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Arctic Monkeys  

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  • Upcoming 2024 concerts: none

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The SSE Arena, Belfast

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It was 2002 when Arctic Monkeys formed in the north English city of Sheffield. Featuring the distinctive, aggressively enunciated lead vocals of Alex Turner, the band features a classic lineup: two guitars and a bass across the front, drums in the back.

Famously unwilling to sit still and commit to any one sound, the Arctic Monkeys’ genre varies from album to album. Its discography spans from indie rock to hip hop to garage grunge. While this type of ambition doesn’t always land well with critics when other bands attempt it, with Arctic Monkeys it always seems to work. This might be because the way the band arranges its songs always stems from the same DNA source, or because Turner’s vocals are like nothing else on the scene.

The Arctic Monkeys experienced an unusual rise to fame. School friends Alex Turner, Matt Helders, and Andy Nicholson formed the band in 2002 as an instrumental-only project. Jamie Cook soon came on board as a second guitarist — it was he who came up with the name “Arctic Monkeys.” Turner soon got past his reluctance to be the band’s lead singer, and on June 13, 2003, the group played its first-ever gig at The Grapes in Sheffield.

Over the course of 2003, the band demoed 18 songs — a collection that would eventually be dubbed Beneath the Boardwalk. It gave the songs away on burned CDs at shows, which fans quickly began to file-share with one another. Its popularity began to grow across northern England, even gaining the attention of the BBC. In 2005, it recorded and self-released an EP called Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys, which led the band to sign with Domino Recording Company.

In 2006, Arctic Monkeys released its debut album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, which became the fastest-selling debut album in the history of the UK music charts. It’s also regarded as one of the greatest debut albums in history — no surprise that it won Best British Album in 2007 at the Brit Awards. The band even defeated the dreaded sophomore slump when its second album, Favourite Worst Nightmare, won the same award the following year.

It takes a lot of vision to craft an upward trajectory from a high starting point like that. Arctic Monkeys continued releasing new albums every two years or so: Humbug in 2009, Suck It and See in 2011, and AM in 2013. Every single one debuted at number one in the UK – a first for an independent-label band.

The Arctic Monkeys’ fifth album, AM, vaulted the band’s career forward, with the single “Do I Wanna Know?” from that album winning international fame. After topping four Billboard charts, the hit was given the vaunted platinum designation in the UM and won Best British Album in 2014.

If you’re trying to judge a band’s chutzpah, look no further than the choices it makes after achieving extreme success. After going platinum, the Arctic Monkeys took four years to craft Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Released in 2018, this album broke free from the band’s guitar-driven indie rock roots and moved to piano-based music. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album at the 2019 Grammys.

The Arctic Monkeys took another four years to perfect the sound for its next album. The Car, released in October 2022, debuted second on the charts in ten territories – and likely would have claimed the top spot if not for a new release by Taylor Swift at the same time.

As Arctic Monkeys tour dates continue to populate the calendar for 2022 and 2023, catch the band live to see one of the most exciting stage shows in the world right now. Turner’s songwriting along with the band’s arrangements and live stage team make it a must-see for this year. Find a concert near you on Songkick.

Live reviews

Seeing Arctic Monkeys not once, but twice, in two days was absolutely insane - I'd like to have rated it a Four out of Five simply for the pun but personally I think there's no doubt that the show(s) were as close to perfect as a concert can get. Mini Mansions were quite a decent support act - their set included a few fillers but ended on a high with an energetic rendition of Mirror Mountain. AM's setlist varied over the two nights but both nights were an amalgamation of songs from all six albums - a perfect blend of atmospheric, new TBHC songs and older, grungier hits. Live staples like Brianstorm, Pretty Visitors and Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair had everyone out of their seat, while there were also some (pleasantly) surprising inclusions like Library Pictures and From The Ritz To The Rubble (first time in Australia since 2009!!!). Both nights' encores concluded with a blistering performance of R U Mine? which was the perfect way to end such a intense night. Alex Turner's onstage antics oozed pure class combined with true rock n' roll - a highlight of the second night was the dance Alex did whilst holding a stool above his head! The crowd went crazy for that - as well as his famous hip gyrations, especially during Cornerstone! Matt was full of energy on the drums, Jamie and Nick were equally hyped - but nothing really compared to Alex's voice, both speaking and singing (which quite frankly I could listen to all day). The sound quality was utterly fantastic - you could not ask for more from a band - the only minor downside was the minimalistic, Kubrick-esque backdrop & stage - but Arctic Monkeys have never really been the type of band that relies on on-stage effects to transfix the audience… Alex does that quite adequately on his own! As a group of sixteen-seventeen year olds, myself and my friends were probably the youngest people there but it was refreshing to see a lot of people our age - the majority was (understandably) uni students. Such an outstanding pair of performances that I'm so glad I went twice (and to be honest it was so enthralling I genuinely could have gone a third time if there was another Melbourne show). Alex Turner is, in his own words, a CERTIFIED MINDBLOWER. A definite Five out of Five.

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tash_dodich’s profile image

This was by far the best concert I have ever been to. Everyone on the crowd was just so wild, happy and full of energy. The whole crowd sang all of the songs and danced to it. That energy that I felt when I was there face to face with the Arctic Monkeys was incredible, I can’t even begin to explain it. I wish I could go back in time and rewatch that concert. I just love them, and their songs are extremely good. Alex’s voice was perfect last night. Jamie, Nick and Matt were amazing too.

The arena where the show took place was pretty good and had a nice space. It was a little crowded in the beginning, but then people just started to spread out.

The moment when 505 came on, everyone just danced calmly and sang along so well. We all turned on our cellphones flashlights so we could light it up.

Do I Wanna Know was my favorite song performed from last night. I love that beat and it’s my favorite song in the whole world. I wish I could listen to it played live everyday.

Honestly, going to the Arctic Monkeys concert was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I wish everyone could be there to feel the vibe with me. I also managed to buy myself a shirt, not from the official store because it was expensive, but from someone else selling them. It looks really good, it’s from the “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” album.

I just wish they would’ve played some other songs too, like “I Wanna Be Yours”, “Mardy Bum”, “No Buses”, “Despair in the Departure Lounges” and a couple others.

Alex sang pretty fast and wouldn’t give us a minute between each song, and unfortunately that resulted on the show going on by pretty quickly.

But despite it all, I loved it and it was the best night of my life so far. It was perfect, I miss it already.

Jamie, Nick, Alex and Matt, you guys are amazing. Thank you for everything last night. I will never forget it.

ceciliacarlier’s profile image

I'm a fan. I must start it off saying this, 'cause as a fan, they have never, ever let me down. I've been to three Arctic Monkeys live gigs, in different phases of the band. The first one, back in 2007 when we were all just kids wanting to have a blast, than in 2011 and finally last Friday, in front of a sold out 35 thousand people crowd. My favorite will always be the first one... I was young, reckless and hopeful because of this great band that had started online and was actually very good. But to see them all grown up and mature, and with complete control of that sea of people that was there just for them, was very, very meaningful. They interact less with the crowd than before, and have more of a rockstar attitude, but it suits them. It's all part of the show and it doesn't make them less charismatic at all. Specially Mr. Alex Turner. The setlist is a real trip through their career so far and even thought they had to cut a few fan favorites, the most meaningful songs are there, shining and evoking beautiful sing-a-longs. One of the highlights ended up being an acoustic rendition of "Mardy Bum", right before the last song, very effusively requested by the fans and beautifully delivered by Alex Turner, all by himself. Whenever he was not playing guitar and singing with his eyes closed, he would leave the guitar, hold the mic with two hands and dance like no one even knew he could. Oh, Mr. Turner... You've become quite the frontman! One of the most interesting things about them is that you'll get the same thrill by watching a large arena set and a small, intimate performance. Their songs are just that powerful. And these guys aren't even in their 30's yet! Long live to the Arctic Monkeys!

nathiuria’s profile image

Arctic Monkeys, making me as giddy as a goat since 2002! Need I say anymore?

Some would say they have done the full 360 in their last 5 albums, but they still somehow manage to create something different and even more meaningful each time a new release comes along, which is what you want from a mainstream band.

As they have had to grow up as well as lock down their career in a relatively short period of time, their sounds represent a different stage in their lives from overnight success, heartache and self discovery. After hiding away in the desert to record an epic follow up album to 'Suck it and see' (Admirable contribution from Josh Homme) the sheer dedication to their music was sincerely portrayed in 'AM' and things got really serious over night. After a test drive of the new material at Glastonbury 2013, a few new hairstyles and a nonchalant attitude the band became pure rock and roll stars.

From small venues to outdoor arenas Arctic Monkeys can do no wrong - With carefully selected playlists to cover their early and playful classics such as 'I bet you look good on the dance floor' and 'Dancing shoes' right through to their seductive, jaw dropping, riff-tastic songs 'My propeller' and 'Don't sit down cause I moved your chair'. Frontman 'Sir' Alex Turner knows how to work a crowd with a bit of cheeky banter and endless appreciation to their fans, which is always an added bonus. With Arctic Monkeys, always expect the unexpected.

Audi_Mc’s profile image

Arctic Monkeys is the most riveting mainstream band you could see live. They feature music from their first release to their last, create a powerful atmosphere for fans, and Alex Turner interacts with the crowd in a refreshing way with his exotic accent. Arctic Monkeys' music varies from upbeat to slower tempo, but in my opinion all of it is amazing. They could potentially play any venue successfully due to their great stage presence and how similar their live music is to their recorded music. I was astounded by their true talent, which is hard to find in mainstream music today with the excessive use of autotune and other enhancement programs. My favourite part of the concert was when they played "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" because it was a song that the majority of concert attendees knew and the vibe completely changed when they played the song. It brought new and old fans together and excited the audience. The most surprising thing was that I thought it wasn't going to be a very good concert due to the fact that I paid for last minute seats in the back, but honestly, it didn't affect the atmosphere at all! The concert was even better than most of the concerts I've been up close to in large venues. Overall, they played a great live show and it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I'd highly recommend buying tickets and experiencing some real musical talent and live playing.

hayleyaubie’s profile image

The whole experience was amazing. Although the Lemon Twigs were down a brother (With Brian having to go home due to being ill) it did not effect their electric performance, finishing the set with one of their best songs 'As Long As Were Together'.

And then of course. The Arctic Monkeys came on and the crowd lost it before they'd even started playing. The set they played was a perfect balance between the new album and their older stuff and not a single person was sitting down by the last song. As they packed up and walked off the crowd (as is to be expected) started cheering for another song and as per usual Alex Turner does not disappoint! The boys came back on stage and bought the house down with 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' and finally 'R U Mine'.

A perfect night.

samuelsinclair59’s profile image

Excellent! As always...

People aren't crazy about the new album but "Four out of Five" has enough swagger to start the gig and even though they played 505 a bit too early for me the catalogue and band's attitude is far more than enough to keep even the most cynical (me) happy.

That's where I draw the line. Forest Hills is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL venue and the weather was perfect but FLASH SEATS is a terrible experience. I had to transfer a ticket and we encountered issues that meant we missed the first few songs (you could hear 4/5 thankfully, but didn't see it).

Flash Seats...either get your app in order or just let us print the tickets at home like every other normal working ticket app...we didn't need another one but you've cornered a market for yourself.

Sort it out.

Whitbyrdsoldier’s profile image

Finally, my long awaited chance to see Arctic Monkeys. Live. In concert. How can that not make anyone crazy with joy? Needless to say, THEY ROCKED. True, finding somewhere comfortable to sit in the Klipsch Lawns that wasn't covered in mud or bird poop was hard and stressful, but it all disappeared the second the electrifying riff of "Do I Wanna Know?" broke on stage. After that, all that worried me was completely gone as I soon found myself every single second. And oh yeah, White Denim know how to kick some butt as well, as they somehow managed to make and awesome concert even more enjoyable. My only regret? That the concert couldn't go on forever. Visually Stunning, musically vivid, here's to you Alex Turner and your Arctic Monkeys, may your music always be more than awesome!

eggie’s profile image

I had an absolutely fantastic time seeing the Arctic Monkeys live, without a doubt. Their set list was delivered very well; the concert started with a few fun songs, wound down to slow songs, and build back up again to more fun songs to end the night with. They upheld their reputation of talent on their instruments, of course. These guys played in a way that made everyone in the crowd fell alive and on fire. Seeing them at an outside venue was marvelous. It was open so you weren't going deaf, there was a little more space between each person, and the sound was able to get to everyone without being overwhelming. The opener, White Denim, definitely impressed me. The whole experience was unforgettable. I love them more after this concert!

volimte’s profile image

The Arctic Monkeys are amazing live. I was already in love with them just listening to their music on my phone. But live? Wow. Their lead singer, Alex Turner, has a lot of interesting and funny dance moves. For example, to the song "Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair" he acts out all the actions in the song. During the show, there were a lot of cool lights and everyone was having a good time. If you really need to read a review to decide whether or not you should go to the Arctic Monkeys concert, then you're not as in love with them as you should be in order to go to their concert. But since I've already written so much, I hope you divide to go because it is a truly unforgettable experience.

neena.jones’s profile image

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Arctic Monkeys live.

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Arctic Monkeys live.

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Arctic Monkeys live.

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  • The Vaccines (51)
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Milburn live.

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Arctic Monkeys Biography – Facts, Early Years & Achievements

Arctic Monkeys Biography

Biography of Arctic Monkey

The Indie rock/ neo-punk bands Arctic Monkeys can be categorized in the same circles as other global multi-platinum acts such as Pink Floyd and Oasis. Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys rose to become one of the most popular and biggest bands of the new millennium from just a single self-released EP back in 2005.

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The band’s meteoric rise to international fame scored the band a series of achievements very early on in their careers, which helped to position them to the top position of the international singles chart.

When the group was just starting out, the fans helped to spread Arctic Monkeys’ demo songs through various online message boards. This led to a growing loyal fan base. Arctic’s monkey remarkable rise as the indie band to watch out for could never have happened without their extraordinary fan base and the viral buzz of the internet. From this extempore beginning, Arctic Monkey would go on to create one of the fastest selling debut albums that the UK has ever seen.

Although the UK has definitely introduced formidable acts to the global arena such as The Bee Gees, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie, not many attained success quite as rapidly as Arctic Monkeys. Not bad at all for a group that was formed by for suburban friends after high school. Today, Arctic Monkeys is still one of the bestselling rock bands of this century and definitely one of the UK’s finest.

Early start and background

Arctic Monkeys, like most rock bands before it, had incredibly humble beginnings. In 2002, a group of friends decided to form a band. The band consisted of four original members: Jamie ‘Cookie’ Cook (guitar), Matt Helders (drums, vocals), Andy Nicholson and Alex Turner (vocals, guitar). Any Nicholson left in 2006 citing exhaustion from touring and was replaced by Nick O’Malley (bass), who became a permanent fixture.

Before the group wrote any songs, they had already decided that the band would be called Arctic Monkeys, which was given to the group by James cook, although none of the band members can recall why. The group members had all been school friends in Sheffield, England but they did not start playing locally until mid-2003.



The group’s beginning can largely be attributed to neighbors Alex Turner and Jamie Cook, who had both received guitars for Christmas in 2001. Soon, the pair roped in fellow friends Any and Matt and the quartet began rehearsing and recording CD-R demos. Within a short time, the quartet had built up a cult following through regular and widespread gigging, which created the perfect platform for them to start releasing demo material.

The group would hand out CD-R demos to fans at their gigs and before long, their growing fan base started spreading the songs on various message boards, which became their gateway to success. Three months after releasing their first recordings in the limited edition EP, Five Minutes with the Arctic Monkeys, Arctic Monkeys made their London debut in February 2005. That same year, the band got another opportunity to perform at the Reading and Leeds Festival and although they were placed low in the running order, Arctic Monkeys managed to consolidate an even larger base of fans from the enormous crowd in attendance.

Their performance at the festival sent the mainstream media sniffing, which helped to popularize Arctic Monkeys even further. In October, the group sold out the London Astoria barely 6 months after the group started performing and in November, the band’s debut single, “ I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor ,” became number one in the UK.

arctic monkeys tour history

The band continued touring around the world and the band premiered new material from the unreleased album in January 2008 while touring various venues in Wellington and Auckland. Later on in the year, Lead singer/songwriter Alex Turner pioneered a two-man project with the singer from the Rascals, Miles Kane and the two titled their band The Last Shadow Puppets.

In August 2009, Arctic Monkeys released their third album and was heralded by the single The Last Shadow Puppets. In the coming years, subsequent albums At the Apollo (a concert album), Humbug (released August 2209), Suck It and See (released spring 2011 after collaborating with James Ford), and Entitled (releases summer of 2013) followed. In 2012, Arctic Monkeys played at the London Summer Olympics opening ceremony, performing “I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor”.

After the fifth album AM was released, it debuted at number 1 in the UK album charts managing to sell over 157,000 copies in its first week. Because of this, Arctic Monkeys made history and became the first independent label band with five successive number 1 albums in the UK.

As a result, the band was nominated a third time for the Mercury Prize and following the supporting tour for the album, Arctic Monkeys took an extended hiatus which allowed each of the members to pursue solo projects. Early 2018, Arctic Monkey resurfaced with Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino , which featured a much softer sound than their fans had become used to.

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Arctic Monkeys Plot North American Summer Tour

By Ryan Reed

Arctic Monkeys announced a North American summer tour. The brief trek launches May 5th with a date at Los Angeles’s Hollywood Forever Cemetery. After a series of European shows, the indie rockers will perform a headlining slot at Delaware’s Firefly Festival, followed by nine more concerts in the U.S. and Canada.

Tickets for the new North American shows go on sale Friday, March 16th at 10 a.m. Additional information is available at the band’s website .

The quartet last performed in November 2014 during the promotional jaunt behind their fifth and most recent LP, the previous year’s AM . The band went on hiatus following the tour, and singer-songwriter Alex Turner released his second LP with the Last Shadow Puppets, Everything You’ve Come to Expect , in 2016.

“The other guys just had babies,” Turner told Rolling Stone that year of Arctic Monkeys’ break. “We’ll get back to it at some point.”

Buzz surrounding a new album has been building since last April, when drummer Matt Helders posted an in-studio Instagram photo of his drum kit surrounded by microphones.

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In September, bassist Nick O’Malley confirmed to motorcycle publication For the Ride that the group had begun recording in a “secret location.” He also teased a potential 2018 release date, noting, “If it isn’t [out within the year], we’ve got problems.”

Arctic Monkeys Tour Dates May 5 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery June 14-17 – Dover, DE @ Firefly Festival June 16 – Raleigh, NC @ Red Hat Amphitheater June 18 – Nashville, TN @ Ascend Amphitheater June 19 – Atlanta, GA @ Coca Cola Roxy Theatre July 24 – Queens, NY @ Forest Hills Stadium July 27 – Boston, MA @ TD Garden July 28 – Washington, DC @ The Anthem July 31 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Petersen Events center August 1 – Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple Theatre August 5 – Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre

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Arctic Monkeys Announce 2023 North American Tour

By Jazz Monroe

Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner

Arctic Monkeys have announced a string of North American dates behind The Car . The run begins in August 2023, and includes two nights at New York’s Forest Hills Stadium and one at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California. They’ll be supported by Fontaines D.C. Check out the dates below.

Last week, the band shared a second single from The Car , “ Body Paint ,” along with a video directed by Brook Linder . The band also played the song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The Car , which was produced by the band’s longtime collaborator James Ford, also includes lead track “ There’d Better Be a Mirrorball ” and a song called “ I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am ,” which the band has been playing live this year.

The Car follows 2018’s Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino , which came five years after Arctic Monkeys fifth album, AM . That record hit No. 1 on the UK charts, as did all of its predecessors. Since Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino , Arctic Monkeys have shared the B-side “ Anyways ,” performed for Austin City Limits , and released a live album for charity, recorded at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Read “ Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner Decodes Every Song on Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino .”

All products featured on Pitchfork are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Arctic Monkeys: North American Tour 2023

Arctic Monkeys:

11-04 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Jeunesse Arena 11-05 São Paulo, Brazil - Primavera Sound 11-08 Curitiba, Brazil - Pedreira Paulo Leminski 11-10 Asunción, Paraguay - Kilk Fest 11-12 Santiago, Chile - Primavera Sound 11-13 Buenos Aires, Argentina - Primavera Sound 11-15 Lima, Peru - Arena 1 11-17 Bogotá, Colombia - Coliseo Live 11-19 Mexico City, Mexico - Corona Capital Festival 12-18-01-01 Glenworth Valley, Australia - Lost Paradise 12-19-31 Birregurra, Australia - Falls Festival 12-31-01-02 Byron Bay, Australia - Falls Festival 01-04 Melbourne, Australia - Sidney Myer Music Bowl 01-05 Melbourne, Australia - Sidney Myer Music Bowl  01-06 Adelaide, Australia - Heaps Good Festival 01-07-08 Downtown Fremantle, Australia - Falls Festival 01-11 Brisbane, Australia - Riverstage 01-14 Sydney, Australia - The Domain 05-29 Bristol, England - Ashton Gate Stadium 05-31 Coventry, England - Building Society Arena 06-02 Manchester, England - Emirates Old Trafford 06-03 Manchester, England - Emirates Old Trafford 06-05 Middlesbrough, England - Riverside Stadium 06-07 Norwich, England - Carrow Road Stadium 06-09 Sheffield, England - Hillsborough Park 06-10 Sheffield, England - Hillsborough Park 06-12 Swansea, Wales - Stadium 06-14 Southampton, England - The Ageas Bowl 06-16 London, England - Emirates Stadium 06-17 London, England - Emirates Stadium 06-18 London, England - Emirates Stadium 06-20 Dublin, Ireland - Malahide Castle 06-25 Glasgow, Scotland - Bellahouston Park 08-25 Minneapolis, MN - The Armory * 08-27 Chicago, IL - United Center * 08-29 Clarkston, MI - Pine Knob Music Theatre * 08-30 Toronto, Ontario - Budweiser Stage * 09-02 Montreal, Quebec - Bell Centre * 09-03 Boston, MA - TD Garden * 09-05 Philadelphia, PA - TD Pavilion at the Mann * 09-07 Columbia, MD - Merriweather Post Pavilion * 09-08 Forest Hills, NY - Forest Hills Stadium * 09-09 Forest Hills, NY - Forest Hills Stadium * 09-11 Alpharetta, GA - Ameris Bank Amphitheatre * 09-12 Nashville, TN - Ascend Amphitheater * 09-15 Austin, TX - Moody Center * 09-16 Fort Worth, TX - Dickies Arena * 09-18 Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheatre * 09-20 Salt Lake City, UT - Vivint Arena * 09-22 Seattle, WA - Climate Pledge Arena * 09-23 Vancouver, British Columbia - Pacific Coliseum * 09-24 Portland, OR - Moda Center * 09-26 San Francisco, CA - Chase Center * 09-27 Sacramento, CA - Golden 1 Center * 09-29 Inglewood, CA - Kia Forum *

* with Fontaines D.C.

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arctic monkeys tour history

Arctic Monkeys at Emirates Old Trafford Manchester 2023 – stage times, support act, setlist, and more

The Sheffield lads are over in our neck of the woods for two massive gigs this week.

Emily Sergeant

Arctic Monkeys are set to play two massive shows at Emirates Old Trafford as part of their sold-out 2023 UK tour this week.

After having the crowd in the palm of their hands as they took to the stage in two other major UK cities this week, the Sheffield indie rock icons are finally making their way to visit us here in Manchester and will be be playing to around 50,000 adoring fans over two nights at Emirates Old Trafford .

The beloved four-piece, fronted by Alex Turner, with Matt Helders on drums, guitarist Jamie Cook, and bass player Nick O’Malley, are undoubtedly one of the most successful British bands of the 21st century after bursting onto the scene with their debut album back in 2006 – which became the fastest-selling debut album in UK chart history.

That’s just one of a handful of records the indie rockers have to their name throughout their celebrated careers, as well as claiming six UK number one albums, selling over 12 millions records, and taking home countless awards – including BRITs, GRAMMYs, and the coveted Mercury Prize .

They’ve also had headlining slots at some of the world’s most famous music festivals, including Glastonbury twice.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arctic Monkeys (@arcticmonkeys)

The band are playing in Manchester this week as part of their 2023 UK tour following the release of their critically-acclaimed seventh studio album, The Car , back in October 2022.

And they look set to put on a seriously memorable show.

So if you’re heading to see Arctic Monkeys at Emirates Old Trafford Manchester this weekend, then here’s everything you need to know.

arctic monkeys tour history

When are Arctic Monkeys playing in Manchester?

Arctic Monkeys were originally only booked to play one night at Emirates Old Trafford on Friday 2 June, but after tickets sold-out in absolutely no time at all, the Sheffield band were quick to add a second Manchester date into the mix.

The band will now take to the stage on both Friday 2 and Saturday 3 June.

With Emirates Old Trafford having a maximum gig capacity of 50,000 people, this means that up to 100,000 fans could see the indie rockers live over the two nights.

Are there any tickets still available?

Given the sold-out first night, and the decision to add a second night due to the absolutely overwhelming demand by fans, as you might expect, tickets to both Arctic Monkeys dates in Manchester are extremely hard to come by at this point.

At the time of writing, popular ticketing website Ticketmaster showed their were no tickets available to purchase, although this could change at any moment, so it’s worth continuing to check.

Also make sure to keep your eye on SeeTickets here for any last-minute releases.

And if you try to buy tickets second-hand, please make sure you’re using a reputable resale site so you don’t get caught out by scammers.

Who is supporting Arctic Monkeys in Manchester?

Arctic Monkeys have two support acts lined up for both of the Manchester gigs.

arctic monkeys tour history

The Hives are the first of two acts supporting Arctic Monkeys on both Friday 2 and Saturday 3 June.

With six studio albums to their name, the Swedish five-piece rock band rose to prominence in the early 2000s during the garage rock revival, and their mainstream success followed with the release of their second album,  Veni Vidi Vicious , which featured the hit single ‘Hate to Say I Told You So’.

The band has been acclaimed by music critics as one of the best live rock bands of the 21st century, so concertgoers are in for a real treat.

The Mysterines

The Mysterines are the second act supporting Arctic Monkeys, with the British alternative rock band hailing from Liverpool and the Wirral, and fronted by Lia Metcalfe, having enjoyed recent success following the release of their debut album, Reeling , back in March 2022 – which reached number nine on the UK Albums Chart.

Stage times

These are expected stage times, although everything is subject to change on the night.

  • Gates Open – 5pm (Friday) and 4:30pm (Saturday)
  • Support Acts – The first support act is expected on stage around 6:40pm .
  • Arctic Monkeys – Expected on stage anywhere from 8:45pm – 9pm .

Emirates Old Trafford says the gig will finish “no later than 10:30pm”, and you can find more FAQs on the venue’s website here .

arctic monkeys tour history

What is the potential setlist?

Although nothing is confirmed, with artists and bands known to switch setlists up from gig to gig and throw in a few surprises here and there, depending on the energy of the crowd and what they’re feeling that night, Arctic Monkeys have been roughly following a particular order of songs since their 2023 UK tour began.

Here’s the setlist from their gig in Bristol earlier this week.

  • Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair
  • Snap Out of It
  • Crying Lightning
  • Teddy Picker
  • The View From the Afternoon
  • Four Out of Five
  • Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?
  • Arabella (with Pretty Visitors instrumental interlude)
  • My Propeller
  • Fluorescent Adolescent
  • Suck It and See
  • Do I Wanna Know?
  • There’d Better Be a Mirrorball
  • I Wanna Be Yours (John Cooper Clarke cover)
  • Sculptures of Anything Goes
  • I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

arctic monkeys tour history

How to get to Emirates Old Trafford

There are, of course, a number of ways to get to Emirates Old Trafford, but as more 300,000 people are expecting to be descending on Manchester’s major venues for musical events this week, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has been advising that the Metrolink will be the “quickest and most-reliable way” of travelling in and around the city centre.

TfGM has also strongly encouraged that people making their way to either of the two Arctic Monkeys “plan ahead” due to coordinated rail strikes by Aslef and RMT unions on both Friday 2 and Saturday 3 June.

📣 It's a busy time for Manchester over the coming week! Here is a brief overview of what's to come: – Rail strikes – Coldplay at the Etihad – Arctic Monkeys at Emirates Old Trafford – Elton John at AO Arena 👉 Find more travel advice at — Transport for Greater Manchester 🚲🚶🏾‍♀️ (@OfficialTfGM) May 28, 2023

The closest Metrolink stop is Old Trafford , which is located next to Emirates Old Trafford, but it will be busy both before and after the concerts, so you could also use  Trafford Bar  for both southbound journeys on the East Didsbury or Airport lines, and for journeys back to the city centre.

The last tram from Old Trafford to the city centre will depart at 1:08am and towards Altrincham at 12:29am, while the last tram from Trafford Bar to East Didsbury will depart at 11:46pm and to the Airport at 11:31pm.

  • Coldplay at Etihad Stadium 2023 – stage times, support act, tickets, and setlist
  • Travel advice issued as 300,000 people prepare to attend Manchester gigs… amid train strikes
  • Everything you need to know about the Elton John Farewell Tour 2023 at AO Arena Manchester

Drivers are being asked to add “a significant amount of additional time” to their journeys”, with congestion expected in the city centre and on the Inner Ring Road across the weekend.

You can read more about TfGM’s travel advice for this weekend here .

Featured Image – Zackery Michael (via SJM)

Danny Jones

We’re very lucky here in Greater Manchester to have so many wonderful pubs and restaurants right on our doorstep but when it comes to the very specific locale of waterside spots, we think you’ll find it very hard to beat The Wharf.

Considered by many as the jewel not only Castlefield ‘s culinary crown but the pinnacle of canalside hospitality, The Wharf has been open under its current name for over a decade now and has gradually built up one of the most adoring customer bases any business could ask for.

Although the pub itself was opened back in 1998 as Jackson’s Wharf, it wasn’t until its regeneration in 2012 that it truly found its footing in the local food and drink scene, going from strength to strength ever since becoming part of the Brunning and Price family.

You only have to check our favourite pub or favourite beer garden series to see it crop up and you can bet we’re by no means the only ones shouting about it.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by THE MANC (@the.manc)

Beer garden bliss

Just like the man says (it’s me, I’m the man), The Wharf ‘s beer garden is so popular for a reason: it’s big, beautiful and situated right next to a picturesque corner of the Bridgewater Canal, soaking up the rays for hours on end whenever they decide to grace us with their presence.

It’s this combo, plus the fact it’s knitted perfectly into its green and pleasant surroundings, that makes it feel like something ripped straight out of a postcard from some idyllic little village in the country. Only it’s not, it’s just a short walk down the canal from the city centre.

Whenever it gets really nice and summery, they really push the boat out – pun very much intended – with their outside bar and dedicated cocktail hut, open Thursday-Sunday every week in spring and summer, which serves all manner of seasonal concoctions, as well as all the classics.

It also means you don’t have to leave the comfort of the sun-soaked terrace even for a second, not to mention it helps service flow smoother as they split the crowds between this and the indoor bar.

beer gardens manchester

Gastro pub goals with a superb Sunday roast

But even when the big yellow thing does go back into hiding as we know it does most of the year here in our corner of the North West, we’d also wager The Wharf is up there with one of the cosiest pubs you’ll find in and around Manchester city centre .

From the homely and inviting interior spread across two floors, with a raging fire and comfy little nooks for you to cosy up with your dog, to the now tipi-covered outdoor seating area with plenty of heaters to keep the outside just as welcoming, it – but it’s that food that truly warms up the cockles inside.

Be it their legendary fish and chips that is quite literally bigger than your arm, hearty homemade pies and rustic but refined classics you’d expect from a traditional boozer, to lighter and seasonal small plates or their equally stunning Sunday roasts, we’ve never once left here feeling anything but fully satisfied.

You’ll find decent pub grub all over Greater Manchester , but you won’t find many that do it to the kind of standard The Wharf has consistently delivered for years now.

@the.manc Could this be one of the best Sunday roasts in Manchester? Available Sundays and bank holiday Mondays at The Wharf😍 #sundayroast #manchester #foodietiktok #mcr #roastdinner ♬ vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843) – SUNNY HOOD STUDIO

A proper pub with a community feel – in every sense of the word

Whether you’re sat out on the terrace, up on the balcony, or around a big table with your nearest and dearest sharing a few pints, you’ll notice that this place is rarely even a bit quiet and literally never empty.

That’s not just because it’s a pretty pub with good food but because its booming business is built on locals from the Castlefield community and beyond. It’s one thing calling yourself a family pub, actually living up to that image is something else entirely.

Packed out with regulars every evening, not just punters come the weekend; welcoming as many furry faces as possible with free snacks and a water station, as well as hosting regular events like their upcoming burger week this August to their annual summer bash and BBQs, the proof is in the pudding.

Be it the live music, pub quizzes, board game meets or their resident running club which starts and ends there every Wednesday , there’s always something going on at The Wharf.

arctic monkeys tour history

  • Moor Hall – What it’s like to eat at officially the best restaurant in England
  • A guide to the brand-new Co-op Live: drinks prices, how to get there, capacity and more
  • Chester Zoo’s award-winning restaurant is staying open longer due to ‘phenomenal demand’

This particular writer has no shame in proclaiming it as his favourite pub anywhere in the region and why should he? You only have to wander down the locks and through Manchester’s historic canalside neighbourhood to see it full of smiling faces, flowing drinks and busy tables.

Castlefield is steeped in Roman heritage but its modern reputation hinges on, to our count, three key things: TV shows love to film around here, it was the geese’s home first so don’t mess with them, and The Wharf is absolutely mint.

Aesthetics are one thing but if you’ve never tried it before, you’ll find this vibrant waterside watering hole and restaurant has more than enough substance to back up the country pub style.

the wharf sunday roast

For all the latest news, events and goings on in Greater Manchester,  subscribe to The Manc newsletter HERE .

Featured Images — The Manc Group/The Wharf

best up and coming manchester artists

Oh, how the months roll over; we can’t believe it’s the end of May and we’re on to yet another list of amazing Manchester artists for you to get stuck into.

We’re sure you’re already on to most of them, you cultured lot, and even if not, that’s what we’re here for.

If you’ve not found yourself on this monthly series before, the concept is pretty simple: every few weeks we spotlight the most exciting Manchester bands and artists we’ve had on our radar recently.

Revolutionary, we know. But seriously, it’s as important as ever that we big up the names coming out of our region, so let’s not waste any more time, shall we?

1. Pale Waves

This time we’re starting off with the wonderful Pale Waves who we recently had the pleasure of seeing at Slam Dunk North over in Leeds.

It’s always good to see Manc bands drawing big crowds on the festival circuit and they certainly did that. These guys have been making a big name for themselves for a few years now and are even set to headline the Neighbourhood all-dayer in the city centre later this year, so it’s no surprise really.

We’ve been lucky enough to catch them live a few times now but if you’ve never heard their mix of pop-punk, alt-rock and often twinkly 80s-influenced indie before, we’d say start with ‘Television Romance’, work your way to ‘There’s a Honey’ and then ‘Jealousy’. That should give you a good broad-strokes idea.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Hoot Leeds (@thehootleeds)

Next up is another fast-rising homegrown talent in Corella , who finally dropped their debut album, Once Upon a Weekend , at the start of this month and we’ve been rinsing it ever since.

Infectious modern indie typified, we’ve been listening to these lads ever since ‘Barcelona Girl’ and they just keep getting better – as typified by them selling out the O2 Ritz on… oh, would you look at that? It’s tonight.

If you didn’t get a ticket for their landmark hometown show, you can also catch them at NBHD 2024 and as for what tracks you should listen to in preparation, the single from 2017 that we’ve already mentioned is where we started, ‘Drifting’ is in our rotation and simply nothing beats ‘Bloom’. A great running track.

Still riding high on the wave from KOKO 🌊 This tour so far has been the best yet and London was something we’ve only ever dreamt of, but you guys made it possible. More of this in a few days Norwich & Manchester! — Corella (@Corellamusic) May 26, 2024

3. Matthew Halsall

A big genre change now and we’re going modern jazz . Make that spiritual jazz, to be specific, and it’s certainly how we feel when we listen to this bloke: in tune with our spirit.

The Manc trumpeter, composer and producer has a real knack for making music that you want to relax, create and cook to, as well as a whole host of other moods. We often find him playing whilst staring out the window with a brew or with our heads back on the sofa as we close our eyes and simply drift away.

As for your jumping-off points, ‘Calder Shapes’ crops up in our playlists most often but ‘Cherry Blossom’ is a lovely lo-fi option on a chilled Sunday afternoon, and his tune ‘Into Forever’ with his record label’s Gondwana Orchestra is another gentle but transportive favourite of ours. We could go on forever.

4. Rosellas

In at number four, we’ve got Rosellas , who’ve steadily worked their way up through various club sets across the UK and North in particular, even playing City Square over at the Etihad Stadium, and are now starting to gain even more traction.

They can turn their hand to most stuff really, be it the all-important catchy hook, a decent indie bouncer or the equally communal feeling soft, acoustic-driven ballad, but there’s something very 90s/early 2000s and quintessentially Manc about their music.

We’ll admit that we can’t quite place what it is beyond perhaps the guitar riffs themselves, but maybe you’ll have better luck than we have so far. Our trio of picks are ‘Slowdance’, ‘Switch Off’ and ‘Damaged’.

Last but not least, we’ve got a band so new to the Manchester music scene that they’ve only got two songs out for you to get stuck into but we’re going to be watching them closely indeed.

Don’t be fooled by the name, they’re a four-piece with hints of everything from Inhaler to Catfish and the Bottlemen, as well as pretty much every current indie band that’s doing anything good in modern indie rock, hence why we think they’re going to pick up momentum quickly.

The best part is, you can get on the bandwagon early by listening to ‘Subconscious’ and ‘C’est La Vie’. Plus, if there’s one thing we know about bands from around here it’s that they graft and we’re going to guess that you can expect another new tune soon enough.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by MALCOM (@malcom_band)
  • Parklife removes Digga D from 2024 line-up after livestreamed drug arrest
  • Five Manchester artists we’ve been listening to this month | March 2024
  • The Lowry is hosting a brand-new sensory-friendly club night experience

And look at that: we’re done already but at least you’ve got another fivesome of exciting Manchester artists to listen to if you haven’t already.

Oh yeah, and if you get through these a bit too quickly, you can always check out who we were listening to last month down below.

Catch you next time.

Five Manchester artists we’ve been listening to this month | April 2024

Featured Images – Press Images

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arctic monkeys tour history

  • October 3, 2022

Arctic Monkeys Announce North American Summer 2023 Tour With Fontaines D.C.

  • No Comments

Today,  Arctic Monkeys  have announced a North American tour for Summer 2023 with support from acclaimed Irish band  Fontaines D.C.  The tour includes two nights at New York’s Forest Hills Stadium and a stop at The KIA Forum in  Los Angeles . Fans can register  HERE  for  Ticketmaster Verified Fan Presale  now through  October 4th  at  10am EST . Presale will begin  October 6th  at  10am local  and general onsale starts  Friday, October 7th  at  10 am local.  Get tickets  HERE . 

Last week,  Arctic Monkeys  announced a UK stadium tour for Summer 2023, released “ Body Paint ” – the second song to be released from their forthcoming 7th album  The Car   ( October 21st  on  Domino )- and returned to the stage of 30 Rock’s Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon  for their first TV performance since 2019’s  Austin City Limits.


Friday, August 25, 2023 – Minneapolis, MN – The Armory

Sunday, August 27, 2023 – Chicago, IL – United Center

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 – Clarkston, MI – Pine Knob Music Theatre

Wednesday, August 30, 2023 – Toronto, ON – Budweiser Stage

Saturday, September 2, 2023 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre

Sunday, September 3, 2023 – Boston, MA – TD Garden

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 – Philadelphia, PA – TD Pavilion at the Mann

Thursday, September 7, 2023 – Columbia, MD – Merriweather Post Pavilion

Friday, September 8, 2023 – Forest Hills, NY – Forest Hills Stadium

Saturday, September 9, 2023 – Forest Hills, NY – Forest Hills Stadium

Monday, September 11, 2023 – Alpharetta, GA – Ameris Bank Amphitheatre

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 – Nashville, TN – Ascend Amphitheater

Friday, September 15, 2023 – Austin, TX – Moody Center

Saturday, September 16, 2023 – Fort Worth, TX – Dickies Arena

Monday, September 18, 2023 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 – Salt Lake City, UT – Vivint Arena

Friday, September 22, 2023 – Seattle, WA – Climate Pledge Arena

Saturday, September 23, 2023 – Vancouver, BC – Pacific Coliseum

Sunday, September 24, 2023 – Portland, OR – Moda Center

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 – San Francisco, CA – Chase Center

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 – Sacramento, CA – Golden 1 Center

Friday, September 29, 2023 – Inglewood, CA – The KIA Forum

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arctic monkeys tour history

Fantastic Cat Packs Brooklyn Made For Hooks Filled Album Release Performance (SHOW REVIEW)

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Arctic Monkeys Wiki

The Car Tour

  • Edit source
  • View history

The Car Tour was the seventh concert tour by English indie rock band Arctic Monkeys , launched in support of their seventh studio album, The Car (2022). The tour began on 9 August 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey at Zorlu PSM, and concluded on 19 October 2023 in Dublin, Ireland at 3Arena, visiting North America, South America, Oceania and Eurasia. This marks their first tour since Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Tour (2018–2019), and features the band, alongside usual touring members, Scott Gillies , Tom Rowley , Davey Latter, and Tyler Parkford .

It has been noted that with this tour, the band is "taking their most intricate – and certainly least commercially viable – material to their biggest-ever shows." [1]

  • 1.1 Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
  • 1.2 Favourite Worst Nightmare
  • 1.4 Suck It and See
  • 1.6 Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
  • 1.7 The Car

Songs performed [ ]

Whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not [ ].

  • " The View from the Afternoon "
  • " I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor "
  • " Mardy Bum "
  • " From the Ritz to the Rubble "
  • " A Certain Romance "

Favourite Worst Nightmare [ ]

  • " Brianstorm "
  • " Teddy Picker "
  • " Fluorescent Adolescent "
  • " Do Me a Favour "
  • " My Propeller "
  • " Crying Lightning "
  • " Potion Approaching "
  • " Cornerstone "
  • " Pretty Visitors "

Suck It and See [ ]

  • " Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair "
  • " Library Pictures "
  • " Suck It and See "
  • " That's Where You're Wrong "
  • " Do I Wanna Know? "
  • " R U Mine? "
  • " One for the Road "
  • " Arabella "
  • " No.1 Party Anthem "
  • " Fireside "
  • " Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? "
  • " Snap Out of It "
  • " Knee Socks "
  • " I Wanna Be Yours "

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino [ ]

  • " Star Treatment "
  • " One Point Perspective "
  • " Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino "
  • " Four Out of Five "
  • " The Ultracheese "

The Car [ ]

  • " There'd Better Be a Mirrorball "
  • " I Ain't Quite Where I Think I Am "
  • " Sculptures of Anything Goes "
  • " Body Paint "
  • " The Car "
  • " Big Ideas "
  • " Hello You "
  • " Mr Schwartz "
  • " Perfect Sense "

Setlist [ ]

  • ↑
  • 1 Arctic Monkeys
  • 2 Alex Turner
  • 3 Do I Wanna Know?

Elton! Arctic Monkeys! Rick Astley! Glastonbury 2023’s most magical moments on Worthy Farm

As the glitter settles at the best party on the planet, NME's team reflects on a manic, brilliant weekend

Elton John

Have you had a good night’s sleep yet? Had a shower and opted for a cuppa first thing in the morning instead of a warm cider? Those Glasto habits die hard, after all…

This weekend’s Glastonbury 2023 was suitably bursting at the seams with huge moments: Elton gave us a farewell to remember, the Monkeys made their show and Rick Astley made his pitch to be elected mayor of Worthy Farm . NME was there until the bitter end, and these were our favourite moments…

Words: Jeremy Abbott, Liberty Dunworth, Thomas Smith, Andrew Trendell, Sophie Williams

Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl couldn’t keep away

“You guys fuckin’ knew it was us this whole time,” joked Dave Grohl to the packed-out audience at Pyramid Stage. Maybe so, but that didn’t prevent the cheers from erupting when the identity of mystery band The Churnups was finally revealed .

Despite only being granted an hour-long set, Foo Fighters managed to make the show one of their most memorable performances in recent years. Not only did they deliver blistering renditions of fan favourites ‘All My Life’ and ‘The Pretender’, but they also perfectly balanced it with moments of sentiment, as it marked their first full UK gig since the passing of longtime drummer Taylor Hawkins . Grohl would then appear with Pretenders and Guns N’Roses during their sets. (LD)

Foo Fighters at Glastonbury 2023

Arctic Monkeys made the show

“The Monkeys back on the farm. Wow!” It was a miracle, indeed. Just days before their Friday night headline set , frontman Alex Turner was battling acute laryngitis and had cancelled a show in Dublin. The best headliner sets are usually fraught, unknowable in many ways, and even when their stage was being set-up on Friday morning there was still a bit of a question mark over the booking. Dave Grohl was sniffing blood…

Their set was suitably risque and unknowable; they opened with moody rock ballad ‘Sculptures of Anything Goes’ from ‘The Car’ , and Turner’s stage presence befuddled the newbies, including a bit of air-bowling during ‘Pretty Visitors’. Social media was divided by Turner’s singing pace (slow, admittedly) and the similarities of the show to their recent UK stadium tour. But when the classics hit – ‘R U Mine?’ and ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ did the tricks – we didn’t witness much mardyness from the Pyramid stage crowd. ( TS)

Arctic Monkeys

The Chemical Brothers remained Glasto kings

The Chems at Glasto just works. Having been so ingrained in the history of the festival and in its dance music evolution, seeing them in any form here feels special. Already Other Stage heroes, Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands were due to play Arcadia in 2022 before Ed got hit by Covid and they pulled out. Fast forward to 2023 and the brothers came to work it out with a ferocious DJ set atop an even more ferocious spider.

Their DJing felt seamless like the live shows, acid-tinged, Ed dancing while Tom mixed away and worked in samples and screeches from start to finish. New album tracks ‘No Reason’ and ‘All Of A Sudden’ got a workout on the big rig while remixes of their classics like ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl’ and a teasing of ‘Star Guitar’ got the crowd that skipped the Monkeys, all riled up. Long live the Chems; back on the Pyramid? Let’s not bet against it… ( JA)

Chemical Brothers perform to huge crowds beneath the Arcadia spider in the very early morning at the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset. Picture date: Saturday June 24, 2023. (Photo by Ben Birchall/PA Images via Getty Images)

The perfect musical hangover cures

There are endless possibilities for where Worthy Farm’s late nights can take you – all of them epic, with painful results the next morning when you awake in your baking, fetid tent.

We felt it too, so on Saturday morning we eased the inner hatred away with a blissed-out performance of Max Richter’s ‘The Blue Notebooks’ on The Park Stage featuring readings from Tilda Swinton . Later that night more mistakes were made, so we purified ourselves on Sunday morning by letting Sophie Ellis-Bextor “take us to church ” with her banger-filled Kitchen Disco celebration on the Pyramid Stage. Demons, be gone! (AT)

arctic monkeys tour history

Manic Street Preachers built a bypass straight to our hearts

Considering bassist Nicky Wire once infamously joked that someone should “build a bypass over this shithole ” when they first played in 1994, they sure do love coming back. The seventh appearance from the former Pyramid headliners saw them charm the pants off the early evening Saturday Other Stage crowd with classics and curios – from the summer-ready festival anthem ‘A Design For Life’ to the snotty punk of ‘You Love Us’, the European art-rock of ‘Walk Me To The Bridge’, three now-rarely outed cuts from post-punk masterpiece ‘The Holy Bible’ and a surprise appearance of ‘Lifeblood’s lushly sombre ‘1985’ – all they had do was throw some striking duets from The Anchoress, and the day was won. (AT)

Lana was late – but brilliant, too

In the days that have followed Lana Del Rey’s Saturday headline slot on the Other Stage , her sublime performance has been marred around discourse surrounding the fact she was 30 minutes late, and consequently had her set cut short. Yet for fans, being a little messy and untouchable has always been part of Del Rey’s appeal; explaining her tardiness, she said simply that her “hair takes so long”. Bemusing and frustrating in equal measure, it felt like a power move.

But look, it was never going to be easy! We’re talking about an artist that, in a decade-long career, has never even toured the UK. Stepping out of her more controlled public persona, Del Rey’s performance was refreshingly human: she vaped on stage, laughed, forgot the words to the soaring ‘Blue Jeans’, and shared an intense intimacy with the crowd. After her mic was cut at midnight, she ran to the barrier to sing ‘Video Games’ acapella, understanding what she needed to do for the fans to whom these songs mean everything to. (SW)

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Despite the headlines, future female stage-toppers shone through

The festival’s male-heavy weighting at the top of the bill came under some heat this year, but it was the rising female acts that truly left their mark, with Lizzo, Nova Twins, The Last Dinner Party, Billy Nomates, CMAT, Maggie Rogers, Carly Rae Jepsen, Weyes Blood, and Becky Hill all among the weekend’s most talked about sets. There are two female headliners already booked for 2024 , and expect to see many of these names rise up the line-up in years to come.

As Texas icon Sharleen Spiteri told her Pyramid Stage crowd , organiser Emily Eavis is “a massive supporter” of female talent, “not because she’s ticking a fucking box to have them on the stages,” but “because she thinks we’re fucking amazing”. (AT)

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Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul proved alt-pop future stars

The Park has long been a home for the sound of pop that doesn’t play by the rules (and 6 Music Dads, too). A fitting spot for the Belgian-based duo, whose debut album ‘Topical Dancer’ refuses to be boxed-in by what you can or can’t say. Such was the giddiness from the crowd that ‘Thank You’, a sarcastic acknowledgement of unhelpful, back-handed compliments, ended up almost sounding grateful for the Sunday ravers. ‘HAHA”, meanwhile, saw Adigery laugh maniacally, both with joy and sadness; it was a fittingly delirious end to a weekend of dizzying highs. ( TS)

Yusuf/Cat Stevens was a worthy legend

The Legends slot at Glastonbury is often just as hyped as the headliner’s session and this year’s offering felt like a really big hug, one welcomed by the entire Pyramid Stage. Yusuf/Cat Stevens’ set was simply wonderful, a soothing, sultry hour of his most beloved tracks. The George Harrison medley featuring ‘Here Comes The Sun’ was a proper Glastonbury move but the best moments came when he addressed the crowd, showing his sincerity and gratitude for playing on the greatest stage on the planet. The heartfelt rendition of ‘Father and Son’ signalled the end of a beautiful performance and if you weren’t weeping by this point, you were at least feeling warmer inside than you were before Yusuf started. (JA)

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Lil Nas X’s spectacular Pyramid moment was one-of-a-kind

Beneath the eye-poppingly bright visuals and shades of meme culture humour, on his 2021 debut album ‘Montero’, Lil Nas X was deeply connected to his feelings: emotional revelations gave into the ecstatic physicality of pop music. The abundance of confidence in these bold and outward-facing songs came to life throughout the 24-year-old’s sunset slot on the Pyramid Stage , mixing high-octane dance routines with galactic club vibes and a deep well of emotion.

From the Nirvana-sampling ‘Panini’ to the braggadocious, trumpet-assisted ‘Industry Baby’, the set was brave, fun, and uncompromising. At times, it felt like a middle-fingered salute to any doubters that couldn’t get their heads around a Black, gay rapper becoming successful – a moment that was sealed by a stage kiss between Lil Nas X and a dancer, followed by a conspiratorial wink to the camera. (SW)

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Elton John looked to the future for his send-off

Everyone was second-guessing what Sir Elton had up his sleeve for the closing Glasto headline spot of the weekend, and the final UK performance of his career – namely guest turns from the likes of Britney Spears, Paul McCartney and Harry Styles.

We were all wrong. Aside from pal Brandon Flowers from The Killers, the icon spotlighted the fresher talents of Steven Sanchez, Rina Sawayama, and Gabriels’ Jacob Lusk. By the time we’d partied through the spoils of bangers and the fireworks were exploding over closing track ‘Rocketman’, it felt like the legend had passed a baton to stars of the future, as well as giving his past a flawless farewell party . (AT)

Rina Sawayama and Elton John

Queens Of The Stone Age rock their return to Worthy Farm

While the mammoth crowd at Elton John’s headline set were asked if they were ready for love at the Pyramid Stage, not too far away, Queens Of The Stone Age had a slightly different approach — asking their audience if they were ready to “fuck shit up”.

Their first show at Glastonbury since 2011 — and one of their first performances since releasing new LP ‘In Times New Roman’ — Josh Homme and co. ensured that the set was well worth the wait, and captured arguably the most lively audience of the entire festival. Not bad for the final night of the 2023 edition… (LD)

Queens Of The Stone Age

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