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The 31 Best Travel-sized Games of 2024

Our list has brainy word teasers, multiplayer party games, and everything in between.

mini travel games book

Best Card Games

Best board games, best word games, best party games, best for little travelers.

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Travel + Leisure / Marcus Millan

Whether you’re in need of kid-friendly games for a long road trip or some cheeky party activities to break the ice with a new group of hostel friends, it’s always worth having a couple of tried-and-true games up your sleeve while on the road.

The following travel-sized games are the best options in our book. These compact card and board games are designed to take up minimal space in luggage, while still offering maximum fun during the inevitable downtime that comes with most adventures (think layovers, long hours on a train , or rainy evenings on vacation). Here are our top picks for all types of travelers.

Mattel Games World's Smallest UNO Card Game

Why We Love It: This teeny card game will fit into the smallest of handbags.

What to Consider: The ultra-compact size might not work for those with vision problems or arthritic hands.

Uno is one of those card games that everybody already knows how to play — and, if they don’t, it takes about ten seconds to learn. That makes this game an excellent addition when backpacking abroad or vacationing with family members of all ages. This option in particular stands out as it’s the “world’s smallest” version of the popular game. The tiny cards are less than three inches tall — that’s smaller than a credit card! – and can easily fit into handbags or luggage without adding any bulk, so you’ll always have an icebreaker at the ready.

The Details : 2-10 players | Ages 7+ | 0.79 x 1.97 x 2.99 inches

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Deal Card Game

Why We Love It: This rendition allows you to play your favorite board game sans tabletop. 

What to Consider: It can be a bit tricky to catch on at first as there’s a lot of fast-paced action.

Monopoly night at home with friends and family can take you through a serious spectrum of emotions, especially if it’s been dragging on for hours. Then there’s Monopoly Deal. The travel-friendly version of Monopoly is cards only and much faster paced than the traditional board game. You’ll still buy and sell property, collect rent, and pass go as you do in classic Monopoly, but the compact card game can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. It’s also easier to play while at the airport or on a long train journey.

The Details : 2-5 players | Ages 8+ | 15 minutes | 0.75 x 3.62 x 5.63 inches

Mattel Games Skip-bo Card Game

Why We Love It: This family-friendly game is both easy to learn and quick to play.

What to Consider: The cards are a bit flimsy and could be more wear-resistant.

Is it just us or will Skip-bo always evoke childhood memories? The classic number sequencing game was huge in elementary school but was also in major rotation on our grandmother’s kitchen table. Not much has changed since then: the fast-paced card game is just as fun and easy to pick up and play now. It’s also relatively small which makes it great for popping into your carry-on or handbag. Note that although this game is designed for those ages 7 and up, it’s a ton of fun for adults as well as kids.

The Details: 2-6 players | Ages 7+ | 0.98 x 8.46 x 6 inches

Wild Card Games Backpacker: The Ultimate Travel Game

Why We Love It: It helps improve your skills as a traveler while learning about the world.

What to Consider: The instructions are quite long and tedious.

If you’re looking for a travel-themed game (and who doesn’t love a good theme?), then you’ll want to consider checking out Backpacker. The quick-moving travel card game is designed to mimic what it’s like to be on the road and all the potential triumphs and roadblocks that come with traversing the globe. We love that this game comes with actual fun facts about each destination so you still learn about the world around you even while playing close to home. The colorful cards are also visually appealing thanks to the high-quality photography and drawings on each one.

The Details : 2-6 players | Ages 12+ | 5.1 x 0.8 x 3.7 inches

Rubberneckers Everyone's Favorite Travel Game

Why We Love It: This game was specifically designed to be played during a road trip.

What to Consider: It’s not as exciting to play in rural areas.

Road trips are, in theory, a nonstop adventure — but, in practice, they can be long and exhausting. Rubberneckers was designed to put the fun back into long drives. The card game is essentially a game of reverse I Spy with prompts like “credit card logo” and “more than three people in a vehicle” designed to get everyone in the car looking out the window to earn points and win the title of the ultimate rubbernecker. We also appreciate the simple and easy-to-read language so younger kids can participate just as easily as older passengers.

The Details: 2 or more players | Ages 8+ | 3.5 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches

Mattel Phase 10 Card Game

Why We Love It: This card game is a spin-off of the popular Rummikub tile game.

What to Consider: Children may have a hard time keeping up with the rules.

Rummikub, the popular tile game, can be found in a card version with Phase 10. The object of the game is to create various sets using your cards before the other players do. This is a game that can take a while to get used to, but what better time to learn than a 6-hour layover in an airport? Kids as young as seven can play, although older ones may find the strategic element more enjoyable.

The Details: 2-6 players | Ages 7+ | 11.8 x 11.8 x 2 inches

Catan Studio Catan Board Game

Why We Love It: This modern classic is a fan favorite — and, although layered, it’s easy to teach to new players.

What to Consider: There are a fair bit of pieces to keep together while on the go.

Catan is one of those games that seems complicated at first glance, but once you get it, you get it. The strategy board game takes about an hour to play out, but can go for longer — so you’ll want to budget that time while traveling. It’s also important to keep in mind that, even though this is relatively compact and travel-friendly, it still comes with several small pieces so it’s better for playing at your hotel or Airbnb rather than on a train or at the airport.

The Details: 3-4 players | Ages 10+ | 60 minutes | 11.63 x 9.5 x 3 inches

MindWare Travel Qwirkle Game

Why We Love It: This game requires smart strategy but it’s very easy to pick up and run with.

What to Consider: Some of the colors are very similar and can be hard to decipher.

We love the travel-sized Qwirkle game: not only is it super easy to learn but it’s also relatively easy to play while on the go. We love that this option is intuitive for everyone and can easily become a go-to for families with younger kids. The colorful tiles and convenient carrying case make this one great for playing while in transit — but you’ll want to keep in mind that some of the colors (especially orange and red) are very similar and can be a bit tricky to tell apart if you’re not playing in great lighting.

The Details: 2-4 players | Ages 6+ | 30-60 minutes | 5.5 x 6 x 2 inches

Hasbro Gaming Guess Who? Grab and Go Game

Why We Love It: There are only a few pieces to this classic board game.

What to Consider: The plastic is a bit flimsy and will require careful handling.

We’ll always have a soft spot for Guess Who? considering we’ve been playing it pretty much forever. The beloved guessing game requires strategic and creative thinking, but makes a particularly good travel game because there are only a few pieces to keep track of which makes it great for playing on the go, especially on a train or plane, or even while waiting to depart. We also like that the Grab and Go size is super compact and can easily fit in a backpack or carry-on without taking up too much space.

The Details: 2 players | Ages 6+ | 1.89 x 6.26 x 9.25 inches

Sorry! Road Trip Series

Why We Love It: This tiny board game is easy to set up and play on road trips or even flights.

What to Consider: Its extremely compact size is not ideal for bumpy roads or those with arthritis.

Who said you can’t play a whole darn board game while in the car? The road trip edition of Sorry! is super simple to set up and play whether you’re in an airplane cabin or the back seat of a car. The little game is designed to fold out into a full playing board on the go and doubles as its own folding carrying case when all is said and done. We love how easy it is to put together and start playing — but keep in mind, the super tiny pieces might be tricky to play with on particularly bumpy roads. 

The Details : 2-4 players | Ages 6+ | 1.00 x 11.90 x 5.85 inches

Hasbro Gaming Travel Battleship

Why We Love It: This game is quiet and slow-paced which makes it great for playing on a plane or at the airport.

What to Consider: The numerous pieces to keep track of are somewhat inconvenient.

The Grab and Go version of Battleship is small enough to throw into your carry-on bag but large enough to engage in a comfortable game without having to squint or deal with too-small game pieces. The boards and pieces are relatively simplistic compared to the full-sized Battleship, but the idea is the same. We also like that this game is pretty slow-paced which makes it a great option for playing in more quiet spaces like on the airplane or while waiting in a lounge .

The Details : 2 players | Ages 7+ | 1.89 x 6.26 x 9.25 inches

FanVince Magnetic Folding Chess Set

Why We Love It: This sturdy, magnetic game board is perfect for playing on bumpy roads and through turbulence.

What to Consider: The individual pieces feel a little flimsy in hand.

You can’t go wrong with a classic magnetic folding chess board — it’s a travel-sized game staple, afterall. The magnetic design means you don’t have to worry about your pieces falling over while going over bumpy roads or through turbulence, which is a major plus. It’s also super convenient that the board folds into its own carrying case when not in use. Keep in mind that chess is also a very quiet game, so this is absolutely perfect for bringing on a flight with you .

The Details : 2 players | Ages 8+ | 20+ minutes | 9.45 x 9.45 x 0.69 inches

Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Backgammon Mini Game Set

Why We Love It: Everything sits inside a compact carrying case that's easy to pack.

What to Consider: There are a lot of small pieces involved that can fall between car or airplane seats.

Backgammon isn't as popular in the United States as other board games, but it's been around for longer than many of them. This board game involves moving your pieces to your opponent's side and then eliminating them from the other side completely. Like any new game, it takes a little time to get used to, but this is a great option on the road, especially if you're bored of chess or checkers. This game uses magnetic pieces that will stay on the board during bumpy rides, and everything can be kept in a convenient zip-up carrying case.

The Details : 2 players | Ages 5+ | 15+ minutes | 14 x 9 x 1 inches

Bananagrams Duel: Ultimate 2 Player Travel Game

Why We Love It: This new take on classic Bananagrams is even more portable than the original.

What to Consider: It’s sort of a watered down version of the grid game.

Bananagrams has always been one of our favorite travel games — like a real banana, it comes with its own carrying case! — but Bananagrams Duel makes it even more travel-friendly. The quick-paced dueling edition is themed and the letter pieces are die-like rather than tile-like, so you won’t see that sprawling word grid from the original edition. But this just means the game requires way less table space to play so you can easily play this one on an airplane tray table without running out of room.

The Details : 2 or more players | Ages 7+ | 10 minutes | 1.18 x 4.72 x 6.69 inches

Winning Moves Games Scrabble To-go Board Game

Why We Love It: The tiny version of Scrabble has snap-in letters that stay in place.

What to Consider: The scaled-down board isn’t as comfortable to use.

Nothing can really compare to Scrabble when it comes to group-friendly word games, but bringing the full-sized board on the road just isn’t practical. That’s why we’re huge fans of the Scrabble To-go board. The compact size makes it easy to throw in your bag while the snap-in letters mean you won’t have to worry about them flying off if you hit a pothole on the road or turbulence in the air. We also love that this one comes with its own carrying case to protect the board and pieces while traveling.

The Details : 2-4 players | Ages 8+ | 30-60 minutes | 10.75 x 10.25 x 6.88 inches

Mad Libs on the Road World's Greatest Word Game

Why We Love It: It’s easy, hilarious, and super portable to play in transit.

What to Consider: The paperback game pages aren’t reusable.

Whether you’re seven years old or 37, Mad Libs will never not be laugh-out-loud funny. Mad Libs on the Road in particular makes for a great travel-friendly option. The silly fill-in-the-blank stories are all about traveling, road trips, and summertime adventures. It’s especially convenient that Mad Libs are about the size of a paperback novel , meaning they won’t take up any space in your luggage. All you need is a pen and a couple of grammar-focused friends and you have all the makings for hours of laughs in the car and beyond.

The Details: 1 player or more | Ages 8+ | 5.25 x 0.2 x 8.38 inches

Ransom Notes The Ridiculous Word Magnet Party Game

Why We Love It: This game combines somewhat crude humor with strategy.

What to Consider: It’s definitely on the raunchy side.

Think of Ransom Notes as a somewhat crude hybrid between those poetry fridge magnets and Cards Against Humanity. You’ll get a prompt and your goal is to create a phrase using only magnets that’ll make some kind of sense to the reader. This ends up being downright hilarious in most cases — and we give the game major bonus points for being magnetic. All the pieces stay firmly in place, making it much easier to use en route to your destination.

The Details : 3 players or more | Ages 17+ | 30-90 minutes | 5.25 x 4 x 4 inches

Hasbro Gaming Classic Boggle Word Search Game

Why We Love It: This word game can even be enjoyed by only one player.

What to Consider: The secure travel lid can be tough to get on and off.

Boggle is going to be a major win in the eyes of Spelling Bee or Wordle fans (so watch out if you’re playing against them). The basic word game requires fast spelling and deduction skills; all you have to do to win is write down as many words as possible from the assortment of letters on the dice to earn the number one spot. It’s a whole lot of fun and takes up minimal space while in transit, too.

The Details : 1 player or more | Ages 8+ | 2.01 x 4.29 x 4.29 inches

Brass Monkey Bin-go Get Some Drinks Bingo Book

Brass Monkey

Why We Love It: This is great for introverts and anyone who would rather observe a party a bit removed.

What to Consider: It might be awkward to whip this out in an actual bar or restaurant.

Bin-go Get Some Drinks makes any kind of night out even more interesting, especially if you’re someone who tends to observe human behavior in social settings. The somewhat snarky bingo card is packed with the weird things you’ll see in a bar (like witnessing an obvious first date or someone taking a photo of their drink for social media) and is the perfect way for people watchers to spend the night — especially if you find yourself alone in a new city and prefer to observe the crowd over fostering friends right away.

The Details: 1 player or more | Ages 21+ 

Cards Against Humanity Tiny Cards Against Humanity Game

Why We Love It: It’s a great icebreaker in a compact and cute format.

What to Consider: These cards are tiny and might be hard for some to read.

Cards Against Humanity provides instant fun, even at the most dull parties or awkward social events, since there’s just something about dirty words in absurd contexts. That’s why the miniaturized Tiny Cards Against Humanity is such a great game to keep in your back pocket while traveling, especially if you intend on staying in hostels. (Hey, you just never know when you’ll need to pull the ultimate icebreaker out of a pocket!)

The Details : 2 players or more | Ages 17+ | 30 minutes or more | 4.44 x 2.66 x 1.97 inches

All Things Equal, Inc. Loaded Questions On The Go Card Game

Why We Love It: This card game gets conversations going while still providing friendly competition.

What to Consider: There are only so many questions, so you’ll eventually run into duplicates.

All Things Equal: Loaded Questions is one of those card games that can lead to side tangents and deeper conversation if you let it — but it’s also a great way to see how well you know your friends' minds by guessing each other’s answers to given sets of questions. This game is super travel-friendly (all you need is a few pads of paper and pens) and it’s guaranteed to evoke some serious laughs and possible side conversations as well.

The Details : 4-6 players | Ages 8+ | 3.6 x 0.8 x 5.5 inches

Exploding Kittens Card Game

Why We Love It: This card game is fast, fun, and easy to learn.

What to Consider: The rules and concepts of the game are a bit basic.

Exploding Kittens garnered a lot of attention when it was first released and it’s easy to see why. The eye-catching title and cheeky illustrations make this game instantly intriguing. As it turns out, the game is a whole lot of fun for all age groups and it can be played in fifteen minutes or less which makes it a great option for waiting at your airport gate or sneaking a quick game in before heading out to dinner.

The Details : 2-5 players | Ages 7+ | 15 minutes | 4.41 x 6.38 x 1.5 inches

What Do You Meme? Shotgun!: The Card Game for Road Trips

Why We Love It: Everyone can play in the car — even the driver.

What to Consider: It’s not quite as funny as the original What Do You Meme?.

Shotgun! was conceptualized by the same folks who gave us What Do You Meme?, which means you can expect the same level of (somewhat) boundary-pushing humor. The road trip-focused card game doesn’t come with memes or visual cues, but instead uses the sights and sounds on the road as prompts. Card prompts like “first person to say which side the gas tank is on wins a point” and “first person who gets a wave from another car wins two points” will keep everyone in the car on their toes for the drive.

The Details: 2 players or more | Ages 12+ | 1-2 hours | 1.5 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches

Singing Machine Carpool Karaoke The Mic 2.0

Why We Love It: Who wouldn’t want to pretend they’re starring in an episode of Carpool Karaoke?

What to Consider: The Bluetooth setting could be higher quality.

The Carpool Karaoke Machine was designed to make road trips a whole lot more fun. The karaoke microphone pairs with your car’s Bluetooth in order to provide a surround sound experience for all passengers involved (whether that’s good or bad, we’re not sure). The microphone can also be used with your smartphone for DIY karaoke parties at your Airbnb or hotel room — you’ll just want to be mindful of the noise levels.

The Details : 1 player or more | 3.6 x 2.1 x 10.6 inches

Cardinal Cinco Linko

Why We Love It: This is essentially an elevated version of tic-tac-toe, so anyone can pick it up quickly.

What to Consider: The tiles aren't magnetic, so they may slide around during bumpy rides.

Up to four players can enjoy this simple (but competitive) game that involves trying to stack five tiles in a row before another player stops you, similar to tic-tac-toe. The game itself is easy to get into with minimal practice and great for kids and adults alike. We also love that it's built for travel — the waterproof pieces can be stacked and clipped onto a bag during transportation.

The Details : 2-4 players | 2.8 x 8 x 2.8 inches

Hasbro Gaming Connect 4

Why We Love It: This game is simple to pick up on.

What to Consider: There are a ton of little pieces involved.

We love Connect Four — it’s a classic for a reason! The simple game is great for little ones who are still practicing spatial recognition, but honestly, it’s just as fun for adults as well. The game is relatively small (it’s less than 12 inches in length) which is enough room for little fingers to easily use but still small enough to pop into a backpack. Keep in mind, though: there are a number of little coin-sized pieces that come with this game, and they can get messy in the car.

The Details : 2 players | Ages 6+ | 20 minutes | 1.6 x 10.51 x 10.984 inches

Winning Moves Games Pass the Pigs

Why We Love It: This cheeky game is all about tumbling — it was essentially made for turbulence.

What to Consider: The game might become repetitive in smaller groups.

Pass the Pigs is hilariously simple, but there’s something about it that is so much fun. The game includes two pig dice, a dice cup, and a pig scoring guide with a scorepad. The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible by rolling the pigs into different positions like the “snouter” or the “sider.” The best part is that this game was literally made to be thrown around so even if you’re dealing with turbulence you don’t have to worry about your pieces tumbling over.

The Details : 2-7 players | Ages 7+ | 1.75 x 4 x 8.5 inches

Briarpatch I Spy Travel Card Game

Why We Love It: This game is a quiet option to play on the plane.

What to Consider: The game is somewhat solitary; not the best for groups of kids.

The travel-sized version of the classic I Spy children’s book provides endless hours of concentration and focus. The stunning visuals are entertaining in and of themselves but having to hunt for the hidden images makes it even more enjoyable. We also like that it can be played solitary and offers something relatively quiet to play while on the airplane or in other spaces where gameplay banter might not be appropriate.

The Details : 1 player or more | Ages 4+ | 0.75 x 3.75 x 5.75 inches

Taco vs. Burrito LLC Taco vs. Burrito Card Game

Why We Love It: This game was created by a kid for other kids.

What to Consider: The instructions on some cards are a little confusing.

Cheeky graphic-focused card games have become pretty popular over the past few years, but we’re still major fans of Taco vs. Burrito. It’s worth noting that the colorful (and super successful) card game was created by a seven-year-old boy with other kids in mind, but it’s just as fun for adults. The basic gameplay is easy to learn and games can be played within 15 minutes — but the action cards are quick to spice things up and add a strategic layer to the game.

The Details : 2-4 players | Ages 6+ | 15 minutes | 7 x 5 x 2 inches

Tricky Riddles for Smart Kids: 333 Difficult But Fun Riddles And Brain Teasers For Kids And Families

Why We Love It: This pack of riddles creates conversation and fosters further curiosity.

What to Consider: There are only about 300 riddles, so the deck might eventually become repetitive.

Kids who love brain teasers will get a kick out of this colorful collection of riddles designed to stump and foster curiosity. The deck is small and easy to transport (it’s about the size of a novel), but it’s packed with hundreds of riddles for kids to work through. The only thing we don’t love is that, while the deck does include lots of options, kids who are keen to work through one after another may deplete them rather quickly.

The Details : 1 player or more | 8-12 | 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches

PlayMonster Take 'n' Play Anywhere Bingo

Why We Love It: Young kids will have fun and work their brains at this matching game.

What to Consider: The marker pieces don't have the strongest magnets.

It can be hard to find games that kids, especially young ones, will find interesting for more than a few minutes at a time. This bingo game might be just what you're looking for — little ones will have fun spinning the spinner (a game in itself) and then using magnetic markers to match the corresponding animals on the board. And as long as your kids are good at taking turns, it can be played by multiple people at once.

The Details : 1 player or more | Ages 4+ | 6.7 x 0.9 x 6.7 inches

Tips for Buying Travel-sized Games

Factor in the needed space.

You’ll want to consider the space required for your chosen game(s) and decide how much luggage space you’re able to offer up. This is where miniature grab-and-go board games and card games will come in handy. Prioritizing card games and smaller games that don’t require a board means you can more easily play your games on the move. If you need a table or flat surface for your game, playing while seated at the terminal or on a train may not be practical.

Figure out the game time

You’ll want an idea of how much time a game takes before deciding to pack it. Card games tend to be faster-paced than board games, and most can be completed in 15-30 minutes. Board games and party games can last a lot longer, continuing for up to two hours in certain cases. This can be great for lazy days at the hotel or Airbnb, but might not be the most practical for passing time at the train station.

Consider player ages

Think of the ages of the players you anticipate sharing games with. If you’re planning a backpacking trip and plan to spend time playing games at your hostel, you’ll probably be safe with just about any card or board game. If you’re meeting up with your family for a vacation, you might want to choose games that are suitable for all ages. Note that some games can be altered to be more PG by removing certain cards or phrases, but it’s best to double-check to ensure everyone in your group can participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games are ideal for traveling.

The right games for your travels will greatly depend on what kind of travel you’re doing ( road trip games vary greatly from late-night adult-only games, for example). But, no matter what style of travel you’re up to, you’ll want to look for games that are small enough to easily fit in your luggage without being imposing. Opt for games that don’t have many loose pieces or take up too much space when in use. Card games are your best bet if you anticipate playing on the road frequently, but travel-sized board games can also work (especially if they come in a magnetic format).

Are there travel-sized board games?

Yes! There are plenty of travel-sized board games available and many come with their own carrying case or magnetic material that further simplifies the overall travel experience. You won’t find every single board game available in a travel size, but you’ll definitely be able to find the classics from Hasbro like Clue , Monopoly , and more .

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this article, Travel + Leisure contributor Kaitlyn McInnis used her experience as a travel writer and former lifestyle editor as well as her own research to curate a list of the best travel-sized games available.

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mini travel games book

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The 13 Best Travel Board Games You Can Play Anywhere (Even on a Plane)

mini travel games book

If you buy something using our links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

When you're stuck in a plane, train, or even the backseat of a car, you need a way to kill time... and board games are great for that!

Of course, mobile games are more convenient—unless you're like me and prone to motion sickness. Plus, these days I much prefer the tactile experience of cards and pieces, and we could all stand to spend less time staring at digital screens.

So, I think everyone should have at least one portable board game or card game that they can take with them while traveling!

What makes a great travel board game?

  • Small box. When you're traveling, space is at a premium. Carrying the game around shouldn't be a nuisance and it should fit comfortably inside a carry-on bag. If the entire game can fit inside your pocket, that's as good as it gets!
  • Minimal footprint. It can't take up too much table space. (Ideally, no table space at all!) Plus, it should have very few components. Not only are game pieces hard to handle while traveling, they're easy to accidentally bump off and lose forever.
  • Length and replayability. Whether your flight is 1 hour or 12 hours, the game should keep you engaged and help make time fly by. But it should also be under an hour per game so you aren't forced to cut it short if it happens to run too long.

Here are my picks for the best travel board games that are tiny, portable, and able to be played pretty much anywhere!

Note: You'll notice a distinct lack of Button Shy games on this list. While Button Shy games are famously tiny—each game is only 18 cards—they tend to take up a lot of table space. I've yet to find one that can comfortably play on an airplane tray.

mini travel games book

13. The Mind

mini travel games book

Designed by Wolfgang Warsch

Supports 2 to 4 players

About 15 to 20 minutes

The Mind is a cooperative card game where everyone has their own hand of cards—from a deck numbered 1 through 100—and the goal is to play all cards in ascending order... without ANY communication.

With larger starting hands, the game gets more difficult. You start on Level 1 with one card each, then Level 2 with two cards each, up to whatever Level you can reach. Or you can just play (and replay) it on whatever Level you want to see how often you can win.

The Mind is a great card game for planes because it's mainly held in your hands (all cards played to a single pile) and the no-communication rule is a good fit when you're stuck in a loud plane with others around you.

mini travel games book

Designed by Mark Tuck

Supports 1 player

About 5 to 15 minutes

Grove is a brilliant solo puzzle-style card game that only consists of 18 cards and 15 dice that are used as point trackers.

The cards are basically tiles, which you place by overlapping previously played cards. When you overlap trees of the same color, you increase the value of those trees (which are tracked using the dice).

How bountiful will your grove be? Grove is a beat-your-own-score type game with a lot of replayability. The backs of each card have different victory conditions for variety.

Each game of Grove is relatively short but punchy, and it's a fantastic game to play while traveling.

mini travel games book

11. Timeline

mini travel games book

Designed by Frédéric Henry

Supports 2 to 8 players

Timeline is a compact card game about figuring out where different events belong on a timeline.

Players have a hand of cards that each depict a specific event. Cards are played to a shared timeline and on each turn you have to place one card into the timeline. If it's not placed correctly, you draw another card. Otherwise, first to get rid of their cards wins!

Timeline is less about knowing the exact years when things happened and more about logically reasoning when things happened in relation to events already in the timeline. It's fun even if you know zero history!

Note: Timeline comes in several themed packs, which can be mixed and matched for more variety and difficulty. In addition to Timeline Inventions , there's also:

  • Timeline Classic
  • Timeline Events
  • Timeline British History

mini travel games book

Designed by Martino Chiacchiera, Hjalmar Hach, and Pierluca Zizzi

Similo is a deduction game where one player is trying to get everyone else to guess the right character from a grid of twelve.

On each turn, the active player plays a card and marks it as either SIMILAR or DIFFERENT. Based on that, the other players have to eliminate characters from the grid. If the correct character remains at the end, everyone shares victory!

Similo is like a better, more compact, and more fun Guess Who . The grid is randomized every time so there's replayability, plus the discussions that arise during elimination can be surprisingly funny.

Note: Similo comes in several themed packs, which can be mixed and matched for more variety and difficulty. In addition to Similo History , there's also:

  • Similo Myths
  • Similo Fables
  • Similo Animals
  • Similo Wild Animals
  • Similo Harry Potter

mini travel games book

9. Hive Pocket

mini travel games book

Designed by John Yianni

Supports 2 players

About 20 to 40 minutes

Hive is one of the best head-to-head two-player board games if you want a pure abstract strategy game—and Hive Pocket is the portable travel edition that you can take anywhere.

There's no board in Hive ; the pieces ARE the board! As you place pieces and move them around, they dictate where future pieces can be placed and moved to. Each insect type has its own rules for how to move.

Hive Pocket has a tiny footprint and the tiles are made of durable plastic resin that's satisfying to play with. Moreover, Hive Pocket comes with two expansion insects already included!

mini travel games book

Designed by Kei Kajino

Supports 2 to 5 players

Scout is a ladder-climbing card-shedding game in the style of Crazy Eights or Chinese Poker , but it has a few twists that take it to the next level and make it one of the best in the genre.

First, you can't re-order your hand once it's dealt. Second, when you play cards, you collect the cards played by the previous player. Third, if you can't play any cards, you "scout" by taking a card from the previous player and adding it to your hand—and they earn a point.

When someone empties their hand, the round ends. Each player scores a point for each card they collected plus any scout points they earned.

Scout is a simple but deep card game that feels like an old-school card game but plays like a modern classic. It's the perfect travel card game for families who want something a little meatier.

7. The Crew: Mission Deep Sea

mini travel games book

Designed by Thomas Sing

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea is a cooperative trick-taking card game—a lot like Euchre or Hearts , except everyone is trying to accomplish certain tasks and helping others to achieve their tasks.

Examples of tasks in this game: "Win exactly 2 Blue cards" or "Win only the last trick" or "Win at least 1 card of each color." There are nearly 100 task cards and a random set is chosen every game.

The hard part is, there's no communication allowed! Except using the one-time communication token. With that token, you can reveal one card and mark it as either your HIGHEST of that color, your LOWEST of that color, or your ONLY card of that color.

Trick-taking card games have been a staple of societies for centuries, but the cooperative twist in The Crew: Mission Deep Sea makes it one of the best of its kind. It's so addictive!

mini travel games book

6. Zombie Dice: Horde Edition

mini travel games book

Designed by Steve Jackson

Supports 2 to 100 players

About 10 to 20 minutes

Want to play a travel board game that's literally nothing but a set of 13 custom dice? Then Zombie Dice is your jam. ( Zombie Dice: Horde Edition includes the base game plus both expansions!)

In Zombie Dice , you're rolling and re-rolling three dice at a time, trying to score as many Brains as you can on your turn. Dice with Footsteps can be re-rolled, but dice with Shotguns can't—and if you ever have three Shotguns showing, you lose all the Brains from that round.

This is one of the purest push-your-luck games in existence, and it's so compact that you can play anywhere. Just make sure to roll inside the box cover to minimize the risk of losing any dice!

mini travel games book

Designed by Steffen Benndorf

Qwixx is what's known as a "roll and write" game: you roll dice, then use the results to write on your score pad.

In Qwixx , you're trying to fill out blocks 2 to 12 for each of four colors. The thing is, once you fill in a block, you can no longer fill any blocks to the left of that block for that particular color.

Once a player has five blocks filled in a color, they can choose to lock that color (no one else can fill that color anymore). Once two colors are locked, the game ends. The more blocks you've filled, the more points!

Ultimately, this game is a balancing act between smart decisions and pushing your luck. Qwixx packs a ton of fun into such a small box, and it's so easy to play anywhere—even on a plane.

mini travel games book

4. Love Letter

mini travel games book

Designed by Seiji Kanai

About 15 to 30 minutes

Love Letter is one of the best portable card games of all time. It consists of a deck of 16 cards numbered from 1 to 8, with higher-value cards rarer than the lower-value cards.

This is a game of deduction and hand management. Each player starts with 1 card and the entire game is played like so: draw a card, play a card. The winner is whoever has the highest-value card in hand at the end.

But here's the twist: each card also has a special ability that triggers when played. One lets you peek at another's hand, another lets you trade hands, another lets you name a player and a card—if they're holding that card, they get eliminated from the round.

A round of Love Letter plays in just a few minutes, and whoever is first to win a predetermined number of rounds wins the game.

mini travel games book

3. Fantasy Realms

mini travel games book

Designed by Bruce Glassco

Supports 2 to 6 players

Fantasy Realms is my ultimate choice for portable card game. It's easy to learn and compact in size, with tons of gameplay packed in.

The game consists of a deck of 53 cards: 10 suits of 5 cards each, plus 3 wild cards. Each card has a base point value as well as a scoring mechanism that grants extra points (or loses points) depending on what other cards you have in your hand.

Players start with a hand of 7 cards, then turns are as a simple as drawing a card and discarding a card. Your hand at the end of the game determines your score and highest score wins.

Fantasy Realms can be taken anywhere and plays quickly. Every game is different as you try to figure out the best way to manage your own hand, and you can kill so much time without getting bored.

Note: Scoring can be unwieldy in Fantasy Realms , but the scoring companion app makes it much easier—just pick the cards in your hand and it'll spit out your score.

mini travel games book

2. Palm Island

mini travel games book

Designed by Jon Mietling

Supports 1 to 2 players

There's one thing about Palm Island that makes it so perfect as a travel card game: it can play entirely in the palm of your hand. You don't even need a table or a lap! No other game is this portable.

Palm Island consists of 17 double-sided cards, with each side split into top and bottom halves. You'll go through the deck several times, tapping cards into resources then spending resources to upgrade cards (i.e. rotating and flipping them to their better actions).

It's a simple but thinky solo game that's played in a beat-your-own-score manner, so there's plenty of replayability.

But the key feature of Palm Island truly is its portability. Hand-only games are exceedingly rare and very few of them are worth playing long-term. Palm Island is the best of its kind.

mini travel games book

1. Dungeons, Dice & Danger

mini travel games book

Designed by Richard Garfield

Supports 1 to 4 players

About 45 to 60 minutes

Dungeons, Dice & Danger is the meatiest experience you'll find for a game that's nothing more than a sheet of paper, a pencil, and five dice. You can really play it anywhere and lose yourself in it.

On your turn, you roll the four white dice and split the results into two pairs. Then, everyone uses those two pairs to mark off rooms on their personal dungeon sheet. (The active roller can also use the fifth black die to substitute one of the whites, but no one else can.)

You can only mark rooms that are adjacent to rooms you've already visited, and if you have no rooms to mark on a turn, you lose health which will reduce your score at the end.

You'll also be finding gems, looting treasure, unlocking special actions, and fighting monsters for more ways to earn points.

It's both surprising and impressive to get this much game out of just five dice. If you're going to be traveling a lot—especially on planes—I highly recommend Dungeons, Dice & Danger above all else.

mini travel games book

49 best travel games for adults recommended by travellers (updated 2023)

Travel games for adults

If you have ever spent a night in a hostel you have inevitably been invited for a game of asshole. Or president. Or bullshit. What am I talking about? Travel games of course! You can find them in all different names and shapes: some are played with cards, some with dice, and some just by exchanging words. Oh and don’t forget the drinking games! I’ve decided to bundle these travel games for adults into one article.

Travel games

My friends Joost and Samuel enjoying a travel game called Bananagrams

Most of these games are fairly easy to explain to anyone, which is, of course, an important criterion for the international crowds you usually find around hostels. It’s not even just hostels where these backpacker games are played either: in night trains, long-distance buses, forest huts, Couchsurfing, or Airbnb accommodations, anywhere with a bit of flat surface (for the card games, dice games, and board games) and a group of fun-loving people. It’s the ultimate icebreaker and you’ll soon end up chatting away post-game with your newly-made friends.

There are countless games with countless names, some are even known by different names in different parts of the world. I’ve committed to creating an ever-expanding list of these road trip games, so feel free to leave a comment with your favorite game that I haven’t mentioned yet.


Board games for adults, 1. bananagrams, 2. thirty seconds, 3. the settlers of catan, 4. guesstures, card games for adults, 6. ligretto, 7. bullshit / cheat / i doubt it / bluff / bs / liar, 8. the great dalmuti, 9. cribbage.

10. Chinese poker

11. Solitaire / Patience

13. skip bo, 15. egyptian rat screw, 17. cards against humanity, 18. shithead / palace / karma / china hand / ten-two slide, 19. go fish, 20. exploding kittens, 21. koehandel / cow trade / horse trade, 22. crazy eights, 24. top trumps, 28. travelin’, 29. codenames duet, dice games for adults.

30. Liar’s Dice

31. Rory’s Story Cubes

32. Yahtzee

33. regenwormen / pickomino, road trip games for adults.

34. Guess the song

36. Truth or Dare

37. the guessing capital game, 38. never pass a sample, 39. pizza ftw, 40. zitchdog, drinking games for adults, 42. monkey monkey, 44. king’s cup.

47. Assholes / President / Scumbag

48. Mayer / Mia / Meier

50. Add your game

Bananagrams board game for adults

Bananagrams – the board game

How can you win Bananagrams?

To be played with wine for best results. The trick is speed, you need to be really quick about forming words. Also, it helps if you can avoid the letters Q, Z, J and X.

What makes Bananagrams fun?

It’s portable, easy to learn, and play is fast. Once the game is over you can argue about whether the words put down by other players are real words. It’s even more fun if you don’t happen to be carrying a dictionary.

What is your best memory playing Bananagrams on your travels?

Slipping an invented word past my fellow players – they were all American and I managed to convince them that it was a very conventional word in British English.

30 seconds board game

30 Seconds board game

How can you win Thirty Seconds?

You can win 30 Seconds by getting as many answers as possible right in 30 seconds. One player must guess a word based on their teammate’s explanation. The main thing here is that the explanation may not contain the actual word or part of the word.

Of course, you can buy the game, but it’s more fun to make one yourself! For example (when there are 4 players – 2 teams): every player writes ten names of – for example – celebrities down on 10 pieces of paper. Then you collect all the pieces of paper in a bowl. Each round the team draws a card and then has 30 seconds to describe the name on the paper as quickly as they can. When the bowl is empty, the team that has the most pieces of paper wins the game.

What makes Thirty Seconds fun?

It’s really funny because sometimes it’s really hard to explain a name and your teammates’ guesses do not make any sense.

What is your best memory playing Thirty Seconds on your travels?

We played this game over and over with two of my friends. In the end we got a bit obsessed and we became really good at in, so now nobody else wants to play it with us any more… Haha!

Settler of Catan board game

Settlers of Catan board game

How can you win The Settlers of Catan?

You win when you gain 10 points (13 in the extended version), which you get by building villages, towns, streets, or draw some of the magic cards in the pack.

What makes The Settlers of Catan fun?

Each time is different. It’s not a fixed board like e.g. the game ‘Risk’ uses. The board is made up of a number of tiles which you put together randomly for each game. Contrary to e.g. Risk, where after so many games you kind of know what you need to win, or what the favorable is, Catan is entirely different in each setup.

What is your best memory playing The Settlers of Catan on your travels?

Beach Agonda, India, with Dutch friends. One of them wasn’t particularly good at losing, and when his wife was about to beat him he’d suggest to smoke a joint. As soon as she did this, she lost all concentration and lost. It was very funny to watch.

Guesstures board game

Guesstures board game

How can you win Guesstures?

You win by simplifying the words to basic body movements. Anything too complicated can always trip up your guessers.

What makes Guesstures fun?

We love how ridiculous you look when playing the game. At the same time, anyone can play and it’s easy to learn.

What is your best memory playing Guesstures on your travels?

Whenever we go to a cabin with a group of friends, it’s always fun to bust it out!

Fun card games for adults

Dobble travel card game

The Dobble travel card game

How can you win Dobble?

There are endless variations to this game, but in the most common one, you will have to get as many cards as possible by matching a symbol from your card to a symbol on the top card in the central pile. The player with the most cards at the end wins.

What makes Dobble fun?

It’s a nerve wrecking game because you’re playing against others to find the matching symbol. There is  always  a matching symbol but sometimes you are looking back and forth frantically between your card and the one in the middle just and it just seems like nothing matches… Then someone else finds one and it’s back to square one. You have to shout the symbol that matches which often leads to hilarious descriptions like “white condom ghost thing”.

What is your best memory playing Dobble on your travels?

I love that it comes in such a small package but has endless possibilities. There are different game modes, e.g. where you have to match other players’ symbols, where you want to get rid of all your cards, or exactly the opposite. It’ll keep you busy for hours… As long as you don’t get a heart attack that is 😉

Ligretto card game

Cards for playing Ligretto

How can you win Ligretto?

The aim of this travel game is to get rid of all your cards faster than all the other players by discarding them in the middle of the table.

What makes Ligretto fun?

It’s FAST! You’ll have to put cards down like a maniac and your strategy can change every second. It’s nice and compact, you only need a single deck of cards, and you don’t need much space to lay the cards out either. The rules are simple and it never gets old.

What is your best memory playing Ligretto on your travels?

A fun Couchsurfer living in Dol, a quiet village on the Hvar island in Croatia, introduced me and my girlfriend to this game. It was her favorite game and she showed us why (by beating us over and over). We played it for hours and hours and the relentless chant of victory, “Ligretto!”, still echoes in my ears.

How can you win Bullshit?

The object of the game is actually pretty simple – get rid of all your cards. However, in order to do that, you have to do a bit of bluffing – if someone calls your bluff (calls ‘bullshit’), you have to pick up all the cards lying on the table!

What makes Bullshit fun?

The risk! If you want to win, you inevitably have to do a little lying. The fun part is trying to con your friends, which when considering that this game is usually played whilst drinking, you become increasingly less good at!

What is your best memory playing Bullshit on your travels?

During our two year Latin American adventure, we played this game a lot. But one of the best memories has to be playing it on a cargo ship heading to the Corn Islands in Nicaragua. The boat was around a day late, litres of rum were drank and bullshit helped pass the hours.

The great Dalmuti card game

The great Dalmuti card game

How can you win The Great Dalmuti?

You can win the Great Dalmuti by playing all your cards. Whoever finishes first becomes the Great Dalmuti, the next one the lesser Dalmuti. When you finish last you become the (lesser or big) slave. What makes it fun is that the roles change and the Dalmuties receive tax from the slaves. Also, everyone respects the Dalmuti (who, of course, sits on the best chair) and orders the slaves around (who not uncommonly don’t even get a chair to sit in).

What makes The Great Dalmuti fun?

So it becomes very competitive as people want to become the Dalmuti and punish the previous Dalmuti for his Behaviour.

What is your best memory playing The Great Dalmuti on your travels?

A vivid memory that comes to mind is when I used to play it in Thailand with my fiancé and parents-in-law on the front porch of our bungalow.

Cribbage card game

Cribbage card game

How can you win Cribbage?

It’s complicated… You need to be able to count cards and add. Because the game is “first to 121 points” you also need to play strategically.

What makes Cribbage fun?

There are loads of ways to score points, both in the play and in the hand, so you need to focus. If you leave points unclaimed your opponent can call “muggins” and claim your points.

What is your best memory playing Cribbage on your travels?

This is quite a complicated game to learn and it was my father who taught me to play on sailing trips as a kid. My best memory is sitting on deck with him playing and calling “muggins” when he’d missed something (possibly on purpose, who knows!)

10. Chinese Poker

How can you win chinese poker.

Get rid of all your cards.

What makes Chinese Poker fun?

It’s a combination of Yahtzee and Poker; what’s not to like? You can create a strategy before the game starts but you might have to rethink it when the game’s not going your way. Decisions, decisions!

What is your best memory playing Chinese Poker on your travels?

I saw a few Chinese people play the game in the “cattle-class” of a sleeper train; they were really passionate about it and it was a lot of fun to watch their strategies as they went along. Where better to learn Chinese poker that from actual Chinese people 🙂

How can you win Solitaire?

Since you’re typically playing this game alone, you’re always a winner! Actually, that is not true, you can still get stuck in the game and be forced to take a loss. Sounds depressing, doesn’t it? You win by stacking all the cards on the table onto each other in four equal piles, in order from low to high and sorted by suit.

What makes Solitaire fun?

It can cure boredom if you’re traveling alone. It can even be a pretty fun game as you’ll have to be creative sometimes to free yourself from a seemingly impossible-to-finish situation. More often, however, it’s a last resort when you’re stuck inside an airport on a 7-hour layover with no plugs to charge your drained electronic devices.

What is your best memory playing Solitaire on your travels?

Since I’ve played this game quite a few times on my solo travels, every time you finish a game there is this little sparkle of joy inside your brain, and you mentally picture all the cards bouncing around and fireworks being set off like in the Windows version. Or at least I did.

How can you win Toepen?

This Dutch game is all about battles. You can win a battle, but that doesn’t mean you’ve won the game (similarly to war.. or a couple getting divorced). The first to 15 points (or 25, if you want to play for longer) loses, making the other players the winners (but really, it’s the person with the least “penalty-points” that is the happiest).

What makes Toepen fun?

The game involves some simple but entertaining mind-games. “Why the hell did he/she toep?” is a common question that gets raised often during the game. Does the player have great cards and is therefore confident that they are going to win, or are they simply bluffing? This is easily our favorite go-to game on the road.

What is your best memory playing Toepen on your travels?

We’ve played this game about a hundred times on every (long-distance) bicycle that we did together. It’s an easy game to explain to others and gets strategic when you’re playing with people that have played it before. A memory that comes to mind: Steven was with Joost in Denmark where they were playing Toepen with a Danish girl (she called it “Poopen”). She Toeped (“Pooped”) at the most random moments, leaving Steven and Joost completely clueless of her strategy.

Skip bo card game

Skip bo card game

How can you win Skip Bo?

The classic way: you need to be the first to get rid of your cards.

What makes Skip Bo fun?

It is easy to learn, and while it’s a strategic game it’s still possible to win when you’ve just learned the rules.

What is your best memory playing Skip Bo on your travels?

I have so many memories playing this with Couchsurfers at home, but my best memory while travelling would be on a train in China where we shared a sleeper with an Argentinian couple. We played into the small hours of the morning, learning about each other and our journeys.

Fluxx card game

Fluxx card game

How can you win Fluxx?

Let’s start with the rules of Fluxx: there are no rules. Yup. Every time you put a card down the rules change, which also sometimes means you’ll have to your flip your strategy 180 degrees. You have to collect cards and you’ve won when you have accomplished the objectives that are on the table at that moment before someone else changes them.

What makes Fluxx fun?

It’s a very random game, so if you like your games structured then you might want to try another one. That said, it’s that actual chaotic element of the game that makes it fun. You’re constantly checking if you can annoy or block your opponents with the current rulesets, and sometimes it’s even possible that someone has won without him/her knowing!

What is your best memory playing Fluxx on your travels?

I haven’t played this game on any travels yet, but I would love to hear from someone that has! Leave a comment .

Egyptian rat screw card game

Egyptian rat screw card game

How can you win Egyptian Rat Screw?

The object of the game is to be the person with all the cards at the end of the game. This means the game can take a very long time.

What makes Egyptian Rat Screw fun?

Once you and other players learn how to play the game moves very fast from player to player. The intensity heightens with the speed of the game. The most fun part about this game is when you get two cards that are the same flipped one on top of the other. The first person to slap those cards wins the deck. This also means that people who are “out” of cards can slap their way back in.

What is your best memory playing Egyptian Rat Screw on your travels?

I learned this game in a summer camp when I was very young. When I studied abroad in Australia I taught all my new friends how to play it. We would spend hours just passing the time away with this game. No drinks involved!

How can you win Rummy?

Individual games are won by the first person who “goes out” or discards every card in their hand. Along the way, they rack up points by putting down three of a kind and straights of the same suit. Your points get tallied up per game and in our case, a full game runs to 500 points and can last 1-2 hours.

What makes Rummy fun?

Rummy is fun because it’s so basic and it’s almost akin to baseball; a game to 500 is never over until the person reaches that point total. The game has so many intricacies and quirky rules that make it fun all by itself. Enter a couple of people who are married or just friends, and it can get crazier by the hand.

What is your best memory playing Rummy on your travels?

We’ve played everywhere when traveling, and I try my best to not swear out loud when losing badly. Unfortunately, I failed when riding a boat to Jeju Island in Korea and earned quite a few stares my way. That was a cue for me to go outside and get some fresh air.

Cards against humanity card game

Cards against humanity card game

How can you win Cards Against Humanity?

You need to make the other people vote for your answer to a ridiculous question.

What makes Cards Against Humanity fun?

It is all about reading other people and figuring out what kind of answer this person would like, some might like dirty jokes, other logical answers etc. Oh, and the game is free… you can download it from CardsAgainstHumanity.com (or you can buy it via the link below if you don’t want to print the cards yourself).

What is your best memory playing Cards Against Humanity on your travels?

I was introduced to it while Couchsurfing in Zürich and one girl got the question “How did I lose my virginity?”. My answer was “Through an AK47” which is what she choose and that kind of became the joke of the evening. The game gave us so many laughs and very fun atmosphere. Great way to get to know new people!

How can you win Shithead?

This game isn’t about being the winner, it’s about not being the loser aka the “shithead”. If you’re the last person in the game you will have the endearing title of shithead bestowed upon you until you can redeem yourself in the next game.

What makes Shithead fun?

At the end, there’s always an element of chance involved and it’s always fun to watch someone who thinks they’re about the win fall from grace. Also having an excuse to call strangers you’ve just met shitheads is never a bad thing.

What is your best memory playing Shithead on your travels?

Teaching the game to some travellers at a hostel in Bosnia and watching them spend the next few days engrossed in matches.

How can you win Go Fish?

You can win Go Fish by being the player that collected the most sets of 4 from the pack of cards (e.g. all the 3s, all the kings etc).

What makes Go Fish fun?

It isn’t a game that requires too much thought and isn’t difficult so long as you have a good memory. It is also great to see the look on your friend or relatives’ face when you steal the majority of a set from them which they were hoarding!

What is your best memory playing Go Fish on your travels?

My best memory of playing this game is when I used to play it as a teenager with a friend I made in the apartments in Fuerteventura. At the time I loved all things fish related and I had a novelty set of cards in the shape of fish. We used to play it whenever we had a moment before dinner after going to the beach or swimming in the pool.

Exploding kittens card game

Exploding kittens card game

How do you win Exploding Kittens?

You can win Exploding Kittens by becoming the only player who isn’t blown up by a Kitten. Yes, it is as ridiculous as it sounds. You basically just draw a card each turn hoping not to draw an exploding kitten card. If you do you are out of the game. Unless you can defuse the exploding kitten in which case the card goes back into the deck. All the other card you draw and can play are used to somehow avoid the exploding kittens.

What makes Exploding Kittens fun?

One of the reasons is the pure ridiculousness of the concept which is also the genius of the game. I mean, who doesn’t like kitten or explosions or laser pens. Next is that it is very easy to play and mostly luck based with just a very small hint of strategy. Its just easy and ridiculous which is what you want when playing games with people you’ve just met.

What is your best memory playing Exploding Kittens on your travels?

I personally haven’t played this while traveling yet as it has only been out for a few months (at time of writing) and I haven’t had the opportunity. But the fact that it is so easy, portable and fun should prove to be a winning combo in any setting.

Koehandel card game

Koehandel, a popular Dutch card game

How do you win Koehandel?

The Dutch game Koehandel has two phases, in phase one players take turns pulling an animal card from a pile and auctioning it off to the other players. Each player should try to get the animals for the lowest price possible. As the game progresses, more money is distributed among the players which means the animals get more expensive. The key to winning during this phase is to correctly adjust your theoretical pricing to the increasing money supply.

During phase two, players bid for each other’s animals in a blind auction. This means that both players put an undisclosed amount of money on the table and whoever bids highest will win the other player’s animal, while the money is also being exchanged. During this phase, the key to winning is to get inside the other player’s mind and correctly predict how much he or she will bid. Then you bid a little bit more so that you win the animal cheaply.

What makes Koehandel fun?

Koehandel is really fun because of the unpredictable nature of the game. In every action you take, you have to consider what your opponent will most likely do, based on what he or she thinks that you will do. There is a lot of game theory involved, which makes the game very dynamic and interesting, it never becomes dull even when you play it with the same people over and over again as players adjust their strategies based on observations from past games.

What is your best memory playing Koehandel on your travels?

A few years back I rented a house in Florianopolis, Brazil. I intentionally rented a house with a few spare rooms so that I could have friends over to visit. During my three month stay, I introduced this relatively unknown game to all my friends and they all loved it! They still talk about how much fun it was.

How do you win Crazy Eights?

You win a hand by being the player to get rid of all your cards. Any player left holding cards adds the sum of the cards to add their total. Although there are different variations on the rules, I usually play with the first player who gets to a total of 108 is the loser.

What makes Crazy Eights fun?

It’s fast-paced and frustrating at the same time. Plus it’s super easy to learn.

What is your best memory playing Crazy Eights on your travels?

Playing for hours on end with a Kiwi couple on the roof of a hostel in Istanbul. There had been a pretty major earthquake nearby so the city was basically shut down as many feared another quake in the days following. It was a great way to pass the time and bring some levity to a pretty serious situation.

How can you win Kemps?

You play in teams of 2 people, and the objective to get 4-of-a-kind (e.g. four 8’s or four Kings) amongst your team. Once you (think) your teammate has a 4-of-a-kind, you can yell “Kemps!”. If you indeed have a 4-of-a-kind, your team scores a point. Otherwise, you lose a point (but the game keeps going). You can even take it up a notch and get a double-kemp when both you and your teammate have a 4-of-a-kind. After winning x number of points, the game is won. There is an awesome move too: you can yell “counter Kemps!” when you think one of your opponents has 4-of-a-kind, and their teammate hasn’t called it yet.

What makes Kemps fun?

There aren’t that many cards games that are played in a team, which makes this one unique. The fun element also comes from the way you can signal your team member. You are allowed to talk during the game, which means you can signal to your teammate (who sits opposite of you) that you are saving a certain value of the card (e.g. Queens). Obviously, it is supposed to be a secret signal, as the others will easily figure it out and block your strategy.

What is your best memory playing Kemps on your travels?

I played this game at my home in Tokyo with my couchsurfer guests, amongst which was Victor. The others were from France (me), the USA and Israel. Soon we were coming up with ridiculous signals to let the other team member know what you were saving up. We would say “Do you have a red banana?”, which would stand for e.g. Jacks. Figuring out each other’s codes and even faking other people’s codes made the game very entertaining.

Top trumps star wars

Top trumps Star Wars edition

How can you win Top Trumps?

Top Trumps is a really unique British game and a favorite with kids. Each pack of Top Trumps is based on a theme (animals, volcanoes, superheroes etc..) and each card in the pack contains five categories with numerical values, that you can use to ‘trump’ your opponent. The aim of the game and the way that you win is to get all your opponents’ cards (or the most number of cards in an allotted time).

What makes Top Trumps fun?

It’s a really fun game to play as a family and even young kids can enjoy it. There is also such a huge range of themes that you can upgrade to a new pack and game, which helps to keep things interesting. Depending on the ages of kids playing, it can be fast (or very slow!).

What is your best memory playing Top Trumps on your travels?

We play Top Trumps all the time with the kids. When we’re out to eat, waiting at an airport, at home… it really is a winner for families. One of my favourite memories is playing Harry Potter Top Trumps on an early morning ferry from Galiano Island to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Uno card game

Uno, perhaps the most popular card game

How can you win Uno?

The winner of a single game of Uno is the first player to get rid of all of the cards in his/her hand. If you want to make the game more exciting, however, you can play over a longer period of time, creating an Uno tournament, adding up points as you go. Each card is worth a certain number of points, and to win you are aiming for as few points as possible. This is fun because it sees the gameplay change and become more tactical.

What makes Uno fun?

Uno is fun because there is always that chance of forgetting to announce you are on your last card and paying the price. It can be a tactical game and often when played in a group of friends you will find that a certain amount of ganging up and revenge play occurs. I also couldn’t believe just how many people we met, of differing nationalities that knew how to play Uno and loved it.

What is your best memory playing Uno on your travels?

My friend and I met up with a french lady who I worked with and her sister whilst doing a road trip of Western Australia. Our nightly entertainment consisted of huddling around our camping table, wrapped in blankets, supping goon (cask wine) from camping mugs, whilst watching the sunset and playing Uno furiously. They still don’t believe I won 8 games in a row without cheating. Sorry girls but there was definitely no cheating involved!

How can you win Euchre?

The game is played with two teams of two players. Players hold five cards each out of a deck that uses only cards 9 to A, and the team that calls the suit that will be trump must secure at least three tricks to score a point. If you get all five tricks you get two points, and if al players call for trump and decide to “go alone” his teammate sits out and the one player goes against the other two on the opposing team. If the lone players win all five tricks, the team gets four points. First team to 11 wins.

What makes Euchre fun?

It takes a bit of skill, luck and taking chances, but it easy to learn quickly. We love that you can play several complete games within a couple hours, while laughing, holding a conversation and enjoying a few beers.

What is your best memory playing Euchre on your travels?

My wife Colleen and I played on opposite teams against another couple on a trip in Las Vegas. My best friend Matt and I who have played Euchre since we were young adults repeated beat the ladies — maybe three games in a row — and had built up a 10-0 lead in the fourth game when they came back to win 11-10. This turn of events, all against the backdrop of our earlier taunts and a few too many beers, left the guys humbled and the women rejoicing. It was hilarious.

Dixit board game

Dixit board game

How can you win Dixit?

The storyteller (a different player on every turn) picks out one of six cards and describes it (without showing the card) to the other players. The other players then pick a card that they think best describes it, and place it on the table. The point scoring here is unique: if everybody or nobody guesses the correct card, the storyteller gets no points. Therefore it is key to give just the right clues so that a few players get it right, but not all. The first to 30 points wins.

What makes Dixit fun?

The cards themselves are quite funny, and the more creative people get with associating your story with the cards the funnier the game becomes.

What is your best memory playing Dixit on your travels?

I haven’t played this game on the road yet. Have you? Let us know in the comments !

Travlin' card game

Travlin’ card game

How can you win Travelin’?

The game is about traveling to new countries, so obviously, each country you visit gives you more points. When one player reaches 5 countries, they receive a bonus of 5 points and the game immediately ends. Count the points and like pretty much every game in existence, the person with the most points wins.

What makes Travelin’ fun?

For me as the game designer, the best part of Travelin’ is seeing the interaction between players. Having someone be so close to winning only to be stopped with a Border Control card is always fun. Or chaining together a huge combo to go from 3 countries to 5 and stealing the victory from another player – yeah, that’s a pretty awesome feeling too.

What is your best memory playing Travelin’ on your travels?

Hands down, my best memory of playing Travelin’ (and I’ve played a lot) are the countless games at the Midland Hostel in Bucharest. Because everyone there (staff, long term guests, friends of the hostel) became so good at the game, the matches we play there often turn into knock-down, drag-out slugfests. The best game of Travelin’ I’ve ever played was exactly one of those games and while us long-time players were were busy attacking each other, a person playing for the very first time was able to sneakily come from behind and take a well-earned win from the pros.

mini travel games book

Codenames duet card game

How can you win Codenames duet?

Codemasters duet is a cooperative game, meaning that you are playing against the game, rather than against each other. The aim is to guess each other’s codewords within a certain amount of turns (more turns for beginners, less for more advanced players).

What makes Codenames duet fun?

You’ll spend your time finding singular words that connect 2 or more (random) words in front of you while factoring in that the connection might not be as obvious for the person in front of you. It’s a game of psychology, and it could therefore go hilariously wrong. You can’t speak while playing this game, only to say a word and how many words it is connected to, so it can be really frustrating watching your fellow “agent” struggle and choose a word that reveals an assassin, which means you both lose.

What is your best memory playing Codenames duet on your travels?

The good thing about this game is that you can transport it in just a few small bags. I have yet to play this game on my travels, however, I know that it’s a great game that requires little setup and can entertain for a good chunk of time. At home, I play this mostly with my wife, where I try to get into her brain and try to figure out which of my weird references and connections she would understand.

30. Liar’s dice

How can you win liar’s dice.

I win by experience. I’ve probably played for ten years so I’ve seen it all. You win by being unpredictable. You can win new friends and new language skills with the game also. I know the basic numbers in French thanks to this dice game.

What makes Liar’s dice fun?

The simplicity makes it fun. The excitement and the fact that every round is unique. It’s never the same game twice. Playing with someone who has a degree in math is also fun because you see their brains running in high gear.

What is your best memory playing Liar’s dice on your travels?

Best moment is a tie between looking for a runaway die on the floor of a sauna in the Finnish wilderness, naked with a bunch of naked girls, and playing the game for a whole day in the car with my friend Eric, while he was driving us from Vancouver to Fairbanks.

Rory's story cubes dice game

Rory’s story cubes dice game

31. Rory’s Story Cubes

How can you win rory’s story cubes.

The most creative story wins! No hardcore rules here. A winner would probably be chosen from the group you play it with.

What makes Rory’s Story Cubes fun?

It’s the ultimate game to train your imagination. Because of the different packs (for example a travel pack), you can create unlimited storylines. It’s also really fun to give some dice to other people so that you can create a story together in turns.

What is your best memory playing Rory’s Story Cubes on your travels?

Not yet tested, the game is pretty new. First results were hilarious though! Have you played this on the road and a have a great travel memory to share? Let me know in the comments .

Yahtzee dice game

Yahtzee, perhaps the most popular dice game

How can you win Yahtzee?

To be honest, luck plays a very important role in Yahtzee. But if you choose wisely after throwing your dices, you might have a better chance of winning. For example, I always wait before writing down my 1’s and 2’s. So if everything goes wrong and you don’t throw a full house or a four of a kind, you can always fill in your 1’s and 2’s and you don’t lose a lot of points.

What makes Yahtzee fun?

You can play it with 2 or more people. Winning depends mostly on luck and a bit on strategy, so everybody can join. It’s easy to pack so you can play it wherever you are; are you on a beach or in the middle of the jungle? Yahtzee is your game!

What is your best memory playing Yahtzee on your travels?

I played it a lot during my trip around the world, so it reminds me of traveling through Thailand but also backpacking through Australia and our roadtrip on the American west coast. From then on I have taken it with me every time I go away for a longer period.

Pickomino dice game

Pickomino dice game

How can you win Regenwormen?

Simply put, you have to be lucky to win: this game is not about being the smartest or most strategic player. Really everyone can win, depending on how much you dare to gamble and how the dice will roll.

What makes Regenwormen fun?

The most fun part of the game is ‘stealing’ worms from other players to make it more difficult for them to win. You will see people from all over the world hesitate the first time they are able to steal the worms, but after that they will happily grab them from you with a big smile on their faces!

What is your best memory playing Regenwormen on your travels?

We played Regenwomen with the porters and guides during our Himalaya trek. The porters didn’t mingle with the tourists at first but this game helps to knock down the cast system. The result: they’ve beaten me several times.

34. Guess the Song

How to play guess the song.

Best played on road trips. Everyone in the car has an iPhone (or other music playing device of course) and chooses 5 songs. Their favorite song to dance to, favorite song to sing to, best song to pick someone up in the bar, their wedding song and then their funeral song. Mix up the order and everyone has to guess which is which!

How can you win Guess the Song?

Whoever can guess the correct the song the most amount of times wins!

What makes Guess the Song fun?

You get to hear new music, and learn more about your fellow travelers by listening to their favorite tunes! Author’s note: I’ve organized a few Couchsurfing events with a similar concept: everybody had to pass their music device to the person on their right. It was a great way to get to know other people well in a short time and a lot of fun!

What is your best memory playing Guess the Song on your travels?

Hmmm… I’d say the time when a passenger played Miley Cyrus – Party in the U.S.A. as their guilty pleasure song… and everyone knew the words! 10 People all singing as loud as we could! Lots of fun and a great memory!

How can you win I Spy?

This traditional kids’ game is so much fun when you’re on the road and is definitely for adults too! Go for the smaller objects and the hidden (but not too hidden) things. Oh and don’t cheat, so don’t pick moving things 😉

What makes I Spy fun?

It opens your eyes to all the beauty, small and big, around you.

What is your best memory playing I Spy on your travels?

This game is the best when you’re stuck in traffic in a bus in Asia, because there are always amazing colors and strange objects around!

How can you win Truth or Dare?

There is no winning or losing in this game, that is why it can go on and on and on! If a dare is too much for a person, he or she will get punished by revealing 2 truth. If a truth is too much for a person to reveal, he or she will have to carry out 2 dares to compensate it.

What makes Truth or Dare fun?

Those who join the game are pretty much open to doing every shameless dare and digging out the deepest secrets they keep. What makes this game fun is that you are testing out each others’ limits. Of course, to have the game continued safety without causing any hurt-feelings, we have to be sensitive to our friends’ conditions and situations. For example: do not try to ask about a recent break-up when the wound is still fresh.

What is your best memory playing Truth or Dare on your travels?

I will not forget the first time we played Truth of Dare in a Russian intercity train. We went all out on “Dares”, cat-walking down the narrow corridor filled with on-looking Russians, dancing at the front and asking snacks from people. At first, the Russians watched us with stern face but after a while they too started to enjoy the show.

How to play The Guessing Capital Game?

The concept is to name the capital of the country someone chooses. For example, I say Ethiopia and someone would need to guess the capital which is Addis Ababa.

What makes The Guessing Capital Game fun?

Many times someone will guess the wrong capital and it is fun when you start to decide what you win. You can play for big stakes like money where the first person to get a capital wrong wins all the money or even play just on who pays for something next, like dinner. A lot of people would be surprised the capitals of many countries.

What is your best memory playing The Guessing Capital Game on your travels?

This is actually a game that I lost. We were playing for $1 for each capital that we got right. Everyone would put in a dollar every time the right capital was given and the first person who lost they would lose all the money to the winner. The person stating the country. Eventually we got to big stakes and I ended up losing a full round trip ticket to Asia!

How can you win Never pass a sample?

This is perhaps the best travel game you’ll read about today. The rules are simple: as you walk around in the airport, you may never pass a free sample without grabbing it; chocolate, drinks, perfume- everything. You lose by being so pre-occupied with free samples that you miss your flight.

What makes Never pass a sample fun?

Free stuff!

What is your best memory playing Never pass a sample on your travels?

In Singapore around Xmas was especially fun. I walked around for about 6 hours and in the end, my belly ached from all the chocolates, I was pretty tipsy and I must have smelled like a prostitute because of all the perfume samples.

How can you win Pizza FTW?

The pizza game is pretty simple to play and does not need any equipment bar a couple of creative minds with some knowledge of popular culture. Each player takes a turn to name a title of film, book, or song replacing a word of choice with the word ‘pizza’ or adding the word ‘pizza’ for comedic value. For example­ ‘Saturday Night Pizza’ (instead of Saturday Night Fever!).

What makes Pizza FTW?

Everyone is a winner in Pizza FTW, it’s usually a giggle and it’s so simple some may say ‘it’s a pizza piss!’

What is your best memory playing Pizza FTW on your travels?

We’ve enjoyed passing time away whilst hiking, playing the pizza game. Feel free to Tweet or Facebook us some responses! Naturally ‘pizza’ can be any word you see fit.

How can you win Zitchdog?

Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s a fun game to play on a road trip. Whenever you see a dog you say “ZITCHDOG!”. Whoever spots the most dogs by the time your destination arrives is the winner.

What makes Zitchdog?

Well if everyone spots the dog at the same time and screams ZITCHDOG, it’s pretty hilarious. Or if the others don’t see a dog at all, you might have to stop and look to ensure the person is not cheating – haha.

What is your best memory playing Zitchdog on your travels?

I was playing ZitchDog with my hubby on our road trip to Agra. It was fun and then when we were about to reach our destination, we lost count totally. P.S. – This had nothing to do with the fact that we had a couple of beers.

41. Spoons / Ezelen

How can you win spoons.

You pass on a card to the person next to you (so you’ll get one too), then discard a card and pass it on again. You win by getting 4 of a kind.

What makes Spoons fun?

It’s slow at first, but later games pick up the pace and this is where it gets super fun. Once you have 4 of a kind (4 aces, 4 queens, 4 fives, whatever) then you pick up a spoon. The rest has to instantly pick up a spoon too. If you are last to pick up a spoon, you lose (and drink). It’s hilarious when one person is still playing when everyone else has stopped because they are so into the game! Then you all laugh, re-deal… and drink some more! No spoons available? This game can be played by putting your finger on the side of a table instead of picking up a spoon.

What is your best memory playing Spoons on your travels?

Not yet played while traveling. Have you played this on the road and a have a great travel memory to share? Let me know in the comments .

How do you win Monkey Monkey?

You win by not ending the game with a card that makes a pair with the “monkey card”!

What makes Monkey Monkey fun?

It’s a very easy game purely based on luck, so if you’re planning to get drunk quickly, this could be the game for you.

What is your best memory playing Monkey Monkey on your travels?

How can you win mexico.

This game has a lot of winners, but just one loser ;-). The player whose dice is first at one will lose the game and has to drink a shot (preferably vodka).

What makes Mexico fun?

It’s easy to play, everyone can join and the element of drinking a shot of liquor makes it really fun!

What is your best memory playing Mexico on your travels?

A friend of us lost this game 12 times on one evening, so he got really drunk. At one point he wasn’t even able to roll his die without it falling off the table, which meant you had a drink a shot regardless of the number rolled.

How do you win King’s Cup?

Aaah, the classic drinking game. There are different rules throughout the world. You start by putting all the cards face-down around a cup in the middle of the table. Then, each person picks up a card and the card’s value (not suit) determines what happens. At this game, much like with any other drinking game, nobody really “wins”. But if you do, you’re sober and everyone else is drunk. Does that sound fun to you? 😉

What makes King’s Cup fun?

You can call it fun, you can call it stupid, but one thing is certain: everybody gets out-of-their-heads drunk with this game.

What is your best memory playing King’s Cup on your travels?

How to play fives.

No need to have any objects, except for your hand. It’s possible to play with any number of players, but the math can get pretty hard with a large number of participants. For the sake of this explanation, we’ll say that there are 5 players. The “it” player has to come up with a number from 0 to 25 (since we have 5 players it has to be a multiple of 5).

Each player on the count of 3 shoots out their hand and shows either zero (fist) or 5 fingers. Let’s say the player came up with the number “10” and 2 of the 5 people had a fist and 3 people were showing 5 fingers. This would make a total of 15 which means nothing happens, and the game moves on with the next “it” player and the process described above repeats. The important part: if they guess correctly they must say (totally straight-faced) “Thank you very much for this lovely game of fives”.

What makes Fives fun?

It’s stupid hard because you get SO EXCITED that you guessed it correctly! But you can’t show emotion otherwise you’ll lose.

What is your best memory playing Fives on your travels?

I played this at a hostel in Costa Rica on Nebanaw Years Eve. It was a great night of eating homemade tortillas and drinking cheap rum.

How to play Sheep?

You sit around a circle, cover your teeth with your lips (like you’re mocking the old man that lives down the street) and say “SHEEP” to a person sitting next to you. They say “sheep” to the person next to them; it goes round and round. If you want to change the direction, you say “Sheep-pong!” and it changes direction. If you show your teeth, you lose/drink.

What makes Sheep fun?

Endless giggles when you try to say Sheep without opening your mouth.

What is your best memory playing Sheep on your travels?

We played this during a typhoon when we hardly had enough light and rain was pouring outside. We just couldn’t stop laughing.

47. Assholes / President / Scumbags

How do you win assholes.

This game is unique in that the game is never truly won. If you win a game, you will become the president/asshole/scumbag (depending on which version you play) and the game continues on. Other people get titles too, like vice-president, scum or vice-scum, which they keep for the next game. You simply stop playing when you get bored which is, you know, never.

What makes Assholes fun?

It’s really fun working your way up from being scum (last place) to the president (first place). If you’re the loser of the last game, you’ll have to switch your two best cards with the winner of the previous game, which makes it harder to win the round. It is still possible, however, and game by game you can improve your rank. There are many rules that can be added, such as that the president can order the loser of the previous game to get everyone a round of beer, making him/her the “beer bitch”.

What is your best memory playing Assholes on your travels?

How do you win mayer.

There are no winners in Mayer, just losers (who drink). You start with 6 lives, and the player that first loses all of their lives loses the game. This dice game is played with only two dice and a cup, so it’s easy to see why it fits excellently in the travel game category. The game contains a lot of bluffing, although that depends on the players of course.

What makes Mayer fun?

I like the game because it’s an easy icebreaker when you meet new people. It’s easy to learn and everybody can join in, and you can learn a lot about your fellow players while playing the game. I personally love it when you have to decide whether the person you are playing against is lying or telling the truth. I look for specific signs and when I call them out some people really have no poker face!

What is your best memory playing Mayer on your travels?

Victor’s flashback : I remember this game being played everywhere I looked in Copenhagen. Especially in cafés and bars, where it was a very normal thing to ask the bartender for a cup and two dice. It is a truly great way to kill some time and meet some (soon-to-be) friends.

How do you win Mexxen?

You can win Mexxen by having a really good stomach haha! There is no such thing as winners in this game, but the one who doesn’t feel sick after playing it is the one who ‘wins’. But you have to lose some to win eventually. So drinking some shots of alcohol is recommended.

What makes Mexxen fun?

You really have to think some things through, for instance, if you’re throwing the dice once or twice. And you can’t throw the dice on the ground because you will have to drink a shot and the game starts over. And of course, more shots means more dice on the floor and so on. The funniest thing is that there are always people who have a ridiculous amount of bad luck and therefore will get drunk very early on in the game.

What is your best memory playing Mexxen on your travels?

My best memory playing Mexxen on my travels is mostly the few hours after playing the game. The funniest thing is that a lot of friends are getting drunk and everybody is falling asleep at the most weird places: in the kitchen, under a tree and even under the table! The photos are the best memories, but you know how it works: what happens on the island…

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How on earth is Farkle not on this list? it’s a dice game that takes minutes to learn and fit’s in your pocket. (One of those old-school 35mm film canisters to be exact.) This is always in my bag and makes an appearance at every brewery we hit up. https://www.amazon.com/ROUTE-Pocket-Farkel-dice-game/dp/B01H67OC6M/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1B02QP2BHEROX&keywords=pocket+farkle&qid=1655128613&sprefix=pocket+farkle%2Caps%2C122&sr=8-3

Jack Rof

Thank you for the nice list. I will definitely try out a few of those. I particularly like card games and board games.


Make & break card game.. newly launched in market.. but awesome fun making & breaking couples! My circle is right now addicted to this game

Victor Eekhof

Haha, breaking couples sounds fun! 😀 Thanks for the suggestion!

Censored Party Game

One of my favorite adult road trip games is “Censored”.

Censored is a dirty phrase guessing game that simple and super fun. Give clues to get your friends (or roommates or relatives) to guess as many dirty adult themed secret phrases as possible in 90 seconds but no one (not the clue giver, not your guessing friends) is allowed to say the taboo words (if you catch them guess one, give them a heads up they are wrong by buzzing them with the buzzer)! Check out the app store of your choice!

Cool game! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂


Great article thanks. We are always on the lookout for new after-dinner games for our holidays, especially now our kids are grown up. A suggestion for you is Munchkin. A card only game so easy to pack. In a similar vein to Fluxx, the rules change often and there are many expansion decks to add variety.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion! I have heard of the game but I have never played it. I’ll make sure to add it to this article when I do! 🙂

Cheers, Victor

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Best Travel Games – Entertainment on the Go

Travel inherently means downtime. There’s waiting for transport to depart, the relocating bit, and a myriad of other periods of time when you can’t do much more than wait. How do you fill this time? You could impatiently look at your watch, stare into space, read a book – or enjoy your time by playing a travel game!

There are a whole host of travel games out there, and whatever your tastes you’re sure to find one that meets your needs! Whether you’re looking for the top travel size games for adults or maybe something for the kids, we’ve got it all covered.

Want to find out then? Simple – read on!

Quick Answer: The Best Travel Games

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  • Best pick travel game – Bananagrams
  • Best travel board game – Travel Monopoly
  • Best travel card game – Exploding Kittens
  • Best travel games for adults – Cards Against Humanity
  • Best travel game for couples – The Date Game That’s Actually Fun
  • Best travel games for flights – Boggle
  • Best travel games for road trips – Battleship Grab & Go
  • Best travel games for families – Dobble
  • Best travel game for kids – Pass the Pigs
  • Best travel game for pre-schoolers – Buckle Toy Bizzy
  • Best travel game for 2 people – Connect 4 Grab & Go
  • Best travel game for groups – Farkle



  • > Lightweight
  • > Needs just 2 players

Travel Monopoly

Travel Monopoly

  • > Self-adhesive board
  • > Up to six players

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

  • > Easy to understand rules
  • > Small to pack

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

  • > Strictly for adults
  • > 4-20 players

mini travel games book

The Date Game That’s Actually Fun

  • > Includes all you need to play
  • > Best played as a couple


  • > All the parts kept in a carry case
  • > Can be played for just 3 minutes

Battleship Grab & Go

Battleship Grab & Go

  • > No need to pass tokens between players
  • > Travel friendly


  • > Game for almost all ages
  • > Metal carry tin

Pass the Pigs

Pass the Pigs

  • > Doesn’t require adult supervision
  • > Simple to understand

Buckle Toy Bizzy

Buckle Toy Bizzy

  • > Specifically designed for pre-school children
  • > Educational

Connect 4 Grab & Go

Connect 4 Grab & Go

  • > Easy to set up


  • > Perfect for large groups
  • > Games can be varied in length

Of course, we all know what the king of all games is, yes that’s right Chess. But I am going to presume you’ve all got your travel c hess set packed and ready to go and you’re looking for a accompaniment!

mini travel games book

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Bananagrams is a firm favorite for those in the know, is easy to set up and play anywhere, and adds little weight to your kid’s backpack . A word-based game, it consists of 144 Scrabble-like letter tiles, with some doled out to players and the rest left in a central ‘bunch’. The aim of the game is to use up all your tiles in creating interconnecting words – rather like a crossword grid. There are no turns to be taken, but each player working on their own grid as quickly as possible, making it a fast-paced and very addictive game. Requiring just two players, it’s also possible to play with anyone from reading age upwards.

  • Lightweight
  • Needs just 2 players
  • From reading age upwards
  • Tiles could get lost
  • Can’t be played alone
  • Not for pre-schoolers

Is Bananagrams for me?

If you’re looking for a travel game that’s going to keep you entertained without needing a large amount of baggage space, Bananagrams could be for you! Scrabble fans and lovers of word games will definitely enjoy games, which at a minimum of five minutes in length, can be played at almost any time!

Our team swear by Bananagrams for their trips as they find it to be super fun, engaging, educational and most importantly, it weighs hardly anything and takes up no room at all in their bags. They also love how simple the game is to play and pick up too.

Travel Monopoly

Travel Monopoly plays in exactly the same way as standard Monopoly, and the world’s favorite board game needs very little introduction! The small board folds in half so that the entire game takes up not much more space than a paperback book, and doesn’t weigh much more either (just 300g in fact), while a ‘self-adhesive’ board ensure counters don’t fall about the place at the first elbow nudge or spot of turbulence on an aircraft. With enough miniature versions of the traditional player pieces to make this a six-player game (with a minimum of two), it’s ideal for families, while the average game time of 45 minutes makes it a great distraction for airport waits.

  • Self-adhesive board
  • Up to six players
  • Playing time of around 45 minutes
  • Minimum 2 players
  • Small cards/pieces could get lost
  • Age range of 8+

Is Travel Monopoly for me?

Long waits and long journeys don’t need to feel like purgatory with Travel Monopoly in hand. Its 45-minute average playing time will see the time pass all the quicker, while the self-adhesive board helps the counters stay in place however bumpy the journey might be!

Our team are split on whether Monopoly is a good idea on a trip or not! They love the mini set up which plays pretty much the same as the bigger version and packs down pretty light. Some of them just wonder if it might cause a mid-flight emergency landing if things kick off!

Exploding Kittens

Adored by those who have played it, Exploding Kittens is as whimsical as its name might suggest. A rapid-fire card game, the aim is to avoid picking an exploding kitten from the stack of face-down cards, while action cards add to the peril by giving sneak peeks and mixing up the pack in various ways. No bigger than a pack of playing cards (out of the box), Exploding Kittens is perhaps one of the easiest games to take traveling. It’s suitable for 2-5 players of more or less any age, with each individual game lasting around 15 minutes.

  • Quick to play
  • Easy to understand rules
  • Small to pack
  • Family-friendly
  • Not for single players
  • Maximum 5 players
  • Cards could get lost
  • Games last 15 minutes

Is Exploding Kittens for me?

A quick action family-friendly card game if ever there was one, Exploding Kittens so wonderfully bizarre, kids will love it, while the easy-to-understand rules mean even grandma and granddad can get involved! Small and lightweight too, this is an easy travel game to slip into a pocket for those times you need a little entertainment.

Exploding Kittens is a big hit amongst the team and they love how fun and easy to play it is. The game is also super light and portable meaning it can fit into pretty much any backpack without adding any extra weight. They also like how the playing area for the game is really compact too meaning you could play it on train or plane trays.

Cards Against Humanity

Certainly not a travel game for the kiddos, Cards Against Humanity at its best is rude, offensive, and potentially libellous too. So how’s it work? It’s simple really. The dealer reads out an incomplete phrase, which each player tries to complete in turn using words found on cards they’ve been dealt in a hand. It’s the dealer who decides the winner of each round, meaning the winner can be the most outrageous, most poetical, or most polite. A game for up to 20 players, it soon develops a party atmosphere! It’s one of the best adult travel games for sure.

  • Strictly for adults
  • Simple rules
  • 4-20 players
  • Easy to pack
  • Requires a minimum 4 players
  • Not for the easily offended!
  • Not for public areas either!
  • Game time of around 45 minutes

Is Cards Against Humanity for me?

Definitely not if you’re under 18 or easily offended, but taking that into account, Cards Against Humanity is what could be defined as a right-rollicking travel game, made all the better by the fact you can get up to 20 people playing at the same time.

Our team loves Cards Against Humanity and rate it as one of their best travel games for adults. The game is perfect for getting out at the hostel and breaking the ice. The only drawback is that the game is a little heavier compared to some of the others on the list. But it’s probably the most fun!

mini travel games book

The premise of The Date Game That’s Actually Fun is pretty simple – the 330 questions are intended to test how well you know your partner! Though we can see how this could well lead to an argument or two, it’s also a great way of getting to know your other half better and passing the dead time of travel.

The Date Game That’s Actually Fun comes with everything you need to play the game on the move, with 2 dice and 75 prompt cards, across six different categories so you can really get to know your other half.

  • Get to know your partner better
  • Includes all you need to play
  • Best played as a couple
  • Number of questions limits playability
  • Good for couples getting to know each other
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Could lead to arguments!

Is The Date Game That’s Actually Fun for me?

Certainly a travel game given its pocket size and weight, The Date Game That’s Actually Fun is a fun way for a couple to pass the time, or for hen/bachelorette groups, in particular, to get the party started. Hopefully, you know your partner well enough that it doesn’t lead to angry recriminations!

Our team felt this was also one of their favourite travel games for adults and kids alike with the addition of the different categories questions. They felt it was perfect for a bit of fun on the road especially when there is only the two of you.


The travel version of this word game is just as easy to play on an aircraft as the original is to play at home. Give the box a quick shake to mix up and settle the letter-inscribed dice within, open up the box, and turn over the sand timer. Each player must then create as many words as they can from the revealed letters, akin to a word search. Obscure words are best, since (infuriatingly) any word spotted by more than one player doesn’t count! But what’s great about this game is that you can play it for as little or as much time as you like (each round lasts just two minutes or so), and can even play alone!

  • All the parts kept in a carry case
  • Can be played for just 3 minutes
  • Can be played with one player
  • Infinite number of players
  • Dice shaking could irritate other passengers
  • Carry case lid isn’t hinged
  • No note paper included

Is Boggle for me?

If you enjoy word searches or other travel games such as Bananagrams, you’re going to enjoy Boggle too! Ideal for a flight because of its compact size and simple gameplay, it also has an almost infinite number of letter combinations, that will keep you busy for hours!

Our team feel this is their best game for travel if the size is one of your main concerns. They love how compact and light the game is with all the parts also being super hard-wearing. They also love that the game itself takes up hardly any room in use and uses the box as its playing area.

Battleship Grab & Go

Battleship Grab & Go

What makes Battleship Grab & Go so good for road trips? Well, it one of the few travel games that don’t require either a communal aspect (a deck of cards or bag of letter tiles) or the need to pass tokens between players. For anyone who doesn’t already know, this two-player (or two-team) game links guesswork with skill to track down the coordinates of each ship in the other player’s navy. The two playing trays are designed in such a way that pegs are firmly placed and can’t get shaken out of place whatever road obstacles you might come across!

  • No ‘communal aspect’
  • No need to pass tokens between players
  • Travel-friendly
  • Easy to play
  • For two players/teams
  • For ages 7+
  • Pegs a little fiddly

Is Battleship Grab & Go for me?

Road trips mean plenty of time in the confines of a vehicle where it’s difficult to reach a communal pile of cards or letters, and can be hard to pass tokens between players too! Battleship Grab & Go has no need for these game aspects, and is specifically designed for use on the road!

Battleship is an absolute classic and our team loves it! Many of them have fond memories of playing it as kids. The team liked that this edition was made from durable materials and included two self-enclosed playing boards that keep all the pieces organised.


A card-based travel game aimed at children but still very playable by adults, there’s little to have to carry with Dobble, making it a great option for families who already have more than enough baggage with them! Essentially a version of ‘snap’ built for the twenty-first century, five different games can be played with the 55 card Dobble pack. The most basic sees players reveal one card at a time, in an attempt to match images between cards – each one has 8 different images of various sizes to make it extra tricky! The player with the most cards at the end of the pack wins!

  • Game for almost all ages
  • 2-8 players
  • Metal carry tin
  • Not suitable for pre-schoolers
  • Cannot be played alone
  • Game time of 10 minutes
  • Won’t help teach literacy

Is Dobble for me?

This fun, fast, and sometimes raucous travel game can be played by anyone in the family old enough to be able to recognize different images (with another version available for younger children too). Educational and enjoyable to play, Dobble is a marvellous way of having fun as a family!

Our team are big fans of Dobble, especially for games nights in the hostel. They love that it comes in a metal box that keeps the cards safe when it’s thrown in their packs. The only thing they did say is that this game can get pretty energetic and rowdy, so maybe not ideal for enclosed spaces!

Pass the Pigs

If you’re after a game that the kids can play on their own without the supervision or input of a tired-out adult, reach for Pass the Pigs! Based on the traditional game of ‘pigs’ that uses the roll of a pair of dice to determine points, this version sees kids drop small model pigs (that they’ll love in any case) onto the playing board, which is made up of several squares which can take or give points. The trick is knowing when to stop or play on (all down to luck of course), which keeps the game fresh and risky time after time!

  • Doesn’t require adult supervision
  • Simple to understand
  • Very small to pack
  • 2-4 players
  • For reading age kids
  • Game time of 30 minutes
  • Pigs could get lost

Is Pass the Pigs for me?

The lack of a skill requirement means Pass the Pigs is suitable for a child of just about any age (although the board does include some writing). It’s also one of those games where you can leave them to it for a few minutes without supervision. It’s also small to pack and weighs very little, making it a good choice for traveling families!

The team felt this was a super fun game, especially for kids. They like that the pieces are made from durable and hard-wearing material and their box is strong enough to cope with the rigours of travel. They did feel it could get a bit tedious for the adults after a while though.

Buckle Toy Bizzy

Specifically designed to be attractive to pre-schoolers, the upper side of the Buckle Toy Bizzle is decorated with a bright and cheerful face, while the underside has tabs for numbers 1 to 5 which lift up to reveal a series of stitched animals. Stretching out from this soft central section are 6 colorful child-friendly buckles of different sorts to help develop a pre-schoolers motor, cognitive, and problem-solving skills without even realizing it. A zip pocket gives a further reason why the child would love to have this around, while its 6 x 6 inch size and fabric construction makes it very easy to travel with, however far you’re heading.

  • Specifically designed for pre-school children
  • Brightly colored
  • Educational
  • Small in size
  • For 1-4 years of age
  • For one player
  • No alternate games to play
  • Small danger of catching skin in clips

Is Buckle Toy Bizzy for me?

Good, educational travel toys for pre-schoolers are difficult to come by, and let’s face it, if you intend on traveling you definitely need something to keep these young minds occupied! Brightly colored, and with little extras such as the hidden animals, Bizzy could be your child’s favorite for months to come.

The team felt this toy was super well made, which is essential when it comes to something designed for toddlers! The game is small and light enough to fit easily inside a backpack whilst offering a surprising amount of different colours, numbers, textures and noises to keep the little ones distracted! They also love that you can attach it to a backpack or the back of a seat too.

Connect 4 Grab & Go

Connect 4 Grab & Go

Even if the name of Connect 4 doesn’t ring a bell right away, we suspect you’ll soon recognize its bright blue plastic frame and red and yellow counters. Connect 4 Grab & Go is the same as the original game, but smaller in size and with handy attached trays in which to place the counters. If you don’t immediately remember how to play, you’re simply trying to drop the counters into the frame in such a way that the result is a line of four consecutive counters of the same color – a little like an expanded version of noughts and crosses.

  • Smaller version of a favourite
  • Simple to play
  • Easy to set up
  • For just two players
  • Counters can get lost
  • Little variation in the game
  • Playing time of 10 minutes

Is Connect 4 Grab & Go for me?

This simple, near vintage, travel game is easy to set up and perhaps even easier to play. With an average playing time of 10 minutes, it can be brought out even during short waits, while you’ll be surprised how addictive a game it can become!

Our team felt this was one of the best travel games for 2 adults or kids. This classic game is easy to get the hang of and offers hours of fun! The travel edition is super small and being plastic it’s both light and hard-wearing.


Finding a travel game suitable for a larger group would be difficult if it wasn’t for Farkle. Best described as the dice game Yahtzee built into a larger game, it can be played by an almost limitless number of players due to the fact each person takes turns shaking the six dice. With only specific dice combinations giving a player points nothing is guaranteed, while everything can be lost if you hit the Farkle combination. The winner is simply the person who reaches the winning points margin first – and as this can be as large or as small as you want, games can fit into whatever time you have free!

  • Perfect for large groups
  • Made in the UK
  • Games can be varied in length
  • Dice can get lost
  • For ages 8+
  • No skill required
  • Dice quite small

Is Farkle for me?

If you’re looking for a game that can absorb almost any number of players (simply use more than one score sheet for larger groups – or draw your own) and doesn’t require skill or any complicated rules (we’re looking at you, Monopoly) Farkle is probably the game for you!

The team rate this game highly for travelling with it being so small and light. Another bonus for solo travellers or couples is that it works well with one or two people which is pretty rare, even rarer is that equally, you can play it with a big group. The team also feel the replayability is much bigger than many other games on the list.

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Reading the instructions and you might think Codenames is the most complicated travel game ever invented, but get stuck in and you’ll soon realize it’s not as difficult as it at first sounds! The aim of the game is to uncover all of each team’s secret agents, hidden within a field of possibles that includes ordinary bystanders and a very deadly assassin. But really, this is a game of word association, with clues given by a spymaster to their team linked in some way to the agents they are looking for. With so many combinations possible, you can play this game almost endlessly, with different combinations of team members making for very different results!

  • Simple at heart
  • Close to a traditional board game (without the board)
  • Can be played almost endlessly
  • Better with 4+ players

Is Codenames for me?

If you’re looking for a travel game that involves a little more skill and thought than the simple chance of something like Farkle, go for Codenames! This competitive and fun travel game will have you second-guessing every word given by your spymaster in the attempt to identify your undercover agents.

Codenames is one of my personal favourite games, I love how frustrating and fun it is anticipating your partners answer or trying to find a tenuous link between the cards! The game consists of just cards so it’s easy to take out of the box as we have and throw it in a sandwich bag for your travels. It lays flat and weight almost nothing. However, the game does need more room than a plane tray usually affords.


The traditional stylings of the box might not look much, but bear with us, for Catan is a big hit with everyone that plays it! Credited with igniting the recent craze for board games, Catan requires skill, strategy, and a little bit of cooperation between players too. The ultimate aim is to reach ten victory points and to do this each player begins building their own settlement through farming, trading, and other choices. Along the way, each player needs to watch out for the robber, who stops development of the settlements he’s landed on!

  • Almost infinite playing board
  • Suitable for all the family
  • Games last around an hour
  • Not simply luck
  • Requires space for the board
  • Just 3-4 players
  • Lots of small parts

Is Catan for me?

Want something more than a travel game of chance and luck? Catan meets this need, with its requirement for careful consideration and strategy. It also emphasizes the need for cooperation, which is great for children and has an almost infinite playing board thanks to its jigsaw-like setup.

Catan is a classic and it’s one of my favourite games. The full-sized edition, whilst a surefire hit in the hostels, might just be a little on the large and heavy side unless you’re travelling in a car or campervan. However, there are smaller versions available where two players can play too.

Sequence Travel Edition

Sequence Travel Edition

Made for travel, Sequence Travel Edition combines the basic premise of a number of games including Connect4 and poker into one large board-based travel game. The board has cleverly been placed within the lid of the plastic carry case of this travel edition and pegs that slot into holes replace the traditional chips used so that players don’t lose their place. Even the cards used in a miniature pack for travel, while the game itself is simple enough that children will be readily able to play. So what’s it all about? Fundamentally, it’s about connecting up a sequence of 5 cards in various ways that will keep your mind busy over and over again!

  • Special travel edition
  • Can be played by children
  • Pegs can be a little fiddly
  • Two-player version

Is Sequence Travel Edition for me?

Those who have played the full-sized version of Sequence might be a little unimpressed by the Travel Edition, however, for a game that will keep children and adults entertained for half an hour or more, we still rate Sequence Travel Edition as a fine travel game!

Our team felt this was a pretty fun little game that impressed them with its clever design where it was played inside its own plastic container. It meant it was compact and light and keeping all the various parts together wasn’t an issue. Most importantly, it could also be played easily on a plane, train or bus tray table.

Qwirkle Travel

Qwirkle Travel

The colorful playing pieces of Qwirkle Travel play rather like dominoes on steroids. The aim is to place connecting tiles next to each other, but instead of tiles comprising numbers, they are of various shapes and colors. An orange square can be placed next to a red square, which can be followed by a red circle, for instance. And to make it slightly more complicated, each color can only appear in a row once! The winner of each round is the player that has put down the most tiles, in the most rows, so some strategy is needed too.

  • Travel version of the popular game
  • Good for children and adults to play together
  • One of the heavier games on our list
  • For just 2-4 players
  • Lots of small pieces to lose

Is Qwirkle Travel for me?

Easy to understand, but requiring enough strategy to keep players entertained, Qwirkle Travel is family fun at its very best. Though it can be a rapid-fire game, the thought required also means a game can last 45 minutes – an ideal length of time for many travel experiences.

Our team loves that this is one of those simple yet complex games where you can really get stuck in and engaged in the game. It really passes the time well on long trips with the level of concentration needed! They also feel that the bag and pieces are pretty robust too and like that it can be played with 2 people.

Top Trumps Wonders of the World

Top Trumps Wonders of the World

If you don’t already know how Top Trumps works, where have you been? Nothing to do with the 45 th president of the United States (that we know of), the Top Trumps deck of cards is divided among the players, who try and beat the other players by besting them on one of the card’s selected categories. What makes the Wonders of the World version particularly relevant to travel is its world theme, with plenty of intriguing facts to keep everyone paying attention while the game goes on. And that game goes on right up until the time when one player holds all the cards!

  • Games can last as little as 2 minutes
  • Easy to travel with
  • Great for kids
  • Travel themed
  • Limited number of cards
  • Best with 4 players

Is Top Trumps Wonders of the World for me?

A particularly good choice if you’re looking to drill some useful facts about the world into your children without them realizing it (such as the height of Mount Everest), Top Trumps Wonders of the World is also easy to travel with, and argument free – since all the facts are written down! Perfect!

Top Trumps has been a hit with me and my partner since we first met each other as teenagers! We’ve collected heaps of different versions but of course, as avid travellers, this version is a firm favourite. The game is simple, filled with interesting facts and fun to play. The cards take up hardly any room and the plastic case keeps them in good condition on the road.

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns

The Exploding Kittens for the millennial age, Unstable Unicorns is as barmy a card-based game as they come! How does a player go about winning? By building up a powerful unicorn army of course! And you can’t do this without a little bit (alright, a lot) of friendly betrayal of the other players, seeing to the destruction of their own unicorn armies. With wonderfully vibrant imagery and an unpredictability no other travel game can match, Unstable Unicorns definitely belongs to the ‘once tried never forgotten’ list of travel games!

  • Great design
  • Ridiculously unpredictable
  • Up to 8 can play
  • 30-45 minutes playing time
  • For ages 14+
  • Higher price point
  • Requires table space

Is Unstable Unicorns for me?

A great way to spend some quality time with your teens, or just a group of friends, Unstable Unicorns is like no other card-based game you will ever have come across. Quirky, cute, and evilly vicious in equal turn, up to 8 can play, with games lasting right up to 45 minutes.

Our team absolutely loves this game from the hilarious illustrations to the cunning gameplay, it’s got it all! It’s a huge hit at the hostel and really gets everyone interacting and having fun from the off. They also like that there are various different versions and expansion packs too so the game has huge replayability.

Mille Bornes

Mille Bornes

With a strapline of ‘the classic racing game,’ you can know a little of what to expect from this card-based travel game. A Monopoly for cars, players need to fill up on petrol, avoid accidents, and block the progress of other players to reach the end of the 1000-mile journey. Ironically perhaps, this is actually an incredibly fast-paced game, so pay attention! It’s also very easy to learn the rules, so you’ll be up to speed (pardon the pun) and playing before you know it!

  • Travel version of a classic travel game
  • Easy to understand
  • Cards can be lost
  • High price point

Is Mille Bornes for me?

Looking for an alternative to Monopoly? Mille Bornes fills that niche, without the need for a board. The resulting card-based game is a classic, particularly in its birthplace of France. Nothing gets classic status without reason, so why not splash out and try Mille Bornes for yourself?

Our team love the unique premise of this game and felt it offered something pretty different compared to most card games out there. The retro metal packaging was also great for travellers because it was still pretty light but made sure all the pieces stayed together and undamaged whilst in their backpacks.


Another classic travel game is Uno. Developed in the early 1970s, it is as fresh today as when it was first invented, which says a lot about the simple elegance of this card game. Using a specially printed pack of 108 cards, the majority of which comprise a color and number, the basic aim is to be the first player to shed all their cards through picking up and putting down cards based on what’s face up in a central pile. It’s a little more complex than that, with skips and wild cards among other features, and the need to shout ‘Uno!’ not when you’ve won, but when you have a single card left in your hand!

  • A classic game
  • 2-10 players
  • 45 minute game time

Is Uno for me?

Uno rapidly becomes addictive, which is exactly what you should be looking for in a travel game when you have a lot of dead time to fill up without getting bored! Lightweight and easy to pack, and suitable for everyone from the age of seven upwards, your career as an Uno champion could start today!

Uno! What can we say, it’s a classic and a game all of our team needed no introduction to! I think we’ve all got a traumatic Uno story, ending up with a stack of cards just a few rounds after forgetting to shout “Uno”! But no one can deny the fun of this simple but tactical game that packs down super small and light.

OK Play

An award-winning family strategy game, OK Play is durable, waterproof (being plastic), and a good size for travel, although the small counters might be troublesome for some families to keep hold of. Once you’ve chosen your particular color of tiles – held neatly on their own stack until they are needed – it’s simply a matter of placing down one tile at a time until one of the players manages to sneak in a row of five counters in the horizonal, vertical, or diagonal. Recommended for children from the age of 8 upwards, four different color stacks of counters make it suitable for 2-4 players.

  • Award-winning
  • Designed for travel
  • Counters could get lost
  • Requires a playing table
  • For only 2-4 players
  • Slightly awkward shape for packing

Is OK Play for me?

This counter game is so easy to play you won’t bore children with a long list of rules and regulations, yet at the same time is flexible enough to allow continued development of the skills and strategies required to make it a success as a player. Its durability and waterproof nature also help to make it an all-around good family travel game!

This game was new to most of our testers but they really loved how simple, fast-paced and addictive it was. They also felt when it came to travel games, this one was probably the most perfectly designed. It was super compact, so light and really hard to break!

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What makes a game the best travel game for you, your family, and your friends? Here are some helpful hints and tips to guide you!


You’re probably already struggling to fit everything you want to take into your baggage, particularly if traveling as a family, so you don’t want to be carrying around a travel game that is either large in size, or overly heavy. Thankfully, these days the manufacturers have caught the hint, producing dedicated travel versions of many popular games, with Monopoly one of them.

Are you looking for a travel game that will entertain just a couple of people, have a group of adults enthralled, keep children busy during dead time, or maybe one that’s suitable for families? We’ve highlighted the age range each game is aimed at in our reviews, to make this really obvious for you!

Number of players

There’s no point getting a travel game that’s at its best with six players if there are only ever going to be two or you! Likewise, don’t get a game for two if you know the average number of players is going to be greater than this. Follow these simple rules together with our reviews, and you’ll find the best travel game for you!

There is no perfect or exact science when it comes to testing out travel gear, but when it comes to picking the best travel games, we’ve got plenty of experience between us!

Whenever we test a piece of gear, one of our team takes it out for a spin and puts it through its paces. When it came to travel games things were no different in our eyes, we just added in a few extra details.

So, we looked initially at how well-made the game is and whether it would stand up to the rigours of being thrown into a backpack every day. Then we accessed things like weight, size, packability as well as ease of set up and most importantly, gameplay!

Finally, we also take into account how much each item costs – when it came to picking out the best games for traveling, we also weighted up whether we felt each one was worth the price. We judged the more expensive items more harshly than the cheaper games as we expected to get more for our money.

Still have some questions about the best games for travel? No problem! We’ve listed and answered the most commonly asked questions below. Here’s what people usually want to know:

What are the best travel games for long car-rides?

Battleship Grab & Go is a great option for long car rides or road trips. The two playing trays are designed in such a way that pegs are firmly placed and can’t get shaken out of place whatever road obstacles you might come across!

What is the best board travel game?

Travel Monopoly might cause one or the other family war, but it’s the best board game on the market.

What are the best games for families or a group of friends?

There are many great group travel games, but Farkle and Dobble are the best ones. They’re perfect for all ages and all types of travelling.

What is the easiest travel game?

Connect 4 Grab & Go is simple and fast to learn, however, it requires one or the other brain cells.

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Forget hours of boring waiting at train stations , airports, and on road trips with our selection of the best travel games! Whether it’s a classic like Uno or a new kid on the block such as Unstable Unicorns, or something for adults or kids (or both), we’ve got you covered with our review! Hopefully, you’ve found some good travel games for your next trip.

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Just an FYI…. Bananagrams can be played with one person. Bananagram solitaire is extremely popular and is a great way for school-age children to build their vocabulary.

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The upcoming Paramount+ TV with Showtime series also stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Johnny Harris, Leah Harvey, and Beau Gadson in prominent roles. The eight-part mini-series will be released on Friday, March 29, 2024, with new episodes every week.

Which book is A Gentleman in Moscow based on?

The series is based on a 2016 novel of the same name by Amor Towles and revolves around a Russian count put under house arrest in a hotel attic. The book was among the New York Times bestsellers when it was released and received favorable reviews.

It was on the bestseller list for over 40 weeks, received wide critical praise, and was featured in several Best Books of the Year lists.

What is A Gentleman in Moscow TV mini-series about? Plot explored

It is set in Moscow, around the Bolshevik Revolution, when Alexander Rostow is arrested for writing counter-revolutionary poems. By the courtesy of a few powerful friends, he is spared from execution. But he is condemned to life imprisonment inside a hotel.

Count Rostow is a man of strong belief. He is always composed and is a perfect gentleman. Rostow spends decades in this hotel but never loses his refined manners. His time in the grand Hotel Metropol leads to interesting encounters and charming conversations.

This unique setting is aided by the themes of freedom and hope and is told through intriguing characters, captivating scenes, and smart dialogues.

What to expect from A Gentleman in Moscow TV mini-series?

The show looks visually stunning in the trailer, with elements of suspense, drama, comedy, and political intrigue. Here's what fans can expect from the series.

1) Suspense

The Russian Revolution was one of the most important events in the history of the world. It marked an end to the reign of the Romanovs and the beginning of socialist rule under Vladimir Lenin.

The revolution flipped the country's politics, not just with the hammer and sickle, but also with gunpowder and bullets. The powerful lost power, and the aristocracy became a symbol of vulgar opulence, class oppression, and corruption.

The story about a noble aristocrat set in that era is bound to give the audience elements of suspense. One wrong move or word can become a matter of life and death.

2) Playful relationships (young girl helping him escape the hotel)

The trailer also featured Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Beau Gadson, Leah Harvey, etc, as characters who would encounter Rostow in his imprisonment. The unusual relationships the protagonist builds with the people around him will be a source of interest for the viewers.

The trailer showed a young girl helping Rostow escape from the hotel. Would they succeed or end up in front of a firing squad?

3) Plot twist (Entry of the actress)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Anna Urbanova, an actress who 'stars in bad movies', as said by one of the characters in the trailer. She catches Rostow's attention upon her arrival at The Metropol Hotel . The diva and the prisoner incite steamy stares and flirtatious exchanges. During his confinement at the Metropol, her presence stir things around.

4) Meaning and Symbolism

"They can take away everything, but they can't take away who you are."

When a nation adopts a new ideology and undergoes a socio-political transition, new symbols of unity are simultaneously created. This story, spanning over three decades primarily, revolves around the protagonist's struggle to preserve his identity against those who want to erase it.

What happens when the world you were born into becomes nothing more than a memory? In A Gentleman in Moscow, Amor Towles uses subtle moments of clever comedy to elevate the humane drama. The trailer promises to be an honest attempt to bring the brilliant book to life .

A Gentleman in Moscow will be released on Paramount+ on March 29, 2024.

A Gentleman in Moscow: What to expect from the Paramount+ series? Explored

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wordplay, the crossword column

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Alex Eaton-Salners is just clearing things up.

A man’s legs stand in front of a magazine stand showing Cosmopolitan, Bazaar and Elle covers.

By Sam Corbin

Jump to: Today’s Theme | Tricky Clues

TUESDAY PUZZLE — New York Times word puzzles draw in experts of every kind, from boaters to birders, and these solvers are quick to observe when certain words that come up frequently in their fields aren’t allowed in the games. (I have heard from sailing buffs that the Spelling Bee is especially lacking in their lexicon.)

I, on the other hand, have no such expertise. In fact, in solving today’s crossword by Alex Eaton-Salners, I mistook birding words for boating ones.

Today’s Theme

My first instinct for 38-Down — “Common spots for eagles’ nests” — was to guess the tops of ships’ masts, because I could have sworn that’s what those lookouts on ships were called.

Reader, I was off by a mile (or half a league). The lookout points atop ships’ masts are called crow’s-nests . Besides, this clue was just asking for a common location for nests built by eagles. Oh, the shame of it all.

Eagles tend to build their huge nests in TREETOPS. This entry doubles as “a hint to 2-, 9-, 21- and 24-Down.” Often, when a revealer entry includes a locator (e.g. end, top, first, second), that word is likely to refer to where themed content lies in other entries. Could TOPS be the places to look?

They sure could. All of our themed entries are Down clues, which means they have tree-related words at their tops. “Supports from the stands” (2D) solves to ROOTS FOR. We’ve got our tree word, ROOTS, at the top. A second themed entry confirms the pattern: “Neckwear for noisy dogs” (24D) is BARK COLLARS. The tree word’s on top!

See if you can solve the other two entries on your own — this writer be- leaves in you.

Tricky Clues

14A. The last person who used this “Headwear for lesser royalty” in a crossword happens to have been today’s constructor: Mr. Eaton-Salners clued CORONET in 2020 as a “Bit of headwear that often has jewels.”

19A. “Okay boomer?” might be my favorite clue in recent memory — for the decent explosive known as TNT.

58A. I have never heard a student of a place like “Wharton or Sloan” refer to it informally as a B-SCHOOL — but then again, I was a theater major in college.

10D. “Himalayan holy figures” are known as LAMAS (not to be confused with Andean woolly figures known as llamas) .

25D. The space between words in “Hum bug?” tells us that we're not exactly looking for a scrooge. The answer is BEE.

Constructor Notes

Did this puzzle stump you? If so, please don’t throw shade in the comments. Today, I branched out into a different grid arrangement. The vertical themed entries spruce things up, but the many long slots — 33 out of 74 answers have six or more letters — were gnarly to work with. I’ll go out on a limb to guess that this configuration will(ow) become more pop(u)lar in the future. All right, time to give these puns a (fo)rest and log off.

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The Differences Between A Gentleman in Moscow the Book and the TV Series

Amor Towles's hit novel has been adapted for a gorgeous series starring Ewan McGregor. Are they the same?

ewan mcgregor as count rostov in a gentleman in moscow episode 3, streaming on paramount 2024 photo credit ben blackallparamount with showtime

Every item on this page was chosen by a Town & Country editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

In the 1932 all-star film Grand Hotel, a sage observer of the human condition intones “What do you do in the Grand Hotel? Eat. Sleep. Loaf around. Flirt a little, dance a little. A hundred doors leading to one hall…And when you leave, someone occupies your room…that's the end.”

ewan mcgregor as count rostov in a gentleman in moscow episode 5, streaming on paramount 2024 photo credit ben blackallparamount with showtime

Count Rostov was first introduced to audiences in Amor Towles’ 2016 boffo bestseller A Gentleman in Moscow . Now, it’s been adapted into a Showtime limited series and the eponym is played with old-world panache, charm, and sparkle by a mustachioed Ewan McGregor .

In both iterations of A Gentleman in Moscow , you’ll find much to marvel at. But, it’s not all joy. There is death, contemplation of suicide, famine, the onset of war and other very heavy topics especially given the news today. But coupled with that, and embodied by the singular Count Rostov, is a commitment to finding beauty in the commonplace. That even amidst sadness and privation, there is a persistent glimmer of possibility to cling to. Start by reading and watching the life of Count Rostov unfold. By the time you’re done, you’ll want to, as he does, reach for Tolstoy.

There are, of course, differences between the book and the limited series—and some are of greater import than others. Here are the most important.

Adapt or Die Ben Blackall/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Anna Urbanova in A Gentleman in Moscow.

Both the novel and the series, airing now, begin with Count Rostov as he is charged by a Bolshevik tribunal with house arrest. Fortunately for him, the luxurious Hotel Metropol is home. Unfortunately, the suite he has long been accustomed to is swapped for a very small room, many stories up, at the top of the hotel. Over the course of eight episodes, and several decades, we watch as his life changes inexorably, with the introduction of surprise, surveillance, comedy, catastrophe, and, most unexpectedly, love.

The fidelity to the novel, unspooled over each episode, is really quite something. As you might expect, that fidelity is best exhibited by the attention paid to the hotel. I’m not the only one who felt that way. I had a chance to ask Amor Towles, who is also an executive producer on the series, about his thoughts.

“When I visited the set in Manchester, England for the first time last March, I was a little anxious," he says. "I was met in the parking lot by Sam [Miller, a director and executive producer], Ben [Vanstone, writer] and the production designer, Victor Molero, who wanted to personally introduce me to the set. Entering the vast sound stage… we turned a corner and found ourselves before the façade of the Metropol. We passed through the revolving doors. And looking around the beautifully realized lobby, my first thought was: Everything is going to be just fine. ”

Who’s That in the Painting? Ben Blackall/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME A view of Count Rostov’s room in the Hotel Metropol, where a portrait of his sister—who plays a larger role in the novel—is on display.

In the book, Rostov carries regret over the death of his sister, which occurred while he was exiled from Russia after defending her honor in a duel. She, and her legacy, are also featured far more prominently within the pages. There are toasts on the anniversary of her death, frequent reminiscences and an unshakeable grip of guilt around Rostov’s heart. In the show, she is the stuff of indeterminate flashbacks and the subject of a painting which resides in Rostov’s room. "To have one’s book taken up by a large and talented team who share the aim of faithfully translating your story to a visual medium, that’s a whole different level of having a life beyond the binding," Towles says. "Needless to say, it was an exciting development."

A Color-Conscious Cast Ben Blackall/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Lyes Salem as Andrey with Ewan McGregor in A Gentleman in Moscow.

The Metropol is peopled with a variety of characters who come in and out of Rostov’s life as time passes. In the series, they are brought to vivid life by a cast that reflects the world we live in more than the one of period Russia. This is most evident in three of the characters who enrich Count Rostov’s life at the Metropol: Fehinti Balogun who plays Rostov’s longtime friend Mishka, Marina as played by Leah Harvey and Andrey, touchingly brought to life by Lyès Salem.

Wait, He Still Has a Mustache? Ben Blackall/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME One different between A Gentleman in Moscow the book and its small-screen adaptation? The fate of the title character’s impressive mustache.

Early on in the book, Rostov is accosted in the barber shop and ends up having to cut his mustache as a result. Later, after being seated in the hotel restaurant, a young girl, Nina, the precocious daughter of a diplomat, approaches him and inquires after it. Nina’s acute perception, curiosity and possession of a skeleton key which opens any room in the Metropol bond the two together from that day forward. In the series, he has the whiskers when he meets Nina—but not for too long.

The Truth About Nina Ben Blackall/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Ewan McGregor as Count Rostov and Alexa Goodall as Nina in A Gentleman in Moscow, streaming now on Showtime and Paramount+.

A gentleman in moscow.

A Gentleman in Moscow

The young girl with the skeleton key grows from a desire to share mischief to an intense love and trust for Rostov, even as she becomes increasingly pro-Stalin, which is definitely at odds with Rostov. In both the book and the series, Nina leaves her young daughter, Sofia, at the Metropol in order to follow her husband to Siberia, where he is sentenced to a labor camp. Like her mother before her, Sofia and the count became inseparable. Unlike the book, however, we find out explicitly what happened to Nina when we see her body in a mass grave. "Most of the texture of A Gentleman in Moscow springs from the marriage of my imagination with this 30-year interest in Russian culture," Towles says. "In fact, when I began writing the book, I had only been in Russia for a total of 10 days and had never spent the night in the Metropol Hotel. But once I finished the first draft, I flew to Russia and moved into the Metropol where I began the process of revision."

Whose Voice is That? Ben Blackall/Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Daniel Cerqueira as Vasily with Ewan McGregor in A Gentleman in Moscow, the new series based on Amor Towles’s novel.

The book is narrated by an omniscient narrator and peppered throughout with poems and transcripts. The show, however, is narrated by a woman’s voice. It isn’t until the tragic conclusion of the fifth episode that you find out it is a grown-up Sofia who is speaking.

Headshot of Josh Zajdman

@media(min-width: 40.625rem){.css-1jdielu:before{margin:0.625rem 0.625rem 0;width:3.5rem;-webkit-filter:invert(17%) sepia(72%) saturate(710%) hue-rotate(181deg) brightness(97%) contrast(97%);filter:invert(17%) sepia(72%) saturate(710%) hue-rotate(181deg) brightness(97%) contrast(97%);height:1.5rem;content:'';display:inline-block;-webkit-transform:scale(-1, 1);-moz-transform:scale(-1, 1);-ms-transform:scale(-1, 1);transform:scale(-1, 1);background-repeat:no-repeat;}.loaded .css-1jdielu:before{background-image:url(/_assets/design-tokens/townandcountrymag/static/images/diamond-header-design-element.80fb60e.svg);}}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-1jdielu:before{margin:0 0.625rem 0.25rem;}} Television @media(min-width: 40.625rem){.css-128xfoy:before{margin:0.625rem 0.625rem 0;width:3.5rem;-webkit-filter:invert(17%) sepia(72%) saturate(710%) hue-rotate(181deg) brightness(97%) contrast(97%);filter:invert(17%) sepia(72%) saturate(710%) hue-rotate(181deg) brightness(97%) contrast(97%);height:1.5rem;content:'';display:inline-block;background-repeat:no-repeat;}.loaded .css-128xfoy:before{background-image:url(/_assets/design-tokens/townandcountrymag/static/images/diamond-header-design-element.80fb60e.svg);}}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-128xfoy:before{margin:0 0.625rem 0.25rem;}}

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Observe Memorial Day with these events in southern Maine

Tons of towns have parades and ceremonies happening Monday.

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Kids and adults gather at a Memorial Day parade to honor and celebrate veterans in South Portland. Sofia Aldinio/ Staff Photographer

BATH 10 a.m. Monday. Parade begins at 200 Congress Ave. and concludes at Library Park and will be followed by a wreath-laying service at 11 a.m.

BERWICK 11 a.m. Monday. Parade begins at Berwick Town Hall/Sullivan Square and proceeds to Lord’s Cemetery by way of Wilson and Allen streets. After a ceremony there, the parade will continue down Saw Mill Hill Street with a pause at the Somersworth-Berwick Bridge for a brief memorial service for those lost at sea. The parade ends at Sullivan Square with a memorial service honoring area veterans.

BIDDEFORD-SACO Opening ceremony at 9:55 a.m. Monday at Saco City Hall. Parade starts at 10 a.m. from Saco City Hall and proceeds along Main Street and down York Hill into Biddeford, continues along Main Street, onto Alfred Street and finishes at Veteran’s Memorial Park with a closing ceremony at 10:45 a.m.

BRUNSWICK-TOPSHAM 9 a.m. Monday. Parade proceeds from Topsham Town Hall, pauses for observances while crossing the Brunswick-Topsham bridge, and concludes at the Brunswick Mall.

CAPE ELIZABETH 9 a.m. Monday. Parade begins at the middle school parking lot, turns right on Scott Dyer Road, right onto Route 77 and ends at the village green adjacent to the town hall. A brief ceremony and laying of the wreath will be held at the Village Green after the parade.

CUMBERLAND 8 a.m. Monday. Kids run at Greely High School followed by 5K Run and Remember race at 8:30 a.m. Parade starts at 10 a.m. at Mabel I. Wilson School and ends at the veterans’ monument in Moss Side Cemetery in Cumberland Center, where a ceremony will be held at 10:30 a.m. Advertisement

FALMOUTH 10 a.m. Monday. Parade proceeds from 65 Depot Road (Falmouth American Legion) to Pine Grove Park, where a ceremony will be held.

FREEPORT 9:30 a.m. Monday. Parade proceeds from Holbrook Street, heads north on Main and makes a right onto School Street, then right onto Park Street, ending in Memorial Park. There will be a small ceremony in Memorial Park starting at 10 a.m.

GORHAM 11 a.m. Monday. Parade starts at Village School (12 Robie St.) and ends at Eastern Cemetery on Johnson Road.

GRAY 11:30 a.m. Monday. Parade leaves the Russell School (8 Gray Park), proceeds to Shaker Road and continues to the Soldiers Monument at the intersection of Routes 26 and 3 for a wreath-laying ceremony. Parade continues north to the American Legion Post (15 Lewiston Road) for a closing ceremony.

LYMAN 1 p.m. Monday. Parade starts at Waterhouse Road/Mill Pond in Goodwins Mills and ends at the Lyman Town Hall on South Waterboro Road.

NEW GLOUCESTER 9 a.m. Monday. Parade leaves from Memorial Elementary School (86 Intervale Road) and heads down Intervale Road to Route 100/202 to Veterans Park for a memorial service. The parade will reconvene and go down Peacock Hill Road, then take a left on Gilmore Road. Advertisement

OLD ORCHARD BEACH 1 p.m. Monday. Parade starts at the corner of Ballpark Way and E. Emerson Cumming Boulevard and proceeds down Saco Avenue, Old Orchard Beach Street to First Street and ends at Veteran’s Memorial Park.

PORTLAND 2 p.m. Monday. The procession starts at Longfellow School (432 Stevens Ave.) and ends at Evergreen Cemetery for a commemoration ceremony.

SANFORD 10 a.m. Monday. The parade starts at the Sanford Armory (88 William Oscar Emery Drive), proceeds up Gowen Park Drive and ends at Central Park.

SCARBOROUGH 10 a.m. Monday. Parade starts at Scarborough High School, turns onto Route 114 and then Route 1, past town offices to the Maine Veterans Home and concludes with a ceremony there.

SOUTH PORTLAND 10:30 a.m. Monday. Parade starts at Southern Maine Community College parking lot, proceeds down Broadway to the Veterans Monument for a short Memorial Day recognition service.

WELLS 9 a.m. Monday. Parade starts at Wells High School (200 Sanford Road) and proceeds to Ocean View Cemetery for a ceremony and musical performances. Advertisement

WESTBROOK 10 a.m. Monday. Parade proceeds down Main Street and will be followed by a ceremony in Riverbank Park.

WINDHAM 9 a.m. Monday. Parade starts at Windham Town Hall and proceeds onto Route 202 toward Windham High School. At 10 a.m., there will be a ceremony in front of Windham’s Veterans Memorial Flagpole at Windham High School.

YARMOUTH 10 a.m. Monday. Parade leaves from Yarmouth High School (286 West Elm St.) and proceeds to the Memorial Green at Town Hall for a ceremony.

YORK 10 a.m. Monday. Parade starts near St. Christopher’s Church (4 Barrell Lane) and proceeds down York Street to York Town Hall.

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Opinion: We can do way better than the Gorham Connector

The wrap: farmers to return to monument square; hobbit-core restaurant planned for brunswick, complaint may halt changes to casco bay ferry ticket prices, skeletal remains found on gorham property, report says former maine turnpike executive threatened and intimidated employees for years, daily headlines.

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  1. Brain Games Mini

    mini travel games book

  2. Mini Travel Games- Where are you?

    mini travel games book

  3. Mini Books Travel Pencil & Paper Games

    mini travel games book

  4. Usborne- Travel Games Pad

    mini travel games book

  5. Board- and Party-Games

    mini travel games book

  6. 11 Best Travel Games for Kids

    mini travel games book


  1. Shop these mini travel essentials in my bio link Amazon store idea list: MINI FINDS #amazonfinds

  2. Sago Mini Boats, Planes & Pet Road Trip

  3. Mini Travel Bags. Shop my bio link website idea list: MINI FINDS #amazonhome #travelessentials

  4. Relax Mini Games 309

  5. Minion Rush: Despicable Me #112 Сноубордист и Полярная экспедиция! Событие: 1 шаг

  6. My Little Bucket of BOOKS! Mini Story Paw Patrol Pups! Reading Along


  1. Amazon.com: THE MINI TRAVEL GAME BOOK For Kids!: The Simple, Non

    A MINI GAME BOOK FOR KIDS. Keep this in their backpack, a car pocket or even in your purse.. There are EIGHT different games along with doodle paper to keep them occupied and engaged playing with their friends or siblings!. It's non-electronic! Use it when you are traveling and don't (or don't want them to) have access to a phone or tablet.. ☑ FLYING to your grandparent's house without a ...

  2. 30 Best Travel Games For Kids Reviewed: Play In Cars, Planes & Hotels

    11. Hasbro Family Travel Board Games Bundle. Recommended ages: 8+. Clue, Monopoly, Connect 4, and Hungry Hungry Hippo Board Grab and Go Games come in all-in-one travel versions that also store pieces for you to play as a family when on the road.

  3. THE MINI TRAVEL GAME BOOK For Kids!: The Simple, Non-Electronic Book of

    Boredom Busters: Would You Rather Game Book Travel Edition: Hilarious Plane, Car Game: Road Trip Activities For Kids & Teens , Book 2, (Paperback) 9 4.2 out of 5 Stars. 9 reviews Available for 3+ day shipping 3+ day shipping

  4. Brain Games To Go Travel Games and Puzzles

    Travel trivia, games, and more family fun to make the miles fly by! ... Spiral bound makes the book lie flat. Answer key found at the back of the book. 256 pages. * This is an alternate cover of ISBN-13: 9781645585930 Brain Games Mini - Games and Puzzles on the Go, content is the same. Share Share Link. Close share Copy link.

  5. 35+ Best Travel Games for Kids (Toddlers to Teens!)

    Table of Contents. Travel Games for Toddlers (Ages 1-4+) Roll and Play Game for Toddlers. Toddler Scavenger Hunt. Montessori Sensory Board. Travel Games for Preschoolers (Ages 2-5+) Junior Memory Game. Disney Mini Memory Game. Flip to Win Memory Game.

  6. THE MINI TRAVEL GAME BOOK For Kids!: The Simple, Non-Electronic Book of

    THE MINI TRAVEL GAME BOOK For Kids!: The Simple, Non-Electronic Book of Games and Doodle Paper for Restaurants, Car Rides, Plane Trips, the Subway and More! : Publishing, Natureside: Amazon.com.au: Books

  7. The 27 Best Travel-sized Games of 2024

    Catan Studio Catan Board Game. PHOTO: Amazon. $44 at Amazon $44 at Target $44 at Walmart. Why We Love It: This modern classic is a fan favorite — and, although layered, it's easy to teach to ...

  8. Travel Games, Activity & Game Books, Books

    by Jacob Stone. Paperback $10.95. QUICK ADD. Hello Kitty and Friends Magnet…. by Merrill Hagan, Kristen Tafoya Humphrey, Sanrio. Explore Series. Paperback $9.95. QUICK ADD. 2023 Word Search Large Print….

  9. 19 Great Travel Games For Kids

    Melissa & Doug Kids Take-Along Shape Sorter. $15 $25 SAVE $10 (40%) Buy From Amazon. Toddlers are fascinated by sorting shapes, and this top-rated toy travel bag will provide hours of fun for ...

  10. Mini travel book

    Your kids will love this mini travel book, personalized with your trip details and filled with full of activities for their age: Before the adventure begins, they'll learn all about the trip and who's coming along; During the journey, keep them away from screens with games that align with their interests, and boost their little fingers skills

  11. The 13 Best Travel Board Games You Can Play Anywhere (Even ...

    6.8 on BGG. Buy on Amazon. Buy on NKG. Note: Similo comes in several themed packs, which can be mixed and matched for more variety and difficulty. In addition to Similo History, there's also: Similo Myths. Similo Fables. Similo Animals. Similo Wild Animals.

  12. 49 best travel games for adults (tips by travellers, updated 2023)

    Travel games of course! You can find them in all different names and shapes: some are played with cards, some with dice, and some just by exchanging words. Oh and don't forget the drinking games! I've decided to bundle these travel games for adults into one article. My friends Joost and Samuel enjoying a travel game called Bananagrams.

  13. 21 Best Travel Games (for Your Next Trip in 2024)

    Best travel games for flights - Boggle. Best travel games for road trips - Battleship Grab & Go. Best travel games for families - Dobble. Best travel game for kids - Pass the Pigs. Best travel game for pre-schoolers - Buckle Toy Bizzy. Best travel game for 2 people - Connect 4 Grab & Go. Best travel game for groups - Farkle.

  14. A Gentleman in Moscow: What to expect from the Paramount+ series ...

    Explored. A Gentleman in Moscow promises to be a fascinating story about a Russian Count banished to a hotel for life. The story is set against the backdrop of the Bolshevik Revolution. Ewan ...

  15. NYT Crossword Answers for May 15, 2024

    Today's Theme. The occasion alluded to above appears at 57A: "'Best wishes for your once-a-year celebration!' (and a wish for solvers of this puzzle)."

  16. NYT Crossword Answers for May 14, 2024

    Tricky Clues. 14A. The last person who used this "Headwear for lesser royalty" in a crossword happens to have been today's constructor: Mr. Eaton-Salners clued CORONET in 2020 as a "Bit of ...

  17. The Differences Between A Gentleman in Moscow the Book and the TV Series

    Ewan McGregor stars in A Gentleman in Moscow, a TV adaptation of the novel by Amor Towles, airing now on Showtime. Count Rostov was first introduced to audiences in Amor Towles' 2016 boffo ...

  18. Best Memorial Day Deals Under $25: Early Offers on Tech, Fitness, Games

    Hydro Flask All Around travel tumbler: $25. Save $8. The 28-ounce All Around travel tumbler from Hydro Flask is now 25% off. This tumbler comes with a straw and fits in a standard cup holder, so ...

  19. Observe Memorial Day with these events in southern Maine

    Kids and adults gathered at the Memorial Day parade to honor and celebrate veterans in South Portland. Sofia Aldinio/ Staff Photographer. BATH. 10 a.m. Monday. Parade begins at 200 Congress Ave ...

  20. On to Moscow Solitaire: An Original Bookgame (Original Bookgames)

    On to Moscow Solitaire has 25 game plays. It is a World War II strategic game that highlights the Axis campaign waged in the Soviet Union from June through December 1941 and the other theaters of war that influenced that campaign. All you need to provide is 2 dice, a pen, and a sense of adventure to play.

  21. DK Eyewitness Moscow (Travel Guide) Paperback

    Publisher ‏ : ‎ DK Eyewitness Travel (April 7, 2015) Language ‏ : ‎ English. Paperback ‏ : ‎ 264 pages. ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1465426442. ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1465426444. Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.09 pounds. Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.19 x 0.6 x 8.75 inches. Best Sellers Rank: See Top 100 in Books. #171 in General Russia Travel Guides.