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Have you ever come face to face with a hippopotamus? Can you imagine nuzzling noses with a giraffe? Want to hang out with a two-toed sloth?

You can at Safari Niagara

More than 1000 animals and birds are waiting to meet you at Safari Niagara, Niagara's Wildest Animal Adventure! Safari Niagara is a 150-acre nature park located within a 10-minute drive from Niagara Falls, Canada and Buffalo, USA.

Safari Niagara features an incredible range of exciting, educational activities for all ages and abilities-from a petting park to children's playgrounds, Interactive animal presentations and feeding demonstrations, slash pad, fishing, paddle boating, playgrounds, Keeper Talks and one of Canada's largest steel sculpture exhibits! Bring a picnic or feast on a fantastic meal at our counter-service restaurant.


Safari Niagara has entertainment for all ages from live outdoor concerts to sky-soaring birds of prey presentations. Don't miss our Keeper Talks where you'll get familiar with Safari Niagara animals and their handlers for an interactive experience to remember. Come along on our guided tours featuring the big cats, primates and bears. Visitors can even try their hand at feeding a gentle Giraffe or a hungry Hippopotamus!


  • MAY 18, 2019 – JUNE 14, 2019:--> 10:00AM – 5:00PM
  • JUNE 15, 2019 – SEPTEMBER 2, 2019:--> 9:00AM – 6:00PM
  • SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 – OCTOBER 11, 2019:--> 10:00AM – 5:00PM
  • OCTOBER 12, 2019 – OCTOBER 14, 2019:--> 9:30AM – 4:00PM
  • OCTOBER 15, 2019: --> Closed For The Season


  • Educational, Narrated Tram Rides
  • Interactive, Educational Presentations
  • Educational Class Trips
  • Kids Birthday Parties
  • Behind-The-Scenes Packages
  • Live Concerts & Special Events
  • Safari Niagara Adventure Day Camp

Some of the seasonal activities available..


2019 Dates and Hours of Operations

General admission.

Your Safari Niagara all day admission pass includes complimentary parking, admission to Safari Niagara NEW splash pad, interactive animal presentations, guided tours of the Silent Forest, fishing, kite flying and paddle boating and so much more!

FREE admission to children 2 & under.

MAY 18 – 31, SEPT 3 – OCT 14

** Rates willl be updated soon...


Season pass 2019.

  • Offer:- $3.00 off admission rates for tickets purchased after 2:00PM.
  • Enjoy the park and included amenities all season long (includes access to splash pad, paddleboats, fishing and playgrounds)
  • From June 1st - Labor day your seasons pass now includes unlimited use of the ropes course, and safari rides.
  • Unlimited use of the in-park tram system

Group Rates

Call the Safari Niagara sales office for more information on GROUP RATES

School Programs

Corporate Groups

Community Groups

Birthday Parties

Wagon Rentals

For more information please call office hours 8am-4pm, 905-382-9669


Ziggy's Zoovenier shop is a perfect place to find unique gifts for everyone on your list. Plush animals, apparel, gifts, for everyone on your list. Plush animals, apparel, gifts, jewellery, games and more all with a wildlife conservation theme. Many of our items will be only available at Safari Niagara providing you with a one of a kind shopping experience. We also provide a variety of local, native and unique products.

On your way in or out of the park be sure to visit the Stevensville Garden Gallery! Located adjacent to the Safari Niagara parking area, this garden center and gift store offers an array of unique indoor and outdoor home and gardening items year-round.


Present this Coupons to receive $3.00 off on regular admission. Offer Valid to maximum of six people.

Meet Wild Animals in Safari Niagara

What to do at safari niagara.

Wet, wild and wacky fun for kids old and young awaits you at Safari Niagara splash pad. Jolly Splashers and rainbow misters will wet the wee ones while the older of the species amuse themselves with squirting teeter totters and motorcycles, tipping fish and kid-controlled, jungle themed "wet heads". Conveniently located on the southern side of Merembe House at tram stop number 2.

  • Change rooms available
  • Water depth: 10 inches
  • Adult supervision is mandatory
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Safari Niagara recommends that you always be smart and wear a sunscreen when outdoors
  • Opening Date - Mid June
  • Closing Date - Mid September (Weather Dependent)

Petting Zoo

Animal Communication, interaction between animals in which information transmitted from one animal or group of animals affects the behaviour of other animals. Safari Niagara has established an area that allows for animal communication of an up close and personal kind. Animals typically exchange information using a signal, such as facial expression, sound, or touch. Communication between animals helps them coordinate the vital functions of their lives-namely, gathering food, staking out territory, caring for young, defending themselves or interaction with other species such as humans.

Most commonly, animal communication is intraspecific (occurring between animals of the same species). Intraspecific communication also helps distinguish individuals in a particular animal group. Mother gulls learn to recognize the individual calls of their own chicks so that they can quickly find their babies in densely populated gull colonies.

Communication can also be interspecific (occurring between different animal species). Many animals who share habitats learn to use signals from other species as warnings for approaching danger. Tree-living monkeys respond to the alarm cries of other animal to warn of danger. Many animals also have mutual relations that help each other survive or add in some other areas of comfort. Safari Niagara has created a unique opportunity for people to communicate with animals. We have created an opportunity to communicate through touch, voice and even an odd facial expression or so.

Please make sure to visit our communication park that allows you an up close and personal interaction with the other species. Who knows what you may learn or teach to another species?

Children's Playing Area

Play is a child's way of learning - it develops imaginations, inspires delight, creates wonder, increases curiosity and enchants the little ones. Safari Niagara has created an outstanding play environment adjacent to our picnic pavilion - featuring slides, swings, climbers, tunnels, bridges and "tree huts".

With Mom and Dad an arm's length away enjoying a rest at one of the many benches and picnic tables, kids can occupy themselves on our great CSA approved play equipment, meet some new friends and chat with their peers about the neat experience they have had at Safari Niagara. Yet another added value for families at Safari Niagara!

Fishing at Safari Niagara is an exciting and fun learning experience, under the supervision of an experienced angler. We have a well stocked pond that ensures a large selection of crafty fish such as black bass and sunfish. Our catch and release program ensures the safety of our fish and provides you with an experience that you will never forget. In fact we can even help with those big fish stories.

People have fished since ancient times, when pieces of bone were used as hooks and lengths of vine as line. The oldest known painting of an angler using a rod or staff comes from Egypt and is dated about 2000 BC. Can you just picture yourself fishing on the shore of a great lake with Zebra and Giraffe just over your shoulder? Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle mentioned angling in their writings, and other Greek writers gave tips about fishing lines. In the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, The Romans wrote about Macedonian trout anglers using artificial flies as lures.

The methods and tackle used for fishing evolved slowly through the centuries, and not until the late 15th century did sport fishing as it is now known really begin. In 1496 the written first book gave specific details for in English about the use of the fishing rod. The book describes the construction of hooks and rods for angling. The manuscript also describes how to tie knots in fishing lines and how to make and use artificial lures and flies to take advantage of the feeding habits of game fish. At Safari Niagara we fish for fun and relaxation and we release all our catches. Our fishing programming is a catch and release program under supervision, we want to make sure you have a safe and memorable time.

We offer fishing equipment to use free of charge and bait is available at a nominal fee.


We have 2 NEW Jumping Pillows this year! They are huge, inflatable pillows allowing you to jump sky-high and bounce until you can't bounce any more - Our Bounce-A-Rooz

Even the little ones can enjoy one all of their own!

*June 1st or later - Labour Day only. Weather Permitting.

Safari Speedway

Do you want to go on journeys of discovery through the splendors of nature? Our NEW Pedal Bike Go-Karts take you anywhere you want to go on the track. With their impressively large tires you can forge a route across our awesome track. Thanks to its camouflage you can blend in naturally like our animals! Let the Discovery begin!

Come and enjoy our paddle boats on our manmade lake. FREE with park entrance!

Kite Flying

If you ever wanted to just go fly a kite, you can at Safari Niagara, and it's free with your paid day admission or membership.

Borrow one of our brightly coloured kites or bring your own. We've got plenty of open space for every one.

Keeper Talks

Wonders of flight.

Learn more about some of your favourite animals from the keepers who take care of them on a daily basis. Our Keeper Talks will provide educational information about what is required to care for our animals, share some of their unique personalities with you and provide you with an intimate look on conservation.

Please Note: All Keeper Talks are weather permitting and do not run in inclement weather.

Guided Tours

Put on your safari hat, if you have one, and join in our free guided tours. A trained guide will walk you through the Silent Forest and the Primates Pass and stop at each habitat to give a short talk on each species. The tours are informal so you can ask as many questions as you like.

Do you want to know how much a tiger eats in one day? Perhaps you've always wondered what the difference is between a lynx and a bobcat? How do you tell and monkey from an ape? You'll find out on our big cats and primates guided tours. Safari Niagara is pleased to introduce a new guided tour this season, The Bear Facts, will uncover the mysteries of the bear. You'll find out whether bears really hibernate all winter, what types of food they eat and tons more. All of our guided tours run daily.

Give your legs a rest and climb about the Gator Express, an open-air tram system that makes several designated stops throughout the park allowing you to get on and off as often as you wish. The tram ride is also a guided tour of Safari Niagara, so you can relax and listen as you make your way around the perimeter of the park.

The tram stops at the restaurant, the Silent Forest, the Zooniversity staging area, the paddle boats and main entrance/gift shop. The tram is wheelchair accessible and equipped with a ramp. Strollers and wagons are also welcome on board.

Safari Niagara is home to the largest steel sculpture exhibit by one artist in the country. Rod Dowling has been creating his one-of-a-kind pieces for Safari Niagara since the park opened in 2002 and today there are more than 200 on display throughout the grounds.

From 50-foot high stainless steel sculptures to usable steel benches, Mr. Dowling has added an incredible uniqueness to Safari Niagara with his talent of using recycled pieces of steel to create these one-of-a-kind sculptures.


Get your degree in understanding animal behaviour when you attend Zooniversity, an interactive and education presentation featuring domesticated and exotic animals. Have you ever felt the skin of a 20-foot albino python, you will at Zooniversity. It's 30 minutes of fun and learning that you don't want to miss. Shows run daily.

SkyQuest (June 1 - Labour Day)

Welcome to SkyQuest, a brand new multi-level adventure ropes course at Safari Niagara, the first of its kind in Ontario. Challenge the thrill-seeker in you by navigating a stimulating obstacle course 30 feet in the air using only ropes and beams. Anyone can participate, children under 48" tall must be accompanied by a chaperone.

Smaller adventurous types can join in the fun on SkyTykes, a challenging course of balance beams, ropes and bridges similar to its larger counterpart, SkyQuest.

Individuals are harnessed and maneuver themselves along a track for safety. And there's no hurry... you conquer the course at your own pace, making it a great adventure for the whole family!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Safari Niagara open? Safari Niagara is open seasonally from May to October.

How much is admission to Safari Niagara for one day? Adults 13 and older are $30.95; seniors 65 and older are $25.95; children 3 to 12 are $25.95; children two and under are FREE! During our shoulder season, May 16-31 and Sept. 8 - Oct. 12 Adults 13 and older are $20.95; seniors 65 and older are $16.95; children 3 to 12 are $16.95; children two and under are FREE!. (prices do not include applicable taxes)

How many animals and birds live at Safari Niagara? Safari Niagara is home to more than 100 species of animals and birds from hippopotamuses and giraffes to parrots and eagles. In total, there are more than 1000 animals and birds. The park has large collections of ungulates, big cats, including a white tiger and snow leopard as well as a variety of primates including gibbons apes and spider monkeys.

Can we have a picnic at Safari Niagara? No glass containers or bbqs. You can eat at the Merembe House (No picnic basket).

Does Safari Niagara offer discounts to groups? Yes, groups are definitely welcome at Safari Niagara and will receive a discount based on the number of people in your group. We also offer packages and incentives for corporate and school groups. You can also celebrate birthdays and reunions at Safari Niagara with per person rates. Please call for group discounts- 905-382-9669 ext 254.

Where is Safari Niagara located? Safari Niagara is located at 2821 Stevensville Road in Stevensville, Ontario. Stevensville is located within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Fort Erie, Ontario. For more information about Fort Erie and Stevensville, go to www.forterie.on.ca.

Is Safari Niagara privately owned? Yes, Safari Niagara is owned and operated privately by the Tykolis family.

Is Safari Niagara accessible to wheelchairs and strollers? Definitely. All of the trails are either paved or smooth surfaces suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. The tram is also equipped to safely transport wheelchairs, strollers and wagons. People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to visit Safari Niagara!

Can I bring food into the Park? Yes, you can pack your own food to bring into the park with the exception of glass, alcohol beverages and BBQ’s. Also there is food on-site at various food locations throughout Safari Niagara.

Does Safari Niagara Offer Day Camps & Bithday Parties? Yes, Safari Niagara offers an Adventure Day Camp Program for children ages 6 to 12. Also Safari Niagara offer birthday parties.

Does Safari Niagara Offer Coroporate Picnics and Events? Yes, Safari Niagara offers various corporate packages. For more information, please contact our group sales department at 905-382-9669 ext.254

Can I feed the animals? Yes, you can feed the animals food that is provided at the park. Outside food not allowed.

What all include in a Day Admission to Safari Niagara? Your day admission is all-inclusive and gives you unlimited access to all in-park shows, tours and presentations as well as activities.

Directions from Hamilton

Take the HWY-403 E ramp toward TORONTO.

Merge onto PROVENCIAL ROUTE 403 E.

Merge onto QEW toward NIAGARA.

Merge onto Sodom Rd S via EXIT 16 toward CRYSTAL BEACH.

End at Safari Niagara 2821 Stevensvill Rd , Stevensvill, ON L0S 1S0, CA

Directions from Toronto



Directions from Niagara Falls

Merge onto QEW toward FORT ERIE.

Directions from Buffalo


Merge onto NETHERBY RD via EXIT 12.


Directions from Niagara Falls, NY



Merge onto Sodom Rd. Via EXIT 16 toward CRYSTAL BEACH

Safari Niagara - Contact Details

Address: 2821 Stevensville Road Stevensville, Ontario L0S 1S0

Email: [email protected] Phone: (905) 382-9669

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safari niagara ontario logo


a logo for safari niagara in ontario canada

Book early, spots FILL QUICKLY!

Tickets starting at $24.95 +hst per carload on now until january 7th.

A Dazzling Drive Thru Adventure

Make this holiday season a special one by driving through our dazzling holiday lights drive-thru adventure! There is snow-much to see! Immersive light tunnels, luminous motion lights, whimsical animal light displays you won't see anywhere else!

star graphic

Purchase your tickets online & in advance starting at just $19.95 +HST per vehicle until November 16th!

Enjoy safely from the warmth and comfort of your car.

Listen to your favourite Christmas tunes as you drive down the path!

Admission and snack combos available for purchase.

Reserve your preferred time today!

Safari Lights

This awe-inspiring 3 km drive will immerse you in luminous colour changing motion lights and winding light tunnels, complete with your favourite holiday scenes and displays. This is a once in a lifetime viewing experience that you'll remember long after the holidays!

safari lights graphic

A bigger, better and BRIGHTER Safari Lights experience awaits you! Thousands more twinkling lights, and unique displays have been added to lead you through the trails of the park in the comfort of your own vehicle. 

safari lights display showing niagara zoo activities


Book your preferred spot today before they're gone, november 17 - december 14 and january 4 - 7, $24.95 /vehicle.

Open Thursday - Sunday

December 15 - January 1

$29.95 /vehicle.

Open Monday - Sunday

Closed December 24, 25, 31

Dec 18 - Jan 1

Monday - Sunday 5:00 - 9:00pm

CLOSED Dec 24, 25 and 31

Thursday - Sunday 5:00 - 8:00pm

We Feel the Love

transparent background

"What a beautiful set up. It was nice last year and even better this year. Thank you for all the hard work that all of you put into this for all of us Merry Christmas"

"what an amazing time at safari lights. see the lights as you listen to christmas carols. i highly recommend. a great “family bonding” time. load up a car today and see the lights", "loved it really enjoyed my evening with my family. will recommend safari lights...".

Got a question? We’re here to help.

Is the cost per person?

The cost is per vehicle.

What if there is inclement weather?

If you are unsure about the weather, please check our social media and Safari Niagara website for any Safari Lights closure notices.

What if I am running late?

We will still honour your ticket as long as you arrive by 8:15pm.

What if I would like to change my date/time?

Please email [email protected] to reschedule your date and time, as tickets are for timed entry to reduce parking lot & road congestion. And if you've purchased snacks we want to make sure we have everything on hand when you visit!

How long does it take to drive through?

Once you enter the park, it takes approximately one hour from start to finish.

Can I buy treats in the park?

Treats can be purchased online when you purchase your admissions ticket.  You then can pick up your treats along the tour.

Do you have washrooms in the park?

Washrooms are located in the parking lot.  You can access them before or after you complete the tour.

Will we see any of the zoo animals?

Most animals are put in for the winter/night plus visibility will be minimal given dark/light contrast.

Can we get out of our car to take pictures?

Guests must remain in their vehicles the entire time.

Can I bring my dog in the car?

Dogs are permitted inside the vehicle as long as your windows remain closed.

Can we bring truck/trailer? Can we sit in the back of the truck / on the trailer?

Vehicles must fit size criteria and all passengers must be securely inside.

Can I give my ticket to someone else?

You can gift your ticket to anyone you’d like.

How many times can I go through the park?

Each ticket allows guests one (1) pass through the park.


Safari Niagara, 2821 Stevensville Rd Fort Erie, ON L0S CAN

(905) 382-9669

[email protected]

Toll Free (866) 367-9669

Fax (905) 382-1619

Office Hours

Get the safari scoop.

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Copyright Safari Niagara. All Rights Reserved.

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Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions

Safari/Zoo Animals

Safari Niagara Day

Experience the wild with caa day at safari niagara.

On September 9th, step into the wilderness and embark on a fun-filled adventure with CAA Day at Safari Niagara! Home to more than 1000 native and exotic mammals, reptiles and birds, this 150-acre nature park offers tons of interactive presentations and exciting attractions for the whole family to enjoy.

Admission is just $14.95+HST and service fees per person, for Members and their guests.

Tickets are available for purchase at any CAA Niagara Branch or online using the promo code caasafari23 .

Please note that proof of Membership will be required prior to entry to the park. 

Rain or shine, see you there!

Safari Niagara Logo

Safari Niagara

2821 Stevensville Rd., Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0

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If you like this event, you may also be interested in attending these upcoming events:

There are currently no event listings.

Please check back soon as events are regularly added.

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  1. Up to 57% Off Safari Niagara Admission

    Savour the world's cutest exhibitionists with today's Groupon: for $9, you get one full-day admission ticket to Safari Niagara's zoo and recreational grounds in Stevensville (up to a $20.91 value). With more than 400 species inhabiting its colourful animal kingdom , Safari Niagara enchants visitors with interactive presentations, free guided ...

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    Safari Niagara is a top merchant due to its average rating of 4.5 stars or higher based on a minimum of 400 ratings. ... Offer is not eligible for our promo codes or other discounts. ... 100% Verified Reviews. All Groupon reviews are from people who have redeemed deals with this merchant. Review requests are sent by email to customers who ...

  3. Safari Niagara

    Adult (13-64 years) $39.95. $29.95. Child/Senior. $32.95. $24.95. Redemption Instructions. Tickets can be purchased at any CAA Niagara branch or online, and redeemed at Safari Niagara. Click "Purchase Tickets Online" to receive your Promo Code before purchasing.

  4. Up to 32% off Admission to Safari Niagara| WagJag

    Wine Kitz. Up to 49% off Admission to Niagara Falls 420 Expo. 39%. $12. Niagara Falls 420 Expo. $29.99 for 2 Admissions to Irish Kitchen Party Evening Show (a $59.90 Value) 50%. $29.99. Greg Frewin Theatrical Centre.

  5. Safari Niagara Coupons, Concerts & Wildlife Conservation

    Adult/Senior. $70.00 + HST. Child. $60.00 + HST. Offer:- $3.00 off admission rates for tickets purchased after 2:00PM. Enjoy the park and included amenities all season long (includes access to splash pad, paddleboats, fishing and playgrounds) From June 1st - Labor day your seasons pass now includes unlimited use of the ropes course, and safari ...

  6. Safari Niagara

    Safari Niagara. 2821 Stevensville Road, Stevensville. 14.2km from the Falls (8.8mi) +1 (866) 367-9669 +1 (905) 382-9669. Website. Safari Niagara is a 150-acre, privately owned and operated Nature Park and is home to more than 1000 animals of native and exotic mammals, reptiles and birds. Located only 10 minutes from Niagara Falls!

  7. Safari Niagara Home Page

    Start Your Wild Adventure. Experience the magic of Safari Niagara where unforgettable adventures await. Get up close to over 1000 animals from around the world. Explore our attractions, behind-the-scenes tours, events, shows, day camps, educational programs and much more! Join us as we celebrate the beauty of nature and embark on a wild journey ...

  8. Tickets and Memberships

    Tickets purchased online will reflect the seasonal pricing. Tickets purchased at the in season price are valid all season. Tickets purchased for Off-Season are only valid during those times. Children 2 and under are always free. Members can come on any day for Free. Call us about our Group discount rates. We also have special rates for Birthday Parties, Group Picnics, Schools and Day Camps.

  9. Safari Lights

    Immersive light tunnels, luminous motion lights, whimsical animal light displays you won't see anywhere else! Purchase your tickets online & in advance starting at just $19.95 +HST per vehicle until November 16th! Enjoy safely from the warmth and comfort of your car. Listen to your favourite Christmas tunes as you drive down the path!

  10. Safari Niagara

    Safari Niagara. · June 19, 2018 ·. Visit any Niagara Falls McDonald's or Fonthill McDonald's from now until July 8 and receive a FREE child admission with the purchase of a Happy Meal. Please Note: The free child voucher is valid with a paid day-of adult admission only and is not valid with any other promotion or discount.

  11. $20.95 for a Full-Day Inclusive Admission to Safari Niagara (a $30.95

    Engage in a real-life summer activity that will please every member of the family with today's WagJag: $20.95 for full-day admission to Safari Niagara (up to a $30.95 value). Safari Niagara is home to more than 750 exotic and domestic animals. Visiting animal lovers can learn about each critter by exploring the exhibits, taking an educational ...

  12. Safari Niagara Day

    Sat, Sep 9 2023, 10am - 5pm. $15. On September 9th, step into the wilderness and embark on a fun-filled adventure with CAA Day at Safari Niagara! Home to more than 1000 native and exotic mammals, reptiles and birds, this 150-acre nature park offers tons of interactive presentations and exciting attractions for the whole family to enjoy.

  13. $56.69 for Safari Lights Admission & ONE 2024 Safari Niagara

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