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The Holographic Deep Space Nine Bridge Officers are holographic reproductions of characters from the Victory is Life expansion. Most of them are a drop from the [ Deep Space Nine Lock Box ] and [ Infinity Lock Box ] , while others were given out as a promotion for attending the Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 event. They are also available for purchase as part of the Mudd's Outta This Wormhole Choice Pack .

Julian Bashir was included as a free, account wide reward from the Health Care Workers Salute Bundle for Federation-aligned players. Elim Garak was included as a character-bound reward from the limited-time [ Special Requisition Pack - Plain and Simple Bundle ] .

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Deep Space Nine Lock Box [ | ]

Ds9 characters [ | ], notes [ | ].

  • ↑ On the KDF side Dukan'Rex has the trait Astrophysicist instead of Veteran .

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DS9LB Bridge Officers

From left to right: James Kurland, Sarish Minna, Cadet Nog, Dukan'Rex, Rom, Loriss, Quark, Weyoun, and Leck.

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Published Mar 11, 2021

When Star Trek and Online Dating Collide

"Your cat is named Weyoun?"

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


On an October morning in 2019, I received an OkCupid message from Josh, 41.

“Your cat is named Weyoun!” the first line read.

It’s true: Weyoun, now a fifteen-pound loaf, was once a teeny-tiny kitten who was scared to go up the stairs. His sister, Angela — another ’90s pop culture reference, this one to angsty teen Angela Chase of My So-Called Life , and a naughty calico who could give the real Weyoun a run for his money, had to teach him. (Even now, he will literally wait in line behind her until she’s done eating before he’ll chow down, despite having his own bowl.) Once, when they were just a few months old, they fell asleep on top of an insulated casserole dish that I was bringing to a family Thanksgiving. This was the picture that Josh saw on my profile. Further down on that page, in response to the question “ Star Trek or Star Wars ?”— such an easy question; why even bother? — I wrote “ Star Trek: DS9 . This is a hill I'm willing to die on.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -

At that point, I had been dating for a few months. I was 37 and newly single, separated from the partner I had been with since college. It was a difficult time but not an unhappy time, as I figured out really for the first time in my life what I wanted from a relationship. Dating itself was fine, mostly boring and awkward, occasionally fun, luckily never traumatic. Josh, I would later learn, had been single for a number of years and usually ignored the dating site’s many emails touting potential matches. This time, for some reason, he didn’t.

Josh wasn’t the only potential match who mentioned my love for DS9. In fact, it was probably the most-remarked-on aspect of my profile, with my glasses a distant second. (It’s hard not to be Liz Lemon when you’re a certain kind of cranky white lady in your late 30s, even if she preferred a different ‘ Star ’ franchise.) It’s a good filter, I suppose: recently, on a trip to the vet’s office, everyone thought Weyoun’s name was French, trying to infuse their pronunciation with a French accent. I decided it was easier not to disabuse them of the notion.

Responding to Josh turned out to be the most important decision I ever made. A week and a half later, we had our first date, at a coffee shop near my office, on an evening when the rain poured down in droves. Josh was handsome and slight, with a salt-and-pepper beard that I liked immediately. I would soon learn that he was also the sweetest person who has ever lived. We both drank tea, which may have given him an incorrect impression of my normal levels of caffeine consumption. We talked politics and work and family and, of course, Star Trek .

I told him about growing up with the show, watching TNG in syndication, sitting on the family room floor with my brother and eating spaghetti and meatballs. I love TNG — recently I discovered that I have apparently texted about Romulan senator Pardek so much that my iPhone recognizes his name, and for a while I kept a top ten list of favorite episodes in my Notes app (fact: #1 = “I, Borg”) — but my heart belongs to DS9: darker, grittier, morally ambiguous, with the first fully developed female characters, including my most beloved Star Trek character of all time, Jadzia Dax. It was the perfect show for a pretentious teenager and burgeoning feminist. Perhaps it was then, or perhaps it was on a later date, that I told him about the screenplay I wrote in high school, which included a part intended for Andrew Robinson (who, I learned recently, is maybe available ?).

Borg drone Hugh in 'I, Borg'

He told me about how his uncle had first exposed him to the show, with marathons they called festivals, after the (hilarious) TOS episode “The Return of the Archons.” Later that evening, he texted me a picture of a super realistic-looking clay bust he had made in high school pottery class. The subject? Hugh.

I knew the relationship was getting serious when we committed to watching Picard together months before it aired. Now we’ve gone through that, the first season of Lower Decks , and the third season of Discovery . Last fall, on the anniversary of our first date, he gave me a picture of us in Lower Decks –style cartoon form. I had found my match.

Culture abounds with stories of couples who found love through Star Trek . In 2019, Tulsa World told the story of local couple Tyree and Tabitha Jones , who met as volunteers at a now-defunct convention. As the Daily Beast reported in 2017, a number of niche dating websites had sprung up for fans of the franchise. Naysayers have expressed skepticism that a mutual interest of this sort indicates true compatibility, but, at least in this case, I beg to differ.

I wasn’t very good at dating. It was hard work, trying to be cute and charming when all I wanted to do was curl up under the covers with Outlander (hey, it shares DNA with DS9!), never really knowing what a person was going to be like until I met him. Would he be kind? Or would he be the kind of person who says something mean and then claims to have been kidding, when deep down you know that he meant to be mean?

Certainly Star Trek gave Josh and me something to talk about, allowing us to bypass much of the dreaded small talk. But I think it was more than that: a shortcut to knowing what kind of a person he was. Star Trek fans aren’t a homogeneous group — Ted Cruz and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez both number among them — but I do think there’s a greater likelihood that we’ll share some fundamental values than there would be among the general population. Believing that, trusting that he wouldn’t judge my strangeness, my nerdiness, my social awkwardness, made me feel safe to express the vulnerability necessary to build a real relationship.

On our fourth date, I told Josh about my divorce. This is not how I explained it, but I could have.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -

Trill mythology is a little bit squishy on what kind of relationship a joined member of the species can have with someone a previous host knew. In “Rejoined,” Dax starts to fall in love with a former host’s spouse, but this relationship puts them both in danger of exile, their symbionts left to die with them. Still, Trills reveal how a relationship can change as the people in them change, and how we can honor past relationships while embarking on new ones. As Curzon, Dax is Ben Sisko’s mentor; as Jadzia, she is his friend and colleague. As Jadzia, Dax and Worf are married; as Ezri, the two eventually become friends, and he even counsels her (however grudgingly) on her new relationship with Julian Bashir. The series even ends with them as something like siblings, both members of the House of Martok.

All of this is a long way of saying that it was my former partner’s idea to name one of the cats Weyoun. Alex was Star Trek –conversant before we met, watching the same syndicated episodes of TNG as a kid as I did, but we went through DS9 together sometime in the aughts, borrowing my parents’ DVD box sets one season at a time. Alex found Weyoun’s particular brand of charm — what the internet has since identified as his evil Chris Traeger–like qualities — utterly delightful. Think of the scene in the season 6 episode “Behind the Lines” when Weyoun learns of Sisko’s promotion to adjutant. “Good for him!” Weyoun exclaims, seeming genuinely happy for his adversary. This moment, more than any other, inspired Weyoun the cat’s name.

A few years after we adopted the cats, Alex came out as trans. They had identified as he/him for most of our relationship, but now they use they/them or she/her. As her body and presentation changed, so did our relationship. We broke up, but we were still family, and we came to think of each other as siblings.

Then I met Josh. Through the medium (the emissary, if you will) of Star Trek , my old relationship led me to my new one. I can’t think of anything more perfect.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — The Journey

Christina Larocco (she/her) is a writer, editor, and historian based in Philadelphia. Learn more about her at christinalarocco.com.

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A devoted and loyal servant to The Founders, Weyoun acts as both diplomat and leader for The Dominion, particularly during the war with The Federation.

Portrayed By: Jeffrey Combs

Position/Role: Vorta Ambassador/Leader

Race: Vorta

Duration: Seasons 4-7 (Recurring)


  • Partner: Dukat
  • Nemesis: Benjamin Sisko
  • Mentor: Female Changeling

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Screen Rant

Star trek: all 10 characters played by jeffrey combs.

An appearance in Star Trek is a dream for many actors, but Jeffrey Combs has managed to rack up 10 separate Star Trek roles over the years.

Here are all the characters Jeffrey Combs has played in the  Star Trek franchise. Decades after first boldly going where no man had gone before,  Star Trek is still very much a coveted gig for actors. Whether launching the career of Chris Pine (as Kirk) on the big screen or elevating Sonequa Martin-Green (as Michael Burnham)  from a supporting figure on  The Walking Dead to a bona fide leading star,  Star Trek retains a certain allure among the acting fraternity, and the chance to play a heroic Starfleet officer or a scheming villain caked in makeup is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unless your name is Jeffrey Combs, that is.

Born in California in 1954, Combs' diverse acting career has encompassed cult horror classics such as  Re-Animator , superhero voice performances on both the Marvel and DC sides of the tracks, and science fiction standards such as  Babylon 5 and  The Twilight Zone . But it's his eclectic catalog of  Star Trek  roles for which Combs is arguably best known, portraying 10 separate official characters across several TV shows and licensed video games.

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Somewhat of a cult figure among the  Star Trek faithful, Combs can usually be found playing an alien under heavy make-up. As such, the actor's recurring presence in 1990s  Star Trek isn't always obvious to the naked eye, especially since two of Combs' characters don't appear in live-action at all. Oftentimes Star Trek fans will recognize Combs by his distinctive voice, even if his face isn't visible. These are the ten  Star Trek personas of Jeffrey Combs so far, a list that continues to grow for seemingly as long as Star Trek plans to continue.

Combs' first  Star Trek role came in 1994 during the  Deep Space Nine  season 3 episode "Meridian." A wealthy Serilian and an associate of the wily Quark, Tiron quickly takes a shine to Kira Nerys. Kira manages to spurn Tiron's advances by pretending that Constable Odo is her lover, however, an undaunted Tiron explains to Quark that what he really wants is a holosuite program with Kira as the main attraction. Grim. Fan-favorite Ferengi swindler Quark  gets to work on that request for the usual exorbitant price, but fortunately for all involved, Kira uncovers the plan and changes the program. When Tiron activates the holosuite, he is presented with Kira's body, but her head and voice have been replaced by Quark's. This doesn't quite do it for Tiron who angrily departs, threatening to destroy Quark's reputation. Despite this character proving that  Star Trek 's 24th century setting  still isn't rid of lecherous rich men, Tiron is the role that earned Combs his place in the world of  Star Trek .

After debuting as the seedy Tiron, Combs' first proper recurring role in Deep Space Nine  was a Ferengi by the name of Brunt. This character debuts shortly after Tiron in season 3's "Family Business" and continues to pop up all the way through to season 7. Brunt was a Liquidator for the Ferengi Commerce Authority - a tax man, in other words. Like most in his profession, Brunt was not popular among other Ferengi and especially with Quark, with whom he took a particular interest. Attracting the attention of a Liquidator forced a Ferengi to face their worst fear - a loss of profits.

Initially arriving to investigate Quark's mother, Ishka, Brunt returned at regular intervals to plague the bar owner, but the Liquidator's main aim was to become Grand Nagus, forming a nefarious plan to depose the current ruler. This scheme was foiled and Brunt was fired, but he did enjoy a brief stint as Nagus before returning to his old Liquidator job. Combs claimed that he viewed Brunt as a stubborn, right-wing Ferengi who lacked the redeeming features of Quark.

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Adding a second recurring role to Deep Space Nine , his as a high spot of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , Combs debuted as Weyoun in season 4’s "To the Death," and the Vorta continued to feature until series finale, "What You Leave Behind." Some of the  darker parts of Deep Space Nine  were met with resistance by fans, but Combs' recurring Weyoun role was always regarded as a strength to the series. Like all of his species, Weyoun was a clone, and served  Deep Space Nine 's big bads, the Dominion. As a field supervisor, Weyoun often commanded the Jem'Hadar, genetically engineered Dominion soldiers. Although Weyoun was cloned multiple times, only versions four to eight actually appear, and when one clone died, the successor automatically took over. Weyoun four was killed by his own troops. Careless. Weyoun five died in a "transporter accident." Very careless.  Weyoun six killed himself via a brain implant and seven got his neck snapped after foolishly ticking off Worf . Finally, Weyoun eight was shot by Garak but by that point, the Dominion's clone factory had been destroyed, making eight the final Weyoun.

Combs has recognized Weyoun as his favorite  Star Trek  personality to play and the character was specifically created with Combs in mind, with the actor having significant input into his development. Combs believes that Weyoun isn't a typically evil villain, and this shows in his performance, with Weyoun six beginning to question his part in the Dominion war. It's a testament to Combs' skill in projecting human qualities onto alien characters that each version of Weyoun is slightly different, despite essentially being one and the same.

Officer Kevin Mulkahey

If eight Weyouns weren't enough, Combs played the Vorta's human counterpart in the renowned Deep Space Nine season 6 episode "Far Beyond the Stars," where Sisko imagines himself as science fiction writer Benny Russell. As one would expect given Weyoun's history and relationship with the Federation and its utopian ideals , Officer Mulkahey was not a pleasant man. A plainclothes cop, Mulkahey first meets Benny in the Harlem district and starts needlessly mocking the writer. Later, Mulkahey and his partner shoot and kill a street kid called Jimmy, who Benny had befriended and Sisko was using as an analog for his own son. When Benny runs to Jimmy in the wake of the shooting, the two officers proceed to assault Sisko's own counterpart. The captain soon wakes up and finds the entire experience was caused by his neural patterns going haywire, but the stinging real-life parallels remain for the viewer.

Playing Kevin Mulkahey offered two distinct challenges for Combs as an actor, the first of which being portraying a regular human for once. As Brunt or Weyoun, Combs had to endure wearing heavy makeup and prosthetics that heavily obscured his real face, whereas Mulkahey was just a regular, albeit entirely awful, New York cop. The second challenge was playing a character that was neither the  true Weyoun, nor a 1950s version of Weyoun, but a 1950s Weyoun as viewed through the lens of Ben Sisko, perhaps the most central character in  Deep Space Nine .

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Combs' only appearance in Star Trek: Voyager  came in the season 6 episode "Tsunkatse," predominantly known as the one where Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ends up in a violent tussle with Seven of Nine . Penk is another totally reprehensible villain, this time working for the Norcadians as a coordinator for their popular combat sport, the titular Tsunkatse. Penk's role entails kidnapping aliens of different races and forcing them to fight gladiatorial style on his very own starship, broadcasting the matches to millions of avid viewers like an intergalactic WWE. Penk's starship proves more than a match for Voyager, but thanks to the assistance of Captain Janeway on the Delta Flyer, Tuvok and Seven are beamed to safety. Presumably, the event continued and Penk ended up in a feud with The Undertaker at Tsunkatsemania.

Thy’lek Shran

Following his passing visit to Voyager , Jeffrey Combs soon found his way into  Star Trek : Enterprise  via season 1's "The Andorian Incident," and would feature throughout the show's entire run in a recurring part. Shran held the role of commander in the Andorian Imperial Guard, and his first meeting with Captain Archer wasn't especially friendly, with Shran interrogating and torturing the Enterprise Commander. Amends were eventually made, with Shran and Archer forging keen respect for each other that went a long way towards establishing ties between Andor and Earth. Indeed the Andorians had been a famed species in  Star Trek canon since the original 1960s series , but Shran marked the first instance one of their kind had been fully explored as a character.

Shran marked a changed of pace for Combs, as the Andorian developed into a more sympathetic figure as  Star Trek: Enterprise progressed. If the series hadn't been canceled, the character was even slated to become one of the regular crew. As a small consolation, Combs reprises the role of Shran for Star Trek Online .

Shran wasn't Combs' only appearance in Star Trek: Enterprise ; the actor made a one-off guest turn in season 1's "Acquisition."  Star Trek 's riff on the  Die Hard format, the Enterprise crew are incapacitated by Ferengi space pirates leaving Tucker, who was in a decontamination chamber at the time, in the Bruce Willis role. The Ferengi proceed to loot the Enterprise , and that includes the crew's female complement. Combs' Krem is one such pirate and tasked with guarding Captain Archer. Once he regains consciousness, it's not long before the savvy Archer works out both the Ferengi lust for profit and Krem’s burning resentment of his cousin, another member of the pirate gang. Archer’s influence inspires Krem to make a stand. The ploy fails, but Krem gets a lobe tickling from T’pol and is allowed to go free by Archer, whilst his cousin and companions are detained.

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His only original  Star Trek  video game character, and one of only two official Star Trek roles not in live-action, Combs' Suldok makes his one and only appearance in the 2003 PC game  Star Trek: Elite Force II . Set after the events of  Star Trek : Voyager , Suldok is a Romulan Commander and part of the Empty Crown faction - anti-Federation extremists who believe that the Romulan empire is better off as a war-faring and dominant force than part of any galactic cooperation alliance. Suldok aims to take over the entire Romulan empire and is the main villainous presence of  Elite Force II . Combs is in good company in the vocal booth, with the likes of Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) and Tim Russ (Tuvok) both reprising their television roles for the game.

Agimus, The Evil Computer

Jeffrey Combs voices another animated Star Trek  character in the series Star Trek: Lower Decks s eason 2 episode “Where Pleasant Fountains Lie,” as Agimus, an evil computer. As the episode begins, Agimus had enslaved an alien planet but was overthrown and the USS Cerritos is charged with transporting the evil computer to a computer prison at the Daystrom Institute of Advanced Robotics , a well-known location in Star Trek lore going back to Star Trek: The Next Generation and featured in Star Trek: Picard . Of course, the shuttle transporting Agimus crashes, and Combs gets the opportunity to share considerable screen time with main characters Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) and Brad Boimler (Jack Quaid) as they are stranded on a hostile planet.

Although Combs is no stranger to the lighter side of Star Trek , the role of Agimus seems intentionally calculated to take best advantage of Jeffrey Combs’ comedic ability, and his recognizable fan appeal. Agimus was certainly designed to be the campier side of an evil computer in Star Trek . Visually, Agiums is little more than a common tower PC with a red eye-like light on its front. The humor of the episode comes from how the show leverages Combs’ fan-favorite status and recognizable voice, and offers ample campy lines of dialogue where Agimus threatens to take over the galaxy.

Evil computers have a history going back to Star Trek: The Original Series , and have remained popular in the franchise, one even cropping up once again as Control, the evil AI  and main antagonist of season 2 of  Star Trek: Discovery . Combs' Agimus fits comfortably into the case of evil computers in Star Trek, and the ending of “Where Pleasant Fountains Lie” finds Agimus safely interned among many other evil computers at the Daystrom Institute facility, so it’s possible that Combs' Agimus could return to Lower Decks again someday.

DS9 Holosuite Guest

Admittedly, "unnamed holosuite guest" isn't going to be a highlight in Jeffrey Combs'  Star Trek career, but it's still another character to add to the list. In the  Deep Space Nine finale, "What We Leave Behind," the main cast gather in the holosuite to hear the dulcet tones of Vic Fontaine one final time. Among the background faces visible in this scene is one Jeffrey Combs as an ordinary human. The unnamed character has no lines and no details are offered, suggesting the appearance was likely  Deep Space Nine 's way of honoring Combs' contribution to  Star Trek in the show's swansong.

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star trek online weyoun

A Bridge Officer (or "BOff") in Star Trek Online is a commissioned member of the player's bridge crew. A Captain may maintain up to 54 Bridge Officers, which are listed on the left of the Character Status window (default key U ).

While merely serving as pools for abilities in space combat , up to four BOffs can fully join a player's away team in ground combat , offering both abilities as well as firepower.

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  • 4 Customization
  • 5.2 Rank up
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Gender, career path, species

Like with player characters, the gender of a Bridge officer is purely cosmetic and has no gameplay effect (except for Orions ). The career path of a BOff (Tactical, Engineering, Science; plus an optional specialization ) determines which pool of abilities they have access to and which ship station they can occupy. The species of a BOff can have an impact on the Bridge Officer traits .

star trek online weyoun

Bridge Officers have four traits which cannot be changed. Like player character traits , most of these grant benefits for the individual officer in ground combat, while few also buff the entire away team or give a bonus in space combat. Most BOff species have between one and up to four required traits , i.e., traits a specific species will always have.

A specific property of BOff traits are their three potencies:

  • "Basic": 50% bonus
  • "Standard": 100% bonus
  • "Superior": 150% bonus

Potencies are determined by the BOff's quality/ rarity :

Promotions and abilities

Expertise icon.png

  • 4 abilities - Commander / Subcommander / Second

Note that some very rare special bridge officers will always display a Starfleet/KDF rank, even for Romulan Republic players, who might thus have a BOff with the rank "Commander" (= Subcommander).

Bridge Officers are promoted by clicking the Career Options button at the bottom of an officer's status page and selecting the "Promote" option; a dialogue box will be opened with details of the promotion. Players can only promote an officer to a rank below themselves; therefore a player at the rank of Commander can only promote bridge officers to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

star trek online weyoun

  • Specializations

One specialization may be active per Bridge Officer at once. An active specialization gives access to four specific ground, and four specific space abilities, which may then be slotted for that particular BOff. Using specialization-specific space abilities requires a playable starship with the respective station slot.

star trek online weyoun

For space combat , bridge officers can be assigned to specific stations (i.e., seats) on the player's ship. In most cases, each bridge station requires a specific career and rank. Only Bridge Officers of the correct career can be assigned to a career-specific bridge station; "universal stations" can be occupied by any of the three career paths, but not in combination with a specialization. Bridge officers will only be able to use the number of abilities corresponding to the rank of the station, even if they hold a higher rank.

Bridge officers form your captain's away team when you enter a ground map. You can select their default composition on the Stations tab, but each time you beam from a space map to a ground map you will be able to select which officers you need for the mission.


Players can customize a Bridge Officer's appearance by visiting a Tailor . Bridge Officers can be renamed at any time through your character window. Some Special Bridge Officers cannot be customized or renamed.


star trek online weyoun

Bridge officers are commissioned from Bridge Officer Candidates. These are obtained from a variety of sources, such as vendors, missions and the Exchange (see below).

Bridge Officer Candidates are commissioned by right-clicking on the candidate and selecting "Commission." When a Bridge Officer Candidate becomes part of your crew, they are Commissioned Officers. Alternatively, an obtained candidate can be "converted" into a Training Manual of an ability they possessed, which can then be used to teach another BOff this ability.

Zen small icon.png

All characters start with 4 bridge officer slots.

Gold accounts unlock 2 additional slots at the following levels, for a total of 10 slots at level 50:

  • Level 10 (Lieutenant Commander)
  • Level 20 (Commander)
  • Level 40 (Rear Admiral, Lower Half)

Silver accounts unlock 1 additional slot at the following levels, for a total of 8 slots at level 60:

  • Level 50 (Vice Admiral)
  • Level 60 (Fleet Admiral)

Generic bridge officers are obtained periodically as the player levels up (every 10 levels after level 15).

Bridge Officer Candidates are primarily available from a requisition officer , such as Elsa Mora at Earth Spacedock , V'Qlar in First City , or Teelis on the Romulan Flotilla . New candidates may be purchased using Dilithium , and once acquired, are available to be commissioned. A player may maintain no more than fifteen (15) uncommissioned candidates.

Bridge Officer Candidates can be sold on the exchange for Energy credits . They can also be sent through the mail to other characters (on a players account) or other players. This can only be done at a mail console that allows adding items to a message.

  • Go to a mail terminal
  • Compose a new message
  • Switch to the Stations tab and open the Candidates window
  • Drag the candidate to an open item slot in the mail window


star trek online weyoun

There are also Recruitment duty officer assignments which reward Bridge Officers of various Species , (excluding Zen Store or special officers) such as Ferengi , Alien , Trill , Saurian , Bolian , Klingon , Gorn , Andorian , Human , Orion , Lethean ... etc. Note: Some assignments are faction specific and may require higher Commendation ranks.

Other means

Faction-specific bridge officer candidates are also rewarded for some tutorial and early storyline missions. Additionally, some unique, very rare cross-faction candidates are also rewarded from specific higher-level missions in the game. In addition, further ones can be gained from the Zen Store , promotions and other special means.

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  • Bridge officer at Memory Alpha , the Star Trek Wiki.
  • Staff officer at Memory Alpha , the Star Trek Wiki.
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The Vorta clone Weyoun 6 was activated shortly after Weyoun 5 's demise. This new clone proved to be " defective ," in that he strongly felt that the Dominion's war against the Alpha Quadrant was a mistake. However, he still maintained his loyalty to the Founders , and therefore contacted Odo , under the guise of Gul Russol , and requested a meeting so he could announce his intentions to defect to the Federation .

Aboard the runabout USS Rio Grande en route back to Deep Space 9 , Weyoun 6 explained to Odo not only how he wanted to prevent further conflict, but also how the Great Link had been afflicted by a wasting disease that was slowly killing all Founders, except for Odo. When the runabout was located by his replacement, Weyoun 6 activated his termination implant so Weyoun 7 would call off his attacks, thus saving Odo. The "defective" clone died in peace, with a blessing from one of his gods . ( DS9 : " Treachery, Faith and the Great River ")

Appendices [ ]

Background information [ ].

Weyoun 6 was portrayed by Jeffrey Combs , in his third of five Weyoun appearances. He was identified in the script as "WV-Six" to differentiate him from his replacement.

Combs relished the fact he was able to play different sides of his character, later stating, " I remember having a conversation with Ira about how I always fantasized that Weyoun would see the error of his ways and go over to the other side, but Ira's point was that the bad guys are the bad guys. Then we had 'Treachery, Faith and the Great River', which was great; that was about the closest we got to the notion of Weyoun crossing over. I liked that Weyoun. " ( Star Trek Monthly  issue 1 , p. 17)

External link [ ]

  • Weyoun 6 at Memory Beta , the wiki for licensed Star Trek works
  • 2 USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G)
  • 3 Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Legendary Dominion Captain's Bundle

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 07 Apr 2022 09:00:00 AM PDT

star trek online weyoun

Soldiers of the Dominion are bred for battle, and prepared to face the hardships of a violent galaxy before they have even been gifted their first vial of Ketracel-white. Yet even with some focused breeding and training, there remains room for improvement.

Coming very soon, captains interested in the Dominion experience will be able to bypass a portion of that further progress by instantly boosting one Jem’Hadar soldier directly to level 65, and gaining special equipment and benefits unique to their experience, by way of obtaining the Legendary Dominion Captain Bundle .

This valuable bundle includes all of the following features:

  • Immediately boost one Dominion character to Level 65!
  • Includes T5 Reputation Buyouts for “Gamma Task Force” and “Competitive Wargames”
  • Account-Wide access to the Legendary Jem’Hadar Vanguard Pilot Attack Ship [T6]

This immense bundle will be available for the price of 9,000 Zen , with a special introductory offer of 50% OFF for a limited time, until 4/28 at 10am PT ! This bundle will release on 4/14 on PC and is scheduled to appear shortly thereafter on Console platforms.

We acknowledge that there is a difference in the relative value of elevating a Jem’Hadar character to 65, due to their already accelerated starting experience. The pricing of this bundle, and what types of additional items are included (and which are not) compared to other factions’ Legendary Boosts have been adjusted to reflect this.

Keep reading for complete details of what to expect from this value-packed opportunity!

Advance Immediately to Max Level!

Appearing as part of this bundle is a Max Level Boost which you can use to immediately set a character to max level. This powerful Boost is yours to use as you see fit, provided a few restrictions are met:

  • The character to be boosted must belong to the Dominion faction.
  • The intended character must have completed the Dominion Starting Experience, and spoken with Odo to choose their Primary Faction Affiliation.
  • You must have at least one character on your account that has already reached Level 65.

Provided these restrictions are met, the process is as simple as claiming the Special Item unlocked by your purchase of the Bundle, and applying it to the character of your choosing. This will immediately elevate that captain to their highest available rank, and place an Equipment Bundle into their inventory.

Ready to Serve the Founders!

After being boosted to max rank, your newly-elevated Dominion captain will find themselves in possession of an equipment pack begging to be opened. This bundle-within-a-bundle represents an incredible value of high quality gear and other resources, ready to put you on the path to immediately enjoying what life at Max Level has to offer!

This pack contains all of the following:

  • 1,000,000 Energy Credits
  • 1,000,000 Expertise
  • 250,000 Reputation Dilithium Vouchers
  • Use these to immediately train the Bridge Officer(s) of your choice in the Specialization(s) you desire!
  • 5x Enhanced Universal Tech Upgrades (no Dilithium cost to apply)
  • 36x Inventory Slots
  • 12x Bank Slots
  • 6x Bridge Officer Slots
  • 2x Starship Slots
  • Includes *all* basic Kit Modules for your chosen profession, and many different options for outfitting your ship and crew!
  • All weaponry supports the Dominion use of their trademark Polaron energy type, and includes ground weapon visuals distinctly belonging to the Dominion faction.
  • Also includes an exclusive Jem’Hadar Kar’takin unavailable anywhere else!
  • Jem'Hadar Polaron Dual Pistols
  • Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam Pistol
  • Jem'Hadar Polaron Compression
  • Jem'Hadar Polaron Stun Pistol
  • Jem'Hadar Polaron Split Beam Rifle
  • Jem'Hadar Polaron High Density Beam Rifle
  • Jem'Hadar Polaron Sniper Rifle
  • Superior Creative (Increased Kit Performance)
  • Superior Pacifist (Reduced Threat, Increased Healing)
  • Telekinetic (Increased Effectiveness of Knock, Hold, and Root)
  • +7.5% All Weapon Damage
  • +1% Critical Chance
  • +2.5% Critical Severity
  • Occasionally distributes Ketracel-white to Jem’Hadar away team members, automatically refreshing their boosts (max once per 10 min)

** All items received from this bundle are Bind-to-Character-on-Pickup, and have no Energy Credit value if discarded.

Legendary Jem’Hadar Vanguard Pilot Attack Ship [T6]

Let your Honored First defend the Dominion in style in a never-before-released Legendary Starship, and unlock access to this incredible starship for all characters on your account. This modern update to the classic Dominion design has finally joined the ranks of the Vanguard, and aims to take its rightful place as the pinnacle of its family of agile and fierce attack ships.

star trek online weyoun

Like other Legendary Starships, this vessel is meant to represent the pinnacle of an entire line of vessels. It will include – in a single starship – all of the Consoles, Starship Traits, and Costumes, from the entire line of Jem’Hadar Attack Ships. This includes:

  • Jem’Hadar Attack Ship [T5]
  • Jem’Hadar Strike Ship [T6]
  • Jem’Hadar Recon Ship [T6]

This ship also has a small added bonus of being added to a very short list of ships that unlock a player’s ability to obtain “Jem’Hadar Attack Ship” and “Jem’Hadar Vanguard Gunboats” hangar pets, provided the player also owns a Jem’Hadar ship with a hangar bay.

Purchase of this Bundle will unlock the ability for all characters on your account to claim and fly this versatile cruiser, and will be the first Vanguard starship to be released without a Faction restriction.

Starship Stats and Specifications

Since the days of first contact with the Dominion, and throughout the course of multiple conflicts that led eventually to the Dominion War, the formidable Jem'Hadar Attack Ship has earned its reputation as a challenger whose capabilities outmatch its relatively small size. Their adversaries have learned to never underestimate what feats a trained crew of Jem'Hadar can accomplish from the bridge of one of these graceful and deadly starships.

The Legendary Jem'Hadar Vanguard Pilot Attack Ship comes with the following features from previous ships within its lineage:

  • Console - Universal - Dominion Defense Screen

Upon reaching level 5 in this starship's mastery, you will unlock the "Go For The Kill" Starship Trait. This trait can be found on a previous version of this starship.

Upon reaching level 6 in this starship's mastery, you will unlock the "Vanguard Specialists" Starship Trait for all characters on your account! While this Trait is slotted, all of the following Specialist Bridge Officer Abilities will have their recharge times reduced by 33% of their base recharge time: Surgical Strikes (Intel), Suppression Barrage (Command), Reroute Reserves to Weapons (Pilot), Recursive Shearing (Temporal Operative), Exceed Rated Limits (Miracle Worker)

  • Faction: Any (no Tier-6 Mastery Unlock required!)
  • Hull Modifier: 1.2
  • Shield Modifier: 1.0
  • Fore Weapons: 5
  • Aft Weapons: 2
  • Device Slots: 2
  • Bridge Officer Stations: 1x Commander Tactical / Pilot, 1x Lieutenant Engineering, 1x Ensign Science, 1x Lt Commander Universal, 1x Lt Commander Universal / Intel
  • Consoles: 5 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 2 Science (scales with level)
  • Base Turn Rate: 20
  • Impulse Modifier: 0.22
  • Inertia: 70
  • +15 Weapon Power, +5 Engine Power
  • Can Equip Dual Cannons
  • Pilot Maneuvers
  • Experimental Weapon Slot, equipped with Tachyon Agitator
  • "Vanguard Wingmen" Ship Mechanic
  • Starship Mastery Package (Escort)
  • Precise Weapon Systems (+Accuracy)
  • Tactical Maneuvers (+Defense)
  • Enhanced Weapon Systems (+All Damage)
  • Devastating Weaponry (+Critical Chance)
  • Go For The Kill (Starship Trait)
  • Vanguard Specialists (Account Unlocked Starship Trait)

Admiralty Stats:

  • Special: Ignores +/- SCI from Events

Account Unlocked Starship Trait – Vanguard Specialists

While this Trait is slotted, all of the following Specialist Bridge Officer Abilities that provide Weapon Modification Abilities will have their recharge times reduced by 33% of their base recharge time:

  • Reduced from 30 sec to 20 sec
  • Reduced from 45 sec to 30 sec
  • Reduced from 40 sec to 26.4 sec

Experimental Weapon – Tachyon Agitator

Dominion weaponry has always had a knack for undermining and manipulating the protective energies used by starships, and this experimental armament is no exception. By exciting a localized tachyon resonance, the targeted foe's shields will quickly drain over time. The resulting energy cascade will also interfere with the subsystem components of the enemy vessel, causing electrical damage and occasional subsystem failures.

  • 360' targeting arc
  • Fires once per 5 sec
  • Drains All Shield Facings over 5 sec
  • Each sec, 33% chance: Additional Electrical Damage (ignores shields) and Drains All Subsystem Power Levels for 5 sec

Special Equipment – Quad Polaron Cannons

The Dominion has taken a page from the Federation’s playbook after their experiences during the Dominion War, and developed an analog to the super-charged weaponry found on one of their most noteworthy adversaries from that dark time. These special weapons hit harder than standard Dual Heavy Cannons, but drain Engine Subsystem Power when firing (alongside their Weapon Power drain). They also have the standard Polaron energy proc.

They will come as Level-less on the ship, but may be upgraded if the player is above level 60, at which point they may be upgraded normally.

Jump-start your career as an Honored First of the Dominion!

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Weyoun was a series of cloned Vorta diplomats and leaders in the service of the Dominion.

star trek online weyoun

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    Jeffrey Combs. was a series of cloned Vorta diplomats and leaders in the service of the Dominion. Weyoun. Kevin Mulkahey. Weyoun Clone 6. Weyoun Clone 4. Weyoun Clone 5. Weyoun at Memory Alpha.

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