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The Best Kolkata Itinerary for 3 days – A mini travel guide

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This is a short travel guide and a suggestive Kolkata itinerary to prepare you for your first visit to the city of joy.

Kolkata is my city, the city where I grew up in. Kolkata, formerly called, Calcutta is the cultural capital of India, and a gateway to the eastern part of the country. Like any other big city of India, Kolkata can be overwhelming and confusing, and takes time to grow on you.

So, if you have a short time to see Kolkata, you need to plan well ahead. No worries, that’s exactly why I am writing this post.

I include affiliate links for the tours, hotels and products I recommend. This means if you make any purchase through the links in the post, I may get a commission without any additional cost to you.

Short on time? Save a quick glance of Kolkata in 3 Days

plan a trip in kolkata

You can jump to the detailed itinerary and tips here .

A Quick Outline

A Brief Overview

Kolkata is one of the four original metropolitan cities of India. It used to be the capital during the British colonial period.

It was the nucleus of various social reforms during the 19th century spearheaded by luminaries in the field of art, science, and literature. This is often referred to as the Bengal Renaissance because of the deep impact it had on Indian society.

Interestingly Kolkata was also the center of India’s struggle for freedom from British imperialism.

Kolkata’s history is also checkered by tragedies like the Calcutta riots, partition, and the great Bengal famine of 1945.

This small introduction is necessary to understand the culture of Kolkata and the nature of the people there.

You will find some of the friendliest people in the city. Many of them are highly educated, culturally rooted, and politically opinionated .

You will also notice the poverty, and social inequality that stares at your face like nowhere else (except maybe in Mumbai). A series of political changes at the state and national level since British rule has led to Kolkata’s economic downfall.

The city lives in its past glories, and a sense of nostalgia resonates everywhere.

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Kolkata Itinerary for 3 days

Kolkata has somehow earned the reputation of being filthy and overcrowded. Having lived in multiple big cities all over India I can say it’s partially true, but completely unfair. Large parts of Kolkata are just as dirty as large parts of Mumbai.

Some of the heritage areas of North and Central Kolkata are dirty, like Kumartuli (the potter’s town), Barabazaar (the big market), Sobhabazaar (where you find the centuries-old residential buildings of the affluent), etc. The historic Kalighaat Temple is not somewhere I would take a first-time visitor to on a 3-day trip if I were the guide.

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I’d recommend starting with the Esplanade and Maidan area, which happens to be one of the most well-planned parts of the city. This is where you will find the famous Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum , wide tree-laden walkways leading to St. Paul’s Cathedral, Birla Planetarium , and Prinsep Ghat.

The next day you can tread into North Kolkata, which is like Old Delhi or Old Hyderabad. Here you will find red-tainted colonial buildings, hand-pulled rickshaws, and a bucket-load of nostalgia. 

You can spend the whole of day two visiting the cultural precincts of old Kolkata or head further North to the New Town . It is the newest part of the city, well-planned, glamorous, and aspirational, with decorated highways, an amazing modern architectural complex, and many parks.

On the third day, you can do an excursion to Dakshineswar Kali temple and Belur Math . Let me take you on this virtual tour over three days in Kolkata.

If you want a hassle-free guided tou r, I highly recommend GetYourGuide and Viator as the two most reliable services

Day 1 in Kolkata Itinerary – Explore the heart of the city

Arrive early at the airport and freshen up at your hotel for a long day. I’d recommend you stay near Esplanade and Park Street because they’re in the heart of the city.

Besides you will have access to the best restaurants and nightlife, Metro station, and bus connectivity. Hopefully, you will be able to start your trip by 11 a.m.

Alternatively, I recommend these walking tours in Kolkata on your first day

  • Kolkata in Detail & Food Hopping – Free walking tour
  • 3-Hour Heritage Walking tour that covers entry fees and pick-up and drop

Visit Indian Museum

Indian Museum is one of the best places to visit in Kolkata

Start your day with a trip to the Indian Museum, the largest museum in the Asia Pacific and one of the oldest in the world. Founded in 1814 by the Asiatic Society, this multipurpose 3- 3-storied museum houses galleries of art, archaeology, geology, and industrial and zoological collections.

You will find a vast collection of rare artifacts, fossils, etc., including a 4000-year-old Egyptian mummy. It’s a great way to start your trip. But have a time-check because we have a lot to see today!

Opening time: 10 am to 6 pm, closed on Mondays and National Holidays

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial - Kolkata Travel Guide

From Indian Museum, take a cab to Victoria Memorial.

Established in 1901, this is one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. This white architectural masterpiece was made in memory of Queen Victoria, soon after her death. It is a fusion of European and Mughal architecture that draws great inspiration from the Taj Mahal.

The resplendent garden of Victoria Memorial remains open from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. You can see budding artists painting, families playing in the parks, lovebirds looking to steal some private moments, and shutterbugs all around.

The hall of the Victoria Memorial houses an exquisite collection of original paintings, western and Indian, rare photographs, and manuscripts. You will also find artwork made by prisoners of the Alipore Jail.

Victoria Memorial Kolkata

Shopping and lunch at Esplanade

Esplanade Metro - Kolkata Itinerary

After exploring the two largest and most historic landmarks of the city, you must have realized that it’s late in the afternoon and you’re tired. Take a short cab ride to Aminia, one of the best restaurants in this area. There are many other restaurants and eateries here.

After lunch, you can head to New Market for shopping . Formerly called Hogg Sahib’s Market in the name of its founder, New Market is one of the oldest and best shopping destinations in India. A vast area of shops inside a red brick building is one of the heritage areas to explore and shop to your heart’s delight.

From fashionable garments and jewelry to cakes and rare herbs, you will find everything under the same roof. Near the Esplanade metro station, there is a long line of street hawkers selling all kinds of stuff like watches, sunglasses, perfumes, etc.

St Paul’s Cathedral

The front facade St. Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata. A must-visit site in your Kolkata Itinerary

So, after a lunch and shopping break, we can continue with the city tour and reach St Paul’s Cathedral. It is one of the most austere churches I have seen in India. Located at a walking distance from the Victoria Memorial the church stands adjacent to the Birla Planetarium .

If you have time, I strongly recommend you visit the planetarium for a show with kids, but you may not be able to accommodate it in a 3-day itinerary.

The Birla Planatarium in Kolkata - a must-visit site in your Kolkata itinerary if you are visiting with kids.

Besides the British, Kolkata has been home to Jewish, Armenian, Scottish, and Portuguese communities as well. It’s one of those rare cities where you can visit the places of worship of more than 8 different religions – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, Tao, Jews, and maybe even more.

I highly recommend exploring these in a Church Walking Tour here .

Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat Memorial Kolkata

Next on our list today is the Prinsep Ghat, another beautiful white building located at the riverfront. This is an ideal place to visit in the evening to watch the sunset and enjoy the cool evening breeze of the Ganges.

It is one of the most romantic destinations in Kolkata so photographers throng here for pre-wedding photo shoots and sunset shots.

It’s my favorite place in the city and I have a full article dedicated to the Prinsep Ghat of Kolkata . You will find the old circular railway line, the colorful boats sailing in the river, and the stunning sunset at the Second Hooghly Bridge, aka, Vidyasagar Setu.

On the other side of the sunset is the iconic Howrah Bridge , the only cantilever bridge in India.

Millennium Park

Howrah Bridge Kolkata

Now if you have the energy to walk 2 km along the beautified riverfront with trees, blossoms, and fountains on both sides, you can reach the Millenium Park.

This will give you a closer view of the Howrah Bridge . This is just a small recreation park where you can spend time admiring the river. However, you can skip this if you are tired.

Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir Kolkata Itinerary

The last stop in our day will be the Birla Mandir, a temple dedicated to Hindu God Krishna and his consort Radha. This is a beautiful white temple located in Ballygunge, about 6.5 km from the Prinsep Ghat, so take a cab from here or at Millennium Park.

It’s a magnificent piece of architecture made of marble and sandstone. The Birla family, an illustrious business family based out of Kolkata commissioned this temple in 1970. It took 26 years to complete this temple and it was finally opened in 1996.

Dinner at Ballygunge

You can have your dinner at 6 Ballygunge Place, one of the most famous multi-cuisine restaurants in Kolkata. This is located just 650 meters away from the temple. There are many other options for fine dining in the area like Spice Craft, Kasturi, etc.

Day 2 in Kolkata Itinerary – North Kolkata and beyond

On Day 2 we will start early after a healthy brunch and head to north Kolkata. You may be lodged at the heart of the city, but its soul lies in the narrow, dreary alleys of North Calcutta.

It’s a good idea to visit the West Bengal Tourism Information Bureau, located in BBD Bag before you begin your exploration for the day. It will give you an idea of all the places of attraction and help you plan your day.

If you plan to visit the Marble Palace, you need to collect a pass from WB tourism compulsorily.

Marble Palace (optional)

Marble Palace is a 19th-century palatial mansion that was established in 1835 by Raja Rajendra Mullick, the wealthiest Bengali merchant of his time. This is private property, so you need prior permission from the West Bengal Tourism bureau .

Built in the neoclassical style of architecture, this is a great place for lovers of art and architecture. It has a humble collection of paintings, but you can cover this place in less than 30 minutes.

Open timings: 10 am to 3 pm, closed on Mondays and Thursdays

Mullick Ghat flower market (optional)

A rather unique experience in Kolkata is a visit to the Mullick Ghat flower market. It is believed to be the largest flower market in Asia and is especially exciting for tourists from the West. The chaos, the crowd, and the cacophony leave up to the Indian stereotype quite well.

On a serious note, the market has great historic and cultural significance, so it’s a good place to include in the itinerary.

Make sure you reach there early in the morning (around 6 am) to catch the spectacle of fresh flowers being cut and prepared for the sale. Else, you may as well skip it and start your day with the Marble Palace instead. 

I highly recommend this guided tour for a trip to the flower market.

Jorasanko Thakurbari – The ancestral house of Rabindranath Tagore

plan a trip in kolkata

If you don’t know about Rabindranath Tagore, you should certainly read up. He is the first non-European Nobel Laureate but that’s just the tip of the iceberg called Tagore. He is the shining star of Bengal Renaissance, the one who is fondly remembered for his countless musings that Bengalis hum and recite in their everyday lives.

Jorasanko Thakur Bari is the ancestral home of Tagore and has galleries dedicated to his life and works in India and abroad. The highlights of this house are the separate galleries funded and maintained by the government of China, Japan, the US, and Hungary in his honor.

Depending on your interest you can spend 1-2 hours here and also come back in the evening for a light and sound show.

Open Timings: 10:30 am to 5 pm, closed on Mondays

Kumartuli – The Potter’s colony

Durga Puja Kolkata guide - Kumortuli idol making

Our next stop is Kumartuli, the potter’s colony located 2 km away from Jorasanko. This is a 300-year-old settlement of potters, the skilled artisans who bring life to mud and make exquisite sculptures.

They make famous idols for Durga Puja that is sent across the pandals in Kolkata as well as other parts of West Bengal.

Many of these artists are called to UK and USA for making idols for religious festivals. While Durga Puja is the grandest of all, the artists are busy throughout the year making idols for various cultural and religious festivals.

As the saying goes, “baro mashe tero paarbon”, meaning Bengalis celebrate 13 festivals in 12 months of the year. No wonder the potters have a busy life.

Biswa Bangla Flyover

Biswa Bangla Gate in Kolkata Itinerary

From here you can take a cab and drive straight to New Town. While North Calcutta is the cultural precinct of Kolkata, it also comes with its own baggage of all the bad things people might have told you about the city. Old roads, narrow (often stinky) alleys, and dilapidated buildings.

New Town is a complete antithesis. The Biswa-Bangla Flyover leading to Eco Park symbolizes the aspirational side of the city’s character. Kolkata has long been romanticized for its past. People here like to lie back and reminisce about their golden past without any ambition for the future.

The ride over the Biswa Bangla flyover somehow shows the ambitious side of the city, but that too is wrapped in nostalgia. Traditional artwork, statues of Bengali icons of the past, and quotes about Bengali heritage adorn the roads. You will come across the striking Biswa Bangla Gate, aka, the Kolkata Gate which has a floating cafe on it.

Eco Park in Kolkata itinerary

You can stop at any of the amusement parks in this area – the older ones like Science City or Nicco Park, the latter ones like the Aquatica, or the newest one like Eco Park.

In fact, the older travel guides will tell you to visit the Botanical Garden , that houses the oldest Banyan tree in the world. Sure, that was one of the best places in Kolkata when I was growing up, but I’m going to recommend my favorite now.

Eco Park , a theme park spread over 480 acres is the biggest urban park in India. You can hire a bike or electric vehicle, or even get a ticket to an electric toy train to explore the huge park. With a nominal entry fee of only Rs. 30 per person, this huge green oasis is segmented into a large number of thematic sections.

There is a large artificial lake for boating and water sports, which is bordered by a beautiful lakefront promenade lined by coconut trees, a butterfly garden, a fruit orchard, a meadow of wild flowering plants, and a rose garden are some of the notable spots for natural beauty.

There’s also a sculpture garden showcasing sculptures of 19th and 20th-century legends, a mask garden with a large display of traditional masks, “Biswa Bangla Haat” which is a supermarket for authentic artwork from West Bengal’s cottage industries, and Rabi Aranya, a forest dedicated to Rabindranath Tagore’s literary pieces.

Eco Park Seven wonders Garden

However, the most famous highlight of Eco park is the Seven Wonders Park which has beautiful replicas of the Colosseum of Rome, The Great Wall of China, Christ Statue of Rio, and other man-made wonders of the world. Entry to some sections is free while some like the seven wonders park require additional fees.

Nightlife on park street

If you have the energy you can go clubbing in Park Street or simply take a food tour at night . I am not partisan at all when I say Kolkata is a foodie’s paradise.

Day 3 in Kolkata Itinerary- A Spiritual Excursion

This is your last full day in Kolkata. You can explore various other places inside the city or you can take a day trip to two of the most famous places near the city, the Dakshineshwar Temple and Belur Math. In fact this excursion is one of the top things to do in Kolkata.

You can either go there in the morning and return in the afternoon or spend the morning in Kolkata and visit Dakshineswar in the late afternoon. I’d suggest the latter because sunset at Ganges in Belur Math is a sight to behold.

Lal Dighi BBD Bagh Kolkata

Start early with a breakfast at BBD Bagh, aka Dalhousie Square. This place is also known for the best street food in Kolkata. The street food here is cheap and hygienic as per WHO standards. I’d recommend the traditional Luchi alur-dom or Luchi chholar dal followed by a Bengali sweet for breakfast. You can also go for Bread-omelet, Kachuri, etc.

BBD Bag is the old business hub of Kolkata, which has most of the government offices – the Writer’s Building, the General Post Office, the Reserve Bank of India, and all state headquarters of all the nationalized banks.

Also known as Dalhousie Square this place is named after three freedom fighters – Binoy, Badal, and Dinesh. You can spend the morning loitering around the streets of BBD Bag, admiring the colonial architecture, and enjoying the street food.

Want to bring the taste of India to your home? Check out this massive list of Best Street Food in India and their recipes at home.

College Street

If you are a book-lover then skip BBD Bag and head straight to College Street in the morning. This is the largest area dedicated to bookstores where you can find everything from college textbooks to the rarest books on the planet.

Also known as “ boi-para ” meaning book mart, it is the largest second-hand book market in the world. This is a center of eminence frequented by students, academicians, researchers, and bibliophiles.

It was named so in 1817 when the Hindu College was founded by British officer David Hare which later came to be known as the Presidency University. College Street now houses most of the best colleges in Kolkata namely the University of Calcutta, Calcutta Medical College, Sanskrit College etc. 

Coffee House college street in Kolkata

Another attraction of College Street is the Coffee House. It is just an old unit of the Indian Coffee House chain of restaurants but has a nostalgic value. Some of the greatest intellectuals of the 20th century including Subhash Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Amartya Sen, and Satyajit Ray frequented the coffee house to discuss their ideas over a cup of coffee.

It’s just this romanticism, otherwise, neither the ambiance nor the coffee here is great now.

Dakshineswar Kaali Bari

Dakshineshwar Temple, Kolkata itinerary for 3 days

After breakfast and some stroll, it’s time for a day trip. Head to Dakshineswar Kaali Temple, one of the most revered temples in India. Photography is not allowed inside the temple premises. You will have to leave your footwear and electronics in a secure locker outside.

Built in Navaratna style, Dakshineswar is an architectural treasure. Commissioned by Rani Rashmoni Devi in 1855, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali.

It was home to priest Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and his wife Sarada Devi. He was the teacher of Swami Vivekananda, and it is in this temple that he advocated the unity of all religions. This huge complex is peaceful and vibrant at the same time, a must-visit place when you are in Kolkata.

The best time of the year to visit Dakshineswar is during the Kali Puja which happens at the time of Diwali in India.

If you are staying longer, I recommend a guided day trip to Bishnupur – a land of terracotta temples and unmatchable textile heritage.

Kolkata Itinerary

Take a ferry across the river to reach Belur Math on the opposite side of Ganga. It was established by the world-renowned spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda. He formed the group Ramakrishna Mission, a group of monks dedicated to the service of humanity.

The temple of Belur Math is an architectural amalgamation of religions across the world, symbolizing unity in diversity.

Swami Vivekananda spent years as a wandering monk with his fellow brothers serving the poor and sick people all over India before he formed Belur Math.

It is home to the monks of Ramakrishna Mission which conducts humanitarian work in India and abroad. Durga Puja is the most prominent religious celebration in Belur Math.

Along with Hindu festivities, Belur Math also celebrates Buddha Jayanti and Christmas Eve. Watch the sunset at the Ganga-ghats and return to the temple to experience the mesmerizing evening “aarti”. 

This marks the end of our 3-day tour of Kolkata on a spiritual high. This is the best that I can fit realistically into a 3-day Kolkata itinerary, although there are many more places to explore.

The mega-city Kolkata can be quite overwhelming for a first-time visitor. If you have only a day or two in Kolkata as a first-time visitor, I recommend one of these full-day organized tours.

  • Full day tour with lunch
  • Full day photography tour of Kolkata

Where to stay in Kolkata?

I recommend you stay in the heart of the city near Esplanade and Park Street. However, if you are more interested in a serene location away from the city center, yet close to the newer attractions like Eco Park, you can choose to stay in Salt Lake or New Town. Here are some recommendations.

Hotels in Luxury Range

  • Taj Bengal $$$$

A heritage 5-star hotel located in Alipore conveniently close to prime tourist attractions like Victoria Memorial, Kalighat, and the business district of Kolkata.

  • Oberoi Grand $$$$

Another fantastic property close to major tourist zones as well as shopping areas like New Market. It is accessible via the subway (metro stations) of Esplanade and Park Street.

  • ITC Sonar Bangla $$$$

An exquisite luxury hotel located near Science City and has easy access to the Newtown region.

Hotels in 4-star and 3-star category

  • Elgin Fairlawn $$$ – Located near the Indian Museum
  • Fairfield by Mariott $$$ – Located in Newtown (close to Ecopark, Wax Museum and other new attractions)
  • The Park Suites $$ -Located in the throbbing Park Street

Check out more options for Kolkata hotels here .

FAQs about Kolkata

Before I move on to answering the most frequently asked questions about Kolkata trip plan, I’d like to remind you to save this post. You can use this image for saving on Pinterest

A Travel Guide to Kolkata with the Best Kolkata itinerary for first-time visitors. All that you can do in 3 days in Kolkata, India's cultural capital #India #KolkataChronicles

How many days are required to visit Kolkata?

You require atleast 3 days to explore Kolkata to be able to appreciate the diversity and culture of this city. It’s a large populous mega city of India, so you will also face traffic congestion that will slow you down. Hence it will be difficult to see both north and south Kolkata in less than 3 days.

What is the best time to visit Kolkata?

The best time to visit Kolkata in winter which begins in December and ends in early February. The weather is beautiful to enjoy walking in the sunny afternoons and stroll around the Christmas markets in the evening. If visiting during Holi, you can actually take a trip to Bolpur Shantiniketan for the unique “Dol Utsav”.

If you want to experience the famous Durga Puja of Kolkata , you will need to plan your trip around October/ The exact dates vary every year, so look up the dates online before planning. Avoid the time between late May and early September because of the hot summer followed by incessant rains.

Check the best places to visit in winter in India .

How to travel in Kolkata?

Kolkata is the only city in India where you can find an electric tram network . So, it is an amazing eco-friendly mode of transport within the city. However, many routes are currently non-functional.

The Kolkata Metro is the fastest mode of commute and is amazingly cheap. You can also take yellow taxis for hire or use Ola and Uber for private transport.

Bus connectivity in Kolkata is the best in India based on my personal experience. You can use this official website to check bus routes for planning your intra-city commute.

What are the essentials to pack for Kolkata?

If you are visiting any time other than the winter just carry cotton tops, shirts and kurtas. I also recommend an anti-fungal powder because of the high humidity. For winters do carry a jacket, sweatshirts and woolen scarves. Carry a waterproof jacket or raincoat if visiting.

Recommended Books and Movies for Kolkata inspiration and guide

Fiction Books featuring Kolkata:

  • City of Joy by Dominique Lapierre – the legendary book on the city’s slums that got the city its pet name
  • Lives of Others by Neel Mukherjee – A Man Booker Prize winner novel based on a family in Kolkata
  • Kabuliwala and other short stories by Rabindranath Tagore – A collection of heart-wrenching stories, some based out of erstwhile Calcutta


  • Pearl by the River By Sudipta Mitra – Story of the last Nawab of Bengal
  • Grand Delusions by Indrajit Hazra – A short biography of Kolkata
  • Calcutta Cookbook- the great recipes from Kolkata

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Thank you for reading the massive post. I hope it inspires you to visit my city and explore the culture of West Bengal .

Don’t miss the list of best places to visit in West Bengal with family . Here are a few more travel stories you might love.

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Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy Kolkata as much.

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Ahaa wish I had seen this before my trip but I had a fabulous time, was in Kol for 3 days and visited most places mentioned here and then some more.. loved what I saw, ate and explored..

Thanks Aarti. Glad that you enjoyed Kolkata and hope to see you again in my city 🙂

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An extensive guide and wonderful insights. Kolkata is clearly a blend of historical and modern architecture, mixed with traditional cultural and modern twist..

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Thanks for including a little bit of history about this city. I think I’m going to have to start adding short historical paragraphs about the places I cover. I didn’t know that the name had changed! India has been on our list for a while and it was great to get a glimpse of your City. Thanks!

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An exhaustive guide to Kolkata! Well-done, Sinjana! I am yet to visit the Jorasanko Thakurbari! That’s a nice picture of Belur Math!.

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Great post, Kolkata has so much to explore. I love the details and makes it easy for a first-timer to explore the city with confidence.

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Very interesting post. I was surprised that a lot of the architecture looked so European. I have a few friends that have visited and have reported back what a lovely place it is.

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Thanks for the detailed information and tips. I loved your pictures. So much to see in this stunning city! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Anita for reading and sharing your views

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I had no idea there were so many historic and beautiful sites to see in Kolkata. I would love to see this place someday and follow the itinerary you’ve recommended.

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I haven’t visited India yet, but Prinsep Ghat seems like a lovely place to wander along the water and watch the sunset. What’s your favorite dish in this foodie’s paradise?

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It is so amazing! I’m from Kolkata and have visited all this places. But never like a trip to Kolkata .Few of my friends are planning to visit Kolkata from Ranchi. I’m so lazy to make a itinerary for them that’s why I went through your article. Its so perfect. I’m definitely going to follow this with my friends.

Thank you so much Tarumita. I wish you a fantastic trip and hope you come back to the blog for more ideas.

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The report is Thoroughly professional. I am planning to visit Kolkatta next month along with my daughter for 3 to 4 days. Excellent guidance you have given. I dont need to refer any other report.

Thanks and Regards Ram

Thank you so much. I hope you have a great trip and the weather cools down a little bit by then.

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Thank you so much for this article. A great guide for the first time visiter with complete insight.

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Thank you for giving this more information about the Kolkata and its places, I really Liked It , I want visit the Kolkata and its places , As soon as possible, Thank you

Thanks a lot Kalakar

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Thanks a lot dear Sanjna for the selfless tour guide of Kolkata. Its my first and long awaited tour at my late sixties.

Thank you so much for the comment. I hope you have a great time. Wish you a very happy Durga Puja. Reach out to me through comments or mail if you need anything while in Kolkata

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Kolkata (Calcutta)

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Kolkata (Calcutta) Trip Planner

Top attractions in kolkata (calcutta).

Victoria Memorial

Other notable attractions

plan a trip in kolkata

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Kolkata (Calcutta), India

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One of the great urban centres of India , Kolkata is – to its proud citizens – equal to any city in the country in charm, variety and interest. The showpiece capital of the British Raj was the greatest colonial city of the Orient. People from all over the world came seeking fortune during its trading boom in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Their descendants are still noticeable in the city's cosmopolitan mix of communities. Despite this, there has been a rise in Bengali nationalism over the last twenty years, and in 2001 the city was officially renamed Kolkata (its precolonial Bengali name).

The best travel tips for visiting Kolkata

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Since Indian Independence, mass migrations of dispossessed refugees caused by twentieth-century upheavals within the Subcontinent have tested the city’s infrastructure to the limit.

The resultant suffering – and the work of Mother Teresa in drawing attention to its most helpless victims – has given Kolkata a reputation for poverty that sells the city short.

Although it undoubtedly faces huge challenges, they are no greater than in other cities of comparable size in India and around the world.

In fact, though Kolkata’s mighty Victorian buildings stand peeling and decaying, and its central avenues are choked by traffic, the city exudes a warmth and buoyancy that leaves few visitors unmoved.

Kolkata is expanding rapidly, with shopping malls, hip cafés and restaurants, and satellite towns springing up all around the city.

The downside of all this development, however, partly resulting from the huge increase in traffic, is some of the worst air pollution in the world, with one of the most chaotic road systems in the country.

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Victoria Memorial architectural monument and museum at Kolkata © Shutterstock

Victoria Memorial architectural monument and museum at Kolkata © Shutterstock

From The stately Indian Museum to the green expanse of the Maidan, here are the best things to do in Kolkata.

#1 Relax at The Maidan

One of the largest city-centre parks in the world, the Maidan – literally “field” – stretches from the Esplanade in the north to the racecourse in the south.

It is bordered by Chowringhee Road to the east, the Strand and river to the west and Raj Bhavan to the north, the former residence of the British governors-general and the viceroys of India until 1911. It's now the official home of the governor of Bengal.

This vast open area, the lungs of Kolkata, stands in utter contrast to the chaotic streets of the surrounding city.

It was created when Fort William, now home to the military headquarters of the Eastern Command, was laid out near the river in 1758; Robert Clive cleared tracts of forest to give its guns a clear line of fire.

Originally a haven for the elite, today the Maidan is a favourite spot for ordinary citizens.

#2 Wander along Esplanade and Chowringhee Road

The 46m column of Shahid Minar (Martyrs’ Memorial) towers over the busy tram and bus terminals and market stalls at the northeast corner of the Maidan, known here as Esplanade.

It was originally built in 1828 to commemorate David Ochterlony, who led the East India Company’s troops to victory in the Nepalese Wars of 1814–16.

On the east side of Esplanade, the once-elegant colonnaded front of Chowringhee Road is perpetually teeming with hawkers and shoppers.

Behind the facade the Victorian Grand Hotel (now the Oberoi Grand), its palm court inspired by the famous Raffles of Singapore, maintains a hint of colonialism.

#3 Buy some snacks at New Market

The single-storey New Market has barely changed inside since it opened in 1874 and has plenty of old-world charm.

Beneath its Gothic red-brick clock tower, the market stocks a vast array of household goods, luggage, garments, textiles, jewellery, knickknacks and books as well as meat, vegetables and fruit and a booming flower market.

Chamba Lama sells Tibetan curios, silver jewellery and bronzes while Sujata’s is known for its silk, and Nahoum & Sons is a renowned Jewish bakery and confectioner.

Further up the corridor, condiment stalls offer dried fruit, miniature rounds of salty Bandel cheese (both smoked and unsmoked) and amshat, blocks of dried mango; the produce, poultry, fish and meat market nearby is unmistakeable by its aroma.

Coolies, hoping for commission, eagerly offer assistance to any shopper who shows even a flicker of uncertainty.

#4 Be wowed by the Indian Museum

The stately Indian Museum is the oldest and largest museum in India, founded in 1814. Visitors come in their thousands, many of them referring to it as the jadu ghar or “house of magic”.

The main showpiece is a collection of sculptures obtained from sites all over India, which centres on a superb Mauryan polished-sandstone lion capital dating from the third century BC.

One gallery houses the impressive remains of the second-century BC Buddhist stupa from Bharhut in Madhya Pradesh, partly reassembled to display the red-sandstone posts, capping stones, railings and gateways.

Carvings depict scenes from the Jataka tales of the Buddha’s many incarnations.

Along with a huge collection of Buddhist sculptures, dating from the first to the third centuries, you’ll also see stone sculpture from Khajuraho and Pala bronzes, and archeological finds from other sites.

#5 Take in the Victoria Memorial

The dramatic white-marble Victoria Memorial at the southern end of the Maidan, with its formal gardens and watercourses, continues to be Kolkata’s pride and joy.

Other colonial monuments and statues throughout the city have been renamed or demolished, but attempts to change the name of the “VM” have come to nothing.

This extraordinary hybrid building designed by Sir William Emerson, with Italianate statues over its entrances, Mughal domes in its corners, and elegant open colonnades along its sides, was conceived by Lord Curzon to commemorate the empire at its peak.

However, by the time it was completed in 1921, twenty years after Victoria’s death, the capital of the Raj had shifted to Delhi .

The main entrance, at the Maidan end, leads into a tall chamber beneath the dome.

The 25 galleries inside still contain mementoes of British imperialism including statues of Queen Mary, King George V and Queen Victoria.

Victoria Memorial in Kolkata from Maidan © Shutterstock

Victoria Memorial in Kolkata from Maidan © Shutterstock

#6 See the mights iron-trussed roof of St Paul’s Cathedral

Close to the Victoria Memorial, beyond the Birla Planetarium, stands the Gothic edifice of St Paul’s Cathedral, erected by Major W.N. Forbes in 1847.

Measuring 75m by 24m, its iron-trussed roof was then the longest span in existence.

For improved ventilation, the lancet windows inside extend to plinth level, and tall fans hang from the ceiling.

The most outstanding of the many well-preserved memorials and plaques to long-perished imperialists is the stained glass of the west window, designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones in 1880 to honour Lord Mayo, assassinated in the Andaman Islands.

The original steeple was destroyed in the 1897 earthquake; after a second earthquake in 1934 it was remodelled on the Bell Harry Tower at Canterbury Cathedral.

#7 Bask in the work at the Academy of Fine Arts

South of the cathedral, the Academy of Fine Arts is a showcase for Bengali contemporary arts.

As well as temporary exhibitions, it holds permanent displays of the work of artists such as Jamini Roy and Rabindranath Tagore.

#8 See some Indian classical music at the Cultural Centre: Rabindra Sadan, Nandan and Sisir Mancha

Immediately south of the Academy of Fine Arts, the Cultural Centre features the large auditorium of Rabindra Sadan which, occasionally and especially in winter, features programmes of Indian classical music.

Next door, Nandan, designed by Satyajit Ray, is a lively film centre and pays homage to the rich tradition of Bengal’s film-making. Also within the complex, Bengali theatre is celebrated with its own auditorium, Sisir Mancha.

#9 Peruse the gallery of art and antiquities at the Asiatic Society

Close to Chowringhee Road, the Asiatic Society, established in 1784 by Orientalists including Sir William Jones, houses a huge collection of around 150,000 books and 60,000 manuscripts, some dating back to the seventh century.

The society has a reading room open to the public as well as a gallery of art and antiquities that holds paintings by Rubens and Reynolds, a large coin collection and one of Ashoka’s stone edicts.

#10 Wander through Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata’s oldest

The disused Park Street Cemetery is one of the city’s most haunting memorials to its imperial past.

Inaugurated in 1767, it is the oldest in Kolkata, holding a wonderful concentration of pyramids, obelisks, pavilions, urns and headstones, beneath which many well-known figures from the Raj lie buried including Sir William Jones of the Asiatic Society.

The epitaphs make poignant reading.

#11 Seek out The Last Supper by Johann Zoffany inside St John’s Church

Of the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British churches dotted around central Kolkata, the most interesting is St John’s, just south of the GPO.

Erected in 1787, it houses memorials to British residents, along with an impressive painting of The Last Supper by Johann Zoffany, in which prominent Calcuttans are depicted as apostles.

In the grounds, Kolkata’s oldest graveyard holds the tomb of Job Charnock, the city’s founding father, one of the few colonialists still cherished among Bengalis.

Charnock earned eternal notoriety for marrying a Hindu girl he saved from the funeral pyre of her first husband.

plan a trip in kolkata

St. John's Church, Kolkata © Shutterstock

#12 Visit Eden Gardens in Kolkata

Eden Gardens, the imposing site of the world-famous cricket ground (officially known as the Ranji Stadium), lies near the river close to Chandpal Ghat and has been described as the “Coliseum of Cricket”.

Watching a test match here is an unforgettable experience as the 66,000-seat stadium resounds to the roar of the crowd.

Next to the stadium, towards the river, the pleasant palm-fringed gardens are a picture of tranquillity with a Burmese pagoda set against a little lake.

#13 Stumble across the synagogues of BethEl and Magen David

Now protected monuments, the synagogues of BethEl and Magen David are reminders of the once flourishing community that played such an important role in the commercial life of the city.

While the Jewish community has all but disappeared from Kolkata, the two synagogues remain lovingly preserved.

Buried in the heart of a busy electrical goods market, BethEl’s exterior, emblazoned with the Star of David, hides an immaculate, lofty hall with aisles awaiting a lost congregation.

A short distance away, Magen David’s church-like appearance is similar. Both feature striking stained glass, common throughout the synagogues of India.

#14 Be wowed by a lavish collection of statues at the Marble Palace

The ornate Marble Palace holds a lavish collection of statues, European antiques, Ming vases, and paintings by Rubens and Gainsborough.

To join one of the free guided tours of this extraordinary pile, get a pass from the tourist offices at BBD Bagh or Shakespeare Sarani.

To the north of Marble Palace, Sonagachi’s warren of lanes is one of Kolkata’s red-light districts.

#15 Cross Howrah Bridge

One of Kolkata’s most famous landmarks (officially called Rabindra Setu, though few people use this new name), Howrah Bridge is 97m high and 705m long.

It span the river in a single leap to make it the world’s third longest cantilever bridge.

Erected with a maze of girders during World War II in 1943 to give Allied troops access to the Burmese front, it was the first bridge to be built using rivets.

Joining the streams of pedestrians who walk across it each day is a memorable experience.

Vidyasagar Setu, the second Hooghly bridge, built 3km south to relieve the strain, was 22 years in the making.

It’s a vast toll bridge with Spaghetti Junction-style approaches high enough to let ships pass below.

Howrah Bridge in Kolkata © Shutterstock

Howrah Bridge in Kolkata © Shutterstock

As soon as you arrive in Kolkata, taxi drivers are likely to assume that you’ll be heading for Sudder St, near New Market, where you’ll find a heady mix of travellers, businessmen and Bangladeshis in transit.

As the main travellers’ hub in Kolkata and close to all amenities, the area is a sociable place to stay, with numerous hotels, though if you’re after more luxury, you may have to look further afield.

Note that budget hotels in Kolkata are generally pretty poor quality: it is well worth spending a bit more here to avoid the grottiest rooms.

This is a backpacker centre for travellers. There are lots of hotels and budget guesthouses to pick from, including some real rotters.

Outer Kolkata

Home to the more luxury address in Kolkata and big brand hotels, but not very close to any of the city's main points of interest.

Near the Airport

There is a choice of hotels on Jessore and VIP Roads, including some business hotels. Handy for catching flights, not so good for seeing sights.

Browse the best hotels in Kolkata.

Although locals love to dine out, traditional Bengali cooking was, until relatively recently, restricted to the home.

However, some excellent restaurants now offer the chance to taste this wonderful fish- and seafood-based cuisine.

You’ll also find several good south Indian restaurants, numerous joints offering varying standards of Western cuisine, as well as rich Muslim cooking and the not-to-be-missed kati roll (parathas stuffed with chicken, mutton, paneer, egg or spiced potato, spiked with chilli and lime, and rolled in a sheaf of paper).

Park Street

Renamed as Mother Teresa Sarani – though few locals use this name – Park Street is packed with restaurants, cafés and bars, and has long been the hub of cosmopolitan and even hedonistic Calcutta.

Restaurants and cafés around Sudder St cater for Western travellers.

Roadside chai shops and street food stalls around BBD Bagh are extremely popular for lunch.

Near Maidan

Once famous for its live music, including a renowned jazz club now sadly gone, the western end of the Mother Teresa Sarani strip, near Maidan, continues to support some of the liveliest nightlife in the city.

Chinatown at Tangra

Chinese, spiced and cooked to local tastes, is also popular: the city has a rich tradition including its own Chinatown at Tangra on the road to the airport.

St Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata © Shutterstock

St Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata © Shutterstock

From the Metro system to human-drawn rickshaws, it is easy to get around Kolkata . Here’s how to do it.

India’s first and Kolkata’s pride and joy, provides a fast, clean and efficient way to get around.

The river is also used for transport, with the ghats near Eden Gardens at the hub of a ferry system.

You can beat the traffic by jumping on one of the frequent ferries from Chandpal Ghat to Howrah station, though they’re crowded at rush hour.

By metered taxi

Metered taxis remain the most convenient mode of transport and radio cabs (private taxis) provide more comfort at a price.

Kolkata supports a vast and complicated bus network. The a/c Volvo buses run on several useful routes including from Esplanade to the airport and between Tollygunge (via Gariahat) and the airport.

These are commuter buses, so getting on with luggage mid-route can be a problem when the buses are full.

By private minibus

There are private brown and yellow minibuses which travel at inordinate speeds.

Their destinations are painted boldly in Bengali and English on their sides and route numbers are occasionally visible.

Kolkata’s cumbersome trams, barely changed save for a lick of paint since they started operating in 1873, have been largely phased out.

Certain routes linger on and a “new” model has been introduced with high glass windows.

Female travellers can take advantage of the rush-hour women-only coaches.

By rickshaw

Despite efforts to ban them, Kolkata still has human-drawn rickshaws, though they’re only available in the central areas of the city, especially around New Market.

Most of the rickshaw-pullers are Bihari pavement-dwellers, who live short and very hard lives.

Some pullers supplement their meagre income by acting as touts and pimps. Haggle for a realistic price but feel free to give a handful of baksheesh too.

The ferry system provides a pleasant alternative to the city’s manic roads. The most useful ferry terminal is Chandpal Ghat near Eden Gardens.

A short taxi ride from Sudder St, from where, along with Howrah station, you can get ferries downriver to Shibpur for the Botanical Gardens and upriver to Shobabazaar, useful for visiting Kumartuli.

Statue of Rabindranath Tagore at Rabindra sadan in Kolkata © Shutterstock

Statue of Rabindranath Tagore at Rabindra sadan in Kolkata © Shutterstock

The climate of Kolkata is at its best during the short winter (Nov–Feb), when the daily maximum temperature hovers around 27°C, and the markets are filled with fresh vegetables and flowers.

Before the monsoons, however, the heat hangs unbearably heavily; the arrival of the rains in late June brings relief, but usually also floods that turn the streets into a quagmire.

After a brief period of post-monsoon high temperatures, October and November are quite pleasant; this is the time of the city’s biggest festival, Durga Puja.

Find out more about the best time to visit India.

To get a good sense of the city's rich heritage, visitors typically need at least 3 to 4 days in Kolkata.

This gives them enough time to visit sites such as Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Howrah Bridge, and exploring vibrant neighbourhoods like Park Street and South Kolkata.

Additionally, it provides ample time to indulge in the city's renowned street food, experience the bustling markets, and soak in the cultural ambiance that Kolkata has to offer.

Tombs of South Park Street Cemetery in Kolkata, India © Shutterstock

Tombs of South Park Street Cemetery in Kolkata, India © Shutterstock

Kolkata is one of India's most visited cities, so there is no shortage of ways to get here. The easiest, depending on where you come from of course, is by plane.

Netaji Subhash Bose International Airport Kolkata’s airport 20 km north of the city centre, is officially called Netaji Subhash Bose International Airport, but is still universally known by its old name of Dum Dum.

Prepaid taxis, Express Volvo a/c coach services and the Metro all connect with the city centre.

Kolkata has three main railway stations: Howrah, Kolkata and Sealdah, with two others, Santragachi and Shalimar, as subsidiary hubs.

Howrah Howrah – the point of arrival for most major trains from the south and west – stands on the far bank of the Hooghly, 2 km west of the centre.

To reach the central downtown area, traffic has to negotiate Howrah Bridge – the definitive introduction to the chaos of the city.

Find out how to get to India .

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Kolkata Tourism And Travel Guide

Kolkata is the capital of the eastern Indian state of West Bengal and one of the major cities of the region. It enjoys brilliant connectivity with all parts of the country and makes for a fascinating destination to be explored only during the winter months. Kolkata is a vibrant and colorful city with a rich past and a fine balance of modernity and traditionalism. As an old city, Kolkata has a lot to offer its tourists. There are museums, temples, colonial architectures, markets, eateries and its lifeline River Hoogly. To understand Kolkata and its people visit the city during its biggest festival which it celebrates like no other city does and the home to the famous, Roshogulla. Here is a snippet of travel guide to enjoy tourism in the city.

How to Reach

How to Reach:  Kolkata Tourism And Travel Guide

The closest airport to Kolkata is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport located in Dum Dum. The airport operates both domestic and international flights, public and private. From the airport tourists can hire prepaid taxis, private cabs to reach different parts of the city as well as outside.

By Rail:  

Kolkata has two major railway stations at Sealdah and Howrah. Both are equally critical in connecting Kolkata with different zones of the country. Sealdah has trains travelling to and from the eastern states of the country while Howrah has trains travelling to and from western, southern and central India . Both are busy stations which several trains pulling in and out every hour. From the stations, tourists can avail of prepaid taxis or private ones. If you are travelling with fewer baggages, then from Horwah you can take the ferry to cross River Hoogly to reach Kolkata.

By virtue of being the capital of British India, Kolkata developed a well-connected network of roads that connect the city with many parts of the country. There is government as well as private buses that operate regular bus services to ferry people in and out of the city.

Getting Around:

Kolkata boasts of one of the best public transportations in the country that has helped to connect every far flung area of the city. There are mini and public buses that operate buses on various routes. Kolkata got the country’s first underground metro rail that helps people reach far flung areas in less than half the time and at affordable cost. There are yellow and private taxis, trams, autos and hand-pulled rickshaws for travelling around the city.

  • How To Reach Kolkata

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Weather and Best Time to Visit:  Kolkata Tourism And Travel Guide

Summer (April to June):

Kolkata is sizzling hot during the summer months. Each year the mercury keeps reaching new highs accompanied by extremely high humidity. With the sun beating down mercilessly on the people from early in the morning and the sweat makes it tough for people to go about their routine life. Tourism in Kolkata hits a low and it is recommended not to visit the city during these months as it could take a toll on health.

Monsoon (July to September):

Officially the monsoon is expected to hit Kolkata in the month of July but each year it witnesses a delay prolonging the suffering of the people. The city receives considerable rainfall accompanied by water loggings everywhere. Despite the rains there is no relief as humidity continues to remain very high. It is sweltering hot and people continue to struggle with the heat. Monsoon too is not recommended for a visit to Kolkata

Winter (October to February):  

Winter is undoubtedly the best time to visit Kolkata. The temperatures fall, bringing much needed relief as people gear up to celebrate their biggest festival, the Durga Puja. It is the best time to visit the city to feel the pulse and emotions of the people and also participate in the festivities. This is followed by Kali Puja and Diwali and then Christmas which is also celebrated with much pomp and show. Winter also celebrates new harvest which is followed by preparation of different savories and sweet dishes at every home and eateries. Plan a visit to Kolkata during winter and it will be an experience of a lifetime.

  • Kolkata Weather And Best Time To Visit Kolkata

Things to Do

Things to Do:  Kolkata Tourism And Travel Guide

Pandal Hopping:

In October, Kolkata welcomes home Goddess Durga and her four children and worships them with much pomp and show. The city gets a makeover. It decks up in lights, music blares from the speakers; pandals are constructed across the city which becomes the Mother’s home for five days. People step out in their best clothes and visit pandals all though the night. It is the thing to do to get a flavor of Durga puja.

Visit Museum & Victoria Memorial:  

Visit the country’s largest and oldest museum located in Kolkata known as Indian Museum. It is an enormous palatial building housing rare artifacts, ornaments, paintings etc. It is more than worth a visit. From here you can head down to Victoria Memorial, a beautiful British architecture that was built dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria. It has now been turned into a museum and a popular tourist destination in the city.

Ride Down River Hoogly:

Kolkata is located on the banks of River Hoogly, a tributary of River Ganges. Take a boat or ferry ride down the river and enjoy the spectacle of some of the iconic structures of Kolkata: the Howrah Bridge, the second Hoogly Bridge or Vidyasagar Setu, the different ghats or quaysides which are used for ceremonial or bathing purposes and just sit back and enjoy the pleasant breeze. It is a beautiful way of spending an evening.

Temple Tour:

Kolkata has a number of famous temples and pilgrims throng these places all through the year. There is the Kalighat Temple dedicated to Goddess Kali in South Kolkata and the Dakshineshwar Temple built by Rani Rashmoni also dedicated to Kali. Goddess Kali is held in much reverence and worshipped across Bengal. On the way back from Dakshineshwar you can drop in at Belur Math which was built by Swami Vivekananda dedicated to Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans to spread his message.

Tram Rides:

When in Kolkata, take out some time for a tram ride. It is one of the few cities where trams still operate, though on limited routes and with limited sitting capacity. It is one of the most iconic and popular features of Kolkata roads and evokes much nostalgia among people, which explains its survival despite obvious drawbacks.

  • Things To Do In Kolkata
  • 4 Top Tourist Places To Visit In Kolkata

Eating in Kolkata

Eating in Kolkata:  Kolkata Tourism And Travel Guide

Kolkata's food is a gastronomic delight and when in the city do indulge in some of the fascinating dishes that it has to offer. Golbari’s Kosha Mangsho, Arsalan’s Biryani, Oh Calcutta’s fish preparations, particularly Chingri Macher Malaikari, Ilish Macher Paturi and Fish Fry are out of the world.

Those with a sweet tooth will have the best time of their lives in the city known for its love for sweets and makes some of the best in the world. Roshogulla, Sandesh, Ladykeni, Langcha, Rabdri, the list is endless. Nokur, Girish, balaram Mullick, Ganguram, Bancharam are some of the well-known sweet shops in the city. If you want a taste of old world freshly baked cakes and pastries visit the 115 year old Jewish Bakery, Nahoum’s in New Market.

Shopping in Kolkata

Shopping in Kolkata:  Kolkata Tourism And Travel Guide

If you want to go shopping in Kolkata forget the malls. Visit the all time favorite market places of the citizens which according to them remain unparalleled even to this day. New Market and Hatibagan markets in North Kolkata and Gariahat in South Kolkata are among the best. Bengal is famous for her cotton saris and remember to pick up a ‘tangail’ or ‘dhakai’ from any of the large shops in these markets. You will find everything that you need and at most affordable rates.

Things To Do In Kolkata

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Tale of 2 Backpackers

Best Kolkata Travel Guide for the first timers

by Agni Amrita Kolkata , West Bengal

Last Updated on: Jan 4, 2023     |     

Well, what can we say about Kolkata ? It is our hometown, a place that we love dearly. To be honest, only after we became travel bloggers, did we understand the beauty and charm of the “City of Joy” , a sobriquet that is given to Kolkata. Kolkata is rich in heritage and is full of interesting places interspersed in every corner of the city. We have travelled to many places and written about them as well. But somehow, we have not yet written anything about the places to visit in Kolkata. Maybe we were hit by the ‘ hometown syndrome ’! Nevertheless, we have now written this Kolkata Travel Guide that will tell you about the tourist places in Kolkata , special attractions and all the offbeat places that are known only to the locals! This Kolkata Travel Guide is just perfect for your first time visit to the city.

Kolkata is a chaotic city. Not as big as Mumbai or Delhi , the city thrives on its people, culture and past. Calcutta, as it was known earlier was the first British capital before it was shifted to Delhi. The city is almost 300 years old and is an eclectic mix of the splendid decaying past and the promising new future. The British had built some amazing buildings during their heydays and today Kolkata flaunts the colonial-era architecture with pride.

Biswa Bangla Gate, Kolkata Travel Guide

Kolkata or Calcutta is known as the cultural hub of the country. The vibrant city has produced some of the best writers, poets, performing artists and works of literature. Even today, there is no doubt that Kolkata is the hub of all the cultural activity of the country. Kolkata is also a foodie’s paradise. The Bengalis (people of Bengal) love their food and also love to treat their guests with sumptuous dishes. And those who told you that Kolkata food is only about Maach-Bhaat (fish and rice), then they are absolutely wrong.

We can actually go on and on about the place that is so dear to us. But let me just stop here and write about the places to visit in Kolkata, places to eat and other interesting facts about the city. For foreign nationals visiting Kolkata for the first time, the city can give you quite a shock. Kolkata can be quite overwhelming for the first-timers , for that matter, you can say this for any Indian cities. But Kolkata will gradually grow on you. For no reason, the Kolkata is known as the city with a heart! You need to stay here to believe that.

Fairy of Victoria Memorial Kolkata

Kolkata Travel Guide | How to reach Kolkata?

Kolkata is located in West Bengal in the eastern part of India. Kolkata has an international airport (Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport). The distance of Kolkata airport from Esplanade (considered to be almost in the heart of the city) is about 16 km.

Otherwise, Kolkata is well connected with other cities of India by flights all through the day.

India has an extensive railway network and one can travel anywhere in India by train. Kolkata has 3 important railway stations – Howrah, Sealdah and Kolkata Terminus, Howrah Station being the busiest of all. All the three stations are well connected by trains from almost all the parts of India.

I would not suggest travelling by bus, if the distance is more than 200 km. nevertheless, buses are available to Kolkata from the neighbouring towns.

Infographic - Kolkata City Guide

Kolkata Travel Guide | How to get around Kolkata?

Getting around Kolkata is not very difficult. There are plenty of options to move around the city.

Metro: I always suggest Metro as the best mode of transport, but the problem in Kolkata is that the metro line is not yet extensive. It runs only through a particular area, and though it has been extended, it is not enough to cover the entire city. However, new metro lines are being laid. But we are not quite sure when they will be operational. Metros are clean, fast and cheaper mode of transport in Kolkata. Ticket price starts from Rs 10 to Rs.25.

Local Buses: Local buses in Kolkata are a bit of a challenge. Not that you will have a problem communicating, but getting on and off the local buses are a bit tough. However, the government-run AC buses are better in this respect. Local buses are quite a cheap form of transport.

Transportation in Kolkata

Yellow Taxis, Ola & Uber: Kolkata is also known for its iconic yellow Ambassador taxis. Once they used to be the main form of cab services in the city. And it was always a great deal of excitement for us as children to hop on a yellow taxi and drive around the city. But the yellow taxis do have a bad reputation. If the taxi drivers understand that you are not a local, he will try to extort the maximum fare from you. And this especially happens with foreigners. Be aware, that all these taxis have a meter and you have to pay according to the meter reading.

There are pre-paid taxi counters at Howrah Station, Sealdah Station and Airport from where you can get taxis to anywhere in Kolkata at a prescribed rate. This is a good form of travel, as you do not have to bargain with the taxi driver here.

Finally, there is the Uber and Ola that will take you anywhere in Kolkata.

Rickshaws: For short distances, there are rickshaws that will take you around. Kolkata is the only city that still has hand-pulled rickshaws . But the rickshaw pullers do it voluntarily and it is the sole decision of the rider whether they want to sit on a hand-pulled rickshaw. As a child, I would enjoy these rickshaw rides, but now, hand-pulled rickshaws are a strict no for me.

Hand pulled rickshaw of Kolkata

Local Trains: Kolkata has a local train network that is far more extensive than the metro. They are a cheaper mode of travel and you can travel to almost any part of the city. But a word of caution, the train becomes really crowded during the morning between 9-11 AM and in the evening between 6-9PM. This is the time when mostly office goers commute.

Trams in Kolkata

The Kolkata tram is the oldest operating electric train system in Asia. Once, the trams used to connect every part of the city. But with modern time and faster transport options, trams have almost become redundant. Yet, some tram routes are still working in Kolkata, mainly because it is a part of our heritage. A tram ride in Kolkata is a pleasant experience and you can take a tram ride only to get a feeling of it. I think it is no longer a practical mode of transport.

Kolkata Tram - Kolkata local transport

Kolkata Travel Guide | What is the best time to visit Kolkata?

Kolkata has a tropical climate with warm weather almost all through the year. The city mainly has three types of seasons – summer, monsoon and winter with very small autumn and spring. Summers are quite hot and humid. Monsoons are going to be wet and humid. Winters are cold with clear skies.

The best time to visit Kolkata is between the months of October to March.

October and November: This is the autumn season with clear blue skies and warm weather. Humidity is still there though. This is one of the best time to visit Kolkata as Durga Puja, the largest and craziest festival of the Bengalis are celebrated in October (sometimes it is late September as well).

December to March: December to mid-February is the winter season when the weather remains cold and less humid. This is the best time to visit Kolkata. This is the time when various fairs and festivals are held in Kolkata. Kolkata Book Fair, one of the largest book fairs is held in the month of January.

April to May: These are the summer months and Kolkata is quite hot and humid during this time. Perspiration is the most common difficulty you will face and exploring the city during the day time can be quite taxing.

June to September: Usually the monsoon months, but for the last 2 years, monsoon have been pushed to mid-July. Weather is hot and humid again and rain can play spoilsport in your outdoor plans. But nowadays travellers brave the rain and go out all right. So carry a rainwear or umbrella if you are visiting during this time.

The Great Banyan Tree at Shibpur Botanical Gardens in Kolkata

Kolkata Travel Guide | Top Tourist Places to visit in Kolkata

As I said earlier, Kolkata is a mélange of the old and new. A part of the city is the old and decaying one trying to hold on to its past. Here the roads are congested, houses are old and joined to other and there are numerous alleys and boulevards. This part is definitely the older Calcutta. The other part is the swanky modern one with flyovers and malls and modern offices and apartment – the new Kolkata.

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial - places to visit in Kolkata

One of the most elegant and grand monuments located right in the heart of Kolkata, the Victoria Memorial is a must-visit attraction of Kolkata. The white marble structure is perhaps one of the most opulent structures to be built by the British in Calcutta. Victoria Memorial was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s 25 years of rule over India. Spread across an area of 64 acres, the white marble structure is surrounded by well-maintained gardens.

Victoria Memorial is one of the favourite destinations of the Kolkatans as well. Come winter, and you will see hundreds of people on the lawns of Victoria Memorial. There is a museum as well that houses a number of antique items.

Timings: The Garden remains open from 5.30 AM to 6.15 PM everyday. The Victoria Memorial Hall (museum remains open between 10AM to 5 PM. The Museum remains closed on Mondays.

Entry Fee: INR 30 for Indians and INR 200 for foreign visitors.

Nearest Metro Station: Maidan Metro

Kolkata Travel Guide

Kalighat Temple

Kalighat Temple is one of the most revered temples of Kolkata and Goddess Kali is considered to be the guardian deity of the city. It is often said that the name of the city has been derived from Kalighat, but this fact is historically inaccurate. Kalighat Temple is believed to be one of the 52 Shakti Peethas of Hinduism. The right foot of Devi Sati fell here while the Rudra Tandava of Lord Shiva.

The idol inside the temple is made of black stone. An interesting feature of the Goddess Kali of Kalighat temple is the long protruding tongue, made of pure gold.

The Kalighat Temple is always busy with devotees flocking down to offer their prayers and seek blessings from the divine Goddess. Be careful of your belongings while you visit the temple. Buy Puja offerings from the vendors only if you wish to pay offerings inside the temple.

Timings: The temple is open from 5 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM to 10.30 PM

Entry Fee: Nil

Nearest Metro Station: Both Kalighat Metro and Jatin Das Park Metro

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge, Kolkata Travel Guide

The most iconic structure of Kolkata is perhaps the Howrah Bridge. Built across the Hooghly River, it forms the gateway to Kolkata connecting the city to Howrah Station. The Howrah Bridge is said to be the fourth busiest cantilever bridge in the world with thousands of people travelling across the bridge while entering and leaving Kolkata. The bridge is 1528 feet long and 62 feet wide.

If you are coming to Kolkata by train, you might have to cross the Howrah Bridge to enter Kolkata. You can get a great view of the iconic bridge from a boat ride on the Hooghly River.

Dalhousie Square

St Andrews Church Dalhousie Square Kolkata

Kolkata is actually a city of many firsts. It was the first city in India to have a Page 3 newspaper. It was the first city in India to have an authentic Italian restaurant (not your Dominos Pizza and Pizza Huts), the city was the first to have a metro line as well. And many of these firsts bear testimony in the Dalhousie area.

Dalhousie Square area was known as the “White Town” during the British era. After the Battle of Plassey, the British shifted the capital of Bengal to Calcutta and built it with the aim of making it the “Second City of the Empire”. They were successful and it is evident by the presence of a number of colonial architecture in the Dalhousie Square area. Walk by the Raj Bhavan, explore around the GPO, take a peek into the Company stables and rest your feet by the Lal Dighi. You can also visit the St. John’s Church area as well. And while you walk along the area, listen to the interesting tales from the past.

Indian Museum

Indian Museum Kolkata

Indian Museum was founded in 1814 and is the largest and oldest multipurpose museum not only in India but also in the Asia Pacific region. In Kolkata, it is fondly known as “ Jadughar ”. The Museum contains a collection of contemporary as well as old paintings (Mughal paintings are also present), Buddha relics, Egyptian mummies and ancient sculptures. The museum also has a rare collection of antiques, ornaments, fossils and skeletons and many more. Currently, there are 35 galleries in the museum.

Opening Time: Opened on all days of the week except Monday

Timings: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (March to November) and 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM (December to February)

Entry Fee: INR 20 (For Indians) INR 500 (For foreign tourists)

Nearest Metro: Park Street Metro

Kumartuli idol makers working

If you are reading about Kolkata, then you must have heard about the famous Durga Puja of the city. Kumartuli is the place where the Durga idols are made. The place is the residence of the “kumors” or potters who had settled down in the area during the early eighteenth century. Before the Durga Puja (held in October), the lanes and mazes of Kumartuli becomes busy with the idol makers working on their craft. You can visit Kumartuli and see the idol makers working. But be careful as you walk so as not to harm the idols in any way.

Nearest Metro: Sovabazar Metro

Mallick Ghat Flower Market

Vendors selling flowers at Mallick Ghat Flower Market, Kolkata Travel Guide

Just below the Howrah Bridge, the chaotic and loud market of flowers, the Mullick Ghat Flower Market is located. It is the largest flower market of Kolkata and is obviously a photographer’s delight. The market starts at 4 AM in the morning as the flower sellers from the nearby areas pour in with their merchandise – various flowers in this case. The market is overcrowded, dirty and completely chaotic, but this is where you see a colourful and raw Kolkata without any pretensions.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St Pauls Cathedral Kolkata Travel Guide

Just near the Victoria Memorial stands the elegant and beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is considered to be the first Episcopal Church of the eastern region. The church built in all-white looks majestic and has a beautiful architecture. You can enter the church and sit there quietly for some time. photography is not allowed inside the church.

Nearest Metro: Rabindra Sadan Metro.

Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM

John’s Church

St. John’s Church is one of the oldest churches to be built in Kolkata. It is not only a religious site, but also has immense historical importance. The church is a repository of old historic documents related to Kolkata. The land on which the church was built was initially a burial ground. The garden around the church still has a number of graveyards, the most significant of them being the tomb of Job Charnock, who is believed to be the founder of Kolkata.

Timings: 8AM to 5PM

Location: 2/2, Council House Street. The church is located near Raj Bhavan

Princep Ghat

Princep Ghat and Vidyasagar Setu are two most famous tourist attractions in Kolkata

Princep Ghat or Prinsep Ghat is one of the most beautiful places in Kolkata where you can simply sit and enjoy. Located beside the banks of the Hooghly River, the pristine white structure with the second Hooghly Bridge at the background looks just majestic. The Princep Ghat is one of the best examples of the colonial architecture and one of the grandest monument built to access the riverfront.

You can visit Princep Ghat and sit around the huge lawn surrounding the structure. You can also take a boat ride on the Hooghly River. There is a railway station by the same name, which is a stop for the circular railway in Kolkata.

How to reach: There is no metro station nearby. If you are coming from Howrah, take a ferry ride across the river to reach Princep Ghat. Otherwise, Uber, Ola and the yellow taxi of Kolkata will bring you here from anywhere in Kolkata.

Dakshineswar Temple

Dakshineshwar Temple places to visit in Kolkata

Another famous and revered temple of Kolkata, Dakshineswar Kali Temple is one of the oldest in Kolkata. It was founded by Rani Rashmoni in 1855, Ramkrishna Deb, the highly revered religious ascetic used to be the main pandit of Dakshineswar Temple.

Dakshineswar Temple is located about 20 km from central Kolkata at the banks of the Hooghly River. On the opposite bank of the temple is the famous Belur Math. Dakshineswar Temple receives a lot of visitors almost every day. You can visit the Temple and Belur Math together. Ferry services are available from Dakshineswar Ferry Ghat to Belur Math Ghat.

Belur Math places to visit in Kolkata

Belur Math is the headquarters of Ramkrishna Math and Mission and represents the idea of Universal faith. The mind behind Belur math was Swami Vivekananda, the famous disciple of Sri Ramkrishna, who had taken the message of Hinduism to the western world. Belur Math is also located on the banks of the Hooghly River and is regarded as “Symphony in architecture” as it combines Hindu, Islamic, Christian and Buddhist architectural elements to symbolize the unity of religion.

Belur Math is quite a serene place where you can spend some time sitting and meditating. The peace in the Belur Math campus would be quite a pleasant experience.

Mother House

Tomb of Mother Teresa at Mother House Kolkata

The Mother House is the headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity that was founded by Mother Teresa. The house served as the Mother’s residence since1953 till her death in 1997. Her body was laid to rest in a tomb inside the house. You can visit the tomb and a small museum displaying her personal belongings.

Location: Ripon Street

Entry Fee: Free.

Botanical Gardens, Shibpur

The Great Banyan Tree at Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens or Acharya Jagadish ChandraBose Indian Botanic Garden is located on the west bank of River Hooghly at Shibpur. The garden covering a huge area of 273 acres was established in 1787. The garden contains about 12000 perennial plants. The main attraction of Botanical Gardens is the colossal banyan tree known as the Great Banyan Tree. This tree forms the second largest canopy in the world. Botanical Garden is like a breath of fresh air near Kolkata. There is a lot of walking to be done here, so wear comfortable shoes.

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM everyday except Mondays

Entry Fee: INR 10 (for Indians) and INR 200 (for foreigners)

Flora and fauna at Botanical Gardens Shibpur - Kolkata Travel Guide

Eco Park, New Town

All these long, I had told you mainly about heritage places in the city. If you want to see the modern Kolkata, then a visit to Eco-park in New Town is a must. Eco Park or Eco-tourism Park is an expansive urban park designed to promote ecotourism in the city. The park has been built across a huge area of 480 acres and has a number of interesting gardens and places.

The most interesting attraction of the Ecopark is the Seven Wonders of the World where replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World are built across the park. There are various gardens like the tea garden, butterfly garden, mask garden, fruit garden, rose garden etc inside the park. A huge water body surrounds the park and boating facilities are also available there. Ecopark is a great place to spend time as well as to get some knowledge about Kolkata and Bengal.

Just near the Gate No.3 at Eco Park stands the Mishti Hub, a novel concept wherein most of the famous sweets shops in Bengal are found under one roof. Here you will get some of the best sweets of Kolkata, all under one roof. This is just the place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Timings: During summer between 2.30 PM to 8.30 PM. For Sundays and Holidays, the park remains open from 12 PM to 8.30 PM. During the winter season (November – February) between 12 PM to 7.30 PM. For Sundays and Holidays, the park remains open from 11 AM to 8.30 PM. The Park remains closed on Mondays.

Entry Fee: Rs.30 per person. Inside the park, individual activities have individual rates.

Things to do in Kolkata

Where to stay in kolkata.

In Kolkata, you will find hotels of various ranges and types all through the city. A google search on the best places to stay in Kolkata will give you areas near Esplanade and Sudder Street. Infact, Sudder Street is the first choice of most of the foreign tourists visiting in Kolkata.

Sudder Street is one of the best places to stay in Kolkata

If you want to stay in the heart of the city where you can see the city in her full form, then stay near Esplanade, Park Street or Sudder Street.

If you want to stay somewhere near the airport, then try for hotels near New Town and Chinar Park.

Kolkata does not have the hostel culture developed yet, but there are a couple of hostels in the city. You can check out Offbeat CCU.

Kolkata Travel Guide | What to eat in Kolkata?

Kolkata is a foodies’ paradise. The Bengalis love their food, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The street food in Kolkata is one of the best. Kolkata food has Bengali cuisine influence all right in its street food and snacks, but you will get food from other regions here as well. Street food of Kolkata includes lip-smacking rolls, phuchkas, bhelpuri, papri chat etc.

While in Kolkata, you must taste the Bengali cuisine. Bengali food is not only about fish and rice, but much more. But it is definitely about sweets and lots of sweet dishes. Bengalis love their sweet treats and no Bengali meal is ever complete without the quintessential rosogolla.

Some of the best places to have Bengali food are:

  • Kasturi (our personal favourite)
  • 6, Ballygunge Place
  • Bhojohori Manna
  • Oh! Calcutta
  • Mitra Café (only for snacks and treats)

Other well-known restaurants of Kolkata that you might try out

Bengali cuisine

For Biriyani & Kebabs:

  • Indian Restaurant at Khidirpore
  • Shiraz Golden restaurant

For Chinese

  • Mainland China
  • Buddha Bites
  • Any restaurant at Chinatown in Tangra

Just remember, Chinese in Kolkata is mostly Indianized Chinese that has evolved catering to the taste of local population. You might not get authentic Chinese experience here. But even then, this Chinese version is also just too good!


  • Peter Cat, Park Street (One of my favourites)
  • Moulin Rouge, Park Street (I absolutely love the ambience here. This place still has a piano that is played in the evening)
  • Mocambo, again at Park Street
  • Barbeque Nation

Mishti Doi and sweets of Kolkata

Kolkata Travel Guide | Interesting places to visit near Kolkata 

From Kolkata, you can make a day trip or 2 days trip to a few places like Sunderbans, Shantiniketan and Mandarmani. Each of the places has its own speciality and will be a different experience.

For day trips near Kolkata, you can visit Chandannagore (erstwhile French Town), Bandel Church, Hooghly Imambara and others.

What are the best places for shopping in Kolkata?

Kolkata has a lot of interesting shopping places. Kolkata has different markets for different items. The New Market, Esplanade Market and Gariahat market are shopper’s paradise. You will get clothes, shoes, fashion items, jewellery, food and household items in all these markets.

New Market Kolkata

New Market happens to be one of the most favourite places for Kolkata shoppers even in the times of glitzy malls and high-end shops. As a child, we were told that at New Market, you get almost everything. We still believe in that till date. For all things Bengali and traditional, visit the Dakshinapan Market at Gariahat.

College Street is the market place for book and education items. Again, it was said that if you do not get a book in College Street, perhaps that book never existed. You just need to look for it.

And if you are looking for Malls, then there are South City Mall at Prince Anwar Shah Road, City Centre at Salt Lake, City Centre II at New Town, Acropolis near Ruby etc.

Shopping in Kolkata

Kolkata Travel Guide (FAQs answered)

Q. How many days are required?

The number of days depends on what you would like to do in the city. Usually Kolkata serves as a stop for travellers before travelling further to Darjeeling and northeast India. Minimum of 2 days are required to explore Kolkata and cover the important places to visit in Kolkata.

Q. How is the mobile connectivity and Internet?

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and has proper mobile and internet connectivity.

If you are a foreign toursit arriving at Kolkata and looking for a Sim Card, you can check Sims Direct .

Q. Is Kolkata expensive?

Well, Kolkata can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. Generally, Kolkata is not an expensive city to live. You can probably break the cost of your travel in Kolkata in the following way:

Accommodation: This cost is as per your choice. You will get rooms at hotels at as low as Rs500 while there are expensive 5-star properties as well. In general, the cost of accommodation can be between Rs1500 to Rs3000 for a good budget hotel.

Food: Food can be quite cheap here. Within Rs500 you will get all the three meals and more.

Transport: Public Transport is cheap in Kolkata compared to other Indian metros. If you can travel by public transport, then you can reduce your cost to a considerable amount.

Vivekananda Setu or Bali Bridge

Q. What about the nightlife in Kolkata?

It might not be as happening as in Mumbai, but Kolkata has an active nightlife. There are some amazing bars, pubs, clubs and lounges that are hosts to the thriving party scene of the city. Most of the nightlife in Kolkata is concentrated in the Park Street area. If I had to name a few, then they would be:

  • Someplace Else , Park Street – one of the most famous pubs in the city
  • Roxy , Park Street – upscale cocktail bar
  • Shisha Bar , Camac Street
  • Tantra , Park Street – stylish lounge
  • Nocturne , Theatre Road – Nightclub

And yes, Kolkata is absolutely safe at night. I have travelled after midnight in the city without any problem.

A few things you should be aware of while visiting Kolkata

  • Please be wary of over-friendly taxi drivers on your arrival, be at the airport or railway station. I am not saying that they are bad person, but they will usually try to extort a larger amount for taxi fare, more so if you are a foreign tourist. I would suggest you go to the prepaid counter at the airport or railway station and take a taxi to your hotel or accommodation. At other times, ask the yellow taxi drivers to go by the meter.
  • Be easy about the street food you eat. You might get a stomach problem if you are not careful.
  • Also, watch out for the water you drink. Don’t just drink water from anywhere, especially tap waters.

2nd Hooghly Bridge Kolkata Travel Guide

There are lots more things to do in Kolkata, a lot more places to visit. This Kolkata Travel Guide is designed for first-timers in the city which will help you get acquainted with the city. If you are visiting Kolkata and have any questions, please feel free to ask us in your comments or just send us a mail.

Pin this for a later read!

Kolkata for first time visitors - Travel Guide

Reproduction of the content, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer and photographer, is not encouraged at all and a violation of the same will attract legal action. If you need anything, Contact Us .

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A must visit place in Kolkata, the collection is huge and it will take 1-2hr to see all the sections properly. They also exhibit different art, paintings, photographs, and other collectibles from time to time. Please watch my presentation on the archeological section of Kolkata Museum

Thank you for mentioning about your collection here. Hope you will have more visitors.

Kolkata is my Favourite place i was born in kolkata thank you for sharing this lovely blog

Thank you Rahul!

Great blog and very interesting information. Do you have any good recomendation for hotels around “Esplanade, Park Street or Sudder Street”, for a Solo travellers where luxary is not a requirement

Very Nice explanation . Can I get any pdf version of this guide details?

Sure. How do I send it?

This is a great post. One of my favorites was being respecful with the culture. I always love being totally present in the moment and be aware of what I’m living.

Very great content. Nice reading this blog.

Very good explanation of every topic .It describe the culture and life style of kolkata.

The post is informative. You explain every traveling guideline in an informative manner.

Thank you so much.

You well explain. Very useful information. This information make my journey easy.

Good blog with genuine information. Thanks for writing.

Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I am planning to visit kolkata in next navratri. This info would help me a lot

Dear Team Excellent report. My heartfelt thanks to you. I am planning to visit Kolkatta next month with my daughter for about 4 days. Now i have a good idea to plan my trip. Thank you once again.

Regards Ram

Hello Ram! Thank you so much for stopping by our blog. Hope you have a great time in Kolkata with your daughter. And do let us know how your trip went

It’s very helpful to learn in advance about the best behavior at the place you plan to visit. Thanks for the great tips and useful advice.

Thank you so much!

Lots of hard work done. Great Job!

You have done a good job. Travellers will find your blog very useful. Keep on doing Best wishes

Thank you so much! Glad that you liked it!

It was nice reading your blog. Marvelous work!. A blog is brilliantly written and provides all necessary information. Thanks for sharing this useful post with us.

Thank you for your kind words.

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Travel 3 Days in Kolkata: Best Vacation Spots in Kolkata

Author's Profile Picture

by Trip.com

December 16, 2022

  • Kolkata 3-Days Itinerary: Cheap Flights to Kolkata


  • Sort by: Lowest Price
  • Sort by: Earliest Flight

AirAsia India

Crossed out prices are calculated based on the average price of the corresponding route on Trip.com.

Day 1 | Morning

Victoria memorial.

Opening Hours: Open on Tue-Fri,10:00am-6:00pm;Open on Sat-Sun,10:00am-8:00pm;Closed on Mon

Ticket Price: 100 INR

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-1 Hours

Location: Victoria Memorial Hall, 1, Queens Way, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071

The Victoria Memorial Hall was built in 1921 to commemorate the coronation of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom as the Queen of India. There are as many as 3,000 exhibits in the memorial hall, including fine arts, historical materials, and Victorian paintings from all over India. The environment around the memorial hall is beautiful and pleasant. The lawns and green plants have been carefully trimmed. The rippling lake reflects the white buildings. Many local couples regard it as a good place for dating.

Reviews from Real Guests:

Naba: A beautiful masterpiece of history!!! Well preserved and maintained by the authorities, beautiful surroundings and museum is also a place to look for history lovers. Ticket prices are also too cheap, must place to visit in Kolkata.

Arghya Chatterjee: One of the main tourist attraction in Kolkata. It is one of the best heritage place in the middle of busy city. The best thing about this place is the wonderful architecture of the monument.

Day 1 | Afternoon

Now we come to another great highlight in the city: Jorasanko Thakurbari.

Jorasanko Thakurbari

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:30-16:30, closed on Monday.

Ticket Price: 30 INR

Location: Ganesh Talkies, 267, Rabindra Sarani, Singhi Bagan, Jorasanko, Kolkata, West Bengal 700007

Tagore's former residence is located on the campus of Rabindra Bharati University. The red building outside is very eye-catching in the shade of green grass. The living room, bedroom, etc. are kept as they are, and many precious materials such as photos and texts of Tagore and his family are displayed. Tagore is a famous Indian poet, writer, social activist, philosopher and Hindu nationalist. He was born in Calcutta, where Tagore was born in 1861 and died in 1941.

Dragon1988: A nice place :)

Day 1 | Evening

If you want to explore other popular attractions later, The Glenburn Penthouse is a suitable place for you to stay and refresh.

The Glenburn Penthouse

The Glenburn Penthouse is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The Glenburn Penthouse offers a pleasant stay in Kolkata for those traveling for business or leisure.

The hotel is only 6km from Sealdah Railway Station and 24km from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, giving guests a number of convenient transportation options. Just a short walk from Maidan Metro Station, traveling to most city destinations is a breeze. Famous local attractions Aakriti Art Gallery, Birla Planetarium and The Thai Spa - Short Street, can all be reached with a short walk.

When guests have some time on their hands they can make use of the onsite facilities.

When it comes to Kolkata hotels, the The Glenburn Penthouse is highly regarded for its excellent facilities.

Check Availability

Day 2 | Morning

Indian museum.

Opening Hours: From March to November 10:00-17:00, December - February 10:00-16:30, closed on Monday, January 26, October 2 and legal holidays.

Ticket Price: 500 INR

Recommended Length of Stay: 1-2 Hours

Location: 27, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Park Street, Kolkata - 700016. WB

The Indian Museum is one of the three major museums in India. It was built in 1875. This Italian-style building is square with a courtyard in the middle. There are three floors in the museum, which are divided into six exhibition areas including archaeology, art, ethnology, geology, property and zoology, displaying the rich and colorful Indian cultural heritage.

Dragon1988: About old India and kolkata was old capital.

Trip.com User: it is a very nice place to visit

Day 2 | Afternoon

Now we come to another great highlight in the city: Marmorpalais.


Opening Hours: Open from 9:00am-9:30pm

Ticket Price: 50 INR

Location: Am Neuen Garten, 10, 14469 Potsdam

Built in 1840, the Marble Palace was originally the private mansion of wealthy businessman Raja Rajendra Mullick and is now a museum open to the public. The neoclassical white building is magnificent, surrounded by garden courtyards, artificial lakes and a small zoo. At present, there are a large number of Western sculptures and Victorian furniture on display in the museum. European paintings and Chinese porcelain are all fine works and are worth visiting.

Day 2 | Evening

After visiting the glorious Marmorpalais, The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata nearby is the best place to stay.

The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

Property Location The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata is in the heart of Kolkata, walking distance from New Market and Shahid Minar. This 5-star hotel is within close proximity of Indian Museum and Mohammedan Sporting Ground.

Rooms Make yourself at home in one of the 209 air-conditioned rooms featuring minibars and DVD players. LCD televisions with satellite programming are provided for your entertainment, with wired and wireless Internet access available for a surcharge. Private bathrooms with shower/tub combinations feature deep soaking bathtubs and designer toiletries. Conveniences include phones, as well as safes and desks.

Rec, Spa, Premium Amenities Relax at the full-service spa, where you can enjoy massages, body treatments, and facials. You're sure to appreciate the recreational amenities, including an outdoor pool, a steam room, and a fitness center. This Colonial hotel also features wireless Internet access (surcharge), concierge services, and babysitting/childcare (surcharge).

Dining Grab a bite at one of the hotel's 2 restaurants, or stay in and take advantage of 24-hour room service. Quench your thirst with your favorite drink at a bar/lounge. Full breakfasts are available daily for a fee.

Business, Other Amenities Featured amenities include high-speed (wired) Internet access (surcharge), a business center, and limo/town car service. Event facilities at this hotel consist of a conference center, conference space, and meeting rooms. A roundtrip airport shuttle is provided for a surcharge (available 24 hours), and free valet parking is available onsite.

You must present a photo ID when checking in. Your credit card is charged at the time you book. Bed type and smoking preferences are not guaranteed.Your reservation is prepaid and is guaranteed for late arrival. The total charge includes all room charges and taxes, as well as fees for access and booking. Any incidental

Airport pickup service

Swimming pool

Day 3 | Morning

Birla planetarium.

Opening Hours: Open from 8:00am-6:00pm

Ticket Price: 80 INR

Location: Maidan |Chowringhee, Kolkata (Calcutta), India

The Birla Planetarium was completed in 1963 as a white marble building. The planetarium houses ancient astronomical instruments and modern scientific equipment, including exquisite paintings, astronomical models, CelestronC-14 telescopes, ST6CCD cameras, etc.

Day 3 | Afternoon

Now we come to another great highlight in the city: Science City.

Science City

Opening Hours: Open from 9:00am-8:00pm

Ticket Price: 40 INR

Recommended Length of Stay: 3-4 Hours

Location: JBS Haldane Avenue |Topsia, Kolkata (Calcutta) 700046, India

The Science City in Kolkata was officially opened in 1997 under the planning of the Indian government and consists of two major parts: a science center and a conference center. The Science Center includes themed exhibition halls such as the Space Museum, Ocean Center, Earth Exploration Museum, Science and Technology Park, and 3D Cinema. There are landscape gardens around, with beautiful scenery, and there are many international chain brands in the shopping center.

  • Kolkata 3-Days Itinerary: Cheap Flights from Kolkata


* All reviews in the blog are machine-translated.

Table of Content

  • Day 1: Victoria Memorial, Jorasanko Thakurbari
  • Day 2: Indian Museum, Marmorpalais
  • Day 3: Birla Planetarium, Science City

Kolkata Weather

plan a trip in kolkata

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Kolkata culinary tour (food tour), the taste of kolkata - evening food walk tour, calcutta walk, cooking experience in authentic bengali house with lunch/dinner, skip the line victoria memorial e-tickets with guide, <h3>besides kolkata itinerary 3 days, people also search for ...</h3>.

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Kolkata, India

Plan your trip to Kolkata. Start by getting to the destination from your hometown. Then figure out where to stay (like Hyatt Regency), find things to see and do (like Ladakh), and research places to eat (like Peter Cat).

Getting to Kolkata:

Can you help answer this question?


Kolkata to Guwahati : Good n Clean places for night stay on the route

Q Looking for clean, good peaceful places to stay while driving from Kolkata to Gauhati.


Kolkata : where to eat

If you are traveling to Kolkata try the street foods out there.

Kolkata to Bhubaneswar : Road trip on scooty, need some advice.

Q Hello! This is going to be the first road trip for me. I am planning for a road trip from Kolkata...


Kolkata to Bangalore : 8 hrs drive every day

Q 3 star hotels in tourist destination on the way


Kolkata : Reservation of retiring a room

Waiting Rooms  are free whereas  Retiring Rooms  are paid. You can...

Kolkata : Sim card for tourist

Yes you can easily get a sim card in India ​. You need to show a copy of your passport...

Do you have a great tip about Kolkata?  Write it here:

Looking for a hotel or flight?

Kolkata elevation

Kolkata road conditions

Here are the top recommended hotels in Kolkata:

Want to research more popular hotels in Kolkata? Click the blue button below.

Here are some of the most recommended things to do in Kolkata:

Want to research more popular attractions in Kolkata? Click the blue button below.

Here are some places to eat in Kolkata.

Want to research more popular restaurants in Kolkata? Click the blue button below.

Looking for alternate airports near Kolkata? Click the blue button below.

  • Kolkata Tourism
  • What to do in Kolkata
  • Kolkata Hotels
  • Kolkata Tours
  • Itineraries
  • 7 Days In Kolkata

Kolkata Itinerary 7 Days

Popular itineraries for a week in kolkata.

Feeling overwhelmed by which places to visit in Kolkata ? Our travel experts have sorted it out for you with the Kolkata itinerary of 7 days. Refer to these popular itineraries for a hassle-free and great stay of 7 days in Kolkata.

7 days Trip to Kolkata

Recently Made Itineraries for 7 Days in Kolkata

Check out the recently made itineraries for 7 days in Kolkata. The itineraries will help you effectively cover all the worth-visiting attractions. You can plan your activities, visits, and accommodations with the help of these.

7 days Trip to Kolkata

Tours and Activities in Kolkata for 7 Days

Why go the usual way when Kolkata has so many off-beat attractions which can make your trip, an experience of lifetime? Book guided tours and activities like

Taj Mahal and Agra Day-Trip from Kolkata with Both side Commercial Flights

Best Hotels in Kolkata for 7 Day Trip

These are some of the hotels added in the past by our travelers to their Kolkata itinerary 7 days. Check out the hotels that suit you and add them to your trip plan.

plan a trip in kolkata

  • Created with Fabric.js 5.2.4

plan a trip in kolkata

Looking for a Shorter Itineraries for Kolkata

If you are looking for shorter itineraries, checkout 4 days in Kolkata or 5 days in Kolkata . Get hints on planning your weekends or long breaks to enjoy the best of Kolkata.

Ready to Plan a Kolkata Itinerary 7 Days Now?

Are you now ready with your Kolkata bucket list? Create an itinerary to Kolkata using our Free Trip Planner and check all the attractions off your list.

Check Out these Long Itineraries for Cities Nearby

  • Itinerary for 7 Days in Digha

Best Places for One Day Trips From Kolkata

Top hotel collections.

plan a trip in kolkata

Salt Lake City Hotels

Near Airport

One Day Trips From Kolkata

Here is the list of 17 best places for one day trips from kolkata, 1. sight the best wildlife at sundarbans.

Sight the Best Wildlife at Sundarbans

Known For : Marichjhanpi Ghoramara Island New Moore Island

The Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest straddling India and Bangladesh, is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its unique ecosystem and rich biodiversity. Home to the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger, saltwater crocodiles, spotted deer, and a myriad of bird species, it offers a captivating wildlife experience, best explored through boat safaris navigating its intricate network of water channels.

Best Time: September to March

3 Sundarbans Attractions

2. Spend some time at the Farmhouse in Falta

Spend some time at the Farmhouse in Falta

Falta, a serene riverside town near Kolkata, offers quaint farmhouses that provide a peaceful escape from the urban hustle. Spending time at a Falta farmhouse promises lush green surroundings, fresh produce, and the calming ambiance of the Hooghly River, making it a perfect retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Distance from Kolkata: 52 km

3. Visit the Crocodile and Mangrove forest in Bakkhali, West Bengal

Visit the Crocodile and Mangrove forest in Bakkhali, West Bengal

Known For : Bakkhali Beach Henry's Island Jambu Dweep

Bakkhali, close to Sunderbans, is a secluded white sand beach, lined with casuarinas and boasting a 7km stretch that offers serene sunsets. Easily accessible from Kolkata, 3.5 hours from Joka, visitors can explore nearby attractions such as the Crocodile and Mangrove forest and Benfish Harbour.

Distance from Kolkata: 126 km

Best Time: October to March

6 Bakkhali Attractions

4. Embrace nature at Mukutmanipur, West Bengal

Embrace nature at Mukutmanipur, West Bengal

Known For : Parasnath Hills Kangsabati dam Ambikanagar

Mukutmanipur, a scenic beauty surrounded by hills, boasts Asia's second-largest earth dam and a picturesque lake that offers breathtaking sunset views and boating facilities. Located 250 km from Calcutta, it's accessible by road and rail, with attractions including the Parasnath Hills, Banpukuria Deer Park, and the ancient town of Ambikanagar. Whether for the dam's splendor or the serene landscapes, Mukutmanipur promises an escape into tranquility.

Distance from Kolkata: 263 km

4 Mukutmanipur Attractions

Top Hotels In Kolkata

₽ 1,442 onwards

₽ 1,895 onwards

₽ 1,784 onwards

₽ 721 onwards

₽ 5,521 onwards

₽ 1,258 onwards

5. Marvel at the backdrop of Himalayas at Dooars, West Bengal

Marvel at the backdrop of Himalayas at Dooars, West Bengal

Known For : Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary Sumsing and Suntalekhola Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Dooars, derived from 'Doors' (meaning Doors to Bhutan), is a picturesque region in West Bengal showcasing the magnificence of the Eastern Himalayas, dense forests, abundant wildlife, and sprawling tea gardens. Stretching between the rivers Teesta and Sankosh, it serves as a gateway to Bhutan and Northeast India. Key attractions include Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary, Gorumara National Park, and the scenic Bhutanghat near the Bhutan border.

Distance from Kolkata: 674 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

4 Dooars Attractions

6. Take a weekend getaway to Diamond Harbour

Take a weekend getaway to Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour, situated just south of Kolkata on the banks of the Hooghly River, offers a refreshing weekend getaway with its serene river views and colonial history. It's a popular spot for boat rides, capturing mesmerizing sunsets, and relishing fresh seafood delicacies. The nearby historical attractions, like the Chingrihkali Fort, add to the allure, making it a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration.

Distance from Kolkata: 56 km

7. Marvel at the History of Barrackpore

Marvel at the History of Barrackpore

Barrackpore holds immense historical significance as the first British cantonment and the starting point of India's revolt against British rule. The town offers lush parks for relaxation and pristine temples that exude tranquility and positivity. A visit promises a blend of peaceful retreat and insight into a pivotal chapter of Indian history.

Distance from Kolkata: 31 km

8. Explore Bishnupur the land of terracotta temples

Explore Bishnupur the land of terracotta temples

Known For : Rasmancha Lalji Temple Susunia Hill

Bishnupur in West Bengal's Bankura district, just 135 Km from Kolkata, is renowned for its 17th-century terracotta temples, a legacy of the Malla Dynasty's royal patronage. Aside from its rich historical and cultural heritage, Bishnupur is famed for the art of weaving the Baluchari Saree. Key attractions include the Bishnupur Museum, Jor Bangla Temple, and the terracotta Rasmanch, with shopping for Baluchari sarees being a must for visitors.

Distance from Kolkata: 137 km

12 Bishnupur Attractions

9. Visit Santiniketan - Rabindranath Tagore's Eternal Abode

Visit Santiniketan - Rabindranath Tagore's Eternal Abode

Known For : Tagore's ashrama Poush Mela Amar Kutir

Santiniketan, envisioned by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, is a harmonious blend of education, art, and nature in West Bengal. It's home to Visva Bharati University, where one can immerse in Tagore's philosophy and experience the cultural richness through its festivals, especially the vibrant Poush Mela. A visit promises a deeper connection to Tagore's literary works, serene landscapes, and the timeless legacy of Bengali arts and crafts.

Distance from Kolkata: 167 km

Best Time: Mid August to March

15 Santiniketan Attractions

10. Relax at Tajpur beaches, Kolkata

Relax at Tajpur beaches, Kolkata

Tajpur Beach, approximately 170 km from Calcutta, captivates with its mystifying waves, dense tamarisk tree forests, and a plethora of adventure activities like zorbing and paragliding. Easily accessible via a 3-hour drive from Calcutta, it offers a refreshing blend of natural beauty and adrenaline-pumping experiences. Key attractions include strolls along the shore, adventure sports, and the nearby fisherman villages by River Mohana.

11. Go to Raichak to see the Rustic Forts

Go to Raichak to see the Rustic Forts

Known For : The F fort Diamond Harbour Lighthouse at Diamond Harbour

Located only 50 kms away from Kolkata and yet a world apart, Raichak, is a riverside town and is nothing short of a breath of fresh air in its ultra urban and commercialized surrounding. With the Hooghly river on its side and the numerous forts that add to its earthen charm, this town manages to be a getaway you will not want to miss.

Distance from Kolkata: 54 km

8 Raichak Attractions

12. Visit Chinsurah - the most beautiful city of west bengal

Visit Chinsurah - the most beautiful city of west bengal

Chinsurah or Chuchura (as it is called) is a town in the district of Hooghly, West Bengal. Situated on the bank of the Hooghly river, Chinsurah was once considered as the most beautiful city of West Bengal. Today, this town stands as an example of elegant architecture, with a plethora of architectural marvels that include churches, mosques, gardens, clock towers, etc.

13. See the embellishments of Terracotta art at Deulti

See the embellishments of Terracotta art at Deulti

Deulti, located in West Bengal, is a celebration of intricate terracotta art that adorns its temples and architecture. The village beautifully showcases the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the region, with the ornate carvings narrating tales of mythology and folklore. A visit to Deulti offers a deep dive into traditional craftsmanship, against the backdrop of a tranquil rural setting.

Distance from Kolkata: 61 km

14. A Serene getaway to Piyali island

A Serene getaway to Piyali island

Piyali Islands, often dubbed as "Pseudo Sunderbans," is a tranquil 75 km getaway from Kolkata, offering similar vegetation and topography as the famed Sunderbans. Accessible by car or train followed by a trek, this serene destination is where the rivers Matla and Piyali converge, offering opportunities for wilderness strolls, bird watching, boat rides, and exploring the surrounding villages.

15. Relax at Junput, Kolkata

Relax at Junput, Kolkata

Junput, located about 145 km from Kolkata, offers a serene sea beach experience with its casuarina groves, rhythmic sea waves, and the breathtaking convergence point of the rivers Rasulpur and Ganga. Key attractions include a lighthouse and a fisheries museum. Moreover, popular destinations like Digha, Mandarmani, Tajpur, and Talshree are just an hour's drive away.

Distance from Kolkata: 154 km

16. Visit Taki, West Bengal

Visit Taki, West Bengal

Taki, a serene village located 80 km from Kolkata on the banks of River Ichamati, offers urban dwellers an authentic glimpse into rural Bengal's beauty and tranquility. A mere 2.5-hour drive or a train journey from Sealdah to Hasnabad brings you to this retreat, where one can view the Bangladesh border across the river, distinguished by boatmen using national flags on their boats.

Distance from Kolkata: 67 km

17. Machranga Dwip - the Kingfisher Island of West Bengal

Machranga Dwip - the Kingfisher Island of West Bengal

Machranga Dwip, also known as Kingfisher Island, sits in the middle of river Ichamati, flanked by India and Bangladesh. This verdant haven, perfect for nature lovers, offers picturesque views, boat rides, and glimpses of distant Bangladeshi settlements. To reach the island, one can travel to Hasnabad from Kolkata (75 km) by road, bus, or train and then take a motorboat from either Hasnabad or nearby Taki.

Distance from Kolkata: 90 km

Kolkatta also called as the 'city of joy' is indeed a beauty in itself. Visiting these beautiful one day trips from Kolkata will make you feel refreshed.

This post was published by Harshitha

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Places to visit in Kolkata

Victoria Memorial Fort William Kolkata Belur Math

View 79 places to visit in Kolkata

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FAQs on Best Places for One Day Trips From Kolkata

How can i plan a day trip in kolkata.

  • Victoria Memorial: Start your day at this iconic monument that stands as a testimony to the British Raj in India. It opens at 10:00 AM and offers not only historical insight but also beautiful gardens.
  • St. Paul's Cathedral: Close to Victoria Memorial, this is an architectural marvel and is the first Episcopal Church in the eastern world.
  • Late Morning:
  • Indian Museum: Head to the oldest and largest museum in India to witness a vast collection of antiques, art, and archaeological findings.
  • Grab a snack: Try some traditional Bengali sweets like rasgulla or sandesh from a nearby sweet shop.
  • Howrah Bridge: Visit this iconic cantilever bridge which is also one of the busiest bridges in the world.
  • Belur Math: A serene temple complex on the banks of the Hooghly River, it's the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission.
  • Park Street: This is Kolkata's entertainment hub. Enjoy shopping, or relax in one of the numerous cafes and restaurants.
  • Traditional Bengali Meal: There are several restaurants like 6 Ballygunge Place or Bhojohori Manna where you can enjoy authentic Bengali cuisine.
  • Prinsep Ghat: End your day with a serene boat ride on the Hooghly River from Prinsep Ghat. The illuminated Howrah Bridge in the background adds to the experience.
  • Make use of Kolkata's efficient metro system to avoid traffic during peak hours.
  • Keep some bottled water handy.
  • If you have specific interests like arts or history, you can customize the itinerary accordingly. For example, art lovers might visit the Academy of Fine Arts while history buffs might opt for the Marble Palace.

Where can I go for a ride near Kolkata?

  • Sundarbans: Located about 100 km from Kolkata, it's the world's largest delta and mangrove forest. It offers boat rides through dense mangroves and a chance to spot the famous Bengal tiger.
  • Mandarmani: About 170 km away, Mandarmani is a seaside resort village known for its long drivable beach.
  • Santiniketan: Approximately 160 km from Kolkata, it's a cultural hub founded by Rabindranath Tagore. A place of historical and cultural significance, it offers serene landscapes.
  • Raichak: Located on the banks of the Hooghly river, about 50 km from Kolkata, it's perfect for a relaxed riverside outing.
  • Taki: About 80 km from Kolkata, Taki is situated on the banks of the Ichamati River and offers a peaceful riverside experience with boat rides.
  • Bakkhali: Located about 130 km from Kolkata, Bakkhali offers a calm beach destination with views of the Bay of Bengal.

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Victoria Memorial

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The 11 Best Day Trips From Kolkata

plan a trip in kolkata

Subir Basak / Getty Images

The lush West Bengal countryside has some surprising destinations that can easily be explored on day trips from Kolkata . Many places of interest lie along the Hooghly River upstream of Kolkata, which was a busy trading route during British colonial rule. Just be aware that the roads out of the city aren't in great condition, adding extra time to the journey.

Serampore to Bandel: Early European Heritage

Mahaux Photography/Getty Images

Before members of the British empire started using Kolkata as a capital city in 1690, European traders had already set up outposts along the Hooghly River: the Portuguese in Bandel, the Dutch in Chinsurah, the Danish in Serampore, and the French in Chandannagar. Old churches, colleges, cemeteries, and heritage buildings are remnants of this well-preserved history. The impressive 19th century Hooghly Imambara (assembly hall) is a great example of Bandel's Islamic heritage.

Getting There: The towns are clustered over a 25 kilometer (15.5 mile) stretch beginning an hour north of Kolkata, on the Howrah side. Trains run from Howrah Station to Bandel, and you can hire an auto rickshaw from there to explore the area. Alternatively, take a private tour , or West Bengal Transport Corporation's new European Settlements Boat Ride on weekends.

Travel Tip: If you have time, the two Bengal terracotta temples at nearby Bansberia are worth seeing as well.

Barrackpore: The Oldest British Cantonment in India

jcdl/Flickr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The British established Barrackpore as an army cantonment in the late 18th century. It later became a riverside summer retreat for British rulers when Kolkata was used as their capital city. Two important Indian uprisings against British rule happened there, in 1824 and 1857. These days, the Indian Army and West Bengal state government occupy most remaining buildings. Flagstaff House serves as a retreat of the Governor of West Bengal. Its grounds house 12 statues from the era of British colonial rule. Other attractions include Lady Canning's grave, Gandhi Ghat memorial, Gandhi Museum , Annapurna temple, and the ruins of British bungalows.

Getting There: Barrackpore is opposite Serampore, on the Kolkata side of the Hooghly River. Take Barrackpore Trunk Road or a train from Sealdah Station in Kolkata. Travel time is 45 minutes to an hour.

Travel Tip: Permission to visit Flagstaff House can be obtained from Raj Bhavan .

Bawali: A 300 year-old Bengali Zamindar's Mansion

Rajbari Bawali

The Rajbari Bawali was once the home of the Mondal royal family who developed Bawali into an affluent temple town. It has been carefully restored and turned into a heritage hotel that provides a peek into the lavish lifestyles of the erstwhile Zamindars of Bengal, who were influential landowners during the time of British rule. Antiques and old photos create plenty of old-world charm. Pay the on-site restaurant a visit for lunch or dinner, Bengali food is served and it's superb.

Getting There: Head south of Kolkata on Diamond Harbour Road. Travel time by road is about an hour and a half.

Travel Tip: Evenings are most atmospheric, when the mansion is evocatively illuminated and there's a cultural program featuring live Baul folk musicians. The Durga Puja festival is celebrated with elaborate rituals and food, usually in October.

Dhaniakhali: Sari Weaving

Atul Tater / Getty Images

The weaver community in Dhaniakhali village makes lightweight and soft traditional cotton Tant saris. Each household has at least one hand-loom and you can watch the weavers at work. In addition, visit a dyeing unit and Dhaniakhali Sari Museum .

Getting There: Dhaniakhali is about two hours northwest of Kolkata via National Highway 19. It's possible to go on a private tour . A local train from Howrah Station is a cheaper option and takes just over an hour.

Travel Tip: Tant saris are available for purchase at Dhaniakhali Sari Museum. Stop by Tarakeshwar to visit the Shiva temple on the way.

Bishnupur: Ancient Terracotta Temple Art

Amitabha Gupta/Getty Images

West Bengal's most famous terracotta temples at Bishnupur were built by the ruling Malla dynasty in classic ‘Bengali hut’ style between 16th-19th centuries. They're adorned with exquisite decorative carvings and have been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of particular interest are the Ras Mancha, Jor Bangla, Madan Mohan, and Shyam Rai temples with panels depicting scenes from Hindu epics The Mahabharata and The Ramayana .

Getting There: Bishnupur is well connected to Kolkata by rail, with a travel time of about three hours. Most conveniently, take the early morning air-conditioned 12883/Rupasi Bangla Express from Santragachi Junction Station.

Travel Tip: Baluchari silk saris and terracotta horses are popular purchases in Bishnupur.

Ambika Kalna: Diverse Temple Architecture

Tuul & Bruno Morandi/Getty Images

Ambika Kalna (simply known as Kalna) rivals Bishnupur as a temple town. Although the terracotta temple art is more detailed in Bishnupur, Kalna has more temples and a wider variety of temple structures. These include the Nava Kailash 108 Shiva temple complex , extensive Rajbari temple complex constructed by local kings, 17th-century Siddeshwari Kali temple, Anantabasudev temple, the 25 pinnacle Gopaljiu temple at Gopalbari, and twin temples of Jagannath Bari. Kalna is also a renowned muslin and jamdani sari weaving center.

Getting There: Head north of Kolkata on State Highway 6 or National Highway 19 (goes past Dhaniakhali). Travel time is under three hours. Regular local trains run from Sealdah and Howrah stations to Ambika Kalna but can be crowded and uncomfortable.

Travel Tip: Kalna has too many temples to be covered in a day, so start early and focus on the prominent ones mentioned above. Nearby Guptipara and Baidyapur offer more temples and Bengali heritage.

Shantiniketan: Rabindranath Tagore's University Town

Suprabhat Dutta/Getty Images

Shantiniketan is a popular destination for travelers interested in Bengali arts, music, and literature. Nobel Laureate and poet Rabindranath Tagore founded the town and Visva Bharati University in 1901 at the site of his father's ashram. You can explore the university campus, centered around the Uttarayan Complex where Tagore lived and wrote much of his poetry. It has an excellent museum dedicated to him. Nearby, Srijini Shilpagram art village celebrates the tribal heritage of India.

Getting There: Take a train northwest from Howrah Station to Bolpur. Travel time is about three hours, and it's quicker than by road.

Travel Tip: Read Tagore's Nobel Prize-winning collection of poetry "Gitanjali" before you visit. The museum is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Baul folk musicians perform at Sonajhuri tribal market on Saturdays. The Poush Mela fair, in late December, attracts many Bauls too.

Pingla and Sabang: Handicraft Villages

RNMitra/Getty Images

More than 200 artisans who specialize in Bengal Patachitra painting live in Naya village in Pingla and each house is this village is filled with colorful art. Artisans living in Sharta village in Sabang weave delicate Madur floor mats. The West Bengal state government and social enterprise Bangla Natak have established both places as rural crafts hubs . You can see the artisans at work and buy directly from them.

Getting There: Pingla is about three hours east of Kolkata via National Highway 16. The closest railway station is Balichak, 30 minutes away. Sabang is a further 40 minutes from Pingla. Hence, it's best to travel by car from Kolkata. Contact TourEast , Bangla Natak's tourism initiative, for more information.

Travel Tip: The villages can be visited all year round but Pingla is most vibrant during the annual POT Maya festival, usually in November. Drop into the Folk Art Center in each place to learn about the handicrafts. Workshops are also held there.

Sundarbans National Park: The World's Largest Mangrove Forest

A remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sundarbans National Park is spread over 3,861 square miles (10,000 square kilometers) on the Bay of Bengal between India and Bangladesh. There are 102 islands in the Indian part, and about half of them are inhabited. Notably, the Sundarbans is the only mangrove forest in the world to have tigers. However, the real appeal of the Sundarbans is its natural beauty and enchanting villages. Do try the locally-collected mangrove honey.

Getting There: The Sundarbans can only be accessed by boat. State Highway 3 goes up to Godkhali, the gateway to the Sundarbans, about three hours southeast of Kolkata. Independent travel is quite laborious, so it's best to go on a tour . The tour company will arrange the necessary permits for foreigners as well.

Travel Tip: It's possible to visit the Sundarbans on a long day trip from Kolkata but ideally stay there at least one night to experience village life and explore the narrow waterways.

Bakkhali: Pristine Beaches and Fresh Seafood

Bakkhali is an offbeat option for a quick beach break on the deltaic islands bordering the Sundarbans. Its long and wide stretch of sand is quite undeveloped, and you can walk along it to Fraserganj Beach where there are windmills and ruins of an old port building. Only 10 minutes away, serene Henry Island is a must-visit for its views and resident red crabs. Bishhalakshmi temple and a crocodile breeding center are other attractions.

Getting There: Head south on National Highway 117/12 from Kolkata to reach Bakkhali in about three and a half hours.

Travel Tip: Go during winter to avoid the extreme heat and humidity.

Mayapur: Spiritual Capital of International Society for Krishna Consciousness

Pavel Sipachev/Getty Images

The International Society for Krishna Conciousness (ISKCON), better known as the Hare Krishna movement, has its headquarters in holy Mayapur next to the Ganges River. Hindus believe that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a special incarnation of Lord Krishna, was born there in the 15th century. The ISKCON temple complex is magnificent, and it's an outstanding place to learn about Vedic culture and philosophy . The town is dotted with many more beautiful temples dedicated to Krishna too. A boat ride on the river is enjoyable.

Getting There: Mayapur is about four hours drive north of Kolkata along National Highway 12. ISKCON Kolkata conducts day trips by bus . There's also a direct public bus from the Esplanade bus stand. If going by train, you'll need to disembark at Nabadwip or Krishnanagar.

Travel Tip: Experience the energetic and uplifting evening Sandhya aarti (worship ritual) at the temple. It starts around 6:30 p.m.

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  • 40 Thrilling Weekend Getaways From Kolkata You Must Visit In 2023

plan a trip in kolkata

26 Oct 2021

West Bengal is Unique among Indian states in stretching all the way from the Himalayas to the sea and nonetheless explored in depth by only a few. Bengal holds an extraordinary assortment of landscapes and cultures, ranging from the dramatic hills of Darjeeling, within sight of the highest mountains in the world, to the vast mangrove swamps of the Sundarbans, prowled by man-eating Royal Bengal tigers. All this and much more comprise of the wonderful assortment of  weekend getaways from Kolkata.

Top 40 Weekend Getaways From Kolkata

Are you looking for the best weekend getaways from Kotkata ? You would be delighted to know that Kolkata is surrounded by numerous interesting places that makes you have the best break during your busy day-to-day life. Whether you want to encounter the impeccable sights of nature or wish to spend leisurely hours with your loved ones, the place offers you all! Here’s your ultimate weekend getaway bucket list from the hustle-bustle of Kolkata. These trips are ideal for a short stay so plan accordingly. 

  • Ravangla – Enjoy The Magical Snow View
  • Bakkhali – The Most Breathtaking Beaches In India
  • Tajpur – An Unknown Sea Beach
  • Shantiniketan – An Outstanding Creation Of Rabindranath Tagore
  • Kurseong – The Land Of White Orchid
  • Mandarmani – Known For Serentiy
  • Rinchenpong – Enjoy The Fascinating Mountain Views
  • Digha – An Ideal Party Destination
  • Roopark Village, Panchalingeswar – A Unique Tribal Village Resort
  • Rishyap – A Serene Weekend Retreat
  • Puri – The Most Famous Beach Of Eastern India
  • Shankarpur – A Largely Hidden Beach
  • Uttarey – A Scenic Village
  • Kalimpong – For A Relaxed Weekend Holiday
  • Sundarbans – The Largest Delta In The World
  • Henry’s Island – A Serene Island
  • Lepchajagat – For A Romantic Weekend Getaway
  • Chalsa – Tea Gardens, Rivers And Forests
  • Junput – An Abode Of Peace
  • Lava – A Serene Little Township
  • MongPong – A Small Hill Village
  • Lolegaon – A Small Peaceful Hamlet
  • Bishnupur – A Temple Town
  • Jaldhaka – A Picturesque Weekend Getaway
  • Samsing – The Land Of Floating Clouds
  • Jaldapara – Home To Famous One Horned Rhino
  • Mayapur – A Religious Site
  • Mukutmanipur – For A Peaceful Vacation
  • Bankura – Temples, Adventure Sports And More
  • Piyali Island – A Haven For Birdwatchers
  • Kamarpukur – Enjoy Simple Rural Life
  • Jhargram – For Nature Lovers
  • Belur Math – A Pilgrimage Pursuit
  • Ganga Sagar – A Blend Of Natural And Religious Charm
  • Jamshedpur – India’s First Planned City
  • Konark – Beholding A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Purulia – For A Weekend Getaway Amidst Nature
  • Cuttack – Cultural Capital Of Odisha
  • Nabadwip – A Religious Center
  • Haldia – A Bustling River Port

1. Ravangla – Enjoy The Magical Snow View

Gorgeous views of the hills from Ravangla

Image Source A small town situated on the ridge at an altitude of 7000ft between the Meanam and Tendong hills Ravangla or Rabongla has turned into a natural tourist resort for its magical snow view & tranquility. Ravangla is a recently discovered offbeat tourist destination in South Sikkim that serves as one of the perfect weekend destinations near Kolkata. You must surely plan visit to numerous interesting places to visit in Ravangla .

Location: Town in Sikkim How to reach: Ravangla is well connected by state highway to NJP (125 km), it is a night journey from Kolkata. By road it is 4 hours from NJP. Best Time to visit: February to May and October to November. Places to Visit In Ravangla: Visit Rayong Sunrise View-point (8 km), Ralang Monasteries (13 km), Borong Hot Spring (7 km). Things to do: Ravangla is perfect for Short treks, bird watching. The journey through the winding road via Dentham is even more attractive Places to stay: Buddha Retreat, Wildflower Retreat, Hotel Meanamla

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2. Bakkhali – The Most Breathtaking Beaches In India

A family enjoy the sea waves at Bakkhali Beach

Image Source

Bakkhali beach rests on the south-western tip of the mystical Sunderbans. The white beach snuggles against the fringes of the forest delta offering a unique tropical combination. It derives its name from the word bak, or red-beaked seagull which is found in abundance here. If you are planning weekend trips from Kolkata, put this at the top of your list.

Location: Village in West Bengal How to reach: Bakkhali is 138 km from Kolkata. 4.5-5 hour by road and as well as by train. Best Time to visit: July to March. Places to Visit  in Bakkhali : Henry’s Island & Jambu Dwip Things to do: Spend your day away at the makeshift tea stalls, sipping fresh coconut water or hot tea from earthen pots Places to stay: Hotel Dolphin Bakkhali, Hotel Dibney, Hotel Deepak

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3. Tajpur – An Unknown Sea Beach

Parasailing at Tajpur Beach in West Bengal

Image Source Tajpur is a practically unknown sea-beach which does not draw maddening crowds like Digha or even like nearby Mandarmoni and Shankarpur. Tajpur is one of Bengal’s recently discovered destinations and is slowly becoming popular as a weekend escape from Kolkata.

Location: Beachside How to reach: It lies in the Kolkata-Digha route, 5 km from Chaulkhola. 170 km south-west of Kolkata (22 km from Contai). By road its a 4 hours journey Best Time to visit: September to March. Places to Visit in Tajpur :  One can visit other near-by beaches like Mandarmoni, Shankarpur and Junput, and of course the famous Digha Things to do: Water sports & Paragliding Places to stay: Tajpur Retreat; Lake View Village Resort

Suggested Read: 10 Refreshingly Insane Water-Adventures In India For Couples

4. Shantiniketan – An Outstanding Creation Of Rabindranath Tagore

School at Shantiniketan

Image Source Shantiniketan has a history that began in 1862. Debendra Nath Tagore, bought the land built a guest house and planted trees. His son, Rabindra Nath began a school here with just 5 students in 1901 and it went on to become India’s first University. For a history buff wanting to go on a weekend tour from Kolkata, this will be an ideal option.

Location: A neighborhood in Birbhum district How to reach: Shantiniketan is 3 km from Bolpur in Birbhum District. It takes 4-5 hours from Kolkata by train as well as by road. Best Time to visit for a weekend trip: Any time except summer. Places to Visit in Shantiniketan : Visit Kankalitala (9 km), one of the 51 Shaktipeeths and Nanur (13 km), the birthplace of the 14th century poet Chandidas Things to do: Tagore Museum, art galleries. You could also attend the Poush Mela and Basanta Utsav Places to stay: Rangamati Garden Resort, Swapnonir, RNR Home stay

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5. Kurseong – The Land Of White Orchid

Tea Plantation at Kurseong

Image Source The land of white orchid, Kurseong lies high up in the hills spread along a forested ridge. Kurseong’s beauty and tranquility are breathtaking and the hill station is a perfect rejuvenating weekend retreat from Kolkata. It makes one of the most romantic weekend getaways from Kolkata .

Location: City in Darjeeling district How to reach: 10 hours + 1-1/2 hours by road from Kolkata, By air : 45 minutes + 1-1/2 hours by road Best Time to visit: Anytime of the year avoiding the rainy season. Places to Visit in Kurseong : Castle Tea Estate, Eagle’s Crag, Sitong. Things to do: Nature Walks. Watching Bird. Have a ride in the famous Toy Train which runs from Siliguri to Darjeeling via Kurseong. Places to stay: Sunnyside Eco Homestay, Dreamhome Stay, Allita Hotel & Resorts

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6. Mandarmani – Known For Serentiy

Friends enjoying a leisure walk along the beach during sunset

Image Source Mandarmani is relatively new to the tourist circuit. The glistening white beach is clean and unspoilt. The beach known for its serenity and beauty is reached via a route past paddy fields and ponds. It is among the most relaxing weekend getaways near Kolkata

Location: Seaside resort village in West Bengal How to reach: By road 4.5 hours from Kolkata. Nearest railway station Contai which is again 3 hours away from Howrah by train. Best Time to visit: July to March Places to Visit in Mandarmani : Visit the nearby beaches of Digha, Talsari, Tajpur and Sankarpur which all have their distinct flavors Things to do: Paragliding & water sports. Preferably go on a full-moon night. Go for a leisure walk along the beach to Mohona Places to stay: Hotel Sonar Bangla Mandarmoni, Ajoy Minar Hotel, Masara Beach Resort

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7. Rinchenpong – Enjoy The Fascinating Mountain Views

Sunrise on the snowcapped mountains of Richenpong

Image Source The mountain views of Rinchenpong are as fascinating as those of Darjeeling, Gantok or Pelling. So if you are tired of viewing Kanchenjunga above a crowded cityscape then pack your bags and head for Rinchenpong over the weekend.

Location: Town in Sikkim How to reach: A night’s journey from Kolkata and a four hour road trip from Siliguri. Best Time to visit: February to May & October to November. Places to Visit in Rinchenpong: Nigdoh, Rinchenpong Monastery, The Rhododendron sanctuary Things to do: Nature Walks, Bird Watching, Trekking Places to stay : Hotel Rinchenpong Nest; Orchid Villa

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8. Digha – An Ideal Party Destination

The calm Digha beach in West bengal

Image Source Digha is the most popular beach of West Bengal and it wears a festive look of a popular fairground all through the year. As soon as one reaches the town’s heart there is an excitement all around with the sight of crowds and the noise. It is an ideal party destination that you can visit over the weekend from Kolkata.

Location: Town in West Bengal How to reach: It’s 195 km from Kolkata. It takes 4 hours to reach Digha by Road/ Train. Best Time to visit: September to March Places to Visit in Digha: Nearby Places Shankarpur, Mandarmoni, Chandaneshwar, Talsari, Mohona. Things to do: Watersports, Walking on the beach & don’t miss to taste sea foods Places to stay: Hotel Pabitra Jamuna, Raja Holiday Inn, Le Roi Digha

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9. Roopark Village, Panchalingeswar – A Unique Tribal Village Resort

The beautiful Deokund Falls near Roopark Village

Image Source Roopark Village, Panchalingeswar is a unique tribal village resort that offers an ideal pastoral experience. Far away from the madding crowd of the urban life, the quaint mud and thatch dwellings in the resort captures the spirit of nature with the perfect tribal craftsmanship and way of living. It is a perfect weekend getaway from the Kolkata.

Location: Village in West Bengal How to reach: Roopark Village is located at a distance of 28 km from Balasore railway station in Orissa. From kolkata by road : 5 hours, by Train : 3-1/2 hours (+ 45 minutes by road) Best Time to visit: Any time of the year, though summer is hot. Places to Visit in Roopark : Shiva Temple in Panchalingeshwar (the five lingams of Lord Shiva) Hills and the picturesque Deokund Falls at Shimlipal Reserve Forest which is a beautiful scenic spot amidst green forests. Chandipur beach (16 km away from Balasore) Things to do: Bird Watching Places to stay : Roopark Village Resort

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10. Rishyap – A Serene Weekend Retreat

The gorgeous view of the snow capped himalayas from Rishyap

Image Source Rishyap is a serene weekend retreat from Kolkata. It’s unique feature is that there is only empty space between this tiny hamlet and the Kanchendzonga range standing on the horizon. The town is spread across a narrow ridge with valleys falling away on either side.

Location: Hill station in Kalimpong district How to reach: Its 721 km North of Kolkata. By train 10 hours (Till NJP) + 3 hours by road then from kolkata. Best Time to visit: February to May, October to November (winter can be very chilly with snowfall) Places to Visit in Rishyap : Visit Lava, Lolegaon, Kalimpong & other famous hill stations, all within 3 hours of driving Things to do: Nature Walks, Bird watching. Go for a 45 minute walk from Rishap to Lava past a colony of forest huts Places to stay: Vamoosetrail Rishyap, Yes Homes Kolakham, Paradise Villa

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11. Puri – The Most Famous Beach Of Eastern India

Sunset at Puri beach Orissa

Image Source Puri is undoubtedly the most famous beach of Eastern India as well as the most frequented weekend getaway from Kolkata. It extends over 15 km resembling a right-oriented conch-shell. It was once a thickly wooded hilly region, home to the Sabaras, a pre-Aryan and pre-Dravidian tribe who worshipped Lord Jagannath. There are numerous beautiful places to visit in Puri .

Location : City in Odisha How to reach: 499 km From Kolkata. By road – 12 hours; By rail – 9 hours from Kolkata. Best Time to visit: Throughout the year though the summer is hot Places to Visit In Puri: Konark Temple, Nandan kanan (Zoo), Dolphin point, Chilka Lake, Udaygiri Things to do In Puri: Swim in the sea. Contact Nulias (local fishermen) who will take you into the deeper waters for a great experience for just Rs. 25 Places to stay: Swosti Premium, Trident Bhubaneswar, Mayfair Convention

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12. Shankarpur – A Largely Hidden Beach

The peaceful beach of Shankarpur

Image Source This beach is largely hidden from the world. Though beautifully fringed by casuarinas and eucalyptus trees, it is a fact that waters have been gobbling up the land slowly. You can walk on the beach chasing the sunset up to a point of the delta of two small rivers and have the perfect weekend that you long for.

Location : Village in West Bengal How to Reach: Shankarpur is situated by the Bay of Bengal in East Midnapore, 16 km to the east of the famous Digha Beach. 180 km from Kolkata, by road 4 hours. Best Time to visit: September to March Places to Visit in Shankarpur: One can visit Mandarmoni beach, equally beautiful (32 km away) Things to Do : Take a stroll across Digha Beach Places to stay : Hotel Nest Shankarpur; Mallickaa Resort

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13. Uttarey – A Scenic Village

The green valleys of Uttarey

On the Western part of the state Sikkim, bordered by Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and West Bengal, Uttarey, at 2050 metres, is a scenic village on the gentle northern slope of the Singalila range. Uttarey is a wonderful weekend retreat from Kolkata that you can easily cover in a couple of days.

Location: Village in West Sikkim How to reach: Uttarey is situated in West Sikkim at a distance of 140 km from Gangtok and 150 km from Siliguri. The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri and the nearest airport is Bagdogra, both about 160 km away. Best Time to visit: February to May & October to November Places to Visit in Uttarey : Visit Changey falls which cascades down from a height of 500 ft and disappears into a dense forest of silver fir and pine. The famous Singshore Bridge, just 6 km away, is the second highest gorge bridge in Asia and a stone dropped from the bridge nearly takes 10 seconds to hit the riverbed Things to do: Those into adventure sports, can try short treks through forests towards Varshey and then to Hilley Places to stay : Hotel View Point; Royal Barsey Homestay

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14. Kalimpong – For A Relaxed Weekend Holiday

The gorgeous views of Kalimpong

Situated at an altitude of 1250 meters it enjoys temperate climate throughout the year. Somewhat secluded and tucked away in the corner under the big Darjeeling umbrella, Kalimpong offers a quiet and relaxed weekend holiday against the backdrop of Kanchenjunga. If you are looking for luxury weekend getaways from Kolkata , this is the place. You can indulge in numerous exciting things to do in Kalimpong .

Location: Hill station in West Bengal How to reach: By train 10 hours + 1 hour by road from Kolkata, By air : 45 minutes + 1-1/2 hours by road Best Time to visit for a weekend trip: Anytime of the year avoiding the rainy season. Places to Visit In Kalimpong: Durpin Monastery, Lepcha Museum, Deolo Hill Things to do In Kalimpong: Watching Bird, Trekking Places to stay: Sinclairs Retreat, PaliGhar Farmstay, Summit Barsana Resort and Spa

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15. Sundarbans – The Largest Delta In The World

The mangrove forest of Sunderbans

Sundarban, the largest delta in the world and is also the largest Mangrove Forest in the world. If you are lucky enough you can witness the Royal Bengal Tigers here.

Location : Mangrove area in Bay of Bengal How to reach: It takes 3hrs from Kolkata by road or by train to reach Sundarban. Best time to visit: October to March Places to visit in Sundarbans : Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower; Sajnekhali Watch Tower; Bhagabatpur Crocodile Sanctuary Things to do: Visit Sajnekhali watch tower to watch wildlife, spend a full day and night in Boat in the midst of Matlla River Places to stay: Sundarban Safari Resort

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16. Henry’s Island – A Serene Island

Mangrove forests on the beach

Image Source Henry’s Beach is a Mangrove Forests that wonderfully serves as a weekend getaway from Kolkata. Its located on the western edge of the Sundarban, Henry’s Island is fast developing into in West Bengal’s favorite Beach Resort. Named after a British surveyor, who survived the area about a century ago.

Location: Island near Bakkhali How to reach: Its 130 km from Kolkata, takes around 3-4 hours to reach by train or by road Best time to visit: October to March Places to visit in Henry’s Island: Henry’s Island Beach; Henry’s Island Watchtower Things to do: Bird Watching,Nature Walks, Bonfire Nights Places to stay: Indoy Hotel; Hotel Amarabati

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17. Lepchajagat – For A Romantic Weekend Getaway

The beautiful village of Lepchajagat

Lepchajagat is a small village located in wilderness at an altitude of 6,956 ft (i.e. 2123 meters) and only 19kms away from Darjeeling hill town. If you are a nature lover or looking for a romantic weekend getaway for a couple of days, then Lepchajagat is the place for you.

Location : Small village near Darjeeling How to reach: By Train 10 hours journey (to New Jalpaiguri) from Kolkata then 4 hours drive from NJP Best Time to visit: Anytime of the year avoiding the rainy season Places to visit in Lepchajagat: Jorpokhri; Pashupati Market; Ghum Monastery Things to do: Ghoom Rock Places to stay: Green Valley Homestay; Lepchajagat Silver Pine Homestay

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18. Chalsa – Tea Gardens, Rivers And Forests

Gorumara National Park in Chalsa

Image Source Chalsa is a few kilometers from Malbazar on the way to Dooars from Siliguri. Its a small town situated just on the foot of the Himalaya in the Dooars surrounded by hills, tea gardens, rivers and forests. Absolutely idyllic weekend getaway from Kolkata.

Location: Town in West Bengal How to reach: By Train 10 hours journey (to New Jalpaiguri) from Kolkata then 2 hours drive from NJP Best time to visit: Anytime of the year avoiding the rainy seasons Places to visit in Chalsa: Gorumara National Park; Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary Things to do: The visit in Gorumara National Park Places to stay: Sinclairs Retreat Dooars

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19. Junput – An Abode Of Peace

The pristine beach of Junput

Image Source The calm waters of Bay of Bengal, an unspoiled, solitary beach and the grove of casuarina trees make Junput an abode of peace. What more can you ask from a weekend retreat from Kolkata?

Location: Village in Purba Medinipur district How to Reach: 4-5 hours by Road from Kolkata Best Time to visit: Oct- March Places to visit in Junput : Mondermoni Things to do: Witness the rare species of fishes, visit the Temple of Kapalkundala & the lighthouse in Dariapur Places to stay: Sunview Resort, Blooming Star Guest House, Green Valley

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20. Lava – A Serene Little Township

A picturesque view of the Lava Monastery

Image Source Perched at an altitude of 2350 mtrs, a serene little Township, Lava is a picturesque landscape that can never be captured by words with splendour of nature, situated near Kolkata. Undoubtedly, it is the best weekend destination near Kolkata. 

Location: Village in Kalimpong district How to reach: By Train 10 hours journey (to New Jalpaiguri) from Kolkata then 4 hours drive from NJP Best time to visit: Anytime of the year avoiding the rainy season Places to visit in Lava : Lolaygaon; Lava Monastery Things to do: Visit the Lava Monastery, Neora Valley interpretation Center & Sangey Falls. A drive to sunset point at Tiffendhara (1.5 km ) or Trekking at Rechila are simply unforgettable Places to stay : Hotel Orchid Lava; Hotel Cerulean Inn

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21. MongPong – A Small Hill Village

The picturesque hills of MongPong

Image Source Is the most mesmerizing landscape of eastern Himalayas. The cool breeze and soft melting glow of the sun will give you some unforgettable moments on your weekend trip from Kolkata. 

Location: Village in Kalimpong district How to reach: By Train 10 hours journey (to New Jalpaiguri) from Kolkata then 1 hour drive from NJP Best time to visit: Anytime of the year avoiding the rainy season Places to visit in MongPong : Coronation Bridge; Mahananda Bridge Sanctuary Things to do: The banks of the tilting Teesta offer you beautiful picnic spots. You can also trek through the virgin forest Places to stay: Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri; Humro Home Ahaldara

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22. Lolegaon – A Small Peaceful Hamlet

A wooden walkway in Lolegaon

Image Source Its situated at an altitude of 1850 mtrs, in the midst of undulating slopes and adorned with towering Dhupi & Cypressus trees – a place of ethereal wilderness. Lolegaon is truly the best weekend trip from Kolkata .

Location: Village in Kalimpong district How to reach: By Train 10 hours journey (to New Jalpaiguri) from Kolkata then 4 hours drive from NJP Best time to visit: Anytime of the year avoiding the rainy season Places to visit Lolegaon: Rishyap; Neora Valley National Park; Changey Falls Things to do: Lolegaon offers a grand view of Ralli Valley & Himalayan Range. A visit to sunset view point at Jhandidhara (3.5 Km)or a go for a walk in Heritage Forest Places to stay : Mystic Orchid Retreat; Resort Tree Fern

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23. Bishnupur – A Temple Town

One of the terracotta temples in Bishnupur

Image Source Bishnupur (or Vishnupur) was the capital of the Mallabhum kingdom, once the most important Hindu dynasty in Bengal). Surrounded by old fortifications, the town has more than a dozen terracotta temples. It is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Kolkata. This is surely the most beautiful  weekend trip near Kolkata .

Location: City in West Bengal How to reach: By Train 3-4 hours from Kolkata. Best time to visit: November to February Places to visit in Bishnupur: Jor Bangla Temple; Lalji Temple Things to do: Visit the terracota temples which is a lost art of our country Places to stay: Amtala Guest House

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24. Jaldhaka – A Picturesque Weekend Getaway

The magnificent view of Jaldhaka

Image Source Jaldhaka is a picturesque weekend getaway from Kolkata. The gorgeous Jhalong River Camp is a charming landscape with nature at its mystic best.

Location: River How to reach: By Train 10 hours journey (to New Jalpaiguri) from Kolkata then 2-3 hours drive from NJP Best time to visit: Anytime of the year avoiding the rainy season Places to visit: Jaldhaka River Valley; Coronation Bridge Things to do: Hydel project is the star attraction. Trek to Neora Valley National Park Places to stay: Jaldhaka River View; Ritika Homestay

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25. Samsing – The Land Of Floating Clouds

Campsites by the river banks in Samsing

Image Source The land of floating clouds and endless maze of green will leave an everlasting sense of satisfaction in the heart. Samsing is an idyllic, peaceful weekend getaway from Kolkata. This is the best weekend trip near Kolkata .

Location: A village in Jalpaiguri district How to reach: By Train 10 hours journey (to New Jalpaiguri) from Kolkata then 2 hours drive from NJP Best time to visit: Anytime of the year avoiding the rainy season Places to visit in Samsing: Lali Guras; Samsing View Point; Neora Valley National Park Things to do: Picnic on the bank of the Suntaleykhola. Drive or trek through the steep serpentine to Tree fern Point Places to stay: Amantran Resort

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26. Jaldapara – Home To Famous One Horned Rhino

The magnificent view of Jaldhaka

Image Source Jaldapara National Park is situated at the foothills of Eastern Himalayas in Alipurduar, West Bengal. It is the home to famous one horned Rhino and many other varied and endangered wildlife species. Head here for the best weekend destination from Kolkata .

Location: National Park in Alipurduar District How to reach: By Train 10 hours journey (to New Jalpaiguri) from Kolkata then 3 hours drive from NJP Best time to visit: Anytime of the year avoiding the rainy season Places to visit in Jaldapara: Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary; Chilapata Things to do: Indulge in the Jungle Safari Places to stay: Jaldapara Tourist Lodge; Hollong Eco Village Resort; Babusona Homestay

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27. Mayapur – A Religious Site

temple in mayapur

Image Source If you are looking for best weekend getaways from Kolkata , then Mayapur is an amazing place to be. With Hugli on one side and Jalangi on the other, Mayapur offers peaceful environ and verdant greenery. The place has a reputation of being a religious site in Kolkata and is part of one of the nine islands of Nabadwip. Enjoy a tranquil getaway in the religious and calm atmosphere of Mayapur. It is a great place for some soul-searching.

Location: Situated adjacent to Nabadwip How to reach: It is 130 km away from Kolkata. You can take a train from Kolkata to Nabadwip and then hail a cab to Mayapur (30 km) Best time to visit: November-February Places to visit in Mayapur: Chandrodaya Temple; Samadhi of Prabhupada; Shree Chaitanyamath Things to do: Visit ISKCON to connect with God or for spiritual fulfillment Places to stay : Jagannath Guest House

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28. Mukutmanipur – For A Peaceful Vacation


Mukutmanipur is one of the popular weekend getaways from Kolkata . If you are looking to spend a peaceful vacation, plan a visit to this small tranquil town. Crystal clear water, lush green forest and beautiful hills attracts tourists in large number to this place.

Location : Village in West Bengal How to reach: It is 206 km away from Kolkata. You can take a train from Kolkata to Bankura and then take a bus or a cab to reach Mukutmanipur Best time to visit: October-March Places to visit in Mukutmanipur: Parasnath Hills; Kangsabati River; Ambikanagar; Deer Park Things to do: Visit the famous deer park, Kangsabati dam and soak in the serene vibe Places to stay: Aranyak Resort Mukutmanipur, Peerless Resort, Hotel Pink Rose

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29. Bankura – Temples, Adventure Sports And More


Bankura is one of the best weekend trips from Kolkata . The town is famous for its remarkable history, temples and more. It also offers numerous adventure sports. All these things together attracts tourists from across the world. Susunia Hill, Bishnupur and Koko Hill are some of the best places to visit in this temple town.

Location: District in West Bengal How to reach: Bankura is located at a distance of just 170km from Kolkata and can be easily reached by taxi or bus Best time to visit: October-March Places to visit in Bankura: Bishnupur; Jayrambati; Mukutmonipur Things to do: Trekking and hiking are the popular things to do here apart from exploring temples and famous hills like Koko Hill Places to stay: Maa Laxmi Lodge, Hotel Priyadarsini, Deshbandhu Lodge

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30. Piyali Island – A Haven For Birdwatchers

piyali island

Visiting the pristine Piyali island is one of the perfect weekend trip from Kolkata.  It is located just 72 km away from Kolkata and is a must-visit place for bird lovers. Famous for providing peace and tranquility, this island is home to several bird species and is also a great picnic option.

Location: 75 km from Sundarbans National Park How to reach: It takes ideally 2.5 hours from Kolkata to reach Piyali island. You can travel by private vehicle or reach Barasat by train. Barasat is the nearest railway station from this island Best time to visit: October-December Places to visit near Piyali Island : Dobanki Watch Tower; Netidhopani Things to do: Witness the rich flora and fauna, explore the surrounding villages and interact with locals Places to stay: Santibon Village, Sundarban Gateway, Sundarban Welcome Homestay

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31. Kamarpukur – Enjoy Simple Rural Life

plan a trip in kolkata

Kamarpukur is one of the best weekend getaways from Kolkata. If you are tired of the regular hustle and bustle of the city life, a visit to this small cluster of villages will recharge you. Enjoy the simple lifestyle of the people here and the scenic beauty of the place. Do head here for the best weekend destination from Kolkata .

Location: Village in Hooghly District How to reach: Kamarpukur is at a distance of 110 km from Kolkata. You can either take a bus or reach by a private vehicle. The nearest railway station to Kamarpukur is Tarakeswar Railway Station (45 km) Best time to visit: October-December Places to visit in Kamarpukar: Simhavahini Temple; Punya Pukur; Jairambati Math Things to do: Enjoy boating at various water bodies including tanks and canals Places to stay: Hotel Ananya; Sarada Lodge

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32. Jhargram – For Nature Lovers

plan a trip in kolkata

Jhargram can be a perfect option for your weekend destination near Kolkata . It is a small city known for its cultural and historical background. Famed for its ancient temples, royal palaces, forests; it is a must-visit attraction for the tourists visiting Kolkata.

Location: A city in Jhargram district How to reach: Jhargram has a railway station of its own. Alternatively, you can drive on your own by taking National Highway 6 which connects Kolkata and Jhargram Best time to visit: October-February Places to visit in Jhargram: Chilkigarh Kanak Durga Temple; Sabitri Mandir; Kendua Things to do: Enjoy bird watching and take photo walks in the forest Places to stay: Jhargram Eshani Hotels and Guest House, Somani Lodge

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33. Belur Math – A Pilgrimage Pursuit

Belur Math Temple

Image Credit: Kunal Dalui for Wikipedia

Situated 10.5 km away from the city of Kolkata, Belur Math is an ideal place to visit during weekend getaways from Kolkata . It is a pilgrimage site and the temple is visited by many travelers from around the world irrespective of their religion.

Location: A hindu temple near Kolkata How to reach: Local trains; Buses; Taxis Best time to visit:   6:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM – 8:30 PM Places to Visit In Belur Math: The Samadhi Enclosure; The Old Shrine; Swami Vivekananda’s room Things to do: Visit the temple Places to stay: Belur Math Indian Guest House; Fabhotel De Sivalika

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34. Ganga Sagar – A Blend Of Natural And Religious Charm

Ganga Sagar In the Evening

Image Credit: Bijay Chaurasia for Wikimedia

Another amazing weekend tour from Kolkata is to Ganga Sagar. Ganga Sagar is a coast situated at a distance of approximately 108.4 km from Kolkata. It is a great weekend destination near Kolkata . It is the place where Sagar Mela is held every year which is a huge fair that draws people from everywhere. One can also opt to go on a trek in this area.

Location: Island in the Ganges delta How to reach: Through a bus to Kakdwip and then through a boat Best time to visit: October to March Places to Visit In Ganga Sagar: The Sagar Beach; Ganga Sagar Mela; Kamil Muni Temple Things to do: Enjoy a holy dip Places to stay: Hotel Grey Castle; Hotel Queen  

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35. Jamshedpur – India’s First Planned City

Jamshedpur at Night

Image Credit: Shahbaz for Wikimedia

Nestled in between Subarnarekha and Kharkai rivers, Jamshedpur is situated at a distance of 286.4 km from Kolkata. One of the highlights of this place is the Tata Steel Zoological Park. This town has a beautifully planned arena and is India’s first planned city. You can plan a quick weekend trip from Kolkata to Jamshedpur for a refreshing break!

Location: A city in Jharkhand How to reach: Flights; Buses; Taxis Best time to visit: November to  February Places to Visit In Jamshedpur: Dimna Lake; Jubilee Park Things to do: Shopping; Go on a nature stroll in various parks and sanctuaries Places to stay: Fortune Park Centre Point; Ramada Jamshedpur

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36. Konark – Beholding A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Konark Temple

Image Credit: Pixabay

No trip to Konark is complete without a trip to the Sun Temple. It is one of the best places to visit on weekend getaways from Kolkata . It is situated at a distance of approximately 501.9 km. Another thing that lures travelers here is the annual dance festival. 

Location: A town in Puri district How to reach: Trains and then taxis Best time to visit: September to March Places to Visit In Konark: Sun Temple; ASI Museum Things to do: Go on a temple tour and beach tour; Attend the annual dance festival Places to stay: Lotus Eco Resort; Toshali Sands

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37. Purulia – For A Weekend Getaway Amidst Nature

Purulia Temple

Image Credit: Wikimedia

With an abundance of natural beauty, Purulia offers a sight to behold. Therefore, making it an ideal place to visit for nature lovers. It is situated at a distance of approximately 298.1 km from Kolkata. It is another amazing weekend destination near Kolkata .

Location: District in West Bengal How to reach: Buses; Taxis; Trains Best time to visit: October to March Places to Visit In Purulia: Baranti Reservoir; Rakab Forest Things to do: Witness Chau dance and pata nach Places to stay: Hotel Akash Sarovar; Sagar Raj Resort

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38. Cuttack – Cultural Capital Of Odisha

A temple in Cuttack

Cuttack is situated approximately 426.5 km away from Kolkata. It is also known as the cultural capital of Odisha. The city is famous for woven textiles, silver filigree works, and exotic Dussehra celebrations. This is amongst the offbeat weekend destinations near Kolkata .

Location: City in Odisha How to reach: By Flights – Biju Patnaik Airport (25 km); Train; Buses Best time to visit: July to March Places to Visit In Cuttack: Barabati Fort; Bhitarkanika National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary; Cuttack Chandi Temple Things to do: Go on a temple tour; Visit the historical attractions Places to stay: Grand Residency Hotel; The Blue Lagoon Premium

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39. Nabadwip – A Religious Center

Nabadwip Railway Station

Nabadwip is situated at a short distance of approximately 136.1 km from Kolkata. This place is best known for its devotion to God Krishna. It circles an area surrounding a total of 200 temples. This place is known to be protected from the hardships of both time and tide. It is an apt place to explore for a weekend destination near Kolkata .

Location: A city in Nadia district How to reach: Trains; Buses Best time to visit: October to March Places to Visit In Nabadwip: Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math; Radha Rani Temple Things to do: Go on a temple tour Places to stay: Shree Krishna Guest House; Hotel Haveli

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40. Haldia – A Bustling River Port

Haldi River

Image Credit: Arupparia for Wikimedia

Well-known as a foreign trade point, Haldia is situated at a distance of approximately 118.4 km away from Kolkata. Over time, this river port has gained the interest of many travelers.

Location: River port in Purba Medinipur district How to reach: Train (railway station is 4 km away); Taxi Best time to visit: October to March Places to Visit In Haldia: Sataku; Mahishadal Rajbari and Goplajew Temple Things to do: Shopping; Temple tour Places to stay: The Golden Retreat; Ganga Kutir; Hotel East Coast

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Tips For Traveling

Dooars valley

Listed below are some of the tips to keep in mind while exploring the weekend getaways from Kolkata .

  • Make sure the best time to visit and the weather forecast before planning your weekend getaways.
  • Go through the official websites of the attractions to get information about the updated entry fee.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations provided by the authorities.
  • Do not indulge in smoking or drinking in public places.
  • Always make sure to carry a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Take note of the updated visiting timings from the official websites of the attractions.
  • If you are headed for treks and hikes for the first time in a particular place, make sure to accompany a tour guide.
  • Ensure that you maintain social distancing and wear masks.

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If you ever plan a trip to West Bengal , don’t just visit Kolkata and Darjeeling. Explore beyond. Make sure you have plenty of days aside to check out these alluring weekend getaways. Head to these places for an ultimate weekend and have unlimited cherished memories on your holiday.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Weekend Getaways From Kolkata

What are some weekend destinations near Kolkata in monsoon?

Jamunadighi, Tajpur and Bagriposi are among the best pick if you are looking for a quick monsoon escape from Kolkata. The weather in the mentioned places stays pleasant and favorable during this time of the year, with landscape getting greener with every rainfall.

How far is Kolkata from Shantiniketan?

Shantiniketan is situated at a distance of approximately 162 km from Kolkata. There are numerous trains running between both the destinations. You can also hire a cab or taxi from Kolkata to reach Shantiniketan

What are the top places to visit in Jamshedpur?

Jubilee Park Dimma Lake Here a few amazing places to visit in Kamshedpur: Tata Steel Zoological Park, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Hudco Lake, Russi Modi and Centre for Excellence.

How far is Lava from Kolkata?

Lava is situated at a distance of approximately 676 km from Kolkata.

List top places to visit in Konark?

Here are a few top places to visit in Konark: Sun Temple, Chandrabhaga Beach, ASI Museum and Astaranga Beach. Spending hours by the impeccable beaches of Konark is one of the best thing to capture the true vibe of the place.

When does the Konark Dance Festival take place?

The Konark Dance Festival usually takes place in the month of February. This year, it took place from 19th to 23rd February, 2021. However, the dates might vary due to coronavirus outspead.

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11 Best Places to Explore On a One-Day Trip from Kolkata

Budget Hotels > Travel Blog > Destinations > Kolkata > 11 Best Places to Explore On a One-Day Trip from Kolkata

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is considered an artistic, cultural and intellectual capital of India. It is a city which presents a beautiful mix of the traditional and contemporary world. Boasting diverse cultures, historical sites and fun activities, Kolkata is also close to several wonderful places to visit that can be explored on a short trip. With a variety of options for a one-day trip from Kolkata, one must not wait to take a quick break from the usual city tour. But, before you plan a day outing, remember to book a comfortable hotel in Kolkata so you can start the trip afresh after a good night’s sleep.

Places to a Day Trip From Kolkata:

  • Ffort Raichak
  • Piyali Island
  • Krishnanagar
  • Henry Island
  • Shantiniketan

One-day Trips from Kolkata within 100 km

1. ffort raichak.

Ffort Raichak | #1 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Ffort Raichak | #1 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

While planning a day trip near Kolkata, tourists cannot miss adding Ffort Raichak in the list. Now a resort, Ffort Raichak is a British-era property that boasts a unique charm. English clubhouses, rooms with river views, tennis courts, a luxurious spa, lush green lawns and private pool together lend this 200-year-old place an image of uter relaxation. 

  • Location : Town Raichak, West Bengal
  • Distance : 55 km
  • Activities : Tennis, swimming in pool
  • Best Time to Visit : October to March

2. Tarkeshwar

Tarkeshwar | #2 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Tarkeshwar | #2 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Tarkeshwar is full of places of immense religious and historical significance . It is home to the 288-year-old Tarkeshwar Temple, known for its peaceful setting which attracts a huge number of devotees. Maximum number of people come here during the monsoon as a fair is organized here during that time of the year.

  • Location : Hooghly District
  • Distance : 62 km
  • Activities : Temple hopping

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Taki | #3 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Taki | #3 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Enveloped in endless greenery and unending silence, Taki is a place where travelers can get a close look at the Bangladesh border as river Ichamati acts as a natural border between the two nations. Also, they can go for a 40-minute boat ride to Machranga Island. Further, nature photographers and bird lovers must visit this place. Beautifully enclosed by golpatar and sundari trees, the forest here is an ideal destination for such holidaymakers. The serene atmosphere of the place has never failed to appeal to the travelers’ senses. Here, tourists can make the most out of their picnic plans. If you are traveling with children, even activities like badminton, cricket, volleyball, cards and frisbee can be enjoyed at this well-known picnic spot near Kolkata .

  • Location : North 24 Parganas district
  • Distance : 69 km
  • Activities : Boating, photography, bird watching

4. Piyali Island

Piyali Island | #4 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Piyali Island | #4 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

One of the perfect day trips from Kolkata would be to experience the scenic beauty of Piyali Island. This place bears a resemblance to Sunderbans’ vegetation, landscape and topography. Here, travelers can enjoy the beautiful sight of the confluence of the rivers, Malta and Piyali. One of the major highlights of a one day trip from Kolkata to the riverine island is witnessing swampy forests, rivers and tributaries that are away from the human invasion.

  • Location : South 24 Parganas District
  • Distance : 70 km
  • Activities : Bird watching, boat rides
  • Best Time to Visit : October to February

5. Kamarpukur

Kamarpukur | #5 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Kamarpukur | #5 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Kamarpukur is a place of great religious importance as it is the birthplace of saint Ramakrishna. A drive to this sacred land offers a chance to glance at the roots that are close to Indian heritage, more specifically Bengali mysticism. The museums and temples here further make it popular among devotees.

  • Distance : 97 km
  • Activities : Sightseeing

One-day Trips from Kolkata within 200 km 

6. krishnanagar.

Krishnanagar | #6 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Krishnanagar | #6 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Krishnanagar is a must-visit place on a day outing from Kolkata for all history buffs. The place is named after a famous zamindar, Raja Krishnachandra Roy, who nourished this town aesthetically and culturally. Krishnanagar Rajbari Palace is one of the major attractions of this small city. Further, it is popular for its clay idols, so remember to purchase some. Read also – Forts in Kolkata

  • Location : Nadia district, West Bengal
  • Distance : 130 km

7. Bakkhali

Bakkhali | #7 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Bakkhali | #7 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Bakkhali is popular for its 7-km long, crescent-shaped white sand beach that travelers can explore on a one-day trip near Kolkata. This place serves as an ideal option to escape the din and noise of city living. Besides witnessing a sunset from the watchtower, travelers can also visit the crocodile park. Further, tourists can enjoy a visit to the mangrove forest nearby.

  • Distance : 132 km
  • Activities : Enjoying the mystical sunset view

8. Henry Island

Henry Island | #8 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Henry Island | #8 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Another destination that can be explored on a short day trip from Kolkata is Henry Island. This is a great spot to witness kilometers of empty beaches and a clear sky. Travelers can also relish popular local delicacies made from the freshest catch they’ll ever find. However, do not return without going for a little swim in the ocean.

  • Location : South 24 Parganas district
  • Activities : Witnessing scenic views, swimming

9. Bishnupur

Bishnupur | #9 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Bishnupur | #9 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Bishnupur is another destination which showcases the beautiful landscape of West Bengal . The terracotta temples designed in distinctive styles add charm to the rich heritage of this historical town. Moreover, the weaving of Baluchari saree is a beautiful sight to behold. This saree can be, rather should be, purchased for a loved one too. Being home to several mystical temples and informative museums, Bishnupur is one of the best places to visit near Kolkata.

  • Location : Bankura District
  • Distance : 139 km
  • Activities : Temple visit, shopping

10. Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan | #10 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Shantiniketan | #10 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

No article about day tours near Kolkata can ever be complete without the mention of Shantiniketan. It is a place of legendary proportions as far as contemporary Bengali culture is concerned as it was the home of Nobel laurate, Rabindranath Tagore. Here, you can visit Visva Bharti University and the ashram established by the poet. The small town also hosts several vibrant fairs like Poush Mela in December, Joydev Mela in January and Basant Utsav in March.

  • Location : Birbhum District
  • Distance : 157 km

 Tajpur | #11 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

Tajpur | #11 of 11 Best One Day Trip from Kolkata

For an adventurous day outing from Kolkata, Tajpur Beach is an apt location. It paves the way for indulging in several thrill-inducing activities like zorbing, paragliding, kayaking and rafting. The experience of soaring high in the sky, walking along the periphery of the sea, and diving deep into the water constitutes a real yet a magical experience here. It has around 1400 acres of land dedicated to pisciculture, so you can even see various species of fish.

  • Location : Purba Medinipur District
  • Distance : 174 km
  • Activities : Zorbing, paragliding, kayaking, rafting
  • Best Time to Visit : November to February

When there is so much to do on a day-tour from Kolkata, why hold back? Just, pack a few essentials and get ready to explore some of the amazing places on a one-day trip from Kolkata also book hotels in Kolkata .

One-day Trip from Kolkata (Video):

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    The Glenburn Penthouse is an ideal spot for travelers wanting to discover the city. The Glenburn Penthouse offers a pleasant stay in Kolkata for those traveling for business or leisure. The hotel is only 6km from Sealdah Railway Station and 24km from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, giving guests a number of convenient ...

  16. Kolkata Trips

    Plan your trip to Kolkata. Start by getting to the destination from your hometown. Then figure out where to stay (like Hyatt Regency), find things to see and do (like Ladakh), and research places to eat (like Peter Cat). Getting to Kolkata: from to Go. Q&A in Kolkata: Kolkata ...

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    These are some of the hotels added in the past by our travelers to their Kolkata itinerary 7 days. Check out the hotels that suit you and add them to your trip plan. The Oberoi Grand Kolkata. 1298 Reviews. 9.3 Superb. Check Availability. Fabexpress Kiran Kunj. Check Availability.

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    One Day Trips From Kolkata are plenty in number. Oh! Calcutta - A common phrase which embarks on everyone's mind when they hear West Bengal. However, that's not all. West Bengal certainly deserves m (Read More) Here is the list of 17 Best Places for One Day Trips From Kolkata 1. Sight the Best Wildlife at Sundarbans Next 4.3 /5 View 34+ photos

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    Best Restaurants 10 Foods to Try Nightlife in Kolkata Best Time to Visit Weather & Climate Getting Around Kolkata Kolkata International Airport Guide 48 Hours in Kolkata Best Day Trips close India West Bengal The 11 Best Day Trips From Kolkata By Sharell Cook Published on 04/14/21 Subir Basak / Getty Images

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    Top 40 Weekend Getaways From Kolkata Are you looking for the best weekend getaways from Kotkata? You would be delighted to know that Kolkata is surrounded by numerous interesting places that makes you have the best break during your busy day-to-day life.

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    Pujo 2100. 1 / 10. r/kolkata. Join. • 5 days ago. Kolkata to North East India rail travel time to be reduced by 21 hours! New rail line goes through Bangladesh. 1 / 2.

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    1. Ffort Raichak 2. Tarkeshwar 3. Taki 4. Piyali Island 5. Kamarpukur One-day Trips from Kolkata within 200 km 6. Krishnanagar 7. Bakkhali 8. Henry Island 9. Bishnupur 10. Shantiniketan 11. Tajpur One-day Trip from Kolkata (Video): Places to a Day Trip From Kolkata: Ffort Raichak Tarkeshwar

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    Kolkata (Calcutta) is a great travel destination with a lot to do and see, but sometimes you need to get away and explore the surrounding areas. Book the best day trips from Kolkata (Calcutta), India directly on Tripadvisor and take the stress out of planning. Read 207,398 traveler reviews and view photos of different trips from Kolkata (Calcutta) to various destinations.