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Laneway Art Tours in Vancouver: Discover Urban Masterpieces

30 Apr 2024 | Vancouver

We, keen explorers of vibrant cities, are drawn to Vancouver’s laneway artwork. It’s more than just street art; it is a cultural journey. Here, Squamish nation stories come alive among vivid colorations. As we stroll through snékwem lane, we’re surrounded by tales painted on the walls. Those testimonies display the heart of the town, talking about inclusivity and networking.

In these painted alleys, antique meets new in a burst of color and way of life. Strolling on cobblestones, we hear the whispers of painted desires. This adventure isn’t always just an excursion. It is a walk via the dwelling memories of our shared home.

Aboriginal street art organization cases were examined comprehensively in a study completed in 2015. They were all about these cultural phenomena.

Key Takeaways

  • Enjoy the synthesis of street art and Squamish country legends in Vancouver’s laneways.
  • Engage with works of art that blend cultural experiences with the vibrancy of a current urban landscape.
  • Discover how Vancouver laneway art portrays a spectrum of narratives, enhancing the fabric of the city.
  • Embark on an enriching urban murals tour that celebrates diverse artistic expressions.
  • Witness Squamish Nation storytelling translated into stunning visual forms.

Embarking on the colorful Streets of Vancouver

colorful Streets of Vancouver

Vancouver’s downtown is becoming more vibrant, thanks to art and culture. Walking through the metropolis, we see plenty of road art, which suggests how innovative our metropolis is.

Improvement of snékwem Lane: Infusing Colour into the Urban Canvas

snékwem Lane has turned dull alleys into colorful art presentations. This alteration displays our metropolis’s numerous cultures, which include Indigenous, EU, and Asian communities. Now, Vancouver is thought for its creativity, thanks to over 630,000 residents.

Mission of Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver: Cultivating Inclusive Spaces

The Re-believe Downtown Vancouver venture is all about making the city more inclusive. It desires to give everyone a voice and a place. The mission makes Vancouver a subculture-pleasant city, from markets to artwork galleries.

We’re connecting with Vancouver’s unique neighborhoods. The food scene is booming with seafood, sushi, and Dim Sum. Stanley Park offers trails and nature. Plus, our delivery device makes exploring easy.

Our streets have become a town-wide gallery, sharing stories of range. It’s more than simply improving buildings; it is about connecting our past and future. Be part of us in this journey of discovery and artwork.

Spotlight on Local Artists

Spotlight on Local Artists

Vancouver’s global art is brightly highlighted through capabilities like those of Lauren Brevner and James Harry . They weave a rich tapestry of cultures into the metropolis’s artwork scene. Their works move past beauty, touching deep connections with the Squamish nation.

Through their creations, they invite us right into an international wherein art tells stories of origins, identification, and togetherness. It’s an area where each piece is a verbal exchange with the past and a wish for a united future.

As we experience the work of those skilled artists, we see a mix of vintage Squamish memories and new takes. This sheds clean light on the function of indigenous art in our society.

The blend of Brevner’s Japanese-Trinidadian roots and Harry’s Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and Namgis heritage fuels their six-year collaboration. It’s a union dedicated to showcasing Squamish Nation art in ways that speak to today’s world.

They aim to create art that no longer best celebrates but educates. Their murals stand as landmarks of cultural pleasure and community connection. Harry and Brevner lead the way in using art for reconciliation, honoring the land’s first human beings.

As Vancouver looks forward to the new art Gallery’s establishment, the metropolis gears up for a grand birthday celebration of indigenous-led designs across nine levels. This marks a growing appreciation of native art in town landscapes. Set to be entire in 2028, this area guarantees to bridge past and future, fostering inclusive bonds3.

Backing neighborhood artists is fundamental for keeping Vancouver’s cultural vibrancy. Spaces like the Monte Clark and Catriona Jeffries Galleries are critical. They aid a wealthy variety of Canadian artwork. The CityScape network, ArtSpace, and others also play an important role in nurturing our metropolis’s innovative life.

  • The brand new Vancouver Artwork Gallery as a middle for Indigenous culture
  • Galleries that showcase the wide variety of Vancouver artists’ work
  • Help applications just like the Lacey Prize for artist-led initiatives

We honor our past and appearance to destiny by celebrating the inspiring work of Vancouver’s artists. Those creators flip our town right into a vibrant canvas, every piece reflecting our shared adventure.

Storytelling via work of art: The Intersection of artwork and lifestyle

In Vancouver, painted walls inform Squamish country myths. Works of art create communication, turning blank spaces into storytellers. They share Squamish memories and start significant artwork collaborations. This allows the network to feel connected and culturally enriched.

Creative collaboration promotes various mural storytelling. The Squamish nation’s testimonies on snékwem Lane enhance public artwork. This sparks the possibility of analyzing and loving art.

The Depiction of Squamish Kingdom Lore

Work of art defends Squamish kingdom mythology, linking past and present. Those tales, set amidst town beats, are effective. They manual viewers on a historical journey.

Artist Perspectives: Lauren Brevner and James Harry’s Collaboration

Lauren Brevner and James Harry unite in their paintings. They honor the Squamish beyond and envision its future. Their artwork connects traditions across times and places.

Smokey D grows city art, teaching a category at Emily Carr college”how to appreciate Graffiti”. He additionally runs workshops at the Carnegie community Centre6. His efforts caused Vancouver’s legal graffiti wall with new investment, art profits space, moving beyond vandalism. This helps artists in areas like the Fingerprint Gallery.

Exploring the Symbolism in the back of the works of art

In Vancouver’s laneways, snékwem Lane’s work of art makes us think about undying values. The 7th-era principle is a key subject matter here. It asks us to recollect our actions’ long-term effect, as proven through a determine and seven chinook salmon. These elements remind us to appear after our destiny. They highlight the mural’s significance in Vancouver’s tradition.

The Squamish kingdom values salmon for their existence cycle, which represents willpower and renewal. The artwork features these fish and a water parent, highlighting their significance in nature and for the Squamish economic system. By consisting of native ideas and animals, the art provides depth to our town and tells tales of the land Vancouver stands on.

The artwork invites us to discover its deep meaning. Every shade and stroke encourages us to study Squamish background and believe in a great future for our cities. Through mural symbolism, we can preserve the Squamish country’s subculture and keep it alive for future generations.

What’s the snékwem Lane, and where can it be found in Vancouver?

Snékwem Lane is a special laneway in Downtown Vancouver. It features a stunning 6,500-rectangular-foot mural. This mural comes from Squamish kingdom tales. You can find it in the middle of the metropolis, part of Re-imagine Downtown Vancouver. It brings culture to lifestyles in this bustling location.

Who are the artists behind the snékwem Lane mural, and what’s their background?

Lauren Brevner and James Harry created the snékwem Lane mural. Lauren comes from an eastern Trinidadian heritage. James has roots inside the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) and Namgis cultures. Their paintings mix modern art with age-antique indigenous memories.

What cultural stories can one expect from the Vancouver laneway artwork scene?

In Vancouver, laneway art offers many cultural moments. There are excursions centered on road artwork. They take you via city works of art. You’ll pay attention to stories rooted in Squamish country myth. The city is like an open-air gallery. It celebrates local traditions through public art.

How does the snékwem Lane mural contribute to downtown Vancouver’s revitalization?

The snékwem Lane mural provides life to downtown Vancouver. It brings memories and color to the streets. This mural isn’t always simply visually stunning. It also makes the town more inclusive and varied. It’s a symbol of the nearby commitment to beautifying the city’s surroundings.

What’s the Re-imagine Downtown Vancouver initiative and its project?

The Re-imagine Downtown Vancouver undertaking is a result of the Downtown Vancouver commercial enterprise improvement affiliation. Its goal is to make the town center extra welcoming and diverse. The goal is to have a good time with artwork and diversity for the next 25 years. They want to create spaces that carry the network together.

Can you inform us more about the seventh-era principle depicted inside the mural?

The seventh-era precept is fundamental to the snékwem Lane mural. It is approximately thinking of the future. Our movements need to benefit seven generations from now. The mural shows this through chinook salmon and cultural symbols. It is about leaving a very good legacy and being concerned for the surroundings.

Are there different murals through Lauren Brevner and James Harry in Vancouver?

Lauren Brevner and James Harry have more work of art around Vancouver. you could see their art on Granville Island and different spots. They often include Squamish country artwork of their murals. Their work blends portrait artwork with indigenous issues.

What message do the artists desire to carry with the snékwem Lane mural?

Lauren Brevner and James Harry want the snékwem Lane mural to represent important messages. They focus on the cultural and historical past and respect for indigenous methods. Their artwork tells memories. They desire to make human beings feel connected to the Squamish way of life. They want their art to spark meaningful conversations.

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Or Gallery Logo

236 Pender St East, Vancouver, BC

Or Gallery is a non-profit artist-run centre that supports emerging, conceptual and experimental art practices by interspersing exhibitions of local, national, and international artists. Throughout its existence Or Gallery has produced early exhibitions, performances, offsite projects, and publications by some of the most recognized names in contemporary Canadian art: Dana Claxton, Stan Douglas, Geoffrey Farmer, Rodney Graham, Brian Jungen, Garry Neill Kennedy, Roy Kiyooka, Tim Lee, Myfanwy MacLeod, Luanne Martineau, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, Marianne Nicholson, and Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun. The gallery has also been responsible for bringing works and projects by notable international artists and curators to Vancouver, including Francis Alÿs, Martin Creed, Tacita Dean, Matthew Higgs, Barbara Kruger, Martha Rosler and Krzysztof Wodiczko.

Access Gallery logo

Access Gallery

222 east georgia st., vancouver, bc.

Access Gallery is an artist-run centre with a mission to create conditions of emergence for provocative ideas and work in the visual arts. We enable critical conversations and risk-taking through new configurations of artists, audience, and community. The organization searches out opportunities to experiment through collaborations (both local and international) that encourage innovation. We aim to bring visibility and critical reception to artists and cultural practitioners when they need it most, often at moments early in their practices, and have offered important exhibition opportunities to many of Canada’s most recognized contemporary artists.

Canton sardine logo

Canton Sardine

Sun wah centre, 268 keefer street, unit-071 (basement), vancouver, bc.

The term “White Cube” has become synonymous with art galleries and spaces; nevertheless, it is no longer an adequate description for today’s artist-run institutes. We hope to replace the word “space” with “sardine,” because other than exhibitions, an artist-run space also carries curatorial and publishing functions, as it can also be a site for artist residencies and bookstores among many other roles.

This institution was founded by Vancouver-based artists originally from Canton, China, hence the name “Canton-sardine.”

THIS Gallery logo

THIS Gallery

Sun wah centre unit 30e (lower ground level) 268 keefer st, vancouver, bc.

THIS is a brick-and-mortar gallery located in Vancouver, BC. The gallery is a tenant of BC Artscape , located in the Sun Wah Centre.

THIS also offers workshops on a variety of art-related topics facilitated by local artists and art educators. THIS Gallery is dedicated to the creation and exhibition of both commercial and non-commercial art by under-represented local and international talent.

Centre A Sum Wah

Sun Wah Centre, 268 Keefer Street, Unit 205, Vancouver, BC

Centre A: Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is a leading public art gallery currently situated in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown, on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples. It is a registered charity and the only public art gallery in Canada dedicated to contemporary Asian and Asian-diasporic perspectives since 1999.

Over the years, Centre A has worked with countless artists including Yoko Ono, Ho Tam, Vanessa Kwan, Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Hong Kong Exile, Samson Young, Khan Lee and Subodh Gupta. Additionally, we have collaborated with numerous organizations, locally and internationally, such as the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Or Gallery, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and Long March.

Sum Gallery logo

SUM Gallery

Sun wah centre, 268 keefer street, unit 425, vancouver, bc.

One of the only permanent spaces worldwide dedicated to the presentation of queer art, SUM gallery brings diverse communities together to support artistic risk-taking, incite creative collaboration and experimentation, and celebrate the rich heritage of queer artists and art. As the year-round programming arm of the Queer Arts Festival, SUM produces, presents and exhibits challenging, thought-provoking multidisciplinary art that pushes boundaries and initiates dialogue.

Monte Clark Gallery

Monte Clark Gallery

53 dunlevy ave, vancouver, bc.

Monte Clark gained national and international prominence with its decade-long gallery presence in Toronto alongside the widely respected voice of its Vancouver gallery. The gallery’s artists, local and international, continue to be the subjects of important solo exhibitions and have appeared in landmark biennials and thematic group shows.
The exhibition program features a broad range of artists with a concise view of each artist’s approach to art making and navigates potential dialogues between them. Monte Clark has long valued producing exhibitions that bring together multifaceted works across a vast range of media, including drawing, photography, video, painting, sculpture, and installation. Monte Clark endeavours to collaborate with artists at all stages of their careers.

Bothkinds Project Space otherwise known as Yes Gallery

Yes Gallery (aka Bothkinds Project Space)

602 e hastings st, vancouver, bc.

We are an artist-run centre located Vancouver BC, with a mission to provide an inclusive framework that supports the creation and public dissemination of experimental, interdisciplinary, and non-commercially driven artistic projects. By supporting exploration and fostering collaboration, we provoke new discourse surrounding materials practices and public engagement with the arts in the DTES.

We produce public exhibitions and programming that encourages brave and critical dialog between artists, curators, educators and other regional creatives.

Fazakas Gallery Vancouver

Fazakas Gallery

659 e hastings st, vancouver, bc.

Located on the unceded territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh), in the heart of Vancouver’s Gallery District, Fazakas Gallery promotes a diverse selection of contemporary art with a special emphasis on works by established and up-and-coming Indigenous artists. They offer works by established Indigenous artists such as Beau Dick, Rande Cook, and Don Yeomans. We also offer works by emerging and mid-career artists, such as Jason Baerg, Couzyn van Heuvelen, Audie Murray, and Corey Bulpitt. We provide a comprehensive approach to helping clients build their portfolio, while also reviewing existing collections to foster fresh new directions.

Outsiders and Others

Outsiders & Others Gallery

716 e hastings st, vancouver, bc.

Outsiders and Others is a not-for-profit arts society with a focus on bringing non-traditional artists to the forefront. This includes outsider, folk, self-taught, visionary, intuitive, and artists with disabilities.

Paneficio Gallery and Studios Vancouver

Paneficio Gallery + Studios

800 keefer st, vancouver, bc.

Paneficio is known for its storefront displays showcasing local artists’ work all year and several shows a year in the gallery.  Check the website for artists this year. Nestled in the heart of Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood, Paneficio Studios has been home to a small community of artists for 30 years. Owned by Valerie Arntzen–visual artist and co-founder of the Eastside Culture Crawl and founder of First Saturday Open Studios–and her husband, Arnt Arntzen, who is also a visual artist.

Gallery 881 Vancouver

Gallery 881

881 e hastings st, vancouver, bc.

Gallery 881 is a lens-based art hub promoting the photographic arts through exhibitions, art sales, public events, and other visual art-based programming. We offer a selection of artwork available for purchase as well as freshly curated flat file art drawers and the Book Zine Wall – a library of independently produced publications. Gallery 881 also houses PrintMaker Studio, a full-service fine art print production service with expertise in digital printmaking and finishing for artists and collectors alike.

Catriona Jeffries Gallery Vancouver

Catriona Jeffries

950 east cordova street, vancouver, bc.

Catriona Jeffries has been in operation since 1994. It focuses on the post-conceptual art practices which have emerged from Vancouver and the critical relationships between these practices and particular international artists. It is recognized as one of the most important commercial contemporary art galleries in Vancouver, and one of the only ones that has an international reputation. The gallery shows work by well-known Vancouver artists such as Ian Wallace, Brian Jungen, and Geoffrey Farmer.

Wil Aballe Art Projects logo

Wil Aballe Art Projects | WAAP

1129 e hastings st, vancouver, bc.

Founded in 2013, Wil Aballe Art Projects | WAAP, exhibits local and international artists, notably the innovative younger generation of artists in Vancouver. The program is comprised of a series of interdisciplinary, concept-oriented and space-based exhibitions in a variety of media including sculpture, video, sound, painting, printmaking, photography and performance. Its editions program feature contributions by the brightest Canadian artists internationally and are coveted by collectors. The gallery operates somewhat nomadically, having shifted into 4 distinctly different locations (an open-concept apartment, a spare warehouse, a basement in a historical building that dates back to gold-rush era Vancouver, and a storefront – effective September 2018) since conception and hosting several “off-site projects” as the art demands.

August Studios Vancouver

August Studios

1320 e pender st, vancouver, bc.

August Studios is a space for artists/designers+ to create, collaborate, and teach. Their goal is to strengthen the community and enrich lives through collective work. They host workshops and curate & host art shows.

Kasko Frameworks logo

Kasko Gallery

560 clark drive, vancouver, bc.

Kasko Gallery is located at 560 Clark Drive on the unceded territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and səlilwətaɬ (Tsleil-Waututh) peoples. Kasko Gallery focuses on showcasing artists within our community who lack opportunities. We are an unconventional gallery that strives to show artists who are outside of the public eye or otherwise underrepresented. We have a roster of artists that we are softly representing. They are shown on our salon wall between exhibitions. The gallery also operates as a framing shop. Check the gallery website for special events and exhibitions.

Art Walks & Studio Tours

Catch artists in their own space and see the inner workings of the studio tours life. Watch as a potter or ceramicist works clay with an expert touch. See a painter use colour, form and composition to splash an image on blank canvas. Experience the process of glassmaking,  woodworking, metal sculpting, and an endless variety of artistic expression. British Columbia’s diverse culture and pristine natural beauty create the perfect conditions for a vibrant arts community. Artists all over the province open the doors of their studios to the public for specialized viewing tours that can be found on Art-BC.com.  Studio  tours are  an excellent way to immerse yourself in the local art  scene. Some artists open their studios throughout the year, or for the summer season, while others will only be available for viewing  during organized studio tours.

To begin, find an existing studio tour with a proposed itinerary or create your own cultural crawl – plan a visit to one of BC’s Creative Communities using the Guide and Art-BC.com to curate your own exploration of galleries, artist studios and more!

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Vancouver Planner

A Vancouver Art Gallery Guide + Skip the Line Tickets

While Vancouver is clearly more famous for its mountains than its mosaics, who says the city can’t do art? In fact the Vancouver Art Gallery is conveniently located right in the heart of the city’s downtown.

This allows visitors to add in a little culture with their nature with a quick visit to Western Canada’s biggest art gallery.

Let’s get right into it with my Vancouver Art Gallery guide.

  • Permanent Exhibits
  • Temporary Exhibits
  • Skip the Line Tickets
  • How to Get There
  • Visitor Tips

Vancouver Art Gallery

This local attraction colloquially known as the VAG (that’s right) is one of top things to do in Vancouver if it’s raining (likely) or even if it’s a scorching day at Vancouver’s best beaches .

You could say it’s because it’s in a super cool 165,000-square-foot neo-classical building that was formerly home to the city’s courthouse.

But you could also make the argument that this attraction has gained major street cred due to its informal status as  Vancouver’s cultural heart .

capilano suspension bridge and grouse mountain tour banner for 2024

Here you can expect to find Critical Mass, cultural events, zombie walks, climate change rallies, and even the odd Canucks-related hockey riot (apologies).

In fact the pedestrian only stretch of Robson Street on the museum’s southern side has seating, food trucks (with some Vancouver must eats ) and buskers, making it one of the best people watching spots in the city.

But what about the art? Let’s find out why this should be a stop on every Vancouver itinerary .

The Permanent Collection

The Vancouver Art Gallery’s collection currently stands at about  11,000 works and counting. While it acts as a repository for the region’s artists , there is also a significant international presence .

Local Artists

Big Raven, by Emily Carr

A large part of the gallery is made up of local artists playing with and mimicking the majestic scenery of British Columbia.

There’s no greater example of this than post-impressionist painter Emily Carr , whose English colonial roots and close attention to the area’s indigenous communities created a unique brand.

Her legacy is of such importance that she would become the namesake fo the city’s Emily Carr University of Art and Design .

The VAG is home to several of Emily Carr’s most iconic paintings, including;  Big Raven (1931), Red Cedar (1931), Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky  (1935) and Above the Gravel Pit (1937).

Foreign Artists

A woman stands in front of an art display at the Vancouver Art Gallery

The gallery also houses a historical European collection that places a strong focus on Baroque paintings from the 17th century, also known as the Dutch Golden Age.

The collection includes works by artists such as Isaac Van Ostade, Jan Wynants and Balthasar Van der Ast, which tend to be favourites of many visitors.

Another notable highlight is a first edition of famed Spanish painter Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes Disasters of War .

Temporary Collections

A group of women admire paintings at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Often the major attractions at the Vancouver Art Gallery come in the form of temporary exhibits that are touring around the globe.

These diverse collections may include historical European collections, modern art, photography exhibits or Coastal Indigenous works.

You will find that the majority of the works present at the VAG are housed in these temporary galleries.

vancouver whale tour banner

So even if you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy in the permanent exhibits, we’d still recommend consulting the Vancouver Art Gallery  website to see what is on while you are in town.

In the meantime, here is an example of some of the recent exhibits that have come through town:

  • French Moderns:  From Monet to Mattise 
  • Picasso:  The Artist and His Muses
  • The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’s Emperor
  • Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop & Aboriginal Culture
  • Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Man
  • Takeshi Murakami: The Octopus Eats it’s Own Leg

Now that we have an idea of what you can expect to see on your visit, lets take care of a few of the formalities.

There are wheel-chair accesible entrances at both Hornby street and Robson Square.

Vancouver Art Gallery Prices

  • Adult: $30.45
  • Children (0-18): Free

*People with disabilities are free with one paid companion

Skip the Line Tickets at Vancouver Art Gallery

During peak hours the Art Gallery in Vancouver can become very busy, particularly during the heart of the Summer tourist season.

Consequently, we highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance to minimize the time you spend in line.

To purchase your skip the line tickets you can visit our friends at Viator via the button below.

Entry by Donation at Vancouver Art Gallery

If you’re visiting Vancouver on a budget you’ll be happy to know that admission to the VAG is available by donation between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm on Tuesdays .

In addition, senior visitors can attend by donation on the first Monday of the month between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm .

Vancouver Art Gallery Hours

  • Monday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

How to Get to the Vancouver Art Gallery

Address: 750 Hornby Street

The VAG is located right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver , a stones throw from the intersection of Granville and Robson . This places it at a walking distance from most downtown hotels.

How to Get to Vancouver Art Gallery with Public Transit

If you require the use public transit, the Art Gallery is located just a couple blocks from the Vancouver City Centre and Granville Skytrain stations.

The directions from Downtown are as follows:

  • Enter a station servicing the Canada Line or the Expo Line of the Skytrain. Purchase a one zone ticket ($3.00 or $2.45 with a Compass Card).
  • Board a train and head in the direction of Vancouver City Centre Station  (Canada Line) or Granville Station  (Expo Line).
  • Upon arrival at your destination, exit the station and locate the  West Georgia Street  exit of the Pacific Centre Mall.
  • Walk one block West along West Georgia past Howe Street  and you’ll see the Vancouver Art Gallery on the South side of the street.

For more information on everything transportation related check out our Vancouver Public Transportation  guide.

Vancouver Art Gallery Café

A piece of cake and a cup of tea at the Vancouver Art Gallery

If you’re looking for a drink or a quick snack, the VAG has a popular restaurant and café located on premises.

The Gallery Café

Located on the second floor, the Gallery Café seats up to 60 people. However, in the Summer you can take in the rays on an expansive terrace which can seat up to 165 customers.

This relaxed urban oasis is the perfect foil for a long day exploring the Art Gallery. The bistro-style café offers a variety of sandwiches, wraps, salad bowls that are all made on-site with fresh, local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

This light fare can be accompanied with a specialty coffee and tea, local wine, craft beer or aperitif.

For more information or to check out the menu visit the Gallery Café  page on the VAG website. If you’d like restaurant recommendations hit up our list of the best restaurants in downtown Vancouver .

Vancouver Art Gallery Tours

A guided tour at the Vancouver Art Gallery

There are two free guided tour options offered at the VAG, both of which are led by experienced art professionals and educators . Each option will provide you with a look into both the contemporary and historical works of the museum.

Which one should you take? It really depends on what you’d like to explore

1) 30 Minute Highlight Tour

Our recommendation for first time visitors, the 30 Minute Highlight Tour is a basic discussion of the museum’s key works.

2) 45 Minute Survey Tour

If you’re coming back for a return visit, then the 45 Minute Survey Tour will give you a more in-depth overview of the current temporary exhibits.

Not willing to put in all that time? Then you can also get complimentary tours of select exhibits free with your Vancouver Art Museum tickets.

These are available on Thursday and Saturday at; 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm, 2:00pm, and 2:30pm and Sunday at 11:00 am.

Before and After Hours Exhibition Tours

This VIP Vancouver Art Gallery tour gives you exclusive access to the museum outside of opening hours and gives a more in- depth look into its key works.

You’ll also gain some vital  historical context , into which you can frame the art, in addition to some interesting details about the building itself.

The tours last up to two hours .

Pricing details and booking options are offered by phone (604-662-4717) with the Group Bookings Coordinator from Monday to Thursday (8:30am-3:30pm) or via email at [email protected].

Private Group Tours

There’s also the option to get your own one hour   private guided tour . Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance.

The prices below are for a minimum of 10 people (max capacity 30).

  • Adult $21.00
  • Senior (65+) $17.75
  • Student (with ID) $15.75
  • Children (12 and under with member): free

Reservations are made by phone (604.662.4717) or via email at [email protected].

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Vancouver Art Gallery Visitor Tips

Visitors line up outside the Vancouver Art Gallery

1) Check out what’s on while you’re in town

A significant portion of the works on display at the VAG are part of temporary or travelling exhibits. So make sure to check the Vancouver Art Gallery  website to see what is on display during your visit.

2) Purchase your tickets in advance

As the most comprehensive resource for visual art in British Columbia, the VAG can be a very popular destination, particularly during peak hours.

As a result, we’d recommend purchasing your tickets in advance. This way you can spend more time enjoying the art and less time standing in line.

3) Give yourself enough time

We recommend allotting at least 90-120 minutes  for your visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery.

4) Visit on a Tuesday

If you’re a budget traveller, try and go on a Tuesday when admission is available by donation only , making it one of the best deals in the city.

Just make sure to make a donation!

5) Hit up the Gallery Café

Grab a coffee or an aperitif and take it out onto the Gallery Café balcony on the second floor. One of Vancouver’s hidden gems , the terrace offers a perfect place to relax after an afternoon spent perusing the gallery.

6) Be mindful of what you photograph

While you’re allowed to take pictures of some exhibits, taking snaps of some is forbidden. Be sure to look at the artist’s description for the camera icon (slash or no slash) before snapping away.

7) Be Careful Where You Park

If you’re renting a car, know that metered street parking is maxed out at two hours outside – it’s better to find a parkade.

8) Take a tour

The VAG offers a wide variety of informative tours of their permanent and temporary galleries.

This will help put the works into their proper context and most importantly make your visit more fun.

Vancouver Art Gallery FAQ

Where is the Vancouver Art Gallery located?

The Vancouver Art Gallery is located at 750 Hornby Street  between Robson and West Georgia Streets in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.

When is the Vancouver Art Gallery Open?

The Vancouver Art Gallery is open daily from 10:00am-5:00pm. There are extended hours on Tuesdays and on the first Friday of every month, when the facility is open from 10:00 am-9:00pm.

When is the Vancouver Art Gallery free?

Admission to the Vancouver Art Gallery is free (or by donation) for all visitors on Tuesdays and for seniors on the first Monday of the month (from 10:00am-1:00pm) for seniors only.

Just be sure to make a donation!

Are there any food options at the Vancouver Art Gallery?

Located on the second floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Gallery Café offers a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, salad bowls and quiches.

This light fare is served alongside specialized coffees and teas, wines and aperitifs.

Thinking of Visiting the Vancouver Art Gallery?

If you’ve got any additional questions about the Vancouver Art Gallery, or any thing else Vancouver related, don’t be afraid to hit me up on the Vancouver Planner Facebook page, or in the comment selection below.

I’ll do my best to get back at you as soon as possible. But until then.

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Experience groundbreaking exhibitions at the largest public art museum in Western Canada. The Vancouver Art Gallery showcases historical and contemporary art from BC and around the world. Special attention is given to the accomplishments of Indigenous artists, as well of those from the Asia Pacific region–through the Institute of Asian Art founded in 2014.

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver in a historic courthouse, the Vancouver Art Gallery is a must-see while travelling in Vancouver. Only a 5 min walk from Granville, Burrard or Vancouver City Centre Skytrain Station.

Enhance your experience by visiting the Gallery Store for unique gifts, or enjoy a meal at 1931 Gallery Bistro on their stunning rooftop patio.

The Gallery’s exhibition rotate throughout the year and includes works from our rich permanent collection along with temporary thematic exhibitions.

Discover what’s on and what’s coming up:  What's On 

Walk-ins are welcome, simply present your voucher for admission. Free admission for all on the first Friday of every month!

  Visit our website: vanartgallery.bc.ca

You might also be interested in visiting: 

tours vancouver artists

The Vancouver Art Gallery occupies an entire city block in the center of downtown Vancouver, bounded by Georgia Street, Hornby Street, Robson Street and Howe Street.

You can enter the Gallery from either Hornby Street or Robson Street Plaza (adjacent to Howe Street).

The Gallery has no car parking. Public paid street parking is available in the surrounding area.

Both entrances are wheelchair accessible.  


Monday - 10 AM - 5 PM

Tuesday - 10 AM - 5 PM

Wednesday - 10 AM - 5 PM

Thursday - 10 AM – 8 PM

Friday - 10 PM - 8 PM

Saturday - 10 AM - 5 PM

Sunday - 10 AM - 5 PM

Public Exhibition Tours on, Saturdays and Sundays. Weekly Family Programs every Sunday, included with admission and free for youth 18 and under.  

  Calendar of Events


Click here for complete information

Phone: 604.662.4719 Website: vanartgallery.bc.ca Email:  [email protected] Address: 750 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7

See reviews

tours vancouver artists

tours vancouver artists


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Vancouver Art Gallery

  • 750 Hornby Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7
  • Phone: 604.662.4700

Art Makes Us Curious.  Discover the power of art at the Vancouver Art Gallery! Immerse yourself in ground-breaking historical and contemporary exhibitions, and encounter artworks by Canadian, Indigenous and internationally acclaimed artists, with special attention to the art of the Asia Pacific region through the Gallery’s Institute of Asian Art. Spark your curiosity by taking a public tour of the exhibitions or get creative at Weekly Family Programs every Sunday! Complete your experience with a visit to the Gallery Store for unique gifts or take a break for lunch on the 1931 Gallery Bistro rooftop patio, one of the city’s best kept secrets.

Open Daily 10am-5pm | Tuesdays 10am-9pm | Open until 9pm on the First Friday of every month

Sundays FREE for children 12 & under

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Facility Info

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  • Description The Vancouver Art Gallery is currently housed in a stunning neoclassical heritage building, originally the provincial courthouse. Choose from several inspired event spaces, including the grand foyer and rotunda–with a soaring, four-story dome and twin marble staircases–or one of the original historic courtrooms, complete with judge’s bench and rich oak woodwork. A rooftop pavilion overlooking Robson Square provides one of the most dramatic bird’s-eye views in the city. Guided exhibition tours are also offered, providing your guests with an exclusive art experience. With outstanding art and one-of-a-kind event spaces, it’s no wonder the Vancouver Art Gallery is the preferred site for the city’s most memorable occasions.
  • Largest Room 1885
  • Total Sq. Ft. 3716
  • Reception Capacity 500
  • Theatre Capacity 300
  • Banquet Capacity 200
  • Number of Rooms 7
  • Classroom Capacity 200

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9th Edition. 2025

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2022 Information is coming up soon

Would you like to hear more about the artists and galleries who will be exhibiting at Art Vancouver? Join us at the show this year for guided tours.

Have a chance to meet the artists and learn about their own unique styles and techniques. As part of our theme, "Uniting Nations through Art," get to know more about a diverse array of cultural identities and some of the artistic methods that can be found in various parts of the world.

Meeting point is situated inside the exhibition hall, by the entrance.

Tours are free, however, you will need to purchase a ticket to access the Art Vancouver event.

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Leo D.E Johnson

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The Cobalt , Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Lobe Studio , Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Mediaslaves and Year of the Cobra

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Afrikaans is Lekker 2024

Great Canadian Casino Vancouver , Coquitlam, BC, Canada

  • Monday 03 June 2024

Maren Morris and Allison Ponthier

Brooke Nicholls

Village Church Langley South , Langley, BC, Canada

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Jon Batiste


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Forever Lost In Travel

Vancouver Street Art – Main Street Self Guided Tour

Disclosure: Advertising and affiliate services, including Amazon Associates, help the cost of running my blog. Clicking ads or making purchases through affiliate links may, at no additional cost to you, earn me a small commission. I appreciate your support .

Vancouver has always had a knack of brightening up the streets with the odd mural or two. The official or unofficial street art piece here and there. But recently there was a rather large mural festival where numerous pieces were unveiled. Some of Vancouver’s alleys have been painted with designs to make it more vibrant in the downtown core. Then there are the neighborhoods known for their artists and creative residents. The Vancouver street art movement seems to have really taken off in a big way.

wolf Vancouver street art

I noticed recently when driving past Main Street that there were some new artworks up on the sides of buildings. Then the next time I went past I saw some more. Finally I decided that I would take a walk down Main Street to check them out. Armed with my camera I wanted to capture some of the beautiful pieces along the way and show you that Vancouver isn’t all about expensive activities.

Where to start on Main Street

tours vancouver artists

Although there are other neighborhoods with a lot of Vancouver street art, it was Main Street I wanted to explore more. Main Street is a rather steep street leading all the way from near Downtown Vancouver to South Vancouver. That’s a lot of walking. Since it was summer when I did this I wasn’t about to walk uphill. I instead drove up Main Street in one of Vancouver’s car share rides, and parked at Main Street and East 28th. This is where the street art started to grow a little more sparse. Local’s tip: this is also where you will find one of my favorite Vancouver restaurants East is East . Amazing Afghan/Indian fusion food.

I had my camera and a bottle of water, and off I went. Walking down Main Street in the direction of downtown. Main Street has some wonderfully eclectic stores. Vintage shops, thrift stores, local crafts and independent cafes and eateries. It’s a wonderful neighborhood, so if you decide to follow in my footsteps then at least take time to appreciate the area.

Remember to take a reusable water bottle with you on your travels, like this one from FastTech

Vancouver street art tour

Walking North on Main Street keep to the left hand side of the road. When you reach East 26th Avenue you’ll see a small convenience store on the corner. That’s where I found the first piece of art that day. More than one actually. The first piece was a portrait of a woman and next to her the words “This might feel like home”. On the other side of her is a house next to what looks like a tornado. The phrase now makes a little more sense as a reference to the Wizard of Oz.

tours vancouver artists

From there I didn’t see much art for a while. There were some dated pieces just after King Edward Avenue, but I soon realized not much else. So I carried on walking. The next piece I saw was this one at East 21st. Again on the left hand side of the road (West side). There’s a cafe called Coco et Olive , and around the corner on 21st Avenue is a lovely looking art piece with some lemon trees (I think).

tours vancouver artists

One block further down on East 20th Avenue is Lagree West , a gym, which has this mural painted on the wall.

tours vancouver artists

East 19th to East 12th

Along Main Street there is such a Vancouver street art culture that even local businesses are getting involved. They have themed murals painted on their exterior walls. Like Coco et Olive and their Mediterranean inspired mural. Or Lagree West gym and their strongman mural. As I crossed the street to the right hand side of Main Street, I found Nikkyu , a Japanese restaurant at East 17th Avenue. Just around the corner onto 17th there’s this mural.

tours vancouver artists

Staying on the right hand side of Main Street I continued down to East 16th Avenue. There’s a little Hasty Market convenience store on the corner. It doesn’t look like much but this mural by @milanbasicart really brightens up what would otherwise be little more than a run down store.

tours vancouver artists

Same goes for this one across the street, an interesting maze

tours vancouver artists

Another of my favorite Vancouver restaurants is Burgoo . Burgoo is all about comfort food, think pastas, stews, soups and sandwiches. A lot of Mediterranean, and other worldly dishes. If you’re in Vancouver GO THERE . Their Main Street location is opposite the Heritage Hall on East 15th Avenue and has a couple of cool murals on the wall. First is a fish mural, maybe because all the seafood menu options. Second is a character in a garden showing the roots of some of the inspired food items on the menu.

tours vancouver artists

Two blocks further down, on the same side of the street I came across 49th Parallel cafe. This mural overlooks their spacious patio.

tours vancouver artists

And just across the street, behind the Dairy Queen is a little parking area where I spotted this kid.

tours vancouver artists

East 12th Avenue to Broadway

Broadway is at 9th Avenue, and the amount of Vancouver street art I found around here was crazy. I kept finding one piece that led me to another and another. Soon I was in the middle of an alley with no real sense of how I got there. What started me on this journey was this piece. It’s pretty eye catching, even from a distance. It can be seen on East 12th Ave which is a main road through Main Street.

tours vancouver artists

Whenever we drive past I always point it out and say I want to take a photo. Today…wish granted! I had crossed the road from the last few pieces I’d seen and was on the left hand side of Main Street. I walked along to East 11th Avenue until I got to Dock Lunch , a cute little restaurant a few stores in. Walking into the alley next to it I finally got to the piece I’d wanted to see up close. Which meant I could also read the caption that went with it. Queen Elizabeth II for those who couldn’t tell before.

tours vancouver artists

The other awesome news was that in going down this alley, I came across other pieces I didn’t even know were there. They were mostly portrait style street art.

tours vancouver artists

I wandered back around to Main Street and crossed over to the right hand side. Still on East 11th Avenue I turned left down the alley (Watson Street). Behind the Dulux paint shop are some interesting, colorful pieces including this one I’m not even sure how to explain.

tours vancouver artists

At East 10th Avenue take a quick left to see this epic vegetable celebrating mural on the side of Tocador restaurant.

tours vancouver artists

If you head back down the alley, Watson Street, and turn left at the end just before Broadway, there are some pieces around the parking lot.

tours vancouver artists

Then looking back onto Main Street there’s a piece that dominates the entire side of a building a little higher up.

tours vancouver artists

Around Broadway and Kingsway

Well that was a lot of walking. But I made it to Broadway. I’m going to take you on one slight detour before heading back down Main Street. Along Broadway heading East there’s an intersection at Kingsway. Head up Kingsway, kind of back in the direction you’ve come. There’s a parking lot with a number of pieces making up a really good reflection of Vancouver street art. I walked from the slightly more rugged looking parking lot, through the alley to the main parking lot. There I found all of these pieces plus a lot more.

tours vancouver artists

Either walk back down Watson Street (the alley) to Broadway again or go back the same way to Kingsway. Cross over Broadway and between Kingsway and Main Street is a little entrance to a parking lot where I found these art pieces.

tours vancouver artists

And along Kingsway above Gene coffee bar is some beautiful Native art.

tours vancouver artists

It’s from here that you get some pretty nice views of downtown Vancouver and the North Shore mountains. That is if you ignore all the cranes and construction work.

tours vancouver artists

Main Street to Olympic Village

From the left hand side of Main Street I started walking towards Olympic Village in False Creek. This whole area is filled with some of the best East Vancouver breweries and makes for a pretty fun Sunday afternoon activity. Today though, I was going to check out all the awesome Vancouver street art around here. At the corner of Main Street and East 7th Avenue is this quote on the side of a building.

tours vancouver artists

From there I carried on walking West off Main Street and found some of the most incredible murals. I walked around and around, into alleyways, down side streets, through parking lots. Weaving in and out of the streets until I came out on East 2nd Avenue around Ontario Street. If you walk up and down Ontario Street and Quebec Street and keep checking out the avenues and alleys, you’ll see all the amazing pieces that I saw. Here are some of the best ones.

tours vancouver artists

If you need a break between all the walking around you can hit up one of the cute local coffee shops, or the breweries. Electric Bicycle is a really fun one to check out, and when you get to East 2nd Avenue there’s the Brewhall which has some amazing beers on tap.

tours vancouver artists

The best Vancouver street art

I can’t say that there isn’t more awesome street art in a different part of Vancouver. But this has always been my favorite area. Mix in some cute coffee shops, nice little vintage stores, and plenty of craft breweries. That’s a recipe for a good day in Vancouver. Vancouver is known for being an expensive city. Our attractions cost a lot of money, hotels aren’t too cheap. But this is a free activity you can do in Vancouver that will keep you busy most of the day if you wanted it to.

tours vancouver artists

Want to find art in other cities? Here’s my guide to finding street art in Camden Town, London

I’m always on the lookout for street art wherever I go. If you visit Vancouver, then takes notes on some of these places, and check them out yourself. I’m sure over time some of them will disappear and be replaced by others, although hopefully not too soon. I believe they are having another mural festival soon so there will likely be more Vancouver street art popping up in the city over the next year or two too.

If you’ve enjoyed this post please leave a comment or share using the social media buttons below. Where have you found some great Vancouver street art? Or other places in the world? What’s your favorite piece here?

street art in Vancouver

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tours vancouver artists

17 thoughts on “Vancouver Street Art – Main Street Self Guided Tour”

Hi Emma, It’s Ron…We had drinks at the German Pub when Jeff and you got back from Seattle. Nice write up on the Vancouver street art. Nice tip on East is East. Going to try it when I am back in Van in a few weeks. I walked by it a couple of weeks ago when I was in Kitts but I had finished eating at Banana Leaf (Food Coma) LOL!!!

Thanks Ron, glad you like it. Definitely try East is East if you can

Love this!! I have to admit I was surprised when I first arrived in Vancouver because it felt like the sort of city that should be full of street art, and yet there’s just that one alleyway downtown that’s bright, and that’s it. I was so happy when I discovered Mount Pleasant haha. I think my favourite is that colourful cow and the goats next to it! So awesome. I recognise a few of these, but there’s also a lot I don’t! The “families are meant to be together” one is fantastic.

I loved the cow one too, and the dinosaurs. Looks like this is the area to be in for street art in Vancouver for sure

Wow, I didn’t realize that Vancouver had so much incredible street art! I love finding murals in every city I visit and will definitely add Vancouver to my list of places to visit!

Such beautiful photos!! Wow! I’m sharing this article with a friend too 🙂

Ahhh, I must go back to Vancouver, BC to see many of these murals I missed! But you missed my favorite spot in Vancouver to see street art: Granville Island Public Market! There are a ton of murals throughout, and in the parking garage.

I love Granville Island, I’m there often. They have had some nice art pieces completed over the last year. I think I’ll add them to my Granville Island post to highlight them too, thanks for the reminder

Wow!! These murals are so cool!!

Wow all of this street art is just incredible. I used to see painting on walls as graffiti but now I see it as so much more. Thank you for sharing.

Yay!! This is a great post!

We live on Main Street, so I have been waiting to see what the new murals will be like for this years festival. I feel like it gets better every year. 😀

p.s. I am heading out to East is East tonight! 😉 Although there are a few other places on Main street that I love even more (Yugo, Arbor, Grub, Acorn…) Om nom nom…

I haven’t been back to Vancouver in…a couple decades but there are so many places I want to visit there now that I’m old enough to appreciate it more! 😛 You found a lot of awesome street art! :]!

I love street-art ! Thanks for this article !

Hello Emma ! Great article. I have to say I never went to Canada but I am hearing more and more that Vancouver is a super great city… I’ll have to go myself to check but it seems it is with your post! I think my favorite one is the Lagree West’s one. That’s great when the city has absorbed the street art as part of its identity… In Paris we are very far from that !

Pretty nice post. I stumbled upon your post and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog post. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

I absolutely love street art and this is a great post. I’m hoping to be in Vancouver next summer, so will definitely follow this walk 🙂

The blog has so much information regarding the Vancouver street art for this main street self guided tour. I will for sure recommend it to others

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Many gardens will also feature artists, floral art creations, and Master Gardeners to answer your questions.

When: Saturday, May 11, 2024 and Sunday, May 12, 2024 Time:  10:00 AM to 4:00 PM both days

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Please visit their website for more information and a map of all the studios included.

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This premiere event at the Woodland Gardens is set for the May long weekend and is a favourite attraction among locals. This annual festival brings together a spectacular 24-acre venue that already delights onlookers with its array of colourful spring blooms with dozens of talented artists. Walk among the 3,500 rhododendrons while admiring beautiful art.

May 18, 19, and 20, 2024; Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; and Monday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Cost : Admission is $10 per person.

Location: Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens (6183 Whitaker Road, Courtenay).

The Scattered Artists Art Tour

The Scattered Artists Art Tour is back with over 30 artists at 10 locations. This is a well-established and recognized art tour in Saanich. Enjoy a variety of art forms, including pottery, fine art, textiles, cards, jewelry and lots more. Peek into the studios and explore the garden settings. The locations are all within a short distance from the Cedar Hill golf course. For more info and images of art, please visit their website . This is a free event.

This Art Tour runs:

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  • August 24 – 25, 2024

Central Island Arts Guide & Studio Tour

This Art Tour features artists between Parksville and Campbell River. A full list can be found on the CV Arts website . On the weekend of June 1 & 2, 2024 , many of these locations will open their doors for this annual Art Tour. Due to the variety of makers and artists, there is something for every taste and budget.

The updated self-guided map has not been posted at the time of this publication, so keep checking their website for more info.

Quadra Island Studio Tour

The talented artists on Quadra Island are ready to welcome you! This tour is a great way to explore Quadra and discover the artists who live there. Expect a variety of displays on this tour. And, of course, visitors are still invited to take a self-guided tour of many of the studios on the island after the June kick-off weekend. They are moving away from printed brochures, so if you'd like to view the lineup, head to their website.

The official kick-off Studio Tour is June 1 & 2, 2024.

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Some artists offer art activities for families with children. Visitors can stroll in the neighbourhoods, enjoy drinks and food in Fernwood’s cafes and bistros and see and purchase artwork, cards and prints. 

Bring the whole family to this two-day culture and creative event.

The 16th annual Fernwood Art Stroll takes place the weekend of June 8 & 9 and runs from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please check their website for more information.

Nanoose Art in the Garden

This three-day event is a popular summer Nanoose Bay attraction. Visitors can walk through the garden, listen to live music and enjoy great food while admiring and shopping among the talented Vancouver Island artisans. More information can be found on the event's website .

The entrance fee is $10 per person, with children 12 years and under are free.   

Partial entrance fee proceeds go to the Nanoose Community Services, which helps local families and seniors in the community.

There is FREE parking and Shuttle BUS Service from NBES school. The shuttle brings you right into the Art in the Garden property and leaves every 25 minutes. Additional parking is available at the Community Centre (2875 NW Bay Rd).

July 5, Noon – 6:00 pm; July 6, 10:00 am- 4:00 pm; July 7, 10:00 am- 4:00 pm 

Location: 2525 Northwest Bay Road, Nanoose Bay

Art in the Park

This two-day arts and crafts market takes place in the beautiful gardens of Parksville Community Park . A variety of artisans will be there to show off their wares. Paintings, sculptures, jewelry, pottery, photography, art cards, children’s clothing, art glass, and much more will be available to purchase.

While in the area, make sure to check out the Sand Sculpture Festival (July 15 – August 18, 2024).

Art in the Park: July 20, 2024, from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; and July 21, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sooke Fine Art Show

The Sooke Fine Arts Show allows the finest artists from Vancouver Island and BC’s coastal islands to showcase and sell their work.

July 27 – Aug 5, 2024

Show Hours: The show opens at  10:00 am  daily and closes daily at 7:00 pm, except: – Thursday, August 1 – Open until 9:00 pm for Market Night – Friday, August 2 – closes at 5:00 pm – Monday, August 5 – closes at 5:00 pm – last day of the show

Location : SEAPARC Leisure Complex (2168 Phillips Rd, Sooke)

Filberg Festival

This Art & Music Festival is set among the beautiful gardens and grounds of Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park . Attendees enjoy incredible art, music and nature. This year’s festival features a curated selection of talented artisans and makers of fine art in various media ranging from metalwork, pottery, toys, woodcrafts, jewelry, paintings, glass, textiles and specialty foods. And, as always, it will include its long-standing tradition of featuring exceptional Canadian talent in entertainment.

Friday, August 2: 10 am – 8 pm Saturday, August 3: 10 am – 8 pm Sunday, August 4: 10 am – 6 pm

Purchase tickets online via their website .

Arts on the Avenue

Wander First Avenue in Ladysmith to be immersed in various forms of art. From original paintings to jewelry, fabric art, carving, Indigenous-made art, and more, you will not be disappointed. The air is filled with music, and the streets are lined with art. There is even an art space for kids where young artists can create their own one-of-a-kind work to take home.

Art Jam takes place on August 24 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM and is designed as a fun family evening event. There will even be a street dance!

The next day ( August 25 ), head back to the same location for the Arts on the Avenue Market from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Visit their website for more information.

Vancouver Island North Art Tour

Experience the island's north side at your own pace through the many talented artists who reside there. This self-guided art tour includes over 15 unique stops at art studios and galleries across North Vancouver Island. Each location features various works, from sculptures to paintings and carvings to stained glass.  Most studios, galleries and shops are open year-round but with limited hours during the off-season.

You can download the Art Tour Maps here .

Vancouver Island blossoms with a kaleidoscope of colours and creativity each spring and summer during its renowned Art & Garden Tours and Festivals. These vibrant celebrations showcase the island's rich artistic talent and stunning botanical diversity, offering unforgettable experiences for locals and visitors alike.

Whether you're strolling through picturesque gardens, admiring masterpieces by local artists, or participating in hands-on workshops, these festivals are a testament to the island's enduring beauty and creative spirit.

If you know of any other Vancouver Island Art & Garden tours or festivals happening this spring and summer, please let me know, and I will add them to this list.

Read Where to Find Spring and Summer Blooms on the Island if you want even more garden immersion.

Subscribe Today!

Like what you are reading? Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about the best ways to explore Vancouver Island.

If you want to see a sample of our newsletters before joining, you can check out the latest here: Archived Newsletters .

' src=

Meet Kim Parcher, the creative mind and driving force behind Vancouver Island View. Kim's passion for experience-based travel and her talent for sharing valuable information have made her a dedicated niche blogger and freelance writer since 2016. Her unwavering dedication to unlocking the secrets of Vancouver Island, her home since 2009, has made her an undisputed authority in the realm of immersive exploration of the island.

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Artists use antique objects from Vancouver prop house in exhibit

Show includes a mirrored room, antique collections and an exhibit playing tribute to the x-files.

rows of chairs in a warehouse

Social Sharing

As a storied Vancouver prop house prepares to potentially move its giant collection, a group of visual artists have been invited to use items from the collection to create imaginative displays. 

Their pieces are part of a new exhibit that pays homage to Mount Pleasant Furniture, a prop house for the city's film scene. 

The show is on display at North Vancouver's Griffin Arts Project space and a handful of locations in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

The exhibit space in North Vancouver includes a series of small furniture and decoration collections selected from the prop house's collection, which artists have arranged purposefully in the space.

a prop house full of chairs and a chandelier

Among the displays is a room full of antique lamps of various heights, a selection of mirrors facing every which way, a wall of antique portraits, and the staging of a palatial-looking living room.

a collection of antique lamps of varying sizes

The prop house

The prop house, officially called Mount Pleasant Furniture, opened in 1988 and initially served as a warehouse for antique stores on Main Street, said owner and operator Leslie Madsen. 

In the early '90s, the collection morphed into a prop house where items were only available for rent to those in the film and television industry.

a wall of antique oil portraits

"The productions would like us to keep their items [after filming] so it stays in the realm," Madsen said. "So they always have it to rent [in the future]."

The collection grew and now includes about one million items, Madsen said, many of them antiques sourced from local garage sales, thrift stores and estate sales.

In a museum with white walls, four wood packing pallets create the stage for a collection of movie props, including a TV, bench, candelabra and vase

Earlier this year, Madsen says a warehouse she leases to house many of the antiques and props was sold to a developer.

She says she doesn't know what the developer plans to do with the property, but nearby plots of land have been turned into 14-storey apartment buildings as per city zoning.

a black antique sofa is surrounded by candles, a tea table, a globe and maps

The proprietor says she will either look to move the vast collection to a new warehouse outside the neighbourhood, or sell it to someone who will continue to rent it out to movie and TV productions.

"Film and TV — they rely on me," she said. "I've been around for 40 years and so if I decide to retire, I definitely will sell the whole collection to someone else that's going to carry on the legacy."

A set of wax fruits and vegetables, including root vegetables and grapes.

Artists reimagine a collection

Paul Wong, a Vancouver-based multimedia artist, co-curated the new exhibit with Lisa Baldissera.

a room full of antique mirrors that reflect each other.

"A lot of my friends are set decorators and are still set decorators. So I got introduced to this place by them," Wong said.

Wong is also an artist in the exhibit, having used drone and steadicam cameras to create a short film that takes viewers through Mount Pleasan Furniture's two "magical" warehouses. They span 35,000 square feet, crammed with furnishings, paintings, textiles, sculptures, figurines and more.

A person is reflected in one of several large antique mirrors

Wong's piece, Hell Money, looks at his starring role in an episode of The X-Files  shot in Vancouver in the early '90s .

He says the piece and the props on display show how Vancouver slowly evolved to "become a centre for media, film and television production."  

a collection of rolled maps, jewelry boxes and a globe sit on an antique table and rug

And the prop house has played a role in that evolution.

"I'm always touched by the story that, you know, this has been a live workplace that has supported two generations of a family," Wong said. "It's this kind of business thing where people live above their shops, something that's ... definitely disappearing from this neighbourhood."

A picture of a man with makeup on to make him look like a dismembered person is part of a poster from the X Files.

The Prop House: A Collection of Over One Million Objects is on display until Aug. 18.

tours vancouver artists

With files from Jeremy Ratt, North By Northwest and Akshay Kulkarni

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A native ‘takeover’ at baltimore museum of art.

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Julie Buffalohead (Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma), 'The Noble Savage,' 2022. Courtesy of Jessica Silverman ... [+] and Sarah Thornton, San Francisco, CA.

“A Native takeover.”

That’s how Dare Turner (Yurok Tribe), Curator of Indigenous Art at the Brooklyn Museum and former Baltimore Museum of Art Assistant Curator of Indigenous Art of the Americas, describes the Baltimore museum’s “Preoccupied: Indigenizing the Museum” initiative launched April 21, 2024.

“Preoccupied” includes nine solo and thematic exhibitions, a film series, a publication guided by Native methodologies, museum-wide education for staff related to Native American history and colonization, and a broad array of public programs through February 2025.

“It also includes audio tour stops where indigenous community members have gone into the galleries and selected any artwork they're interested in, which most of the time is not an artwork made by a Native person, and they speak about it from their perspective,” Turner told Forbes.com. “We also rewrote (wall) labels that had privileged white artists when they were depicting Native subjects. We flipped the script on that so the Native subjects were privileged.”

Nearly 100 individuals contributed to or are represented across the initiative, transforming not only who tells stories in museums like the BMA, but also what stories get told and how.

“We wanted to make a big statement with Indigenous art in the museum, but we wanted to go much further than simply putting an exhibition on view and congratulating ourselves as job well done,” Baltimore Museum of Art Associate Curator of Contemporary Art Leila Grothe, a collaborator on the project, told Forbes.com. “We thought together about how could we thread through perspectives, stories, truths, and histories in the museum in as many ways as possible, how can we surface these voices in as many places as possible to go further and do something that to us felt like a significant statement and a significant presence.”

“Preoccupied” debuted with “Dyani White Hawk: Bodies of Water,” a presentation of new and recent works from the artist’s ongoing “Carry” series. White Hawk (b. 1976; Sičáŋǧu Lakota) adorns large copper buckets and ladles with glass beads and long fringe suggesting arboreal root structures. These works upend long-held boundaries between fine art and craft traditions in museum practice and center Native perspectives on the significance of both functionality and artistry in material culture.

Netflix s New 1 Movie Is An Overlooked Must Watch Crime Comedy Thriller

Reacher season 3 casts a villain that looks like he ate reacher, the 33 best memorial day tv sales to shop this weekend, looking in the mirror.

James Luna (Luiseno/Puyukitchum, Ipai, and Mexican-American), 'End of the Frail,' 1993. © Estate of ... [+] the artist. Courtesy of Tia Collection, Santa Fe, NM.

Museums in America aren’t responsible for the nation’s genocide against its indigenous inhabitants. Museums didn’t draft the Indian Removal Act or initiate the Navajo Long Walk . They’re not to blame for broken treaties, boarding schools , the near extinction of the buffalo , or the Sand Creek Massacre . They have, however, been complicit in forwarding white supremacy and a flattening and erasure of Native American people, culture and artwork through their historic–and, in cases, ongoing–collecting and display practices related to Native items.

“There are many instances historically where institutions have come to (Indigenous) communities and either taken or coerced objects out. Sometimes they have paid for them, sometimes they have not, but even in the instances when they have paid for these belongings, they have sometimes taken things that were not an individual's to give,” Grothe cites as one example of how museums have harmed Native Americans. “They call that cultural patrimony where it actually belonged to the community and not an individual, but there was a sort of colonial misunderstanding–and that might be being generous–whether or not that individual owned it and could sell it to the person. There's an exploitation right in the sort of economic status potentially of whoever it is making these sales, and trades are sometimes outright theft, sometimes grave robbing, all of these things have happened.”

Placing Contemporary Native Art In The Past

American museums have traditionally relegated Indigenous items to their “ethnographic” sections or placed Native artwork in natural history museums instead of art museums, sending a subconscious, but not at all subtle message to their mostly white visitors.

“Museums have spoken about Native communities, Native artists in the past tense, not positioning Native communities as vibrant and living and thriving today,” Turner explained.

Putting Native American material on view alongside wooly mammoth bones tells museum guests Indigenous people are of the past. That Native histories and stories and truths and futures needn’t be considered in modern society.

“A lot of Native artists feel frustrated that one of their contemporary pieces will be put in a historical gallery of Native art, contextualized in a narrow way, not brought into conversation with larger stories of contemporary art,” Turner said.

From a non-Native perspective, this museological practice has been so subtle and pervasive, guests don’t even recognize how they’ve been hoodwinked.

“(A visitor) stopped me recently to say they hadn't realized the very fact that we installed this exhibition in the contemporary wing completely reversed a lens they were accustomed to viewing these works in,” Grothe said. “They were so accustomed to seeing (Native American) work in specific settings with specific lighting and gallery colors–it felt radical to see (Native artwork in the contemporary wing). They said they even saw the historic artworks they were familiar with for the first time (in a new way), simply appreciating (their) beauty. That is exactly what we're trying to do. There are subtle shifts an institution can do to change the way people see these things.”

And by changing the way visitors see the items, museums will change the way visitors see the people who made them.

“By bringing in contemporary artists, contemporary voices, and commingling historical art with contemporary art, we're showing the continuity of narratives of artistic practices in a way that embraces the realities for Native people,” Turner added.

Additionally reminding museum visitors that Native art, people and culture are contemporary, dynamic, and ongoing.

Fine Art > Craft

Dana Claxton (Hunkpapa Lakota), Lasso,' 2018. Courtesy the artist and Vancouver Art Gallery

Museums must also acknowledge how their hierarchies have dismissed and marginalized Indigenous artistic talent.

“Dyani White Hawk, one of her big statements as an artist is to talk about the ways Indigenous artworks have often been relegated as less than fine art and labeled as craft in collecting institutions,” Grothe explains.

Craft–material objects (pottery, weavings, beadwork)–has always been considered “lesser than” fine art–paintings, sculpture, photography–in the historical perspective of museums who act as the ultimate arbiters and gatekeepers of taste and culture in America. An opinion founded in patriarchy, white supremacy, and Western exceptionalism.

“Preoccupied’s” breadth and its takeover of the museum all at once helps visitors recognize how these various museum practices injurious to Native people, taking place at thousands of institutions across the country since the 19 th century, have combined in contributing to disempowering, oppressing and excluding Native people from mainstream American culture.

Baltimore Is Native Land

In addition to “Preoccupied’s” scale and scope, its location is significant. If this were taking place at a museum in New Mexico or Oklahoma or Arizona or Montana–where Native artwork and people are more visible–it would still matter, but in Baltimore, in Maryland, it hits a different way.

“We find that on the East Coast in particular–this is true everywhere, but here because colonialism is so much older, it happened hundreds of years before it happened with my (Yurock) people (in California)–there is a different understanding in non-Native communities about the history of the (Native) people in the region,” Turner said. “They think that Native people were genocided and that was the end, they welcomed the Pilgrims and then went away. There's a lot of education that needs to happen and museums are uniquely positioned to reach many different audiences.”

Ten months of a Native “takeover” at the Baltimore Museum of Art, or any museum, can’t make up for 100 years of institutional contempt, but it’s a meaningful start.

Preoccupied solo and thematic exhibitions organized by opening date:

Laura Ortman (White Mountain Apache), 'My Soul Remainer,' 2017. The Baltimore Museum of Art: ... [+] Purchase with exchange funds from the Pearlstone Family Fund and partial gift of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

“Dyani White Hawk: Bodies of Water” (April 21–December 1, 2024)

“Finding Home” (May 12–December 1, 2024)

“Enduring Buffalo” (May 12–December 1, 2024)

“Illustrating Agency” (May 12–December 1, 2024)

“Don’t wait for me, just tell me where you’re going” (May 12–December 1, 2024)

“Caroline Monnet: River Flows Through Bent Trees” (May 12–December 1, 2024)

“Nicholas Galanin: Exist in the Width of a Knife’s Edge” (July 14, 2024–February 16, 2025)

“Laura Ortman: Wood that Sings” (July 17, 2024 – January 5, 2025)

“Dana Claxton: Spark” (August 4, 2024–January 5, 2025)

General admission to the Baltimore Museum of Art is free.

Chadd Scott

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tours vancouver artists

Hometown tourist: Alternative places in Vancouver to take out-of-town visitors

You’ve seen those blue buses chugging through downtown traffic, folks hopping on and off at various tourist sites, but you have probably never ridden on one. Or taken a harbour tour by boat. Even a walking tour of Vancouver. Postmedia sent reporter Gord McIntyre to spend a couple of days seeing the city of Vancouver through the eyes of the tourists. Here is Part 2 of his dispatch. Read Part 1 here.

If you are visiting New York or Paris for the first time, you are expected to take in the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower, maybe even buy a “I Heart Paris/New York” t-shirt.

But friends might tell you about the secret garden at St. Lukes in the Fields in New York’s West Village, a perfect spot to pitch a picnic blanket and enjoy a book. Or Le Squat du 59 Rue de Rivoli , just down from the Louvre in Paris. These are places the local chamber of commerce might not have included in their helpful sites-to-see maps.

So when your cousins come to town and want to see Stanley Park and Gastown, by all means encourage them, then let them know about some of the lesser-known things to see and do in Vancouver.

See if they will try sockeye sashimi or raw Okeover Inlet oysters — there aren’t many cities where you can get seafood so fresh. See a play at The Cultch or anything at the Rio . Check out a Sofarsounds secret concert — it’s a worldwide phenomenon, but also a great way to enjoy off-the-beaten-path Vancouver from a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop on East Hastings or a downtown rooftop for performances by local artists.

Or head to Guilt and Co. , a dark basement with a speakeasy feel under Maple Tree Square in Gastown, or Tyrant Studios atop the Penthouse Night Club downtown for great local acts, says Will Woods, a travel guide who offers alternative tours of Vancouver through his Forbidden Vancouver walking tours.

Woods takes visitors on walks called Lost Souls of Gastown, Really Gay History, Monumental Scandals, and a tour of the Penthouse itself where hidden cubbies in the furniture hid bootleg hootch during Prohibition (the club only obtained a liquor licence in 1968) and the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong pe rformed.

Woods, an alternative-Vancouver guide for 12 years, has just and conveniently published his own virtual off-the-beaten-path guidebook to Vancouver for those who have taken his tours, so he seemed a natural to turn to for hints about hidden treasures:

The virtual guidebook is strong on local, independent and BIPOC-owned sites, and forgive Woods if No. 1 on his list is one of his walking tours.

“Otherwise, I think that the Marine Building is well worth a visit if anybody’s got any interest at all in architecture, or even isn’t interested in architecture because it’s a very cool historic space,” he said.

“It’s well worth a visit on a weekday. Get inside and look at the lobby, go to the mezzanine and look around. That would be one of my recommendations.”

You’ve probably heard it at some point, that big boom resonating over Burrard Inlet at 9 p.m. every night. But you really need to be close enough to see the Nine O’Clock Gun firing, Woods said.

“It really goes off, it’s incredible,” he said. “I think what it must have been like to have like 40 of those cannons going off at the same time, it would have just blown your ears apart.

“It’s really a pretty cool thing to do. But don’t get too close, it’s loud!”

Good tidings

You need to get to Spanish Banks early, Woods said, to enjoy low tide to its fullest, and it’s one of his favourite places to bring friends who are in town.

“I really like doing this with everyone who visits. I go to Spanish Banks at low tide and walk right out as far as we can. It must be at least a mile out at low tide.

“My recommendation is not to get there at low tide but 90 minutes before because it takes such a long time to walk out.”

Paging bibliophiles

Massy Books is an Indigenous-owned and -operated store on East Georgia between Main and Gore streets, specializing in rare, offbeat and out-of-print books to today’s bestsellers.

“It’s got an incredible variety of writing, Canadian and from elsewhere,” Woods said. “It’s got a really big queer section, and it’s got a children’s section hidden behind a secret door, which is really cool.”

Rite of passage

Woods’ favourite Vancouver museum is in Kitsilano’s Vanier Park.

“The Maritime Museum is my favourite, I think it really fits with the history of B.C. and the province, and us being right on the water,” he said.

“And the St. Roch , to think it went through the Northwest Passage,” the schooner’s thick Douglas fir and hard Australian eucalyptus becoming the first hull to plow the Arctic route from west to east, while also becoming the first ship to circumnavigate North America.

Guerrilla in the midst

There’s one place Woods’s Stanley Park tour doesn’t get to because it’s on the far side of the park, but Woods can’t recommend enough a short hike to see a piece of guerrilla artwork known as Two Spirits .

Its creator remains a mystery to the public and the artwork is not sanctioned by the Vancouver Park Board: Two silhouetted faces carved into a huge stump. Come spring and summer, vegetation growing on the top gives it a nice coif, like if Carrot Top’s hair was green.

You reach Two Spirits from the park’s English Bay side, the trailhead is near Second Beach. Indigenous beliefs about two spirits (masculine and feminine sides) meld seamlessly with the West End’s queer history, Woods said, as well as commemorating the history of the land Stanley Park is on, home to Indigenous settlements for thousands of years until they were forcibly removed during colonization.

“I’m passionate about this piece, two spirits carved into a tree trunk and hidden in Stanley Park,” Woods said. “It’s really something when you’re on the trail and you’re sort of looking for it and you go to this little unofficial side trail and it sort of appears in front of you.

“That’s a really impressive piece of artwork.”

[email protected]


Hometown Tourist

You’ve seen those blue buses chugging through downtown traffic, folks hopping on and off at various tourist sites. But you have probably never ridden on one. Or taken a harbour tour by boat. Even a walking tour of Vancouver. Postmedia sent reporter Gord McIntyre to spend a couple of days seeing the city of Vancouver through the eyes of the tourists.

• What’s it like to ride Vancouver’s Hop-On, Hop-Off bus?

• Alternative ways to see Vancouver

June 9: Seeing Vancouver from the water

  • Hometown Tourist: What's it like to ride Vancouver's Hop-On, Hop-Off bus?
  • Vancouver expecting a record 331 cruise ship visits in 2023

Will Woods giving one of his Dark Secrets of Stanley Park tours.


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  2. Home

    Sun Wah Centre, 268 Keefer Street, Unit 205, Vancouver, BC. Centre A: Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is a leading public art gallery currently situated in the heart of Vancouver's Chinatown, on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples. It is a registered charity and the only ...

  3. Art Walks & Studio Tours

    VANCOUVER, B.C. - Celebrating 31 years! The West of Main Art Walk is back with over 60 participating artists in Vancouver's longest running open studio tour & sale. May 25 & 26, 2024 | 11am - 5pm The community is invited to fill their weekend with art May 27-28th!

  4. Vancouver Art Tour

    Is the art tour suitable for children. Yes, children are welcome on the tour. Kids under 5 are free, and kids aged 5-12 are $20. "Embark on an amazing art tour at the Beaumont Studios. Enjoy crafted coffee, engage with local artists, and create your own souvenir. Discover the vibrant community and support creative expression.

  5. Vancouver Art Gallery

    DESCRIBED TOURS. For select exhibitions, the Vancouver Art Gallery offers visual description to enhance your exhibition experience and to make the artworks on display more accessible. To book a Described Tour, please contact Stephanie Bokenfohr, Adult Programs Coordinator, by email at [email protected] or by phone at (604) 662-4700.

  6. 2023 TOP 10 Vancouver Art Tours (w/Prices)

    A: The best Art Tours in Vancouver according to Viator travelers are: Victoria and Butchart Gardens Day Trip from Vancouver. Urban Bike Tour of Historical Vancouver - Afternoon. 3-Hour Street Art Tour of Vancouver with Craft Beer Tastings & Art Studio Tour. Wake Up in Vancouver with Street Art and Craft Coffee, 3-Hour Walking Tour.

  7. A Vancouver Art Gallery Guide + Skip the Line Tickets

    Then you can also get complimentary tours of select exhibits free with your Vancouver Art Museum tickets. These are available on Thursday and Saturday at; 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm, 2:00pm, and 2:30pm and Sunday at 11:00 am.

  8. Vancouver Art Gallery

    Tours. Address. Vancouver Art Gallery. 750 Hornby Street. Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7. VISIT EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS LEARN SUPPORT ABOUT SHOP ... The Vancouver Art Gallery is a not-for-profit organization supported by its members, individual donors, corporate funders, foundations, the City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia through the ...

  9. Vancouver Art Gallery

    Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver in a historic courthouse, the Vancouver Art Gallery is a must-see while travelling in Vancouver. Only a 5 min walk from Granville, Burrard or Vancouver City Centre Skytrain Station. Enhance your experience by visiting the Gallery Store for unique gifts, or enjoy a meal at 1931 Gallery Bistro on their ...

  10. Walking Tours In Vancouver

    Stops include the Vancouver Art Gallery, Robson Square, Granville Street, Christ Church Cathedral, and the stunning art deco Marine Building. From there we'll move into historic Gastown , or 'Luk Luk'i' as it was known to Coast Salish residents before the arrival of prospectors, sailors, and loggers in the mid 1800s.

  11. Top 10 Best Art Tours in VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA

    The Best Art Tours Near Vancouver, British Columbia. 1 . Hill's Native Art. "I really ate this place up. I fell in love with some of the art work in here and ended up buying..." more. 2 . Bowen Island Tours. 3 . Downtown Bellingham Art Walk.

  12. Vancouver Private Street Art And Mural Tour

    The live tour guide accompanying the private street art and mural tour in Vancouver provides insightful commentary and guidance throughout the 2-hour exploration of Mount Pleasant. Visitors can expect a vibrant and interactive live tour experience that caters to diverse interests and preferences.

  13. Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver

    16 Vancouver Art Gallery Night tours. 17 Vancouver Art Gallery Boats & yachts. 18 Vancouver Art Gallery Spring activities. 19 Vancouver Art Gallery Day trips. 20 Vancouver Art Gallery Day trips. Cities in Canada. 1 Toronto. 2 Montreal. 3 Niagara Falls, Ontario. 4 Quebec City. 5 Banff. 6 Vancouver. 7 Jasper. 8 Ottawa.

  14. Vancouver Art Gallery

    Guided exhibition tours are also offered, providing your guests with an exclusive art experience. With outstanding art and one-of-a-kind event spaces, it's no wonder the Vancouver Art Gallery is the preferred site for the city's most memorable occasions. Exhibits 1; Largest Room 1885; Total Sq. Ft. 3716; Reception Capacity 500; Theatre ...

  15. Guided Tours

    Regular guided tours showcasing artists, galleries and their booths to members of the public take place at various times over the weekend. ... The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation, as the organizer of Art Vancouver, acknowledges that it operates on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territories of the Coast Salish people of the ...

  16. Vancouver Concerts, Festivals, Tickets & Tour Dates 2024 & 2025

    Fri 10 May 2024 Verboden Festival Day 2: Marie Davidson, Light Asylum, Creux Lies & More 2024 Vancouver, BC, Canada Serena Ryder Sun 18 Aug 2024 Pacific Coliseum Vancouver, BC, Canada

  17. TOP 10 BEST Art Tours in Vancouver, British Columbia

    Top 10 Best Art Tours in Vancouver, BC, Canada - April 2024 - Yelp - Forbidden Vancouver Walking Tours, Sea Vancouver, Toonie Tours, Cycle City Tours and Bike Rentals, Hill's Native Art, Vancouver Foodie Tours, Taste Vancouver Food Tours, Vancouver Art Gallery, Tour Guys Vancouver, Vancouver Bike Tours

  18. Vancouver Street Art and Mural Tours

    START TIME: 11 AM. DURATION: 1.5 - 2 HOURS. Vancouver's Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood has one of the densest concentrations of street art and murals in the world. DeTours will guide you through the alleys and backstreets of this eclectic neighborhood, taking in the varied styles of stunning public art pieces: figurative, abstract, surrealism, graffiti, and beyond.

  19. Walking Tours In Vancouver

    Vancouver DeTours offers acclaimed urban explorations of the social history, architecture, public art, and contemporary processes that make up Vancouver. We provide FREE public tours, customised private tours, educational trips for schools and conferences, guest lectures, and workshops.We have guided over 100,000 visitors, locals, community organisations, foreign dignitaries, students, urban ...

  20. Explore public art

    Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite. Offering a rotating program of innovative public art projects by local and international contemporary artists, this exhibition space allows artists to explore and respond to Vancouver's unique urban environment. Offsite is located on West Georgia St between Thurlow and Bute, west of the Shangri-La Hotel.

  21. Vancouver Street Art

    Vancouver street art tour. Walking North on Main Street keep to the left hand side of the road. When you reach East 26th Avenue you'll see a small convenience store on the corner. That's where I found the first piece of art that day. More than one actually. The first piece was a portrait of a woman and next to her the words "This might ...

  22. Vancouver Biennale

    The Vancouver Biennale is a bi-annual public art exhibition that brings sculptures, new media and performance works by celebrated and emerging international artists to Vancouver Area public parks, beaches and urban plazas, transforming the city into an open-air museum.

  23. Vancouver Island Art & Garden Tours and Festivals

    The Sooke Fine Arts Show allows the finest artists from Vancouver Island and BC's coastal islands to showcase and sell their work. July 27 - Aug 5, 2024. Show Hours: The show opens at 10:00 am daily and closes daily at 7:00 pm, except: - Thursday, August 1 - Open until 9:00 pm for Market Night.

  24. Artists use antique objects from Vancouver prop house in exhibit

    Part of Paul Wong's exhibit, Hell Money, is pictured as part of The Prop House art collection at Griffin Art Projects in North Vancouver, B.C., on May 17, 2024. (Ethan Cairns/CBC) The Prop House ...

  25. Childish Gambino

    Buy Childish Gambino - The New World Tour tickets at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC for Sep 23, 2024 at Ticketmaster. Childish Gambino - The New World Tour More Info. Mon • Sep 23 • 7:00 PM Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC. ... Search Artist, Team or Venue. Clear search term. Submit Search. We're Here to Help.

  26. New culture hub opens in downtown Vancouver

    May 14 2024 -. This morning, representatives from the City of Vancouver joined artists, members of the cultural community and government partners to celebrate the opening of 825 Pacific , a City-owned, 21,000-square-foot, arts and cultural hub in Vancouver's Downtown South. 221A Artist Society , a Vancouver non-profit cultural organization ...

  27. Go on a FREE tour of Granville Island's huge concrete plant this

    Heidelberg Materials Open House. When: May 25, 2024. Time: 9 am to 3 pm. Where: Heidelberg Materials - 1415 Johnston Street, Vancouver. Cost: Free. Daniel Chai + FOLLOW. Heidelberg Materials is hosting its family-friendly annual open house with live music, tours around the plant, a giant sandbox, and more.

  28. A Native 'Takeover' At Baltimore Museum Of Art

    Photo by Rik Sferra. "A Native takeover.". That's how Dare Turner (Yurok Tribe), Curator of Indigenous Art at the Brooklyn Museum and former Baltimore Museum of Art Assistant Curator of ...

  29. Hometown tourist: Alternative places in Vancouver to take out-of-town

    Or taken a harbour tour by boat. Even a walking tour of Vancouver. Postmedia sent reporter Gord McIntyre to spend a couple of days seeing the city of Vancouver through the eyes of the tourists ...


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