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Exploring New Zealand on a Budget: Affordable Cruise Options

New Zealand is a breathtaking destination that offers stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and unique experiences. Exploring this beautiful country doesn’t have to break the bank, especially when it comes to cruising. In this article, we will explore affordable cruise options that allow you to enjoy all that New Zealand has to offer without breaking your budget.

The Benefits of Cheap New Zealand Cruises

Cruising is an excellent way to explore New Zealand on a budget for several reasons. First and foremost, it offers an all-inclusive experience where accommodation, meals, and entertainment are included in the upfront price. This means you can have peace of mind knowing exactly how much your trip will cost without any surprise expenses along the way.

Additionally, cheap New Zealand cruises provide an opportunity to visit multiple destinations in one trip. Instead of hopping from one hotel to another or booking multiple flights within the country, a cruise allows you to wake up each day in a different port city without the hassle of packing and unpacking.

Moreover, cruises offer an array of onboard activities and amenities that can keep you entertained throughout your journey. From live performances and culinary experiences to spa treatments and fitness facilities, there’s something for everyone onboard.

Choosing the Right Cruise Line

When considering cheap cruise options in New Zealand, it’s essential to choose the right cruise line that fits your budget and preferences. Many reputable cruise lines offer affordable packages specifically tailored for budget-conscious travelers.

One popular option is P&O Cruises Australia which operates several cruises around New Zealand at affordable rates. Their ships are equipped with various amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, restaurants, and bars – ensuring you have everything you need during your voyage.

Another reliable choice is Royal Caribbean International which offers value-for-money cruises with excellent service and entertainment options. Their ships often feature rock-climbing walls, surf simulators, and Broadway-style shows, providing a memorable experience without breaking the bank.

Best Time to Book Cheap New Zealand Cruises

Timing is crucial when it comes to booking cheap New Zealand cruises. The key is to be flexible with your travel dates and book well in advance or take advantage of last-minute deals.

Cruise lines often offer early bird discounts for those who book several months ahead of the departure date. This allows you to secure the best cabins at lower prices. On the other hand, if you are open to spontaneous travel, last-minute deals can offer significant savings as cruise lines try to fill up remaining cabins.

Another tip is to consider traveling during shoulder seasons or off-peak times. These periods typically have lower demand and therefore cheaper prices. In New Zealand, shoulder seasons fall in spring (September-November) and autumn (March-May), offering pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

Exploring New Zealand Ports on a Budget

Once onboard your affordable cruise ship, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various ports around New Zealand without breaking your budget. Many ports offer free or low-cost activities that allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture and natural beauty.

For example, in Auckland, you can visit the Auckland War Memorial Museum and explore the vibrant Viaduct Harbour without spending a dime. In Wellington, take a stroll through Te Papa Tongarewa – New Zealand’s national museum – which offers free entry and showcases fascinating exhibits about the country’s history and Maori culture.

In Dunedin, venture out into the scenic Otago Peninsula where you can spot wildlife such as penguins and seals for free or at minimal cost by joining guided tours offered by local operators.

In conclusion, exploring New Zealand on a budget doesn’t mean compromising on quality experiences. Cheap cruises provide an excellent opportunity to discover this stunning country while enjoying all-inclusive amenities and visiting multiple destinations. By choosing the right cruise line, being flexible with your travel dates, and taking advantage of free or low-cost activities at various ports, you can embark on an unforgettable journey without breaking the bank.

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cheap cruises 2023 mexico

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cheap cruises 2023 mexico

Find Cheap Cruises to Mexico

Great mexico cruise deals now.

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Travelers in the cabin

cheap cruises 2023 mexico

Best Mexico cruise deals

Carnival Radiance

4 night Mexico

Carnival Cruise Lines

3 night Mexico

Cruise to mexico, why go on a cruise to mexico.

Mexico cruises in 2023 offer a range of itineraries that allow you to visit multiple destinations such as Puerto Costa Maya , Cancun , Ensenada , Cozumel , and more. A Cancun cruise, Ensenada cruise, and Cozumel cruise allow you to sail the seas around Mexico and enjoy their crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and activities such as snorkeling, diving, or simply relaxing in the sun. A Carnival cruise to Mexico in 5 days is also a popular choice for those looking for a fun-filled vacation, while a 3-day cruise to Mexico is a fantastic option for those who have limited time but still want to get a taste of Mexico. Opt for 4-day cruises to Mexico from Florida in 2023 if you’re looking to escape the US and experience the rich culture of Mexico.

How to find cheap cruises to Mexico?

To find lower Mexico cruise prices on Expedia, simply sort your search results by price to put the most affordable options at the top of the list. You will be able to find some of the best deals for your 3-day cruise to Mexico from Los Angeles or a 3-day all-inclusive cruise to Mexico. The cruise company also matters: Celebrity Cruises offers a more premium luxury experience while Carnival Cruises keeps cruise tickets to Mexico more budget-friendly. Keep in mind that flexible dates can also help you secure more affordable prices for a 4 or 5-day cruise. If you can, book your trip for 2024 rather than splurging on a last-minute journey. But if you're looking to go on a cruise to Mexico in 2023, Expedia often has great Mexico cruise deals.

What are some of the best cruise lines to Mexico?

Several of the best cruise lines to Mexico are available on Expedia, including Carnival , Disney , and Celebrity , all of which offer great cruise vacations to Mexico with such features as world-class live entertainment, shows, and activities for kids aged from 3 to 17. These cruise lines offer Cancun cruises, Baja cruises, 4-day cruises from Mexico to Florida, cruises from San Francisco to Mexico, and even Puerto Vallarta cruises. You can choose from various cruise durations, such as a 3-day cruise to Mexico, a 4-day cruise to Mexico, or even a weekend cruise to Mexico. There are also different points of departure, such as a 5-day Mexico cruise from Long Beach or a 3-day cruise from San Diego. Additionally, you have the option to utilize search filters to display results only from specific cruise lines or even specific cruise ships that you're interested in.

How can I find good Mexico cruise deals?

To find Mexico cruise deals on Expedia, keep an eye out for the green discount marker on the search result situated above the price estimate. This marker will indicate the maximum discount available on the deal currently running for that booking. Whether you’re looking for a 3-day Mexico cruise all-inclusive or a 7-day cruise to Mexico, be sure to check the details of the offer to see what's included. Keep in mind as well that a 4-night cruise to Catalina and Ensenada will provide a richer experience compared to a 3-day cruise to Mexico that solely visits Ensenada.

What should I look out for when booking cruise tickets to Mexico?

Location is one of the most important things you should consider when planning your cruise to Mexico in 2023. If you prefer a more upscale Mexico cruise trip which stops at more diverse locations, go with a Riviera Mexico cruise ship. A cruise to Riviera Maya will allow you to visit sparkling Caribbean beaches, have fun at adventure parks deep in the jungle, and go diving on beautiful reefs. On the other hand, Baja Mexico cruises usually stop at fewer locations which are likely to be cheaper. Baja Mexico cruises feature beautiful beaches, stunning desert landscapes, and great scuba diving. Timing is another decision-making element when it comes to Mexico cruise ship prices, you have various options such as a 5-day day from Florida or a 3-day cruise from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas. Early fall is usually the low season when you can find discount cruises to Mexico. June to August is a highly popular period when many people opt for a cruise to Mexico, which can result in higher prices.

Where are the best places to go on a cruise to Mexico?

Mexico is home to some of the best cruise destinations, including Ensenada , Cancun , Cozumel, Mazatlán, and Puerto Vallarta. Some longer 5 or 7-day cruises that travel to Mexico may include multiple stops, providing the opportunity to explore various locations along the enchanting Mexican coastline with its pristine beaches and welcoming shores. Riviera Maya cruises offer an abundance of destinations within close proximity, allowing for visits to numerous different locations. Cruises along the west coast of Mexico typically require longer travel distances between each stop, resulting in more time spent on the ship. You can take a cruise to Mexico from departure ports, such as a 3-day cruise to Mexico from Long Beach, or a 5-day cruise from Florida or San Francisco to Mexico .

When is the best time to go on a cruise in Mexico?

The optimal time for experiencing some of the finest cruises in Mexico is typically during the winter months, specifically from November to January. During this period, the crowds are generally smaller, allowing for a more intimate experience, and the weather remains warm and clear. However, December can be especially busy for a winter month due to the influx of holiday travelers. If you're planning a 7-day cruise in Mexico or a 5-day cruise, Expedia is on hand to help you find the options and itinerary to suit you.

How long does it take to go to Mexico by cruise ship?

If you travel from popular departure ports like New Orleans and Los Angeles , it will only take about a day or so to reach Mexico. For a longer journey, you could choose a 4-day cruise, a 5-day cruise or a 7-day cruise. Different cruise ships drive at different speeds, so your destination in Mexico also plays a role: a cruise to Puerto Vallarta from Los Angeles, for example, can take longer than a 2- or 3-night cruise to Mexico. If you have limited time, opt for a 3-day all-inclusive cruise.

What are some great luxury cruises to Mexico?

You'll find some of the best luxury cruises to Mexico with Carnival and Celebrity . Specifically, the Carnival Sunrise cruise to Mexico boasts several restaurants and bars, a state-of-the-art spa facility, and a pool on the deck complete with winding waterslides. If you're seeking the ultimate luxury experience, consider the Harmony of the Seas from Royal Caribbean for a 7-day cruise in 2023. This magnificent ship offers a variety of amenities including a spa and fitness center, a sports zone, a park area, a boardwalk section, and live entertainment, making your cruise to Mexico truly unforgettable.

What are some good all-inclusive cruises to Mexico?

Norwegian and Royal Caribbean offer 3 day all-inclusive cruises to Mexico. These cruises' all-inclusive offerings reflect some of the best of what Mexico has to offer, including authentic dining so you can expect to enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine even before you reach the shore. Just relax and let the cruise line plan everything for you: your room, food, and entertainment will have already been paid for and arranged before you get on board the boat.

What's a great family cruise to Mexico?

When booking a 4- or 5-day Mexico cruise vacation for the whole family, Disney and Carnival tend to offer some of the best options that ensure all ages can have fun on their cruise to Mexico. Disney cruises often feature special shows with classic Disney characters that both kids and adults know and love. Imagine seeing Donald Duck in his little sailor costume on your cruise! A lot of the entertainment on Disney cruises is specifically catered to children too, but there are separate adult areas if you're looking to unwind with a bit of quiet. Another good option is the Horizon ship by Carnival cruise, featuring several outdoor pools, a Dr. Seuss-themed water park, and an IMAX movie theater.

What are some of the best Mexico honeymoon cruises?

A luxurious cruise on the Queen Mary 2 or the MSC Seashore are just 2 examples of great honeymoon cruises to Mexico for a 7-day cruise or 5-day cruise in 2023. The Queen Mary 2 by Cunard Cruises is outfitted with numerous luxury amenities and fine dining experiences, along with attentive staff who are personally dedicated to helping you make those precious memories on your 3-day cruise to Cabo San Lucas or other dreamy destinations. Meanwhile, the MSC Seashore by MSC Cruises will let you and your partner enjoy the journey to Mexico with luxurious staterooms, a spa facility, and even an onboard casino.

Can I book a weekend cruise to Mexico?

You can find a weekend cruise by sorting your search results by duration. A weekend Mexico cruise vacation is possible as long as you depart from a port in the southern United States, such as Miami, and don't venture too far south. For example, you can consider a 3-day cruise to Mexico from Florida. A weekend cruise to Mexico will typically involve leaving on Friday, enjoying Saturday or the entire weekend in a destination like Cozumel, and then returning on Monday.

How do I book a cruise to Mexico on Expedia?

To book a 5-day cruise to Mexico or a 3-day cruise on Expedia, the best strategy is to take advantage of available deals and try different dates to find the best savings. You can use Expedia's convenient search tools to narrow down the results. Once you've found a cruise you're satisfied with, booking a cruise on Expedia is quick and easy.

Do I need a passport for a cruise trip to Mexico?

For a 3-day cruise from California or a 5-day cruise from Florida in 2023 to Mexico, you always need a passport to visit Mexico, unless you're embarking on a closed-loop cruise to Mexico. A closed-loop cruise begins and ends in an American port. If your cruise, for example, sets out from Galveston , sails to Tulum , and then returns to Galveston, that's a closed loop you won't need a passport for. It is, however, always advisable to bring a passport when visiting a foreign country in case the unexpected happens.

Can I cancel a cruise booking?

Yes, you can cancel your cruise booking through the My Trips page on your Expedia account or by contacting Expedia customer service. Keep in mind that every cruise line has a different cancellation policy, so your refund will depend on which cruise line you book with, how far in advance you cancel, and if your cruise line charges a cancellation fee.

Why should I book a cruise to Mexico with Expedia?

Whether you’re looking for a 4-day cruise to Mexico from Long Beach or a 7-day cruise from Florida, with Expedia's huge inventory and advanced search filters, it's easy to find and book a Mexico cruise in 2023. You can book cruises to places all over Mexico, from the adventure parks of the Riviera Maya to the beautiful coral reefs of Baja Mexico. Plus, One Key members may even earn points on their booking, so join for free if you haven't already.

About Mexico Cruises

Most cruises to Mexico stop by the region that the cruise industry calls the “Mexican Riviera,” so nicknamed for its colorful oceanfront towns and long stretches of golden, glistening coastline. Whether your cruise ports include Baja California, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Cozumel or Ensenada, the destinations possibilities are endless.

Itineraries are split, naturally, by the two oceans. To experience the Gulf of Mexico on the east coast, join a cruise through the Caribbean and stop at Grand Cayman on your way to Costa Maya. The Mexican Riviera is compact enough for short journeys, with 3-night cruises available from Long Beach and San Diego that journey along Baja California. Other west coast departure ports such as Los Angeles , San Francisco , and Vancouver offer 4-, 5-, 7-, or 12+ night sailings to Mexico. A longer cruise to Mexico will give you more time in some of the best ports and may take you up into the Sea of Cortez too.

Mexico cruises offer a sunny getaway year-round, with August and September offering some of the best Mexico cruise deals, due to the hot weather.

cheap cruises 2023 mexico


Carol Cain - April 16, 2016

Discover the best ways to enjoy Los Cabos in Mexico's Baja Peninusla

View Article

cheap cruises 2023 mexico


Expedia Guest Author - November 25, 2019

The Mexican Caribbean offers activities for all kinds of travelers – from a relaxed few days away, to an adventurous exploration with friends.

cheap cruises 2023 mexico


Heather McManus - November 22, 2019

Getting ready for your first cruise? Here’s what you need to know if you want to look like a cruising pro, even if you’re a first-timer.

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Cheap Mexico Cruises - Cruises to Mexico

Featured mexico cruise deals, cruising guide, why cruise to mexico.

A cruise to Mexico might evoke feelings of “The Love Boat,” as you make your way through the ports of the Mexican Riviera. You might stop on the popular island of Cozumel during a Western Caribbean cruise. Or, you might find yourself on an expedition in the Sea of Cortez surrounded by arid, uninhabited islands and spectacular marine life.

Because of its rich, 5,800-mile coastline, Mexico has so much to offer visitors by way of cruise ship – whether you’re lounging at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta or drinking a margarita in its birthplace of Ensenada, in Baja California.

What are Popular Activities in Mexico?

Some of the best snorkeling and diving anywhere can be found in Mexico. The second-largest coral reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, lies off the coast of Cancun, Riviera Maya and Costa Maya, drawing underwater enthusiasts from across the globe.

History is another attraction in Mexico; Mayan ruins are accessible from various cruise ports including Playa del Carmen with its nearby Tulum ruins. The structures – built thousands of years ago – are a stark contrast to the kitschy portside souvenir shops selling touristy sombreros.

Almost every popular shore excursion -- whale watching, ziplining, kayaking, Jeep tours and even wine-tasting -- can be found throughout the varied ports of Mexico.

When is a Good Time to Cruise to Mexico?

Mexico is a year-round destination, though the country can get steamy during the summer months; most lines call in the fall/winter and even spring seasons. Plus, the dry season is typically November through May. Though weather will vary depending on where you are, expect daytime temperatures in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit.

If you're heading to Mexico for the whale watching, especially in the Sea of Cortez (off Mexico's west coast), come during the winter. Whales begin to arrive in December, and your best chances of a sighting last through March.

What are Popular Ports in Mexico?

Cozumel, an island off the coast in the Caribbean Sea, is one of the most popular ports of cruising, let alone Mexico; it's one of the marquee ports on a Western Caribbean itinerary. Costa Maya, Cancun and Playa del Carmen are also featured on select Western Caribbean cruises.

Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta are top ports along a Mexican Riviera sailing, which crisscrosses where the Gulf of California empties into the Pacific Ocean. Many of these ports can also be featured on a Sea of Cortez cruise along with lesser-visited places like Loreto, Topolobampo and the uninhabited island of Todos Santos.

Where do Mexico cruises depart from?

Departure ports catering to Mexico span California cities of the U.S. West Coast, like Long Beach (Los Angeles) or San Diego, to New Orleans and Galveston in the south, and Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and even New York on the East Coast.

Riviera cruises tend to depart from the West Coast, while Western Caribbean itineraries leave from the East Coast. Expedition or immersive sailings in the Sea of Cortez will typically sail from La Paz, Mexico (accessible from Cabo San Lucas airport).

What are Popular Regions of Mexico?

Cruises to Mexico run year-round as part of Western Caribbean itineraries or dedicated Mexico sailings. It's a surprisingly large country, densely packed with sightseeing opportunities.

The main regions of Mexico visited by cruise ship are Baja California (Ensenada) and Baja California Sur (La Paz), which are the "arm" attached to the left of the mainland; the west coast along the Pacific and Gulf of California (Puerto Vallarta or Manzanillo); and on the east coast around the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula along the Gulf of Mexico (Cancun, Cozumel or Playa del Carmen).

What are Tips to Find Cruise deals to Mexico?

Here are our best tips for finding a cheap cruise or cruise deal to Mexico. If you book a “guaranteed cabin” (they select for you), a cabin on a lower deck or sail on an older ship from a brand you like, then you can get the best price for a specific cruise to Mexico. Last minute cruises deals to Mexico appear as you get closer to the sail date, usually 1-2 weeks in advance. Taking a cruise to Mexico in the shoulder season (before or after the peak season) can also be a great way to find a cruise deal.

Find cruise vacation on popular cruise ships View all

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Explore Mexico

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Children under 2 must either sit in laps or in seats.

Where do cruises go in Mexico?

  • Cabo San Lucas : Visit the iconic natural landmark El Arco, “The Arch,” or whale-watch during the winter months. Cabo San Lucas is also famous for long stretches of sand like Lover’s Beach, along with legendary beachfront clubs where you can dance or sip a cold drink.
  • Puerto Vallarta: This sun-soaked city is on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, making it a popular trip from San Diego or Los Angeles . Puerto Vallarta is an epic place to experience Mexican sun and surf. Snorkel offshore and steal a glimpse of massive manta rays, or relax on the sand at Los Muertos Beach.
  • Mexican Riviera: Comprising roughly twenty cities along the western coast of Mexico, the Mexican Riviera is one of the best cruise destinations around. Port in Ensenada and explore the area’s wine region, stop in Zihuatanejo to tour a working fishing village, or tour a breathtaking cathedral in Mazatlán.

How much are cruises to Mexico?

Finding a great deal on your next cruise to Mexico will depend on a few factors:

  • Season: Fall and winter are often the cheapest times to book Mexican cruises, and the weather is still quite warm throughout autumn. Summer is the busiest, and most expensive, time of year for Mexico cruises .
  • Cruise line: Save your dollars and look for a budget-friendly cruise that offers a comfortable cabin and basic food and beverages. You can also splurge on a real luxury liner, which includes formal dinner and elaborate off-site excursions, like zip-lining through the jungle or visiting Teotihuacan.
  • Ports of call:  Where does your ship dock? How far are you traveling? If you’re departing from the West Coast and making stops at nearby ports like Catalina Island and Rosarito, chances are that your cruise will be less expensive than if you’re going somewhere like Cabo San Lucas, which is home to numerous luxury resorts and glitzy nightlife.

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Camino Real Aeropuerto Mexico

Camino Real Aeropuerto Mexico

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Stay at this 4-star spa hotel in Mexico City. Enjoy free WiFi, 3 restaurants, and a full-service spa. Our guests praise the helpful staff and the clean rooms ...

Camino Real Aeropuerto Mexico $119 Dec 23 - Dec 24

Fiesta Americana Reforma

Fiesta Americana Reforma

Stay at this 4-star business-friendly hotel in Mexico City. Enjoy free WiFi, breakfast, and room service. Our guests praise the breakfast and the restaurant ...

Fiesta Americana Reforma $90 Dec 11 - Dec 12

Hilton Cancun Mar Caribe All-Inclusive Resort

Hilton Cancun Mar Caribe All-Inclusive Resort

Stay at this 4.5-star luxury property in Cancun. Enjoy free WiFi, free parking, and 7 outdoor pools. Our guests praise the pool and the bar in our reviews. Popular ...

Hilton Cancun Mar Caribe All-Inclusive Resort $529 Dec 15 - Dec 16

Moon Palace Cancún - All Inclusive

Moon Palace Cancún - All Inclusive

Stay at this 4.5-star luxury property in Cancun. Enjoy free breakfast, free WiFi, and free parking. Our guests praise the pool and the helpful staff in our reviews. ...

Moon Palace Cancún - All Inclusive $389 Nov 29 - Nov 30

Lowest nightly price found within the past 24 hours based on a 1 night stay for 2 adults. Prices and availability subject to change. Additional terms may apply.

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*Prices are cruise only, per person, double occupancy. Taxes, fees and port expenses not included. Rates are valid for US and Canadian residents only. Fuel supplement may apply. Savings advertised and Expedia Extras are based on specific cabin types and sailing dates, and may not be available for all cabin types/sailings.


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Children under 2 must either sit in laps or in seats.

Mexico Cruise Guide

Bursting with spectacular vistas, ancient Mayan ruins and bustling beach resorts to suit the taste of every cruiser, this vibrant Latin country is waiting to be discovered.

With over 7,000 kilometers of Pacific coastline framed by sandy bays and turquoise waters, a Mexico cruise has been a vacation favorite for decades. From lively Cabo San Lucas and spirited Acapulco to picturesque Cozumel and pristine Costa Maya, Mexico presents a wide range of cruising options for both adventure seekers and sun worshippers.

The most popular Mexico cruise sails through the aptly named “Mexican Riviera,” which has become famous for its scenic beach towns, long stretches of palm-studded coastline, and friendly locals. Because of its variety of ports and flexible sailing options, Mexican Riviera cruises are perfect for first-time cruisers, families, and even wedding parties. You can opt for a 3-night or 4-night Mexican Riviera cruise that sails from San Diego and Los Angeles to Ensenada and Catalina Island. If time isn’t an issue, there are 10-night and 12-night Mexican Riviera cruises that include ports of call at Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.

There’s never a shortage of things to do on this side of Mexico. With beaches abound, water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and paddle boarding are plentiful. If cultural attractions are what you’re after, Mazatlan has an alluring old town and a gloriously inviting malecón, where you can view magical sunsets. Puerto Vallarta has a robust foodie and restaurant scene, where you can feast on delectable ceviche, toothsome tamales and delicious mole.

Another popular Mexico cruise option allows you to experience the Gulf of Mexico on the east coast, which often involves ports of call along the Caribbean. Here, passengers can visit the ancient Chacchoben Mayan ruins in Costa Maya, snorkel with friendly sea turtles in Cozumel, and lounge around on the miles of sandy beaches in beautiful Cancun.

The weather in Mexico is balmy year-round, with the exception of August and September, when temperatures can soar and humidity reaches unpleasant levels. October through April are the best times to go on a Mexico cruise vacation, and if you time your vacation right, you may be able to catch the November Dia de Muertos festivities. Low season for Mexico cruises run from June through November, with hurricane season coming into full swing in July and August.

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Cruises to Mexico

Experience the fun, flavor and fiesta of a mexico cruise..

Best Cruises in Mexico

US News and World Report, 2017

Cruise to Mexico with the expert. With over 50 years of experience, we know all the cities and excursions that provide the most authentic Mexico cruise adventures — not just margaritas and mariachis, but more! Visit the best ports in the Mexican Riviera and get a taste of the warm sun, diverse culture and festive flavors of the region. Each itinerary offers something unique, like more time ashore in Cabo or the unparalleled ports of La Paz or Loreto on our 10-day cruises to Mexico.

For a limited time during Cyber Monday get up to 50% off cruise fares + 3rd & 4th guests FREE †

Mexico Cruises

Cabo San Lucas Getaway

Five-day Mexico cruises from Los Angeles

Experience every side of Mexico when you spend two full days in Cabo San Lucas on a Mexico cruise with Princess. Sail under El Arco on your way to Lover’s Beach. Watch for whales and sea lions in the Sea of Cortez. Or take a swim past colorful fish and coral reefs. Enjoy Cabo’s vibrant nightlife as you dance and sip cocktails under the night sky.

Mexican Riviera

Seven and 10-day mexico cruises from california.

Cruise to Mexico from Los Angeles or San Francisco and have time to relax at sea plus experience adventure. Shop along Puerto Vallarta’s beachside boardwalk, the Malecon. Tour the 500-year old city of Comala while in Manzanillo, and learn to make ceviche from a renowned chef in Mazatlan. Or sunbathe on Lover’s Beach in Cabo.

Baja Peninsula & Sea of Cortez

10-day Mexico cruises from California

Our 10-day cruises are comprehensive, with visits to unique coastal cities like La Paz, where snorkeling with sea lions excites, and Loreto, where a clambake awaits. Enjoy ziplining through Boca de Sierra, kayaking through Paradise Cove in Cabo, riding an ATV through Puerto Vallarta and more on a Mexico cruise. Then enjoy two days at sea to relax and recharge.

Princess® MedallionClass®

Explore destinations easily on a MedallionClass vacation. Taking in balcony or top deck views, and don’t want to move? Order drinks that find you. Want to make the most of your time away? Design each perfect day with our interactive activity planner. Hate to wait when boarding or disembarking in port? Choose your preferred arrival window and make gangway reservations. Enjoy more time to connect with the places you sail.

Why Cruise to Mexico with Princess

Everyone deserves to have fun. On a Mexico cruise, you can make it happen for anyone at any time

Perfect family vacations

Whether you explore on land or unwind on board, there’s fun to be had for everyone. Recognized by  Porthole Magazine  as “Best Multi-Generational Cruise Line,” our Mexico cruises offer activities for all ages. Adults can indulge in the region’s food and beverages while kids can kayak, paddleboard or swim in the sea. Set sail when the whole family is on holiday break, or book a getaway during a long weekend.

Year-round cruises to Mexico

With regular sailings out of San Francisco and Los Angeles, Mexico is just one flight — or drive — away. No matter how busy your schedule may be, you can still indulge in a quintessential Mexico cruise vacation any time of the year thanks to our year round sailings. If you have more time to spare, arrive early or stay longer and explore the wonders of our West Coast embarkation ports.

Mexico Cruise Experience

On a cruise to Mexico with Princess, you won’t just vacation — you’ll learn about the country’s history, discover its traditions, taste its unique flavor and meet its people.

Fiesta & Flavor

Sweet and spicy

In partnership with Bill Esparza, a James Beard Award Winner, our culinary excursions introduce you to the region’s bold flavors. With Mexican culture infused into every menu, experience the country from scratch. Taste rare spirits alongside a chef in Puerto Vallarta, and learn how these liquors travel from field to glass. Or prepare salsa and margaritas alongside a local in Cabo — only on a Mexico cruise with Princess.

Fun & Adventure

Answer adventure's call

Zipline through the lush rainforests of Puerto Vallarta. Snorkel alongside sea lions off the coast of La Paz. Or embark on a deep sea fishing adventure in Loreto for a chance to reel in treasures from the sea. Those looking for a more relaxing day in the sun can unwind on the beaches of Manzanillo or watch the migration of whales near Cabo. Adventure awaits on a cruise to Mexico.

Culture & History

Memoirs of Mexico

Culture is the heartbeat of Mexico. Cruise to La Paz and visit a pottery factory, or head downtown to shop for artisan gifts — like hand-crafted jewelry, woven gifts and decorations. Tour a coffee plantation in Puerto Vallarta, and enjoy a prepared lunch on the grounds. Or spend a full day exploring Colima, a short drive from Manzanillo, where 200-year old ruins of the Pyramids of La Campana whisper secrets of times past.

Mexico cruise excursions

From a private beach getaway at Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta to salsa-making in Cabo, find expertly crafted shore excursions suited for any guest when you cruise to Mexico. In Mazatlan, tour one of the country’s most popular breweries. Swim alongside the largest fish in the ocean, the whale shark, while in La Paz. Or relax and recharge with your loved ones at one of Mexico’s finest resorts in Manzanillo.

More ashore

Enjoy extra time on land with our More Ashore program — offering a variety of overnight stays in Cabo San Lucas and La Paz on certain itineraries — and explore more of Mexico. Cruise through the Sea of Cortez, considered to be the “Aquarium of the World”, as well as the Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the surrounding landscapes with the golden sunset as your backdrop on our Mexico cruises.

Local connections

Meet the personalities that call these lands home on shore excursions exclusive to Princess when you cruise to Mexico. Learn about the traditions of the Aztec people during a tequila tasting with a local Puerto Vallarta restaurateur. Or meet one of Mazatlan’s most famous chefs, Diego Becerra, and spend the afternoon in his seafood bar, Compañia Minera. Sample ceviche, local craft beer and cocktails.

Mexico Cruises Onboard Experience

Experience the country’s unique character the second you step on the ship with traditional Mexican cuisine, events and activities.

Mariachi and margaritas

Sip, savor and sway to the music with onboard activities that give you a taste of Mexican tradition. Sample tequila while learning about the drink’s history from a local expert, and indulge your taste buds with tacos and fajitas. Or let loose with your loved ones during a mariachi performance, and dance to the lively tune of violins and guitars. On a cruise to Mexico with Princess, activities lie around every corner.

Every reason to celebrate

On select sailings in October and November, discover the region’s heritage with our Mexican Fiesta. Celebrate the Day of the Dead, a holiday to commemorate loved ones who have passed. From face-painting to Aztec flower-making, there are activities for the whole family on a cruise to Mexico. Learn a traditional dance, decorate marzipan skulls and make a skeleton out of pasta. Or watch dancers perform ‘The Procession of the Dead.’

Mexican and Spanish Cuisine

Famous for a reason

Recognized by UNESCO for its cultural heritage and preservation of culinary technique, Mexican and Spanish cuisine is a big part of the region’s culture. Sample the bold flavors and creative combinations for yourself on a cruise to Mexico with Princess. In many of our dining rooms, enjoy Mexican-themed dishes — like ceviche, fajitas and coconut cocadas — for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mexico Cruise Articles & Videos

Learn more about Mexico before you set sail.

2023-2024 Mexico Cruises

Sailing the Mexican Riviera for more than 50 years.

6 Things to Buy in Mexico Cruise Ports

From coffee and salsa to spirits and artisan goods, discover the best things to buy in Mexico cruise ports when you sail with Princess.

Explore Puerto Vallarta's Hidden Beach: Playa del Amor

Swim your way to seclusion at Puerto Vallarta's hidden beach, Playa del Amor. A romantic, awe-inspiring lagoon awaits after navigating a natural rock cavern.

5 Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

Discover 5 things to do in Cabo San Lucas while on a Princess Cruise. Make the most of Cabo San Lucas' pristine landscapes and natural wonders.

See the La Quebrada Cliff Divers

See the La Quebrada cliff divers with Princess Cruises. One of our unique Panama Canal excursions, the Acapulco cliff divers are a famous sight.

Things to Do in Manzanillo, Mexico

Explore things to do in Manzanillo, Mexico with Princess Cruises. The Mexican Riviera has many beauties including Manzanillo, a historic city center.

Travel, Airfare, & Hotels: Let Princess Get You There

Princess EZair® Flights

Stress-free airfare

Remove the hassle from air travel and give yourself the gift of flexibility, time and a thicker wallet with Princess EZair flights. We negotiate lower rates with the airlines, allow you to modify your flight up to 45 days prior with no penalty and protect you if your flight is late or canceled.

EZair flight quotes are available on our cruise search result details pages.

Airplane to Ship Transfer

We get you where you need to go

Let Princess pick you up from the airport and take you directly to your ship or hotel when you arrive, even if you didn't book your airfare through us. A uniformed Princess representative meets you at the airport after you've retrieved your luggage and transports you directly to your ship or hotel without you having to worry about the logistics of navigating a new city.

Cruise Plus Hotel Packages

Stay longer and relax

Extend your cruise vacation, and simplify your travel plans with a hotel stay at the beginning or end of your cruise. With a Cruise Plus Hotel Package, a Princess representative meets you at the airport and pier, transporting you to and from your hotel. The package includes the cost of your hotel stay, transportation, luggage handling and the services of the representative.

Need help planning?

Princess Cruise Vacation Planners are a dedicated resource to help you every step of the way through the planning process of your cruise vacation. And the best part is, they are absolutely FREE!

Cruise deals & promotions

Find our top sales, deals, partnerships and promotions for our destinations all in one place. We run promotions throughout the year and sometimes run sweepstakes where you could win prizes!

#PrincessCruises Mexico Connections

See Mexico through our guests' eyes.

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Revel in white-sand beaches, fun and adventure on a cruise to Cabo.

Our top-rated Mexican Riviera cruise is the best way to enjoy Mexico.

Shore Excursions

Exploration, relaxation, flavor, fiesta and more to be had in Mexico.

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Couple on their Cruise Vacation Inside of a Cenote, Cozumel, Mexico


Cruceros por méxico.

Conoce la sabrosa comida, los hipnotizantes paisajes y el pasado antiguo con un crucero a México.

Navega a México y encuentra de todo, desde volcanes, selva, desiertos y playas hasta actividades en paisajes naturales y urbanos de todos los tipos. Visita los  museos para conocer las obras surrealistas de Frida Kahlo y el arte ancestral que se recuperó de la civilización maya. También puedes conocer las ruinas mayas bien de cerca y de forma íntima. Entre estas, encontrarás restos de templos ancestrales como Chichén Itzá y Tulúm, que se encuentran a pasos de playas prístinas, para que puedas refrescarte o practicar surf luego de una clase de historia. Asegúrate de sumergirte en la arquitectura colonial, en los concurridos parques y los bulliciosos mercados abiertos con su particular aroma a especias en Ciudad de México Puebla y Cancún. Descubre la magia a bordo de un crucero a México.

Cenotes in Cozumel

Grandes descuentos con estas promociones de cruceros a México

Explora más y gasta menos con las promociones de cruceros a México a bordo de nuestros mejores barcos

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Aprovecha las promociones de Royal Caribbean, inscríbete hoy mismo

Regístrese para recibir información sobre nuestras ofertas y ofertas especiales. Puede darse de baja en cualquier momento. Para obtener más detalles sobre cómo usamos su información, vea nuestra Política de Privacidad .

Girl Swimming with a Whale Shark in the Ocean, Cozumel, Mexico


Sal de tu zona de confort y descubre una naturaleza indomable, donde puedes sumergirte en una cueva subterránea o encontrar ruinas antiguas con los mejores cruceros a México.

A Cultural and Historical Ruin in Cozumel, Mexico


Descubrirás por qué México es una de las civilizaciones más impresionantes del mundo cuando conozcas sus ruinas mayas en Tulúm, Ek Balam o Chichén Itzá y sus orígenes aztecas en Tenochtitlán y Templo Mayor, donde encontrarás miles de años de historia.

Must See Cenote in Mexico

Es fácil ponerse en contacto con la Madre Naturaleza cuando estás en México. Los tours te llevan por cenotes, extensas cuevas subterráneas o safaris por los bosques, donde podrás ver iguanas, guacamayos y otros coloridos animales silvestres.

Walking in the Jungle During Vacation in Mexico


Llega a la playa y disfruta del agua, surfea o bucea con esnórquel en las aguas transparentes de México, después pasea por la arena suave y descubre ruinas antiguas junto al mar en lugares como Cozumel y Cabo San Lucas. En Playa Progreso en Yucatán, Costa Sur en Puerto Vallarta, Cacaluta en Huatulco y Mahahual en Costa Maya encontrarás más paisajes marinos que te ofrecerán esas vistas listas para enmarcar que ya son sinónimo de México.

Vibrant Mexico Village


Las ciudades y los pueblos de México ofrecen una gran variedad de joyas culturales. Encontrarás de todo, desde bellas artes hasta coloridos poblados repletos de vida y tradición en tu crucero a México.

Colorful Mexican Storefront


Las zonas urbanas en expansión de México te muestran el lado animado de este próspero país. Pasa por Ciudad de México, Cuernavaca, Cancún o Puebla para ver sus bulliciosas calles llenas de restaurantes, bares y tiendas, las plazas llenas de vendedores que ofrecen comida y golosinas locales y los encantadores vecindarios coloniales con flores coloridas que se asoman de los balcones.

Mexican Pesos with Frida Kahlo


Desde coloridos recuerdos con forma de calavera (en honor a la antigua práctica de celebrar a los antepasados fallecidos) y encantadores sombreros hasta templos mayas y arquitectura de la época colonial, México es un tesoro de artes visuales. Podrás echar un vistazo a la artista más famosa del país, Frida Kahlo, en el Museo Frida Kahlo de Playa del Carmen.

Popular Mexican Tostadas


México es un caleidoscopio de variedades gastronómicas regionales únicas repletas de sabores únicos. En Oaxaca, recorre todos los sabores de suntuosos moles y en Yucatán explora los sabores frescos de platos llenos de cítricos y especias, como la cochinita pibil, el cerdo desmenuzado que se usa en uno de los tipos de tacos más populares de México.

A Cultural and Historical Ruin in Cozumel, Mexico

Los mejores cruceros a México

Un crucero a México incluye destinos emocionantes, cada uno de los cuales tiene su propio estilo y vibra. Descubre México a bordo de los mejores cruceros Royal Caribbean.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Lovers Beach

Cruceros a la Riviera Mexicana

La salvaje costa oeste de México ofrece tanta belleza natural, cultura vibrante y aventuras bañadas por el sol como su contraparte oriental, la Riviera Maya. Navega desde Los Ángeles a bordo del Amplified Navigator of the Seas® hasta las joyas más brillantes de Baja California, como la favorita de los aficionados a la gastronomía Ensenada, el divertido Cabo , la encantadora Mazatlán y el espectacular Puerto Vallarta .

Explora los cruceros a la Riviera Mexicana

Kids Snorkeling Through a School of Fish, Cozumel, Mexico


Navega por la Península de Yucatán, que separa el mar Caribe del Golfo de México y descubre el lado caribeño de México. Haz una parada en la isla de Cozumel , en la costa este de Yucatán , y disfruta de sus aguas color azul intenso y su atractivo paradisíaco inmaculado.

Explora cruceros a Cozumel y Cancún

Regatear precios en los mercados locales es natural aquí, solo debes asegurarte de no pedirle al vendedor que baje el precio a un monto inadmisible.

El sistema de autobuses escalonados es una excelente forma de moverse por la ciudad sin gastar de más: elige las opciones "de primera" o "platino" para obtener atención de primer nivel.

México tiene una actitud más relajada con respecto al tiempo, por lo que te recomendamos programar media hora, o hasta una hora, adicional cuando planifiques tus itinerarios de crucero en México.


La palabra sabroso ya es sinónimo de la cocina de México. Conocida en todo el mundo por su originalidad en el enfoque hacia los sabores de varios matices centrados en las especias, la comida mexicana cuenta con platos como el mole, la cochinita pibil y los tacos al pastor. Cuando estés en México, come donde comen los lugareños para disfrutar de las salsas, las especias y el crujido de sus platos.

Mexican Authentic Cuisine, Mole Poblano


El mole poblano, una deliciosa salsa muy popular, está hecho de ajís y chocolate y se coloca sobre pollo con una terminación de semillas de sésamo encima.

Traditional Mexican Tamales

Los tamales son una masa a base de maíz cocida al vapor llena de carnes, quesos, verduras, ajís o frutas. La masa se envuelve dentro de una hoja vegetal y se cocina al vapor. Descarta la hoja y disfruta de la masa rellena para deleitarte con este plato tradicional.

Authentic Mexico Food, Chilaquiles for Breakfast


Las tortillas fritas nadan en una salsa roja picante o una refrescante salsa verde para lograr un sabroso plato que generalmente se come en el desayuno.


En México, podrás recorrer muchísimas ciudades con culturas diversas y particulares como Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas y Cozumel, así como también puertos de cruceros como Huatulco, Costa Maya y Yucatán. La mejor manera de conocer estas ciudades es llegando desde el agua.

Chacchoben Mayan Ruins, Costa Maya, Mexico

Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico

Tulum God Of Wind Temple Ruins Panoramic, Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, México

Beach Shore Malecon, Yucatan, Mexico

Yucatán (Progreso), México

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Lovers Beach

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Huatulco, Mexico Tiki Hut Tanning Chairs

Huatulco, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Downtown Panoramic View

Puerto Vallarta, México

Manzanillo, Mexico Aerial View

Manzanillo, México

Ensenada Mexico La Bufadora Baja California

Ensenada, Mexico

El Malecon, Mazatlan Mexico

Mazatlán, México

Destinos asociados

Perfect Day Coco Cay Aerial Slides Hero

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