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Photo of Silver Safari Alderwood Mall - Lynnwood, WA, US. Just after the piercing was done in the "piercing room". Good experience.

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“ The phone was answered by Andrew and he was so kind and helpful which eased my anxiety. ” in 22 reviews

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“ Jax was patient with her and super friendly, and played along with my daughter sitting on my lap to see the process. ” in 17 reviews

Hana P.

“ My fiancé got his ears pierced (first time piercing) by Hadiya and she was fantastic as well. ” in 5 reviews

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Located in:

Alderwood Mall

3000 184th St SW

Lynnwood, WA 98037

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Photo of Genia G.

Business Owner

Body Piercing in a safe, friendly environment. Female Piercing Staff. Licensed with Washington State. Located inside Alderwood (JC Penney Wing). Medical grade jewelry, topical anesthetic and care solution is included with every piercing! Large selection of body jewelry, earrings, rings, African and Indonesian wood carvings and masks. Eclectic selection of merchandise. Silver Safari has done over 170,000 body and ear piercings. …

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Can I get a face dermal with parent consent? (I'm 17 I turn 18 in July)?

Dermals are 18+ only but we do birthday discounts!

So my daughter wants to side her side nose pierced. but she's 13, will they do it?

Yes! As long as the parent is present with theirstate ID

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Photo of Joscelyn T.

Had a great experience with Zach. He did a double nostril piercing for me & a first time nostril for my sister-in-law. Was super bubbly & easy to talk to. He explained everything so well & made sure we understood each step. He even swapped the jewelry I initially chose because they ended up being too big for my liking. He didn't get annoyed by it and was super nice and accommodating. ALSO, this shop uses flat back labret for their nostril piercing which is the best option for easy healing and less irritating. I looked at many shops & this was one of the few that used the flat back.

Zach's Business Card

Zach's Business Card

Photo of Katrina R.

While I am 100% satisfied with the piercing and the way we were received, overall, the place was crowded and a bit confusing. When we walked inside, I was thinking: "everyone is standing in pairs and looks as if they're waiting for something... but what? And in what order?" Then, after about 5 minutes, the clerk called a number. That prompted me to ask: "Where do I get a number?" I took a number (from the threshold entering the store) and, from that point on, we waited for about 45 minutes, beginning to end. The merchandise (aside from earrings and body piercings) is like made in China wannabe hippie stuff (chakras, plastic jewelry, etc.), so there wasn't that much to look at as we waited. Still, pleased with the piercing, quality of earring choices, and kindness of all staff. Would go again for first ear piercing.

First time seeing herself with pierced ears!

First time seeing herself with pierced ears!

Just after the piercing was done in the "piercing room". Good experience.

Just after the piercing was done in the "piercing room". Good experience.

Photo of Jenna N.

Staff was very nice & they did a great job piercing my nose. However I bought a new piece of jewelry for my upper ear piercing & had them put it in. I've had this piercing for over 20 years & have had a diamond stud in in the whole time. No problems. They put the hoop in & I immediately had problems. Couldn't sleep on it, it hurt & the hoop would not spin. I went to a tattoo shop & had them look at it. The hoop was way too small for the piercing & said it should have never been put in. Now my my ear is scarred after only a month. Won't be back. Do yourself a favor & go to an actual piercing shop that is not in a mall.

Scar from earring that was put in

Scar from earring that was put in

Photo of Vika G.

Got my ears pierced here 2 months ago. When I just started looking at the jewelry, the girl helping me was super nice, helped me pick out the studs, explained which ones are best and easiest to take care of and stuff like that. I filled out the paperwork and was waiting for the piercer to call for me. For $120 plus $30 tip paid UPFRONT she did such a shitty job. To begin with, she didn't even know what kind of piercing I was getting, which threw me off even before we even started. The piercings in my ears are at a different angle and at a different distance from my face. I've been holding myself back from just taking them out from the day 1 because I spent so much money on it, but I guess I've reached the point where I just hate how it looks, so I'm finally taking them out to let it heal and get it redone elsewhere. The girl was so confident when she said "you'll be back" when I was leaving. Well, I will not.

Photo of Courtney N.

Half the staff here have a horrible attitude. A couple of the staff are great but the rest of the staff seem irritated with life and like you're annoying them by just being there these ones can kick rocks. They make it feel horrible to be there - very uninviting. I hope they fire all the rude girls and get some kinder staff in there

Photo of Ruth L.

Super friendly staff and reasonable prices. I came here for a Flat piercing and prices started at $65 including jewelry. Lots of cute options for jewelry (see picture). This all comes with cleaning solution and numbing gel too! Zach helped me pick out my jewelry and he was incredibly helpful and patient. I was super indecisive and he took the time to pick the perfect piece to complement my specific ear anatomy. Overall, really impressed with my experience here!

Options for Flat piercings

Options for Flat piercings

Photo of Mattie P.

Wonderful little shop!!!!! Jax is the most nicest, caring, and pretty person ever. I told her i have pain anxiety and she was very delicate with me and was very calming. She's so gentle!! They also offer $10 off Tuesdays which is a huge bonus and their prices do not compare to most shops, they have excellent pricing.... As well as letting you choose your jewelry. Overall an amazing experience and i will come back here again. I waited 2 hours because of the Tuesday deal but it was so worth it.

Septum piercing

Septum piercing

Photo of Anthony S.

I want to start by saying I really liked my piercer. She was very nice and professional! However, the person that 'showed' me my jewelry options, they seemed like they would rather be doing anything else... Brought the tray over and was basically "pick one". Only after asking questions about styles and sizing did she actually point out my actual options. They offered coffin shapes and lighting bolts and even some snake ones that seemed cool, but then they would say "oh we don't recommend those" .... so why are they being offered?? This is a place to go if you know what you're doing and need a 10-minute piecing. With little to no cares about you. Otherwise, the place is dripping in culture appropriation. Owned by a white lady selling mass produced African masks and Asian statues and crystals. Even found a way better deal on the Wildberry brand incense on amazon. So, I doubt I'll be returning. : /

Photo of Sarah M.

I have been thinking about getting additional ear piercings for awhile and I am so happy I did. I got an additional lobe on each side and then a conch on the right. I visited Alderwood on a Saturday and it was SO busy... hard to even find a parking spot! So I expected a wait at Silver Safari and I was right. There was a line outside the entrance but it moved quickly. When I got to the front they asked what I was there for and they brought me inside to do my paperwork and pick jewelry. I picked the most basic jewelry (as I am just going to change it out once they heal) + tip and my total was $162.54. After paying, I had to wait outside the store again for my turn to get pierced. There were 3 people ahead of me and I waited for about 20 minutes. Amanda was my piercer and she was quick and efficient! I wish she spent just a little more time explaining piercing care. My piercings are feeling great and all the employees were upbeat, knowledgeable and it was a great atmosphere.

when does silver safari close

I was needing to finish up my piercing layout (or get close to finishing it). And I came in early on Sunday and was able to get an appointment in 15-20 minutes. I was really happy that I got help from Cassie with choosing my jewelry cause I am not personally good at deciding. I love their jewelry here and never have to worry about it tarnishing. I always get flat backs and clicker hoops here and I love them so much as someone who doesn't change out jewelry often because of my sensitive ears. Bree was an absolute amazing piercer. I was a little nervous about the forward helix but she helped me keep calm and we just talked about our cats and content creators. She was just overall kind and helpful. I did have some questions about my layout and I asked her opinion which I decided to go with and I love it so much! I don't think I could have decided on it myself. I got a new "second" lobes on both sides, a higher second helix, and a forward helix. I'm so happy with them and I've been planning them out for almost a year and I couldn't be happier. I just wish they had an online store for some of the jewelry because I worry about buying jewelry anywhere else since I've always gotten good quality here. I'll have to buy a few types when I visit home from school because I'm that attached to the quality of them.

Updated piercings

Updated piercings

I went in a while ago to get a gauge measurement of my helix because I didn't know what it was and the employee took one look at it and told me it was a 16! I was able to figure out my sizing and there was no charge. Since then, I have come in to buy jewelry for my helix piercing and they are all so amazing and helpful! The wonderful employee (I think her name was Maggie but she had wonderful short blue/purple hair) was able to help me choose the correct size of the hoop piercing I needed and changed my piercings for me! Since I had bought jewelry it was free to be changed which was amazing since I usually have trouble with it. I am definitely coming back for future piercings and jewelry since I've never felt more comfortable at a piercing shop before! Also the hoop for my helix is amazing and is so much nicer than using a nose piercing for a place holder!

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NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS: Monday - Thursday 11am - 7pm Friday & Saturday 11am - 8pm Sunday 11am - 6pm

We are taking walk-ins only at this time (first come, first serve). if you have any symptoms of illness, we ask that you return again later when you are feeling well., where to find us, silver safari spokane valley mall, come visit us at the spokane valley mall on the upper level next to sears., call anytime (all piercing are currently first come, first serve) 509-893-1321, silver safari fan let's keep in touch.


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  1. Silver Safari

    Silver Safari - Valley Mall, Spokane Valley, Washington. 5,272 likes · 19 talking about this · 1,716 were here. We specialize in body piercing, ear piercing, body jewelry, sterling silver jewelry,...

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    Monday - Saturday 11am - 8pm Sunday 11am - 7pm Alderwood Piercing Hours: Monday - Saturday 11am - 6pm Sunday 11am - 5pm Silver Safari Body Piercing, over 108,000 body and ear piercings done! Body Piercing Seattle, Spokane, Everett, Washington.

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    W e are a locally owned jewelry and body piercing shop located in the Spokane Valley Mall, in business since 1999. We carry the regions largest selection of body jewelry and silver jewelry and specialize in body piercing, ear piercing, and micro dermal anchors.

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    How is Silver Safari rated? Silver Safari has a 4.9 star rating with 1,736 reviews. When is Silver Safari open? Silver Safari is open now. It will close at 9:00 p.m.

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    Spokane Valley Mall Silver Safari WE ARE A LOCALLY OWNED JEWELRY AND BODY PIERCING SHOP LOCATED IN THE SPOKANE VALLEY MALL, IN BUSINESS SINCE 1999. Shop Now We’re Hiring! Apply Now! We are taking walk-in piercings only at this time (first come, first serve).

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    4.3 (181 reviews) Claimed $ Piercing, Jewelry Closed 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM See hours See all 86 photos Write a review Add photo Location & Hours Suggest an edit Located in: Alderwood Mall 3000 184th St SW Ste 112 Lynnwood, WA 98037 Get directions You Might Also Consider Sponsored Green Lake Jewelry Works 262

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    509-893-1321 [email protected] 14700 E. Indiana Ave. Space #2182 Spokane Valley, WA 99216 Store Hours NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS:Monday – Thursday 11am – 7pmFriday & Saturday 11am – 8pmSunday 11am – 6pm We are … Contact & Hours Read More »