reality has no signs of abating soon, so travelers should consider other alternatives." 

For many travelers, ground transportation is the first consideration when they're planning a vacation. During last year's car rental shortage, Mark Beales decided to skip his rental when he visited Hawaii's Big Island. 

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He returned to Kona recently with his family, so he started looking for a car through AutoSlash .

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"AutoSlash, through their rate tracking service, advised us that car rental prices had dropped such that a one-month rental was $1,258, far below the original quoted price," says Beales, a retired mortgage banker from Mill Creek, Washington.

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There are other ways to save on a rental car. "Find a hotel that has an airport shuttle and rent a car off-airport," advises Mark Mannell, CEO of Car Rental Savers . "In tourist locations, many hotels have car rental desks."

But there are other ways to get from point A to point B when you're traveling. The trick is thinking differently about ground transportation and using new apps and options to get around.

How to think differently about ground transportation

Travelers are starting to rethink ground transportation. Stan Caldwell , an associate professor of transportation and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University , says new "mobility as service" platforms are offering travelers more options for getting around.

If you're traveling to Pittsburgh, consider downloading the Transit app, which partnered with MovePGH to let users combine inexpensive, shared mobility options with the city's mass transit. "These services include public transportation, bike and scooter share and ride-hail services like Lyft and Uber," he says. 

If you're headed to Europe, you can download an app called Whim that allows you to access transportation options in places like Antwerp, Belgium; Helsinki; and Vienna.

What are the car rental alternatives?

Think outside the car rental box this summer. There are many other ways to get around by car, like a chauffeured limousine.

"As car rental shortages and rising rental prices continue, many of our members are experiencing increased business as travelers turn to alternate modes of transportation," says Robert Alexander , president of the National Limousine Association .

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It sounds counterintuitive, but with car rental prices so high, a limo may actually be less expensive.

"Using chauffeured cars can certainly be more practical if you rent a car for vacation but only drive it a few times," Alexander says. "Taxis and ride-share solutions are not always the least expensive options."

What about car-sharing?

Susan Beardslee, a principal analyst at ABI Research , says car-sharing options such as Turo , Zipcar and Avail are worth considering this summer.  

"Planning is critical," she says. "You have to be flexible with your days of the week, dates and location. Vacationers will have better luck if they avoid key holidays and the most popular destinations."

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Car sharing isn't without its challenges. Customers have complained about getting high-mileage vehicles that smell of cigarette smoke. But car-sharing companies are also more flexible than some car rental companies.

"Travelers can opt for a car share on an hourly basis, in contrast to the traditional car rental model, which requires people to commit to a full day," says Nick Tenekedes , vice president of marketplace at car-sharing site Getaround .

Now is the time to make your ground transportation arrangements

One of the smartest fixes for your ground transportation problems is not having them in the first place.

"Consider a destination where you don't need a rental car to get everywhere," says Narendra Khatri, principal of Insubuy , a travel insurance company. "In denser urban environments and island locations, you can rely on public transportation."

But whether you rent, share, use mass transit or take a scooter, make your plans soon, experts say.

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"This summer, book ground travel as early as possible," says Bryn Culbert , a spokeswoman for the ground transportation app Wanderu . "Bus and train companies often sell out of lower-priced fares, and tickets cost much more if they're booked at the last minute."

It's an undeniable fact about ground transportation that's unlikely to change anytime soon: You can't think about it soon enough. 

Tips for getting reliable ground transportation this summer

Assume nothing. With supply chain bottlenecks affecting ground transportation, take nothing for granted. "Find out if trains and buses are still running," advises Frank Harrison, regional security director for North America and U.K. at World Travel Protection . "What are the schedules? Are you looking to rent a vehicle, rideshare, carpool, or similar? Throughout North America, there are supply restrictions. And in most cases, what is available is subject to price increases."

Shop harder. That's the advice of Peter Hoagland, a consultant from Warrenton, Virginia, who recently rented a car in Portland, Maine. "The rates were all over the map," he recalls. He decided to continue querying the same car rental companies using different discount codes until he got a rate that met his budget. "It pays to keep shopping even with the same rental company."

Run the numbers. It may make more sense to take your own car to your vacation destination instead of flying. Once you add up the costs of flying and renting a car, you might be better off just driving That's particularly true for some destinations in the Northeast, destinations in the Northeast. Renting a car can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars more, says Mario Medina , CEO of drvn , a technology and chauffeur service company. "So the winner here is obviously driving yourself," he says.

Almost Zero Waste

8 Most Eco-Friendly Ways Of Transportation For Short & Long Distance

eco-friendly way of transportation

This post and the photos within it may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a commission at no extra charge to you.

When it comes to finding the most eco-friendly way of transportation, one thing is certain – it is hard to give a straight answer because most times, it depends on many factors.

However, for the most part, we know that specific options are better than others. 

In this article, you will find more about the  most eco-friendly ways of transportation, both short-distance, and long-distance , and learn more about why it isn’t as simple as you thought.

Let’s jump right in.

Eco-Friedly Ways Of Transportation For Short Distance:

eco-friendly way of transportation

If you choose an eco-friendly way of transportation when traveling short distances such as to work, or university, riding a bike is one of the best options to get around. 

Bicycles need no fuel to work and take up less road space. They are better for the environment and good for your health. If more people decide to bike around, cities will: 

  • have fewer cars and fewer traffic jams 
  • have fewer road expansions, which will ultimately help preserve plant and animal life

2. Electric bike

eco-friendly way of transportation

E-bikes are another great and cost-effective option to move around. E-bikes use electric power, along with human power, to move forward. 

They do not release toxic gases. Furthermore, if you can charge the battery using green solar power, you will be using 100% environmentally friendly energy, making the electric bike a fantastic option.

You will save money in the long run and reach your destination fast, without getting stuck in traffic.

Assuming it is charged with an electric energy mix, an estimation is that an  e-bike emits 40 to 140 times fewer pounds of greenhouse gases than a gas car.

Overall, an electric one can be a great alternative if you aren’t a huge fan of regular bikes.

3. Tram Or Metro 

eco-friendly way of transportation

Nowadays, most trams use electrical power, and if your country gets its power from renewable sources, it is a great sustainable way to move around town.

They are also quite efficient, regular, and usually very affordable transportation options.

4. Carpooling

eco-friendly carpooling

One of the biggest problems with cars is how we use them. When every single passenger uses their vehicle, we waste more gas per person. 

Having fewer passengers per car also means that there will be more cars on the road, which increases traffic congestion and makes road travel inefficient.

Try carpooling with a friend, co-worker, or neighbor to reduce traffic congestion and minimize per-person gas emissions. 

When you share your ride with people who need to get to the same or nearby destinations, you don’t just reduce your carbon footprint; you can also reduce your gas expenses. 

Eco-Friedly Ways Of Transportation For Long Distance:

Travel longer distance means using a form of fossil fuel-reliant transportation. So let’s take a closer look at which is the best option you have and why.

eco-friendly way of transportation

Unlike bicycles, buses still burn fossil fuels. However, because buses can carry many people, they are much more environmentally friendly than cars. 

Traveling long-distance with a bus means reducing the overall number of vehicles on the road, decreasing CO2 emissions, air pollution, and traffic congestion.

eco-friendly way of transportation

Trains are another eco-friendly option to travel around and an ideal option if you travel between distant cities or countries.

Trains offer similar environmental benefits as buses. Because trains have a large carrying capacity, they can move large numbers of people across distances while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. 

A  report by the BBC revealed that Eurostar trains  emit only 6g of CO2 per passenger per kilometer traveled, while domestic rails emit 41g per passenger per kilometer traveled. 

In comparison, private cars emit 171g of CO2 per passenger per kilometer traveled. Also, trains have many advantages; they are fast, reliable, and comfortable. 

7. Electric Vehicles

eco-friendly way of transportation

Another option is an electric car. Unlike traditional combustion engine cars, electric vehicles don’t use gas. 

Instead, they get power from rechargeable batteries and energy from electricity.

Since electric cars don’t rely on petrol, their environmental impact is smaller than traditional regular combustion engine cars.

Where you live essentially will determine how clean your electricity is, and because electric cars still rely on it, those who want to minimize their electric car’s environmental impact can switch to renewable energy sources, such as solar power. 

Hoymiles explains that investing in solar installations  will let you power your car without contributing to the harmful practice of burning fossil fuels. 

Going solar also has other benefits, such as reduced electric bills, energy independence, and tax credits.

In any case, electric cars are a much better option over their lifespan, and they don’t consume any near the fossil fuels that gas-powered cars do. 

If you don’t have the opportunity to get an electric car, another efficient option is a small, light hybrid vehicle.

8. Hitchhiking Or Shared Transportation

eco-friendly way of transportation

Another alternative & eco-friendly way to travel around is by hitchhiking or using ridesharing apps.

Hitchhiking or sharing a ride with someone to another town results in (almost) no more carbon emission than the car you are getting into will release anyway.

Some great apps and websites for shared transportation include:

  • Hitch – Ridesharing platform designed to make hitchhiking from city to city fast, safe, and affordable. Available in the US.
  • Poparide – Fun, sustainable, and affordable to carpool from city to city in Canada with over 400,000 members.
  • Waze Carpool – available in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and Israel.
  • BlaBlaCar – You can use it in 22 countries across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Moovit – Available worldwide.
  • Ola – Available in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and India.
  • Motar – Available across Europe.
  • GoMore – Available in Denmark.
  • sRide – Available in India.
  • GoJek – Available in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.
  • Check local Facebook groups for ridesharing

What is the best way to for traveling overseas?

It is a tricky question, and for now, the only two options for traveling to the other side of the world are – flying and taking a cruise.

Sailing may seem the better option, but  some research found  it is worse than flying. Additionally, it will take much longer to reach your destination.

That’s why, for oversea traveling, flying is the only option. To make flying a little bit better, you can follow those tips:

  • Get a direct flight, if possible – they use significantly less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide than connecting flights
  • Consider flying with  air companies that strive to become more eco-friendly  and use biodiesel
  • Packing light helps reduce the weight of an aircraft, which pump less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
  • Pick a  sustainable travel destination
  • Consider using a sustainable travel agent like  Lokal
  • If you use travel companies, consider booking with an  eco-friendly one
  • Book your stay using eco-friendly websites like –  Book different,   Eco Hotels ,  Eco Bnb ,  Veggie Hotels , etc.
  • Consider  volunteering
  • Offset your carbon emissions
  • Try to reduce the use of single-use plastics, and waste in general
  • Use public transportation while at the location

eco-friendly way of transportation

How terrible is flying?

Unlike other transportation modes, there’s not a lot we can do (yet), to make flying more sustainable.

Aviation accounts for around 2.5% of global CO2 emissions, but its overall contribution to climate change is higher since it affects the climate in several more complex ways.

Generally, aircraft emissions are tough to calculate because there are also a lot of variables in play — how many seats are filled, how far and how high a plane travels, its route, the time of year and time of day, flight delays, and reroutings, etc. 

What we know is that aviation emissions have doubled since the mid-1980s , and currently, global aviation (domestic and international) accounts for: 

  • 1.9% of greenhouse gas emissions; include all greenhouse gases, not only CO2 (2016)
  • 2.5% of CO2 emissions (2018)
  • 3.5% of ‘effective radiative forcing’ – a closer measure of its impact on warming (2018)

Another thing to consider is that 50% of GHG emissions from air travel, it is originating from just 1% of the world population , who are actually able to travel by plane.

Cutting GHG emissions from air travel lies in reducing its volume, particularly among the individuals who fly frequently.

What are the benefits of eco-friendly transportation?

Eco-friendly transportation options, such as bikes, public transport, and electric cars, can reduce the overall consumption of fossil fuels.

Decreasing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases can make the air cleaner, improving health and reducing people’s likelihood of developing respiratory diseases.

Using bicycles and public transportation also means putting fewer cars on the road. The lowered demand for road space then decreases the ground and water pollution caused by road construction.

eco-friendly way of transportation

Why can it be hard to determine the most eco-friendly way of transportation?

While some transportation options are better than others, sometimes it can be difficult or confusing to determine the best choice.

The most sustainable traveling options depend on many factors, and changes can make the conclusion different, including: 

  • The distance travel – How far a passenger can be moved with a gallon of fuel. 
  • The source of power – The energy required for a travel mode.
  • Amount of passengers – How empty or full it is and the transportation mode’s capacity.

What is the most environmentally friendly way to travel?

Because they emit zero greenhouse gases, regular or e-bicycles are the most environmentally friendly short-distance travel option. 

For long-distance travel, the “greenest” traveling option depends heavily on the distance travel, the source of power, and amount of passengers. 

As a rule of thumb, in most cases, the bus is the most efficient option, then is the train, and lastly – a private vehicle or a plane.

What form of transportation is the worst for the environment?

Of all forms of transportation, airplanes and private cars are the worst forms of transportation, contributing to the most pollution. 

In addition, because vehicles have lower carrying capacities than trains and buses, they emit more CO2 per passenger.

As it turns out, motor vehicles are the largest source of per capita GHG emissions in the United States, and the second-largest source in Europe; they are responsible for 21% of personal GHG emissions.

eco-friendly way of transportation

What barriers prevent people from using eco-friendly transportation?

For many, cars remain the most convenient travel option because they are the most widely available. 

Unfortunately, not all cities have invested in public transport or adjusted their infrastructures to accommodate biker safety. 

On the other hand, electric cars are inaccessible to people with limited financial means.

For eco-friendly transportation to gain traction worldwide, people need to work with local governments and promote the construction of efficient and more sustainable transportation systems. 

While there isn’t a simple solution to this massive issue, it is essential to choose eco-friendly ways of travelling whenever possible.

The transportation sector is one of the world’s most significant contributors to pollution. 

In 2014, it was reported that the transportation sector accounts for  28% of total greenhouse gases .

Luckily, most times, there are alternatives to better transportation options that are less harmful and better for our planet. 

Just remember that everything depends on many factors, including where you live.

Try to collect additional information related to your local area to get the most accurate answer for the most eco-friendly transportation options  you  have.

' src=

I'm Meri, and my goal is to share my experiences and knowledge on how anyone can live more sustainably. I share tips, guides, and different ways of becoming *almost* zero waste! You can find various topics, such as how to recycle different materials, how to DIY things, where to find fantastic zero waste goods, etc. For more information, check the about page!

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Traveling abroad isn’t all about sightseeing. Here’s how to get outdoors wherever you are

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Hiking wasn’t my primary concern when I RSVPed to a destination wedding in an architecturally stunning town in central Mexico.

Sipping margaritas and strolling romantic cobblestone streets sprang to mind — as well as the thrill of witnessing an old friend’s major milestone.

A tower-like building against a blue sky with clouds.

San Miguel de Allende instantly charmed me with its friendly aura and glorious colonial buildings. I swooned at the sight of carved stone features and stately door knockers — one in the shape of an ear of corn. My heart leapt when my friend, Times reporter Andrew Campa , said “I do” in a perfectly pink Catholic church that doubles as the town’s iconic landmark. My partner Emanuel and I feasted, visually and literally. But on our third day, itching for movement — and insight into what lay beyond the crowded main square — we abandoned the vacay vibes and set out to hike a route listed on the All Trails app .

A man stands outdoors next to a rounded brick wall and some scrubby trees.

The grip of tourist trappings quickly melted away. We trekked through a small hamlet, then up long, dusty roads, past ranches and a monastery. A turnoff took us on to a dirt trail that hugged a dry stream bed before winding through a settlement. Earlier that day, I wondered if it was absurd to spend hours hiking in a destination known for its urban delights. Now I longed to venture deep into the wild hills. Without enough time to complete the whole route — a loop of 16 miles — we turned around after two hours.

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Hiking, jogging and even walking in a new city can provide a unique perspective — and allow you to break away from the typical tourist haunts.

The snag is that it can feel daunting to hike in a foreign place, particularly if you don’t know the language or the terrain. A trip to the Alps might be straightforward, but journeying into the backcountry of countries without well developed or maintained trail systems can be tricky. Understanding the lay of the land, from local customs to available infrastructure, is key to successfully adventuring abroad, according to experienced travelers I spoke to to get a sense of how they prepare for their adventures.

Eva zu Beck , travel blogger and vlogger who has ventured into some of the most remote corners of the world, recommends learning about the local norms and social rules and sticking to them — particularly for women traveling to areas where it’s unusual to see their gender in the great outdoors.

“You’re only passing by, right? So don’t expect to be able to change anything, even if you think that that change would be good,” Poland-born zu Beck, 32, told me over a video call. Sometimes she adjusts the way she dresses, noting, “It may not be cool to wear shorts in Pakistan, whereas in California it’s perfectly OK. Maybe in some places you might want to wear a head covering.” (Fun fact: zu Beck was my boss at a travel-focused publication about 10 years ago.)

A person walking on a path in an open field

Here are four tips on how to safely access the outdoors anywhere:

1. Research, research, research

Before you set foot on foreign soil, do some web searching and ask around. There might be government guidance, articles, videos or forums that shed light on the outing you want to have.

Research is often more challenging, but more crucial, when you’re heading to a lesser-visited area. Eric Gilbertson , who along with his twin brother is attempting to summit the highest point in every country (he’s at 140 out of 196), often turns to . Intrepid types from all over the world post in English, he said.

“These are the kind of people who travel all over, who trek and peak bag all over,” said 37-year-old Gilbertson from his home in Seattle. (Peak bagging refers to the practice of ticking off a collection of summits.) “I can ask them if they know anything.”

A city view from a high window

While researching how to ascend the highest point in Uzbekistan, Gilbertson — who teaches mechanical engineering at Seattle University when he’s not scaling obscure peaks — reached out to two friends who had traveled nearby. They gave him critical advice: Approach the peak on Alpomish , a mountain Gilberston said had never been climbed before, through the Tajikistan side. That allowed him to avoid land mines and red tape, he said. On Aug. 23, Gilbertson and a partner became the first souls to reach the roughly 15,300-foot summit .

2. Tap local knowledge

Both zu Beck and Gilbertson highlighted the importance of sourcing locals’ knowledge when visiting an unfamiliar area. This can be the quickest way to gain insider knowledge, especially when it comes to matters of personal safety.

Zu Beck advised hiring a local guide. Not necessarily to accompany you on your trip, she said, but to answer all your burning questions over a meal or city walk. Guides typically know what areas are safe and when.

Gilbertson said his strategy is always to seek a local driver, who can provide safety insights as well as avoid paying bribes to local authorities.

Red and white banners stretch across the space between two buildings, one red and one yellow.

Connecting to locals can require thinking outside the box.

Running and hiking communities in a given country can be a gold-star resource, said zu Beck, a dedicated ultra runner.

She sometimes follows groups on Facebook or Instagram and checks to see if they’re having upcoming meetups she can join or reach out to the organizers for advice.

When visiting Afghanistan about three years ago, prior to the Taliban takeover, zu Beck connected with a local sports organization for women. Zu Beck said it was challenging for a woman to run or even walk alone at the time, but she was paired with a woman who took her on a run through a local neighborhood. They took precautions: dressing appropriately and running in the middle of the day and in an area that didn’t have a road next to it. They still received stares. Zu Beck described it as “really interesting insight into how women get outdoors in that part of the world.”

3. Check on what permission you need (and if you can get it)

It would be devastating to travel halfway across the world and find out you don’t have the necessary documents to go forward with your trip. Gilbertson said understanding what permission you need can be confusing and require significant research — and potentially assistance. In order to get approval to climb the highest peak in Mauritania, he had to negotiate in person with a mining company that controlled access. He brought along an Arabic translator and driver.

A woman stands on a cobblestone street with a view of a church spire.

4. Pack — and plan — appropriately

As with all outdoor adventures, it’s important to gear up for what you plan to do and the conditions you expect to encounter — all based on the extensive research you’ve conducted. Don’t count on being able to buy specific camping supplies or clothing abroad. If there are lingering unknowns — such as the exact terrain you’ll encounter— you may want to bring extra food or supplies.

Planning extends to familiarizing yourself with the landscape via navigation apps and maps (a good idea for any outing, no matter the country). And, for those traveling to far-flung locations, investing in a satellite communication device — such as a Garmin inReach — that can signal for help and send text messages. It’s also a good idea to provide a detailed itinerary of your trip to at least one emergency contact (as in someone not adventuring with you).

3 things to do

People walk and bike across a crowded bridge

1. Slow down with CicLAvia. An empty roadway in car-centric L.A. is like a unicorn — magical to behold. On Dec. 3, a six-mile route through South L.A. will be closed to cars, inviting Angelenos to experience a people-powered version of the streets. From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., people of all ages can walk, run, bike, skate or just plain goof off along a path that connects Leimert Park and Historic South-Central. Activities, basic bike repair, water-refilling stations and restrooms will be stationed at hubs along the way. Nonprofit CicLAvia, now in its 13th year, seeks to activate public spaces and promote healthy movement with open streets events held across L.A. throughout the year. More info at .

Four people on skis lifting their arms in celebration near a ski lift

2. Hit the slopes. Ski season in Big Bear kicked off days ago. “The temps are falling and the stoke is building,” Big Bear Mountain Resort wrote on its website . When traffic is light, a trip to Big Bear Lake is only about a two-hour drive from downtown Los Angeles, making it a relatively accessible escape for city dwellers craving powder. According to Big Bear Mountain Resort, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain are now open daily, while Snow Valley will operate Friday through Sunday until it’s open daily beginning Dec. 10. Mammoth Mountain’s ski season began earlier in November. Details at .

A hand holding a smartphone with pictures of plants on it.

3. Identify plants with a snap of your phone. The great outdoors wouldn’t be so great without all the wondrous flora and fauna. And, if you’re a city dweller like me, you probably didn’t grow up memorizing the names of all those birds, bees and trees. Our ever-smarter phones can help fill in the blanks. I recently downloaded the PictureThis app based on a recommendation from a fellow hiker ($29.99 for an annual premium subscription). The first thing I did was start identifying the plants in my backyard to determine if they might make my cat sick. But it’s far from the only app out there; the product-testing gurus at New York Times’ Wirecutter selected the PlantNet Plant Identification as their top pick for its ease and accuracy, while iNaturalist received a nodfor allowing users to share their observations with others. Find out more about these resources at , and , respectively.

The must-read

Four people walking together in a wooded park

Writing for the Atlantic , Hannah Seo says that the Western world is suffering from loneliness and a fear of nature — and that not only are both increasing but they might be related. Brooklyn-based Seo cites essays and studies that conclude that cultures with strong bonds are more likely to spend time outdoors and that doing so might enhance feelings of connectedness. On a basic level, being outside offers an opportunity for chance meetings and friendly waves, explains Seo, citing experts, adding that the safer we feel, the higher our tolerance for the unfamiliar — such as an insect landing on our bare foot during a picnic. Meanwhile, turning away from nature may reinforce aversion for each other and vice versa.

“It would be a stretch to say that just getting people to touch more grass will solve all societal ills, or that better social cohesion will guarantee that humankind unites to save the planet,” Seo writes. “... But this two-way phenomenon is a sign that, if you’ve been meaning to go outside more or connect with your neighbors, you might as well work on both.”

Happy adventuring,

Lila Seidman's hand-drawn signature

Passionate about climbing on public land? Consider sharing your thoughts with Uncle Sam. The U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service are seeking input on proposed guidance for managing climbing in national forests, grasslands and parks. The guidelines are intended to help land managers make decisions about how to support climbing (on rock, snow and ice) while protecting natural and cultural resources — in part by outlining a process for installing or replacing fixed anchors, including permanent bolts, chains and other equipment. Members of the public can comment on both agencies’ guidelines through Jan. 16. Submit comments to the U.S. Forest Service at this link , and comments to the National Park Service via this link .

For more insider tips on Southern California’s beaches, trails and parks, check out past editions of The Wild . And to view this newsletter in your browser, click here .

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As a West Coast Experiences reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Lila Seidman explores the grandeur and simple pleasures of the Golden State’s great outdoors. Since joining The Times in 2020, she has investigated mental health policy and jumped on breaking news. A native Angeleno, Seidman holds a bachelor’s degree from Reed College and is working toward a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University.

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Zion National Park, UT - November 03: Soleil Mandel, 12, left, and her dad Duncan Mandel, right, head back to camp after a late afternoon hike on the Watchman Trail during the Atheist Adventure 2023 on Friday, Nov. 3, 2023 in Zion National Park, UT. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

Even atheists wonder ‘why are we here?’ Inside an awe-inspiring adventure for L.A.’s non-believers

Nov. 30, 2023

ground travel options

How to get into pickleball if you’ve got no one to play with

Anaheim, CA - January 26: The main castle is seen during a 100 year celebrations focusing on the Walt Disney Co. turning 100 at Disneyland on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023 in Anaheim, CA. (Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times).

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A killer whale calf that is several months old swims with an adult killer whale in its pod during a hunting session.

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Nov. 27, 2023

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Amex gbt expands ground transportation options with groundspan, american express global business travel expands ground transportation options with groundspan.


Available now in Egencia with an enhanced booking experience for US and Canadian customers

London, UK – April 19, 2023 – American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) announced it has expanded its booking options with ground transportation provider, GroundSpan . The new offering is now available in Egencia, providing travelers more choice and flexibility when scheduling ground travel.

Egencia’s customers will have access to GroundSpan’s global ground transportation supplier network, which includes multiple vehicle types such as chauffeured sedans, SUVs and multi-passenger vans. Customers’ existing negotiated rates with their preferred suppliers will also be available in GroundSpan. In cities across North America, customers will have the ability to book chauffeured transportation and have access to new booking features, regardless of their company size or transaction volume. Smaller companies, which often don’t have their own preferred ground transportation relationships or negotiated rates, can benefit from these expanded booking options.

Intuitive User Experience for Faster Booking

Egencia has also revamped its ground transportation booking and travel management offering for customers in the US and Canada. The enhanced user experience enables travelers or arrangers to book ground transportation in three simple steps – search, select and book. New features include pre-populated business reporting data fields and custom frequently used pick-up and drop-off locations to improve the time to book. Flight details are also automatically passed on to the vehicle supplier for active flight monitoring for delays or schedule changes that may impact the traveler’s journey.

The Egencia Analytics Studio enables travel managers to quickly view trends in overall ground transportation spend. They can access the full data set to have a deeper analysis with 50 different data points including active bookings, number of cancellations, distance traveled, location, booking per supplier, and total cost.

Heather Lisagor, Vice President of Product Management, Egencia , said: “This is a complete redesign of the ground transport booking experience for customers in North America. These sophisticated updates use our customer’s existing travel and profile data to create an intelligent, efficient booking process. Our new and improved offering provides travelers and arrangers with a seamless experience that won’t disrupt their busy schedules.”

Ovation Travel Group TM , Amex GBT’s high-touch service, is already using GroundSpan for its ground travel bookings. It is anticipated that later this year, Neo TM , Amex GBT’s online integrated travel and expense solution, will also be expanding its ground transportation options with GroundSpan .  For more information about Egencia’s offerings, including ground booking, visit . To learn more about Neo, visit: and Ovation, visit:

About American Express Global Business Travel

American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) is the world’s leading B2B travel platform, providing software and services to manage travel, expenses, and meetings & events for companies of all sizes. We have built the most valuable marketplace in B2B travel to deliver unrivalled choice, value and experiences. With travel professionals in more than 140 countries, our customers and travelers enjoy the powerful backing of American Express Global Business Travel.

Egencia – an American Express Global Business Travel Company – is the only proven, global B2B travel tech platform. Originating from the labs of global tech giants, we deliver the best user experiences, unmatched content, and unbeatable service to more than two million travelers worldwide. As part of the most valuable marketplace in business travel, Egencia is in a league of its own with industry-leading data insights and AI-driven innovation that powers the travel programs of 9000+ companies in more than 60 countries.

Visit for more information about Amex GBT, and follow @amexgbt on Twitter , LinkedIn and Instagram .

Media contacts

Taylor Aaron | Global Communications and Public Affairs | [email protected]

© 2023 Egencia LLC. All rights reserved.

GBT Travel Services UK Limited (GBT UK) and its authorized sublicensees (including Ovation Travel Group and Egencia) use certain trademarks and service marks of American Express Company or its subsidiaries (American Express) in the “American Express Global Business Travel” and “American Express Meetings & Events” brands and in connection with its business for permitted uses only under a limited license from American Express (Licensed Marks). The Licensed Marks are trademarks or service marks of, and the property of, American Express. GBT UK is a subsidiary of Global Business Travel Group, Inc. (NYSE: GBTG). American Express holds a minority interest in GBTG, which operates as a separate company from American Express.

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Hack your way to cheaper travel

We know you love to travel for less, and it’s now easier than ever with’s travel hacks, unique search options, and customizable filters. Discover more about how they work and go grab yourself a flight deal at

Explore travel hacks

  • Self-transfer

Our self-transfer hack helps you reach any destination even if airlines don’t provide it as an existing itinerary. How does it work? It’s fairly straightforward. You give us the “where” and “when” and we create a travel itinerary out of separate flights from different airlines. You get where you need to go – for less.

Hidden cities ticketing

Our hidden cities hack is great if you like to travel to popular destinations and you want to beat the high prices on popular direct routes. Let’s say you want to travel from Amsterdam to Barcelona, but it costs too much. We’ll find you a two-leg itinerary with a layover in Barcelona, where you decide to say “Hasta la vista, second leg!”

  • Throwaway ticketing

Throwaway tickets help you hack the often expensive one-way fares. So, if an airline is selling a round-trip ticket cheaper than a one-way ticket, we’ll offer it to you, even though you’ve set your search filter to one-way.

Nomad — the ultimate multi-city flight search

With Nomad, our unique multi-city search tool, you simply input three or more destinations, your length of stay and travel dates, and the cheapest possible route will be found in a flash. Don’t overload your browser or fry your brain trying to figure out the best and the cheapest multiple-destination itinerary — save all that energy for your trip!

ground travel options

Flight price alerts

We know that flight prices change all the time. Our price alerts keep track of this and will notify you when the cost of your trip changes so that you can book when you see a price you like. No need to search for the same route again; just set up your personal price alert and trust our Kiwi-Code, which checks billions of routes every day.


By subscribing you agree to receive offers according to the conditions described in our Privacy Policy .

Flexible ticketing options

We give you Flexi, Standard, and Saver ticket options because we understand that sometimes, you need a flexible ticket that allows you to change or cancel your trip; and other times, you just want to grab a bargain and not pay a penny more. Guarantee

Our Guarantee gives you peace of mind whenever and wherever you travel. It protects you on all your connections, whether you’re traveling by plane, bus or train. It covers carrier cancellations, delays, and schedule changes.

Multimodal flight, train, and bus search

Our flight, train, and bus search gives you extra freedom. With this search tool, you can combine air and ground travel options into one itinerary. It really comes in handy when traveling to a city with no airport!

Price FX for lower exchange rates

Our goal is to make travel simple, cheap, and transparent, so when you buy a ticket with us, we won’t charge you any unfair exchange rate fees as many airlines do. When you pay in your chosen currency, we’ll only charge the middle market rate.

We hack the system, you fly for less

Technology that makes travel cheaper and simpler for everyone.

Kiwi-Code sees 95% of all the flights from around the world and performs billions of flight price checks every day to give you the most up-to-date search results, always. What does that mean for you? It’s simple: you get more travel search results than you would anywhere else. You see the deals and travel options that airlines don’t want you to see and other search engines can’t even find. This is how, when you book with, you’re getting some of the best travel deals on the internet.

Travel innovations that shake things up is completely independent of any airlines and online travel agents, which gives us the freedom to reinvent and reimagine the travel industry and its technology. And that is exactly what we do. We shake things up so you can use that technology with ease when booking your trips. We want to set travel tech trends that others will follow, because we believe that it’s the only way the travel industry can make traveling more accessible for everyone.

We want our travel tech to show you all of your travel options, so that you can decide whether you want to stick with the standard itinerary, or whether you want to take advantage of our travel hacks that might make the journey cheaper or more convenient.

Travel is about freedom. So are our hacks. suits both experienced and inexperienced travelers who are looking for regular travel search results, but are also asking for something extra — like our travel hacks. We realize that not all our travel hacks are suited to just any trip, but we still want to give you the final say. That’s why, when you search for a specific destination or route, the search results on our website or on the app will consist of all the standard options from all the relevant carriers, plus any available travel hack options: routes that feature self-transfer, hidden cities, and throwaway ticketing.

What is a travel hack?

At, what we call a “travel hack” is anything that makes your travel experience easier and cheaper, and that positively disrupts the way flight and travel search engines work.

Our four main travel hacks are:

What is self-transfer?

The self-transfer hack helps you travel anywhere by connecting airlines and carriers that don’t usually cooperate with each other. It’s an extremely useful hack especially when there are no direct flights between smaller airports.

Our self-transfer hack is synonymous with virtual interlining, a complicated-sounding term for a simple idea: making planes, trains, and buses connect, even when it’s not normally an advertised combination. With our Kiwi-Code, we made self-transfer work by creating an algorithm that seamlessly combines flights, trains and buses into one itinerary. This way, we give you routes that other travel companies can’t map out, and it saves you from having to spend long hours looking at every possible airline, every possible connection, and every possible price to piece them together on your own.

This travel hack involves buying flight tickets to a less popular destination with a layover in a popular destination, compared to buying the direct flight to the popular destination. In other words, a flight between city A and city C with a layover at city B might be cheaper than a direct flight between city A and city B.

On most travel search engines, this lower price would only be visible if you were specifically looking to travel from New York to Des Moines, but can take connections into account as well. That means, if Chicago is your destination, we’ll find it hidden within an airline’s itinerary. You get the cheaper ticket, and simply end your journey in Chicago.

Throwaway tickets

When you buy a throwaway ticket, you have the intention of traveling with it to your destination, but you don’t intend to use the return part of the ticket. This hack comes in useful when you want to travel one way, but the round-trip fare is cheaper than a one-way ticket.

For instance, if you intend to fly from London to Rome, you may find out that a one-way ticket costs €600, but that the round-trip fare is only €300. Therefore, you buy the cheaper ticket from London to Rome and back. You board the flight to Rome but not the flight back to London, and the second half of the ticket gets discarded when you don’t show up for the return flight. You can “throw away” only the return leg of the trip, as not showing up for the outbound flight usually leads to the entire reservation being canceled by the airline.

Nomad multi-city flight search

Multi-city trip options have long been a feature of online travel agencies. But travelers always had to create their own itineraries, often experimenting with different combinations in dozens of browser windows to make their own comparisons and eventually find the best route.

Now with Nomad, does the work for you — in seconds. You save hours of your time, and potentially significant amounts of money, when searching for cheap flights with this revolutionary multi-city tool. Nomad from allows you to input multiple destinations and your desired duration of stay in each of them, before it calculates the cheapest possible route. In other words, Nomad shuffles the destinations you input and finds you the most cost-effective itinerary.

This is precisely what is all about: using technology to make travel easier and cheaper for everyone.

It’s not just our hacks that help you save money

Many people who book with us don’t need to use travel hacks to get to where they need to go. This is why, aside from coming up with more hacks, we’re also constantly improving all other aspects of our business to make our customers’ booking and traveling experiences smoother and cheaper.

Travel search features

We always make sure that when you’re looking to book a flight with us, we can offer you exactly what you need to travel as smoothly and cheaply as possible. Both the website and the app have search features that allow you to search for a particular trip when you know exactly how, where and when you wish to travel; but we also have very customizable filters, so you can find cheaper tickets if you’re on a limited travel budget.

Search to: Anywhere

Try the Search to: Anywhere feature — it lets you discover interesting places you normally wouldn’t think of, and you can sort them by price. You could be somewhere amazing for next to nothing in no time! You can also choose to fly anytime , extending your options even further.

Other custom search filters on include:

  • Time of stay: set a concrete or flexible time frame for how long you’d like to stay
  • Interactive calendar: shows you prices for each day of the month so you can select the best deal
  • Set price range: only search for trips within your budget
  • Airport radius: search for trips that start or end within a set radius of your departure or destination, so that you can find a cheaper flight from or to a nearby airport
  • Transport: choose from airplane, bus, and train routes, or a combination of all three
  • Carriers: search for your preferred airline, train or bus operator
  • Exclude countries: remove routes that go via countries you think might be difficult or inconvenient to enter, such as countries with visa or Covid-19 related travel restrictions
  • Times: depart or arrive at a certain time of day
  • Duration: choose a maximum travel time
  • Days: pick the day of the week that's most convenient for you to travel

Adding the Guarantee to your trip means that every part of your journey is protected from unexpected changes, whether it’s a flight, train journey, bus trip, or a combination. It means that you can contact us 24/7 if things go wrong, and depending on the problem, we can provide:

  • protection against unexpected schedule changes
  • accommodation and contribution towards airport transfer costs
  • contribution towards refreshment costs
  • an alternative itinerary or refund

Flexible tickets

When you buy from, you can select one of three levels of ticket flexibility: Flexi, Standard, and Saver. Each of these differently-priced tickets provides a different level of rebooking and cancellation flexibility. This means that you can choose the right ticket to suit your budget and travel plans.

At, when you decide to pay in your home currency, we simply charge you the middle of the market rate. Airlines can charge up to 6.5% in exchange rate fees — a common (and generally hidden) extra cost for the customer. Booking with means you get the fairest exchange rate.

Do you have your eye on a specific trip? We’ll notify you when the cost of it changes, and you can book exactly when you like the price. No need to search for the same route again; just set up your price alert and trust our Kiwi-Code, which checks billions of prices every day.

This is what is all about: using technology to make travel easier and cheaper for globetrotters like you.

Frequently asked questions.

The term "travel hack" applies to anything that positively disrupts the way flight and travel search engines work, and makes the customer's travel experience easier, cheaper and more accessible as a result.

A good travel hack saves you money or time, or sometimes even both. Here are some of our hacks that can help you cut costs or speed up your search:

  • Take advantage of throwaway ticketing , hidden cities , or self-transfer . When you search for a trip on our website, all the results that feature these hacks will be marked with a little green star and the words ‘Travel hack’.
  • Use Nomad , our unique multi-city tool for planning and booking itineraries with more then three destinations. It’ll save you a lot of time (and money too, in most cases).
  • If you’re flexible with your plans, you can search for flights for whenever to wherever using our Anytime and Anywhere search filters. This will find you the best deals available from your departure point.
  • When planning your trip, you can also look for prices from nearby airports . Do this when you search by extending the radius from your preferred airport to allow options departing within that area to appear in your search results.

Yes. You can’t get into any kind of legal trouble for taking advantage of our throwaway ticketing, hidden cities, or self-transfer travel hacks.

“Skiplagging” is another term that some use to refer to our hidden cities travel hack, which involves saving money on your ticket by using an airline layover as a final destination. To read more about how this works, click here .

Finding cheap flights doesn’t have to be mind-boggling or time-consuming. Here are some tips that can help you simplify or speed up your search for great deals:

  • Make use of travel hacks such as throwaway ticketing , hidden cities , and self-transfer .
  • Don’t forget to consider ground transport. Buses and trains can often be cheaper and sometimes even quicker than getting a flight.
  • Include nearby airports, bus stations and train stations in your search to uncover even more travel options.
  • Set price alerts for the dates and routes you’re looking for, so you can keep track of price changes and grab the best deal.

When you search for cheap flights with, this is exactly what you’ll get: some of the cheapest airfares on the market.

You don’t strictly “search” for travel hacks; a hack will appear in a search result if our Kiwi-Code determines that that hack will make the itinerary cheaper. In other words, when you search for a trip on, we’ll show you every available deal, including itineraries that feature travel hacks. The most common travel hacks which make itineraries cheaper are self-transfer , throwaway ticketing , and hidden cities :

  • Self-transfer combines flights from carriers that don’t usually cooperate, making it possible to travel with the big carriers and the low-budget airlines on the same journey. This is the travel hack that’s at the very core of our product.
  • Throwaway ticketing catches round-trip tickets that are cheaper than their one-way counterparts.
  • Hidden cities is about finding you a ticket with a layover at your intended destination that is cheaper than the direct fare.

All you have to do is look out for the green-star “Travel hack” icon in your search results, click on the itinerary, and you’ll get all the information you need to travel for less.

We can help! Try our Nomad search tool and you’ll be saving time, energy, and most importantly, money. Gone are the days of checking multiple websites to piece together a complex itinerary on your own — with Nomad, you can book your entire trip in just a single search.

  • From the homepage, select Nomad from the dropdown menu in the search form.
  • Set your departure city, departure date, and the number of nights you want to be away.
  • Add the places that you want to visit and the lengths of time that you want to spend in each one.
  • Based on your search criteria, we’ll build the cheapest itineraries for you.
  • Choose your adventure and book your trip!

Some airlines offer flexible tickets, which tend to be more expensive, but that give you the option to travel on any date or change the date of your trip as many times as you like. With, you can choose between three simple ticket types regardless of the carrier(s), so you can find the right balance between traveling for cheap and the having the flexibility you want.

If your plans might change but you still want to save a seat, we recommend that you choose our Flexi ticket. If you end up changing your trip, you’ll only pay the fare difference for the new booking. If you cancel, you’ll get back 90% of the amount you paid, either as a monetary refund or in Credit.

The Standard ticket provides a reasonable degree of flexibility. If you change your trip, you’ll only pay the fare difference for the new booking and we’ll cover the rest. If you cancel your trip, you’ll get €10 in Credit to put towards a new booking. This applies only to bookings originally priced at €20 or more.

If your plans are set in stone, we recommend the Saver ticket at the very cheapest price. If you need to change your trip, you’ll have to pay for the new booking in full. If you cancel your trip, you’ll get €10 in Credit to put towards a new booking. This applies only to bookings originally priced at €20 or more.

Price FX (FX = “foreign exchange”) is a foreign exchange rate tool that bypasses the all too common pitfall of high airline exchange rate fees that customers are charged when they pay in their preferred currency.

If you pay on an airline’s website in a currency that the airline doesn’t use, your money will go through a foreign bank — a bank that operates in the airline’s primary currency. When this happens, there is usually a cost to cover the conversion of your money through the bank. Price FX, however, means that when you book with in your local currency, regardless of what an airline is charging, we will only ever charge you exchange fees based on the middle of the market rate.

Avoid higher exchange fees by booking with When you search for flights on our website or in our app, the prices of the results will be in your specified preferred currency, and any exchange to calculate those prices will have been made according to the middle of the market rate.

If you must book directly with an airline, you can cheapen any exchange rate fees by setting the currency on the website to that at the point of the flight’s departure (e.g. to US dollars if you’re departing from New York). You should then only be charged by your own bank according to their fees.

In the top right-hand corner of our webpage, you should see a flag. Click it to adjust your currency preferences. In our app, go to Profile > Settings > App preferences > Currency to set your preferred currency.

Flight disruptions occur more frequently now than ever before, so it’s good to have a plan B in case any of your flights are canceled, delayed, or rescheduled. This is why we offer the Guarantee to cover your entire trip, so that you’re protected in case of any changes or cancellations instigated by the carrier(s).

Here’s when the Guarantee comes in handy:

  • your trip gets canceled, entirely or in part
  • your trip gets rescheduled by more than 24 hours, entirely or in part
  • part of your trip is delayed to the extent that you miss your connection(s)
  • your baggage is delayed at reclaim or there are long queues at immigration to the extent that you miss your connection(s)

In any of these cases, we’ll offer you either a refund or an alternative journey to your destination. The exact rules depend on how long it is before your departure day at the time of the disruption occurring.

The Guarantee covers your entire trip, whether you use self-transfer or not, and no matter whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or bus. We strongly recommend that you add the Guarantee to your booking if you have a complex itinerary with several flights and layovers.

Price alerts help you keep track of flight prices and ensure that you find out that the price of your trip has gone down exactly as it happens. Setting up price alerts is easy:

  • Sign into your account.
  • Search for a trip ; set dates, departure and arrival points, as well as the number of passengers and baggage options.
  • Toggle the ‘Set up price alerts’ slider on your desktop or tap the bell icon in the app (both of which are in the top left-hand corner of the results page).
  • Enable push notifications in the app to get instant alerts, and make sure you whitelist in your email settings. And that’s it — we’ll send you emails and push notifications when the price of your trip drops.

Flying often seems like the best mode of transport, but it doesn’t work in all cases of A to B. For example, if you’re traveling to a smaller city that doesn’t have an airport, you might need to book both a flight an onward bus or a train. With, you can book the entire journey in one smooth transaction without needing to compare lots of prices and schedules on different websites. This ultimately means that you’re able to pick the most convenient travel option to suit you.

  • On the results page, you can then filter itineraries by mode of transport — choose to see or hide itineraries featuring flights, trains, and/or buses. You’ll find these filters at the top of the screen on your mobile device, or on the left-hand side of your desktop screen. Here’s what they look like:

If you decide to combine a flight with ground transport, it’s important to be mindful of the layover duration versus the time it takes to get between the station and the airport, so that you don’t miss your connection. Remember that if you have the Guarantee and any part of your trip is rescheduled or canceled, we can help you out with an alternative journey or a refund.

Popular flights

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Ground travel options expanding in Southern Idaho

For those in Twin Falls, whether it’s ground or air transportation, having options is the goal and the more the better.

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — In the last week, Magic Valley Regional Airport announced that SkyWest would, again, be reducing flight options, meaning the airport will be cut down to just one flight daily, leaving would-be travelers with minimal local options.

“I do, if I was a young person,” said Twin Falls resident Connie Higley, “I would want more options.”

“I think there is enough of a draw,” said Twin Falls Resident Beth Schultz. “I think they could use more flights in Twin Falls.”

Now, Salt Lake Express, a shuttle service offering routes throughout Southern Idaho has expanded options going west to Seattle and South to Reno.

“Not only are we adding [Reno] the first of December, we added [Seattle] in October, so we’re stretching our legs,” said Sales Manager Kathy Pope.

Pope says the ground transportation business booms when air travel typically struggles as travelers look for alternatives when taking to the air costs too much.

“It seems like when the economy is really bad,” said Pope, “we have a jump in ridership because people don’t want to replace their car, they don’t trust it anymore, it costs so much in fuel so they tend to take the shuttle more.”

“I think that would work;” Higley said, “I think that would be good. I like lots of choices.”

Copyright 2022 KMVT. All rights reserved.

ISP and Idaho Power shut down portion of I-84 after early morning incident

ISP and Idaho Power shut down portion of I-84 after early morning incident

Hunters find human remains on their private property near Twin Lakes in Kootenai County, Idaho.

Hunters find human remains in northern Idaho north of Rathdrum, name of person and cause of death unknown

Overheated lithium battery determined as cause of Jerome house fire Sunday morning

Overheated lithium battery determined as cause of Jerome house fire Sunday morning

If UNLV beats San Jose State on Saturday, the Broncos are guaranteed a spot in the...

Boise State likely clinched a spot in the Mountain West Championship after win vs. Air Force

Erika Brock, 42, of Heyburn granted 60-day furlough to attend recovery program in Boise per...

Brock released from Jerome County custody for recovery program in Boise

FedEx Ground ® shipping

Get a shipping rate | Ship as a guest

The FedEx Super Bowl LVIII Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to win a trip for two to Las Vegas. The winner will enjoy round-trip travel, hotel accommodations, and access to pre-game events. Earn up to 199 additional entries when you ship using eligible FedEx ® services. No purchase necessary.

overnight shipping

If you want to ship your package in person, we have thousands of shipping locations for your convenience. Find a shipping location near you.

Get low-cost deliveries to businesses

Here's what you'll find on this page:

What is FedEx Ground shipping?

FedEx Ground is a low-cost shipping service that delivers to businesses and is faster to more locations than UPS Ground.* If you need to ship to a residential address, use FedEx Home Delivery ® , which delivers every day of the week — including to over 50% of the U.S. population on Sundays.

ground travel options

Shipping/transit time

Delivery within the contiguous U.S. takes 1–5 business days. Shipping to and from Alaska and Hawaii requires 3–7 business days. 1   Check transit times . 

ground travel options

Weight limit and maximum package size

Packages up to 150 lbs., 108" in length, and 165" in length plus girth (L+2W+2H) can be shipped.

ground travel options

Delivery area

FedEx Ground delivers throughout all 50 states to all U.S. business addresses. FedEx International Ground ® ships between the U.S. and Canada, and within Canada.

ground travel options

Get started by calculating your ground shipping rates .

Deliver more happy for the holidays with FedEx

The key to happier holidays for you and your customers? Planning ahead. Get started now with holiday tips and resources.

Smiling retail employee handing package to smiling courier

Delivery within the contiguous U.S. takes 1–5 business days. Shipping to and from Alaska and Hawaii requires 3–7 business days. Check transit times . FedEx Ground has a money-back guarantee. 1


Packages up to 150 lbs., 108" in length and 165" in length plus girth (L+2W+2H) can be shipped.


Compare FedEx Ground to other shipping options

Calculate your ground shipping rates.

Use our rates tool to find the most cost-effective ground shipping options for your needs. FedEx Ground rates are determined by:

The distance to the destination

Pricing for FedEx ® shipments is determined by how many different ground shipping zones the packages travel through for delivery.

FedEx Ground has seven zones for U.S. shipping. Zones are laid out like a rough bullseye around your origin address. The rings of the bullseye are labeled Zones 2 through 8. Zone 2 is 0–150 miles away. Zone 3 is 151–300 miles from the origin address, and so on. Keep in mind, because of the way cities are laid out, the zones aren’t in perfect circles. The more zones your package crosses, the more shipping will cost.

The destination being classified as residential or commercial

If you’re shipping using FedEx Home Delivery via the FedEx Ground network, there is a $4 residential surcharge added to the cost of each package.

The destination being in the U.S. or Canada

The main costs added for shipping outside the United States are duties and taxes. Destination countries may also add fees. Use our International Shipping Assist tool to calculate duties and taxes, look up harmonized codes, and get customs documents. Learn about using FedEx International Ground  to ship to Canada.

Packaging type and package size, weight, and density

Packaging type

When we say the packaging type affects cost, we mean that boxes and envelopes come in different sizes and weights. Packaging directly affects your overall package weight and density. 

Package size, weight, and density

Costs are based on either actual weight or dim weight, whichever is greater.

Dim weight is the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight. It’s a measurement of package density. 

To calculate dim weight:

  • Multiply length by width by height in inches. Round each measurement to the nearest whole inch. The resulting total is the cubic size of your package.
  • Divide that number (cubic size) by 139 (U.S., Puerto Rico, and international shipments).

Learn more about how to calculate your dim weight .

Sending several packages to the same place?

Choose FedEx Ground Multiweight

ground travel options

What it does: 

If you’re shipping multiple packages from the same origin to the same destination, you might get a better rate if you handle them all as a single shipment. Multiweight is rating logic that you add to your account that automatically compares the total cost of sending multiple shipments versus treating all the packages as a single shipment. Then it automatically applies the lower price.

ground travel options

Shipping/transit time:

1–5 business days (3–7 to Alaska and Hawaii).

ground travel options

Package size: 

  • Minimum total shipment weight: 200 lbs.
  • Minimum weight per package: 15–25 lbs. (average)
  • Maximum weight per package: 150 lbs.
  • Maximum dimensions per package: 108" long, 165" length plus girth (L+2H+2W)

ground travel options

No special configuration. All you have to do is make sure multiweight pricing is activated on your account.

It’s automatically applied to qualifying shipments. You don’t have to remember to do anything special. Everything happens automatically once it’s activated.

No special packaging prep. Just keep shipping like you always have. No need to palletize, shrink-wrap, or do other special prep.

All tracking numbers are provided. You’ll get a tracking number for each individual package, plus a master tracking number if you ship them all at once.

ground travel options

How to get started

Contact your account rep to learn about payment options for this contract-only service.

Tracking your ground shipment

fedex courier handing off package to employee at store

  • If you're expecting a shipment, track your package .
  • Get more visibility and details on your ground shipments with  FedEx ® Advanced Tracking .
  • Get more visibility and details on your ground shipments with FedEx ® Advanced Tracking .
  • Download the free  FedEx ®  Mobile app  to track shipments from your phone. Get notifications, alerts, and picture proof of delivery.

Ground and freight: Bundle for bigger benefits

If you’re using FedEx Ground and you’re also sending freight shipments, choosing FedEx Freight could bring you big benefits. Like volume discounts. Simplified processes. And total shipment visibility in one account. Learn how bundling can help you streamline and save.

ground travel options

Take the stress out of holiday shipping

From package visibility to delivery flexibility, find tools that can help make the  season bright.

From package visibility to delivery flexibility, find tools that can help make the season bright.

FedEx Ground shipping questions

What's the difference between FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery?

  • FedEx Ground delivers packages 150 lbs. or less to businesses or commercial addresses Monday–Friday.
  • FedEx Home Delivery, which is part of the FedEx Ground network, delivers packages 150 lbs. or less to residences every day of the week . It delivers faster to more U.S. households on Saturday and Sunday than UPS Ground. A $4 residential surcharge is added per package with FedEx Home Delivery.

How do I get my ground packages to FedEx?

1. You can drop off your packages at FedEx Office ® locations or at any of our retail network locations, including many participating Dollar General and Walgreens stores.

2. Have a FedEx account? If not, sign up for one. You can schedule package pickups for a small fee, and you can even use those pickups to ship your returns. If you ship a lot, you can set up recurring pickups to save time.

How can I save on FedEx Ground shipping? 

1. Open a FedEx business account . You can save 15% on eligible ground shipments (including home delivery and ground return shipments).

2. Sign up for My FedEx Rewards . You can earn gift cards from major retailers when you ship. The more you ship, the more you earn.

3. Have your package held at a FedEx location for pickup. You’ll avoid a residential delivery surcharge of $4 per package. Just choose Hold at a FedEx location under the Special Services section when you create a label.

Can FedEx Ground ship to P.O. boxes?

No, FedEx Ground can't deliver to P.O. boxes. However, you can have your package held for pickup at a FedEx location. 

Can FedEx Ground ship hazardous materials? 

Hazardous materials can be shipped with FedEx Ground in the contiguous United States. They can't be shipped to or from Hawaii or Alaska.

How long does FedEx Ground shipping take?

Delivery takes 1–5 business days (3–7 business days to Alaska and Hawaii), depending on how far away the destination is. The FedEx Ground delivery window is 8 a.m.–8 p.m. To see FedEx Ground transit times, check the FedEx Ground map .

Have more questions? Head to FedEx Customer Support for help.

Other FedEx shipping services

ground travel options

Fast, reliable delivery the very next day with FedEx Overnight

ground travel options

Cost-effective, time-specific delivery in 2 days with FedEx 2Day ®

ground travel options

Cost-effective delivery in 3 days with FedEx Express Saver ®

ground travel options

International delivery in 1 to 3 days with FedEx International Priority ®

1 View latest updates on FedEx Ground money-back guarantee . 

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  • Main content

9 underrated travel destinations that will be popular in 2024, according to a travel planner

  • I'm a  travel planner , and my clients are looking at off-the-beaten-path destinations for 2024.
  • For a European getaway, I recommend checking out Finland and Slovenia. 
  • North Dakota is a great spot for  US travel , and Tanzania has a lot to offer in Africa. 

Insider Today

I book a lot of Caribbean cruises and theme-park vacations as a travel planner. But I also have my eye on some under-the-radar destinations.

Here are some unique spots my clients are asking about for 2024.

ground travel options

The small Central American country is stunning.

There are white-sand beaches and lush tropical jungles to explore. And as the home to the Belize Barrier Reef, snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will find plenty to do.

Tourists can even check out Mayan ruins or come up close with native birds and monkeys in Belize.

Bordeaux, France

ground travel options

Bordeaux, a quaint provincial town , is home to some of the finest wines in the world. I recommend embarking on the Urban Wine Trail, which has some of the best tasting bars.

The trip is a wine enthusiast's dream without the crowds of Tuscany .

Some chain hotels are being established in the up-and-coming Bassins à Flots district. But there are also ample Airbnb options for a variety of budgets.

ground travel options

Kenya is already a popular destination for African safaris . But travelers are now turning their eyes to its southern neighbor, Tanzania.

From beaches to Mount Kilimanjaro, the country has so much to offer. I recommend checking out Serengeti National Park, a 5,700-square-foot park that houses a variety of landscapes.

ground travel options

Laos is home to temples, waterfalls, and quaint villages.

The Mekong River flows through the scenic landscapes, and Luang Prabang, a World Heritage Site, is full of golden-roofed temples.

It's a landlocked nation , so travelers looking for ocean views and water sports might not have it on their lists. But I think it's worth checking out.

ground travel options

Tourists tend to visit the Norwegian fjords or Stockholm, Sweden, but Finland is a fascinating (and largely underrated) Nordic destination.

In the winter, you can see the northern lights — usually with much smaller crowds — or go cross-country skiing. Outdoor saunas are also popular.

The capital, Helsinki, is a fun city with great bars and restaurants, a world-class art museum, and a fascinating architecture and design scene.

Badlands, North Dakota

ground travel options

South Dakota's Badlands are better known, but the section in North Dakota is still worth visiting.

It's where a young Teddy Roosevelt lived in the 1880s, and today, it houses Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Visitors can even explore the former president's log cabin.

The park offers beautiful Badlands views without as many crowds as South Dakota. And there are plenty of bison, prairie dogs, and wild horses to see.

It's also worth stopping by the nearby city of Medora to check out sites like the Chateau de Mores and the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. There's even an annual outdoor musical inspired by Roosevelt's life.

Paros, Greece

ground travel options

Mykonos and Santorini draw the biggest crowds, but Paros is a much quieter destination.

The lack of an international airport tends to keep it that way, but a gentle ebb of chic new hotels is attracting more tourists.

The fishing village is home to beaches, wineries, and marble quarries. For an offbeat side trip, you can also hop on the boat to the even smaller island of Antiparos.

Channel Islands National Park, California

ground travel options

The Channel Islands National Park in Southern California is made up of five islands, and only about 30,000 people visit a year.

Travelers can spy whales, dolphins, sea lions, and sea otters in the waters below. There are also plenty of rare flora and fauna species on the islands themselves.

If you take the ferry from Ventura Harbor and looking for a little more adventure, there are opportunities for scuba diving, kayaking, hiking , and backpacking.

ground travel options

Nestled between Italy and Croatia , Slovenia has somehow remained under the radar. But that's changing.

The country is full of breathtaking views, from the Soča Valley to the Julian Alps.

Plus, it got its own Michelin Guide in 2020. Chef Ana Roš' two-star restaurant, Hiša Franko, provides micro-local, forage-to-table cuisine.

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9 Best Pet Transport Services: Shipping Spot Somewhere Else!

Pet Travel By Kate Brunotts 12 min read January 5, 2023

how to ship your dog

Has your pooch packed his bags? Whether it’s for vacation, relocation, or anything in between, you’ll occasionally need to move your pet from one place to another.

There are a few different ways to get Fido from point A to point B, but pet transportation services are often the easiest option . They also tend to provide cushier canine accommodations than some other approaches, making it a win-win proposition.

But you don’t want to trust your beloved pet to just anyone, so you’ll want to make your choice carefully. Below, we’ll compare some of the best pet transport services so that you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend. 

Best Pet Transport Services: Quick Picks

  • #1 Airpets America [Best Overall Pet Transport Service]: A 30-year-old domestic and international pet transport service that offers several travel upgrade options, such as grooming and exercise breaks.
  • #2 Air Animals [Best Door-to-Door Pet Transport Service] : A veterinarian-owned owned pet transport service that offers door-to-door shipping options for your convenience.
  • #3 Happy Tails Travel [Most Affordable Pet Transport Service] : A high-quality pet transport service that offers very affordable travel rates, as well as discounts for owners shipping multiple pets.

How Do Pet Transport Services Work? 

Pet transport services work by escorting your pet from one location to another , typically via ground or air. 

best pet transport service

Most commonly, they’re used as an alternative to transporting your pet via one of the major pet-friendly airlines .

Many owners opt to use pet transport services because they tend to provide the kind of specialized care dogs need and deserve . 

Pet transportation is, after all, their primary focus.  

Additionally, it’s important to note that some pets do not react well to air travel. Bu t many pet transport services give you the chance to keep your canine comfortably on the ground — even if the rest of the family is flying. 

Ground travel isn’t always an option (it depends on your drop-off location and destination), but pet transportation services can help your canine feel as comfortable as possible if a trip through the air is necessary and can mitigate some of the common dangers and risks associated with flying your dog as cargo through a standard airline. 

These services are oftentimes more expensive than traditional airline-curated pet trave l since they offer a more personalized service for your pooch. But many owners find the extra expense well worth the peace of mind they provide. 

Benefits of Using a Pet Transport Service

Every pet transportation service functions a bit differently, but some core benefits of using these types of services include:

  • Personalized Attention . Pet transport services are focused primarily on the safety and comfort of your pet, which can be hugely comforting for owners. Plus, many offer a variety of extra features like GPS tracking and door-to-door transport so that you only have to worry about your own trip, not your pet’s.
  • Experienced Pet Handlers. These services often hire experienced pet handlers to move and work with your dog, which can offer some additional peace of mind. At the very least, staff that work at pet transport services will be more familiar at handling your dog than the average airport baggage claim attendant.
  • Roomier Cargo Conditions . Many transport services that offer to fly your pet will do so in more comfortable, temperature-controlled, roomier conditions where your dog won’t be toe-to-toe with a stranger’s luggage bag. Somer services can even fly your pet without any other animals on board, which may be preferable for reactive dogs.
  • Careful Monitoring . Most risks associated with flying pets involve layovers and delays where a pet is accidentally left out in the heat or cold due to improper management. A pet relocation service has your pet as their number one priority, ensuring your pet doesn’t get left out in the heat or is misplaced.
  • Paperwork Assistance . Depending on where you’re relocating to, there can be a lot of paperwork to fill out when it comes to moving pets, from health certificates and import permits to air waybills. Many pet transport services will help you get your documents together and ensure all your ducks are in a row.

the way pet transport services work

The Nine Best Pet Transport Services

Without further ado, here are some of the best pet transportation services you can use to safely ship Spot. 

Note that some of the pet transportation companies only offer estimated pricing via custom quotes , but we’ve tried to provide as much information as possible, so you’ll know what to expect. 

1. Airpets America

This is a sponsored placement , in which an advertiser pays a fee to be featured in this article. Learn more

Airpets International

Airpets America

International and domestic pet transport service that offers several upgrade options..

About: Airpets America is a USDA-accredited pet transport service that not only accepts dogs but a variety of other animals too. Providing domestic and international services, Airpets America utilizes temperature-controlled cargo holds to keep your canine safe and comfy, and they offer a number of service add-ons, including custom-crate sizes, grooming, and exercise opportunities. 

  • Offers air and ground transportation options 
  • Handles domestic and international travel
  • An experienced company that has been operating for more than 30 years
  • Flexible crate accommodation for big dogs 
  • Domestic moves start at $1,000; international moves start at $2,000
  • An experienced service that ships dogs, cats, turtles, rabbits, and more.
  • Airpets America is experienced with international regulations regarding pet travel.
  • Offers grooming and veterinary services via partnered professionals.
  • Airpets America is one of the priciest transport service options around. 

2. Air Animals

Air Animals Pet Travel

Air Animals

A veterinarian-owned shipper, providing door-to-door transportation options..

About: Air Animals is a veterinarian-owned, domestic and international transportation company, which is known for providing frequent updates on your furry friend to put your mind at ease. And if your pooch doesn’t mix well with other mutts, you have the option of purchasing private ground transportation for domestic trips to keep your canine comfortable. 


  • Door to door service options available
  • Domestic and international transport offered
  • Members of the IPATA and the ATA
  • Offers frequent updates on your furry friend throughout the journey
  • Pricing starts at $1,095 for domestic travel and $1,795 for international travel
  • Provides excellent customer service to keep your mind at ease.
  • The company ships to more than 165 countries.
  • Air Animals provides door-to-door, private ground transportation options for domestic trips.  
  • No option to purchase grooming or exercise add-ons is provided.

3. Happy Tails Travel

Happy Tails Animal Travel

Happy Tails Travel

An affordable pet transport service that offers multiple discount options..

About: Happy Tails is one of the most affordable pet transport service providers, around, and they not only offer competitively priced base rates, but they also provide discounts for multi-pet households who need to ship more than one doggo. This Arizona-based company also transports cats and birds and offers discounts for military relocations. 

  • Members of the IPATA
  • Offers ground and air transportation travel options
  • Ships pets domestically and internationally
  • Provides discounts for multiple pets and military relocation 
  • Prices start at $425 for domestic ground service
  • Happy Tails Travel offers the most affordable rates we could find.
  • They’re a great choice for multi-pet households.
  • They offer pickup and drop-off service upgrade options.
  • Happy Tails does not offer personalized caretaker accompaniment during flights. 

4. Royal Paws

Royal Paws Pet Transport

A U.S transportation service that moves pets privately, in climate-controlled vehicles.

About: Royal Paws specializes in private, ground-based domestic transportation services for pets. In other words, your pooch won’t travel with other pets (except other pets from your family). Four-footers shipped via Royal Paws travel in roomy, climate-controlled SUVs to keep your canine comfortable while traveling cross-country. Family-owned and operated, this shipping service accepts both dogs and cats. 

  • Private pooch transportation for your fur babies
  • Provides ground-based services in climate controlled vehicles
  • Door-to-door service provides pets with outdoor breaks every 4 hours
  • Dogs can be crated or allowed to roam free during travel
  • Pricing is customized based on the trip, so you’ll need to inquire for a quote
  • A portion of Royal Paws sales goes to animal rehabilitation organizations
  • Unlike some other pet transport services, Royal Paws welcomes all breeds .
  • Royal Paws customized pet shipping services keep your canine comfortable.
  • Private shipping means your pet will not travel with other, unfamiliar animals.
  • Pricing isn’t publicly available. 

5. Blue Collar Pet Transportation

Blue Collar Pet Transport

Blue Collar Pet Transportation

Domestic and international pet transport provider that offers gps tracking services..

About: Blue Collar Pet Transportation is best known for its GPS tracking feature, which allows you to keep tabs on Fido from your drop-off to destination. A flexible, user-friendly provider, Blue Collar Pet Transportation does not charge extra for puppies or breeds with special needs, and they offer a discount on multiple pets. You’ll also have the chance to choose between shared rides, private rides, and air transportation options. 

  • GPS tracking system with included photo updates
  • Shared ride, private ride, escorted air, and private jet options available
  • Ground transportation services include exercise breaks, kennels, and insurance
  • Discount for additional pets
  • Shared rides start at $500 and private transportation starts at $1,500
  • You can track your pet’s journey and see photos of your pooch with the company’s GPS-enabled tracking feature.
  • They offer flexible travel options for multi-pet families.
  • Blue Collar Pet Transportation is USDA-certified for ground and air transportation.
  • Fewer international travel destinations are offered than many other transport services.

6. Pet Express

Pet Express Transport Service

Pet Express

A pet-travel company that implements a routine veterinary monitoring program..

About: Pet Express is a California-based company that has helped transport dogs and cats since 1978. They provide both air and ground travel options and work with veterinarians to ensure your pet remains healthy while traveling. Additionally, all of their ground transportation drivers are certified pet handlers, thus providing even more peace of mind. 

  • Provides both domestic or international travel options
  • Airport delivery service add-ons offered
  • Quarantine services provided for international destinations where it’s required
  • Veterinary checks and treatments available
  • USDA- and IPATA-accredited
  • Great option for pets with health concerns, as mobile medical monitoring and treatments are provided.
  • They offer travel services for both dogs and cats.
  • Owners loved the frequent photo updates Pet Express provides.
  • No publicly published pricing information is available.

7. Animals Away

Animals Away Transport Service

Animals Away

A domestic and international service provider offering air and ground options..

About: New York-based Animals Away provides air transport services for domestic and international destinations, and they also offer ground transportation services between some of the United States’ northeastern premier pet cities , like Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. USDA-accredited, this 20-year-old organization accepts dogs, cats, and birds.

  • Offers services for dogs, cats, and birds
  • International and domestic air travel
  • Ground travel throughout northeastern U.S.A
  • USDA accredited company has been in business for more than 20 years
  • Custom crates available for purchase
  • Animals Away accepts multiple types of pets.
  • International and domestic transportation are offered. 
  • A great alternative for families in the north east, as most other pet transport services are based in California or Florida. 
  • No public pricing is available.
  • Limited ground transportation options outside of the northeast.

8. Worldwide Animal Travel

Worldwide Animal Transport

Worldwide Animal Travel

A canadian pet transport service offering both concierge services and “comfort stops.”.

About: The perfect option for Canadian canine owners, Worldwide Animal Travel is a trusted provider with a track record stretching back more than 20 years. This company provides air transportation within Canada’s borders, and they also offer trips from Canada to Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Japan, South Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America, and, of course, the U.S. 

  • Worldwide Animal Travel has provided travel services since 1998
  • Door to door concierge service available
  • Bonded cat and dog kennel
  • Offices based in Vancouver and Toronto
  • “ Comfort stops” offered for connecting flights
  • Dogs passing through the Vancouver airport receive walks, exercise, and mealtime before meeting their connecting flights.
  • Delivery services are available in all major Canadian cities.
  • Worldwide Animal Travel accepts dogs, cats, and birds. 
  • The company does not provide trips originating outside of Canada. 

9. Citizen Shipper

Citizen Shipper

Citizen Shipper

An online marketplace that lets you choose the rate and pet-care pro you like best..

About: A different kind of pet transportation option, Citizen Shipper is a marketplace rather than a specific travel service. The site allows you to the chance to list your pet’s needs and your budget and pick your favorite ground transportation provider. All drivers are vetted by Citizen Shipper, so you can rest easy while your pet is en route.  

  • Individualized, private care for your furry friend
  • Select a driver based on user-provided testimonials
  • Bidding system results in very competitive pricing
  • No breed restrictions
  • Carriers are pre-screened through by Citizen Shipper
  • You’ll have the chance to choose between a wide variety of pet-care transportation professionals.
  • You can set your own target budget.
  • This is a great service for dogs who need specific, individualized care. 
  • This service only provides domestic ground-based travel options.  

Before signing up for a pet transport service, be sure to inquire about the type of crate or carrier (if any) your pet will need during the journey. Some transport services provide these as part of the travel package, while others will require owners to provide their own.

For example, you may need an airline-approved travel carrier if your pet is flying, or you may need to provide a crate appropriate for use in a car , if your pet will be traveling in an automobile.

Also, while we’re on the subject of pet travel, be sure to pick up a carrier designed to accommodate canines in-cabin if you intend to fly alongside your pet.

Is It Safe to Ship Your Pet with a Transport Service? 

are pet transport services safe

Accidents can always occur, but as long as your pet is healthy and you select a professional, experienced service that employs all of the relevant health and safety practices, your pet will likely complete the journey in problem-free fashion. Many pets travel this way every year!

However, some pets will be at greater risk than others .

For example, brachycephalic breeds often have a more challenging time while flying, as will dogs with some existing health problems.

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety or other emotional issues may also have a tougher time while traveling. Before signing up your dog for ground transportation, make sure to work on easing your dog’s car anxiety and desensitize your pup to spending long periods of time in the car so that they don’t panic on the road!

With these factors in mind, try to select a pet transport services that provides the level of care your pet needs to stay healthy and happy while traveling.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Your Pet? 

The cost of shipping your pet depends greatly on your destination, your pet’s individual needs, and size. But generally speaking, you can expect to pay an average of $500 to $2000 per pet for an established pet transportation service. 

Keep in mind that this usually includes the transportation of your pet in a climate controlled environment, care for your pet while you’re apart, and many times, consultation regarding the pet regulations of your final destination. 

Many pet transportation services offer discounts for military relocation, so be sure to inquire about special rates if you’re a service member.

Can You Ship Your Pet Internationally? 

Yes . In fact, many pet transportation companies specialize in international shipments.

However, while international travel is an option, it is almost always more expensive and complicated than domestic travel . Depending on the destination, your pooch may also need to quarantine with the pet carrier company for a significant length of time before being reunited with you in your new country. 

Moreover, each country also has its own vaccination requirements, which need to be discussed with your transportation provider. Luckily, pet transportation companies are typically well-versed in this process and can provide you with a more efficient, less confusing experience than handling the details on your own. 

Shipping your pooch from one place to another can certainly be stressful. Luckily, pet transportation services mitigate much of the hassle so that your canine companion arrives safe and sound. 

Has your furry friend used a pet transport service? Does he like to travel? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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Best Cities for Dogs

Best Cities for Dogs: Where to Move With Fido

ground travel options

Kate is a dog-loving content specialist with over a decade of canine-care experience. She is currently a professional dog walker and pet sitter, with previous experience working at the Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital in Manhattan. When not spending time with four-footers, she can usually be found crafting top-notch dog-care articles that pet parents can trust. Kate loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, but Bernese Mountain Dogs hold a special place in her heart.


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TSA PreCheck® and Global Entry are both Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trusted Traveler Programs. TSA PreCheck® provides expedited security screening benefits for flights departing from U.S. Airports. Global Entry provides expedited U.S. customs screening for international air travelers when entering the United States. Global Entry members also receive TSA PreCheck® benefits as part of their membership.

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Ghana News Agency (GNA)

Ghana News Agency (GNA)

KIA introduces self-service check-in for seamless facilitation

Posted: December 1, 2023 | Last updated: December 1, 2023

By Stanley Senya

Accra, Dec. 1, GNA- International passengers travelling through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) have the option of accessing the self-service kiosks at ‘Terminal 3’ for a swift check-in process.

The self-service is part of efforts by the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) to ensure seamless facilitation through the KIA.

A statement issued by the Airport Company, copied to the Ghana News Agency on Friday, said the British Airways, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Turkish Airlines had been enrolled onto the system.

Ground Handling Agents and GACL Customer Service Staff are on hand to offer help to passengers requiring assistance.

The self-service check-in kiosks are Do-It-Yourself systems that allow passengers to perform processes that would normally be performed at a check-in counter.

“These processes include the printing of boarding passes and the verification of passengers identification,” the statement said.

The service allows customers to check-in at their convenience, receive their boarding pass, choose seats on board, and bag drop-off.

“While this is largely dependent on the Airline check-in timeline, this system speeds up the check-in process and provides passengers with greater flexibility and control over their journeys.”

The Kiosks offered multiple language options, catering to diverse passenger needs, the statement said.

“A key benefit is that it eliminates long queues thus speeding up the departure process.”

“The system is user-friendly, making it easy for passengers to navigate.”

The system enabled Airlines to efficiently manage Staff Resources, especially during peak travel periods.

The GACL had, over the years, made deliberate investments in customer experience initiatives for memorable traveling experiences.

These investments have culminated in the recognitions conferred on the KIA, with the recent Level 1 Accreditation by Airports Council International.

The activation of the self-service check-in kiosks, coupled with the reintroduction of government’s waiver on the pre-arrival visa regime in Ghana from December 1, 2023 to January 15, 2024, will enable swift processing time and excellent customer experiences at KIA.

“The GACL will continue to provide world-class facilities and services in line with its Mission Statement, and will harness efforts and resources to make the passengers journey at KIA a pleasant and memorable one,” the statement said.

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Find the main ways to travel to the Russian capital on this guide:

Getting to Moscow by plane

Getting to Moscow by plane is the most comfortable, quickest and cheapest way . Moscow has several international airports that connect the city with almost every corner of the world, and with some budget airlines operating flights there from London, you can often find an economical option. If you're flying from elsewhere in the UK, you'll probably have to make a stop in another European city on the way. From the USA, direct flights can be found from New York from around 500 US Dollars.

To get the best price on the flight to Moscow, it is best to book as far in advance as possible.

Check out our cheap flights search engine here!

Once you have booked your flight, the next step is finding how to get to Moscow city centre from the airport.

How to get to the centre of Moscow from each airport?

Domodedovo international airport (dme), sheremetyevo international airport (svo), vnukovo international airport (vko), getting to moscow by train.

A popular way to travel around Russia is by train , especially by the famous Trans-Siberian or Trans-Mongolian Railways. Moscow has a number of important train stations including  Leningradsky , with trains to Saint Petersburg; Kazansky , for trains to Central Asia; and Yaroslavsky , from where trains depart for Siberia, Mongolia and China.

If you're travelling from St Petersburg , you can reach Moscow by train in about 9 hours, but if you're short on time, it's best to take one of the fast trains which connect the two cities in less than 4 hours for around ₽ 3,500 ( US$ 39.40).

You can check prices , timetables and book tickets through the Russian Railways website via the following link:

Russian Railways

Travelling to Moscow

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Domodedovo Airport (DME) is Russia's second busiest airport after Sheremetyevo Airport. Discover how to reach Moscow city centre after arriving there!

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6 Best Solar Christmas Lights for 2023, Tested by Experts

All the lights without the electricity bill spike!

Headshot of Alec Scherma

Our top picks:

2-Pack Solar String Lights

Best Overall Solar Christmas Lights

Dazzle bright 2-pack solar string lights.

Solar Christmas Lights 2 Pack

Best Value Solar Christmas Lights

Joomer solar christmas lights 2 pack.

Solar String Lights

Best Long-Lasting Solar Christmas Lights

Lalapao solar string lights.

Solar Christmas Snowflake String Lights

Best Snowflake Solar Christmas Lights

Brightown solar christmas snowflake string lights.

Outdoor Solar String Lights

Best Solar Christmas Lights with Multiple Length Options

Brightown outdoor solar string lights.

Solar Outdoor String Christmas Lights

Best Solar Christmas Lights with a Warranty

Vmanoo solar outdoor string christmas lights.

Our Lab experts look at a wide variety of Christmas-related home products, from traditional outdoor Christmas lights to artificial Christmas trees you can buy from popular retailers like Amazon and Walmart . Thanks to a special darkroom in our Lab that allows us to simulate different lighting conditions, from daylight to dusk, total blackout and UV, we've become experts on lighting apparatuses for the holidays, like solar-powered Christmas lights and Christmas light projectors (for those looking for a more fuss-free option than string lights). To evaluate solar Christmas lights, we look at ease of setup, how intuitive the controls are, and how durable they are. Then we examine the lights under multiple lighting conditions to find the brightest, most appealing ones on the market. We seek out solar-powered lights that hold a charge well, are weatherproof so you don't need to fret over exposure to snow and rain, and create an appealing display.

Keep reading after our picks to find out more about how we test solar Christmas lights, what you should look for when selecting the perfect lights for your house, and why you should trust Good Housekeeping. If you're looking for more ways to up the holiday cheer, check out our roundups of the best Christmas decorations , tree toppers and outdoor Christmas decorations . And when the season is over, consult our guide on how to recycle Christmas lights .

The Dazzle Bright string light set topped our test, thanks to its brightness and how colorful it is. It comes with two adjustable solar panels that you can stake into the ground and two sets of string LED lights. Each string holds 120 multicolored lights on a flexible copper wire so you can adjust the shape to your choosing. We especially like this set because the clear string was less noticeable, making the lights pop more.

The controls are located conveniently on the back of the solar panel. The mode button switches among eight different lighting variations including steady on, flashing, waving and more. Our lead tester noted that it's important to remember to turn the panel on during the day to collect a charge. The lights automatically turn on and off depending on how much light they detect, so be sure to place the solar panel with its light sensor in direct sunlight. If one of the lights break, the bulb may be tricky to replace.

According to the brand, these Joomer lights take about 6 to 8 hours to fully charge. While you can purchase these lights at 72 feet long and with 200 LEDs, you can also opt fot a shorter 100-LED option that's 39 feet long, or you can go all out and purchase the 300-LED option that's 105 feet long. Each set of lights comes with a solar panel and a ground stake with controls located on the back of the solar panel. Once the solar panel is switched on, the charging begins. A light sensor determines when it's dark enough to automatically turn the lights on.

There are eight different lighting modes that flash in different ways to provide the aesthetic that you want. Our pros like that it has a memory function, so if you have it on a specific mode and turn it off, it will go back to that mode when it turns back on. While these lights aced our Lab tests, some customer reviews noted that these lights weren't as bright as they had hoped, so if you're looking for something on the more intense side, opt for our top pick.

These lights from Lalapao were a star in our in-Lab testing, since they are bright, resistant to going out when one bulb is damaged, and offer eight different lighting modes. They are available in multiple color variations, from solid colors to multicolored and even red, white and blue if you want to decorate for the 4th of July. At 72 feet long, they're sure to cover any big lighting project, and are available in a two-pack for more ambitious designs. Because they're so long, they're not the best fit for indoor use unless you've got a very large house.

The brand claims these can work up to 10 hours or more when fully charged. When we tested, it took about one hour of sunlight before the lights would turn on. The auto-on feature means the lights turn on as soon as we switched the sunlight off in our test. The lights are IP65 rated so they are built to be resistant against water and dirt.

Nothing screams holiday cheer like a house littered in dazzling snowflakes. These solar-powered string lights from Brightown are a highly versatile way to ramp up your home's festiveness, coming in three different colors (pure white, warm white, and multicolor) as well as several lengths to ensure your desired area is showered in light. That said, we wished all the colors came in the different lengths available, so be sure to know how much space you'll need to cover before selecting your color option.

While we didn't test this model in-Lab, we've previously recommended other Brightown lights because of their IP65 rating (meaning they'll survive inclement weather) and unique shapes. We liked the ambience-based auto-light feature which automatically shuts the lights on and off given the presence or absence of daylight. And the eight different light strobe modes are also a nice touch.

These Brightown LED string lights can be purchased in solid colors or multicolor, so they are a one-stop shop for your decorating needs. At a length of 33 feet with 100 bulbs, it's ideal for smaller projects like around doors, as opposed to full fences or lines of landscaping. According to Brightown, the lights can work up to 10 hours after 4 to 6 hours of charging by sunlight.

With a claimed IP65 rating, they should be capable of resisting impact from the elements like dirt and water. That means even when it rains or snows, these should still work well so long as there is sunlight to charge it — just make sure your solar panels aren't obscured by snow.

Like our top pick, it has eight different modes to choose from, and you can readily cycle through them with a click of a button on the back of the solar panel. The solar panel contains a light sensor, so your lights will automatically turn on once it gets dark. In our tests, we found these lights easy to operate, and they were able to provide ample brightness once charged.

These outdoor string lights come with 200 LED lights on a string line that is 72 feet long. This allows you to wrap it around trees and fences easily. They can be purchased either as a solid color or a multicolored set of lights. The solar panel itself comes with a ground stake that helps to keep it firmly in place. The lead cable (length between the first LED light and the solar panel) is around 6 feet long, which allows you to keep the solar panel out of the way of your decor.

The controls to turn the lights on and off and the mode-changing button are located on the back of the solar panel. Like most others on this list, there are eight different modes to make the lights sparkle in different ways.

Unlike other picks, they offer a 12-month warranty according to Amazon, stating they'll either refund or replace a defective product. The charging time for the 8- to 12-hour working time is 6 to 8 hours, so it's good to have them on several hours before nightfall. A light sensor controls the auto-on at dark and auto-off when there is sunlight.

How we test solar Christmas lights


At the Good Housekeeping Institute , we have a special room that we can program to display specific wavelengths of light. With this equipment, we were able to simulate a day of sunlight to effectively charge up these solar-powered lights.

We then tested the durability and strength of each set of string lights by removing and attempting to break the bulbs. We evaluated whether the lights would continue to work if a single bulb was broken, or if it would result in a loss of continuity. If a light set had multiple modes, we tested each one for brightness and consistency. All of this was done in a dark room after charging in order to get an idea of how bright these lights would be at nighttime and how effective their auto-on capabilities were.

What to look for when shopping for the best solar Christmas lights


✔️ Length : Typically, the longer the light string, the more LED bulbs per set. Shorter sets are great for trimming doors and windows but if you're decorating trees or shrubs you may want to opt for the longest option available. Many brands sell multipacks of lights or several different length options.

✔️ Modes: While most solar lights have a similar number of modes, a few don't have as many options. If you want to really spice up your decorations, take a look at what flashing or pulsing modes are available.

✔️ Working time: This means how long the lights will stay on after a full charge. There's nothing worse than setting up great decorations only for them to turn off prematurely. Look for a working time of 8 to 10 hours if you want them to last all night.

✔️ IP rating : Outdoor lights need to withstand the elements, and an IP rating will tell you how durable your lights will be in that regard. An IP rating is a professional standard that classifies how protected electrical equipment is from external waste — practically speaking, that means dirt and water. Each rating is read as IPXX, where the first "X" represents solids, and the second "X" represents liquids. The higher the number, the more resistant it is to that matter. The number for solids goes up to 6, and the number for liquids goes up to 9. Look for lights with IP ratings of IP65 for outdoor ruggedness designed to withstand winter weather.

Is it OK to leave solar Christmas lights on all night?

Generally speaking, most solar Christmas lights are designed to function throughout the night without cause for concern. We tend to like units that have an auto-off feature so that the lights automatically turn off during the day. Leaving lights running continuously over multiple days may increase the risk of fire hazard as the lights heat up, so it's best practice to turn off your lights, or use ones that automatically turn off, either in the presence of sunlight or via a timer.

Why trust Good Housekeeping?


Alec Scherma is a mechanical engineer whose testing experience ranges from artificial Christmas trees to binoculars. He was the lead tester of solar Christmas lights, and with the help of Good Housekeeping's former chief technologist Rachel Rothman , their combined experience provided the necessary knowledge to determine which picks in the crowded market will last the longest and light up your house the brightest.

preview for Good Housekeeping US Section: Holidays

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Is It Safe in Moscow?

ground travel options

Stanislav Solntsev / Getty Images

When you visit Moscow , Russia, you’re seeing one of the world’s largest, and most expensive, capital cities . While there is a history of violent crime against foreign journalists and aid personnel in Russia, a trip to Moscow is usually safe for mainstream travelers. Most tourists in Moscow only face potential issues with petty crime, though terrorism is also a concern. Visitors should stick to the principal tourist areas and abide by the local security advice.

Travel Advisories

  • The U.S. Department of State urges travelers to avoid travel to Russia because of COVID-19 and to "exercise increased caution due to terrorism, harassment, and the arbitrary enforcement of local laws."  
  • Anyone exploring more of Russia should avoid "The North Caucasus, including Chechnya and Mount Elbrus, due to terrorism, kidnapping,   and   risk of civil unrest." Also, travelers should stay away from "Crimea due to Russia’s occupation of the Ukrainian territory   and   abuses by its occupying authorities."  
  • Canada states travelers should use a high degree of caution in Russia due to the threat of terrorism and crime.  

Is Moscow Dangerous?

The Moscow city center is typically safe. In general, the closer you are to the Kremlin , the better. Travelers mainly need to be aware of their surroundings and look out for petty crime. Be especially careful in tourist areas such as Arbat Street and crowded places like the Moscow Metro transit system. The suburbs are also generally fine, though it is advised to stay away from Maryino and Perovo districts.

Terrorism has occurred in the Moscow area, leading authorities to increase security measures. Be more careful at tourist and transportation hubs, places of worship, government buildings, schools, airports, crowds, open markets, and additional tourist sites.

Pickpockets and purse snatching happen often in Russia, perpetrated by groups of children and teenagers who distract tourists to get their wallets and credit cards. Beware of people asking you for help, who then trick you into their scheme. Don’t expect a backpack to be a safe bag bet; instead, invest in something that you can clutch close to your body or purchase a money belt . Always diversify, storing some money in a separate location so that if you are pickpocketed, you'll have cash elsewhere. Keep an eye out for thieves in public transportation, underground walkways, tourist spots, restaurants, hotel rooms and homes, restaurants, and markets.

Is Moscow Safe for Solo Travelers?

Large cities like Moscow in Russia are overall fairly safe if you are traveling alone, and the Moscow Metro public transit is a secure and easy way to get around. But it is still a good idea to follow basic precautions as in any destination. Avoid exploring alone at night, especially in bad areas. You may want to learn some basic Russian phrases or bring a dictionary, as many locals don't speak English. However, in case you need any help, there are tourist police that speak English. Also, exploring with other trusted travelers and locals or on professional tours is often a good way to feel safe.

Is Moscow Safe for Female Travelers?

Catcalling and street harassment are infrequent in Moscow and the rest of Russia and females traveling alone don't usually have problems. There are plenty of police officers on the streets as well. Still, it serves to stick to Moscow's well-lit, public areas, avoid solo night walks, and use your instincts. Women frequenting bars may take receive some friendly attention. Females can wear whatever they want, but those entering Orthodox churches will be required to cover up. Though women in Russia are independent, domestic violence and other inequality issues take place regularly.

Safety Tips for LGBTQ+ Travelers

Russia is not known as a gay-friendly country. However, Moscow is one of the more welcoming cities with a blooming LGBTQ+ community and many friendly restaurants, bars, clubs, and other venues. Hate crimes in Russia have increased since the 2013 anti-gay propaganda law. Openly LGBTQ+ tourists in this conservative country may experience homophobic remarks, discrimination, or even violence, especially if traveling with a partner. Also, while women hold hands or hug publicly—whether romantically involved or not—men should avoid public displays of affection to prevent being insulted or other issues.

Safety Tips for BIPOC Travelers

Moscow  and other big cities in Russia have sizable populations of various cultures, so discrimination against BIPOC travelers is rarer than in other parts of the country where it can become dangerous. Some people living in Russia who are Black, Asian, Jewish, and from other backgrounds have experienced racial discrimination and violence. Tourists won't usually experience overt racism but may be the recipients of some stares. If anyone should bother you, be polite and resist being taunted into physically defending yourself.

Safety Tips for Travelers

Travelers should consider the following general tips when visiting:

  • It's best not to drink the tap water. If you do, boil it before drinking, though showering is safe and the amount used to brush teeth is generally not harmful. Mineral water is widely drunk, especially at restaurants, and if you prefer not to have it carbonated ask for “ voda byez gaz” (water without gas).
  • If you need emergency assistance in case of fire, terrorism, medical issues, or more, dial 112 in Russia for bilingual operators.
  • Be judicious about taking photographs, especially of police or officials. This can potentially bring unwanted attention to yourself by members of law enforcement who won’t mind asking to see your passport. Also avoid snapping photos of official-looking buildings, such as embassies and government headquarters.
  • Carry your passport in as secure a manner as possible. If you get stopped for any reason by the police, they can fine or arrest you if you don't have the document with you. Also, keep photocopies of your passport, the page on which your travel visa appears, and any other documents that relate to your stay in Russia.
  • Use official taxis only and steer clear of illegal taxi companies, especially at night. Ask your hotel to call a reputable taxi company.

U.S. Department of State. " Russia Travel Advisory ." August 6, 2020.

Government of Canada. " Official Global Travel Advisories ." November 19, 2020.

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