The best Norwegian Cruise Line ship for every type of traveler

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What's the best Norwegian Cruise Line ship? Over the years, I've sailed on all but two of Norwegian's 18 vessels, and my personal favorite is the new Norwegian Prima. I love its stylish design and upscale feel, as well as its wide mix of eateries, bars and entertainment.

Still, Norwegian Prima isn't necessarily the best Norwegian Cruise Line ship for you. Whether you'll have a better time on one of the other 17 vessels in the Norwegian fleet will depend a lot on the type of traveler you are.

Norwegian has some vessels, such as Norwegian Encore, that are loaded with family-friendly attractions such as waterparks and go-kart tracks that are perfect for families with teens and tweens. To me, Norwegian Encore is an even better choice than Norwegian Prima for families with school-age kids.

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Other Norwegian cruise ships, such as Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Sun, have specific features that might make them better options for solo travelers or retirees. Certain Norwegian ships are best for budget travelers, while others are best for luxury travelers.

In short, the best Norwegian cruise ship for you will depend on a bunch of factors, and which ship is best for a trip with your family might not be your top pick for a couple's cruise or girlfriends' getaway.

Here we list our top picks for the best Norwegian cruise ships for five different types of travelers.

Norwegian Encore: Best for families

crociere norwegian cruise line

The best Norwegian Cruise Line ships for families, hands down, are the four giant, activity-packed ships of its Breakaway-Plus class: Norwegian Encore , Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Escape. Of these, Norwegian Encore is our top pick.

At 169,145 tons and carrying 3,998 passengers, Norwegian Encore is the largest ship in the Norwegian fleet. That means it has the most space for the many over-the-top family fun zones that are at the core of the four Breakaway-Plus vessels — a series of ships that was specifically designed with families in mind.

For starters, Norwegian Encore is home to some of the most thrilling waterslides at sea, as well as a kiddie splash zone that will have your little ones squealing with delight. But those are just the appetizers when it comes to family fun on the top deck of the ship.

Norwegian Encore is also the setting for one of the biggest go-kart racing tracks at sea . (Yes, this is a thing — Norwegian debuted the concept on its Breakaway-Plus-class ships and now has a go-kart track on four vessels.) Two decks high and nearly 1,150 feet long, the Norwegian Encore Speedway includes four sections that extend up to 13 feet over the sides of the vessel. The racecourse also features a middle-of-the-track observation area where your family and friends can cheer you on to victory — and even shoot you with "lasers" that'll give you a boost of power.

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In addition, Norwegian Encore has a large laser tag area on its top deck (one that I can tell you from personal experience is a blast) and a massive indoor gaming and virtual reality zone called the Galaxy Pavilion. Both are tween and teen favorites.

That's all on top of dedicated children's play areas, pools and family-friendly entertainment that will keep your family busy from morning to night.

In short, there are so many family-friendly things to do on Norwegian Encore that you and your kids likely won't be able to do it all in a single, weeklong cruise.

Norwegian Prima: Best for luxury lovers

crociere norwegian cruise line

Luxury lovers recently got a new top choice in the Norwegian fleet: Norwegian Prima .

Unveiled in 2022, the 3,215-passenger vessel is the first of a new class of Norwegian ship that the line has designed to be more upscale than its earlier vessels. (A sister vessel, Norwegian Viva , is debuting this year.) An "elevation" of the brand is how executives describe it.

The upscale turn included loading Norwegian Prima with the largest variety of suites (13 categories in all) of any ship in the NCL fleet, including the largest three-bedroom suites of any new cruise vessel. If it's swanky digs you're after (and you have the money to spend), you'll find plenty of options on this ship.

Extra suite categories are just the start of what makes Norwegian Prima the best Norwegian cruise ship for luxury lovers.

Notably, the entire back of the ship is dedicated to an upscale luxury zone for the fancy set called The Haven. Rising eight decks high, it's home to 107 of the aforementioned suites, a sprawling private indoor lounge area, private outdoor lounge and pool areas, and a private restaurant — all exclusively for the use of the deep-pocketed biggies who pay up for one of its suites.

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We've seen these private The Haven suite areas on Norwegian ships before but never on this scale. If it's living large on a Norwegian ship that's your goal, you're not going to find anything better than this.

Outside of The Haven, the entire ship has a more elegant feel of the sort you find in the fleets of Norwegian's higher-end sister brands, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises — albeit on a bigger scale.

The entryway to the ship, for instance, deposits you at the three-story-high Penrose Atrium, which may be the most beautiful atrium of any big ship at sea. It has a curvy, sculptural feel as if the entire space were an art piece.

It's a look that carries over to a bevy of high-end eateries, including Nama, a new-for-Norwegian sushi restaurant with a design that is as sophisticated as the sushi it serves. Also striking is Norwegian Prima's version of Le Bistro, Norwegian's signature French eatery. It's built around three massive crystal chandeliers costing nearly $100,000 that hang down to the floor — a showstopper of a design element. Gold-leaf wallpaper lines its booth seating.

Notably, the public areas that include these restaurants feel more spacious than many of the other ships in the Norwegian fleet. Indeed, they are. Norwegian Prima was built with a higher ratio of space to passengers, which itself is an upscale touch. The ship also has a higher crew-to-passenger ratio than many Norwegian ships, leading to better service.

In short, this is the Norwegian ship to book when you want to take things up a notch.

Norwegian Sky: Best for budget travelers

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Sky is the Norwegian ship to pick when you're looking for a low-cost, easy-to-do getaway — at least in the summer months.

Based in Miami for much of the year, the 24-year-old vessel operates a mix of short three- to five-night voyages to the Bahamas and longer trips to the Caribbean from spring to fall that have one thing in common: They're unusually affordable on a per-night basis.

In many cases, Norwegian Sky sailings out of Miami will start under $100 a day per person, though it depends on the week. We sometimes see the ship's shorter sailings starting as low as $249 per person for the entire cruise.

Indeed, the ship often is at the top of the list when you sort cruises by lowest price on Norwegian's website.

For would-be Norwegian cruisers, Norwegian Sky's shorter sailings out of Miami serve as a sort of "test the line" opportunity. Their short time frame and low pricing mean you're not out a lot in time or money if you don't love it as much as you hoped. These shorter sailings cater heavily to first-time cruisers and Florida locals who can book on short notice and drive into the port for a quick escape.

One of two ships in the line's Sun class that date to the turn of the millennium, Norwegian Sky is far from the snazziest ship in the Norwegian fleet. This is both because of its age but also its size. At 77,104 tons and carrying 2,002 passengers, it's just half the size of Norwegian's biggest ships and has far fewer venues, from bars and restaurants to entertainment spaces. There is no giant water park on its top deck or a go-kart track to keep the kids busy all day, so it's not the best Norwegian Cruise Line ship for families.

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That said, Norwegian Sky has its allures, one of which is that it has a much more intimate feel than the line's bigger vessels. It's a great choice for adults on a budget who are satisfied with the basics.

Norwegian Epic: Best for solo travelers

crociere norwegian cruise line

When it comes to the best Norwegian cruise ship for solo travelers, one ship stands out above all the others: Norwegian Epic.

Unveiled in 2010, Norwegian Epic caters to solo travelers like no other large cruise ship at sea — from any line, not just Norwegian — with an unusually large private zone for solo travelers that has its own two-story lounge for solo mixers as well as special solo cabins.

Tucked away in the middle of the ship, this "studio" zone is essentially a private escape for solos, with more solo cabins — 128 — than you'll find on any other ship at sea.

The cabins measure just 100 square feet but are superbly designed to maximize storage space. They're also clustered around the exclusive Studio Lounge, which has its own private bar and a television area where solo travelers can mingle at daily hosted happy hour gatherings.

Only solos staying in the solo cabins (via keycards) can access the Studio Lounge, meaning that you and your new solo friends will have the place to yourselves.

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Norwegian Epic was the first Norwegian ship with an exclusive solos zone, and it was such a hit the line later added them to six more vessels. But none of the latter zones are as big as the one on Norwegian Epic.

crociere norwegian cruise line

The bigger Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Bliss all have an 82-cabin solo complex, while two older ships — Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway — have solo areas with 59 cabins. The line's newest vessel, Norwegian Prima, has a 72-cabin solo complex spread over two decks.

Norwegian also offers four solo cabins on its Hawaii-based Pride of America.

Having sailed in one of Norwegian Epic's cabins for one, I can confidently declare them among the coolest solo digs at sea. I particularly love the "Jetsons" futuristic-style design and the multicolored mood lighting.

One big caveat: They're all inside cabins without an ocean view, although most have a window that looks out onto a corridor.

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A bigger caveat, perhaps, is that these solo cabins have become so popular they often sell out far in advance and at prices that aren't much better than booking a cabin for two.

Norwegian Sun: Best for retirees

crociere norwegian cruise line

For older travelers looking for a Norwegian ship that isn't filled to the gills with children, Norwegian Sun is the perfect option.

Dating to 2001, Norwegian Sun is one of Norwegian's oldest and smallest vessels, and it lacks many of the family-focused onboard attractions that are typical for the line's newer and bigger vessels. You won't find big waterparks, go-kart racing tracks or laser tag zones on this ship.

Norwegian Sun's top deck mostly comprises sunning areas, with a single pool and whirlpools, as is typical for ships built more than two decades ago.

As a result, it draws far fewer families than most of the vessels mentioned above and caters more to an older crowd of mostly couples.

Norwegian Sun also is the ship that Norwegian deploys on some of its longest and most destination-focused itineraries, the type that particularly appeals to retirees looking to see more of the world.

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Over the next two years, for instance, Norwegian Sun is sailing lots of long voyages out of such less-common home ports as Tokyo; Seoul, Korea; Laem Chabang, Thailand; Lisbon, Portugal; and Haifa, Israel.

The sailings out of Tokyo, Seoul and Laem Chabang will offer the chance to visit such Asian countries as Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand in-depth, with most departures ranging from 11 to 15 nights and packed with port stops — the sort of cruise that appeals more to older couples than families.

The sailings out of Lisbon and Haifa, both on the longer side, will offer in-depth explorations of Northern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, respectively.

Norwegian Sun is also one of the smallest and least kid-focused of the five ships the line deploys to Alaska in summer, making it a good choice for retirees wanting to visit that destination. Families with kids naturally gravitate to the two giant, activity-packed vessels Norwegian sends to Alaska each summer — Norwegian Encore and Norwegian Bliss.

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At 78,309 tons, Norwegian Sun is less than half the size of the biggest Norwegian ships, and it holds just 1,976 passengers at double occupancy. (Compare that to more than 4,000 for Norwegian's biggest vessels.) Expect a far more intimate experience than what you'll find on most of the ships mentioned above.

Note that due to the ship's small size, some of Norwegian's signature features, including a private The Haven suite complex and solo cabins, aren't found on the ship. Still, you'll find more than half a dozen eateries, including several main dining rooms, a casual buffet, a diner-style pub, a steak house, an Italian trattoria and a French bistro as well as a showroom with nightly shows, a casino, a multipurpose basketball/volleyball court, golf driving nets and a jogging track.

Bottom line

Norwegian Cruise Line's fleet consists of 18 ships that come in a wide range of sizes and feature differing mixes of venues and activities. Some are jampacked with fun zones that make them perfect for families, while others are geared toward couples and retirees. Some ships have attributes that make them stand out for luxury, solo or budget travelers.

If you're considering a Norwegian cruise, it pays to study not just the itineraries that are available from the line but the specific ships that are operating the itineraries. You want to make sure you end up on the best Norwegian Cruise Line ship for you.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Review

Friday, December 1st

2023 Cruise Line Reviews

Norwegian Cruise Line Review

  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Best for large-ship sailing, especially in Alaska
  • 18 ships in the fleet
  • Ships accommodate anywhere from 1,900 to 4,000+ passengers
  • Private island in the Bahamas, Great Stirrup Cay
  • Exciting amenities on board, like go-kart tracks and climbing walls
  • No required or recommended gratuities
  • Freestyle cruising plus "Free at Sea" promos can make your cruise flexible and affordable

Norwegian Cruise Line, commonly referred to as NCL, is a popular cruise line that was founded in 1966 by Knut Kloster and Ted Arison, who also co-founded Carnival Cruise Line. Norwegian Cruise Line is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and is currently part of the Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., which also includes Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Solid option for a Caribbean cruise during spring break

Norwegian had several available itineraries in our apples-to-apples comparison, looking for a trip in March within the Caribbean and booking about a year in advance. Prices were about average, starting at $599 per person for a 5-day sailing out of Miami to Great Stirrup Cay (NCL's private island) and Cozumel, and going up to $1,319 for a 7-day sailing from Puerto Rico to Barbados, Antigua, and St. Lucia. Interestingly, a 12-day cruise out of Punta Cana and visiting Barbados, Curacao and Aruba was less expensive, with a starting fare of $1,079 per person. At the time of our review, NCL had a promotion in place offering free airfare for the second guest on the booking, which could be a pretty significant savings depending on your departure port.

Great choice for Alaskan cruises

For what it's worth, we've also heard really good things about NCL for anyone looking to sail to Alaska: among the big ships, travel agents and travelers alike say that the experience is top notch when you use Norwegian.

How about a themed cruise?

In addition to its regular cruise itineraries, Norwegian Cruise Line offers several themed cruises throughout the year. For example, the "Sail Across the Sun" cruise is a music-themed cruise that features live performances by popular bands and musicians, while the "Wine, Dine, and Music Cruise" offers guests the opportunity to sample world-class wines and gourmet cuisine while enjoying live music performances. Themed cruises on NCL aren't just for the more, ahem , seasoned travelers either: check out EDSea "as the magical world of EDC meets paradise" with immersive art, performers, themed stages, non-stop music and more - but at least when we checked, EDSea sells out quickly so you'll have to book well in advance (or join the waitlist).

Exciting onboard activities

One of the standout ships in Norwegian Cruise Line's fleet is the Norwegian Joy, which was launched in 2017 as part of the Breakaway Plus class (along with the Escape, Encore, and Bliss). The ship features a number of unique amenities, including a two-level go-kart track, an open-air laser tag arena, and a virtual reality arcade. NCL's most exciting amenities are found in the ThrillPlex activity zones, available on both Breakaway Plus and Breakaway class ships. Just be aware that some experiences come with an extra cost: $15 per session for go-karts (or pay a one-time fee for unlimited use, typically $199 for a 7-day sailing), $9.95 per session of laser tag, and so on.

Best Cruise Lines

High-caliber shows

Another feature that sets Norwegian Cruise Line apart from other cruise lines is its onboard entertainment. The cruise line offers a variety of shows, ranging from Broadway-style productions to comedy acts and live music. One of the most popular shows on Norwegian Cruise Line is "Burn the Floor" , which is a dance show that features world-class dancers performing to a range of music genres, including ballroom, Latin, and contemporary.

No gratuity required or recommended - but not refused, either

Unlike the majority of big-ship cruise lines, Norwegian doesn't require tipping or even recommend an amount for it, beyond the 20% automatically added for spa and salon services plus beverage purchases. But, they do point out that they encourage their staff to "go the extra mile" and that their employees are allowed to accept cash gratuities for outstanding service. So, it's up to you, but know that your stateroom attendant, the counselors in the kids' club, and your dining room servers would probably not turn down a tip.

Be sure to understand Freestyle vs. Free at Sea

Not having to pay gratuities is part of what Norwegian likes to call "Freestyle Cruising" . That also includes having no assigned dining times: you're free to choose where and when you want to eat, dress it up or stay casual, it's up to you. But, don't confuse "freestyle cruising" with NCL's "Free at Sea" promotions. Depending on when you book, you might be offered the latter as a perk, with five options you can choose for customizing your cruise experience:

  • Free Unlimited Open Bar: This option offers guests the opportunity to enjoy unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout their cruise.
  • Free Specialty Dining: This option provides passengers with free access to Norwegian's specialty restaurants, where they can enjoy a variety of cuisines and dining experiences. (Two meals, valued at approximately $180 per traveler)
  • Shore Excursion Credit: This option provides guests with credit towards booking shore excursions, allowing them to explore the ports of call and participate in various activities (typically a $50 credit per guest).
  • Free Wi-Fi: This option provides passengers with free access to the ship's Wi-Fi, allowing them to stay connected and share their experiences on social media. (Usually about 150 total minutes across a 7-day sailing)
  • Extra Guests Sail Free: This option provides families and groups with a great opportunity to save on their cruise vacation, with the third and fourth guests in the stateroom sailing for free.

Free at Sea Plus upgrade might be available

But wait, there's more! You may also have the option of upgrading to "Free at Sea Plus" , which would give you extra specialty dining, extra credit towards excursions, unlimited Wi-Fi, and a premium beverage package. As you'd expect, the cost for that upgrade will depend on what promotions are in place, your itinerary, and the length of your cruise, but it's safe to anticipate paying anywhere from $99 to $899 per person (the lower amount being for a three-day cruise and the higher amount being for sailings longer than seven nights).

Best Cruise Lines

Not the most sterling safety record

But, we give Norwegian somewhat of a downgrade for its safety record. The cruise line has had several incidents in recent years, including a fire on one of its ships in 2019 and a mechanical issue on another ship in 2018. The company has faced criticism for its handling of these incidents. While no cruise line is completely immune from problems, there are several that have never experienced a major incident and that invest heavily in safety training and technology. We wouldn't say Norwegian is unsafe, per se, but it's one area where some of its rivals outpace its track record.

Online experience leaves room for improvement

We also weren't overly impressed with the online booking experience and the NCL website overall. When we went to get more information on the Freestyle vs. Free at Sea vs. Free at Sea Plus differences, every result link we got when we searched gave us a 404 Not Found error. And, when we went to reach out for help via live chat, it took a long time to connect with an agent - and even when we did, the chat was super-slow and we waited over 10 minutes to get an answer to our one question.

Great option for most destinations served by larger ships

Still, there's a lot to love about Norwegian, especially with all of the "free" aspects of their sailings (even if it can be a chore to work out what exactly they mean by it). This cruise line absolutely offers fun for guests of all ages and adventure levels, and if there's a destination you've been dying to visit, chances are good that NCL can take you there. Don't hesitate to put Norwegian Cruise Line on your list of options if large-ship cruising - with all of the associated amenities - is what you're after.

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The 15 Best Cruise Lines

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Cruising is a popular way of traveling for many people, offering a unique experience that combines the convenience of a floating hotel with the excitement of visiting multiple destinations in one trip. In an average year, over fifteen million people say "all aboard" and set sail on an amazing vacation.

There are many different cruise lines to choose from, and each one offers a different type of experience. Some are geared towards families, while others are more focused on luxury or adventure. What would you like to see and do while you're onboard? Is a casino a must-have or a rather-avoid? Would a Broadway-caliber show tip the scales for you? Do you need a wide range of activities to keep the kiddos happy while the adults live it up or relax? The onboard activities and amenities can really make or break your vacation, so be sure you know what you're getting.

The Best Cruise Lines

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Which cruise line is the best, what is included in the cost of a cruise, what is the minimum age to cruise, what are the dining options on a cruise ship, are cruise ships crowded, do i have to dress up, are activities included at destination ports, can i bring my own alcohol onboard.

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Continued from above...

Another factor that can influence which cruise line you choose is the itinerary. Cruise ships travel all over the world, but some cruise lines may not have destinations available where you're hoping to go. You should also consider the size of the ship: larger ships offer more amenities, but smaller ships can access ports that bigger ships can't.

Speaking of amenities, make sure you understand what you'll get as part of your fare and which extras will come with an additional cost. For example, most cruises offer drink packages for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but a few have drink stations where you can get complimentary lemonade, coffee and tea. Other amenities that might be important to you are Wi-Fi, spa services, babysitting, fitness classes, and upgraded dining experiences. You can usually get a decent discount if you sign up for an amenities package before you sail, so keep an eye out for promotions in the months leading up to your sailing.

When you take a cruise, it's almost always expected that you'll tip the crew members who have attended to your needs while onboard: your cabin steward ( who probably leaves your towels folded into fun shapes every night ), your servers at your nightly meals, and the head waiter. Cruise lines have a recommended gratuity to cover all three of those staff members, usually $15-$20 per traveler, per day; the total gratuity amount may be charged automatically to your account, or you may be given envelopes to make cash payments.

While it usually isn't mandatory to pay those gratuities - you can ask to have them removed if they're applied automatically, especially if you've received poor service - it's typically considered in poor taste not to tip at the suggested levels (because crew members' salaries, much like servers at your local restaurant, are based on the expectation of tips paid by guests). And, if you receive service that goes above and beyond, adding to the recommended gratuity is always appreciated. Be aware that tips for bartenders, poolside servers, and professional services provided in the spa or elsewhere are not included in the daily suggested gratuity and may be charged automatically at the time of service.

Now that you have a good overview of the cruising experience, which cruise line should you choose? Beyond the points we already covered, here are a few additional criteria that might make it easier to pick:

  • Embarkation port. You could get a great deal on a cruise, but what will it cost you to get to the port? That could involve airfare, an overnight stay or two in a nearby hotel (so that you're less likely to be affected by travel delays), and transportation from the airport or hotel to the port. This is especially true if you're taking a cruise that departs from an international destination.
  • Perks for repeat cruisers. Like frequent flyer programs on airlines, most cruise lines offer benefits the more you sail. If you find yourself absolutely loving cruise vacations, it can be advantageous to put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Rewards programs can include casino benefits, complimentary meals at the upgraded dining experiences, exclusive sail-away parties with free cocktails and tchotchkes, early-access booking on future cruises, and much more.
  • Reputation. It's a really smart idea to see what other travelers have said about their overall experience with a cruise line before booking your trip. The ads on TV may make that private island look amazing, but someone who's been there might point out that you'll pay extra to get on that waterslide. Or, previous cruisers could tell you that despite having several formal nights on the schedule, a particular cruise line has no problem with people showing up to dinner in flip-flops and swimsuit coverups. Find out if the cruise line you're considering lines up in reality with what they advertise.

Here at Top Consumer Reviews, cruising is one of our favorite ways to travel and experience new things. And with so many different cruise lines to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But, don't worry: take a look at our in-depth analysis of today's most popular options, find the one that's the best match for your vacation ideas and your travel party, and book that trip you've been dreaming of. Bon voyage!

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Norwegian Cruise Line

Free Gratuities for Balcony and above on NCL*

Norwegian Cruise Line: 50% OFF plus Free Drinks...

Norwegian Cruise Line: 50% OFF plus Free Drinks...

Norwegian: Buy One, Get One FREE Airfare*

Norwegian: Buy One, Get One FREE Airfare*

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Norwegian Cruise Line is a wildly popular cruising company that emphasizes “Freestyle Cruising”—meaning light-hearted, carefree vacation fun for you and yours. The line has been in operation since 1966 and employs their freestyle concept to every aspect of the cruising experience, whether it’s the delicious dining in the main dining rooms or specialty restaurants, vibrant entertainment, comfortable accommodations, exciting shore excursions and the most thrilling onboard activities at sea. Since NCL ships sail to destinations all over the world, from tropical to arctic, there’s a vacation for all types of travelers, whether you’re a history buff or culinary adventurer.  Cruise like a Norwegian for your next vacation.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Accessibility


Learn about Norwegian Cruise Line's handicap accessible cruises and accommodations for guests with special needs or disabilities, including service animals, Braille and special rooms.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Dining

Savor Freestyle dining aboard Norwegian Cruise Line, including the specialty restaurants like Ocean Blue, Cagney's, Le Bistro, Moderno Churrascaria, The Haven Restaurant, the main dining rooms and several pubs, bars, grills and cafes.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Entertainment


Enjoy Norwegian Cruise Line's onboard entertainment, including Broadway productions, comedy clubs, dueling pianos and much more.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Onboard Activities

Onboard Activities

Engage in Norwegian Cruise Line's onboard activities, including water parks, casinos, dance clubs, arcades, ropes courses, sports courts, duty-free shops and more.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Service & Awards

Service & Awards

Learn how Norwegian Cruise Line takes care of your every need with an extensive list of onboard services. Plus, view Norwegian Cruise Line's awards.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Spa & Fitness

Spa & Fitness

Participate in Norwegian Cruise Line's fitness centers, training programs and relax at spa treatments, including massages, body wraps, acupuncture, facials and more to relax and soothe.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Special Events

Special Events

Learn about Norwegian Cruise Line's special themed cruises, including popular rock music themed cruises through a partnership with Sixthman.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Staterooms

Learn about Norwegian Cruise Line's staterooms, including suites, mini-suites, balconies, oceanviews, interiors and solo-traveler Studio rooms.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Learn about Norwegian's Splash Academy youth programs and cruising with children of all ages.

Top 10 Norwegian Cruise Line Itineraries

  • Norwegian Sky 10 Night Eastern Caribbean - Miami (MIA/MIA) Departing From Miami, Florida (Dec 2023 - Dec 2023)
  • Norwegian Prima 14 Night Caribbean - Other Product (NYC/GAL) Departing From New York, New York (Dec 2023)
  • Norwegian Epic 16 Night Europe - Other (CIV/PCV) Departing From Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy (Dec 2023)
  • Norwegian Viva 4 Night BAHAMAS - SHORT (MIA/MIA) Departing From Miami, Florida (Dec 2023)
  • Pride of America 7 Night Hawaii HNL Inter Island (HNL/HNL) Departing From Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii (Dec 2023 - Dec 2025)
  • Norwegian Escape 7 Night Western Caribbean - Port Canaveral (PCV/PCV) Departing From Port Canaveral, Florida (Dec 2023 - Mar 2024)
  • Norwegian Joy 4 Day 3 Nights Pre Cruisetour Panama Departing From Panama City, Panama (Dec 2023)
  • Norwegian Encore 7 Night Eastern Caribbean - Miami (MIA/MIA) Departing From Miami, Florida (Dec 2023 - Mar 2025)
  • Norwegian Bliss 15 Night Repo - Panama Canal (MIA/LAX) Departing From Miami, Florida (Dec 2023 - Feb 2025)
  • Norwegian Gem 15 Night Repo - Transatlantic (CIV/NYC) Departing From Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy (Dec 2023)

Norwegian Cruise Line Cruise Destinations

Travel the world on Norwegian cruises! This fantastic cruise line boasts over 120 different ports of call, located in countries all over the world. Norwegian Cruise Line is always breaking new ground in their itinerary offerings. You can choose from over 145 different itineraries, each of which has been carefully chosen to present the destination in a unique and exciting way. Kick back on the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas. Become a culinary expert in the Mediterranean. Golf on professional links in Bermuda. Explore the wonders of South America. Enjoy the colors of New England in the fall. Or even sail the Panama Canal!

Norwegian Cruise Line-Africa

Animals of all kinds, exotic gourmet dishes and unique culture is what you’re bound to find cruising Africa with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Alaska

The scenic beauty of an Alaska cruise will brighten your spirit—from breaching whales to snow-capped peaks.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Alaska Cruisetours

Alaska Cruisetours

Glaciel views, incredible wildlife, and once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences await you on your Alaskan cruise tour with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Asia

Enter a new world of mysterious cultures and ancient traditions on a cruise through Asia with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Asia Cruisetours

Asia Cruisetours

Norwegian Cruise Line-Bahamas

Tropical treats lie ahead: snorkeling, sunbathing, soothing breezes and more on a Bahamas cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Bermuda

Luxurious tropical days can be spent on the white-sand beaches or on the links during your Bermuda cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Canada / New England

Colonial. Clam Chowder. Colorful Vistas. Cruise to Canada and New England for all of this and more.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Caribbean

Water sports and intriguing tropical ports highlight the Caribbean region.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Eastern Caribbean

Eastern Caribbean

Magnificent days at the beach, tasty fare, and sun-soaked excursions lie awaiting you in the Eastern Caribbean.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Europe

Diverse cultures, outstanding historical attractions, and intriguing peoples are a few of the features of a cruise to Europe.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Europe Cruisetours

Europe Cruisetours

Explore Europe in a deeper way with a Norwegian Cruise Line Europe Cruisetours, featuring the chance to spend more time in Europe’s most interesting cities.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Hawaii

Kiss the everyday goodbye, find unique exotic natural beauty and cultural excitement in Hawaii.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Hawaii Cruisetours

Hawaii Cruisetours

Spend the extra time you need to truly discover bliss in paradise with a Hawaii Cruisetour.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Mediterranean


Comb the Greek Isles for culinary delights and immerse yourself in the religious history of Italy on a cruise to the Mediterranean and Greek Isles.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Mexican Riviera

Mexican Riviera

Culinary excellence, romance, and some shipwreck adventures—Mexico cruising.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Northern Europe

Northern Europe

Create your own fairytale – complete with towering castles, elegant palaces and royal gardens – on a Northern Europe cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Panama Canal

Panama Canal

Experience the overwhelming sight of the Panama Canal and its surrounding attractions for your next cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line-South America

South America

Explore ancient history, astounding wildlife and artistic cultures on a South American adventure with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Norwegian Cruise Line-South America Cruisetours

South America Cruisetours

Norwegian Cruise Line-South Pacific / Tahiti

South Pacific / Tahiti

Exotic creatures, delicious cuisine and rich, traditional culture are ready to be explored on a cruise to the South Pacific and Tahiti.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Transatlantic


Coast to coast, port to port, the Grand Atlantic will astound you with its beauty and intriguing stops along the way during a Transatlantic cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Transpacific


From exotic Japanese cuisine to picturesque Alaskan glaciers, you’ll definitely enjoy a Transpacific cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Norwegian Cruise Line-U. S. Pacific Coast

U. S. Pacific Coast

Invigorate yourself with the wineries and wonders of the U.S. West Coast with a Pacific Coastal cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Western Caribbean

Western Caribbean

Mayan ruins will astound you and Jamaican fare will delight you on a cruise to the Western Caribbean.

Norwegian Cruise Line Departure Ports

Looking for a getaway without the need to fly far, then Norwegian has options for you. The cruise line has ships leaving from New York, Boston, Miami, New Orleans and Seattle. If you do want to travel abroad they have ships in Europe leaving from ports like Venice, Barcelona and Copenhagen. Isn’t it time for you to cruise with Norwegian. Check out all of their itineraries on our site and then call us to discuss the best vacation option for you with our expert cruise consultants. 

Norwegian Cruise Line-Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

The mild temperatures in Auckland enhance an outdoorsy cruise destination. Tour the many beaches, hike beautiful mountain ranges or just wander Auckland’s city streets.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Baltimore, Maryland

Explore Baltimore’s rich history and culture as you visit the local neighborhoods which are home to important world changing events. 

Norwegian Cruise Line-Barcelona, Spain

Discover imaginative architecture, impressive Spanish dishes and beautiful excursions into nature when you cruise to Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Benoa (Bali), Indonesia

Benoa (Bali), Indonesia

For decades Bali has lured visitors with its beautiful beaches, forests and mountains and a culture that is devoted to the arts.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is home to great sports, great food and loads of history with the Freedom Trail and Harvard.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a charming European style city with the perfect combination of new world characteristics mixed with old world history and culture.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

See the beautiful sights of Cape Town, South Africa’s most visited city, which offers cruisers natural beauty, plentiful wine, historical significance and a sense of peace.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy

A cruise to Civitavecchia is a chance for you to hop a quick train to Rome and explore the enormous history through ruins, galleries and The Vatican museums.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a delightful city with some of the world’s most interesting places, like the longest pedestrian street and one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

A bustling city in Qatar, Doha is known for it's iconic skyline and stunning beaches on the Persian Gulf.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a modern city that people from all nationalities flock towards to indulge in designer clothes, fancy hotels and the high life.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Galveston, Texas

Galveston, Texas

Indulge in the local flavor with fresh Gulf shrimp, Galveston Bay oysters and pristine Gulf coast beaches as you relax in southern comfort in Galveston, Texas.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Haifa, Israel

Haifa, Israel

Located along the Mediterranean coastline and on the historic slope of Mount Carmel, you will find the traditional and contemporary city of Haifa, Israel.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Honolulu, with its near perfect weather every day and beautiful mountains and tropical landscapes, is a destination not to be missed.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a unique city that blends its two distinct influences – from its founding as the Christian capital of Constantinople to the Ottoman ruled Istanbul. Today you can discover both eras and the modern beauty in this thriving city.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Keelung (Taipei), Taiwan

Keelung (Taipei), Taiwan

Keelung (Taipei), Taiwan is a modern and cosmopolitan city that is perfectly infused with ancient traditions and culture.

Norwegian Cruise Line-La Romana, Dominican Republic

La Romana, Dominican Republic

La Romana is a beautiful resort-geared port located in the Caribbean. Explore the beaches and wander the streets of the old villages for equal parts relaxation and rejuvenation.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Laem Chabang (Bangkok), Thailand

Laem Chabang (Bangkok), Thailand

This enchanting city along the Chao Phraya River offering rich and ancient culture can be known as Laem Chabang (Bangkok) Thailand.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Le Havre (Paris), France

Le Havre (Paris), France

In Northern France, explore Le Havre, a city with modern architecture and one of the most inspiring collections of Impressionist artwork.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has deep cultural roots that are exposed through ruins and museum artifacts. Cruise to Lisbon and discover the culture and history of Portugal in its capital city.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Los Angeles, California

The possibilities are endless when cruising to or from the City of Angels. Let your inner rock star shine as you explore the many wonders of Los Angeles, California.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is sure to please with its historic sites and cultural richness.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Soak up the culture and relaxed environment of Melbourne as you take in the live music, sip some perfect coffee and explore all that this unique city has to offer.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Miami, Florida

In Miami, you’ll enjoy a small taste of the tropical weather many of you will experience during your cruise, and you’ll see why Miami is one of the most popular places to live in America.

Norwegian Cruise Line-New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Big Easy is one of the world’s most fascinating cities and a melting pot of culture, food and music.

Norwegian Cruise Line-New York, New York

Take in the incredible art scene of New York City, expand your cultural horizons in the city’s diverse neighborhoods and marvel at the architectural wonders.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Enjoy the great outdoors in Oslo, the beautiful and spacious capital of Norway, where the city includes lakes, forests and lots of history.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama

Enjoy the contrasts of the historic colonial-era landmarks and the bustling city life of Panama City, all surrounded by lush rainforests!

Norwegian Cruise Line-Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

This picture-perfect island is everything you ever dreamt of, from lush greenery inland and perfectly clear turquoise waters to the scent of gardenia from the coconut groves.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Piraeus (Athens), Greece

Learn about the Greek gods and the early philosophy of Socrates when you visit the incredible ruins left in Athens, Greece. At night, go out and take in the culture with the modern Athenians.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Port Canaveral, Florida

The seafood is fresh, the sun is shining and there’s a whole lot to do, so get out there and explore the city before, during and after your cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia

Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia

Heralded as the gateway to Malaysia, Port Klang is the cultural center of Malaysia, just miles from Kuala Lumpur. Explore the culture of Malaysia while you make lifelong memories.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Port Louis, Mauritius

Port Louis, Mauritius

Cruise to Port Louis in Mauritius for its natural beauty and stay to explore its fascinating past as a Dutch, French and British colony.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City, Quebec

It’s easy to be wowed by Quebec City as Old World Europe is mixed with North American cultures alongside breathtaking landscapes and the flowing Saint Lawrence River.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik was just a small village until seeing a major expansion after World War II, but this popular cruise destination still offers a small town feel different than any other European capital.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, one of the most visited cities in the southern hemisphere, has numerous activities for every desire. Cruise to Rio for the Carnival celebrations, natural environment, beautiful beaches and famous landmarks.

Norwegian Cruise Line-San Antonio, Santiago, Chile

San Antonio, Santiago, Chile

Experience the history of San Antonio or head to Santiago to experience everything Chile’s capital has to offer. The choice is yours!

Norwegian Cruise Line-San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is a gateway to the Caribbean with activities for everyone. Enjoy an old-world feel as you wander around Old San Juan, relax on the many beaches or explore the rainforests.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Seattle, Washington

Known as The Emerald City, Seattle is a beautiful, luscious city with incredible views of the Cascade Mountains and Elliott Bay. The city is full of activities for both water lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Seoul (Inchon), South Korea

Seoul (Inchon), South Korea

On a visit to Seoul, you’ll enjoy serene gardens, magnificent art and vibrant folklore along with new age technology, ultra-modern skyscrapers and a fast-paced city life. 

Norwegian Cruise Line-Seward, Alaska

Seward, Alaska

The beautiful small coastal town of Seward, which is most known for its picturesque scenic views and many visitors’ attractions, is a perfect addition for your next Alaska cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Southeast Asia’s most modern city, Singapore, also contains a lot of history and treasures from the past, along with a perfect tropical climate – all making Singapore a wonderful destination year round.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Southampton, England

The cruise port of Southampton features tons of diverse attractions that provide insight into England’s culture and storied past, including fortresses, gardens and national parks.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Stockholm, Sweden

Whether looking out into the city’s waterways, ancient castles or modern buildings, you’ll always have a great view when cruising to Stockholm, Sweden.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Sydney, Australia

The near perfect days, beautiful scenery, pristine beaches and sparkling water offer the perfect backdrop for any dream adventure in Sydney, Australia.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida

Whether it’s a trip to the historical streets of Ybor, a day in the Florida Aquarium or a nice Cuban-infused meal, your time in Tampa will make you consider a longer stay.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a dazzling city where you might be overwhelmed at first by its modernity but will find lots of interesting subcultures in its various neighborhoods.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Trieste, Italy

Trieste, Italy

Sit back and enjoy the sea breezes in Trieste, an Italian city that despite being close to Venice is more akin to Vienna, the capital of the Hapsburg Empire. 

Norwegian Cruise Line-Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway

Bundle up to experience the culture and beauty of Tromso, one of the largest cities within the Arctic Circle.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina

The unique location and beauty of Ushuaia is unmatched by many other destinations as the Andes Mountains meet the Southern Ocean. Cruise to Ushuaia for many incredible outdoor adventures.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Vancouver, British Columbia

Whether it’s your cruise destination or a launching point, Vancouver is a beautiful destination in itself with a sophisticated downtown and lots of natural elements to explore.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Whittier, Alaska

Whittier, Alaska

Experience the best of the Last Frontier in quaint Whittier, Alaska. Enjoy the clear water filled with salmon, red snapper and trout along with the freely roaming wildlife, all combining to make Whittier a treat to visit.

Norwegian Cruise Line-Yokohama, Japan

Yokohama, Japan

See Japanese history in person as you discover Yokohama, Japan’s biggest port city, where the country was first opened to outside trade after more than 200 years of seclusion.

Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

Norwegian cruise ships, like the exciting Norwegian Bliss, all-new Norwegian Prima and Viva and all the others below offer a variety of stateroom options, ranging from the extravagant 'Haven' accommodations to classic balcony staterooms the more reasonable (yet still supremely comfortable) inside staterooms.  Some of Norwegian's accommodations are studios, perfect for solo travelers! With Broadway shows, avant-garde dining and nightlife options, and a focus on "Freestyle Cruising," each ship is filled with all the amenities and activities you could ask for. Some of our favorite features include the Studio Cabins, the cruise line’s partnership with legendary sketch comedy group Second City and the fine French cuisine served at Le Bistro. 

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Bliss

  • Passenger Capacity: 4,004 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2018
  • Last Refurbished:  2021

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway

  • Passenger Capacity: 3,963 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2013
  • Last Refurbished: 2020

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Dawn

  • Passenger Capacity: 2,340 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2002
  • Last Refurbished: 2021

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Encore

Norwegian Encore

  • Passenger Capacity: 3,998 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2019
  • Last Refurbished: N/A

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic

  • Passenger Capacity: 4,200 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2010
  • Last Refurbished:  2020

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Escape

Norwegian Escape

  • Passenger Capacity: 4,266 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2015
  • Last Refurbished:  2022

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Gem

Norwegian Gem

  • Passenger Capacity: 2,394 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2007
  • Last Refurbished: 2022

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Getaway

  • Passenger Capacity:  3,963 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2014

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Jade

Norwegian Jade

  • Passenger Capacity: 2,402 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2006

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Jewel

Norwegian Jewel

  • Passenger Capacity: 2,376 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2005

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Joy

Norwegian Joy

  • Passenger Capacity: 3,852 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2017

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Pearl

Norwegian Pearl

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Prima

Norwegian Prima

  • Passenger Capacity: 3,099 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2022

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Sky

Norwegian Sky

  • Passenger Capacity: 2,004 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 1999

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Spirit

Norwegian Spirit

  • Passenger Capacity: 2,032 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 1998

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Star

Norwegian Star

  • Passenger Capacity: 2,348 (double occupancy)
  • Year Built: 2001

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun

  • Passenger Capacity: 1,936 (double occupancy)

Norwegian Cruise Line-Norwegian Viva

Norwegian Viva

  • Year Built: 2023

Norwegian Cruise Line-Pride Of America

Pride Of America

  • Passenger Capacity: 2,186 (double occupancy)

Photo Gallery for Norwegian Cruise Line Cruises

Before you experience “Freestyle Cruising” with Norwegian check out this photo gallery which features many of their ships, specialty dining options and innovative staterooms. 

Norwegian Getaway aerial Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Getaway aerial

NCL Spice H2O outdoor theater Norwegian Cruise

Spice H2O outdoor theater

Norwegian Pearl pool deck NCL

Norwegian Pearl pool deck

NCL Haven Courtyard Norwegian Cruise Line

Haven Courtyard

Norwegian Escape Haven Courtyard NCL Cruises

Norwegian Escape Haven Courtyard

Norwegian Breakaway ropes course NCL Cruises

Norwegian Breakaway ropes course

NCL Guest climbing the rockwall Norwegian Cruise

Guest climbing the rockwall

NCL Video Arcade Norwegian Cruise Line

Video Arcade

Norwegian Star teen club NCL Cruises

Norwegian Star teen club

NCL Underground Teen Club Norwegian Cruise Line

Underground Teen Club

NCL Kids Splashdown Club Norwegian Cruise Line

Kids Splashdown Club


O'Sheehans bowling alley

Norwegian Pearl Stardust Theater NCL Cruise

Norwegian Pearl Stardust Theater

NCL Ice Bar Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Getaway Sunset Waterfront

NCL Le Bistro Specialty Restaurant Norwegian Cruis

Le Bistro Specialty Restaurant

NCL Teppanyaki specialty dining Norwegian Cruise

Teppanyaki specialty restaurant

NCL Norwegian Getaway spa thermal suite

Norwegian Getaway spa thermal suite

NCL Norwegian Escape Spa Balcony

Norwegian Escape Spa Balcony

NCL Pride of America Penthouse Suite

Pride of America Penthouse Suite

Norwegian Gem Garden Villa stateroom

Norwegian Gem Garden Villa stateroom

NCL Norwegian Spirit balcony stateroom

Norwegian Spirit balcony stateroom

NCL Norwegian Epic spa suite balcony stateroom

Norwegian Epic spa suite balcony stateroom

NCL Hawaii Luau Kalamaku Norwegian Cruise Line

Hawaii Luau Kalamaku

NCL Greece, Santorini Norwegian Cruise Line

Greece, Santorini

NCL Blue Mosque Istanbul Turkey Norwegian Cruise

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

NCL Glacier Bay, Alaska Norwegian Cruise Line

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Norwegian Getaway aerial Norwegian Cruise Line

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Prepare for your cruise by pre-booking dining and shore excursions while at home. Once onboard, access Daily Activities and continue to book dining, shore excursions, and entertainment, and even stay in touch with friends and family using the chat and onboard-calling feature*. Key features include: Retrieve reservation details, view your E-docs, prepare and save time boarding with mobile check-in, and access directions to the pier. Organize vacation itineraries by pre-booking activities in advance and while onboard i.e. shore excursions, dinner reservations, entertainment, and make purchases including gifts (wine, flowers, and treats). Call and message guests onboard through the app, including Group Chat*. View ship itineraries, port information, and daily activities. Review your folio for onboard purchases in the app. Check Latitude Reward points and learn more about our CruiseNext program. Review disembarkation information including immigration and easy walk-off details. *Calling and Texting Package has a nominal one-time fee per person for making unlimited onboard calls and texts during your cruise.

Version 2.4.5

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Ratings and Reviews

78.4K Ratings

Not perfect, but very useful

Overall, this app worked well and was a tremendous help to my group...being able to search through the restaurants was the biggest advantage to this app (and being able to book reservations directly from it was supper convenient). Again, overall, extremely useful. One thing I used frequently while on my cruise was the “what’s happening” feature...this shows all of the things happening in the next 24 hours (I was constantly looking at it to see what options were coming up). The one thing I didn’t like about this feature is that you can’t tap an item and get more information...that would have been EXTREMELY useful because some titles didn’t lend themselves well to what that event actually was. Another change I’d like to see (and some others have said the same thing) are menus for all restaurants...most have “sample menus” (which is better than nothing), but some don’t have anything so you don’t really know what they serve.

Good and Bad

The good is that this app gives a great overview of whats on board the ship your on. I used to turn on the tv to see whats going on and to check my acct and such, but now I can find it all in the palm of my hands. The app works through the ships wifi so you can see all this info wherever you are. The downside of the app is the messaging and talk which is a paid feature. My family all paid for thinking itd be a great way to stay in touch while at different areas of the ship. However it definitely needs improvment since its a paid service. I had problems hearing the ringer since many times theres enough ambient noise to drown the ringer out. The ringer isnt the normal ringer on my phone which is defintely loud and also vibrates. Also several times when my phone rang, I wasnt able to pick up from my home screen and could only hang up and dial back. NCL should definitely study and immitate how other chat apps such as LINE, wechat, or whatsapp implement their messaging and calling. I felt that NCLs first attempt at this felt like the app is still in the beta stage and needs more debugging and refining. Hopefully some improvements will be made by the next time Im on board.

Useful, but needs some tweaks

Good features like showing my cruise account balance, my plans, and the ship's itinerary. Plus all the places to eat, be entertained, makes it really easy to find where to go. Very easy to book excursions. When the app is working properly, it improves my cruise experience. Activate/deactivate internet packages, etc. For the first several days of my cruise, the daily events/what's happening wasn't being updated so I had to take photos of the paper schedule to have it on my phone. Also the app has problems logging in to my account if I switch from ship wifi to cellular. Has other issues loading data. The part of the app that shows what's happening morning/afternoon/evening (the week view with tabs) was empty for the entire cruise. Overall a must to have for NCL cruises. Good experience, just needs a few tweaks

App Privacy

The developer, Norwegian Cruise Line® , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Contact Info
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  • Diagnostics

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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Celebrity Edge

Debuted in December 2018, the 2,918-passenger Celebrity Edge stands out for its modernity. The Edge is dressed to the nines in contemporary designs and features a diverse array of technologies, amenities, activities and dining venues on board. Passengers can delight in the ship's rooftop garden, take a dip in one of many ocean-facing pools, work up a sweat on the jogging track or relax at the on-site spa.

You'll find plenty of evening entertainment options, too, including themed bars and lounges, a club and a theater showcasing a variety of productions. The Edge was the first Celebrity ship fitted with the Magic Carpet – the line's cantilevered venue at sea that travels 13 stories. The open-air venue can be repositioned alongside several decks, allowing it to transform from a live music venue to a bar to an exclusive specialty restaurant, depending on its location.

For dining, passengers have 29 options to choose from. These include four main restaurants and specialty options serving a range of cuisines, from sashimi to French bistro classics. After a bite to eat, take a break and relax in your modern stateroom or suite. Every room offers technology that allows guests to control temperature, service and lighting with a touch screen. What's more, with a roughly 2-to-1 passenger-to-crew ratio, service across the ship will be spot on.

Celebrity Edge makes sailings across Europe, Asia, Australia and more. 

U.S. News Insider Tip: On Edge Series ships, park yourself at the Sunset Bar with a spicy margarita every evening – it’s the best spot on the ship to watch for the fabled green flash. – Skye Sherman, Contributor

crociere norwegian cruise line

Celebrity Beyond

Launched in April 2022, Celebrity Beyond is the third ship in the cruise line's Edge Series, capable of holding up to 3,260 passengers and 1,400 crew members. On board, guests have their pick of 32 food and beverage venues serving everything from Greek to French to Italian cuisine; there are also several cocktail bars and lounges where guests can grab a drink.

One of the highlights of Celebrity Beyond is its 4,500-piece art collection, which includes works by travel photographers and international artists. There is also no shortage of unique entertainment options; these range from acrobatic shows to juggling mixologist performances. To enjoy stunning water views, enjoy Celebrity's "Magic Carpet," a large platform that hangs off the edge of the ship and moves from deck to deck.

Staterooms offer amenities like plush bathrobes, comfortable Cashmere mattresses and flat-screen TVs; many also come with private verandas. For a one-of-a-kind experience, splurge on a room in The Retreat. This resort-within-a-resort features villas and suites with added luxuries like plunge pools, hot tubs and butlers. Plus, guests of The Retreat have exclusive access to a private sundeck, restaurant and lounge, along with an onboard credit that can be used however you see fit.

Celebrity Beyond sails to a variety of popular Mediterranean and Caribbean destinations, including the French Riviera, Italy, Mexico and more. 

U.S. News Insider Tip: On Celebrity Beyond, if you're lucky, your drink might be poured by Captain Kate McCue herself during the nightly flair bartender show at the Grand Plaza Martini Bar. Make sure to follow her behind-the-scenes adventures on Instagram. – Skye Sherman, Contributor

crociere norwegian cruise line

Debuted in October 2021, Rotterdam welcomes up to 2,668 guests. The name hearkens back to the line's founding in the late 19th century, when its first ship, Rotterdam, sailed from the Netherlands to New York. Though the ship's name is rooted in the cruise line's past, its amenities are anything but antiquated. 

Among Rotterdam's standout facilities is World Stage, a performance venue that features a two-story, 270-degree wraparound LED screen that creates a panorama of light and sound for audience members. For more entertainment, passengers can catch a performance at any of the ship's numerous music venues, including the Rolling Stone Rock Room and B.B. King's Blues Club.

When travelers aren't grooving to live tunes, they can test their luck at the onboard casino or relax at the spa. Meanwhile, kids can play the day away at the Kids Club. Foodies will be pleased to hear the ship offers eight dining options, including Rudi's Sel de Mer, a French brasserie, and Tamarind, which highlights the culinary traditions of Southeast Asia, China and Japan.

Cabins range in size from 143 square feet to 1,290 square feet, with some of the luxury suites boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, whirlpool baths and verandas with hot tubs.

Sailings aboard Rotterdam depart from ports like Fort Lauderdale, Florida , and Amsterdam to destinations in the Caribbean, Europe and the Panama Canal.

U.S. News Insider Tip: The art collection aboard Rotterdam is valued at more than $4.1 million and has 2,645 pieces of diverse works ranging in value from $500 to $620,000. Take some time to walk around the ship to explore the collections. Each of the three stairwells has a theme that reaches from top to bottom: architecture, music or zoology. – Jill Schildhouse, Contributor

crociere norwegian cruise line

Celebrity Apex

The Celebrity Apex – which made its inaugural sailing in June 2021 – can hold up to 2,910 passengers and 1,320 crew members. Guests can wine and dine at 29 restaurants, bars and lounges, then spend the night testing their luck at the casino or enjoying live music at the Magic Carpet (which offers great ocean views). Specialty restaurants include a steakhouse and a raw bar, while main dining options feature Mediterranean, Italian and French cuisines. There are also meeting spaces and multipurpose areas on board, as well as upscale shops. 

Visit the spa or adults-only Solarium pool to stay relaxed throughout your stay at sea. For younger travelers, there are some kid-friendly areas of the ship – such as a Camp at Sea. However, the ship is geared more toward adult clientele (or families with older children) looking for a relaxing escape.

The ship's staterooms, which start at 181 square feet, offer smart TVs, customizable air conditioning and plenty of storage space. Many rooms also offer private verandas. If you're willing to splurge, consider booking a room in The Retreat. This exclusive section of the ship features luxury accommodations as well as access to a private restaurant, sun deck and lounge. Plus, rooms in The Retreat offer more space, measuring up to 1,892 square feet.

The Celebrity Apex sails to European destinations like Greece, Italy, Croatia and Portugal, as well as to Caribbean hot spots like St. Thomas , Puerto Rico , Belize and Grand Cayman . 

crociere norwegian cruise line

Resilient Lady

An adults-only, LGBTQ-friendly cruise ship, Resilient Lady has a capacity of 2,770 passengers and 1,150 crew members. Since setting sail in May 2023, Virgin Voyages' third ship has received praise among travelers for its exceptional dining scene and exciting entertainment options. With onboard experiences ranging from acrobatic performances to comedy shows to themed parties, Resilient Lady is best for travelers who are seeking an upbeat and social atmosphere.  

When you've worked up an appetite from your activity-filled day, grab a bite at one of the ship's 20-plus eateries, which serve everything from Mexican to Asian to Italian fare. Although all food is included, reservations are still required at many restaurants. There is also no shortage of bars to choose from, whether you want to sample The Loose Cannon's signature cocktails or sip some bubbly in the Champagne lounge.

Standard Insider rooms range from 105 to 177 square feet. All accommodations come equipped with comforts like flat-screen TVs, rain showers, mood lighting and convertible Seabeds. For more room, opt for one of the ship's RockStar Quarters. These upgraded suites feature extras like a terrace with a hammock, European king-size mattresses and spacious marble bathrooms.

Resilient Lady sails to a variety of destinations in Europe and the South Pacific, including top destinations such as Athens, Greece ; Sydney ; and Dubrovnik, Croatia .

U.S. News Insider Tip:  The Wake boasts the most ambiance of all eateries on Virgin Voyages vessels by far, so make sure to lock in reservations when you can. This upscale restaurant offers prime entrees with plenty of upgrade options for those who want to splurge. This establishment also features huge windows that provide incredible views of the ocean from the back of the ship. –  Holly Johnson, Contributor

crociere norwegian cruise line

Symphony of the Seas

The 6,680-passenger, 2,200-crew-member Symphony of the Seas set sail in 2018 and features 18 decks packed with activities.

For heart-pounding fun, travelers will find a surf simulator, an indoor ice skating rink, two 40-foot rock walls, a zip line and a 10-story slide. Meanwhile, relaxation seekers can unwind in the spa, sip cocktails made by robotic bartenders or stroll through the Central Park -inspired neighborhood.

Onboard snacks and meals are served at 20 quick-service and sit-down eateries. The Main Dining Room is where the ship's traditional, complimentary dinners are provided nightly, but specialty options like a steakhouse, a bistro and a Johnny Rockets outpost are also available. What's more, cruisers can dine at Jamie's Italian, a restaurant helmed by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

After filling up on gourmet fare, passengers can retreat to their cabins, all of which include work desks, flat-screen TVs and minibars. Guests can choose from 149-square-foot Interior Staterooms, some of which have virtual balconies with real-time views of the ocean, or opt for upgraded cabins with furnished balconies and up to 1,524 square feet of space. Select suites also feature two bedrooms, whirlpool tubs and dining rooms.

Symphony of the Seas departs from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, Miami , Fort Lauderdale, Rome and Barcelona for sailings throughout the Caribbean and Europe.

U.S. News Insider Tip: If you’re on one of the 19 Royal Caribbean ships that have a FlowRider, like Symphony of the Seas (which has two!), reserve a private lesson with a pro. For a small fee, you'll save yourself some embarrassment and get more ride time. – Skye Sherman, Contributor

crociere norwegian cruise line

Odyssey of the Seas

Launched in July 2021, the Odyssey of the Seas holds 5,498 passengers and 1,550 crew members. Royal Caribbean's latest ship is the first Quantum Ultra Class vessel to sail in the United States. As a member of this class, Odyssey of the Seas offers standout amenities like RipCord by iFLY, billed as the only skydiving simulator available at sea, and the FlowRider, a 40-foot-long surf simulator. There is also the North Star observation capsule, which hoists guests 300 feet above sea level over the cruise ship to enjoy unparalleled views below. 

In addition to these thrilling activities, the ship comes equipped with standard facilities like pools, an arcade, a spa, a fitness center with classes, kids clubs and shopping venues. There are also 15 dining options, ranging from Japanese fare to all-you-can-eat buffets to Starbucks. For drinks, the ship offers nine bars and lounges, giving passengers plenty of places to enjoy libations. Entertainment options include theatrical performances, live music, a casino, outdoor movie nights and more. 

As far as cabins go, cruisers can choose between Interior, Ocean View, and Balcony staterooms, as well as suite accommodations and new Virtual Balcony rooms. These technologically advanced cabins feature floor-to-ceiling displays that project real-time views of the sights and sounds from the outside of the ship. 

Odyssey of the Seas sails to ports in Europe, as well as to various destinations in the Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Cape Liberty, New Jersey.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Scarlet Lady

The first ship within the Virgin Voyages fleet, the adults-only Scarlet Lady welcomes more than 2,770 passengers and 1,160 crew members. Debuted in October 2021, the Scarlet Lady boasts a collection of unique amenities not often found on cruise ships, including a tattoo studio, a record shop and a blow-dry bar. And instead of a buffet or a dining hall, the Scarlet Lady offers a collection of more than 20 specialty restaurants, all covered by the cruise fare. Standouts include Extra Virgin, a traditional Italian restaurant serving handmade pasta, and Gunbae, a Korean barbecue eatery.

The Scarlet Lady also deviates from cruise industry tradition when it comes to onboard entertainment. Instead of Broadway classics, cruisers will be treated to six original shows, along with "micro plays" that are performed throughout the ship.

Cabin sizes range from 105 to 177 square feet for the Insider rooms to nearly 2,150 square feet for the RockStar Quarters suites. The latter are outfitted with marble bathrooms and serviced by RockStar Agents who are available to assist guests 24/7. All accommodations feature mood lighting, minibars, free Wi-Fi and adjustable Seabeds, which allow travelers to transform their beds into couches when they want to entertain.

The Scarlet Lady sails to destinations in the Caribbean, like the Bahamas , from Miami .

U.S. News Insider Tip:  Use the app to book dinner reservations as far out from your sailing as you can, or 45 days out for most sailors. If you wait until closer to time or until you're on board, you will likely find that the most popular restaurants and dining times are all booked up. –  Holly Johnson, Contributor

crociere norwegian cruise line

MSC Euribia

MSC Euribia, named after the Greek goddess of mastery of the sea, launched in June 2023. MSC Euribia stands out with its commitment to sustainability (the ship runs on liquid natural gas, or LNG) and art-filled aesthetic (with original works of art throughout the ship and a "Save the Sea" motif on the hull).

Entertainment options abound, with an immersive gallery, a sports center, a theater, a casino and seven rooms dedicated to kids and teenagers. Five pools and a water park are also available. The Galleria, the main promenade featuring a dazzling LED sky dome, is a hub for shopping and dining.

With MSC Euribia's 10 dining venues, passengers can choose from formal Italian, fast-casual tacos, a sushi bar, a buffet, a crepe shop and more. What's more, the ship offers 21 bars, including a British pub, a wine bar and upscale cocktail lounges, as well as the Carousel Lounge, where passengers can dance to music of varying genres.

MSC Euribia holds up to 6,327 guests and 1,711 crew members. Staterooms range from the 129-square-foot Interior Studio to the 420-square-foot Grand Suite with a whirlpool and terrace. MSC Yacht Club Suites, which offer access to exclusive perks like butler service and a dedicated sun deck, are also available.

Most MSC Euribia itineraries sail through northern Europe, particularly the Norwegian fjords and destinations including Amsterdam ; Paris ; Hamburg, Germany ; Copenhagen, Denmark ; and Bruges, Belgium . Cruises to the Middle East, including ports like Doha, Qatar, and Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, will also be offered. 

U.S. News Insider Tip: If you’re dead set on cruising in the MSC Yacht Club, you’ll want to be selective with the vessel and itinerary you choose. Many older MSC ships do not offer a Yacht Club section, including the Poesia, Armonia, Lirica, Musica and Opera. – Holly Johnson, Contributor

crociere norwegian cruise line

Carnival Panorama

A member of Carnival Cruise Line's Vista class, the Carnival Panorama debuted in December 2019 as the first new Carnival ship homeported on the West Coast in 20 years. With a capacity of 4,008 guests and 1,450 crew, Panorama is one of Carnival's largest ships.

Among the ship's standout amenities is the Sky Zone – a trampoline park that offers dodgeball and basketball games, toddler bounce sessions and more. Other unique Carnival amenities found on the ship include a suspended bicycle in the air called SkyRide, a sprawling water park, the Cloud 9 Spa and an open-air recreation area and ropes course.

Dining options on board are just as diverse. In fact, there are more than a dozen dining venues aboard Carnival Panorama, including multiple Guy Fieri eateries, a sushi restaurant, a steakhouse, a seafood eatery and more.

Carnival Panorama offers the line's typical range of accommodation classes (Interior, Ocean View, Balcony and Suite) along with Family Harbor and Havana staterooms and suites. Havana Cabana Suites feature rain showers and patios equipped with hammock chairs, along with exclusive access to the Havana Bar & Pool. Meanwhile, Family Harbor accommodations are located next to the ship's Family Harbor Lounge and afford guests special perks, such as a free evening of babysitting and complimentary kids meals in the onboard specialty restaurants.

Sailing from Los Angeles , the ship cruises to destinations in Mexico, including Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas . It also departs from Singapore for transpacific voyages. 

Disclaimers about ship ratings: A ship’s Health Rating is based on vessel inspection scores published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If a ship did not receive a CDC score within 22 months prior to the calculation of its Overall Rating, its Health Rating appears as N/A; in such a case, the ship’s Overall Rating is calculated using the average Health Rating of all CDC-rated ships within the cruise line. All ship Traveler Ratings are based on ratings provided under license by

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How can i find a cheap cruise.

Cheap cruise deals are fairly easy to find in most cases, and you can begin by considering what kind of features and itinerary you want. The more simplistic the experience is, the cheaper it is in general. On, you can filter for specific features and sort your results by price. By mixing and matching certain features, unforgettable experiences may be available with discount cruises. For example, booking a cruise with stunning restaurants and live performances while opting for an inside cabin without an ocean view window or balcony could be ideal for a traveler who doesn't plan on spending much time in their cabin anyways

What is the cheapest month to take a cruise?

The cheapest month to take a cruise varies based on your destination and the cruise line company that runs the ship. A Caribbean cruise , for example, is generally cheapest in the late summer and early fall since it's the local hurricane season.

Can I cancel my cruise booking?

Yes, you can cancel, but there may be fees for canceling depending on how far in advance you cancel and what kind of booking you have. You can check the specific cruise lines’ cancellation policies in your itinerary on

Are river cruises worth the money?

River cruises are quite relaxing, with much more varied scenery than you'd experience on an ocean cruise. These ships often also feature several stops along the river, so passengers can enjoy a greater variety of destinations to explore. Viking river cruises are especially adept at providing this unforgettable experience.

What cruises are best for families?

The best family cruises in 2024 / 2024 tend to be Disney cruises with plenty of offerings for kids and adults alike, though MSC cruises are known for their iconic Children Cruise Free promotion. Disney cruises, specifically, are essentially a Disney theme park on a boat with live shows, rides, and attractions with your kids' favorite characters.

How much does a cruise ship cost?

Cruise prices can vary quite a bit, with cheap cruises and especially luxurious all-inclusive cruises available. Budget lines can offer cruise tickets as low as $50 per night in some cases, while the more high-end experiences can reach up to $1,000 per night and more.

What are some of the best cruise lines?

Several different cruise lines have a lot to offer, such as Viking cruises , which are known for traversing oceans and rivers with a style that blends outdoor and indoor splendor. Celebrity cruise line is more upscale with luxurious features like WiFi, included beverages, champagne, and suites with panoramic views. Other top cruise lines include Royal Caribbean International , Carnival Cruise , Disney Cruise , and Norwegian Cruise .

How far in advance do you need to book a cruise?

It's generally best to book a cruise about 6 to 12 months before your cruise departure. That's the safest way to balance availability and affordability. Technically, you can book earlier or later than that, with some last-minute cruise deals occasionally available up to a weekbefore cruise departure.

Are cruise trips affordable?

They can be, and it's especially simple to search for more affordable cruises with Not only can you filter by cruise length, cruise line, and cabin experience, but you may also sort your results by price to put the more affordable options first on your search results page.

What is it like to go on a cruise?

A cruise is generally designed to offer the most relaxing experience possible. Despite the size of the ship, it's possible to feel the wave. Many passengers report that the movements help them sleep. Additionally, many fun cruises offer live stage performances, several restaurants, and shopping opportunities. When the ship is in international waters, you may even be able to enjoy a bit of tax-free shopping.

Are cruises a good way to travel?

Cruise travel is great if you're looking for some varied fun. Compared to a plane or a train, cruises have their own attractions and can be considered an integral part of cruise vacations. Plus, a cruise can hit several different destinations as well, with plenty of time to enjoy the cruise and scenic locales. It's certainly worth it for a unique experience no other method of travel can match.

Which cruise line is the cheapest?

The actual cheapest cruise available depends on a variety of different factors. Still, Carnival Cruise tends to be very affordable overall, most of the time with great options like the Carnival Sunrise and Carnival Horizon . Royal Caribbean is also another fantastic cruise line offering great deals if you are watching your budget.

How can I get the best cruise deals in 2024 / 2024?

If you're looking for some of the best cruise deals, booking through makes it easy since you can sort your cruise search results by price and have access to special deals. One Key members can earn  OneKeyCash  on all eligible bookings and get instant discounts with Member Prices. Sign up today!

What do I need to know when I book a cruise?

To book a cruise, you'll need to know where you'll be setting off from and where you'll be going, in addition to how many people will be with you and the features of the specific cruise you book. Keep in mind that you'll want to factor in spending money in your budget for the cruise's restaurants and shops in most cases.

Where should I go on a cruise in 2024 / 2024?

Plenty of incredible cruise destinations are accessible such as cruises to the Bahamas and cruises to Mexico . You may also be interested in cruises to Alaska or cruises to Europe for something outside of the Caribbean.

What countries are best to visit by cruise ship?

A lot of countries are accessible via a cruise, but the best include a cruise to Australia . However, a cruise to Australia is quite a long trip at sea and really allows you to take in everything the cruise ship has to offer.

Can I get last-minute cruise deals?

Yes, last-minute cruise deals are often available, and you can find them on by inputting your travel dates in your search and sorting your results by price. The deals will automatically be applied to the price estimates so that the cheapest estimates will show up first on your search results page.

Are cruises all-inclusive?

Cruises aren't always all-inclusive, but they can be. If you're interested in all-inclusive cruises, you can activate a search filter for it to ensure your search results only show cruises that meet your all-inclusive standard.

Is food free on a cruise?

Food is sometimes free on a cruise, but there are often specialty restaurants that aren't included with the general booking that you'll have to pay for separately. Check the details of each cruise before you book in the "What's included" section after clicking the cruise on your search results page.

What cruise lines are adults only?

Several lines offer adults-only cruise experiences, including Viking cruises , Carnival cruises , and Princess cruises . With an adults-only cruise, you can relax in a tranquil and laid-back setting without kids running around and enjoy all the cocktails you want.

What cruise lines are considered to be the most luxurious?

Viking cruises are considered exceptionally luxurious, with smaller ships and larger cabins that make them feel more exclusive, but Celebrity cruises offer luxury cruise lines too. Booking a luxury cruise means you can expect high-end amenities including gourmet restaurants, sizable suites, top-tier performances, massive pools, and much more.

What are the best cruises for couples?

Viking Cruises have much to offer for a more romantic experience. Holland America Line cruises can be quite refined and romantic as well, with an adult-oriented experience that's sophisticated rather than rowdy. Romantic cruises offer exceptional service as well as cozy suites for you and your partner to enjoy that's complemented by delicious food often themed around the cruise destination.

Why should I go on a cruise for my honeymoon?

Going on a cruise is a great way for you and your new spouse to be pampered with luxury while also being able to explore a new destination. Whether you're taking a cruise to Hawaii or a cruise to Bermuda , a particularly romantic experience is almost guaranteed thanks to the sheer number of things to do.

Are there any Christmas cruises?

Yes, quite a few cruise lines operate around Christmas, and you can find them easily by entering travel dates around Christmas into your 2024 cruise search. Some of the most popular Christmas cruises are available with Carnival and Disney.

Do I need a passport to go on a cruise?

Whether or not you need a passport depends on where you're going and the kind of cruise it is. Any US territory like Bermuda and Puerto Rico won't require a passport, of course, but you also don't need one if you're on a closed-loop cruise. This is a cruise that begins and ends at a US cruise terminal, even if there are stops in other countries on the way.

Why should I book a cruise with

Booking a cruise with makes it easy to find a cruise type that works best for you. You can use the cruise finder and sort by cruise line, type, destination, length, and itinerary. One Key members also earn OneKeyCash on all eligible bookings that can be used to save on future eligible trips.

What happens if a cruise is canceled?

Every cruise has a different cancellation policy, but generally, passengers are entitled to either a full refund or a credit for a future cruise at a later date. Remember that they may automatically change your booking to their rescheduled date, so you may have to contact them if that date doesn't work for your schedule.

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Alaska Cruise Tours:

A cruise tour is a voyage and land tour combination, with the land tour occurring before or after the voyage. Unless otherwise noted, optional services such as airfare, airport transfers, shore excursions, land tour excursions, etc. are not included and are available for an additional cost.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Ideal for first-time cruisers, freestyle cruising.

  • Digital Costco Shop Card with Every Sailing

The ships of Norwegian Cruise Line offer a casual yet contemporary and upbeat environment.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a fun, lively experience, and the Freestyle format offers a less-traditional approach to dining with a more casual dress code. Combined, the ships of Norwegian Cruise Line are a favorite choice for families. Itineraries span the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico and more. Plus, receive a Digital Costco Shop Card with every sailing.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Featured Deals

Buyer's choice hawaii cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line | Pride of America Exclusive Included Amenities and a Digital Costco Shop Card

7 Nights from $999*

European Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Line Venice, Athens, Barcelona and More Digital Costco Shop Card with Every Sailing

Free at Sea Event

Norwegian Cruise Line Receive Up to 5 Amenities Including Beverages, Dining and More Digital Costco Shop Card with Every Sailing

Prima Class Ships

Norwegian Cruise Line Experience a New Class of Ship Digital Costco Shop Card with Every Sailing

Great Stirrup Cay and Dominican Republic Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line | Norwegian Encore Digital Costco Shop Card, Round-Trip Miami

7 Nights from $399*

Hawaii Inter-Island Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line | Pride of America Digital Costco Shop Card, Round-Trip Honolulu

7 Nights from $899*

Cabo and Puerto Vallarta Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line | Norwegian Bliss Digital Costco Shop Card, Round-Trip Los Angeles

7 Nights from $649*

Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line | Norwegian Sky Digital Costco Shop Card, Singapore to Keelung

13 Nights from $1,749*

Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line | Norwegian Sun Digital Costco Shop Card, Port Kelang - Benoa, Bali

12 Nights from $399*

Germany, Norway and Poland Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line | Norwegian Dawn Digital Costco Shop Card, Stockholm to Copenhagen

11 Nights from $1,779*

Barbados, Antigua and St. Lucia Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line | Norwegian Viva Digital Costco Shop Card, Round-Trip San Juan

7 Nights from $1,179*

Great Stirrup Cay and Cozumel Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line | Norwegian Epic Digital Costco Shop Card, Round-Trip Port Canaveral

7 Nights from $479*

*Price shown is per person based on double occupancy and is valid for select stateroom categories only. Click on the Terms & Conditions link below for details.

Explore Norwegian Cruise Line Ships

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Aqua

Costco member reviews.

Not Yet Rated

Member reviews become available after at least 5 are received in order to provide you with an accurate picture of this travel product.

Introducing the all-new Norwegian Aqua, the next stunning ship in a brand-new Prima Class, designed to live life to the fullest. Guests will stay connected to the ocean with extraordinary experiences that bring them closer to the horizon, unwind in our most spacious accommodations to date and experience first-rate service so they can live it up every second.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Bliss

4.3 of 5 stars

Imagine exhilaration while exploring the wilds of Alaska. Imagine relaxation upon finding your slice of paradise in The Caribbean. Imagine Bliss. That’s what you’ll experience when you vacation on board Norwegian Bliss. Custom-built for the spectacular, Norwegian Bliss features a revolutionary Observation Lounge for you to soak in every stunning moment, from bald eagles soaring over glaciers to dolphins splashing through warm turquoise waters. Come aboard and experience the best dining, entertainment, and amenities at sea against a backdrop of unrivaled natural beauty. Whether you choose to go tropical or a little wild, there’s one word to describe the experiences awaiting you on one of Norwegian’s newest ships: Bliss.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Breakaway

4.1 of 5 stars

Norwegian Breakaway is ready to whisk you away to the tropics. Take a Bermuda cruise and build a pink sand castle in the spring and summer. Warm up your fall and winter on a Southern Caribbean cruise. Or swim with dolphins in the Bahamas and Florida. Breathe in the fresh ocean air and connect with the sea like never before along The Waterfront, a quarter-mile oceanfront promenade lined with restaurants, bars and spectacular views. Indulge in 29 dining experiences, including three new, dedicated seafood venues. And enjoy dazzling Broadway performances - Rock of Ages, Burn the Floor and Cirque Dreams & Dinner Jungle Fantasy.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Dawn

4.0 of 5 stars

Norwegian Dawn is built for Freestyle Cruising with 14 dining options, nine bars and lounges, fitness center and spa, Broadway Theater, casino, three pools and more - making sure you never run out of things to see and do on your trip.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Encore

Whip around the Norwegian Encore Speedway, the largest race track at sea. Experience an otherworldly virtual reality wonderland at Galaxy Pavilion. Raise the roof every night at our spectacular shows: winner of six Tony Awards®, Kinky Boots is a must-see Broadway hit, or sing along to classic rock hits at The Choir Of Man. Give your taste buds a double dose of delicious at the many dining options, including the brand-new Onda by Scarpetta. Do all this and so much more on Norwegian Encore. Because once is never enough.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Epic

Explore the history of the Mediterranean, feel the balmy breezes of the Caribbean, or just sit back and relax while you cruise across the Atlantic. Whatever you choose to do, Norwegian Epic is sure to dazzle. Awarded Best Cruise Ship Entertainment by Frommer’s, Norwegian Epic keeps the bar high with two dazzling shows: Burn the Floor and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Not only is Norwegian Epic offering world-class performers but a new wave of accommodations as well - from Studios, designed and priced for the solo traveler, to privacy in The Haven. Add a wide variety of dining options and you'll understand why this is Freestyle Cruising on a truly grand scale.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Escape

4.2 of 5 stars

Get ready to sail on one of the most exciting ships on the seas! Norwegian Escape is ready to whisk you away to The Caribbean from Miami and Orlando, Canada & New England and Bermuda from New York, and the Mediterranean and Northern Europe from London, Rome or Berlin. Indulging in every whim is what unforgettable vacations are made of. Get ready to chase sunsets on The Waterfront. Sip on some of Napa's best blends at The cellars, A Michael Mondavi Family Wine Bar. Or try our unique specialty hand-crafted cocktails. Be dazzled by Broadway hits like After Midnight. Discover a new world of freedom and flexibility on Norwegian Escape.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Gem

On board, you'll find 16 dining options and 13 exciting bars and lounges where you can just hang out. There's even a bowling alley (a cruise industry first!) and rock climbing wall.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Getaway combines the wonderful amenities Norwegian has to offer with unforgettable destinations. Stroll The Waterfront, an innovative, industry-first open-air promenade designed to connect guests with the ocean like no other cruise line. Indulge in more than 28 dining options, experience the thrill of five water slides, and three levels of action-packed activities in the sports complex. The excitement and entertainment continues with the Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet. Get ready to explore the white sand beaches and deep-blue waters on a Bahamas or Caribbean cruise, explore the history of the Baltic on a Europe Cruise, or just relax at sea on a Transatlantic cruise.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Jade

Your dream vacation is waiting on the Norwegian Jade. Sail on a Mediterranean cruise and explore castles, cathedrals, romantic islands and sophisticated cities of Europe. Or toss your schedule to the breeze on a Caribbean Cruise and bask on pristine beaches while enjoying island cocktails. As you cruise from port to port along stunning coastlines, you'll be entertained day and night with exciting nightclubs, award-winning restaurants, a grand casino, swimming pools, a pampering spa and so much more. There's tons of fun for kids too, so bring the whole family and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Jewel

Norwegian Jewel is like a giant, floating luxury resort with swimming pools, hot tubs, a health spa, casino, plus much more to customize your vacation. Sixteen dining options, including 24-hour room service, and 13 bars and lounges.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Joy

Norwegian Joy is the ultimate Breakaway Plus Class vessel, joining Norwegian Bliss as a sister ship. It offers guests the superior service, world-class entertainment, signature dining and onboard experiences that Norwegian Cruise Line is known for around the globe. This ship pairs innovative design and modern luxurious décor with an array of options that allows guests the freedom and flexibility to enjoy their vacation at their own unique pace and style. Norwegian Joy features many of the same great amenities plus some new, exciting features.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Pearl

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Prima

3.8 of 5 stars

To the trailblazers and the tastemakers. To the first-time seekers and explorers of the extraordinary. This one was made for you. Welcome aboard Norwegian Prima, the first in a new class of ships designed to elevate every expectation. Explore the greater wide open with the most outdoor deck space of any new cruise ship. Unwind in the most spacious accommodations and enjoy first-rate service so you won’t wait a second for that second round. Be the First to discover a new experience at sea. Images of ship are an artist rendering.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Sky

When you cruise to the Bahamas from Miami for 3- or 4- days aboard Norwegian Sky, you'll get to experience all the freedom and flexibility of our exclusive Freestyle Cruising.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Spirit

Norwegian Spirit's accommodations give you whatever you need to vacation your way. There's something for everyone including spacious suites, over 300 family friendly connecting staterooms and nearly 600 ocean view staterooms - most with private balconies.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Star

Norwegian Star is built for Freestyle Cruising with 13 dining options, nine bars and lounges, fitness center and spa, Broadway Theater, casino, three pools and more - making sure you never run out of things to see and do on your trip.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun was built specifically for Freestyle Cruising, so whether you want to rejuvenate at the Body Waves Spa, hang with friends at the Sun Club Casino or simply do nothing at all - they've got you covered.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Viva

Introducing the all-new Norwegian Viva, the next stunning ship in a brand-new Prima Class, designed to live life to the fullest. Guests will stay connected to the ocean with extraordinary experiences that bring them closer to the horizon, unwind in our most spacious accommodations to date and experience first-rate service so they can live it up every second. Images are an artist rendering.

crociere norwegian cruise line

Pride of America

Aloha! Come aboard Pride of America, the only cruise ship that sails round trip from Honolulu year-round so you can vacation on your schedule. As you journey from one exotic island to the next, learn about the Hawaiian culture through the eyes of native ambassadors on board the ship. Island hop Hawaii in style, with a wide variety of restaurants and bars and lounges, excellent family accommodations, spacious suites and balconies – perfect for whale watching, witnessing Kilauea Volcano or taking in the dramatic views of the Napali Coast.

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Ship Rating

5 of 5 stars

An outstanding luxury cruise experience with an exceptional level of attention to detail. Expect superb service from all levels of officers and staff.

4.0 of 5 stars

A very good quality all-around cruise experience aboard a ship that offers a range of facilities and services.

3.0 of 5 stars

A decent, unpretentious cruise experience, with a moderate amount of space and quality in furnishing and fittings.

2.0 of 5 stars

A modest quality cruise experience with less attention to detail and service.

1.0 of 5 stars

Expect a very basic cruise experience with minimal attention to service, hospitality and finesse.

0.5 of 5 stars

Offers some, but not all, of the amenities and services associated with the next highest star rating.

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Norwegian Cruise Line cancels more than 7 months of sailings

crociere norwegian cruise line

Norwegian Cruise Line has canceled more than seven months of sailings on its Norwegian Sun ship.

The line scrapped the vessel’s planned itineraries from March 28 through and including Nov. 3, 2025, because of “a fleet redeployment,” Norwegian said in a letter to guests and travel partners Tuesday, which it shared with USA TODAY. 

The line is giving impacted passengers full refunds of their fares and “a 10% discount” in the form of a future cruise credit. Travelers can apply the credit toward any of Norwegian's published sailings through Dec. 31, 2025.

“We sincerely appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon,” the letter said.

The changes come after the line canceled three 2025 sailings on its Norwegian Epic ship in June so the ship could undergo “a revitalization,” as the line said at the time. Norwegian also previously canceled sailings aboard Norwegian Spirit scheduled between early July and mid-September 2024 because of a full-ship charter.

Your cruise was canceled: Now what?

Unlike airlines, cruise cancellation policies are not regulated by the federal government. But Jared Feldman, owner of travel agency Jafeldma Travel, told USA TODAY in June that cruise lines typically give refunds and work to accommodate guests on a different itinerary, adding that they “don't take schedule changes lightly.” They may also offer additional compensation.

Nathan Diller is a consumer travel reporter for USA TODAY based in Nashville. You can reach him at [email protected].

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crociere norwegian cruise line

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Norwegian Cruise Line Gratuities (Tips): Full Guide to Cost & How They Work

Taking a trip on Norwegian Cruise Line? While you might have already paid for your vacation, there’s one more expense to consider: gratuities (or “service charges” as NCL calls them).

Cruise gratuities are simply a fact of cruising. The payments go toward staff members providing service, including your room steward and dining staff. While some see these tips as forced payments, others see them as a rightly deserved reward to hardworking crew.

Gratuities on NCL

Gratuities, however, aren’t always clear to those who are new to cruising. Some just aren’t sure how they work, who gets the money, and how they are paid.

To help ease any confusion, we’ve explained in detail everything you need to know about gratuities on a Norwegian cruise.

The first thing to know? While we refer to the charges as gratuities or tips below, Norwegian has taken to calling them “service charges.” In this case, all those references mean the same thing. 

Here’s more about what you need to know…

In This Article...

How much are gratuities/service charges on Norwegian?

Norwegian’s tip amounts vary depending the type of stateroom you book, ranging from $20-$25 per person, per day.

Notably, NCL raised their gratuity fees effective January 2023. Sail on the cruise line, and you’ll now pay $20.00 per person, per day if you are sailing in an interior, oceanview, balcony cabin or Club Balcony Suite . Other suites and The Haven see a charge of $25.00 per person, per day.

At the $20.00 rate that most passengers see, a couple traveling on a week cruise will see total gratuity charges of $280.

Not sure how much your gratuities will cost? See our free calculator here .

Who is charged gratuities on Norwegian Cruise Lines?

When it comes to who is charged the daily fee, Norwegian is among the most generous. While some cruise lines charge every person who sails – no matter their age – Norwegian Cruise Lines only charges passengers three years or older.

So if you are a couple traveling with a small child, you get a break on the cost of gratuities. Other than kids under three years old, everyone else will pay the daily gratuity charge.

How do I pay gratuities/service charges?

NCL offers passengers the option to prepay service charges up to 24 hours in advance of sailing. This means you can pay when you book your cruise and have the charge already budgeted into your vacation spending. You can also book your cruise and then prepay later, but before your trip departs.

By prepaying, you not only don’t have to worry about the charges at the end of your trip, but you also don’t have to worry if the gratuity amount increases before you sail. Those who have prepaid will usually have their rates “grandfathered” in.

Don’t want to pay before you receive service? That’s understandable. In that case the amount will be charged to your account while you sail. The cost will then be charged to the card on file at the end of your cruise.

Do I have to pay gratuities on my cruise? Can I change the amount?

Although technically gratuity fees/service charges are discretionary, in practice passengers must pay these fees; the only exceptions being reductions if you receive horrible service. Asking to have the fees waived just to save yourself money is unfair since gratuities pay hardworking staff members.

Norwegian’s website states that “Guest satisfaction is the highest priority at Norwegian Cruise Line. Should your concerns not be met with satisfaction you can adjust the charges.”

If you received bad service and want to deduct part of your gratuities fee, you can discuss the problem with the ship’s Guest Services before the end of your cruise to see about an adjustment.

What if I want to pay more?

Despite the many complaints about tip amounts, and that they aren’t already baked into the cruise fare, there are many people who wish to tip more or simply want to recognize someone specific.

Norwegian’s website states “While you should not feel obligated to offer a gratuity, all of our staff are encouraged to ‘go the extra mile,’ so they are permitted to accept cash gratuities for exceptional or outstanding service if you care to offer them.”

Who is covered & not covered by gratuities/service charges?

According to NCL, “Staff members including complimentary restaurant staff, stateroom stewards and behind-the-scenes support staff are compensated by a combination of salary and incentive programs that your service charge supports.”

In other words, it’s not specifically laid out who gets how much of the gratuity charge. That said, you can cruise knowing that people like the cabin attendant and staff in the dining room are covered. 

That said, those offering a service to only some passengers, such as casino dealers, kids camp workers, and spa workers, are not included in auto-gratuities. In fact, you’ll find that places like the spa, bars, and specialty restaurants have gratuity charges that are separate from the service charges discussed here.

People who provide you with service on land, such as baggage handlers and shore excursion operators, are not affiliated with the cruise line. They should be tipped separately.

Do I have to pay other tips if I pay the automatic charges?

Most likely you will pay other gratuities in addition to the automatic service charges from the cruise line. Norwegian adds a 20% service charge to all beverage purchases and to specialty restaurant dining. Also, passengers pay an additional 20% spa service charge all spa and salon services.

For example, if you get a $10 drink from the bar, you’ll actually be charged $12 after the 20% tip that’s included.

You should also note that the 20% gratuity is added to Norwegian’s “Free at Sea” ” offer if you select the free beverage package. Even though the package itself is free, you’ll still have to pay 20% on its value, which comes out to about $20 per person, per day.

Finally, if you order room service it is customary to tip the person bringing the food $3-5 as a thank you. 

What else should I know about Norwegian gratuities/service charges?

As mentioned above, remember that if you select the drink package as part of Norwegian’s “Free at Sea” offer, you will still have to pay the 20% gratuity on its value.

Also keep in mind that the 20% gratuity is already added in when you sign the receipt for a drink at the bar. Even so, there will be a line for an additional tip. Feel free to tip more if you like, but know that you’ve already paid, and it’s not required.

If you’re wondering how much you’ll pay for gratuities based on details of your actual cruise (including type of cabin, length, and how many people you’ll be traveling with), then you can use Cruzely’s free gratuity calculator .

Have additional questions about Norwegian’s service charges? Let us know in the comments below.

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Wish they were more upfront about this charge I just came across the 20$ per day per guest up charge while looking over some things. If one of the 2 in room dont want free at sea can one cancel it and the other keep iy?

You forgot to mention on top of service charges the 20% tax and the 10% tax added to every drink alcoholic, soda and water purchased in Spanish French Italian waters with or without free at sea 😂 packages which you get billed for I just got billed at the end of 7days sailing an extra $249 that’s after already paying upfront gratuities and didn’t have that many drinks 😡😡😡

Please can you forward a op out of gratitude form thank you

Hi, going on Escape Haven in September. I have no problem with tipping,,yet,,not sure of how much for Butler and Concierge..Any advice would be helpful

So they should be taken care of with the automatic gratuity. However, if you’d like to add more, I think $10 per day would be generous.

Just for clarity and accuracy, the NCL Guest Ticket Contract states “The charge, which is automatically added to your onboard account and subject to adjustment at your discretion”. The charge can therefore be removed and is not “must pay” as you state.

What is the best way to book Shore excursions, and can they be full before we depart as interest to understand what is available and book early.

We are going on an upcoming NCL Cruise to Alaska. We have prepaid our gratuities. I love having my coffee in the morning without having to go out for it. That being said, I see on NCL Cruises there is a $9.95 “delivery fee” for stateroom service. Does this “delivery fee” have a tip built in? Cruising is soooooo different today! Tough to understand!

I don’t know for sure if it is built into the delivery charge. I will say that if I was paying $10 for a cup of coffee to be delivered, I’d feel fine not tipping. Especially since NCL already has some of the highest gratuity charges in the industry.

Tipping / Gratuities / Service charges have been a part of cruising on all cruise lines for at least the 20+ years I’ve been sailing. the cruise lines made it automatic instead of giving envelopes to the passengers because of so many people bailing out and not paying them.

The crew and staff work very, very hard. And, they are fairly compensated on an international level… far more than what they would make in their home countries. The tips are usually sent home to their families.

We are cruising with NCL soon and opted to prepay the service charge and the gratuities (for the free at sea package). We don’t drink much and suspect that our total gratuities charged will not actually reach the amount prepaid, what happens to the difference? If we prepaid $400, but the gratuities of 20% is only $300, for example?

There is no “difference.” The gratuity charged is the 20% on the regular cost of the drink package. It’s the same cost no matter if you drink one drink or ten drinks.

Are you shill for the cruise line. You are supporting corporate exploitation. Instead of paying their employees a fair wage from the start you are encouraging to them to pas the buck. Shame on you!!

I have just booked a cruise online through a third party which included the free at sea package within the overall cost as standard. Do I still pay gratuities on this? Also, is it actually frowned upon to cancel gratuities at the desk with the idea to tip the specific members of staff that we are served or assisted by?

If you got the drink package, you normally pay gratuities on the cost when you book. Not sure of the specifics of your booking, however.

As for cancelling gratuities, I’d recommend not. You’ll be serviced by crew at times that you may never see again. For example, eating in the buffet, the staff that serves you and busses dishes get a stake in the gratuities but it’s unlikely you’ll have the same person twice.

My suggestion would be keep the gratuities and then you can tip additionally for those that really offer standout service.

Leaving soon for 10-day Mediterranean cruise. We always tip (extra) in USD. As we will be in Euro-country, should we tip our room steward, bar and food service people in Euros or USD?

I’d suggest euros. Either will work of course, but euros will have the ability to be spent on shore if the person wants to do so.

I must say I’m very curious as to whether the 20% add-on to beverages actually goes to the servers. The phrasing from NCL is “gratuities and beverage service charge”. This says that the 20% is going to 2 different purposes. Gratuities go to servers. But the “beverage service charge” can mean almost anything and does not necessarily go to the servers. As well, they don’t clarify how much of the 20% goes to gratuities vs. service charges.

I’d really love to know the truth, because if most of that 20% doesn’t go to the servers, I’ll definitely switch to cash tipping.

Your not sure because the service members do NOT get the gratuity paid by passengers – I was told this directly by the Head of Hotels one day while standing in line and just decided to ask – his response was “ I really wish I could tell you yes – but the truth was a no they do not receive the tips – they are awarded by having extra days off / better food choices , etc – all the things they should be getting anyways – the cruise lines have become greedy ! I always have them removed and self tip with cash so the service providers actually get the cash. Do you truly think when you get a promo that indicates “Free Gratuities” the cruise lines puts that money into the fund for you …… that’s why Celebrity is amazing to go with “Always Included” promo –

what are the expected tips for persons on the Land portion of our cruise?I am referring to the trip to Denali

It can vary, but I would say that 10% of the cost of the excursion would be good.

can I just oay what I want as I go to staff and take gratuities off my bill

You can, but that’s not common. As well, you’ll be served by a number of people during the cruise, many of which you won’t notice (like the staff in the buffet that clears plates after you leave). Automatic gratuities are just simpler.

We have a ‘free at sea’ drinks package as part of our European Cruise. NCL website infers the 20% drinks gratuity & service charge is not applicable if the beverage package has been selected as part of the ‘free at sea’ deal. Hopefully this means we won’t have to pay 20% gratuity on every drink we have 🥴

Once on board can I cancel gratuities at the desk and at the end of my cruise hand in tips like it used to be or not anymore?

Yes, you can likely still do that. It’s simply easier to have them automated.

If I prepay gratuities before travel. I’m unclear are you still charged 20% at bar…

Prepaid gratuities apply to things like the dining staff and your room steward. If you buy drinks at the bar or get a massage in the spa (optional services that not everyone uses), there is a 20% gratuity tacked on to that purchase — in addition to your prepaid gratuities.

Not happy that YOU HAVE TO PAY THE GRATUITIES. On other cruise lines you NEVER have to pay the Gratuities, It is optional, and you can cancel them if you like. I think P & O do not charge gratuities any more.

My husband and I are seniors and have the promo drink package. We usually have a glass of wine with dinner, and maybe a cocktail at the show. When we got our invoice we noticed a charge of $138 per person for the service charge. Since we are not big drinkers, can we opt out of the drink promo and just pay for the drinks we order plus the 20% service charge, and retain the rest of promo offerings?

Yes, you can opt out of the promo drink package. Give the cruise line a call or if you haven’t booked yet, there is an option online to deselect it.

So you mentioned above that if you order a $10 drink it actually costs $12 with the automatic 20% added. With the free at sea drink package there is a cap of $15 on drinks, so would I be able to order a drink that costs $15 seeing I already paid the 20% or will it actually cost $18 and I will have to pay $3?

The cap refers to the menu price, NOT the price plus gratuity. So if the drink is $15 on the menu, you are order it with the package.

Sorry my mistake unable to type gratuities. Gratuities are paid for service, not before service. This never happened prior to most cruise lines being taken over but such as Carnival. RCCL and others. Nothing but pure greed. Prior to this take over all on goods bought on board ship especially all drinks were duty free but now its not the passengers who get the reward it is the greedy cruise lines.

I have the free at sea unlimited beverage/ speciality dining package which includes 20% gratuity already paid for in my fare. My question is I have the option on my account to also prepay service charges of $14.50/day. Do I need to prepay this charge (or will I eventually be charged this $14.50/day rate) if I already paid gratuity in the beverage package? Or does the 20% gratuity on that package also cover this automatic service charge (or are they separate charges)?

They are separate. You can prepay the daily gratuity, or it will be automatically charged to your account and paid at the end of your cruise.

I’ve taken the free beverage package and paid pre pay gratuitues but its so unclear as to whether you are still obliged to pay 20% every time you get a drink,,,, please Help

No. When you get the drink package, the 20% is then added onto the package price. In the case of the free beverage package, it will be added to your account each day (unless you simply pay in full ahead of time). When you get a drink, you won’t be charged for the drink or gratuity.

I see that the 20% is added to a drink, but if you have taken the premium beverage package & the prepaid service charge do you still have to pay the 20%

No. The 20% is added to the beverage package. You don’t have an additional 20% each time you get a drink at the bar.

What is the breakdown of the 15.00 p/p per day gratuities? How much goes to the waiter, assistant waiter, & the cabin steward?

Not sure of the exact amounts, but the room steward gets the biggest share.

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Norwegian Cruise Line battezza a Miami Norwegian Viva

Norwegian Cruise Line battezza a Miami Norwegian Viva

Norwegian Cruise Line (Ncl) battezza Norwegian Viva , nuova nave della compagnia e seconda dell’innovativa Prima Class. “Battezzare Norwegian Viva a Miami è un evento speciale per molti di noi di Ncl, non solo perché Miami è la nostra casa, ma anche perché abbiamo la possibilità di condividere questo momento con le nostre famiglie e amici – ha annunciato David J. Herrera , president di Norwegian Cruise Line -. Lanciare una nave non è un’impresa individuale. Sono estremamente grato nei confronti dell’intera squadra Ncl, dei nostri partner e nei confronti del nostro gruppo che ha contribuito alla creazione di Norwegian Viva e che si impegna sempre ad assicurare eccezionali esperienze di vacanza per i nostri ospiti”.

La cerimonia di battesimo

Dopo il debutto lo scorso agosto di Norwegian Viva e della sua stagione estiva inaugurale in Europa , adesso oltre 1500 ospiti si sono uniti per la cerimonia di battesimo della nave , ospitata nel terminal certificato Leed® della compagnia al porto di Miami. La Prima Class è impegnata nell’ampliare i propri orizzonti per creare nuovi design e servizi per la nave, che si riflettono sulla dedizione di Norwegian Cruise Line nel mettere l’esperienza dell’ospite e della nave al primo posto.

crociere norwegian cruise line

“Come compagnia, abbiamo vissuto un anno leggendario con il debutto delle navi di nuova generazione all’interno di tutte e tre i nostri brand: Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises e Regent Seven Seas Cruises – fa presente Harry Sommer , president e chief executive officer di Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd -. L’aggiunta di Norwegian Viva eleva ulteriormente la nostra flotta di livello mondiale, offrendo ai nostri ospiti un altro modo per godersi la vacanza, vivere nuove esperienze e creare ricordi. Dal lancio ad agosto, la soddisfazione iniziale degli ospiti di Norwegian Viva ha sorpassato ogni nuova arrivata della flotta Ncl, il che dimostra non solo quanto sia incredibile questa nave, ma anche il livello eccezionale del servizio e l’attenzione data dall’equipaggio a bordo”.

Luis Fonsi , padrino di Norwegian Viva ha ufficialmente battezzato la nave con la cerimoniale rottura della bottiglia sullo scafo, simbolo di buona fortuna e viaggi sicuri per chiunque salga a bordo. Originario di Porto Rico, ma vivendo anche a Miami, incarna l’energia di cui gli ospiti possono beneficiare a bordo di Norwegian Viva, grazie a itinerari che spaziano dai Caraibi al Mediterraneo.

I numeri e gli itinerari

L’unità conta più di 294 metri di lunghezza e una capacità di 3099 ospiti . A seguito della partenza inaugurale e di una selezione di viaggi a Miami, la nave verrà riposizionata a San Juan , Porto Rico, dove arriverà il 15 dicembre. Fino a marzo 2024 offrirà viaggi da sette giorni con soste in diversi porti : gli ospiti si sveglieranno ogni mattina in una nuova isola tropicale con tappe a Tortola, Isole Verigini Britanniche; St. John’s, Antigua; Bridgetown, Barbados; Castries, St. Lucia; Philipsburg, St. Maarten e St. Thomas, Isole Vergini Britanniche senza giorni in mare.

Ad aprile 2024 tornerà con itinerari nelle isole del Mediterraneo e in Grecia . Inoltre, la promozione annuale di Ncl “Free at Sea” offre agli ospiti più valore, con vacanze che migliorano i benefici offerti, come open bar illimitato, pacchetto ristoranti di specialità, crediti per escursioni a terra, wi-fi illimitato e tariffe scontate per il terzo e quarto ospite.

crociere norwegian cruise line

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Norwegian Cruise Line torna in Asia

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Norwegian Viva prende il mare: a novembre il battesimo a Miami

Norwegian Viva prende il mare: a novembre il battesimo a Miami

Bonus sulle commissioni da Norwegian Cruise Line

Bonus sulle commissioni da Norwegian Cruise Line

Ncl annuncia il restyling di Norwegian Joy

Ncl annuncia il restyling di Norwegian Joy

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C’è il made in Italy nella classe Prima di Ncl

La star Luis Fonsi battezzerà Norwegian Viva a Miami

La star Luis Fonsi battezzerà Norwegian Viva a Miami

Cemar: 13 mln i crocieristi nei porti italiani nel 2023

Cemar: 13 mln i crocieristi nei porti italiani nel 2023

Crociere, in arrivo un anno da record

Crociere, in arrivo un anno da record

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Opplev vakre Gimsøya i Lofoten på hesteryggen. Foto: Marius Beck Dahle

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Map over Norway and the coastal route ports.

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crociere norwegian cruise line

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Cork (Cobh), Ireland

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Ireland's third largest city is a wonderful walking city built on the River Lee. Visit St. Finn Barre's Cathedral, a wonderful, triple-spired example of French-gothic architecture, and spend some time in The Old Gaol, where original 19th century cells tell some fascinating tales.

Cobh Cruise Image Gallery

  • Rock of Cashel
  • Irish castle of Cahir in Tipperary county
  • Blarney castle
  • St Patrick's Quay
  • Kinsale Harbour
  • Overhead aerial view of Blarney castle's towers
  • Quaint Kinsale
  • Beautiful Views

Rock of Cashel on your Cork cruise


crociere norwegian cruise line



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    Stay in our spacious cabins and enjoy a good night's sleep. On board our new coastal cruise ships, the emphasis is on providing passengers with spacious cabins. Our cabins are intended to be pleasant places to relax during the day and sleep well at night. The typical Nordic décor reflects the landscape through which you will be sailing.

  25. Cruises To Cork (Cobh), Ireland

    All on your next European Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. Enable Accessibility; This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you agree to our use of cookies. To find out more, please Click Here. More Info. Log in; 1-866-234-7350 1-855-577-9489 1-877-288-3037 1-877-288-3037 1-877-474-2969;