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Finding a Troy-Bilt Dealer Near You

When it comes to lawn and gardening care products, Troy-Bilt is a popular manufacturer. It sells lawnmowers, edgers, tillers, cultivators and other products needed to keep your yard looking good. Take a look at how to find a Troy-Bilt dealer in your area.


One quick, easy way to find a Troy-Bilt dealer in your area is to visit the company’s website at On the top right corner of the website, you’ll see a link that says “where to buy.” Click it, and you’ll see a list of stores in your area that sell Troy-Bilt products. If you don’t see anything near you, enter your ZIP code and the number of miles away you’re willing to travel to find a dealer for even more results. You can also view the various stores in an area on a map by clicking “map view.”

Contact the Store

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Go to the Store

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Troy-Bilt Service Finder

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Contact a Service Provider

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travel from istanbul to troy

Chasing the Donkey

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Home > How To Get To Troy From Istanbul (And From Istanbul To Troy)

How To Get To Troy From Istanbul (And From Istanbul To Troy)

Post author Mehmet

Written by our local expert Mehmet

Mehmet is digital nomad who was born in Istanbul, Türkiye and now calls the Balkans region his home-office.

This detailed transportation guide tells you how to get from Troy to Istanbul and how to travel from Istanbul to Troy.

Turkey Travel Blog_How To Get To Troy From Istanbul

Have you seen the movie Troy?

Probably quite a few people. If not for the history, then for Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana, and Brad Pitt all in one movie!

But did you know that the site of Troy is actually in Turkey , not Greece? Of course, back in the day, it did use to be Greece, but these days, the site of those legendary battles and the famous Trojan horse is on mainland Türkiye, driving distance away from Istanbul.

If you’re spending time in Istanbul , you’ll no doubt have plenty to fill your time . There is enough to keep even the fidgety very occupied in Istanbul . But, it would be a shame not to head out and explore the country a little more while you have the chance.

In that case, a visit to Troy is entirely doable from Istanbul , and you can easily venture back again the same or the following day .

Let’s explain how.

Skip Ahead To My Advice Here!

Day Trips From Istanbul - Try Canakkale Troy Horse Turkey

Troy is the site of the famous Trojan War, a major city that was conquered by the Greek army after they sneakily hid themselves inside a wooden horse, supposed to be a peace offering to the Trojans. Of course, the horse was simply a ruse, a way to get inside the fortified city gates. After that, the Greek army sprung their attack, and Troy fell.

While many people go to Troy to see the reconstructed horse itself, Troy is a beautiful place to explore . Packed with ruins and artifacts, it’s a place that has whispers of the past at every corner, dating back around 5000 years. A few highlights include the Troy Museum, the Roman Temple, South East Tower, Mycenaean Houses, the Temple of Athena, the Fortified Wall, the Palace , and the Citadel.

Troy is located around 31km from Canakkale and approximately 1km from Tevfikiye, a small town .

How To Get To Troy From Istanbul (And Back Again)

There are several ways to get to Troy but they all include more than one connection, apart from simply driving yourself. Thankfully, the connections aren’t complicated, and you’ll undoubtedly find that you’re not the only one venturing to Troy on any given day!

Ferry & Bus (And Back Again)

The first option is to take a ferry from Yenikapi in Istanbul and sail over to Bandirma, via the Istanbul Deniz Otobusleri. The ferry sails once daily and takes 2 hours and 47 minutes. From there, you’ll take the bus to Canakkale, which runs every 3 hours. The journey takes around 2 hours 38 minutes, and Kamil Koc is the service you need to look for. You can book tickets with Kamil Koc online or from any central bus station when you see the blue and white Kamil Koc sign.

Once you arrive at Canakkale, you can take a taxi to Troy, which should take you around half an hour, covering 31km.

To return back to Istanbul , reverse the information. However, this option will require you to stay overnight before venturing back to the city, as the last ferry sailing isn’t particularly late in the day and varies depending upon the season.

Bus & Taxi (And Back Again)

The next option will take you almost 9 hours but is perhaps a little easier. First, you will take the bus from Istanbul Otogar, known as Esenler. You can quickly get to Esenler via the Metro system or bus. The long-distance bus from Esenler to Ezine takes 7 hours and 20 minutes and leaves once daily. This bus is serviced by Metro, and you can book tickets at the bus station or online .

Once you arrive at Ezine, you can take a taxi to Troy, which should only take you around 20 minutes. Buses back to Istanbul to Ezine run throughout the day , so you should have no issues returning to the city the same day if you wish.

Fly & Bus (And Back Again)

One of the fastest ways to get to Troy, and therefore one of the best if you only want to take a day trip , is to fly to Edremit and then take the bus to Ezine with a taxi to Troy from there.

Head to Istanbul Airport , and you can fly to Edremit in just 1 hour. Flights leave several times per day, every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once you arrive at Edremit, you can take the bus to Ezine, which takes just 1 hour 30 minutes and leaves twice daily. Then, jump in a taxi to Troy, which should take around 20 minutes,

To head back to Istanbul , reverse the information.

By Car (And Back Again)

You can hire a car , venture to Troy, and back again in just one day if you choose to drive. Of course, driving is the easiest and fastest way to explore Troy. The journey will take around 5 hours 10 minutes, although heading in and out of Istanbul can take a little time, thanks to heavy traffic at certain times of the day.

The journey is quite scenic and will take you to the Asian side of the city, down towards Bursa , past Balikesir, over to Edremit, and then up to Troy. You will cover 471km and find plenty of parking once you arrive in Troy.

Of course, reverse the information when driving back to Istanbul .

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How to go to Troy from Istanbul?

Troy from Istanbul

  • On 13/09/2022
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Troia Ancient City  (also written as Troia or Truva) is a historic site located in Canakkale province of Turkey. Troia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site mostly known for the legendary Trojan Horse,s which has its roots in one of the greatest epics of mankind, written by Homeros .

First excavations were made by German archaeologists ( Heinrich Schliemann ) and since then, many different scientists and archaeologists made excavations in different sites to detect the real ancient city and treasure chest of civilization, still Troia has many secrets need to revealed with ongoing excavations by an international team.

troy ancient city, troy from Istanbul

Initial settlements of the region dates back to the 5th millennium BC , however it is known that ancient city was destroyed 8 times and for sake of fertile wind it was rebuilt 9 times. Mother nature gave preferential treatment to the area with the blessed wind of the Aegean Sea (Northern Mediterranean Sea). Along with the historic riches of the region, Troy charms its visitors by exceptional natural beauties of the area as well as sunset and sunrise.

What to do in Canakkale?

If you have enough time, combining this trip with a daily Gallipoli Battlefields tour is highly recommended. You will learn more about the region and World War I which changed the course of the history.

Assos Ancient city, also known as Behramkale or simply Behram , is a historically rich small town in the Ayvacik district of Canakkale province in Turkey. During the time of Pliny the Elder , the city also bore the name Apollonia .

Assos Ancient City near troya

If you have only limited time to see ancient cities, accommodation is not necessary, as only a Troy day tour will be enough for it.

Most Recommended Troy Tours

travel from istanbul to troy

Full-Day Private Tour of Troy from Istanbul

travel from istanbul to troy

2 Days Private Gallipoli and Troy Tour

Distance is approximately 340 km to Troy from Istanbul . By virtue of Canakkale city has a small airport, unfortunately flights are not operated all year round due to lack of demand. Instead, using Istanbul Airport for international flights is more suggested. Another way is taking a bus to Troy from Istanbul, but there is no direct bus to Troy . The buses go to Canakkale city center. It will take approximately 5 hours . To reach Ancient sites, you will need to take a taxi or minibuses.

The most comfortable one is a daily private tour to Troy from Istanbul, and it takes about 4 hours by private vehicle . Our tour consultants will be happy to help you plan your Private Troy Tour from Istanbul and assign a private car for your family. From European Side of Canakkale city, you will need to pass Asian side by using the local ferry between Gallipoli and Lapseki or using Canakkale Suspension Bridge that was completed by March 2022.

Is there a direct ferry from Istanbul to Troy?

Unfortunately, direct ferries are not operated to Canakkale or Troy from Istanbul.

Do I need a tour guide for Troy?

Due to the large mass of knowledge regarding each layer of the city and ambiguous legends regarding the civilizations of the area, having a professional tour guide is suggested if you are not an archaeologist.

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Istanbul to Troy: Everything You Need to Know

travel from istanbul to troy

Turkey has declared 2018 the ‘Year of Troy ‘, so there’s no better time than now to visit this ancient site, which is celebrating its 20th year since its entry into the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. We broke down all the necessary info for travelling from Istanbul to Troy .

View all trips, a bit of history.

Troy gained its fame from Homer’s epic poem, the Iliad , which claims that the Trojan War was fought at this archeological site. One of the country’s most fascinating historic destinations, the city’s history dates back to the 3rd millennium BC when it was founded by the Hittites. According to the epic poem, during a battle between the Trojans and Achaeans, a wooden horse, which arrived in Troy as a gift, was used as a disguise to transport Achaeans into the centre of the impenetrable city, which they inevitably conquered. Whether this story is true or not, there was a Trojan War, which is believed to have been waged during the 12th century and led to Hittite’s name, Wilusa, to be converted to Illion, and later Troia.

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travel from istanbul to troy

Growth of Constantinople

When Constantinople flourished, Troy lost its importance and a lot of people actually believed it was just a fictional place imagined by Homer until Heinrich Schliemann, a self-proclaimed archeologist, proved its existence. Archeological excavations still continue to this day, which means that Troy is quite the sight to behold because it still has a lot to show the world.

travel from istanbul to troy

How to get there

The closest major city is Çanakkale, which also has an airport with direct flights from Istanbul. From Çanakkale, you’ll travel for around 30 kilometres (about 45 minutes) to Troy via minibus, which departs from the local bus station. Minibuses usually take off every hour beginning at 7 am but do your research just to make sure since they often take off when they are full. It’s also a good idea to book a hotel in Çanakkale since Troy is a day trip and doesn’t have any accommodation opportunities.

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travel from istanbul to troy

What to see

Make sure to wear the right pair of shoes for uneven and often slippery hiking paths and get ready to explore the ruins. The city was rebuilt nine times and it’s believed that layer number seven is the city that was part of the Iliad , including the famous city walls. Be sure to climb the reconstructed Trojan Horse at the entrance and gaze at its interior, since this is an essential part of the experience even if the horse is fake! If you’re not a big fan of crowds, winter is a more appropriate time to visit as there are very little tourists.

Other essential activities

While you’re in the area, make sure to check out Mount Ida, which inspired the story of the gods watching the battle below. Another great stop is the beautiful Aegean island of Bozcaada with its old town and historic castle (as well as amazing seafood and local wine). You can reach the island by ferry from the Geyikli Harbour, which is about 10 kilometres from Troy .

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travel from istanbul to troy

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travel from istanbul to troy

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Troy as a day trip from Istanbul - Troy (Truva)

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Troy as a day trip from Istanbul

If you visit Troy as part of an itinerary touring Turkey you will doubtless have a different experience than mine. I visited as a long day trip, leaving Istanbul at about 6:30AM, and returning close to 10PM. There was a stop at a roadside rest area for Breakfast, which was not included, about an hour outside Istanbul, an included lunch just before crossing to Asia, and a stop for dinner, not included, about halfway back. The meals were adequate, but not memorable. The transportation was by small tour company bus, with about the same seat spacing as better coach seats on a plane. Not uncomfortable, but not luxurious. Although i found the tour in a She Tour brochure at the hotel, the tour was actually given by another company: FT, I think, but I'm not sure. From what other tourists visiting Troy said, Ephesus is the more impressive site: you have to visit Troy because you want to, because of what it is, more than for what you will actually see. Look at it as a day trip around Western Turkey, with Troy as a primary attraction. Troy itself is most interesting for the layers of construction, spanning millennia . Because there are so many layers, each party excavated, you don't get a real sense of what the city looked like in any era. our guide did his best, with the aid of a model in an outbuilding, to explain what we would see, and as we toured the site, what we were seeing at any point in the tour. The stone work is noticeably different in each layer, so you start to recognize some of the layers after they after pointed out a few times. The drive from Istanbul takes you through the Thracian countryside, sometimes along the coast, and sometime inland. It's a part of Turkey you don't experience in Istanbul. As the Sea of Marmara narrows into the Dardanelles, you start to see the Asian, Anatolian, coast across the straight. There is no bridge across the Dardanelles: all crossings, on foot on on a vehicle, are by ferry. Although the idea of crossing from continent to continent inspires ideas of a grand ferry, the reality is a fleet of rather insignificant ships very similar to the car ferries in Istanbul. There is constant shipping in the straight, making it a challenge for the ferries to get safely across. After lunch I was transferred bus that took the Ferry to Çanakkale, the Asian port city closest to Troy. This bus continued to a small restaurant/souvenir stand close to Troy where I joined two other tourists watching a video about Troy. Then the now three of us were put in another (to me) bus, driven by the guide that actually took us around Troy. I think we spent little more than an hour at Troy: the guide gave us free time after he was finished, but we were all fairly quickly ready to start the trip back to Istanbul. i rejoined my second bus at the restaurant/souvenir stand, and was driven to the ferry, where I was given a ticket to cross on my own. At the European side I was met by my original bus, which then waited a few minutes at the restaurant where I had had lunch, until I was joined by the two tourists with which i had visited Troy, driven by the guide who had showed us Troy: they said they had been told they were lucky, and were able to catch an earlier bus than they anticipated: mine, as it happened. After the dinner stop we reached Istanbul earlier than I had expected from the brochure, before 10, rather than around 11. It was worth it, but I wish I had had time to do the two day tour that included Ephesus with a night in that area.

travel from istanbul to troy

Troia (Troy) starting with the reconstruction of the famous horse (you can actually climb inside) is exactly the way you imagine this town during the conflict described by Homerus. The tall walls remind one of the siege. Especially interesting is the spot where 7 different layers, corresponding to the different epochs, can be seen. Not to be missed by anyone traveling in the area!

travel from istanbul to troy

The weather was gray and cool, and suitably moody. Our Gate 1 group toured Troy for about an hour and I wished for a bit longer, but we were tightly scheduled and, in truth, there's not that much to see. The city of Homer's Iliad is the sixth or maybe seventh settlement, sandwiched into a whole series of settlements since neolithic times. A fortification wall, some steps, the outlines of a temple, not much to evoke Hector, Priam, Cassandra, Paris, Helen, the whole doomed lot. But standing on a vantage point, looking out over the murderous plain that stretched to the sea, one got the sense of momentous events that shaped history and has stood over the millenia as one of the bulwarks of literature.

For most of the Turkish people it seems that nothing to see there. Sometimes it is disappointed to see only stones but you should read the history. Either you are turkish or not you need a guide. Let him/her to tell you about Troy. There is a wooden horse and you can take some photos inside. There is one more in Canakkale which was used in film of TROY. If you are a history lover and reader, schedule yourself to Troy.

We went late in the day because of the time it took to drive from Istanbul and cross by ferry to Lapseki, but that made the light more beautiful on the stone ruins. It was our first stop on a 10-day tour and I was, frankly, overwhelmed with the size and the remarkablly deep history of the site. I would like to spend more time here the next time I travel to Turkey and perhaps plan to stay in the area, closer to Troy.

It was really interesting to wander around amongst so many ruins and see the foundations of each city, though I took more delight in the wooden horse out the front where you can take a multitude of cheesy photos.

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Don't know where to start, best places to visit in istanbul, tours and things to do in istanbul, best day trips from istanbul.


  • Day Trips from Istanbul

Troy Day Trip from Istanbul

Troy Day trip from Istanbul including Lunch: Venture into the legendary city of Troy, listen to your guide about its amazing story, and explore its ruins. Get a more intimate look at Turkey's past and gain insights on Greek mythology.

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Istanbul to Troy & Gallipoli by Bus

Last Updated on July 20, 2022

It's possible (but not recommended) to take a  day-trip from Istanbul to Gallipoli or Troy  by bus ( map ), but it's much better to visit  Troy  and the  Gallipoli battlefields comfortably and cheaply on a trip of 2 or 2-1/2 days, staying one or two nights in  Çanakkale  or Eceabat.

You can do the itinerary below on your own, but you should consider having help from my friends at  Efendi Travel  in Istanbul, who know this Gallipoli route well and can offer advice and make arrangements as you wish.  More...

Before You Go

1. Reserve your hotel room in Çanakkale  or  Eceabat in advance so you know you'll have a place to stay.  More...

2. Arrange for a  battlefield tour .  It's 35 km/22 miles from the Turkish war memorial on Cape Helles at the southern tip of the Gallipoli peninsula to the northernmost battlefields of the campaign. A tour solves the transport problem, and is the easiest and best way to visit most of the battle sites in one day. Many travel agencies in Istanbul run Gallipoli tours, including  Efendi Travel , a  partner.  More...

3.  If you want to take a ferry across the  Sea of Marmara  to  Bandırma  and then a bus to  Çanakkale  (see below),  check the IDO ferry schedules  so you'll know when the ferries depart.  More...

Bus to the Dardanelles

Take the  Istanbul Metro  to the  Otogar  station and find a bus for the 310-km (193-mile) trip to  Eceabat  (5 hours, on the European/Gallipoli shore) or  Çanakkale  (5 hours + ferry crossing to the Anatolian shore;  More... ) . You may want to depart in the morning, but in any case  leave by midday  (lunchtime). To reach Çanakkale, you take the  ferry  across the  Dardanelles . The crossing is fun!—a short sea voyage over the legendary  Hellespont  after a long bus ride.

Ferry to Bandırma + Bus to Çanakkale

Another way to go is to ride the  fast ferry  from  Istanbul 's  Yenikapı Ferry Terminal  to  Bandırma , on the  Sea of Marmara 's southern shore, walk uphill or take a taxi for the short (2-km, 1.2-mile) ride to  Bandırma's bus terminal   (otogar) , then catch a bus to  Çanakkale . There may not be as frequent bus service from Bandırma as from  Istanbul , but the bus ride is shorter (less than 3 hours).

When you get to  Çanakkale , settle into your hotel, then enjoy a  good dinner  at one of the seaside restaurants overlooking the Dardanelles.

Your tour takes you to around the expansive  Gallipoli battlefields  quickly and easily. (If really want to go on your own and you've got strong legs, you can do a  self-guided hiking tour of the battlefields. )

If your tour does not include  Troy , you go by  minibus dolmuş  to the village of  Tevfikiye , which is next to the Troy archeological site. To do this, exit the Çanakkale bus terminal to the main street (Atatürk Caddesi), turn left (south), and walk for 6 minutes (600 meters/yards) to the bridge over the Sarı River. On the right (southwest) side of the bridge is the  minibus station .

In summer ( June,   July ,  August ,  September ),  minibuses depart about every 30 to 60 minutes , with highest frequency in the morning, much less in the late afternoon. You should  leave for Troy just after breakfast  in order to give yourself the best chance of finding a minibus for the return trip to Çanakkale.

If Troy is your only interest and you don't care to tour  Gallipoli , you can catch an Istanbul-bound bus in the afternoon on Day 2 and be back in Istanbul by late evening, making this a  two-day, one-night excursion .

—by  Tom Brosnahan

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  2. Where Are Troy-Bilt Mowers Made?

    Troy-Bilt mowers are manufactured in Tupelo, Mississippi; Martin, Tennessee; and Willard, Ohio, as of 2015. Each plant makes specific products. The Tupelo facility manufactures walk-behind mowers while the Martin plant makes zero-turn mower...

  3. Finding a Troy-Bilt Dealer Near You

    When it comes to lawn and gardening care products, Troy-Bilt is a popular manufacturer. It sells lawnmowers, edgers, tillers, cultivators and other products needed to keep your yard looking good. Take a look at how to find a Troy-Bilt deale...

  4. Istanbul to Troy

    The cheapest way to get from Istanbul to Troy costs only 489 ₺, and the quickest way takes just 4½ hours. Find the travel option that best suits you.

  5. How To Get To Troy From Istanbul (And From Istanbul To Troy)

    One of the fastest ways to get to Troy, and therefore one of the best if you only want to take a day trip, is to fly to Edremit and then take

  6. How to go to Troy from Istanbul?

    Distance is approximately 340 km to Troy from Istanbul. By virtue of Canakkale city has a small airport, unfortunately flights are not operated

  7. Istanbul to Troy Everything You Need to Know

    How to get there. The closest major city is Çanakkale, which also has an airport with direct flights from Istanbul. From Çanakkale, you'll

  8. Troy to Istanbul

    The cheapest way to get from Troy to Istanbul costs only 406 ₺, and the quickest way takes just 3¼ hours. Find the travel option that best suits you.

  9. Troy as a day trip from Istanbul

    If you visit Troy as part of an itinerary touring Turkey you will doubtless have a different experience than mine. I visited

  10. Full-Day Troy Tour From Istanbul

    Experience · Explore the ruined walls and temples of the legendary city of Troy · Cruise through the Dardanelle Straits by ferry · See the replica of the Trojan

  11. Troy day trips from Istanbul

    2 days 1 night Gallipoli and Troy Tour from / to Istanbul · 6 Days Turkey Tour Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Gallipoli, Troy, Pergamon · 3 Day Gallipoli in

  12. Troy Day Trip from Istanbul

    Full-Day Troy Tour From Istanbul. Troy Tour is a full day trip from Istanbul and back to Istanbul the same day. Relive the glory of ancient Troy and uncover the

  13. Day Tour

    Overview · Day trip to Troy from Istanbul by luxury coach · Travel by ferry from Eceabat to Canakkale, and then visit the UNESCO-listed archaeological site of

  14. Excursion from Istanbul to Troy and Gallipoli, Turkey, by Bus

    Take the Istanbul Metro to the Otogar station and find a bus for the 310-km (193-mile) trip to Eceabat (5 hours, on the European/Gallipoli shore)