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How the U.S. Visa Waiver Program Works

The U.S. Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The VWP allows citizens from approved countries to travel to the U.S. without a visa. Here’s how the VWP works.

VWP Is a Reciprocal Arrangement

Citizens from 38 countries may visit the U.S. and stay up to 90 days as tourists or on business when they’re approved for VWS. A reciprocal agreement means that those approved countries must also allow U.S. citizens to travel in their countries under the same conditions.

Citizens from most European nations including Austria, the Netherlands, the U.K. and France are eligible for the program, as are citizens of Australia, New Zealand and Japan. DHS often changes the status of countries eligible for the VWP, so travelers should check their nation’s status before they board a plane or ship to the U.S.

The Visa Waiver Program Requires ESTA

Before traveling to the U.S. using the VWP, you must have pre-travel authorization from U.S. Custom and Border Protection via their Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) program. ESTA approval is valid for two years. ESTA must be updated if you get a new passport, change your name or gender, become a resident of a new nation or change any of your answers on the ESTA application. When applying for ESTA, you must answer all questions on the application fully, even if you think they don’t apply to you. Be aware that content on your social media pages may be examined for information to help determine your ESTA approval. Visit the ESTA website to learn more details about applying for your ESTA if you want to take advantage of the VWP travel rules.

VWP Travelers Need E-Passports

Only travelers with approved passports may visit the U.S. on the VWP plan. Approved passports must have several specific details. First, the passport must be an e-passport with an embedded electronic chip. The passport must also contain a machine-readable zone on the biographic page. Machine-readable passports have several lines of text and symbols under or near the bearer’s passport photo. A digital photo must be printed on the data page of the passport to gain entry into the U.S. for VWP travel. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after you plan to leave the U.S. at your visit’s end. If your passport doesn’t contain these features, you must obtain a new passport that does have the features, or you may travel to the U.S. by applying for a visa.

Recent Travel Can Affect VWP Eligibility

If you’ve traveled to certain countries in the past 10 years, you may not be eligible for VWP travel. Unless you’re on military or other approved official business, recent travel to countries including Iraq, Syria, Iran or Sudan may affect your approval for the VWP privileges.

VWP Allows Short Excursions to Mexico and Canada

People in the U.S. on VWP travel may take short trips into Mexico, Canada or nearby islands within the 90-day VWP window and will be readmitted to the U.S. in most cases.


british airways travel agent waivers

As of 1 June 2023, this service is no longer supported. For further information on British Airways Agency Discount travel, please refer to British Airways Trade Support >  

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  • Airlines Travel Waiver

Here are the updated travel waivers and policies from airlines to provide a peace of mind during these uncertain times and greater flexibility to your existing booking. Click on the airlines for full details.

Latest update: 29 August 2022 (GMT+8)

Malaysia airlines.


Malaysia Airlines’ ticket change policy offers passengers the freedom and flexibility to rebook their tickets due to the travel restrictions currently in place. Travel with peace of mind with our enhanced ticket change flexibility, which valid for travel up until December 2022.

Rebook Your Tickets Applicable for tickets issued for travels between 1 January 2020 to 29 October 2022 only. Rebook by 31 December 2022 for travel to be completed by 15 January 2023. No changes to the original destination. New travel must booked in the same/original booking class. A fare difference and fee will apply for subsequent changes if your new travel date’s fare is higher than the original ticket fare purchased. Fares will be reassessed at the time of your rebooking.

Cancel Your Tickets Applicable for tickets issued for travels between 1 January 2020 to 29 October 2022 only. A travel voucher/open ticket will be issued for your next travel to be booked by 31 December 2022 for travel to be completed by 15 January 2023. The cancellation fee for partially used and unused tickets will be waived.

Request for Refund Contact us .

All Nippon Airways


Supporting you with flexibility with No Change Fee

British Airways

british airways travel agent waivers

You can change the dates of your flight, although you will need to pay any difference in fare and a change booking fee. This is applicable to:

– journeys due to be completed (departure and return) by 30 September 2022*

*If you booked before 07 June 2022 for travel to be completed (departure and return) by 30 September 2022, the first change booking fee will be waived. Any subsequent changes will be subject to the standard fare rules of your new journey.

Bangkok Airways


Passengers who wish to amend their travel plans may have fees waived for rebooking or may alternatively request for refund where this will be proceeded as a travel voucher for future purchase with the airline.

Cathay Pacific


Make unlimited changes to your booking – for no extra charge

Cathay Pacific giving you the flexibility to make free and unlimited changes to all new tickets issued between 9 March 2020 and 31 December 2022.

Destination/origin: All destinations/origins Ticket issuing date: 9 March 2020 to 31 December 2022 Ticket change deadline: 31 December 2022 Must travel before: 31 December 2023

China Airlines

Eligibility: Passengers holding CI/AE valid tickets (Change regulations are not applicable to Dynasty Flyer Program Award Ticket). Application Date: Must file applications on/before 31 October 2022.

Change a. Within ticket validity – The fare/tax/booking service charge differences and reissue charge, including over-counter charge, shall be waived once provided that booking class/Carrier/Routing (City) remains unchanged. Flights operated by CI/AE shall not be rebooked to codeshare flights or other airlines flights.

b. Within ticket validity – Tickets to/from Mainland China can be changed to any CI/AE operating flight to/from Mainland China or Hong Kong, with booking class shown on the ticket remains unchanged. – Tickets to/from Europe can be changed to any CI/AE operating flight to/from Europe excluding to/from London,UK with booking class shown on the ticket remains unchanged. – Tickets to/from Australia/New Zealand can be changed to any CI/AE operating flight to/from Australia/New Zealand flights operated by CI/AE with booking class shown on the ticket remains unchanged. Any fare/tax/booking service charge differences and reissue charge, including the over-counter charge incurred, shall be waived once.

Refund a. For totally unused tickets: Full refund can be performed without imposing any refund charge/penalty. b. For partially used tickets: Refund charge can be waived. c. Chargeable seats and Prepaid excess baggage can be fully refunded.

China Eastern

british airways travel agent waivers

Contact us for info.

China Southern

british airways travel agent waivers

Contact us for more info.

british airways travel agent waivers

If your travel plans have been affected by COVID‑19, you can enjoy Emirates’ flexible re-booking policy to book tickets for future plans. This re-booking policy continues to covers your client’s travel up to 31 August 2022.

Tickets booked and issued on or after 12 October 2021 & on or before 30 April 2022 with departure on or before 31 August 2022 have the following options available:

Changes and Reissues

Tickets to be rebooked in ticketed booking class to the same destination or to/from Dubai. Reissue fee is waived. Difference in fare due to higher booking class, change in travel season or change of destination must be collected. In case of no-show, penalty applies.

Keep your Ticket

A passenger holding an eligible ticket can cancel their existing booking and the original ticket can be kept with an open coupon status for 760 days from date of original ticket issue. This ticket will then be accepted at face / residual value as payment for a new ticket for any date/flight.

Refund & No-show Bookings

Yes, even if your flight hasn’t been cancelled you can still request a refund. There’s no cancellation fee and we’ll refund your flight fare. However, we’re unable to refund the service fees and taxes. In case of no-show, penalty applies.

Ethiopian Airlines

british airways travel agent waivers

Ticket options for bookings affected by COVID-19

Date Change Tickets issued on/after 01 Jun 2022 date change and cancellation fees are per fare rules.

Refund Tickets that are issued in 2019/2020 with out-bound travel on/after January 2020 until 31 December 2021, refund permitted free of charge until 15 July 2022. Starting from 16 July 2022 these tickets will not be refundable.

*For all other tickets not listed on above point , refunds shall be governed as per fare rule.

Etihad Airways

british airways travel agent waivers

Etihad Airways COVID-19 waiver policy ended on 31 May 2022 .

british airways travel agent waivers

Garuda Indonesia

british airways travel agent waivers

Reschedule to new travel dates until 31 December 2023 is possible without any additional charge applies only to the same route and same cabin of flight (regardless the fare class). Reroute without any additional charge applies to a new flight of equal or lesser value. Open Ticket if you haven’t decided your new itinerary, you may extend your ticket validity until 31 December 2023. Refund is possible with a Travel Voucher according to the ticket conditions above, and if the ticket does not fit into one of the above criteria, then Travel Voucher is given based on the amount that has been deducted from the refund fee and no show fee (if any). Travel Voucher can be exchanged for Garuda Indonesia tickets for travel until 31 December 2023 or other Garuda Indonesia products. Travel Voucher redemption can be made until 31 December 2022 at Garuda Indonesia sales offices.

Japan Airlines

british airways travel agent waivers

To provide greater peace of mind, JAL is waiving the rebooking fee on certain international fares, irrespective of the reservation’s original fare rules. Customers can book travel up to 360 days ahead and enjoy unlimited date changes free of charge within the specified period.

Eligible tickets for free rebooking Ticket Issuance Dates All international tickets issued between 11 June 2020 and 31 October 2022

Eligible Fares Fares originating from Southeast Asia to Hawaii This service ended with tickets from Southeast Asia, South Asia except above issued on/before 30 June 2022 Standard, Saver, Special, Special Saver fare types. Not applicable for award tickets and JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) one-way fares. Not applicable for the tickets of JAL Dynamic Package/JAL Vacations package.


Reissue charges can be waived for the first change of itinerary only. Korean Air’s international flights can be rescheduled up to 31 December 2022 even after the ticket validity has expired.

Refund penalties can be waived if itineraries are affected by government travel restrictions after purchase. Fare difference may apply / Not available for refunded tickets retroactively.

Eligibility: Korean Air international flight ticket (including award ticket) which its departure period falls between 04 March 2020 – 31 December 2022.

KLM Royal Dutch


For tickets purchased  from 01 March 2022,   with any travel date in the future,  you may change your booking with no change fees applied for a new date or different destination.

·    Request a non-refundable voucher, when the new travel plans are still unknown. This voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.

·    Request a refund according to the fare conditions of the ticket.

For tickets  purchased before 28 February 2022 with a travel date after 01 July 2022 , you may change flight plans with no change fees applied, to apply for a refundable voucher or to apply for a refund with the waiver code provided in the policy.

Lufthansa Airlines

british airways travel agent waivers

Flexible travel planning – with re-bookable fares

All fares under Lufthansa Group (Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Air Dolomiti and Eurowings) will remain re-bookable.

Extension of the rebooking deadline (including the “ticket-on-hold” option) for existing bookings* through 31 May 2022. The new start of travel has been extended through 28 February 2023.

* Applicable for existing bookings (ticket issuance on/before 31 July 2021) with a confirmed ticketed date of travel between 1 July 2020 and 31 August 2021. For bookings with a confirmed ticketed date of travel between 1 May and 30 June 2020, shorter rebooking deadlines apply.

Malindo Air


For ticket issued on an before 27 June 2021 and travel dates up to 23 May 2022 (domestic Malaysia only);

Re-booking Option 1 x FOC change permitted within 12 months with any applicable fare difference.

Refund Option Redemption of travel vouchers must be completed within 12 months of the date of issuance. Period of travel permitted is up to 11 months ahead of the date of redemption.


Flexibility Booking – Unlimited date changes at no additional cost. – Ticket validity will be extended up to 24 months from the original date of the ticket’s issuance. – Rebooking should be completed by 31 May 2022. – Rebooking should be made in the same booking class as originally booked. – Re-routing within the same origin/ destination will be free of charge. – Other re-routes may be liable to collect fare difference. – You can rebook your ticket on the same destination without any date change fee. Only fare & tax difference will be collected if applicable. – Refunds may be made in the form of voucher for future transportation (valid for 12 months from date of voucher issuance), or to the original form of payment.

Philippine Airlines


What are your options for changes to your booking?

If your flight is  affected by cancellations or travel bans:

Convert your ticket to Travel Credits Equivalent to the unused net value and unused taxes of our ticket. The unused net value refers to the unused base fare net of commission and other charges/fees. Voucher validity is 2 years from date of issuance. Travel Credits conversion must be done before ticket expiry. Travel is subject to fare rules of the redeemed ticket. Click here for the complete terms and conditions of the Travel Credits

Rebook or Reroute your ticket. Unlimited (No rebooking fee Rebook to another flight with available space within 60 days after the original flight in the same booking class or higher within the same cabin class provided that the selected date is within the period of validity of the ticket (or within thirty days from date of ticket expiry); no additional charge.

For rerouting, fare difference, taxes, and no show fee may be collected.

Refund your ticket without penalties, excluding Ticketing Service Charge (TSC) Note: For domestic tickets issued starting March 01, 2021, the Ticketing Service Charge (TSC) is refundable for unused tickets and non-refundable for used (partial or full) tickets.

If your flight is not affected by cancellations or travel ban , you can make voluntary changes to your flight following the new No-Worry Flight Fare Brand. All changes shall be made within ticket validity and applicable change fees shall be assessed on the fare conditions of the route.

Qatar Airways


Flexibility and safety, reassured

Qatar Airways is extending the validity of our guaranteed flexibility policy, offering guaranteed flexibility for travel completed by 30 September 2022.

1) Unlimited changes You can change your travel date and destination within the same booking class, as often as you need with no fees. (Fare difference will apply).

2) Voucher with 10% more value You can also exchange the unutilized value of your ticket for a travel voucher with 10% more value.

3) Ticket refunds You also have the option to refund the unutilised value of your ticket to the original form of payment with no penalties or refund fees.

4) Hold on to your ticket With extended validity, your ticket will be valid for two years from the date of issue, so you can fly when you are ready.

Royal Jordanian


Following flexible options will be provided to our passengers in case of already issued vouchers:

Voucher options (EMDs) – Extending already issued vouchers validity (Air transportation/refundable vouchers) for two years and two months from original day of issuance. – Extending already issued residual value vouchers for two years and two months from the date of original voucher/EMD issuance. – EMD/Voucher value can be used by close family members (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Spouse and Children), provided that the attached form is signed & approved by voucher holder.

Expired tickets which were not yet exchanged to vouchers, are non-changeable to vouchers, and none-refundable unless contradicts with local laws. For current nonoperational routes, offer nonrefundable voucher valid for one year, applicable in case of issued voucher or expired unused ticket.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

british airways travel agent waivers

Singapore Airlines


Offering you greater flexibility in times of uncertainty

  With complimentary rebooking, you can:

  • make unlimited changes to your booking on or before 31 July 2022; and
  • make one additional change after 31 July 2022.

All booking change fees will be waived if your ticket is eligible for complimentary rebooking. All you have to do is pay the fare difference, if any.

Sri Lankan Airlines


Sri Lankan Airlines understand that your travel plans may have gotten delayed or changed due to the prevailing pandemic situation. Therefore, Sri Lankan Airlines have prepared a flexible Travel Waiver Policy to put your mind at ease.

This Waiver Policy applies to all passengers who have purchased their tickets on SriLankan Airlines (ticket numbers starting from 603) for travel from 26th January 2020 onwards, who now wish to alter their travel plans due to flight cancellations/flight service restrictions/specific country regulations and other related issues due to COVID-19.

This policy shall be valid until 31 August 2022 for tickets that require any changes.

Changing your travel date

* No Show fee is only waived for travel between 26 th  January 2020 and 30 th  April 2020.

** Fare difference is only waived if new sectors are booked on UL operated flights till 31th October 2022.

Thai Airways

british airways travel agent waivers

1) Keep your ticket Travel when you are ready THAI will waive the applicable change fee so you can rebook now or extend the validity of their ticket and rebook later when you are ready to do so, for travel up to 31 December 2022.

2) Exchange your ticket – get a Travel Voucher If your flights have been cancelled by THAI and no suitable alternative has been offered, you can request a refund in the form of a travel voucher for the value of your current totally unused ticket. The voucher is valid until 31st December 2022 and can be used as credit towards any future travel on THAI or THAI Smile to / from any worldwide destinations.

3) Cancel your booking – get a refund If your flight has been cancelled by THAI and no suitable alternative has been offered, THAI will waive the relevant fee if you opt for a cancellation of their booking. If you opt to cancel a booking not affected by flight cancellations, the relevant cancellation fee as per the ticket’s conditions will apply.

4) Convert a refund request – get a Travel Voucher instead If you have a pending refund request, changed your mind and would prefer to travel at a later date, you can convert your request into a travel voucher, valid until 31 December 2022 and that can be used as credit towards any future travel on THAI or THAI Smile to / from any worldwide destinations.

Turkish Airlines


Flexible Travel options let you relax

Unlimited freedom for your travels – Enjoy unlimited freedom for travels ticketed between 21 March 2020 and 30 June 2022 (inclusive).

We understand that plans can change – If your travel plans change, you can exchange your ticketed flight with a new one, or you can convert your ticket to an open ticket.

Travel where and when you want – Passengers can enjoy unlimited change right on their new travels until 31 August 2022 (inclusive) as the last flight date.

United Airlines

british airways travel agent waivers

Ticket validity extended

Wholly unused tickets originally issued 01 May 2019 – 31 December 2022 :

  • Valid for travel that begins by 31 December 2023
  • Ticket must be reissued by 31 December 2023
  • Wholly unused tickets originally issued on/after 01 January 2023 will be valid for 12 months from the original ticket-issue date.

Vietnam Airlines

british airways travel agent waivers

For international tickets:

1. Refund / exchange Customers can change their ticket to a new flight date or to a different itinerary with the departure date until December 31, 2021 and are exempt from the restrictions on ticket change and change fee. You may have to pay the fare difference and any additional taxes, fees or surcharges, if any.

In case you wish to refund, for tickets with refundable conditions, they can be refunded to Travel Voucher with no refund fee charged. The Travel Voucher is valid for 01 year from the date of issue.

2) Travel Voucher extension policy for international itinerary Unused and valid Travel Voucher refunded from an international ticket for the period from March 2020 to 31 December 2020 can be extended.

Due to fast-changing government mandates and restrictions, the travel waiver from airlines is subject to change anytime and without notice. Contact our consultants for latest updates.


Given the rapidly evolving nature of the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic, traveller is solely responsible to make own independent inquiries on the necessary travel documents for the intended trip.

CIT strives to assist in providing most updated information on travel regulations / restrictions. However, CIT shall not in any event be held liable for any errors, omissions, claims, losses, expenses (including legal expenses) and damages directly or indirectly relating to the denial of admission at the port of entry due to non-compliance of document requirements, government restrictions and policies, border control / closures or any other situation beyond our control due to the evolving situation.


0208 396 7200

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5. Unwavering Support: Sometimes the adventure is just beginning when you land. FlightsPro sticks by your side during your journey, providing round-the-clock customer care that serves as a reassuring lighthouse in remote areas. They are your problem solvers and peacekeepers, whether it be a last-minute change or a travel snafu.

So why use FlightsPro to book British Airways flights? Due to the fact that it is more than just a reservation; it is an experience that is imprinted with professionalism, care, and a dash of wanderlust enchantment.

It holds out the possibility of a voyage in which the actual flight will be just as exciting as the final destination. Your wings are no longer simply for flying thanks to our relationship with FlightsPro; they are also for soaring into a world of remarkable exploration.

About British Airways Flights

Started in 1974, UK’s flag carrier runs a fleet size of 262 to all 6 inhabited continents. With a generous free hand baggage allowance and ample seating space, the airline becomes more suitable especially if you are flying with children, a large group or on a business trip . If you need special assistance, more legroom, or a nervous flyer – British Airways is the best choice of airline to book with the best travel agents for British Airways.

Also, if your child is travelling alone then BA’s safe Skyflyer Solo service is the ideal choice. Or, if you are looking for more comfort, space and you are a regular flyer then, the British Airways loyalty programme, Executive Club is definitely a smart choice.

For a sportsman or a music lover, you can blindly book British Airways flights. It provides facilities for musical instruments and sports goods to be carried as part of your free baggage allowance.

FlightsPro offers the best British Airways flight deals to its fellow Britons with an added unparalleled customer service that comes at no extra cost. This means you can connect with your personal booking manager at any time of the day – for any assistance or queries.

Travel Classes Of British Airways

Ba economy class, ba’s euro traveller flights, ba’s premium economy class, british airways business class, british airways first class, top destinations you can travel to with british airways.

Some of the most popular British Airways destination city-wise includes Los Angeles, Bangkok , Dubai , Orlando , San Fransisco, New York, Shanghai, Miami among the many others.

To add to the list, the USA , Spain , France, Italy , Canada, India , South Africa , China and Thailand are some of the most popular British Airways destinations; country wise.

London British Airways Airports

British Airways flights operate from London Heathrow , London City and London Gatwick in London. In New York, British Airways flights operate from JFK and Newark and also, from Miami International Airport in Miami.

British Airways Flight Status

When you book with the best travel agents for British Airways flights, you get personalised support on knowing your flight status. On just a single call or email, your personal booking manager will get in touch with you and do the job for you.

British Airways Online Booking

FlightsPro is available both online and offline to book British Airways flights. You can simply fill an enquiry form here and our travel agents will get in touch with you within minutes. Or, simply call us at 020 8396 7200 and book flights any time of the day!

We have also started our home/office services where our travel specialists give you a personal visit, discuss your travel requirements and suggest you best deals and itineraries. Be it for personal or business purposes, we book cheap British Airways flights for you with free online check-in, status updates and 24×7 customer support.

British Airways Customer Care Number

Trying to reach out the British Airways but not getting through? Call & speak to our experienced Travel Agents for British Airways on 020 8396 7200

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Travel Agents for British Airways Flights & Holidays

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Book British Airways with our Travel Agents with complete peace of mind. We are fully financially protected best travel agents. Our emergency customer support always with you 24 x 7.

Attention to Detail & Unlocking bigger discounts

We can book or tailor make your British Airways flight & holiday booking as per your needs. We have private negotiated British Airways fares which discounts to help you saving time & money.

Enquire with Travel Agents for British Airways

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Is booking with travel agents for British Airways cheap?

Yes, travel agents for British Airways always have discounted cheap fares on flights and free upgrades on the class of travel. So, booking with travel agents always makes for a cheaper option than booking online. In addition, you get unparalleled customer support for any kind of query or in case of emergency.

Where can I find the best travel agents for British Airways flights in London, UK?

Find the best travel agents for British Airways in London, the UK at FlightsPro. You can get in touch directly on the phone at 0208 396 7200 or email us your requirements at [email protected] and get a free travel quote. You can even book a home visit to discuss travel arrangements with our travel experts.

Is it worth booking your BA flights with a travel agent?

Absolutely, your best travel agent for British Airways can act as your trip advisor who will always be available 24×7 in case of any kind of support that you need before or after the trip.

Who are the best travel agents for British Airways flights? 

FlightsPro, is one of the best and cheap travel agents for British Airways Flights. You can get in touch with our BA flights specialists at 0208 396 7200 or write to them at [email protected]

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Travel Agents for British Airways

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Privacy Overview


British Airways

Staff travel information

BA staff travel loads are not always accurate and should be taken as an 'approximate' guide to availability. It shows the number of listings and priority, but not commercial overbookings, etc. There are also examples where more available seats are shown than the cabin capacity, particularly in J class, due to moveable cabin dividers. Loads become available 72hrs before the departure of the flight.

For details, please see:

Checked baggage

Please note that once you have made a listing on BA (see Flight Listing section above), you can go to and check the baggage allowance for your specific flight. It is essential to check that information, because that is the allowance which will apply, regardless of what may be on your ticket.

No single bag or piece of baggage will be accepted if it weighs more than 23 kg/51 lbs, regardless of the allowance applicable to the flight on which you are traveling. If you have an item which exceeds that weight, you must re-pack into separate bags. If this results in you exceeding the baggage allowance, you must pay any applicable excess baggage charges.

Duty travel checked baggage

Your allowance will be in accordance with the type of ticket you are using. JIDxxS1 will mean you are eligible to the business class allowance. YIDxxS1 will mean you are eligible to the economy class allowance.

Cabin baggage

One medium bag, maximum dimensions 56 x 45x 25 cm (22 x 17.5 x 9.85 ins), maximum weight 23 kg/51 lbs (but you must be able to lift it into the overhead locker yourself).

One laptop bag OR one briefcase OR one handbag

BA has a dress code which is applied to rebate passengers. Please ensure that your attire is appropriate for the cabin of eligibility.

Seat allocation will depend on how you present yourself. If your attire is inappropriate for the cabin of eligibility, you will be seated in a lower cabin, or may be refused travel.

If there is a need on the day to upgrade on departure to a cabin higher than your cabin of eligibility, those who do not comply with the dress code applicable to the available cabin will not be considered for an upgrade.

Club World and Club Europe cabins

Employees should dress in a smart casual style which may include smart, clean jeans and training shoes.

In any cabin, for comfort on long-haul overnight flights, employees may change into a plain-colored track (running) suit after take off.

Any items of sports or beach wear or any other extremes of leisure wear are unacceptable in any cabin.

Smart national dress or company uniform is acceptable in all cabins.

Listing is required for all flights.

Passengers without a listing will be refused travel.

Important Note

Please note that BA will not accept coupons for different airport pairs. The airport pair on your coupon must match the flight on which you wish to travel.

For travel on flights operated by BA, BA CityFlyer, OpenSkies and the BA Franchisees (Sun-Air and Comair), listings must be made via

Our listing site is not currently able to process tickets that feature other airlines and routes that are not specific to BA.

Please be sure to complete the Flight Choices section on the web-site: this gives our check-in system information to help us allocate seats, for example, whether you are prepared to split across cabins or across flights if you are travelling with other people on the same ticket type.

If you have any problems using the site, please check that your e-ticket has been correctly issued. If you are sure your e-ticket is correct, and are still having problems, please advise your staff travel office.

All airports with self-service check-in kiosks

  • Please present yourself at a self-service check-in kiosk at least 60 minutes before your scheduled flight departure.
  • The kiosk will tell you what to do next, so please read the screen carefully.
  • The kiosk will print a boarding pass, which will show your booking reference: this is key information, especially if you are not allocated a seat number by the kiosk.
  • If the kiosk prints a boarding card with a seat number, this means you have been accepted for the flight; please go immediately to the departures lounge and the gate.
  • If the kiosk prints a boarding card without a seat number, the kiosk will tell you what to do next.

Additional information about Heathrow Terminal 5 You must be through the ticket presentation point by 35 minutes before scheduled flight departure time. This point is immediately before Security. You should only go to the Staff Travel area located behind Zone A in T5 if:

  • You are travelling on a standby ticket
  • AND You have checked in and have a standby boarding pass
  • AND You have had any hold bags tagged
  • AND You have had passport & visa checked where necessary
  • AND It is 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time of your flight
  • AND You are the party leader (when travelling in a group Once there, information about acceptance onto your flight will be displayed on the Staff Travel Screens.

Additional information about Terminal 3 Staff passengers traveling to destinations from Terminal 3 will need to check-in at a check-in kiosk on arrival at the airport. There will be no staff travel office in Terminal 3. If a seat is allocated at the time of check-in, those passengers with hold baggage should proceed to a Fast Bag Drop desk to have their bags tagged. Passengers without bags should proceed to security. Passengers who are not allocated seats at the time of check-in should retain their bags and go the to Flight Management Desk. Passengers who are not accepted for their flight and who wish to standby for a later flight on the same day will be automatically transferred to the next flight. Alternatively, passengers will be able to re-list themselves at one of the Employee Self Service (ESS) kiosks available by the Customer Service Desk adjacent to the terminal entrance door.

Changes to Terminal 3 check-in effective 17th September 2015 Check in at a kiosk in Zone D. If you are allocated a seat follow the kiosk instructions to have your bag tag(s) issued. You should then proceed to a bag drop desk. Note: there is no dedicated bag drop desk for staff passengers. If you are not allocated a seat at check-in proceed to the Staff Travel Room located to the right at the rear of the zone. You must check the screen in the office for further information. You may also receive a text message if you have registered your mobile/cell number. If accepted for travel go to a bag drop desk in the main area for your boarding card and baggage acceptance. If traveling with hand baggage only, proceed to the ESS Flight Management Desk to have your boarding card issued and documents checked. If you are not accepted for travel you will be automatically listed for the next flight to your destination if it is on the same day. You should return to the area to check the screens for acceptance. If you do not want to be listed for the next flight go to the ESS Flight Management Desk to advise.

At London Gatwick North Terminal All staff travel colleagues who are not assigned a seat when checking in at a self-service kiosk will remain on standby landside until the flight has closed. Staff travel colleagues will then be on-loaded via a dedicated Flight Management Desk in Zone A

All other airports: If there is a desk signposted for standby travel, go to that desk. If there is no signposted standby desk, go to the World Traveler or Euro Traveler desk.

Duty travel check-in Where kiosks don't exist check in at the counter for the class to which you are eligible, which will depend on whether you have JIDxxS1 - meaning business class, or YIDxxS1 - meaning economy.

Check-in times To allow for the added security procedures now in place, please ensure that you have completed check-in formalities by 60 minutes before scheduled departure time .

Through check-in Through check-in is not available to standby passengers. When planning your trip, please ensure you leave yourself enough time to land and check-in again at any intermediate point.

Once you are waiting for your flight at LHR, you can enter your PNR code at on your phone. This will give you your flight status. Refreshed every minute.

When there are two or more interline employees travelling on the same flight, the time of check-in at the station where you are boarding your flight will determine the onload/offload and the cabin upgrade/downgrade order.

Please do not ask any BA staff for an upgrade. If on the day of travel seats are not available in your cabin of eligibility, you will automatically be considered for an upgrade to the next higher cabin depending on commercial and operational needs, and subject to complying with the applicable dress code for that higher cabin.

Special meals

It is not possible to pre-book special meals for rebate passengers. Therefore you and/or your eligible nominees who for any reason require a special diet, must provide your own food, in sufficient quantities to last for the duration of the flight.

Seat requests

  • Seat requests are not permitted on Staff Travel. If the flight is open, the check-in agent may ask if you want an aisle or a window seat, but this depends on availability.
  • Even if you are assigned a specific seat at check-in, this may be changed to accommodate commercial requirements.
  • Please note that staff passengers must comply with requests from BA check-in staff, cabin crew, and flight crew, and must change seats if asked.
  • Use of a safety seat for an infant is not permitted on board for rebate passengers.

Unaccompanied minors

Children under 16 years cannot travel on a rebate ticket unless accompanied by an adult travelling on the same type of rebate ticket.

No special service requirement is permitted when travelling on standby travel.

Amenity bags will not be given to staff who travel in premium cabins. If offered, we ask that you politely decline.

Please remember that for international travel, each passenger must have a valid passport, and must have relevant visas for the destination, and for scheduled points en route, in case off-loading becomes necessary.

Also, some countries require Advance Passenger Information (API), and BA requires that this must be provided before check-in, using the Manage My Booking section of .

USA: (Secure Flight data item added 18AUG10)

Please note that with immediate effect, our listing website will collect the following data items for all travel to or from the USA before the listing is created:

Gender, First name (as on passport), Last name (as on passport), Date of birth.

This information is sent to the USA authority 72 hours before departure, or at the time of listing if that is within 72 hours.

In addition to API, the USA requires all Visa Waiver passengers to have completed the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) application, ideally at least 72 hours before departure. You do not need to enter travel details or address in the USA, and if approved, the authorization is valid for two years, so it is worth applying well in advance if you think you have any intention of travelling to the USA in the coming two years. If you do not have the authorization, you will not be able to travel on BA to the USA. The link to the web-site, which does show who is included in the Visa Waiver program, is:

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What are the rules for cancelling flights on British Airways?

November 6, 2023 | Travel Pedia

What is the cancellation policy for British Airways?

Can i get my money back if i cancel my flight, what are the cancellation charges for british airways, what is the cancellation policy for non-refundable tickets on british airways, how to cancel british airways || british airways cancellation policy || flights assistance.

Does flight insurance cover non refundable tickets?

Can i change the date of my british airways flight, how much money will i lose if i cancel my flight, how can i cancel my flight without cancellation fee, how do i know if my flight is refundable.

  • Check if the refundable filter is applied on the flight page.
  • Low fare denote non-refundable tickets and high fare denote refundable tickets.
  • Contact customer care of the airlines at 1-802-341-3403.
  • Ask for details from the travel agent who is booking your flight ticket.

How long can you cancel a flight UK?

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