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10 Amazing Train Tours in the U.S.

sven wunder tour

Looking to see some incredible sights from the comfort of a train? These tours include both short and long journeys that you can work into vacations to incredible destinations in the USA. Some of these routes may even be available as a part of railroad vacation packages that include excursions and more.

Durango and Silverton Narrow-Gauge Railway

The name of this railroad indicates a special feature that sets it apart from most other train rides: The tracks are placed closer together in a narrow gauge. That means this silver-train-turned-tourist-attraction hugs closer to the rock face of the mountains it winds through, taking riders around sharp turns through the Colorado Rockies.

sven wunder tour

Amtrak Cascades

Connecting major Northwestern cities like Eugene and Portland, Oregon, and Seattle and Bellingham, Washington, this Amtrak ride allows you to combine scenic beauty with big-city tourism. Whether it’s Oregon forests or the spectacular of Washington’s Puget Sound, you’ll get to see a lot of natural exquisiteness on this ride.

sven wunder tour

White Pass and Yukon Route

This historic Alaskan railway offers a few different excursion options, all of which take you from the town of Skagway into the heart of wild northern beauty. No matter which route you choose, you’ll see unspoiled Alaskan beauty at its warm-weather peak.

sven wunder tour

Amtrak Sunset Limited

If you want to be able to enjoy the great beauty of the American Southwest without having to do the driving yourself, Amtrak’s Sunset Limited route may be the perfect choice. It runs from New Orleans to Los Angeles, giving riders the opportunity to glimpse some incredible sunsets over rugged terrain as the train wends its way west.

sven wunder tour

Grand Canyon Railway

Riding the Grand Canyon Railway will allow you to follow in the footsteps of travelers from more than 100 years ago, for whom this train line was one of the only ways to access the scenic beauty of the canyon. The train includes sleeper cars and other amenities that can help make your adventure more of an experience.

sven wunder tour

Cass Scenic Railway

Departing from Cass, West Virginia, in the months of May through October, this passenger rail train takes riders through an old coal country route. If you want to experience the unspoiled beauty of Appalachian forests, especially in autumn when the colors are at their peak, this is a must-do train tour.

sven wunder tour

Amtrak Adirondack

Anyone looking to escape the urban rush of New York City and enjoy the beauty of upstate mountains should consider taking the Adirondack route, which stops in Saratoga Springs and Montreal, Canada. You don’t have to go all the way to Montreal to enjoy the beauty of the Hudson River Valley, which offers beautiful natural scenery that changes with the seasons.

sven wunder tour

Great Smoky Mountains Railroad

This Bryson City, NC, railway offers passengers several ways to explore the Smokies. In addition to two separate routes, the railway includes features like narration cars and different train ride themes that can help you get the right kind of experience based on your interests and travel style.

sven wunder tour

Strasburg Rail Road

Though this railway’s route through Amish country is short, it’s a charming throwback to the Gilded Age. If you want to ride in plush comfort while enjoying the Pennsylvania countryside on a nine-mile steam train ride, the Strasburg Rail Road has everything you need.

sven wunder tour

Cape Cod Central Railroad

Cape Cod offers natural beauty aplenty, and you’ll get to enjoy both the coast and the wonders of rural Massachusetts, including cranberry bogs, when you take this short journey. This route offers a laid-back way to see different sights across Cape Cod, even in peak tourist season.

sven wunder tour


sven wunder tour

Sven Wunder


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sven wunder tour

Harmonica And....

sven wunder tour

Jazz At Night

sven wunder tour

Asterism Waltz

sven wunder tour

Natura Morta

sven wunder tour

Impasto / Prussian Blue

sven wunder tour

Eastern Flowers 7"

Wabi Sabi 7"

Eastern Flowers

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Sven Wunder Sweden

Artist and composer based in Stockholm. For inquiries: [email protected]


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sven wunder tour

sven wunder tour

Sven Wunder – Late Again

' src=

Coming in off of a 3 1/2 week Asia tour, feeling exhausted, ran down and under the weather, the only thing that could possibly bring me back to life and good health is much needed sleep and of course soothing music. So it was a major surprise to find the upcoming soon to be released Late Again LP by Sven Wunder had arrived while I was away and was the perfect anticdote to my fatigue.  Could it be all that we’ve come to know and love from Sven Wunder? Of course and obviously more!

The fourth album to date since their 2019 debut on Piano Piano, Sven Wunder has only gotten better with previous albums and singles aging gracefully and the latest instantly finding itself into heavy rotation. Clocking in at the best 10 tracker that you’ll need to hear, it’s a beautiful sound recording that makes the world right and at peace.

“When the sun hovers near the horizon, the rays of white sunlight are scattered out of the beam by small particles and molecules in the atmosphere that sprinkle the sky with brilliant hues indicating that the day starts to fade. As night begins to fall, tree-tops redden and begin to glow. Darkness closes in and falls like a blanket covering the sky. It is late again and all is in shadow below. It is when stars align and dreams come true.”

“Sven Wunder thrives at nightfall and welcomes the horizon of beginnings on ”Late Again”, a collection of nocturnal jazz pieces that depict shooting stars and scattered beams from the setting sun, with an emphasis on gentle compositions for piano and orchestral pop-jazz arrangements for flute, brass, and strings.”


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  1. Sven Wunder

  2. Prussian Blue

  3. see your beauty

  4. Sven Wunder

  5. Sven Wunder

  6. SVEN WEST und Band bei Kaarst Total


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    SVEN WUNDER. Based in Stockholm, Sven catapulted onto the global stage with his debut album Eastern Flowers (2019) followed by Wabi Sabi (2020) and Natura

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    Sven Wunder Concert Setlists & Tour Dates. Artists with same name. Sven Wunder (trumpet, classical); Sven Wunder. Ad: Plan ahead with Uber Reserve Reserve a

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    Coming in off of a 3 1/2 week Asia tour, feeling exhausted, ran down and under the weather, the only thing that could possibly bring me back