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Satisfaction with the ease of carrying the midsize or large suitcase.


Satisfaction with the wheelability of the midsize or large suitcase.

Ease of packing

Satisfaction with the ease of packing the midsize or large suitcase.

Satisfaction with the durability of the midsize or large suitcase.

Satisfaction with the weight of the midsize or large suitcase.

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Protocol is part of the Luggage test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Checked Luggage Brands models like the Protocol are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Ease of carrying: Satisfaction with the ease of carrying the midsize or large suitcase.

Wheelability: Satisfaction with the wheelability of the midsize or large suitcase.

Ease of packing: Satisfaction with the ease of packing the midsize or large suitcase.

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The 11 Best Luggage Brands of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

No matter what size or style you want, these are the best luggage brands to fit your needs.

protocol travel bag

In This Article

  • Others We Liked

Our Testing Process

  • Our Decision Process
  • Tips For Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

Travel + Leisure / Joy Kim

No matter where you're going or how often you travel, luggage can make or break your trip. It helps with planning, packing, and staying organized while away — and sometimes determines whether you can bring back souvenirs. There's a wide range of checked suitcases, carry-on bags, duffels, weekenders, underseat bags, and backpacks on the market. Beyond that, you've got hardside and softside options with various organizational features. Amid what you might call the Golden Age of luggage, it can be hard to sift through your offerings.

To figure out what brands stand out from the rest, our Travel + Leisure team has tested more than 450 pieces of luggage ranging from carry-ons and checked suitcases to duffels, weekenders, garment bags, and other types of travel bags — assessing capacity, maneuverability, durability, and design through a series of tests and simulations. We've rolled suitcases through obstacle courses, threw them off tables, and hit them with baseball bats to see how well they'd perform in different travel scenarios like rough baggage handlers. We even recreated an airplane set in our New York City lab to lift bags into real overhead bins and underneath seats. We continue testing each bag in our real-life travels for a minimum of six months to make sure it stands up to planes, trains, automobiles, and anything else life may throw at it.

Our team has tested bags from many different brands, and below you'll find our current favorites. We will continue to update this article as we test even more luggage brands and new bags.

Best Overall

Backed by a 10-year warranty, Samsonite luggage is compact yet spacious, easy to maneuver, and exceptionally durable.

Because Samsonite has such a wide variety of designs and price points, some bags perform better than others.

After our most recent set of luggage tests, Samsonite has risen to the top as our favorite overall luggage brand. Samsonite luggage is generally lightweight and compact on the outside, with spacious interiors to maximize packing and a variety of styles to choose from. We especially love the brand for its versatility, with an impressive variety of bags at different price points so you can find whatever suits you whether you're looking for something affordable or luxurious.

The Samsonite Freeform Hardside Expandable Carry-on holds the spot as the best overall carry-on we've ever tested, while the Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside takes the cake as our favorite checked suitcase . The Samsonite Bartlett Carry-on Softside Spinner earned perfect scores during our tests, impressing us as a solid softside suitcase for under $100. We also loved the organizational features — including multiple tech sleeves and included packing cubes — of the Samsonite Just Right Carry-on Spinner .

Almost all of the suitcases sustained hardly any damage after we hit them with a baseball bat and shoved them off a table. Samsonite luggage also maneuvers without a fuss, even on carpeted floors and gravel. Prices are more than reasonable, and while you'll have to make any returns within 30 days, the brand backs its products with a 10-year warranty.

The Details: 30 day return policy | 10-year warranty

Travel + Leisure/Joy Kim

Best Overall, Runner-up

The suitcases are durable, smooth-rolling, and spacious, and the brand has a generous 100-day return policy.

Some are harder to pull on two wheels, and the checked models are a bit heavy. 

All Travelpro luggage we tested earned high scores for maneuverability, durability, capacity, and overall design. The brand's hardside and softside models were a hit in the T+L lab, and there are both carry-on and checked options with spacious interiors and expandable capacities. We also appreciated the various organizational features, like zipper panels, cross straps, and pockets.

With self-aligning spinner wheels and sturdy telescoping handles, Travelpro luggage is also easy to maneuver on hard floors, carpet, and even gravel (though some suitcases are slightly harder to roll on two wheels than four, especially when packed full). We particularly love the Travelpro Platinum Elite Carry-On Expandable Hardside Spinner with its sleek wheels and a textured handle that helps maintain a comfortable grip, and we think the Travelpro x Travel + Leisure Large Check-In Trunk Spinner makes a stylish investment piece if you're looking for something large, durable, and built to last. Even Travelpro's rolling garment bag impressed with its high capacity for the size. And, while the carry-ons are generally lightweight, one thing to note is that the larger checked models weigh almost twice as much when empty.

After shoving the suitcases off a table and whacking them with a baseball bat, we were pleasantly surprised by their durability. We only noticed a couple superficial marks — no scratches or dents, and nothing that wouldn't wipe clean. Travelpro offers a generous 100-day return policy and backs its luggage with warranties ranging from 10 years to a lifetime, though it can be difficult to connect with their customer service department to initiate returns or repair requests at times.

The Details: 100 day return policy | 10-year to lifetime warranty

Travel + Leisure / Joy Kim

Best for Staying Organized

Beyond aesthetic appeal, Away flaunts plenty of pockets and compartments that keep all of your items in place.

The hardside suitcases might scratch under heavy use.

Away luggage has a minimalist-modern aesthetic and a sophisticated yet practical appeal. We're huge fans of the brand's suitcases and weekenders and particularly love The Everywhere Bag that's perfect for overnight trips, quick weekend adventures, and use as a personal item on longer trips. The checked baggage and hardside carry-on luggage pieces are light yet durable and easy to wipe clean. They didn't sustain any dents from our baseball bat tests, but there were a few scratches after we shoved them off a table. There are so many sizes to choose from, including one of our favorite trunks we've ever tested. We liked the dual main compartments, compression systems, expanders, and dirty laundry satchels of the roller bags.

The suitcases were a breeze to maneuver on their 360-degree spinner wheels, and carrying The Everywhere and The Garment Bag was comfortable with the padded shoulder straps. The Garment Bag also has interior padding that keeps all of your longer clothing items protected and helps to minimize wrinkles. Away is certainly not the cheapest luggage brand out there, but it's also far from the most expensive. Considering the 100-day return window, lifetime warranty, and stylish designs, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to pretty much any traveler.

The Details: 100 day return policy | Lifetime warranty

A perfect choice for organized travelers, Paravel luggage has lots of added features and a sophisticated appeal.

The suitcases don't expand, and the lighter colors are prone to scuffing.

Perfect for organized travelers , Paravel takes the cake for additional features. We loved the dual compartments, many pockets, dividers, and removable laundry bags. While the suitcases don't expand, the compression pads make fitting everything a cinch. The Paravel Aviator Carry-on Plus was one of our top carry-on bags thanks to its sleek design, roomy interior that makes packing a breeze, and slick wheels that were great on every surface. We also love the super cute Paravel Mini Fold-up Backpack that earned perfect scores in every category, as well as our pick as best overall mini backpack . Not only does the bag fold up small so you can pack it in larger bags, but it also has a high capacity that can even fit a tablet, making it the perfect eye-catching style to wear on any vacation.

Most Paravel luggage pieces held up well during our durability tests, though the lighter-colored hardside models are prone to scuffing. The suitcases are also easy to pull, push, and roll over various flooring materials. What's more, Paravel luggage is undeniably stylish with a sophisticated appeal and a cool mid-century flair. Prices are somewhat steep, but in the end, we think it's worth the investment.

People / Jhett Thompson

Most Spacious

The brand's large-capacity suitcases are impressively spacious yet lightweight, with built-in expanders and smooth-rolling wheels.

The hardside models are prone to scuffing.

Delsey is a go-to for large-capacity luggage . This brand carries both hardside and softside suitcases, including surprisingly spacious carry-ons and checked baggage in multiple sizes so you can find the best design for your needs. We were thrilled by how much they fit, noting that they could easily pack all items on our packing list with room to spare, even without expansion functions.

The suitcases maneuver well on their four spinner wheels, even over carpet, cracks, and bumps. Most models are also lightweight, so lifting them into an overhead bin is no problem. We checked the Chatelet Air 2.0 Carry-on and matching Chatelet Air 2.0 Medium Checked bag on four different long-haul international flights and each time they made it to the luggage carousel with only minor scuffs that were easily wiped away. We appreciate Delsey's accessible price points, plus the brand backs its luggage with warranties ranging from five to 10 years.

The Details: 30 day return policy | 5-to-10-year warranty

Travel + Leisure / Tamara Staples

Best Colors

They come in both neutrals and so many colorful designs, including limited-edition options.

Some of the carry-ons are on the smaller size.

You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store with all of the colorful suitcase options from July — and if you tend to gravitate toward neutrals, July has those, too. After we tested over a dozen bags in our lab on on our airplane set, some of our favorites included the July Carry On (includes a portable charger), the July Checked Plus (the largest suitcase in July’s range), the July Checked Plus Light (a great lightweight option), and the July Trunk Set (a stylish, zipperless two-piece set). 

We found the bags to be very durable against our baseball bat tests, although we noticed that the bags with aluminum corner bumpers tended to scuff more easily specifically on the corners. One of our favorite features was that some bags, including the Carry On Pro SnapSleeve , feature a multi-stop telescopic handle that you can adjust to 20 different heights, when many suitcase handles only stop at three heights.

Different bag styles are available in different colorways, and you can choose from delightful shades of blues, greens, pinks, reds, shadow lavender, plum, yellow, sand, and more, most of which will easily stand out on any baggage carousel. We did notice that some of the carry-ons tend to be much more spacious than others, so be sure to check the dimensions to find a size that will fit everything you need.

The Details: 100 day return policy | Limited lifetime warranty on luggage; 5-year warranty on soft bags and accessories; 2-year warranty on small leather goods

Best for Smaller Bags

Calpak luggage is compact yet still spacious enough to hold the essentials, and maneuvering it is a piece of cake.

The two-year warranty is substantially shorter than most other brands.

If you're looking for something you can stash in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you, Calpak might be your best bet. We loved the duffles, backpacks, and suitcases with a particular appreciation for the Hue Mini Carry-on Luggage , our best overall underseat bag . We love that it glides smoothly, has a sturdy exterior, and can even fit a laptop, making it perfect for weekend getaways or even business trips.

Even when packed full, we found each Calpak suitcase to roll beautifully on both two wheels and four. We also like the Compakt Small Garment Bag , which is perfect to transport of one or two formal pieces inside a carry-on suitcase. The Stevyn Duffel Bag was very comfortable to tote with its shoulder strap and features a separate shoe compartment to keep your items clean if you're in the market for something smaller. Though the two-year warranty is shorter than most other brands, we think Calpak's prices are more than fair.

The Details: 30 day return policy | 2-year warranty

Travel + Leisure / Conor Ralph

Best Budget

Amazon basics.

Amazon's luggage is not just budget-friendly but also lightweight and sturdy with unexpectedly large capacities.

Color options are limited, and the suitcases don't have USB ports or other smart features.

We can confidently tell you there's much more to love about Amazon Basics luggage than a budget-friendly price tag. The Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner also landed on our list of the best lightweight luggage after earning a perfect score in all categories. We especially love that even though it is a light suitcase, it's sturdy with wheels that easily maneuver over gravel and carpeting. More pockets would have been appreciated, but both the carry-on and checked models easily fit everything on our packing list without the expanders, which adds another 15 percent to the capacity.

The hardside suitcases have extra-thick thermoplastic shells that passed our durability tests with flying colors — no scratches or dents in sight. They were generally easy to maneuver, too, albeit a little more difficult on gravel. Color options are limited, and while most Amazon Basics carriers don't have TSA locks or smart features, the designs exceeded our expectations.

The Details: 30 day return policy | 3-year warranty

Best Splurge

This splurge-worthy luggage brand boasts expandable main compartments, ample pockets, impact-resistant exteriors, and smooth spinner wheels.

The price might be hard to justify, and the checked bags are somewhat heavy when empty.

If you want the crème de la crème of luggage, Tumi is where it's at . The suitcases and underseat bags fared better than the duffel we tested, but all in all, we were impressed. Our favorite by far is the Alpha International Expandable 4-wheeled Carry-on that looks compact but includes plenty of organizational compartments and even comes with its own removable garment bag. There was plenty of space to pack everything on our list in every Tumi bag, even without the expanders. This brand also stands out for its organizational, smart, and security features. We're talking ample pockets, removable garment bags, laptop sleeves, USB ports, lockable zippers, and TSA-approved locks.

Whether you go softside or hardside, you can count on reliable durability — we even jumped on the bags and rode on top of them and not one feature broke or dented. We observed virtually no scuffs or scratches after whacking the bags with a baseball bat. Tumi luggage is easy to maneuver, thanks to the spinner wheels, but bear in mind the checked sizes are pretty heavy when empty. If you can swing the steep price, we think the brand is an excellent choice for long trips, frequent fliers , and those who like to stay organized.

The Details: 30 day return policy | 5-year warranty

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

Most Durable

Briggs & riley.

With ballistic nylon or shock-absorbing polycarbonate exteriors, Briggs & Riley suitcases can really take a beating.

This is one of the more expensive brands, and the checked models are slightly heavy when empty.

The most durable luggage we tested comes from Briggs & Riley . The brand carries softside suitcases with ballistic nylon exteriors that resist premature wear and tear, as well as hardside models like the Sympatico Domestic Carry-on Expandable Spinner with shock-absorbing polycarbonate shells that promise to protect your cargo from getting crushed. We were impressed by how well they stood up to our shoves and bat swings — no dents or scratches to speak of.

Durability aside, Briggs & Riley suitcases roll effortlessly on hard floors and carpet, over bumps, and around tight corners. They also have decent capacities, many with built-in expanders. This is one of the more expensive luggage brands, but it's backed by a lifetime guarantee. We wouldn't be surprised if the suitcases last 10 or more years. Not only that, but there are a few options for remedying potential damage, including self-repair kits, authorized repair centers, or shipping back to Briggs & Riley for a tune-up.

The Details: 30 day return policy | Lifetime warranty

People / Tamara Staples

Best Design

Thoughtfully designed, each Béis bag we tried comes with extra, often removable, features so you can customize your packing.

These are large bags and we had a hard time fitting some weekenders under airplane seats.

Shay Mitchell's luggage brand quickly won our hearts with each bag's thoughtful design, customizable inserts, and removable compartments. The bags are certainly large and can fit everything you need for a long vacation or quick weekend getaway — just be mindful that not all of the duffel-style bags will work as personal items. The Weekender is one of our favorites: like Mary Poppins' bag of wonders, this tote seems to expand as you pack it, fitting every item on our list.

When it comes to rolling bags, the 29-inch Large Check-in Roller is our best checked bag for organization . Similar to its weekenders, carry-on bags, and backpacks, Béis' check-in bag is huge and can fit everything you need and more. All of the Béis suitcases we tested also sported durable wheels that smoothly navigated different types of surfaces without gettings tuck, as well as easy-to-use handles that make running through the airport a breeze.

The Details: 45 day return policy | Limited lifetime warranty

Travel + Leisure/

Other Luggage Brands We Liked

Even though these brands did not make our main list, they still have some worthwhile suitcases and bags to consider.

Monos :  Monos items have a nice, sleek look that are generally easy to maneuver. However, when we tested its large check-in suitcase, we found that it carried less items than some of its competitors.

Arlo Skye :  We love this brand's smooth design and stand-out colors, but considering the higher price-point, these bags don't roll quite as smoothly as some other brands.

Roam : We're big fans of Roam's The Check-in hardside suitcase as well as the designs of other Roam bags; however, after one-month of real-world travels, we found these luggage pieces to be more prone to scratching than other brands we tried.

The T+L team has tested more than 450 pieces of luggage, including carry-ons, checked suitcases, duffels, weekenders, garment bags, backpacks, and more in our New York City testing facility. We've tried at least six models from many top-rated brands, performing a range of assessments to evaluate the capacity, maneuverability, durability, design, and overall value. We weighed each bag, then packed it with enough clothes and personal items to get through a four-day trip (more for the larger checked bags).

To see how the luggage would perform in a real-life environment, we rolled them on different flooring materials, across gravel and carpets, over bumps, and around corners. We also threw each piece off a table and whacked it a few times with a metal baseball bat to test for potential wear and tear and how prone it was to scratching or denting. In addition, we recreated an airplane set in our lab, where we hoisted the carry-on suitcases into real overhead bins and stuffed them underneath seats to see how easy they were to lift and how portable they felt.

After lab testing, each suitcase and bag was sent out for real-world testing, and our T+L editors brought the bags on vacations, weekend trips, and overnighters. To test each bag's true durability, convenience, and longevity, we tested each bag on planes, trains, buses, and even cruise ships, checking in after one month, three months, and six months to give our feedback. Considering standout features, size, and price, we created categorized ranked lists of every luggage piece we tested. The luggage brands with the highest average ratings were ultimately chosen for this list of our favorites, which we will continue to update as we test even more luggage.

How We Chose These Brands

The T+L team tested at least six bags per brand on our winners list to ensure a broad sample size. We tested underseat luggage , checked luggage, and carry-on luggage as well as duffel bags, garment bags, and backpacks, and gave each individual bag a score based on its capacity, design, durability, maneuverability, and overall value.

Next, we created rankings based on the total average scores of all the bags we tested for that brand. We also thoroughly read through all of the tester insights on each luggage item from these three tests to evaluate each bag's details and features. Finally, we determined whether or not we would recommend a bag and its overall brand.

Tips for Buying Luggage

Get to know the brand.

When it comes to researching a new luggage brand, you're already well on your way. For more information on a specific brand, you can check out its website, read customer reviews on products you like, or even take a peek at the items in person. Buying new luggage (whether a singular piece or luggage set ) can be a pricey investment, so be sure you like a brand's style, warranty options, and overall quality before you make that purchase. This is especially important when it comes to splurging on luxury luggage pieces .

Know your organizational preferences

Material and size are important, but some of the best luggage brands stand out for their organizational features. This may include dual main compartments, various pockets, a shoe separator, zippered sections, a toiletry bag , a removable laundry bag, a garment bag, a laptop sleeve, and maybe even a USB port with a power bank pouch — some Arlo Skye luggage includes the power bank itself. While it's not a top priority for all travelers, this can make packing and accessing your belongings much easier.

Look for durability

The best luggage stands up to wear and tear for several years to come. Both softside and hardside luggage options can be very durable. It's really a matter of whether you want to safeguard your packed items from getting crushed or protect the exterior of the suitcase from superficial blemishes (though many softside and hardside models we tested check all the boxes).

Think about mobility

You should also think about maneuverability. When you're running into the airport to check your bags before heading to security, you'll want a suitcase that doesn't hold you back. Four-wheel spinner suitcases tend to be easier to pull and push over different surfaces compared to suitcases with just two wheels, and they're even better if they have a sturdy telescoping handle. Grab handles and padded straps are ideal for other types of luggage, and a lightweight design will make your travel experience much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll see a range of hardside and softside models when browsing luggage, and many of the best brands offer both. What you purchase really comes down to personal preference. Some people appreciate how crush-resistant hardside suitcases protect their belongings. They're also easy to wipe clean and have a sleek, modern appearance.

On the other hand, softside suitcases are typically (but not always) lighter in weight and more flexible, so you can often pack more in them. After testing both types, we can tell you they're often just as durable as hardside options, and they won't dent like hardside bags do. Although a textile exterior might be trickier to clean, it can be better at concealing scuffs and dirt. Regardless of the type of luggage, you can find several effective products to clean suitcases available.

Size limits for carry-on luggage vary among airlines . That said, most allow suitcases no larger than 24 inches tall, 16 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. Some are a little more strict, with limits set around 22 x 14 x 9 inches. Keep this in mind if your suitcase has an expander, as the additional inch or two could put it over the allowed size limit. We recommend checking the airline's website if you're not sure whether your luggage will pass as a carry-on.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this article, commerce writer Theresa Holland pored over our in-house testing insights, checked return policies, read the fine print for warranties, and evaluated price ranges to create a comprehensive roundup of the best luggage brands out there today.

Love a great deal? Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter and we'll send you our favorite travel products each week.

protocol travel bag

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