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Oman is a land of untamed beauty, where the vast desert landscapes merge with crystal-clear waters, magnificent mountains, and stunning coastal views. Our Oman outbound tour packages are designed to help you experience the best of Oman, from the grandeur of its historical sites to the modern charm of its cities, and the serenity of its natural wonders.

Arabian Business Solutions’ Oman Outbound Tour Packages bring you an extraordinary travel experience with breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality. Our expertly crafted Oman tour packages cater to all your travel needs, whether you’re a solo traveler, a family looking for an adventure, or a couple seeking a romantic getaway.

Oman Outbound Tour Packages

Unforgettable Travel Experience in our top destinations.

taj mahal,Oman Outbound Tour Packages

In India, there are many multiple types of landscapes and climatic conditions. The northern areas have chilly winters and scorching summers, while the southern region has a tropical environment. India offers a variety of travel locations from the peaceful backwaters of Kerala to the ancient capital of Delhi. The renowned Taj Mahal, the vibrant city of Jaipur, and the spiritual city of Varanasi are a few other must-see locations.

thailand, Oman Outbound Tour Packages

Thailand experiences a humid tropical climate with monsoon seasons in some regions. The nation has a wide variety of places to visit, from the energetic capital of Bangkok to the breathtaking beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui. The historic city of Ayutthaya, the vibrant city of Chiang Mai, and the well-known Phi Phi Islands are among other well-liked vacation spots.

spain, Oman Outbound Tour Packages

Spain experiences torrid summers and mild winters due to its Mediterranean climate. The nation is well-known for its gorgeous beaches along the Costa del Sol as well as its ancient towns like Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. Additional must-see locations include Barcelona’s renowned Sagrada Familia, Granada’s Alhambra Palace, and the picturesque Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.

Bali, Oman Outbound Tour Packages

Bali experiences warm, tropical weather all year round. The island is renowned for its magnificent beaches, lush rice fields, and lively culture. The meditative village of Ubud, the well-known Tanah Lot Temple, and the stunning beaches of Seminyak and Nusa Dua are all well-liked vacation spots.

Georgia, Oman Outbound Tour Packages

Georgia experiences a temperate climate with hot summers and cold winters. The country is home to beautiful landscapes, including the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast. Must-see destinations include the historic city of Tbilisi, the ancient cave city of Uplistsikhe, and the picturesque town of Sighnaghi.

Azerbaijan, Oman Outbound Tour Packages

Azerbaijan enjoys a temperate climate with hot summers and mild winters. The country is a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures and is home to stunning landmarks such as the Maiden Tower, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, and the mud volcanoes of Gobustan.

Malaysia, Oman Outbound Tour Packages

Malaysia has a tropical climate with high humidity and monsoon seasons in some regions. The country offers a range of destinations, including the bustling capital city of Kuala Lumpur, the stunning islands of Langkawi and Tioman, and the historic city of Malacca. Other must-see destinations include the Batu Caves, the Petronas Twin Towers, and the Kinabalu National Park.

Maldives, Oman Outbound Tour Packages

The Maldives enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures year-round. The country is famous for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luxury resorts. Must-visit destinations include the capital city of Malé, the vibrant coral reefs of Baa Atoll, and the iconic underwater restaurant at Hurawalhi Island.

Tailored Oman Outbound Tour Packages to Meet Your Needs and Budget

At Arabian Business Solutions , we believe that every traveler deserves the best possible experience, and that’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that our tour packages are tailored to meet your specific preferences and budget. Our team of experienced travel professionals takes care of everything from your transportation and accommodation to your itinerary and activities, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the journey.


Customized Oman Outbound Tour Packages

Our experts at Arabian Business Solutions are aware that every traveller has different tastes and needs. Because of this, we provide specialised Oman Outbound Trip Packages that are created to satisfy your unique requirements.


Budget-Friendly Oman Outbound Tour Packages

At Arabian Business Solutions, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the beauty of journey. That’s why we offer budget-friendly Oman Outbound Tour Packages that are designed to offer maximum value for money.

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What is an outbound tour package, do outbound tour packages cost a lot, can i customize my outbound tour package.

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Oman Tours & Trips

Oman is one of the most developed and stable countries in the Arab world, and its capital, Muscat, has been voted by Lonely Planet as the 2nd best city to visit. The coastline of the Arabian sea is lined with spectacular beaches, and activities include diving, surfing and sailing.

84 Oman tour packages with 173 reviews


  • Christmas & New Year


  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

City, Wadis and Desert Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

City, Wadis and Desert

The guide Aziz was amazing. Very much appreciated. The tour was great, Oman showed us amazing landscapes with very friendly poeple . Recommend the tour.

Incredible Oman Tour

Incredible Oman

A great introductory tour of Oman. My guide, Aziz was very attentive, knowledgeable and a great driver. Aziz loves his country and his enthusiasm really made the tour special. The Hotels were good and the food delicious. The itinerary flowed very smoothly. If you have limited time and want a taste of Oman, GidOman created this tour for you.

Discover Oman Tour

Discover Oman

The tour guide was great

The Oman Essentials Tour with Fully Live Escorted Tour in 4* Hotels - Full Board Plan Tour

The Oman Essentials Tour with Fully Live Escorted Tour in 4* Hotels - Full Board Plan

Oman was a pleasant surprise. I went there without knowing much about the country and left wishing to go back. The tour was very well organized. The food and accommodation options were excellent. The places visited from Muscat to the Wadis, the desert, Nizwa were beautiful. The driver and the guide were very kind and always accommodated any request from the clients. Highly recommended!

Highlights of Oman Tour

  • Overland Truck

Highlights of Oman

The Highlights of Oman tour was a perfect combination of beautiful landscapes, historic sites and cultural insights. Our tour leader was excellent and very knowledgeable.

Tour Latifa | 6 Days Package Tour

Tour Latifa | 6 Days Package

Well done! Beautiful landscapes and people with kind of great guide! Perfect transportation, good accommodation. Sunrise Resort in mountains is beautiful!

Looking for tours beyond just Oman?

Explore tours with itineraries going through multiple countries, including Oman.

The Oman Complete - Escorted Tour in 4* Hotels – Full Board Plan Tour

The Oman Complete - Escorted Tour in 4* Hotels – Full Board Plan

Excellent guide Hussein. 60 % of the positive expérience of the tour. In general I was satisfy by the tour. Well organized. Probably too short though to cover well the destination. Fortunately I extend alone 3 more nights in Muscat at the end. The negative points were: 1. too long answers to my questions before my decision to take prt on the program. it made me in the position of booking the flights at the last minute, increasing my costs. 2. The fact that I wasn not informed in advance that I joined a group that have already made the UAE tour before mine only on Oman. 3. The bus used was much too old with no suffisant climation at 35C.

Treasures of Oman 6 Days – Oman Tour Package Tour

Treasures of Oman 6 Days – Oman Tour Package

We really enjoyed the trip overall. We saw and experienced a lot and could ask the guides anything we wanted. They were very eager and flexible to meet our needs. We had two different guides for each of the three days. With the first one we had to organize and pay for all entrance fees and drinks ourselves. This is contrary to the agreed terms. We have spent so total safe again 55 Rial extra. The program was not really known to both guides and it was sometimes positive and sometimes negative deviated from it. So we had no Dune bashing and had to pay for the Dolphin watching (which was not organized at all) and the Camel ride. The trip was not planned wisely. For example, we arrived at the market in Nizwa when everything was over. The short city tour in Muscat on Saturday did not take place at all. Thus we never saw the big mosque. This would have been one of our highlights, which we really wanted to see! The second guide was much better educated, explained more and could answer our questions precisely. Thus, we learned much more about the country and its people. We learned from this that it is not good to book a trip through two agencies involved. We also advise against changing guides during such a short trip.

Tour Dina | 5 Days Package Tour

Tour Dina | 5 Days Package

Oman is Great. So are the people. The tour touched relevant areas in Oman and gave a good overview of the country. Unfortunately the guide told us little information.after the tour I read things about our stops that would have been great to learn while we were there. Mostly probably because his English had serious limitations. He hardly understood questions. I would have wanted more time in the desert. Just over night was too short. And the mentioned dune bashing was not on offer. Tips on what to bring would have been helpful. E.g. wet shoes to wear in the Wadi Shab Trip. There were a lot of painful pebbles to walk over.

Customized Oman Desert Safari, Daily Departure & Private Tour Tour

Customized Oman Desert Safari, Daily Departure & Private Tour

  • Book With Flexibility This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees.

Tailor-Made Best Oman Tour with Daily Departure & Private Trip Tour

Tailor-Made Best Oman Tour with Daily Departure & Private Trip

Mountains, Deserts and Coast of Oman Tour

Mountains, Deserts and Coast of Oman

This was an excellent holiday with a good mix of history (forts, ruined villages, dhows), outdoors (sand dunes, sea swimming, desert camping), and life (livestock market, talking to guides, …). Our guide Kais was excellent and put in a lot of effort to make sure we were looked after. Our driver Motasim was the best - both as a guide and as an expert at sand dune driving. Oman has spectacular and diverse scenery which is different from other countries in the Middle East so is highly recommended. A couple of points: the trip requires arrival by 10am on the first day or otherwise you miss the Muscat tour - realistically this means almost everyone has to arrive the day before and pay for an extra night in a hotel + transfer. It would be better if this was part of the tour. Also, I did this tour in the last week of May and it was really hot (camping in 40+ degrees was an experience!) so worth being aware of this when planning.

Beauty of the Sultanate 3 Days – Oman Tour Package Tour

Beauty of the Sultanate 3 Days – Oman Tour Package

Pearl Of Arabia Tour

Pearl Of Arabia

We had a great time on the Pearl of Arabia tour. The tour contained a good mix between culture, nature, landscape and sights. Our guide and driver Said showed us the best spots and took us to the most delicious restaurants. He gave us detailed information about the country, culture, cities and the sights. It was a very pleasant tour with Said with nice experiences. We can highly recommend the tour for everybody that likes pre-booked tours and want to explore Oman.

What people love about Oman Tours

Well, I have not much more to say other that all was simply perfect. The operator was very responsive and helpful; the hotels, tours, tour guides and meals were exactly as described; and the sights were breathing. My tour guide was Yaqoob, a very experienced, attentive and nice professional that was able to give a 5 star picture of his country. I'd love to go back and see what else Oman has to offer. I loved it!
I went on this adventure with my best friend in February this year and it was amazing! We absolutely loved it. Our guide, Abdulaziz was beyond knowledgeable and took so much time answering all of our group‘s questions and explaining a lot about the history of Oman. It is such a wonderful adventure because you experience so many different sceneries - From strolling through Muscat city, on to Wadi Shab and sleeping in the desert, Misfat Al abriyeen (a village in the mountains) etc. I honestly can only recommend this adventure to anyone that visits Oman, we would 100% do it again.
Said was a wonderful guide! What a beautiful country to see.

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  • Starting in Muscat (57)

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oman outbound travel

Experience Oman with Zahara Tours

oman outbound travel

Trending Tours

oman outbound travel

Mystical Muscat

Muscat city tour.

Explore the capital of Oman

oman outbound travel

Discover Oman Tour

10 days/9 nights oman tour.

Discover the Beauty of Oman with our ten day Oman tour package covering all the major sights and places to visit in Oman.

oman outbound travel

Turtles by Night Package

Turtle visit tour.

Visit the turtle reserve

oman outbound travel

Muscat by Night

Night tour of muscat city.

The colorful souq will take you at least a century back

oman outbound travel

4 Day Golf Tour

Golf tours in oman.

Discover the best golf courses in Muscat on this tour

Popular Excursions

oman outbound travel

Wahiba Wilderness

If you’re looking to get a feel of and explore the desert of Oman the Wahiba Wilderness Tour is must do. We will visit the Al Sharqiya Sands of Oman, also known as the Wahiba Sands or Ramlat al Wahiba and explore the desert and the Bedouin houses there. Then proceed to the Wadi Bani Khalid tour.

Starts From: OMR 152

oman outbound travel

Amazing Dolphins

Keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of friendly dolphins of the rare whale as we glide across the clear blue water during the Dolphin watching tour. After being picked up from your hotel in Muscat, you’re ferried to the Marina to board the boat on which the Dolphin cruise will happen. Keep your cameras ready as the guide on the boat will help point out the delightful creatures that often travel in groups to surface and leap over the waves.

Starts From: OMR 20

oman outbound travel

Jabel al Akhdar

On this tour, we will take a tour of the Nizwa Fort and Market before visiting the ruins of the ancient Birkat Al Mauz village. Then we will drive through winding roads from Wadi Al Madeen to Jebel Akhdar to explore the fruit orchards and villages there.

Starts From: OMR 128

oman outbound travel

Majestic Mountains

Barka Fort, Wadi Bani Auf, Bilad Sayt, Snake Gorge and Al Hazm Fort.

oman outbound travel

Oman's Grand Canyon

On this tour we visit the Nizwa Souk(marketplace) and Round Tower Fort before visiting the Wadi Al Nakhr, situated in the deepest canyon of Oman and stone dwellings at the Misfah village.

Starts From: OMR 137

Adventure tours.

oman outbound travel

Jabal Akhdar Hiking Tours

Fixed Departure

oman outbound travel

Balcony Walk- W 6

Hike through an Abandoned Village

oman outbound travel

Mountain Oasis Hiking Tour

5 to 6 hours

The Mountain Oasis Hiking Tour takes us on a narrow hiking trail through the foothills in Al Hamra to visit the mountain village of Misfat Al Abriyyin, down to the old town of Al Hamra and then back to The View, where we started the tour from.

Zahara Tours is the pioneer in Travel and Tourism business in Oman. Since its modest beginning in 1971, Zahara Tours has developed in to a prominent service organization recognized by IATA, SITE, and ASTA. We specialize in F.I.Ts, Groups, Conferences, Charters, Incentives, Special interest groups, Cruises and Adventure Tours. It enjoys a very high reputation for professionally efficient service employing multilingual tour guides with a Fleet of deluxe air-conditioned luxury Vehicles.

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Oman Travel Guide: Ultimate 10-day Travel Itinerary

Oman Travel Guide: Ultimate 10-day Travel Itinerary

Oman is a country at the border of the United Arab Emirates. It’s a 1-hour flight from Dubai or a 9-hour flight from Amsterdam and brings you a real Arab experience. Oman has countless sand dunes, green ravines filled with palm trees, huge mountain ranges, emerald green natural pools, and a massive part of the country is located on the seaside. Read this complete Oman travel guide.

Oman is really well developed; the majority of the people speak English and are modern in their way of thinking. Infrastructure is one of the best out there, but they don’t want to be the next Dubai. The buildings that are built have the original Arab look with a modern touch. If that wasn’t convincing enough, the country is voted as one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world. This 10-day route will take you around the best highlights of Oman.

Oman route guide map 10 days

Oman Route Guide

Oman is a huge country, and to see the entire country, you will probably need 2-3 weeks. We narrowed it down to a 10-day self-driving route. This is one of the best countries to drive around yourself. The infrastructure is perfect, the people are super friendly, and petrol is affordable.

We recommend to rent a car in Oman through Sunny Cars with free cancellation and insurance included. Book your rental car here .

Day 1 – 2: Explore Muscat

Muscat is Oman’s capital city and home to many expats. It hosts the impressive Sultan Qaboos Mosque, Muttrah Souq, and the Royal Opera House.

Sultan Qaboos Mosque

The Sultan Qaboos Mosque is Oman’s most important spiritual site. This architectural masterpiece opened in 2001. It’s required for both men and women to wear long sleeve tops and long pants to the ankle. For women, bring a scarf to cover your hair.

Oman Travel Guide: Ultimate 10-day Travel Itinerary

The mosque’s entrance is free. It is open to non-muslims every day from 8 AM to 11 AM except Friday. Friday is prayers day.

Book a Muscat City Tour .

oman route guide muscat mosque

Muttrah Souq

Oman citizens are a big mix of Omani, Indian and African people. You can notice this at Muttrah souq where many shops are selling Omani and Indian items. But also everyday items you use in your kitchen.

Tip: Fridays and Saturdays are weekend days and some parts of the souq will be closed.

Read more: Best things to do in Oman

oman route guide muscat city

Lunch at Kargeen

The restaurant Kargeen is a small great hideout in the middle of the city. Escape from the heat of the sun and have a great lunch at this well-decorated place.

In Muscat, we stayed at the beautiful Kempinski Hotel Muscat .

Hotels in Muscat 😴

Kempinski Hotel

Go on a dolphin-spotting trip

Spend the morning on a boat spotting dolphins just out of Muscat. It is almost guaranteed that you will see dolphins. A morning tour should cost OMR 17 (45 USD).

Here are all your hotel options in Muscat.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 22857662_1904704403181483_2194268481942192128_n-810x810.jpg

Day 3 – 4: Muscat to Sur

After those first two days, drive down the perfect route towards the coastline. This is an easy 90-minute drive, all highway.

Tip: Wear or take swim clothing on this day.

Bimmah Sinkhole

After a good 90 minutes of driving, you will reach Bimmah Sinkhole. This is probably one of the most incredible natural swimming pools you will ever see. The water is a beautiful turquoise color and one of the best cooldowns during the heat of the day. The story lives that a meteor created the hole.

Find day trips to Bimmah Sinkhole

oman route guide bimmah sinkhole

Wadi Shab meaning gorge between the cliff is a must-visit! From Bimmah Sinkhole, drive about 20 minutes to reach the parking spot.

Make sure to buy some extra water and head to the river. Pay 1 OMR to cross the river, from there it’s a 45 min walk to the swimming point. You will need about 3 – 4 hours here. Book a day trip here or find more information in the link down below.

Read more: 7 best things to do in Oman

things to do oman oman route guide wadi shab drone

Sur is formerly known as a trading point where the harbor did a lot of business with East Africa. Because of this, you will see a larger population of people of African ethnicity in this area.

Sur is a beautiful town surrounded by old architecture, visit the lighthouse, fort and see some of the real local life. Sur is also a good place to spend the night.

Tip: Have a good lunch at Zaki Restaurant .

oman route guide sur lighthouse

Turtles nesting ground

At Ras Al Jinz, which is about 35 minutes from Sur, there is a protected turtle nesting area. You can visit the museum and join the turtle spotting tour during sunrise or after sunset. If you don’t want to drive back and forward to Sur, you can also spend the night here .

Hotels in Sur 😴

SAMA Ras Al Jinz Resort

Day 5 – 6: Desert days

From Sur, follow your way to the desert and stop in between at Wadi Bani Khalid. Take a refreshing dip and drive to your desert camp in the Wahiba Sands. Most of the camps can be reached by driving a 4×4 yourself but do ask your host, they might arrange a pick-up. If you are planning to drive yourself, deflate your tires a bit at one of the local shops.

Plan to stay two nights in the desert, explore the area by car or by foot, go stargazing, and experience living between the dunes

Find all:   Desert Camps to stay

Hotels in Oman Desert 😴

Sama al Wasil Camp

Day 7 – 8: Nizwa

On day 7 you will drive the longest distance. Follow your journey to Birkat Al Mouz, one of the old villages surrounded by green banana plantations. Use around 1 hour to explore the ruins here. The drive from the desert takes about 2 hours.

From Birkat Al Mouz, drive to the historical town called Nizwa. See one of Oman’s oldest forts, Nizwa Fort, and wander around at Nizwa Souq. Read more about the fort in the link down below.

Book a Nizwa City Tour

oman route guide nizwa souq

The next morning, hop back in your car and drive to the Al Hamra region. Set course to Misfat Al Abriyeen, where you can spend the night at a homestay in a beautiful area. Make sure to be early, to fully experience the magical sunset.

oman outbound travel

Day 9 – 10: Cool down in the Mountains

One your last days, drive up to Jabal Akhdar and spend the night at 2000 meters above sea level. To drive up here you are required to have a 4×4 car. Same as Al Hamra, make sure to be there early to fully experience the sunset.

The next morning, enjoy a lovely breakfast before driving back to Muscat to catch your flight.

oman route guide jabal akhdar

Getting around in Oman

Oman is probably one of the best countries to get around by yourself. Infrastructure is very, very good and fuel is cheap. To follow this 10-day Oman route guide you will need a 4×4 in the desert and up in the mountains. Renting a 4×4 costs around $950 for 10 days.

Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation doesn’t work in Oman, but on iOS, there’s another app called ‘Here we go’ which works perfectly.

oman route guide 4x4 car

Best time to visit Oman

Oman is best to visit during their winter, which runs from October until March. The temperature will be between 20 and 30 degrees. Summer temperatures go anywhere from 35 to 50 degrees.

If you’re planning to visit the mountains like Jabal Akhdar, you should plan a visit in summer when temperatures rise from 0 in winter to 30 in summer.

Food in Oman

The food in Oman is a mix of Arabian and Indian kitchens. You will mostly find delicious bread, curries, dates, and kebabs.

Oman Route Guide: Oman Visa

Getting a visa in Oman is super easy. E-visa can be requested online . It will cost you around $45 per visa, depending on the country you are from. It takes anywhere from 2 days to 1 week to receive your visa via email.

Order your Visa online here


What to wear in Oman

Oman is very modern and open in what you wear. They don’t give you a set of clothing rules once you enter the country. It is respectful to always cover up your upper body, shoulders, and wear shorts or skirts over your knees.

Again, Omani people are very modern and they will only really ask you to cover up when you are on a religious site.

oman route guide road trip camels

Costs of traveling in Oman

Oman is not a budget travel country. Prices change depending on the kind of comfort you would like.

Costs of Traveling in Oman

Travel on a budget in Oman, from $230 − $140 USD weekly per person, mid-range $830 − $1950 USD, and high-end from $1860 − $2580 USD. However, costs depend on factors like accommodation, transportation, and activities. We did not include flights. Check flight prices here

  • Hotels: $50 − $120 USD Check available hotels
  • Car Rental: $65 − $140 USD Book a rental car
  • Food: $20 − $60 USD
  • Activities: $10 − $40 USD See tickets & tours
  • Sim: $1 − $3 USD Get an eSIM or SIM here
  • Travel Insurance: $2 − $6 USD Get Travel Insurance

Be advised: Drones in Oman are not allowed without a license.

By purchasing through our links, you support us at no additional cost. Thank you for your support. ♥️

  • Find Hotels via Booking.com
  • Find a Rental Car via Sunny Cars
  • Find Cheap Flights via Skyscanner
  • Get a Travel Insurance via Heymondo
  • Book Tours & Attractions via Viator
  • Book a Bus/Train/Transfer via 12Go

7 Best Things To Do in Oman

Renting a car in oman in 2024: all you need to know.

Looking for more travel information? Plan a chat with us for personalised travel advice or get an answer from the Salt in our Hair Travel Community on Facebook.

Hi! Greetings from Paris :) Love your blog post, very helpful as we’re planning a January escape-the-European-winter trip. Quick question: would you recommend renting a 4×4 and planning the entire trip by yourself, or are there tour guides that you could book for several days who would take care of the accommodation and driving and facilitate the trip? Particularly for a several day trip in the desert. Thanks for your help!

Hi Floor, renting a 4×4 will give you the most freedom. However, most desert camps offer a pickup service and experiences while you’re at their accommodation. The same goes for if you want to head into the mountains, you can often get picked up by your accommodation. Have an amazing trip!

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15 things to know to get more out of your Oman trip

Natasha Amar

Mar 3, 2024 • 9 min read

oman outbound travel

Our list of tips will help any traveler get the most out of their trip to culturally rich and ultra-hospitable Oman © Emily_M_Wilson / Getty Images

In  Oman , visitors find  pristine desert landscapes and nature experiences , all in a modern Gulf country with a vibrant cultural heritage.

This heritage is apparent in the many languages spoken in the country, forts and archeological sites along ancient trading routes, and traditional practices such as rosewater distillation.

Today, warm and welcoming Omanis still live by their classic societal values of humility, kindness and hospitality. They’ll invite visitors to share a meal, or go out of their way to guide a lost traveler.

To make your trip a truly memorable exercise in cultural exchange and mutual respect, here are some things to know before head to to Oman. 

Two people swimming in the turqoise waters of Wadi Shab, Oman

1. Dress modestly, even when swimming 

Female visitors do not need to wear a hijab in Oman, but dressing generally modestly is recommended. While Omanis will be too polite to say anything, clothes that don’t appear respectful to the culture will certainly affect the quality of your interactions. 

Women should wear clothing that covers their shoulders and reaches below the knees (and also covers their arms and ankles, when visiting a mosque). Avoid low-cut tops, short skirts, shorts and dresses, and garment that’s transparent or clings to the body. Women must wear a headscarf (they can bring their own) while visiting a mosque. 

Men should avoid tank tops and instead wear shirts or t-shirts with trousers or shorts that are at least knee-length. While visiting mosques, men must wear full-length jeans or pants. 

Outside of swimming pools located in international resorts and hotels in Muscat , swimsuits and bikinis are inappropriate. This is true for natural pools located in the wadis (valleys) that you might come across while hiking in places like Wadi Tiwi and on public beaches around fishing villages. 

Even the sight of foreigners in skimpy bathing suits h increasingly common to see foreigners in skimpy bathing suits, it’s wise to remember that these places are also frequented by Omanis. You might notice Omani men swimming in t-shirts and shorts – this should give you an idea of how important modesty is in the culture. 

While swimming on public beaches visited by Omani families and pools close to villages, women will appear more considerate when they’re wearing a long t-shirt and shorts over their swimsuits.  

Merchants in market shops of the old town Mutrah, Muscat, Oman, Middle East

2. English is widely spoken in cities

Oman’s official language is Arabic, and English is widely spoken in the cities and to a good extent in areas that have tourism infrastructure, such as the villages of Jebel Akhdar . Other than Arabic, you might hear such languages such as Kumzari, Baluchi, Swahili and, thanks to a large immigrant population, perhaps Hindi, Malayalam and Urdu, too.  

3. A few local greetings will get you far

Omanis are friendly, hospitable and courteous, and these qualities are likely to permeate every interaction that you’ll have as a visitor. In Oman, conversations, however brief, and whether between strangers or friends, always begin with a proper greeting, usually “ as salam alaykum ” which translates to “peace be upon you.”

In some parts of the country, you might find yourself the subject of much curiosity, apparent from glances in your direction every few minutes or questions about where you’re from. Don’t be alarmed: Omanis take a genuine interest in visitors and want to make them feel welcome.

As such, it’s nice to greet people appropriately. Some useful phrases to know (in addition to the essential  “as salam alaykum” and “walaykum as salam,”  said in reply to the former), are  “sabah al khayr” (good morning), “misa al khayr” (good evening) and “shukran” (thank you).

A man serves qahwa, traditional coffee, from a thermos, Oman, Middle East

4. For a richer experience, don’t hesitate to accept invitations 

Omanis are incredibly friendly and welcoming of visitors, and it’s not unusual for visitors to receive a few invitations during their time in the country. Whether it’s an invitation to someone’s home for a chat over qahwa (Arabic coffee) and dates, a group of friends paying for your meal at a restaurant or a meal brought over by a family camping nearby, accepting such generosity will only make your trip more memorable.  

Offering a guest coffee is a respect toward them, and accepting indicates that you reciprocate. In Oman, coffee is ground with spices like cardamom and cinnamon, and qahwa is brewed with saffron and rosewater and served alongside dates. 

Don’t be surprised if your cup of qahwa continues to be refilled each time you return it to your host. If you’ve had enough, indicate this by tilting your cup gently from side to side before you hand it to them. A bowl of water might be placed before you: dip the fingers of your right hand in it to wash them before you pick a date or begin a meal. 

The traditional way of eating is with the fingers of the right hand while seated on the floor. As a guest, wait for the host to begin and then follow their example. Don’t attempt to do this with your left hand – in Omani culture (and much of the world) that is your toileting hand.

If you find yourself visiting an Omani home, take your shoes off before you enter. Any host will deeply appreciate even the smallest of gifts, such as a box of dates, nuts or sweets from the souq (market).

Children at a toy market on Eid al Fitr, Nizwa, Oman

5. Ask permission before you photograph people or their homes

Whether you find yourself captivated by the scene of a vendor selling handmade silver jewelry at the Mutrah Souq , admire a group of Omani men wearing beautiful kumma (traditional patterned or embroidered caps) sipping coffee by the sea or are invited into a traditional village home, resist the urge to point your lens without asking for permission first.

Omanis deeply respect their privacy, and a stranger taking your photo without permission is considered intrusive. A quick, simple greeting in Arabic helps break the ice; local men will generally oblige. 

In general, you should refrain from photographing women, especially those wearing an abaya (traditional long black robe). Under absolutely no circumstances should you attempt a photograph without first obtaining explicit permission (this is easier if you’re a woman yourself). 

Solo woman hiking in Jabel Shams, Wadi Ghul, Oman Middle East

6. Look forward to spending time outdoors

The most enjoyable experiences in Oman take place out of doors, from gentle walks through palm plantations and watching nesting turtles on the beach to scuba diving in thriving marine reserves. 

Any visitor to Oman should expect to spend a significant amount of time on road trips to get to historic medieval forts, charming fishing towns, picturesque tidal lagoons and freshwater pools hidden away in the valleys. 

Wild camping is allowed, and opportunities to do so abound around the country. Be sure to pack comfortable clothing suitable for the outdoors, a tent and a sleeping bag.  

7. Keep an eye on weather warnings

Low-lying valleys, beaches and wadis are prone to flash floods after heavy rainfall. It’s safer to camp on high ground and to check the weather forecast and warnings before you go.

As a result of rising ocean temperatures, tropical cyclones (most originating in the Arabian Sea) are an increasing risk leading to ocean surges, destructive winds, flooding and landfall. Pay close attention to cyclone and storm alerts and check the official website of Oman’s Directorate General of Meteorology.

A man explores the mountains during a storm, Al Hamra, Oman

8. Don’t underestimate hiking routes

If you plan on  hiking independently, weigh the length and difficulty of the trail against your fitness level and experience in the mountains. If you’re inexperienced with harsh environments, do not hike alone. Ensure you are carrying at least three liters of water, and always wear proper hiking shoes and a sun hat. 

Trekking guides not only safely guide you around the peaks and valleys, but they can also share information on the geology of an area and the opportunity to interact with communities where English is not widely spoken.

In the peak of summer, the heat can get intense in the Hajar Mountains causing dehydration and fatigue very quickly. We don’t recommend this season for hiking. 

Men and boys at a habta Ramadan market, Nizwa, Oman

9. Be aware of the rules during Ramadan 

If you’re visiting Oman during the holy month of Ramadan , when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, remember that non-Muslim tourists are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, play loud music or dance in public places during the day. 

Once the fast is broken after the prayers at sundown and Muslims sit down for iftar (the evening meal), it’s fine to eat outside. During the month of Ramadan, it’s even more important than usual to dress modestly.

10. When meeting a member of the opposite sex, wait for them to offer their hand 

While handshakes among men are common, don’t offer your hand to initiate a handshake when you’re greeting an Omani of the opposite sex. Physical contact between members of the opposite sex does not occur, unless they are related or deeply familiar. To see whether your counterpart is comfortable and want to be greeted that way, wait for them to offer their hand first. You must always shake hands only with your right hand. 

Worker rests in the shade in the Sultans Palace in Muscat, Oman

11. Steer clear of inappropriate topics of conversation

Oman is a monarchy, and Omanis have deep respect not only for their country and culture but also for the leadership of the sultan. Any politically charged questions or discussions that might even obliquely criticize the ruler or the government are considered inappropriate. In any case, locals are unlikely to share their opinions on such topics with an outsider. 

Rumor-mongering is punishable by law and can result in both fines and imprisonment. In the same vein, never say anything that disrespects Islam (or any other religion), or attempts to challenge religious beliefs or practices. 

Foreigners might be surprised to know that it is also inappropriate for a man to ask an Omani man about the women in his family (even to inquire about his wife or daughters). It’s best to stay broad, by wishing good health to him and his family – and leave it at that.  

12. Don’t drink alcohol in public or exhibit drunken behavior

Alcohol should only be consumed in licensed restaurants and bars, most of which are in international hotels. It’s illegal to drink in public (outside of such establishments) – and anyone exhibiting overly drunken behavior or being extremely loud under the influence might face legal action. Oman has zero tolerance for drug use, and possession of even small amounts can result in fines, deportation and even imprisonment.    

Men in traditional dress playing pipes, singing and dancing around in a ceremony, Nizwa, Oman

13. Don’t swear or make rude gestures 

Swearing loudly and making offensive hand gestures are illegal and can result in legal action should the recipient register a complaint. 

14. Don’t photograph government buildings or military checkpoints

In Oman, you’re prohibited from photographing and filming some government buildings, military sites and checkpoints, and military vehicles. Nor may you post photos and videos of these on social media. Doing so can attract fines and even imprisonment. If you’re unsure whether something is covered by this policy, or even unsure of what you might be photographing, err on the side of caution. 

15. Make note of emergency numbers

In case of emergencies and the need for rescue, evacuation or urgent medical assistance, contact the Royal Oman Police on 9999.

This article was first published March 2022 and updated March 2024

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