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What isn’t there to love in Italy? Beautiful scenery, great food, unrivaled art, history and culture, cutting edge fashion and shopping – and of course, first rate tour possibilities.

Featured activities

  • Well matched games against local opponents
  • Excellent practice facilities
  • Beach volleyball opportunities on the Mediterranean and Adriatic Coasts

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The Best Italian Volleyball Travel Guide

Everyone knows, as a fact, that I love Volleyball . Following this sport has been a motivation to travel . I used to practice it when I was younger, and I grew up following Volleyball in Italy and worldwide. One of my biggest dreams was to watch an Italian Volleyball match live. In 2015, I was finally able to make it happen.

In 2017, I went to my second CEV Men’s Champions League Final Four (I went to the CEV Women’s Champions League Final in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2014). Based on this love, I created this guide for fans willing to watch Volleyball in Italy. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit Italy in Winter or summer, there is always something happening when it comes to sports. In 2018, the FIVB Men’s World Championship took place in different cities around Italy. This is a list of places to see if you want to explore Italian Volleyball or pallavolo , the Italian word for Volleyball. Let’s explore Volleyball in Italy!

1 Lee la versión en Español aquí. 2 To watch Volleyball in Italy, arrive either in Milan or Rome 3 Flixbus is your best friend to watch Italian Volleyball. 4 Volleyball in Italy: Rome 5 Italian Volleyball in Perugia 6 Milan 7 Volleyball in Italy: Bologna + Modena 8 Italian Volleyball in Florence 9 Volleyball in Italy: Trento 10 Italian Volleyball: Civitanova Marche 11 Which route to take if I want to watch Italian Volleyball? 12 Like this post? Pin it! This post contains affiliate links that helps Traveleira to keep on running with no cost to readers. Any purchase made using any of these links represent a small commission to Traveleira. All these routes and information were curated by me and my love for the game. I don’t receive any commision from any club, team or federation for doing this. If you have any doubt, consult our Privacy Policy .

Lee la versión en Español aquí .

To watch volleyball in italy, arrive either in milan or rome.

Fontana di Trevi - Rome, Italy -

Stop in Rome, and take a selfie like this one.

If you’re flying from the United States , the best airports to arrive in Italy are Milan-MXP or Rome-FCO . Analyzing prices in Skyscanner , you will find great deals on flying to Italy from major national airports. The ones with the best deals to arrive at are these two.

Flixbus is your best friend to watch Italian Volleyball.

Flixbus -

Although many people will tell you to explore Italy on a train, I will tell you to use buses. I’m a massive fan of Flixbus , and I prefer to travel in one of their buses rather than trains. Rome and Florence are hubs of most of their primary routes. Starting at 5€, you can explore many cities and watch Italian Volleyball around the country. I love traveling overnight on these buses. It means you’ll save a night of paying for lodging while getting somewhere different.  Flixbus takes you to all the cities to watch Volleyball in Italy.

Volleyball in Italy: Rome

PalaLottomattica - Italian Volleyball - CEV Champions League Final Four 2017 -


Even though Rome does not have a team, most of the significant events in Italian Volleyball take place in that city. And how will you miss visiting Rome for four days when it has so much to offer?

If you go to Rome, either for Volleyball or just because you want to explore the city, one of our biggest recommendations is to take one of the best Rome food tours or any unique tours in Rome you can find available. Trust me, taking these tours might be the best way to explore this city.

Remember also that Rome is a family destination and there are plenty of things to do in Rome with kids beyond taking them to watch some Italian volleyball. Make sure to find the best place to stay in Rome for your need and to watch volleyball.

In 2017 CEV Men’s Champions League Final Four took place in the PalaSport .

In 2018, the FIVB Men’s World Championship Pool A opening day took place in one of the most iconic places: Foro Italico .

Check other things to do in Rome on TripAdvisor

Italian Volleyball in Perugia

PalaEvangelisti - Perugia, Italy - Italian Volleyball -

PalaBarton (former PalaEvangelisti)

If you have followed me for a few, you know that Sir Safety Perugia is my favorite team. I have already been to Perugia four times, which is also my favorite place in Italy. I visited and recommended the Baci Chocolate Factory and the Eurochocolate festival in October. If you are visiting Perugia just for the love of Volleyball in Italy, you’ll need to go to the PalaBarton and watch Perugia playing. This team was vice-champion of Europe in 2017, champions of the Coppa Italia in 2018, and the Italian SuperCup in 2017, 2019, and 2020.

Perugia is just two hours away from Rome by Flixbus. The Flixbus stop is right next to the PalaBarton.

Check other things to do in Perugia on TripAdvisor

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele - Milan Italy -

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, because Milan is not precisely a volleyball city

As I mentioned before, Milan is one of the places you should arrive if you’re visiting from the US. Milan Voley is not a massive contender in the Italian Men’s Volleyball League. If you have the chance to see the city, watching a match could be a good plan.

The great thing about Milan is that it is relatively close to one of the major cities for Women’s Volleyball: Bergamo . During the 2020-2021 Season, we Puerto Ricans had two National Team members being part of the team: setter Natalia Valentín and spiker Stephanie Enright .

Check other things to do in Milan on TripAdvisor

Volleyball in Italy: Bologna + Modena

Palapanini - Modena - Italian Volleyball -

Palapanini – Home of Modena Volley

The towns in Emilia Romagna are all Italian volleyball capitals. Modena is the team with the most championships in the Italian league. Visiting Modena during volleyball season requires going to the PalaPanini to watch  Modena Volley playing.

Bologna and its Unipol Arena have hosted several times different volleyball events. Bologna is a vibrant city , and even if you visit Modena for Volleyball, you should see it, or the other way around: Make sure to include it if you’re discovering Bologna.

Check other things to do in Modena on TripAdvisor Check other things to do in Bologna on TripAdvisor

Italian Volleyball in Florence

Florence, Italy -

Santa Croce, Florence, Italy

Florence is not an Italian volleyball city, but there are many things to do in Florence . Also, traveling in Tuscany , which is a region that is rich on variety and also, people tend to love if for its wine, might be a great idea.

They also have a Women’s team that maybe, you should watch them playing if Florence is a must on your trip.

Check other things to do in Florence on TripAdvisor

Volleyball in Italy: Trento

PalaTrento - Trento, Italy -

Trento is one of the most iconic teams in Italy. If you’re visiting Northern Italy, seeing the Trentino Volley playing on the PalaTrento is a must.

Check other things to do in Trento on TripAdvisor

Italian Volleyball: Civitanova Marche

Eurosuole Forum - Civitanova Marche -

Eurosuole Forum, Civitanova Marche – Pic from Immagini Dal Alto Facebook

If you look for places to go in Italy, this place in Macerata might not even be listed. Civitanova Marche is a coastal city on the Adriatic side of Italy. If you are looking for iconic places to go in the name of Volleyball in Italy, Civitanova Marche should be on your list.

The EuroSuole Forum in Civitanova is the home court of the Lube Volley club. Lube was the Italian League Scudetto Champion in 2017 and 2019. This team has a vast tradition in the sport. If you get the chance, you should visit their home court.

Check more things to do in Civitanova Marche on TripAdvisor

Which route to take if I want to watch Italian Volleyball?

If you want to watch Italian Volleyball, I suggest visiting one of the towns included on the map once you arrive in Rome or Milan. You should visit Perugia , Modena , Trento, or Civitanova Marche in case you want to see matches in the Italian Volleyball League. On the map, you can find a route that you can take either from Rome or Milan.

The map also contains some options if you are looking for women’s volleyball action. My suggestions for women’s Volleyball are visiting Bergamo, Conegliano(Treviso), Busto Arsizio, and Novara .

This guide was created to help you if you are looking forward to watching Italian volleyball. I hope this guide helps you visit Italy while exploring Volleyball in Italy!

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This guide is designed to help Italian volleyball fans willing to visit and watch volleyball in Italy. Maps with routes included.

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Brenda Mejia

Brenda: + 33 years old + Puerto Rican + Viajera Boricua + Master in Cultural Tourism + Foreign Language Major + Hispanic Studies Minor + Portuguese + Italian + Russian + Literature Freak + ♥’s Indie Music + Volleyball Enthusiast + Tricolor do Morumbi(SPFC) + San Antonio Spurs +

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I think its so cool that your love of a sport is what prompted you to travel! Goes to show, where there’s a will, there’s a way! I love the post!

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Thanks for your words! I wish this post takes people not only to courts to watch the sport, but also to explore towns off the beaten path!

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James Verner

Hi Brenda, Thanks for sharing the awesome post. Loved this nice volleyball travel guide.

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Luik Airport vluchten volgen

Europe has many of these charming places, which always makes us feel lucky to live here! Safe travels!

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Ray Clifford

People usually associate Italy with the sport of Soccer but not many people know that this wonderful sporty nation is high on Volleyball too. Being a volleyball fan, you have done complete justice to your passion by covering the volleyball scene in Italy in such details.

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' src=

Some fantastic pictures. Fantastic shades.

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Thanks Branda for the great guide! I’m with you on using Flixbus to travel around Italy, definitely the best way to get around. And I had no idea that Italy was big on volleyball, I’ll be on the lookout next time I get to the country!

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I would absolutely love to travel and watch volleyball. I would love to travel and watch sports period. Sad that now I want to do these things and we are in the midst of a global pandemic, though!

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  • Dates & Prices

NBC Camps logo star

NBC Volleyball Travel Team Tour to Italy

Play volleyball, explore italy and improve as a leader and athlete.

Volleyball travel team uk nbc camps 10

NBC Camps Volleyball Travel Team will travel from Seattle, WA to Italy for a once in a lifetime volleyball travel team experience. Have the time of your life and see the world playing the sport you love! NBC Camps is excited to send a volleyball tour to Italy this season!

Athlete highlights on this tour often include exploring the famous sites of Italy, such as The Colosseum, The Vatican, Trevi Fountain, and the canals of Venice, as well as competing against local teams in cities around Rome and Venice!

Travel on this team is by application only and is based on athlete's talent and character. If you would like to apply for this tour, you can complete the 2024 NBC Travel Team Application Packet below.


Highlights include.

  • Exhibition games and tournaments against local club teams
  • Experience Italian cities such as Rome and Venice
  • Intensive and fun Training Camp at the beginning of tour
  • Compete alongside amazing teammates from around the USA and Canada
  • Improve on the court and grow in your leadership skills
  • View More Details ⟩

Camp Details

Italy girls volleyball tour information.

Volleyball Travel Team to Italy Dates: July 7-18, 2024 Age Group: Girls ages 14-18 Total Cost: $6,500 USD


Every year NBC selects athletes who demonstrate exceptional skill and outstanding character to represent NBC Camps playing volleyball on an NBC Travel Team. Athletes that are nominated by their NBC coaches at a camp will be invited to apply for tour. High school coaches and club team coaches may also submit a nomination for an athlete based on ability and attitude. You must be 14 years or older by June 1, 2024 to participate in 2024 Travel Teams.

In order to apply, athletes must complete the 2024 Travel Team Application Packet which includes: Athlete Application form, 2 completed Confidential Reference forms, Parent/Guardian Recommendation form, and schedule/complete a phone interview with the NBC Travel Team Director. The $1,500 non-refundable deposit is due once an athlete is accepted onto an NBC Travel Team.

This packet contains all forms needed to apply for a 2024 NBC Travel Team.

QUESTIONS?? 800-406-3926 ext 135 or email [email protected]


The tour begins with training camp which is held before the team leaves for Italy. Training camp is located near Seattle, WA and is required for all travel team athletes as it is an important time for teammates to get to know each other and prepare to compete overseas. Included in the cost for tour is all lodging, two meals per day, sightseeing, local guide/coordinator, ground transportation, uniforms, and a travel bag with athlete journal. You will have the opportunity to meet peers from around the world and to grow as a person and athlete. This is a great opportunity to study history first hand and gain a global perspective while playing the sport you love.


NBC Travel Teams have been sending out teams from our camps for over forty years, in over 20 countries. NBC Travel Teams aim to give athletes a transformative experience with good mentorship and friendships, new cultural experiences, and international competition. Travel teams strive to:

  • Provide an environment for athletes to grow in life, faith, and leadership skills
  • Improve athletic skills through a broad level of competition
  • Promote international goodwill and perspective

Sample Daily Schedule

  • 8:00 am Breakfast and Team Meeting at the hotel
  • 9:00 am Vatican Visit- Museums and St. Peter's
  • 12:30pm Team lunch, Rome sightseeing
  • 4:00 pm Travel to the gym for evening game
  • 5:00 pm Game against local club team
  • 8:00 pm Dinner and then gelato at the Trevi Fountain
  • 10:00 pm Return to hotel, check in with family, downtime and then lights out

Rome italy

Camp Questions & Answers

What is included in the cost of tours.

The tuition for an NBC Travel Team includes: Training Camp, team transportation to the airport, team international flights, all lodging and international transportation, 2 meals/day, sightseeing activities, a local guide, game/tournament fee’s, and an athlete gear pack which includes a uniform, sweats, a sweatshirt, t-shirts and NBC Travel Team leadership workbook. Not included in tuition: transportation to/from Seattle, WA for tour, passport application fee’s, travel insurance. NBC has lot’s of fundraising ideas, please email the director at [email protected] for ideas and more information if finances are a concern for your athlete to participate on a travel team.


Training camp takes place at the start of tour and is most often hosted at Black Diamond Camps in Auburn, WA. Training camp is an opportunity for the team to practice and prepare for their time playing together overseas. The team will be challenged through high ropes elements, group development activities, and around 4 practices during camp. Think summer camp meets NBC - campfires, high ropes course, team games, and volleyball. NBC staff and travel team coaches will provide travel safety training and leadership training as well. Training camp starts on the first day of the listed tour dates and is an intensive 2-3 day experience before the team departs for the trip!

Because athletes are from all over the U.S. and Canada, there are no tryouts or practices leading up to tour. Athletes should arrive in shape and ready to play at training camp so the team can be prepared to play together overseas.

Camp Coaches

Travel team director breanna lyons.

For questions on this tour please contact Breanna at [email protected] or 1-800-406-3926 ext. 135

volleyball tours italy

Camp Dates & Prices

2024 girls italy volleyball travel team.

Tentative Dates: July 7 - July 18, 2024

Age Group: 14 - 18 Gender: Girls

Deposit: $1,500 USD

Tuition: $6,500 USD

Athletes must apply for travel teams and can only register after being accepted to a team. Please email [email protected] with any application questions.

Discover more International Camps

Travel Teams Camp

Find a camp that's right for you:

Get into camp.

If you need more assistance, just give us a call at 1-800-406-3926 we would be happy to help!


CAMP CERVIA, Italy 2023

Spring 02.04 - 16.04 | summer 28.05 - 11.06 | fall 24.09. - 08.10. , camp cervia italy 2023, spring 02.04. - 16.04. summer 28.05 - 11.06. fall 24.09. - 08.10., april 02 - april 16, may 28 - june 11, sept 24 - oct 08.

  • Description

15,000 m² beach and you right in the middle. The Fantini Club is the heart of sport on the Adriatic and a mecca for recreational athletes and professional athletes, but also for fans of the Italian lifestyle and culinary treats. We have exclusively rented the Club's beach volleyball area of and we'll be spending a great and active holiday with you. We hang out in a very familiar atmosphere, on and off the sand, with other international players mostly from Europe. In addition to sports, leisure activities and excursions, Cervia invites you to let yourself go and enjoy the most best that "Bella Italia" has to offer.

volleyball tours italy


  • Tournaments
  • Travel companions

In our beach volleyball camp the courts are exclusively reserved for our guests. This is to make sure that you can play all day with your friends or pick up a challenge from the other players. We have also made sure you have free access to volleyballs when you need them. We welcome beach volleyball players of all levels to this super chill camp. Beginners, hobby players, advanced and tournament players.


Sportur Club Hotel

  • Board (food & drinks)

volleyball tours italy

Online booking

Getting there  &  booking.

  • Getting there

Beachvolleyball-Camp Buchung mobil

If you aren't driving to Cervia it could still be a nice option to rent one on location, especially if you are traveling with someone. This way you stay independent and can see more of the beautiful surroundings. There are always very good offers, especially from Bologna Airport. At you will find cheap rental offers. Tip! Pay close attention to the insurance conditions of the rental car companies and the free kilometers. Some deals that look like a bargain could end up very expensive.

Mietwagen zum Beachcamp nach Italien

Included in the beach camp

  • 7 nights at the Sportur Hotel Cervia*** incl. half or full board
  • One organized group excursion (i.e. gocart, kayak, minigolf)
  • English speaking contact person on site
  • Free laundry service, bike rental, free parking, sunbeds etc.
  • Welcome drink
  • Beach volleyball training in small groups (extra charge)
  • Welcome Tournament and Final Tournament
  • Game night, After Beach mingles and much more.
  • Free drinking water for training
  • Free use of beach volleyball courts and balls
  • Sunsation Beach, Spain
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Cervia, Italy
  • Ravenna, Italy
  • Plakias Beach, Greece
  • Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Meet the Crew

volleyball tours italy


Foreign tour destinations.

Costa Rica

Volleyball is one of Costa Rica's most popular sports with National Teams and club teams providing great competition for visiting universities! Costa Rica has been dominant at the National Team level among countries in the region and several National Team players played college volleyball in the US.

Excursions include zip-lining through the rain-forest, white-water rafting, relaxing in the natural hot springs at the base of Arenal Volcano and visiting world-class beaches on the Pacific Coast!


Service volleyball clinics with local youth are an important part of any team's trip to Costa Rica and include working with Special Olympics, local schools and clubs in San Jose.

Trip Details

Trip length can range from 6-10 days and include 2-4 games. We offer a number of different hotel packages for groups; ranging from budget friendly 3-star accommodations to 4 and 5-star resorts.

volleyball tours italy

Spain's top volleyball clubs play in the Superliga with 14 teams on the men's side and 14 teams on the women's side. In addition, there is Superliga 2 as well as competitive teams at the university level ensuring that your team will face the perfect challenged on the court!

Foreign tours to Spain provide a unique blend of historical and cultural attractions, beautiful white-sand beaches, and the opportunity to visit world-renowned sites in several Spanish cities.

Volleyball clinics with local youth available.

Our standard trips include 3 nights in Madrid, 2 nights on the coast in the port city of Valencia and 3 nights in Barcelona. Spain is a great destination for customizing a trip based on the goals that you have for your team, with nearly unlimited options available.

volleyball tours italy


South Africa is our most unique destination offering a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience to explore one of the most fascinating countries in the world. We base our trips out of Cape Town which the New York Times ranked their #1 travel destination in 2014! Top university and provincial teams offer solid competition, but you'll find there is so much more to this trip than volleyball!

A full menu of bucket list excursion options include safaris, great white shark diving, hiking Table Mountain, and world class beaches. South Africa also offers some amazing cultural sites like the Robben Island tour where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned during the Apartheid Era.

Service-learning opportunities are nearly endless through our relationships with inspiring "Sport-for-Development" organizations that are using volleyball to address social challenges in their communities.

volleyball tours italy

There are several different itineraries available for South Africa depending on your desired level of competition and preferred excursion activities.

volleyball tours italy

Italy is one of the top countries in the world for men's and women's indoor volleyball. The women's team has placed either 5th or 9th in the last 4 summer Olympics and the Men's National Team has received silver or bronze medals at 4 of the last 5 summer olympics. The local professional league provides plenty of competition for visiting teams in various cities throughout the country. Trips include stops in Rome, Florence, Venice & Lake Como for an unforgettable and beautiful trip!

Italy tours offer the opportunity to visit several cities with world famous sightseeing along the way. Visits to Rome and the Coliseum, Lake Como, Tuscany, Pisa, and more are sure to be popular among students as well as families joining the adventure.

Trip length can range from 9-12 days and several different itinerary combinations are available. We offer a number of different hotel packages for groups ranging from 3-star accommodations to 4 and 5 star hotels.

volleyball tours italy

Please fill out the contact form and a Beyond Sports staff member will get back to you as soon as possible!

Beyond Sports

220 NW 8th Ave

Portland, OR 97209

[email protected]

Tel: 347-746-3814

volleyball tours italy

Italy College - Volleyball 2024

volleyball tours italy

  • Cinque Terre
  • Explore Milan
  • Explore Venice
  • Possible day at Remini Beach
  • Guided tour of Florence
  • Bike tour of Lucca
  • Hiking in Cinque Terre
  • Visit the Coliseum or Vatican (TBA) - Entrance to one will be included, subject to availability
  • Explore Rome - Guided walking tour a free time to visit on your own
  • Exhibition games against clubs from Italy

Cost Overview

Complete package, (airfare from gateway city included).

Round trip airfare included from USA – Gateway city will be confirmed 4-5 months prior to departure.  For this tour it will most likely be JFK or other New York area airport.

Ground Package Only

(airfare not included).

  • You are responsible for meeting the group at your own expense.
  • Some passengers may want to shorten or lengthen your tour.
  • This may only possible if you purchase your airline ticket separate from the group.
  • Please confirm on your registration that you will be purchasing the ground package.
  • We will need to know 4- 5 months prior to departure.
  • Do NOT purchase your airline ticket until AIST has confirmed we have a full team for the tour.

Sample Payment Schedule

(per person).

All payments are fully refundable until November 1, 2023.  After this date there will be a minimum cancellation fee of $250.

  • Deposit due once confirmed – $500
  • 6-7 months prior to departure – 30% of total balance
  • 5 months prior to departure – 50% of total balance
  • 2 months prior to departure – All balances due
Actual payment schedule will depend on when we receive your first payment. Other costs incurred will depend on each individual’s spending habits. Connecting airfare to gateway city, souvenirs, some meals and any personal expenses will not be covered.

Sample Itinerary

This is only a sample Itinerary.   The final itinerary will not be available until 2-3 weeks prior to departure.  Some activities and cities may change based on the game schedule.

Day 1 – Tentatively May 25, 2023

  • Departure from your international airport to Rome Fiumicino airport , in Italy.
  • Due to the time difference, arrival in Italy the following day.
  • Arrival into the Int. airport of Rome Fiumicino airport and meeting with your bilingual tour manager who will remain with you all time long
  • Get on board on your bus and transfer to Rome downtown for a guided visit of the city with a local bilingual tour guide
  • Lunch will be on your own
  • Final transfer to your selected hotel in Rome area, check-in, dinner included and overnight (2 nights stay)
  • Breakfast at hotel and transfer transfer to Vatican City for a guided visit of majestic Vatican Museums , Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s (ticket admission included) Or Possibility to enter the Colosseum
  • Afternoon free time at disposal for personal exploration of the area.
  • Dinner will be on your own
  • Overnight at hotel
  • Breakfast at hotel and check-out
  • Transfer Montecatini with stop for lunch in Siena along the way
  • Lunch on own followed by a walking guided visit of the city with a local bilingual tour guide ‍
  • Mid-afternoon transfer to a local sport center to play  your friendly game #1.
  • Dinner included at the local sport center
  • Finally, you will continue on to Montecatini Terme . Check-in at your selected hotel and overnight (2 nights stay).
  • Breakfast at hotel and transfer to Lucca for a Bike’s tour of the city ‍
  • Lunch on your own and leisure time to stroll and shop around
  • Dinner on your own and overnight at hotel in Montecatini Terme.
  • Breakfast at hotel and hotel check-out
  • Departure to Cinque Terre (Five Lands ), a rugged portion of coast on the West Italian Riviera. Part of its charm is the lack of visible corporate development ‍
  • Once at La Spezia train station, you will take the local train to Levanto. You can stop along the trip for visiting one or two of the most beautiful villages of the Five Lands (train ticket is included)
  • Lunch on own
  • Not later than 2.00 pm departure by your bus from Levanto to Parma/ Collecchio area in time to play friendly game #2. Dinner at the local clubhouse is included for the whole group .
  • Final transfer to your selected hotel in San Marino , the oldest Republic of the world, late arrival and check-in. Overnight (2 nights stay)
  • Breakfast at hotel and possibility to  transfer to San Marino historical center leisure time to admire La Rocca and the oldest part of the city (no guided visit). Alternatively, leisure time to spend in Rimini or Riccione at the seaside or to go shopping
  • Lunch on your own
  • Afternoon transfer to play game #3 ‍
  • Dinner on your own and overnight at hotel in San Marino
  • Departure to Venice , the romantic Lagoon.
  • Once at Tronchetto parking area, private boat transfer to St. Mark’s Square in Venice and time to have lunch on your own
  • Guided visit with a local professional guide followed by time at one’s leisure
  • Dinner on your own
  • High Speed train Transfer to Milan for pick by your bus and final transfer to hotel
  • Breakfast at hotel and transfer to Como for a personal exploration of the medieval city
  • Afternoon transfer to Milan/ Varese/Saronno area (based on teams availability) to play Possible Game 4. Dinner is included today for the whole group at the local clubhouse
  • Breakfast at hotel and transfer to Como harbor in time to get your private boat cruise from Como up to Bellagio with a local tour guide on board (5 hours).Enjoy!
  • Free day to enjoy final day
  • Overnight at hotel.
  • Box or regular breakfast at your hotel
  • Departure to the Intl. airport of Milan in time to catch your flight back home. End of services. Ciao Italia!   Thanks for the memories!

Tour Inclusions

  • Round trip airfare with complete packages – Ground packages available if you would like to arrive or depart separately from the group
  • Accommodations: 3-star and 4-star on most tours - Double and Triple rooms shared - Exception: UK tours we will use Hostels for part of the tour
  • Breakfast everyday and 3-6 dinners included depending on the tour - other meals will be on your own expense - Exception: DR tours all meals are included
  • 2-5 Exhibition games vs. Local clubs/National teams or tournaments depending on the tour
  • Sightseeing and excursion – As stated on the itinerary - Excursions listed as Optional are not included in the cost
  • All Airport transfers for those booked with the group flight and transportation to scheduled activities on our private executive motor coach bus with driver - Bus service subject to 8/9 hours per day based on local driving laws
  • Professional multi-lingual tour manager to be with your group throughout the tour
  • Uniforms for players on AIST select teams
  • Amazing sightseeing excursions
  • Authentic cultural experience
  • Educational guided tours
  • Free time to explore on your own - We allow you to enjoy the tour as you prefer as long are you with 3-4 other group members in safe areas
  • Travel with the safety of your group and full-time local tour managers
  • Experiences that last a lifetime

Friends And Family Members Of Our AIST Select Team Members

Friends and Family are always welcome to join our select team tours. The inclusions for friends and family members would be the same with exception of the uniforms and playing time of course. They will be on the bus and included in all the activities and meals the athletes are receiving. We can provide a first class tour with the group and you won’t have to worry about where to stay, how to get around or the best places to see. We will have a complete tour set up for you with a full time guide to help you get around. You’ll also have the flexibility to do your own thing if that’s what you prefer. You’ll have the option of rooming with the athlete you are traveling with or private accommodations for yourself (additional fees for private accommodations).

volleyball tours italy

Important Information Regarding Friends And Family Travel:


Most of our tours will be accommodated in 3 Star Superior and 4 star hotels based on European standards. Some tours are accommodated in University or Hostel accommodations (Mostly UK Tours). You will always have a private room with your friends and family with private facilities but the accommodations may be on a lower standard than you may be accustom to. You can enjoy the experience of travel with the team or we can upgrade you on the tours with these types of accommodations for a surcharge of $50 per person, per night.


Most of our tours will have walking tours that require good fitness and mobility. If you require special assistance or do not think you are capable of keeping up with the group, please let us know in advance and we will accommodate you the best we can.

AIST will have seats blocked for a limited number of people. Once those seats are gone we will no longer have the same fare or price guarantee. If you would like to book your trip with the group flight you will need to make a deposit that is non-refundable to reserve your seat. Please confirm with AIST in advance to make sure we still have seats available. You are more than welcome to book your own flights to meet the group abroad.


Can’t make it for the whole tour? No problem, you can book your own flight to meet the team when it’s convenient for you. Please confirm with AIST that the trip is confirmed and where we will be on your arrival. We will quote you a ground package for the length of your stay.

Keep in mind that our tours are catered to the athletes and we will schedule everything around the games and tournaments as needed. We encourage the support and will do our best to make it an exciting trip for everyone involved.

Cost for Family and Friends

  • Single Room = 1 person - 1 Bed
  • Double Room = 2 people (Each person has own bed – or double bed may be requested but is not guaranteed)
  • Triple Room = 3 people (Twin Beds or double bed with one twin may be requested but is not guaranteed)

Cost Per Passenger Joining the AIST Athlete – Group flight included with cost below:

There are discounts available for passengers joining the tour with the athletes, depending on the destination of your tour and how many people are joining the athlete.

Discount available if deposited before November 1 prior to the summer of travel (per/person – For Summer Tours):

$250* less than the player package as long as you are in a double or triple room. If you require a single room no discount is available and a supplement to cover the single room is is added to your package cost (same cost as the athlete plus $500 for most 10 - 12 day tours).  

*Discount does not apply to Dominican Republic or Costa Rica tours

Special arrangements can be made for you to meet the group if you do not want to stay for the entire trip.

If you have 10 or more interested in joining you, please contact us for a special price quote for the entire group.

If you are interested in joining our group please call 816.866.0632 or email us at [email protected] to confirm we have availability.

SAMPLE PAYMENT Schedule for 10-12 day tours including airfare:

  • Initial Deposit Due: $500 – If received before Nov 1 you will save $250 in a double or triple room (Does not apply to DR or CR tours).
  • 5-6 Months prior to departure: 30%
  • 3-4 Months prior to departure: 60%
  • 2 Months prior to departure: All balances due

Once your place is confirmed on tour we will need your deposit and the registration form below for each passenger.

volleyball tours italy

We look forward to having you on tour!

volleyball tours italy

Safe and comfortable the entire trip!

Mitchell mcpartland.

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for all of your help setting up our tour in Brazil. Your staff did a wonderful job hosting us and making our group feel safe and comfortable the entire trip. We would highly recommend Brazil to anyone asking for a destination to go to. Thanks again, looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Cost Breakdown

Friends & family, terms & conditions, steps to join, request a position.

Fill out the position form so we can verify your position is still available. This works on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Wait for Confirmation

Within 1-3 days we will contact you from [email protected] either confirming or denying acceptance on selected tour.

Register and Deposit

Registration and deposit info will be emailed. Once registration and deposit is received, you are on the final roster!

Benefits of traveling with AIST .

Our program is designed to give athletes the opportunity explore the world and learn about other cultures. Not only do you get to play a sport you love, you get to do it with others who share the same passion. Here are a few reasons to travel with AIST select teams:

  • Cultural Experience of a Lifetime
  • Personal Growth
  • Educational sightseeing excursions
  • Emersion into an unfamiliar atmosphere
  • Develop new techniques and improve skills
  • A better understanding of the world
  • New friends from around the world

AIST Team Tours

We serve both the private and public school sector in search of long-term partnerships with reputable institutions such as these.

Frequently asked questions

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volleyball tours italy

Providing Education Through International Sports!

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Julio Velasco to lead Italy women’s national team

National Team News

  • European League
  • Age Group Champs

The legendary Julio Velasco, the man that helped shape and lead the ‘golden generation’ that dominated men’s Volleyball in the 90s, has taken over the reins of the Italian women’s national team. The Italian Volleyball Federation (FIPAV) made the announcement on Wednesday after rumours had circulated for weeks since they had parted ways with former coach Davide Mazzanti. Team Italy had a rather disappointing 2023 season, failing to medal at EuroVolley and to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympics. Velasco was previously Technical Director responsible for Italy’s youth national teams – a position he did hold until this past August. 

volleyball tours italy

Velasco’s tenure will start on January 1, 2024. A press conference introducing the legendary coach to the media will be taking place on November 21 in Milan at Centro Pavesi. Before that event, Velasco will not talk to any media or give any interviews whatsoever. 

“We are very happy that Julio has accepted our proposal. We are convinced that a coach of his calibre is the very best choice for our women’s national team. All pre-conditions are there to achieve great results and as always, I am sure that his contribution will be fundamental."


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2023 Italy Men's Volleyball Tour

Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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About this trip

Join us for an incredible volleyball tour of Italy! In addition to educational tours and sightseeing opportunities in Rome, Florence, Venice and Lake Como, the group will play a minimum of 4 exhibition games against top local competition. Beyond Sports is the world leader in international sports tours and we're excited to offer this opportunity to you!

"I met some of the greatest people on my trip, and have continued to keep in contact and grow our friendships. The group of athletes you'll go with will be experiencing everything with you and sharing a lifetime memory with you. I undoubtedly would tell anyone who can go, to go and see the world. We've worked hard to be where we are at athletically, and you get to experience a lifetime dream while playing the sport you love." -  Sarah T. (Beyond Alumni)

What’s included

  • Flights Round trip airfare to Italy from the New York JFK Airport (1 checked bag included)
  • Accommodations Nine nights hotel accommodations (4-star): 2 nights in Rome, 3 nights in Montecatini Terme, 2 nights in Verona, 2 nights in Lake Como
  • Meals Two meals daily (students are on their own for either lunch or dinner)
  • Transportation All transportation while in Italy
  • Health Insurance International Health Insurance
  • Games Minimum of 4 international exhibition games. Practice session upon arrival
  • Excursions All excursions outlined in the trip itinerary
  • Apparel Beyond Sports t-shirt and uniform top
  • Personal Expenses Souvenirs & snacks
  • One Meal Daily Students are on their own for either lunch or dinner
  • Local Airfare Transportation to the New York JFK Airport
  • Passport/Baggage Fees If applicable

Available Packages

volleyball tours italy

Departure day! Depart from the New York (JFK) Airport with tour coaches and Beyond Sports staff on overnight flight to Italy.  

volleyball tours italy

Afternoon arrival to Rome! Transfer to city center for free time to explore before our hotel check-in. Evening practice time with your new teammates. Welcome dinner and trip orientation to finish our first day in Italy! Overnight in Rome. 

volleyball tours italy

Morning guided tour of Vatican City including Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museum. Afternoon free time to continue exploring Rome. Match #1 in the evening! Overnight in Rome. 

volleyball tours italy

Walking tour of Rome including Trevi's Fountain, Spanish Steps and Navona Square. Entrance to Roman Colosseum and Roman Forum for guided tour! Post-lunch departure for the Tuscany region of Italy. Optional trip up the mountain on a cable car for beautiful views of the city and surrounding region. Overnight in Montecatini Terme. 

volleyball tours italy

Morning guided tour of Florence with stops at Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Gates of Paradise and Giotto's Bell Tower. Match #2 in the evening. Overnight in Montecatini Terme. 

volleyball tours italy

Morning departure for the Italian Riviera and the beautiful Cinque Terre villages. Full day to explore the beaches of Cinque Terre and the 5 villages that make up this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Late afternoon return to Montecatini Terme. Overnight in Montecatini Terme.  

volleyball tours italy

Morning departure for Venice. Guided tour of Venice including Venice Glass Museum, St. Mark's Square, Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal. Evening transfer to Verona. Overnight in Verona. 

volleyball tours italy

Morning sightseeing in Verona before an afternoon cooking class. Match #3 in the evening. Overnight in Verona. 

volleyball tours italy

Morning departure for Lake Como and Lombardy region of Italy. We'll stop in Milan for free time to shop in the city center. Match #4 in the evening. Overnight in Lake Como. 

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Volleyball Tours to Europe and Brazil

2022 jr tour to italy photos.

volleyball tours italy

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volleyball tours italy

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volleyball tours italy


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  13. Italy College

    1 Request a Position Fill out the position form so we can verify your position is still available. This works on a first-come, first-serve basis. 2 Wait for Confirmation Within 1-3 days we will contact you from [email protected] either confirming or denying acceptance on selected tour. 3 Register and Deposit

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