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From the Masai Mara to Kruger National Park, one cannot possibly describe the eclectic experiences to be had wherever you are in Africa. So we won’t even try. Instead we took inspiration from the safari adventure for this collection that features the best of a classic Globe-Trotter while paying homage to the 1920s era of exploration.

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Safari · Carry-On - 4 Wheels | Ivory/Natural/Gold - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari Carry-On - 4 Wheels

Safari · Carry-On - 4 Wheels | Brown/Natural/Gold

Safari Large Check-In - 4 Wheels

Safari · Large Check-In - 4 Wheels | Ivory/Natural - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari Medium Check-In - 4 Wheels

New - Safari · Medium Check-In - 4 Wheels | Ivory/Natural - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari XL Trunk

Safari · XL Trunk | Ivory/Natural - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari Carry-On - 2 Wheels

Safari · Carry-On - 2 Wheels | Ivory/Natural

Safari Large Check-In - 2 Wheels

New - Safari · Large Check-In - 2 Wheels | Brown/Natural/Gold - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari Medium Check-In - 2 Wheels

Safari · Large Suitcase | Brown/Natural - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari Large Suitcase

Safari · Large Suitcase | Ivory/Natural - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari XL Suitcase

Safari · XL Suitcase | Brown/Natural - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari Small Carry-On - 2 Wheels

Safari · Small Carry-On - 2 Wheels | Brown/Natural/Gold - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari Air Cabin

Safari · Air Cabin | Ivory/Natural - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari Attaché

Safari · Attaché | Brown/Natural - GLOBE-TROTTER

Safari Small Attaché

AN ENTIRE CONTINENT OF INSPIRATION From the Masai Mara to Kruger National Park, one cannot possibly describe the eclectic experiences to be had wherever you are in Africa. So we won’t even try. Instead we took inspiration from the safari adventure for this collection that features the best of a classic Globe-Trotter while paying homage to the 1920s era of exploration.

Our luxury safari luggage is available in iconic Ivory or Coffee Brown and accented with a natural leather trim designed to darken with age, developing a rich patina with every journey.

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Africa Freak

Best safari luggage – Duffel bags & backpacks for African travels

Unloading safari luggage from a small plane at the Maasai Mara airstrip

The best African safari luggage is completely different to the necessary luggage for a city trip or backpacking expedition.

There are some very unique conditions that make it important to choose specific safari luggage. This includes the dusty savanna, cramped buses, and a jam-packed Land Cruiser bouncing into the wilderness.

The single most important part of African travel is having a suitable bag . Everything else you can work out after you have arrived.

But what is the best luggage for an African safari? Is it a duffel bag or backpack? And if so, what are the best safari bags for your trip?

In this guide, we’ll detail everything you need to know .

Best Luggage for Travel to Africa: The Basics

Off-roading in the Serengeti, in harmony with nature

An elephant does not care what you look like. Neither does a lion or even a safari guide .

So put the fancy clothes away and get practical . The wilderness simply isn’t a place for frivolities, and that starts with your safari luggage.

First, take a look at our detailed guide on what to pack for an African safari. In short – pack light and keep it simple .

Why? Well, however you plan to travel in Africa, it’s going to be full, and there isn’t enough space for big safari luggage.

  • Light aircraft safari flights have strict 15 kg baggage weight limits.
  • Safari vehicles are generally designed for off-roading and don’t have much space for luggage.
  • Travel on public transport, and you must be comfortable carrying your own luggage, including walking with it for more than a kilometer.

On an African adventure, you will be moving from place to place. On many safaris, you go to a different camp every day.

So there isn’t even time to unpack everything. Just take the basics and stay practical – this isn’t a fashion statement!

It doesn’t help if you are a wizard at folding safari clothing into crease-free, super-flat, super-organized piles. If your safari luggage is a complete dinosaur, it’s going to be disastrous.

And all the skillful arrangement adds up to nothing if your bag weighs more than King Kong with the Empire State Building in his left hand and a distressed blonde in his right!

What is the Best Luggage for Safari?

Driver loads safari luggage on top of a jeep

It is important to choose the right luggage for your African safari. This way, you can ensure the safety of all your belongings , whether on the plane, bus, or the savanna.

As mentioned above, you will need to pack light. And in addition to sticking to the strict weight limits, the bag should be able to hold all your clothing and gear .

Chances are you’ll need to pack several layers for those warm days and cold nights. You may also need space for your camera equipment .

Luckily, there are many lightweight duffel bags and backpacks that fit the bill. Below is a breakdown of the best safari duffel bags, backpacks, and travel bags for your next African adventure.

Best duffel bag for safari

The North Face duffel bags for a safari

Soft-sided luggage for safari is a must , and there are many duffel bags that offer exactly that. They are also spacious enough to store up to a week’s worth of clothing and toiletries, along with your other safari gear.

Depending on which African safari you’re visiting, it may help to look for a technical duffel bag .

These travel bags have unique features that can help a ton when out in the wilderness. Common features include a water-repellent shell and detachable straps .

But what is the best duffel bag for an African safari? Top brands to look out for include The North Face, Travelpro, and Red Oxx .

Best backpack for safari

Targus Drifter 15.6

While duffel bags are the preferred pick, backpacks are good too – especially if you’re going on a walking safari through Mana Pools National Park or elsewhere in Africa.

Like duffel bags, backpacks for safari need to be light , durable , and compressible . They also need to have enough pockets and compartments to store your belongings securely.

Backpacks also make for a good secondary bag. As such, opt for a roll-top as these can easily fit into your larger duffel bag during your flight and transfer. This way, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

What is the best safari backpack? Recommended picks include the Saddleback Leather backpack and the Targus Drifter.

Other safari travel bags

In addition to your safari duffel bag or backpack, there are a few other luggage items you may want to bring along.

These items are fanny packs , dopp kits , and camera bags . Each of these can easily fit into a larger bag and can come in hand when on a safari.

Remember to only bring these along if necessary as you might need the extra space.

How to Pick the Best Luggage for African Safari

Crossing the river whilst on safari in Tanzania

Let’s recap on the conditions, especially if you haven’t been on a safari in Africa.

On an African safari, you will be driving off-road , often on arid landscapes shrouded in dust. If it’s not dusty, it will probably be muddy.

Take a holiday at an all-inclusive beach resort, and you only use your luggage once – to get from your home to the resort.

In Africa, you will be on the move .

Whether public or private transport, flights or local buses, all that moving means things will spill, and your safari luggage is going to get dirty .

There are usually two options when it comes to what to wear on holiday. Change your clothes every day, or change your destination every day instead.

As you regularly move between destinations, you won’t need lots of luggage . And don’t worry if your clothes are a little sweaty or dust-stained. You will look more out of place in incredibly clean clothes.

It’s going to be hot, probably very hot. You will be battling against humidity. If it’s the rainy season, you and your luggage will get drenched.

These can be tough conditions, so the fundamental principle of all safari luggage is to make it easier for yourself .

In addition to knowing what the best bags for exploring in the wild are, here is how to choose safari luggage . These are sure to make your African adventure easier and packing less challenging.

1. You need quality luggage for safari (but not designer or expensive)

The eternal conundrum is whether to head for an exclusive luggage shop or select the cheapest , most rubbish piece of safari baggage available at a local supermarket.

Airline baggage controllers do not distinguish between designer labels and care not for price tags. Your bags get completely stuffed up, whether you paid a small fortune or got them in the bargain bin.

Cheap black and blue duffel bag

Your bag will be treated like a bag of potatoes by the majority of the people who handle it, from baggage controllers to local bus boys squashing your carefully labeled luggage next to some chickens and maize sacks.

Be warned – fragile stickers don’t work , especially not when you are on safari.

Spending hundreds or thousands on Louis Vuitton’s finest or the very latest Antler miracle is not a wise thing. And the cheapest safari luggage won’t live up to the demands of traveling in Africa.

Antler holdall

So go for a good , middle-of-the-road bag – the “iSpot” duffel bag range from Travelite is a recommended choice. They are durable and inexpensive.

iSpots are soft , relatively light, and have a built-in wheely handle so you can pull them along the road and runway when necessary.

iSpots have concealed zips , which all have locking facilities on them (so many lightweight safari bags only have locking docks on their main zips and not on side pockets).

Travelite iSpot range

They are hard-wearing , rugged , and spacious enough for two-week trips in Africa. The seams won’t rip and dispose of half your belongings onto a buffalo -covered savanna.

2. Safari travel bags should be soft

In Africa, there is plenty of space for elephants to charge around. But there is not enough space for luggage.

Keeping your weight below 15 kg is important. Your safari luggage needs to mold and squeeze into any available space.

Solid-state suitcases may be good for European city trips, but they are completely impractical for Africa .

These massive, stainless steel megalodons are too bulky, do not stack neatly, and take up too much unnecessary room.

Solid state suitcases

African safaris require soft , squishy bags that can squeeze into small spaces. As previously mentioned, duffel bags are perfect for this.

Backpacks are also a good choice, provided they don’t have a protruding and inflexible frame.

So let’s recap. The perfect safari luggage is light , squishy , hard-wearing , rugged enough for the dusty African savanna , and spacious enough for the safari essentials.

3. Reduce the volume of your safari bag

That aside, you should also take the volume of your bag into account. A 70-liter capacity is around average.

There are some excellent duffels out there , especially those designed for diving or adventure pursuits, which offer more space.

Coming in at $14.95, you get what you pay for with a duffel bag like this. It may last one trip if you are lucky!

But remember that a tightly packed soft bag is better than a loosely packed one because it keeps your belongings from rolling around and getting damaged.

It also prevents your cosmetics bag from getting a bang and leaking its contents all over your clothes.

Some duffel bags have straps that can compress the contents inside. These are ideal, as you can start light and still compress. Then you can expand it if you end up purchasing half a bag of souvenirs.

4. Other key considerations for the best luggage for safari travel

Travel toiletry bag

A wet bag is a great idea for cosmetics. Don’t buy an expensive one. You can use a run-of-the-mill high-street supermarket bag and tie the handles up tight to prevent unwanted spillages.

Consider decanting things like shampoo and moisturizer into small containers, or buy them in small bottles, to begin with.

The Body Shop , for example, has some great small bottles of products that are ideal for traveling. This reduces volume.

Your choice of safari luggage is peculiar to you and your needs , what you want to put in it and where you are going.

Whether you spend a lot of money on it or not, just make sure that it is secure with decent locks or, failing that, cable ties.

When flying, never put anything of value in it (jewelry, cameras, computers, cell phones, etc.).

And if it gets damaged by an airline’s baggage handler, make sure you stand up for your rights and get it either repaired or replaced.

Where to Take Your Safari Luggage

Photography equipment on a land cruiser bonnet

Having the right safari luggage can make or break your trip. But with this guide, you now know what to take and how to take it. So all that’s left is to go out and explore !

There are endless opportunities for a wild adventure in different locations – South Africa , Botswana , Namibia , Zambia , Zimbabwe , Tanzania , Kenya , Uganda , and gorilla trekking in Rwanda .

Hopefully, your safari luggage will keep you returning to Africa and experience as many incredible safaris as possible.

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The Best Safari Luggage

By Mara Balagtas and Lale Arikoglu

Image may contain Handbag Accessories Accessory Bag Luggage and Briefcase

Choosing the right luggage for a safari can make or break the trip: One day, you might be rumbling along Botswana’s lush delta with nothing to protect your camera, and the next, you're boarding a tiny domestic aircraft that prohibits all suitcases with wheels. You'll need to pack light to adhere to strict weight limits, but still invest in something that can hold enough layers for warm days and cool nights, as well as a bag to hold all your gear while actually out on a game drive. Here, our picks of the best luggage to take on safari—from camera bags and dopp kits to backpacks and duffels.

All products featured in this story are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

This image may contain Backpack and Bag

A backpack is going to be your best friend when you're out on a game drive all day. Choose one with plenty of pockets and compartments to hold everything from a change of clothes, to camera batteries, to sunscreen, and if you can, go for a roll top version that can be stashed away in your larger duffle when you don't need it.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Tyndall backpack ($495, ); Hobo River backpack ($298, ); Marni backpack ($1,090, ); Fjallraven Split Pack weekender bag ($175, backcountry.cocom ); Oakley roll top backpack ($93, ); Herschel Supply Co. Heritage backpack ($65, ).

This image may contain Handbag Accessories Accessory Bag and Briefcase

Classic Duffel Bags

"You're usually on rough terrain once outside of the international airport, so wheels are not that helpful on safari," says West Coast editor Rebecca Misner. And given that most safari camps are only accessible by small propeller planes, hard-sided luggage is a no-go. Instead, invest in a soft-sided duffle that's roomy enough to hold everything you need for the week, but still meets all the requirements of your jumper plane.

Paravel Grand Tour ($365, ); Anya Hindmarch Bespoke Walton suitcase ($1,550, ); Wool & Oak Duffel Suitcase ($425, ); Hobo Zeppelin Duffel ($598, ); Filson Large Rugged Twill duffel bag ($425, ); Ghurka Cavalier canvas duffel bag ($1,295, ).

Image may contain Handbag Accessories Purse Accessory and Bag

While you still need all your beauty essentials (there's cocktail hour back at camp, after all), you don't want a dopp kit that takes up too much space. Opt for a soft one that can be squeezed easily down the side of a bag.

Prada cosmetic pouch ($525, ); Hobo cosmetic pouch ($78, ); Dolce & Gabbana Necessaire nylon case ($415, ); Louis Vuitton Toiletry Bag 25 ($745, ); Bottega Veneta Intrecciato beauty case ($580, ); Filson wash bag ($125, ).

This image may contain Bag Tote Bag Accessories Accessory and Handbag

Technical Duffel Bags

On safari, you never know what the day will bring. Find a bag that has a water-repellant shell and detachable straps that allow you to sling it over your shoulder—or even transform it into a backpack—at a moment's notice.

Patagonia duffel ($129, ); Best Made Co. SWS 100L roll top duffle ($198, ); Herschel Supply Co. Outfitter luggage ($140, ); Cotopaxi Chumpi travel duffel ($110, ); Burton Backhill duffel ($109, ); Eastpak Perce duffel ($77, ).

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This image may contain Bag

Fanny Packs

Given that you've traveled thousands of miles to catch a glimpse of wildlife roaming free, you'll want your hands free to grab your camera at any given moment. Luckily, fanny packs are in vogue again—perfect for holding all your essentials.

VereVerto Convertible Mini Mox bag ($295, ); Patagonia Ultralight hip pack ($29, ); Clare V. belt bag ($345, ); Marc Jacobs belt bag ($315, ); Paravel belt bag ($35, ); Herschel Supply Co. 17 hip pack ($45, ).

This image may contain Bag Accessories Accessory Handbag and Purse

Camera Bags

You'll want a compact, sturdy bag to protect that new camera you splurged on. We love the Palma camera bag from ONA, which comes with a handy compartment to store your spare memory cards or lenses in.

Madewell camera cross body bag ($128, ); Lo & Sons Claremont leather camera bag ($368, ); Ganni tech bag ($135, ); Yeezy Season 6 crossbody bag ($119, ); ONA The Palma camera bag ($329, ); Tumi Luanda Flight bag ($295, ).

Really Wildlife

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Africa , Kenya , South Africa

The best luggage for safari holidays.

Safari duffel bag

Wherever you’re heading on your wildlife travels, picking the best luggage for safari is essential. 

Most safari companies specify a number of rules your safari luggage should follow, regarding the weight, material and features, in order to help it squeeze into cramped places in luggage compartments and your tent. 

But you also need to make sure it holds all your stuff… so what are we to do?! 

Never fear! I’ve done the research on the best bags to take with you, that not only fit your entire packing list but also meet all the requirements of the airlines AND look stylish too!

And remember, if you buy anything after clicking on a link in this post, you’re supporting my blog to keep bringing you unbiased safari luggage reviews like this one! 

Best safari holdalls and duffel bags

Most safari companies recommend a soft holdall case without wheels, as they’re easily squished into planes and onto the back of jeeps. 

If that’s what you’re after, read all about my favourite safari duffel bags right here:

Rufiji Canvas Duffel Bag

A traditional canvas holdall , available in two colour ways and holding an impressive 72 litres of stuff. 

Available exclusively from The Safari Store for £179. Use my code reallywildlife to get an awesome 5% off. 

This is a really stylish holdall in traditional safari colours, and there’ll be no mistaking your bag for another once it appears on the luggage carousel. 

It’s comfortable to carry (as long as you’ve kept within the weight limits!) using the short grab handles, as well as the longer over-the-shoulder strap. 

The zipper opens up really wide, allowing you to see all your belongings quickly and easily.

These bags can be pricey once you’ve already shelled out for the safari itself, but if you go on safaris fairly often, it’s a great investment for the future. 

There are no internal pockets at all, meaning everything is in the same main area when you open it. This isn’t necessarily a problem for everyone, but if you like to be organised and STAY organised, consider a few packing cubes to help. 

>> Click here to buy !

Rab Kit Bag II 80L

One of the largest options on our list of the best safari luggage, this rugged bag has plenty of room for up to 80L of your stuff.

Find it online at Cotswold Outdoor (UK) from £80.  

Despite the amount of stuff it can carry, the Rab kit bag is really easy to transport. Its detachable shoulder straps allow you to wear it like a backpack, while the 4 other handles give you the option of carrying it in many other ways too. 

It’s made from a very hard-wearing and water-resistant fabric, making sure your belongings stay safe and dry no matter how they’re squeezed into luggage compartments or thrown around by luggage handlers!

It’s a matter of personal preference, but I don’t find this bag to be particularly stylish. It’s a bog-standard style only available in a couple of muted colourways, so it doesn’t spark joy as much for me as other brightly coloured choices!

North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag

This medium-sized duffel bag is an iconic choice, offering 71L of space and a classic design.

You can find this holdall in lots of other colourways and sizes at Cotswold Outdoor (UK) for £120. 

The classic North Face holdall is hard-wearing and durable, while also being made from water-resistant, recycled materials. This makes it a sustainable and practical choice too. 

The large interior with a mesh pocket offers plenty of space for your clothes, while a separate compartment on the end can be used to store shoes or dirty laundry while travelling. 

It’s very easy to carry thanks to its flexible and adjustable straps, meaning you can wear it comfortably like a backpack or use the padded side handles to carry as a holdall. 

It’s genuinely difficult to find a con for this one; there are plenty of reasons to choose it as your next safari holdall, which may make it difficult to spot yours on the luggage carousel amongst many lookalike bags. It’s a very popular choice! 

Best wheelie cases for taking on safari 

Though bags with wheels aren’t always recommended, they do make carrying your luggage a whole lot easier! 

My favourite safari suitcases are right here: 

Craghoppers 28” Wheelie Bag

A soft wheelie case , bursting with features and 70 litres of space for all your safari essentials. 

Buy direct from Craghoppers , where two of the colours are currently on sale for £136.50. 

This wheelie bag has tons of space in the main compartment, as well as a number of internal pockets to keep you organised when travelling. If you manage to fill the cavernous 70-litre interior, the wheels on this bag will make navigating through airports and the bush a breeze. 

The soft fabric is made from 19 recycled plastic bottles, so it boasts eco-credentials too. But that doesn’t make it any less secure:  it’s been designed to be slash-resistant for extra security! 

Yes, I’ve already listed the fact this bag has wheels as a pro. However, not all safari companies or airlines recommend bags with wheels as they can be more difficult to fit into the hold on small aeroplanes. That said I have seen wheelie cases being used widely across Africa – just make sure you do your research first.

Osprey Sojourn 60 Travel Pack 

The most suitcase-like bag on our list is packed with features and flexibility, from one of travel’s most widely recognised brands.

Choose between two different colourways from Cotswold Outdoor (UK) for £275.

This bag is incredibly flexible. Thanks to its wheeled chassis, walking through airports will be a breeze. And when you don’t have the option to use the wheels, pick the bag up and carry it like a backpack with its shoulder straps. 

At 60L, it’s not the largest bag on our list, but various compartments and mesh pockets will keep your clothes, toiletries and accessories safe and secure. Even if you overpack, the compression straps help you maximise capacity and meet any limits on dimensions. 

This bag is the most expensive bag reviewed so, naturally, the price will count against it. But if you’re after a well-made bag from a well-known brand, the Osprey Sojourn 60 is a great option. 

Despite the bag’s soft material, it is one of the most structured bags, particularly due to the plastic high road chassis that holds the wheels. That means it won’t be as flexible or as easy to squeeze into luggage compartments and you may get some disapproving looks from the pilot when loading. But the bag’s manoeuvrability is a worthy trade-off if your airline will allow it.

Cabin-friendly safari bags

Many safari-goers swear by keeping their luggage small and going with hand luggage only. This makes travel incredibly efficient, so consider these bags for your next trip:

Craghoppers 40L Holdall

A small but mighty backpack that’s compact enough to fit in the cabin but large enough to fit in plenty of stuff for a short break. 

Buy from the official Craghoppers site from £105. 

The small size means you’ll struggle to go over the weight limits imposed by small aeroplanes. It’s also incredibly comfortable to wear with adjustable straps that can be worn as a backpack or across your shoulder.

Despite its size, the holdall boasts lots of compartments to keep your laptop and tablet secure, as well as smaller internal organiser pockets so you won’t lose your essentials. 

The 40L interior won’t be big enough for long trips but is ideal if you’re committed to travelling with hand luggage only. Plus, many safari lodges offer laundry facilities so you can afford to take less with you.


Whatever you’re looking for in a safari bag, whether it’s space, security or style, our unbiased reviews are designed to help you find it!

'  data-srcset=

Anna is the founder of Really Wildlife. She's a 30-something lover of wildlife travel, vegetables and listening to the Lion King soundtrack on full blast.


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safari suitcase showroom

Stary Oskol

safari suitcase showroom

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Coat of arms

Stary Oskol is the Belgorod Region’s second city by population and today consists of two main parts: the historical centre on the hill and the new centre made up of blocks of housing estates (mikroraiony). It is named after the river on which it stands on; the word stary (old) was added to distinguish it from the new settlement of Novy Oskol (New Oskol). Just outside the city is an impressive cave-monastery complex.

Top recommendations in Stary Oskol

Stary Oskol 6

Kholkovsky Monastery

Travel outside the city to the nearby settlement of Kholki to visit the Kholkovsky Monastery - an impressive cave monastery.

Stary Oskol 40

Historical Centre

Walk around the historical part of the city, located where once a wooden fortress stood to protect Russia’s southern borders, and visit the museum here.

Stary Oskol 37

War Memorials

Have a look at all the war memorial in the city - in recognition of Stary Oskol’s status as a City of Military Glory.

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THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Stary Oskol

Things to do in stary oskol.

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  • 4.0 of 5 bubbles & up
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  • Good for Adrenaline Seekers
  • Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.

safari suitcase showroom

1. Starooskolsky Zoo

safari suitcase showroom

2. Temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh

safari suitcase showroom

3. Stary Oskol Theater for Children and Youth

safari suitcase showroom

4. Elijah Church

safari suitcase showroom

5. Monument to the Founders of Stary Oskol

safari suitcase showroom

6. Stary Oskol Local Lore Museum

safari suitcase showroom

7. Alexander Nevskiy Cathedral

safari suitcase showroom

8. Holy Trinity Church

safari suitcase showroom

9. Promagro

safari suitcase showroom

10. Warpoint

safari suitcase showroom

11. Church of Ascension

safari suitcase showroom

12. Temple Saint Blessed Grand Duchess Olga and Holy Duchess Anastasia

safari suitcase showroom

14. Dyakov's Office

safari suitcase showroom

15. Monument to Georgiy Zhukov

safari suitcase showroom

16. Park of Military Glory

safari suitcase showroom

17. Alexander Nevskiy Cathedral

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18. Stary Oskol Art Museum

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19. Holy Cross Church

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20. Heart of The City

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21. Monument of Aleksandr Nevskiy

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22. Alley of Honor

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23. Stella City of Military Glory

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24. Dnedrologicheskiy Park Ilyiny

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25. Locomotive SU 211-75

26. sunny park of culture and leisure.

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27. Monument to the Soldier

28. fighting and labor valor museum, 29. blik art gallery.

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30. Monument to Vatutin

  • Starooskolsky Zoo
  • Park of Military Glory
  • Stary Oskol Theater for Children and Youth
  • Temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh
  • Stary Oskol Local Lore Museum
  • Dnedrologicheskiy Park Ilyiny
  • Sunny Park of Culture and Leisure
  • Victory Park

Stary Oskol Airport

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Stary Oskol Demography

Information on the people and the population of Stary Oskol.

Stary Oskol Geography

Geographic Information regarding City of Stary Oskol .

Stary Oskol Distance

Distance (in kilometers) between Stary Oskol and the biggest cities of Russia.

Stary Oskol Map

Locate simply the city of Stary Oskol through the card, map and satellite image of the city.

Stary Oskol Nearby cities and villages

Stary oskol twin towns, sister cities.

The City of Stary Oskol has international agreements with its different pairings.

Stary Oskol Zone

Time zone of Stary Oskol.

Stary Oskol Weather

Weather forecast for the next coming days and current time of Stary Oskol.

Stary Oskol Sunrise and sunset

Find below the times of sunrise and sunset calculated 7 days to Stary Oskol.

Stary Oskol Hotel

Our team has selected for you a list of hotel in Stary Oskol classified by value for money. Book your hotel room at the best price.

Stary Oskol Nearby

Below is a list of activities and point of interest in Stary Oskol and its surroundings.

Nuclear power plant

Stary oskol page.

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  16. Stary Oskol

    Stary Oskol. Stary Oskol is the Belgorod Region's second city by population and today consists of two main parts: the historical centre on the hill and the new centre made up of blocks of housing estates (mikroraiony). It is named after the river on which it stands on; the word stary (old) was added to distinguish it from the new settlement ...

  17. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Stary Oskol (Updated 2024)

    Starooskolsky Zoo. 2. Temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh. 3. Stary Oskol Theater for Children and Youth. 4. Elijah Church. 5. Monument to the Founders of Stary Oskol.

  18. Expert advice on which safari luggage to take on safari

    The ideal size for main safari luggage: We recommend that your main safari luggage holdall or duffel should measure 70 x 30 x 30cm in size when full. 4. Carry-on safari luggage: Also take one one smaller carry-on type safari bag to use when you travel - and to take your binoculars and accessories on game drives and walks. 5.

  19. Stary Oskol Airport

    Stary Oskol Airport (UUOS) located in Stary Oskol, Belgorod Oblast, Russia. Airport information including flight arrivals, flight departures, instrument approach procedures, weather, location, runways, diagrams, sectional charts, navaids, radio communication frequencies, FBO and fuel prices, hotels, car rentals, sunrise and sunset times, aerial photos, terminal maps, and destination travel guides.

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  22. Stary Oskol, Belgorod, Russia

    Geographic Information regarding City of Stary Oskol. Stary Oskol Geographical coordinates. Latitude: 51.3, Longitude: 37.8333. 51° 18′ 0″ North, 37° 49′ 60″ East. Stary Oskol Area. 19,900 hectares. 199.00 km² (76.83 sq mi) Stary Oskol Altitude.

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