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Your Guide to All Things Cruise Ship Vacations

private boat trip mauritius

It’s time for you to sit back and relax. You deserve it. While it may not be for everyone, cruises are extremely popular for many vacationers. Maybe it’s because of the little planning that is required or perhaps because you are secluded in the middle of the ocean, whatever the reason, cruises are a great option to have if you are looking for a getaway and before you know it, you will be on one of the best cruise packages you could have imagined. As soon as you step on board, everything is taken care of, including yourself. The only thing you have to be on time for is the boarding of the boat in the port. If you are new to cruises, this is the guide for you. We’ll introduce you to different sizes of ships, the various activities you can expect on board, and the other great, and not so great, aspects of cruises.

How to Choose?

private boat trip mauritius

There are hundreds of cruises to choose from, so how do you even begin choosing which one is the right one for you? Well, there are a few things that will help you narrow down your choices. The first factor is budget. If you have been saving for years for the perfect cruise, your choices will vary greatly from those that may have a tight budget and looking at last minute deals. You can find basic cruise ship fares for as low as $200/person, especially if you’re willing to sacrifice some amenities. How long your cruise is and how exotic the destination will all factor into the price. But rest assured that somewhere out there is a cruise trip that won’t break the bank.

Second is the location. Where would you like to go that is within your budget? Have you always wanted to be on a cruise heading from Singapore to other neighboring countries? Or have you been dreaming about choosing from 5-star Alaskan cruises? You’ll want to peruse the web pages of many cruise lines to get a sense of what possible destinations await you.

The next factor is what size boat should you be looking for. This depends on what type of traveler you are and who is going with you. The larger the boat, the more activities there are. Are you a night owl looking for different bars and dance clubs open at night? The large cruise ship might be the better option. First-timers might want to consider smaller boats as they are a little less overwhelming and a great way to ease into this type of holiday.

What to Expect Onboard

private boat trip mauritius

There are plenty of activities to choose from, especially on the larger boats. While the smaller boats will have the basics such as restaurants, spas, bars, entertainment and pools, the larger ones offer a whole different range of activities. Some will have exciting water slides for the kids, thermal suites, beauty salons, and fine dining restaurants. There really is something for everyone on the larger cruise ships with little chance of anyone being bored.

In addition to considering your budget and desired destination, it makes sense to check out what onboard activities will be offered. Many cruise lines cater to specific crowds, and the onboard offerings vary accordingly. A Disney Cruise ship will certainly have more in the way of family fun, whereas other cruise lines that cater more to adults and couples will have more bars, nightlife, comedy shows, and more.

private boat trip mauritius

There are numerous advantages of going on a cruise. As mentioned before, little planning is needed. Everything is scheduled for you and all you have to sit back and enjoy the sun. Cruises are good value for money. You don’t have to worry about hitting up the ATM as you usually pay one fee which covers food, drink and transportation for the duration of the cruise.

Make sure to check the terms and conditions thoroughly before paying though so you know where you stand. There are cruises for beach lovers that want to spend time in the Caribbean, to adventure seekers who want to leave off on Alaskan cruises where they can explore Denali National Park and go whale-watching. Cruises can be as romantic or child-friendly as you choose.

private boat trip mauritius

Cruise ships are big boats, and that limits the places that they can visit. If an off-the-beaten path travel experience is your preference, you may want to consider another means of travel. Cruise ships dock in busy port cities that are used to catering to tourists. What’s more, cruise ships are not ideal for those that like exploring these port cities in their own time. Cruise ships often dock for just half a day, leaving you just enough time to stretch your legs and step away from the sometimes crowded conditions on board.

Perhaps more importantly, people are raising ethical alarm bells around the cruise industry. The industry has come under harsh criticism by environmental activists in recent years. Ships harm ocean wildlife, pollute air and water at a massive level, and dump grey water into the ocean. And then of course, there’s the issue of how employees are treated, which became a source of major concern and morbid fascination during the early days of the COVID-19 crisis.

Departing Thoughts

private boat trip mauritius

If you have decided that going a cruise sounds like the way you want to go for your next holiday, here are a few more tips for you. Make sure you are going during the ideal cruise months. This will vary depending on you your destination, so research it ahead of time. Whether you are on a large or small ship, do not leave any valuables lying around. Unfortunately, we can’t trust everyone. If you are on a large ship, ask one of the staff to provide a map of the ship for you and mark any familiar landmarks just in case you do get lost. Lastly, enjoy it! Make the most of your trip and breath in the good and exhale the bad.


private boat trip mauritius


Are you a Mauritian resident?

Video Oceane


As a family, with friends, as a group, embark with the professionals of Océane to the most beautiful sites on the East and West coast of Mauritius during an unforgettable trip. Catamaran excursions with a BBQ on board, aperitif at sunset, Yoga detox session at dusk, corporate cocktails, Team Building day for your group or your privileged clients…

We meet all your desires. Embark aboard one of our catamarans, speedboats or our ultra-comfortable floating lounge, the “Pontoon” boat !

Discover one of our cruise packages and catamaran excursions but also our different private packages .

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of Mauritius, its turquoise waters, its magnificent beaches, its fauna and flora…

private boat trip mauritius

3 types of boats: catamarans, speedboats and pontoon boat

private boat trip mauritius


In small groups of people, discover the most beautiful sites of Mauritius, and enjoy these few magical hours in unique comfort and safety in the lagoon.

Departing in Trou D’eau Douce on the East and Black River on the west, our friendly skippers will show you Ile aux Cerfs, the Grande Riviere Sud Est waterfall, Ile aux Benitiers, the Crystal Rock, Tamarin bay and its dolphins and the most beautiful sunsets. These excursions can also be organised on a private basis.

private boat trip mauritius

East Coast: Ile aux cerfs & the Grande Rivière Sud Est waterfall (6h)

On the east coast, the clear waters of the longest lagoon in Mauritius are calling you… Against a backdrop of volcanic mountains, try and spot the peaks of the « Chat et la Souris » unmissable landmarks on the east coast. Then sail towards the GRSE waterfall, “eau bleu” and Ile aux Cerfs.

beautiful cruises 05

West coast: Ile aux bénitiers, Crystal Rock, Tamarin Bay and its dolphins (6h)

Discover the west coast in all its splendour!

Setting off from Black River, you’ll make your way to Tamarin Bay in search of bottle-nosed or spinner dolphins. Sail towards a snorkelling spot and then towards the famous ‘Crystal Rock’. And end this beautiful day on Ile aux Benitiers.

private boat trip mauritius

South East Coast : the Eco Tour on Ile Aux Aigrettes for nature lovers

Setting off from Trou d’Eau Douce, sail along Îlot Mangénie, the famous Île aux Cerfs and all along the East coast to île aux Aigrettes where a guide awaits you to fully immerse yourself in the mauritian fauna and flora, absolutely magical place for nature lovers in search of new experiences.


private boat trip mauritius


For lovers of new experiences, Océane also offers unique excursions in Mauritius. In small groups of 10/15 people, fall under the spell and enjoy the magical moments of the beginning or end of the day on one of Océane’s catamarans and relax while enjoying an ultra-fresh breakfast or a colourful aperitif or for the Sport enthusiasts, meditate during a yoga session on board, facing the rising/setting sun.

Serenity Breakfast

Yoga Detox session on the East coast at sunrise or sunset (3h)

Do your sun salutations, to welcome the new day ; stretch and feel the gentle lapping of the ocean. Be at one with nature while following your yoga instructor through asanas. A healthy breakfast is then served to start the day right.


Apéritif/Cocktails at sunset on the East & West coast (3h)

Sail towards Ile aux Cerfs or Ile aux Benitiers and admire the sunset on the most beautiful landscapes of Mauritius. Relax on the catamaran’s spacious decks or trampolines, catch a few sun rays and let yourself be blown away…

private boat trip mauritius


private boat trip mauritius

Groups & Team Building

An exceptional location to welcome your groups up to 400 people and plan a unique event for your employees, customers and partners… corporate cocktails, launches of new products and incentives, Océane adapts to all your requirements.

private boat trip mauritius

The best boat experience ever!!

Feb 2023 • We had the most amazing day!! Everything was spectacular! Your crew were superb so kind and friendly and welcoming! The boat is beautiful, the itinerary is one of the best. The food was delicious. I would highly recommend Oceane cruise to anyone visiting the island! They will give you a trip you will always remember! They exceeded all expectations!! Nadjla...

private boat trip mauritius


Jul 2022 • I travelled solo with my 8-year-old son. From booking, to changing the date of the cruise to arranging pick and drop everything was organised efficiently. We had a fantastic day. The crew are excellent were constantly engaging with all the guests. The water was too cold for us to go snokelling but we enjoyed staying on the catamaran. The BBQ lunch was just perfect.. Maria...

sea view

Private Catamaran Cruise – West Coast

Mar 2022 • Superb experience with Oceane Cruises. We hired a private catamaran for the day and it couldn’t have been a better experience. The team onboard were helpful and knowledgeable about the surrounding area. The food was cooked fantastically and no shortage of beverages. Would 100% recommend to anybody. Thank you all! Greg...


Have a worry-free day while snorkelling: you can dive into the refreshing waters of the lagoon and swim among the fish and coral while a crew member keeps watch on you from the stern. Lifebuoys tied to the boat are released for extra comfort and peace of mind, especially when there are children in the water.

private boat trip mauritius

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Exclusive discovery of mauritius, private catamaran cruises.

Be if for a day, a weekend or a week, discover the best anchorages of the island on our luxury boats with a professional crew. All our sailboat and powerboat charters can be fully tailor-made so as to meet the expectations and fantasy of our clients.

Overnight Catamaran Experience

Overnight Catamaran Experience

Full Day Trip

Full Day Trip

Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise


Exclusive Dolphin + Snorkelling Package for 2 Guests

Exclusive Dolphin + Snorkelling Package …

Exclusive Benitier Package for 2 Guests

Exclusive Benitier Package for 2 Guests

Exclusive Northern Islands Package for 2 Guests

Exclusive Northern Islands Package for 2…

Exclusive Sunset Package for 2  Guests

Exclusive Sunset Package for 2 Guests


private boat trip mauritius

Great Manager, great contacts, great ethics. I am one satisfied client.

Bertrand Boulle

private boat trip mauritius

Erick and Davis were incredible, went above and beyond and made our day very special. I’d highly recommend this company and the individuals that work here.

Billy Newman

private boat trip mauritius

Had an excellent 1/2 day cruise in August from Black River…well worth it!

Richard Stedman

private boat trip mauritius

Excellent top service, great moments, great holiday, one of the best if not the best, we will come again and again and again. If you are looking for unforgettable moments, this is it.

Alexander Friedrich

Request a quote.

private boat trip mauritius

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Don't know where to start, best places to visit in mauritius island, tours and things to do in mauritius island, best day trips from mauritius island.

Taxi Service Mauritius

Mauritius Boat tours that should not be missed.

Mauritius boat tours and excursions.

Mauritius boat tours - best things to do in Mauritius

If you have ever seen a picture of the paradise of Mauritius, you will know that we are surrounded by crystal-clear azure ocean. Mauritius is known for its stellar tropical surroundings, so exploring this gorgeous island gem by boat is highly recommended. Mauritius boat tours are a fantastic way to explore the island’s many attractions. From the stunning coastline to the vibrant underwater world, there’s no shortage of things to see and do on a boat tour.

Whether you want to go on a speedboat trip in Mauritius, spend the day lounging on a private catamaran, enjoy a glass-bottom boat tour, or cruise in a speedboat, there will be something for you. Choose from one of Mauritius’s many incredible boat tours to make the most of the warm, scintillating water. 

 In the Northern area, the  Catamaran cruise to Ile aux Gabriel  is a popular boat tour in Mauritius. Ile aux Gabriel has one of the  best snorkeling spots in Mauritius , where you can discover the underwater world and get close to the colorful marine life. On your journey to the Northern islets, you may also have the opportunity to encounter whales and dolphins, making it an unforgettable experience.

Our  catamaran cruise to Ile aux Benitiers  in the southwest offers an opportunity to witness the playful dolphins of Tamarin bay. You can also snorkel in the clear waters and take in the breathtaking scenery while relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Benitiers Island. What’s more, you can enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch and live local music, adding more fun and relaxation to your experience.  

See more:  Best beaches in Mauritius .

One of the most popular boat tours in Mauritius is the  catamaran cruise to Ile aux Cerfs , which takes you to the picturesque island and offers some of the best snorkeling spots in the lagoon. You can also relax on the pristine beach, swim in the warm waters, or indulge in exciting watersports like parasailing. Another exciting way to visit Ile aux Cerfs in Mauritius is our  Ile aux Cerfs speedboat tour  is the perfect option. Our speedboat tour takes you to the island faster; enjoy the stunning scenery more adventurously as you zip across the water to the island. Once you arrive, you can relax on the pristine beaches, swim, or indulge in exciting water sports.

Our boat tours are designed to cater to different needs and interests, and we are committed to providing our guests with an unforgettable experience. There is an incredible array of choices, from glass-bottom boat tours and exclusive romantic cruises to epic full-day boat excursions that include snorkeling, additional land-based activities, and meals; there’s something here for every kind of traveler. 

Read more on  how to choose the perfect catamaran cruise in Mauritius.

The team at Taxi service Mauritius will be pleased to help you choose your  sightseeing tours  and boat trips. Book your tour today, and let us take you on an adventure through the stunning beauty of Mauritius from the water.

Mauritius Private Boat Tours

There are many reasons to book a private tour in Mauritius . Private tours allow guests to set their own pace and schedule, and see the island on their terms. When it comes to private boat tours,  the cost for a larger group can be similar to booking a shared tour. For couples, the intimacy afforded by private tours is the main draw. For families, the added flexibility is often the selling point.

Bonjour Mauritius is happy to offer a selection of private Mauritius boat tours. Our Private Full Day Ile aux Cerfs Speedboat Trip allows guests to explore the paradise island of Ile aux Cerfs, and has all of the elements needed for a stress free day, including hotel pickup and dropoff, lunch, drinks. Our Private Swimming with Wild Dolphins & Lunch on Benitiers Island includes one of the most popular activities in Mauritius: swimming with wild dolphins. Travellers will also be able to spend the afternoon relaxing on Benitiers Island, and enjoy a barbecue lunch and drinks. If you're only interested in swimming with wild dolphins and snorkeling, our Private Swimming with Wild Dolphins excursion fits the bill. As always, private hotel pickup and dropoff is included.

Searching Availability...

Book with confidence. Bonjour Mauritius offers a selection of airport transfers and tried and tested activities to make your trip to Mauritius a once in a lifetime experience.

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private boat trip mauritius

private boat trip mauritius

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private boat trip mauritius

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Boat trips

private boat trip mauritius

Spending a holiday in Mauritius without a boat trip - unthinkable ! This is why you will find in this section the best Mauritius has to offer ! Exclusivity, price, quality, authenticity, no matter what your criteria of choice is, we have the solution for your dreams ...

Mauritius is surrounded by magnificent turquoise lagoons. What would a holiday in Mauritius be without a boat trip? Rent a boat with skipper, or spend a day on a catamaran or a traditional pirogue and discover the offshore islands such as Ile aux Cerfs, Ile Plate, Ilot Gabriel, Ilot Bernache,.... These outings will allow you to not only spend a day on the sea, but also to discover the island from a different perspective. 

Oazure Villa Mauritius  has selected the best service providers on the island, so that you can enjoy a perfect day on the Mauritian lagoons. We can even organize your pick-up from the beach in front of your villa. 

From fishing trips to swimming with the dolphins, having a stroll along the beach of a deserted island or enjoying some fun activities such as water skiing or wake boarding, you will find Oazure Villa Mauritius' entire catalog of nautical activities under this section. 


Exclusive boat trips with "Maga Kani"

With "Maga Kani", a fantastic 40" Bénéteau Gran Turismo speedboat, you can choose from a variety of exclusive day cruises with on of the best services in Mauritius.

Label Oazure

Ilot Bernache in a Pirogue with King Seggae

Embark on an authentic traditional pirogue, the "King Seggae", with Wesley, listening to the rhythms of seggae (a mixture of sega and reggae), and sail across the lagoon to explore the mangrove channels of Ile d'Ambre, where you can enjoy a refreshing first swim of the day.


Ile aux Flamands, Ile aux Cerfs and Flibustiers beach by your choice of motorboat

This exclusive outing takes you to the magnificent islands off the East, far from the beaten track. Ile aux Flamands is a beautiful little bank surrounded by white sand, in the middle of the turquoise lagoon. You will enjoy a casual-chic lunch at Flibustiers beach on Ile aux Cerfs.


The West coast in a speed boat with Games

This day is a "must" in our catalog. Embark from 7:00 (option of a departure at 6:00 from the beach in front of your villa if you are staying in Black River or Tamarin River), aboard the magnificent Cobra 245 (2 X 175 hp), privatized for you (max. 6 persons) to go swim with dolphins in Tamarin Bay ...


Ile Plate (Flat Island) and the Governor's House

The Governor's House is an original concept in the spirit of privacy and exclusivity : the restored historical site with a restaurant named after the monument is located in the ruins of the house of the Governor of Ile Plate, from the times when the island served as a quarantine station.


West coast by Pontoon Boat "Sea Lounge"

This day is one of the "must-do” activities of our catalog. Embark from 7:00 (possibility to depart at 6:00 on the beach from your villa if you are in Black River or Tamarin) on a beautiful barge that you have privatized to swim with the dolphins in the bay of Tamarin ...


Ile aux Cerfs and the Islands of the South by Speed Boat Classic Speed

Enjoy an exclusive day on the turquoise waters among family and friends: this boat outing is a privatized trip around the biggest lagoon of Mauritius.


Ilot Bénitiers by Catamaran "Madiana"

Take your family or a couple of friends and spend a wonderful day aboard this catamaran. The crew of the Madiana will do everything to avoid the crowds and will find you a quiet spot where you can enjoy your day - this is why we have chosen them.


Catamaran day trip in the Southeastern lagoon with "Océane"

An unforgettable day at sea awaits aboard the catamaran "Océane", to discover the islands of the South-East

3 - CAT II.jpg

Catamaran day trip to the islands of the South East with "Turquoise"

Embark from Pointe d'Esny and sail along the East coast towards Ile aux Cerfs onboard the catamaran "Turquoise"


Swimming with the Dolphins with Explorer

Take a trip with your family or friends and make the amazing experience of swimming with the dolphins.


Ile aux Bénitiers by Speed Boat "M"

Privatize a speed boat and start the day on "M" at 9h00 : you will be meeting the dolphins, then snorkel on the reef of Black River, followed by a barbecue (crayfish, chicken, fish, ...) served at Ile aux Bénitiers


Beach day at Ile aux Cerfs by Shangri-La Le Touessrok

No need to explain the reputation of Ile aux Cerfs any further, but a day on this magnificent island with a lunch in one of the two restaurants of the Touessrok hotel is a real treat. You will leave on one of the shuttle boats from the jetty at the Shangri-La Le Touessrok hotel (Trou d'Eau Douce) for a 10 minute boat ride across the lagoon.


Islands of the South-East by Pirogue "Island King"

Jean-Pierre will take you on a typical Mauritian outing on his traditional pirogue.

20180310_125946 (3).jpg

The South-Eastern lagoon with "La Criée"

Sail along the coast and the islands of the Southeastern lagoon to the famous Ile aux Cerfs


Day Cruises with Predator Cruiser

Ilot Gabriel, Ile d’Ambre, Ile aux Bénitiers, Ile aux Cerfs,... the choice is yours. Our hostesses can offer you a variety of day trips on a privatized speed boat.


Ile aux Cerfs and the Islands of the East by Speed Boat "Island King"

A fantastic boat trip on a speed boat to discover the islands off the South-East coast of Mauritius, battle grounds of the famous Battle of Vieux Grand Port.


Daytrip to the Northern islands with Z'Ile Cruise

Privatize your boat and spend an exciting day aboard the catamaran "Z'ile Cruise" to discover the islands in the North. This outing can also be done with an overnight stay on board the catamaran.


Speedboat outing: swimming with the dolphins and BBQ at Ile aux Bénitiers with LIFE STYLE

This outing promises a wonderful time aboard the 30 ft Legend "Lifestyle".


Motorboat outing to the Islands of the North with "Moment de Plaisir"

A beautiful day trip to Coin de Mire, Flat Island and Ilot Gabriel on "Moment de Plaisir", with departure from Grand Bay.


The Northern islands with speedboat "King Seggae"

There is no better way to spend a day out at sea to explore the islands in the North of Maurtius than on a privatized speedboat.

Pontoon 5.jpg

Day cruise on the Eastern lagoon with the ponton boat "Oceane"

This privatized day cruise on the ponton boat "Océane" is the ideal way to explore the eastern lagoon with family and friends.


Day cruise on the East coast on privatized speedboat " Océane"

Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of cruising along the Eastern coastline to explore Ile aux Cerfs and the other islands of the lagoon.

Capture d’écran 2023-10-12 à 19.06.08.png

Catamaran cruise along the West coast with "C'est la Vie"

Step aboard this catamaran type Mahé 36 and experience the feeling of total escape as you discover the nearby islands or see a different side of Mauritius for the day or just a few hours. Time stands still, and you will find yourself completely immersed in the beauty of the surrounding nature.


Whale encounter at Tamarin

Embark on an unforgettable boating adventure with family and friends. Swim with the whales, an exceptional nautical experience that fulfils the dreams of all travellers in search of marine magic.

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private boat trip mauritius

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private boat trip mauritius

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private boat trip mauritius

Yacht Mauritius

private boat trip mauritius

  Living in style, travelling in the most luxurious boats and enjoying a true VIP sailing cruise experience, this is what it is all about.

Mauritius Attractions offers top selection of yacht charters and sailing trips in the most luxurious cruising vessels operating in Mauritius for you to enjoy and unforgettable VIP style yacht trip experience.

From traditional Yachts to the most luxurious fully air conditioned Lagoon 500 Catamaran and the unique 1920’s motor yacht boat, all these trips have a clear focus for providing the very Best of Mauritius.

So whatever you are looking for a day experience to one of Mauritius island destinations, a romantic dinner cruise on-board a luxury yacht, an overnight trip on-board the VIP catamaran or any other, it would be our true pleasure to cater for your every request and to tailor the perfect cruise experience as per your likings.

Luxurious Dinner Cruise - Motor Yacht

Luxurious Dinner Cruise - Motor Yacht

About the Romantic Dinner Cruise Aboard the Oldest Motorboat in Mauritius Let your wish become a reality by booking this package. Mauritius Attractions guarantees you the pleasure of a romantic…  read more →

Duration : 3 hrs 30 mins

Private Luxury Sunset Cruise – West Coast

Private Luxury Sunset Cruise – West Coast

Exclusive Private Sunset Catamaran This region of the South West coast of Mauritius is considered one of the most beautiful areas, and a must- see when visiting Mauritius - it is a place of unique…  read more →

Duration : 3 hrs

Full Day Private Luxurious Catamaran Cruise - Benitiers Island

Full Day Private Luxurious Catamaran Cruise - Benitiers Island

Full Day Private Luxurious Catamaran Cruise At Benitiers Island Enjoy a full day sea trip on a luxurious catamaran exclusively for you and whoever you want to share this experience with. Enjoy some…  read more →

Duration : 6 hrs

Exclusive Half Day Dolphin Watching Yacht Trip + Snorkelling

Exclusive Half Day Dolphin Watching Yacht Trip  + Snorkelling

Exclusive Half Day Dolphin Watching Yacht Trip (including Breakfast + Snorkelling) You and your guests will be the only ones aboard and are guaranteed exclusivity and privacy with friendly attendants…  read more →

Private Overnight Catamaran Cruise - North Coast

Private Overnight Catamaran Cruise - North Coast

Private Overnight Catamaran Cruise - North Coast This exclusive overnight catamaran cruise is all about intimacy, romance and VIP treatments. For a more pampering time, a professional team will…  read more →

Duration : 15 hrs

Full Day Private Luxury Yacht Cruise - Dolphin Watching & Lunch

Full Day Private Luxury Yacht Cruise - Dolphin Watching & Lunch

Full Day Private Luxury Yacht Cruise – Dolphin Watching & Lunch Full Description You and your guests will be the only ones aboard and are guaranteed exclusivity and privacy with friendly…  read more →

Exclusive Yacht Cruise to Northern Island for 2

Exclusive Yacht Cruise to Northern Island for 2

About Exclusive Yacht Cruise to Northern Island Having vast experience in the Yacht charter market and an instinctive understanding of the customers every wish, we planned this yacht day cruise…  read more →

Duration : 7 hrs


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  5. Private Traditional Mauritian Boat Trip To Coin de Mire

    private boat trip mauritius

  6. Sunset Speedboat Cruise Mauritius

    private boat trip mauritius


  1. Luxury on the Water: Experiencing High-End Private Boat Rentals

    If you’re looking for a luxurious way to enjoy the water, private boat rentals are an excellent option. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation, renting a private boat can be an unforgettable experience.

  2. Set Sail Today: Your Guide to Finding Affordable Boat Rentals Nearby

    If you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy the water and explore your local area, renting a boat is a great option. Whether you’re planning a day trip or a weekend adventure, there are plenty of affordable boat rentals available near you.

  3. Your Guide to All Things Cruise Ship Vacations

    It’s time for you to sit back and relax. You deserve it. While it may not be for everyone, cruises are extremely popular for many vacationers. Second is the location. The next factor is what size boat should you be looking for. This depends...

  4. THE 10 BEST Mauritius Boat Rides & Cruises (Updated 2023)

    Belinda Boat Tour · Speed Boat Seaduction · Lydia Boat(Private Boat Tour with music onboard) Whales & Dolphins Watching/swimming and Lunch

  5. Oceane Cruises Mauritius: Private Catamaran Tour & Boat Trip

    Océane Cruises Mauritius offers catamaran, speedboat and pontoon boat excursions in Mauritius, on the East (Trou D'eau Douce) and on the West (Black River).

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    Top Mauritius Cruises & Sailing ; Full-Day Catamaran Cruise to Île aux Cerfs with BBQ Lunch. 330 · 7 hours ; Mauritius : Full day All inclusive Ile aux cerfs

  7. Private Catamaran Cruises

    Open the door to a privileged lifestyle of luxury by booking a private catamaran cruise for as long as you wish to discover Mauritius in all its splendor.

  8. The BEST Mauritius Cruises & boat tours 2023

    Our most recommended Mauritius Cruises & boat tours ; GrandBay: 3 North Islands Catamaran Cruise & Lunch on Island · 4.3(151). From. $77.11 ; Île aux Bénitiers:

  9. The 20 Best Boat Trips and Tours in Mauritius Island

    The best time for a boat trip in Mauritius Island is between May and October. This is Mauritius's cooler season, with temperatures ranging between 20 and 25

  10. Mauritius Boat tours that should not be missed

    One of the most popular boat tours in Mauritius is the catamaran cruise to Ile aux Cerfs, which takes you to the picturesque island and offers some of the best

  11. Mauritius Private Boat Tours

    Bonjour Mauritius offers a selection of private Mauritius boat tours. All private tours also include private hotel pickup and dropoff.

  12. Boat trips Mauritius

    Spending a holiday in Mauritius without a boat trip - unthinkable ! · Exclusive boat trips with "Maga Kani" · Ilot Bernache in a Pirogue with King Seggae · Ile aux

  13. Speed Boat Trips in Mauritius

    Speed Boat Trips in Mauritius · East Coast Trip: Snorkelling at Eau Bleue & GRSE Waterfall Visit · Budget Day Package at Ile Aux Cerfs · Swim With Dolphins - 2.5

  14. Yacht Cruise in Mauritius

    Yacht Mauritius · Luxurious Dinner Cruise - Motor Yacht · Private Luxury Sunset Cruise – West Coast · Full Day Private Luxurious Catamaran Cruise - Benitiers