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Melanie Martinez  

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Melanie Martinez is a multi-Platinum, 12 billion-streaming alt-pop phenomenon. PORTALS marks the 27-year-old NYC-born singer-songwriter-filmmaker’s first full-length release in nearly four years following her 2 billion-streaming, RIAA Gold-certified second album, K-12.

K-12 proved a sensation upon its release, entering the Billboard 200 at #3 with further debuts at #1 on the Alternative album chart, and #1 on the Soundtrack album chart. Hailed by Forbes as “a perfect conceptual album in the streaming age,” K-12 also serves as a soundtrack companion to an eerily enchanting musical film written, directed, and starring Martinez. K-12 the film debuted as the 6th highest grossing film in the US on the day of its September 3, 2019 theatrical release, with one-night-only screenings in over 425 cinemas in 32 countries.

Martinez truly set forth on what has proven a remarkable creative journey with her 2015 debut album, CRY BABY. CRY BABY took on a stunning second life in 2020 when the longtime fan-favorite “Play Date“ exploded into a true alt-pop sensation with millions of user-generated videos across TikTok. Now boasting over 1 billion worldwide streams along with 2x RIAA Platinum certification, “Play Date” propelled CRY BABY back onto the upper half of the Billboard 200 more than five years after its initial release. Named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30 2021” thanks in part to the renewed success of “Play Date,” Martinez has brought her idiosyncratic vision to an array of diverse enterprises, including last year’s instantly sold-out collaboration with footwear brand Koi. In addition to her myriad musical and visual efforts, Martinez has also shown herself to be an unforgettable live performer via sold-out headline shows and festival performances around the planet.

Live reviews

Just saw her last night, 9/23/16, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC! Doors opened a little late, around 8:15. The line setup was not great. Tons of people were lined up in front of a parking lot, and the manager demanded we move out of the way. Other than that the security kept it pretty good. Inside, my friends and I were squished, hot, and had to stand up the entire time. "General admission" means the floor. I'm not complaining though. We didn't have to be in line for hours if we wanted a good place in the crowd, we got there at 6:45 and we were about 20 feet away from the stage! Opening act came on first, a band named Handsome Ghost, and did 6 songs. Finally at 9, Melanie came on and she performed all of her songs, excluding Play Date, Gingerbread Man, Bittersweet Tragedy and Dead To Me. During "Tag, You're It" and "Milk and Cookies" she brought the Wolf from her double feature music video for those songs. The Wolf tried to hurt Melanie in TYI but she fought back in MAC and killed the wolf by kicking and pushing him onto the ground. During "Mrs. Potato Head" she brought a plastic surgeon Bunny who put silicone breasts on her! In "Soap" bubble were blown into the crowd. In "Cake", her final song, she stood on top of a cake! When all was over, the band, who were dressed like animals, threw some freebies into the crowd! All in all, a great experience!

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aj_4182’s profile image

After seeing her on the voice, naturally I became a fan of hers, her voice is stunning and has this sort of gentle, dark vibe, how could I not become a fan.

From New York, USA. Melanie Martinez has a unique sound to her, with her debut released EP titled 'Dollhouse' I have begun to like the sound in which she is putting out there, it is very different. Her sound at the moment appears to be dark and have a touch of emotion to it such as the song 'Bittersweet Tragedy' it comes across as emotional but the chords being played are minor but the way it all comes together it invokes emotion and a hint of terror as the gentle vocals and lyrics soar along the beat.

When Melanie took to the stage everybody roared, she sounds just as good live as she did on the television screen, when she performed 'Dollhouse' the entire audience sang the chorus along with her, this is really good to see because it shows she has already gained herself a strong following! She is absolutely beautiful on the stage, refusing to remain stationary, she moves around naturally and it is not even awkward. She is simply a natural!

Melanie Martinez will be a global act in a matter of years and to that I praise it but I also say buy tickets now while they remain friendly and not sold out!

MarkSpencer’s profile image

The show was incredible (at least from what I could see). I loved everything, the dancing, the acting, the costumes, the background, the props. Everything was awesome. I could really see that everyone involved in the performance did their best and they all deserve so much credit for their work! I really appreciate that it wasn’t just a concert where you listened to the music, it was intact a very visual concert it even had a scent to it which I personally just loved! But even though everything was great I had a few problems. First off I could barely see anything at all, I’m not the tallest person and there were people who towered over me just coming and standing right in front of me, and it’s a shame. Since I barely saw anything it kinda made my experience worse, I was really looking forward to seeing the show but I couldn’t even if I tried. Second off it was really really hard to stand the entire concert so a few brakes for our and Melanie’s sake would be great, I could hear that she needed some water and a cough drop at at about the same time I needed a sit down and some water. Otherwise amazing show I totally recommend it!!! <3

sara-skjonhaug-eriks’s profile image

WOW. I don't even know where to start, so I'll just start from the beginning of everything.

To start, I was lucky enough to meet Melanie. Unlike the last M&G I went to, this one was a lot more intimate- you as an individual got your own time with Melanie and your own photo rather than a group photo. When it was my turn, Melanie was so sweet and adorable! Our photos turned out great (which is relieving to be honest), and after the M&G, everyone got a free poster and a pink mug. Then, a person who worked for Mel (who I knew, they got me into the show) gave me the Cry Baby sweatershirt and album cover shirt, as well as a necklace. Now to the actual performance:

The opening act was a band called Handsome Ghost, who was incredible. After the show, my dad and I complimented them, and they were so kind as well as talented. Melanie, however, was unreal. She was so incredible, and nice to the audience. AND she surprised everyone with a performance of Teddy Bear as well as Cake for encore! I would go to her show again in a heartbeat. I seriously recommend that you all go see her while she's still touring. She is an incredible performer.

colettebernheim’s profile image

It Was Amazing!! I Loved It Start To Finish. I Went With My Brother, My BFF, Her Cousin, My Brothers Gf And Her Sister. It Started With Naaz Opening The Show. After The Show I Listened To Some Of Her Songs And She Is Really Good! Then They Got Ready And The Show Started. Melanie Martinez Live Is Amazing. She Did All The Songs From K-12, 3 Songs From Crybaby (Sippy Cup, Alphabet Boy And Mad Hatter) And Fire Drill! She Acted Out The Movie (K-12) And The Dancers Were Incredible! During Mad Hatter For Example, One Of The Dancers Was Out And They Were Flipping And Cartwheeling Everywhere! She Even Flipped Onto The Seat And Landed Perfectly!!! I Loved When She Sang Recess. It's Such An Elegant Song And The Performance Inhanced The Elegant Feel. Show And Tell And Nurses Office Made It Feel Like You Were In The Movie (So Did Orange Juice, Strawberry Shortcake, Class Fight, Wheels On The Bus And Lunchbox Friends). Lots Of Costume Changes Too Which Was Cool. Overall, I Absolutely Loved It! 5 Stars. I Would Definitely Go Again If She Came Back. I Love Her Music. Welp, See You Again When I Review In Another 4 Years!

katycr-gb’s profile image

So, Melanie Martinez is absolutely one of the most amazing artists EVER and her concert certainly didn’t disappoint. Her backup dancers were outstanding, the tv screen graphics were beautiful, and her voice was even better in-person. There was a tv screen at the back playing really cool graphics from the K-12 movie, but the best part about them was, in between performances, there was a substitute teacher at the K-12 school teaching spreading positive messages about self-love and self worth, which was really inspiring and lovely. Also, during Orange Juice and Strawberry Shortcake, there was scented air released into the crowd that smelled like oranges and strawberry shortcake. That was probably one of the coolest parts. It made everything alive and interesting. I’ve never seen anyone do anything like that before. Most incredible part of the concert was Melanie herself. She’s a goddess anyway, but seeing her in person, singing, truly makes you realize how talented and sweet and absolutely amazing she is.

hermione122693’s profile image

Melanie Martinez amassed her following after an appearance on the popular reality TV show The Voice. Unlike many of its competitors, The Voice is very much about showcasing live ability and talent and it is this reason Melanie got so far in the competition.

Her smooth tones and delectable vocal seemed to be a breath of fresh air on the reality format and was instantly likened to contemporaries including Ellie Goulding, Marina and the Diamonds and Charli XCX. The latest single 'Doll House' shows real promise as Melanie has not dismissed any of her uniqueness and therefore the fanbase has remained loyal. Her live show is a showcase of what is to come and it all has startling potential and excitement. There are twangy melodies on 'Carousel' and the ability to let her vocal shine on the balladic 'Bittersweet Tragedy'. The reaction to 'Doll House' proves Martinez also has the support behind which is one of the most difficult things to attain when starting out on the live circuit.

sean-ward’s profile image

It was FUN at Melanie Martinez's concert that when my friends and I having a good time and Melanie Martinez's concert was okay and a lot of people do love Melanie Martinez and what I feel Melanie Martinez's concert is excited and happy and same my friends feel too and too many people went to Melanie Martinez's concert so she sings Dollhouse and everyone screaming and other people were crying at her concert and she hugs me and my friends hug her too and I totally like Melanie Martinez so much because she's a good singer and I think that Melanie Martinez should have every year at her concert I love u Melanie Martinez so much❤❤❤❤

rahema_drake15’s profile image

The dancing, singing, choreography and the short breaks between songs were so creative!

The only problem I, and many others had, was the amount of time we had to wait for the actual show to start.

Everyone arrived around 19.30 (7:30PM) and the show didn’t start until probably around 1 hour later because of the introduction singer. Said singer wasn’t bad, but she wasn’t the person we paid to see and she was on stage for way too long for everyone’s liking; people were starting to sit on the floor because of the amount of time and boredom with waiting for the main performer.

gillian-villem’s profile image

I have been a fan of Melanie ever since her album Crybaby was released back in 2015, so being able to see her was a dream come true. I have never been to a standing room only concert and it was a lot of fun because by the end we were so close to the stage! A memorable part was that like 3 people passed out or threw up which I thought was interesting, but other than that she had so much to show and give us. I could really feel the emotions that she portrayed in each of her songs. The opening band Lauren Ruth Ward was amazing too! Overall this concert is a must see and I had so much fun.

xxsavae-vaexx’s profile image

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Melanie Martinez May 18

  • 09 Nov 2023
  • Uncategorized






A group of women floating in waterDescription automatically generated

Multi-Platinum alternative-pop phenom Melanie Martinez has unveiled plans for her most ambitious concert tour to date. The Trilogy Tour will see the evolution of Martinez’s alter ego “Cry Baby” performed live. It will include hits from all three of her Top 10 groundbreaking albums:  Cry Baby ,  K-12 , and  Portals  which have collectively amassed over 14 Billion streams worldwide. The tour gets underway on May 10, 2024 at Seattle WA’s Climate Pledge Arena and then visits arenas across North America through mid-June. Highlights include such historic venues as Inglewood, CA’s Kia Forum (May 15), New York City’s Madison Square Garden (June 5), and Toronto, ON’s Scotiabank Arena (June 9).

Joining the tour will be special guests Men I Trust, Beach Bunny, and Sofia Isella, on select dates.

Presale tickets will be available starting Tuesday, November 14 at 9 am PT/12 pm ET, with general ticket sales commencing on Friday, November 17 at 10:00 am local at .

Fans can take part in the Melanie Martinez mailing list presale by joining her email list  HERE  by Sunday, Nov 12 @ 11:59pm ET to receive the presale code to their inbox on Monday, Nov 13.

Martinez is currently traveling the globe on the European leg of her blockbuster PORTALS Tour, continuing tonight in London with a SOLD-OUT show at UK’s famed OVO Arena Wembley and then making stops in Wolverhampton, Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon. Martinez will then bring the tour to Asia and Australia, beginning January 19, 2024, in Tokyo.

The PORTALS Tour – which played to sold-out houses across North America though the summer – celebrates the arrival earlier this year of Martinez’s new album,  PORTALS , available now in an expanded deluxe digital edition featuring three additional tracks  HERE . Hailed by Rolling Stone as an “effortlessly inventive, mature record” from “an artist unafraid to start from scratch and tackle complex, difficult ideas,” the album proved Melanie’s highest charting debut on the Billboard 200 upon its March 2023 release, arriving at #2 with 142,000 equivalent album units earned in its first week – Martinez’s third consecutive Billboard 200 Top 10 album debut.  PORTALS further debuted at #1 on Billboard’s “Current Alternative Albums,” “Current Pop Albums,” “Top Album Sales,” “Current Album Sales,” “Internet Albums,” “Digital Albums,” and “Top Alternative/Rock Albums” charts, along with a #2 debut on the “Top Vinyl Albums” chart. An instant global sensation, the album proved Martinez’s first #1 album debut in Australia, also landing at #1 in New Zealand, #2 in the UK, #3 in Canada and Ireland, and top 10 chart placements in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain.

PORTALS includes the brand new single, “EVIL,” as well as the hits, “VOID” and “DEATH,” both of which made history as Martinez’s first original songs to debut on the Billboard “Hot 100.” “DEATH” is joined by a cinematic companion video – directed, conceived, and costume designed by Martinez herself – which trended #1 on YouTube’s Trending “Top Music Videos” chart and now boasts over 31M official views. The song was first teased with a series of eerie clips revealing the rebirth of Martinez’s character “Cry Baby,” quickly sparking a frenzy of theories and garnering over 115M views across all socials. The track and its compelling companion visual earned praise from the likes of Billboard, which raved, “The avant-garde pop auteur creates bold, expansive worlds with each project…While the dramatic five-minute track can be connected to her artistic reawakening, the kinetic drums and electronic elements will also make listeners feel reborn, too.”

Martinez recently partnered with boutique fragrance company Flower Shop Perfumes Co. to launch a new four-fragrance collection, Portals Parfums. With pre-sales launched at 11:00 a.m. on November 1, the direct-to-consumer scents completely sold out late the following evening, in less than 48 hours. Portals Parfums follows Martinez’s wildly successful 2016 debut fragrance, Cry Baby Perfume Milk, which quickly sold out and can now be found only on reseller platforms for up to $2,000 a bottle. Working with IFF perfumers Natasha Côté, Patty Hidalgo, and Laurent Le Guernec, Martinez was deeply involved in all aspects of development for the new fragrance collection. Much like Cry Baby Perfume Milk, which arrived creatively packaged in a replica vintage baby bottle, Portals Parfums comes in a striking art sculptured bottle at a full one-foot tall, with a many-eyed creature head that opens like a nesting doll to reveal four glass vials inside. Transporting the wearer to different worlds with just a little spritz, each unique scent is designed to reflect the four classical elements: Water of Intuition, Air of Clarity, Fiery Passion, and Earthy Abundance. Portals Parfums is available as a four-fragrance set, 60 ml total (15 ml each of four scents) in Eau de Parfum spray. Individual refill vials (15 ml) and full-sized bottles (50 ml each) in Eau de Parfum will follow in 2024. The Portals Parfums fragrance collection will serve as a foundation for other Portals products, including a broad collection of scented candles. To be informed of a restock and other product launches visit .




9 – London, UK – OVO Arena Wembley

10 – Wolverhampton, UK – The Halls Wolverhampton

13 – Manchester, UK – O2 Apollo Manchester

14 – Manchester, UK – O2 Apollo Manchester

15 – Glasgow, UK – OVO Hydro

17 – Dublin, Ireland – 3Arena

19 – Brussels, Belgium– Forest National

20 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – AFAS Live

22 – Warsaw, Poland – COS Torwar

23 – Berlin, Germany – Verti Music Hall

24 – Dusseldorf, Germany – Mitsubishi Electric Halle

26 – Paris, France – Zenith Paris – La Villette

28 – Madrid, Spain – WiZink Center

30 – Lisbon, Portugal – Sagres Campo Pequeno


19 – Tokyo, Japan – Toyosu Pit

21 – Seoul, South Korea – KBS Arena

23 – Manila, Philippines – World Trade Center Hall A

25 – Singapore, Singapore – Singapore Expo

28 – Auckland, New Zealand – Spark Arena

30 – Sydney, Australia – Aware Super Theatre


2 – Brisbane, Australia – Riverstage

5 – Melbourne, Australia – Margaret Court Arena

6 – Melbourne, Australia – Margaret Court Arena



10 – Seattle, WA – Climate Pledge Arena

12 – Oakland, CA – Oakland Arena

14 – Palm Desert, CA – Acrisure Arena at Greater Palm Springs

15 – Inglewood, CA – Kia Forum

17 – Las Vegas, NV – MGM Grand Garden Arena

18 – Salt Lake City, UT – Delta Center

21– Denver, CO – Ball Arena

23 – Houston, TX – Toyota Center

24 – Austin, TX – Moody Center

25 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center

28 – Duluth, GA – Gas South Arena

29 – Orlando, FL – Amway Center

31 – Raleigh, NC – PNC Arena

1 – Baltimore, MD – CFG Bank Arena

3 – Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center

5 – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden

7 – Boston, MA – TD Garden

9 – Toronto, ON – Scotiabank Arena

11 – Minneapolis, MN – Target Center

13 – Columbus, OH – Nationwide Arena

14 – Detroit, MI – Little Caesars Arena

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melanie martinez tour sold out

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  1. PHOTOS: Melanie Martinez performs sold out show at The Fillmore Detroit

    melanie martinez tour sold out

  2. PHOTOS: Melanie Martinez performs sold out show at The Fillmore Detroit

    melanie martinez tour sold out

  3. PHOTOS: Melanie Martinez performs sold out show at The Fillmore Detroit

    melanie martinez tour sold out

  4. PHOTOS: Melanie Martinez performs sold out show at The Fillmore Detroit

    melanie martinez tour sold out

  5. PHOTOS: Melanie Martinez performs sold out show at The Fillmore Detroit

    melanie martinez tour sold out

  6. PHOTOS: Melanie Martinez performs sold out show at The Fillmore Detroit

    melanie martinez tour sold out


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